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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

A couple of hours later and Jenny and Sandi were on
their way home, taking Susan with them for the
ride. I was sitting in the den having a quiet cup
of coffee when Kelly and Lisa came to join me. I
noticed that they were dressed the same, T-shirts
and shorts, as if they were going to play tennis or
something. They sat on the sofa, one each side of
me and Kelly half turned to me and said "Aunt Jenny
told us that we had to take care of you while she
was taking Aunt Sandi home" "That was very
thoughtful of her" I replied, as I finished my
coffee "What did she think I needed, after all
she'll only be gone 'til about three this
afternoon" Kelly and Lisa giggled "Well Uncle Jack,
there's a lot we could do for you if you really
wanted us to, I mean how long has it been since you
had the chance of making love to the two of us?" I
looked at Lisa as she was speaking, "Too long my
darlings, do you want to do something about it
right now?" They nodded eagerly. As I sat there on
the sofa I put my arms round both girls and rested
my hands on their breasts, to discover that neither
of them was wearing a bra'. The moment I touched
them I could feel their nipples begin to harden and
took the opportunity to play with them, hoping that
it would help excite the girls. As I was caressing
their breasts I asked "Is there any thing special
you want darlings, if there is you only have to ask
and you know I will help you" Lisa looked across at
Kelly, who nodded and hissed "Go on, it was your
idea, you ask him". I leaned back and turned to
Lisa "Well, what's the problem that you have
obviously been discussing, it has to be something
unusual, is it particularly sexy, or something
strange?" I said smiling at her obvious
embarrassment. Lisa took a deep breath, "Well no,
Uncle Jack, it isn't strange, and I suppose it
isn't even all that sexy, it's just.. well you know
you and mom told us about using a condom when we go
with other boys, and about making sure we always
have some protection, well.... it's just that Kelly
and I nearly did have sex with some boys the other
day, you know, when we were out late. The thing is
that the boys didn't have any protection and nor
did we. We have some now, and always carry them,
but we're still sort of embarrassed to make the
boys use them, because were not that good at
putting them on, if you see what I mean..." she
paused and looked at Kelly as she began to blush
slightly. "Do you want to practise with me, is that
what you mean?" I asked, Kelly nodded "Yes Uncle
Jack, I know it sounds silly but...", "OK girls,
come on, let's go upstairs and see what we can sort
out", and taking hold of their hands I took them up
to their bedroom.
Sitting them on one of the beds I stood in front of
them, "Now the first thing you need to do is make
sure that you can get your boy to an erection,
Kelly come and show me how you would do that" Kelly
stood up and stepped up close, put her arms round
me and kissed me, after a moment or two she slipped
one hand down the front of my joggers and caressed
my penis. The fact that it was already beginning to
harden didn't stop her and she enjoyed herself for
a few minutes, "Now how will you get him to put a
condom on" I asked Kelly put here lips to my ear
"Would you like to fuck me darling?" she whispered
provocatively, keeping in the role I nodded and
whispered back "Yes please Kelly, let me take your
panties off and you bend over, I want to have you
from the rear, I think it's so sexy" "Not until you
have some protection on my love, do you have a
condom?" "Yes, in my pocket, will you put it on for
me" Kelly nodded and felt in my pocket pulling out
the small foil packet. Inexperience made her fumble
the opening of the foil and by the time she had the
rubber unwrapped I had lost my erection, this made
her blush with embarrassment and she almost burst
into tears. "Don't worry about it Kelly darling,
it'll soon come back, what you have to remember is
that fumbling around with a foil wrapped condom
will put many boys off, you have to make sure YOU
have one ready, and you can then get it on quickly,
now push my pants down and come and let me caress
you for a minute or two and see if you can't get me
hard again". Kelly kissed me and, unbuttoning her
shorts took my hand and placed it on her naked
pussy as she gently grasped my penis, the
combination of kiss and touch soon got me erect
again and as soon as Kelly felt me begin to harden
she was on her knees with an unwrapped rubber ready
to put on me. The touch of her hands as she
struggled to cover my prick with the rubber helped
to keep it hard but I had to take over and show her
how to place it on the tip and roll it down the
shaft. Getting to her feet Kelly whispered "Uncle
Jack, will you put it into my bottom please, it's
been so long since you did that, will you do it
now" and she knelt on the edge of the bed, dropped
her shorts to display her naked bottom and placed
her head on her folded arms.
I stepped out of my joggers and took my shirt off
to leave me standing there completely naked as I
took the one step needed to have the tip of my
rubber covered penis touch Kelly's anus. As I was
about to press it home Lisa put her arm round me
and whispered "Can I put some KY on Uncle Jack,
she's a bit dry at the moment" and she proceeded to
cover the end of my prick with the lubricating
jelly. With Lisa still holding my prick I leaned
forward and she guided me to my goal pressing down
on Kelly's back as she watched my penis slowly
enter her friends bottom. I heard Kelly groaning as
I pushed deeper into her and as I felt my pelvic
bone touch her buttocks I leaned forwards to grasp
her breasts "Are you all right darling" I asked as
I lifted her upper body up, holding on to her
titties as I did so. Kelly twisted round as best
she could "OH yes Uncle Jack, I feel wonderful,
please fuck me like this, I want to feel you
pressing on my bottom each time you ram your prick
into me, please fuck me as hard as you can 'til I
cum with you in my bottom and you cum too". It had
been so long since I'd butt fucked Kelly and Lisa
that as soon as I felt Kelly's orgasm begin to
shake her I was shooting my own load into her, and
after resting in her for a couple of minutes I
pulled out and allowed her to fall to the bed.
Kelly was in no state to do anything so I turned to
Lisa and said "How about if you take this thing off
and dispose of it, do you know how?" Lisa nodded
and gently pulled the slimy rubber off my softening
penis, she then wrapped it in a piece of tissue she
took from her purse which had been laying on the
dresser. As she put the tissue wrapped condom to
one side she looked down at my shrunken prick and
put her hand out to touch it, as she did so she
looked up at me then dropped to her knees saying
"It's no good like that, have you got any left for
me Uncle Jack, cos I want the same as Kelly". Lisa
took my soft penis in her mouth and began sucking
it as she played with my balls with one hand. I
very soon became hard again and, having watched
what Kelly had done wrong quickly unwrapped a
rubber, rolled it down and squeezed a little KY on
to the head "Just to help it slip in Uncle Jack,
after all I don't have Kelly to help me, she's out
for the count, now please don't be too gentle Uncle
Jack, I want the same as Kelly if you can manage
it" and she promptly turned and dropped to her
knees on the bed allowing me to press my almost
rigid prick into her open and waiting anus. Lisa
had more control than Kelly because I slipped in
quite easily and was soon pumping hard at Lisa's
butt making her grunt each time I rammed my body
on her rear end until she too gave a long moan as
she also had an orgasm that took more out of her
than she expected. As both Kelly and Lisa were out
of it for a while I removed the condom and disposed
of it before getting on the bed between Kelly and
Lisa and drawing them up close. After a few minutes
both girls recovered enough to sit up "That was
really something Uncle Jack" said Kelly "I didn't
think I would be so shattered after I came, I just
couldn't make myself get up I was so exhausted"
Lisa laughed "Me too lover, I just collapsed".
I also laughed "Lisa my darling, if you collapse
like that after you allowed a boy to do what I just
did, you'll end up boosting his ego to where he'll
think he's a superman". "I guess that'll mean I'll
get lots of dates then" she said as she hugged me
tight, "You won't be jealous will you Uncle Jack, I
mean if I'm making love to other boys?" I shook my
head "No of course not darling. I told you a long
time ago that I knew it would happen sooner or
later, so long as you're careful and don't take
chances you'll be all right. I've taught you how to
do it, you must now learn when to do it. Just make
sure that you don't allow every boy you go out with
to get his hands in your panties and his penis in
you bottom or your pussy, and certainly don't allow
any of them to get them selves in your bed, or you
in theirs, the last thing you want is a reputation
of being a whore and believe me that is easy to
do". I took a deep breath "Sorry if I seem to be
lecturing you, I didn't mean to, I'm just concerned
for you, and I would hate for Jenny to get worried
about you Lisa or Trish' about you Kelly".

Kelly and Lisa snuggled up close to me and we lay
there in silence for ages, not moving apart from
an occasional caress of my hand on their breasts.
After a while Lisa kissed me on the cheek and
whispered "Uncle Jack would you caress me all over
and then bring me to a climax with your fingers
please, I'd love to feel you touching my naked
body as I lay with my eyes closed" I sat up "I'll
do better than that" I said and dashed out of
the room to return after a couple of minutes with a
hand full of soft rope ties and two blindfolds.
"Get on to your own beds, and strip off completely"
I said and as they lay there I tied their wrists
and feet to the corners of their beds and covered
their eyes with the blindfolds. *
"If I hear a word from either of you I'll gag you
both, understand" and they both nodded. Leaving
them alone for a moment I went and fetched a riding
crop I had acquired and came to stand over Lisa.
Very gently I ran the leather end of the crop over
her inside leg occasionally tapping her sharply. I
could see her bite her lip each time she felt it
hit her. When I got to her shaven pussy I pressed
the end between her puffy lips and rubbed against
her swollen bud. This made her open her legs and
lift her knees as far as her bonds would allow, and
showed me how much she was affected by the touch of
the leather. I gave her a few taps on her upper
legs, each one making her strain against the ropes
to open her legs even further and I could see her
juices flowing from her pussy. I lay the crop down
between her legs with the handle pressed just
inside her swollen pussy lips as I leaned over her
and started to run my lips and tongue over her
nipples, breasts and belly until I finally replaced
the crop handle with my questing tongue and made
her scream as I inserted a finger into her pussy
and brought her to an orgasm. Abandoning Lisa to
her climax I went over to Kelly and gave her the
same treatment except that I had to be a little
firmer with the crop and whip her hard enough to
leave pink marks where the crop had landed, this
didn't surprise me as I'd already found out that
Kelly liked to be spanked harder than the others
and that she had better orgasms as a result. As
with Lisa as soon as my tongue was touching her
clitty and I had a finger buried deep into her
vagina Kelly also had a huge orgasm. As they lay
there on their beds I felt a stirring in my loins
and kneeling on Lisa's bed beside her head I lay my
stiffening penis on her lips ands she opened her
mouth wide to take it all in. Lisa closed her mouth
tight around my half erect prick and began to suck
it as she raised her head to get more of it between
her teeth, when her nose was touching my pubic hair
she pressed hard to my pelvis and carried on
sucking. As she lay there I could hear and feel her
gagging as my penis grew harder and larger and I
realised that it was passing over her tongue and
down her throat, helped by her constantly
When she could feel that I was as erect as I was
going to get Lisa began to gently rock her head
back and forward causing the sensitive head of my
penis to scrape on her throat muscles and making
her gag once more. Very slowly, so as not to hurt
her I drew my prick from Lisa's throat and, after
letting it lay on her tongue for a while I removed
it from her mouth to hear her whimpering "No come
back Uncle Jack, I want it" I bent down and
whispered "Quiet or I whip you and gag you", then I
kissed her tenderly and went over to Kelly. As I
already had an erection I pressed it to her lips
and held her nose to force her to open her mouth to
breath. As she opened her mouth to breath I slipped
my penis over her tongue and gave a few long slow
strokes to the back of her throat causing her to
gag a little, then I allowed her to suck on my
prick and move her head back and forth as if mouth
fucking me. After allowing them a few minutes to
recover from their climaxes I removed the
blindfolds and ropes letting them to sit up. "Does
that feel better darlings, I admit I've been
neglecting you over the past few days but I did
have to concentrate on Sandi, she was such a mess"
Lisa laughed "Not now Uncle Jack, she's a real hot
sexy woman, I couldn't believe that she would allow
Susan to get near her let alone bring her to a
climax like that one this morning, and with her
tongue too, what had you been doing to her?" I
grinned sheepishly, "Nothing that I haven't done
with you two, except that I haven't got round to
touching her bottom yet, she has that pleasure to
come, so to speak" and they both laughed at the
unintentional pun.
I stood up and held out my hands "How about we
have a nice sexy shower and then we go down and sit
on the sofa 'til lunch time" I said and they both
leapt to their feet and we all got into the shower
together. We spent some time standing under the jet
of warm water just touching and stroking each other
before we took turns to wash each other down and
then helped dry each other off with warm dry
towels. I put on fresh joggers and T-shirt, the
girls wore just a blouse and skirt, deciding to go
without underwear. "Well Uncle Jack it seen silly
to put it on when you'll have it off as soon as
we're sitting beside you, anyway, I feel sexy
sitting beside you without panties on" said Kelly
"Me too" agreed Lisa. Kelly and Lisa made us a pot
of coffee and we sat there after having had a cup
with me caressing their breasts and occasionally
their shaved pussies until both were once more
panting as they got close to a finger induced
orgasm. Almost in unison Kelly and Lisa reached
another climax as I worked on their tiny buds
simultaneously and the sight of patches of wet
forming on their skirts gave me another erection. *
As they lay there I inserted a finger into each
pussy and brought them to my lips to lick them
clean, I then repeated the act but this time
offered them each others flavour which they lapped
at with gusto. Lisa put her hand out and placed it
on my hardening penis "What again?" she said, and I
shook my head, "Not a chance, today has taken too
much out of me, what with Aunt Sandi early this
morning and you two since then, I need a bit of a
rest". Kelly got up and pulled on my shoulders
saying "Have a lie down Uncle Jack, Lisa and I will
go and fix some lunch" I lay back on the sofa and
closed my eyes, the next thing I knew I was waking
up to the feeling of warm lips on mine and also
wrapped around my penis "Mmmmm.. that's a nice way
to be woken" I said sleepily as I opened my eyes to
look deeply into Lisa's, "Lunch Is ready Uncle
Jack, we thought we should wake you as gently as
possible" she said, "So we tossed for which end we
would have, I lost!". Kelly pulled my joggers back
up, pulled me to my feet and dragged me to the
kitchen where we sat down together to eat the meal
they had prepared for us. We ate lunch, and I must
admit the girls were getting better at cooking, and
as they were clearing up the kitchen Lisa suggested
that we go for a walk. When I asked to where Kelly
suggested just to walk round the block, or into
town and back. "If that's what you really want, I
don't see why not" I said, still a trifle
mystified, so we put on our coats and left the
house to walk into the centre of town. As we left
our own block Kelly and Lisa sidled up close to me
and slipped their arms into mine and held on tight
as we walked. "OK you two, what's going on here,
why are you holding on to me so tightly, you
usually walk together either in front or well
behind, what are you up to?"

Kelly and Lisa looked at each other across my front
and then Lisa said "Well Uncle Jack, the truth is
we just wanted to show you off, our friends at
school don't believe us when we talk about you, so
we decided to take you to where they hang out on
Sundays and let them see for themselves". I stopped
for a moment, "Just what have you been telling
these friends of yours" I asked, "Nothing too
revealing I hope", Kelly and Lisa giggled like
schoolgirls "No, of course not Uncle Jack, we never
talk about that sort of thing at school, in fact we
avoid talking about sex so much there are some that
think we're lesbians, we just let them think that,
it keeps most of the boys from bothering us too
much" said Kelly "The thing is Uncle Jack" said
Lisa "There's a couple of boys that we, well...
sort of fancy, and we wanted them to see us with
you so they know you're sort of looking out for us,
you know like any Dad would". I smiled inwardly as
I responded "Do you want me to see then and give my
approval or something?" "Not likely" they said in
unison "No Uncle Jack, there's no way we're going
to tell you who they are" said Kelly firmly "We
just want them to see you with us, and understand
that we're close that's all, so don't start trying
to guess who they are, please". I laughed lightly,
"OK, I'll play ball girls, just don't bring them
home or I'll drive them away by playing the heavy
handed step father and uncle, as is appropriate".

Window shopping is not my thing and I was glad to
be heading home again after being paraded round the
Mall and other places where Kelly and Lisa knew
their friends would be. As we walked up the path
to the front door we heard the sound of a car
pulling in behind us, it was Jenny and Susan and we
saw that Sandi was in the car as well. Giving Kelly
and Lisa a quick pat on the bottom I asked them to
go in and make us all a nice pot to tea, I then
went to where Jenny had stopped the car to allow
Sandi and Susan to get out, and opening the trunk I
took out Sandi's luggage. "I assume this is needed
inside" I said as Sandi stepped up behind me "Yes
Jack, we'll tell you about it when we get inside"
and took one small case from me and went in to the
house. Susan got out of the car and Jenny put it in
the garage and locked it for the night, then she
came over to where I was standing and gave me a
kiss "Hello darling, missed me?" she asked, I
nodded and smiled broadly "Of course, I always miss
you when we're not together, even if you do ask
Kelly and Lisa to look after me, I just wonder if
they understood your meaning or put their own on
those words. Not that I'm complaining you
understand, but it can get to be very tiring being
looked after so well". Jenny laughed and took my
arm as we walked to the house, "What happened
darling I thought that Sandi was going home, why
have you brought her back?". *
Jenny hugged the arm she was holding, "It would
seem that she would rather come and live with us
for a while rather than stay with mom and Dad, they
won't believe that she's changed, and when we were
talking at lunch time Sandi said she wanted to go
and look for a job, so she could get out of the
house during the day, Dad refused and said she
would have to go and see her Shrink before he would
allow her to leave the house on her own. Sandi
shouted that she had found a cure better than any
Shrink had tried and that she was old enough to
make up her own mind about what she could do."
Jenny paused and gave a wry smile "I only just
stopped her from blurting out all that had happened
while she was here, and when she'd stopped
shouting, and Dad had calmed down mom asked me if
Sandi could come and stay with us for a little
while, until she had found her feet or decided she
wanted to come home to be looked after" she looked
up at me with a worried look on her face, "You
don't mind do you Jack, I mean.. I would have asked
you if I could but there was no time, Dad almost
threw us out". As we had reached the hall I closed
the door and turned to Jenny, took her in my arms
and kissed her "Of course I don't mind darling, if
you want her to come and stay, then she can come
and stay, it'll mean the girls all sharing the one
room, but I don't think that'll matter, there's no
problem about you know what, because Sandi knows
about us, and hopefully will keep the secret, so
stop worrying". Sandi looked very upset at dinner
and the rest of us avoided the subject of why she
was back with us. After dinner Jenny Sandi and I
sat in the den whilst the girls did the dishes. "So
what happened then Sandi, what did you say to upset
your parents so quickly?" "Jack..." put in Jenny
"Hang on love" I said "If we're going to live in
the same house together we can't have Sandi walking
round looking like she is, we have to get it out in
the open so she can forget about it" "It's all
right Jenny" said Sandi, "I don't mind really, the
thing is Jack, I told them I wanted to go and get a
job, and when they demanded to know why I had
suddenly changed I wouldn't tell them, so they got
angry, and I lost my temper because they wouldn't
trust me, and so it all blew up, ending in them
telling me that I should find somewhere else to
live if I wanted to get a job.
That's when Jenny suggested I come back here for a
while, 'til things calm down" she looked a bit
sheepish as she continued "You don't mind do you
Jack, I mean.. I don't want to cramp your style or
anything, and I don't want to be in the way" I
looked at Jenny and smiled "You won't be in the
way Sandi darling, I'm quite sure Jenny will see to
that, and as for the girls, well, Kelly and Lisa
are getting interested in boys and Susan is a
little darling, so don't worry about them". Sandi
came over to sit beside me on the sofa and kissed
me lovingly, as she broke off she looked at Jenny
and said "Sorry about that Jenny, I just wanted to
thank him for being so nice about it" Jenny laughed
"Never apologise for kissing Jack, especially if
I'm here to see it, do it in secret and I might get
upset if I find out". A few minutes later Kelly and
Lisa came in and Lisa said "Mom do you want me to
make up a bed for Aunt Sandi, and is Susan moving
in with Kelly and I?" Jenny got up "Yes, let's go
and see what we can sort out" and she led Kelly and
Lisa up stairs to sort out the new sleeping
arrangements. As they left the room I beckoned to
Sandi to come and sit beside me and as soon as she
was, I put my arm round her and pulled her close so
that I could kiss her, as our lips were locked
together I began to caress her breasts and play
with her nipples, feeling them swell and stiffen as
our tongues tried to wrap round each other. We
broke off kissing and Sandi panted "OH Jack, I'm so
glad I came back I'd have been so lonely without
you close and making love to me. It was so
wonderful, what you did, and Jenny has promised
there's more for me to learn to enjoy, can I come
to bed with you tonight please?" "Don't rush things
darling, I'm quite sure Jenny will tell you when
you can come to bed with us, as for sleeping with
me alone, that's quite different, and something I
don't usually do, unless Jenny asks me to, like
this morning when we thought you were going home,
that was supposed to be a special treat, although
getting the girls involved was my idea, as a last
minute thing" I paused for breath then continued "I
think you'd just better take things as they come,
and be patient, things will work out fine". *
Two weeks later and Sandi was settled in, had
found a part time job in a local store and had
begun to relax about the house. Kelly and Lisa were
going steady with a couple of boys and we'd not
made love for almost all of the fortnight. It would
seem that they were both getting what they wanted
from their boyfriends and, although this worried
Jenny somewhat she didn't interfere. Susan had also
been less aggressive about having sex with me, not
that she had a boyfriend, she still didn't feel
comfortable around boys when she was on her own. We
still made love, but it was very restrained and
usually it was in the den on the sofa when Susan
would try her seduction technique by climbing on to
my lap and getting me worked up to where she could
take my hardening prick from my pants and slide
herself down on to it, working herself to a climax
as she kissed me and I caressed her firm young
breasts. One evening Jenny came and joined me in
the den, I was having a quiet beer and reading a
book as she sat down beside me. "Jack darling do
you think we could have an early night tonight, I
want us to make love to Sandi, and introduce her to
some of the things we find so good". I looked up
from my book and looked at my watch, it was nine
thirty, "what do you call an early night my love?"
I replied, "Well, how about now" she said with a
big grin on her face. I put my book down and held
out my arms to her. As she came to me I kissed her,
"Just what do you have in mind, you sexpot you?" I
asked smiling, "Well Jack, Sandi is still a part
virgin, if you take my meaning, and I've told her
what it's like, she seems to want it but is a
little scared it'll hurt, I just thought you could
teach her the same way you taught Susan, you know,
in stages" I looked at her, "OK darling if that's
what she wants, I guess it'll work for her, but she
must want to do it, shall I try her out tonight?"
Jenny nodded her agreement and we went to find
As we lay in bed that night, Jenny on one side and
Sandi on the other, and me with a hand on each
pussy I was running my hand over both Mons' and
pressing a finger between both pairs of pussy lips
at the same time. I had deliberately worked it so
that Jenny was under my right hand and I was able
to bring her to a climax before Sandi. As Jenny lay
there panting slightly I turned on to my side and
began to use my right hand on Sandi to better
effect than I had with my left. Clamping my lips
over the closest of her firm breasts I began to
nibble and suck on her nipple, at the same time I
worked on her cunt with my hand. I pressed my
middle finger between her lower lips and into her
love tunnel as deep as it would go, I then brought
it out and ran it down between the cheeks of her
bottom, finding and pressing on her puckered
rosehole. As I touched her Sandi gave a gasp of
surprise, clenched her cheeks and bucked her hips
in an effort to remove my finger. As she relaxed a
little I repeated my actions this time pressing the
tip of my finger into her anus for a brief second
before allowing her hip movement to push my hand
away, this time she whispered "No Jack, please
don't, it's dirty". I released my grip on her
breast and moved my face up level with hers "If
that's what you want darling, fine, but you're in a
minority of one, certainly in this house" Sandi
gasped "You mean....." I nodded, "I surely do my
love, they all love it and have it that way when
they can't have it any other way, ask Jenny" Sandi
looked over to where Jenny was laying "Sis, is
that right that you let Jack make love to you in
your bottom?"
Jenny looked up at her sister "I certainly do Sis,
and it's really great especially if we can't do it
'normally' so to speak, like on a monthly basis if
you get my drift" Sandi blushed and said in a
hushed voice "Yes I understand that but... I mean
isn't it ... well sort of dirty, and it must hurt
when he... Errrr ... sort of goes in like" Jenny
laughed lightly "Of course not silly, all it takes
is a little relaxing of certain muscles and a dab
of KY and it is quite easy" Jenny sat up and kissed
me "Jack will you help me to show her how simple
it is, then she might believe me" and she leaned
over to her night stand and took out the tube of KY
she kept there and passed it to me. As I removed
the cap Jenny got up on to her hands and knees and
spread her knees to expose her anus to our view. I
placed a dab of KY on my finger and spread it over
her anal pucker and to a knuckle depth inside.
Getting to my knees I passed the tube to Sandi and
said, with a smile on my face "Help me by putting
some on to the head of my penis please darling,
then I want you to guide me to Jenny's bottom and
see it enter her, all right?". Hesitantly Sandi did
as I asked and, as I felt the head of my prick
touch Jenny's anus I pressed forward. *
Sandi gasped in amazement as she watched my hard
throbbing penis enter her sisters bottom, and knelt
there stupefied as she saw it pass further into
Jenny's rear passage as I leaned further towards
her buttocks until I felt my pubic hair touching
her cheeks. Grasping Jenny's hips I began to pump
slowly and gently at her until I felt her beginning
to respond when I passed one hand under her folded
body and cupped it round her pussy and started to
rub on her swollen clit, whilst I used the other
one to caress and squeeze her breasts. In a very
short time Jenny was groaning and panting and
suddenly she screamed as a massive orgasm ripped
through her body and I had to hold tight with my
hands on her tit and cunt to prevent her falling to
the bed and pulling herself off my still pulsating
rigid prick. Holding her tight with both hands and
lifting her slightly I continued to pump my prick
in and out of her ass until I too cried out as an
orgasm hit me and I pumped streams of semen deep
into her body. When I'd stopped cumming I gently
lowered Jenny and myself down on to the bed still
joined together, and with me laying full length on
top of her. We lay there for some few minutes
before I slipped myself off Jenny and rolled her
on to her back when I began to cover her face and
breasts with soft gentle kisses, and tenderly
caressed her sopping wet pussy with my free hand.
Slowly Jenny opened her eyes and looked up at me
"Jack darling that was the best one for ages, even
though it's been weeks since the last time I never
had such an intense climax" and she pulled my face
down to her level and kissed me tenderly. All this
time Sandi was sitting there open mouthed, hardly
believing what she had witnessed, Jenny looked at
her with a big grin on her face "Convinced Sis,
satisfied I wasn't making it up?" she nodded open
mouthed "I guess so but it must take ages to get to
enjoy it, doesn't it hurt at the beginning Sis?"
she asked looking down at Jenny. "Not the way Jack
taught me" said Jenny, "It seemed so natural,
there was no pressure and we did it in my time with
no rushing, ask Lisa and Kelly, they'll tell you
the same thing, because they also enjoy it this
way". "You don't mean to say Kelly and Lisa take it
this way too?" said Sandi in disbelief, Jenny
laughed out loud and sat up saying "sister mine,
they had Jack doing it to them before I even met
him, it was Kelly that wanted to try it, having
been told about it by some of her girlfriends, then
Lisa joined in when Kelly told how good it was and
so it progressed to where they all initiated me
into it soon after we came to our current
arrangement, and it's worked out very nicely" Jenny
paused for some reaction from Sandi before
continuing "Have you ever felt extra horny when you
have your period Sis?" asked Jenny; Sandi blushed
and nodded "Well.. yes I suppose I have Sis" "So
have I " continued Jenny "And as having sex
normally at that time seems wrong, if not very
unclean, being butt fucked is a very good
alternative, agreed?" smiling Sandi nodded in
agreement "I guess so Sis, now you put it that way,
I just never thought about it like that.. ERRR ...
could Jack show me how it's done, if you don't mind
Sis". Jenny leaned across me and kissed Sandi, "Of
course not darling just trust Jack and have a good
time but don't expect to have it too soon will
you?" Jenny got up and went to the bathroom to get
a cloth to clean me up before she went for a shower
then I lay down and pulled Sandi down beside me.
"Just relax and listen to what I say, I won't hurt
you, I won't force you, if you want me to stop you
know what to say, remember?". Sandi whispered "Yes
Jack, I remember" and pressed her lips to my cheek
as she moved up close and put an arm round me.

"Right" I said "What I want you to do is to lay
flat on your tummy, open your legs wide and rest
your head on your folded arms, and whatever else
you do relax". I moved over a fraction to allow her
to spread-eagle herself and, resting on one elbow I
began to run my free hand over her back and sides,
kissing her shoulders and upper spine as I worked
my hand down her body 'til I reached her firm
rounded buttocks. Gently I inserted my middle
finger at the top of her cheeks and carefully
pushed it down, along the curve of her lower spine
until I was a fraction of an inch above her anal
pucker. Feeling her tense up I stopped for a moment
and placed a few more kisses on her back, working
a little further down. This seemed to relax her and
I continued to press down with my finger 'til it
was resting on her rosehole. I paused for a bit to
allow her to get used to the feeling if being
touched in so intimate a place for the first time,
then I slowly pressed the tip of my finger hard on
to her sphincter until it slipped through with a
plop. Sandi gasped loudly as she felt my finger
move in her bottom, I moved it in a circular motion
and also in and out, as far as the first knuckle,
until I could feel her relax completely; I then
pressed my finger further in and out as her bottom
moved up and down in time with the movement of my
hand. *
As I finger fucked Sandi's bottom I lay down on my
side and slid my free hand under her body 'til it
reached her pussy when I began to rub her clitty
bud in time with the movement of my finger in her
butt. With the double action on her sex it took
only three or four minute for Sandi to be screaming
as a new orgasmic experience ripped through her
body, soaking my hand and the bed with the juices
that came flooding from her pussy. Sandi squeezed
her buttocks together and pressed her body hard
down on to the bed in an effort to keep my hands
where they were as she tried to keep her orgasm
going. When she eventually relaxed and allowed me
to remove my hands I rolled her on to her back and
said quietly "Well, was that what you expected, or
something different?" she opened her eyes and
looked at me "Darling Jack, that was sensational, I
never thought my bottom could be so sensitive,
will it be the same when you do it properly?" I
smiled and shook my head, "It'll take a while
before you are ready for a big thick penis darling,
I told you I won't hurt you and rushing it will
result in a lot of pain and possible physical
damage so please be patient". I explained to her
about the three finger rule and she laughed "You're
not serious Jack, I mean about your three finger
rule" "I certainly am darling, when you can take
three of my fingers into your bottom without
flinching you'll be ready to lose your final
virginity, if you want to, that is" Sandi looked at
me and blushed as she said in a very quiet little
voice "Well Jack as you had the first, you might as
well have the last, I guess it's only right that
someone I love should do it rather than a one night
stand" and she was still kissing me when Jenny came
back to bed with us. Feeling pleased with herself
Sandi told Jenny what had happened and Jenny
responded with "I'm so glad darling, I know you'll
enjoy it, especially if you happen to be spanked
just before hand, I know Kelly and Lisa and I all
do". Sandi looked at Jenny hard "What about Susan,
does she enjoy it too?" I gave Sandi a sharp pat
on the bottom "We never discuss Susan and sex,
after all she's only sixteen, and is therefore
underage, and having sex with her is against the
law". Sandi said a heartfelt "Sorry Jack" and
snuggled up close as Jenny placed a hand on my semi
rigid penis, "Are you recovered enough for me to do
something with this Jack darling" she said as she
began to rub her and up and down the full length,
making it get harder with each stroke: "What had
you in mind" I asked turning to face her "Turn on
your side and face Sandi" she whispered, "I think
it's time she had a nice warm shower" and Jenny
began to masturbate me as I kissed Sandi and held
her down as she lay on her back "What's going on"
said Sandi as she looked down to see what Jenny was
doing "Why are you doing that Jenny, can't I have
Jack get on top of me and fuck me, instead of you
jerking him off like that?" "Just lay back sister
and you'll soon see why I'm doing this, and enjoy
it too I hope" and she pumped away for all she was
worth 'til I groaned "Any minute now lover, keep
going, faster NOOWWWW" and I shot streams of semen
while Jenny aimed my prick to spray it all over
Sandi's body, then leaned over to take my rapidly
shrinking prick in her mouth to suck up the last
few drops. Unable to believe what Jenny was doing
Sandi lay as stiff as a board until Jenny began to
rub my cum all over her skin from her neck to her
naked pussy lips making sure that her little tuft
of pubic hair got a good soaking. As she felt what
Jenny was doing Sandi soon began to help her spread
the thick sticky cum, occasionally licking her
fingers clean as she did so. "WOW, how did you
manage that Sis, I never seen so much cum " and
Jenny laughed "I know my darling husband Sandi, and
I knew that if he had the chance to give you a cum
shower it wouldn't take long and he'd manage it
quite easily, right darling Jack?" "Yeah, you do
know me don't you lover, you also know I like to
wash the women that get sprayed don't you" Jenny
laughed softly and nodded "Why don't you take Sandi
and have a nice hot shower together, then come and
get back into bed". Twenty minutes later Sandi and
I were back in bed having had a shower and Sandi
another orgasm from my hand, under the shower jet.
Sandi went almost straight to sleep, she was so
exhausted, whilst Jenny and I lay talking for some
time about our current situation. I asked Jenny if
Lisa was feeling all right, as she'd been a little
on the quiet side for a week or so, I also pointed
out that Kelly seemed to be the same, Jenny said
that she knew of no problems but would try to find
out. *
The following evening I was sitting in the den
after dinner and Kelly came in and sat down to
watch TV. I asked her to come and sit beside me for
a while and as she did so I put my arm round her
and kissed her tenderly on the cheek. "Kelly
darling is everything all right, you know that
there's nothing you can't talk to me about,
especially if you're having boy sex problems" I
said quietly "I don't want to push you but, if you
have a problem it might help to talk about it, if
not with me then with Aunt Jenny" Kelly threw her
arms round me and buried her face in my shoulder as
she began to cry. I sat there for a while just
trying to comfort her by caressing her back and
sides and holding her tightly. After a few minutes
she lifted her head up and kissed me saying "I'm
just being silly I expect Jack, it's just that this
boy keeps trying to get me to go to bed with him
because I won't have sex with him in his car". I
hugged her "So what's the problem darling, don't
you like him or something" Kelly shook her head "No
it's not that Uncle Jack, I do like him but he
refuses to use any protection, that's why I say no
to car sex, and I guess I don't trust him enough
not to wear any if I went to bed with him, why are
boys so selfish Uncle Jack?" "Because they're boys,
it might be a macho thing for him, or he might just
not like wearing a condom when making love, I know
I didn't when I was a teenager, the thing is your
Aunt Meg missed taking her pill and I wasn't
wearing a rubber as we called them, so the
inevitable happened, I only had myself to blame"
Kelly looked at me "But I thought you always wore
protection Uncle Jack" she said. "What you have to
understand is that there was not so much disease
about then, certainly we'd never heard of AIDS, so
it was more to prevent unwanted pregnancy that
protection was needed, also we weren't quite so
promiscuous in my day". This made Kelly laugh for a
while "What should I do Uncle Jack, I like him but
I think he's being a jerk about this". "Well
darling you know my opinion, and you know that we
enjoy unprotected sex, in the family so to speak,
because we're sure of, and trust each other. As
soon as that trust is gone we'll have a good deal
of difficulty in having the same sort of feelings
between us, do you understand what I mean?" "Yes
Uncle Jack, and I guess I'm really sure about it
myself, let him be a jerk, I don't see why I should
risk so much for so little, and I'll tell him so
when I see him tomorrow" she kissed me as she got
up "Thanks Uncle Jack, you're great". A couple of
evenings later I was sitting in the den watching tv
after dinner with my evening beer when Kelly, Lisa
and Susan came and joined me. Jenny and Sandi had
gone out to some neighbourhood women's group
meeting and wouldn't be back till quite late. My
hope for a quiet bit of tv watching went out of the
window as Susan came and sat on the sofa beside me
and Kelly and Lisa sat in the easy chairs opposite.
After a few minute of snuggling up to me Susan lay
her head on my lap with her hands between it and my
thigh. I automatically placed my hand on her head
and began to caress her cheek and her hair, then I
worked my way down her shoulder and allowed it to
rest on her rib cage. A slight twist of her chest
and suddenly my hand was on her breast, I gave way
and began to gently caress her breast, playing with
the nipple as I felt it swell to a hard point.
Through the thin material of her T-shirt I could
feel Susan's breast firm up as it began to swell
and she began to rub her legs together as if she
was working herself to an orgasm with her thighs. I
glanced over to see what Kelly and Lisa were
concentrating on, was glad to see that it was the
TV and moved my hand down to Susan's hip where I
allowed it to rest for a moment or two. As she
moved her hips about my hand slipped down on to her
bottom and I took the opportunity to lift the back
of her short skirt to above her waist. My fingers
searched for the waist band of her panties and, on
finding then I pushed my hand down so that I could
slip a finger down the crack of her bottom and rest
it on her puckered anal ring. Very slowly Susan
shifted herself about until she was in a position
where I could press my finger into her bottom and
move it about in circles as I pressed it in as far
as I could reach. Holding her head pressed down on
my lap with one hand and butt fucking her with a
finger of the other one I slowly and gently brought
her to an orgasm that she had great difficulty in
suppressing so that Kelly and Lisa didn't know what
was going on, although Kelly did smile as she
glanced at Susan as she was quietly moaning with
the pleasure of her climax. As I removed my hand
from Susan's panties she rolled on to her back and
looked up at me from where she lay, "Thanks Uncle
Jack" she whispered and she turned back to lay so
that her face was right over the bulge in my
Joggers. Slowly she moved her head and her hands so
that she could hold my swelling penis and manoeuvre
it out of the waist band and rest her lips on the
purple head. *
She was just going to slip her mouth over the head
when Kelly said "That's not nice Susan, trying to
have Uncle Jack in secret with Lisa and me sitting
opposite, we want to watch while you get fucked,
don't we Lisa?" "Too right, now come on Sis, show
us what you're made of, see if you can have another
orgasm, this time while we watch" realising that
Kelly and Lisa had been aware of what had happened
a few minutes earlier Susan blushed bright red,
"You mean you knew what we were doing?" she said,
Kelly and Lisa both smiled lovingly and Lisa said
"Of course we did, we just didn't want to embarrass
you by watching so we concentrated on the TV, but I
nearly came at the same time you did when I realised
what Uncle Jack was doing" "So did I" said Kelly,
and she came over to Susan and helped her to undress,
while Lisa stripped my joggers off me and removed
my shorts, kneeling down between my knees to give
my hard throbbing penis a quick kiss and suck.
"There" she said to Susan "All nice and wet for
you to sit on Sis, while we sit back and watch".
Susan was burning with embarrassment as she turned
to face me and put her hands out. Taking her hands
in mine I pulled her forwards so that she placed
her knees either side of my thighs, her arms
round my neck and her rigid nipples pressing into
my upper chest. As she began to lower herself I
felt a hand grasp my prick and guide it to Susan's
pussy lips and into her vaginal canal.

As Susan pressed down on to my prick I could feel
her take a huge deep breath and give a moan of
pleasure, I realised what caused it as I felt a
finger moving in her bottom as she was lowering
herself on to me. I opened my eyes, looked over
Susan's shoulder and saw Lisa kneeling behind her
sister, playing with her bottom as she sat on my
lap impaled on my hard pulsating prick. Slowly,
almost reluctantly, Lisa removed her finger and
went over to her chair where she sat cross legged
with her skirt pulled up over her knees showing me
she had no panties on. I glanced at Kelly and saw
that she was in the same pose and the same state of
undress. As Susan began to work her hips, she moved
her head so that she could press her lips to mine
and kiss me as she was fucking me. She broke off
her kiss and placed her lips to my ear and began
whispering to me, telling me to fill her with my
cum, to fuck her hard, to squeeze her buttocks and
ram her hard on to my prick. I moved my hands and
took hold of her bottom cheeks with my grasping
hands. I gripped as hard as I could and pulled her
to me in time with the rhythm of her hips 'til she
cried out as her orgasm tore through her young
body. As I had been concentrating on looking at
Kelly and Lisa as they sat there showing me their
swollen moist pussies as they played with
themselves, the sound of Susan having another
orgasm was enough to make me cum. I started to
shoot wad after wad of semen into her tight
grasping cunt, holding her tight to me as I did so.
My groans were enough to make Kelly and Lisa jump
up from their chairs and come and kneel down
between my out spread knees, help Susan off me and,
as Kelly laid her down on the sofa and began to
suck at her cum soaked cunt, Lisa was pressing her
mouth on to my prick to suck what was left in me
into her mouth. After a while Kelly pulled Lisa
over to her sister to finish licking her clean of
our combined cum juices while Kelly came and
finished cleaning me off. As Susan was too
exhausted to move Kelly and Lisa picked her up and
lay her on the rug in front of the fireplace to
recover from her exertions. In the mean time they
both came and joined me on the sofa, sitting one
each side of me with their skirts pulled up above
their waists exposing their smooth shaved pussies
to me. I placed a hand on each and began to play
with them, pressing on each clitty and pushing a
finger deep into both love channels at the same
Gradually I got into a rhythm and was soon finger
fucking both gorgeous young girls as they played
with their own breasts and nipples while they got
closer to a mutual climax, suddenly pressing their
hands on mine 'til they cried out together as they
each had a small but significant orgasm. As they
relaxed after their climax I removed my hand from
between their legs and placed them round their
shoulders where I was able to caress a breast on
each of them. We sat there for a while, each of us
trying to regain our strength for what seemed to be
heading for a pleasant evening. Susan was still
laying out on the rug in front of the fireplace and
Lisa slipped off the sofa and went to lay beside
her, placing a gentle kiss on her lips and
whispering "Are you OK Sis?". Susan turned to face
her and smiled "Yes thanks darling I'm fine, just a
bit exhausted, I don't know why" Lisa laughed
lightly and said "Just you lay there and enjoy
yourself". Lisa sat up and took off her blouse and
bra, throwing them on to a nearby chair, she than
lay down and, lifting her hips she pushed her skirt
down her legs and off her feet, to put it with the
rest of her clothes.*
Seeing what Lisa was doing Kelly stood up and also
stripped herself naked, then went to sit beside
Lisa both of them facing me. Lisa looked at me and
said in her most winning way "Please join us Uncle
Jack, it would give us a great deal of pleasure if
you did" and, laying down on the floor, she spread
her legs and bent her knees. Immediately Kelly
moved round to place her knees each side of Lisa's
head and placed her own head between Lisa's legs
and lowering it on to her hot wet pussy in the
classic 69 position. Looking round Kelly's thighs
Lisa smiled at me and said quietly "Uncle Jack,
there are two wonderful places here for you to put
you hard throbbing penis, would you like me to
assist you". Despite having cum hard a few minutes
ago I could not resist the swelling of my prick as
I moved over to kneel at Lisa's head. I placed my
hands on Kelly's hips and pressed mine forwards to
touch the sensitive spot between Kelly's back and
front openings. This caused her to flinch and Lisa
asked "Which one Kelly, he's ready for both" but
before she could answer Lisa had placed the head of
my prick to Kelly's cunt. "Push hard Uncle Jack,
she wants it so bad" and I began to fuck Kelly as
she was tongue fucking Lisa and we all came
together, although I was unable to give more than a
gentle spurt of semen from my swollen but drained
balls. Very gently I collapsed on top of Kelly and
Lisa and it was some time before I had the
strength to roll off of them to find Lisa with her
lips pressed hard on Kelly's cunt sucking it clean
of our mingled cum juice. Eventually we all got up
dressed in the clothes we had handy and sat down to
watch tv while we rested and regained our strength.
Susan sat in one of the easy chairs while Kelly and
Lisa sat down beside me, cuddling up close, the
position we were in when Jenny and Sandi came home
from their meeting.

As it was late Kelly, Lisa and Susan all said good
night to Jenny and Sandi, kissed me in their usual
sensual manner and made their way to their beds.
Sandi, having made a cup of coffee for us all, came
and joined Jenny and me in the den where she joined
Jenny and me on the sofa. As we sat there I asked
how their meeting had gone and they both laughed at
the same time 'til Jenny stopped enough to tell me
they'd had a talk from the local pastor about the
dangers of 'wife swapping and group sex' and how it
led to the breakdown of a marriage and ended up
hurting all concerned. It seemed that there were a
few red faces amongst the audience as those
indulging in such practices felt the rest looking
at them. "I don't know how we kept straight faces"
said Sandi, "I just kept telling myself I'm not a
wife being swapped" "So did I" said Jenny as she
laughed again. As we lay in bed later I told Jenny
what had transpired that evening "Those girls are
getting quite imaginative, don't you think" I said
as Jenny lay snuggled up close in my arms. "I
certainly hope so, the worst thing that could
happen is if they were bored with sex before they
learned to really enjoy it" she replied as we
drifted off to sleep.
The next morning when we were having a family
breakfast Jenny suggested that, as it was such a
nice day, we go for a walk in the local woodland
park, "You took Lisa and Kelly there once didn't
you Jack?" asked Jenny. "Yes, and it was quite
peaceful and we enjoyed ourselves, didn't we
girls?" I replied, looking over at Kelly and Lisa
who started to blush as they remembered our last
trip out there and nodded their agreement. "Will we
be able to do the same when we get there" asked
Susan "Not a chance, I could never keep up with you
lot" I said with some force and Kelly and Lisa
started to laugh whilst Susan looked round at Jenny
and said "What's so funny Mom?". Jenny looked at me
and raised her eyebrows, I smiled and nodded and
she laughed as she replied "I think that Lisa and
Kelly had a VERY good time with Uncle Jack, if you
see what I mean darling, and it wasn't watching the
wildlife either" Susan smiled knowingly, "Oh I see,
and I understand why Uncle Jack won't be able to
keep up with us, he's too old". "You watch yourself
young lady" I replied "I may be getting on a bit
but I'm man enough for you, I doubt any male would
be strong enough for you five all in one afternoon,
especially if it was anything like the last time I
went down to the woods". "I still think it'd be a
good idea for us all to go for a walk" said Jenny,
"And I agree" added Sandi, "It'll do us all good
to get some fresh air and exercise, and I'd love to
have a picnic, wouldn't you girls?". Kelly, Lisa
and Susan all agreed with Jenny and Sandi and, as I
was out numbered we soon found ourselves in the car
with loaded baskets, heading for the woodland park
and an Al Fresco meal.*
Having parked the car it was decided that we should
go for a walk to work up an appetite and with Kelly
and Lisa leading the way with Sandi and Susan,
Jenny and I walked arm in arm behind them watching
them get their heads together. The slow pace Jenny
and I made soon got us a little way behind the rest
of them and as we came round a bend in the track
they were nowhere in sight. "I wonder where they've
got to" said Jenny in a worried voice "I shouldn't
worry about them" I said "They probably just
stepped off the main track for a while" and I put
my arm round her and gave her a reassuring hug as
we walked slowly along the path. As we approached a
small side track Susan suddenly stepped in front of
us, "Come and see what we found Mom" she said
excitedly, and grabbed Jenny's hand to pull her
along. We followed Susan for a couple of hundred
yards along the small path until she drew us
through some undergrowth into a clearing. As soon
as I stepped out of the brush I realised where we
were and, looking over to where Kelly and Lisa were
sitting on a fallen log with Sandi between them I
also knew that they had told her what had gone on
there some months earlier. Sandi got up and walked
over to Jenny and I, "why don't you go and sit down
for a minute or two Jack" she said, "I want to have
a word with Jenny". Realising that she had been
planning something with Lisa and Kelly I did as she
suggested and watched as she took Jenny by the hand
and steered her to the opposite side of the
clearing, talking to her as she did so. While Sandi
was explaining things to Jenny they both gave
occasional looks to where I was sitting and I saw
Jenny smile broadly at times. As I sat down between
Kelly and Lisa I put my arms round them and drew
them close "All right you two, what have you been
setting up with Sandi?" they both turned to me with
innocent looks on their sweet faces, "Why, nothing
Uncle Jack, would we do anything like that to you?"
"Yes you would, especially if it meant you got some
sex out here, I know how much you like it in the
open, remember last time?" they both giggled and
Lisa reached up to kiss me on the cheek and whisper
"Just enjoy it if mom agrees with Aunt Sandi, after
all we'd never hurt you, you know that don't you
darling Uncle Jack, and you know it was nice last
time and that was with just two, now there are five
of us, all wanting to enjoy undressing in the open
and feeling you enter our bodies, just like you did
before". "You must be joking" I said, "How do you
expect me to last out for all of you" "We don't
Uncle Jack, we'll draw lots to see who gets what
and when, we worked it out with Aunt Sandi that two
of us will get fucked and the others will have a
cum shower at the end, do you think you can hold
back for that?". Looking to the heavens for
assistance I shook my head in disbelief, "I doubt
it, but I suppose I could give it a try" Kelly and
Lisa both kissed me on the cheek and said in unison
"Great, lets go and see what's happening" and they
leapt to their feet and ran to where Jenny and
Sandi were standing talking with Susan. Five
minutes later I was being blindfolded with a scarf
someone had brought with them, this made me think
there was some planning having been done. This was
followed by me being stroked and kissed by a
multitude of hands and finally having my zipper
pulled down and my stiffening prick exposed to the
fresh air. I was urged forward by a few hands
pushing from behind and one grasping my now
throbbing penis. I knew that it was Jenny that had
hold of my enlarged member because I could feel the
wedding ring on her finger. I said nothing and
followed the pressures being applied to me until I
was slapped hard on my buttocks. This made me yell
in surprised and jerk my hips forward, which in
turn thrust my prick into a hot wet cunt. Jenny
placed her lips to my ear and whispered "Fuck her
Jack, she's hot for you and nearly ready to cum". I
leaned forward 'til my hands rested on the tree
trunk that I knew was at the edge of the clearing,
having used it before with Kelly and Lisa. Playing
the game I pumped away at the body under me until I
heard a muffled yell as whichever one it was had an
orgasm. I stood up and was moved across a couple of
feet and the same thing happened again with me
being struck from behind and my hard prick being
thrust into another hot wet pussy. Once more I
fucked the woman under me, holding back my own
orgasm, as I had an inkling at to what was going to
happen next. Sure enough as soon as I heard the
muffled cries of an orgasm I was pulled upright and
forced to step back a few paces. My pants were
pulled own to my ankles as were my shorts. As soon
as my prick was free of my clothing I felt two
tongues working to clean the pussy juices from it
and a mouth being placed over the pulsating head. *
My hands were pulled behind my back and held there
while a single hand took a grip of my prick and
started to jack me off while another cupped my
balls from behind and between my legs then began to
gently massage them. As the pressure built up
inside me I began to moan gently and whispered "I'm
going to cum any minute girls" the blindfold was
whipped off my face and I saw Jenny, Sandi and
Susan, stripped to the waist, kneeling in front of
me, with Lisa holding my balls and Kelly jacking me
off. The sight of what was before me made me cum
immediately and as I was shooting wad after wad of
semen Kelly was moving the head of my prick about
so that it was spraying hot and sticky over the
faces and chests of Jenny Sandi and Susan, all of
whom had their mouths open in an attempt to catch
some on their tongues. When it was obvious that
there was no more cum to come, Kelly and Lisa
dropped to their knees and started to spread the
semen that was on the chests of the three on the
ground, all over their breasts and faces, rubbing
it in as much as they could, just like a skin
cream. When they had finished spreading, Kelly and
Lisa licked their own hands clean while Jenny Sandi
and Susan wiped the gobs of cum that had landed on
their faces, with their fingers, and sucked them
clean. I stood still through all this watching the
five of them licking and sucking their hands and
fingers, 'til Kelly looked up and smiled at me. She
turned round on her knees and pulled up my shorts
and pants, ran up my zipper and tucked in my shirt.
She then stood up, put her arms round me and kissed
me. "Thanks Uncle Jack, that was wonderful, did you
know who was on the log?" I shook my head, "Not
'til I saw who was on their knees, then I realised
it was you and Lisa, did you enjoy it, I only heard
a muffled sound as you climaxed" she smiled, "That
was because we were both gagged so you wouldn't
hear who it was, that was Sandi's idea" I hugged
her and kissed her "It was a good one, who told her
about this place, you?" she nodded, "Yes, we've
told her everything, and I mean everything, right
from the first time we made love, you know what she
really wants don't you Uncle Jack?" "I think so
darling, but she'll have to be patient and wait
'til I've got her ready, that's not just yet, and
you can tell her so, all right?"
Kelly nodded her head "OK Uncle Jack I'll tell
her, but when will you feel she is ready" "In the
same way I made sure you Lisa and Susan were ready"
I replied "And that's final, so please stop trying
to make me change my mind, after all I want to
enjoy it the same a Sandi does and waiting is half
the pleasure, don't you agree?" smiling, Kelly
nodded her head vigorously and went over to help
Lisa assisting Jenny Sandi and Susan to their feet.
I stepped up to Jenny and helped her to put on her
blouse and button it up, Kelly did the same for
Susan and Lisa helped Sandi. Once they were all
almost decent, albeit with some sticky marks on
their faces and the odd wet patch on their blouses
we made our way back to the car where we got out
the baskets of food and drink and sat down at one
of the large tables provided to enjoy our picnic
meal. Jenny Sandi and Susan took it in turns to go
to the toilet block to clean up while Kelly and
Lisa and I worked our way through the food.
"What a good idea it was to go for a walk, we'll
have to do it again sometime, it's certainly given
me an appetite" I said as I gnawed on a chicken
leg, "Well!!" said Jenny, "It was you that was
resisting the idea this morning" "AH yes, but that
was when I had no idea what sort of a walk you had
in mind darling, I didn't just want to wander
aimlessly about the woods, there's no fun in that,
but when we taste the joys of nature as we did,
that's different." All five of them started to
laugh and I joined in with then which got us some
funny looks from the people at other tables close
by. After we had finished our Al Fresco meal we
cleared our table up, returned to the car and drove
home where we spent an hour or so in the shower
removing the signs of our outdoor orgy, it's
amazing where leaves and pine needles will get that
you don't notice at the time.

The rest of the day we spent relaxing and watching
TV 'til it was time for dinner which Kelly, Lisa
and Susan offered to cook between them. As I sat on
the sofa with Jenny and Sandi on each side of me
Jenny nuzzled up to my ear and said in a quiet
voice "Darling, would you like Sandi to join us in
bed tonight, after all Kelly and Lisa each had a
climax this afternoon, Susan can't because of her
period but Sandi and I really do need you to make
love to us" I kissed her tenderly on her cheek "Of
course darling, if that's what you want, I'd love
to have you both in bed with me and I'd really
enjoy bringing you both to an orgasm, or two if you
feel you could handle that". *
Sandi put her arms round my waist and drew herself
tight up to me "Don't you worry Jack, we can take
it, especially after what happened this morning, I
can see why Kelly and Lisa enjoyed it so much the
first time. It was wonderful being in the fresh
air, feeling the sun on my naked breasts, I just
wish we could do it more often in the back garden
for example" I laughed and so did Jenny "Can't you
just hear the neighbours comments if you were to go
and lay out there in the raw, or even just topless,
there'd be an uproar, you heard what was said at
that meeting the other evening, people round here
don't like sex to be out in the open, it's
something for the privacy of your own home". I
leaned back to rest my head on the sofa, "I suppose
we could find somewhere where we could go that has
a topless beach perhaps, I mean you read about them
all the time in magazines so they must exist" Jenny
and Sandi looked at me in amazement, "Are you
serious darling" said Jenny "would you really want
to go to that sort of resort", "Why not?" I asked
"Do you object to it in principle, or are you just
shocked at the idea of sunbathing topless, or is it
that you wouldn't want to show off your breasts in
public?" blushing bright red Jenny took a deep
breath "Well I suppose it's a bit of all those
things darling, I mean I'm not ashamed of my body I
just wouldn't be too happy about showing it off in
public, I'd be so embarrassed, and what about the
girls, would they be included in the party as well,
is that what you want, to parade them naked in full
view of a load of dirty old men on a beach" by this
time Jenny was getting very upset and I put my arms
round her and kissed her hard to stop her tirade.
As soon as she was quiet I held her out at arms
length and said quietly "Darling please forget I
mentioned it, if you don't like the idea we'll
forget it, I have no feelings either way and just
suggested it because I thought you might like it,
if you don't like it we'll consider the matter
closed, all right?" Jenny nodded and put her arms
round me and her head on my shoulder "I'm sorry
Jack, I didn't mean to lose my temper like that, it
was just the thought of you exposing us all in
public, just like a harem" and she started to
giggle. I pushed her off my shoulder as she giggled
and looked at her as she looked across at Sandi
who also started to giggle. "What on earth's amused
you two" I asked, completely mystified, "I'm sorry
darling I just suddenly realised that we're just
that, a harem, what else do you call a collection
of women that want to do nothing but give pleasure
to their lord and master". I sat there completely
speechless, looking from Jenny to Sandi and back
again, "Is that the way you feel about yourselves,
the girls as well?" I asked, Jenny and Sandi both
nodded "Of course we do darling, why do you think
we do things like we did this morning, why do you
think Kelly, Lisa and Susan offer to cook so many
meals, why do you think all of us want to go to bed
with you to make love, at every opportunity, it's
because we all feel the same way about you, we all
love you so much we can never be jealous of each
other and we'll all do whatever you want whenever
you want, and I suppose if you want to have us all
stripped naked on a beach we'll have to look for
the right resort and go and do it."
"But I don't want to parade you all in public" I
said "I'd like to have you all half naked, and in
the open, like today but I selfishly want it for my
own pleasure and we can do it here at home if we
have to". Jenny looked at me with a smile on her
face "Would you like that darling, I mean having us
all walking around with just our panties on, all
day?" I sat and thought about it for a few minutes
before shaking my head "Nope!, I don't think I
would my love, I agree that you all look wonderful
when you're naked, but to have you naked all the
time would take away all the fun of thinking about
what's covered up. I mean, I know what's there but
it's more erotic to have nipples and pussies
covered, even with a very sheer garment that can be
seen through, than to have them exposed all the
time. To have a naked woman in my arms is great, to
have one on each side is even better but to look at
a woman that has some clothes for me to take off
before I can see or touch what she is hiding, is
something that will arouse me quicker than
anything." I paused for breath as I turned to look
at Jenny, "You know how aroused I get when the
girls bend over and show me their panty covered
bottoms, I'm the same with you when you have your
baby-doll nightie on, you know, the one that just
covers your butt cheeks, that always gets me hard
quicker than anything else, even the girls at their
sexiest". Jenny smiled sweetly as she said "Do you
mean that darling" "Of course I do my love, you
know I enjoy making love to the girls but that I
love you most of all, you'll always be first with
me". *
I could see a tiny tear forming in the corner of
her eye and I leaned over to kiss it away, at which
point Lisa put her head round the door to say that
dinner was ready. I stood up, put an arm round
Jenny and Sandi and we walked together to the
dining room where the girls were about ready to
dish up.
Dinner over I returned to the den where Kelly, Lisa
and Susan joined me, Lisa telling me that Jenny and
Sandi had volunteered to do the dishes seeing as
they had cooked the meal. Kelly and Lisa sat
themselves, one each side of me and cuddled up
close while Susan sat opposite us. Kelly put her
lips close to my ear and whispered "Are you free
tonight Uncle Jack, Lisa and me are really hot and
need you to cool us down". I kissed her quickly on
the cheek and shook my head "I'm afraid not
darling, I'll be giving the big girls what you had
this morning so our bedroom is out of bounds
tonight, what's happened to your new Boyfriend, I
thought he measured up to all your expectations and
you were getting on well with him" Kelly pouted and
shook her head, "No Uncle Jack, you ask Lisa she'll
tell you he was a total waste of time, the same as
hers, right Lisa?" Lisa looked up at me from where
she had laid her head on my lap, and nodded in
agreement "That's right Uncle Jack, all they wanted
was to screw us with no protection and when we said
NO they said they'd tell the other guys that we
were lesbians, that's when they both got their
pricks caught in their pants zippers, you should
have heard them yell" Kelly and Lisa started to
giggle at the thought 'til Kelly added "We never
did hear the excuse they gave for being out of
action for a week while they healed up, I wonder if
they'll have a scar?"
I smiled as I said "Hmmm.. I can see that I'll have
to make sure I never upset you two, I may never
have sex again if I let you get too close to my
pants". As we were laughing together Lisa looked
over to where Susan was sitting, looking very left
out, and sat up saying in a quiet voice "Can we
have Susan come and join us Uncle Jack, she could
sit on your lap" "Of course she can come over" I
replied and Lisa beckoned her sister to come over
to join us. With Kelly and Lisa on each side of me
and snuggled up close the only place for Susan was
to sit on my lap facing me with her knees either
side on my legs. This is what she did and then she
put her arms round my neck and lay her head on my
shoulder giving a huge sigh as she did so. I put my
arms round Kelly and Lisa and pulled them in as
close as I could and we all sat there until Jenny
and Sandi came in with a tray of hot drinks for us
all. "Come on you three" said Jenny, "Give the man
a breather and a look in at his hot chocolate" and
Susan slipped off my lap after giving me a hot
sweet kiss, closely followed by Kelly and Lisa who
sat on the floor by my legs to drink their night-
caps. When Jenny and Sandi had finished their
drinks I stood up and said "Time for bed I think,
how about you darling?" and I held out my hand to
Jenny, "Good idea Jack, would you like to join us
Sandi" she replied as she got to her feet and
looked at her sister. "Yes please Jen' I'd love to
join you tonight" and she also stood up to stand by
my side. I turned to Kelly, Lisa and Susan and
said, with a wicked smile on my face, "Good night
darlings, see you in the morning, don't make too
much noise when you go to bed we don't want to be
disturbed while we're sleeping". All three of them
stuck out their tongues as Jenny, Sandi and I
walked hand in hand from the room and up stairs to
our bedroom.
As we stepped in the room Jenny put her hand out
to the light switch but I stopped her saying "Not
just yet darling" and I drew a scarf from my pocket
and blindfolded Sandi". "Wha....." Sandi started
to speak as I was tying the scarf over her eyes
"Quiet!" I said sharply and pulling another scarf
from my pocket I placed it between her lips and
pulled it tight enough to stop her speaking. As I
was doing this Jenny took hold of Sandi's wrists
and held them to await my tying them together so
they were in front of her body. "You can put the
light on now darling" I said quietly as I guided
Sandi across the bedroom to where I had set up my
padded up workbench. When Sandi felt her thighs
touch the pillow that was placed on the edge of the
workbench she stopped and I had to force her to
move up to stand close to it. "Now bend forward
Sandi, I won't let you fall, just bend at the waist
'til you feel something to rest on". As she did as
I told her I could feel Sandi begin to tremble a
little and, as she rested her body on the soft
padding I pulled her arms out straight and fastened
them to the base of the bench so that she couldn't
move. As I was attending to Sandi's front Jenny was
fitting the spreader bar to her ankles, ensuring
the Sandi's legs would be well and truly open. *
When we were sure that Sandi would be unable to get
up Jenny went to kneel beside her head whilst I
went to her other end and slowly lifted her skirt
and tucked the hem into the waistband. I then
hooked my fingers into the top of her panties and
drew them down her legs as far as her spread out
thighs would allow. Standing to one side and close
to her hips I lifted my hand and brought it down
hard on to Sandi's naked bottom making her buck and
scream through her gag. Very gently I caressed the
area I had just struck with my stinging palm and
followed it with another slap and another
caressing. Again Sandi screamed and bucked as I
spanked her and again I caressed her stinging
bottom. Ten times I landed stinging slaps to
Sandi's naked bottom each time her scream was a
little quieter until on the final slap she just
flinches slightly rather than bucking and she gave
a quiet moan instead of a cry of pain. "Take off
her gag please Jenny darling, I think she's at the
point where she won't scream again". As Jenny
removed the scarf Sandi began to sob quietly "Why
are you punishing me like this, I've done nothing
wrong?". Jenny bent down and kissed her sister, "We
aren't punishing you my darling, we want you to
enjoy what's happening, the same as Kelly, Lisa and
Susan and I do, we all like Jack to spank us, not
because the spanking's nice, but because of what
always follows, that's what it's all about, you
wait and see, after all if you really want him to
stop you know what to do and say, don't you", Sandi
nodded "Yes Sis, but why didn't you tell me what
was happening, I was really frightened for a while
there" Jenny laughed and stood up "Carry on Jack
darling, I think she'll enjoy it now" and I began
to spank Sandi as I had done with Kelly, Lisa and
Susan in the past. It was not long before I could
see the same effect as I had brought about with
Jenny and the girls as Sandi's pussy began to swell
and glisten with her own juices and her bottom
began to wriggle and push out to meet my falling
hand. I continued to spank Sandi until my hand was
red and stinging and her out thrust bottom was warm
and glowing to the touch. Giving her one final slap
I stepped over to where I had a small dish with a
squeeze of KY in it. Coating the three middle
fingers of my right hand I returned to Sandi and
proceeded to insert one lubricated finger into her
waiting anus. As she felt my finger entering her
bottom Sandi gave a cry of surprised and I gave a
little grunt as she squeezed my finger hard. I
leaned over and kissed her on the back of the neck
"Relax darling, I want to get you ready for 'you
know what', all right?" Sandi nodded silently and I
felt her grip on my finger slacken a little.
Standing upright I pulled my finger almost clear of
her tight little rosebud and, after resting for a
moment I placed another lubricated digit next to it
and pressed the two of them back into Sandi's anus.
This made her gasp and she began to moan as I
pressed them deeper until I could go no further.
Looking up at Jenny I indicated with a nod of my
head that she should come to stand beside me as I
was working on Sandi's bottom. Very quietly I
whispered "Work on her pussy so she has an orgasm
darling" and as Jenny began to caress Sandi's cunt
and play with her clit I began to finger fuck her
ass. It wasn't long before Sandi was beginning to
moan and mewl with pleasure and, bringing my two
fingers almost out of Sandi's anus I managed to
insert the third one that was coated with the KY
gel. Giving her no respite I pressed the three
fingers slowly but surely deep into Sandi's
spasming bottom and held them pressed deep while
she cried out as an orgasm rippled through her
recumbent body. Removing my fingers from her I
undid my pants and pushed them and my shorts to the
floor. Stepping out of them I placed myself behind
Sandi and pressed the head of my throbbing penis to
her swollen wet cunt lips and thrust it deep into
her. Leaning forward I slipped my hands under her
chest and grasped her tits, lifting her body from
the padded workbench, as I pounded at her pulsating
pussy until I could feel and hear her having
another climax as I shot wad after wad of semen
deep into her waiting body.
Standing there for a moment or two to regain my
breath I looked round to see where Jenny had got
to. She was leaning against the wall, her skirt
held up with one hand and the other inside her
panties working madly at her own hot wet pussy. I
smiled at her and stepping back so that my still
half hard penis slipped from Sandi's grasping pussy
lips I turned to face Jenny and put out my arms,
inviting her to come to me. Pushing herself upright
and letting her skirt fall Jenny took the few steps
needed to come into my arms and kiss me. "Fuck me
Jack, I need you inside me please" then she dropped
to her knees before me and began to lick my
hardening penis clean of her sisters pussy juices
and started to suck on the pulsating head of my now
rigid prick. *
Lifting her to her feet I turned her round and bent
her over so that she was laying on top of Sandi who
was still tied to the padded workbench. With one
hand on her lower back to hold her down I used my
free one to guide my penis into Jenny's waiting
pussy and immediately began to pump hard at her
until she cried out as an orgasm ripped through
her. Unable to cum so soon I was still very hard
inside Jenny and slipping my rigid prick from her
hot wet cunt I touched the tip to her puckered anus
and pressed until I felt it slip in past her
sphincter. This made her gasp loudly and Sandi,
realising something was happening above her turned
her head and said in a dreamy voice "What's the
matter Sis?". Jenny gave another gasp and a long
low moan as I pressed my penis deep into her bottom
"Jack has just started to fuck my bottom after
making me cum by fucking my cunt and I think he's
close to cumming again this time in my ass". Sandi
gave a cry of "NOOO.. that's not fair, I want him
to do that to me, why can't I have him cum in my
ass like he promised" and as she was saying this I
leaned forward, pressing myself deeper into Jenny's
ass and putting my hands under Sandi's body to
grasp her tits I gave a loud grunt as I began to
cum once more in Jenny's tight hot bottom.
I lay there for some few minutes while I got my
breath back and, as I eventually managed to stand
up and free myself from the grip of Jenny's ass I
helped her to get up and between us we freed Sandi
then all three of us went to the bathroom for a
joint shower. As we lay in bed with me between
Jenny and Sandi and my arms round both I asked
Sandi if I'd hurt her when I had placed my three
fingers into her bottom. "No, it didn't hurt, it
just felt strange for a while but I soon began to
enjoy it especially with what Jenny was doing to me
as well" she replied with a schoolgirl giggle. "In
that case I think you might just be ready for the
real thing very soon, but not 'til the right
occasion presents it's self" I said as I gave her
a hug and a goodnight kiss. I slipped my arm from
round Sandi's body and turned over to where I could
take Jenny in my arms and kiss her, wishing her a
good night as I put my arms round her and held her
close. I woke the next morning to find a naked
Jenny in my arms and Sandi gone back to her own
bed. I lay there for some time remembering what had
happened the previous night and was brought out of
my reverie by the feeling of a hand on my erection
caused by my recollections. "Was it that good
darling" said Jenny in a quiet sleepy voice and
after kissing her I said "You certainly were my
love, and Sandi wasn't too bad either" Jenny gave a
little laugh, "I don't think she took to spanking
too well do you?" I too laughed "No, but it was her
first time and it was a surprise and I think I was
a bit rough on her at the beginning". Jenny gave me
a hug "Never mind darling, if she doesn't like it
you still have Kelly, Lisa and Susan and you know
they like to be spanked especially with what
follows, maybe Sandi will come round to feeling the
same way just like I did" I lowered my head so that
I could find Jenny's lips and kissed her lovingly
"What Sandi wants, likes or dislikes is not all
that important my love, I'm only doing what I'm
doing because you want me to, if you say enough is
enough it can stop, you know that don't you?"
Jenny nodded as best she could seeing as her face
was buried in my chest and she looked up at me as
she replied "I know darling, but I do enjoy it when
you make love to both of us, just the same as I
enjoy having one of the girls in bed with us, does
that make me wicked or perverted?" I gave her a
gentle pat on the bottom as I laughed "If it makes
you perverted what does it make me, after all I
have five of you here all wanting to be kept
satisfied, and I have to admit to enjoying the
prospect each time I think about it". This made
Jenny laugh again as we got up, showered and we
were soon sitting at the breakfast table with the
rest of the family. As I sat there finishing a
final cup of coffee before leaving for work Kelly,
Lisa and Susan had their heads together, in the way
of teenagers and I heard Lisa say to Kelly "You
ask her" and all three began to giggle as they
looked across at Sandi. "What are you three
giggling about" asked Sandi in her best 'Auntie'
manner, "Well we were just wondering how many
cushions you needed this morning" replied Kelly
amidst another burst of giggles. Sandi blushed
bright red as she looked across at Jenny and I as
we sat there smiling at her. "Don't worry Sandi
darling, I'm quite sure they didn't miss a single
moment of what went on last night, they were
probably green with envy when they heard you
getting spanked, what do you think Jenny?" Jenny
smiled at Sandi, "More than likely, as I told you
sister mine, we have no secrets here, especially
where sex is concerned, have we girls?" *
Kelly, Lisa and Susan shook their heads in
agreement. "No, not since Uncle Jack married Mom,
it's wonderful" said Lisa, "We're always sure that
we'll never get hurt even when we're being spanked,
and we always enjoy making love because it's never
forced on us" put in Susan. Sandi looked at Susan
and said "Do you mean that Jack spanks you and you
enjoy it?" Susan smiled at her aunt, "No Aunt
Sandi, I don't enjoy being spanked but I do enjoy
what always comes after getting my bottom warmed by
Uncle Jack's hand, didn't you?" Sandi blushed once
more "Well, yes, I suppose I did but the spanking
took me by surprise, that's why I ......" Sandi
suddenly stopped speaking and blushed even brighter
red as she realised that she was discussing a
spanking and sex session with her teenage niece.
Kelly, Lisa and Susan all laughed as Jenny went to
sit next to her sister, put an arm round her and
hug her saying "Don't let it worry you Sis, they're
only teasing and you'll soon get used to talking
freely about sex, even when these three horrors are
about, just remember that there's nothing to get
embarrassed about". Sandi gave a weak smile as her
cheeks returned to their normal colouring "Sorry
folks I'm just not used to talking about sex yet".
A few days later Jenny mentioned that it would soon
be Sandi's birthday and she was wondering if I had
any ideas about giving her a special present, one
that she would remember. "I suppose I could come up
with something darling" I said with a wicked grin
on my face, "Did you have anything in mind?" Jenny
smiled as she thought for a moment. "Well she was a
little disappointed the other night when you didn't
take her in her bottom, I just thought she might
enjoy it on her birthday". "That sounds like a good
idea to me, how about if we have an audience but
not tell her 'til afterwards". Jenny nodded as she
said "In our bed or on the spanking bench?" "I
think in bed would be more comfortable, don't you?"
I replied, "will you set the girls up on the night"
Jenny nodded again "We'd best get something done
about a party, I know it won't be a surprise but we
can make sure she enjoys the whole day".
The day of Sandi's birthday went well. Her parents
came for the birthday tea, bringing their presents
and I got her father, John, to admit that Sandi was
over her problems and was able to forget she ever
had a problem. Her job was going well and she was
now going to visit her parents on a weekly basis
having got over the argument they had had all those
weeks before. The party went with a swing, Kelly,
Lisa and Susan enjoying themselves, being treated
like adults, mainly due to the special relationship
there was between them and Sandi. I kept myself in
the background not wanting to give those friends
and neighbours that had been invited any inkling of
what there was between us. Jenny mingled and I saw
her talking to some of the women and occasionally
noticed some of the glances that were directed at
me. This made me feel a little uncomfortable and I
was sure that I was caught blushing a number of
times. It's not that I was ashamed of the
relationship between me and the women in my life, I
just didn't want them to be the target for any
scandal or snide remarks at school or in the

I was sitting in the den, having a quiet few
moments away from the crown when Susan poked her
head round the door, "Can I join you please Uncle
Jack?", she whispered. I looked up and smiled, "Of
course you can darling, what's up can't keep up
with the others?" she came and sat on my lap but I
gently pushed her off to sit beside me saying "Not
just now Sue dear, we don't know who's going to
come through the door and I should hate for some of
those gossiping women to catch you sitting on my
lap and being cuddled" Sue kissed me on the cheek
"Sorry Uncle Jack, I wasn't thinking. I just wanted
to get away from the noise for a bit, is that why
you're here?" I gave her a quick hug "Yep.. I
can't stand it either, but I didn't want to upset
Sandi by leaving and going for a walk, which is
what I wanted to do a couple of hours ago. Now come
on let's join the party it won't be long before it
starts to break up". As I took her hand to pull her
up from the sofa Sue pulled herself up and fell
against me, putting her arms round my neck and
pulling me down so that she could kiss me.
"Uncle Jack, can I come to bed with you tonight
please. I've been thinking about it all day and
have had to change my pants twice I'm so horny." I
gave her a quick peck on the cheek, "No, it's Aunt
Sandi's birthday and her treat tonight. Just make
sure you keep quiet about her getting a surprise
the same as you did on your birthday, do you
understand what I mean?" Sue stood there, eyes and
mouth wide open, "Do you mean Aunt Sandi is going
to..." I pressed my fingers on to her lips "Now, I
said keep quiet about it, your mother will explain
it to you later and I don't want you to say
anything to anybody, not even to Kelly and Lisa,
promise?" Susan nodded her head vigorously as she
accompanied me in joining the party.*
The party broke up at close to midnight with most
of the guests living very close and not needing to
leave early to travel any distance. Jenny and
Sandi's parents were the last guests to leave and
as they drove out of sight we went back into the
house. "What were you and dad talking about Jack?"
asked Jenny as we were clearing up in the kitchen.
"He was asking me what I did to get Sandi over her
men problem" I replied ". Jenny gasped "What did
you tell him, not the truth I hope" I laughed at
her reaction "Of course not, I just fed him some
rubbish about coaxing and understanding. I think he
swallowed it, at least he didn't push the subject
too much. I thing he was more relieved that he'd
have no more doctors bills, but don't tell Sandi I
said that, it might upset her." Jenny smiled "I got
a grilling from mom about the same thing. I must
admit I don't think she believed what I told her
either but she didn't push it after I told her it
was just tender loving care that did the trick. She
was just so glad to have Sandi cured she wasn't too
interested in how it happened." "Anyway" I said
"Lets forget about your parents and concentrate on
Sandi's birthday present, have you told the girls
what's happening?" Jenny smiled "Yes, and they
can't wait, I just hope they don't come in too soon
and spoil it." As Jenny finished speaking Sandi
and the girls came into the kitchen. "We've cleared
up in there Jenny" said Sandi "And I'm ready for
bed, how about you?" Jenny looked at me and raised
her eyebrows "Shall we Jack, we can finish up in
here in the morning, after all it is Saturday and
we're not going anywhere early are we?" I looked at
them both and smiled "Why not, we've got the worst
of the mess cleaned up I'll just go and tell the
girls to keep their noise down if they decide to
stay up and watch TV". I left Jenny and Sandi in
the kitchen and went through to the den where
Kelly, Lisa and Susan were sitting with their heads
together. "OK girls, keep the noise down Jenny and
Sandi and I are going to bed. You know the score,
keep quiet when you come up to bed, we don't want
to be disturbed, understand?" they all smiled at me
"OK Uncle Jack, we promise to keep quiet, good
night" and I left them giggling like schoolgirls,
which of course they still were. Back in the
kitchen I found Jenny and Sandi sitting at the
table chatting away. As I sat down beside Sandi I
gave her a brotherly kiss on the cheek and said
"Was it a good birthday party darling"? She turned
and kissed me tenderly on the lips "Yes thanks Jack
I enjoyed it very much, it was so nice to see all
my old friends again, even talking to the husbands
didn't bother me at all". I put my arm round her
shoulder and whispered in her ear "How would you
like to make it a special birthday, one to
remember, by coming to bed with Jenny and me. We
have a little surprise waiting for you". Sandi
looked wide-eyed at Jenny who was smiling.
"What.... ". Jenny took her hand and pulled her to
her feet. "Don't sit there arguing woman, come with
me and don't ask questions". Putting her arm round
Sandi's waist Jenny guided her out of the kitchen
and up the stairs to our bedroom with me following
close enough behind to enable me to place a hand on
each skirt covered bottom.
In the bedroom I tried to ignore Jenny and Sandi as
I undressed and got between the sheets. I sat up
and leaned back on the pillows as the girls started
to divest themselves of what little clothing they
had on. As they stood there naked to the waist I
saw Jenny quietly whisper something in Sandi's ear
which made her look at me and grin broadly.
Together they turned their backs to be and undoing
the clasp of their skirts allowed them to drop to
the floor. Again, in unison they hooked their
fingers into the waistbands of their panties and,
bending at the waist they slowly pushed them down
to their knees, giving me a glimpse of their shaven
pussy lips. Standing up Jenny and Sandi stepped
out of their underwear and walked over to the bed
where they joined my, laying one on each side of
me, both of them pressing up close to me and
placing soft sweet kisses on any part of me they
could reach. Putting my arms round them both I
managed to reach at least one breast on each of
them and I began to caress what I touched as well
as playing with the rigid nipples that were under
my fingertips. Bending down I managed to kiss each
of them on the lips and after a few minutes I also
managed to lay down with both girls in my arms and
resting their heads on my shoulders and pressing
their soft warm bodies up tight to mine. "Jenny" I
said softly "Don't you think it's time Sandi gave
me access to her bottom, the same as the rest of
you have done"? Kissing me on the cheek Jenny
replied "I surely do darling, and as it's her
birthday I think tonight would be the perfect time
for it to happen, don't you"? I turned to look at
Sandi and seeing her staring at me raised my
eyebrows and asked "How about it Sandi darling,
would you like that"?*



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