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This story entitled 'Jacks family Saga' published
in (currently) 3 volumes is the intellectual
property of the author davidb234, and may not be
distributed or posted to any pay site or
organisation without the authors specific consent.
It may be posted to free sites and archives
provided all re-posts are notified to me at at the time of re-posting.
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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

My days now were settling onto a routine, I was
making love to Jenny on a regular basis, and Kelly,
Lisa and Susan were also getting sufficient to keep
them more than happy. The one thing that might have
seemed strange to some people was the amount of
intimate touching and tender kissing that went on
between the five of us. I was admittedly on the
receiving end of most of it, every time any of
three girls came into a room where I was they
would come over to me and give me a tender kiss,
nothing too sensuous you understand, or anything
that might lead to something more energetic, just a
sweet, tender kiss on the lips that one would
normally give ones lover. I must admit that Jenny
did just the same, and I also used any excuse I
could to be kissing one or more of them. Along with
the kissing would be a gentle touch or caress of
bottom, arms thighs and breasts all were included
and many were the times that a soft hand happened
to gently pass over my erect penis as I stood close
to a warm female body. The one thing missing was
jealousy, if I happened to be kissing Kelly, for
example and Jenny walked into the room she would
come over to me and give me a peck on the cheek as
if to say 'go to it'. If I was in a heavy petting
session with Jenny and one of the girls caught us
they would withdraw and make no comment. I was in
heaven, I had a loving wife and three wonderful
girls all in love with me, and all willing to
accept the others as equal lovers, all were willing
to share me, even in bed, and now I was being asked
by my wife if I would try to have sex with her
sister. I admit to feeling uncomfortable with the
idea, I'd only met her sister once, and that was
for little more than a few minutes on our wedding
day. The reason was that her sister had, some
years before, been attacked by a gang of young men,
she was only saved from actual rape by her parents
arriving on the scene and scaring the men off.
Since then Sandi had been unable to be alone near
any man, except her father, without having a panic
attack. The similarity of what happened to Susan
some months ago, and the fact that Susan was now,
not only unafraid of men, but was actually talking
about finding a boy to take her to the school
dance, was reason enough for Jenny to ask me to try
the same thing with Sandi. Thursday came and, on
arriving home from work I found Jenny and Kelly
sitting in the kitchen with who I recognised as
Sandi. As usual I stepped up to Jenny and kissed
her 'hello' then did the same to Kelly, as I stood
upright after kissing Kelly I looked at Sandi and
said as gently as I could "Hello, you must be
Sandi, I haven't seen you since the wedding, how
are you?" Sandi smiled and said "Fine thanks Jack,
I can see you're all right" I turned to Jenny
saying "I'm going to get washed up, who's cooking
dinner tonight?" "Lisa and Susan, they're just
laying the table in the dining room, then they're
cooking pasta so dinner will only be about half an
hour" I smiled and walked out of the kitchen and
went into the dining room where I was greeted by a
kiss from Lisa and Susan. I went up to the bathroom
had a shower, dried off and changed into something
more comfortable for the evening.
At the dinner table I was seated between Sandi and
Kelly, Jenny sat on the other side of Sandi, for
moral support I supposed. Sandi was not too
talkative, at least not to me, but it seemed that
she asked to be seated there, which was unusual due
to her fear of men. When the meal was over Sandi
offered to help Susan to do the dishes, Jenny told
Lisa and Kelly to let them go. It turned out later
that Sandi was asking Susan all about what it had
been like having me about after her attack. What
Susan said I have no idea but after they'd finished
the dishes Sandi came and sat on the sofa with me
and Jenny. A couple of hours watching tv and Kelly
said to Lisa and Susan "Come upstairs with me, I
have something to show you" looking a trifle
bemused Lisa and Susan got up and went with Kelly.
Jenny made an excuse to go to speak to the girls
after a few minutes, leaving Sandi and I alone
together. I moved to the end of the sofa, putting
as much room between us as possible and turned to
Sandi "Would it upset you to talk about how you
feel... about being near men I mean?" Sandi lowered
her gaze to her feet and gave a little shake of her
head "Well... Jenny told you what happened.. didn't
she?" I nodded "Well... Errr... it's just that
since then I get the shakes whenever a man gets
near me and if one touches me I feel like
screaming, I've even passed out when I was touched
on the back by a man in a crowded store, it was so
embarrassing I could have died".*
I sat upright and held my hand out to Sandi,
"Would you feel safe touching my hand if I promise
not to grab you" I said, smiling as sweetly as I
knew how. Sandi flinched as she understood what I
was suggesting, but, with a determined look on her
face lifted one hand and stretched it out 'til her
fingertips touched mine. I held my hand still for
as long as I could then slowly let it fall to the
seat of the sofa. I smiled encouragingly as Sandi
dropped her hand on to her thigh, "All right" I
asked her, she smiled weakly at me "I suppose you
think I'm being stupid about all this " she said. I
shook my head "Not at all, I think you've been
through a terrible situation and have had no one to
give you the help you actually needed. I think what
you should have had was a boy friend or lover to
help you get your confidence back quickly, as it
was you had a lot of well meaning people protecting
you and shielding you from MEN" she nodded her head
vigorously, "That's right, how did you know, I
mean.. no one would let me get near men, or even
older boys for ages afterwards, even Dad was never
on his own with me, I always had to have mom or
some other woman there to help with my therapy, as
they called it". "What about at school, how did
they handle that?" I asked, inching my way a little
closer to her whilst I was talking, "Well... in
class I was put amongst other girls, and the
teachers were always watching to see that no boys
got too close un-noticed, it was horrid, almost as
if I had a contagious disease or something, I'm
just glad it was the end of my final year at
school". By now I could see that Sandi was
beginning to relax a little and once again I put
out my hand, "Want to try touching my hand again
Sandi, there's no pressure, just touch it if you
want or you can hold it if you feel like it". Sandi
stretched out her hand and placed her palm on mine,
letting it rest there.
"Did Jenny tell you about my idea of a private
safeword, just between us two, so that if you want
to stop, or want me to stop, doing something, you
must say the safeword, rather than just as simple
'no' or 'stop'" Sandi nodded and smiled as she replied
"Yes she did and I think it's a great idea, and
I'll use the words you suggested". As Sandi was
talking to me I was taking her hand in mine and
giving it a gentle squeeze, when she had stopped
speaking I looked down at our clasped hands and
said "I'm not hurting your hand am I Sandi, I mean
I'd hate to squeeze it too hard" As she looked down
and saw what was happening she jerked her hand away
from mine and blushed red as a fire engine. "Sorry
Jack, that was childish of me, it's just that you
caught me by surprise, I didn't realise you were
holding my hand like that". "It didn't hurt you,
did it?" I asked. She shook her head "Well why not
do it knowing what you're doing, rather than
finding you're doing it accidentally?" I said
gently, and I offered her my hand to hold.
Tentatively she put her fingers on to my
outstretched hand, then she wrapped them round my
fingers and squeezed quite hard. As she sat there
holding my fingers, rather than my hand I turned to
face her fully and held out my other hand, "Want to
try for the double" I said, Sandi looked at me and
slowly put her other hand in mine, I could see the
fear in her eyes as she did it. "That's great" I
said with a smile and began to pull my hand away
from hers, only to find that she did not want to
let go. "Are you OK dear?" I asked, and gave my
hands a little shake, this made Sandi jerk her head
as if she was suddenly waking up "Oh... sorry Jack,
I was miles away for a moment, I was just
remembering what it was like to hold someone's
I squeezed her hands in mine and, gently pulled
them from hers, "Look" I said "I think you know by
now that you can trust me not to do anything you
wouldn't want, yes?" Sandi nodded silently, "All
right then how about if we give Jenny a shock when
she comes back from speaking to the girls by having
you come and sit so close to me that your thigh is
touching mine and you are holding my hand, I
promise I'll do nothing, YOU will make all the
moves and at your own speed, does that sound OK, or
am I going too fast for you?" she looked at me her
eyes open wide at the very idea of what I had
proposed, then she took a deep breath and slid her
bottom across the sofa until she was an inch away.
Slowly Sandi put out her hand and took mine in it,
then holding it tight she moved herself that last
inch to touch her leg against mine. As she felt the
contact she took a deep breath and let it out as a
huge sigh, and I could see her physically relax as
he shoulders dropped a couple of inches.
"There, that's not so bad is it" I whispered as our
clasped hands rested on her leg. She looked at me
almost proudly as she shook her head, "No Jack, I
feel fine, Errr.. would you put your arm round my
back please, before I chicken out of being so
close?" "Of course I will, if that's what you
want" and lifted my hand from hers and placed it
around her so that I could hold her outer upper
She tensed a little as she felt me hold her, but
after a moment she relaxed once more. "Look at me
Sandi" I said quietly and she turned to face me
"How are you feeling right now, frightened or
safe?" she took a deep breath and said very quietly
"Safe Jack, I feel very safe with you" and I saw a
tear forming in the corner of her eye. I put a
finger under her chin, lifted her head a little and
looked at her, saying as tenderly as I could "There
is no need to cry you know, you should feel proud
of what you are doing, how about I take things a
lot faster and kiss those tears away for you, will
you hold still while I do it, you can always call
for George if you like" I smiled as I spoke and
after a short moment Sandi gave a little nod and
lowered her face a little. Very slowly, so as to
give her the chance to change her mind, I brought
my face close to hers until my lips were touching
her cheek, and I could put out the tip of my tongue
and taste her salty tears. Very gently I moved my
lips and tongue up one side of her face and then
moved round to do the other cheek. Just as my lips
made contact with her skin the door opened and
Jenny stepped into the room, holding a beer in her
The sight that hit her stopped her in her tracks,
she stood there with her mouth wide open and a look
of amazement spread all over her face. "Wha...."
she started to speak 'til I glanced at her and gave
her a wink as I finished kissing away Sandi's
tears. As I sat there cheek to cheek with Sandi I
whispered to her "See who just came in to spoil my
kissing you" and Sandi spun round and saw her
sister standing there speechless. "Why are you
letting Jack kiss you Sandi, I thought you hated
men?" Sandi giggled "Don't ask me, he made me cry,
then said he should kiss the tears away, it seemed
the logical thing to do so I let him do it, and it
felt great, I feel all tingly now, I can't explain
it" and she put her arms round Jenny who had sat
down beside her and hugged her tightly. I took the
beer Jenny had brought me and sat back to drink it
as Jenny and Sandi held each other close. Sitting
up straight Jenny held her sister out at arms
length and gave her a searching look, "You really
feel OK darling, I mean.. you don't feel frightened
at all being left on your own with Jack" Sandi
shook her head "NO, honest Sis, I feel fine, I
don't know why but, all of a sudden when Jack's
lips touched my cheek I felt a tingle run down my
spine". Jenny hugged her sister again and whispered
"He sure has the magic, I felt it the first time he
kissed me" Sandi pressed her lips close to Jenny's
ear and whispered something that I could not hear.
I saw Jenny nod her head and whisper "Yes of course
you can" and the she got up and left the room
saying "I'll fetch us all a beer each to celebrate
a successful first evening".
When she had gone Sandi stood up and put out her
hand to me to pull me to my feet. She came and
stood so close to me that her breasts were almost
touching my chest. She put her hands on my chest
and, looking up into my eyes she said very quietly
"Jack, Jenny said that if I really wanted to I
could ask you to kiss me properly, I mean like you
kiss her, would you do that please, I mean let me
kiss you?" "I'd like nothing better my love, than
to be the first man you've kissed" and I opened my
arms to allow her to get closer. Sandi put her arms
round my neck and pressed her body hard on to mine
as she reached up with her mouth to place her lips
on mine, I put my arms round her back and hugged
her tight as I allowed her to pull me down harder
onto her searching lips. As I felt her soft lips
pressed hard to mine I opened them a little and
allowed the tip of my tongue to poke through. As
soon as Sandi felt the touch of my tongue she
pushed hers out in an effort to find mine and began
to wrap hers round as she explored the inside of my
mouth. Once more Jenny's timing was perfect and she
walked back into the room to find Sandi and I in a
passionate embrace. Putting her cargo of beer down
on a table Jenny came over and put her arms round
both of us.
As she felt Jenny's arms touch her Sandi broke off
the kiss and blushed bright red "Ohhh.. sorry Jenny
I didn't mean it to happen like that, I was only
going to kiss him like a brother, but it Errr..
well it sort of got out of hand", Jenny laughed, "I
suppose if I hadn't have come in when I did you'd
have had him and you stripped off and wrapped
around each other on the floor, like a pair of
Bunnies" she said, and Sandi saw that the smile on
her face showed she was joking "No, honest Jenny, I
wouldn't have done that, it's just that I've
forgotten what it feels like to kiss a man" she
lowered her voice as she continued "He kisses
better than you do Sis". We moved back to the sofa
and sat down to drink our beers. Sandi sat between
Jenny and I completely relaxed about any part of
her body being touched by mine. I pushed things a
trifle by placing a hand on her thigh making sure
that my fingers went between her legs. I gently
moved my hand up and down the leg and was
gratified to feel Sandi's legs relaxing and
beginning to open slightly. *
Satisfied that she was not going to object to what
I was doing I continued to gently caress her inner
thigh until she turned to face me and whisper "If
you go any further Jack I'll call Washington and
report you", I smiled and, as I removed my hand I
gave her a quick gentle kiss on the lips, I said
"You're the boss". Shortly after that we went to
bed. Jenny went into Sandi's room to see her
settled in and I went into the girls room to sit on
each bed in turn and kiss them all good night,
hopefully so sexily that they'd be able to dream
about it. As I kissed Lisa she whispered "How's
Aunt Sandi, Uncle Jack?" "Fine darling I think
she'll be back to normal before long, just try to
be a little patient while she is here, we don't
want to upset her too much by having her find out
just how very close we all are, at least not 'til
she feels better about things in general". Wishing
them all a good night I went to our bedroom to find
Jenny in bed. When I had stripped off Jenny lifted
the covers on my side and showed me that she too
was naked, "Come and warm me up please Jack, I want
your body close to mine" and I got in beside her
and helped her to get warm. As I lay there
snuggled up to Jenny like spoons in a drawer, she
said quietly "Did you enjoy Sandi this evening
darling?" I kissed her on the back of the neck, "If
you mean did I enjoy kissing her, yes I did, it was
a nice feeling to be the first man to kiss her
since her bad experience, and I think she enjoyed
it too, but then, that's what you wanted wasn't
it?" Jenny nodded in the dark, "Yes darling it was
and when I was with her just now she was so happy,
I couldn't believe you were only with her for less
than an hour, it's a miracle" I kissed her neck
once more "No it isn't, it's sex pure and simple,
for years you've been keeping her interested in
sex, now you're just introducing her to another
sort of sex, a sort she's been frightened of for a
long time, but I believe that she's really wanting
to experience it, she's just a bit wary for now".
Jenny turned over to face me "Do you think she
really wants to make love to a man, that she isn't
really a lesbian?" "Yes my darling I do think she's
not a true lesbian, making love to you is all she's
wanted, because it's been safe and easy, let's see
what happens over the weekend shall we, after all
she may not want to go too far too quickly". Jenny
murmured OK and snuggled up close and we both went
to sleep. In the morning I got out of bed and, half
asleep, and on auto pilot I made my way to the
shower, as I walked into the bathroom there was a
scream that woke me up, there standing in front of
me was a very naked Sandi who had obviously just
stepped out of the shower. Her body was still
covered with little beads of water that were
joining to run in tiny rivulets down between her
breasts and over her firm smooth stomach to
disappear into the dark bush between her legs. I
noticed all of this in a flash, and in the same
length of time my penis also reacted and stood to
attention before I had a chance to cover it. "I'm
sorry Sandi, I forgot you were in the house and
might be in the bathroom" I said and, covering
myself up as best I could I backed out and closed
the door. Before I could go any further Sandi
opened the door again and being now wrapped in a
large towel came out and placed a hand on my arm,
pulling me back into the bathroom with her.
Sandi sat on the edge of the bathtub, still
blushing bright red, "It's me that should be saying
sorry Jack, I mean it was so silly of me to scream,
I think I was more embarrassed than frightened,
will you forgive me?" I stood up and pulled her to
her feet, "Give me a kiss and I'll forgive you
anything right now", for the third time Jenny came
into a room where I was kissing her sister, this
time with both of us covered only by towels,
"What's this then, who's been screaming and
frightening my daughters to death?" Sandi giggled
as she drew Jenny out of the bathroom and took her
to her own room to explain, meantime I showered,
shaved and got dressed ready to go to work. I had
almost finished my breakfast, along with Kelly,
Lisa and Susan when Jenny and Sandi joined us. As
they sat to the table Kelly and Lisa got up and
said they had to go or they'd be late for class,
Kelly came over and kissed me full on the lips and
said "Bye Uncle Jack, see you tonight" Lisa did the
same and both girls left for university. Susan also
took the opportunity to show how things were by
giving me a really sexy kiss before she went to
school. Sandi looked at Jenny and said "The girls
really do get on very well with Jack, don't they, I
mean most young girls would be a bit wary of
kissing a stepfather like that, don't most of them
hate their mothers new husbands" Jenny laughed "Not
those three, darling they really love Jack, and
would do almost anything for him, look at the way
they do things like cooking and other chores, isn't
that right Jack?" I nodded "Yep, the are certainly
very good girls around the house". *
I finished my cup of coffee and got up saying I had
to go to work and that I would see them both later,
I stepped up to Jenny and kissed her long and deep,
as I stood there I looked at Sandi and raised my
eyebrows, she blushed slightly and, looking across
at Jenny got a nod of agreement and lifted her head
up to receive a kiss from me as well. "Bye Jack"
she whispered "I'll see you later on" Jenny told me
later that when I had left for work she and Sandi
had had a really long talk about what had happened
that morning. Jenny had taken Sandi into her
bedroom and sat her down on the bed while Sandi
explained why she had screamed. "But Jenny it was
such a surprise to see Jack standing there
completely naked, and to make things worse he was
looking all over my body as well" she took a deep
breath "And then when I saw his enormous erection,
I didn't know what to do". Jenny laughed as she sat
there opposite Sandi. "But what did you feel when
you realised he was looking at you and getting an
erection, I mean did you feel frightened, or what?"
said Jenny gently "Well... I was shocked at first,
but when he went out and closed the door I thought
WOW, he only looked at me for a couple of seconds
and he was so huge, I thought that I can't be so
bad looking can I?" "Yes Sandi, but did you feel
anything when you saw him standing there with a
huge erection, did it do anything for you?" Sandi
shook her head, "No Sis, I guess I didn't have time
to think about it in that way, I just kept thinking
'I made him get that hard'" and Sandi gave a tiny
shiver at the thought of Jack and his erection.
Jenny sat back in her chair "Well Sis, I see no
reason why he shouldn't get like that after all you
do have a nice body, stand up and drop that towel
and show me."
Sandi got up from the bed and slowly unwrapped the
towel from round her body, as it opened at the
front she held the corners and opened up her arms
to display her firm body to her sisters loving
gaze. Jenny stood and took a pace forward to bring
her close enough to Sandi to be able to touch her,
which she did, beginning at her neck and tracing a
line down her chest to her breasts. Sandi flinched
as Jenny pinched her nipples between finger and
thumb, then sighed as she felt Jenny's fingertips
travel down her stomach 'til they reached her pubic
hair. Jenny leaned forward and touched her lips to
Sandi's, allowing her tongue to protrude slightly.
Sandi moved her head so as to increase the pressure
on her lips and took great gasps of air as Jenny's
fingers worked their way through her curly bush to
find her swelling bud. "I think it's time this was
removed darling, you'll feel so much better if you
have it shaved" said Jenny, "How do you know"
replied Sandi, and Jenny stood back and removed all
of her clothes, leaving her panties 'til last,
"Pull my panties down Sandi, then you'll see what I
mean". Sandi knelt in front of her sister and,
hooking her fingers in the waist band of Jenny's
panties pulled them down to her knees.
"WOW... that looks wonderful, how did you manage
to do that Jenny, I bet it took ages" Jenny
laughed, "Don't be silly, Jack did it for me, and
BOY was it great when he did, not just the shaving,
that was sexy enough, it was afterwards, when he
was rubbing the baby oil to help soothe the skin
after the razor had been over it, it felt so good I
could hardly keep my hands off him and we had great
sex. To be honest I asked him to do it for Kelly's
Mom Trish', she was feeling so bad about her
divorce and not getting any loving from her
husband, who was having an affair with a girl at
his office, one evening I asked Jack if he'd shave
her pussy for her. He agreed but only if I was
there as well so that there'd be no funny business
as he put it. Not that it made any difference,
Trish' and I had already agreed that Jack would end
up having sex with her and ensuring she had a good
orgasm. I stayed and helped out and then we shared
the best bit". "What was the best bit?" asked Sandi
who by now was taking short sharp breaths, "That's
something you'll have to wait for my dear, it's
something I'll do almost anything to get Jack to do
for me, and now Trish' is just the same, she's
asked for it if she comes down for a weekend to
check on Kelly, but I've said she'll have to ask
Jack." "But can't you tell me, I am your sister
after all is said and done, please Jen' tell me
what it is". Jenny shook her head and smiled "No
Sandi, that is a secret until such time as you have
earned the right to it, just believe me, it's worth
the wait, now do you want me to make love to you
now, I can feel you're very wet and swollen?".
Sandi smiled at Jenny, "Yes please darling I'm so
horny right now with all this talking about sex,
did you really help Trish' have sex with your
husband?" Jenny pushed Sandi back to lay spread-
eagled on the bed and began to masturbate her.*
"Yes darling I did, I kissed Jack and pumped his
prick to make sure it was fully erect and then I
guided it into Trish's hot wet pussy. As he fucked
her I caressed her breasts and also rubbed her
swollen clitty just like I'm rubbing yours now,
Trish' came so much she fell to the floor, leaving
Jack standing there with a huge erection covered
with Trish's juices which I licked of for him. It
was then that the best bit happened". All the time
she was talking Jenny was rubbing at Sandi's clit
and pushing two fingers into her love hole so that
Sandi suddenly screamed as an orgasm ripped through
her body. Jenny pulled Sandi to her and held her
close while she was calming down after her orgasm,
when eventually Sandi was laying still and
breathing normally Jenny whispered in her ear, "Was
that as good as it sounded darling, I mean.. I've
never known you have an orgasm like that before, it
seemed so intense" Sandi took a deep breath and
turned to Jenny, "Jenny darling it was the most
wonderful orgasm I ever had, I've never had one
like that, it almost hurt it was so intense, it
must have been thinking about you helping to put
Jacks penis into Trish', that did it, it sounded so
erotic, I could almost wish it was me it was
happening to".
Jenny kissed her sister tenderly "Darling Sandi, if
you really wanted it I'd love to be there and help
Jack make love to you, I know he'd be so gentle
with you, and he'd enjoy helping you get over your
bad experience" Jenny paused to see how her words
affected Sandi, as Sandi opened her mouth to say
something Jenny placed a finger on her lips to stop
her, "I know what you must be thinking, but believe
me I'm not doing this just to satisfy mine or
Jack's lust for sex, it's something Jack agreed to
do when I asked him. He agreed, but only on the
understanding that it's something you're prepared
for, and that I'm present to make sure you come to
no harm. The thing you must understand is, Jack
loves me so much that the simple act of having
sexual intercourse with another woman, at my
request, is no more likely to affect our
relationship than if I asked him to mow a
neighbours lawn". Sandi sat up in the middle of the
bed and crossed her legs, "Do you mean to say what
happened last night was because you asked Jack to
seduce me, with the aim of getting me to go to bed
with him?" she said. Jenny nodded, "That's right
kid, having seen what he was able to do for Susan
when she had the same thing happen to her, that
happened to you, I thought that I'd get him to try
his hand at a hardened man hater, you have to admit
it almost worked, you did end up letting him kiss
you last night, and you did kiss him this morning,
am I right?" "Well...yes I suppose you're right
about that, but I don't feel right about doing 'it'
with your husband, aren't you the slightest bit
jealous when you think about him touching another
woman, I mean.. what about when he comes back to
you and wants to make love to you, don't you feel
he is... well sort of dirty?" this made Jenny laugh
out loud, "Don't be so silly Sandi, Jack doesn't go
with other women, the only women he's had sex with
since we've been married are me and the once with
Trish', even then if he did end up in bed with some
woman he picked up in a bar he'd tell me about it
and I'd feel it was my fault for not being there
for him when the need arose. Besides there's
another overwhelming reason why I know he has no
need to find women elsewhere, and that's another
secret you'll have to earn the right to know".

Sandi looked a little bemused and sat there for a
few minutes thinking about what Jenny had been
saying to her. "Do you really think that Jack can
help me Jenny, I mean... What did he do to help
Susan?" "I can't tell you that my dear sister, all
I know is that if it hadn't been for Jack I don't
think Susan would be the bubbly little girl she is
now, I also know that Susan will tell you that she
loves Jack as much as I do, and that she wants to
stay at home to look after him when ever I'm away.
Jack and I know that she'll meet a boy that'll
change her mind some time in the future, in the
mean time he milks it for all he's worth, getting
her to do things she wouldn't do for me. He's
teaching her how to be a good wife for some man,
without her actually knowing it, and I think it's a
great idea. You want to see how sneaky he is
sometimes, getting her to do the sort of chores you
and I hated when we were her age, a smile and a
little kiss from Jack, and you'd find Susan on her
knees scrubbing the kitchen floor before you could
say the words George Washington". "That's another
thing I couldn't understand, when I said
'Washington' to him last night he moved his hand
from my thigh without a word, will he always do
that, I mean stop what ever he is doing?"*
"Sandi darling if he was about to insert his
throbbing penis into my vagina and I said that word
he'd stop and turn over, the thing you must
understand is that if you were to keep letting him
get to the same situation and you repeatedly
stopped him he'd never try to help you again, after
all he's only human. If you want him to help you,
you have to really want to be helped, and be
prepared to do things his way, and at his pace. Do
you think you want to have a go?" Sandi looked down
at her crossed legs, and studied her clasped hands
for a moment or two, she lifted her face to look
Jenny in the eyes "Yes please Jenny, I've felt so
bad for so many years, when Jack kissed me last
night I felt so wonderful that I would have
surrendered to him then if he had tried to take me,
I want to feel like a woman again, and make him
feel like a man". "OK" said Jenny, "The first thing
is for you to remember that you must never sit like
you are when Jack is about, otherwise he'll forget
he's a gentleman and have his wicked way with you".
Sandi laughed "You mean flashing my fur covered
pussy at him, is that the sort of thing that
arouses him?" Jenny nodded "Yes, but I do think you
should think about getting it shaved clean, it
really is so much more erotic having a mans tongue
running over smooth pussy lips than him having to
search through a forest of curls". "Should I ask
Jack to do it for me" said Sandi and Jenny nodded
"Yes, how about if you ask him tonight, I can get
the girls to watch tv in their room and you can see
if you can find the right moment to ask Jack when I
leave you on your own for a while. The thing is you
must feel right about it all so don't rush things,
we have all the time in the world". Jenny kissed
her sister and said gently "How about if you get
dressed and we go and see if we can find some sexy
underwear for you to use to persuade Jack to make
love to you".
I got home to find Jenny and Sandi have cooked
dinner between them, the girls were in the den
doing their homework and after I'd cleaned up and
changed for the evening the dinner table had been
laid and food was being served. After dinner I
went and sat in the den with a beer as usual.
Kelly, Lisa and Susan came and joined me for a
while, each taking turns to come and sit on my lap
and give me lots of sexy kisses. "Mom has asked us
to watch tv in our bedroom this evening Uncle Jack"
said Lisa between kisses, "do you know why?"
"Perhaps it's because she want's us grownups to
have an evening with no interruptions from you
children" I said jokingly as I caressed her firm
young bottom. "I thought parents gave their kids a
wad of cash and sent them out to a movie, if they
wanted a quiet evening of passion" put in Kelly,
"That sounds like a good idea Uncle Jack, how about
it, after all it is Friday and we have no school
tomorrow" said Susan with a big grin on her sweet
young face. "All right you three monsters, wait
here and let me go and see" and I went to the
kitchen to ask Jenny if she would agree to the
girls going to a movie. I was back in a flash and
pulled out my wallet. "Right, here's the deal, you
go to a movie, you get home by ten thirty, well...
maybe ten forty-five, and you go straight to your
room. Agreed?" "Agreed" they said in unison, and
crowded round me as I handed over sufficient money
for their needs.
Lisa and Susan went to change but I held Kelly back
for a moment, "Kelly darling I'm making you
responsible for your collective behaviour this
evening, and I want you to have a little extra
money so you can get a cab home instead of walking,
OK?" Kelly kissed me on the cheek "OK Uncle Jack,
and thanks, I'll make sure they behave, and I
promise I will too, and you enjoy yourself tonight"
"Go on" I said and gave her a pat on the bottom to
send her on her way. Half an hour later and Jenny,
Sandi and I were sitting in the den having a quiet
drink. I noticed that Sandi had changed into a soft
white blouse and a skirt that ended at mid thigh.
As we sat on the sofa, with me between Jenny and
Sandi they both inched themselves close to me until
our thighs were touching. I leaned back and lifted
my right arm and passed it behind Jenny so that my
hand rested naturally on her breast. I began to
gently scratch her nipple with my fingertip and
caress the swell of her breast with my hand. Jenny
lay her head on my shoulder and thrust out her
chest to take full advantage of my movements. I
turned my head and kissed her softly as I stroked
her breast, and as I broke off the kiss and lifted
my head I saw, from the corner of my eye that Sandi
was watching all that I was doing. I continued to
hold my hand on Jenny's breast as I turned to Sandi
and smiled, "Would you like me to put my arm round
you too Sandi" I said softly. She looked down and
nodded, then looked me in the eye, "Yes please
Jack, I would like that very much" she replied in a
quiet voice and so I placed my left arm across her
back and rested my hand on her upper arm. *
She sat there very rigid, for a couple of minutes,
then she slowly raised her right hand and pulled my
hand over to rest on her left breast where she
pressed it on to her rigid nipple. I turned and
kissed her tenderly on her ear and whispered "Would
you like me to caress your breast as I am Jenny's?"
Sandi turned to face me, "Yes please Jack, I'd like
that more than anything right now" and put her head
on my shoulder and pushed her chest forward into my
waiting hand. As soon as I touched it I could feel
Sandi's breast swelling, and her nipple growing
harder by the second. Through the 'V' of her
neckline I saw the skin between her breasts begin
to be covered by a hot flush as she responded to
the intimate touch of my hand on her firm breast.
Slowly she began to relax and as she did so her
head fell to rest on the back of the sofa, and she
began to pant, then suddenly she gave a little cry
as she fainted. Jenny and I sat beside Sandi as she
lay there on the sofa for the few moments it took
her to come to. Jenny held her hand and said "Are
you OK darling, would you like a drink of water?"
Sandi nodded "Yes please Jenny could Jack fetch it
for me please?" I lifted the hand I was holding and
kissed the palm, "Of course I will, you just lay
back and rest I'll only be a minute" and went out
to the kitchen. I returned quite quickly and as I
came back into the room I heard Jenny say "Really..
but HOW?" "I don't know" replied Sandi "But it was,
and I couldn't believe it, it was so sudden" Jenny
kissed her sister tenderly in the lips "That's
great news, better try for the jackpot now sister
mine" she said softly, and turned to take the glass
of water from me and held it to Sandi's lips so she
could have a sip. When she had fully recovered I
sat down beside Sandi and held her hand "Feel OK
now?" I asked, Sandi nodded "Yes I'm fine Jack, it
was just a silly thing to do, it won't happen
again" and lay her head back as she looked into my
eyes. As we sat there Jenny got to her feet and
said "I'll be back in a bit, I just remembered I
have something to do" and went out and shut the
door after her. I sat there looking at Sandi for a
while then said "Do you really feel all right, you
look a little pale" Sandi sat up and slid across
the sofa 'til she was up tight to my side, she put
her arm round my neck and pulled my face down to
hers and pressed her lips to mine, giving me as
sensuous as kiss as I had ever received "Please
take my blouse off Jack I want to show you what I
bought today" she said as she leaned back a little.
I began to undo the buttons until I reached the
waistband of her skirt. As I paused she undid the
buttons on the side of the skirt and allowed me to
lift the hem of her blouse free. I pushed the two
halves of her blouse apart and passed then gently
over her shoulders opening to my gaze a very brief,
lace trimmed bra that just covered the underside of
her breast to just below her stiff pointed nipples.
As she shook her blouse over her hands and threw it
to one side I placed my fingertips on the side of
each breast and began tracing light circles over
the whole area not covered by the small amount of
fabric that was the bra cup. I flicked each nipple
with my fingertips and then moved my hands down to
grasp the sides of her upper body. I quickly
lowered my head 'til I was able to clamp my lips on
to one of her wonderful nipples which I immediately
began to suck and flick with my tongue turn and
turn about. Each time I released one nipple she
would whimper until I was sucking on the other. Her
hands soon found their way to the back of my head
and tried to hold it still to concentrate on one
breast all the time. After a while I lifted my
hands to hers and pulled then down to her sides,
where I held them tight for a moment. I kissed
Sandi on the lips and released my grip on her
hands, "Take your bra off for me please darling, I
want to see your wonderful breasts in their full
glory". Quickly she sat upright and, passing her
hands behind her undid the clasp and pulled her bra
off as she brought her hands to the front of her
body, and threw it to one side. I shifted my
position slightly "Turn round so your back is to me
darling, then lean back on to my chest" I said and
when she was in the position I had indicated I
began kissing her on the back and side of her neck
and down the length of her shoulder, as I did this
I slid my hands under her arms and round her chest
'til I was able to place one on each of her flushed
and sensitive breasts. I gently squeezed, stroked
and caressed her breasts, kissing her neck and
shoulders as I did so, until all of a sudden Sandi
gave a little groan, pressed her legs together and
thrust them out straight. I suddenly realised she'd
had an orgasm, a small one, but certainly an
orgasm. For a moment or two I just held her tightly
to my chest, then I shifted over and lay her on her
back on the sofa, with me sitting on the edge
looking down at her. As I sat there I gently
caressed her breasts, chest and her firm smooth
stomach, until she opened her eyes.*
"That was a surprise" I said "It's a long time
since I've helped a woman have an orgasm by just
touching her breasts, I bet you're wearing new
panties that will now be very wet" Sandi gave a
quick nod of her head "Would you like to see them"
she said shyly. "Yes please darling, I'd love to do
that". "Would you pull my skirt down please Jack, I
want you to see what I have on under it". I moved a
little further down the sofa and, putting my
fingers inside the waist band of her skirt started
to move it down over her hips. As she felt it catch
on the cheeks of her bottom Sandi lifted her hips
slightly allowing her skirt free to be pulled down
to her knees. As the garment passed over her hips I
could see that Sandi had in fact nothing on under
it. Her fur covered pussy came into view as soon as
the skirt was pulled down over the swell of her
hip. I could not help saying "WOW" as soon as I saw
he pussy which brought a smile to her lips. I drew
Sandi's skirt right off her legs and dropped it on
to the floor, then turned back to sit there looking
at the sight before my eyes. Tentatively I put out
my hands and touched her legs just above the knees,
I then began to slowly run them up the insides of
her thighs until I was touching the little patch of
hair between her legs. Gently I began to press
outwards and slowly she responded, all the time
looking me in the eyes, as if she was trying to
read my mind as to what I would do next. "Do you
feel all right lover?" I asked tenderly. Sandi
nodded briefly as she opened her legs and lifted
her knees slightly, thus allowing me free access to
the most intimate part of her body. "Want me to
touch you there?" I asked and she whispered "OH yes
please Jack, please touch me" and she closed her
eyes as she felt my fingers move through the curly
bush that covered her lower lips. Very slowly I
inserted my fingers between her pussy lips and
gently ran them up 'til I was touching her swollen
pulsating bud which I gently flicked with my
fingertips. After a moment of this treatment I
started to rub her clit making tiny circles with
the side of my thumb as I moved the fingers of my
other hand between her cunt lips. It only took a
couple of minutes of this treatment for Sandi to
have another, bigger orgasm that made her cry
louder than before. Hearing a noise I looked up to
find Jenny peeping over the back of the sofa "Every
thing OK" she mouthed silently. I nodded and smiled
"Fine" I whispered "Give me fifteen minutes" and
she went out and silently closed the door behind
I looked down at Sandi as she lay beside me on the
sofa and dropped to kneel on the floor, bringing my
head closer to hers. I touched my lips to hers and
gave her a gentle kiss, "Tell me properly when you
want me to stop what I'm doing, do you understand
what I mean by properly?" I said, Sandi nodded
vigorously and closed her eyes again as I began to
move down her body placing kisses on her as I did
so. I kissed her all round the bushy area above her
Mons and was about to clamp my mouth directly on to
her pussy when she shouted out "Washington". I
stopped dead, although I had been half expecting
her to want to stop at this point, I wasn't ready
for what happened next. I moved back up where I
could look into her eyes, "Not quite ready for that
yet?" Sandi shook her head vigorously "It's not
that Jack, I want you to shave me before you kiss
me there, and I do want you to kiss me there
please". I stood up and looked down at the naked
form laying before me. I held out my hands to help
her sit up and was about to pull her to her feet
when she said quietly "Jack would you please
undress" "Of course Sandi, if that would please
you" and quickly stripped off all my clothes. As I
pushed my shorts down Sandi stood and stepped
forward to stand so close to me that her nipples
were pressing into my chest. "Jack, I'm sorry I
screamed when I saw you naked in the bathroom" and
she put her arms round me and hugged me tight. As I
stood there stroking my hands over her back she
slipped a hand between our bodies and placed it on
my stiffening penis. "I think I should get to know
this very quickly" she said as she gently moved her
hand along the length of my throbbing penis, "Does
it always grow this fast?" "When there is
someone as sexy as you holding on to it, yes, just
be careful what you do with it, it might explode in
your hand, and we don't want any accidents just yet
do we" Sandi laughed lightly, and released her grip
on my pulsating prick. "Come and shave me please
Jack, we can call Jenny on the way to the
bathroom" and with that she took my hand and pulled
me along behind her. As we crossed the hall and
began to climb the stairs we met Jenny who was on
her way down. "What the...." she started to say as
she saw the pair of us standing naked before her.*
"Sandi wants me to shave her, the same as you
darling, she insisted that as I'd removed her
clothes, I should remove mine too, just to be
equals you understand" I said with a big grin on my
face. "Yes and if you're going to supervise Sis,
you should be the same as we are, so come and let
us undress you in the bathroom then we can get
started". I let Sandi strip Jenny while I prepared
to shave her. When Jenny was as naked as Sandi and
I, she helped Sandi to get up on the vanity unit and
in the best position for me to be able to do her in
one go. Sandi looked a little apprehensive as Jenny
spread her legs so wide, and more so when I stood
so close between them. I smiled gently and said in
a soft voice "We can forget it if you feel afraid
Sandi, I mean.. there is no pressure on you to do
this". Giving me a weak smile she said quietly "If
I don't do it now I'll never do it, go ahead please
Jack, I'm just being a silly scared little girl
again, and I know I can trust you". Jenny stood
close to Sandi's side and took one hand in hers,
"Honest Sis, it's great and Jack will treat you
gently, promise". Sandi turned to Jenny and said
"Please hold me Sis, so I'm not scared". Very
gently and carefully I removed most of Sandi's bush
with sharp hairdressing scissors, then I placed a
hot washcloth over the stubble. This made Sandi
scream as she felt the heat touch her, she also
jumped so much that she would have slipped of the
vanity unit if Jenny hadn't been holding her hand.
"Sorry darling I should have warned you that it was
hot, I have to do it to soften the stubble and open
the pores of your skin". Gritting her teeth Sandi
nodded and closed her eyes and looked up to the
ceiling. After a few moments I removed the cloth
and began to brush lather all over the stubble
covered area.
This affected Sandi as it had affected Jenny and
the girls in that it started her pussy lips to puff
up and a tiny trickle of juices to start oozing
from between them. I glanced up at Sandi, "Don't
move a muscle lover, I'm starting to shave you now,
it may feel a little scratchy at the start but it
will soon feel great, OK?" Sandi opened her eyes
and looked down to where I was kneeling between her
wide open legs. "You must get a nice view when you
are doing this, is that why you do it Jack" she
said in a more confident voice. I looked up "What
do you think, to be honest it isn't the shaving
that I like it's afterwards, ask Jenny". As I
continued to pull skin tight and remove stubble,
Sandi turned to Jenny and said quietly "What does
he mean Sis? What happens afterwards that he enjoys
so much" Jenny put her lips close to Sandi's ear
"Do you really want to find out darling sister of
mine, it's something you've been missing for years,
but something you really want" Sandi turned to
Jenny, "You mean you'll let Jack fuck me after he
finishes shaving me?" Jenny kissed her tenderly on
the cheek "Yes Sis, if you want it to go that far,
and I know you do, I'll allow Jack to make love to
you while I stay here and hold your hand, so you
feel safe, just promise me you'll trust him and you
wont regret anything" Sandi took a deep breath and
looked down at me as I finished the shaving and was
wiping off the excess foam. I looked up at Sandi
and asked "What do you want, talcum powder or baby
oil, either will do to prevent chapped skin after
shaving" Jenny piped up "Stop messing about Jack,
you know she needs the baby oil" and helped Sandi
down from the vanity unit to stand on the floor.
Jenny turned Sandi round and said quietly "Bend
down and put your arms on the unit, then lay your
head on your folded arms" Sandi did as she was told
and then opened her legs wide as Jenny told her to.
I held my hands out to Jenny who poured warm baby
oil into both palms then went to Sandi's head, as I
rubbed the oil all over my hands, and said "Hold
still darling the best bit is coming" and I placed
one palm on each of Sandi's bottom cheeks and began
to massage the oil into her skin. I slowly covered
her inner thighs and finished off by stroking my
oily hands over and between her puffy pussy lips.
As Sandi's stood there bent over, I placed one hand
flat on her swollen vagina and pressed one finger
between her lips. I then began to move my hand so
that the one fingertip touched her swollen clitty
and her anus on each long stroke. Each time I
passed her vaginal opening I slipped my middle
finger in to the first knuckle, then removed it to
travel to her clit then back again, each time
feeling her pussy lips getting wetter and wetter
with her own juices. After a few passes I moved to
stand at her side and, passing my free hand under
her bent torso began to massage her swollen clitty
bud and used the fingers of the other hand to start
finger fucking her. As I passed my fingers into her
I suddenly felt something blocking my way, that
gave slightly as I pressed on it. I suddenly
realised Sandi was a genuine virgin. I stopped and
glanced up at Jenny with a very surprised look on
my face. "I know" she said very quietly "She wants
you to be the one, my darling".*
I lowered my head so that I could place a few
kisses on Sandi's lower back and also on her bottom
cheeks as I continued to work hard on her virgin
pussy. The touch of my lips must have triggered
something in Sandi because an orgasm suddenly
exploded inside her and the bucking of her hips
almost drove my finger deep into her virgin cunt.
As Sandi was working her hips in the throes of the
orgasm I stood upright and touched the head of my
penis to her wet swollen cunt lips and, feeling
Jenny's hand guiding me, I pressed hard forcing my
rigid member into her and straight through her
membrane bringing a cry of pain alongside her
moans of pleasure. Grasping her by the hips I
pumped hard at her, feeling my pelvic bone hitting
her buttocks each time I thrust forwards. Long
before I could cum Sandi was crying out as another
orgasm ripped through her virgin body, the first
ever to be experienced with the aid of a mans
prick. The waves of ecstasy that rippled through
Sandi's body turned her knees to jelly and she
collapsed on the floor at mine and Jenny's feet.
Jenny knelt down and helped her sit up with her
back to the vanity unit. "Now you get the best bit"
she said. After taking a wet washcloth to clean
away the tiny flecks of Sandi's virgin blood that
were on the head of my penis, Jenny turned to where
Sandi was sitting, exhausted on the floor, "Don't
move from there darling, whatever happens you
mustn't move, understand?" Sandi nodded weakly
"Why?" she asked in a far away voice "Watch and
wait" replied Jenny and began to suck the head of
my throbbing penis deep into her mouth, sliding her
gently gripping hand up and down the shaft as she
did so. After just a few strokes I was pushing
Jenny's head back, leaving her to continue
masturbating me with my penis pointing at the
recumbent Sandi. Opening her eyes Sandi suddenly
realised what was happening and started to sit up,
opening her mouth to say something just as the
first of my warm sticky semen issued from my prick,
Jenny's aim being such that Sandi was hit on the
end of her nose with the initial spurt, then on her
mouth, chin and chest with the rest until with my
softening penis pointing down, the final wads were
deposited on Sandi's lower abdomen, gravity causing
them to slowly run down on to her newly shaved
cunt. Sandi watched open mouthed as Jenny sucked
the last few drops of my cum from my softening
penis and could not believe it when she then kissed
her on the lips, licking what semen was there, and
passing what she could into Sandi's open mouth.
"Sit still darling I want to give you a massage
with all this wonderful cream Jack has given you"
and she started to rub her hands in all the semen
she could find and spread it all over Sandi's
breasts and tummy. Taking one of Sandi's hands
Jenny pressed it on to the semen that had landed
just above her cunt, "You rub that bit in Sandi
darling, make sure it goes between you lips and
mixes with your pussy juices, then I want to suck
your fingers clean".
As if hypnotised Sandi did as she was told and as
Jenny took her fingers and sucked them clean Sandi
put her arms round Jenny's neck and started to cry
like a little girl. At a look from Jenny I helped
her to lift Sandi off the floor and, taking her in
my arms I carried her to Jennys and my bed, where I
laid her down on a towel placed there by Jenny.
Bringing a warm wet washcloth and a fresh towel
Jenny began to wipe Sandi's face and body clean of
semen and dry her off, she then sat there for a few
moments, speaking softly to Sandi until she had
recovered from her fit of sobbing. When Sandi had
stopped sobbing and was able to sit up on her own
Jenny took her hands and said softly "Was that what
you expected?" Sandi's took a deep breath "Not on
your life, I couldn't believe it when Jack started
to cum all over me, I almost came myself, is that
what you meant about the best bit?" Jenny nodded
"Yes, did you like it, or did you think it was..
well sort of dirty?" Sandi paused for a moment "I
don't know Sis, I mean it's the first time it's
happened, do you do it very often?" I laid a hand
on the breast closest to me, and as Sandi turned I
said "well darling as it's one of the things I like
doing, it's one of the things we do quite often,
the thing that makes it a little bit special is
when we go and have a shower together, which is
what I want us to do right now, believe me, you'll
feel much better afterwards, won't she Jenny?"
Jenny stood up and held her hand out to Sandi, "You
certainly will feel better, now come with us and
let's finish the evening off properly" as Sandi got
off the bed I walked round it and scooped her up in
my arms, Sandi put her arms round my neck and as
our faces came close she clamped her lips on mine
and gave me a wonderfully sensuous kiss, she then
whispered "OH thank you darling Jack, for making me
a woman, and for teaching me how wonderful a man
can be. I'm so glad Jenny talked me into letting you
make love to me" *
I kissed her lightly as we got to the bathroom and
I placed her on her feet "Well, you know Sandi
darling I did get a little enjoyment out of it, and
I'll never forget that it was me that took your
virginity, that makes me special for you, and means
that you can ask me to help you out with sex any
time you need it" I said with a big grin on my
face. Jenny had by this time got the shower running
and I stepped in with her and we both held out a
hand to draw Sandi in. Jenny immediately dropped to
her knees and began to wash Sandi's lower half,
leaving me with the upper body and her breasts to
work on. As I spread lather over her breasts Sandi
closed her eyes and began to take short breaths, I
saw and felt her nipples harden like little cropped
bolts and couldn't resist the urge to place my
mouth over them in turn and suck and nibble them.
As I was suckling Sandi's breasts I glanced down
and saw that Jenny was doing the same to Sandi's
swollen pussy and I suddenly decided to go behind
Sandi and hold her up by passing my hands round her
and holding on to her firm young tits. No sooner
had I begun to pinch and roll her nipples than
Sandi arched her back and had another orgasm
brought on by her sisters tongue. I stood there
holding Sandi so she didn't fall to the floor of
the shower and, as Jenny got to her feet I said
"How about if you finish off washing her and we'll
see what we can do after". Jenny did as I
suggested, and as she was just finishing off Sandi
had recovered enough to stand on her own. "Jenny
darling, you've helped me have orgasms before, but
I never had one like that, what were you doing?"
Jenny held Sandi's hands "Not just me darling, it
was Jack on nipples and breasts, me on your shaved
and very sensitive young pussy, all it took was you
to allow it to happen" Sandi kissed Jenny then
turned to kiss me as she threw her arms round me,
"I guess I didn't really know what I was missing,
did I?" she said and leaned against the wall of the
shower "Is there any more you have to show me,
'though I don't know if I could actually take very
much more, I'm so exhausted".
Jenny whispered something in Sandi's ear that made
her open her eyes and say "Now?" Jenny nodded and,
pulling her upright, handed her a bar of soap and a
washcloth, "You do the front and I'll do the back,
but let's hurry before the girls get home from the
movie" between then Sandi and Jenny washed me all
over, Sandi paid particular attention to my prick
and pendant balls, never having seen other than a
little boys sex organ, and spent quite a time
exploring me. As her hands played on my penis it
began to rise and, glancing up at me she took it in
her hand and touched it to her lips, putting out
her tongue and running it over the pulsating head.
"Don't do too much of that Sandi" said Jenny
looking over my shoulder, "Otherwise he'll be no
use for the rest of the night, that's the problem
with men, most of them have no stamina, not like us
women who can go on time after time, just like you
this evening" Sandi dropped me as if I was a hot
potato "Do you always get hard again so quickly"
asked Sandi, "Only when I have a sexy young woman
handle me as gently as you did" I replied and
pulling her to her feet I took her and Jenny in my
arms and said "Let's get dried off and go to bed".
Sandi looked at Jenny "What does he mean go to
bed?" Jenny laughed "Oh didn't I tell you Sis, we
want you to come to bed with us tonight, there's so
much more I want you to find out, we can't waste a
Laying in bed between two sisters is something most
men dream of at some time, I guess I'm a little
more lucky than most men in that not only was I
laying between two at the moment but I had also had
the good fortune to lay between sisters who were
the daughters and nieces of the sisters I had each
side of me now. The mere thought of my situation
was enough to bring me to an erection as I sat
there, "Seeing as I am the only one that has not
cum yet tonight" said Jenny "I'm going to sit on
this pole" and she jumped up and, straddling my
legs she lowered herself on to my throbbing prick.
When I felt her weight on my pelvic region I tensed
my buttocks and lifted my hips to make her press
down a little harder and thus get a little more
penetration. Bending down Jenny kissed me and
whispered "Would you like to tongue fuck Sandi,
while I fuck you, after all she did promise you
could after she was shaved" I said "What a
wonderful wife you are, of course I will, show her
how to get into position will you, I just want to
lay here and be used by two gorgeous women". Jenny
put her hand out to Sandi, "Come her Sis, sit on
Jack's chest, like I am" as Sandi straddled me
Jenny pushed her forward until her newly shaved
pussy was inches away from my mouth, "You promised
he could kiss your pussy when he'd shaved you,
now's the time to keep that promise sister mine,
put your pussy over his mouth and let him kiss you"
very slowly Sandi inched her way up my chest until
I was able to grasp her bottom and pull her cunt on
to my waiting lips. *
Eagerly I began to suck and lick her pussy lips and
press my tongue into her cunt as far as it would
go. I sucked and nibbled at her clitty as I stroked
my fingers over her tightly puckered anus. Each
time I touched her ass she gave a little jerk of
her hips which pressed her lower lips harder on to
my tongue. The action of my fingers and tongue
combined, as I found out later, with Jenny squeezing
and caressing Sandi's breasts caused her to have
another mighty orgasm that splattered my face with
the flood of juices that issued from her spasming
cunt lips. Despite Jenny's best efforts she was
unable to prevent Sandi from collapsing on to the
bed at my side. As Sandi fell, Jenny did manage to
lay her legs out. After making sure her sister
was laying safe she looked down at me and, seeing
that I was covered in Sandi's cum juices, Jenny
lowered her head and began licking them up with her
tongue "Please fuck me Jack, I want to feel you
fucking me hard, make me cum like Sandi did the
first time she felt you inside her, I want to feel
your cum shooting deep into my body, please Jack
cum inside me NOOWW.. .Aggghhhh." and she suddenly
screamed as her orgasm tore through her frame.
Jenny had collapsed on me, and she lay there for
some time before she rolled on to the bed beside
me. She lifted herself up on one elbow and looked
over to where her sister was still laying supine on
my other side "Hasn't she moved yet darling" she
asked and I shook my head "Nope, she just lays
there as if she's asleep, but she isn't" Jenny
leaned over and placed her hand on Sandi's breast,
"Wake up Sandi, I need to talk to you" and she
pressed hard on Sandi's titty and shook her. "Not
again Sis, I couldn't do it again tonight, honest,
I'm completely exhausted" said Sandi as she opened
her eyes and turned to look at Jenny.
"Don't be silly, just get up and pay attention,
you're not going to have to do much, but do sit up
and listed to me". Jenny pulled Sandi into a
position where they were both kneeling, one each
side of my hips and I soon felt Jenny's feather
light touch on my pulsating prick as I heard her
say quietly "Just do what I do, and make sure
you're gentle, no nails or teeth." "TEETH" hissed
Sandi, "What do you mean 'teeth'" and gave a gasp
as Jenny covered my penis with her warm wet mouth.
"Now you do it Sis, but be gentle and only touch it
with your tongue" and, placing her hand on the back
of Sandi's head pressed it down very gently until I
felt Sandi's lips touch the head of my prick. Jenny
placed her head close to Sandi's and I heard her
whisper "That's right, open your mouth wide, put
your tongue right out and let his penis move over
it, 'til you feel you have to stop". Sandi did as
she was told and I soon felt the rough surface of
the roof of her mouth rubbing on the head my penis.
"Now" whispered Jenny "hold the shaft in your hand
and just let yourself grip it gently, not too
tight, now... slowly move your hand up and down so
you feel the skin sliding under your hand" Sandi
began to work her hand up and down as Jenny
caressed my swollen balls and I put out a hand to
grasp Jenny's bottom as I groaned out "Almost there
girls, don't stop". Jenny gave my balls a gently
squeeze to show she had heard me and then whispered
to Sandi "Now darling I want you to place your open
mouth close to mine at the tip of Jack's penis
because he's close to an orgasm and we want to
catch all of his cum with our lips, all right
darling?" I felt Sandi give a quick nod of her head
as she continued to masturbate me and work her
tongue on the swollen head of my throbbing penis.
"Ready girls I'm going to cum NOOWWWW.." and
tensed the cheeks of my buttocks as I shot wad
after wad of creamy cum into Sandi's and Jenny's
mouths. They never missed a drop, after the first
few spurts Jenny clamped her mouth on the head of
my prick and sucked for all she was worth until she
felt my penis shrinking.

Sitting back on her heels she looked at Sandi who
was now in the same position and watching all that
her sister had been doing, "Well, how did that feel
Sis, did you get a good bit to taste, and did you
like the taste of Jack's wonderful cum?" Sandi sat
there smiling "Great, yes and salty but nice, to
answer all your questions Sis, I've read about this
but never thought I'd ever do it, I must admit I'd
like to do it again, but properly like you did".
"Not tonight sister mine, I think we should settle
down and get some sleep". Sandi looked shocked "You
don't mean that you want me to stay here in your
bed for the whole night do you, I mean.. what about
Lisa and Susan won't they think.. well.. think
things have been going on or something" "More than
likely darling, but it doesn't matter, unless
you're ashamed of what you've done tonight" "No
Jenny I'm not ashamed, but I don't want all the
world to know what we have been doing, that would
be embarrassing." *
Jenny lay down beside me and pulled the bedclothes
over her shoulder, "Lay down beside Jack and cover
yourself up before you get cold, then listen to
what I have to say". Jenny whispered in my ear "Do
you think I should tell her about us darling, I
trust her but I won't if you say no" I kissed her
tenderly "If you trust her darling then I must
too, it might be a shock when she finds out about
Susan but I don't think we can hide it from her for
too long". Jenny sat up in bed, and asked Sandi to
do the same "The thing is darling, I have something
to tell you that you must promise to keep to
yourself, if you don't It'll mean a lot of trouble
for Jack and I, as well as the girls" she took a
deep breath, "What you don't know is that Jack and
I met when I went to his house to attack him for
having sex with Lisa. I found out that it had
started because Kelly had seduced Jack some months
earlier and when they had been having sex together
for some time Kelly and Lisa decided that they
should make it a threesome. I'd seen the change
that had appeared in Lisa and when I finally forced
her to tell the truth I took her to Jack's house,
stormed in and accused him of rape and all sorts.
When it was pointed out to me that Lisa was of
legal age I had to forget it. Until that is Jack
seduced me and brought me into the love making
group". Suddenly wide eyed and open mouthed Sandi
gasped "You mean that you had sex with Jack AND
Lisa, at the same time, as a threesome?" Jenny
nodded and a big grin spread across her face "I
surely did Sis and it was the best sex I'd
experienced for a number of years" she paused for a
moment to allow her sister to take in what she had
said. "Have you allowed Lisa to have sex with Jack
on her own, I mean without you, and what about
Kelly, does she go to bed with your husband as well
as or with you and Lisa" "Hey" I said "Don't talk
about me as if I'm not here, I am part of what you're
talking about you know" "Sorry Jack darling but
I'm just so shocked at finding out about your
sexual antics" said Sandi. I sat up quickly "Now
hang on madam, just tell me where you're sitting
right now, and describe for me the happenings of
the past two hours, then ask the same question, but
honestly next time".
Swallowing hard Sandi blushed bright red and put
her hand to her open mouth, "OHHH me and my big
mouth, I really put my foot in it this time didn't
I?" she said shamefacedly, "I'm so sorry Sis, Jack,
I should have thought before I sounded off like
that" and she leaned across to kiss Jenny as I lay
down again and bent down to kiss me as an apology.
Jenny and Sandi lay down beside me and each placed
their head on my shoulder, "What about Susan" said
Sandi, "It must be a problem keeping all this from
her" Jenny put her arm across my chest and placed
her hand on Sandi's shoulder "Darling what was the
reason for Jack doing what he has done today, for
you I mean?" "Well.. to help me get over my problem
with men after being attacked" replied Sandi, "What
happened to Susan a few months ago, just before
Jack and I got married, can you remember?" asked
Jenny quietly. Sandi thought for a moment then she
lifted herself to rest on one elbow "Do you mean to
tell me that Jack did the same for Susan as he has
done for me? But that must be against the law, I
mean Susan's only sixteen...." Jenny and I both
looked at Sandi, "Sandi darling is Susan showing
ANY signs of having an experience like yours, I
mean is she withdrawn, is she frightened to be with
men, does she stay at home all the time, only going
out with me beside her?" Sandi shook her head "No,
I guess not" Jenny pushed her point further "Do you
think that you can now go out on your own, do you
think that sex with a man is something to look
forward to or something to be avoided at all
costs?" Sandi held a hand up in surrender "OK Sis,
I give in, I do think you did the right thing by
Susan, I also understand why she seems to mean it
when she says she loves Jack, and why she kisses
him so lovingly, what I can't understand is why YOU
aren't eaten up with jealousy every time Kelly,
Lisa and Susan touch let alone kiss Jack".
"That's easy" said Jenny, "I'd been a deeply
frustrated woman for many years. Because of the
sexual antics of my eldest daughter I found a
wonderful lover and husband" she paused, leaned
over and kissed me deeply "That man then not only
helped my baby get over a terrible attack by a
group of youths, he also showed me that it was
possible for a man to love more than one woman, and
that a woman could share that man's love with
others, if it hadn't been for Lisa and Kelly having
sex with Jack, I'd never have been able to. If it
hadn't been for Lisa and Kelly helping me I'd never
have got over the attack on Susan, I've so much to
thank them all for that I'm willing to share Jack
with all three of the girls. There's no friction,
no one feels left out, and to be honest there's no
nightly orgy of sex, in fact we're all very
civilised about it, and have even made appointments
to take it in turns to go to bed with Jack".*
Jenny paused for breath before saying "Any more
questions sister mine?" Sandi shook her head "No
I'm completely speechless, I can see what you meant
when you said it could mean trouble for you all, I
guess I have to promise to keep it a secret, seeing
as I'm part of it now, I just never knew you loved
ME enough to allow Jack to help me out like you
have" "What else could I do for my favourite
sister, I was just worried you'd been like it for
so long that Jack wouldn't be able to help you".
"Well believe me Jenny he has, I feel like I want
him to touch me all the time and never stop, I want
to feel his hand on my breasts and in my panties at
the same time, and as for shooting his cum on my
face and breasts, that's the best bit of all".
Jenny and Sandi lay there in my arms for some time,
none of us feeling like sleep. Sandi had to get up
to go to the bathroom and I had a wonderful view of
her firm young bottom as she went, and of her small
firm breasts and newly shaved pussy as she
returned. As she got back into bed and wrapped
herself in my arms once more, Sandi said softly
"Jenny, would you mind if Jack made love to me on
our own, I mean without you being there to protect
me, not if you don't want to darling but I feel so
horny when I think about it, I just want it to
happen". Jenny laughed out loud when she saw Sandi
blushing as she made her request "Of course darling
that was always part of the general plan, assuming
you wanted it to happen, we agreed at the beginning
that you were the one to decide at what pace you
went, if you'd wanted to stop before Jack had his
hands in you panties we would have stopped and left
it at that. Never feel embarrassed about talking to
us about your sexual frustrations, if you really
get so desperate you need a man quickly, call and
we'll see what we can do for you" "I do think
though" Jenny continued "That you should start
thinking about who you're going to go out with now,
don't you?". Sandi raised herself up on her elbow
again and was going to say something when the
bedroom door, which was slightly open, opened wide
and Kelly, Lisa and Susan came in. Sandi gave a
little scream of embarrassment and dived under the
covers as Lisa turned to Kelly and Susan and said
"I told you they'd be in bed together" and all
three girls giggled as Sandi brought her head back
into view. Susan walked round the bed and sat on
the edge of the bed close to Sandi where she put
out her hand and placed it on Sandi's bare shoulder
"Was Uncle Jack's treatment as wonderful for you as
it was for me Aunt Sandi" she said softly "I mean
you don't know how it was for me 'cos you weren't
there but, did he make all the nightmares go away,
and make you feel like you want him to be touching
you all the time?" Sandi sat up, complete
forgetting that she was naked, and took Susan's
hand in hers "You know Susan that's just what
happened, I never knew a mans' touch could do so
much, and be so gentle, I just told your mom that I
want to go on making love to him for ever" Susan
nodded her head vigorously, like a little girl
"That's just what I felt like, of course it can't
be like that, after all Uncle Jack is married to
Mom, and then there's Kelly and Lisa, I'd hate to
stop them loving him as well".
Sandi leaned over and kissed Susan tenderly and
whispered very quietly "Maybe we can get him on our
own some time darling" "Ooohh yes please I'd love
that" responded Susan. Lisa had been sat beside
Jenny and Kelly at the foot of the bed, "Is
everything all right now Mom, I mean with Aunt
Sandi, and all" Jenny nodded "Yes darling our
little plan worked fine, I'm going to take her back
home in the morning and I'd like you and Kelly to
make sure Uncle Jack is looked after, I'll be
taking Susan with us for a day out" Lisa bent down
and kissed Jenny good night, she then want round
and kissed Sandi, and leaned over her to kiss me
and whisper "See you in the morning darling". Susan
and Kelly made much of kissing me in front of
Sandi, as if to reinforce their claim on me, this
was the first time I sensed any sort of jealousy
coming from Kelly, Lisa and Susan. After all our
goodnights had been said Jenny Sandi and I lay back
and eventually went to sleep. In the morning I
awoke to the feel of Sandi laying close and with
her arms round me. As I stirred she leaned over and
kissed me sensuously, "Jack darling I want to thank
you for a wonderful night, I just never thought sex
could be so good, would you do one more thing for
me, before I go home?" "Of course I will Sandi
darling, what is it you want" I replied as I
gently caressed her firm round breasts with my
fingertips. She blushed and said in a quiet voice
"Jack, will you fuck me, will you shoot your cum
into me rather than on my body please" *
I raised myself on one elbow and looked down at her
as she lay there with her cheeks suffused with her
blushes. "Do you want it now?" I asked "Are you
ready for me to enter your body with my hard
throbbing penis" I continued, in an effort to get
her juices flowing, and I placed my hand on her
pussy to find that it was hot wet and swollen, "You
are ready aren't you" I stated, she nodded "Yes
Jack, I've been ready for over an hour, Jenny knows
it and it was she that told me to ask you as she
went down to get breakfast", Sandi paused for a
moment "Jack darling what I really want is for you
to fill me with your semen without me having an
orgasm, I want you to use me please, without being
violent, just fucking me hard and filling me with
your cum 'til it runs from my body like a river".
As I rolled over to lay on her supine body she felt
for and grasped my erect penis and guided it into
her sopping cunt. As I felt the head of my prick
enter her cunt I thrust so hard, and so quickly
that I caught her hand between us. As I pulled back
for another thrust she pulled her hand away and
wrapped both her arms round my back and held tight
as I pumped away at her warm willing body until I
groaned "I'm going to cum any minute Sandi, are you
ready?" "OH yes Jack, please fuck me, fill me with
your wonderful hot sticky cum, please do it now"
and I finally pressed my body to hers as I shot
streams of semen into her vaginal passage. I lay
there for a few moments to get my breath back and
to savour the feeling of her wonderfully tight cunt
on my shrinking prick. I rolled off Sandi
eventually and lay on my back as she sat up on the
bed and threw the covers off us both. She looked
down at my shrinking penis and, smiling as she
glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes bent
her head down and took my prick in her mouth
sucking and licking it 'til it was clean if not
dry. "WOW that did taste good darling, can I have
some more next time I come?" "Why not" I replied
and sat up beside her "Sandi there's something I
would like you to do for me" I said She leaned over
and kissed me tenderly "For you darling Jack,
anything" "Well, what I want is for you to put on a
short night-dress, walk downstairs with your pussy
held as tight as possible as you do, then stand in
the middle of the kitchen and relax so that my cum
begins to run down the insides of your thighs. Make
sure that the girls see what is happening and then
let nature take it's course for a few moments, I
think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what
happens". Sandi looked at me for a moment as what I
was asking began to sink in, "I can't do that Jack,
I'd be too embarrassed, they'd know you'd just
fucked me" I smiled wickedly "I know, and they'll
be green with envy, that you would have had my
undivided attention this morning, something they'd
have if you hadn't been staying, now do it for me
please, I want to see their reactions" hesitating
for a short while Sandi finally said "Oh well, all
right Jack" and getting up she put on her T-shirt
night dress and began to walk down stairs. I say
walk, it was more of a waddle as she tried to keep
her pussy lips tight closed. Following quietly
behind her I stopped outside the kitchen as she
stepped in and stood by the table. "Good morning
Aunt Sandi" said Lisa she sat at the table "Is
anything wrong, you seem to be standing funny?"
Sandi shook her head as she gritted her teeth with
the strain of holding herself tight, "I'm fine
love" she said in a strained voice then she glanced
down as she slowly relaxed and opened her legs
slightly. Lisa could not help but follow Sandi's
downward glance and as she saw what was beginning
to run down the inside of Sandi's thighs said in a
loud voice "Hey girls come and see what's happening
here, it looks like Uncle Jack's been busy this
Kelly and Susan came over and stood there staring
at Sandi's legs, Lisa got up and gently pushed
Sandi into a chair as she said firmly "I don't see
why we should allow you to waste that, do you?" and
Sandi blushed as she shook her head, "What can you
do about it" she said in hushed tones as she
allowed Lisa to open her legs wide and pull her
forwards till her bottom was on the edge of the
chair. "We are going to clean you up between us,
aren't we girls?" "Ohhh yes please" replied Kelly
and Susan, "Hurry up Lisa, or it'll all be gone"
and Lisa and Kelly shared what was running down
Sandi's inner thighs. When they'd finished Susan
knelt down between her aunts wide spread legs and,
with all the semen that had escaped being cleaned
up she pressed her lips to Sandi's swollen pussy
lips and began to suck and lick at and inside
Sandi's passage until she suddenly screamed and
heaved her body off the chair as an orgasm tore
through he body. The force of her climax pushed
Susan on to her bottom on the floor, "WOW" she said
"I never had that effect on anybody before" as she
picked herself up to stand beside Kelly and Lisa
and look down at their aunt who lay collapsed in
the chair.
As I stood there watching what was happening I
became aware of Jenny standing beside me, "What
have you done?" she said softly and as I related
what had happened she laughed quietly "I guess
Sandi's had more than she bargained for this
weekend, hasn't she" she said as she pushed me into
the kitchen. Jenny walked to where Sandi was
sitting collapsed in the chair, "Come with me Sis,
it's time for you to get cleaned up and for me to
get you home, before you put any more ideas into
the heads of my family" and she pulled Sandi to her
feet and guided her up to the bathroom to get a


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