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This story entitled 'Jacks family Saga' published
in (currently) 3 volumes is the intellectual
property of the author davidb234, and may not be
distributed or posted to any pay site or
organisation without the authors specific consent.
It may be posted to free sites and archives
provided all re-posts are notified to me at at the time of re-posting.
*Take out T before using address*


This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

My alarm woke me the next morning, reminding me
that I had to go to work. It's a good job that I
could do my work almost without thinking about it,
because there were moments that I lost track of
what I was doing and could quite easily have made a
mess of the job in hand. The reason for my lack of
concentration was of course the long weekend I'd
just spent with my niece and her best friend. I'd
left for work before Kelly and Lisa were up and
about, not because I needed to leave that early but
because I couldn't trust myself not to phone in
sick if I'd seen either of those beautiful and
sensuous young ladies at the breakfast table. Even
now the thought of them produced an instant
erection, it's a good job I was able to remain
hidden behind my desk while I try to get my prick
to lay down. I got through the day even if it was
with a bit of a struggle and made my way home a
little faster than has been my habit over the past
year or so, After all I now have an incentive to
get home early. I put the car in the garage and
entered the kitchen through the connecting door. As
I walked in I saw Kelly at the stove making cooking
motions and producing lovely smells. She turned as
I closed the door and came over to me, put her arms
around my neck and kissed me. "Hello Uncle Jack
it's so wonderful to have you home, and feel your
arms round me" I hugged her as I returned her
kiss, I must admit it was great to feel her soft
warm body press close up to mine. "Something smell
good, what's cooking, gorgeous." "Sit down and
I'll show you" she replied and pushed me out of the
kitchen. I took off my coat, washed up and sat down
at the dining table as Kelly placed a plate of
thick stew in front of me. As she put the plate
down she bent and kissed me on the top of my head,
"You need lot's of good food to keep your strength
up you know, or I'll find you wasting away if we
keep on like we did yesterday" I looked up at her
and smiled, "That's quite likely but what a way to
go". Giving me another kiss Kelly sat down opposite
me and we ate our dinner in silence, each lost in
our own thoughts. After we had cleared away the
dishes between us we watched TV, sitting close to
each other, glad to be in each others company now
that we had found our new relationship. After a
while Kelly turned on to her back, placing her head
on my lap, and looked up at me.
"You know we all joked about you spanking us, when
we were leaving for the woods yesterday" I looked
down at her lovely face and couldn't resist placing
a hand on one of her breasts, "Hunnn. " I nodded,
"Well, me and Lisa talked about it this morning as
we walked to school, and on the way home, and she
said that she was serious about it. It seems that
she was often spanked hard by her dad when she'd
done something wrong, right up to when she was ten,
that's when he left Lisa and her mom for another
woman". Kelly paused for a moment as I moved my
hand over her breast, and with the other I started
to caress her face. "Well it seems that each time
she was spanked she actually had an orgasm,
although she didn't recognise it at the time, it
was just a feeling she had as her bottom was being
hit, even through her skirt and sometimes with only
her knickers covering her bare bottom. Her dad
never took her pants down because her mom wouldn't
let him, and she always watched the spankings take
place" At this point Kelly paused and I could feel,
through the hand that was resting on her chest,
that she was out of breath, I could also see that
her face had become flushed as she was talking.
"Does the thought of having my hand paddle your
naked bottom excite you?" I asked . She bit her
bottom lip opened her eyes wide and gave a quick
nod of her head. "Would you like me to spank you
here and now?" I queried. "Would you" she said in
an excited voice, "I don't mean a hard punishment
spanking, more of a sexually arousing sort of
spanking, that'll make me want to have you fuck me
afterwards". I gently squeezed the breast I was
holding and said, as calmly as I could "OK, let's
see what I can do to get you excited, first of all
I want you to walk round the room, twice, then come
over to where I'm sitting, push you panties down
to just below your bottom cheeks, lift you skirt
right up above your waist, very slowly turn round
twice, then lay yourself over my knees and ask me
to spank you, understand?". Kelly silently nodded
her head in assent, and getting up off of the sofa
started to do as I had instructed. As she began to
move around the room I moved to one of the upright
chairs sitting against the wall, pulled it out to
the centre of the room and sat down to wait.*

After only a few seconds Kelly was standing in
front of me and I watched as she ran her hands up
her skirt, placed her fingers in the waistband of
her panties and proceeded to push them down until
they were just below the cheeks of her beautiful
ass. Blushing slightly she lifted her skirt up so
that she was displaying her naked bottom and pubic
area. Very slowly she turned round and as she stood
for a couple of seconds giving me a side view I saw
how her pubic mound stood out from her flat stomach
and hips, it was crying out to have my hand placed
on it. I could also see the wonderfully soft curves
of her buttocks, and the thought that I was about
to lay my hands on them gave me an instant
erection. Kelly came to stand by my side and after
a moments pause she lay herself on my lap and
whispered "Please spank me Uncle Jack, make my
bottom hot and red with your hands". Without more
ado I placed my left hand in the middle of her back
and, lifting my right hand as high as my shoulder I
brought it down sharply on to her right cheek. The
sudden sharp shock caused Kelly to jump and give a
gasp of surprise. I followed it up with a blow to
her left cheek and then one to catch both cheeks
together, each time my hand made contact Kelly
gasped but made no other sound. I continued to
spank her but now I was following each slap with a
gentle caress on the spot I had struck. As I
proceeded with the spanking I could see that her
legs were beginning to relax and open up a little
so I started to place the odd stroke on the
underside of her bottom cheeks, occasionally making
contact with her, now puffy , pussy lips. I made
sure that I didn't actually hit her cunt lips too
hard, only that my hand made contact now and then.
After about fifteen minutes of spanking I could see
the juices beginning to shine as they oozed from
her sex and, after landing one last very hard slap
that made her cry in real pain, I said firmly
"Stand up and place your hands on the seat of this
chair". As she rose from my lap I stood up and
moved out of the way to watch her bend over and
place her hands on the seat I had just vacated.
This made her thrust her buttocks out and I moved
behind her and stood there looking in wonderment at
the swollen cunt lips absolutely dripping with her
juices. In an instant I pushed my zipper down and
jerked my swollen, throbbing prick out of my
shorts, placed the purple head at the entrance to
her cunt and slowly thrust it in as far as I could
get it. I grasped her hips firmly and began
thrusting in and out as hard as I could, feeling my
pelvis hit her buttocks at each thrust and causing
her head to hit the back of the chair as I did so.
It took only four strokes of my prick in her cunt
for Kelly to reach an orgasm. As it tore through
her she rammed herself back on to me shouting
"YESSS... yes... harder... harder... fuck me
haaaarddder... ram your prick into me as hard as
you can... fill me with your sperm...
more....more..." . I stood there holding her close
to me by the hips and it was some time before I
realised that all that was preventing her from
falling to the floor was my grip on her hips. With
my still throbbing penis inside her I pulled her
tighter to me, stepped back from the chair and
slowly lowered her to the floor. As she reached the
carpet I relaxed my hold on her hips and allowed
her to lay down. I turned her on to her back and
lay her down with her arms thrown out and her legs
wide, deliberately leaving her open to my admiring
and lustful gaze. I sat there for some few
minutes looking at her beautiful young body feeling
my prick pulsating between my legs, suddenly Kelly
opened her eyes, looked at me and reaching her arms
out to me said in that soft inviting voice of hers,
" Please come and make love to me Uncle Jack,
please fuck me slow and gentle so I can feel your
great hard penis inside me and have your hot sperm
warm my insides" Very slowly I got down between
her outstretched legs, lay my body over hers and
whispered "Show me the way into your wonderful
vagina my love". I could feel her hand move down
between our bodies, grasp my rigid prick and guide
the head to her sopping wet cunt. As I felt the
head touch her lower lips I gently pressed my hips
forward and slipped into her as gently as I could
manage. Taking my weight on my forearms and knees I
raised my torso slightly and looked down at her.
She put her arms round my neck and lifted herself
up to where she could fasten her lips on mine. I
shifted my arms so that they were under her
shoulders and I could get a grip to stop her body
moving as I thrust my hips up and down in a slow
and gentle motion that was giving me the most
pleasure I had felt for a long time when fucking a
woman of any age let alone a young one like Kelly.
As I gently ground away at her I felt Kelly wrap
her legs around mine, and tighten her grip around
my neck as if she thought I was going to try to
leave her. I had no intention of so doing and was
in fact making the most of the wonderful sensation
I was experiencing as I lay here fucking my young
niece on my lounge carpet. *
As I felt myself get close to orgasm Kelly placed
her lips close to me ear and whispered "I love you
Uncle Jack, I want you to take me, I want to feel
you shoot your semen deep into my vagina so that I
can feel the wonderful warmth as it spurts up
inside of me, and when you have finished I want you
to lay back so that I can lick your wonderful penis
clean and taste all of our mixed juices so that I
can tell Lisa what you taste like, 'cause I know
she'll be so jealous that you spanked me first and
I know she'll want you to do it to her next time
she comes round, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,
now fill me with your cum, yes I can feel it cum,
cum, cum. Ohhh that's wonderful Uncle Jack Mmmm.."
I couldn't hold back any longer and as soon as she
mentioned the spanking Lisa was going to get on her
next visit I began to shoot spurt after spurt of my
seed into Kelly's womb. As I rolled off of Kelly's
body she raised herself to her knees and bending
her head down she took my now flaccid penis in her
mouth and sucked and licked me clean.
After a short while I got to my feet, lifted Kelly
in my arms and carried to the bedroom, lay her on
the bed, climbed in beside her and, putting my arms
around, her drifted off to sleep. I didn't sleep
very long and woke up to the feel of a soft, wet
and warm object running up and down the underside
of my prick, I opened my eyes to see Kelly's pussy
only a few inches from my chin and to see also that
it was slightly puffy and very moist. Kelly must
have realised that I was now awake because I could
feel my penis beginning to stiffen. I pursed my
lips and directed a soft breath of air over her
cunt lips that made her shiver slightly, following
it up with a stroke of my tongue along the full
length of her sex ensuring that I effected an
momentary entry into her vaginal opening. I lifted
my head so that I could place my lips into full
contact with her swollen pussy and moved around
until I found her clit which I began to suck and
gently nibble with my teeth, holding my self in
place by passing my arms over her hips and pulling
myself on to her. I forced my self to hold still as
Kelly's mouth tongue worked all over my now
throbbing prick but was unable to prevent myself
giving a slight buck as she passed the purple head
between her soft warm lips, only stopping when it
reached the back of her throat when she began to
suck hard and move her head up and down, fucking me
with her mouth. Finding that I didn't need to hold
her cunt to my mouth I slid one hand up her body
until I found her breasts which I proceeded to
caress and palpate, feeling them swell as I did.
Kelly's fingers which were grasping my pulsating
penis must have detected my orgasm because she
jammed her head down hard as I shot a stream of cum
into her mouth and down her throat.
As soon as my semen hit her tongue Kelly jammed
herself down on to my face and I began to suck
harder as I felt a stream of her juices flowing
from her, soaking my face and running down my chin.
Giving my throbbing prick a final suck Kelly
switched ends and licked my face and chin clean
then kissed me hard and deep. Pushing her cum
soaked tongue deep into my mouth mixing it with her
juices still laying in my mouth that I had been
unable to swallow. We both swallowed the mixture of
our emanations and Kelly pushed herself up on to
her elbows and said "I do love the taste of your
cum, especially when it is mixed with mine, that's
almost as good as tasting Lisa when you've filled
her up and she lets it down into my mouth". "Well"
I responded "We'll have to have her back soon and
do it again for you, won't we?". Kelly nodded,
kissed me and said "I've asked her to come over for
a while this evening if that's all right, only it
wont be 'till late, she has to baby-sit her sister
as her mom has gone to a movie" "I don't mind" I
said "But what will her mother say about her going
out so late, because if we get involved tonight she
won't get home 'til the early hours?" "No problem"
said Kelly, "Her mom said she could sleep over as a
special reward if she did the baby-sitting, so long
as she promised not to do it too often on school
days." "Hunnn.. I wonder what Lisa's mom would say
if they knew what her little girl was getting up to
when she comes into this den of iniquity?" I said
with a wide grin "I don't think she'd be very
pleased, she thinks Lisa is a sweet innocent little
thing that still has to find out about 'boys' and
things" Kelly replied. Kelly got up on to her knees
and straddled me, carefully placing her weight on
my hips allowing me a great view of her shaved cunt
lips, and, leaning back on my upraised thighs, she
closed her eyes and began to caress her body,
concentrating on stroking her breasts and tweaking
and pulling her nipples. I could see that she was
enjoying what she was doing just by the effect it
was having between her legs. I slipped a finger
between her cunt lips and found it was getting very
"What are you thinking about lover" I asked.
"Mmmm... just about the spanking you gave me, and
what it will be like to watch you spanking
Lisa..... and ... what it would be like to feel her
spanking me or how I would feel if I spanked her"
She opened her eyes and looked at me "Can we do
that Uncle Jack, I mean can I spank Lisa and have
Lisa spank me?" "I don't see why not, how do you
want to be placed when I help her to punish you,
on my lap, over the arm of the sofa or laid out on
the table?" I asked. An excited look came to her
face. "All of them in turn, I think I'd like to
have Lisa's hand, and yours smacking my bottom
again". I was about to suggest a way in which we
might proceed when the door bell sounded, "You'd
better answer that" I said "Just in case any of the
neighbours are watching and get the wrong idea if I
let Lisa in." Kelly leaped up threw on a robe and
ran down stairs to let Lisa in. I also donned a
robe and went down stairs, getting to the hall just
as Lisa had taken off her coat. "Hello gorgeous,
can't you keep away from us, or are you just a
glutton for punishment." Lisa stepped up close and
threw her arms round me and kissed me saying "No
way Uncle Jack, I can't get enough of you, and I
want to have more of Kelly as well, and I must say
that I'm a bit upset that you spanked Kelly first
when it was my idea, that was a bit rotten of you
and I've told Kell' that she's going to suffer if I
catch her bending over." I gave Kelly a puzzled
look, "How come Lisa knows I spanked you, I don't
remember you calling her since I did it?" "I'm
sorry Uncle Jack, I couldn't resist telling her as
soon as she got here, and I whispered it to her
while she was taking off her coat." I frowned at
both girls and said sternly "That is going to cost
both of you a good butt warming at least, and quite
possibly something else besides if I have my way,
now both of you get into the sitting room while I
get some equipment,,, MOVE" I smiled as they
scurried to do as I had told them and I went
upstairs to get a couple of scarves to use as
blindfolds and restraint. When I came down to the
sitting room I found Lisa and Kelly with their
heads together talking in a whisper, obviously
wondering what I had got planned for them. I went
up to Kelly, spun her round so her back was to me,
tied her wrists together and covered her eyes with
a blind fold. "Right, you're first miss, because
you told Lisa about our secret spanking session,
you are going to have thirty strokes of the hand
and NO pleasurable touches like last time, this is
a punishment not a pleasure, understand?" As I
was telling her this I moved her over to the end of
the sofa so that the front of her thighs just
touched the leather, and forced her to bend over
the rounded arm. As she landed with her face
pressed to a cushion I swept her robe up over her
back to leave her buttocks exposed to Lisa and my
view. As Kelly lay there I pulled at the front of
her robe and exposed her breasts to the feel of the
cold leather. I turned to face Lisa who was looking
on in wonderment "Right Lisa STRIP and quick or
I'll do it for you" she jumped at the harsh sound
of my voice and quickly removed all of her clothes,
not that she was wearing much, only T-shirt,
panties and skirt, she had obviously come prepared!
"Right now back up to Kelly so that you naked butt
is touching hers and spread your legs wide". Lisa
seemed puzzled at what I had told her to do but
obeyed me. As she stood there I walked round to the
end of the sofa and looked at the sight before me,
there was Kelly, bent over and displaying her pussy
and bottom to my gaze and above that was Lisa
exposing her small amount of pussy hair left when I
shaved them both not so long ago. I stepped up to
Lisa and pressed my lips to hers sliding my hand
down her front as I did so. My long middle finger
slipped between the lips of Lisa's warm, moist cunt
and continued down until I reached Kelly's anal
ring where I pressed in to the depth of the first
knuckle. I pulled out quickly and continued down to
her vaginal opening where I did the same, quickly
moving down to her clit where I gave a quick press
and rub before taking my hand away completely. I
offered my moist finger to Lisa "Want a little
taste of Kelly?" and laid my finger on her lips. I
then placed my lips on hers so we could share the
taste. This made Lisa give a little mewl of
pleasure as we sucked on the juices I had got from
Kelly and Lisa's pussies. I pulled Lisa away from
Kelly, spun her round so she was facing me and said
"Now, you watch how I spank Kelly" and proceeded to
lay my hand on to each of Kelly's cheeks in turn,
hard enough to produce a handprint with each blow.
As each one landed Kelly jerked her hips and gave a
quiet moan, either of pain or pleasure, and after I
had slapped her twice on each cheek I turned to
Lisa and whispered "Now it's your turn, spank her
loud, alternating on each cheek until you have
given her thirty, understand? I stood out of her
way as Lisa gave a vigorous nod of her head and got
into position to begin her first experience of
spanking another young girl.*
As Lisa prepared to begin I shucked off my robe,
dropped to my knees level with Kelly's head and
pulled her face to the edge of the sofa seat and
pressed my stiff prick to her lips, forcing it into
her mouth. I had little need to make any effort
towards moving my throbbing prick between Kelly's
lips, the movement of her body in response to
Lisa's spanking was causing her to rock back and
forth on the seat of the sofa. Looking down I could
see her nipples rubbing on the smooth leather of
the seat cushion and before long I was placing my
hands on the back of Kelly's head to hold it tight
whilst I shot a stream of cum to the back of her
mouth and down her throat. I felt her gag
momentarily as her throat filled up but she soon
managed to swallow what she had and also all that
followed the initial spurt. As I sat back on my
heels, having ended my orgasm I looked round and
saw that Lisa had stopped spanking Kelly and was
standing there with one hand squeezing her breasts
and the other working furiously between her legs. I
couldn't allow her to do it all herself so I
quickly stood up, stepped over to her and, pulling
her hand from her cunt inserted two of my fingers
and pressed them home searching desperately for
that little spot inside a woman the finding of
which can mean ecstasy. Lisa threw her arms round
me as I worked my fingers in her cunt and all of a
sudden gave a cry of pleasure as she came on my
hand. I pressed my palm to her cunt lips as she
rocked back and forth, gently working my long
middle finger on her G spot, all this time Lisa had
her head on my chest and was crying as a reaction
to the orgasm travelling in waves through her body.
As Lisa began to relax in my arms I moved round so
that I could lay her face down on to Kelly's back
as she lay still bound and blindfolded over the arm
of the sofa. I stood back a little so that I could
inspect the tableau I had just arranged and was
pleased to find that it gave me an instant erection
to see two hot wet cunts and two pink, puckered
anus's. I stepped up to the two rear ends presented
to me and pressing my erect penis into Lisa's cunt,
moistened it and pulled it out, dropped it a little
and slipped it, to the hilt into Kelly's, gave her
a few strokes and returned it to Lisa, essentially
fucking them both in turn. This worked me up so
much that, although neither of the girls had a
chance of another orgasm I was soon ready to shoot
another small load. As I was just about to cum I
tore my prick from Lisa's cunt, grasped it in my
hand and gave myself a few quick strokes to finish
me off, aiming as I did at Lisa's hot, wet and
swollen cunt. Every drop I ejaculated hit my target
dead centre; as I finished I stood back to watch me
semen running down Lisa's cuntlips and drip off the
top to fall on Kelly's anus and run down the length
of her cunt. How I wish I had a camera handy to
record the sight for both girls to see. I stood
there watching my cum as it ran down from Lisa's
cunt to the tiny patch of hair Kelly had left from
her shave. As the first drops reached that area I
placed my hand there and began rubbing my semen
around Lisa and Kelly's cunts and anus's as I did I
also removed the blindfold from Kelly's eyes. When
I could see that both girls had their eyes open I
brought my cum soaked hand and held it in front of
their faces. "Anyone for a taste?" I said as I
moved it close to Kelly's lips. She immediately put
out her tongue and began licking at my fingers.
"Don't be greedy Kel', leave some for me." Said
Lisa as she put her tongue out and tried to get it
among my fingers, and before long they had cleaned
my fingers. This was obviously not enough for Lisa
as she leaped up from laying on Kelly's back,
dropped to her knees between Kelly's legs and
proceeded to lick Kelly clean of the semen I had
just rubbed into her cunt and buttocks. When Lisa
could find no more to lick at she stood up, untied
the scarf from Kelly's wrists and said "Want to
clean me up now?" the girls changed places and
Kelly made quite a meal of cleaning Lisa's pussy
and backside. We sat together on the sofa relaxing
after our exertions with me the meat in the
sandwich and each of my hands resting on a
wonderfully soft warm breast, "I hadn't realised
how useful this big old sofa could be" I mused
"I've thought of a number of ways we can make use
of it apart from laying you two over the arms to
spank you, talking of which miss Lisa, you still
haven't felt the pressure of my hand on you bottom,
have you?" Lisa bit her bottom lip and shook her
head as a flush came to her cheeks. "Right, let's
have you, I think it's the table for you miss, and
Kelly can help as well, but I am going to have the
great pleasure of doing the spanking." With that I
stood up, took two cushions and placed them in the
centre of the table. Taking Lisa roughly by the
elbows from behind, I dragged her to the dining
table and as her hips touched the edge I forced her
to bend down and lay her head on the cushion I had
placed there. She gasp as her warm breasts and
belly made contact with the cold surface of the
table. *
"Stay there" I commanded and turned to take Kelly
by the hand and place her in the same position on
the other side. "Hold Lisa's wrists and pull on
them so that she's stretched out all the time I'm
spanking her, and continue to hold her 'till I say
let go, Understand?" Kelly nodded assent and leaned
forward to grasp Lisa at the wrist and pull her
tight to the table edge. This caused Lisa to give
a little mewl of pain as the edge of the table
pressed against her pelvis. I went to Lisa's
exposed behind and stood there looking at her for a
few moments, then I lightly passed my hand over her
buttocks and felt the twitch of anticipation as I
touched her. I began to gently but firmly spank
Lisa in the same manner as I had Kelly previously,
first of all warming her bottom cheeks then
alternating a hard slap with a caress down the anal
and vaginal groove. As I was doing so I watched
Kelly's face and was pleased to see that she was
enjoying it as much as if she was the one being
spanked. Her eyes were open wide and she had an
expression of ecstasy on her face such as I had
never seen before. As she was looking right into
Lisa's eyes all the time I was sure that Lisa was
also getting a lot of pleasure from the feel of my
hand on her body. While my 'punishment' of Lisa was
giving pleasure to both the girls it was also
having a beneficial effect on me as by now I had as
stiff an erection as I had at the time Lisa was
spanking Kelly. I gave Lisa one last hard slap the
caused her to cry out in real pain and as she did I
stepped up close behind her and rammed my hard
prick deep into her streaming wet cunt. I leaned
forward and laid hold of her shoulders and held on
to them as I fucked her as hard as I could,
noticing as I did so that Kelly had released one of
Lisa's wrists and had the free hand between her
legs thrusting at it as it lay against the edge of
the table. Lisa and Kelly both reached their climax
together almost as if the grip Kelly had on Lisa's
wrist made them one entity, and I was soon shooting
another smaller load of cum into Lisa's vaginal
passage. I stood there for a few moments, reluctant
to remove my still pulsating prick from Lisa's warm
cunt, and it was only seeing Kelly slip off the end
of the table on to the floor that made me move. I
stepped back a little and as Lisa began to collapse
I lifted her up by the waist and laid her out flat
on the cold table. "Stay there for a minute lover
and I'll come back for you". Leaving her there I
went round to where Kelly was collapsed in a heap,
bent down, picked her up in my arms and carried her
up to my bed. I returned to collect Lisa and laid
her down on the other side of my bed. After making
sure they were covered over and wouldn't get cold I
went back down to the kitchen and made a pot of
coffee which I took up to the bedroom. I poured
myself a cup of coffee, and got into bed between
those two lovely young girls I had just filled with
my semen. Just thinking about what we had been
doing was enough to give me another erection, one
that might be useful to Lisa and Kelly even if I'd
be unable to have very much issue from the
pulsating purple head. As I sat there drinking my
coffee I felt Kelly stir at my side. Her hand
worked it's way down to my groin where I grabbed it
and pulled it away. "No touching me until you've
had a shower and can come to me clean, powdered and
perfumed, I want you smelling like a little girl
after her first scented bath" Kelly looked at me
and giggled "You've got a thing about little girls
haven't you Uncle Jack, do you really fancy young
girls rather than older ones" "I would never
force any young girl that was under age to do
anything" I said "That would be very wrong of me,
but there is nothing to stop me dreaming or
fantasising about a young girl wanting me to make
love to her, or helping a young girl lose her
virginity in a gentle way rather than have some boy
hurt her by doing it too roughly, does that make
you feel hurt, or upset my love, if so I'm very
sorry but you did ask and I told you the truth." As
Kelly got out of bed she leaned over and kissed me
very tenderly "I don't feel at all hurt Uncle
Jack, just the opposite I think you're very sweet
and only wish that you'd been the one to help me
lose my virginity when I did, it did hurt, it hurt
a lot because the boy that did it was practically
raping me at the time. Still you did take the one
virginity that I had left, didn't you, and you did
that in the most gentle way, and I am glad you did
what you did that night I got drunk. It may sound
silly, because I'm not really grown up yet, but
what you did then made me fall in love with you,
and I never want to go home again, and I don't want
you to have anyone else but me to make love to ever
again." With that last little outburst Kelly gave a
little sob and ran from the bedroom. Very shortly I
heard the shower running and leaned back in bed to
finish my coffee. *
As I sat there, more than a little perturbed at
what Kelly had said I felt a stirring at my other
side. Lisa sat up and after looking around her
pushed the covers off of my legs and made a dive
for my, now semi erect penis. "Oh no you don't
young lady, you can do the same as Kelly, go and
ask her what I said, before you go though you could
pour me another cup of coffee please" Lisa kissed
me as she took my empty cup. "For you Uncle Jack,
anything, and I do mean absolutely anything you ask
of me I'll do for you, and I'm going to tell Kelly
that I'm in love with you and want to live here
with you, so there!" That of all things set me back
on my heels. I was now in deep trouble, and I only
had myself to blame. Not only had I been fucking my
ex-wife's eighteen year old niece, I'd also been
doing the same to her eighteen year old best
friend, and having them together. The only saving
grace was that I'd not been breaking the law when I
was fucking them. I had to get out of this
situation some how, but how to do it without making
Lisa and Kelly hate me so much that they dropped me
deeper in it, that was the problem. I decided that
I'd have to try to explain my problem to the girls
and hope they understood. With a good deal of
trepidation I waited for my two young lovers to
finish in the bathroom. As I heard them finish
their shower I got up and had one myself. As I was
standing there having a shave, with only a small
towel around my waist Kelly and Lisa came in stood
one each side of me and both put an arm around my
waist. "Watch what you two are doing, I don't want
to cut my throat just yet, even if I am in deep
trouble with you two gorgeous beauties." I said
with as big a smile as I could muster under the
shaving foam. "You are in bigger trouble than you
realise Uncle Jack" responded Kelly, "Lisa and me
have been trying to work out what to do with a man
that has made us both fall in love with him" she
paused and Lisa continued "And we've decided that
we're going to have to share you between us until
we find someone better or you convince us you no
longer want to love us like you have been". I
rinsed my face off and dried it with the towel from
round my waist. I dropped it on the floor and took
both girls in my arms, kissed them tenderly and
said, "get some clothes on, let me do the same and
let's have a serious talk".
Ten minutes later I had Lisa and Kelly sitting on
the sofa with me on a chair drawn up close in front
of them. "Now I want you to understand that I love
you both dearly, you're the two most wonderful
lovers I've ever spent time with, BUT, what I've
been doing with you is not fair, either to you, who
have got your young lives ahead of you, or me who
could be in trouble if anyone found out what I have
done to you both, do you understand?." They both
looked a little confused and shook their heads.
"Let me explain, I am a mature man, with a failed
marriage behind me, and you are two young ladies
still at school. It was bad enough that I had sex
with Lisa, the daughter of one of my neighbours who
trusted me to look after her whilst in my company,
a trust that I've abused by the way. But what is
worse is that I took advantage of my niece when she
was under the influence of alcohol, obtained in my
home, whilst she had been left in my care by her
mother." I paused and gave both girls a searching
look. "Do you understand why I say I'm in trouble,
not with the law, because you're both of an age
where it is legal for you to have sex, but in
trouble with society. Your mothers could make so
much trouble for me that I'd have to go and hide
myself away somewhere I'm not known." I could see
that Lisa was close to tears and put out a hand to
caress her knee as I said "Don't get upset darling
, I'm not saying that we must stop what we've been
doing, and what I really hope we can carry on
doing, I am saying that we must be very, very
careful as to how we go about it, like not too many
long weekends, and only occasional weekday
sleepovers for Lisa so her mom doesn't start to
get any funny ideas." They looked at each other and
Kelly said "OK, let me make us some coffee" and
leapt to her feet, closely followed by Lisa "I'll
help" she said and dashed out to the kitchen with
Kelly. 'Phew 'I thought 'that want better than I
thought it would, I just hope they agree and allow
us to ease off a bit'.*
A few minutes later I was sitting facing the girls
with a cup of coffee in my hand. "Uncle Jack, the
last thing we want is for you to get in trouble,
and we both agree that if you get into trouble
because of us and have to leave we'd go with you"
blurted out Kelly. "And, if it means that we can
keep making love to you, we'll work out a schedule
so that Kelly doesn't have you every night just
because she lives here and I have to wait for
weekends, 'cos that won't be fair" stated Lisa
with a big grin on her beautiful face. I sighed,
partly in relief, partly in resignation. "OK, but I
don't want you to think I'm going to be possessive,
if you do find boys of your own age, don't think
you have to stay with me, I won't be offended or
upset." "We understand Uncle Jack, and any boy we
think is good enough will have to be a lot better
than those we've already been out with, and Oh boy
will they get a surprise when they try to make out
with us" said Kelly as she got up to take the empty
cups to the kitchen. I looked at the clock on the
mantelpiece and said, look it is after 2:00am, "I
have to go to work and you both have school in the
morning, it is time we went to bed". "Mmmmm what a
good idea" said Lisa "I mean to SLEEP. You know,
that which normal people do in bed at night" I
paused, "OK, if you come to bed with me you keep
your hands, and other parts to yourselves,
understood?" "Spoilsport" they said in smiling
unison, and so with a young willing girl on each
side of me I went into my bedroom, lay myself down
in the centre of my double bed and watched as those
two beauties undressed, got in beside me as naked
as the day they were born, lay down beside me and
apart from a little, natural, fondling we all went
to sleep.
I suppose it's right that if a thing looks too good
to be true, it is too good to be true. Certainly
the next couple of weeks were very good. I was
having wonderful sex with Kelly and Lisa on a
regular basis. Sometimes with both but more often
than not with just one of them. This was easy with
Kelly as she was living under the same roof, but I
soon found out that Kelly and Lisa had worked out a
very civilised arrangement where, on the nights
that Lisa wanted to have me to herself, or when for
logical reasons Kelly was unable to take part,
Kelly would go to her own, little used bedroom,
watch tv or read a book, completely ignoring any
noises Lisa and I might make. All of this came
crashing down around my ears one Friday evening
when Kelly and I were expecting Lisa to come for a
weekend sleep-over. I had already had a shower and
shave in readiness for Lisa's arrival, Kelly was in
the shower and I was just pouring myself a cup of
coffee when I heard the door bell ring. I was very
relaxed as I opened the door, after all I was
expecting to be welcoming a gorgeous young lady
that was going to be in my bed in less that an
hour. The reality was somewhat different.
What faced me was a very obviously and seriously
angry female accompanied by a frightened looking
Lisa. "I want to talk to you, you bastard" Lisa's
mother said in an annoyed but, I'm glad to say,
fairly subdued voice. "Come on in Mrs. Jameson" I
said and stepped back to allow her to walk through
the front door. "Won't you come through, sit down
and tell me what the problem is". I showed her
through to the sitting room and invited her to sit
on the sofa while I took the easy chair opposite
her, "Lisa, will you get us both a cup of coffee,
it is made?" I sat there, outwardly calm, but
actually feeling increasingly concerned as I had a
good idea what was coming. "OK, Mrs. Jameson what's
happened that makes you call me names like that?"
I asked her. "You've got a nerve, asking me that.
You know dammed well what's happened, you lecherous
bastard, you've been screwing my daughter for God
knows how long, it's a wonder she ain't pregnant"
she shouted, though not too loud, I don't think she
wanted my neighbours to hear too much. "Who told
you that?" I asked her. "Lisa told me after I'd
found her panties, stiff with your fucking cum and
smelling of I don't know what else, when I went to
launder them today. I tackled her with it when she
came home from school and she admitted it, she was
even proud of what she was doing when she comes
here to stay over with that niece of yours". "Well
at least you can be proud of the fact that you have
a daughter that's honest and won't lie even if it
means she may be in trouble. The question I'd like
you to answer is, what have Lisa and I, assuming
you are correct, what have we done that is either
wrong or even illegal?" at this point Lisa came in
with our coffee's, handed one to me and her mother,
sat down on the sofa next to her mom and said "Yes
Mom what is wrong with what I've been doing" her
mother paused and blurted out "It's not right for a
girl of your age doing ... well.. having SEX.. let
alone with and older man." *
"Hang on mother , I'm eighteen years old, how old
are YOU?" "You know I was thirty-four a couple of
months ago." Her mother snapped back "What's that
got to do with it? " Lisa smiled sweetly, glanced
at me and said very quietly "But mother that means
you were only sixteen when you got pregnant, two
years younger than I am now, and not even a legal
age to have sex , are you sure all this fuss isn't
because you're jealous because I am getting laid by
a mature hunk and you're not" . Her mother blushed
a very embarrassed deep red and gave a huge gasp as
she realised what Lisa was saying to her. "Lisa go
upstairs and see if Kelly is out of the shower
will you please" I said quietly and she went,
blushing as red as her mother. When we were alone I
said as kindly as I could "I'm sorry Lisa said
that, I'm sure she didn't mean it the way it
sounded, only I think she was a bit upset at being
found out and worried that she might have got me in
deep trouble". Jenny blushed again, looked at me
and started to cry in quiet little sobs as she hid
her face in her hands. I moved to sit beside her,
put my arms around her and pulled her close in a
comforting hug. I held her until she stopped
crying, then, pressing her head on to my shoulder
I tenderly stroked her hair as I said "What's the
matter, why are you crying, it should be Lisa doing
that, after all she's the one in trouble, not you"
Jenny sniffed as she looked me in the eyes. "She's
right damn it, I was jealous when she told me she'd
been making love on a regular basis and with a man
that was tender and considerate, not like the guys
I've been dating recently, all they want to do is
get inside my pants as soon as possible not even
bothering if I want anything, just a quickie in the
car and drop me off at home" it was obvious that
she'd been a little up tight with her love life and
catching Lisa out made her hit the roof. "I am
sorry I called you names like that Jack, I'm just a
bit shocked at what Lisa's doing, and don't want
her to make the same mistake I did." "I understand,
and I can promise you that I'll not be getting your
daughter pregnant, all I hope to do is to show her
how to get the best out of a sexual relationship,
and hopefully not get hurt when one ends" I
responded, "The thing is are you going to forbid
her to have anything to do with me from now on,
because if you do it'll hurt me somewhat but will
devastate Lisa, mainly because she has a huge crush
on me and thinks she loves me". Jenny gave a tiny
shake of her head "No I won't forbid her, I will
tell her that she must be careful what she is
doing, and to come to me if she has any problems".
Through all of this conversation Jenny had her head
on my shoulder and I was stroking her hair and her
cheek, suddenly we heard "MOTHER... .put him down
he's mine, keep your hands off him, I found him
first." And Lisa came across the room, pulled her
mother from my arms and promptly sat on my lap and
kissed my passionately. "Don't be so possessive
Lisa " I said "Your mother's very upset, and I
think, a little shocked to discover that you're no
longer her little girl, now go and help Kelly get
dinner please" pushed her off my lap, gave her a
gentle slap on the butt and shoved her towards the
kitchen. Jenny gave a deep sigh and said in a
wistful voice, "I suppose she is a woman now, and
Jack I do want to say how sorry I am about this
evening, I was wrong about you, and I do have to
admit that I was more than a little jealous when
Lisa told me she had been to bed with you". I took
her face between my hands and very gently kissed
her full on the lips. "There's no need to be
jealous, Jenny, I love having sex with your
daughter but I'm not in love with her and I'd be
only too pleased to make love to you if you were in
real need." Jenny gasped and pulled back from my
light hold on her cheeks. "I couldn't do that, it
wouldn't be right... I mean.. what would Lisa think
it she found out, she'd never speak to me again and
I wouldn't blame her". I smiled and said "You're
right, still if you're on your own some day and
Lisa is at school and you feel like it please come
over and have a cup of coffee, I won't pressure you
into anything, we can just talk if you like." And
with that I got up and Jenny said she had to go, I
called for Lisa to say goodnight to her mother and
shocked her by kissing Jenny long and hard just
before I opened the door and wished her a good
night. Lisa met me in the hallway as I closed the
door on her mom looking very embarrassed. "I'm
sorry Uncle Jack, I didn't mean for you to be
harassed by my Mom, I couldn't help what happened,
I....." I stopped her speaking with a gentle kiss.
"Don't worry about it, she went home quite happy
for you to stay here, and isn't going to make waves
for us as things stand at the moment. I do think
that she has a bit of a problem with her love life
just now, and I reckon you might talk to her about
it, now she knows you have one of your own, being
without sex can be a problem for some women as well
as for most men, so don't be too hard on her and
whatever you do not gloat about it. OK?" *
Lisa nodded her head as she hugged me, "OK, now can
we eat, then get to the bedroom so Kelly and I can
fuck you to sleep, having my mom here has made us
both hot for it, so hurry." We finally got to
sleep at about 3am and I had trouble waking my two
sexy nymphs for breakfast. I had to go and do the
marketing that morning so before I left I asked
Kelly to do some of the chores I usually did on a
Saturday morning. What happened while I was out was
to have a profound effect on my relationship with
Kelly and Lisa. Lisa's description of that mornings
happenings was not just descriptive but still makes
a good bedtime story. It would appear that Kelly
and Lisa had decided that they'd use some of the
time they spent together by doing some work on a
project they had to complete by the end of the
school term. To this end Lisa had to go home and
collect her papers on the subject, and decided to
do it while I was out and Kelly was doing her
chores. When she got home Lisa decided to use the
door to the kitchen to enter her home. She was a
little surprised not to see her younger sister
making her usual noise around the house, and also
that there seemed to be no sign of her mother. She
decided that her mom had gone to do some shopping
as it was Saturday morning so she went quickly up
to her room to collect what she needed. Her bedroom
was at the far end of the passage and as she passed
the first bedroom door, which was her mothers room,
she heard, through the open door, a quiet buzzing
sound and a quiet moaning which could only be her
Moms voice. Lisa couldn't resist looking through
the open door as she reached it and gave a gasp of
astonishment as she saw her mom laying naked on her
bed, legs spread wide, eyes tight closed and her
hand working something in and out of her pussy. The
sound she made cause Jenny to open her eyes and
shout something un-intelligible as she gave a
final thrust of her hand and a long drawn out moan
as she reached her climax, a sound that Lisa
recognised from her recent activities with Kelly.
Lisa felt a hot wave rush to her face and giving a
cry of embarrassment, rushed to her room, slammed
the door and sat on her bed to await the expected
recriminations from her mother once she had
recovered from the orgasm she'd just had. After
what seemed hours there was a little knock on
Lisa's door and she heard her mom say "Can I come
on and talk please honey ?"
"The door's open Mom" responded Lisa on a small
voice, and sat there staring at the floor as her
Mom came in and sat on the bed next to her. Flushed
with embarrassment Lisa couldn't face her mother as
she said "Mom, I'm sorry about that, honest I
didn't mean to catch you out, and I didn't mean to
stand there watching you whatever you
were doing." Jenny put her arm round her daughter
and gave her a gentle hug. "That's all right honey,
it was my fault for not closing the door, it's just
that with you at Jacks and your sister sleeping
over at one of her friends, I just had to do
something about.... well you know... about my
recent lack of sex." She continued, in a wistful
voice "It's all right for you, you've got Jack now,
and I suppose you also have fun and games with
Kelly as well, don't you?" she looked at Lisa as
she said this and saw her daughter give a shy
little nod of her head. "Yeah well I only have my
vibrator to keep me company, I don't suppose you'd
swap for a few hours, you and Kelly use this and I
borrow Jack, say once a month?" added Jenny, and as
Lisa looked at her mom she could see a big grin
cross her face. "Well I don't mind, but I don't
know what Kelly or Jack would say, anyway you'll
get the best part of that deal 'cos that thing
can't be as good as a real erect prick, can it?"
she asked "Why don't you try it and see, if you
like I'll show you how to get the best from it, and
you can show Kelly later".
Lisa gasped in utter amazement. Her mom was
offering to show her how to use a sex aid.. a
dildo. She also wanted to share her lover, but she
remembered that she and Kelly had been told by Jack
already that he didn't consider them to be his
property and they were not to consider him to be
theirs either, because he was too old for them to
have a permanent relationship, and any way, she
thought, it might be fun watching Jack making it
with her mom or to make it with Jack with her mom
watching, at this thought she started to giggle.
"What's so funny young lady?" her mom asked. "Sorry
Mom, I wasn't laughing at you, it was just
something I thought of that might be fun for Kelly
and me." "Now be serious Lisa my love, do you want
to learn to use this thing, 'cos if not I want to
use it and very soon, all this thinking of Jack is
making my horny."
"Lisa blushed and looking at her mom said in a
quiet little voice "Yes please Mom, but isn't it
wrong for you and me to be.... well.. to be
having... I mean.... to be doing sex things
together?" Jenny put an arm round her daughter and
hugging her close kissed her tenderly on the lips.
"No I don't agree that it can be wrong for me to
teach you to do things like this, if it helps you
to learn the right way, and anyway, who's going to
know but us, and no one's going to be hurt, it's
not as if you can be got pregnant or anything and
it'll be something you can enjoy if you want to.
OK?" Lisa nodded silently and put her hand out to
run her fingers over the smooth surface of the
rubber covered implement in her mothers hand. As
she touched it her mom pressed the switch and Lisa
jumped as the whole thing began to vibrate. "Try
touching it to your nipples" said Jenny as she
leant over to place it in Lisa's breast , "Just run
it over them slowly, round and round until you feel
as if Jack is kissing and sucking them" and Lisa
closed her eyes and lay back pushing her chest out
in order to increase the pressure on her nipple. As
Jenny was touching one of her nipples Lisa tweaked
and rolled the other and when Jenny stopped working
on her with the vibrator she gave a little groan
and cries "Don't stop Mom.. " almost before she had
got the words out Jenny was running the whirring
dildo down her daughters stomach only stopping when
she reached the top of Lisa's cunt lips. She
hesitated for a moment as second thoughts raced
through her mind only to be erased as Lisa cried
"YESSS...." and thrust her hips to meet the touch
of the vibrator which Jenny had inadvertently
allowed to rest for a second on Lisa's clit.
Brought back to the present by Lisa's cry, Jenny
spent the next fifteen minutes demonstrating to her
daughter the power of a correctly wielded rubber
prick. The only place she did not touch was Lisa's
anus, but only because she wasn't aware that Lisa
had already lost that virginity to Jack in the
nicest possible way. Lisa had a number of orgasms
in that short lesson with her mom and afterwards
lay on her bed for some time before her attention
was caught by the sound of the vibrator running.
She sat up quickly and saw her mom stretched out on
the bed beside her working the dildo in and out of
her hot wet pussy like a thing possessed. Lisa sat
there for as minute watching he Mom, suddenly she
took her courage in both hands and leant over to
place a gently kiss on her Mom's breast, sucking
and nibbling the nipple as she did with Kelly.
Jenny gave a gasp of surprise as she felt Lisa's
lips on her breast and as she opened her eyes she
lifted her empty hand to pull her daughters head up
level with hers and begin kissing her with all the
pent up passion of months of sexual repression.
Lisa responded to the kisses in a way that
surprised her and could hardly help herself when
she found that she was touching her Mom's clit as
the dildo worked faster and faster. Suddenly Lisa
broke away from her Mom's kisses and spun round so
that she could start kissing Jenny's cunt lips, as
she did so she pulled the dildo from her Mom's cunt
and replaced it with her tongue and lips. The
shining and slippery dildo Lisa presented to
Jenny's anal ring and with a slow insistent push
she inserted it to it's full length and proceeded
to use it to fuck her mom in the ass. This was more
than enough for Jenny, the combination of her
daughter tongue fucking her cunt and the dildo
whirring away in her ass made her scream as she
exploded with the strongest orgasm she'd had in her
life. On and on it went, waves of pleasure ripping
through her body as she thrashed about on Lisa's
bed, throwing Lisa off her on to the floor as she
did so. Lisa picked herself up and stood there in
amazement as her mother lay convulsing in ecstasy
with the dildo still working itself in her ass.
Lisa tried to extract it, without much success due
to the grip of her Mom's rectal muscles. Lisa lay
down beside her mother, put her arms round her as
Jenny began to relax and kissed her tenderly on the
lips. As Jenny opened her eyes to look at her
daughter Lisa said "I think it is time that we
asked Jack to do something about this".
A few hours later, and much later than was intended
Lisa returned to Jacks house and went straight up
to Kelly's room where she found her friend working
on their project. "And where do you think you have
been madam, here's me working on this damned
project and you look as if you have been having a
good fuck." Snapped Kelly, and was astounded as
Lisa burst out laughing. "You couldn't be more
right Kell my dear and boy.. have I got something
to tell you, BUT... you have got to promise that
you will NEVER tell a living soul, or I go back
home now and never see you again, understand?" she
finished speaking in such a way that Kelly knew
something had happened that had seriously affected
her friend and lover so she responded in like
manner " Of course if it's that serious you know
I'd never split on you, you know you can trust me."
With a great sigh of relief Lisa sat down beside
Kelly and blurted out all that had happened. When
Lisa told of her Mom's desire to be fucked by Jack
Kelly was shocked at the idea until Lisa told her
what a thrill she got thinking about her mother
watching her being fucked by their mutual lover,
"Honest Kell I got a bigger thrill thinking about
that than I do when I know you're helping Jack to
bring me to a roaring orgasm, and you know how good
that is for both of us!" Kelly giggled at the
thought and said "Was it really sexy to touch your
Mom and have her fuck you with the dildo?" "You'd
better believe it lover, it was the best sex I ever
had without you and Jack, and I've asked my mom if
you can come over and join us in the morning before
my sister gets home, do you want to come?" Kelly
felt the heat of a deep flush rush to her cheeks
and at the same time a warm glow between her legs
as her body reacted to the thought of having sex
with her friends mother. She nodded as she said
"But what about Jack, do we tell him about it, or
leave it 'till afterwards?" Lisa shook her head as
she replied "No, mom was adamant that if we do this
we must be honest and open and tell Jack even if it
means that she ends up being embarrassed by him
knowing she's really hot for him. If we don't tell
him she will, because when we go over to my place
she'll call Jack and confirm that we've told him
where we're going and what we're going to do. But
he's not to join us this time as it's a... well a
sort of training session for us so we can be
comfortable having sex when we are all there,
understand?" "That sounds very sexy to me, for us
young girls being taught how to pleasure our man by
a mature woman, and paying for it by helping her to
have sex with our man, Ooohh feel my pussy Lis'
it's sopping wet just thinking about it." Kelly lay
back on her bed opened her legs wide and lifted her
skirt so Lisa could see the condition of her
swollen cunt lips and the juices oozing from them.
Lisa was just about to press her lips to her
friends cunt lips when she heard a voice say "Can't
you two wait for me to get home, let me do that
please Lisa" and with no more ado Jack dropped to
his knees between Kelly's wide spread legs and
pressed his mouth direct on to her clit and began
sucking as he pressed two fingers deep into her
cunt. Unable to stand there and do nothing Lisa
knelt on the bed beside Kelly, lifted her T-shirt
and began to alternately suck and tweak her friends
nipples. This joint assault on her senses caused
Kelly to explode in orgasm in just a few minutes,
so quickly that Jack was taken by surprise at the
speed with which she had climaxed. As he got to his
feet he said "What have you two been doing that got
you to that state, are you the same Lisa?" Lisa
shook her head "No Uncle Jack, want to feel?"
unable to resist Jack kissed her as he slid his
hands up Lisa's leg and stroked her cunt which was
nicely moist without being too ready for some
attention. Having adjusted her dress Kelly got up
off the bed and said sternly "Stop that you two,
Lisa we need to talk don't we, here or downstairs?"
"Downstairs I think, please come with us Uncle
Jack, something's come up and we do need to talk to
you today, it's rather important." With that the
two girls left him standing and walked side by side
down the stairs to the sitting room where they
placed themselves, one at each end of the sofa,
indicating to Jack that he should sit between them.
In as clear, concise and unemotional way as she
could Lisa related to Jack what had happened that
morning between her and her mother. She explained
the reason for her mother being so angry at finding
that Lisa had been having sex with Jack and how
much she wanted the same. "The thing is Uncle Jack
that Kelly and I want you to help by letting mom
either join us sometimes or just have you to
herself if that's the way you want it, we're not
forcing anything, but we do think it would be a
sexy thing to do, I mean... to help you fuck my
mother and have mom help you to fuck us. What do
you reckon?" Taking a deep breath Jack lay back
and said very deliberately, "If you girls want to
do this I'm game to give it a try." Lisa threw her
arms around Jacks neck and covered his face with
kisses "Oh!! thank you Uncle Jack I'm so happy, I
was worried that you might think it wrong for me to
do that sort of thing with my mother, but at the
time it seemed so natural, and after, when we'd
calmed down, well mom seemed like a different
person... I don't know... she seemed to have
changed somehow, I can't explain it." "I think I
understand, Lisa, for most mature men and women
having sex with someone you love is like a tonic,
almost like a drug, if you have your regular 'fix'
taken away by something like, say, a divorce, it
can have quite an effect. Look at what happened to
me , I was close to raping Kelly when she was
drunk. The only thing that stopped it being rape
was that she wanted it to happen". *
"I must admit Uncle Jack that I certainly feel
relaxed, and I was so surprised at what happened
with mom that I can only think it's because I've
been making love to you and Kelly, it seemed
natural to do it with Mom, and I can see what you
mean about it being like a drug, I sometimes feel
like making love in the strangest place, like in
the classroom with all the class watching me and
you, and me thinking how I'm making them jealous, I
get so bad I sometimes have to change my panties
and skirt because I make them so wet." . Kelly
giggled at Lisa's confession, "That's just kinky,
to want to do it in public, with a crowd watching,
I just want to do it in the open both during the
day and at night when I can look up at the sky and
stars while Jack is gently fucking me, longggg and
slowwww,... " "Stop it you two, you're driving my
crazy, look at this!" and Jack took his hands from
his lap so they could see the huge bulge in his
pants. "I think we have to do something about that,
don't you Kel'?" said Lisa "I agree, lover, come on
Uncle Jack, upstairs so we can 'fix' your problem"
responded Kelly . Jack smiled as a thought flashed
into his head. "OK but only if I call Jenny and
tell her it's all right... and do it while we're
making love and we tell her what we are doing,
agreed?" "Wow..." said Kelly "That's what I call
sexy, how about it Lisa ?" Lisa nodded her head,
speechless at the idea of telling her mother she
was being fucked by the man she lusted after
herself." I just hope she don't get mad at us all."
Ten minutes later I was dialling Jenny's home
number, and I was telling her that the girls had
explained what had happened and that I was more
than happy to include her in our fun and games, I
did apologise about the noise that was being made,
it was just that I was laid on my back on the bed,
Kelly was fucking herself on my throbbing penis and
Lisa was busy sucking Kelly's nipples and clit, and
the scream she just heard was Kelly having an
orgasm and being helped off my prick so Lisa could
take her place... here Lisa took the phone from me
and gasped into it "This is so wonderful mom to be
fucking Uncle Jack, I've gotta go 'cos I need to
suck Kelly's juices before she loses then on the
bed cover and I'm gonna cum soon, bye mom see you
in the morning." She handed me the 'phone and I
whispered into it "Sorry about that Jenny, I didn't
think she'd be so awful as to upset you like that."
He heard Jenny laugh and say "That's all right
Jack, just so long as I can be doing the same very,
very soon, I don't think I can hold out much
longer, I really do want to feel you pushing your
hard throbbing prick into me and filling me with
your wonderful hot creamy cum, then pulling your
prick out of my cunt and putting it in my mouth so
I can lick it clean and taste our mingled juices..
DAMN.. gotta go Jack.. I need to cum over my dildo
with all this erotic talk" and she slammed down
the phone as I pulled Lisa down to lay on my chest
as I was fucking her and began to whisper to her
what Jenny and I had been saying, the result of
which was a huge thrashing orgasm from the young
thing impaled on my rampant prick, her legs
entwined with mine and my arms crushing her to my
chest and a similar thing for me as I shot load
after load of cum onto her. As Lisa finally lay
still I felt Kelly pull her arm and roll her off
me, grab the base of my prick and shouting "This is
mine!" as she began to lick me clean of Lisa's
cunt juices and my cum. When she had finished with
me she rolled over to Lisa, spread her legs and
proceeded to drink up the combined juices that had
started to pour from Lisa's cunt as she relaxed. As
soon as she had a decent mouth full she moved up to
Lisa's face and, pressing her lips on to Lisa's
mouth, she pushed out her tongue to open her
friends lips and began to dribble the nectar she
had collected, so that it ran over Lisa's teeth
and gums. After a few seconds Lisa realised what
was happening and opened her mouth to allow Kelly
to pass over as much of my creamy cum as she could.
Lips stuck together and in each others arms they
both slept. Four more times that night Kelly and
Lisa had orgasms of one sort or another, I had
expended so much semen because of talking to Jenny
as I was fucking Lisa I was unable to produce any
more for the girls. I was still fit enough to have
a decent erection and one with which I was able to
give the a good account of myself. After we had a
group shower with the usual consequences we got
into my double bed and slept the night through. As
I was drifting off I thought that getting a bigger
bed might be a good idea as three was almost a
crowd in this one, four could almost be
The following morning after breakfast, Kelly and
Lisa went round to spend the promised time with
Jenny leaving me to have a lie in. I got up at
lunch time and snatched a meal after which I got a
couple of beers and sat down to watch some TV. I
had hoped to get some time in the garden, soaking
up the sun but, wouldn't you know, it poured with
rain. I guess I must have dozed off because I was
suddenly wakened by the door bell ringing loud and
insistent. Giving myself a shake I got up and
staggered to the front door. Upon me opening the
door Kelly came in, gave me a tender kiss and said
"Sorry Uncle Jack, I forgot to take my key, I must
dash upstairs, Lisa is right behind me!" as I had
turned my back to the door while Kelly was talking
and running upstairs the slamming of the door
startled me. I spun round to see what had happened
to find myself standing face to face with Jenny.
She smiled sweetly and said just one word "Jack!" I
put my hands on her hips, pulled her close and
placed a quick tender kiss on her soft warm lips,
as I broke contact with her mouth she put her arms
round my waist, pulled herself tight up to me and
kissed me with a passion I had not felt in a woman
for a long time. Neither Kelly or Lisa had kissed
me like that even in the depths of out sexual
passions. I responded by touching my tongue to her
lips and instantly found myself in a fencing
match. I don't know how long we stood there locked
together in our first embrace but we were brought
back down to earth by a tugging of my sleeve and a
young voice saying "Mom... leave some for me,
you've got all day, I've got to go with Kelly and
soon!" Jenny broke away from my embrace and stood
back a little to allow her daughter to throw her
arms round me and also kiss me passionately.
"Thanks Uncle Jack" she whispered "I hope you can
give mom a wonderful time 'cos I promised her you
will, Kelly and I will be back about eight tonight
for a night-cap OK ?" I gave her a quick squeeze
and just nodded as she released me and ran up to
join Kelly in her room. I turned back to face Jenny
and saw that she was bright red with embarrassment,
I tried to put her at ease by smiling and saying
"These girls, they've learned no tact as they've
grown up have they, I'm sorry if what Lisa just
said has upset you, I almost feel as if they've
brought you here for a two year service like my
car." Jenny stepped up close and put her arms round
my again, rested her head on my chest and said in a
quiet voice "Well, I guess that's about what it is,
only I don't want you to think you have any
obligation to do what they think you should do."
"Jenny, I've wanted you for ages, it's just that
when you were married I couldn't do anything,
afterwards I dare not do anything and recently I've
been in the position where I didn't have the nerve
to do anything because I was making love to you
daughter." Jenny tightened her grip and gave a
little quiver. "Oh Jack if only you knew how often
I've wanted you to come and have your wicked way
with me, when I found out about you and Lisa I felt
so awful I cried myself to sleep. When I woke the
next morning I'd decided to call the police and
have you arrested until Lisa convinced me
otherwise." "The day I came here with Lisa I felt
so rotten especially when Lisa said I was just
jealous. It was true and I hated to admit it. But
Jack I do want to make love to you and I'm not
jealous of Lisa any more, not since we had our
little chat and I think you'll find you have some
surprises coming over the next few days." As she
was blurting all this out I was gently leading her
to the sitting room and sitting next to her on the
leather sofa. It just seemed natural to have my arm
around her and to start kissing her while using my
free hand to caress her hair and face. Jenny lay in
my arms, soft and relaxed, and I was about to place
a hand on her breast when the girls bounced into
the room. Jenny jumped upright and blushed as Kelly
said in a laughing voice "Bye, see you later, don't
do anything you wouldn't do with me, Uncle Jack!"
"WOW... that's leaving 'em plenty of scope.. bye
Mom, see you two later, have fun." Responded Lisa
as they both rushed out, slamming all the doors
behind them. Once more I drew Jenny close to me and
continued to kiss her passionately, my
ministrations being responded to in like manner,
for what seemed like an hour, all the time I was
caressing her sides and back taking great care not
to touch her breasts at this moment. I took the
opportunity given by both our need to come up for
air, to wedge myself in the corner of the sofa
supporting my shoulders on the back and the arm.
Very gently I pulled Jenny down to lay her back on
my chest and rest her ankles on the other arm using
the cushions to support her back and legs in as
comfortable a position as possible.*
We lay there in silence for some moments during
which I gently slipped my hands round to rest on
the soft mound of her breast. Gently touching my
lips to her hair I decided to take the bull by the
horns; "Jenny, will you tell me honestly what you
think of my relationship with Lisa, I promise not
to get upset if you say something derogatory about
me, I just want to know your true feelings." She
took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh,
tilted her head back to look at me, and smiled.
She dropped her head back and held my hand that was
resting on her breast in hers, pressing it down
hard on to her. "Well to be honest I was disgusted
at first, as you know. It wasn't until I'd had a
really good long talk with Lisa, a talk we couldn't
have had a month ago by the way, that I realised
how lucky she was to have found someone like you,
that was treating her so well and at the same time
making her into the sort of woman that will make
some man the most wonderful, loving wife in the
future. I mean it when I say I was and still am,
very jealous of her, and of Kelly, I just wish her
Mom knew how well she's being treated. When I think
back to when I was younger than Lisa, and the way I
was treated by boys in general and her dad in
particular, I'm so glad you're the one to be
teaching her about love making rather than just
having sex with her." She stopped and took a deep
breath "What I'd like now is for you to teach me
how to make love rather than just have a fuck,
please Jack, I know it's a bit brazen to ask like
this but I've waited so long, now I have you to
myself I don't want to waste time." With my free
hand I tilted up her chin, bent my head down and
kissed her tenderly, "OK you wanton hussy, come
with me to my boudoir and be prepared to be seduced
and if you're lucky ravaged as well, if we have
time that is" I said with a grin on my face. With
that we got up and I led her up to my bedroom. I
sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back on my
hands. "Undress for me my love, I want you to be as
erotic as you can so that you inflame my passions
as well as your own" I said quietly. She blushed
pinkly but began very slowly to undo the buttons of
her shirtwaist. As she reaches the lowest one she
pulled the shirt out of the waist band of her
skirt. As her shirt fell open she spun round so her
back was to me and dropped it to the floor. She
pushed the straps of her lacy bra off her shoulders
and slowly turned to face me as she pushed the
straps off her arms and, grasping them in her hands
pulled down so that the soft lace that was covering
her breasts was pulled down past her steel hard
nipples and off her soft rounded tits completely.
Slowly she stepped close to me and said in a low
husky whisper, "Unclip me please" and turned her
back to give me access to the hooks of her bra
strap. I placed the tips of my fingers on her rib
cage and slowly, with a butterfly light touch ran
them round to her spine and up to the hooks of her
bra where I spent far longer than was necessary in
undoing them. I saw that my touch on her skin
caused her to shiver though not I thought, from
cold. As her bra fell free she stepped away from me
and turned to face me. "WOW" was all I could say.
What a wonderful sight it was to see her there
before me, her breasts were almost identical to her
daughters except that the nipples were slightly
larger and just a little darker, they were so
smooth and I could see that they also seemed to
have the same glow that Lisa had when I'd been
caressing hers for a while, only I hadn't touched
Jenny's as yet. I forced my self to sit quite still
as Jenny stepped back a pace or two and undid the
single button holding her skirt. As she opened her
hand it dropped to the floor to reveal herself to
me. She was wearing a garter belt to hold up her
stockings and had on a pair of very brief lace
edged silk panties that barely covered her soft
pubic hair. She stepped out of the pool of skirt at
her feet and took another pace towards me where she
slowly turned right round so that I could see her
marvellous body from all angles. She continued to
turn her back to me and I became very sure that she
had been discussing me with Lisa because she began
to push her panties down over her bottom until they
reached just below her buttock cheeks, here she
placed her feet about twelve inches apart, locked
her knees and, bending at the waist she pushed her
panties right down to her ankles very, very, slowly
making sure that I was getting a very good view of
her bottom cheeks, her pink, puckered anus and the
tufts of soft hair framing her wet puffy cunt. As
her panties reached her ankles she stood up and
stepped out of them, turned slowly round, walked
right up to me grasped my shirt front and pulled me
to my feet where she began to undo the buttons of
my shirt.*
As I lifted my hand to help her undress me she
slapped it away and said huskily "No way lover,
I've not undressed a man for so long I want the
pleasure of doing it all, so please keep your hands
to yourself, for now that is." And pressing her
lips to the nipple closest to her began sucking as
she continued to undress me. My shirt fell to the
floor unheeded as Jenny slid her hands down and
round my chest and back occasionally scraping my
skin with her nails as she did so. When her fingers
found my belt it took only a few seconds for her to
undo it and the clasp at the top of my zipper.
Without releasing her grip on my nipple she managed
to push my pants down to my ankles using her hands
and her feet. She stood on my pants to hold them
still and gently pushed my so I had to take a step
back enabling her to kick them right out of the
way. Almost reluctantly she let go of my nipple
and, holding tight to my sides she slowly lowered
herself down on to her knees at my feet where she
grasped the top of my shorts and, after pressing a
kiss on my erect penis through the fabric of my
pants, proceed to slowly slide them down over my
thighs. As the purple head of my prick came into
her view she stopped and, running her hands round
my back pulled my shorts down so that my bottom
cheeks were uncovered. She placed her open hands on
my buttocks and gently pressed them so that I moved
my hips forwards very slightly, but enough so that,
without moving her head she was able to put out her
tongue and touch it's tip on to the head of my
throbbing prick. I gave an involuntary gasp as I
felt the warm wetness of her tongue touch me, to be
followed by a long drawn out moan of intense
pleasure as, drawing my shorts right down to my
knees, her warm wet mouth engulfed my penis as it
fell out of it's restrictive wrapping. She worked
her tongue around my prick as she sucked it for all
she was worth and rocked her head back and forth as
she tried to fuck me with her mouth. For purely
selfish reasons I allowed her to continue for some
few minutes, basically it was so pleasurable I
didn't want her to stop but I knew she'd have to or
I'd be wasting a very good load that I wanted to
place elsewhere. Eventually I placed my hands each
side of her head and lifted her up. "Time for that
later my love" I whispered just prior to kissing
her, and I turned her round and led her to the bed
where I gently pushed her down so she was sitting
on the edge. As I kissed her I firmly pressed her
so she lay on her back with her arms by her side.
Slipping off the bed I placed myself in front of
her knees, between which I placed my hands,
pressing outwards so that I was able to spread her
legs as wide as they would go without hurting her.
I began to run my fingertips up the inside of her
thighs until I reaches the warmth of her sex. I
parted the furry bush covering her cunt and,
opening her lips with my thumbs I ran my tongue the
full length of her cunt from bottom to top, where,
on reaching her, by now turgid clit I took it in my
mouth and sucked and nibbled it, suddenly releasing
it as I heard her scream. "No.. please.... don't
stop" she cried, so I continued where I'd left off,
this time I pressed two fingers into her hot wet
vaginal opening, twisting then round deep inside
her searching for her G-spot. Without warning she
cried out and her hips started to buck wildly as
she had an orgasm that took her by surprise. I
continued to work on her clit for a few minutes and
then I transferred my mouth to the rest of her
cunt, working it along the full length and into her
cuntal opening, where I began lapping up her juices
and to tongue fuck her. As I was working my tongue
into her pussy I moistened my middle finger with
her juices and slowly began to insert it into her
anus. It hadn'tt penetrated far before she had
another orgasm and I was able to prolong this one
for a while by the judicious manipulation of my
tongue and finger combined with the tweaking of her
nipples with the fingers of my spare hand. As soon
as she had relaxed I placed myself on the bed
beside her and pressed my sticky mouth to hers
where as she tasted herself on my lips she began to
suck and lick my face dry. Jenny looked at me in
the most loving way I have seen for a long time "If
that's they way you've been treating my daughter
it's no wonder she loves you so much, and I know
Kelly thinks the world of you, now I know why, Jack
darling that was the best orgasm I've had for years
and you haven't even fucked me yet, please do so
now darling, I want to feel you deep inside me and
to feel your hot sperm coursing into my womb". I
could wait no longer myself and placing myself
between her legs I gently slid up her body until I
felt the head of my penis touch her cunt lips.*
I was about to grasp hold of it to ensue a true
aim when I felt Jenny's hand beat me to it. She
held my prick and spent a few seconds rubbing the
head up and down her cunt lips, until it touched
her vaginal opening where I pressed it in to the
hilt. I lay there for some time, enjoying the feel
of her vaginal muscles holding me tight as my prick
pulsed with pleasure. I very slowly began to work
my prick in and out of her warm moist cunt, pulling
out almost to the tip before slowly pushing it back
and Jenny responding with gentle movements of her
hips and rhythmic squeezing with her internal
muscles. It seemed as if we were doing this for
hours when almost without warning Jenny threw her
legs over my buttocks and her arms round my back
and erupted in an orgasm that rippled
uncontrollably through her body. This was as much
as I could stand, I had, with a good deal of
difficulty, been holding my own orgasm back in an
effort to have a mutual orgasm. What a bit of luck
it was that Jenny's was so drawn out that as I
released a huge jet of semen into her she was just
about finished only, to have her scream "OH
YESSS.." as she felt my cum hit her vaginal walls.
As she began to relax I kissed her tenderly and
laying entwined in her arms and legs gently
caressed her breasts and nibbled her nipples until
she found the strength to lift my head up so she
could kiss me. I rolled off her and lay beside her
with my arms around her, cuddling her tenderly as I
stroked her hair and cheeks until she dropped of to
sleep. I left her there and slipping on a robe went
down to the kitchen to get a beer from the 'fridge.
As I sat there sipping from the can Kelly and Lisa
came back in and, on seeing me there dropped their
shopping bags, came over to me and fought for the
right to kiss me first, until I took charge and
kissed them both but one at a time. "Have a nice
time shopping.?" I asked. "Yeah, super." Replied
Kelly "How about you, did you have a nice time
while we were out?" said Lisa "OH well, you know ,
pretty average sort of day, a bit of this and a bit
of that, managed to keep busy, with a lot of
effort." I said with a self satisfied grin on my
face. Kelly sat on my lap and put her arms round my
neck and began kissing me all over my face as Lisa
asked "Where's Mom, she hasn't gone home all ready
has she?" "No" I said "She's asleep upstairs, or
was when I left her a while ago." With that Lisa
kissed me and ran upstairs to see her recently well
fucked mother. Half an hour later Jenny and Lisa
came down, both wearing bathrobes and walked in to
the kitchen to find me with my hand in Kelly's
panties and my lips clamped over one of her
nipples. "Can we join in please" said Lisa as she
sat at the table next to Kelly and I. "Yes please"
said Kelly "Let me get dressed the same as the rest
of you first, don't start without me!" and leapt
off my lap, dashed upstairs to get undressed. As I
sat there with a huge erection pushing through the
gap in my robe Jenny came over and kissed me
tenderly, saying as she spotted the state I was in
"Wow, you certainly seem to be ready for some if
not all of us" and stroked her hand up and down my
throbbing penis as she kissed me. I was very
gratified to feel another hand join Jenny's as I
was being kissed and the thought of mother and
daughter sharing the pleasure of caressing my prick
almost made me cum on the spot. After a few minutes
Jenny released me and pulled Lisa's hand from my
prick and said with a smile "Not too much darling
or he won't have anything for later, and we don't
want to wear him out too quickly, do we?" Lisa
giggled and shook her head as she covered my
manhood with my robe. "What took you so long up
stairs?" I asked Lisa as we went through to sit on
the sofa. She blushed slightly and whispered "You
tell him Mom" and she snuggled up close to me as I
turned to Jenny with a questioning look on my face.
"Well, Jack, if it isn't going to upset Kelly, I
mean I don't want her to think she's being
sidelined, sort of, we.. er .. well I want to make
love to you with Lisa helping and also to help
while you are making love to her.... I mean we want
to share you between us and do some of the things
you've been teaching Kelly and Lisa to enjoy."
Jenny blurted out as she too flushed pinkly. "How
super, can I watch while you are doing it and take
Lisa's place next time?" said Kelly, who we'd not
noticed standing in the doorway. Lisa jumped up and
hugged Kelly as she stood there with her robe
slightly parted at the front. "You won't mind if me
and mom share Uncle Jack Kel?" gasped Lisa and
gave a loud gasp as Kelly whispered something in
her ear, giggling as she went over to Jenny and
whispered something to her. Jenny also gave an
almost girlish giggle as she got up, walked over to
Kelly, and after giving her what looked like a
really passionate kiss said very softly so that I
could only just hear, "Thanks Kelly I think that is
very mature and sexy of you and I'll make it up to
you very soon." *
Kelly gave her a quick hug and a kiss before
slipping out of the room. Jenny walked over to
Lisa, took her by the hand and they both came to
stand in front of me. They put out their hands to
me and as I took them they pulled me to my feet.
"If we're going to fuck you senseless we'd better
do it in the comfort of your bed my darling" said
Jenny, and the three of us made our way upstairs.
Though I didn't know it as we walked up stairs I
was about to have the best sexual experience of my
life (although it was bettered soon after). Here I
was walking up the stairs to my bedroom accompanied
by one of my young lovers and her mother both of
whom were expressing a desire to help the other
fuck me senseless. I wasn't aware that they'd an
action plan but I was definitely looking forward to
what ever they may have planned. As it was when we
got to the side of the bed Jenny kissed me very
tenderly and began to remove my robe, by the time
Jenny had taken off my robe Lisa had found time to
slip my hardening prick into her mouth for a quick
suck. Seeing this Jenny admonished her daughter
saying "Can't you wait a few moments young lady,
keep doing that and you'll spoil everything!"
"Sorry Mom. I couldn't resist, it being so handy"
responded Lisa with a grin. Jenny kissed me again,
"Lay back now, and let us get ready, just make sure
you keep your hand OFF yourself for a while
please!" and so I lay back in the middle of the bed
propped up with pillows to await their pleasure.
Jenny and Lisa slowly divested themselves of their
robes. When both were naked and had been excited by
the other for a while they approached the bed, each
grabbed one of my legs and pulled me down so that I
was laid out flat and as Lisa straddled my hips
Jenny laid her breasts on my chest and after a
particularly passionate kiss whispered "I am now
going to help Lisa reach orgasm by fucking you,
just let us do the work please and you won't regret
it, OK?" I nodded and gave her a quick kiss "OK
Jenny do your worst or best which ever it may be."
I lay there with an ever hardening penis as Jenny
bent her head over the pulsating purple head and
spent some time licking and sucking to ensure that
it was well moistened whence she held it in one
hand by the base and with her other hand slipped
between Lisa's legs from behind, used it to open
the lips of Lisa's pussy and guide me into her. As
my head penetrated Lisa's warm wet cunt Jenny held
her, from behind, by crossing her hands in front of
her daughter and grasping her breasts, and
whispered in Lisa's ear that she should begin to
fuck me. As Lisa started to work her self off on my
rigid prick now buried deep inside her, Jenny slid
one of her hands down Lisa's chest, over her belly
and slipped her long middle finger between the lips
of Lisa's cunt seeking her clit, which once she
found it, she began to rub, all the time whispering
instructions to Lisa and caressing her breast and
pinching her nipple until Lisa exploded as her
climax passed in waves over her body. Had it not
been for the support of her mother Lisa would have
fallen off me, as it was Jenny held her up and
continued to stroke her breast and clit as Lisa
pressed herself down on to my pelvis and gave tiny
movements of her hips as she was slowly brought
down from her orgasm. Lisa opened her eyes, glanced
at me and smiled, she then turned her head to her
mother and kissed her long and deep afterwards
saying in a quiet voice, "Thanks Mom, that was
wonderful, now it's your turn, like we said" "OK
sweetheart, just rest for a minute, I've got
something to do first" and after helping Lisa to
lay beside me she bent her head over my still
throbbing prick and proceeded to lick and suck me
clean of the daughters juices after which she lay
down on top of me and shared the taste of Lisa with
me. Jenny laid her body full length on me and as
she did so I sensed Lisa stirring next to me, and
then I felt her getting off the bed and walking
across the bedroom. All this time Jenny and I were
kissing and having a playful tongue fight into the
bargain until I felt some cool fingers touching my
penis and realised it was Lisa and that she was
guiding my prick into her mothers hot wet cunt. As
the pulsating head of my prick slid into Jenny's
cunt she slowly moved herself down my body to
assist in pushing it deep into her and then started
to work herself up and down by body as she began to
fuck me.*
I soon realise that there was no way that Jenny
was going to have an orgasm doing it like this and
was about to start using my hands to assist her
when she gave an unexpected gasp gripping me tight
as she did so, I also felt something rubbing up the
length of my prick as it was pushed deep into
Jenny's cunt and it was only when I suddenly felt a
gentle vibration through the thin membrane between
Jenny's cunt and rear passage that I realised Lisa
had begun using a vibrating dildo up her mothers
ass. I lay there with Jenny on top of me, her arms
and legs entwined with mine, my prick deep in her
cunt and her daughter working a vibrator up her
backside, I could feel her breaths coming in ever
shorter gasps as her hips began to work themselves
up and down until I hugged her tight to me as she
screamed in orgasmic ecstasy. How I didn't cum
myself at that moment I don't know, all I do know
is that I lay there for ages as Jenny thrashed
about for what seemed aeons before calming down to
the occasional twitch and shudder, uttering a cry
of "NO.. No.. leave it please darling" as Lisa
slowly removed the vibrator from her anus. I could
feel her vaginal muscles gripping me tight as I
began to soften up slightly and when I too slipped
from inside her she gave another mournful cry and
collapsed as if in a faint on to my outstretched
body. After a few minutes Lisa rolled her mother
off me and proceeded to clean my limp penis of her
mothers juices, just as Jenny had done after Lisa
had fucked me. This started to bring a bit of life
back to me and I was beginning to wonder what was
to come next when I heard a noise from the passage.
Turning to look I saw Kelly standing at the door
wearing only her panties, and with one hand buried
in, then working away at herself, and the other
tweaking her nipples in turn. She was obviously
very worked up by what she had witnessed and, as I
lay there looking her full in the face, she had an
orgasm that rippled through her young body forcing
a quiet moan from her tightly closed lips. Kelly
staggered over to the bed and threw herself beside
me and began showering kisses all over those parts
of my body not covered by Lisa who was still
cleaning her mothers juices off my prick, all this
attention was bringing me very close to shooting a
load of semen down Lisa's throat, something I
didn't want to do just now as I wanted all three
girls to share what I had to offer, so I pulled
Lisa off my prick and, with some difficulty sat
myself up. "Now, what am I going to do with you
three?" I asked. Jenny, who had recovered by now
said "Sit on the edge of the bed with your feet on
the floor please Jack" and when I had done so Kelly
and Lisa knelt between my knees their bodies level
with my knees. Jenny came up beside me, on the bed,
put her left arm round my shoulders and clamped her
lips on mine in a passionate kiss. As she was
kissing me I felt her free hand sliding down my
body until it grasped my, by now hard and throbbing
penis, and she began to masturbate me. Wonderful as
this felt it suddenly felt much more erotic as I
realised that when I came I would be shooting my
semen into the faces and over the upper bodies of
Kelly and Lisa, a thought that caused me to give a
gasp of pleasure. This little act made Jenny
realise that I had discovered what they were doing
and she slowly broke off the kiss and placing her
chin on my shoulder and her lips up close to my
ear. Whispered, "I want to watch you soaking them
with your cum and then help lick them both clean,
so please don't be too long before you cum darling,
cum very soon, let me see you soak Lisa and Kelly
with your wonderful cum so we can all take turns
licking it up and tasting your wonderful semen as
it drips off their firm young breasts and runs down
their cheeks and eyes where you shoot it on to
their faces...Ooooohhhh yes now.. do it Jack ...
soak them." As my hips jerked forward, and I felt
a stream of semen coursing through my hard
throbbing prick and saw gobs of it hitting Kelly
and Lisa first of all on the faces and then, as
Jenny manipulated my prick downwards, on to their
chests and breasts, catching the last spurts on her
tongue as she slammed her mouth over the head on
its final few pulses. As Jenny lifted her head from
my rapidly softening prick I saw Kelly and Lisa in
a chest to chest embrace, working their breasts on
each other as they were trying to suck my cum off
of each others faces. Jenny got on to her knees
beside them and pulled them apart so they were
kneeling side by side "Right girls, on to the bed,
side by side please", said Jenny, and when they had
complied she knelt beside Kelly and proceeded to
lick and suck her breasts clean of my cum "Not too
much Mom, leave some for me please" wailed Lisa,
and Jenny instantly transferred her attentions to
do the same for Lisa.*
As Lisa lay there having her breasts cleaned by
her mom I saw Kelly get up and began to clean up
what Jenny had deliberately left. While this was
going on I noticed that Lisa's hips were beginning
to twitch so I moved to sit beside her thighs and
started to run my fingers up between her legs until
I reached the warm wet junction where I ran my
thumb up between her cunt lips until it rested on
her clit. As Kelly was licking her face and chest
I was playing with Lisa's cunt and Jenny started to
pinch and roll her erect nipples, it wasn't long
before Lisa had another orgasm that ripped through
her like a tornado. Kelly by this time was so hot I
could see her juices were leaking from between the
lips of her cunt and I slipped my hand between her
legs in an attempt to catch some on my fingers.
Once they were nicely wet I placed my fingers on
Lisa's mouth and pressed them between her lips. As
soon as she realised what was on them Lisa began
sucking my fingers and working her tongue all round
them in an effort to get all the taste of her
friend as she could. This seemed to calm her down
somewhat and so I laid Kelly on her back and Lisa
began to clean her of my cum. As Lisa was kneeling
over her friend licking her clean of my semen I
couldn't help but notice her beautiful anus staring
at me, full in the face and had an almost instant
erection. Seeing the effect it was having on me
Jenny sat beside me and started to stroke my hard
prick. "Would you let me see you fucking Lisa in
the ass please Jack, I know you've done so already,
Lisa told me, and you know I like it from the rear,
but I've never seen another woman being ass fucked"
she whispered to me as she was nibbling and kissing
my ear. I turned and looked at her, "Do you mean it
darling, you want me to fuck your daughter up the
ass while she is licking my cum off her best
friend, you perverted female you" I said with a
huge grin on my face that took away any criticism
in my words. "Let me get some KY from my bag" said
Jenny as she smiled at me and got up. Two minute
later I was kneeling behind Lisa holding on to her
hips, her mother was squeezing some KY into her
anal rosebud and on to the tip of my pulsating
penis after which she gently grasped me by the
shaft of my prick and presented it to Lisa's anus.
"Relax baby, let Uncle Jack in " said Jenny as she
put her free arm under Lisa's hips and gently but
firmly pushed her back to meet my forward pressing
prick. Lisa gave a little gasp as the head of my
prick slipped through her sphincter and I felt her
muscles grip me as if trying to prevent my removing
it. As she saw it slip in, Jenny leaned forward so
her head was level with Lisa's and, kissing her on
the cheek whispered "Does that feel nice baby, work
yourself back on to Uncle Jack until you feel his
hair touch your bottom, I want to see him cum in
your bottom, it'll give me such a thrill to see
another woman being fucked in the ass by a real
prick instead of a dildo". Over her shoulder I
could just see Lisa smile at her mom and she began
to pivot on her knees as she worked herself back
and forth on my prick. As Lisa was doing all the
work I was free to concentrate on using my hands to
finger fuck Jenny as she knelt beside her daughter,
using a finger in her cunt and my thumb which I
inserted into her ass, causing her to give a little
scream as I pushed it in bone dry as far I could.
As Lisa worked herself on my prick I caught her
rhythm with my hand as I worked on Jenny and it
wasn't long before Lisa gave a shudder and a loud
cry as she flopped down on top of Kelly, her orgasm
still running through her. Seeing my naked prick
covered with lubricant Jenny turned to me and said
"Give it to me, please cum in me this time" and
shuffled over so that she could push back and have
her ass touch my throbbing prick. With no more ado
I touched the head to Jenny's anus and pressed
firmly to find that it slipped in to the hilt with
a single stroke. "Fuck me.. Fuck me... please Jack
I want to feel your cum inside me.. Please ram your
prick hard into me.. pleaseeee." So I began to ram
hard at her ass and very soon I was growling "Now..
I am gonna cum any second" when I felt a hand
gently grasp by swollen balls and a pair of lips
clamp themselves on mine as Lisa and Kelly joined
in to help me fill Jenny with my load of semen.
This extra stimulus caused me to stop ramming my
prick into Jenny's ass and I pulled her tight up to
me and pressed her buttocks to my pelvis as I shot
load after load of semen into her, feeling her
bucking against my firm grip as she had another
orgasm. As I relaxed my grip on her hips Jenny fell
face down on to the bed, and I would have followed
her had I not been held up by Lisa and Kelly, but
soon all of us were laid out on the bed, Jenny and
I wrapped in each others arm, Kelly pressing her
breasts into Jenny's back and her arms reaching
over to me and Lisa pressing her breasts into my
back and reaching her arms over to her mother. *


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