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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1


On Thursday I got a call from Trish' to ask if it
was still OK for her to come down the next day and
stay for the weekend. I confirmed it with Jenny
and Trish' said she would arrive about 8 PM
on Friday. I told Kelly to be home in time for her
mothers arrival as she and Lisa had arranged to go
out straight after class with some friends. Kelly
wasn't too happy about coming home early but when I
pointed out that it was only polite for her to be
there to welcome her mother, whom she had not seen
for almost six months she reluctantly agreed. When
Lisa heard what was going on she offered to come
home early with Kelly. "To give a bit of moral
support" as she put it. Later that evening Jenny
and Susan were sitting with me in the family room
watching TV, Kelly and Lisa were in the den using
the enforced situation to do some work on a common
project they had, when the door bell rang. Before I
could get up Kelly shouted from the hallway "It's
OK Uncle Jack, I'll get it it's probably Mom" and
went and opened the front door. Sure enough it was
Trish' and after helping her off with her coat
Kelly brought her mother into the room to meet us.
Jenny invited Trish' to sit down and as she did so
Kelly said "Can I just go and finish the last bit
if work we have, it will only take five minutes" I
nodded saying "OK dear, try not to be too long but
don't rush it." I made the usual introductions and
as I saw Trish' was not looking too comfortable I
quietly said to Susan "How about if you go and
watch tv in your own room for a while love, let
your mother and I have a talk to Kelly's Mom" she
smiled and without a word left us to our 'grown up'
discussion. As soon as we were alone Trish' broke
down and told us about how her husband had dumped
her and her younger kids and set up house with the
young woman from the office that he had been having
an affair with for over a year. The problem Trish'
had was that she was going to have to sell her
house and move to somewhere smaller that she could
afford to keep up on a reduced income, which
despite the alimony and maintenance allowance she'd
receive wasn't going to prevent her having to go
out to work. I got the feeling that Trish' was
feeling more embarrassed than would be normal in a
woman talking about getting divorced so, at a
convenient pause in the conversation I asked Jenny
to leave the room with me and took her into the
den. "I think Trish' is going to work up to asking
Kelly if she could find somewhere to live so she
doesn't have to move back in with the rest of the
family" I said to Jenny "What are you suggesting
Jack, are you thinking what I think you are
thinking, that we should offer Kelly the chance to
make a home here until she finishes university and
finds a job?" I smiled "You're too smart for me
lover, that's what I was thinking, BUT only between
the two of us, and ONLY if you feel we could make
it work, I don't want to dump it all on you and, if
you don't want to do it, I'll drop the subject
right now" Jenny stepped up close and put her arms
round me and after hugging me close for a couple of
minutes she looked up into my eyes "Would you miss
Kelly and making love to her so much if I said no?"
she said in a quiet voice "I mean, if having her
going means we have problems then I say she can
stay". I kissed her on the forehead, "That settles
it then, I'll tell Trish' that we can't have her
here full time, I don't want you to think that I
have to have Kelly here and that I'll love you less
if she goes" Jenny put her hands flat on my chest
and pushed me back "That isn't what I meant and you
know it, so don't be a beast Jack, I just thought
you might miss having her here if I said no." "To
tell you the truth darling I would miss her, she's
a gorgeous young lady that makes sex wonderful, she
likes to make love to you and to me together or
separately, I love her the same as I love Lisa and
Susan but if I have to chose between having her
here or you thinking I love you less I'll let her
go back home. I love you and I'll give her and your
daughters up the minute you say so, do you
understand?" Jenny put her arms round my neck and
pulled me down to her level and kissed me. "Yes
darling, and I think it would be nice to have Kelly
living here with us on a long term basis, shall we
go and ask her?" I went back into the family room
where Trish' and Kelly were talking about what was
happening about the divorce, "Sorry to interrupt
folks but Jenny would like to have a word with
Kelly, will you go and see her in the den please"
Kelly left the room and I sat down with Trish'
"Jenny and I get the feeling you want to say
something that you find difficult to get out, is it
that you want Kelly to make her own way for a
while, because if it is can I say that Jenny and I
would be only too glad if she stayed here with us,
at least until she finishes university. She could
sort of reverse things by going to see you and your
other kids as a sort of holiday treat and return
here as if it was her home."*
Trish' looked at me wide eyed "How on earth did
you know that was what was worrying me" she gasped.
She took a deep breath, "It's true, I didn't like
to bring it up, I mean it's such an imposition
asking you to take her into your family with you
having been married for so short a time, I wouldn't
want to think she'd be getting in the way of your
Errr... well.. your married life.. so to speak"
"You mean our love life, don't you?" I responded
with a smile on my face "Err.. well... yes I
suppose I did" she replied. "There's no chance that
having Kelly here will make any difference to our
love life Trish', I promise you. We'll love having
her here, she'll be company for Lisa, and hopefully
will provide competition for her with her school
work, she also helps keep Lisa's mind off boys and
at the moment that's a great help. She's also very
helpful round the house and often helps Lisa to
cook meals to give Jenny a break." This last
statement made Trish' smile "I don't know how you
get her to do things like that, she never cooked at
home" "Ah, well you obviously didn't use the
correct method, did you try bribery, I mean, saying
she could have something she wanted if she was
good?" Trish' shook her head "I could never find
anything she wanted so badly that she'd do any
household chores to get it, what's your secret
Jack?" "Let's just say I've found a secret formula
that seems to work at the moment and that I'll use
it till it stops working then I'll have to find
Trish' put a hand out and touched mine, "The thing
is Jack will Jenny agree to having Kelly here long
term and will Kelly hate me for sort of throwing
her out because I can't afford to keep her" I
squeezed her hand reassuringly, "Don't worry about
a thing, if Kelly agrees with what Jenny's saying
to her now it'll be all settled before we go to bed
tonight, the only thing to sort out then will be
how your husband will help maintain Kelly while
she's at university, and I think you should leave
that to your lawyers. OK?" Trish' nodded and,
leaning back in the sofa gave a huge sigh of
relief. A few minutes later Kelly came into the
room looking very happy and sat down beside her
mother "Aunt Jenny has told me I can stay here if
I want to Mom, will that be OK with you, I mean,
it'll make things easier for you and the others if
I'm not under your feet all the time won't it, and
I can come and see you during the vacations can't I"
she burst out. Trish' smiled and put an arm round
her daughter and said "I was just worried you'd
think I was throwing you out of the house 'cos you
were in the way darling, but Uncle Jack has told me
you won't be in the way and that he and Jenny agree
that you can stay on a long term basis, I think you
should thank him properly, don't you?" Kelly looked
at her mother and gave a funny little grin "Yes mom
I thing I should, shall I give him a big kiss to
say thank you?" Trish' nodded "I think that would
be a nice thing to do".
Kelly got up and stepped over to me and I could see
the wicked smile she had spread across her face
"Uncle Jack, mom says I should give you a big girls
kiss for letting me stay with you and Aunt Jenny,
is this how I should do it?" and she sat down hard
on my lap and, putting her arms round my neck put
her lips to mine and kissed me as sensuously as she
had ever done during any of our lovemaking
sessions. I tried hard not to allow her kiss to
arouse me and after a moment or two I placed my
hands on her shoulders and pushed her off me. "That
will do nicely thank you Kelly, now go and sit down
before Aunt Jenny comes in and catches you, there's
a good girl" as she began to stand up Kelly
whispered in my ear "I'll get you later and say
thank you properly, if you know what I mean" aloud
she said for her mom to hear "Thank you very much
Uncle Jack it's very good of you and Aunt Jenny to
let me stay" with that she went and sat down beside
her mother and started to chat about what she was
doing at university and how she was getting better
grades since she had been working with Lisa doing
extra work in the Summer vacation. "Uncle Jack was
a beast making us work so hard when we could have
been out with our friends and going to parties and
stuff" she said "But it did make a difference and
Lisa and I find it easier now and we both get
better grades than before" Trish' looked over to me
and raised her eyebrows as if to question me about
what I had done, I just shrugged my shoulders and
gave a silly grin then mouthed the word "Blackmail"
to her. Trish' smiled and turned back to talking to
A while later after the girls had gone to bed,
Jenny and I sat with Trish' having a night-cap,
Trish' looked a lot happier than she had when she
had arrived a few hours earlier and as she sat
there with a drink in her hand she said "Jack, can
I be frank with you please, I mean I don't want to
upset you but I must say something" "Go ahead, I've
got a very thick skin, you can't hurt me, I
hope..." Trish' smiled "Well, it's just that at
the end of the last term when you agreed to have
Kelly stay with you I only agreed because my
husband made me, I mean that I didn't really trust
you to behave with a young girl in the house with
you on your own, and I want to say how sorry I am
because I can see that Kelly isn't at all worried
by it and I can see that nothing has happened". I
had the good grace to blush as I said "What did you
expect me to be doing, raping her and getting into
her bed every night, did you suspect I'd be having
group sex sessions with Lisa, Susan and Jenny?" I
tried to sound outraged, and I must have been quite
close because Trish' began to protest and bluster
apologise for thinking such things. "Jack, will you
please go and lock up" said Jenny as she went to
sit beside Trish', "You can see Trish' is upset
about it, so please forget it was said and come and
show you forgive her" I smiled at Jenny as I came
over to kneel beside Trish' as she sat on the sofa.
I took her face between my hands and gave her a
gentle kiss on the lips, "I'm sorry I got annoyed
Trish', I can understand that you'd be worried
about placing a young lady like Kelly in the hands
of a single man like me, just let me assure you
that I took great pains that no harm came to Kelly,
and I'd like you to have her confirm that in the
morning, all right?" Trish' nodded silently and I
left her and Jenny and went round the house closing
windows and locking doors before I went to bed.
When Jenny and I were in bed at last we were
quietly talking about the evenings events when
there was a gently knock on the door, on being told
to come in Kelly came and sat on the bed beside
Jenny and after kissing her and leaning over to
kiss me she said quietly "Will it really be OK for
me to stay Aunt Jenny, I mean I won't be in the way
like mom thinks will I?" Jenny gave her a
comforting hug, "Of course it's OK darling, we'd
love to have you stay as part of the family, after
all you've been so for a long time, and let's face
it if it hadn't been for you I'd never have met
Jack and fallen in love again" Kelly smiled as she
remembered what had happened so many months ago
"Mmmm.. it was fun then, wasn't it Aunt Jenny, it
felt so naughty and yet that seemed to make it more
sexy, both for me and Lisa, and it's just as good
now, even if we don't make love to Uncle Jack quite
so often we still love him just as much as we did
then." Jenny patted her on the knee as she said
"Well you'll have to have your wits about you in
the morning if you want it to stay that way, your
Mom is going to be asking you what was happening
when you first stayed with Uncle Jack, he's told
her that he took great pains to make sure that no
harm came to you and you mustn't allow her to think
that he ever laid a hand on you, I mean in a sexual
sort of way, and that he was very strict about how
you behaved, otherwise your mom might get the wrong
idea, do you understand what I am saying darling, I
mean I don't want you to actually tell lies, just
don't tell all of what happened".
As Jenny and I sat at the breakfast table next
morning Trish' came and joined us. As she sat down
she said in a subdue voice "Jack, I want to
apologise to you for mistrusting you, I've spoken
to Kelly and she tells me that you were more strict
than her father would have been, and she almost
asked to come home because you watched her so
closely" I glanced at Jenny out of the corner of my
eye as I replied "Well under the circumstances
Trish' there was very little else I could do, was
there. I mean I had to keep a strict eye on her to
make sure you didn't find out I was allowing her to
be led astray, after all you had made me
responsible for her actions, which I may say were
better than I could have expected, now shall we say
no more on this subject, you'll be embarrassing me
if you keep on" "OK Jack, subject closed, except
to say thank you for all you've done for Kelly, you
seemed to have turned her into a mature young lady
where she was just a schoolgirl when she left home
at the beginning of the year". As Trish' finished
her little speech I looked down at my plate and
concentrated on finishing my breakfast, I couldn't
allow Jenny to catch my eye or I'd have burst out
laughing, as I don't doubt she would. It took quite
a while for me to regain control of myself and by
then Trish' had left the table and gone to get
dressed ready to go out with Jenny. *
As soon as Trish' was out of earshot Jenny burst
out laughing, "I don't know how you kept a straight
face" she said, "I thought you were going to give
yourself away at the end there" I stopped laughing
enough to say "Well let's hope the subject doesn't
come up again, I don't know if I'll be able to
control myself, I wonder what Kelly did say to
Trish' this morning, perhaps we shouldn't ask" as I
was speaking I noticed that Jenny was wriggling
about in her chair, "What's wrong love, got an
itch?" "No" she said softly "It's my damn pussy
hairs, they've started to grow and are scratching
me when I sit down, I need to shave them again" she
looked at me and said sweetly "I don't suppose you
would like to do it for me later on would you
darling, I mean, it was you that did it in the
first place and you did say it would have to be
done on a regular basis". A big grin spread over my
face, "Well I suppose I could find time to help you
out, the thing is if you're having problems the
girls must also be close to the same state, do you
think it would be an idea if you ask them, I'd hate
to think of them being as uncomfortable as I can
see you are". Jenny smiled, "Yeah, I'll bet, all
you want is to get them with their panties down,
their legs wide open and your hand on their soft
warm young pussies. Hmmm...OK I see what you mean,
I'll ask them to make an appointment for you to
make them smooth again" she got up, kissed me and
went upstairs to get dressed. Jenny and Trish' had
made arrangement to go shopping together and left
soon after breakfast. Kelly and Lisa had dates with
friends at the shopping mall and they also went out
leaving me to get the mower out to do the front and
back lawns. I spent a couple of hours mowing and
clearing up the grass cuttings, then I spent a half
hour cleaning the mower before I put it away for at
least a week. I was just closing the garage door
when Susan came strolling up the path with a wet
towel under her arm from her swimming session. "Can
we go indoors and talk please Uncle Jack, I've got
a slight problem I want you to sort out". I
finished locking the garage and followed her into
the kitchen where she was sitting at the table, "OK
love, what's the problem" I said as I sat next to
her. "Well Uncle Jack, you know you shaved my pussy
for me, well, I know you warned me it would grow
again but I didn't know it would feel so horrible
when I have tight pants on, I mean I just went for
a swim and when I put my tight swimsuit on it was
pushing the short hairs back into me and felt
scratchy when I moved my legs." I smiled at her
"Well I did warn you, but all you need is to make a
decision now if you want it to grow long again, or
if you want to have a smooth pussy all the time, if
that's what you want you'll need to shave at least
once a week and probably twice, AND the more you
shave the stronger the hairs get, just like my
beard hairs have over the years, I actually started
with facial hair softer and finer than your pussy
hair, feel it now" I took her hand and rubbed it
against my chin, where it scraped against the soft
skin of her hand. "That is what it will get to be
like after a lot of shaving, over many years I will
admit, anyway, think about it while I go and get
cleaned up and let me know your decision, don't
forget your mom and Trish' will be back soon" I
patted her on the knee and went up to the bathroom
to have a wash and shave before lunch.
I was just combing my hair when Susan knocked on
the bathroom door and poked her head round, "Will
you shave me now please Uncle Jack, I think a
smooth pussy is best for now". "Come on" I said
"Get undressed, or at least get your panties off
and sit up on the vanity unit while I get my things
ready". From the corner of my eye I could see
Susan stripping off her skirt and pushing her white
cotton panties down her legs and off her feet. I
ran some very hot water in the wash basin and
placed a fresh washcloth in to get warmed up. I put
a fresh blade in my razor and whipped up some
shaving lather. When I turned round there was Susan
sitting with her legs spread as wide as she could
get them, and her bottom on the very edge of the
unit. I took a good long look at the wonderful
sight before my eyes and licked by lips in
anticipation. "Now then Uncle Jack, you're going to
shave me that's all, we haven't got time for
anything else, at least not at the moment", Susan
giggled as she admonished me and I smiled back at
her as I got the hot washcloth and placed it on her
soft warm flesh. She gave a little jump and a gasp
as the hot cloth touched her pussy lips "Sorry
darling was that too hot" I said tenderly. "No
Uncle Jack, it just took me by surprise, carry on,
it's OK really" and she leaned back as I pressed
the cloth all over the area of skin I was going to
be shaving. After a moment or two I took the cloth
off her and began to cover her cunt with lather,
making sure I covered all of where I was to be
operating. *
Very gently I began to pull areas of skin tight as
I ran the razor over her pussy lips until I had
removed all the stubble that had formed over the
past couple of weeks. I then told her to stand on
the floor and bend over so I could remove any that
was left around her bottom. As she stood there, her
head resting on her arms which were in turn resting
on the unit top, her legs wide open and her bottom
displayed in all it's glory, I could not resist the
temptation to run my hand over her now smooth pussy
and slip a couple of fingers into her love hole. As
I did so I pressed down on the small of her back to
prevent her getting up and for a few minutes I was
finger fucking her, feeling her vagina getting
wetter and warmer all the time. I suddenly stopped
and standing back I laid a slap on her proffered
bottom and said "Come on young lady, no time for
that now, go and get a shower to remove all that
chlorine from your hair". Susan stood up quickly
and spun round to face me, throwing her arms round
me and kissing me. "Thanks Uncle Jack, it feels
wonderful now, will you do it for me next time I
think I need it?" I kissed her back "Yes of course
I will darling, any time you want, although you
must learn to do it yourself in case I'm not around
to do it for you. I'll show you how next time, all
right?" she nodded and I left her to have her
shower while I went to start getting myself some
lunch. I had just finished my sandwich, and was
having a second cup of coffee when Jenny and Trish'
came in, closely followed by Lisa and Kelly. Jenny,
Lisa and Kelly all came over to me and gave me a
quick kiss and a 'hello darling' and 'hello Uncle
Jack' , I could see that Trish' seemed to be
surprised at the natural way we all did it. She
said nothing at the time but I think she remembered
it some months later. Susan came down dressed after
her shower and went to help Jenny fix lunch for the
five of them. I saw her whisper something to Jenny
when she had got her in a corner, Jenny looked over
to me and smiled, " me next" she mouthed a she
stood behind Trish' and I gave a quick nod of my
head. A while after lunch Trish' asked Kelly to go
for a walk with her and Jenny and I went to sit in
the den for a few minutes before I trimmed her
pussy stubble. We hadn't been there long when Lisa
came in and sat herself on my lap. "Uncle Jack,
will you give me a shave please before I go out,
I'm the same as Susan was, all scratchy and
horrible" I looked at Jenny who nodded "Do her
first Jack seeing as she has to go out, but Lisa,
next time please make an appointment and don't take
someone's else's turn" I laughed as I got up, "It
sounds like I was a salon or something, what with
making appointments, Hey, that's a good idea you
two, do you know of any of your friends that want
to be shaved, you could always recommend me for the
job, I could do it as a weekend job and make a bit
of money, how about five bucks a time" "Uncle
Jack" said Lisa in shocked tones, "Not on your
life" said Jenny "I'm not going to let you get your
hands into the pants of any of my friends,
especially those that haven't got boyfriens, they
can stay as they are, as for the rest they can get
their own men to do it for them. Just like we do" I
bent down and kissed her tenderly, "Only joking my
love, but if you did happen to have a request you
could always be there to ensure there's no hanky
panky", I left her sitting there with her mouth
open and went up to the bathroom to make Lisa a lot
more comfortable.
As I was finishing removing the last remnants of
shaving cream from Lisa's inner thighs I placed a
tender loving kiss on her lower lips "What do you
want to finish off with darling, talcum powder or
baby oil?" Lisa giggled, "How about your saliva,
would you eat me please Uncle Jack, I'm so horny I
would prefer you to fuck me but just licking and
sucking me would be OK for now". Without a word I
pressed my mouth to her cunt lips and began to work
my tongue as deep into her as I could get it, at
the same time I pressed a finger on her puckered
anus until the tip slipped into her. I slowly
pressed my finger deeper and deeper into her anus
and moved my mouth up to where I could gently nip
her engorged clit between my teeth. The combination
of working my finger in her bottom and then sucking
hard on her clitty made Lisa come very quickly and
she thrust her hips forwards as her orgasm rippled
through he body and I moved my lips down to her
love hole and licked at her juices as they leaked
from her. I stood up and helped her down from the
vanity unit, "Get a quick shower" I said "And don't
go bragging how quick you came after being shaved,
the others won't believe you" and I gave her a
gentle slap on her bare bottom as I pushed her
towards the shower. I went down to the den and told
Jenny that Lisa was just finishing her shower and
then I would be able to ease her hirsute problem.
Lisa soon came downstairs and, poking her head in
the den said "Thanks Uncle Jack, I feel much better
now, Mom, I'm just going out for a bit, I'll be
back for dinner" and she was gone in a flash. *
As soon as we were alone I turned to Jenny, "Want
to come and keep your appointment with your
hairdresser my love" I asked as I pulled her to her
feet. "Why not, now that we're alone it sounds like
a good idea at the right time" and she followed me
up to the bathroom where she stripped from the
waist down while I got my things ready for the
third time. Shaving Jenny was not like shaving her
daughters, I had very little trouble keeping my
hands to myself with the girls as it seemed like I
was taking advantage of them, even helping Lisa
have an orgasm was not like real sex. With Jenny it
was different, she had three orgasms and I'd cum in
her cunt once before I actual started to shave her.
It all seemed so natural that this should happen,
as she sat there with her legs open and no clothes
on. In the end she panted "Now, stop Jack, please,
you'll have no energy left for tonight if you keep
on like this, and neither will I". I gave Jenny's
one last quick kiss and got down to the serious
work of clearing away her stubble. I was about to
spread a film of baby oil on Jenny's freshly shaved
pussy when the bathroom door was opened and Jenny
and I looked round to see a very embarrassed Trish'
standing with her mouth wide open and her eyes
almost popping out. "OH.. I'm so sorry Jenny" she
gasped and quickly backed out of the bathroom
slamming the door shut. Jenny giggled as she said
"I guess we've got out of the habit of locking the
bathroom door darling" "We sure have my love, what
are you going to say to her?" Jenny thought for a
minute "Well there's not a lot I can say is there,
after all, lots of people shave their pussy hair
off, I think she was just embarrassed more than
anything, leave it to me, I'll make her feel
Jenny got dressed and left me to clear up the
bathroom while she went down stairs to find Trish'.
I followed her down after a few minutes and looked
all over the place for them both. Not being able to
find them I got a beer from the fridge and went and
sat outside to catch the last rays of Autumn sun. I
was just finishing my beer when I heard Jenny call
my name. I looked up and saw her leaning out of a
bedroom window. "Will you come up please Jack" she
called I waved and went back into the house and
made my way up stairs. I found Jenny and Trish'
sitting on Trish's bed with their heads together as
if they were swapping girlie secrets. I stood at
the door and leaned against the frame "Yes dear,
what can I do for you" I said as I looked at the
pair of them Jenny looked up "Nothing, for me that
is, you've just done it, BUT.. Trish' has asked if
I would allow you to do the same for her, it's
something she has thought about for years but has
never had the nerve to do and her ex wouldn't do it
for her. When she saw you finishing me off it made
her want it all over again." I looked at her in
astonishment, I couldn't speak for a couple of
minutes. Eventually I got my voice back "Are you
asking me to shave Trish's pussy for her?" Jenny
nodded her head "Errr... only if you want to Jack,
I mean it won't matter if you don't like the
idea..." put in Trish'. I looked at Jenny again
and raised my eyebrows , Jenny nodded "OK" I said
to Trish' "But, only if Jenny is there, I don't
want to be accused of raping you, or otherwise
taking advantage of the fact that you'll be naked
from the waist down and I'll be touching you in an
intimate manner, all right?" Trish' nodded and
looked at Jenny "Is that OK with you?" and got a
nod in reply.
For the fourth time that day I was heating up a
washcloth and getting my shaving gear ready. I also
got ready a pair of hairdressing scissors and when
I was done I turned to Jenny and said "Will you
help Trish' to get undressed please Jenny" and sat
on the toilet to watch as Jenny stripped Trish'
completely naked. I helped Trish' to get up on to
the vanity unit and Jenny showed her how to lean
back and open her legs wide. I tried to be as
clinical as I could but, as I clipped away most of
Trish's pubic hair I couldn't help touching her
pussy. That this was arousing me was obvious to
Jenny who could see the bulge in my pants and she
came over to me and whispered softly in my ear "You
horny thing you, any woman could get you hard
couldn't they" I turned and smiled at her and
nodded, I then turned back to concentrate on
clipping the hairs from Trish's cunt and from
around her anus. Trish' jumped once or twice as the
cold of the scissors touched her skin but it was
soon over and I said "Careful now this will be very
warm but is necessary" and I placed the hot
washcloth to cover all the area to be shaved. As I
pressed the cloth on to Trish's skin I could feel a
slight movement of her hips. I tried to ignore it
but the more I touched her the more she moved.
Luckily I was able to remove the cloth before
Trish' could react too much to my touches and I was
soon lathering her up ready to remove the shortened
hairs left between her legs.*
As I used the fingers of my left hand to stretch
areas of her skin so that the razor would pick up
all the stubble there I could see that her cunt
lips were beginning to get puffy and that a few
drops of liquid were oozing from between them. I
showed this to Jenny and we looked up at Trish' to
see her leaning back against the wall, with her
eyes tight closed and her mouth slightly open as
she was gasping for breath. I returned my attention
to the job in hand and, as Jenny saw I was about to
finish wiping all the shaving foam away she gave
Trish' a shake and said "You must stand up now dear
and turn round so Jack can finish off around your
bottom because if he leaves it you'll be sore in a
week" Jenny helped Trish' off the vanity unit and
showed her how to rest her head on her arms and
open her legs wide. I quickly finished off removing
the few hairs from around Trish's anus and was just
pouring a few drops of baby oils on to my hand to
rub into Trish's cunt lips when Jenny pressed her
mouth to my ear and whispered very quietly "When
you put your hand on her pussy see if she reacts by
pushing back at it, if she does would you like to
do her a favour, I don't think she has had sex for
months and I know what that's like, I won't mind if
you help her out by slipping you prick into her and
seeing if she likes it" as she finished Jenny undid
my belt and unzipped my trousers so that when I
stood up she could push them to the floor releasing
my huge erection to the air. As I stood behind
Trish' I spread baby oil on my palms and in turn
rubbed both hands over Trish's, by now hot wet
pussy. As Jenny had predicted Trish' pushed back
at my hands as they pressed on her lower lips and
once I had finished rubbing in the baby oil I stood
upright and pressed myself close to Trish's wide
open buttocks.
I was about to use my hand to guide my penis into
Trish's puffy cunt lips when I felt Jenny's hand do
it for me. Trish' jumped as she felt the head of my
prick enter her hot wet cunt, and was about to
stand up when Jenny stepped up to her head and bent
down to whisper "This is a little bonus for you,
you seem as if you've been without for a while so I
asked Jack to do this for you". Trish' looked round
and saw me smiling as I pumped away at her and
then looked at Jenny who pressed her head closer
and pressed her lips to Trish's in a long sensuous
kiss. Almost as soon as Jenny kissed Trish' I felt
the wall of her cunt grip my throbbing prick and
listened to her cry out as an orgasm ripped through
her body. As Jenny stood up with a sexy smile on
her face Trish' collapsed on to the floor slipping
off my prick as she did so. Jenny knelt down and
helped her sit on a towel with her back to the wall
in order that she should recover. When she stood up
again Jenny came up to me and said in a soft sexy
voice "I want you to finish off what you started,
fuck me like you just did Trish' please Jack". She
bent over next to where Trish' was sitting on the
floor and looked back at me "Please Jack. Now, I
can't wait" so I stepped up close and slipped my
prick into her waiting cunt and pumped away at her
until she too had an orgasm that sat her on the
floor next to Trish'.
Jenny put her arm round Trish' and pulled her close
as she looked up at me. "Don't waste it Jack, you
know where I like it, show Trish' what we do and
she might like it too". I was so close to a climax
that it took just a few strokes of my hand and I
was shooting wads of cum over Trish's and Jenny's
face and chests. Trish' was so taken by surprise
that she opened her mouth to say something as a wad
of semen shot her way. If Trish' was surprised
enough to open her mouth to say something she was
even more surprised when a wad of my semen hit her
tongue and another landed on her chin. She
automatically shut her mouth as she felt something
hit it and this surprised her too. Jenny leaned
over and licked the cum that was on Trish's chin
then kissed her on the lips, pushing her tongue
into Trish's mouth. I leaned back against the wall
and watched as Jenny kissed Trish' and then used
her tongue to lick all the cum off of her face and
breasts. I pulled my pants up and tucked in my
shirt. I them held out my hands and helped Trish'
and Jenny to stand up. As Trish' came to her feet I
kissed her gently on the lips "Was that a pleasant
surprise?" I asked "Well it certainly took me by
surprise and I must admit it is months since I had
an orgasm like that" Jenny put an arm round her
and, turning to me said "You get out now Jack,
Trish' and I need to get cleaned up, why don't you
go and make some coffee". As I turned to go I
muttered loud enough to be heard "Typical of women
they use us poor men then cast us aside when we're
no further use to them". This caused Trish' and
Jenny to laugh as I closed the door behind me and
went down to the kitchen. Half an hour later they
both joined me and we sat there drinking coffee and
listening to Trish' tell us about her marital and
sex problems, or at least the problem she had
getting any sex from her husband.*

After a while I took my coffee to the den and left
Jenny telling Trish' about how she had the same
problems until she met me, and that was the reason
she asked me to fuck Trish', because she understood
how bad it felt. I sat myself back in the den with
a cold beer and watched tv in between dozing off
occasionally. It was during one of the times I
closed my eyes and drifted off the I was woken up
by the sound of the door opening, Kelly and Lisa
came in and knelt on the sofa, one each side of me
both of them kissed me and Kelly sat herself on my
lap, "Uncle Jack, it seems I'm the only one not to
have received your attentions, and I'm really
uncomfortable, will you shave me tonight please?"
"Of course darling but don't you think it'd be
politic to wait for your mom to be out of the way
before I do?" Kelly gasped and put a hand to her
mouth "Wow, I forgot about that, when is she going
home?" "I think it's tomorrow afternoon, but you'd
better ask her, and please be careful about how you
kiss me when she's about, we don't want her to get
the RIGHT ideas about what's going on, do we" Kelly
kissed me again as she got up "Well, to be honest
Uncle Jack, I don't care what she thinks, I know I
love you the same as Jenny and Lisa and Susan and
if she makes a fuss it's because she's jealous" she
giggled as she whispered loudly to Lisa "Maybe she
needs a man like Uncle Jack, then she might be
When I told Jenny about the way Kelly felt about
her mothers problem she smiled knowingly, "What you
have to remember Jack is that Kelly has no real
problems and thinks she has complete control over
her life, she'll soon learn and we must just make
sure that she and Lisa don't get hurt while they're
learning, lets see what happens shall we". Dinner
went down well, it made a big difference with
everybody feeling happy. I noticed that Kelly
glanced at her mom a number of times during the
meal and looked puzzled at how happy Trish' seemed.
After dinner we all sat round and watched tv until
Trish' said that she had to get to bed early as she
had a long drive in the morning and wanted to start
fairly early. As she headed towards the door Trish'
stepped up to where I was sitting and bent down to
give me a kiss full on the lips "Goodnight Jack,
and thanks" she said softly, and left the room
closing the door behind her. "Wow" said Kelly
"That's the first time I've seen mom wish you good
night like that Uncle Jack, what's happened, has
she got religion or something", "That's not a very
nice thing to say about your mother, Kelly " said
Jenny sternly "You don't know what might have
happened to bring a change in your mother, or
anyone else for that matter". Kelly gave a little
laugh, "That's fine Aunt Jenny, but you don't know
how mom has treated Uncle Jack for the last 10
years. Since my aunt Meg walked out on him mom has
treated him like a pariah, he was blamed for all
the trouble over the divorce and given absolute
hell for refusing to send maintenance payments to
pay for his son. It made no difference that it was
Aunt Meg that walked out, and that the man she went
to live with was rolling in money, Oh no! It was
Uncle Jack that was at fault, and it was mom that
kept telling everyone so. Another thing, I could
never understand why she allowed me to stay with
Uncle Jack during the last vacation, it didn't seem
right then and it still doesn't." "I can answer
that one young lady, and let's just make it the
last word on the subject shall we" I said, butting
in. "It was your father that made that decision,
your mom went along with the idea because she was
trying to make some sense of what was happening
with the divorce and felt that having you out of
the way, or at least not having to worry about how
it would affect you, she agreed to allow you to
stay with me, understand?" Kelly blushed pinkly and
nodded, "Yes Uncle Jack, I'm sorry I blew up at
Aunt Jenny, but I just had to say my bit, I never
liked the way mom used to talk about you, us kids
all knew it wasn't your fault and we never liked
Aunt Meg's new boy friend when they used to come
and stay." "All right" I said "That's enough on the
subject, you'll make me miserable if you keep on
about it". The following morning I was up and
having an early breakfast when Kelly and Trish'
came down carrying Trish's suitcase, which Kelly
went to put in the car. Trish' sat down at the
table and poured herself a cup of coffee, "Kelly's
told me all about what you have been doing for her
Jack, and may I say that I'm so glad that I let her
stay with you through the summer holidays, what
you've done together has turned her into a very
mature young lady, I wholeheartedly approve of all
you've done and if I can work things out with Jenny
I'd like my other daughter to come and have the
same treatment, it will be so good for her". *
I turned white and then blushed red as I felt my
face turn icy cold and then burning hot as the
blood first drained out and then rushed back to it.
"Well Trish' I just hope that what Kelly's told you
hasn't given you too much of a build up as regards
what I've done, it was only what anyone like me
would have done under the same circumstances, I
mean, I'm only human and you shouldn't consider me
a superman" I paused for a moment to see how she'd
take what I said, "The thing is I don't think it
would be wise to build your hopes up of Jenny
having your other daughter come for the same
lessons as Kelly, I don't think she'd like to think
she was being used as a substitute parent or
teacher. The only reason we succeeded with Kelly
was because she was such a good friend of Lisa,
that's why we took her along on our honeymoon
instead of sending her back home, which is what I
suggested in the first place. As it happened it
turned out for the best because with Lisa and Susan
having Kelly there Jenny and I were able to send
them off together so we could have some time to
ourselves, after all what newlyweds want a couple
of kids under their feet when they're on
Trish' looked at me and said "I understand that
Jack, and I'll forget about Frankie, I can see you
have your hands full with the ones you have,
although I must say that I've never seen two girls
so willing to accept a step father the way Lisa and
Susan have, they don't seem to be afraid to say
that they love you as much as Jenny does, that must
make you feel so good!" I nodded "That's so true
Trish', and I think that's part of the reason that
Kelly also says that she loves me as much as Lisa
and Kelly, although I do try not to allow her to
say it in public too much, you know how some
peoples minds work, they'll think all sorts of
nasty things, and I wouldn't like Jenny to be
subjected to the sort of scandal such talk could
bring about". Trish' laughed softly, "Do you know
Jack, that's just what I said to Kelly this
morning, you see I've had a good long talk with her
about how she should behave when she's living in
your house, I told her she must take great care
that no one gets the idea that there is anything
going on between you and her, because of how it
would affect Jenny. I also told her, and I hope you
don't mind Jack, that if she needs to talk about
problems with... Errr... I mean if she wants to
know about boys and that sort of thing, that she
should try to talk to you". I frowned at Trish',
"Do you mean that you want me to take her through
boys and sex and that sort of thing, I mean.. well
shouldn't I get her to talk to you about that,
after all I'm not even her Uncle, I was only
married to her Aunt" Trish's face dropped "I'm
sorry Jack, I know I'm imposing on you, but you
seem to have the sort of influence over Kelly that
her father and I never had, I just hoped you could
stop her making a silly mistake and prevent her
getting hurt by the things boys and girls do, you
know what I mean". I took a deep breath "OK Trish',
I'll think seriously about what you've asked, and
I'll discuss it with Jenny. The thing that does
worry me is that you might get to hear things that
will seem as if I was having some sort of sexual
relationship with Kelly, and I'm concerned that it
might be taken the wrong way".
Trish' nodded "I know what you mean, but to be
fair Kelly is over eighteen, which means that she
can legally have.. Err.. what I mean is, she is old
enough to have sex without it being against the
law. Not that I'm saying you should do anything
like that Jack". I patted her hand reassuringly "OK
Trish', I tell you what I will do, I promise not to
seduce Kelly, I'll also try my best not to be
seduced by her, although she's such a lovely young
lady that'll be very difficult, I'll also promise
I'll do my very best to see that she's not hurt by
any sort of relationship she may have with men, and
that I'll do this by trying to show her the
difference between love and sex, is that good
enough ?" Trish' stood up and stepped up to where I
was sitting "That would be wonderful of you Jack, I
couldn't ask for more" and she bent down and kissed
me as warmly as Kelly ever did. Just at that moment
Kelly walked into the kitchen and, seeing what was
happening, cried out "Mom, what are you doing,
that's a married man you're kissing". Trish' looked
round and smiled broadly at her daughter "I know
dear, great isn't he? The thing is I've just asked
him if he will try to teach you the difference
between love and sex while you're living with him
and Jenny, he took some persuading but agreed in
the end so you just listen to what he says and
you'll have no problems with boys when your time
comes to become a woman, understand?" Kelly blushed
bright red as she looked at me "Mom, why did you
say that, I mean do you want Uncle Jack to teach me
about SEX?" *
Trish' laughed "Of course, I won't be here and your
father certainly won't be here so who else will be
able to help you if you have a problem that needs
sorting out, just ask Uncle Jack, there's a good
girl" Kelly put her arms round Trish' and kissed
her, "Thanks mom I think that's a wonderful idea
and I'll certainly go to him if I have a problem I
think he can help me with". Kelly came over to me
and kissed me as sensuously as ever "Thanks Uncle
Jack for agreeing to what mom asked, I'd love to
have you teach me about love and things". With that
Kelly and I escorted Trish' to her car and waved
her on her way and when she was out of sight we
returned to the kitchen. "Kelly" I said gently
"Just what did you tell your mother about what we
had been doing together, I nearly died when she
said you had told her all about what we had been
doing" giggling Kelly sat on my lap and put her
arms round me "Well , I told her how you took us on
honeymoon so you didn't have to send me home and
put Lisa and Susan with friends, how you helped
Lisa and I to improve our grades at school, and
things like that, I mean you didn't think I was
going to tell her about the wonderful way you fuck
me and Lisa, or how you have me in bed with you and
Jenny, did you. I mean.... please give me credit to
keep some things from my mother that she might not
want to hear". I hugged her tight "OK darling I
believe you, but you do realise don't you that what
your mother has just agreed to is for me to teach
you about sex, and that she understands that you
are old enough to be having sex and she'll not be
upset if you have sex with me, in secret of course,
she'd hate it if the neighbours were to find out"
Kelly looked at me in amazement. "Did she really
say that Uncle Jack, I mean did she really agree
that you might have to have sex with me" I nodded
"Yep.. she did especially as I said I didn't know
if I'd be able to resist you if you tried to seduce
me, I also promised that I'd not try to seduce you,
though that of course is an empty promise because
it's already happened."
Kelly jumped off my lap ""WOW.. I can't wait to
tell Lisa that my mom says it's OK for me to have
sex with my uncle" and she dashed from the kitchen
and ran upstairs. A little later I was finishing
off a final cup of coffee when Jenny joined me at
the table. While she was having her breakfast I
told her all that had passed between Trish' and me.
She sat there for a few minutes then said "Do you
mean to say she wants to send her other daughter
here for you to... I don't know what to call it..
Indoctrinate?? In the same way you've done with
Kelly?" I laughed as I moved to stand behind her
and hold her to me. "That's what she said my
darling, she wants us to teach her other girl to be
like Kelly, sort of like we were a finishing school
for young ladies of good families" "Yes and I can
see we would soon be finished if you were to be
caught teaching under age girls the range of sexual
techniques Kelly has learned". "Don't worry darling
I told her a resounding NO and I must say she
accepted it without a murmur. The only thing she
did ask was that I help to get Kelly through those
difficult times she might have with boys and
things, she even accepted the fact that I might
have to teach Kelly about having sex and the way it
differs from actual love".
Jenny looked shocked as she said "You didn't let on
what was already happening did you, I mean she
didn't seem to suspect when we were talking
yesterday" I patted her on the shoulder, "No need
to worry, despite the fact that I never lied about
what was going on, I could prove that I'd told her
the truth without her having understood it as such,
I even told her that Kelly is in love with me and
she said she knew, and approved of it". Jenny stood
up and turned round to stand up close to me,
putting her arms round me and lifting her head to
kiss me "Jack, if you want to have Kelly's sister..
I mean if you would really like to be teaching
young virgins, I won't mind so much, I understand
the difference between love and lust, I know most
men enjoy the though of taking a young girls
virginity, sort of the holy grail of sex, and I
know how much you enjoyed it with Susan, so.." I
stopped her talking by kissing her, "Stop being so
silly, I told Trish' a simple NO, I didn't even
think about having the chance of popping cherries,
I just said no because I didn't want you to be
subjected to the chance of me being seduced by
Kelly's sister and perhaps upsetting you. I have a
wonderful relationship with you and the girls, the
fact that I was making love to your eldest daughter
before I met you makes it all the more special that
you could love me as much as you do. The fact that
you not only don't object to me having sex with
Kelly and Lisa and Susan either on their own or
with you makes what we have something so special
that I almost said no when you asked me to service
Trish' yesterday. The fact that you could even
think about asking me to do it makes our
relationship so special that there's nothing I
won't do to make sure it continues to work". *
I paused for breath and Jenny kissed me again "I
know darling and it was because I trust you in all
things that I felt easy about asking you to do what
you did for Trish' yesterday. She told me afterwards
that she felt so wonderful about how it happened and
about how good she felt, that she just wished she
could find a man as wonderful as you" Jenny
suddenly blushed bright red, "There is just one
thing Jack, I mean, I did ask Trish' not to say
anything 'til I'd spoken to you about it, but I
did suggest that if Trish' wanted to come down for
the occasional weekend to see how Kelly is getting
on, that maybe things might be right for the same
thing to happen again" I put my hands on Jenny's
shoulders and pushed her out to arms length "Are
you telling me that I am to be loaned out to
frustrated divorcees as a stud, is it to be on an
hourly basis or by the orgasm count?" Jenny
suddenly looked very upset and began to cry "No
Jack it's not like that, it's just Trish' I said it
because she was so upset before and felt so good
afterwards, I didn't mean to hurt you Jack darling,
honestly. If you don't like it I'll call her
tonight and tell her you don't agree and that she
shouldn't come down here again" I took her in my
arms as she stood there sobbing and caressed her
until she had stopped. I sat down and drew her on
to my lap "Jenny darling if you wanted me to be a
means of helping your sex starved friends to have a
better life I'll do so, just so long as you know
what's happening and I don't have any hassle from
some of the bitchy ones I've met over the past few
months. I also think it's something the girls
should NOT be involved in, I'd hate to have them
bring any of their young friends in for a taste of
the same, I wouldn't last a week at that rate" this
made Jenny laugh through her tears and she finally
dried her eyes and said softly "Do you think you'd
like to have sex with some of my friends Jack, I
mean on a regular basis, I've had some very
interesting offers from some of them to join us in
a three way" I looked at Jenny in surprise "To tell
you the truth darling I'm not that bothered, I'm
quite happy knowing that I can make love to you and
the girls any time and as often as I like, that
I've never even seriously looked at another woman,
certainly not in a lustful sort of way" Jenny
started at me "Do you really mean that Jack, I mean
you've never fantasised about having sex with any
other woman since we got married?" I kissed her
tenderly "I promise you I've not lusted after any
woman other than you and the girls, at any time
since I actually met you and long before we got
married, you're all I ever want and the only reason
I serviced Trish' yesterday was because you asked
me to and because I thought you were going to enjoy
it as much as she did. Which of course you did in
the end. That's the only circumstance in which I'd
have sex with another woman, if you were there and
getting the same amount of enjoyment out of it."
Jenny snuggled up close to me and hugged me
tightly, "Thank you for that darling, I think we'll
have to talk about this tonight when we're in bed,
but for now I think Kelly is getting desperate for
you to trim her pussy the same as the rest of us,
do you want to do that while I get breakfast for
Lisa and Susan, then we can go out for a walk in
the park together as a family". I kissed her again
and went up to the bedroom the girls shared most of
the time. I knocked on the door and was told to
come in. As I entered the room I found Lisa and
Susan with only their panties on and Kelly standing
there with her only garment a bathrobe which was
open from top to bottom, giving me a perfect view
of the job in hand. "Kelly, do you want me do trim
your pussy here or in the bathroom?" I asked as I
stood there taking in the wonderful sight in front
of me, "In the bathroom please Uncle Jack" "Come
along then we have to get sorted out quickly so
that we can go out" and I left her to get my things

Kelly joined me after a couple of minutes and went
straight to the vanity unit and placed herself in
the right position. I used the hot towel, gently
lathered her groin and began to tenderly remove the
stubble that had built up over the weeks since I
had last done this. As I was touching Kelly's pussy
lips to stretch the small areas of skin so I
removed as much stubble as I could, I noticed that
she was oozing juices and her lips were beginning
to swell. I continued with what I was doing,
desperately trying to ignore what was happening. I
asked her to get to her feet and bend over so I
could finish off round her bottom and when I had
finished there I asked her if she wanted talc or
baby oil to prevent her getting chapped, "Baby oil
please Uncle Jack, can you put it on while I am in
this position, it feels so sexy" "Yes OK, but stand
still please Kelly I don't have time to mess
about." As I placed my oil covered hands on Kelly's
hot wet cunt she turned and looked at me "Will you
give me what you gave my mother yesterday please
Uncle Jack, I want to feel you inside of me so
I was so surprised at what Kelly had said I was
unable to do much more than stand there with my
mouth open in amazement, "Who told you what
happened yesterday young lady, I thought it was a
secret" Kelly smiled wickedly "Well, mom looked so
please with herself last night that I went into her
bedroom to have a heart to heart with her and I
asked her what had happened to make her so happy,
she kept sort of dropping hints and I came straight
out and asked her if she had been having sex".
Kelly paused for a moment as she wriggled her
bottom "Please put you wonderful prick inside me
Uncle Jack, then I'll tell you the rest" I stepped
up close and, after dropping my pants and shorts I
slipped my erect penis into Kelly's waiting cunt.
"WOW that feels great" she said as she felt my
pubic hair touch her bottom "Any way, when I asked
Mom straight out if she'd had sex she blushed so
much she couldn't lie and admitted that she had. I
asked her if she had met an old flame here in town
and she shook her head. It then occurred to me that
you and Aunt Jenny had been here most of the
afternoon and I told her that I believed that she
had found some way to force you into some sort of
sex game. Of course as soon as she told me that she
had persuaded Aunt Jenny to get you to shave her
pussy I knew what had happened and I told her I
forgave her and asked her what it had been like. It
was then that she told me how it felt and said that
if I found the chance to have it done, the shaving
I mean, then I should ask you to do it for me and
if it led to you making love to me afterwards that
she thought it would be OK and that I should try to
enjoy it".
All this time I was gently pumping at Kelly's hot
wet cunt and I bent over her back and whispered in
her ear "Did you tell her that you'd already had me
inside you" Kelly shook her head "No Uncle Jack, Oh
please fuck me harder I'm almost ready to cum,
please fuck me harrrrdd I'm cumming NOWWWWW" and
she lifted her head from the vanity unit and almost
stood upright as her orgasm tore through her soft
warm body. "What other advice did your mother give
you" I said as I pumped hard at her body "Only
that... I should.... be careful.... that I
don't.... get myself...... pregnant...Oh yes Uncle
Jack fill me with your hot sticky cum" and she
pressed herself back on to my prick as I shot a
stream of hot semen into her dripping cunt. I stood
there holding her up with my hands on her breasts
and my now softening prick still just holding on
inside her cunt. Kelly spun round to face me "I
just couldn't tell her that I knew how she felt
after being fucked by you Uncle Jack, but I did so
want to. Would it be OK if I tell her soon that you
did do what she said was OK for you to do, I mean
she won't get upset will she?" I kissed her
tenderly on the lips "Don't worry about that for
now, we'll have to talk about it and decide what to
tell her and when, in the mean time we need to get
cleaned up ready to out with Jenny and the others
so get a quick shower while I have a wash and get
dressed". An hour later we were out of the car and
walking through the parkland on the outskirts of
town, Kelly and Lisa and Susan had run off on their
own and Jenny and I had found a seat in the sun, I
asked her if she knew that Trish' was going to tell
Kelly about our little escapade, and she was
surprised to find that it had actually happened.
"But she seemed as if she wanted to keep Kelly away
from that sort of thing when she talked to me" said
Jenny, " I mean she told me she was so glad there
had been no boy trouble, and that she had been
expecting to be told of something happening because
all girls seemed to have those sorts of problems".
"Jenny my darling" I said "It would appear that
Trish' is not only expecting to hear from Kelly
that I've been talked into shaving her pussy, as I
did for Trish', but that she also expects me to be
making love to Kelly in the same way that I did to
her, the only thing she doesn't seem to have told
Kelly is that you were there with us. Perhaps she
thinks that was something to be kept from Kelly,
that a man can be making love to two women at the
same time.
Anyway, not only does Trish' seem to expect it to
happen she almost told Kelly that it would be nice
for her if it did happen, but only if it was me
that did it for her". This made Jenny laugh and
after a while she calmed down and said "If only she
knew, but what's this magic you have over some
women, Trish' is the fifth one that I know about
that seems to have been like putty in your hands.
All you seem to need to do is slip your wonderful
prick into a female and she'll do as you want, age
is no problem, sixteen to thirty five, it's all the
same to you. But I do love you for it darling. The
thing is what do we do about Trish', I mean do we
tell her that you are having sex with her daughter
on a regular basis, or do we keep it quiet?" *
I grinned at her as I said "How about if we tell
her that we have group sex, in the family and
include Kelly every time, that should really make
her day, don't you think. No darling, I think we
should wait till she comes down again and then let
Kelly tell her, secretly of course, that she did as
Trish' told her and that it was as good as Trish'
had said it would be, does that sound like a good
idea?" Jenny drew up close to me and put an arm
round me as she laid her head on my shoulder "You
have the most wonderful ideas Jack, do you have one
about what Trish' asked though?" I planted a kiss
on the top of her head, the only place I could get
to, "I don't want you to think I'm copping out my
love but I'll only agree if you want it to happen.
I'll do it as a sort of service, if that's the way
you want to play it, but if you want to make it a
proper sex threesome, with all of us having orgasms
and getting a good deal of enjoyment from it then
I'll play it that way also. I just don't want you
to get into a situation where you feel you have to
do it for me, I told you earlier that I'm quite
happy with the four women in my life".
Jenny looked up at me as she said in a soft voice
"Well the thing is Jack darling I have to tell you
that before we got together I was having a sort of
casual affair with another woman, it wasn't really
hot, you understand, just a quick session every now
and then. She hated men because of an incident like
Susan had, and had never made love to anyone else
but me for years. I still meet her now and then and
she looks really low. I just wondered if we could
have her round for a drink some evening and see if
I can get her interested in the 'Jack method' of
therapy. I mean if you can turn a young girl from
being frightened of men, to being a little sexpot,
what could you for a woman". I sat and thought for
a few minutes before I replied "Jenny darling, are
you asking me to have sex with you and a man hating
lesbian". Jenny sat up and turned to face me "No
darling Sandi isn't a lesbian, well.. not as such,
I mean she doesn't go out to gay bars or anything,
it's just that she's learned to be afraid of men,
and to make sure they never get too close to her,
and certainly to ensure that they never, ever touch
her as she allows another woman to touch her." I
looked at Jenny for a moment or two before I said
"I'm trying to work out if you want to help out an
old friend, trying to get some great sex, or trying
to help me to have great sex with a woman that
hasn't had a man make love to her and may even be a
virgin. Now which is it my love?" Jenny gave me a
quick kiss on the lips "I suppose it a bit of all
three really darling, I'd like to help Sandi out,
and I must admit that we used to have great sex,
something I'd like to have again, and I love you
enough to want you to have the chance to 'pop a
cherry' if it's there. The thing is I don't know if
she'll go for having you there, just because you're
a man".
"Just how discrete is Sandi" I asked, "I mean will
she keep a secret, like if you told her what I'd
done for Susan, the thing is of course that it
could be a huge problem if she ever let it slip or
even used the information to try to hurt either of
us, do you trust her that much?" Jenny nodded
vigorously, "Yes darling I do trust her that much,
the thing is you see Sandi is my sister, she's five
years younger than I am, and as far as I'm aware
has never been near a man since she was seventeen
when a gang of boys tried to rape her, like Susan
had happen. Sandi was just as lucky, in that our
parents turned up to collect her before she was
actually assaulted, all that happened was that her
dress was torn, her panties had been ripped off her
and one of the boys had touched her between the
legs. She never really got over it and for some
years I've been helping her to have some sexual
release by mutual masturbation, the only way she
will allow it to happen". "Do Lisa and Susan know
about this, I don't mean you making love to their
aunt, but that Sandi was almost raped the same as
Susan" I asked. "No darling, they only know that I
used to go and see her every so often and that she
never seemed to have a boy friend, Lisa has often
asked why Aunt Sandi has never married but I've
always been able to fob her off with some excuse or
"Well, I suppose under the circumstances it's OK
for you to put out feelers, if it comes to me
making love to her in any way I'll only do so if
you're present, not for her sake but to protect me
if she should suddenly want to back out, do you
agree to that?" "Yes darling and thank you, it will
mean so much to me if we can help her to get back
to normal, at least OUR sort of normal". Jenny
stood up and put her hands out to help me up too,
"Shall we go darling, I want to get dinner and
then I have a very important phone call to make, in
fact I have two, one to Sandi and the other to
Trish', I am assuming that you do agree to help
Trish' out as well, at least for a little while?" *
I sighed resignedly, "Well as it seems to mean so
much to you, I do agree to both sets of
circumstances but only because I love you and can
refuse you nothing, if this keeps up I'll have a
bigger harem than any Eastern Ruler, I just wish I
was as rich" and I followed Jenny along the path to
where we could see Kelly and Lisa and Susan walking
arm in arm toward us. Dinner was great, it had been
prepared by Kelly and Lisa with a little help from
Susan, those girls were getting to be very good
housekeepers, good cooks and always ready to help
with all the housework leaving Jenny with almost
nothing to do. When the girls had cleared up the
kitchen and had come to sit with me in the family
room, Jenny having gone into the den to make her
phone calls, I sat there with a cup of coffee and
said "I think I'll have to be careful and make sure
that you girls never meet any eligible bachelors,
or if you do make sure they don't know how good you
are as home makers, otherwise I'll lose you and
have to go back to helping with the chores myself",
The smile on my face took any sting out of my
comment and Susan piped up "Don't worry Uncle Jack,
I'll always stay with you and Mom, even if the
other two dessert you, you know that!" I patted
her on the head "Thank you my darling that is a
great comfort to your mother and me" Susan jumped
up and sat on my lap straddling my legs and
pressing her breasts into my chest "Well Uncle
Jack, you know that I can be as much fun as the
others, and I like making love to you just as much
as they do, in fact I'd do it more often than them
if you let me, I'd do it every night I could" and
she began to kiss me all over my face and neck. At
that moment Jenny walked into the room and seeing
what was going on said sternly "Would you please
get off my husband young lady, I want him to have
some energy for me tonight, not using it all up
fighting off your amorous advances, you can have
him tomorrow evening when I go out to see your Aunt
Sandi". Jenny gave me a wink as she said this and I
knew that she was close to getting Sandi to come to
us for help. Susan jumped off my lap and turned to
Jenny, "Do you mean that Mom, can we have Uncle
Jack to our selves tomorrow?" Jenny smiled at her,
and looked over to where Kelly and Lisa were
sitting up taking notice of what was being said,
"Yes, if you behave and if Uncle Jack agrees I'll
leave him to your tender mercies after dinner, I
know it's been a while since he made love to you
and I'd hate to think you were being deprived of
anything, so spend the day thinking of what a great
time you'll have and it'll make your evening all
the more enjoyable, believe me, I know" she kissed
Susan and told her it was time for bed as she had
school in the morning. Jenny then went over to
where Kelly and Lisa were sitting and sat close to
them "You didn't mind me announcing that you could
all make love to Uncle Jack, did you girls, I mean
to say that I'm prepared to be open about it and I
don't want you two especially to think that you
have to ask me or that you have to do it in secret.
Uncle Jack and I have talked it over and agreed
that you're both of an age when you'll often get
the urge to have heavy sex. It'll be safer for you
if you have it with Uncle Jack than if you have to
find some strange boy you know little about. You
mustn't think that you need to have my permission
to approach Uncle Jack for sex or for that matter
for love making, and I hope you understand the
difference between the two, just make sure that we
don't all clash at the same time, unless you want
to make it a group session."
Jenny smiled as she said this and Kelly and Lisa
looked slightly bemused "But Mom, it's you that's
married to Uncle Jack, it doesn't seem fair that we
should expect to treat him as if we were married to
him, I mean it's not fair on you" Jenny shook her
head "Lisa my darling I can't ever forget that it's
because you two were making love to Uncle Jack,
that I got to know him and have now married him.
How could I say now that you must never love him
again. I know he loves you two as much as he loves
me, that's why he's said he's willing to give up
making love to you if I ask him to. Because I love
him and because I love you for bringing him to me
I'll always be ready to share him with you until
you find men of your own, and I hope you find men
like Uncle Jack, although they're very scarce as
you must be aware, now don't argue, have a great
evening tomorrow and maybe you'll feel like telling
me all about it some time" with that Jenny kissed
both girls tenderly and came over to me, put out a
hand and said softly "Can we go to bed please Jack,
I want to make love to you" I got up and kissed her
"Yes my love just let me say good night to Kelly
and Lisa and I'll be with you" and I went over and
gave both girls a deep sensuous kiss to be going to
bed with.*
A night of deeply sensuous lovemaking was enough
to make Jenny and I sleep later than usual the next
morning, it's a good job neither of us has to keep
rigid hours at work. I got through my day as
quickly as I could, not wanting to have to work
overtime, because of what I knew would be waiting
for me when I got home. Sure enough, as I walked
into the kitchen from the garage I could smell
cooking. There were Lisa and Kelly with their
aprons on, to protect their clothes from the
splashes that one normally gets when cooking fresh
food. The only problem was that they had almost no
clothes to protect. All they had on under the
aprons were identical bra's and panties, not
ordinary 'go to school' underwear you understand,
but the real sexy 'night out' sort, with panties
that seemed to be all thong, and bra's that only
just held in their gorgeous breasts. "What's the
matter girls, did you forget to send your dresses
to the cleaners, I never believed women ever had
'Nothing to Wear', I always though that was an
excuse to get their men to buy them something new,
I guess when you say it, it's 'cos you just want to
show of your bodies, is that right?" this got them
laughing, "If you think this is being under dressed
you should see what Susan decided not to wear" said
Lisa as she took a roast out of the oven, in the
process bending down to show me the charms of her
bottom. "Why don't you go and get washed up Uncle
Jack, dinner will only be a few minutes" I said OK
and opened the door to the main hall, bumping in to
Susan as I walked through. "Ooops, sorry Uncle
Jack, I didn't know you were home yet, I was just
finishing laying the table for dinner, are you
ready for it yet?" I bent down slightly and kissed
her. "Hello to you too, no I'm just going to get
washed up and get a beer, why?", "No reason" she
replied and walked past me into the kitchen. I was
going to go straight up to the bathroom when Kelly
called me, as I turned round I saw Susan still with
her back to me bending down to get something from
the refrigerator, and I could see that she was
completely naked under her apron. I looked at
Kelly, as it was she who had called to me and saw
her smiling broadly at the look on my face and she
gave me a big wink as she said "Hurry up Uncle
Jack, dinner will be spoiled if it has to wait too
long and we don't want to spoil the evening do we?"
I smiled and gave a tiny shake of my head as I made
my way to the bathroom where I got cleaned up, then
to my bedroom where I changed into something more
suitable for the evenings possible entertainment.
Dinner was great, I could see Kelly and Lisa were
going to make great wives for some lucky men, in
the mean time of course they were mine, and willing
to remain so for the near future, I found out that
Kelly had organised dinner with the other two
before breakfast that morning, and while I sat down
with a cup of coffee they cleared the kitchen and
did the dishes.
When the girls had finished their chores they came
and joined me in the den where I was having a cold
beer. All they had done was to remove their aprons
which left Susan completely naked and Kelly and
Lisa in bra and panties. "What I want each of you
to do, is to write down why you should be spanked,
I also want you to write down why each of the
others should be punished, make sure that you don't
give each other ideas, I'll soon know if you're
cheating. When you're all finished you'll come up
to my bedroom and hand me your lists. I'll read
them and decide what order you come to me in, and
what you are to receive. Do you all understand?"
they all nodded vigorously as I got to my feet and
left the room. A few minutes later I was sitting on
my 'spanking' chair when they came in and handed me
their lists. I could see that they were all being
turned on and as they stood side by side in front
of me I looked at them and said "What do I need
lists for, you're all going to get the same so get
on your knees on the bed and raise your bottoms up
as high as you can get the. Just make sure that you
are as close to the edge of the bed as possible."
In a flash all three were in the position I had
indicated and I stripped off my clothes and picked
up the wide leather strap I had used the last time.
I came up behind Kelly and rubbed my hands over her
pussy and buttocks before I pulled her panties down
to her knees, I then landed the flat of my hand on
to each her smooth ass cheeks before moving on to
do the same for Lisa. As I came to Susan I caressed
her bottom a little longer "You, young lady are
getting to be a little too blatant about offering
your body to me, for that reason you must now go to
your room and get into bed, being sure to put on a
full set of pyjamas. For the next week, if I see
any part of your body that could be describes as
teasing me I will add an extra week of celibacy,
now leave us and start your punishment" Susan
raised herself up on to her knees and turned to
face me and I could see tears in her eyes.*
"No.. please Uncle Jack, don't make me do that,
I'm sorry if I'm too forward I just so want to
make love to you, please... it's not fair" I pulled
her from the bed, "Do as I say, I'll come and speak
to you later, now go and get into your own bedroom,
not the one you share with Kelly and Lisa" and I
spun her round and slapped her on the bottom as I
pushed her from the room. "That shows how rotten I
can be, just make sure neither of you get too pushy
about love making, the more discrete you are the
better it will be for all of us, mainly because
you're less likely to slip up in public" I paused
as Kelly and Lisa turned to look at me "Will you
really punish Susan like that for a whole week
Uncle Jack?" said Lisa. I smiled "Well no but I
want her to think that I will, see if you can make
her understand what I mean about discretion will
you, and maybe I'll relent a little later this
evening, now I believe you two have been naughty
little girls and I am now going to spank you for
it". I stood back a little and lifting my hand to
shoulder level I brought the end of the strap down
on to Kelly's right cheek, I quickly followed with
one to Lisa's left cheek and continued to alternate
from one to the other until I could see a warm pink
glow forming where the strap was landing. I also
saw that their pussies were beginning to leak and
their cunt lips were swelling nicely. To make sure
that Susan heard what was happening, and thus
increase her sense of punishment, I landed the
strap a little harder for a few strokes. This made
Kelly and Lisa cry out in real pain a few times and
I tried to ease it by stroking their bottoms with
my hand. As they knelt there I could not resist the
chance to tease them and I gently inserted my hard
throbbing prick into Lisa's hot wet vagina. I
slowly pressed it to the hilt and held her hips for
a moment or two, only moving back as she began to
moan with pleasure. I pumped at her for a few times
and then went round to Kelly's side and told her to
lick Lisa's cunt juice from my prick. When she had
done this I did the same for her and had Lisa lick
me clean. When Lisa was finished I went behind the
girls again and stood for a few minutes stroking
and caressing their bottoms and pussies. Forcing
myself to leave them I went to my bedside chest and
took out a tube of KY and a condom. Slipping the
rubber on I squeezed out a blob of lubricant on to
my finger and inserted it into Kelly's anus, I did
the same for Lisa and as soon as they realised what
I had done they both lifted their bottoms and
opened their legs a little more. Very gently I
touched my hard pulsating penis to Lisa's anus and
pressed it in through her sphincter, where I held
it for a moment, as I felt her muscles relaxing I
pressed hard and sank my prick into her as far as
it would go, allowing her to feel my pubic hair
touching her tenderised bottom cheeks. The
twitching of her anal muscles made me start fucking
her butt and it was only a few moments before she
was crying out as an orgasm swept through her, and
she collapsed on to the bed. As she collapsed Lisa
pulled herself off my still rigid penis and just
lay there gasping for breath. Kelly turned to look
at her friend and then looked back to where I was
standing with my stiff prick standing out before
me, "Please Uncle Jack, now, please don't make me
wait, I'm so hot for you I want it in me making me
cum" she whimpered, and as I stood up close Kelly
reached her hands back to grasp her bottom cheeks
and pull them apart so that I had clear access to
her anus. As I pressed my prick to her she relaxed
her anal ring and allowed me to slip in without any
resistance. Kelly immediately rammed her buttocks
back on to my prick and as I thrust to meet her she
began to cry out "Fuck me...Fuck me.. Harder Uncle
Jack, please fuck me hard I want it... give me all
your hard prick while I cum... I'm cumming
NOWWWWW..." and I had to hold tight to Kelly as she
thrashed about with the force of her orgasm. When
she calmed down a bit I released her and allowed
her to fall beside Lisa on Jenny's and my bed.
Standing back I looked down at my handy work and
could not resist a little smile of self
satisfaction at the two young bodies laying in
front of me. The throbbing of my still rigid penis
reminded me that I still hadn't cum, having thought
about it I removed the condom and dropped it into
the waste bin as I went to Susan's room. As I
opened the door I could see that she was laying in
bed with the light off and also that she had been
crying. I walked up to the bed and yanked back the
covers to see that she was wearing a full set of
pyjamas as I had instructed. Susan sat up as she
felt the bedclothes pulled off her and gave a
little cry of fright as I grasped her arm and
pulled her roughly to her feet. Giving her no time
to wonder what was happening I pulled her down
across my lap and, holding her shoulders down with
one hand I stripped her PJ bottoms off with the
other. *
Bringing my free hand down on her buttocks with a
resounding slap I said in a rough voice "You have
been a very naughty young girl this evening..." I
slapped her again, very hard, "You almost spoiled
the evening of lovemaking after a spanking..." and
spanked her once more, "You've got to learn that
being naked is not always sexy..." another spank
"You will have to learn to be seductive before you
will be allowed..." and another slap, " to make
love to me..." another hard slap that made her cry
out "Stop Uncle Jack you're hurting me..", I landed
another slap on her, by now, bright red bottom, "Do
you understand young lady.." and gave her a final
one for good measure. Susan was writhing in pain by
now and as she sobbed away I lifted her off my lap
and placed her on her knees between my open legs.
She looked up at me and, in between little sobs
said "Yes Uncle Jack, I'm sorry I didn't realise, I
promise I won't do it again, how can I show you I'm
sorry" and before I could say anything she lowered
her head and, grasping my penis in both hands
covered it with her mouth. Susan was just getting
into the rhythm of fucking me with her mouth when
Lisa and Kelly came into the room and both cried
out "That's not fair Uncle Jack, we were the ones
that were good and Susan gets the reward, we want a
share". Lisa stepped forward and pulled her sisters
head off my penis saying "Come on Sis, share that
with us or you'll be in trouble" Susan lifted her
head and whispered "Shall we have a shower?" Kelly
and Lisa both nodded. Susan looked at me as she
smiled and said in a soft voice "Would you stand up
Uncle Jack, I want to make you cum on all our faces
and titties please" looking at Kelly Lisa and Susan
kneeling in front of me made my prick throb and I
was on my feet in a flash. "If you do Susan darling
I'll forgive you, but you must do it without Kelly
and Lisa helping you all right?" Susan smiled "No
problem Uncle Jack, seeing as you taught us how to
do it" and proceeded to masturbate me as well as I
could have done myself. It took just a few strokes
before I gave a huge gasp and began shooting wad
after wad of semen from the end of my pulsating
penis. Susan held tight and moved my prick around
in an effort to spray my cum over her sister and
Kelly, and trying to get as much as she could for
herself, both on her face and her tits. When she
saw that I was left with a final drop oozing from
my prick Susan clamped her mouth on to it and began
to suck as hard as she could to extract the last
drops for herself. As my flaccid penis slipped from
Susan's mouth I dropped back to sit on the edge of
Susan's bed and watched as Kelly and Lisa and Susan
wiped cum off of their faces and licked their
fingers clean then helped each other to spread the
rest over their breasts and chests. When they were
all finished rubbing my cum into their skin Susan
stood up and came to sit on my lap, she put her
arms round my neck and kissed me, "Uncle Jack, I'm
the only one that hasn't had an orgasm tonight,
must I be punished like that still?" I looked at
her as sternly as I could "Well, I should make you
go to bed without, young lady, but as you were so
good just now I'll help you to have an orgasm, turn
round to sit with your back to me and open your
legs so they're each side of my knees". As she
turned round I felt my stiffening penis touch her
pussy which made her jump in surprise. Kelly and
Lisa looked up and saw what we were doing and made
a move to leave, "Sit down please you two, I want
you each to hold one of Susan's feet while she has
an orgasm". As they took hold of a foot each Susan
protested "Can't we be on our own Uncle Jack?" "Be
quiet and enjoy what I'm doing " I whispered in her
ear, and placing my hand on her pussy I inserted
two fingers between her lips and rubbed my thumb
against her swollen clitty. As I worked on her cunt
with my hand I was kissing her on the back of the
neck and along her shoulders, and I could see that
Kelly and Lisa were slowly lifting Susan's feet
higher and wider as they could see her get more and
more aroused. As Susan began to pant with the
feeling of her climax getting closer and closer I
began to caress her breasts with my free hand, I
pinched her hardening nipples and pressed her
breasts to her chest with the flat of my hands as
she began to buck against the pressure of my thumb
and the fingers in her love tunnel. Suddenly she
screamed as a orgasm ripped through her young body
and she pushed me on to my back as she thrust her
legs out straight against the hands of Lisa and
Kelly who were still kneeling before her. As I fell
back I drew Susan with me and as she thrashed about
I allowed her to roll off me and on to her bed. I
turned over to her and held her close, gently
kissing her all over her face as I helped her to
come down from the nadir of her climax. As we lay
there I felt Kelly and Lisa come and sit on the
bed beside us, both of them stroking Susan in an
attempt to get her to calm down. *
As they sat there I heard Kelly say to Lisa "Well
lover I don't know what Uncle Jack did, but I wish
he'd do the same for me" "And how" replied Lisa,
"May be Susan will remember it all and be able to
tell us about it in the morning" I sat up and took
a deep breath, "That's me done for tonight" I said
as I stood up, "Any one want to come and have a
shower with me, I feel I need some help" Kelly
looked at Lisa "How about if I help Uncle Jack, and
you help Susan when she recovers" Lisa nodded "OK
lover, I'll sit here with her for a little while
then bring her along to the bathroom. Can she come
back into our room for tonight Uncle Jack, I mean
has her punishment finished?" "Of course she can,
that was only part of the game after all, it just
made it a bit more realistic for her, and made her
get a little more from the session, at least I hope
she did" Kelly laughed "If that was part of a game
Uncle Jack, I wish you'd play it with me, I mean I
never seen anyone cum like Susan did just then, did
you Lisa?" Lisa shook her head "Never, not even
when it was just the two of us the first time with
you Uncle Jack, what happened before we came in?"
"Sorry girls I don't have the strength to tell you
now, why not ask Susan in the morning, she might
enjoy remembering" and I walked out and made my way
to the bathroom, with my arm around Kelly and my
hand on her breast, just because I liked it there.
Kelly and I had a nice gentle shower together with
just the minimum of caressing and the occasional
kiss and cuddle, we were just finishing off when
Lisa and Susan came into the bathroom. Susan came
straight up to me and threw her arms round me
planting kisses where ever she could place them and
all the time saying "Thank you Uncle Jack, thank
Very gently I pulled her off me and said "You go
and get a shower with Lisa and get some sleep, I'll
see you in the morning at breakfast, now...
Good Night my darlings I'm bushed and need my
beauty sleep, I'll see all of you in the morning"
and I left them talking away as I made my way to my
bed. I was so tired, and I slept so soundly that I
didn't even feel Jenny get into bed beside me a
little later, a point Jenny made the next morning
when I awoke. "What on earth were you doing last
night darling, you were sleeping the sleep of the
dead, I couldn't wake you at all when I got in, and
the girls are still sleeping when they are usually
wide awake and raring to go" I smiled at her and
said in a tired voice, "Try asking the girls, they
may have a clearer explanation than I could give
you right now". Jenny kissed me lightly on the
lips, "I think I should" she said and went into the
girls' room to wake them up for school. As I sat at
the breakfast table with a cup of coffee in my hand
Susan came in and kissed me as sexily as she could
"Good morning Uncle Jack, I love you", as she sat
down Jenny looked at me with raised eyebrows
"Really?" she said softly in my ear, "What brought
that on?" and was just as surprised as Kelly and
Lisa both did the same when they came to the table.
"I think someone should tell me what happened last
night" said Jenny, "And soon!" One by one the girls
related to Jenny, the happenings of the previous
evening, her eyebrows rose somewhat when Susan told
of her spanking and seemed quite surprised at the
climax of her sexual bout. When all the tales were
told Jenny turned to me and said, smilingly "You've
really excelled yourself haven't you darling, three
in one evening and still able to make Susan almost
faint with pleasure, we must try that some time"
Susan giggled as she interrupted, "I should Mom, it
was really great, ask Kelly and Lisa they'll tell
you" Jenny turned to her smiling "I might just do
that, in the mean time it is time you left for
school young lady, otherwise you'll be late". Susan
jumped up, kissed Jenny and picked up her bag and
went out the house to walk to school. Lisa and
Kelly also left the table saying they had to go
too, each kissed me and Jenny as they left. On our
own at last Jenny came and sat on my lap as if it
was a saddle, she put her arms round my neck and
kissed me long and deep. "It seems that the girls
really enjoyed themselves last night, did you my
darling?" I looked her in the eyes "Yes I did my
love, it was quite wonderful to be able to bring
young girls to orgasm with such a small amount of
effort, Susan especially responds so quickly to my
touch I reckon I could bring her to a climax
without touching her pussy at all, just using my
hands and mouth on her legs and breasts, and
perhaps her bottom, BOY!! what a sexy young
daughter you have there, were you like that at her
age?" Jenny laid her head on my shoulder "I always
seemed to be wanting to have boys get their hands
in my panties, and I seem to remember that I could
have an orgasm quite quickly if I did it myself,
the thing is the boys didn't last long enough to
make me cum, unlike you they always came first and
were then no good for anything. That's why I think
Kelly and Lisa are very soon going to be
disappointed when they do allow a boy to get into
their panties. I wonder if they'll come home and
ask you to finish them off?" *
I laughed and this made Jenny sit up, "I mean it
Jack, would you feel insulted of one of them came
in and said they needed a quick 'servicing' because
when they allowed a boyfriend to do it the boy came
but they didn't?" I laughed again at the thought,
"Darling I think that both Lisa and Kelly would
have too much pride to ask that of me, I think
they'd be too ashamed of being unable to have an
orgasm when having sex with someone in their peer
group, to come home and tell you or me, would you
do that?" Jenny looked at me and smiled as she
shook her head "I see your point darling, but I
still think they may have the problem, and very
soon". I pulled her close and kissed her tenderly
"Well my love if they do I think that we'll have to
show them how to make a feller last long enough for
them to have an orgasm themselves, and possibly at
the same time as the boy, don't you?" Jenny looked
at my again "Now that's a novel concept, teaching
my daughters how to have good sex, and using their
step father as a living sex aid, I wonder what the
PTA would say if they knew" when we had both
stopped laughing I responded with, "If they had any
sense they'd send their own daughters round for
lessons, and perhaps some of them even come
Jenny suddenly sat upright, still straddling my lap
"Seriously Jack darling, what I do want to talk to
you about is Sandi, I had a nice long talk with her
last night and told her about how you helped Susan
get over her attack, I don't think she actually
believes me, about how Susan is now I mean, she
knew that she'd been attacked, but I said that she
could come tomorrow and stay till Sunday. I made no
promises about anything but said we'd leave it to
see what happens. Does that sound OK for you
darling?" I looked at Jenny and said "You really
are serious about this thing, aren't you" Jenny
nodded "Yes darling, I've been so worried about
Sandi that I'll do anything to try to help her" I
nodded "Well... if you feel so strongly about it I
guess that it's OK with me, but only because I love
you, not because I feel for a person I met for a
few minutes on our wedding day. The only condition
that I will lay down is that there is to be a
complete ban on the word NO. If Sandi thinks things
have gone too far, or she wants me to stop what
ever I may be doing I'll only do so if she uses the
safeword 'tell Washington', will you pass that on
to her and get her to agree". Jenny looked at me
strangely "Why those words Jack?" "I've noticed
that some women, yourself included my dear, can use
the words 'no' and 'stop' when what you really mean
is 'yes I like it' or 'do that some more', the no
and stop come out of your mouth automatically,
without you thinking. By having to say 'tell
Washington' you'd have to think about what you are
saying, and therefore think about wanting to stop
or not, understand?" Jenny gave a little laugh,
"Yes my darling I do understand, and I think that's
very clever of you, I'll make sure Sandi
understands it too".*


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