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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1


This statement was met with total silence until
Lisa said "You can't possible want us with you on
your honeymoon, it's not right that we should be
around to spoil your fun". "Too late" I said "We've
made no arrangements for you, there's no food in
the house and you'll all do as you're told". I got
up from the table and continued " if you've all
finished you have half an hour to get packed while
Jenny and I clear up here, then we're leaving.
OK?." An hour later we were on the road and, by
Jenny and I taking it in turns driving we arrived
at our destination just about dusk. There was still
plenty of light left for us to unload the car and
get sorted out in the cabin. I call it a cabin, it
was actually a large single storey house with two
large and two small bedrooms a den, a large kitchen
with all mod cons and a nice big family room with
a wonderful view across the valley. While Jenny and
the girls were getting the cases unpacked and the
beds sorted out I went out back to see about
getting the boiler fired up. As I opened the door
to the outhouse where I had been told the boiler
was installed I could see it was already alight and
there was a note stuck to it telling me that the
landlord had lit it that morning to ensure that the
place was ready for us both. As it was fuelled by
oil I would have nothing to do but allow the pre-
set controls do their thing. When I got back to the
kitchen I found a picnic meal laid out for us and
we all sat down to eat. The girls were talking
amongst themselves, planning what they would be
doing for the next two weeks and Jenny and I sort
of did the same. At last I stood up and announced
that I was tired from driving and was going to bed,
"Any want to join me?." I asked. "Yes please"
shouted Lisa, Kelly and Susan in unison. "No way,
you three, I have him to myself tonight, you can
all wait for another night." stated Jenny as she
stood up and put her arm through mine. "I would
appreciate it if you would clean up the kitchen
before you all went to bed though" she continued.
"OK Mom, see you in the morning" said Lisa with a
smile on her lips.
As I closed the bedroom door behind me I took Jenny
in my arms, "That's a wonderful daughter you have
there my love, aren't you afraid I might run off
with her?" Jenny turned to face me, stepped close
and kissed me. "Nope, why do you think I agreed
that she should still share our bed after we got
married, I understand how much you've done for her
and Susan, as well as Kelly. I know they're three
very sexy young ladies that are learning how to
please a man without being hurt and I know that I
love you so much there is nothing I wouldn't do to
keep you by my side, even to allowing you to bed my
two girls, and some times joining you." She kissed
me again and stepping back began to take off my
shirt. As it slid down my arms to the floor Jenny
kissed me once more, "Undress me darling, one item
at a time, and I'll do the same for you" she
whispered and after half an hour of touching and
stroking we were both naked and in each others
arms. As I kissed her I held her close with one arm
round her back and the other I placed under her
buttocks. Slowly I lifted her off her feet and took
the couple of strides necessary for me to reach the
bed. Very gently I lowered her on to the mattress
and knelt by the side of the bed. Starting at her
eyes I began to kiss her, slowly I worked my way
over her face, along the line of her neck and down
to the breasts, where I found her nipples were
standing like cropped bolts in anticipation. As I
pressed my lips to the nipple closest to me I
started to caress her inner thighs with my free
With a feather light touch I ran my fingers from
her knees to the soft smooth lips of her shaved
pussy. As my fingers touched her I could feel the
moisture that was emanating from between her cunt
lips. Very slowly I inserted each of my fingers,
one by one between her lower lips so that they were
all coated with her juices. Removing my lips from
her nipple I lifted my head and looked down at her
as I rubbed my moistened fingers over both of her
nipples. Lowering my head I licked the nipple
closest to me and smiling at Jenny I said "That
tastes better", and proceeded to suck both of them,
licking them clean in the process. As I was doing
this I placed my hand back on to her cunt, this
time inserting my long middle finger as far as it
would go, pressing the back of my thumb on to her
clit and began to masturbate her. As her hips began
to rock in time with the movement of my hand she
placed her hand on mine and said in a husky voice
"No Jack, not that way, I want you to get on top of
me and take me as if it were the first time, as if
I was a virgin wife." "Are you sure my love, it
might be a bit rough if you don't know what to
expect" I said, getting into the part quickly.
"Please be gentle with me my darling, you'll be the
first, please show me what I must do to be a proper
wife to you!". *
I placed myself over her recumbent body and forced
my knees between hers, opening her legs as far as I
could. "Put your hands behind you head and bend
your knees with your feet flat on the bed" I told
her. Taking my weight on my elbows I slid my hands
under her body so that I could hold on to her
shoulders. Slowly I inched my body up over hers
until I could feel the tip of my hard throbbing
prick touch her soft moist vagina. Very slowly I
eased the head in past the moist lips and placed a
gentle kiss on her cheek. "Now, lift your feet and
cross them over my back" I told her. As I felt her
heels touch my backside I kissed her on the lips
and placed my head so that we were cheek to cheek.
"Now" I whispered "I want you to slide your feet as
far up my back as you can, see if you can reach my
shoulder blades". I could hear the sharp intake of
breath as Jenny understood what I was asking her to
do. "Why" she asked, "what will that do?" "Just do
it, don't ask so many questions." I said. As I felt
her heels scraping along my spine I waited until I
could sense that she had got as high as she could
and as she came to a stop and whispered in my ear
"I can't get any higher darling" I gave a thrust of
my hips and drove my penis as far into her as I
could. The unexpected entry of my prick into her
straining cunt was such that Jenny gave a cry of
surprise that must have been heard throughout the
house. Giving her no respite I continued to ram my
throbbing prick in and out of her as hard as I
could until I could feel her beginning to move in
time with my thrusts and she started to tense the
muscles of her vaginal passage as she felt my prick
moving back and forward inside her. I moved my head
up a little so that I could kiss her as I was
fucking her and it wasn't long before she threw her
arms round my neck and started to squeeze my body
with her legs and I knew that she was close to an
orgasm. I held my own orgasm back as long as I
could and as I felt her body tremble and heard her
shout "YES.... YES... NOW.... cum WITH ME PLEASE
DARLING" I let it go with a bang. As we lay there
wrapped in each others arms I relaxed completely
for a moment, allowing all of my weight to press
down on Jenny. "Stay there please darling" she said
as I started to lift myself off of her, "I want to
feel your body pressing down on me for a little
longer." It was some time before I was allowed to
roll off of and lay beside her to drift off into a
deep sleep.
What the girls thought of it all I found out the
next morning when we all sat down for breakfast.
I was up and showered before Jenny woke the next
morning and as I came into the kitchen I saw the
girls sitting down having their breakfast. They all
looked up as I crossed the kitchen, glanced at each
other and began giggling. "What's so funny?" I
asked as I sat down. Kelly took a deep breath and
got control of herself as she replied "It's the
funny noises we heard in the night, it scared us so
much we nearly came to get into bed with you until
we realised that it was you two, what were you
doing to Jenny to make her shout like that?" Before
I could answer Lisa butted in with "I don't know
what he was doing to Mom, I just want some of it
for myself, it sounded just great." "What sounded
great darling?" said Jenny as she came over to me,
sat on my lap and kissed me 'good morning'. "What
ever it was that Uncle Jack was doing to you last
night" said Susan with a big grin. "Mmmm.... yes,
it was great, in fact I bet is felt better than it
sounded" said Jenny as she hugged me tight "All I
can say is don't be surprised if you hear the same
sort of thing another night 'cos I fully intend to
do it again before too long." "Yes, but what was it
you were doing Mom?" said Lisa. Jenny kissed me
and, smiling turned to face the girls. "You'll have
to wait to find out for yourselves" she said
"Believe me we'll all know when any of you do find
out." With that she got up and began cooking our
breakfast. After a leisurely meal Jenny and I
decided to go for a walk in the surrounding woods.
The girls stated a preference for a swim in the
lake which was only a hundred yards away from the
cabin. It was wonderful to be with Jenny as we
walked along the winding paths and it wasn't long
before she stopped and put her arms round me and
kissed me. "Take me in the woods darling, I'd so
like to have you fuck me doggy style in the open"
and without more ado she pulled me off the path and
into the undergrowth. As soon as we were out of
sight of the track Jenny dropped to her knees and
almost ripped my pants off me, pulling them and my
shorts down to my ankles. Grasping my half erect
penis in her hand she brought her head down and
took me into her mouth. It was but a moment before
she was holding a fully erect and throbbing prick
in her hand. Letting go of me she shuffled
backwards until she was a couple of yards in front
of me.*

Turning her back to me she dropped to her hands and
knees, used one hand to support herself and the
other to lift her skirt to her waist and pull her
panties to just below her buttocks. "Please Jack,
just take me, I just want to feel you fill me with
your wonderful warm sticky cum." I dropped to my
knees behind her and after caressing her buttocks
and stroking my hand over her hot wet cunt lips I
placed the head of my prick at the entrance to her
cunt and slowly pressed it in to the hilt. I
grasped her by the hips and began to move her back
and forth on to my throbbing member as I thrust my
own hips at her buttocks. "Fill me please Jack,
shoot it deep inside me so it takes hours to come
back down again." All too soon I was having what
turned out to be the first of many orgasms that day
and as I felt myself cumming I pulled Jenny back on
to my pelvic bone and held her tight as I pumped
shot after shot into her vaginal passage. We
remained where we were for some time just moving
against each other relishing the feel of fresh air
on our exposed areas. Eventually I slipped out of
Jenny as my prick went completely limp and this
gave us the impetus to get up and make our way back
to the cabin. As we hadn't taken too much notice of
the way we had come I decided that the safest way
to get back would be to get to the lake and follow
the shore back to where we could see the cabin. We
were following the line of a track that ran
parallel to the shore but a few yards inside the
line of trees, when we came round a bend and out
into the open just as Kelly, Lisa and Susan were
walking from the waters edge to the trees where
they had placed their clothes, and I mean all their
clothes because they were walking side by side
chatting between themselves completely naked. I
stopped and pulled Jenny back to stop her letting
the girls know they were being watched, revelling
in the sight before me. This wasn't the first time
I'd seen all three of them together completely
naked, but I still loved it, and I could see that
Jenny knew I was enjoying it.

"You lecher, you" she whispered in my ear "I
suppose if I left you here with them you'd end up
fucking all three of then before you came home."
"Would you be jealous if I did, my love?" I
whispered back. Jenny kissed me on the cheek "Of
course not, silly, I'd be more likely to stay in
the bushes watching how you made out because I
don't think you could manage all three just now."
"You're so right, I gave you so much in the trees
I won't be ready for at least an hour." "In that
case let's just stand here and wait for them to get
dressed and then we can all go back together." We
stood there for about twenty minutes, arms round
each other, as we watched Kelly, Lisa and Susan
sitting in a loose triangle, facing each other and
just chatting about whatever it is that young girls
talk about. Suddenly Susan got to her feet "I'm
hungry, lets get back and see about preparing
dinner for mom and Uncle Jack" "OK" said Lisa
"let's go." All three were suddenly on their feet
and almost as if they had rehearsed it they all
bent down to put on their panties at the same time
giving me a wonderful glimpse of three bottoms and
three pussies as they pulled their panties up and
followed with the rest of their clothes.
At this moment Jenny pulled me forward so that we
stepped out of the tree line as she called "Hi
kids, how was your day?" All three spun round in
surprise as we walked towards them. "Fine " said
Lisa, "How about you two, have a good time did
you?" "And how" I said with a big grin on my face
"We must do it again some day, right Jenny?"
"Definitely, and before too long" she replied as we
all walked back to the cabin. As we got to the
cabin and started to walk up the steps to the front
door I noticed that Jenny was walking a little
strangely and before I could say anything to her
Lisa, who was right behind her put out her hand and
touched Jenny on her inner thigh. This made Jenny
jump and spin round just as Lisa was putting her
fingers to her lips put out her tongue and taste
what ever was on them. I could see Jenny blushing
as Lisa said something in a low voice that I
couldn't hear. Jenny smiled and nodded her head as
I heard Lisa say "Can Kelly and I ..." "Come on
then but quickly as I want to get a shower." At
this Lisa beckoned to Kelly and they both went with
Jenny to the bathroom. Susan came bouncing in
through the door to see me standing alone. "Where
are the others" she asked as she came to put her
arms round me. "They'll be back in a minute, how
about making some tea for us all before we start on
dinner" "OK Uncle Jack I'd love to do that for you,
is there anything else I can do for you?" "Not just
now my love, but if you are good I'll do something
for you later. OK?" Giving me a quick kiss and a
"Mmm yes please 'specially if it makes me sticky"
she put on a kettle for the tea. *
Just as Susan was finishing making the tea and was
about to pour me a cup, Lisa and Kelly came into
the kitchen. Seeing me sitting at the table they
came and stood one each side of me, both gave me a
kiss on the cheek and Lisa whispered "You do taste
nice after being inside mom for an hour or so, and
boy did she have plenty to share and what a job she
had keeping it all in, it had just started leaking
out as she got to the front steps, that's why she
was walking funny" I smiled at them both "Don't
tell Susan or she'll be green with envy, remember
she hasn't actually tasted us properly yet. I want
you to help me give her a treat by cumming on her
breasts, if that's OK with you?" Two kisses told me
it was and we all sat to the table as Susan served
us with tea. We were just finishing our tea as
Jenny came in to join us and we sat together round
the table, one big happy family.
After a few minutes Jenny asked the girls if
they'd go and watch tv for a bit and, as soon as we
were alone Jenny came to sit next to me and,
keeping her voice down said "After the wonderful
time we had last night and this morning would you
like to enjoy the girls this evening?" "I will if
you'll be there at least for some of the time,
especially as I've had one idea that will include
all of us together." "What's that darling,
something really erotic?" "Well, you know that
Susan has asked to have me cum on her, well I've
had an idea that can include you as well as Lisa
and Kelly that will be good for Susan, great for me
and an appetiser for Lisa and Kelly for the rest of
the evening." With that I explained to Jenny just
what I had in mind and suggested that she brief
Lisa and Kelly but leave Susan in the dark until
the right moment. As Jenny got up to go and let
Lisa and Kelly into the arrangement I said "I think
I'll go and have a shower before dinner." As I got
up Jenny said "OK, how about if I send Lisa, Kelly
and Susan to join you, one at a time, that way you
can get all three of them in the right frame of
mind for the rest of the day" "What wonderful
idea's you do have my darling, it makes me so glad
I married you" and I took her in my arms and kissed
as lovingly as I could.
I was just rinsing the shampoo from my hair as I
heard the bathroom door open and the sound of
clothes falling to the floor. I opened the shower
door and watched as Lisa finished undressing. She
must have known I was watching her because she
turned to face away from me, bent at the waist with
her legs locked at the knees and her feet a few
inches apart and proceeded to slowly push her
panties down to her ankles, giving me a beautiful
view of her bottom and pussy as she did so. As she
stepped into the shower with me Lisa put her arms
round me and hugged me tight. "Was that nice Uncle
Jack, I mean the way I took off my panties, I knew
you were watching." I hugged her and gave her a
kiss. "You know how much I like that, you little
minx you, now be quiet, relax and let me wash your
wonderful body." Lisa stood like a statue as I
washed her all over with a soapy washcloth, just
moving those parts I pressed on as I worked my way
from head to feet. I stood with her between me and
the shower jet as I turned her round to rinse off
all the soap. As I turned her to stand with her
back to me and with the water raining down on her
chest I began to caress her breasts and stroke her
sides and her hips. Slowly I worked my way round
her lower torso until my hand was resting on her
cunt. As I pressed my hand on her Mons and slipped
my middle finger between her lower lips I felt her
tremble slightly as I nibbled at her earlobes. Very
slowly I started to masturbate her with my finger,
pressing on her cunt lips as I worked my finger
inside her vagina. My other hand was caressing her
breasts in turn and after a short time she slammed
her legs together, trapping my hand as she jerked
her hips back and forth on my finger trying to
prolong her orgasm. When she had regained her
senses Lisa tried to take me in her mouth but I
told her she would have to wait as Jenny would
explain all soon. "Get yourself dried and send
Kelly along for her shower please my love" I said
as I gently pushed her out of the shower only to
find that Kelly was sitting on the toilet seat
waiting her turn.
I put my hand out to Kelly inviting her to join me
in the shower and did the same for her as I had
done for Lisa. A few minutes after Kelly left me I
heard the bathroom door open again and opened the
shower door to find a rather bashful Susan standing
there. It was obvious that she was still not
completely used to having a naked man standing in
front of her. "Come and join me gorgeous, let me
enjoy you in the shower with me, please" I said
with a smile. Susan stood as tall as she could,
took a deep breath and began to take off her
As soon as Sue was naked I took her by the hand
and gently drew her into the shower with me. As
tenderly as I could I washed her all over as I had
done with Lisa and Kelly and, as soon as I had
finished and had rinsed her off I turned the shower
down to a more gentle force and took Susan in my
arms. "Come and kneel down facing me" I said as I
got down on my knees. Slowly she joined me and I
told her to put her arms round my neck and kiss me.
As she did I put one hand on her back and slowly
ran it down to the start of the swelling of her
bottom. Very slowly I pressed my middle finger
between the cheeks of her bottom until I was
touching her anus. She obviously remembered the
last time I had done this because she responded by
opening her legs, thus forcing open her buttocks,
giving me free access to her anal ring. I slowly
inserted one finger into her bottom up to the
second knuckle and found that she was completely
relaxed. Very gently I pressed a second finger in
beside the first, pausing slightly as I heard her
give a little gasp as I stretched her rosehole. As
she knelt there with her head resting on my
shoulder I whispered "Are you all right, I'm not
hurting you am I ?" She gave a little shake of her
head and said in a small voice "No, Uncle Jack.
Please don't stop now." With that I returned my
attention to what I had been doing by gently
working my two fingers into her bottom until my
hand was pressing on her buttocks and I could go no
Slowly I worked them back and forth until they were
almost ready to slip out of her when I made her
gasp again, this time a little louder as I pressed
a third digit to her anal ring. This time I had to
force my finger in to sit next to the others and it
was clear that this had hurt Susan far more than
before. I dropped my head down so I could see her
face. She had tears in her eyes and I was suddenly
worried as I asked "Is it hurting you my love, if
it is say so and I'll stop, you know I wouldn't
deliberately hurt you for all the world." She
looked up at me smiled through her tears and shook
her head "No, it's all right Uncle Jack, it's only
that it's so strange, I'm not used to it, please
carry on, only, would it be better if I was on my
hands and knees?" I nodded and watched as she went
down to rest her self on her elbows and knees, as
if I was going to take her doggy fashion. All this
time I still had three fingers, up to the first
knuckle, embedded in her bottom and with her in the
new position I was able to hold her round the waist
as I continued my assault on her virgin anus. Each
time I pressed a little further into her anal canal
Susan gave a tiny whimper as it was obviously still
hurting her a little. When I had got in to the
second knuckle I stopped moving that hand and
brought the other one under her body until I was
pressing on her down covered cunt.
Very slowly I began to masturbate her in the same
way I had done with Kelly and Lisa. As Susan got
closer to an orgasm she began to forget about what
was happening to her bottom and it wasn't until I
started to move both hands in unison that she
understood what I was doing. Having Susan on her
knees, and having both hands fully occupied I was
unable to prevent her giving full rein to her
passion as she reached her climax. Jenny had been
very vocal the previous night as she had a great
orgasm and it was obvious that Susan was going to
be the same as she grew up, because at the moment
her bottom relaxed fully and allowed my fingers in
as far as they would go I felt her cunt squeeze my
finger, and she lifted herself on to her fingertips
she cried out as a massive orgasm ripped through
her young body. By the time Jenny, Lisa and Kelly
had rushed into the bathroom to see what was wrong
with Susan I had her in my arms and was starting to
dry her off. Being reassured that Susan was all
right I was left alone with her to finish drying
her off. As I helped her on with her night-dress I
put my hands on her shoulders and said as gently as
I could "With you having now allowed me to place
three fingers into your bottom you're now ready for
me to put my penis there, OK?" "Tonight?" she said.
I shook my head and smiled "No you impatient young
thing, not tonight, some time when we're on our own
and you think you'd be able to relax enough to take
it, after all it did hurt you a little just now
didn't it?" Susan nodded her head and bit her lower
lip as she recalled what she had gone through. "Yes
it did at the start, but at the end it was
wonderful, can I tell mom ?" I shook my head, "No,
leave it to me, I'll break it to her at the right
moment and before we indulge ourselves, all right?"
Nodding her head she kissed me and left me alone to
get myself dried and dressed for the evening.*
Dinner was a quick affair as Jenny, Lisa and Kelly
were anxious to get on with what we had planned.
After Lisa, Kelly and Susan had cleared away the
dishes, washed them and generally cleared the
kitchen up, they joined Jenny and myself in the
family room where we sat for a bit just chatting
about what we had done and seen during the day.
After a few minutes I saw Jenny give Kelly a little
nod and immediately she got up and told Lisa and
Susan to go with her. As soon as they were out of
the room and the door was closed Jenny got up, took
me by the hand and pulled me to my feet. "Just
stand there darling, do nothing but enjoy what Lisa
and Kelly and I have worked out." With that she
kissed me passionately, dropped to her knees in
front of me and proceeded to strip me from the
waist down. As I started to take off my shirt Jenny
stood up and stopped me. "No, leave that on, it
will add to the erotic nature of what is going to
happen, as I said do nothing, just enjoy." Once
more she went down on to her knees, this time she
began to work on my rapidly hardening penis with
the fingertips, tongue and lips. "Careful" I said
"Too much of that and I won't last two minutes
after what went on in the shower." "What on earth
did you do to Susan to make her cry out like she
did, she obviously enjoyed it." "I'll tell you when
we go to bed, providing it's only the two of us,
all right?" Jenny couldn't answer as she had her
lips clamped tight on my now throbbing and fully
erect penis. Just as Jenny released me from her
mouth the door opened and I turned my head so see
who was coming in. Standing just inside the door I
saw Susan with just a baby doll night-dress on and
a silk scarf covering her eyes. Holding her arms,
one each side, stood Lisa and Kelly both of whom
were completely naked and the sight of whom almost
made me shoot my wad where I stood.
Slowly Lisa and Kelly guided Susan across the room
ensuring that they didn't bump into any furniture,
until they stood in front of me. Lisa put her
finger to her lips to indicate that I should say
nothing, as she and Kelly pressed on Susan's
shoulders telling her at the same time that she
should kneel and sit back on her heels. As she
knelt there in front of me Susan looked very
vulnerable and when Lisa and Kelly took hold of her
nightie at the shoulder and each pulled hard enough
to rip it right of Susan's body she gave a scream
of fright. "Quiet girl." Said Jenny, speaking for
the first time "I don't want to hear another sound
from you until I say so, do you understand?" Susan
nodded but said nothing and I suddenly noticed that
Jenny had stripped to the waist and was kneeling
beside me with her breasts glowing and her nipples
standing out like tree stumps. Looking over I saw
that Lisa and Kelly were in the same state of
arousal and, as Jenny gave them another nod they
each pressed their free hand to their pussy and
bringing them out wiped their sticky fingers on the
end of my penis. Jenny took full advantage of this
and licked me as clean as she could without moving
too much.
Kneeling as she was at my side Jenny passed her
left hand under my buttocks and between my legs,
forcing me to open them slightly. Enough that is
for her to be able to cup by balls in her hand and
gently massage them with her fingertips. With her
right hand she began to masturbate me until she
could feel my orgasm building up. "Getting close"
she whispered as she looked up to my face. I placed
a hand on her head and nodded "Very close, don't
wait too long or she'll miss the best bit." With
that Jenny looked at Lisa and Kelly and nodded
another signal, at which the removed the blindfold
from Susan's eyes. The sudden bright light blinded
her for a moment and as she looked around to get
her bearings she opened her mouth in amazement at
what she saw before her. Almost on cue and with
almost perfect aim Jenny brought me to my climax
and I shot a great glob of semen into Susan's wide
open mouth. As it hit her tongue Susan was so taken
by surprise that she closed her mouth and the
following spurts of semen hit her on the face and,
as Jenny depressed my prick slightly, on to Susan's
chest and breasts. All the foreplay in the shower
with the girls had help build up a huge amount of
cum inside me that evening and I was as amazed as
Jenny, Lisa and Kelly at how much I was producing.
As I finally stopped cumming Jenny slipped my prick
into her mouth and gave me a good clean up, she
then pushed me back and said "Sit down and watch
darling." As I sat on the sofa behind me I saw
Jenny, Lisa and Kelly each kiss Susan as she sat
back on her heels. They then began to use their
fingertips to rub my semen into Susan's skin,
concentrating on her breasts and nipples.*
When they'd all had a turn Lisa and Kelly let go
of Susan's arms and Jenny took Susan's face between
her hands and smiling said "Now it's your turn to
share this semen with the rest of us, I want you to
wipe what is left on your face and body on to mine,
Lisa's and Kelly's breasts, understand my darling?"
unable to speak Susan did as she was told and spent
the next few minutes caressing three pairs of
breasts as she tried to transfer my semen from her
body to that of her mother, her sister and her
sisters friend.
When there was no more to find Jenny moved behind
Susan and held her arms telling Lisa and Kelly to
try to lick Susan's breasts clean. As they began to
move their tongues over Susan's body Jenny eased
her daughter to lean back more and more until she
was leaning right back resting on her hands. This
position forced her to open her knees and I could
see that her pussy was moist and the lips were
puffy. Jenny must have known this was happening
because after a few minutes she stopped Lisa and
Kelly, helped Susan to her feet and brought her to
stand close up to my knees. As Susan stood there
Jenny bent down and took my rapidly hardening penis
in her left hand, with her right hand she took hold
of Susan's hand and drawing her forward said in a
quiet but firm voice "I want you to place one knee
each side of Uncle Jack's hips and your hands on
his shoulders, do you understand my love?" Susan
just nodded as she suddenly understood what was
going to happen and quickly moved to a position
where she was hovering over my hips. As I was busy
looking Susan in the eyes I became aware of Jenny's
hand grasping the base of my prick. "Lower yourself
slowly" she whispered to Susan, and as she did so I
felt the soft warmth of Susan's young pussy engulf
my throbbing prick. "Now it's your turn to have an
orgasm my love" said Jenny to Susan, "If you want
Lisa and Kelly to help you they will come and kiss
and caress your breasts for you." Susan shook her
head "No mom I just want it to be me and Uncle
Jack, I've been dreaming of this for ages" and
without more ado she started to work her hips up
and down at a furious pace suddenly shouting "Pinch
my nipples please Uncle Jack, please make me cum
like last time" and almost as soon as I took hold
of her iron hard nipples she pressed herself down
on my pelvic bone and screamed as her orgasm ripped
through her.
As she sat there trembling I took her in my arms
and held her close for some time. As I held Susan I
looked over her shoulder at Jenny, Lisa and Kelly
to see them sitting open mouthed at what they had
just witnessed. As Susan recovered enough to get
off me she turned and saw the she was being stared
at. Lisa looked at Susan in admiration "WOW!! I
wish I could have orgasms like that now, let alone
when I was sixteen, how do you do it?" Susan
smiled and shrugged her shoulders "I don't know, it
just sort of happens, every time I touch Uncle Jack
I want it to happen again and again." She went over
to Jenny and hugged her. "I'm so glad you let Uncle
Jack help me forget about almost being raped Mom, I
don't think any one else could have done what he's
done, and I'm so glad you got married, 'cos he'll
always be there if I need him, won't he?" Jenny
kissed her and said softly "Of course he will
darling so long as you don't drive him away, now
how about if you go to bed, I'm sure you're very
tired." Susan nodded and walking over to me gave me
a kiss "Good night Uncle Jack, see you in the
morning." And walked through the door in a trance.
As the door closed behind Susan Jenny came to sit
by my side and snuggled up close to me. "Darling,
there are two young ladies sitting over there that
are getting very desperate for what Susan has just
had, can I suggest that you take them to our bed
and spend the rest of the night with them, whilst I
use their bedroom to get a good nights sleep, which
believe me I do need right now" I kissed her
softly, looked over to Lisa and Kelly and said
"That suit you two?" "Ooohh... yes please Uncle
Jack, if you're sure you don't mind Mom." said
Lisa. "Get going you two before I change my mind,
enjoy yourselves and please don't make too much
noise, you might wake the neighbours!!"
"Right" I said, as I sat on the bed facing Lisa and
Kelly "What am I going to do with you two?"
Whatever you want Uncle Jack " said Kelly "Just so
long as it's now and we both get the same." "I
agree with Kelly" said Lisa as she sat looking at
my rising erection. I sat there for a minute and
watched Lisa whisper something to Kelly and the
pair of them turn to face away from me. In unison
they placed their feet together and bent from the
waist, locking their knees as they did so. Very
slowly they began to move their feet apart until
they were giving me a good look at their ass and
pussy lips.*
"Is that a nice sight Uncle Jack ?" said Kelly as
they both sneaked as look back to see what effect
it was having on me. "I reckon so Kel." Said Lisa
"Look at that wonderful penis waving at us." I took
the two stride necessary for me to get close to the
girls, placed a hand on each bare bottom and began
to stroke from anus to clit very gently, feeling
the increased moisture being generated by my
caresses. "I think you two should come and do a bit
of work before I give you a taste of my cum." I
said as I inserted a finger into each sopping wet
cunt. "Come over to the bed and let's get started."
I went and laid myself in the middle of the bed,
held out one hand and said "Who's coming first?"
"Kelly can, seeing as you promised to give us the
same" said Lisa as she helped Kelly to get on the
bed, "What do you want us to do?" "Just sit on this
and see how quickly you can have an orgasm with the
other one helping. Once you've both cum over my
cock you can have the same as Susan had earlier,
now stop talking and get on with it!" Kelly
shuffled over to my side and, as she bent down to
get her leg over she kissed me and whispered
"Thanks Uncle Jack, I love you."
As Kelly began to lower her self on to my
throbbing prick I felt Lisa grasp it and guide it
to Kelly's vaginal opening. Kelly pressed herself
down 'til she was sitting on my pelvic bone whence
she started to move her hips back and forth as she
worked her vaginal muscles to hold tight to my
prick. I saw Lisa pass her hands around Kelly,
grasp each breast and begin to squeeze them and
also play with Kelly's nipples. Lisa whispered
something to Kelly and as Kelly nodded in agreement
Lisa released one breast and moved her hand round
Kelly's back. Suddenly Kelly gave a loud gasp and I
realised that Lisa had inserted a finger into
Kelly's anus, I knew this because I felt it through
the thin membrane separating the two passages, as
it rubbed against my prick. All at once Kelly gave
a loud cry as an orgasm ripped through her young
body and she collapsed on top of me. I put my arms
round her and held her tight for a moment as I
whispered in her ear "It's a good job you came when
you did young lady or I would have had a good deal
of difficulty preventing myself from filling you
with cum, and that would have been a waste."
Lisa pulled Kelly from my arms and off my still
rigid penis, "Come on you two, it's my turn now"
and so saying she scrambled over the bed and,
grasping my prick by the base lowered herself on to
it. As she pounded herself up and down on me,
holding tight to her own tits, I could see she was
getting very close to an orgasm very quickly, so I
reached out and began to flick her iron hard
nipples with my fingernails each time they came
within my reach. Suddenly she rammed herself hard
down on to my groin and arched her back as she
cried out with the pleasure of her climax. Like
Kelly she only had the strength to flop down on to
my chest and as with Kelly I held her in my arms
while she recovered. I gently moved her head round
so that I could kiss her tenderly on the lips as
she lay in my arms. "Was that good?" I asked, with
a smile on my face. "Wonderful Uncle Jack, the best
I have had for ages." I put my arm out and
gathering Kelly in it, I pulled her closer to me.
"That just goes to prove that having to wait, a
little anticipation of what's to come, can make all
the difference between a good fuck and a wonderful
one, don't you agree?" They both nodded in
agreement and Kelly got up on to her elbows and
said "It's your turn now Uncle Jack, just sit on
the edge of the bed and we'll do the rest." Between
us we built a pile of pillows so that I could lean
back and relax as Kelly and Lisa began to work on
me. Each of them took a leg and caressed it with
their fingers and tongues, working their way up the
inside of the thigh until they reached the top.
Lisa then took the head of my penis into her mouth
and I could feel the sensitive head rasping on her
rough palate as she moved her head back and forth.
Kelly lower herself to the floor and put her head
under my legs to enable her to lick and suck each
of my balls in turn.
By this time I was really struggling to hold back
from an orgasm and I had to pull Lisa from my prick
as I said in a husky whisper "I'm going to cum any
second now girls, don't hang about down there."
This made them hurry to get to their knees, side
by side in front of me. They pushed my knees as far
apart as they could and, leaning forwards they
positioned themselves in front of me. As I began
to masturbate myself Lisa began saying, in a quiet
pleading voice, "Shoot it in our faces and on our
tits please Uncle Jack, make us wet with your cum
so we can spread it all over our bodies and rub it
into our skin like cold cream." Despite the fact
that I had already done just that for her young
sister not too long ago I was more than ready to
repeat the action now and, as Kelly put out her
tongue and lowered her head to lick the purple tip
of my throbbing prick I took her by surprise as I
began shooting great globs of semen at their
As I tried to aim the jets of cum at them Kelly
and Lisa leaned back so that the later, and weaker
spurts were landing on their stomachs. As the last
drops of cum oozed from the end of my prick Lisa
leaned forward and licked, then sucked the remnants
into her mouth. Turning to Kelly, Lisa opened her
mouth, put her tongue out and they touched their
lips together as they shared the taste of me. After
just a moment of working their tongues together they
separated and, sitting back on their heels, facing
each other they began to search for the semen
sticking to their bodies. As they found each sticky
area they spread it out as far as it would go and
then they would offer their hands to the other to
be licked. As they reached the small splashes that
had landed on their lower bodies they rubbed their
fingers through the semen and passed them down
between the lips of their cunts, rubbing their own
clitty as they did so. I sat and watched in
wonderment as they both began to masturbate
themselves, sitting back with their eyes closed as
they brought on a quick orgasm using the thought
of having cum soaked fingers inside them. After a
few minutes recovering Kelly and Lisa got to their
feet and stood close together, nipple to nipple,
kissing each other on their cum soaked faces.
"Shall we have a shower and get to bed clean or do
you intend waking up stuck to each other?" I asked.
"We'll have a shower so long as you wash us Uncle
Jack, I don't think I have the strength" said Kelly
"Me too" said Lisa and they each grabbed an arm,
pulled me to my feet and dragged me to the bathroom
where we had the first joint shower that didn't end
in me having sex with either of them.
After I had dried and powdered them in turn they
did the same for me and we strolled back to the
bedroom with my arms round them both and theirs
around me. I got into bed and Kelly and Lisa got
in, one each side of me, both cuddled up close and
we all drifted off to sleep.
I awoke next morning to find Lisa and Kelly
sitting up in bed with Jenny and Susan, drinking
tea and apparently discussing what had gone on the
previous night. "I could tell from the noise you
were making that you were enjoying it" said Jenny,
"I'm just glad you didn't wake me up though"
said Susan who was sitting facing me, her legs
crossed giving me a glimpse of her down covered
pussy "I was so tired after such a wonderful
evening I really needed a good nights sleep".
"And how do you feel this morning miss?" I said
as I took the cup of tea Jenny was offering me.
"All yummy and sticky 'cos I didn't have a
shower before I went to bed, I wanted to wait 'til
you could come with me and wash your sticky cum off
my body" said Susan with a huge smile on her face.
"What have you been teaching these children of
yours Jenny" I said, "They're having some good
ideas of their own by the sound of it" Jenny
replied "So how about you do what she asked and
then come and have some breakfast, it won't take
long so don't get too involved will you" "Quick as
a flash darling, I promise" I said as I got out of
I took Susan by the hand and we walked side by side
to the bathroom where I was almost clinical in my
washing of her. Almost I said, I must admit that I
did take a little time washing the lower half of
her body, especially as she leaned against the
tiled wall with her legs spread wide as I was
rubbing my soapy hand between her legs. "Put your
finger inside me please Uncle Jack " she whispered
"I want to feel it going right in as deep as it
will go". I did as she asked, kissing her as I
pressed my finger, very slowly, deep into her tight
young cunt, feeling her tensing the muscles of her
vaginal wall as it finally stopped. As I removed my
finger I felt her tremble as I said "Come on young
lady, breakfast is waiting and if we don't appear
soon we'll have your mother come looking for us".
Susan gave me a quick hug, "I don't care Uncle
Jack, in fact I'd love to have her watch while you
made love to me, and I mean just watch, not join
us or anything". "Really" I said "And what gave you
that idea?" "Well... I was listening to you and mom
the other night and I thought, if it was so good
for her I'd like to have been peeping as you did
whatever it was you did to her. The thought of
watching you make love to somebody made me feel all
sexy as I lay in bed and I just thought it would
make mom feel the same if she was watching us,
that's all.." with that she finished getting
dressed and went to the kitchen leaving me to
ponder what might be as I dried myself off and got
dressed ready for my own breakfast.
We spent the morning just lazing on the shore of
the lake. Lisa, Kelly and Susan went for a swim,
this time wearing Bikini's rather than in the nude,
whilst Jenny and I lay on a rug side by side
soaking up some sunshine. As we lay there I told
Jenny about Susan's fantasy. "It does seem as if
she has a very active imagination" I said as I
propped myself up on one elbow.*
Jenny turned to look at me "I'd hate to think what
she might have been like after her attack, if you
hadn't been there for her" she said in a subdued
voice "I'm so glad that I let you do what you did
in making her understand all men are not beasts and
that she can love someone without it hurting". I
lowered my head and kissed her gently. "There was
no way I could do anything else" I said gently, "I
did it as much for you as for her, and I'll freely
admit that in the end I did enjoy it, as I suppose
any man would enjoy having a sexual experience with
a girl as young as Susan, you know what animals we
all are!". Jenny put an arm round my neck and
pulled my head down 'til our lips met in a long
passionate kiss. "I love you so much" she whispered
"Why couldn't you have been around when I was first
getting interested in boys, my life would have been
so much better". I smiled wickedly, "Not likely" I
said "If I'd been there then Lisa and Susan would
have ended up as my daughters and have been out of
bounds, and don't forget it was only because of
Lisa being my lover that we came together and fell
in love". "I know darling, and I'm so happy that it
all happened the way it did, I never realised what
it meant to love someone like you, let alone the
way I've come to love Lisa and Susan, it's just so
wonderful I feel like crying every time I think
about it."
I gently kissed away the tears that appeared in the
corners of her eyes. "I must admit that a year ago
when I was still pining over Meg leaving me I
thought I was completely finished with women, that
was so obvious it was the reason that Trish,
Kelly's mother, had no doubts about letting her
stay with me while she was in university, I wasn't
the threat to a young girls honour that a youth of
eighteen or twenty was. What a mistake that was,
although we'll go to the ends of the earth to make
sure she never knows what has happened". I took a
deep breath "My life's changed so much in the past
few weeks I'd do anything to have it stay this
way". Jenny kissed me once more "Stop being so
morbid you big lug" she said gruffly "There's
nothing that can happen that will come between us,
not now we've discovered such happiness, together
and as a family, the only problem we will have soon
and that is when Kelly has to go home to her
"Yeah, that's something I've been meaning to talk
to you about, I think we'll all have to sit down
this evening and thrash out what we are going to do
about it". "Is there a problem sweetheart" she said
in a worried tone "I thought you'd got it all
sorted out with Kelly's parents" "I have, the
problem is that Kelly isn't actually keeping her
side of the bargain, and I'm not blaming her for
that, we've been so wrapped up in ourselves this
last four weeks that I've not had the time to get
her to do the work she promised to do. I had hoped
that Lisa might have worked with Kelly but again
I've not got round to asking her". Jenny got up on
to her knees. "Let's not put this off any longer,
we'll got back to the cabin now and sit Kelly and
Lisa down and give them a good talking to, right?"
I smiled at her "I do love it when you're forceful"
"OK sweetheart you get the girls and I'll go and
prepare lunch, then we can get things sorted out,
see you in ten minutes" I said, and she gave me a
quick kiss as she picked up the rug and walked back
to the cabin. I walked down to the waters edge and
saw that Kelly and Lisa and Susan were standing in
water that came to just above their waists, I
called them to come in and get dried and thought
they were going to argue when I saw them put their
heads together for a moment and then dunk down 'til
they were up to their shoulders. I need not have
worried as they immediately stood back up and
started to walk towards where I stood on the shore.
When they were only about ten feet from the waters
edge they were still waist deep in water and as I
saw them walking side by side towards me I turned
to walk towards the tree-line a few yards away. I
had only taken a couple of steps before I heard
Susan call out "Uncle Jack". I stopped and turned
round to see what was wrong and was confronted with
a trio of naked young bottoms being displayed above
legs a few inches apart at the feet and locked
knees giving them as near a perfect form as
I quickly recovered my senses and took the few
quick steps that brought me close enough for me to
give each of them a firm slap on the bottom.
"That's just for starters young ladies. I'm going
to give all of you a spanking for teasing me like
that, all you have to do between now and bed time
is to decide in what order you come, bearing in
mind that the first gets it harder but shorter than
the last, now get dressed and come back to the
cabin as we have something important to say to
you". With that I walked back to the cabin trying
to get my hardening penis into a comfortable
position after what I had just been shown.*
While we waited for the girls to join us I told
Jenny what they had just done and wasn't too
surprised when she laughed. "Well, my love, I knew
they were cooking something up between them, and I
knew it'd be something nice, and, knowing you as
well as they do by now, I suppose that is one of
your favourite ways of being turned on, isn't it?"
"You know it is, and of course so do they, as it is
I've told them they are to report to me this
evening, after dinner, one at a time for a
spanking". "Wow, and what did they say?" "I didn't
give them time to say anything, I just told them
that they were to work out in what order they were
to be spanked and left it at that, do you mind if I
spank Lisa and Susan?" "Not in this sort of
situation darling, if it had been a punishment for
something they had do that was actually BAD, I
don't think a spanking is the right thing to do,
but as it's a.. well.. sort of.. SEX thing I
suppose it's sort of like foreplay, or teasing, in
fact just like the way they teased you by showing
you their bottoms when they knew full well what it
would do to you. NO, I don't mind you spanking Lisa
and Susan, in fact I'd like to get in on the act by
helping you, how can we do that?"
By this time Jenny was pressing herself up tight to
me and rubbing her crotch on my thigh she was so
worked up at thinking about what was going to be
happening that evening. I briefly sketched out a
scenario to her that would involve her intimately,
give us both a good deal of pleasure and at the
same time teach the girls a lesson with regards to
teasing. If the girls noticed the damp spot that
had appeared on Jenny's skirt where she had been
rubbing her damp pussy on my leg, nothing was said.
I must admit that they all seemed to be a little
apprehensive at what I'd said to them on the lake
shore. Lunch therefore was a quiet affair and as
soon as it was over Lisa and Kelly offered to clear
everything away and help Susan to do the dishes.
While this was being done Jenny and I just sat at
the table and chatted between ourselves ostensibly
planning what we would be doing for the rest of the
week. Eventually Lisa, Kelly and Susan came and sat
at the table opposite where Jenny and I were
sitting. Swallowing hard, as if she were in serious
trouble Kelly was the first to speak, "Err.. what's
the problem Uncle Jack, have we done something we
shouldn't, 'cos if we have we can't think what it
can be" "I'm sorry my love, did I give the
impression you were all in trouble, that's my
fault, I should have been more careful about the
way I say things. No, you're not all in trouble so
stop worrying Lisa and Susan, you two are off the
hook." This brought a sigh of relief from them both
but made Kelly look even more worried. "As for you
Kelly I'm going to give you a chance to redeem
yourself, and start keeping the promise you made to
me some weeks ago that allowed you to stay with me
and not go home, remember?" Her hand went to her
mouth "Oh Uncle Jack I'm so sorry, I've been so
happy with what has been happening lately that it
completely slipped my mind." I put up a hand to
silence her. "I know my love and I'm as much to
blame, BUT, I did make a promise to your mother,
based on your promise to me and I think that you
should make some attempt to do some work before you
go back to university, don't you?" Kelly nodded,
got up from her chair and came and sat on my lap,
"I'm sorry Uncle Jack, and I promise that I'll do
at least an hours work every morning starting
tomorrow, will that be OK?" "That's OK by me my
love" I said and gave her a hug as she gave me a
quick kiss and went back to her seat.
"I think that a little extra school work would do
Lisa a bit of good too, don't you young lady" said
Jenny, looking across to her daughter, "After all
you'll have nothing to do while Kelly is working,
will you?" Lisa smiled "Yeah OK Mom, I get the
picture, I'll do the same as Kelly, after all we
are doing the same course and we can help each
other out" I looked at Jenny and gave her a wink.
"What about Susan?" I said "Should we have her
doing chores around the house and garden while
Kelly and Lisa are doing homework?" Susan jumped to
her feet "NO WAY" she shouted "I'd sooner be doing
homework the same as Lisa and Kelly, I bet they
have something I could work on that's not too hard
for me. Please Kelly say yes" "Weeelll... I suppose
I could find something for you..."; having Susan
wrapped round her stopped her from completing what
she was saying. "Right" I said in as stern a voice
as I could manage "While Jenny and I have a quiet
couple of hours on our own I suggest you three go
and sort out what homework you will be doing over
the next few weeks, and I do mean real work not
just reading any old book, now GO!"*
For the first time in a few days Jenny and I had a
chance to sit together on a sofa and have a quiet
discussion. We realised that we still hadn't
disposed of my house, although that was in the
hands of an agent. We also needed to sort something
out about Jenny's job. I wanted her to quit, after
all I had a very good income, more than enough for
the five of us, and I had never liked the idea of
my wife working. Jenny did point out that I'd not
wanted Meg to work and look what happened! OK, I
said point taken keep on working if it means you
won't run off. I brought up the subject of sex, I
pointed out that all the time I'd been having sex
with Jenny, Kelly and Lisa and Susan I'd never used
any form of protection. Jenny was momentarily
horrified as she realised what I was saying. "Do
you mean that you might have got one of us
pregnant?" she asked. "Not a chance sweetheart, I
had a vasectomy some years ago, in fact it was a
couple of months before Meg walked out on me, and
I'd done it for her benefit, damn her eyes" I
paused, "No, I mean that if Kelly and Lisa and
Susan get used to having sex with me without using
a condom they may forget about it when they have
sex with a boyfriend". "I see what you mean, do you
want to start using one in future, after all it's
not quite the same for you is it?" "That's not the
point darling, if it would make a difference I'd
use one all the time, but I honestly don't think it
would, not just now. I do think that it would be a
good idea if you had a motherly talk to them, Kelly
included if you would, and stress the importance of
not having unprotected sex outside the family".
Jenny smiled, "It'll mean that I'll have to
demonstrate the method and use of said item, are
you volunteering to be a model?" "Only if they all
get a chance to practice on me afterwards" I said
with a bigger grin on my face. "You just like to be
fondled by young girls don't you?" I kissed her
"Yes, my love, almost as much as I like to be
fondled by you" So saying I leaned back in the
corner of the sofa, pulled Jenny close to me and
just lay there with her head on my shoulder and one
hand resting on her breast. We lay there for quite
some time, and must have dozed off because I found
myself waking with the smell of something cooking
assailing my nostrils.
As I moved to sit up I disturbed Jenny who also sat
up. "What's going on Jack?" she asked. "It looks as
if dinner is being almost ready, shall we
investigate?" As we walked into the kitchen Lisa
looked up "Bother!" she exclaimed "We were hoping
to have it all ready before you woke up, now you've
spoiled the surprise". "Never mind sweetheart"
said Jenny " It was a lovely thought and we both
appreciate it, but isn't it just a little bit early
for dinner?" "Yes.. well.. we thought it best to
get it done early with what... Errrr... I mean with
us being spanked this evening and everything.."
"Mmmm.. I see, OK you finish getting dinner ready
and Uncle Jack and I will get the rest sorted out".
Jenny took me by the hand and guided me into our
bedroom where she pulled me down to sit on the edge
of the bed. "Have you got something we can use as a
blindfold and to tie their hands behind them
darling?" She asked. "Well, I have some ties we can
use for their hands and I suppose a cravat will do
as a blindfold, we only need one don't we?" Jenny
nodded as I got up to get the articles from my
closet. We spent a few minutes arranging the
furniture for the spanking session, ensuring that
we made quite a bit of noise as we did so. Very
soon we heard Kelly calling out that dinner was
ready and we went back to the kitchen, sat down and
ate what was a well prepared meal.
After dinner Jenny and I went back into the bedroom
while the girls cleared up the kitchen. It wasn't
long before they joined us and, standing side by
side in front of Jenny and I they looked very
apprehensive. "We're ready Uncle Jack" said Lisa in
a slightly tremulous voice. I looked at Jenny and
nodded as I got up and walked out of the room. As
we had arranged Jenny told the girls to follow her
and instructed Kelly to go into one of the two,
unused, single bedrooms, Lisa was put in the other
and Susan was told to go into the one the girls
were sharing. As soon as the girls were in place
and had been instructed to stay where they were
until called, she went into the room where Kelly
was sitting and gave her instructions as to her
dress. Kelly was to remove all she was wearing
except for a blouse, a skirt and her panties. As
soon as Kelly had done as she was told Jenny went
behind her and covered her eyes with my cravat.
When sure that Kelly could not see she tied her
wrists behind her and told her to start walking. *
Jenny guided Kelly into our bedroom which was in
darkness with the exception of a light shining on
the chair on which I was sitting. This was an
upright chair without arms and with a seat that
just allowed me to place my feet flat on the floor.
Jenny guided Kelly to stand by the side of my legs,
told her to bend from the waist and, when Kelly was
positioned over my lap, was told to bend her knees.
As Kelly began to lower herself I put a hand under
her hips and guided her down to where she lay
across my lap, one of my legs under her hips and
the other supporting her rib cage just below her
breasts, after all I may want to fondle them during
the spanking. "Lift her skirt please Jenny" I said
in a quiet voice. Jenny took hold of the hem of
Kelly's skirt and slowly drew it up, over her
bottom until the hem was laying just above the
waistband. "Remove her panties now please Jenny" I
continued and when they were off and laying on the
floor I said "Now please open Kelly's legs a little
and display her to me as she did this morning".
Jenny knelt between Kelly's feet, put her hands
between Kelly's knees and prised them as far apart
as she could. "Kelly, as my hand comes into contact
with your bottom you will count, if you miss one
you will have ten added, do you understand?" Kelly
could do no more than nod her head and so I brought
my hand down with a sharp slap on her buttocks
"One" said Kelly as she have a gasp of pain,
"Two"..."Three". Kelly had counted to ten before I
stopped. As she lay there breathing heavily and
giving little silent sobs I gently ran a finger
over her puffy pussy lips to find that they were
very wet. I signalled to Jenny to do the same and
as Kelly felt Jenny's touch she jumped. Placing a
hand on Kelly's breasts I pressed upwards as I told
her to stand. Jenny helped her to her feet, guided
her to one side of the bedroom where the blindfold
was removed and her wrists were freed.
"Lay down on the floor Kelly" instructed Jenny. As
Kelly lay on the floor Jenny told her to place her
hands behind her head and to bend her knees so that
her feet were flat on the floor. Kelly soon
realised that this would have the effect of
displaying her shaved cunt and tried to press her
knees together but Jenny forced them open and told
her to stay like that until she was told to move.
We treated Lisa in exactly the same way for the
spanking and afterwards she was laid beside Kelly
in the same manner. When Susan was brought in to
the bedroom, tied and blindfolded it was clear that
she was frightened. As she was laid over my lap
with her bottom exposed I placed my hand on it and
asked in a gentle voice "Susan, do you deserve the
same treatment as Lisa and Kelly or are you a
little girl being led astray?" It took her a
minute to think about it "I deserve the same as
Lisa and Kelly because it was me that suggested we
do it, it's my fault that Lisa and Kelly have been
spanked and I'm so sorry I got them in trouble".
As she finished speaking she began to cry. "Quiet
young lady, I'll not have you cry before I've
finished spanking you so stop now or you'll get
extra slaps as a punishment." Susan took a deep
breath and gave a deep sigh as she struggled to
control herself. As soon as she was silent Jenny
and I went through the same ritual as we had with
Kelly and Lisa. I gave Susan the same ten spanks,
although I must admit they were not quite as hard
as Lisa and Kelly had received. As soon as Susan
was laid down beside Kelly and Lisa Jenny came over
to me and whispered "Are you as ready as I am my
love?" and she took my hand and placed it beneath
her skirt to rest on her pussy. Ready? I should
think so, she was sopping wet and her lips were
puffed up like balloons. I kissed her and whispered
what do you think as I placed one of her hands on
the crotch of my pants. "Lets go then" said Jenny
and stripped her clothes off as I stood up and did
the same.
As we stood there naked I reached over and
switched on the main room light, put my arm round
Jenny and we walked over to the chair we had used
in the spankings. I sat down and Jenny sat on my
lap facing me, guiding my tent-pole of a prick into
her cunt as she lowered herself on to my legs.
Completely ignoring the fact that Kelly and Lisa
and Susan were laying on the floor a couple of feet
away from us, and able to see all that was going
on, we had a nice long leisurely fuck that ended in
us having a loud mutual orgasm that we later
discovered amazed all three of the girls. As we sat
there in a state of post coital bliss I looked over
Jenny's shoulder and saw Kelly and Lisa and Susan
sitting up watching us. As this was our original
intention I ignored them and quietly whispered to
Jenny that the girls seemed to be ready. Jenny sat
up a little and we kissed long and passionately,
caressing each other as we did so.*
After what seemed an age Jenny stood in front of
Kelly and Lisa and Susan and said in a gentle voice
"You wanted to exhibit yourselves to Uncle Jack,
and you've just seen what it will do. The same
thing will happen to any man that you tease in this
manner so just remember to think before you do
anything like it again." She paused for a moment as
she saw that all three girls were more interested
in my still stiff penis. "As you have all been so
adult about being spanked, Lisa and Susan, you can
take it in turns cleaning Uncle Jack's penis for
him, but use your tongues only and make sure you
share equally, Kelly you can come and clean me up".
Suddenly I found myself besieged by a pair of soft
warm tongues as Lisa and Susan lapped up mine and
Jenny's love juices. I looked over and saw Jenny
laying on the edge of the bed with Kelly's head
buried between her legs. As Lisa and Susan finished
cleaning me up I stood up and, taking them by the
arm walked them over to the bed as Kelly was pushed
off by Jenny. Kelly stood there with a lot of the
juices from Jenny's cunt still glistening on the
face. "Lisa and Susan you may take it in turns to
kiss Kelly and remove some of the cum from her
lips". As they were doing so I helped Jenny to her
feet and we stood arm in arm watching until they
had finished. I took each of the girls in my arms
and kissed them passionately as I ordered them to
bed. Susan held on longest of all and put all she
had into our kiss. As I gently forced her to stand
back and ended our kiss she whispered "I do love
you so Uncle Jack", turned and ran from the room.
Alone at last Jenny and I got into bed, too tired
even to have a shower. "What a wonderful evening
that was Jack, I think all three of them enjoyed it
despite having their bottoms warmed by your hand".
"Why not ask them in the morning, if they did enjoy
it we'll have to do it again but in a more
ritualised way, so we all know what's going to
happen and the punishment aspect is just pretend,
while the foreplay aspect is real because it will
always end in sex at least for some of us, does
that sound OK to you?" "I do love the ideas you
have darling, of course it's OK with me, and I
think it'll be OK with Lisa and Kelly at least, and
maybe Susan as well" with that we wrapped ourselves
in each others arms and drifted off to sleep.
Jenny and I slept late the next morning, it was
past eleven before we emerged from our bed and
mid-day before we appeared, dressed, before the
rest of the family. As I entered the den with a cup
of coffee in my hand I was astounded to see Lisa,
Kelly and Susan with their heads buried in text
books. "And how are you three this morning?" I
asked as I sat down in an arm chair "Sore" said
Lisa "You've got a hard hand Uncle Jack, I can
hardly sit down" this brought a giggle from Susan
and a hiss of "Shhh" from Kelly. I decided not to
respond to this and just sat there watching the
three of them as they worked away at whatever it
was they were doing. I must have dozed off for a
short while because I was woken by the feel of
someone sitting on my lap and kissing me. I soon
realised that it was Susan and as I opened my eyes
I could see that Lisa and Kelly had left the room.
Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a kiss and a
cuddle with a foxy young thing I responded to
Susan's ministrations by putting my arms round her
and pressing her to my chest. When eventually she
finished kissing me Susan lay her head on my
shoulder and said softly " It's time for lunch
Uncle Jack, do you want some food or would you
rather eat me, 'cos I'd let you, you know. Feel my
panties, see how damp they are and that's just
sitting here for a minute. You make me feel so sexy
whenever I look at you I imagine I'm sitting on
your lovely hard penis while you kiss my breasts."
I couldn't resist doing as she asked and sure
enough her panties were sopping wet. "I suggest you
go and change into something clean and dry young
lady" I said as I lifted her from my lap. "I wonder
if your mother knows what's going on, I think you
should have a quiet talk with her about your
feelings. I promise she won't be angry, she might
even have some ideas".
I spun her round and gave her a light tap on the
bottom "Go and get changed and let's eat" I said
and went through to the kitchen. Lunch was on the
table and I sat down opposite Jenny giving her a
wink and a smile "Susan will be here in a minute,
lets not wait, I'm starving" and I began to tuck in
to the food on the table. After lunch I went back
to the den and continued where I had left off,
having a quiet doze. I was amazed at how much had
been taken out of me over the past few days. I'd
never had so much sex, not just sex but the
greatest sex of all time, and it was wearing me
I only had myself to blame of course, and, as I
sat there I started to think of ways to spread it
out. After all there was no way that I was going
to say NO to Jenny, after all she was my wife. I'd
also have a job repulsing Kelly and Lisa, they were
just too good, both at sex and as a pair of nice to
know girls. Susan was another problem. Since her
attack she'd attached herself to me like a limpet.
Jenny, Lisa and Kelly had all encouraged me to be
with Susan as much as possible when we had found
that she was no longer frightened of me. It had
made a difference. Susan was no longer frightened
to go out on her own to places where she might meet
'men'. She still hated to be out on her own when it
was getting dark but we all did our best to ensure
that never happened. NO, the problem is that,
having been introduced to sex, as a sixteenth
birthday present, Susan had become almost
insatiable. It was she that had suggested the
'mooning' episode that got them all spanked, it was
she that was always asking to have sex with me,
although I must admit she was always very discrete
about it. Any chance she had she would kiss me and
hug me, again she wasn't blatant about it, but took
every opportunity she could to touch me. I guess
I'd made a rod for my own back and would have to
live with the consequences.

I suppose there were any number of guys that would
love to be in my position, having a loving wife
that didn't object to me having sex with her
daughters and their friend, so I made my mind up to
just take things as they came in future. Jenny was
the next one to wake me. I must admit I did like
the way all of them woke me up with their kisses.
As I sat up and opened my eyes I saw that we were
alone, I won't say for a change, that would be
untrue, but it had been the norm recently for at
least one of the girls to be around. Jenny sat
beside me and offered me a cup of coffee. " I need
your full attention Jack" she said as she pressed a
cup into me hand. "OK lover, what's the problem?"
I asked. "It's this spanking thing we talked about,
it looks like we'll have a regular date, at least
with Lisa and Kelly, I'm not too sure about Susan
at the moment, she's still a bit sore from the last
one, I didn't realise she had such a tender bottom,
after all you didn't slap her as hard as you did
Lisa and Kelly 'cos I was there watching." "I guess
I'll have to be a bit more gentle with her in
future" I replied "Did the other two agree to a
full session like last night, or did anything upset
them?" "No, they both admitted that what you did
made them so hot all it would have taken is for you
to have touched their pussy's and they would have
had an orgasm. The thought of being laid out,
exposing themselves after being punished like that
was so erotic they couldn't believe what was
happening to them, and both Lisa and Kelly wanted
it to be the same again only they'd like to be
allowed to have an orgasm before they're finished
with. I think it only fair, especially if we're
going to make love as we did last night".
"Are you saying you'd want me to make love to Lisa
and Kelly after I've made love to you, or do you
mean I should bring them to orgasm and then make
love to you. If I have an orgasm when making love
to you I'll be of little use to them for some time,
you know how much I put into you. I could always
bring them off with a quick insertion and still
have all to give to you if you wouldn't object to
watching it?" Jenny gave a little shiver as she
thought over what I had said. "I told you last
night that I loved the ideas you have darling, and
to assisting in a spanking session, then have you
bring Lisa and Kelly to orgasm immediately before
making long slow love to me is something I'd be
willing to try, when shall we do it?". "Certainly
not tonight, my love, I don't think I'll have the
strength for three of you, anyway we have Susan to
sort out." "Hmmm... I agree, she came to me a while
ago and told me how she felt about you. She was
very upset because she thinks she'll be coming
between us. I assured her that wouldn't happen,
mainly because we can sort things out if we try."

I squeezed her hand, "How do you suggest we do
that. Just before lunch she asked me to feel her
panties, and believe me they were sopping wet from
just thinking about making love to me." Jenny
smiled "Yeah, she told me that too, that's one of
the things that worries her. It's also something
that worries me, but not for the same reason. She
could sort things out by making frequent use of a
mechanical aid. That's something I tried for a long
time when I was first on my own, and I'd hate for
Susan to become dependent on a rubber dildo. The
other alternative is for her to have a discrete few
minutes with you to satisfy her urges." Jenny
paused to see what my reaction was to this
suggestion, but I forced myself to keep a straight
face. "Yes, well anyway I think under the
circumstances the last way will be the best, not
just for you, I know you'll enjoy every minute of
it, but for Susan, because I think she'll soon get
over it."*
I looked at Jenny, "You really think this is only a
temporary thing, that with giving her the attention
she wants she'll soon get over it?" Jenny nodded
"Yes darling I think that when she realises that
she's not making a difference to us, and that she
doesn't have to worry about having these urges,
that she'll soon calm down and lead a normal,
average sex life, possibly with a boy of her own
age, in about two years. What I am saying to you is
that I accept that you may have to be fucking Susan
on a regular basis until she is eighteen, and can
legally have sex with a boyfriend. I'd rather that
happen than have her come home pregnant or with
some awful social disease." She took a deep breath,
"Susan agrees with me as well."
This was a bit of a bombshell for me. I'd expected
that as time passed I'd be having sex with Lisa,
Kelly and Susan on a less regular basis yet here
was my wife asking me to agree to making love to
her youngest daughter at least, on a regular basis
for at least two years. "Do you really mean that
darling" I said in a subdued voice "I mean, it's a
bit unusual to say the least. I'm not saying I
won't do it, of course I will if that's what you
want. I can understand why, and I admit to being
rather flattered about the whole thing. How will
Lisa react do you think?" "I think we'll have to
wait to find out, but if we keep on as we have
been, with us having the occasional group session,
and you occasionally making love to Lisa and Kelly
either singly or together I don't think we'll have
a problem." "That's fine, but when am I going to
get to fuck you if I'm spending all my time keeping
these three sex mad girls satisfied?" Jenny
laughed, "Don't you worry Jack, I'll find time even
if it means locking Kelly and Lisa and Susan in
their room for a day or two, NOW I think you ought
to do something about your youngest stepdaughter's
problem this very afternoon, while I take Kelly and
Lisa to the store for some groceries."
A few minutes later Jenny had got Lisa and Kelly in
the car and was on her way to do some shopping.
She'd promised to be out for at least a couple of
hours, which was going to be long enough for what I
had to do. It felt strange, and almost clinical,
the way I'd planned what to do, I just hoped Susan
was still as hot as she was earlier. I poked my
head in to the girls room and saw that she was
laying on her bed, on her stomach, her legs up and
her knees wide apart. This gave me a good view up
her skirt to her underwear. I could see that the
crotch of her panties was a little darker than the
part covering her soft smooth bottom and that it
had slipped between the lips of her young pussy. I
must have made a slight noise because she looked
over her shoulder and spotted me. She leapt to her
feet and ran across the room to throw herself into
my outstretched arms. I held her, one arm under the
shoulder blades and the other under her bottom, and
lifted her off the floor. With her held close to my
body I carried her over to her bed and sat down. As
I dropped to a sitting position Susan opened her
legs and ended up straddling my lap with her knees
on the bed each side of mine.
I took hold of her upper arms and gently pushed her
back so that she was resting her bottom on my
thighs. "I take it you know your mother has taken
Lisa and Kelly shopping, and that she's asked me to
come and help you relieve some of your
frustration." Susan nodded "Yes Uncle Jack, we had
a talk about us having sex, she said I mustn't be
too greedy 'cos there's Lisa and Kelly to think
about as well as Mom. Errr... she also said you'll
teach me about making love so I know how not to
get pregnant with the first boy I have sex with. Is
it easy to get pregnant Uncle Jack, I mean how come
it's not happened to Kelly and Lisa 'cos I know you
have been having sex with them for a long time?"
Very briefly I explained what she was asking about
and at the end I said "What I want you to do now is
to slowly undo the buttons of your shirt, and show
me your wonderful breasts. " I leaned back to rest
on my hands as Susan opened up her shirt to the
waist. Slowly she pulled it out from the waistband
of her skirt and dropped it off her shoulders to
leave her breasts exposed to my gaze. I have always
loved the shape of her tits, about the size and
shape of half a lemon with a nipple like the stub
of a pencil surmounting each one. I lowered my lips
to her left breast and began sucking as much as I
could into my mouth. My left hand I used to roll
her right nipple and squeeze and stroke her breast.
I spent some time working on her breasts, changing
over lips and fingers a number of times. My spare
hand I used to caress her lower back and to run
under her bottom to stroke her cunt through her
sopping wet panties.*
After a while I used my fingers to shove aside the
crotch of her underwear and bare her cunt. I used
two fingers to part her lower lips and allowed my
middle finger to slip into her vaginal passage. As
my finger slipped into her she strained to tighten
her muscles to hold it in place. I wouldn't allow
that to happen however and quickly removed it.
Slowly I pushed my hand further under her until I
could place two fingers on her clitoris where I
began to massage it as gently as I could. Susan
placed her lips to my ear, "Please fuck me Uncle
Jack, I want to feel you inside me, hot and stiff
and throbbing as I work myself against your body."
I removed my fingers from her cunt, released her
breast and used both hands to push down the jogging
pants I was wearing to half way down my thighs. As
my prick was released from the constraints of my
pants it sprang up to slap against Susan's inner
thighs. She lifted herself up on to her knees
slipped one hand down between our bodies and
grasped the base of my manhood. As if by magic
she aimed the head of my pulsating prick straight
to her vaginal opening. As soon as she felt it
touch her she lowered herself on to it. As
the head passed between her cunt lips Susan took
her hand away and rammed her body down on to my
thighs. She gave a gasp of pain as my prick
breached her vaginal passage, not because there was
anything in the way, but because of the speed with
which it passed into her body.

Susan put her arms around my back and her head on
my shoulder as she worked her hips in a thrusting
motion on and off my penis. I placed my left hand
in between her shoulder blades to hold her tight
and prevent her from falling. My right hand I
passed under the hem of her skirt until I was
touching her panty covered bottom. Finding the
waistband I inserted my hand and pressed down until
I could slip a finger between the cheeks of her
bottom. Keeping my hand moving in time with the
thrusts of her hips I moved it further down until I
was able to touch her anus. As soon as she felt my
finger on her puckered rosehole Susan froze. I
heard her take a sharp intake of breath as she
pressed down hard on to my legs and opening her
legs as far as she could she arched her back so
that the openness of her buttocks was emphasised.
Very slowly I inserted my middle finger into her
bottom as far as the second knuckle and began to
move it about in a slow circular manner. I had not
been doing this for too long before Susan gave a
loud cry and tightened her grip with her arms.
She jerked her hips so hard she forced herself
off my finger and it was only by holding her down
with my left arm that she did not fall off my prick
on to the floor. Time after time she jerked her
hips as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through
her young body. I held her tight to my body until
I felt her relax and quieten down. Very slowly I
lay myself back until I could move Susan's legs
and allow her to lay full stretch on top of me.
As she lay there she still had my prick inside
her and I could feel her grasping it with her
vaginal muscles.

After a few minutes I rolled on to my side and lay
Susan on to her back. I got up and covered her with
a sheet as she lay there, eyes closed and hugging
herself tight. I placed a gentle kiss on her lips
and left the room to allow her to relax for a
while. Susan soon joined me in the kitchen, she had
removed her panties and was just wearing her short
skirt as she came over to me. "Uncle Jack, why
didn't you cum inside me like I asked?" I kissed
her gently "Well you were in no fit state to feel
anything after you'd had that orgasm so I decided
to wait for a few minutes for you to recover and
then I'd see what we could do to allow me to fill
you with my semen." Susan took me by the hand and
pulled me along to her bedroom. She pulled my
jogging pants down to the floor and lifted each
foot so she could remove them completely. This left
me completely naked and with a growing erection.
Slowly Susan turned to face the bed, moved close so
her knees were touching the mattress and bent down
so her forehead was touching the covers. She braced
herself with one hand and the other she used to
lift the hem of her skirt up so that she bared her
self to me. Susan looked back under her arms at my
rising penis. "Uncle Jack, please fuck me, press
your wonderful penis into me and shoot all your
wonderful hot sticky semen deep into my womb" I
stepped forward, pressed the head of my prick
through her pussy lips and thrust it deep into her
body. I was so close to an orgasm it took just ten
strokes and I was shooting wad after wad of semen
as deep into Susan as I possible could. When I had
shot the last of my cum into her I grasped her hips
and pulled her tight to my body and held her there
for a few minutes.*
As I stepped back and removed my prick from her
cunt she stood up with her legs together, turned
round to face me and whispered "Please Uncle Jack,
carry me to the shower, I can't walk or I'll be
spilling your cum all over the floor." Quickly I
took her in my arms and carried her to the
bathroom. I let her down in the shower and stood
back as she leaned against the cool tiles and
opened her legs. As she did so I could see a
glistening stream of semen flow out of her vagina
and run down the inside of her legs. Susan placed
one hand between her legs and scoop some of the
liquid on to her fingers and watched as she placed
them in her mouth and suck them dry. "You taste so
wonderful Uncle Jack, I just couldn't allow it all
to go to waste, will you come and have a shower
with me now please?" Half an hour later we were
sitting in the den watching tv when Jenny, Lisa and
Kelly came back from their shopping trip. Dumping
their bags on the kitchen table Kelly popped her
head through the door "Want to come an see what
we've got Sue, see you in the bedroom." As Susan
got up Jenny came into the den, "Every thing OK
Susan, do you feel better now?" Susan gave Jenny a
big hug. "Mmmm.. yes Mom, I'm fine, Uncle Jack was
wonderful and I can't thank you enough for what you
did." Jenny kissed her tenderly "That's OK darling
just don't get too greedy in future and learn to
take your turn or Uncle Jack will be worn out and
no good to any of us, understand?" Susan nodded and
ran out of the room Jenny came and sat down beside
me and wrapped her arms round me.

After a few minutes spent kissing me in a manner
designed to get me aroused she leaned back on the
sofa and said "Well, was it good? Did she enjoy it
and did you enjoy it?" I smiled "Yes, Yes and Yes."
"What's that supposed to mean" she retorted "It's
supposed to mean that yes it was good, yes Susan
did enjoy it and yes I enjoyed it as well, but then
that's what was supposed to happen any way, wasn't
it?" Jenny smiled, "Of course it was darling, all I
hope is that she's been satisfied enough to leave
off for a little while at least, after all I want
some of you and from what Lisa and Kelly were
saying while we were out they also want some, and
very soon." I took Jenny in my arms and very
tenderly kissed her. "My darling I am a fairly fit,
middle aged sort of guy, and I reckon to be able to
hold my own where sex is concerned, at least I
thought I could, until I met you four wonderful
sexy ladies. As it is now I am afraid I'll have to
ration my attentions so that I can give the girls
what they want but always have plenty left for
you." I took a deep breath "If it means that by
having sex with Kelly and Lisa and Susan I'll be
too exhausted to be able to make love to you at any
time, I'll have to start saying NO to the girls, at
least some times." Jenny hugged me tight, "I don't
think we need do that my love, I rather like the
idea of having a threesome, with one of the girls
joining us, that way we all get as much as we can,
you're never so exhausted that you fail us and no
one gets jealous."
"That sound like a good idea darling, shall we draw
up a rota? What about if one of you want a one to
one, like Susan today, shall we roster that in, and
what about if Lisa and Kelly want a quick threesome
with me?" I smiled as I said this, and luckily
Jenny realise I was joking. "Well I admit that put
that way you do have a lot on your plate, no
darling I was thinking more along the lines that
perhaps we could have one of the girls sleep with
us once a week. They could take it in turns to come
on alternate nights, that would leave four nights
out of seven when we can take care of any other
problems that might arise."
As we lay back on the sofa in each others arms I
caressed Jenny's breasts through her shirt. "What
other problems do you have in mind" I asked. "Well,
when Susan and I were having our chat about her
feelings for you, she did bring up the subject of
her having you cum in her bottom, she told me you
had got her to where she could take three fingers
without it hurting, and also that you told her she
was ready. Now she seems to want it even more, and
I don't know what to do about it, I mean, I don't
see how I can insist on her not having it when Lisa
and I both give our bottoms to you, and I am sure
that Kelly does the same. It's just that with her
being so young still I feel its not quite right, do
you understand what I'm saying darling?"
"Perfectly, and I do agree with what you say, the
thing is, is she likely to go and experiment with
some boy she picks up at school, rather than wait
'til she's older?" "I hadn't thought of that" said
Jenny with a worried look on her face "I should
hate for her to get hurt mentally and physically by
doing it that way." I kissed her on the top of her
head, it being the only bit I could reach, "Let's
forget about it for now, sweetheart, we can work
something out in the next couple of weeks, right
now I'm starving and reckon it's time to do
something about dinner" *
Jenny pulled me down as I started to get to my
feet, "No need to worry, Kelly and Lisa have
decided that as it's our honeymoon they'll do all
the cooking, with Susan helping them, for the rest
of our stay here, and I know that's only another
four days but they were very insistent about it. I
have to say that since you've been around, Lisa and
Susan have been wonderful about doing thinks they
always complained about before. Things like washing
the dishes, clearing the table after a meal, and
best of all actually cooking meals. I tried for
years to get them to do it with no success. You
must be a miracle worker." "Flattery will get you
whatever you want woman, now stop talking about the
girls and come here and give me a kiss" so saying I
took her in my arms and started what teenagers
would call a snogging session. As we lay there in
each others arm with our lips locked together I
slipped my free hand down Jenny's body until I
could start to lift her skirt. As I got the hem up
to her hips I moved my hand to the waistband of her
panties. I could feel the soft lace edging as I
slid my hand between her soft warm skin and her
silky smooth underwear searching for her fur
covered mound. As my hand pressed on her Mons I
slipped a finger between her moist pussy lips and
worked it down 'til I was able to insert it into
her love canal. Very slowly I worked my finger in
and out of her cunt, pressing the heel of my hand
on the top of her lower lips in a circular motion
that was sure to excite her clitty. Jenny opened
her legs very slightly to enable me to move my hand
freely and in a very short space of time she was on
the verge of an orgasm. As I bent my head down to
nibble at her nipple through her shirt Jenny gave a
quiet cry of pleasure as her orgasm rippled through
her body.
It was just at that moment that Lisa came bursting
through the door, "Dinners ready, come on you two,
wake up...." she stopped in mid sentence as she
looked over the back of the sofa to find us locked
in a loving embrace. With a loud cry of
embarrassment she blushed bright red and dashed out
of the room, slamming the door behind her. Jenny
looked at me and after a few seconds she burst out
laughing. "Did you see how embarrassed she was,
after all the sex we've had together she still
blushed like a virgin" I had to admit that I also
saw the funny side of it and as we stood and
adjusted our clothes we went into the kitchen hand
in hand. We were both surprised to see that Lisa
wasn't at the table. Kelly told Jenny that she was
in the bedroom and had gone in there crying. " You
get on with your dinner, I'll go and see to Lisa."
Jenny murmured. It was a quarter of an hour before
Jenny and Lisa joined us at the dinner table. As
she walked round the table to her seat Lisa passed
behind me and paused to kiss me on the cheek and
whisper "Sorry Uncle Jack, I'll be more careful
next time." I smiled as I whispered back "Don't
worry about it my love." After dinner Jenny and I
removed ourselves to the den with a pot of coffee.
"I hope you're completely recovered from making
love to Susan my love" Jenny said as she poured the
coffee. "Why, what had you in mind, a night of
unbridled lust?" "How did you guess?" she replied.
"What, just you and me or are the girls all invited
to an orgy?" "You're reading my mind again Jack,
what are you a witch?" "OK dearest, stop messing
about and tell me what you are talking about, you
have me completely confused." "Well, it's like this
darling, when we were in town shopping Lisa and
Kelly and I decided that we wanted something to
make us feel special and Kelly and Lisa want to
show you what it is they bought. They also picked
out something for Susan that they're showing her
now, assuming they've finished cleaning up the
kitchen. All you have to do is sit there and tell
us what you think."
My imagination was working overtime as soon as
Jenny finished speaking. What had they bought, it
seemed obvious that it was clothes... still I guess
the only thing to do is sit back and wait. As I sat
there waiting I asked Jenny what she had bought.
She nuzzled up to my ear and whispered "I'll show
you later, when the girls aren't around, just
believe that it's something for us." "I can't wait"
I said and as I pulled Jenny to me so that I could
kiss her I heard the door to the den open behind
me. I started to turn round to see who was coming
in but Jenny placed her hands over my eyes and said
"Face the front and close your eyes 'til you're
told to open them." Not wanting to spoil whatever
treat was in store for me I did as I was told and
screwed them tight shut. After just a minute or so
Jenny said "OK darling you can open them now." What
a nice sight, there before me was Lisa and Kelly,
dressed in identical white T-shirts and short, in
fact very short Gym skirts. *
continued in Volume 1 Chapter 6.


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