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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1
The next day being Sunday there was no school or
work for any of us and as it turned out Jenny had
arranged a picnic for her and the girls not knowing
that I would still be there in the morning, I was
therefore cordially invited to join them by virtue
of Susan coming into the bathroom as I was getting
out of the shower, putting her arms around my wet
naked body and kissing me saying "Uncle Jack please
say you'll come with us today, I'd hate to think of
you all on your own while we're out there enjoying
ourselves". "OK" I responded, "But only if you
promise that you'll allow me to have at least one
shower without you bursting in on me, I tend to get
aroused when I have a beautiful young lady in the
bathroom with me, especially when I have no clothes
on." She looked down to where the towel I was
wearing overlapped in front of my body and kissed
me again, this time putting one arm round my neck
and slipping the other hand under the scanty
covering and grasped my hardening prick. "Oooooh
yes, I see what you mean Uncle Jack," and promptly
dropped to her knees, bared my penis, slipped it
into her mouth and gave it a luscious wet slurping
suck. "Susan, leave that man alone and let him get
dressed" shouted Jenny from the bottom of the
stairs and Susan leapt to her feet and blushed
hotly, "How did she know what I was doing" she
gasped. I laughed and said, "Probably because it
is what she would have been doing if she was here
instead of you, now go down and tell her what you
were doing and apologise for holding me up" and as
I finished I spun her round, slapped her briskly on
the bottom and pushed her out of the bathroom and
began shaving. Ten minutes later I was sitting at
the table having breakfast with the greatest bevy
of beauties aged from 16 to 34 that any man could
wish for and it dawned on me that I could well be
in for some problems if I wasn't careful, after all
how many times have you heard of women getting on
when living close together, not many I'll bet,
still I suppose I should look on the bright side
and accept that Lisa and Kelly will soon have men
of their own and thus reduce the complications in
my life. The picnic turned out to be terrific,
Jenny drove us to a secluded spot on a lake about
50 mile away and as soon as we got there the girls
decided that they wanted to go for a dip, but being
unaware that there would be any water hadn't
brought their bikinis. "So what" said Susan "I'm
going skinny dipping, anyone gonna join me?" Lisa
and Kelly looked at Jenny and then at me where they
saw a quiet little grin on my face "Why not" said
Lisa "I bet Uncle Jack would love to see all of us
in the nude, let's give him a thrill " and promptly
stripped her clothes off, closely followed by
Kelly. As the three of them stood there in front of
me, completely naked and totally at ease with their
nudity I couldn't prevent myself getting an
erection as I watched them go over to Jenny and
invite her to join them. "No thanks darlings, you
go and enjoy yourselves in the water, but don't be
too long as we'll soon be eating" at which the
three beautiful, naked young girls turned, giving
me a lovely view of their gorgeous bottoms, and
trotted down to the lake, dived in and began
cavorting like water nymphs. As I lay there propped
up on one elbow looking at the view of the lake I
felt Jenny move close to me and slip a hand over my
hip to stroke my trouser covered erection. "Can I
do something about that for you Jack, I'd love to
have you fuck me here in the open, and to let the
girls see you doing it." I turned to face her and
saw that she had already lifted up her dress and
removed her panties. "Feel me Jack, I'm so wet and
hot, fuck my cunt before they get back or I'll have
to share you with them and I don't want to do that
until tonight, right now I want you to myself." As
she was whispering this to me she drew my hand over
and pressed it to the pussy which I felt was more
than ready for my hard throbbing penis. I lay on my
back, tore open my trousers, pushed them down off
my feet and pulled her over so she was straddling
my hips and, grasping my prick by the base guided
it into her sopping wet cunt as she rammed herself
down hard. I held her hands as she bounced up and
down on my rigid prick and started to say, in a
soft voice "Cum on me darling, soak my hard
throbbing prick with your cunts juices, make me cum
in you, make me fill you with my hot creamy cum,
cum quick my darling 'cos I'm going to be cumming
soon, cum quick I'm cumming nooooow." As I shot a
stream of hot creamy cum deep into Jenny's cunt she
cried out as her orgasm rippled through her body
and she collapsed on to my chest gasping for
breath. *
As she regained her composure she turned her head
to me and whispered "Ooooh Jack, that was the best
orgasm I've had for ages I can't get over how good
you are at getting me to have such wonderful sex, I
want to have you every day". "Don't be so greedy,
there are others that want my attentions you know"
I said smiling at her as I held her close to me
with her still sitting on my now softening prick,
"And if I am not mistaken those others are here,
watching, the little madams'" and Jenny
straightened herself up, turned round on my prick
and saw her daughters and their friend standing in
line smiling down at us. "Caught you, you horny
pair, couldn't wait to include us could you!" said
Lisa, as Jenny hoisted herself off me and sat down
by my side. "Errr... well it's like this darling...
Err.. seeing you three naked made Jack so horny
that I simply had to do something to make him more
comfortable" said Jenny smiling broadly. "That's no
excuse mother" said Susan, "The least you can do
now is let us have a taste of what you've had" and
promptly dropped to her knees and took my prick in
her mouth and licked the head clean of Jenny's
juices and my cum. Kelly knelt down beside Jenny
and said quietly "Jenny could we have a taste of
what Uncle Jack has left inside you please?" so
Jenny inserted two of her fingers deep into her
cunt and offered then to Kelly, who licked them
clean. Jenny then did the same for Lisa who hugged
Jenny, kissed her and whispered "Thanks Mom, I love
you so much and I'm so glad we can share Uncle Jack
because we all love him so much we don't want to be
away from him and we all want to be in bed with him
every night". (I didn't hear what was said but
Jenny did tell me a few days later). When the
girls had finished their tasting session Jenny
threw me a large beach towel and told me to start
drying the girls off before they got cold. I had a
wonderful few minutes running my hands over those
three naked young girls, drying them so they could
get dressed. After which we had a nice al fresco
meal and went home to a darkening sky and an end to
a very nice weekend. Kelly and I walked home after
having a light dinner with Jenny and her daughters
and as we walked slowly through the warm summer
night Kelly put her arm through mine and pulled
herself close up to me. "Uncle Jack" she said
"What's going to happen at the end of this
semester, will I have to go home or can I stay here
with you all through the vacation?" I looked at her
and smiled, "Well that's really up to your parents,
if they want you home you'll have to go, but if
they say you can stay to be with Lisa then I've no
objections at all" Kelly looked up at me and gasped
"Do you really mean that Uncle Jack, can I stay
instead of going home? " "Of course you can, but
you must make sure you tell your mother that it's
so that you can go about with Lisa, no way can you
tell her anything about us, do you understand?" she
nodded her head, "I promise Uncle Jack, and I'll
phone mom tonight, after all it's only a few weeks
to the start of the summer vac', isn't it". Kelly
was suddenly wide awake for the rest of the short
walk home and when we were finally sat down
watching a wildlife program on cable tv Kelly
picked up the phone and called her mother. Hearing
only one side of a telephone conversation requires
a good deal of imagination to catch the drift of
the subject under discussion but as I knew the
subject I soon realised that Kelly was having a
good deal of difficulty in persuading her mother
that it would be a good idea for her to stay here
over the summer holiday. When Kelly turned to look
at me I could see tears in her eyes and realised
that her mom was putting her foot down about going
home, I indicated to Kelly that she should let me
talk to her mother and when she had passed the
phone over she ran out of the room and up to her
"Hello Trish, how's things?" "Oh, not so bad Jack,
look I am sorry that Kelly is making so much fuss
about staying with you over the long vacation, I've
told her that we've imposed on you enough with her
being there while she is actually in university,
let alone through the vacation so I've told her
that no way is she to badger you into letting her
stay." "Well OK Trish, if that's your final
decision, I won't argue with it after all you are
her mother, but I will say that I don't mind her
being here, after all I hardly see her at weekends
as it is, she spends most of her time during the
day with her friend Lisa, she sometimes sleeps over
at Lisa's house and that helps Lisa's mother out
because it's an extra baby sitter for her youngest
daughter and I believe that they have already
arranged to spend most of their time going out and
about. Having Kelly here won't be a problem for me
or for Lisa's mother, why don't you call her and
ask her, after all if the only reason you have for
refusing Kelly is because of us Mrs. Jameson may
help you decide" there was a pause and I heard
Trish talking to someone in the room, "Well OK Jack
if you are certain that it'll be no trouble tell
Kelly she can stay, but I want you to promise me
that if she starts to play up you're to call us and
send her home" "OK Trish, that sounds fair enough
to me, but have you noticed that your kids seem to
behave better and are more helpful when they are
staying with some one else than when they are at
home?" "That's the problem Jack, when she's here
she never wants to do anything except laze around
or watch TV, yet you tell us that she cooks meals
and even does chores round the house, I can't
understand it" "Trish, if I could understand it I
could make a fortune, all I do know is that if I
ask her to do something she'll do it and I think
it's because she may have the idea that if she
doesn't help she may not be able to stay here and
be close to her very special friend Lisa, It's a
sort of blackmail I suppose but it isn't hurting
her and it seems to work for me". Trish gave a
little laugh, "OK Jack, you've convinced me, but
don't forget that she's to come home if she starts
to be any trouble, and thanks for having her, you
don't know how glad we are that she's with someone
that will take care of her and make sure she
doesn't get into trouble!" "No need to worry about
that" I said "The very last thing I want is for
Kelly to get into trouble, that's why I keep a very
close eye on where she goes and who she goes with".
I had a good deal of difficulty keeping myself from
bursting into laughter at this point and was saved
by Trish closing the conversation with more
effusive thanks. As it was by now getting rather
late I decided that I'd have a shower and get into
bed as I had to go to work in the morning. I had
just stepped under the shower jet when Kelly came
into the bathroom, opened the cubicle door a little
and peeped round the edge, I could see that she'd
been crying like a little girl because of what her
Mom had told her. "Can I come in with you Uncle
Jack, I feel so awful about having to go home I
want to be cuddled." I put my arms out to her and
said in a baby voice "Ahhh come to Uncle Jack and
let him kiss it better and make all the bad things
go away from the little girl" she stepped up close
and put her arms round me forgetting that she had
not taken off her nightie. I gave her a big hug and
then, placing my hands on her shoulders I held her
at arms length and got an instant erection as I saw
her standing there with her wet nightie clinging to
her firm young body and displaying all her charms
through it's water induced transparency. I turned
her round, gave her a loving slap on the bottom and
told her to get dry and get into my bed as I wanted
to discuss something with her.
After I'd dried off and, for a change, donned my
pyjama trousers, I went into my bedroom to see
Kelly laying there with the covers reaching to just
below her wonderfully firm breasts, I could see
that her nipples were standing out like little
rivets. I got into bed beside her and as soon as I
had got myself in a comfortable sitting position
she laid herself face up on my lap giving me the
ideal opportunity to begin caressing her breasts. I
bent down and kissed her gently, all the time
stroking her abdomen and breasts. "I'm sorry about
that Uncle Jack, I was being childish, but I am
disappointed about not being able to stay here with
you, I would have done anything to stay". My
devious mind suddenly shot into top gear and I
could almost see a lamp light above my head, "Do
you mean anything darling" I said, Kelly nodded her
head "Yes Uncle Jack I would have accepted any
conditions mom laid down if I could stay here with
you" "How about if you were to promise to do some
extra project and homework that you'd asked your
teachers for, especially in those subjects you are
not doing too well in, would you do that, provided
that it wasn't going to take up all of your time?"
I asked, Kelly mewled but eventually said "Yes
Uncle Jack, I'd even promise to do that, if it
really meant that I didn't have to go home for the
long vac'." *
I looked at her sternly and said in as serious a
voice as I could, "Well remember that promise, and
also understand that if you don't keep it you'll
not get another chance, because you can stay, I've
convinced your mother, not without some difficulty
I might add, that you'll be no trouble to me or to
Jenny, that you'll be a good girl and help around
the house, and I've added the extra bit about the
extra work you are to do. That's so you get good
grades and will be able to continue after the next
semester when you'll be showing an improvement,
still want to stay, even after all that?" she
looked at me open mouthed, scrambled to her knees,
and after straddling my legs and pressing her naked
young body to mine whispered in my ear "Only if YOU
promise to make love to me at least four times a
week, one of which has to be on the floor
downstairs, and sometimes with Lisa joining us" I
hugged her close with one arm and with my free hand
I slapped her bottom hard, making her squeal,
"Don't you try to blackmail me young lady, I'll
make love to you as often as you want but not as a
condition of you doing extra work, if you want to
stay you must agree to do the school work."

By now she had got the head of my erect penis at
the entrance to her pussy and was about to press
herself down on to it, but I stopped her saying
"Now come on Kelly, play fair, answer me YES or NO
before I let you sit on my prick" she pushed her
upper body away from mine, looked me in the eyes
and said in her sexiest voice "Yes please Uncle
Jack, I promise to do all you say if I can stay
with you over the long vac' and please may I fuck
you now to say thank you for getting mom to change
her mind" unable to resist I removed my hands from
under her buttocks and allowed her to sink slowly
on to my rigid prick until she was sitting on my
pelvis and I could feel the head of my prick
pressing against her cervix. Slowly she worked her
hips back and forth and up and down as she strove
for an orgasm. I placed one arm round her
shoulders, holding her tight to me, the other hand
I ran down her side and round to her buttocks where
I stroked and squeezed her nether cheeks and I also
passed my middle finger down the crack of her ass
until I was able to press my fingertip on to her
puckered rosebud. Each time I applied a little
pressure on her ass she gave an extra jerk of her
hips, so, passing my finger round the base of my
prick I moistened it with the juices leaking from
her cunt and brought it back to touch her ass.
Gently at first, them a little more firmly I
pressed my fingertip on to her puckered little ass
until it suddenly slipped in through her sphincter
and was buried up to the first knuckle, thus caused
her to cry out, more in surprise than in pain and
as I pressed it further in she began to react to
it's presence.

I could feel the muscles of her rectum clamping
down on my finger as I pushed it in and out in time
with her own movements on my throbbing penis until
she suddenly arched her back and rammed down hard
on my prick and finger as an orgasm surged through
her body. I pulled her back close to my chest as
she trembled with the after effects of her climax
and after a moment or two I lifted her off my still
erect prick and my tightly gripped finger and laid
her down, on her side beside me. I lay up close to
her and, lifting her uppermost leg a little I was
able to slip my prick into her still wet cunt. As
it slipped into her to it's fullest, I lowered her
leg and began to slowly fuck her, she was still
under the influence of her orgasm and I don't think
she realised at first what was happening, and it
was not until I was almost ready to cum that she
half turned her upper body to look at me and smile
before turning away and beginning to cry. "OH.. No
please don't do this dirty thing , you mustn't do
this to me, I'm too young for you to be doing dirty
things like this stop or I will tell my mommy what
you're doing, no please I'm only a little girl I'm
too young for your great big thing to get inside of
me...please don't do it you'll hurt me with that
big thing... I'll do anything if only you wont
shoot your sperm into me please don't fill my cunt
with your hot creamy cum, I don't want it in my
cunt you can fill my mouth with you cum but please
don't shoot it into my cunt Ahhhhhh.. Nooo...
shouting as I shot great gobs of semen deep into
her vaginal passage, the effect of having her
talking like that as I fucked her was amazing, and
increased the pleasure I got from fucking her in
that position.*
As I slipped out of her, Kelly turned over and
dived down to take my softening penis in her mouth,
sucking and licking me clean of our mixed juices.
When she finally came up for air she kissed me with
her sticky lips and whispered "Thanks for
everything Uncle Jack, I mean getting me to stay
and all that, and I promise to do everything you
ask of me while I am here." She turned over and
shuffled her bottom back to press on my groin
curled up into a small ball and went to sleep,
leaving me to contemplate my future, or at least
the next few months. The next morning Kelly phoned
her mother, before she went to class, to thank her
for letting her stay so she could be with Lisa, I
took the phone from her and pushed her out the door
before explaining to Trish that I had in fact
blackmailed Kelly into doing extra work during the
holiday as a condition for staying over the holiday
period. This made Trish laugh and ask why she
hadn't thought of that and I said probably because
she wasn't as devious a character as I was and
anyhow, Lisa's mother would probably like the idea
of Lisa working with Kelly and working towards
better grades during the next academic year. By now
Trish wasn't just resigned to Kelly staying but was
thanking me for having her, to which I said no
problem, the pleasure was all mine, having the good
grace to blush slightly as I said it, glad that
Trish couldn't see it.

During the following week I took Jenny out twice,
purely for the pleasure of her company and on the
following Saturday I was invited to stay the night
as we got back very late. Lisa was being good by
baby sitting Susan, who still had some slight
reservations at being in the house all alone. As
Susan and Lisa were in bed when we got back Jenny
and I were able to have a quiet hour or two on the
sofa not really watching the tv which was turned
down low just cuddling up close, kissing and
caressing each other until Jenny suggested that we
retire to bed. After having a seductive shower
together we towelled each other down and I powdered
Jenny all over with her wonderfully feminine talc
before getting into bed. We had been laid close up
to each other for about ten minutes and I was just
about to slip my erect penis into Jenny's warm
moist cunt when there was a gentle tap on the
bedroom door. Jenny called for Susan to come in and
when she entered we could see that she was looking
a little strained. Susan came and sat on the edge
of the bed close to Jenny and said in a tearful
voice "Can I talk to you please Mom?" Jenny sat up
and put an arm round Susan, "Of course you can
darling, what's the problem, is it private, do you
want Uncle Jack to leave us alone?" Susan giggled
and shook her head "No Mom, it's OK if Uncle Jack
stays, it's just that I have been talking to Lisa
and Kelly about... well.. you know.. about sex and
things, and they told be about all the wonderful
things they do with Uncle Jack, and I was wondering
will I be able to do them as well now that I've...
well you know, now that I'm not a virgin any more?"
Jenny hugged her daughter close and glancing over
at me smiled as she said "Well darling it depends
on what things Lisa has been telling you about,
there are some things that it is best to wait till
you are a little older before you try them although
I suppose if you are determined to try them there
is a good and a bad way, and there is no sense in
taking a chance on it being a bad experience, do
you understand what I am saying?" Susan looked up
at her mom and said "No, you have me very confused
Mom" Jenny blushed as she said "What was it you
were talking to Lisa about that has become so
important for you to do?"*
"Well, Lisa told me that Uncle Jack likes to shoot
his cum all over her breasts and see Kelly lick it
all up and Lisa likes to have a mouth full of Uncle
Jack's cum and pass it to Kelly or have Kelly pass
it to her after Uncle Jack has cum in there mouths
and.." Jenny stopped her daughter speaking by
placing a finger on her lips. "Hush up now young
lady, I'm glad that you're able to talk to Lisa
about these things but they're really things that
you should discover for yourself as you learn how
to please the man you love, not learn then like you
learn lessons at school, they are very private
things between a man and a woman" "But Mom, how do
I find out if a guy likes these things if I don't
know how to do them for him, surely it's best to
learn HOW to do them and WHEN to do them before I
find out IF I should do them!" Jenny looked at me
and saw that I was close to laughing and said in a
low voice "If there is one thing I hate it's smart
Alec kids" and a little louder continued "OK
smartie pants, in the morning you can ask Uncle
Jack if he'll help you to learn about any of the
things that Lisa has told you about, and I suppose
I'll help if necessary, but NOT tonight, I want him
to myself so young lady, kiss me, or rather us,
goodnight and we'll see you at breakfast" Susan
gave her mother a quick kiss and me a rather longer
and more sensuous one then bounced out of the room
with a happy "Goodnight all" leaving me to continue
from where I had left off, at the point where I was
about to insert my erect penis into Jenny's warm
moist cunt.

Later, as we lay in an aura of post coital bliss
Jenny said, in a worried tone of voice "You won't
really fuck Susan in the ass will you Jack?" I
looked down at her as she lay with her head on my
chest. "If that's what you want my love I won't let
her press me into showing her what it's like" I
said "And on that general subject of having sex
with your daughters, would you allow your husband
to do it?" Jenny reared up and shouted in a shocked
voice "Jack, what are you saying, of course I
wouldn't have allowed that to happen, what sort of
a mother do you think I am?" I stopped her tirade
by kissing her and as I did so I pressed her back
down on to the bed. "I think you are a wonderful
mother to Lisa and Susan my darling and was only
trying to find out if you would insist we stopped
making love together if I was to ask you to marry
me" I said as I looked into her widening eyes.
"Wha.... what do you mean Jack?" she gasped. "I
mean my dearest Jenny that if I asked you to marry
me and you said yes, would you insist that I would
no longer be allowed to make love to, have sex
with, or generally fuck your two wonderful
daughters as I do now with your apparent blessing?"
She lay there speechless for a good few minutes.
"I.... I don't know what to say" she gasped, "I
mean, are you serious about wanting to marry me?" I
kissed her and replied "Yes my love I do want to
marry you, at least that's what I thought I said."
Jenny sat bolt upright and looked me full in the
face "If I say yes I will marry you Jack, and that
I then won't allow you to make love to Lisa and
Susan, will it make a difference?" "To be honest
Jenny it will make a difference, it'll make a
difference because I love Kelly, Lisa and Susan
almost as much as I love you, and in exactly the
same way as I love you, in fact I'd be more than
happy to marry any one of them if you turn me down,
and I'd really hate to stop making love to them
all, singly or together, just because I was married
to their mother, BUT if that was what you wanted
I'd accept your decision because I love you so much
and want to marry you, and soon." I flopped back
breathless as I finished speaking and looked at
Jenny to see her reaction. Jenny was sitting there
leaning back on the bed-head with her mouth
slightly open in amazement. Suddenly she sat up,
leaned over and kissed me, then quickly got out of
bed, put on a dressing gown and walked out of the
bedroom leaving me alone with my thoughts.
Thoughts? I was beginning to think I'd really blown
the whole wonderful set up when she came back into
the room with Lisa and Susan walking behind her.

Jenny removed her dressing gown, despite her being
naked under it and got back in beside me, telling
the girls to sit on the end of the bed. Somehow it
seemed a little incongruous Jenny sitting there
beside me, with her upper body exposed to her
daughters' gaze as she said to them "Girls Jack has
just asked me to marry him..." and was interrupted
as Lisa and Susan cried out in unison "That's
wonderful Mom" Jenny smiled as she continued "I
know and I must say that I do love Jack and want to
say YES, but thought I'd speak to you first because
he was very honest in pointing out that if we did
marry he would then be your step father and it
would then not be right for him to touch you in any
way that he may have done in the past, in other
words my darlings he feels that he won't be able to
make love to you any more."*
Lisa and Susan sat there for a minute or two
looking very shocked 'til at last Susan cried out
"No.. that's not fair Mom, why can't he keep loving
us like he's done before, I don't want you to marry
him if it means I can't... " Lisa pulled her
sister's arm hard and told her to shut up as she
turned to look at Jenny and me and say in a soft
voice "That's wonderful for you Mom, Uncle Jack, I
think you should go ahead and do it and don't worry
about us." We could see the tears welling up in
her eyes and hear the catch in her voice as she was
saying it. Jenny put up her hands and said in a
firm voice "Wait a minute, I haven't finished
speaking so just sit down and hear me out please."
She took a deep breath as she continued, "I do want
to marry Jack and I'm going to say yes to his
proposal, but, and it is a big BUT, I don't agree
with him in certain matters, the main one being
that when we're married he'll have to give up you
three decadent and perverted young women; at least
as long as he has the strength to keep us all
satisfied, after all if it hadn't been for Lisa and
Kelly practically seducing Jack I wouldn't be
sitting here like this now. SO, as long as we're
all very adult and very, very discrete about it I'm
all for us having a sex life together, and that
includes Kelly if she so desires."
Jenny paused for breath "The only rule I will make
is that no one complains if they can't sleep with
Jack when they want because he's booked with
someone else, OK? " Jenny had hardly finished
speaking before Lisa and Susan were throwing
themselves at her and hugging her tight as I sat
there almost forgotten, until Susan turned and put
her arms round me cuddling up close as she kissed
me. Breaking off her kiss she put her mouth close
to my ear and whispered "Will this mean you'll show
me what it's like in my bottom Uncle Jack, or won't
Mom let you?" "Just you wait young lady, have a
little patience and I'll show you all I know but I
don't want you to try to rush anything, so just
trust me, all right?" I whispered as I pushed her
away from me slightly so I could look at her and
said very softly "All right?" she smiled sweetly
and just nodded before putting her arms round me
again and hugging me tight. After a couple of
minutes Lisa pulled Susan off me and hugged and
kissed me herself saying after a while " I'm very
jealous Uncle Jack, and I know Kelly will be too,
in fact I'd much rather have married you myself
sooner than let mom have you if it was going to
mean I couldn't make love to you any more and I
think Kelly will say the same." She took a deep
breath as she continued "All I hope is that you
don't do to mom what my Dad did." I kissed her
softly and whispered "No worries lover, you just
stay around and make sure I don't, OK?"
As Lisa and Susan went back to their own room I
turned to Jenny and took her in my arms as I said
"Do you mean what you said darling, that you want
us to continue as we have been?" Jenny nodded her
head, as much as she could with it being pressed
into my chest and turned her face to look up at me
as she said "I do my love and I promise I won't get
jealous of my daughters." She sat up and pressed
herself close to me "We're all lucky to have you
Jack, and I want to marry you as soon as possible
and I also want you to teach Susan as much about
making love as well as just having sex as you can,
I'd rather you do that than have her make silly
mistakes that might hurt her later" she paused for
a moment as she looked thoughtful. "I do mean
everything, Jack."

I kissed her and, smiling, said "Let me shut the
door and we can talk about it." An hour later we
got up, showered and went down together for
breakfast. Susan was clearing up the kitchen after
her and Lisa's breakfast and offered to cook for us
while we sat in the garden as she was sure we had
things to talk about. Lisa, we discovered had gone
round to see Kelly to break the news to her and had
promised to bring her back for lunch. The first
thing Kelly did when she came in was to hug and
kiss Jenny and congratulate her, them came over to
me and did the same, this time though she was a
little tearful as she said softly "Does this mean I
have to go home Uncle Jack, and must we stop making
love when you're married?" I kissed her softly as I
explained to her what had been agreed by Jenny,
assuring her that what Lisa had told her was true
and we wouldn't have to stop. Kelly smiled happily
and went over to Jenny to thank her for being so
understanding. *
Most of the next few weeks was taken up with
wedding arrangements and it was decided that I
would put my house on the market and we'd all live
in Jenny's as it was so much bigger and had
sufficient rooms for us all. A couple of days after
our engagement I got home to find Susan was in the
kitchen preparing a meal for me, which she served
as soon as I'd taken off my coat and washed up.
After we had eaten the meal together I followed my
usual routine and went up and had a shower leaving
Susan to clean up the kitchen. I was just about to
turn off the shower when the curtain opened and a
very naked Susan stepped in to join me. She put her
arms round me and hugged me tight for a moment or
two, she then looked up at me and said "Mom said I
should come round and ask you to show me what it is
like to have you cum in my bottom, so will you
please show me Uncle Jack?" I looked at her and
frowned as I said "Are you quite sure young lady?
After all your mom wasn't too happy the last time
we spoke about it was she?" Susan nodded "Why not
phone her and ask her?" I smiled and shook my head
"No, I trust you hon, and I will show you, but you
must do it my way and no arguments, OK?" she nodded
vigorously "Anything you say Uncle Jack." "Then
let's go to my bedroom" I said as I took her by the
hand and picked up a couple of towels on the way.

Getting into bed with a sixteen year old could be
something of a worry to some, and I must admit that
it did get my pulse rate way up high. Not, I must
add, because it worries me that in some places it's
illegal on age grounds, it's because in this
instance this particular young lady was soon to be
my step daughter and what I was about to do was
with the blessing of her mother who, under other
circumstances, would have joined us. It was only
that Susan had asked her mom to let her be alone
with me for the first time. I got into bed, having
dried myself off, and sat there watching Susan rub
the towel over her sexy young body and almost
offered to finish the job for her but decided that
watching her was more fun. As she finished drying
her hair and uncovered her face, she became aware
of my intense gaze and, glancing at me from the
corner of her eye suddenly blushed bright red and
instinctively dropped the towel to cover her
breasts and lower body. Her flush spread downward
to cover her neck and upper chest and as she felt
it spreading she got more and more embarrassed and
the flush got redder and more intense until it
appeared that she was suddenly close to shedding
tears of shame. I smiled as gently as I could and
half stretched my arms out to her, inviting her to
come to me which she did, dropping the towel and
throwing herself into my arms and burying her face
into the join of my neck and shoulder, giving a
series of quiet sobs as she did. "What's the matter
baby" I said quietly "Not changed your mind have
you?" she shook her head slightly and murmured "No,
I just suddenly felt ashamed of what I was going to
do and wished mom was here with me".

I hugged her tight for a moment and then held her
out at arms length. "I can take you home now if you
want me to darling, you know I'll never force you
into anything you don't want to do, shall we get
dressed?" Susan sat back on her heels, took a deep
breath and smiled "No Uncle Jack, I'm just being
silly about something I've not done before, take no
notice." I smiled and pulled her face close so that
I could kiss her, pushing her back as soon as I had
done so. As she sat there I could see that her
nipples were giving away the fact that no matter
what she was concerned about, she was getting
aroused simply by exposing her gorgeous young body
to my gaze. I reached out and brushed my fingertips
along her shoulders and down over her chest until I
was able to trace the shape of her firm young
breasts. I scratched her nipples with my
fingernails making her shudder with each stroke of
my nails, and looked up to see her head was thrown
back and she had her eyes tight closed and her lips
slightly apart as her breath came in little gasps.
With one hand I cupped a breast and began to
palpate it, rubbing the rigid nipple in the palm
each time I moved the hand. The other hand I used
to trace a line down her ribs and over her soft
belly until I reached the little tuft of hair at
the apex of her pussy lips. With the back of my
middle finger I traced a line down between her
lower lips until I could feel the moist warmth of
her vaginal opening where I turned my hand over and
slowly slipped my finger into her until it was
buried as far as it would go. I released my hold on
her breast and put my arm round her so I could pull
her down on to her back beside my. As she lay down
she opened her legs wide to allow me free and
unrestricted access to her body as I began a slow
finger fuck her with my palm laid flat on her cunt
lips and my long middle finger working deep into
her sopping wet love canal. *
Susan lay there with her hands clasped tight behind
my neck and her eyes screwed up tight as she
concentrated on the movement of my hand on her
pubic area until she suddenly gave a shout as her
climax ripped through her body. I made no movement
apart from pressing down with my hand on her cunt,
her hips bucked against that pressure as she tried
to extend her orgasm. As she began to relax I could
feel the movement of her vaginal muscles as she
tried to grip my finger but it was just a little
too thin for her to make much impression on it, she
opened her eyes and gave me a weak smile of thanks
as she lay there in her post orgasmic euphoria and
I saw a little frown appear on her brow as I slowly
removed my finger from her cunt. She gave a little
shake of her head and whispered "No Uncle Jack,
please, leave it there for a bit longer" but I
just smiled as my fingertip left the warmth of her
cunt and I moved it down to touch her tiny puckered
rosehole. As my finger came into contact with her
anus she jumped and her eyes widened and her mouth
opened as if to tell me to stop but not finishing
what she was going to say. I continued to look her
in the eyes as I began to apply a little pressure
with my finger and could see the slight doubt as
the tip of my finger pushed it's way through her
anal ring. As I felt my finger slipping through the
tightness of her anus I paused and smiled as I said
quietly "OK for me to carry on?" Susan nodded and
smiled then pulled herself up to kiss me saying
"Yes please Uncle Jack" as she lay back down
again, all the time looking me in the eyes. Very
slowly I pressed my finger in further until it was
buried as deep as it would go and the heel of my
hand was pressing on her pussy, I then began to
work it gently in and out, making sure that my hand
was rubbing on her cunt as my finger was working
in her ass. It took only a few strokes before Susan
began to respond to the rhythm of my strokes and
her hips began to rotate in time with my motion.
All the time I was concentrating on her face,
watching as her eyes glazed over and she seemed to
be looking right through me until she screamed out
loud as an orgasm ripped through her young body and
her rectal muscles squeezed tight on my finger
preventing me from removing it. For some time she
thrust and bucked against the pressure of my hand
on her cunt while her orgasm continued to ripple
through her body, until suddenly she fell back on
the bed as if she had fainted. I pulled my finger
from her bottom and her hands from behind my neck,
laying them gently to cover her naked breasts,
placing a gentle kiss on her lips as I got up to go
to the bathroom. When I returned it was to see
Susan laying on her back still but now watching for
my return. I got back in beside her, placed one arm
round her shoulders and pulled her close as I asked
"Well, how was that for starters?" and she snuggled
up close and replied "Wonderful but I thought you
were going to use you penis and actually fuck me
there, why did you use your finger?" I kissed her
softly as I said "I thought you said you were going
to trust me to do it my way?" "Yes.... but I
thought..." "You don't think, young lady, you do as
I say, all right? If you want me to explain it all
in advance I will but it'll be better if you let me
do things my way and do not try to rush it OK?" She
smiled sweetly and nodded her head in agreement as
she raised herself to her knees and threw back the
bedclothes so she could see the rampant state of my
prick. "It looks to me as if that needs some
attention" she said as she lowered her head to take
my prick into her mouth and began working her lips
up and down all that she could take without gagging.
I pulled her off my penis before I got too close to
shooting a load of semen down her throat as I had
better plans for what was building up inside me.
Susan sat upright and went to throw her leg over my
recumbent body until I stopped her, "Face my feet
when you sit on me, and bend down so you rest on
your hands" I ordered and as she obeyed I placed my
hands on her hips as she grasped my prick to guide
it to her warm moist vaginal opening. I watched in
wonder as she lowered herself slowly on to my
throbbing penis, stopping when half of my eight
inches was in her, then pressing her hips down hard
to force the rest into her. She knelt there on
hands and knees and began to work her hips on my
prick in time with my thrusts at her body, "Ohhh..
fuck me Uncle Jack, fuck me hard, let me feel you
cum inside me, fill me with your hot cum, pleeaase
fuck me, fuck me" as her hips worked frantically
on my prick I tried to relax a little as I began
to trace the line of her hips until my fingertip
were coming together down between the wide
stretched cheeks of her buttocks and I was able to
touch her puckered anal ring. I moved one finger
to between her cunt lips to pick up some of her
juices running from around the base of my prick
and brought it back to press on her anus.*
As soon as my finger touched her she looked round
at me and mouthed "Yes please Uncle Jack, finger
fuck my ass as you fuck my cunt with your prick,
push it in deep, please". As soon as the tip of my
finger had pushed it's way into her anus I could
feel her rectal muscles relax, and she paused to
allow it to push in deep.
As my finger moved in her bottom I could feel it
rubbing against my prick and, when it was as deep
as it could go, Susan pushed herself up, so she was
sitting upright and pressing down hard on my prick
and finger, passed her hand round to hold on to my
hand as she worked herself up and down until she
reached another climax. As she began to cum she
pressed her body down on to me and squeezed hard
with back and front muscles as I grabbed her hips
and held her down while I pumped streams of cum
into her hot young body. As her climax subsided she
collapsed forward on to her elbows and knees, the
only sign of life being the pulsating of her
vaginal and rectal muscles as she tried to extract
the maximum amount from her orgasm. After a while I
pushed on her hips to remove myself from the grip
of her cunt, rolled her over and turned her round
to lay beside me; I took her into my arms to hold
her tight to me as we both drifted off into a warm
gentle doze, rather than a deep sleep because I
could feel the rise and fall of her breasts as she
breathed and also the occasional little shudder
that rippled through her body as she remembered
what we had been doing.

After about an hour Susan woke up to find herself
all alone in the bed. She leapt from under the
covers and, ignoring her nudity ran from the
bedroom and all through the house until she found
me in the kitchen making coffee. As she threw
herself into his arms she sobbed "I thought you'd
gone and left me all alone, please don't leave me
again." I kissed the top of her head, the only
part of her available, "Don't be silly, I'm going
nowhere and you know that soon I'll be living in
the same house as you all the time." She smiled as
she stood up in front of him "I know but I want you
to myself, not married to Mom, or sharing you with
Lisa and Kelly." Sitting down on a chair I pulled
her on to my lap, putting an arm round her and
holding her in place with a hand on one breast.
"You are being very selfish as well as rather
greedy. You're also not looking to the future,
what's going to happen when you find some young
stud to take my place, which you will as soon as
some of these guys round here realise that you're
not some frightened young virgin, but are more
knowledgeable than they are, and are worth
pursuing. You'll drop an old man like me and run
off with something younger and more virile, leaving
me all alone without even your poor mother to
comfort me in my old age!"
Susan looked at me and began to laugh, "Oh you
poor old thing, am I wearing you out?" and got off
my lap to stand in front of me in all her naked
glory. "Can I do something with your erection
before I have a shower Uncle Jack, it looks as if
you're ready for me as much as I want you right
now!" and she promptly turned round and placing her
head on her arms on the edge of the table presented
me with her wide spread legs. What else could I do
but drop my trousers and take her from behind,
resisting the temptation of her proffered anus and
slipping my rampant prick into her sopping wet

As I slipped into her Susan turned to look at me
and began to plead with me to take her in the
bottom, but I refused saying "No, not yet, it'll
hurt too much if I do it before you're ready" and
proceeded to fuck her hard from behind as I leaned
forward to grasp her swollen breasts while I rammed
my prick into her cunt 'til I shot her full of what
semen I could muster from my depleted balls. Susan
stayed in her bent position for some moments after
I had pulled out of her and I could see her looking
back between her tits watching the result of our
session run from her cunt and down the inside of
her thighs. As it reached her knees she passed her
hands back and wiped the fluids off her thighs and,
as she stood upright she placed her fingers on her
breasts and rubbed the moisture into her nipples
and over the swollen mounds of her breasts. She
turned to me and smiled as she was massaging our
juices into her skin, "I just wanted to see what it
would feel like if you'd cum all over my face and
tits like you do with Lisa and Kelly" she said
"They told me about it, and how it feels, and how
they like to lick each other clean afterwards. Will
you do it for me soon please Uncle Jack, I mean
with Lisa or Kelly or even mom if you prefer?" I
smiled in wonderment and couldn't prevent a
stirring in my loins at the thought of what was
being suggested. "Why don't you ask your mom about
it, maybe she'll help you out, if not then ask
Lisa, but right now young lady we need to get
cleaned up and get you home before your mother
thinks you've run off with me, and only a week
before the wedding!" *
Taking me by the hand Susan dragged me towards the
door, "Come and help me shower please Uncle Jack, I
want to be with you as much as I can." So we
showered together, washing each others bodies and
helping each other dry off afterwards. I ran Susan
home and was in time to pick up Kelly who was about
to start out just as I arrived. During the drive
home Kelly was ominously silent but I left any
discussion until we were home where, as soon as we
were sitting down together I asked her what was
wrong. She seemed reluctant to say anything at
first but when I told her to come and sit on my lap
and was able to put my arms round her and give her
a hug I said "Kelly, we can't have any secrets from
each other now, can we. If there's something
bothering you tell me and let's see if we can sort
it out before it gets too big." "It's about you
getting married Uncle Jack, I mean, with you and
Jenny being married you won't want me around
getting in the way will you?" "Kelly, my love I
won't want anyone getting in the way once we're
married, and neither will Jenny, I can assure you!"
at this Kelly pushed herself out from my arms and
looked at me for a minute, "Does that mean that
I'll have to go home for the rest of the holiday?"
"No it doesn't mean you going home, I promised that
you could stay here provided you kept your side of
the bargain we made, and I'm not going to break
that promise, besides Jenny wants you as a
bridesmaid along side Lisa and Susan so you can't
go home yet." She gave a weak little smile as if
she was still not convinced, "But with you married
it means we can't go to bed together any more, I
mean it won't be fair to Jenny if you carry on
having sex with me and you can't do it with Lisa
and Susan 'cos they'll be your daughters."

"Kelly my darling, there is no more reason why I
shouldn't have any sort of sexual relationship with
Lisa and Susan, apart from the little fact that
Susan is a bit young, than there is with me having
sex with you. I'm not related to you apart from
through a failed marriage, and it will be the same
with Lisa and Susan." "Yes... well... I mean..."
she mumbled, unsure as to what to say, "No mumbling
young lady, just get upstairs and into bed now,
before I spank you for being silly" and I threw
her off my knees and placed a friendly slap on her
After locking up I made my way up to bed to find
it empty, it would seem that my instructions had
been taken the wrong way but the thought suddenly
struck me that if Kelly was in her own bed it was
quite a while since I'd had sex with Kelly there. I
stripped off my clothes, put on my silk dressing
gown and made my way quietly to Kelly's room where
I peeked through the slightly open door. With the
narrow strip of light that shone into the room I
could see Kelly curled up under the covers, I
reached out and switched off the hall light and
quietly pushed open the door until I had enough
room to walk in. Silently I crept over to the bed
until I was standing over Kelly's recumbent form,
where I slipped the dressing gown off my shoulders
and let it fall to the floor. Gently I lifted the
edge of the bed clothes covering Kelly and got into
bed beside her, placing my arms around her using
one hand to hold her breast and the other to run
down her body and begin caressing her thighs and
buttocks. This woke her and she turned over to face
me as she rained kisses on my lips and face little
sobs coming from her as she said "Oh Uncle Jack, I
thought you weren't going to be loving me any more,
I've been so miserable since Lisa told me about
you getting married to Jenny, I was starting to
hate her for taking you away from me."
"Jenny isn't taking me away from you, you silly
girl, all we're doing is getting married because we
love each other, and making sure that no scandal
can be aimed at Jenny when I move into the same
house with her and the girls. It'll also make it
all right for you to be in the same house where we
can carry on as we have been doing, and not have
tongues wagging in the neighbourhood." I kissed her
and she responded with hot kisses of her own then
she whispered "I'm so happy Uncle Jack, I'm sorry
if I was silly about everything, I just want to be
able to make love to you all the time, like now,
please Uncle Jack, will you fuck me, it's been ages
since I've had your wonderful prick inside me,
please Uncle Jack, fuck me now, cum inside me, fill
me with your hot cum, I want to feel it shooting
deep into me please Uncle Jack, do it now, don't
make me wait I want you to take me and use me, and
fuck me hard..." as she was saying all this she was
pulling at my arm so that I ended up rolling on top
of her and I could feel her hand on my hard
throbbing prick as she guided it to her sopping wet
cunt. As soon as I could feel the head of my prick
at the wet entrance to her vagina I gave a hard
thrust and buried it to it's full length in her
body. As she was pleading with me to fuck her hard
I started to ram my hips at her pelvic region as I
grasp her nipples between my fingers, pinching and
rolling them hard until she began to cry out as the
pleasure and the pain of my treatment got through
to her.*
Kelly was unable to say much as my mouth was
covering hers as I mashed my lips down on hers,
fucking her hard whilst trying not to actually hurt
her or inflict any damage to her soft young body.
It wasn't long before I lifted my mouth from hers
and told her, with a groan that I was going to cum
at which time she opened her eyes, looked me in the
face and said in a pleading voice "OH Uncle Jack,
please fuck me give me your cum in my body fuck me,
fuck me, fuck me now cum with me now, Uncle Jack,
I'm going to cum Nooowww, Ohhhh fuck me fuck me
fuck me, yessss, I can feel it shoot into me, I can
feel your hot cum in me now keep on cumming don't
stop I want to feel it fill me up." Completely
spent, I collapsed on to her body, unable to move
for a few moments, and not wanting to lose the
feeling of having her arms and legs wrapped round
me as I lay on top of her. As I felt my penis begin
to soften I tried to lift myself off of her but
found that she was gripping me too tight to allow
it. I lifted my head so that I could see her as she
lay there being pressed into the bed with the
weight of my body.
I kissed her tenderly on the lips and said "Kelly
darling can I get off you please, before I press
all the breath from your body ?" she opened her
eyes and smiled "No you've got to stay where you
are for ever and ever, I'm never going to let you
go, you're my prisoner and my sex slave and can
never go anywhere without me." I smiled back at her
and said in a quiet voice "If you don't let me go I
will have to take steps to make you." "Bet you
can't" she said in a challenging way. Without more
ado I pushed myself up to a kneeling position, with
her still holding tight with her arms round my neck
and her legs wrapped tightly round my waist. I
worked my way backwards until I was able to stand
upright whence I turned and walked out of the
bedroom and into the bathroom, holding Kelly tight
round her back, this time so she couldn't get away
from me if she wanted to. Before she realised what
was happening I had stepped into the shower and
turned on the jet with the control set at COLD. I
gasped as the hard jet of icy water hit my face,
arms and legs, Kelly screamed as it hit her full
force in the middle of her back, her legs dropping
from round my waist and her arms trying to push her
away from by gripping arms. I loosened my grip
slightly and as she concentrated on getting away
from the jet of water I spun her round to face it.
Now I was gripping her with one arm round her body
just below her firm young breasts, and the other I
placed on her cunt, I then lifted her off the floor
of the shower and held her tight under the full
force of the water. All the time she was shouting
at me to let her go but I refused until I could
hear that she was no longer screaming but was
actually sobbing to be let out of the shower. I set
her down and leaned over to turn off the water and,
as it stopped I turned her round and took her in my
arms. She started to beat at my chest with her
little fists, all the time sobbing and telling me
that she hated me for what I'd done. I stepped out
of the shower and gently pulled her with me,
standing her in the middle of the bathroom I dried
her off with a big fluffy towel. I dried myself
and, placing my arm around her guided her to my bed
where I lay her down and got in beside her. She was
shivering as I lay beside her, took her in my arms
and pulled her close so that she could feel the
warmth of my body. She wrapped her arms round me,
this time so she could get warm and after kissing
her I said "Perhaps that'll show you that when I
say something I mean what I say. I told you I'd
take action to make you let go, and you let go
didn't you?" she nodded, looking miserable as she
did so. "Perhaps now you'll believe me when I say
that getting married to Jenny will make no
difference to me and you, I'll still love you, and
I'll still make love to you, if not as much as we
have been doing, but at least with the same amount
of love as ever before. You and me making love,
having sex, or just plain fucking won't mean that
I'm being unfaithful to Jenny, because she knows
and approves of what we'll be doing, in fact she'll
probably join us if she's around."
Kelly pressed her face into my chest for a moment
then lifted her head so she could see me, "Do you
mean that Uncle Jack, won't Jenny mind if you still
make love to me after you're married, what about
Lisa and Susan, will it be the same for them? I
mean... will you be having them in bed with you
when you are all living in the same house?" *
I looked at Kelly and said "One of the things
Jenny agrees with me about and that is that there's
no reason why I can't love all of you, and that, as
I can't marry all of you, us not being Mormons you
understand, it would be unfair on me, as well as
on you girls if I was only to be able to make love
to Jenny. She also has some idea about me being
good for you girls to learn about sex from as well
as about making love, there being a difference. She
thinks that if you know what to do, you'll also
learn when to do it so you don't make silly
mistakes and will learn to be very adult about the
whole subject. If that means that I get to keep
fucking three lovely young girls as well as a
gorgeous woman that I love I'm not going to argue."
Kelly giggled "You're a dirty old lecher and I'm
going to tell Jenny what you said" "You do young
lady and I'll give you a jolly good spanking on
your naked butt with an audience." She smiled,
kissed me seductively and whispered "Is that a
promise Uncle Jack, if so I'll definitely tell her,
you know I like to be spanked, and I don't mind an
audience so long as it's Lisa, 'cos I know she
likes it too."
Kelly put her arms round my neck and snuggled up
close and lay there quietly for some minutes.
"Uncle Jack, I'm sorry I was so silly earlier, I
promise I won't do it again, it's just that I hated
the thought of losing you, I've never felt like
this about anyone before and I know that I do love
you and never want to be away from you. I want to
ask mom if I can move down here to live
permanently...." I placed a finger over her lips to
stop her talking. "Don't do or say anything until
after the wedding, if anyone gets the idea that you
seem to be moving in with me permanently there's no
telling what gossip may spread and I don't want to
take the chance of hurting Jenny. What happens
after we're married will be different, it will seem
as if you are coming here to be with Lisa because
she's your best friend, OK?" she nodded and hugged
me tight "OK Uncle Jack, I won't rock the boat, no
sense in spoiling a good thing is there!" I smiled
"Now that is what I call taking a responsible and
adult attitude to a difficult situation. Now stop
talking and let's get to sleep, are you staying
with me tonight?" "Please Uncle Jack, I'd love to
sleep with you tonight, after all I won't get many
chances soon, will I ?" I reached over and switched
off the lamp, "Shut up and go to sleep, you
depraved young woman, or I'll spank you now and
send you back to your own bed to sleep alone" Kelly
giggled "Good night Uncle Jack, I love you."

The wedding was a very low key event with just the
five of us present along with a few of Jenny's
special friends and a few of mine, along with any
of their children of the right age group. I must
admit that a good deal of surprise was being
expressed amongst our friends as none of them
expected either of us ever to remarry. The girls
were marvellous, never once did they give any hint
as to our private relationships but took advantage
of their chance to have a party and mess about with
those guests that were of their own peer group.
Eventually all the guests left and all five of us
spent a couple of hours cleaning the house up
before going to bed. It seemed a little odd getting
into bed with Jenny after kissing the girls
goodnight and as we lay there wrapped in each
others arms I thought back over the past few months
and the thought of what was to come flashed through
my mind as I drifted off to sleep not missing the
sex that would normally occur on a wedding night.
The next morning we were all up bright and early to
leave on the strangest honeymoon trip ever taken.
After all it's not often that a honeymoon couple
have a trio of girls along for the ride. When we
planned the trip, which was to an isolated cabin in
the mountains we had meant it to be just the two of
us but very soon realised that the problems
associated with leaving the girls at home were
going to be greater than having them along with us.
The simple fact of what we were to each other made
it silly to say that we wanted to be alone and so
we decided that we should all go together and have
a good time. Jenny also suggested that we don't
tell the girls that we were taking them with us
until the morning we were leaving. The looks on
their faces at the breakfast table was a picture,
you would have thought they were all going to be
abandoned until Kelly asked who was going to be in
charge while we were away. Jenny looked at me and
smiled as she said "I am". Kelly looked at Lisa and
Susan, frowned and said " What do you mean?" "I
mean we're not leaving you three here alone while
we enjoy ourselves, we want to come back to a house
we can live in. So what we've decided is that
you're all coming with us on our honeymoon so we
can keep our eyes on you". *
Continued in chapter 5 of volume 1.
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