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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
JACKS family SAGA Volume 1
We slept like that for hours and, on waking,
showered in pairs, me with Jenny and Kelly and Lisa
helping each other. After a light meal Jenny and
Lisa went home as Lisa's sister was due back from
her sleep-over at her friend's house.
For most of the next three or four weeks the four
of us were making the most wonderful love. Every
night I was sleeping with Kelly although we didn't
have sex all the time, and Jenny and Lisa were
taking it in turns to come over in the evenings
during the week. There were also the days that
Jenny came to see me during the day while Kelly and
Lisa were in class. All told we were having a very
torrid set of affairs made so much better because
there was no jealousy between the girls at all.
Each was prepared to step aside for any one or two
of the others and none of them tried to dominate
me, they would even forget I was there and have
the occasional bisexual session usually in Kelly's
little used bedroom. It was a Friday night about a
month after that special session and I was
expecting Jenny to call to say she was ready for me
to pick her up to take her to a movie; however she
rang to say she'd have to cancel and would explain
the next day. Lisa came to see Kelly a little later
but only stayed for a short time and then left to
return home. After Lisa had left I went up to
Kelly's room and asked her what was going on, as I
was a little concerned that something had happened
that was affecting our relationship. All Kelly
could tell me was that Jenny had a problem at home
and had to sort it out herself and asked that I
stay away for a while, Kelly said that Lisa had
promised that Jenny would ring as soon as possible
to explain. On Saturday evening Lisa rang and asked
Kelly to go round and baby-sit with her, Kelly
agreed and left as soon as she had put on a coat
and grabbed some books. About ten minutes after
Kelly had left the door bell went and I opened the
door to a very worried looking Jenny. I took her
coat and led her into the lounge where we sat side
by side on the sofa. I put my arms round her and
asked what the problem was. Jenny burst into tears
and it was a few minutes before she could say
anything I could understand. Eventually, between
sniffles she told be that on Friday, Susan, her
youngest daughter, had come home in a terrible
state having been assaulted by two youths and had
escaped actual rape only because a couple that were
out walking their dog had heard her screams and
scared the youths off. Jenny had called the police
and they'd tried to find the attackers without much
luck. Susan wasn't able to give a clear description
of either of the young men, neither were the people
that had saved her. The problem now was that Susan
would need to be with Jenny for some time in order
that she could recover from her experience and that
was going to cut down our meetings.... I stopped
her there and informed her that I wasn't so selfish
as to expect anything from her when her daughter
needed her more and that if there was anything I
could do she only had to ask. I did offer to try to
find those responsible and screw their arms off and
beat them senseless with the soggy ends. This
raised a grin and got me a hug and kiss as Jenny
lay in my arms and very slowly relaxed, possibly
for the first time that day. Jenny went home
shortly after this and I didn't see for over a
week, Lisa came round each evening and kept me
informed about her sisters recovery and she was
still ready and willing to indulge in a bit of
gentle lovemaking, although there was none of the
red hot passion of a couple of weeks ago. About ten
days after Susan's experience Jenny and I went out
for a meal after which we walked home, revelling in
each others company, I must admit that I felt
comfortable in Jenny's company, the first time I
felt like this since my marriage broke up. I asked
her how Susan was and she said "She seems to be so
afraid in the presence of men that I can't let her
go out on her own in case she gets frightened and
causes a fuss because a man gets too close to her.
That's why Lisa or I have to be with her all the
time." She put her arm round me and pulled herself
up close to me as she continued "I just wish she
had someone as considerate as you for her first
experience of sex with a male, instead of those
animals.... Oh.. I could kill them for what they've
done to my baby". I hugged her close and whispered
"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll find a boy that'll be
able to show her how nice it can be, just give her
time". We walked in silence for a while and
suddenly Jenny stopped and said "Would you mind if
we, that's Lisa, Susan and I, come round for a meal
one day, that'll put her in the company of a man,
and she should feel safe with her sister, her
sisters best friend and her mother all present.
"OK" I said "How about if you and Susan go to the
market to get the food and Kelly, Lisa and I cook
the meal, afterwards we could make a point of Lisa
and Kelly sitting close to me, not quite as we
usually do, but at least show Susan that not all
men are beasts." "That sounds like a good idea to
me, I'm prepared to try anything to help her get
back to normal" Jenny responded. So it was that on
the following Saturday morning Jenny took Sue
shopping and came to my place with the food they'd
bought where they handed it over to Kelly and Lisa
who were ready to start cooking having told me they
could manage. Jenny and I sat together on the sofa
watching tv while Sue was curled up in a tight ball
on my big deep armchair looking like a frightened
rabbit. I noticed from the corner of my eye that
she kept on glancing over to where I was seated
with my arm round her Mom's shoulder and Jenny's
head on my shoulder, I think it was the easy way in
which Jenny and I were sitting that made Sue start
to relax a little and it wasn't too long before she
was sitting on the chair watching tv rather than
me. After a while Lisa called her sister to come
and help lay the table for lunch and she leapt to
her feet and rushed out to the kitchen. It seemed
to take longer than necessary for the girls to get
all that was needed for our meal but eventually
Lisa and Sue came back into the room and put on a
table cloth then laid the knives and forks etc.
ready for the meal, during which operation I
noticed that they had their heads together as if
sharing secrets. The girls had produced a wonderful
Lasagne with a crisp salad for lunch and we all sat
round the table chatting between us, with the
exception of Susan, who sat between her mom and
sister in silence, never looking up from her plate.
After lunch Kelly took Lisa and Sue up to her room
while Jenny and I cleared up the kitchen and did
the dishes, after which we went back to sit on the
sofa watching TV. We sat there for about half an
hour doing a bit of gentle necking when we heard
the girls coming down the stairs. Jenny got up and
according to our rough plan she went out to the
kitchen to get me a beer as the girls came into
the room. Susan went straight to the armchair she
had sat in before while Kelly and Lisa made much of
coming to sit each side of me and snuggling up
close Lisa saying to her sister "You sit over there
if you want Sis' I prefer cuddling Uncle Jack!" and
put her arms round my neck and kissed me. As Kelly
did the same from the other side I was unable to
see what effect this was having on Sue but when
Jenny came in she said in a jocular manner "Hey
you two, leave the poor man alone, keep that up and
you'll smother him, anyway you're leaving your
sister out of the fun Lisa and that's not fair, now
move over and let me give him a drink so he can get
his breath back". Giving me a friendly but warm
kiss on each cheek Lisa and Kelly got up and made
way for Jenny as they took Sue back up stairs. We
spent the rest of the day together, with Jenny and
me cooking dinner and Kelly and Lisa doing the
dishes. After dinner Jenny was sitting on the big
old leather sofa with me when Sue came in from the
kitchen where she'd been chatting to the girls, to
our surprise she came and sat on the sofa next to
her mother and put her arm round her waist. As she
did so her hand touched my side which was up close
to Jenny. I was expecting her to show some sort of
reaction to the accidental touch but she just
continued to move her hand as if nothing had
happened. Late on into the evening Jenny took her
girls home and Kelly came and snuggled up close to
me and just lay there in silence with her head on
my shoulder and her arms around me until it was
time for bed. Nothing was said between us as we
went upstairs and as I undressed and put a towel
round my waist I said "I'm getting in the shower
Kelly want to join me?" she called back "Be right
with you Uncle Jack, I need a bit of loving right
now" and she came bouncing into the bathroom with
just a towel over her arm. What a wonderful sight
she was, no matter how many times I saw her I still
marvelled at her beautiful naked body, and as she
entered the shower to stand close to me I couldn't
resist putting my arms round her and drawing her
close to me, pressing her firm breasts on to my
chest. She looked up at me and putting one hand
behind my head she pulled my head down so she could
reach my lips and kissed me as passionately as she
ever had. "I love you Uncle Jack, and I know Lisa
does as well and to make things even better Lisa
tells me that her mom is in love with you, what's
it like to have three women to love all at once?" I
kissed her lightly, smiled down at he and said "So
long as you don't start fighting over me or falling
out with each other I have enough love for all of
you and I do love all of you not just lust after
you like some men, OK?" *
Kissing me on the chest Kelly nodded her head and
handed me the soap saying "OK lover how about
washing my back for me and showing me how much you
love me right now." With the water jet on a fairly
gentle setting I got a decent lather up and began
to wash Kelly's back starting at her shoulders and
working my way down, quite quickly to her bottom
where I spent rather longer than was necessary
spreading the soap over her skin. I stroked my
fingers deep into the gap between her buttocks and
with a soapy finger caressed her anus while she
stood bolt upright hands by her side, face lifted
to the ceiling and her eyes closed tight. As her
hips began to move in time with the tempo of my
finger I released the pressure on her rosebud and,
soaping my hands again I transferred them to
stroking her belly and chest, trying not to touch
her breasts for the moment. As I caressed her front
I pulled her back so that my, by now erect, penis
was lodged between the cheeks of her bottom, slowly
I moved my hand up her body until I was stroking
the sides of her breasts with my soapy hands,
gradually working them up and around until I was
able to place the palms of my hands on to the tips
of her nipples and move them round in circles,
pressing on to her breasts as I did so. I cupped
her breasts in my hands and, gently squeezing them
I pushed up and out so that my fingers were able to
fasten on to her turgid nipples and begin rolling
and tweaking them with the tips of my forefinger
and thumb. As I was doing this I was kissing the
nape of her neck, her ear lobes and along the top
of her shoulders. I could feel her pressing her
hips back to make firmer contact with my throbbing
prick as it nestled up close to her anus and slowly
transferred one hand down to her pussy. By now
there was no soap left on my hands but as I slipped
my middle finger between the lips of Kelly's pussy
I could feel that it was not going to be a problem,
she was so wet I could hardly believe it, not the
wetness provided by water, that isn't soft enough,
also not the wetness of oils or lotions, that sort
is too slick. No it was the smooth wetness that
only a woman's most intimate body fluids can
provide, that moisture that will lubricate a
woman's vagina and allow a hard male organ that
seems to be much too large to enter for the very
first time with only a small amount of pain as she
loses her virginity. It felt wonderful to be
caressing Kelly's cunt as I held one of her firm
smooth breasts and I soon found her clit where I
pressed and rubbed it until she arched her back and
gave a quiet scream as an orgasm rippled through
her firm young body. As she was trembling with her
orgasm I put both my arms round her to hold her up
and held on to her for some minutes until she
turned to face me lay her head on my wet chest and
said "Thanks Uncle Jack I really needed that, now
let me soap you down and get you into bed where I
can say thanks properly." Half an hour later we
were laying in bed, Kelly wrapped tightly in my
arms completely exhausted. Wriggled up in my arms
so she could kiss me Kelly began to tell me about
how Susan was coping since her attack. "I must say
Uncle Jack that Lisa and I were surprised to see
her sitting on the sofa so close to you, even
though her mom was between you she seemed to be
fairly relaxed, perhaps it did her some good to be
here today. " I told her that that was what Jenny
and I had hoped would happen, "Lisa was saying the
other day when we were talking about all this that
she thought it was a pity Sue couldn't have had a
boyfriend like you as her first one, you've been so
good to us, we don't want anyone else 'cos you're
so good to us." "Kelly my love I may be good for
you just now but believe me, you'll find a boy that
you want more that me, and I don't just mean want
in bed, I mean want to spend all your time with,
that makes you feel empty when you're apart from
him, I mean the sort of boy who won't try to get
his hands in your pants the first time you're
alone, a boy you can really love with a capital
'L', a boy that makes you forget to come and get
into bed with me. When that day comes I want you to
tell me how you feel so I can get used to the idea
of losing a wonderful lover who has made the past
few months so good for me." With that I kissed her
tenderly and, placing my hand on her little patch
of pubic hair (my favourite resting place), I went
to sleep.
Over the next three weeks my love life got back
to (if not normal) at least to what it was before
Lisa's sister had been almost raped. Jenny was
coming round more often, although she was still
not staying the night, and Lisa also came and often
stayed over with Kelly, an event that always ended
with me making love to both girls either one at a
time or both together.
We were getting to where it seemed so normal for
the three of us to be in bed together and I was
amazed that at no time did Kelly or Lisa fall out
over who's turn it was to fuck, or be fucked by,
me. Both were only too willing to either lay back
and watch or, as happened more often, to join in
and by virtue of intimate knowledge of each others
bodies, help me and one another, to have wonderful
and sometimes, multiple orgasms. I was very, very
happy, and all due to Kelly and Lisa getting drunk.
We carried on like this for quite a few months,
occasionally Jenny would come round for a meal
bringing Susan with her, as she was now getting
over her bad experience and was not upset by being
in the company of an adult male. Summer came and it
was getting close to my birthday in July,
something I'd been trying to forget for the past
few years as I was beginning to feel the onset of
middle age; but as it turned out I was not going to
be allowed to forget it this year. A week before
the day Lisa brought round an invitation to Susan's
birthday party, which just happened to be the same
as mine. I accepted after ringing Jenny and asking
her if it was a good idea, and wasn't Susan going
to have some of her friends round, and wouldn't an
old man like me being there going to slow things
down for her, and so I went on in an effort to get
out of it. No chance! Jenny and the girls had it
all worked out, as it was Susan's 16th birthday
they thought it would be nice if there was a
father figure around to do the things fathers did
at their daughters parties. When I pointed out I
wasn't Susan's father I was told so what I could
pretend for an hour and not to be such an old
grouch. I accepted in the end, only too glad that
no mention of it being my birthday as well. I had
to go shopping with Jenny in order that I bought
Susan an appropriate present as I had no idea what
to get a 16 year old girl, in the end I got her, on
advice, a whole lot of good quality toiletries that
would last her for some months and make her feel
good when wearing them. The big day came and Kelly
and I went round to Jenny's home for the party to
find a house full of Susan's girl friends playing
kids games and having a whole lot of fun. As Kelly
and Lisa were joining in I was able to spend most
of the afternoon in Jenny's company, a thing I was
more than happy to do. As Jenny, Lisa, Kelly and
Susan had been busy for days preparing the food for
the party there was nothing for us adults to do but
sit back and relax, which we did up 'till about 8
PM when the party broke up and Susan's friends went
home. As we sat in the family room Susan, Kelly and
Lisa were going over all of Susan's presents,
until Jenny whispered something to Lisa. She got up
and left the room, returning a couple of minutes
later with a large shopping bag which she placed in
front of Jenny. She dipped her hand into the bag
and brought out what I thought were more presents
for Lisa and handed them to all of the girls,
retaining one for herself. Susan got up and walked
over to me, put her arms round my neck and after
giving me a big kiss full on the lips said "Happy
birthday Uncle Jack ", at which the others did the
same, except that the kisses were a little more
sensual than the one I got from Susan. Jenny was
the last and she sat on my lap whilst kissing me
and said, with a big smile on her lovely face
"Sorry Jack, we couldn't resist doing this, Kelly
told us weeks ago it was your birthday today, and
we've worked hard to keep it a surprise." She then
put her lips close to my ear and whispered "Kelly
and Lisa want to give you something extra for your
birthday so go with them when they give you the
nod, OK darling?" I kissed her and whispered back
"But what about Susan being here, won't she get the
wrong idea if I go out with Kelly and Lisa?" Jenny
shook her head and smiled "Don't worry I've got all
that in hand, you just go and enjoy your birthday
About ten minutes later Lisa looked at Jenny and
nodded as she mouthed 'All right now Mom?' and
nudged Kelly as Jenny nodded in assent. Kelly and
Lisa looked at me and both gave a little sideways
nod at me as they got to their feet and walked out
of the room with me following. We went upstairs to
Lisa's room where Lisa just closed the door without
locking it. I thought that this was tempting fate a
little but made no comment as I was sure that they
had worked it all out with Jenny in advance. Kelly
sat on the edge of the bed as Lisa put her arms
round me and kissed me long and deep, saying as she
broke off "Take my dress of please Uncle Jack, nice
and slow" so I turned her so her back was pressed
to my front, allowing her to feel my burgeoning
erection pressing on her buttocks.
I passed my hands round to the front of her dress
and began to undo the buttons down the front until
I had reached the bottom one which was just below
waist level, noticing as I did that we were
standing in front of Lisa's open wardrobe door and
in full view of the long fitted mirror . I ran my
hands back up her front inside her open dress until
I reached her firm warm breasts where I spent some
time caressing them through her lacy bra. As I
tried to free her breasts she placed her hands on
mine and shook her head to indicate that I should
leave it on. Slightly bemused by this action I
continued to run my hands up her body to her neck
where I slipped the bodice of her dress off her
shoulders and down her arms to reveal a wonderful
and very sheer lacy strapless bra that, while it
covered the lower half of Lisa's breasts, did
nothing to hide them and was actually more erotic
than if they were not being worn. As I moved my
lips across Lisa's shoulder I began to slip her
dress over her hips, glancing up at our reflection
as I did so. Very slowly I let her dress fall off
her hips and couldn't help giving a slight gasp as
it finally fell to the floor to reveal Lisa wearing
a pair of black stockings held up by a lacy
suspender belt and a pair of panties that matched
her bra, well panties is hardly the word to
describe the scrap of see-through cloth that just
covered the little tuft of hair that remained at
the apex of her vaginal lips and passed between her
legs as a pair of narrow pieces of cloth, one each
side of her pussy. I couldn't resist the temptation
to run my hand down Lisa's belly and slip my finger
between those beautiful lower lips to feel the warm
wetness I was sure would be there. Sure enough,
Lisa was sopping wet and as ready as she would ever
be, the only thing stopping me laying her on the
floor and fucking her there and then was a tap on
the shoulder and Kelly's voice saying very quietly
"Hey you two, my turn first before you go any
further" at which Lisa gave my hand one last press
on to her pussy and pulled away from me and went
and sat on the edge of the bed to watch me undress
Kelly. It came as no great surprise to find that
Kelly was dressed in identical clothes to Lisa, and
I had as much fun removing them as I had had
previously. As I stood there with my finger dipping
into Kelly's wet warm pussy Lisa came over an
kissed her, saying "Now let's strip Uncle Jack and
get him ready!" I stood there rooted to the spot as
I felt myself being stripped of my clothes, but
better still I was able to watch it all in the
wardrobe mirror. Having had experience of this
sort of thing before, Kelly and Lisa worked
together to remove each article of clothing so they
were both on their knees as between them they
pulled down my boxer shorts, releasing my erect
penis to their view. Neither were surprised at what
they saw but both were ready and I felt and saw two
hands and two pairs of warm lips clamp on to my
throbbing prick while their other hands continued
to remove the last of my clothes. I was led over to
the bed and lay down in the centre of it, it was
unusual to be laying on a single bed with these two
lovely girls, we usually used my double bed at
home. Kelly and Lisa sat on the bed level with my
hips as they both ran their hands up and down my
thighs, over my stomach and up to my chest where
they played with my nipples, tweaking rolling and
finally sucking them, one girl on each side, all
the time ignoring my pulsating prick. After about
five minutes of this I was about to take the
initiative when I jumped at the sound of a door
slamming somewhere along the passage outside Lisa's
bedroom. It was almost as if this woke Lisa and
Kelly up, because they both began to pay attention
to my throbbing prick, and as soon as they had
determined that it was as hard as it was ever
likely to get Lisa straddled my hips and allowed
Kelly to guide my erection into her as she lowered
herself on to me. As Lisa ended her downward motion
and was sitting on my pelvis, Kelly lay down with
her breasts pressing into my chest and began to
kiss me in the most sensual way imaginable. Through
all this Lisa was thrusting her hips back and forth
as she worked herself to an orgasm. As she reached
her climax Lisa gave a scream that I was sure Jenny
would have been able to hear downstairs and as
Kelly lifted her body from my chest Lisa lay
herself down, full length on to me and began
kissing me, as Kelly sat beside us and caressed
Lisa's from shoulders to bottom. Suddenly I heard
the bedroom door open and looked round Lisa's head
to see Jenny standing there with her arms around
Susan saying "There I told you Lisa was all right".
Susan was blushing bright red and was clinging
tight to Jenny as Lisa sat up and turned to look at
her and say "Oh! hi Sis, not to worry we're just
giving Uncle Jack his special birthday present,
sorry if we made a noise that frightened you, but
we're not getting hurt, honest". Lisa raised
herself to a kneeling position, still impaled on my
softening penis, and said to Susan "Sorry if you're
embarrassed Sis but you should know that sex isn't
bad, especially if you do it with some one you
love and trust" then she bent forward to kiss me and
lay on my chest before continuing "And we do love
and very much trust Uncle Jack not to hurt us and
to be kind and gentle, don't we Kelly?" Kelly
kissed me and nodded in agreement as Jenny hugged
Susan and both left the room. Lisa lifted herself
off of me and sat at the foot of the bed as Kelly
put her hand round my now flaccid penis "DAMN..
that really put an end to you didn't it Uncle Jack
now I've got my work cut out to get it back into a
usable state" so saying she lowered her head and
slid her soft warm lips over the head of my prick
and ran them down the full length working her
tongue round it as she did so. Lisa meanwhile had
moved over so her head was under Kelly's hips and
between her legs and was able to pull her friend
down close to her face and slip her tongue between
the lips of her cunt, working it along Kelly's
vaginal slit up to her clit and running it down the
full length until she could get it into her warm
wet hole, until Kelly's climax rippled through her
body. The sight of this combined with the suction
being applied by Kelly on my prick caused it to
begin to harden in Kelly's mouth, forcing her mouth
to open wider and her head to lift as the tip
touched the back of her throat, causing her to gag.
As soon as she felt that I was back in full working
order and she could feel the strong pulsating of
the head she lifted her head and said "It's time
Lisa" at which Lisa released her grip on Kelly's
hips and extricated herself from under Kelly's
body. Both girls got up off of the bed and pulled
me up as well, they took me across the room until
we were all standing in front of the wardrobe
mirror where they dropped to their knees in front
of me and began taking it in turns, one of them
sucking the tip of my prick while the other
masturbated me, gently cupping my balls in their
hands as they did so. Kelly must have felt how
close I was because as her turn came to jerk me off
she looked up at me and said in a husky voice, "Do
it Uncle Jack, jerk off all over our faces and
bodies, spread it on our tits, shoot it into our
mouths" and as I took over from her with my own
hand she and Lisa placed their faces together and
opened their mouths as wide as they could as they
reached up to caress my balls with the fingertips
of their free hands . It took little more than
couple of dozen strokes before I was gasping out
"I'm going to cum any second girls, you ready?"
and before they could answer the first gobs of my
creamy white cum were shooting at them and landing
on their faces as if tried to direct each
subsequent load into their mouths and then down on
to their chests and over their breasts. As the last
little drop was leaking from the end of my
throbbing prick Kelly grabbed hold of it and pulled
it to meet her mouth as she tried to suck it up. I
stepped back until my legs met the edge of the bed
and I flopped down completely drained, as I did so
I could see Kelly and Lisa desperately trying to
lick up the semen dripping down each others body
and it was some moments before they worked out that
if one laid on her back the other would be able to
kneel over her and they could both get to each
other at the same time. After a few minutes licking
they both stood up and, standing nose to nose and
nipple to nipple they began rubbing what was left
of my semen on their bodies into each others skin.
After a few minutes they just stood there wrapped
in each others arms, tenderly kissing and caressing
as they helped each other calm down after their
frantic scrabbling for a taste of me. Stickily they
parted and came and sat each side of me on the bed.
"Happy birthday Uncle Jack" they said in unison "I
bet that's the best one you've had for some time."
said Lisa. I nodded and said "I bet it's the best
birthday present any man could have, I mean to have
two wonderful girls like you making love like
that". As I sat there with an arm round each of my
two young lovers I felt Kelly give a little shiver
and kissing them both said "Why don't we get a
quick shower to warm us all up then go back down
stairs?" Lisa looked at me, smiled and said "You
get your shower first, then we'll follow, if we get
in with you we'll never get out before bedtime"
some ten minutes later I was dressed and, with a
good deal of trepidation was walking through the
door back into the family room where Jenny and
Susan were sitting on a sofa with their heads
As they heard me open the door Susan looked up and
blushed deeply as she saw me looking at her, she
dropped her gaze after a second or two, only to
look up again as her eyes followed me as I moved to
a chair close to where they were sitting. I sat
there in a somewhat embarrassed silence for some
minutes before saying "Susan, I'm sorry if what you
saw upstairs upset you, I must admit I was
extremely embarrassed when you walked in with your
mother, and I wouldn't have had it happen for the
world. I understand how you must feel after the way
those animals treated you and I promise I won't let
it happen again when you are in the house, OK?"
Susan flushed pinkly and smiled, "It's all right
Uncle Jack I understand now, mom and I have been
talking about it and I know what Lisa said about
making love with someone you trust can be a
wonderful thing." With that she went up stairs to
her sister, leaving Jenny and I sitting looking at
each other. "Have a nice birthday present Jack?"
she said smiling, "How about if I make it better
for you?" "After those two have drained me, it'll
take me hours before I'm ready to do you justice,
and next time I have you I want it to be special,
how about if we send the girls to the movies
tomorrow and make a session of it?" By this time I
was sitting on the sofa beside Jenny and we were in
each others arms kissing passionately as the girls
came bouncing into the room. "Hey, knock it off you
two we've got something to discuss so pay
attention!" said Lisa firmly as she came and sat on
my lap, put an arm round my neck and held hands
with Jenny. "Look Mom, Kelly Susan and I have been
talking about what happened tonight and about what
happened to Sis, and do you remember saying weeks
ago that you wish there had been someone like Uncle
Jack when it was yours and mine first time, well we
do have someone like Uncle Jack and it will be
Susan's first time sooner or later and wouldn't it
be better than some animal of a boy hurting her and
putting her off sex and I know she's still too
young but no one need know, we can all keep a
secret and.. " "Hold on young lady" said Jenny "Are
you suggesting that Jack takes Susan's virginity
when she's only sixteen, you realise he could go to
gaol for doing that don't you!" "Yes but..... I'm
sorry Mom, Uncle Jack, I guess we didn't think too
much about that, I mean, we just thought that it
would help Susan and all... " Jenny patted her on
the knee and said "OK, not to worry", then she turned
to look at Susan "Did you think it would be a good
idea as well darling?" Susan looked a bit sheepish
as she nodded her head and looked down at her knees
"Yes Mom, Lisa and Kelly told me how gentle Uncle
Jack always is, and how wonderful it is when they
make love, and I don't want boys to touch me 'cos
they frighten me.. " and she started to cry. I
lifted Lisa off my lap and, moving to sit next to
Susan I put my arms round her and hugged her close
as I said softly "You must do as your mom tells you
on this Susan, she really does know best." Susan
looked up at me and gave me a weak little smile as
she said "Sorry Uncle Jack I bet I sounded just
like a little girl that couldn't have some candy,
didn't I?" I gave her a hug and shook my head
"Nope, just a disappointed birthday girl, that
didn't get the present she really wanted, just wait
'til you're a bit older and ask your mom again OK?"
I whispered in her ear and gave her a quick kiss
on the cheek as I went back to my original seat.
The three girls went out together again, back to
Lisa's room and as they closed the door behind them
Jenny came and sat beside me, "What did you say to
Susan that stopped her crying and go out seemingly
happy, and I couldn't believe that she let you give
her even a little peck on the cheek like that."
"All I said was for her to wait 'till she is a bit
older before she asks you about losing her
virginity, that's all" I replied. "Do you think I
was wrong saying what I did to her, about not being
old enough, I mean?" "Jenny, she's your daughter
and your responsibility, no way would I tell you
that you were wrong in anything that you said or
did in bringing her up. What you said was perfectly
true and I'll support you in that position, after
all you've done a good job with Lisa, she hasn't
got into any trouble, and there's no reason that
Susan should either." I put my arm round her,
pulled her close to me and started to kiss and
caress her, trying to make her forget her troubles
and think about our favourite subject, sex. After a
few minutes of this treatment Jenny shifted round
so she could straddle my legs as I sat on the sofa
and, reaching down between our bodies manages to
undo my zipper free my swelling penis and move the
crutch of her panties aside to allow me to slip
into her hot wet cunt.*
As she slowly worked herself on my hard throbbing
prick buried deep into her I slipped my hands round
to cup her firm buttocks in my palms, stroking her
bottom cheeks with a circular motion, pressing hard
and allowing my fingertips to roam deep between her
cheeks and briefly touch her anus as they passed
down her crack. Each time her puckered asshole was
touched she gave an extra twitch of her hips and
uttered a tiny mewl of pleasure so I allowed one
finger to stay in contact on the next pass,
pressing it into her anus and moving it in time
with the movements of her hips. She was losing
herself to the erotic feelings coursing through her
body and soon laid her head on my shoulder gently
rocking her body on my finger and prick that were
penetrating her body and as I turned my head to
touch my lips to hers she whispered "Oh Jack fuck
me, fill me with your wonderful cum, don't stop
fucking me, I want to stay like this for ever
I........ I'm coming Jack Oh It's so wonderful FUCK
ME... FUCK ME... FUCK ME JACK..." and she collapsed
on to my chest, being prevented from falling to
the floor only by my prick and finger which were
still embedded in her cunt and ass. As we lay
slumped on the sofa wrapped in each others arms we
were brought back to reality by the sound of Susan
wailing "OH MOM.. it's not fair, every one in this
house is having sex but ME, you had it at sixteen,
so did Lisa and Kelly so why can't I, it's not
fair.. " and she dashed from the room sobbing.
Jenny looked at me and said frowning "Who told her
I had sex at sixteen, I certainly didn't?" "Could
it be that she can count, she knows how old Lisa is
and she knows how old you are, it seems to me to be
simple math!" "All right smart Alec I take your
point, and I suppose I was being the protective
mother when I said she was going to have to wait"
she looked at me with an intensity I'd not seen
before, kissed me tenderly, laid her head on my
shoulder and said in a quiet voice "I suppose Lisa
was right when she said that she and I would have
been better off if we'd had someone as tender as
you when we had our cherries popped," she paused
and kissed me again "Jack, would you like to be the
first for Susan if I can get her to agree to losing
her virginity in a safe and controlled way, no
roughness, just a tender loving act that she will
remember all her life?" Despite the way Jenny had
put the proposition, almost as a clinical
operation, I could not help the reaction of my
penis, which was still held tight by her vaginal
muscles. As she felt the rapid growth of my
erection she sat up and looked at me opened
mouthed. "I can see what you think of the idea"
she said, grinning, "But seriously Jack, I don't
like to ask you because no matter what the
circumstances, the simple act of having sex, or
even just touching the sexual organs of a sixteen
year old girl would get you into very serious
trouble with the law, and I wouldn't have that
happen for the world, I don't know what I would do
without you if you were taken away from me just
now." I pulled her head down so I could kiss her,
"Jenny darling I would be more than happy and would
find it extremely enjoyable, to be the one to take
Susan's virginity, if that's what she really wants,
and she MUST be the one to make the decision, and
come willingly to me, as for the risks attached I
don't suppose Susan will do more boasting than any
other teenager, and I don't suppose her friends
will believe all she tells them, did you?" Jenny
lifted herself off my lap and after adjusting our
dress was about to fetch Susan when I took her
hand and asked her to sit down for a minute. "Can I
make a suggestion darling, that we give Susan the
choice of having either you or Lisa with her, to
help her feel safe, and to help her over those
little moments that can be so troublesome ?"
"Well, I don't know if she'll go along with that
idea, she might want it to be ......well... sort
of.... private, if you know what I mean" said
Jenny. "You let me have a quiet word with her and
let's see if I can persuade her, anyhow if one of
you is there we can introduce her to the joys of
helping each other out, at the same time, ALSO...
the two that aren't invited to the party can watch
from the doorway, provided they can keep quiet and
not put Susan off, what do you think!" I said with
a big grin. Jenny smiled as she said "Why you dirty
old lecher you, I bet you've been lusting after her
since the first time you saw her haven't you?" I
looked at Jenny full in the face as I said "Jenny I
give you my word I have never had any lustful
thoughts about Susan at any time until the idea of
popping her cherry was brought up today." I said it
with such conviction that Jenny blushed with
embarrassment as she apologised. "After all my
love, with you Kelly and Lisa to keep satisfied
I've had no time to lust after any other female,
and to be honest I have no desire to go looking for
other women while I have you three loving me, and I
do mean loving not just having sex".
Jenny threw her arms round my neck and rained
kisses all over my face and neck as she was saying
"Oh Jack I do love you, and would do anything not
to lose you." "Jenny darling" I responded "Jenny
darling I'm going nowhere so you won't lose me to
anyone, now how about we have a chat with Susan
before it's tomorrow and she misses her birthday

Five minutes later Jenny returned with Susan who,
as she came into the room blushed as she looked at
me. The two of them came over to where I was
sitting and I put out a hand to Susan and gently
pulled her towards me as she allowed me to seat her
on my lap. "You OK sitting there?" I asked, Susan
nodded silently. "Has your mother told you that she
has changed her mind over what we were talking
about earlier?" Susan nodded and said very quietly
"Yes Uncle Jack, she has and I really want to do
it, but I am a bit frightened that it will hurt,
some of my friends said they screamed with pain
when they did it first time." "Well, if you're a
bit frightened how about if you have your mom or
your sister with you to make sure that I don't hurt
you, if they promise to help you make it as easy as
possible, does that sound like a good idea?" I
asked. Susan nodded her head and then I saw a
little frown appear on her brow "But I thought
you'd want to do it to me on your own!" said Susan
looking a bit confused. "Susan darling both your
mother and I want this to be something you will
want to remember so you must be happy about what's
happening, I'll take you into a bedroom and do 'it'
to you alone and in the dark if that is what you
want, but I think you'll enjoy it more if you come
to me with someone you love and trust to help and
protect you, and willingly accept my touches and
everything else we may do together. What I
definitely do not want is for you to be feel that
you're being pressed into doing something you're
unwilling to do, that's why I said you should have
Lisa with you to make sure that I don't tie you
down and rape you, or do anything you don't want to
happen, do you understand?" Susan looked at her
mother who was seated beside me and said in a
little girl voice "Mom, what should I do? Is it
wrong for me to want this?" Jenny looked at her and
smiled "Susan darling it's the most natural thing
in the world for a young girl to want to do, and
you've got the chance to have a kind and loving man
to help make you a woman, I just wish Uncle Jack
had been around when I was your age, I think you
have to decide now whether you are a little girl or
a young woman about to make one of the most
important decisions in her life, and that is to
chose the first man who is to make love to her. I
won't tell you what to do, you must decide for
yourself, but if you ask my advice I'd say have
Lisa with you to help and support you." With that
she got up, kissed Susan tenderly and walked to the
door. "Do you want me to ask Lisa to come down to
see to you?" Susan glanced at me and then looked
at Jenny, "Yes please Mom" she said quietly, and
laid her head on my shoulder and put her arms round
me. "You won't hurt me will you Uncle Jack, I mean
like my friends said?" I kissed the top of her
head, the only bit I could reach, "All you have to
do is to trust me and do as I say, take things
slowly and listen to Lisa if she tells you to do
something, she won't let you get hurt will she,
after all she is your sister and loves you enough
to want to protect you, now please don't worry, if
you decide at any time that you've changed your
mind say so and I'll stop, OK?" "OK" she whispered.
Lisa came into the room and with a huge smile on
her face stepped right up to her sister and,
throwing her arms round Susan, kissed her. "You
ready Sis?" she asked. Susan smiled and nodded. I
heard her whisper to Lisa "Will you tell me what to
do Sis, I mean.. I don't know what's going to
happen.. and I don't want to do anything wrong."
Lisa smiled and whispered back "Don't worry Sis if
I see you doing anything wrong I'll come and tell
you OK, in the mean time just trust Uncle Jack and
your own feelings and you can't go wrong." I got up
and put an arm round each of the girls, "Shall we
go upstairs, which room shall we use, yours Susan?"
Susan nodded and said quietly "Yes please Uncle
Jack " and blushed pinkly as she giggled at the
thought of taking a man to her bedroom.
When we got to Susan's room I was pleasantly
surprised to see that it was a true girls room, all
frills and pink lacy stuff, and the smell of
lavender dusting powder gave me a hard on as soon as
it hit me, luckily only Lisa noticed it as I saw
from the smile she gave me. I went and sat on the
edge of Susan's bed and put my arms out to her. As
she came towards me I placed me hands on her hips
and gently pulled her towards me until I could
touch my lips to hers in a gentle kiss. "How about
you begin to take off your clothes, my love" I said
gently, "I really want to look at your lovely body,
especially those wonderfully firm breasts, they really
turn me on." *
She stood a couple of feet away from me and began
to undo the buttons of her blouse until she was
able to pull the bottom out from the waistband of
her skirt. As she let her blouse fall off of her
arms into a heap at her feet I gave a little
whistle of appreciation at the sight of her tits.
They were about the size of half a Grapefruit with
a thumbnail sized and dark pink aureole surmounted
by a slightly darker nipple that looked like the
eraser on the end of a school-kids pencil. As much
as I tried I couldn't resist the temptation to
reach out and touch those wonderful nipples with
the tips of my fingers, as I did so Susan gave a
little gasp and closed her eyes as she pressed her
chest forward to increase the pressure on her
nipples. As I reluctantly removed my fingers from
her breasts she opened her eyes and blushed again,
"Take off your skirt now my love" I said and was a
little surprised when Lisa stepped up to her
sister, pulled her to one side and began to whisper
something I could not hear. During these whispered
instructions I saw Susan peep round to look at me
and giggle silently. After a moment or two Susan
came back to stand in front of me, a little further
away, and I could see that she was far more relaxed
that when she first started to undress, for the
first time, in front of a member of the opposite
sex. It soon became obvious what Lisa had said to
her because she put one foot up on to the seat of a
chair, pulled her skirt right up to the top of her
thighs, showing her leg and the crotch of her
little white panties, and proceeded to take off her
sock, she then did the same for the other one,
ensuring that I got a good look at the top of her
legs. When she'd removed both socks she slowly slid
down the zipper of her skirt, undid the clasp
holding it up, turned her back to me and, spreading
her feet about a foot apart bent at the waist and
slowly brought her skirt over her lovely half-moon
buttocks and slid them down to the floor as she
clenched and slackened her buttock cheeks that
were still partly covered by her panties. I glanced
over at Lisa and smiled as I mouthed 'thank you' to
her as Susan stood up and turned to face me. She
was just about to push down her panties when I
asked her to leave them on and motioned for her to
come and stand close to me. As she came up close I
put my arms round her, kissed her on the cheek and
whispered in her ear "Thank you for a lovely show
darling, maybe later you'll make it a double with
Lisa or Kelly, as that's my favourite thing." Susan
returned my kiss on the cheek and whispered back "I
know that's what Lisa told me and I felt so sexy
doing it, I want to do it again soon." "Now young
lady it's not fair that you're almost naked and I
still have my clothes on, how about if you get me
the same as you?" and I stood up in front of her.
She needed no instructions here and in a matter of
minutes had me down to my shorts, where, as she
knelt down to remove them I stopped her and said
quietly "Not just yet lover" and taking her by the
hand led her to the bed where I lay down and patted
the mattress beside me and waited for her to lay
down beside me. As I turned on my side to face
Susan Lisa turned off the main light in the room,
slightly opening the door as she did so, leaving
only a dim lamp switched on. I placed an arm over
Susan's body, drew her close and began to kiss her
from her eyes to her shoulders where I found that
her arms were held tight over her breasts. I took
hold of one arm and pulled slightly as I whispered
"Will you let me kiss you wonderful breasts please
Susan?" and, leaving her no time to refuse, I
pulled the arm away, placed my lips over her left
nipple and began sucking and flicking it with my
tongue. This was more than enough to light the fire
within her, she shifted her body so that I could
get access to both her breasts and I took the
opportunity by using my fingers on the tit I wasn't
sucking, to pinch, pull tweak and roll it, causing
her to moan loudly enough to bring her mother
running to her assistance , assuming that Jenny
didn't know what was happening. After a few minutes
of this treatment Susan was ready for anything and
I stopped sucking her tits and after kissing her in
as sensual manner as I could I told her to do what
I had been doing herself. She was a little
reluctant at first but was worked up enough to want
the thrill of having her breasts played with to do
it herself if I was not going to. As she began to
play with her own breasts I continued to kiss her
and at the same time I passed my hand down over her
body, making gentle circular motions until I
reached the waistband of her panties. Wanting to
make this experience as stress free as possible I
ran my hands over her Mons outside her panties,
pressing my middle finger along the centre of the
gusset where I could feel my way between the lips
of her pussy. I slid it right down her slit until
I was able to reach her bottom where I briefly
pressed the tip of my finger on to her anus before
drawing it back up along the same track until I
reached the waistband.*
All through the fingering of her crotch Susan
hadn't made a single move and I was encouraged by
this to slip my hand under the top of her panties
and slide it down until I could slip it between
her, by now very swollen and moist, virgin pussy
lips. As I passed my finger down the length of her
cunt lips I pressed my hand down until I reached
the tiny vaginal opening, where I briefly pressed
the tip of my finger in an effort to moisten it a
little, before drawing it back to search for her
little bud of a clitoris. Little! Not likely, it
was almost as large as her mothers, and felt so
firm I was able to treat it as I had her nipple a
few minute earlier. As I worked on Susan's clit I
felt her stop playing with her nipples and her
attention turned to the new feelings sweeping over
her body from the centrepoint of her groin. Her
hips began to jerk and roll in time with the
movement of my hand until she suddenly clamped her
thighs together and brought her knees up to her
chest, hitting my arm and stomach as she did so, as
an almighty orgasm ripped through her young body
and she gave a loud scream that made her mother
step into the room to see what was happening. Lisa
quickly got up and pushed Jenny out of the room
whispering that there was no problem, it was just
that Susan had just had the best orgasm of the
life. Susan lay there curled up for a couple of
minute until I gently forced her legs out straight
and brought her close into my arms and cuddled her
close. "Was that nice my love?" I whispered, and
she gave a little nod, looked up at me and said in
a quiet little voice "It was the most wonderful
thing I ever felt, I never knew it would be like
this, Oh.. please Uncle Jack, do it some more
please Uncle Jack." I looked down at her as she
lay in my arms and said quietly "OK , just lay
back and I'll show you why I didn't want you to
take your panties off before, I want to do it, in a
special way." When she had turned on to her back I
began to run my lips and tongue across her chest,
over her breasts, around her nipples and down her
stomach until I reached her panties where I grasped
the waistband and proceeded to pull them down to
uncover her Mons, stopping them as they passed over
her hips. As her soft bushy pubic hair was
uncovered I placed my lips on it and began to
gently pull it with my teeth causing her to utter
tiny squeaks of pain, until I was able to place my
lips on to her clit and suck hard, making her yelp
in surprise and pleasure as I began to suck on it
as I had done her nipples a few minutes earlier. As
I worked my mouth on her clit I moved my position
so that I could remove her panties completely thus
freeing her legs and allowing her to throw them
wide open and giving me room to run my finger up
and down the length of the sopping pussy lips and
press one finger into her cunt as far as the second
knuckle where I met with the resistance of her
Maidenhead. As I sucked on her clit I worked my
fingertip in and out of the entrance to her cunt I
could feel her hips begin to twitch as another
orgasm built up inside of her and once more her
thighs clamped tight, this time on my head as she
bucked and thrashed from side to side as her second
orgasm ripped through her body. Once more I took
her in my arms and held her close until she had
calmed down, this time I could feel her quietly
crying as she pressed herself close up to my body.
After a while she had calmed down enough to speak
and, after taking a deep breath she said "That was
even better than before Uncle Jack, and I can see
what you meant about taking my panties off
yourself, should I take your underpants off for
you?" "Yes please " I said, and lay back as she
knelt beside my hips and pulled the waistband of my
shorts down over my hips. It was no great surprise
to me that as Susan pulled my shorts down my erect
penis would fly out as soon as it was released from
it's restraint. As it did so Susan jerked back in
surprise, not just at the size but more at the fact
that it seemed to be alive. As she turned to take
my shorts off over my feet Susan glanced over to
where her almost forgotten sister was sitting
watching in wonderment at what was going on, and in
a loud whisper asked her "What do I do Sis, I never
seen anything like this before?" Lisa looked at
me and I gave a quick nod, so she came over, sat on
the bed on the opposite side of me to her sister
and said in a whisper, "Do it like this" and
opening her mouth she pushed out her tongue, licked
round the tip of my throbbing prick, placed her
tongue on the underside of the head and slipped her
mouth over my pulsating purple head until I could
feel it hit the back of her throat, slowly she
moved her head up and down the length of my prick a
few times until at last she lifted her head off me
and told her sister to try but not to take it too
far in at first put just to take a little at a time
until she could take no more. *
Susan grasped the shaft of my prick in her two
hands and pressed her lips to the tip, giving it a
little suck as she slowly opened her mouth and
allowed her head to sink down until she had half
the length in her mouth when she suddenly gagged as
it hit the back of her throat. Lisa put her arms
round Susan's shoulder as she quickly lifted her
head off my prick and quietly told her to do it
again, this time not so far. After another couple
of false starts Susan got the feeling of what to do
and how to do it and very soon was gently fucking
me with her mouth, a condition that caused me to
say very soon that I was close to cumming at which
time I heard Lisa tell Susan to keep going and not
to stop whatever happened. As I lay there the
realisation that I was being mouth fucked by a
young virgin suddenly hit me and I said "I'm going
to cum NOW" . A stream of semen shot from my prick,
hitting Susan at the back of the throat, causing
her to rear up losing her grip on my prick, seeing
this Lisa rammed her mouth down on my throbbing
penis and proceeded to suck on it until I had
stopped cumming. She sat back on her heels, looked
at her sister and smiled as she leant over to kiss
her and I saw her press her semen covered tongue
into Susan's mouth transferring some of my cum with
it. Lisa swallowed her mouthful and whispered for
her sister to do the same as she said "Don't you
think it tastes wonderful Sis, Uncle Jack has the
best tasting cum I ever had". Susan screwed up her
eyes and gulped on the thick creamy cum in her
mouth and after running her tongue round her mouth
and lips giggled, nodded and whispered shyly "Mmmm
yeah.. it's gorgeous, I want some more" and tried
to lick some more from my softening prick. Seeing
the state I was in Lisa brought her head down and
said to Susan "Let's see if we can get him back
into full working order, he still has a job to do
before midnight" and proceeded to show her young
sister how to revive a spent erection. Under her
sisters expert tuition Susan very soon revived my
erection and I could see the wonder in her eyes as
my prick hardened before her as she stroked, licked
and gently sucked it. As soon as I was hard I
brought Susan up to lie beside me and, kissing her
tenderly I whispered "Are you ready darling Susan,
for me to make you a woman." She threw her arms
round my neck and kissed me "Yes please Uncle Jack,
I want you to fuck my virgin cunt now, take me and
fill me with your wonderful seed, I want to feel
you cumming in me like Lisa and Kelly." I rolled
over on top of her, gently prised her legs wide
enough for me to lay between them and, resting on
my elbows placed my hands under her back and on to
her shoulders. "Take my penis and place it at your
pussy entrance my love" I said, loud enough for the
audience I knew was there. As Susan touched the
head of my prick to her sopping wet cunt I gently
pressed my hips forward so the head was just inside
and I heard Susan give a tiny grunt as her vaginal
opening was beginning to stretch. Very slowly I
pressed my throbbing prick further into her virgin
cunt until she gave a little cry of pain as I
pressed on to her hymen. "Kiss me" I said and as
her lips touched mine I grasped her shoulders in my
hands and rammed my prick through her membrane,
pressing hard on to her lips muting her scream of
pain as I did. The mere act of popping her cherry
was enough to bring me so close to orgasm that
almost before Susan's cry had stopped, and her
tears of pain were beginning to run down her face I
had managed to fuck her enough for me to shoot a
huge load of semen deep into her newly opened
passage. This was enough to stop her tears as she
felt the warmth of my juices on the walls of her
cunt and suddenly her tears of pain turned to cries
of joy as she realised what had happened. Her hips
started to buck in response to my thrusting and she
yelled "OH.. more.. more... please fuck me some
more, fill me with your cum Uncle Jack I want to
feel it filling me up inside." As she realised
that I was unable to give her more than she already
had inside her Susan hugged me and started kissing
any part of me she could reach, as this was just my
face, neck and shoulders she had to be looking
across the room as she opened her eyes when she
heard someone moving about. Seeing her mother and
Kelly standing with Lisa she burst out crying and
between sobs said "OH Mom, it was so wonderful, I
can't even remember the pain I felt so good
afterwards, I'm so glad you let this happen to me
now and so glad it was Uncle Jack that did it for
me he's such a wonderful man and I love him so much
I want to have him fuck me every day of my life". *
I rolled over to lay on my back and extricating
myself from Susan's limpet like grasp, looked at
the audience and smiled as I said forcefully "Not
likely young lady, between you, you lot could kill
a guy with loving, you'll have to take your turn IF
your mother allows it to happen again, now how
about you and me taking a nice sexy shower together
and then get some sleep, I don't know about you but
I'm completely shattered and need to get some
Half an hour later I was having a cup of coffee
with Jenny, still only wearing my shorts, and
making noises about having to get dressed and go
home to let her and her family get to bed when she
took me by the hand and said "Jack, would you stay
here tonight please, Kelly is sleeping over and she
and Lisa will be up most of the night talking girl
talk with Susan, and I would so like to have you
sleep with me in my bed. I really want to thank you
in the best way I know how for what you did for
Susan tonight" I lifted her hand to my lips and
kissed it tenderly as I said "Jenny, I'd love to
sleep with you tonight, and I want to thank you for
giving my the great pleasure and privilege of
making your baby girl a woman, it was the best
thing I've ever experienced." Very soon after this
exchange we were lying beside each other gently
kissing and caressing when a naked Susan came in,
walked over to the bed and leaned over my body,
pressing her breasts on to my shoulder and kissed
Jenny and them me and said "Good night you two, and
thanks for the most wonderful birthday present any
girl could ever have, I love you both." She then
quickly went back to her own bed to dream of her
birthday. A few minutes later, just as I was
slipping my prick into Jenny's cunt from the rear,
as we lay on our sides, Lisa and Kelly came in and
after apologising for interrupting us both kissed
us goodnight, Lisa offering to join in and help If
we wanted it. "Go away you depraved child " said
Jenny, "I can manage quite well on my own tonight
thank you, when I want your help I'll shout for you
OK?" "Good night Mom, enjoy Uncle Jack, I know I
would." We were all asleep an hour later, Jenny and
I in her bed and, as we discovered in the morning,
Susan sleeping with Lisa and Kelly as she revelled
in her new found sexuality.*


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