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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

The thing was that the T-shirts they were wearing
were WET, they were so transparent that they almost
might not have been wearing anything. I knew their
breasts in the most intimate way possible but I'd
never seen them displayed in a more erotic manner.
The wet fabric adhered to every contour of the
girls upper bodies, I later thought that they must
have bought undersized garments and spent some time
moulding them around each others breasts as they
sprayed the water on. Whatever... it was the most
wonderful sight I had seen for a long time and
Jenny realised it as she placed her hand to cover
my stiffening prick. Lisa and Kelly began moving
their bodies about in a concerted effort to display
themselves to me, from all possible angles. After a
few moments of posing they turned to face each
other and stepped up close so that I could see them
touch their nipples together. Very slowly Kelly and
Lisa leaned in to each other and pressed their
breasts hard on the others so that they were almost
flattened. At this point they brought their lips
almost together and I saw the tips of their tongues
emerge and begin to flick out as if they were
touching each others nipples or pussies. All the
time Lisa and Kelly were doing this Jenny was
gently caressing my rigid prick through my jogging
pants. I could see that Kelly and Lisa were
beginning to get aroused from the expressions on
their faces and it was not long before they broke
away from their close stance. They both glanced my
way and saw what Jenny was doing, they smiled at
each other and together they turned to face away
from me. As one, and as if they had spent time
practising the move, Kelly and Lisa bent over and
touched their toes. As they had their feet together
I had a wonderful glimpse of the lower part of
their bottoms as their short skirts rode up.
They stayed in that position for just a few seconds
before standing up and turning to face me. The
girls moved a few inches apart and together they
undid the clasp holding their skirts up. Silently
the two scraps of material dropped to the floor to
land inn a pool at the girl feet. In unison they
took a step forward and opened their legs a little.
What a sight!! They weren't wearing panties, all
they had on was a G string that just covered the
lips of their cunts, displaying the little tufts of
fur I had left when I had shaved the pair of them.
The material of the 'garment' they wore was so
sheer that it might not have been there, I could
see every contour of both pussies, not just because
the material was so thin but both girls were so
aroused their juices were beginning to form a damp
spot. Slowly both Kelly and Lisa opened their legs
in order to give me a better look at what was on
show. As I sat there taking in the view Kelly and
Lisa turned their backs to me , opened their legs
and, locking their knees, bent over and touched
their toes. This time, with their legs being held
apart I got the full view of two cunts and two
anus's. I could also see the pair of thin threads
that connected the waist band to the fabric of the
G string as it passed either side of the girls cunt
and anus. I started to move forward so I could get
some part of me touching the bodies in front of me
but Jenny stopped me.
"Wait" she whispered "The show's not over yet" and
pressed me back on to the sofa. In a repeat of the
position they had been put in after I had spanked
them, Kelly and Lisa moved to the side of the room
and lay on the floor with their hands behind their
heads and their legs open and knees bent up. How I
managed to prevent myself from throwing myself on
one of them I don't know but I did as Jenny said
and sat back, wondering what was still to come. As
I sat there taking in the view offered by Lisa and
Kelly I heard the door open again and realised that
it must be Susan coming in. Very slowly she came to
stand in front of me and, in complete silence began
to undress. Susan was wearing a pure white shirt, a
white skirt and white ankle socks. As she undid the
buttons of the shirt I could see that she was also
wearing a sheer white bra. She removed the shirt
completely and I could see how thin the material of
her bra was. It was so sheer that I could see the
wonderful brown hue of her nipples as they pressed
against the thin material, as if trying to get out.
Dropping the shirt to one side Susan proceeded to
undo the clasp on the waistband of the white skirt.
As it came free she dropped the garment to the
floor and stood there in plain white panties as
sheer as her bra and showing me that she was as
aroused as her sister and Kelly, by the damp patch
forming in the crotch of her underwear. Slowly and
deliberately Susan opened her legs and thrust her
hips forward to give me the best view possible of
her sex. Pulling her legs together she spun round
and did the same with her panty covered bottom, a
thing that was almost as erotic as what Kelly and
Lisa had done. *
Standing up Susan turned to face me and undid the
front fastening of her bra, opening it wide to show
me her wonderful small round and firm breasts with
the rigid nipples topping them like cropped bolts.
Turning once more she faced away and, with her legs
slightly apart and straight, Susan slowly slid her
panties down to the floor, giving me the same show
as Kelly and Lisa had earlier. By this time I was
rampant, and the combination of having Susan strip
so soon after Kelly and Lisa had done so, and Jenny
having been caressing me all the time I was almost
ready to cum. I was not allowed to however as Jenny
whispered "Please hang on darling, the best is yet
to come, but you must hold on 'til I'm ready as
well." So saying she let go of my throbbing prick
and stood up. As she did so Susan stepped forward
and kneeling between my open knees began to pull my
pants off. As she did so she glanced round to see
what Jenny was doing, so did I. I was so busy
watching Susan that I almost missed Jenny
undressing. She had no sexy underwear on as Kelly
and Lisa had, all she was wearing under her dress
was a pair of very skimpy panties.
There I was, my wife almost naked, and in fact just
removing her panties, Kelly and Lisa displaying
themselves to me across the room, and my youngest
step-daughter kneeling at my feet, pulling my pants
down. I was concentrating so much on Jenny
undressing that I was taken by surprise when I felt
the warm wetness of Susan's mouth clamped around
the pulsating head of my prick. As I turned my
attention to what Susan was doing I felt Jenny
kneel down beside me. As I turned to face her she
pushed me back, placed my hands on the seat of the
sofa and said in a quiet voice "Just lay back and
let us enjoy what we are doing Jack, don't move
and you'll be able to make the best of it" I did as
she said and ended up very glad I had done so. As
Susan worked her mouth over my throbbing penis
Jenny was licking my balls and the base of my
prick. As I got closer and closer to an orgasm
Jenny clasped her hand round the base of my prick
and began to masturbate me while Susan sucked like
a Hoover. I opened my eyes and saw that Lisa and
Kelly had moved to kneel behind Jenny and Susan as
Jenny took over from Susan with her mouth and Susan
was doing the masturbating.
The reason for the use of their hand soon became
apparent as I reached my climax. As Susan felt me
cumming she said, in an urgent but quiet voice "Now
Mom!!" at which Jenny lifted her mouth from my
prick, placed her head, cheek to cheek with Susan
and together they lowered their heads until their
mouths were close to the head of my penis as I
began to shoot semen at them. They had their open
mouths in the right position to enable them between
them, to catch every drop of my cum. As soon as
they were sure I had finished they closed their
lips and turned round so that Jenny was facing
Kelly and Susan was facing her sister. Kelly and
Lisa both opened their mouths and put out their
tongues as Jenny and Susan brought their heads
close enough to be able to pass the semen they had
in their mouths to their new partner.
All four of them spent ages passing my sticky semen
between each others mouths and I could see that all
of them had allowed some to drip over their lips
and down their chins. After some considerable time
they all broke off their kissing, then swallowed
what they had left in their mouths and sat back on
their heels each with a satisfied grin on their
faces. Susan was the first to move, she came over
to me, sat on my lap and hugged me as she whispered
"Will you make me cum with your tongue please Uncle
Jack, I would love to have Mom, Lisa and Kelly
watch as I have an orgasm, and then you can do the
same for them, but have me first please."
Without more ado I slid on to my knees in front of
the sofa, gently pressed Susan on to her back,
prised her legs apart and lowered my mouth down on
to her sopping wet cunt. If I had any idea of
having to work hard at it I was sorely mistaken,
I'd hardly got my tongue between her pussy lips,
and the tip of my finger into her bottom before
Susan was pressing my head hard on to her cunt and
was screaming out as an orgasm ripped through her
young body. Gently I rolled her off the sofa and on
to the floor, turned round and, taking Lisa by the
hand, pulled her over to take the place of Susan.
As she lay on the sofa Lisa closed her legs up
tight. This gave me a chance to pull down her
skimpy underwear and take it over her feet. I then
prised her legs open, with some difficulty as she
was making a game of it by resisting, eventually I
had her legs wide apart and my mouth over her cunt
lips. I searched round with my lips for her clit,
and once I had found it began to suck and nibble it
with my teeth.*
As I worked with my mouth I pressed a finger deep
into her love passage and another into her tight
anus whence I began to work them in and out. As
with her sister Lisa was so aroused that she
couldn't resist the orgasm that soon overwhelmed
her and sent her body into spasms as it surged
through her. I had to lift her from the sofa and
lay her beside Susan who was still laying where I
had put her a few minutes earlier. Turning to Kelly
I drew her forward and made her kneel in front of
me, her breasts on the seat of the sofa and her
bottom pushed out and up. With a single stroke I
pulled her G string down to her knees and,
inserting my hands between her thighs forced her
legs as far apart as they would go. I inserted two
fingers into her sopping wet cunt and moistened
them as much as I could before slowly inserting
them into Kelly's anus. As I slowly worked them in
and out of her bottom I leaned over and ran my lips
and tongue up and down her spine. After a minute of
finger fucking her ass I left her bottom alone and
bent down so my mouth was placed over her cunt,
pressed my lips to her and inserted my tongue as
far as it would go into her love canal. As I worked
with my tongue I found her clit with my fingers and
almost as soon as I had it between finger and thumb
I was showered with Kelly's juices as they sprayed
from her cunt. I'd never seen her cum like that
before and I heard her give a scream of ecstasy as
I sat back on my heels. Licking my lips as I turned
to Jenny I saw the look of wonderment on her face.

"WOW!!" She said in a hushed voice "I bet they
never had an experience like that before" "Me
neither darling, the thing is what am I going to do
with you?" "What ever you want, so long as it's as
good as the girls got" she said quietly. I sat
there for a moment as I thought of what to do next.
Turning to where Lisa and Susan were laid on the
floor I lifted them in turn and placed them in the
same position Kelly was still in, that is with
their breasts on the sofa and their naked bottoms
on display. Bringing Jenny round so that she was a
couple of feet away from the girls I told her to
get down on her hands and knees and show me her
bottom. Placing myself between her splayed out feet
I pressed my massively erect penis to her hot wet
cunt lips and slid it in a couple of inches. "Not
there darling, you gave it to the girls in their
bottoms with your fingers, please give me you
wonderful penis in my bottom, and try to fill me
with your wonderful hot thick cum." Nothing loth I
removed my moistened prick from her cunt and
pressed it to her anus. Jenny was more than ready
for me, she was so relaxed that the head of my
prick slipped inside her with no trouble at all.
As soon as she felt me in her she rammed herself
back so her buttocks hit my pelvic bone and almost
drove me back on to my heels. I managed to grab her
hips to prevent myself slipping out of her ass and
used the momentum to get me back in control. It is
not surprising that with what I had been doing to
Lisa, Kelly and Susan a few minutes before, what I
was doing to Jenny now and the sight of three sets
of young anus's and cunt lips displayed before me I
was soon shooting wads of cum into Jenny. I just
had time to warn her I was about to cum before she
too screamed out as a tremendous orgasm hit her.
After I'd stopped shooting semen into her I let go
of Jenny's hips and, as this was her only support,
she fell to the floor and I collapsed on top of
her, completely exhausted.
Despite all that had happened I was the first to
recover and, wanting to extend my pleasure as much
as possible I went into the bathroom, started the
shower running and returned to the den to pick up
Susan, carry her to the shower and help revive her
by washing her down under the jet of water. As soon
as I was sure she could manage on her own I
returned for Lisa and did the same for her,
managing to caress her breasts and pussy as I
washed her down. Kelly was a little more difficult
as by now I was getting tired and she was a little
heavier than Lisa. I managed to get her to the
shower but as she showed no signs of reviving I
turned the jet to cold. Boy! Did that wake her up
with a scream. I turned the water back to warm,
washed her, wrapped her in a towel and took her to
her own bed as I has Lisa and Susan. Returning to
the den I found Jenny sitting on the floor leaning
back on the edge of the sofa. Putting my hand out
to her I said "Come and have a shower with me
darling then you can show me the things you bought"
Jenny smiled. "I'll have the shower darling Jack,
but the other will have to wait 'til I've got my
strength back and can do it full justice." We had a
wonderful sexy shower, dried each other off and
went to bed to lay in each other arms and drift off
to sleep the sleep of the sexually satisfied.*
Morning almost never came for us. We slept 'til
almost 11:30 and were only woken by Lisa opening
the door to our bedroom to see if we were awake.
"Sorry Mom, Uncle Jack, I only wanted to see if you
were awake to tell you Kelly and I are taking the
car to town for a couple of hours, Sue will get
lunch when you get up, or give it to you in bed if
you like." "all right darling" said Jenny in a
sleepy voice, "Just make sure you take care driving
and get back safe, have fun." Jenny snuggled back
down into my arms under the bedclothes, "Kiss me
Jack, make long slow gentle love to me, cock deep
inside me and your hands and fingers caressing my
body." I turned her over so her back was to me,
lifted her uppermost leg so her knee was touching
her chest and pressed the head of my, now rigid
prick to her vagina. "Are you ready for this or
shall I get you moistened up a little more?" "No
Jack please take me now, as I am, I want to feel
you forcing yourself into me." With as gentle a
pressure as I could manage I inserted my throbbing
prick into Jenny's almost dry love passage. It must
have been uncomfortable because I felt her tense
now and then as it travelled deep inside her. When
I had fully penetrated her I stopped for a moment
and moved my hands from her hips to place them on
her breasts where I began to stroke and squeeze
them and pinch her nipples between my finger tips.
Slowly I began to work my penis in and out of her,
by now moistening cunt as I worked on her tits from
behind. In order that she could get more of me
inside her Jenny bent her other leg 'til that knee
was as high as the upper one I'd moved.
As I worked on her Jenny arched her back and
brought her shoulders as far back as she could,
giving me the opportunity to place soft gentle
kisses on the back of her neck and along her
uppermost shoulder. After a few moments of this
Jenny moved her upper body forward, pulling her
breasts from my hands as she rolled herself up into
a ball, putting her arms between her legs to spread
them a little. This had the effect of allowing me a
little more penetration and at the same time
reduced the friction of her vaginal walls on my
sensitive penis as it worked back and forth. Gently
I gripped her hips I continued fucking her more
gently that I had ever done before. On and on I
went, making no move other than with my hips as I
pistoned my prick gently in and out of Jenny's now
swollen pussy. All of a sudden she gave a cry as
she straightened her back and threw her legs out
straight, almost dislodging my prick from her
grasping vaginal muscles. Time after time Jenny's
hips twitched as she had a number of small orgasms
and I had to hold her with one arm round her chest
and one over her hips to prevent her from throwing
herself off my prick. I held her there for a while,
allowing her to relax, and as soon as I felt that
she was fully calmed down I turned her on to her
back and began to cover her face and upper body
with soft gentle kisses.

As I did so I placed my hand on to her pussy and
gently palpated it. At the same time I inserted my
middle finger between her lower lips and gently
rotated it inside her love canal. With just a
couple of minutes of this treatment Jenny began to
orgasm again, she had a number of small, trembling
climaxes that rippled through her recumbent body
one after another until I thought she was never
going to stop. Eventually Jenny placed a hand on
mine and whispered "No more Jack, I truly can't
have another one, just hold me tight for a minute
please" and so I took her in my arms and cuddled
her close. As she lay in my arms I felt, rather
than heard, her silently crying. Very concerned I
lifted her head and, seeing tears on her cheeks
kissed them away saying "Did I hurt you darling,
I'm sorry I didn't mean to, honestly". Throwing her
head back Jenny laughed through her tears "No Jack
darling you didn't hurt me, I'm just being silly
crying because I am so happy." I hugged her close
again and we lay there for what seemed like ages,
until that is Jenny raised herself up on one elbow
and said in a quiet sexy voice "Now we'll have to
do something about all that cum that has built up
inside those great big testes of yours." She paused
for a moment.. "I know what I would like you to do
for me darling and that is to shoot your thick
sticky cum all over my body, would you do that for
me please Jack?" "Of course I will darling if that
is what you want, are you going to do the hard work
or do you want me to?" Jenny gave me a strange look
as she seemed to hesitate. "Well... Errr... how
would you like it if I asked Susan to do it, I mean
have her masturbate you till you cover me with your
semen?" *
I don't know if Jenny saw the huge twitch my prick
gave as I realise what she was suggesting but I
said as calmly as I could "Are you sure you want to
bring her into our love making just now my love?"
"Yes my darling, because I know that it will give
you a good deal of pleasure to have her touching
you and that's what I want to do right now, I
promise you I do want to do this, but only if it's
what you want too." "Jenny my darling I'm sure you
know how much I adore making love to your girls,
especially Susan, mainly because I'm the first and
only one to have made love to her, but, I don't
want you to think I want to have her join in all of
our love making. Yes I'd love to have her
masturbate me so that I cover you with my cum, but
only if it will also make you happy to have her
doing it." I'd hardly finished speaking before
Jenny was off the bed and putting on a diaphanous
dressing gown. She was out of the bedroom for
little more than five minutes, and returned with
Susan, who she brought over to stand at the side of
the bed where I lay. I stretched out a hand and as
she took it I pulled Susan to sit down on the bed
close to me. "Has your mother explained her idea to
you darling?" I asked "Well.. yes Uncle Jack, but
only to say she wants me to come and help you both
do something special." "Do you want to come and
join us in making love for a little while my love?"
Susan nodded her head "Yes please Uncle Jack, I'd
love to get into bed with you, what do you want me
to do?" "Well... you can get undressed to start
with, don't rush it too much, you know how I like
to see you taking off your clothes." Slowly Susan
undressed, making sure that she was displaying her
body to me in a manner sure to arouse me.
When she was completely naked I lifted the
bedclothes and she climbed in beside me. As she got
in Susan pressed her soft warm body up close to my
back and slipped her uppermost arm over me to
explore the front of my body. Jenny had positioned
herself on her back as close to me as she could
and, as Susan's hand moved down towards my groin
Jenny grasped it and placed it on my hard throbbing
penis. Pressing Susan's fingers around my prick
Jenny began to move them up and down, grasping it
as gently as she could while showing Susan what to
do. "Susan darling I want you to masturbate Uncle
Jack so that he will cover my body with his
wonderful hot sticky cum, will you do that for me
please?" "Ooohh yes Mom, I'd love to do it." With
just a few more strokes Jenny had managed to show
Susan the way to use her palm and fingers to best
effect and, as she got into a most wonderful rhythm
with her hand, Susan also began to rotate her hard
nipples on my back and trace a line of kisses along
my shoulder, occasionally tracing a line with her
moist tongue tip. All the time I was looking at
Jenny as she almost silently whispered "Cum on me
darling Jack, cover me with your hot thick sticky
semen my baby daughter is pumping from your balls,
give her the thrill of masturbating her step father
so all his cum shoots over her mothers tits and
cunt, I'll give her the pleasure of rubbing some on
her body."
I'm not sure if Susan heard any of this but she did
seem to quicken her movements at just the right
moment as I suddenly groaned "I'm going to cum, are
you ready for it darling." With a single move Jenny
threw the bedclothes off of us and I felt Susan
lift her head to look over my shoulder as she
directed the head of my penis to aim straight up
Jenny's outstretched body. She watched as cum
spurted over her mothers breasts, she pressed it
down to aim some on to Jenny's stomach and down
further so her pussy got a good covering, all the
time Susan was pumping away at my prick and had
soon sprayed all over Jenny's front. As I rolled
over, completely spent Susan bent her head and took
my shrinking penis in her mouth for a moment. "WOW
Uncle Jack, I wish you'd do that much on me, I'd
love to be able to rub it into my skin and between
my pussy lips." I pulled her up to me and kissed
her, "Thanks for doing that darling, and yes I'll
give you that much, so long as I have Lisa doing
the work, but keep it a secret for now. What I do
want you to do for your mother is to lay next to
her and start to rub my cum into her with your
hands." Susan climbed over me and, laying beside
Jenny placed the palm of one hand on a large pool
of semen and started to spread it over a larger
area of Jenny's skin. As soon as Jenny realised
what was happening she looked Susan in the eye and
said "Come and lay on me darling and rub it in with
your body, that way we both get some." Susan leapt
up and was soon laid out flat on top of Jenny,
working her body in all directions to get as much
of my cum on her body as possible. After a few
minutes Jenny put her arms round Susan and held her
tight, preventing any more movement. *
They lay there for quite a while, in each others
arms, not moving apart from the rise and fall of
their bodies as they were breathing. I couldn't
resist the chance to caress Susan's naked body,
albeit just her back. As I reached her bottom Susan
opened her legs wide, offering me entry to her
body, I resisted, after all this time was for Jenny
and I, an orgasm for Susan was going to have to
wait for a while. Turning to face me Jenny said
quietly "Time for us girls to get a shower and fix
lunch, what do you say Susan?" "OK Mom, but I would
love to stay here for the rest of the day, then
maybe Uncle Jack will be able to do the same for
me." Replied Susan with a giggle. "Not a chance
young lady, you took more out of me in that one
than any woman has ever done, you sexy young thing,
now, get up and come and have a shower." "Mom, can
I come and shower with you and Uncle Jack, please?"
"OK, but on the strict understanding that there's
to be no funny business, just a scrub down, drying
and then dressed, understand." Grudgingly Susan
agreed and, pressing down on the bed, with her
hands each side of Jenny she pushed herself up to
get off of Jenny's body. Only she couldn't, she was
stuck tight to Jenny by the semen that had begun to
dry between them.
"Mom, I can't move, we're stuck together." Don't be
silly Susan, just pull a little harder and we'll
come apart" said Jenny laughing as she saw the
funny side of the situation. Susan pressed harder
and I slipped my hands under her chest and helped
lift her off. It was fine until suddenly both Jenny
and Susan screamed out loud. "Stop Jack you're
pulling my pussy hairs out by the roots" Susan
also screamed for me to stop. I got out of bed and,
fetching a dripping wet washcloth from the bathroom
I placed it between them to soak the two patches of
pussy hair that was all they had. It only took a
few minutes to get them free and we were still
laughing about it as we sat down to a hastily
prepared lunch after an almost clinical three way
shower. As we sat watching tv after our lunch Kelly
and Lisa came back from their visit to the local
township where, they said they had been to a movie
and then to an ice-cream parlour, and had a great
time eyeing up the local boys and teasing them with
the odd flash of thigh. "That's the sort of thing
that's liable to get you into trouble young ladies"
I said, "It's the sort of thing that leads to a
date ending in rape, and that means that both boy
and girl end up as losers."
"How do you mean Uncle Jack?" asked Lisa "If you
can't work it out I'll explain it, the girl loses
out because of the trauma of being forced to accept
some form of sex act she is unwilling to take part
in. She either suffers mental or physical injury or
sometimes both. The boy suffers because he'll
either have the reputation of being unsafe to be
with or worse still he'll come to the attention of
the law and may even end up in prison. That
reputation or prison sentence might even be for
something he didn't actually do. It might even be
for doing something he'd been led to believe was
being asked for and would be welcomed. One of the
most important things you must learn is the power
you have, as a woman, over men, no matter what
their age. If you start to get a man aroused you
must be prepared to finish what you start, or be
prepared to take the consequences which might end
in actions you may not like." Kelly and Lisa and
Susan sat there very subdued looking from me to
"Mom..?" said Susan in a quiet voice "Sorry
darling, but what Uncle Jack has said is right,
it's very easy to get men aroused, as you've all
seen with Uncle Jack over the past few weeks" here
all three girls gave a bit of a giggle " Yes.. well
what you have to remember is that all men aren't
like Uncle Jack, most will want to take you out to
a movie, or a party or whatever, and then expect
you to indulge in some sort of sexual activity, the
thing is that you must make sure that YOU are the
ones to decide how far you're willing to go, and
just what you're prepared to do. The one thing you
must always remember is that outside of this
family, and Kelly, I include you as part of the
family, you must NEVER have unprotected sex with
anyone, and I mean NEVER." Susan sat upright and
looked a little indignant as she said "But mom we
always have unprotected sex with Uncle Jack, he
never wears a ... Err.. you know what.. when he
makes love to any of us, so why.." "Susan.. I know
what we do and I'd have thought you'd understand by
now the answer to your own question, or at least
have asked Lisa and Kelly or even me if you
didn't." Kelly who was sitting closest to Susan
leaned over and whispered in Susan's ear and we
could see the expression on her face change as she
understood what Kelly was saying.*
Looking a little contrite she said in a low voice
"Sorry Uncle Jack, I didn't realise" I smiled at
her and said "Do you really think I'd do anything
that was likely to hurt any of you in any way what
so ever? It was because I knew I was safe that I
never used any sort of protection so that you and I
could get the best out of our sex, but as your
mother has said you must never do so outside of the
five of us, or if you do you must tell us, for all
our sakes, understand?" Kelly and Lisa and Susan
all nodded and looked at each other for a moment
until Lisa blushed slightly and said "Yes Uncle
Jack, but Errr... how.... I mean I've never...
Errr.. none of us know how to..." Jenny gave a
little laugh as she interrupted Lisa's stumbling
words "Don't worry darling Uncle Jack and I have
talked this over and we think you should know, and
you will know before we go home, so just be a
little patient, now who's going to help me with the
dinner?" "I will Mom, Kelly and Lisa are obviously
too tired after their trip to town" said Susan as
she jumped to her feet and went out with Jenny.
With Jenny and Susan out of the room Lisa and Kelly
moved straight to sit, one each side of me, on the
sofa and began to nuzzle up tight and kiss and
caress me as if we had been apart for weeks. "What
do you two want?" I asked in as stern a voice as I
could muster "Well... " started Kelly. " It's about
what you and mom said the other day, I mean about
working out who was going to share your bed until
we go home" continued Lisa. "I mean.. we've worked
out a sort of rota, by drawing straws and Kelly won
the first night and if it isn't tonight then Susan
and I won't get a turn as we only have three nights
to go and it won't be fair if we can't all have a
turn so we decided that none of us should if all of
us can't" she blurted out. "Hmmmm... an ultimatum
hey! I wonder what your mother will say when I put
it to her" and, pulling myself from their arms I
left the room. The fact that I needed to go to the
bathroom didn't cross their minds and as I placed
my hand on the door handle Kelly called out "No..
Uncle Jack it wasn't an ultimatum, I mean, we were
only trying to be fair to all three of us we didn't
mean.." I turned to face them and with a stern look
I shook my head and passed through the door,
closing it behind me. As I came to the kitchen I
poked my head in and catching Jenny's attention I
beckoned her to come over to me. I quickly told her
what Kelly and Lisa had said and had to kiss her to
stop her laughing, "You rotten tease, are you
trying to give them a complex or some thing, you go
back and sort out who's doing what and when and
stop being horrible to those two sweet young
things, anyway you know as well as I do that you
can't wait to get them into bed with us, do you
think you could manage the same as this morning,
that was so wonderful I can't wait to do it again"
I kissed her again and whispered that I thought I
could and watched as she went back to the kitchen
to finish preparing dinner. When I got back to the
den Lisa and Kelly were sitting with their heads
together, as teenage girls were wont to do, and
went to sit between them.
"Well" I said "I have passed on your ultimatum,
and it's been decided that we will accede to your
request, but I have also decided that you should
all be punished for having been so presumptuous as
to have issued it in the first place. Therefore on
a day and a place to be decided you'll all have to
report to Jenny and I to be spanked. The spanking
will take the same format as before and, from the
day we get home, you'll all be dressed and prepared
to accept the punishment at our leisure, do you
understand?" Kelly and Lisa looked at each other,
their eyes wide open in surprise, before turning to
face me and say in unison, "Yes Uncle Jack, we
understand and we'll be ready when it's your
I nodded sternly "Make sure that Susan understands
what's been decided, and ensure that she comes and
tells me that she's had it explained to her what
she will have to do. All right?" both Kelly and
Lisa nodded their agreement and said "Yes Uncle
Jack " in hushed tones. I changed my expression and
smiled as I said "Right stop sulking and come and
give me a kiss the pair of you, after all you've
been away from me for most of the day" as I said
this I pulled Lisa on to my lap and as she placed
her lips on mine I slipped my hand under her T-
shirt and caressed her firm, young rounded breasts,
as I felt her nipples responding to my touch I slid
my hand to her thighs and ran it up under her skirt
and, as she opened her legs I found her damp
panties which I pushed to one side so I could
gently insert a finger into her vagina as far as it
would go. "Please Uncle Jack, make me cum I so want
to cum now don't make me wait fuck me with your
finger.... harder... more.. more... AHHH...YESSS..
I'm going to cum NOWWWWW" and as I hugged her close
and pressed my hand on to her soft puffy cunt lips
she had an orgasm that ripped through her young
I held Lisa close to me with my hand pressing on
her sex and allowed her to relax for a few moments
before sliding her over to lay back on the sofa. As
soon as my lap was empty Kelly came and sat on me,
lifting her T-shirt to show me her naked breasts. I
kissed her lovingly and whispered "Do you want the
same as Lisa my love?" "Ohhhh.. yes please Uncle
Jack, I can't wait, please touch my pussy I'm so
hot and wet, please touch me Uncle Jack I want to
cum just like Lisa with your fingers in my cunt and
your lips sucking my nipples, please Uncle Jack, do
it now, pleaseeee.." as she lay her head back I
placed my lips over her rigid nipples in turn,
sucking and nipping with my teeth as I slowly slid
my hand under her short skirt until I made contact
with her pussy. She was wearing no panties and it
wasn't until some time later that I noticed them
on the floor where she had removed them during the
time I had been bringing Lisa to her climax. As
soon as my fingertips touched Kelly's cunt lips she
opened her legs as wide as she could and I was able
to slip two fingers deep into her and begin to work
them in and out and round and round. I had my
fingers inside Kelly for little more than a minute
before she cried out as a massive orgasm ripped
through her, the time spent watching Lisa get hers
had acted as a form of foreplay on Kelly.
I held on to her for a few minutes before laying
her on the sofa on my other side. As I sat there,
between two lovely young girls, each with their
skirts up round their waists, and their hot,
swollen pussies open to my gaze I couldn't resist
the temptation to place a hand on each and gently
play with them. As I sat there with a finger
inserted into each moist love canal gently moving
them about Lisa and Kelly began to move their hips
and murmur with pleasure. It was in this position
that Jenny found us when she came in to tell us
that dinner was ready. "I can see what you three
have been doing, have you spoiled yourself for
tonight darling?" I smiled sweetly at her "No my
love, I've been good and have only got my fingers
wet, these two were so hot it was all over in a
couple of minutes, by the way Kelly will join us
tonight, and I've told them to expect a spanking
when we get home as punishment for giving you an
ultimatum, OK?" "I know, you beast, Susan told me
about it, she was a bit upset because she knew
nothing about what Kelly and Lisa has said, but
having remembered the last one she got quite
excited and is looking forward to it, now how about
bringing these two sex pots to the table?" I got up
and after kissing Jenny I said "OK darling I'll
bring them along." As Jenny went back to the
kitchen I knelt on the sofa straddling Lisa and,
lifting her head I kissed her as sexily as I could
in an effort to wake her. "Come on Lisa it's dinner
time, lets go eat before your mom comes and finds
us here like this" at that remark Lisa opened her
eyes, "No Uncle Jack, don't let her find me like
this please, I'd hate to have her think I'm sex mad
and can't keep my hands off you." " Even if it's
true?" I replied with a smiled. "Yes.. well.. you
know what I mean darling Uncle Jack, I don't want
to take the chance of spoiling things between mom
and you by having too many love sessions without
her knowing." I kissed her tenderly "That's very
grown up of you darling, I'll remember that if
there's a problem at any time, now let's get in to
dinner." By this time Kelly was fully conscious and
listening to what we were saying. "Uncle Jack, it's
not causing a problem with you and Aunt Jenny, is
it. I mean.. most wives would hate to think their
husbands were making love to young girls like Lisa
and me, let alone Susan, and especially as Lisa and
Susan are her own daughters."
"I understand you being concerned Kelly darling,
what you must understand is that Jenny and I love
each other and Jenny also knows that I love you and
Lisa as much as I love her. It's not impossible for
a man to love more than one woman, unusual but not
unknown. Jenny also trusts me to treat you three
girls properly, and I've promised to tell her all
that we do, and never to keep anything a secret
from her." "Will you tell her what we've just been
doing?" asked Lisa. I smiled "No need darling she
came in to tell me dinner was ready and found me
with my hands between your legs and you two
murmuring in your sleep as you enjoyed what I was
doing with my fingers." Kelly and Lisa both blushed
bright red as I pulled them to their feet. "Come on
now, lets go in to dinner, though I must go and
wash up first as I have rather sticky hands." After
dinner Kelly and Lisa and Susan offered to clean up
the kitchen and do the dishes so Jenny and I went
into the den and watched some TV. Well, watched is
not quite right, we had the tv on but were laid
back on the sofa kissing and caressing each other.
We were laying in each others arm a little later
when the girls joined us.*
As they came into the den Kelly saw we were in a
loving embrace and, with a slightly pink blush
asked if we wanted them to leave us alone. "Don't
be so silly Kelly" said Jenny "Of course we don't,
just because we're in each others arms is no reason
for you to go out of the room, we're not likely to
start making love on the carpet, especially so soon
after dinner, and even if we did, it's nothing you
haven't seen us do before and even joined in, so
why should we want you to leave?" "Well Mom, it's
just that we thought you might want to be private
for a change, I mean it's not much of a honeymoon,
having three kids along, is it." Said Lisa, Jenny
laughed softly "I bet there are a lot of couples
that would love to have a honeymoon like we've had.
It has been wonderful to have so much loving, and I
don't mean sex, I mean love, lots of love shared
between all of us." I gave Jenny a hug as I said
"Now sit down and let's watch tv 'til it's time for
bed, I'm sure you are all tired, I know I am."
Knowing that there was no chance I might sleep when
we did go to bed I tried to rest as much as I could
as I lay on the sofa with Jenny. Susan had chosen
to sit on the floor leaning her back on the edge of
the sofa and her head on my legs, while Lisa and
Kelly were in arm chairs side by side opposite the
sofa. As if pre-arranged both Kelly and Lisa were
sitting in their chairs with their legs wide open
affording me a wonderful view of the tops of their
legs, and the tiny patches of curly hair I had left
when shaving them. This glimpse of two young
pussies had the effect of keeping me interested
until Jenny sat up and said "Time for bed girls, we
have a busy day ahead in the morning and we won't
be able to have a lay in." Jenny and I went into
our bedroom and were almost undressed when there
was a knock on the door. Jenny called "Come in" as
she sat on the edge of the bed to take her
stockings off. I was standing with only my shorts
on as Kelly came in and closed the door behind her.
Blushing bright red Kelly stammered as she asked
"Is it still.. I mean am I still coming to bed with
you tonight, like we arranged the other day, I mean
if it's not... Errr sort of the right time I can go
away, if that's what you want."
I put my arms out to her as she stood there almost
shamefaced, and she threw herself into them. I
placed my arms round Kelly and kissed the top of
her head, "Come and undress and get in beside me" I
said as I got into bed beside Jenny. Stripping
herself completely Kelly was naked as she pressed
her soft smooth body next to mine as I lay with an
arm round Jenny. "Kelly, Uncle Jack and I want to
know if you have ever seen a condom used, if you
know how one is put on a mans penis?" Kelly blushed
once again as she shook her head "No Aunt Jenny I
don't know how to do it." Jenny sat up and reached
on to her night stand, "Sit up Kelly, you're going
to learn now." Kelly got up to sit on her heels and
look down at my groin. It was perhaps unfortunate
that I did not have an erection at the time, but
Jenny had a cure for that. "The first thing is that
you should only take the condom out of it's packet
just before you are going to use it, now open the
packet and remove what is in there" said Jenny as
she handed Kelly a foil square. As she took it out
Kelly rubbed it between her fingers "It's slippery
Aunt Jenny, is that so it goes on easy?" "Well, yes
but also so that it won't rot away in the packet
and sometimes it has something to kill the sperm.
Now you should put it on an erect penis, as Uncle
Jack isn't erect do you want to get him hard or
shall I?" " Me please " said Kelly and promptly
lowered her head to take me in her mouth.
Jenny leaned over and kissed me then whispered
"Would you like to have her bottom before you get
her to jack you off on to my body darling?" Kelly
was taken by surprise at the speed with which I
became erect and said quietly "Is this hard enough
Aunt Jenny?" Jenny smiled at me as she turned her
attention to Kelly. "That's fine Kelly, now place
the rubber on to the head of Uncle Jack's penis,
make sure all the air is out of the little bit on
the end, and then gently roll it down as far as it
will go." Doing as she was told Kelly looked amazed
as my prick was now sheathed in a rubber. "Does it
make a difference when you make love with that on?"
asked Kelly. I pulled her to lay down between Jenny
and I, turning her to face Jenny so I could reach
over and caress her breasts. "I think you are about
to find out what a difference it will make
darling." Said Jenny as she drew Kelly's upper leg
up to touch her breasts. I placed the head of my
rubber covered prick to Kelly's anus and Jenny
leaned down to grasp it by the base and guide me as
I pressed my prick through Kelly's anal ring. *
I stopped to rest as I felt I had the head inside
her bottom. "Now you know another use for the
lubrication on the condom" I whispered in Kelly's
ear "Does it feel good when I press myself into you
like this?" Kelly could not answer because Jenny
was kissing her, but she did press back with her
bottom as I began to pound my prick in and out of
her anus. As I fucked Kelly's bottom I could see
Jenny kissing her and playing with her breasts.
Suddenly I felt something that almost made me cum
and fill the sac at the and of the condom. It was
Jenny's fingers in Kelly's cunt, rubbing on the
thin membrane that separated her vaginal passage
from her anal one. The feeling was marvellous and
it was only by a good deal of self control that I
managed to hold off cumming and help bring Kelly to
a climax. When it came it must have been good
because I heard her scream despite the fact that
Jenny had her lips pressed hard to Kelly's. I held
tight to Kelly's hips as she began to thrash about
as her orgasm tore through her young body. It took
quite a time for her to calm down and when she did
she began to cry, forcing Jenny to spend time
comforting her. Very gently I removed my still
erect penis from Kelly's bottom and slipped the
condom off, dropping it on some tissue on the floor
beside the bed, 'til later.
Pressing up close to Kelly's back I placed my upper
arm across her so that I could place it on Jenny's
back and pull both of then to me. When Kelly had
recovered Jenny told her what she was to do next,
and, after twisting round so she could face me and
kiss me Kelly climbed over my recumbent body and
placed her soft warm hand on my hard throbbing
prick. Jenny and I got into the positions we had
adopted before and Kelly began slowly and gently to
masturbate me as I kissed Jenny as lovingly as I
could. As she moved her hand expertly up and down
my penis Kelly was kissing the back of my neck and
along my shoulder and as she felt me tense she knew
I was getting closer and began to move her hand
faster until with a loud groan I shot another huge
load of semen up and over Jenny's body. As soon as
she could see I was finished Kelly climbed over me
and took my shrinking prick into her mouth saying
"Let's see if there is a little left for me Uncle
When she'd finished licking me clean Kelly turned
to look at Jenny and, kissing her tenderly asked
"Aunt Jenny, can I have some to rub into my nipples
please?" Jenny opened her eyes and smiled sweetly
as she put her arms out to Kelly. "Come and lay on
top of me and we can share all of it Kelly
darling" and Jenny pulled Kelly down so that they
were laying hip to hip and nipple to nipple. "Don't
lay there too long darlings, you might get stuck."
I rolled Kelly off Jenny to lay at her side and
began to rub my hand over both bodies spreading my
cum on to as much skin as I could. After just a
few minutes Jenny sat up and suggested that we have
a shower together, with me washing her and Kelly
and the two of them doing the same for me. As we
stood together under the gentle jet of water I took
my time washing Jenny down, especially when I had
my hands between her legs. She leaned back against
the tiled wall and placed her feet a couple of
feet apart. This gave me the opportunity to be
kissing her as I caressed her cunt with my soapy
hands. Slipping a finger inside her I could feel
that she was more than ready for me to enter her
with my prick. As I stood in front of her Jenny
pulled Kelly over and said in a husky voice "Put
Uncle Jack's penis inside me please Kelly I want
you to help him to fuck me here now." Kelly knelt
down between us and, taking my penis in her hand
began to pump it for all she was worth before
sliding her mouth over it. She sucked on me for a
few moments and then guided me to where she was
holding open the wet puffy lips of Jenny's cunt. As
the head of my prick disappeared into Jenny, Kelly
pressed on my buttocks and forced me to ram my
prick home hard. As I stood there ramming my prick
into Jenny's cunt Kelly stood up and started to
play with and suck on Jenny's tits as she used her
hand to work on Jenny's clitty. It was but a short
time before Jenny was screaming softly as an orgasm
rippled through her body and she slid down the wall
to sit on the floor of the shower. As I stood there
with my throbbing penis standing out from my body
Kelly stepped up close and put her arms round me
and kissed me. "Aunt Jenny and I have both cum with
your wonderful penis inside of us, would you please
cum inside me now Uncle Jack, I want you to take me
in my bottom, only this time don't cover Aunt Jenny
with your juices, fill my bottom so I can feel your
hot sticky cum inside me and running down my legs
when I stand up."*
As she finished speaking Kelly went down on to her
knees, which she spread out as far as she could,
placed her forearms on the floor of the shower and
her head on her arms. This made her bottom stick up
and presented me with a nice target for my
pulsating prick. Dropping to my knees behind her I
pressed the head of my prick to Kelly's puckered
anus. As I forced an entry into Kelly's anal
passage she gave a quiet groan that made me stop.
"Are you OK darling, I'm not hurting you am I ?" I
asked. "No Uncle Jack it's OK, please don't be too
gentle I want to feel you take me, please fuck me
hard, ram your huge cock deep into me and let me
feel it throbbing as you shoot your cum deep into
my body. Let me feel the hot cum shoot from your
prick and burn me as it shoots deep into my
bottom." As she was talking I was ramming my prick
hard in and out of her tight passage and was
unaware of Jenny until I felt her cup my pendulous
balls in her hand, and heard her whisper in my ear
"Come on Jack, fill Kelly with your cum, then come
and fuck my ass 'til I drain you balls of all they
hold right now." As she spoke Jenny gently squeezed
my balls and I shouted out as I began to shoot wad
after wad of cum into Kelly's tight young bottom.
As I turned to put an arm round Jenny so that I
could kiss her I released my hold on Kelly's hips
and she collapsed on to the floor. Jenny and I
stood up and she stepped out of the shower for a
moment. When she returned she stood with her back
to me and pressed herself up against my body. I
passed my hands round her front and began to play
with her breasts and was surprised to find I was
getting another erection that was finding it's way
between Jenny's buttock cheeks. Jenny slid a hand
between us and grasped my stiffening prick. "Take
me in my bottom please Jack I want to feel you
sliding in and out of me as you did for Kelly just
now, please Jack make me cum again." As she pressed
the tip of my prick to her bottom I gave a gentle
thrust with my hips and was surprised to find I
slipped into Jenny's anus with no trouble at all
due to the KY gel she'd placed there. I stood
ramming hard at Jenny's bottom and very soon she
was crying out loud as she had another orgasm and I
placed a token splash of cum in her bottom.

Jenny's cries brought Kelly to her senses and
after Jenny and Kelly spent a few more minutes
cleaning themselves and me, we dried off and
went to bed where I went to sleep with Jenny and
Kelly laying naked in my arms.
After a very late breakfast the next morning Jenny
suggested that, as we'd all been inside for too
long, we should go for a walk. Despite wanting to
go back to bed for a day or two's sleep, I allowed
myself to be cajoled into joining my four fantastic
females, and had to admit that, by the time we'd
spent three hours gently strolling through the
woods surrounding the cabin I did feel better for
having had a breath of fresh air. When we'd
returned for a late lunch Kelly, Lisa and Susan
decided that they'd go for a swim in the lake. As I
still hadn't recovered from the previous two nights
exertions I opted for a nap on the sofa in the den.
I'd only been laid out for a couple of minutes
before I was joined by Jenny who came to lay beside
me. I awoke some time later to find myself in
darkness and total silence. I got up and looked at
my watch which told me it was past eight o'clock, a
time that was confirmed by my stomach as past
dinner time. I made my way to the kitchen and as I
reached the door I paused as I heard voices. "..
let him sleep, he seemed to be so tired." I heard
Susan say. "That'll mean a cold dinner and I don't
think that's fair" retorted Lisa "What do you say
Aunt Jenny " put in Kelly as I opened the door and
walked in "It seems I don't need to make a comment
does it." Jenny said "Come on sleepyhead we're just
about to start dinner and were wondering if we
should wake you or not." "I'm sorry girls, I don't
know why I slept for so long, it must have been all
that fresh air this afternoon, still, I'm awake now
so let's eat." After dinner we started to discuss
plans for packing up and leaving the next day. We
had agreed to be out of the cabin by mid afternoon
so would have to be up early to pack and ensure it
was left in the same state we found it. It was also
agreed that we should all have an early night as
there was a lot of driving to do the next day. *
Later, as Jenny and I got into bed she said "Jack,
Lisa won't be joining us tonight" "Why not, is she
sick or something" I asked. "No darling it's just
that her period started this evening, in fact just
before dinner. In fact hard though you may find it
to believe three of us have started today" I looked
at her in amazement "You're joking aren't you" I
said "Is that just a coincidence or does it usually
happen like this?" Jenny smiled sweetly "No darling
but it is a medical fact that a number of women
that live close together very often find their
periods synchronising. It's just one of those
mysterious nature things we have to put up with." I
put my arms round her and gave her a hug and a
kiss. "OK lover I never fight nature, she always
wins, but does that mean Lisa can't join us anyway,
she can still participate in some way and enjoy
being with us." I said in a quiet voice "After all
I'd hate for her to miss out on what the others
enjoyed, assuming she wants to that is?" Giving me
a quick kiss Jenny whispered "I'll go and ask her"
and she got out of bed and came back a couple of
minutes later with Lisa in tow.
As Jenny got back into bed Lisa came and sat close
up to me. "Are you sure you want me in bed with you
tonight Uncle Jack, I mean it's not the usual time
for making love to a girl." I kissed her tenderly
and pulled her to lay between Jenny and I. "Well,
Lisa my love, what I'd planned will not be
affected, and may well end up enjoyable for you.
But if you suddenly decide you don't feel right
just say so and we can do something else, all
right?" Lisa nodded and turned to Jenny "What did
Uncle Jack plan for tonight Mom?" whispered Lisa as
she lay there with my hand on her breast. Jenny
explained what we had done with Kelly the previous
evening and told her that we both thought it a very
good idea if she learned how to use a condom.
Having listened to Jenny's explanation Lisa agreed
and I soon found myself with two pairs of hands on
my stiffening prick. As soon as I was completely
erect Jenny talked Lisa through the putting on of a
condom. She also showed Lisa how to lubricate the
end of my prick with KY jelly. As soon as Lisa had
smeared my condom covered penis with the lubricant
Jenny pulled Lisa to lay down on her side so they
faced each other. "It's only fair that you have a
chance of an orgasm, my darling, but if you don't
feel right about it say so" Jenny said to Lisa in a
soft voice as I presented the tip of my prick to
her anus. Lisa jumped at the strange feeling and I
held off for a minute before touching her again.
"It feels so strange Mom" said Lisa "I mean... it's
not the same as feeling Uncle Jack's penis as I
normally do." "I know darling but it will help if
you can get used to it, I mean if you go with other
boys you'll need to be able to do it won't you ?"
Lisa nodded and when I pressed my hips forwards
again she was completely relaxed and my prick
slipped into her anus with very little trouble."
"Ohhhh.. Mom, it went in so quick, I almost didn't
feel it, it felt so strange" cried Lisa as I
pressed my pelvic bone to her bottom. Jenny smiled
and kissed her daughter as I heard her whisper "But
does it make you want to stop?" "Ohhhh.. No mom
it's wonderful and I think I'm going to cum
NOWWWW." And she cried out as her orgasm tore
through her lithe young body. I held on to Lisa for
a few moments 'til she had calmed down then pulled
out of her. When she'd got her breath back Lisa
turned over to face me and putting her arms round
my neck kissed my hard and deep. "That was so
wonderful Uncle Jack, I never came so quick with
you in my bottom, can I tell Kelly and Susan about
it in the morning, I mean I thought that having a
period meant no sex but that's not true is it Mom?"
Jenny laughed softly "Well, you seem to have
discovered a way to enjoy it darling, just don't be
too greedy in the future OK?" Lisa nodded and,
sitting up removed the condom from my penis. As she
wrapped it in a piece of tissue and placed it
somewhere safe Lisa got to her knees and turned to
face Jenny and I. "Would you like me to do the same
as Kelly?" she asked, as she looked down at us. I
looked at Jenny and she blushed slightly as she
nodded, it seemed that the thought of what was to
come was having quite an effect on her. "Would you
like to do that?" I queried as I reached out to
touch Lisa's closest breast. "Please.." she replied
in a soft sexy voice, "I'd love to make you cum all
over Mom's body" and she climbed over my recumbent
body and lay with her breasts pressed against my
back and her hand over my hip grasping my penis. As
I lay there I turned half over to enable me to put
an arm round Lisa and place my hand on her breast.
As she worked her hand up and down on my prick I
was caressing and squeezing her breast and pinching
her nipple between my finger and thumb. *
As I caressed her breasts Lisa lifted her head a
little and, pressing her lips onto mine, kissed me
as she masturbated me. My breathing gave me away
and all too soon I was shooting wad after wad of
semen over Jenny's body. Lisa concentrated on
making sure none was wasted and it all landed on
her mothers skin from her breasts to her pussy.
When she was sure there was no more to come Lisa
bent her head and gave my prick a good hard suck
and licking to clean me up, then she climbed over
me and straddled Jenny's thighs. As Jenny lay there
Lisa lowered her head and licked up a small pool of
my semen into her mouth. She then leaned forwards
and placed her lips on her mothers, pressing her
tongue between Jenny's lips as she did so. I saw
and heard Jenny sucking on Lisa's tongue as she
tried to remove what was on it. Lisa lifted her
head and smiled down at her mother. As Lisa began
to use her hands to spread my cum over Jenny's body
I moved close and found Jenny's lips with mine.
After a few minutes I got to my knees and started
to kiss Lisa as she worked on rubbing my semen into
Jenny's skin. As I kissed her I caressed her
breasts and suddenly felt the wet warmth of Jenny's
mouth covering my stiffening prick. As I kissed and
caressed Lisa I pulled her a little further up
Jenny's body so that she was sitting with her pussy
on Jenny's and, placing one hand on Lisa's bottom I
started to push down until she began to rock back
and forth, rubbing her cunt on Jenny's.
It took only a few moments for Jenny to start
bucking as she had an orgasm, brought on by the
combination of stimuli, visual and tactile, working
on her. As she felt her mothers orgasm Lisa tore
herself from my grasp, lay down on Jenny's body and
began to run her tongue over my balls as Jenny
sucked hard on my prick. This added stimulus made
me cum and as Lisa saw my fresh load of semen
leaking from the corners of Jenny's mouth she began
to lap it up. When she felt Lisa's tongue on her
chin Jenny opened her eyes and pulled Lisa's mouth
on to hers. As their lips met I saw Jenny push her
tongue into Lisa's mouth and Lisa begin to suck
hard on it as she received a present of some of my
cum from her mothers mouth. We lay there for some
time wrapped in each others arms until I gave them
both a nudge to go for a shower before settling
down to sleep. For the first time for days I had a
shower with two of my loves without it turning to
sex, we were all too tired. We cleaned each other
up. Help each other to get dried and powered and
returned to bed to fall asleep wrapped in each
others arms.
The next morning we packed our suitcases and
between us cleaned up the cabin so that by the time
we sat down to a picnic lunch we were ready to set
out for home. The trip home was long and tiring as
I did most of the driving whilst Jenny and the
girls took it in turns sitting beside me ensuring I
kept alert enough to drive. When we did get home I
went directly to bed, leaving the others to unpack
the car. The beds were freshly made and there was a
cold buffet laid out for us prepared by one of
Jenny's friends, arranged I later found out, by
Jenny before we left two weeks earlier. I slept
like a log and next morning was in no real state to
do anything except relax. As it was Sunday I had
one day to get myself in a fit state for work on
For almost week I was able to relax and get back
into the swing of working. I had to spend most of
it being the butt of a series of jokes from some of
my co-workers about having to take the kids on my
honeymoon. The smile I had on my face during the
badinage was taken as a sign of my sweet temper, if
only they knew the memories that came flooding back
each time it was mentioned they'd have been
laughing in the other side of their collective
faces. Jenny also came in for some mild comments
and got over them by saying that after all it
wasn't as if we were newly weds, and anyway what
would we have done with the girls otherwise. Things
soon went back to normal, with Kelly and Lisa going
to University each day and Susan attending the
local high school. All three girls seemed to be
concentrating on their school work more than they
had before the summer vacation.
It was Friday evening two weeks after we had got
back from our honeymoon when I was sitting down
with Jenny after dinner and we were talking over
the wonderful times we had had when Susan dashed
into the room and switched on the TV, turning the
volume up loud. Jenny shout over the sound telling
her to turn it down. Susan ignored her and giving
Jenny a speaking look, I got up and turned the set
off, pulled Susan to her feet and pointing her in
the direction of the door gave her a gentle slap on
the bottom and said, "To your room young lady,
before I give you a spanking you won't forget."*
As she went through the door Susan paused and said
in a sexy voice "You've already done that once
Uncle Jack, and we never did get the other one you
promised us did we?" she then stepped out of the
room and slammed the door. Jenny was quietly
laughing as I turned to face her. "She's right you
know, you'd forgotten hadn't you?" I smiled at her
"As it so happens I hadn't, in fact I was going to
speak to you about it this evening, I was actually
waiting till I was sure you'd all finished your
periods so that no one would be left out of the
fun." As I sat on the sofa Jenny put her arms round
me and kissed me lovingly. "What had you got
planned darling, shall we set it up for tonight?" I
kissed her lightly "No my love I think we should
plan it for tomorrow night, we can tell Kelly and
Lisa and Susan after breakfast, that they're to
expect it two hours after dinner and that they
should make sure that they dress for the occasion.
The thing is what shall we have them wearing this
time?" We discussed for some time what the girls
would be best wearing and finally settled on white
ankle socks, white cotton panties short dark skirts
and white cotton T-shirts. I also gave some thought
to how we would carry out the actual spanking and
rather than having them over my knee I told Jenny
of the idea I had that would make it a little more
stimulating, at least for me, at which she gave me
a big grin and a bigger hug. "Have they all got the
right clothes, or will we have to get then
anything?" I asked Jenny. She smiled as she replied
"Why do you want to see them trying clothes on in
the boutique, you lecher?" "Not particularly" I
responded, "I was going to suggest that you take
them shopping after school if they needed anything
for the evening, I mean Kelly and Lisa may have T-
shirts but are they tight enough for this session
or are they the loose ones they normally wear?" "I
see what you mean Jack, I think I'd better check
their wardrobes in the morning and then take them
shopping after breakfast."
Breakfast the next morning was over and as we all
sat there Kelly and Lisa and Susan began making
plans for the weekend when Jenny interrupted then
saying "Sorry to spoil your plans girls, but an
incident last evening reminded Uncle Jack that
you'd been naughty when we were at the cabin and
that you were to expect a spanking. The incident,
if you have forgotten it, was when you laid down an
ultimatum to Uncle Jack and I, a thing the neither
of us was prepared to tolerate, do you remember?"
Kelly and Lisa and Susan looked at each other wide
eyed. Kelly turned to me and said in a quiet voice
"Yes Aunt Jenny , it's just that we thought you'd
forgotten, must we have it now, I mean we were
going out later to the Mall to see some of our
friends." Jenny got up, "Come with me girls, we
have to get this sorted out before you go out,
let's go to your bedrooms and I'll tell you what's
going to happen, and when." Half an hour later
Kelly and Lisa and Susan came down the stairs and
one by one came up to me and kissed me whispering
"Thanks Uncle Jack," as they did so. Jenny came
down and also kissed me as she put on her coat,
"I'm taking them shopping for a complete set of
clothes for tonight, that's why they were thanking
you, I told them you had said it was OK." "I'd
better make it OK then darling, take this and make
sure they get the sexiest outfits they can that
meet the ideas we had last night" and I pulled out
my wallet and gave her a wad of notes.
When Jenny and the girls had gone I went to the
garage and pulled out the items I needed to get
ready for that evening. I took my folding workbench
up to our bedroom and from the linen closet I got a
couple of large pillows and a lightweight blanket.
Using the pillows I padded the workbench and then
wrapped the whole lot up in the blanket. I then
sewed the blanket up tight so that none of it would
move when rocked about. When I was sure that it was
OK I placed it in a corner of the room and covered
it with another blanket and put a chair in front of
it help hide it from view, at least until later on.
I spent some time moving furniture around so that
there was sufficient wall space for Kelly and Lisa
and Susan to be sat against and also placed a
blanket on the floor where they would be laid out
after their spankings. When I was sure that all was
ready I went down to the room Jenny had allocated
as my den when I had moved in, and began to write
down the sequence of events to be followed that
evening. I'd already agreed with Jenny that it was
to be carried out as a ritual so that the maximum
amount of eroticism could be extracted from the
episode. Kelly and Lisa and Susan were to be given
instructions as to what they were to wear, Jenny
would then tell them individually what they were to
do when she took them from their bedroom, and how
they were to behave afterwards. When I was sure
that I'd got it all sorted out I went and got
myself a beer and sat down to read. I hadn't even
opened my book when the telephone rang and I found
Trish' Kelly's mother was on the other end.*
A couple of hours later when Jenny returned she
must have seen that something was bothering me from
the look on my face. "What's wrong Jack" she asked
as she put down a load of shopping bags. "Has
something happened while I've been out?" I grinned,
"There's no keeping secrets from you is there
lover" I responded, "It's not that there's anything
wrong, it's just that I had a bit of a shock.
Kelly's mother, Trish' rang just after you'd gone
and asked if we could put her up for a weekend as
she has to come and see Kelly." I paused and could
see that Jenny wasn't too happy thinking of the
prospect. "Not this weekend, next week will do,
it's just that she wants to explain to Kelly about
her Dad having walked out on the family and gone to
live with a twenty year old girl he's been working
with for the past sixteen months. Apparently he's
been having an affair with this girl for over a
year and Trish' only found out about it last week
when she found a pair of well worn panties in his
jacket pocket.
It seems he'd had sex with her in his car on the
way home that evening and had forgotten to give
them back to her when he dropped her off at her
apartment block. How could he have been so stupid
as to have put them in his pocket in the first
place?" Jenny laughed and I had to join her as I
realised how I must have sounded. "The thing Is my
love I promised Trish' that I'd break the news to
Kelly as Trish couldn't get down this week and it
would be unfair to keep it from her, did I do the
right thing, that's what worries me right now."
Jenny's brow furrowed as she thought over what I
had told her. "It might put a damper on the
evening, but I think it would be better if she knew
straight away what has happened, you could then
give her the chance to drop out of this evening if
she wishes to, how does that sound?" I nodded,
"Sounds fair enough to me, will it make a
difference to you, I mean thinking about Trish'
coming next week?" Jenny shook her head "No, in
fact I'll give her a call now and say it's OK, it
might help if she had a shoulder to cry on, after
all I went through it myself and can give her some
sympathy if she needs it."
Jenny made the call and after taking the bags of
shopping to the girls' rooms she joined me in the
den where we sat together on the sofa and went over
the plans I had sketched out for the evening. As we
sat there I had my arm around her and my hand
resting on her breast. I could feel her nipple
hardening as we talked about what we were going to
be doing and I took the opportunity to get her
nicely worked up before we got started. As we
talked I pinched her nipple between my finger and
thumb and stroked the contours of her breast with
my fingertips. I knew it was having an effect on
her because I could feel her breast firm up, under
the fabric of her shirt. Bringing my other hand
into play I undid the buttons of her shirt and
pushed it off her shoulder, baring her glowing
tits. Forgetting what we were talking about I sat
upright and, swinging her round to lay on her back
across my knees I bent down and kissed and sucked
her rigid nipples in turn as I pulled the hem of
her skirt up over her waist. I transferred my lips
to hers as I hooked my thumb under the waistband of
her panties and pushed them down as far as they
would go. Jenny lifted her hips as I pushed my hand
under her bottom and tried to shove her panties
right off her hips and down her legs. As they
reached her knees she lifted her legs so that I
could get them off, over her feet, opening her legs
wide as soon as they were free.
As she lay there with one foot over the back of
the sofa and the other one on the floor I placed my
hand on her hot, wet, swollen pussy and pressing my
thumb on her clitty, slipped two fingers deep into
her vaginal passage. I felt her gasp for breath as
my fingers entered her, I sat up and began to
caress her breasts and pinch and roll her nipples
between my finger and thumb as I worked my fingers
in and out of her cunt, all the time rubbing my
thumb on her tender bud. As he hips began to buck
in time with the movements of my fingers Jenny
began to utter tiny moans of pleasure until she
suddenly gave a loud cry as her orgasm rippled
though her body and she gripped the hand that was
on her cunt and pressed it hard on to her pussy
lips as she worked herself against it. Very slowly
she began to relax and eventually she opened her
eyes and looked up at me "That's the sort of thing
that reminds my why I married you darling Jack, I
mean the way you can make me have an orgasm when I
least expect it". I bent my head down and kissed
her lovingly, "You're too easy, all I have to do is
to touch you and you get horny, just like your
daughters. I reckon that if I spent a day giving
them the occasional kiss and just touching them
each time I passed them or came close to them they
would both be ready to tie me down and rape me by
Jenny smiled as she sat up and pushed her skirt
down and buttoned up her shirt. "I think you're
right about that, how about if I suggest it to them
as a special treat for being good for a week, I
mean all three of them might enjoy having you at
their mercy and sharing you between them after a
day of quick kisses and caresses each time they get
close, what do you think?" I smiled as I nodded in
agreement, "Better wait 'til Trish' has been and
gone, there's no great rush" Jenny was on her feet
by now and as she looked down at me she spotted the
bulge in my pants and smiled "No, there's no great
rush for that, but I can see the idea has caught on
with you and there is something I can do right now"
and she dropped to her knees between my legs and
undoing my pants pulled them down to my feet along
with my shorts and tenderly took my throbbing penis
in her hands and touched her lips to the swollen
head. She pressed her head down to engulf my prick
and began to work her gently grasping hands up and
down the rigid shaft as she started to suck hard on
the hard warm flesh in her mouth. Very slowly she
moved her head up and down taking me deeper into
her each time until I could feel her nose touching
the bottom of my belly. The rasping of her throat
on my sensitive prick was causing it to pulsate
each time it moved and I soon had to place my hands
on her cheeks and lift her up a little and groan a
warning that I was close to orgasm. Jenny continued
to suck on the head of my prick as she worked on
the shaft with her hands until she could feel the
swelling of the base of my prick that told her I
was about to cum. Grasping the base of my cock in
one hand she lifted her head and using her free
hand she ripped open the front of the shirt,
slackened her grip on the base of my prick and,
placing a flat hand on each side of my prick
directed it to her mouth which was held open a few
inches from the pulsating tip. The sight of my
semen hitting her tongue and chin, then having it
aimed down on to her breasts caused me to cum more
that I would normally have done. Having swallowed
what had hit her mouth Jenny took my flaccid penis
in her mouth and sucked it clean before wiping her
mouth and chin with her fingers and licking them
clean as well. She pulled up my shorts and pants
and as I stood up to fasten the properly Jenny
stood up and tucked her shirt into the waistband of
her skirt and was just doing the buttons up when
Lisa came into the Den.
" mom ...." she cried in a shocked voice, "What
have you been doing, Is that what I think it is on
your chest, has Uncle Jack just covered you with
his cum? Can I taste it please it's ages since we
did that." Blushing for no other reason than almost
being caught out by her daughter Jenny said "OK,
but quickly before the others come" and opened her
shirt to bare her breasts so that Lisa could suck
and lick some of my semen that lay on Jenny's
breasts. After a moment I pulled Lisa from Jenny
and giving her a quick kiss said "Now, leave off
and wait till later, it's time to start getting
dinner ready." I gave her a gentle pat on the
bottom and shoved her out of the room. As Jenny
went out I asked her to send Kelly in to see me. As
I sat there with the remains of a beer in my hand
Kelly came in and said "What's the matter Uncle
Jack, Aunt Jenny seemed worried about something?"
when I told her that her mother would be coming
down to see her the following weekend she got
worried. "She's not coming to take me back home is
she Uncle Jack, I mean she can't do that in the
middle of the term, it won't be fair" "No darling I
don't think that's what she'll be doing, what she
will be doing is explaining to you that your father
has gone off with a younger woman and left your
mother and the other kids". I explained to her what
Trish' had told me and that the reason for her
coming was to tell her what was happening once her
mother had seen the lawyers and so on.
I put my arm round her and held her close for a
while as she thought about what I had told her.
"Look Kelly, it you want to drop out of this
evenings arrangement Aunt Jenny and I will quite
understand, I mean if what I told you will stop you
enjoying it you can go to a movie or something"
Kelly smiled at me as she put her arms round my
neck and gave me a big sensual kiss "What.. and
leave you to enjoy spanking Lisa and Susan and then
probably fucking them as well, not on your life"
she said "I know it may seem insensitive of me but
I don't feel anything about Dad, I mean I'm not
bothered that he ran off like that, I am sorry for
Mom but as there's nothing I can do just now I
think I should just carry on as normal, if you call
being spanked and fucked by my Uncle, normal" she
gave a little giggle as she kissed me again and
whispered that she had to go and help get dinner
ready. *
After dinner we sat together in the den Jenny and
I on the sofa and the girls on the floor opposite
us. They sat with their arms around their bent
knees and their chins on their arms, a position
that showed me a glimpse of their panty covered
pussies. I couldn't help notice that all three were
showing a large damp spot that seemed to be growing
by the minute. Our chatting was mainly about what
they had been doing in school as Jenny and I wanted
to keep them as cool as possible until fun time.
When a good hour had passed Jenny glanced at me, I
gave a brief nod and she got up, said "Come girls
it's time to get you ready for your punishment" and
led them from the den up to their bedrooms. I
checked all the doors on the ground floor to make
sure they were locked, in order that we would not
get disturbed and, putting out all the downstairs
lights, went up to our bedroom to get my equipment
set up. I uncovered and pulled out the dressed up
work bench to the centre of the space I'd cleared
earlier. I turned on a couple of lamps and turned
off the main light, this gave a small lit area
around the work bench and the wall. I undressed and
put on my robe so that I should be ready should the
opportunity arise. As I was trying to decide what I
was going to use for the spankings the door opened
and Jenny came in leading Lisa, who had her wrists
tied, by the hand. Without the blindfold I had
expected her to be wearing Lisa could see where she
was being led. She paused as Jenny guided her
towards the assembly in front of her, and Jenny had
to jerk at her wrists to make her approach it. "Lay
face down" I said as I pointed to the work bench
and with a jerk from Jenny Lisa stood close and lay
her chest and tummy on the pillows that padded the
Drawing Lisa's hands down Jenny tied them to the
base of bench and in doing so pulled Lisa forwards
so that her toes just touched the floor. I stepped
behind Lisa removed her white cotton panties and
attached her ankles to a wooden spreader that
forced her feet wide apart. What a wonderful sight
it was to be seen when standing behind Lisa, not
only her open buttocks but her pussy lips that were
puffy and swollen and already moist with her own
juices. Jenny was kneeling by Lisa's head and, at a
nod from me, whispered to Lisa "You have a choice
of ten strokes with Uncle Jack's hand or with the
leather strap, which is it to be?" Lisa paused for
a moment and replied in a quiet voice "Hand please
Mom." I stepped up close to Lisa's rear end and
growled "You understand why you are being punished
in this manner don't you" "Yes Uncle Jack" Lisa
replied "Well, tell me why" I said in a stern
voice, "Because I was rude to you and mom when I
issued an ultimatum on your honeymoon Ooohh..." I
didn't give her a chance to finish what she was
saying, I landed a stinging slap on he right cheek.
Before she could recover from the surprise of the
first one I slapped her again on the other cheek.
As she could just touch the floor with her toes she
tried to lift her belly off the padding she was
laying on. I placed my left hand on the small of
her back and, pressing her back down slapped her
bottom again, once on each cheek. "How many is that
you have received?" I asked her "Four Uncle Jack"
she replied, "Right now count out the rest as my
hand touched you" I told her and followed it up
with two quick slaps "Five...Six.." she counted
"Seven" she said as I tenderly stroked her now
sopping wet pussy with my fingers "Did that feel
like a punishment slap" I asked as I inserted two
fingers into her hot wet cunt "No Uncle Jack, but
you did say count when you touched me" "Correct" I
said and caught her at the top of her thighs with
the end of the wide leather belt I had picked up
"Ohhhh... but you said I was to have your hand
Uncle Jack, I don't want the strap it hurts too
much" "As you did not count the last one we will
start from six, now don't argue and count!" I
positioned myself so that I could land the face of
the belt on both cheeks at once and landed four
blows on Lisa's bottom as she counted them one by
one. When I had finished Jenny untied Lisa's hands
and feet then came round to where I was standing
and pressed her body up close as she slipped a
hand inside my robe and placed it round my stiff
penis. "Are you going to give her a taste of this
now or later darling, I can see she is more than
ready for it" I kissed her tenderly, "Would you
like to guide it into her so I can tease her a
little?" I asked her and Jenny smiled as she nodded
her head and kept her hold on me as we stepped up
close behind Lisa. As I stood up close to Lisa's
body and Jenny guided the head of my throbbing
prick between the wet swollen lips of her cunt I
told Lisa "This is a taste of what is to come if
you're a good girl" and leaned forward so that my
prick was sunk to the hilt inside her. I pressed
myself hard to Lisa's buttocks for a moment or two
and then pulled out and stood back as Jenny helped
her stand up and walk to the side of the room and
sit down on the blanket I had placed there
As Lisa sat down Jenny told her that she should sit
with her knees bent up and her feet wide apart. As
she adopted the posture Lisa could see that her hot
pussy would be on full view and as she lay back to
rest her shoulders on the wall Jenny slipped a
blindfold over her eyes. "Now, make sure you sit
quite still darling, don't move 'til you're told,
OK?" Lisa nodded and I could see her starting to
blush as she thought about they way her body was
being displayed. Jenny came to me and gave me a
deep sensual kiss, then whispered very quietly "Do
you think she is enjoying it darling, I mean she's
not frightened is she?" I kissed her and shook my
head "No my love if she was frightened I think she
would have used our special code word, assuming she
still remembers it." I admit now to a slight doubt
about what I had just said to Jenny and as she went
out to get the Kelly I knelt down close to Lisa and
whispered "Do you remember the special code word
darling?" Lisa whispered "Washington Uncle Jack,
why?" "Well your mother was a little worried about
you just now" Lisa smiled and whispered "I'm fine
Uncle Jack, honest" I kissed her quickly on the
cheek "And I love you" I said as I stood up and
went back to sit on the bed and wait for Jenny and
Jenny brought Kelly in, in the same fashion as she
had Lisa, Kelly was given the same option as Lisa
and asked for the strap. I administered the
punishment and Kelly was also taken over to sit
next to Lisa and adopt the same posture, with her
eyes covered after I had quickly entered her from
behind. Jenny went out again and returned with
Susan, she also was laid down on the padded bench.
As Jenny was tying her hands I was behind her
lifting her short skirt and then kneeling down to
remover her underwear. I could see from the
dampness of the crotch of Susan's panties that she
had been thinking about something while she had
been waiting her turn. As my fingers touched her
skin when I slipped them inside the waistband of
her panties Susan gave a tiny twitch and as I
pulled the thin cloth down over her bottom I saw
her tense her bottom cheeks. I took them off
completely and fastened her ankles with the
spreader bar. I couldn't resist caressing her
bottom and her wet swollen pussy as I knelt there
and just before I stood up I placed a tender kiss
on her lower lips.
We went through the routine as we did for Kelly and
Lisa and when Susan asked for my hand I gave her
the same number as the others but in a more gentle
and sensuous manner, just warming her bottom rather
than punishing her. As Susan lay there, her
punishment completed I motioned to Jenny to come
over to me and drew her to the door where I
whispered very quietly "Would you let me take Susan
in the bottom now, with all of you looking on and
encouraging her, I can make it easy and use a
condom with extra KY, if you don't agree I'll drop
the subject now but I think she's ready" Jenny
looked at me as she whispered "You promise to
forget it if I don't agree, I mean not do it yet
'til I say?" I kissed her tenderly "Of course my
love, I told you ages ago I wouldn't do it 'til you
thought she was ready, and you will agree that she
hasn't mentioned it since she promised me she
wouldn't." Jenny placed her hands on my chest "Wait
there" she said and went over to kneel by Susan's
head and whispered in her ear. Susan turned as best
she could to look at me wide eyed, then turned to
Jenny and nodded her head vigorously. Jenny stood
up and beckoned me over "OK" she said quietly "How
do we do this?" I whispered some instructions to
her and as she went to the dresser I dropped my
robe on to the bed and stood with my erection
pointing at Susan's buttocks. Jenny went over to
where Kelly and Lisa were seated and removing their
blindfolds told them to watch in silence, she then
came over to stand in front of Susan and held out
her hand to me. I stepped round to stand in front
of Susan and close to her face as Jenny knelt down
in front of me and placed the condom on my hard
throbbing penis, explaining to Susan what was
happening as she did so. When it was on Jenny then
gave it a coating of KY quietly explaining that it
would make things easier. Jenny and I went behind
Susan and Jenny said in a gentle voice "Susan,
Uncle Jack tells me you want to have him take your
second virginity, is that correct?" Susan took a
deep breath "Yes mom I do so want him to do it,
I've waited so long for it" Would you like to be on
your own with Uncle Jack?" "No mom I want Kelly and
Lisa and you to be with me please" Jenny turned to
where Kelly and Lisa were seated and beckoned them
over to sit by Susan's head and told them to hold
her hands. *
Jenny then came up to me and, grasping my latex
covered prick guided it to her little daughters
anus and kissed me as she whispered "Take her
darling, she wants to feel you in her bottom, be
gentle please I don't want her hurt" I kissed her
tenderly "Hold on to me as I enter her bottom, then
you can see I'm not hurting her" I replied and
looking down to Susan's bottom I gently pressed the
head of my prick against her tightly puckered anal
ring. I could hear Kelly and Lisa whispering to
Susan as I pressed harder and, as I felt her relax
a little I pressed harder and felt the head of my
penis push through her sphincter. Susan gave a
small cry of surprise and pain as I entered her
anal passage and I paused to allow her to get used
to the feeling before leaning forwards a little to
push myself deeper into her body. When I had about
half of my prick into her I pulled it back a
little, paused and then thrust myself deep into her
as far as I could. As my pelvic bone hit her
buttocks Susan gave a loud cry "Ohh.. Uncle Jack,
your so big, I didn't think you could get it all
in" Jenny came to me and whispered for me to pull
out but I kissed her and said quietly "Wait a
moment darling, see if this works" and I began to
work my lubricated penis in and out of Susan's
bottom, slipping one hand under her hips and
caressing her clitty as I gently fucked her. Very
soon Susan was lifting her head and looking round
at me with her eyes wide open and her moist lips
slightly parted. "Ohhhh.. YESSS... Uncle Jack fuck
me please fuck me hard I want to feel you cum in my
bottom, fill me with your cum let me feel it burn
me as it shoots from your prick into my bottom..."
and she let out a little scream as her first anal
orgasm ripped through her young body. Having other
ideas for the placement of my own orgasm I pulled
out of Susan's bottom and turned to Jenny "Was that
gentle enough darling" I asked with a smile on my
face. Jenny smiled and nodded. "You didn't cum
darling, why not?" I gave her a hug "Well, I
thought Susan could share it between you, Kelly and
Lisa once she has recovered, that is" "Hnnn... what
a wonderful idea, let me attend to Susan" and she
went over to her youngest daughter and lifted her
from the bench to sit on the bed.
After she'd had a drink of water Susan was told
what she was to do next and looking over to me she
smiled and blushed pinkly. I put my hand out to her
and said "Are you ready my love" Susan came over to
me and threw her arms round me "Thanks Uncle Jack,
that was wonderful, will it be better next time?" I
smiled down at her and nodded "Yes it will and it
will also get to be easier the more you do it, but
it will hurt if you do it too much too soon, now
let's give your mother and sister and Kelly a treat
shall we?" Hand in hand we stepped over to where
Jenny was sitting between Kelly and Lisa, their
heads held close together and their legs open as
wide as they could get them giving me a sight of
their three swollen pussies. Susan began to
masturbate me as she caressed my balls and kissed
sucked and fingered my nipples. As Susan worked on
me I was caressing her breasts and bottom and it
was not long before I groaned "Watch it darlings
I'm going to cum any minute now" Susan stopped
playing with parts of my body and concentrated on
my penis as she worked her hand up and down its
full length. She must have felt the pressure of my
semen as it came through my penis because she
stopped the movement of the hand and concentrated
on aiming at the three faces in front of me. As
wads of semen hit Jenny, Lisa and Kelly on their
faces and in their mouths Susan pressed down on my
prick and directed the stream on to the three pairs
of breasts, beginning to masturbated me again as
she did so. When there was little more than a
dribble of semen on the tip of my prick Susan
dropped to her knees and, taking me into her mouth
began to suck as hard as she could in an attempt to
drain the last drops from my softening pick.
As I held her head on my prick I looked down and
watched as Jenny, Lisa and Kelly began to lick at
each others breasts in order to get as much of my
semen as they could. This made my penis begin to
rise again and Susan held me by the buttocks as she
pressed her head on to me as hard as she could,
feeling me swell in her mouth until the head of my
prick was pressing on the back of her throat making
her gag so that she had to lift her head and
release me. I put my hands under her arms and
lifted her to her feet, then I took her over to the
bed where I sat on the edge and pulled her over to
straddle my legs, where I used one hand to guide my
now hard penis into her swollen moist cunt. "Now
you fuck me while the others watch" I whispered and
she worked her hips hard and fast until she cried
out as another orgasm tore through her young body.
As Susan fucked herself on my rigid penis I watched
as Jenny, Lisa and Kelly used their fingertips to
spread the wads of semen sticking to their faces
and tits all over their upper bodies then take it
in turns to lick each other clean.*
I saw Susan screw up her eyes as another orgasm
built up inside her and, sitting up I put my arms
round her, grasped her buttocks in my hands and
inserted two fingers in her slippery anus as I used
my other hand to press her body to mine. With my
fingers pressed deeper into her ass Susan gave a
scream as her second orgasm of the evening ripped
through her soft warm body and she threw her arms
round me and hugged me tight as she slammed herself
down hard on to my hard prick. I sat there for some
time holding Susan tight and gently caressing her
body while she sobbed gently as I whispered sweet
nothings in her ear. Eventually Susan lifted her
tearstained face from my shoulder and looked me in
the face "Thanks Uncle Jack, that was the most
wonderful sex I've ever had " she whispered and
kissed me tenderly "I don't think any boy will ever
be able to make love to me like you can, and I
don't think I want them to try, will you be my
lover for always please" I kissed her tenderly and
whispered "No, it wouldn't be fair to your mother
if I made a promise like that, and I think you'll
find that there's a boy somewhere that will do the
same for you as I do now, ask your mom if you don't
believe me. Now how about if I take you and give
you a good scrub down in the shower then get you to
bed for a good nights sleep young lady?" Susan
nodded silently and getting off my lap she took my
hand and we went to the bathroom for a quick
shower. As Susan was finishing getting powdered and
dressed in her PJ's and I was cleaned up Kelly and
Lisa came into the bathroom and poked their heads
into the shower, "Room for two more Uncle Jack, we
promise not to ravish you if you'll wash us down in
your best daddy style" said Kelly with a big grin
on her face, I smiled back "Come on then get in
here, stand still and behave or I'll have to spank
you again.
Kelly and Lisa giggled like school girls and Lisa
said quietly "Is that a promise Uncle Jack, I mean
will you please spank us like you did the first
time, before mom was making love to you and it was
just the three of us" I paused in my washing of
Kelly's naked young body and looked at the two of
them, "Do both of you want this?" I asked, Kelly
and Lisa both nodded excitedly "Yes please Uncle
Jack" Kelly said softly "We both enjoyed what just
happened, it was wonderful for all of us, but we
think it would be nice if you could sometimes just
be with Lisa and me like in the beginning" I went
back to washing Kelly down and, when I had finished
I did the same for Lisa and, despite all that had
happened during the past hour I ended up with an
enormous erection. "OK," I said "But I'll tell you
now that I'll only do it if it has Jenny's
approval, I will not, under any circumstances, do
it behind her back. I may do it without telling her
the when and where, but I must insist that I tell
her that I'll be doing it, understand?" Kelly and
Lisa both threw their arms round me and kissed me
as best they could, "Thanks Uncle Jack, that's
great, and we do understand about mom and all" said
Lisa, and they both left me and wrapped themselves
in warm dry towels and danced out of the bathroom
to go to their own room.

I had just turned off the shower and was stepping
out to get dried when a very tired Jenny came in
and said "Have you got the energy to help me get
cleaned up darling, I'm absolutely bushed" I took
her in my arms and drew her into the shower where I
washed her down and then dried us both off, after
which I scooped her up into my arms and carried her
into our bedroom and placed her on the bed.
Stripping off her bathrobe to leave her naked I
dropped mine on the floor and, getting into bed
beside her I drew the covers over us both and,
putting out the light drifted off into a deep and
dreamless sleep. When I awoke it was to the feeling
of a soft warm body pressed up against my back and
an arm wrapped over my side to hold the body tight
to me. Feeling the arm I realised it was Susan and
not Jenny that was in bed with me and, turning over
to face her I saw she was wide awake and looking up
at me. "What do you think you are doing young lady,
does you mother know you are here" Susan smiled
like a little girl, "Yes Uncle Jack, she asked me
to come and see if you were awake so you could have
your breakfast, and when I saw you were still
asleep I thought I'd wait 'til you woke up. Now
I'll go and tell her you are awake, just like she
asked" and she slipped out of bed, bent over to
give me a wonderful glimpse of her naked bottom as
she picked up her dressing gown and bounced out of
the room, full of the joys of Spring despite the
fact is was Fall. I got up and put on my own
dressing gown and went down to the kitchen, mainly
because I was starving and really needed my
As I sat down to the table Kelly and Lisa got up
came over to me and each of them gave me a
wonderfully sensuous kiss as they said "Good
morning Uncle Jack". They then went and sat down
again and continued eating their own breakfasts. As
she brought my plate of bacon and eggs Jenny also
kissed me the same as Kelly and Lisa and said "Good
morning darling" as she sat down beside me at the
table. Not to be left out Susan did the same only
her kiss was even more sensuous, if that was
possible. By this time I had the beginnings of an
erection forming and half way through my meal I
stopped and said in a puzzled voice "OK, I give in,
what do you all want, why are you all being so nice
to me so early in the morning?" They all started to
protest at once until at last Jenny held up her
hand to silence the girls, came and sat on my lap
and after kissing me again said in a soft and
gentle voice "We don't want anything my darling we
just wanted to show you that we all love you,
that's all" She kissed me again went back to her
seat and finished her meal. I finished my own
breakfast and, when I had a cup of coffee in front
of me I leaned back, smiled and said "OK, I'm sorry
if I misjudged you all, I'm just not used to
people being nice to me without wanting something".
This little show of affection from Jenny, Lisa and
Kelly as well as Susan turned out to be the
beginning of weeks of loving that were the best I
had ever known. Each time any one of the girls (and
I include Jenny in that term) came close to me they
touched me gently at the very least and at best
they would kiss me as warmly as they could. I was
walking around the house in an almost permanent
state of erection, only getting relief when I was
on the way to, at, and on the way home from, work.
It's not as if I was also being starved of actual
sex, I wasn't, in fact I ended up making love to
each of them at least once during the first week,
and Jenny four times. Don't get me wrong I'm not
complaining, in fact I loved it and played my part


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