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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

Shrugging of my arm that was wrapped round her
Sandi sat upright and looked down at Jenny and I.
"Do you mean that Jack" she said "Will you do that
for me tonight, I mean.... you said I was ready
ages ago but never showed me or anything. I thought
you'd forgotten about it or decided I wasn't ready
or something". Jenny smiled at her and reached out
to touch Sandi's hand. "Of course we hadn't
forgotten about you darling, we were just waiting
for the right moment to make it special for you so
you'd always remember it as something special and
wonderful rather than just 'one to those things'
that happen now and again". Sitting back on her
heels Sandi looked down at me and said in a subdued
voice "What do I have to do Jack, where will you do
it, how do you want me to be, bent over or laying
down..."? I reached out to her and, taking her hand
in mine I gently pulled her down so she was laying
across my body. "I want you to lay between Jenny
and I with your back to me so that I can reach
round you and touch your wonderful breasts for a
start, we'll see what happens from there, OK"?
Nodding shyly Sandi wormed her way over me and
wriggled herself between Jenny and me, putting her
arm out to wrap it around Jenny as she did so. As I
reached over to place my uppermost hand on Sandi's
right breast she leaned her head forward to allow
her to reach Jenny's lips with her own. As she
kissed Jenny I began to caress her tit and play
with her firm, erect nipple until I felt her breast
begin to swell and get warm as a flush began to
work it's way down over her chest. Slowly I moved
my hand down over Sandi's body until I reached her
hips where I began to apply a little pressure to
make her give me access to her groin. Very gently I
began to stroke her Mons and press my finger
between the swelling lips of her pussy until I
could feel her juices begin to lubricate her.

When I could feel that she was getting nicely
warmed up I moved my hand to stroke her buttocks,
making sure I touched her anal pucker. Each time my
finger passed over her anus Sandi flinched and,
pausing for a moment with the tip of my finger just
inside her bottom I kissed her on the back of the
neck and whispered "Are you OK darling, do you want
me to go on"? Sandi nodded silently and I looked
over at Jenny and mouthed "are you ready". Jenny
nodded and said to Sandi "Let me help Jack,
darling, it'll be easier for you this first time if
he has a condom on". Sandi smiled at her sister and
then lay back with her eyes closed as Jenny got up
and, having reached over to get a condom from her
bedside cupboard proceeded to place it on to my
erect and throbbing penis. As I lay down again
Jenny grasped Sandi's uppermost leg and gently
pulled it up so that the knee was almost touching
Sandi's chest. "Hold it there Sis" she said, and
reached over to place a dab of KY on to the end of
my latex covered prick. She also placed a larger
amount on to my fingers so that I was able to place
them on to Sandi's anus and by inserting a finger
in there was able to get some small amount of
lubrication inside her. As I touched the head of
my throbbing prick to Sandi's bottom I whispered
"Are you ready darling"? Sandi turned her head and
looking me in the eyes said in a soft voice "Yes
Jack, please take me there, give me your wonderful
manhood in my virgin bottom I want to feel you deep
inside of me, please do it now don't make me wait..
please take me..".
As she finished speaking she screwed her eyes tight
shut and I pushed the covers out of the way as
Jenny grasped the base of my rampant prick and
guided the head to Sandi's anus. "Push Jack," she
said softly, but loud enough for Sandi to hear
"Press yourself into my baby sisters' bottom like
she wants. Push it in hard and deep". As I pressed
my hips forward I felt the head of my penis pop
through Sandi's tight anal ring and also felt her
flinch and gasp as she felt me enter her. I paused
for a moment and asked her if she was OK. "Oh.. yes
Jack, please don't stop now" she said and so I
continued to gently press myself forwards as I
caught a movement out of the corner of my eye.
Turning my head I saw Kelly, Lisa and Susan quietly
enter the bedroom and stand side by side at the
foot of the bed getting probably the best view of
proceedings to be had. Jenny also looked up and
raising a finger to her lips to tell the girls to
be silent placed her cheek on to her sisters while
she whispered in her ear "Is that nice darling"?
Sandi nodded her head and said softly "Wonderful
Sis, please ask Jack to fuck me harder I do so want
to feel him deep in my bottom, no wonder you and
the girls enjoy it so much I wish I'd done it
long ago". Jenny lifted herself from Sandi and said
in a firm voice "Jack, Sandi wants you to fuck her
hard and deep, make her cum as quick as you can
will you". I began to ram my hips hard at Sandi's
recumbent body as Jenny kissed her sister on the
lips and breasts as she was working her hand on
Sandi's cunt, pressing her fingers deep inside her
sister and rubbing hard on her clit 'til suddenly
Sandi gave a scream as an orgasm ripped through
Sandi bucked so much as she was having her orgasm
that she ripped herself off of my still rigid
prick. I reached over and took her in my arms,
turning her over so that she was facing me and I
could lift her face and kiss her. I lay there for
some minutes just holding her while she calmed down
and, when I felt that she was able to understand
what I was saying I whispered in her ear "Was that
as good as we think it was darling"? Sandi opened
her eyes and looked into my eyes "I certainly hope
it seemed to you as good as it felt, I never
thought I could have an orgasm like that ..ever". I
tenderly placed my lips on hers as we heard a voice
say "It's wonderful isn't it Aunt Sandi, I know it
was the first time for me". Sitting bolt upright
Sandi gave a scream of embarrassment as she
realised that she'd had an audience and when she
saw Kelly, Lisa and Susan standing at the foot of
the bed each with a huge grin on their faces she
turned and buried her face in the pillows. "How
could you do this to me Sis" she wailed as Jenny
took her in her arms and sat there rocking her like
a baby. "Darling Sandi, if the girls had had their
way they would have been joining in with us, not
just watching. I had a hard job to convince them to
keep quiet, anyway what's the problem, it didn't
make a difference to you did it"? Giving a small
shake of her head Sandi said "I guess not Sis, but
it was such a shock when Sue spoke out, I never
felt so ashamed at what I'd just let Jack do to me,
I don't know what I thought to be honest". Sitting
upright Sandi looked at Kelly, Lisa and Susan and
said "Sorry I was so silly girls, I guess I'm just
not used to having sex in public, in fact I suppose
I'm just not used to having sex in private yet".
Sue climbed on to the bed and worked her way over
to where she could put her arms around Sandi and
proceeded to kiss her sweetly. "That's OK Aunt
Sandi I guess we're all so used to being free about
it we think nothing of it".
As this was going on Kelly came over and sat beside
me and, giving me a quick kiss proceeded to remove
the condom from my rapidly shrinking penis. Seeing
the state of me she put her lips close to my ear
and whispered "Can I do something about that for
you Uncle Jack, or at least can Lisa, Susan and I
do something about it, I noticed that you didn't
have a chance of cumming at the end there". I
kissed her and replied "Thanks for being so sweet
darling but I think Aunt Jenny would like me to
give her and Aunt Sandi a cum shower, would you
like to help out with it"? Kelly sat back and
nodded vigorously "Yes please Uncle Jack, how can
we help"? Pulling her close I whispered some
instruction and, when she understood what I wanted
she pulled Sue and Lisa over to the bedroom door
and whispered instructions to them during which
they both looked over to me grinning like crazy and
nodding their heads. As I sat on the edge of the
bed Susan came over and sat on the other side.
"Mom, will you and Aunt Sandi lay side by side,
very close together please". "What's going on baby"
Jenny asked "Just do as I asked please Mom, we want
to help make the end of Aunt Sandi's birthday a bit
special too". Looking at Sandi Jenny said "OK dear,
how do you want us"? "Just lay down close together,
on your backs, open your legs wide and let Uncle
Jack kneel between them".
As Jenny and Sandi lay down I got up onto the bed
and straddled their inside legs making sure that my
knees were pressing tight up against their smooth
shaven pussies. As I was doing this Susan was
taking off her clothes and when she was naked she
came and knelt behind me. Pressing her body up
tight to my back I could feel her nipples as she
rubbed herself against me. Slowly she ran her hands
round to my front, her left hand rubbing over my
chest and her right moving down to my groin where
she ran her fingers through my pubic hair. Looking
down to Jenny and Sandi I could see they were
beginning to be affected by what they were watching
even though they could only see Susan's hands. As
Susan continued to caress me, gently stroking my
rapidly hardening penis and cupping my balls in
her soft warm fingers I saw Jenny and Sandi look
behind me where Kelly and Lisa were walking hand in
hand over to the head of the bed. Stopping in a
position where they could be sure I could see them
without having to move they began to do a slow,
sensuous striptease, working their T-shirts up over
their heads and slipping the straps of their bra's
over their shoulders, exposing their breasts slowly
and erotically. As I watched what they were doing I
felt Susan begin to masturbate me, with slow gentle
strokes as she placed soft kisses on my neck and
shoulders, occasionally nibbling at my skin as she
worked her way round. I saw Jenny and Sandi
watching Kelly and Lisa as they began to work their
cunts against the pressure of my knees. When Kelly
and Lisa had finally removed their bra's and were
naked to the waist they unfastened their skirts and
allowed them to fall to the floor around their
feet. *
Slowly they pressed the waistband of their panties
down to display the small patch of soft pubic hair
I had left when I last shaved them. Turning
together they faced the wall and pushed their
panties down a little further until we, Jenny,
Sandi and I could see the cleft between the cheeks
of their bottoms. Without a word they opened their
legs until their feet were a foot or so apart and
slowly, and with great control, they bent at the
waist, locking their knees. Very slowly they pushed
down their panties until they had reached their
knees, they then ran their hands up the backs of
their legs until they reached their buttocks. All
this time Susan was working her magic on me and she
whispered "I can feel you Uncle Jack, I can feel
you're nearly ready to cum, shall I tell mom and
Aunt Sandi to get ready"? I could only nod, unable
to take my eyes off of Kelly and Lisa. As I nodded
I put my hands behind me and, placing one on
Susan's swollen pussy I put the other one on her
bottom and pressed her close to me. "Mom, Uncle
Jack is almost there are you ready"? Said Susan in
a husky voice. Jenny and Sandi looked round just as
Kelly and Lisa had grasped the cheeks of their
bottoms and begun to gently pull them apart. The
combination of stimuli, Susan jerking me off, the
sight of Kelly and Lisa opening their bottoms and
displaying to me their swollen wet pussies and the
breathing of Jenny and Sandi brought me to a
resounding climax. As she felt my semen coursing
through my penis Susan placed her free hand under
my balls and began to gently squeeze at the same
time as she was pumping me hard. Hearing this Kelly
and Lisa stepped out of their panties and, rushed
over to the bed. Lisa came up to me and began to
kiss me while Kelly ran round to the other side of
the bed and climbed up on the other side of me.
Having Kelly and Lisa kissing me helped me to keep
my orgasm going for a few seconds longer and when I
finally sat back on my heels Susan brought her head
round and down to my lap where she proceeded to
suck on my penis in an effort to drain the last few
drops from me.
As she was doing this Kelly and Lisa were kneeling
beside Jenny and Sandi gently rubbing at the pools
of my cum that had formed in the little valleys
of their bodies and spreading it all over them as
if it was body lotion. The sight of all this was
enough to give me another erection and as she had
it in her hand Susan was the first to notice it.
Holding on tight to my swelling manhood Susan sat
up and whispered in my ear "Are you hard enough to
fuck me please Uncle Jack, I'm so hot and ready
now... please..". kissing her I whispered "Turn
round and I'll fuck you from the back, now quick
before I have Lisa wanting some." With a huge grin
on her face Susan turned her back to me, got down
on her hands and knees and thrust her bottom up in
the air. Before anyone else knew what was happening
I thrust my swollen penis deep into Susan's pussy
and began to stroke it in and out of her wet
swollen sex. She was right, she was certainly hot
and ready for it and it took me just a few strokes
before she was crying out as an orgasm rippled
through her soft young body. The noise Susan made
was enough to bring the attention of Kelly and Lisa
as well as Jenny and Sandi to what we were doing.
As Susan collapsed slowly on to the bed I beckoned
to Kelly come closer and whispered to her to get
into the same position as Susan had been. Once more
it took me only a few moments to bring Kelly to a
climax she was so hot and ready and she too
collapsed on to the bed as she had an orgasm. By
this time I was feeling a little sore but as I
still had a reasonable erection I put my arms out
to Lisa as she knelt there watching Kelly laying on
the bed sighing with pleasure. Quickly Lisa turned
round and backed up 'til she felt my hands on her
hips. Thrusting her hand between her legs she
grasped my prick and guided it to her swollen pussy
lips "Quick Uncle Jack, fuck me before you go soft,
please don't go soft on me fuck me like you did
Susan and Kelly". As I knelt there thrusting my
hips at Lisa's rear she was almost in tears as she
felt my penis getting softer with each stroke. As I
was desperately trying to concentrate my thoughts
on keeping hard for Lisa's sake I felt a stirring
on the bed beside me. Opening my eyes I saw Jenny
and Sandi getting up and crawling across the bed
towards me and, placing themselves, one each side
of me they began to caress and kiss my body, Sandi
cupping my balls and Jenny whispering in my ear
"Please Jack, fuck my baby, make her cum like you
did the others, make her faint with ecstasy, fill
her with your wonderful cum". What did it I don't
know but from somewhere deep inside me there
appeared a surge of passion and I heard Lisa cry
out as she felt the sudden swelling of my penis as
it sat deep in her body. The feel of Jenny and
Sandi running their hands over my body and the
words Jenny whispered to me worked a magic and I
suddenly felt a pulse of semen surging through my
penis and into Lisa's soft warm vagina.*
Unable to control myself I released my hold on
Lisa's hips and as she fell forward on to the bed I
collapsed backwards pulling Jenny and Sandi down
with my, they were holding me so tightly. How long
I lay there I don't know. I do know that I woke up
some hours later sandwiched tight between Jenny and
Sandi and with the bedclothes neatly over us. I lay
there for a while remembering what had gone on the
previous evening and smiled as I got up to go to
the bathroom. I tried desperately not to disturb
Jenny or Sandi as I got up but as I crept back to
the bed and tried to get back between them Sandi
whispered "Jack, would you come and hold me in your
arms"? As I lay beside her she put her arms round
me and kissed me then, putting her lips close to me
ear she said in a soft low voice "I want to thank
you for a wonderful birthday Jack, I know you
wanted to make it one I'd always remember and you
did". She paused and took a deep breath "I've asked
Jenny if I can stay here permanently, if that's all
right with you I mean. I don't want to come between
you and her and if you think I will I'll move out
but I love you all so much I don't think I'll be
able to live without you, please Jack, say it's OK
for me to stay". I kissed her tenderly and pressed
her close to me as I looked over her shoulder where
I saw Jenny was awake and listening to what was
being said. I smiled and winked briefly at her and
she smiled back with a brief nod of her head.
"Sandi darling if you think you'll be able to take
a small share of me, remembering that it's Jenny
I'm married to, and bear in mind the situation
regarding Kelly, Lisa and Susan, if Jenny has said
it's OK for you to stay I guess I'd be a rotter to
say no. The thing is my dear will you be prepared
to share what love I have with the others without
getting jealous if I'm making love to one or two of
the girls or Jenny and not to you"? "I don't know
Jack, I just know that I don't want to be with any
other man but you. I never thought I'd ever get
near a man ever again but now, as I told Jenny last
night I'd do anything if only you let me stay
here". As I held her I could feel her gently
sobbing and before I could do or say anything Jenny
moved over and put her arms round us both "Stop
crying Sis, Jack's only joking, of course you can
stay here, he just wanted to make sure you
understood how hard it is for him with so many
women wanting his love. All we ask is that you do
the same as the girls and don't get too possessive
so we start arguing over who's having his
affection". Turning to Jenny, Sandi gave a little
sniffle and said in a subdued voice "Do you mean
that Sis, are you prepared to share Jack with me
and the girls and not get jealous"? "Sister mine,
if I didn't know that Jack loves me so much I might
be worried. The thing is I do know how much he
loves me. I also realise if it hadn't been for the
fact that he had made Kelly and Lisa fall in love
with him because he was so gentle and kind when he
first had sex with them I wouldn't have met and
then fallen in love with him myself. We'd never
have got married and had such a wonderful time
since". Jenny took a deep breath. "I also know that
what he did for Susan made everything else pale
into insignificance. That's why I asked him to try
to do the same for you. I asked him, and I may say
that I had to push him hard before he'd consider
doing it because he was married to me. It was only
because I asked him to do for my sister what he'd
already done for my daughter that he agreed to do
it. I knew there was a risk that you'd fall in love
with him, that's what happened with Susan after all
but I was prepared to take that risk for your sake.
There's nothing you or the girls could do to take
Jack away from me, so, as long as you're as
discrete as the girls, I'm sure we can get along
quite nicely as a family. So there". We all lay
there for a moment in complete silence 'til Sandi
said "WOW... what a family this is. OK Sis I
promise to be good, I won't blab about our love
lives, and I'll try my best not to get jealous. At
least I won't be jealous of you, I just don't know
if I'll be able to compete with those three young
beauties in the next room, that sort of competition
no woman needs". I kissed Sandi on the cheek "Sandi
dear take my advice and don't try to compete with
them, you'll never win, just learn to work with
them and you'll never be left out of what ever is
going on, now can I try to get a little more
shuteye, I still haven't recovered from last night.
I wonder how the girls are by the way"? Jenny sat
up, "I'll go and see darling, I'll also go and
make you an early morning cup of tea to help you
wake up". "No Sis, let me do that, you get back
into bed with Jack, I'm sure he'd like you to
himself even if it's for just a little while". As
Sandi walked across the bedroom to get a robe I
whispered "Your sister sure has got a nice rear
view". Jenny turned to me and kissed me, "As nice
as mine". She asked "Almost" I said "But then I
think you're perfect, coming or going".*
Some time later I was laying beside Jenny when
Sandi came in carrying a tray with cups of tea. As
we sat in bed with our tea Sandi said "I looked in
on the girls, they were all still sleeping like
babies, I didn't have the heart to wake them so I
let them sleep on. It's wonderful what a little
exercise will do isn't it"? "I know what it did
for me last night" I said "I can't even remember
getting into bed, let alone what the girls were
doing". Jenny and Sandi looked at each other and
smiled, I could tell they had something going on
between them "OK, what happened after you two
helped me with Lisa" I asked "That's the last thing
I can recall, did I do anything silly or did I just
go out like a light"? This cause Jenny and Sandi to
start laughing until Jenny said "Well Jack darling
let's just say you weren't fit for anything and
Sandi and I had to put you to bed like a baby,
though I must say I was rather proud of the way you
looked after the girls even if it was a struggle at
the end". I gave a rueful grin as I remembered how
I was fighting to keep my erection going "I know
what you mean, I almost didn't make it. I guess I'm
getting too old for nights like that especially if
they come too often". Putting my cup down I got out
of bed and grabbed my bath robe, "I don't know
about you two but I need a shower a shave and some
breakfast, see you downstairs in a while" and I
made my way to the bathroom where I got under a
nice hot shower jet and began to soap myself all
I was just washing the soap from my eyes when I
felt a pair of soft hands stroking my shoulders
"Can I help you with that Uncle Jack" I heard Lisa
say, and I turned round and opened my eyes just as
she put her arms round me, pressing herself up
tight to my naked body. Stretching herself up on
her tiptoes Lisa pressed her lips to mine then said
softly "Please let me wash you Uncle Jack, 'cos I
want to feel your strong body, and I want to thank
you properly for last night. I know it was Aunt
Sandi's day but I think it was wonderful of you to
do those things for Kelly Susan and me". I bent
down and kissed the top of her head as she was on
her knees washing my legs down. "To be honest my
dear I don't think there was any way I could have
resisted doing what I did after the show you and
Kelly put on for me and the way Sue helped me make
it so good for your Aunt Sandi. I must admit I was
struggling when it came to your turn but just
managed it with a little help from your mother and
your aunt, did you realise what they were doing to
me"? Lisa paused in what she was doing and looked
up at me as she smiled while shaking her head.
"Nope. I don't think I would have heard a bomb
going off at that moment" she said "I was
concentrating so hard on having an orgasm nothing
else mattered, and when it did happen I.. well to
be honest Uncle Jack, I just don't remember what
happened, I don't even remember getting into bed,
just waking up this morning in my own bed feeling
completely relaxed and in need of a shower". I
reached down and lifted her to her feet, gave her a
hug and said "Let's get dried and get down to
breakfast, I'm starving". As we walked into the
kitchen the smell of bacon filled the air and we
saw Sue at the stove and Kelly laying the table.
"Are mom and Aunt Sandi coming down yet Uncle Jack"
said Sue as she broke eggs in the frying pan, "I
hope they won't be long, breakfast is almost
ready". Lisa gave my arm a squeeze and said "I'll
go up and see them Sis, you just carry on if
they're not here in a few minutes" and she bounced
out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs. Kelly,
Sue and I were well into our meal before Jenny and
Sandi came to join us. "Where's Lisa"? I asked as
Jenny sat down beside me. "She decided she wanted
to get dressed before having breakfast, she won't
be long" said Jenny as she poured me a cup of
coffee. " I also think she wanted a few minutes on
her own, did you say anything to her this morning"?
"No" I said "At least nothing that would have
upset her, at least I don't think so. Why did she
say I had"? Jenny smiled and shook her head "No
darling, I just wondered that's all" and carried on
eating her breakfast. Half an hour later I was
sitting in my favourite chair in the den with a cup
of coffee and my paper when Sue and Kelly crept in
and both of them came and sat on my lap. Pushing
the newspaper to one side Sue threw her arms round
me and kissed me in her most sensual manner "That's
for last night Uncle Jack, it was wonderful what
you did for us, especially what you let me do for
Mom and Aunt Sandi". "Hey, my turn now". Said Kelly
as she pulled Sue off me and promptly took her
place. "Lisa was a rotter for getting to you in the
shower this morning Uncle Jack, especially as she
didn't tell us what she was going to do, still I've
got you now and I want to say thanks too, it really
made the night special, not just for Aunt Sandi but
for us girls too". Kelly was still kissing me when
Jenny came in to see if I wanted another cup of
coffee. "Hey get off my husband young lady" she
said, with a smile on her face "If you keep on like
this he'll be no good for anything, let him have a
rest, at least for a few minutes".*
Blushing fiercely Kelly leaped off my lap "Sorry
Aunt Jenny I was just saying thank you to him for
last night, I mean... he didn't have to do those
things for Lisa me and Susan did he, cos it was
Aunt Sandi's special night. It's just that he made
it special for us three too. I just wish you hadn't
married him some times 'cos if you hadn't I'd want
to" then she ran from the room before we could see
she was starting to cry. I got up from my chair and
gave Jenny a kiss. "I think she needs to talk this
thing out, shall I go and talk to her" I said.
Jenny shook her head "No darling let me do it. I
understand what she's going through right now"
About an hour later Kelly came up to me as I was
going into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and
put her arms round me. "Sorry about my outburst at
Aunt Jenny earlier Uncle Jack, I was just being a
jealous cat 'cos she married you before I could. I
won't do it again I promise". "That's all right
hon, so long as Aunt Jenny isn't upset that's all
I'm bothered about" and I kissed her lightly on her
forehead, spun her round and patted her gently on
the bottom. Back in the den I was again trying to
read my paper when Kelly and Lisa came bouncing in
"Have you seen Sue, Uncle Jack, we want to take her
down to the Mall to do some shopping, Mom's
treating us to some...." Lisa stopped what she was
saying as Kelly gave her a nudge in the ribs, "What
Lisa means Uncle Jack, is that we're going to meet
up with some friends from school, and want Sue to
come with us". "Sorry girls, I haven't seen Sue or
your mom for a while, have you tried upstairs"?
"I'll go and have a look Kel', no need for us both
to go up to find her" said Lisa, she slipped
through the door and I heard her running up the
stairs. A couple of minutes later she came back
into the den looking very flushed "Come on Kel',
Sue won't be joining us just yet, we'll have to
take her out later" she said breathlessly and
taking Kelly by the hand pulled her friend out of
the room. I thought nothing of it at the time but
about half an hour later I walked through to the
kitchen and saw Jenny and Sandi sitting at the
table with Susan sitting on Jenny's lap crying like
a baby. I stepped over to where Susan sat, placed a
gentle kiss on the top of her head and asked
"What's the matter babe, anything I can do"? Jenny
shook her head briefly and I saw out of the corner
of my eye that Sandi was blushing furiously.
Intrigued I sat beside Jenny and placed a hand on
Susan's arm, "Are you sure I can't do anything for
you my love, after all I have a much bigger
shoulder for you to cry on than your Mom". As I sat
back I heard Jenny whisper something to Sue and saw
her give a shake of her head, making Jenny look up
at Sandi. Just the look was sufficient for Sandi to
get whatever unspoken message Jenny was passing to
her and she stood up and walked out of the kitchen,
pausing at the door to beckon for me to join her as
she passed through to the hallway beyond. I glanced
at Jenny and she indicated with her head that I
should go with Sandi so, getting the cup of coffee
that I had come in for I followed Sandi, to find
her standing at the door to the den. I sat on the
sofa and Sandi sat herself beside me and I could
see that she was plainly embarrassed about
something. "OK Sandi, what has happened to get Sue
in the state she's in and have you blushing like a
virgin being touched for the first time"? This made
Sandi give a silent giggle and then look up me
"Promise you won't be mad Jack" she said quietly
"What's to be mad about, unless it's being kept in
the dark about something that has upset Sue and
possible Jenny" I responded "Is that what's
happened, if so what is it for crying out loud"?
Sandi took a deep, deep breath and blushed bright
red again "Well Jack, Lisa came up to find Sue to
take her to the Mall, walked into the girls bedroom
and found Sue and I on the bed kissing each others
pussies" she paused for a minute to see what my
reaction would be "Honest Jack it just sort of
happened, I went in to see if Sue was OK, we sat on
her bed and for the first time began to talk about
you and what had happened to the two of us. Then we
strayed on to the subject of how Jenny used to help
me out when I got in a state, you know, about
coming to help me to cum and things" I nodded and
gave a tiny smile "Well to be honest Jack, Sue
asked me to show her what Jenny and I did..... so I
said OK. We'd only been kissing for a couple of
minutes when Lisa walked in and screamed, I think
that's what upset Sue, she hasn't stopped crying
since. I'm sorry Jack, I guess I didn't think about
what I was doing, especially as it was my own
niece, I feel so bad about it I don't...." suddenly
she started to sob and I put my arms round her and
hugged her tight. "STOP.." I said firmly "You've
done nothing wrong, and nothing to be ashamed of,
especially in this family so I want no more tears
from you all right". Sandi sniffed and looked up,
giving me a chance to press my lips to her face and
kiss her tears away. "Now, you stay here and I'll
go and sort Susan out, don't move 'til I come back,
understand". *
Once more walking into the kitchen I smiled at
Jenny as she looked up and she smiled back at me.
"Jenny darling would you please take Sandi a cup of
coffee, I think she could do with it just now"
Jenny nodded as she gently pushed Sue off her lap
and helped her on to a chair "Of course Jack" she
said and as she stepped away from her daughter
Susan said in a frightened little voice "No Mom,
don't leave me please". Jenny smiled sweetly at Sue
and said softly "Uncle Jack won't hurt you darling
and Aunt Sandi is in the same state you are you
know, let me go and see how she is, I won't be
long" and she picked up the cup of coffee I had
poured and walked out of the kitchen. As soon as we
were alone I sat down, put my arms out to Sue and
hugged her tight as she came and sat on my lap.
"Now, you silly girl, tell me why you were crying,
did Aunt Sandi hurt you when you were making love,
girl to girl, or was it Lisa that did something to
you to make you cry". Sue sniffed and gave a little
sob as she said "No Uncle Jack, no one hurt me, I
felt so awful when Lisa found me with my head
between Aunt Sandi's legs and kissing her pussy I
just wanted to die when she screamed", "I wonder
why she screamed" I said, "Do you think it was
because she was jealous of you or mad because you
were doing something wrong". Susan looked at me a
bit sheepishly "Was it wrong Uncle Jack, I mean me
and Aunt Sandi doing what we were doing, after all
she is my aunt.. " I kissed her on the cheek "How
you can say something so silly after what you made
me do all over her AND your mother last night I
just don't understand" I said "If making me shoot a
huge load of cum over your aunt's naked body while
your sister and her friend are making an erotic
display of their bodies to me, your aunt and your
mother, is not considered wrong why on earth should
making love to the same aunt be any worse". I took
a deep breath and gently pushed off my lap to stand
in front of me. "What will be wrong, and what I'll
take great exception to is if you don't invite me
to join you next time" I said with a huge grin on
my face. "And I am sure that your sister might even
appreciate an invitation to join you and Aunt
Sandi, understand"? Sue stood there for a moment or
two then stepped up close, hitched up the front of
her skirt and sat on me, straddling my lap and
wrapping her arms round my neck and kissing me as
if I had been away for a month. "Do you really mean
it Uncle Jack, it wasn't wrong or dirty" I shook my
head and whispered "Not in this family darling, you
know that. It's very different however anywhere
else, if anybody found out you were sitting on my
lap like this and kissing me, let alone all the
things we've done together in the past, I'd end up
in prison for a very, very long time. That's why
your mother and I keep telling you that you must
never, ever talk about our love making to any of
your friends, not even your very best most special
friend in all the world that you tell all your
secrets to", I paused for a second and smiled
broadly "Who is she anyway, anyone I know"? Sue
shook her head briefly and a huge grim spread
across her beautiful young face "No Uncle Jack, I
don't think you've met her yet, and I don't think I
should let you because you're so good at getting
young girls to do things, you might want to get her
into bed with you". Before I could respond the door
opened and Jenny looked in "Everything all right in
here" she asked, "Yes Mom, Uncle Jack made
everything all right, can I take him upstairs and
thank him properly please". "Jenny if you don't do
something about this depraved young daughter of
yours I'll not be responsible for my actions, I'm
already of the opinion that she deserves a jolly
good spanking for upsetting you, and for being a
silly girl and upsetting her sister". Jenny smiled
at me and then at Susan, "I agree" she said "What
about you young lady, do you think this deserves a
spanking"? Sue suddenly looked scared "Not too hard
Mom, I don't want a punishment spanking" she paused
as she thought back to the last one she received
"If it's like the last one I got, then I do deserve
to be spanked, and I think Lisa and Aunt Sandi
should help Uncle Jack do it". Jenny put her arms
round Sue and me and kissed us both "I think that's
very mature of you my darling, I'll discuss how
we'll do it with Uncle Jack and you'll be given
your instructions just before you're to come down.
Now, as part of your punishment you'll spend the
rest of the day in your room, only coming out for
dinner, when you won't speak to any member of the
family, no matter what may be said, do you
understand"? Susan stood there, hung her head and
said quietly "Yes mother, I understand", she then
walked out of the kitchen glancing at me and giving
me a quick little grin unseen by Jenny, as she made
her way up to her bedroom to begin the 'punishment'
being imposed on her, something to which I am quite
sure she was looking forward with a good deal of
As I sat there finishing what was now a cold cup of
coffee Jenny came and sat on my lap, put her arms
round me and kissed me lovingly, "How on earth did
you get her from a frightened little girl caught in
a compromising situation, to a young woman agreeing
to be punished for upsetting her aunt and sister"?
she said. " I still don't understand this magic you
have over young women that lets you do anything you
want" she paused and smiled wickedly "Mind you I'm
very glad you can do it, life would be so ordinary
if you were ordinary my darling Jack". We sat there
for some time just wrapped in each others arms
until we were disturbed by Sandi entering the
kitchen. "Is Sue all right Jenny, where is she I
want to go and apologise for what happened". "Nope"
I said simply and Jenny slipped off my lap and took
Sandi back to the den to explain what had happened
and what would be happening later that evening. I
walked into the den just as Sandi cried out "No, I
can't do that Jenny, it's not right to punish Sue
for what happened, it wasn't her fault it was mine,
if anyone should be punished it should be me" I sat
down on the sofa beside Sandi and put my arm round
her, turning her to face me. "Now Sandi, can I just
explain something to you about what's going to
happen. First of all Susan is not being punished
for what happened, in fact she is not actually
being punished at all, right Jenny"? "That's right
darling" she responded. I continued "What you must
understand Sandi is that the spanking Sue will be
getting, with you and Lisa contributing your parts,
is not a punishment it's actually a reward for
being mature enough to understand how much she
upset you, Jenny and Lisa by her actions when she
was caught 'with her pants down', so to speak, and
no pun intended". I smiled at Sandi "To be honest
not only will Susan enjoy the spanking I'd not be
surprised if Lisa demands the same for upsetting
Sue and you by screaming when she caught the pair
of you". Sandi looked at me wide eyed and then
turned to her sister for confirmation of what I
said. Jenny just smiled and nodded. "That's right
Sis, if there's one thing all three of the girls
like is to be spanked by Jack, especially as it
usually ends up with him being no good for me on
the night it happens, you see he always ends up in
bed with whoever is feeling the flat of his hand".
"But Sis" said Sandi, "Doesn't it hurt you when
you're spanked, I know it did when he did it to me,
at least to start with" Jenny gave a gurgle of
amusement "Of course not" she responded "First off
it may sting a little for a few minutes but
definitely not hurt, secondly when we do it in the
Den it's just for fun in front of the fire where
it is warm and cosy and is usually followed by a
long gentle lovemaking session in front of the
fire." Jenny took her sister by the hand and kissed
her tenderly "I think it would be a good idea if
you and I had a good spanking one evening when the
girls are out, but we must plan it properly so he
has plenty of strength when it happens". "Can I go
and see Sue" asked Sandi when she had digested what
Jenny and I had been saying. "No darling" replied
Jenny "Being sent to her room and being forced to
be alone is all part of the 'punishment' or, if you
like, 'part of the game'. Susan understands that
and I think she'd be upset if you went in and
spoiled it for her, after all she's thinking about
Jack making love to her later rather than the
spanking she'll received first". Sandi grinned
widely "Hmmmm.. I can see how she'd get some
enjoyment out of those sorts of thoughts, I would
myself, OK Sis, I'll play along, so long as I
don't have to hurt her, but how do I know how hard
to actually spank her at the time"? I looked at
Jenny and raised my eyebrows, smiled and gave a nod
of my head. Jenny frowned for a moment then grinned
broadly as she understood my unspoken question.
"Now" she asked, and I replied "Why not, there's
nothing to disturb us for a few minutes" "OK" said
Jenny and stood up in front of me and pulled Sandi
up to stand beside her. Jenny kissed Sandi and said
quietly "Get undressed darling, quickly" and began
to strip off herself. As Jenny was pushing down her
panties Sandi suddenly understood what was going on
and quickly undressed herself, finishing the job as
Jenny was laying herself across my naked lap, me
having stripped off my pants and shorts. Sandi gave
a gasp as she saw Jenny lay herself on my erect
penis and pass her hand under my leg to take a
gentle hold of it. "Don't be naughty Jenny or I'll
spank you properly, now get ready" and I laid my
left hand on Jenny's neck to hold her down and my
right I brought down on to her bottom with a
resounding 'SMACK'. Sandi gave a little cry and
jumped at the noise my hand made as it came into
contact with Jenny's naked flesh and then said
"WOW" as she saw the dark pink hand print I left on
her buttocks. *
"Now Sandi, I want you to do the same, make a lot
of noise by ensuring the whole of your hand and
your fingers lands on her bottom at the same time,
do it as hard as you think might be right, Jenny
will tell you if it is too hard or too soft, OK"?
Sandi nodded silently and lifting her hand a few
inches above the target brought it down with a
Thwack. "Was that too hard Sis" said Sandi as she
looked down at Jenny. "No darling you can do it a
bit harder" Jenny replied. "Also, lift your hand a
bit higher" I put in and Sandi brought her hand
down a second time, this time making Jenny give a
little mewl as it landed. "That's perfect" I
whispered to Sandi, "Try to do some more just the
same only move the place your hand lands about a
bit so you cover the whole of her soft warm
cheeks". Six times Sandi brought her hand down on
her sisters naked bottom, and I could see that she
was getting as worked up as I knew Jenny was, I
could feel the moisture leaking from Jenny's pussy
and see some glistening between Sandi's legs.
Holding on to Sandi's hand I stopped her from
spanking Jenny any more and said gently "Time to
change places darling so I can show you how it
feels, and to give Jenny a chance to return the
favour, OK"? Sandi blushed for the second time
today but she also gave a quick nod of assent as
Jenny struggled to her feet, kissed Sandi and
helped her lay across my lap. As Sandi lay down she
giggled when she felt my hot throbbing penis
touched her tummy. "Does this always get in the
way" she asked smiling "That's NEVER in the way
darling" responded Jenny as she helped to position
my throbbing member to where Sandi was not going to
damage it. As she wriggled to get herself
comfortable I placed my hand on her neck and
pressed down hard, then landed a good hard slap on
her bottom. This took her by surprise and she
jumped and gave a squeak of pain. Jenny quickly
followed my hard slap with a number of more gentle
ones until she could see her sister beginning to
show signs of arousal. As Jenny was landing a last
few firm but tender blows on Sandi's buttocks I
slid my right hand up the inside of her thighs to
where I could slip my fingertips between the lips
of her sopping wet pussy.
Giving Jenny a gentle nod I put my hands under
Sandi's body, lifted her off my lap and placed her
on the floor so she was on her knees and elbows.
Quickly I moved to kneel between her feet and
shuffled up close to her exposed buttocks. As the
head of my penis touched Sandi's bottom Jenny
grasped it and guided the head between Sandi's
lower lips and into her vaginal passage. She then
lay down beside her sister and, moving her head
under Sandi's kissed her as I pounded away at her
cunt. As I was fucking Sandi Jenny placed her
fingertips to her sisters clit and began rubbing
furiously until Sandi suddenly gave a scream as an
orgasm tore through her body. Unable to contain
herself Jenny pushed her sister off to one side and
pulled me down on top of her, grasping my still
very rigid prick and guiding it into her own
sopping wet pussy. "Fuck me Jack, fill me with your
cum do it now, I'm cummmmiiinnnngg NOW". What made
my climax happen at the same moment was the feel of
Sandi's hand cupping by balls and gently squeezing
them as Jenny screamed out in ecstasy. As I lay
there on top of Jenny I felt Sandi lay on top of me
and rub her hard nippled breasts over my back as
she pushed my shirt up to my shoulders. We lay
there for some minutes as I tried to kiss away the
tears of joy forming in Jenny's eyes and running
down her cheeks. I eventually lifted myself and
Sandi off Jenny's body as I could see she was
having difficulty breathing. Sandi rolled off my
back and lay on the carpet beside her sister,
looking up at me in wonderment. "I see now why they
like to be punished, I reckon it's worth doing
something bad every day to end up like this" she
said quietly. I smiled down at her "That's all very
well darling but I think Jenny would rather have a
live husband for a little longer, doing this every
day to five gorgeous women would kill me in a
month, believe me". Jenny rolled on to her side and
smiled at Sandi, "Well Sis, want to punish your
niece this evening" she asked, "You can always go
to bed early and not bother, you know there's no
pressure to do anything you don't want to". Sandi
sat up and looked around for her clothes "Not on
your life sister mine, if you try to keep me away
tonight there'll be a riot. I want to see my
darling young niece have an orgasm, which if it's
as good as mine just now, will blow her mind".
Jenny also sat up and began casting around for her
skirt and blouse, "The thing is Sis, would you mind
if Jack concentrates on Sue and Lisa this evening,
after all you've just had an orgasm and if Jack has
to give you another one tonight he'll be worn out
for tomorrow". Sandi grinned like a little girl,
"OK Sis, I suppose if Sue and Lisa have their
wicked way with Jack tonight Kelly might also be in
for some as well"? Jenny and I both smiled at Sandi
as we sat there on the carpet still naked. "I knew
you'd understand darling" I said and kissed her
tenderly as I stood up.*
I was setting my shirt right when I heard the sound
of a slap and Jenny saying firmly "NO". I looked
down and there was Sandi looking very sheepish with
her lips a couple of inches away from my half erect
penis. "This sister of yours is insatiable Jenny
darling, where did she get it from I wonder". Jenny
got to her feet and kissed me on the cheek "She's
only doing what you've taught her my love, so you
only have yourself to blame" said Jenny as she put
on her skirt and blouse, leaving her underwear off,
I noticed. Sandi also stood up and dressed herself
the same saying "I don't think it's worth putting
on bra and panties now is it Sis"? Jenny shook her
head, "No darling, it'll be less to take off later,
with a little bit of luck" I'd just finished
fastening my pants and tucking my shirt in, and
Jenny and Sandi were standing with their underwear
in their hands when Kelly and Lisa walked into the
room. Kelly smiled and turned to Lisa, "I wonder if
we can guess what they've been doing while we've
been out, any idea Lis"? Lisa smiled at me "I just
have no idea what you mean Kel, I'm just too young
and innocent to understand grownup things, aren't
you". Before Kelly could reply I said "Yes, all
right you two little girls, sit yourselves down
Jenny has something to tell you and I'd like you to
concentrate, please". Kelly and Lisa sat on the
sofa and Jenny and Sandi sat on the chairs opposite
them as I walked out of the room to get myself a
drink to revive my flagging energy. When I returned
a few minutes later I saw the girls had big grins
spread all over their faces. Kelly looked up at me
as I stood beside Jenny and said appealingly "Me
too please Uncle Jack, I mean I know I'm not really
included but can I be last if you have the
strength, or shall I do something really wicked so
you have to spank me too". Perching on the arm of
the chair I looked at Sandi and, smiling said "I
told you so, didn't I". I looked back to Kelly and
gave her the sweetest smile I could as I put my arm
round Jenny and squeezed her arm "Well, Kelly I
don't think it right that you should push yourself
forward like this when it's really a family matter"
I said and immediately felt a real pig as I saw her
face drop and tears begin to well up in her eyes as
she looked down at her hands to hide them. Jenny
gave me a hard dig in the ribs with her elbow and
Lisa jumped up and said firmly "Don't be so horrid
Uncle Jack, that's an awful thing to say when Kelly
has been a part of this family since before you
married Mom". "Jack I think you should apologise to
Kelly for being so rotten to her" said Jenny as she
moved to kneel in front of the quietly sobbing
girl. "Why" I retorted "I didn't say she couldn't,
I only pointed out that she was pushing herself
forward" and stepped over to where Lisa and Jenny
were comforting Kelly. As I stood in front of her
Kelly stood up and stepped into my open arms,
thumping me on the chest and crying "Beast, Beast"
as I hugged her close and lowered my lips to hers
and kissed her tenderly. Lisa put her arms round us
both and kissed me on the cheek. "I think you're a
rotten beast as well Uncle Jack, and Kelly and I
will have to think up some form of punishment for
you, say Kel, how about if we keep our hands off
him for a whole week"? Before Kelly could answer I
heard Jenny and Sandi pipe up in unison "Yes please
girls, that'll give us more of a chance" and we all
ended up laughing. Jenny stood up and turned to
Sandi saying "How about if we get dinner ready
while Kelly and Lisa tell Jack all about their
shopping trip today" and the pair of them walked
out of the den leaving me with my two young lovers,
sitting, one on each side of me on the sofa, each
holding one of my hands on their breast as they
told me what they had been doing all afternoon. An
hour or so later we were sitting at the table
chatting away over our dinner with Susan perfectly
silent eating hers. When we had all finished Jenny
told Sue to return to her room until called for her
spanking. Kelly and Lisa cleared the table and did
the dishes while Jenny, Sandi and I had coffee in
the den and allowed our meal to go down while we
waited for the time we had set for Susan's

As we sat waiting for Kelly and Lisa to finish in
the kitchen Jenny turned to me and said "Jack
darling did I tell you that Trish' rang to ask if
she could come down for a couple of days next week.
It seems she needs to ask our advice about
something that she couldn't talk about on the
phone. I said yes, she'll be down late on Friday".
I just nodded my head and gave a brief "Hnn, OK".
Jenny and I knew what it was Trish' was coming
down for, although it was unusual that she should
be wanting advice about anything, still we'll see
what it was when she arrived at the end of the
week. Kelly and Lisa came into the den and Jenny
went to the foot of the stairs and called Sue down,
while we waited for her to come we prepared the
room, I sat on a hard dining type chair facing
Jenny Sandi and the girls who were sat on the sofa.
Susan came into the room and stood in front of
Jenny with her head hung down and her hands clasped
behind her back.*
Taking a deep breath Sue looked up at her mother
and said very quietly "I've come for my punishment
Mom" Jenny sat with a stern look on her face as she
said "You know why I'm having Uncle Jack punish you
don't you my darling" Sue nodded "Because I caused
Aunt Sandi and Lisa to be upset, because I was
being a silly girl about being seen making love".
Jenny gave a little smile as Sue spoke "Just so
long as it is understood that you are NOT being
punished for making love, just for upsetting your
aunt and your sister, now I'd like you to apologise
to them both and ask them to help Uncle Jack to
punish you". Knowing what was coming I was looking
at Lisa as Jenny was speaking. Her expression was a
sight to see, I think she was more surprised that
Sue when she grasped what she was being told to do.
With an almost maidenly blush on her cheeks Sue
stepped to stand in front of her Aunt Sandi and
said "Aunt Sandi I'm really sorry I caused you to
be upset, I was just being silly. Will you help
Uncle Jack to punish me please so that I don't do
it again". Sandi told me later that she spotted a
gleam in Susan's eye when she ask the question. "Of
course I will Susan darling, if that will make you
feel better". Sue then went and asked the same
thing of her sister saying "Sorry sis, I didn't
mean to scream like a baby, I was just being
stupid, will you spank me as well please, then I
know you've forgiven me". Lisa took her little
sisters hands, gave them a little squeeze and
nodded her head vigorously "You know I will
darling, and I'll try to make it good for you". As
Lisa dropped Susan's hands I called her over to
stand in front of me, "Take off your robe please
Sue darling". She looked at me and I saw a flush
come into her cheeks as she pulled at the tie of
her bathrobe which, when she shrugged it off her
shoulders proved to be her only piece of clothing.
Taking her by the hand I guided her round to my
side and, placing my hand on her naked bottom I
pressed her forward so that her knees were touching
my thigh. I slid my hand up her back and pressed
gently on her shoulder blades, glancing at me out
of the corner of her eye she gave a little smile as
she bent her body to lay across my lap. As she was
bending over I slipped off my shoulders and legs
the robe I was wearing so I was also naked. I was
struggling desperately to be as impersonal as
possible but as soon as Sue was laying, naked on my
lap I had such an erection that she must have been
feeling it pressing into her tummy. Forgoing
having her count the strokes she was receiving I
gave her five firm, but actually rather gentle
blows with my hand. I then called Sandi to give
hers. As Sandi was about to lift her hand to give
Sue the first of the five I told her to award I
stopped her saying "Sorry Sandi darling didn't
Jenny tell you, you have to be naked as well if
you're spanking a naked victim, would you undress
please". Sandi spun round to face her sister who
sat there smiling broadly and nodding "Sorry sis,
didn't I tell you about that rule, look Lisa's
getting ready". And sure enough Lisa was standing
there with Kelly helping her to undress. Jenny got
up and stepped close to Sandi "Come on sis I'll
help, but hurry or you'll miss your turn, it isn't
fair to keep Susan waiting all this time". Jenny
quickly stripped Sandi who then turned back and
knelt down beside Sue as she lay across my lap
"Sorry I took so long Susan darling but your mother
and step father have just stitched me up. I'll
speak to you later about getting my revenge, OK"
Sue turned to face her aunt and I could see her
smile broadly as she gave a single nod of her head,
she then turned her head towards me as Sandi began
to spank her the stipulated five times. Again I
noted that Sue was only receiving very gentle slaps
and, when Lisa came to kneel naked beside her
sister I whispered so only she and Sue could hear,
"A little harder than Aunt Sandi darling or I'll
have to do it very much harder". Lisa whispered to
Sue "you ready sis, I've got to be brutal or Uncle
Jack will and he's stronger than me, OK" Sue gave a
nod and I saw her screw up her face as she lay
there waiting for her sister to slap her hard.
Lisa's idea of hard was, however not mine and
although Sue did give little squeals of pain as
Lisa's hand landed I knew she was pretending. As
Lisa finished and stood up to return to her seat I
placed my hand on Susan's bottom and gently slipped
a finger between her legs to see how wet she was.
Very, was the verdict, and so to ensure that Sue
would remember the experience I gave her a final
five strokes that made her shout and jump as each
one landed. As she lay the across my lap Sue began
to cry softly and I began to caress her burning
buttocks. Ignoring the looks I was getting from the
audience I bent down and whispered to Sue "Are you
ready for your reward now darling, I want to sit
you on my hard throbbing penis and hold you tight
while you fuck me 'til I cum in your hot wet pussy,
are you ready my love". Sue turned her head and,
smiling through her tears said very quietly "Please
Uncle Jack I do so want to feel you inside me, do
it NOW".*
Very gently I lifted Sue off my lap and, making
sure she concentrated on me turned her to face me
and pulled her toward me, opening her legs with my
hands so she could straddle me, and pulling on her
bottom so she sat on my lap. As she lowered her
body I grasped the base of my cock and held it
upright so that she could wriggle her hips to
position herself over it's head and then press
herself down to engulf the full length in her hot
sopping wet love channel. As Sue pressed herself
down she kissed me and we both heard the gasps the
were sounded by the four onlookers. "WOW Uncle
Jack, that made them sit up and take notice didn't
it" whispered Sue as she began to work her hips on
my rigid prick, "So will this Uncle Jack, I'm going
to cum any second, I can't wait for you I've got to
do it now I'm CUMMMMIIINNGG" and her whisper turned
into a scream as she gripped my legs between her
thighs and tightened her grip on my neck with her
arms as her orgasm tore through her soft young
body. I held on to her for some time as she sat
there trembling in my arms. After a few minutes
Jenny came over and, with Sandi's help gently
lifted Sue off my lap, enabling me to stand up.
"Here" I said "Let me carry her up stairs for you,
then the two of you can look after her for a bit
while I take care of these two when I return". I
tenderly lifted Sue into my hands and carried her
to her own bed where Jenny and Sandi sat beside her
stroking her hands and arms. I quickly returned to
the den where I found Kelly and Lisa were now both
naked and had been taking advantage of my short
absence to help get each other ready for me. As I
shut the door behind me they broke off their kiss
and stood up to walk into my open arms. "OK my
darlings, I have a nice load of something here for
you that Sue was too fast to take, how do you want
it"? Lisa dropped to her knees in front of me and
took my softening penis in her hand "Want to share
this with me Kelly, there's plenty for two, then
maybe he can put it somewhere nice and warm after"?
Kelly grinned and knelt beside her friend as Lisa
began to suck my stiffening penis deep into her
mouth. After a few moments Kelly pulled Lisa from
me and took her place sucking hard at me while Lisa
was caressing and gently squeezing my swollen balls
in her cupped hands.
Due to the fucking Sue had been doing and the
excellent job Kelly was now doing on me I was very
soon groaning "Any time now girls I won't be long,
mind what you're doing, I'm cumming NOW" and at the
final word I began shooting wad after wad from my
pulsating prick as Kelly and Lisa put their cheeks
close together and aimed my throbbing member into
their open mouths, catching every drop as they put
their heads closer to me to catch the last dribble
on the tips of their outstretched tongues. As I
stood there for a couple of minutes gasping for
breath trying to recover from my orgasm Kelly and
Lisa stood up and took me in their arms and held me
close to their soft warm young bodies. Between them
Kelly and Lisa guided me over to the sofa and they
sat me down then turned me round to lay out full
length with Lisa kneeling at my head and Kelly by
my hips. With Lisa tenderly kissing me on the face
and lips, as well as whispering sensuously in my
ears, and Kelly gently caressing kissing and
sucking on my penis I soon had an erection which
Kelly showed to Lisa "I reckon you can make use of
this lover, but hurry 'cos I want some too and I
don't think he'll last too long after what he just
gave us". Lisa jumped up and straddled my hips,
bending down to kiss me as Kelly grasped hold of my
stiff prick and guided it into her friends lowering
pussy. As soon as Lisa had taken all of me into her
hot wet cunt she began to hump away as Kelly moved
up to my head and kissed me whilst whispering to me
as Lisa had done minutes before. Lisa had been
watching so much, and her part in spanking Sue had
aroused her so much that it took her only a few
minutes before she was also beginning to moan as
she got closer to her climax. Suddenly she screamed
out as her orgasm hit her and she collapsed on to
my chest, almost crushing Kelly who was kissing me
at the time. Quickly standing up Kelly pulled Lisa
off my body and let her fall on to the floor as she
rushed to replace her friend on my still stiff
member. This time though Kelly mounted me facing
my feet. As she began to work her hips so she got
as much friction on between my penis and her pussy
she turned her head and said in a husky voice "My
bottom Uncle Jack, please touch it, do something
with it, I want to feel you in my bottom as I fuck
you in my cunt please do it Uncle Jack, do it now".
I reached forward and ran my fingers around her
pussy lips, picking up as much moisture as I could,
then I put two fingers on Kelly's puckered anus and
slowly but firmly pressed them in to the first
knuckle. As she felt my fingers enter her anal
canal Kelly gave a loud scream as she felt her
orgasm rip through her. Giving a gasp she collapsed
forward to lay on my legs, pulling my fingers out
of her bottom as she did.*
Just as Kelly was screaming, and un-noticed by
Kelly, Lisa or myself, Jenny and Sandi walked into
the room. As Kelly collapsed on to my legs and I
lay back to get my breath back I heard a quiet
voice say "Now do you understand why I married
this guy sis"? And I opened my eyes to find Jenny
and Sandi leaning on the back of the sofa looking
down at where I lay with a breathless Kelly still
with my penis in her pussy and Lisa collapsed on
the floor beside us. "He sure is some man Jenny
darling, I do wonder why you take a chance with
these three sexy young things, if it was me I'd tie
him down so they couldn't run off with him". "Not a
chance" replied Jenny smiling at me "He knows
they're short term toys that will go and find some
young stud and then forget him except for
occasional prayers of thanks when they remember
what he taught them" Jenny sighed "I just wish I'd
had a teacher like this when I was their age, sex
would have been so much more FUN, rather than the
quick gropes I got as a sixteen year old". Jenny
walked round to the front of the sofa and very
gently rolled Kelly off me to lay beside Lisa on
the floor, she then lay on top of me and kissed me
tenderly and sensuously for some minutes, then
turned to look at her young sister. "Why do you
think I allow this Sis, not just because I know
Jack loves to have sex with teenage girls, and who
can blame him, but because I want my daughters to
grow up knowing all the things I never did, and to
understand that sex is something to be enjoyed when
it's done in a responsible manner". Jenny kissed me
once more and whispered "Jack darling I think you
should take Kelly and Lisa upstairs and the three
of you have a shower, then come down dressed ready
for bed and have a cup of coffee to help you revive
ready for Sandi and I in bed tonight". I looked at
her "You have to be kidding, who do you think I am,
Superman"? Sandi smiled and kissed me softly as I
stood up "No darling Jack, just a hunk that we want
to go to bed with so just do as you're told and
leave the rest to us, OK". "Yes ma'am, very good
ma'am, just as you say ma'am, to hear is to obey,
your word is my command, but don't be surprised if
I fall asleep before you get into bed with me will
you" I replied in a jokey voice and took Kelly and
Lisa in my arms and guided them up the stairs and
into the shower. As I turned the water jet on full
and quite cool Kelly and Lisa gave little squeals
of "Stop" until I turned up the temperature to
something more comfortable. As I stood there with
my arms round the girls under the shower I
couldn't help getting an erection thinking about
what I'd heard Jenny say to Sandi. No wonder I
loved the woman and she was right, I wouldn't leave
her for a teenage girl, not even three like I had
in the house now, they were transient beings no
matter what they said now about always being
faithful to me. I was more worried about that than
about the fact that soon some virile young guy
would be doing for then what I was doing now.
Giving Kelly and Lisa a good shake I managed to get
them to stand unsupported and got them washed then
dried off and sitting on the bathroom floor while I
showered and dried myself.
"Come on my dears it's time for an evening with the
adults, not an early night for little girls" and I
stood them up and helped them put on their bath
robes over their naked bodies. I was unable to
resist the temptation to kiss them tenderly and
caress their naked breasts as I helped then put
their robes on, this had the effect of reviving
them enough to walk unaided down to the den where
Jenny and Sandi were sitting waiting. "What took
you so long darlings" said Jenny as she poured my a
glass of beer from a can "We were beginning to
think they were having their wicked way with you
again Jack" said Sandi as she sipped hers. Kelly
smiled at Sandi "Not a chance Aunt Sandi, we're too
fu... sorry, too tired to do anything but go to
sleep, right Lis'"? Lisa smiled and nodded "Yeah
Kel' dead right, I don't know how he does it mom
but please don't swap Uncle Jack without letting me
know first he'll be wonderful even as a cast off".
She then lay her head on her mothers shoulder and
closed her eyes. Jenny shrugged her shoulder and
said "Come on baby, don't go to sleep just yet,
would you like a drink the same as we are having"?
Kelly and Lisa sat up, Lisa saying "What are you
drinking Mom"? "Oh, just a light beer, would you
like one, or do you want something stronger, like
they have at some parties you used to go to"? Kelly
laughed as Lisa turned bright red "That was ages
ago Uncle Jack" she cried out "Anyway it wasn't a
party, it was a bitching session that got out of
hand and made me feel bad. I felt worse when Paul
took me home and dumped me on the door step".
"Yahhh" cried Kelly "You never could hold your
booze Lis', look what I did the same night" and we
all began to laugh at the memories of that night
and since. All that is except Sandi who sat there
mystified, looking from one face to another. "All
right, will somebody please tell me what is so
funny, I hate not getting a joke".*
Lisa came and sat on Sandi's lap, put her arm round
her aunts neck, kissed her tenderly on the cheek
and said softly "That's the night Kelly and I got
drunk, well plastered actually, on Uncle Jack's
best booze, and then later when Kel' seduced him".
Kelly and Lisa giggled as Kelly said "And I haven't
touched a drop since, I guess I've found a better
way to drown my sorrows, not that I've had any
since then, isn't life wonderful when you have
someone to love, that loves you". "All right, stop
being morbid you two" put in Jenny, "Now do you
girls want to sit here and have a beer with us like
adults, or go to bed like good little girls". When
they had a glass of light beer in their hands Kelly
and Lisa came and sat on the floor in front of
Jenny and Sandi and I who were sitting in the sofa.
Lisa looked up at Jenny and said "Mom, why did you
ask us here like this" Jenny smiled and gently
caressed her daughters hair, "No reason darling, I
just thought it was time you were treated like
adults sometimes, instead of my little girl, after
all you are almost nineteen". Lisa sat up and
smiled across at Kelly and I saw her wink briefly
at her friend "Mom, when Kelly and I stop being
nineteen will we be thrown out on to the streets so
Uncle Jack can have room for some new teenage girls
in to replace us, 'cos we heard you tell Aunt Sandi
that he likes to have young girls in the house to
have sex with" I glanced at Kelly as she sat there
at my feet smiling at Jenny's discomfort as she
struggled to make sense of what her daughter was
saying "LISA, I didn't mean anything of the sort,
and well you know it. You know what I meant when I
said that to Aunt Sandi". "What did you mean Mom"
"Lisa, don't be cruel to your mother, you're fully
aware of the fact that you won't be asked to leave
the house just because you're no longer a teenager,
you might be asked to leave the house if you turn
into an objectionable teenager, and I'd take
upsetting your mother as being objectionable, get
my drift" I put in sternly. As Lisa sat there
looking and feeling slightly chastened Jenny put
her hand on mine and said "No Jack, what I said may
have seemed as if I was saying you only like
teenage girls, even if it wasn't what I meant. Lisa
darling I actually meant that it was wonderful to
have his interest in sex kept alive by you, Kelly
and your sister, many men get bored with having sex
with one woman and that's what makes many marriages
break down. It's also a bit of a coup, and one I
wish I could shout from the rooftops, that I
managed to take a guy away from two sexy young
girls, and have him marry me instead of one of
them. The fact that they still live in the same
house and still get to have sex with him on a
regular basis is neither here nor there as far as
I'm concerned". Lisa finished her drink and stood
up "Honest mom I was just joking" she blurted out
"I didn't mean to upset anyone ". Kelly stood up
beside her and whispered something in her ear. Lisa
turned to me and stepped up close to my feet "Why BEAST Uncle Jack, I thought you were
really telling me off then" I opened my knees
slightly so she could step a little closer, as she
did I ran my hand up the back of her leg and placed
it on her soft warm rounded bottom and gently
squeezed as I looked up at her. "It just goes to
show that you shouldn't read too much into what is
being said, especially when it's some one you love
seems to be saying something you think is horrid.
Now I think it's time for bed, do you want me to
come and tuck you in and tell you a bedtime story"?
Kelly and Lisa both cried out "Ooohh yes please
Uncle Jack" and dragged me to my feet and away to
their bedroom. Twenty minutes later I came back to
join Jenny and Sandi and as I sat between them
Jenny asked "Both asleep now" I nodded "Yes darling
they were absolutely shattered and went off like a
couple of babies, now what am I going to do with
you two for the rest of the night"? Jenny looked at
Sandi and smiled "Do you think he's offering us the
use of his body Sis."? She asked quietly "Sounds
like it to me Jenny, any idea what we can do with
it, I thought it was worn out earlier on, after all
Kelly and Lisa were doing all the work when we came
in weren't they"? "Hang on" I said as I sat upright
"What you seem to forget was that between them they
had already sucked me dry, they didn't give me a
chance to recover before they had me on this sofa
working on getting me hard again". "What like this"
said Jenny and pushed me over to lay back on the
sofa and as she dropped to kneel at my head, Sandi
did the same at my hips where they did what Kelly
and Lisa had been doing earlier. The effect was the
same and in a short space of time I was laying
there with a stiff penis and my wife sitting on it
using her hot wet pussy to bring herself to an
orgasm. It took no time at all and as she reached
her climax Jenny was pushed to one side as Sandi
took her place and did exactly the same with the
same result. As Sandi cried out that she was
cumming she slipped from my loins on to the floor
beside her sister and they lay there in each other
arms as I lay on the sofa getting my breath back.*
After a few minutes I dragged myself into a sitting
position and looked down at the pair of naked
bodies on the floor at my feet. I dropped to my
knees and bent over them, kissing each of them
tenderly. "Would you like me to call 911 and summon
help in getting you two to bed" I asked quietly.
Jenny opened her eyes and looked up at me "No
darling just leave us here, we'll be all right". I
kissed her again "Anything you say my love, good
night, I'll see you in the morning". As I put my
hand on the door handle I heard Jenny say "If you
leave me here like this Jack, I'll have your guts
for garters" and so I turned, leaned over the back
of the sofa and said quietly "Will you make up your
mind woman, I offered to get you upstairs and you
said no, then, when I say good night and leave you
where you want to be you threaten me, what's a guy
to do"? I sighed deeply and loudly "I never had
this trouble when I lived on my own, blasted women
can't make up their minds. When you offer to help
them they say no then when you leave them they moan
you're not helping 'em. I'd be better sleeping on
the floor I suppose that's where I'll end up,
mumble, mumble, mumble" as I leaned the looking at
Jenny and Sandi as they lay on the floor Sandi
opened her eyes and turned to Jenny and said
"What's Jack going on about Sis, I can't understand
him" Jenny sat up and leaned over to kiss Sandi
"Come on Sis, Jack wants to get us in bed with him,
it's either that or he leaves us here on the floor
and goes to bed on his own, what's your choice"?
Sandi frowned and tried to look as if she was
thinking "Errr... that's a hard one Sis, can I have
a couple of hours to think about it" "Surely" said
Jenny, "In the mean time I am going to let my
husband help me up the stairs and then I'm going to
wrap myself in his arms and go to sleep, would you
like to join me in doing that"? "Jenny darling,
that's an offer no sane woman would turn down. I'd
love to go to bed with you and your wonderful
husband, even if it only to get a good nights
sleep" getting quickly to her feet Sandi put out a
hand to Jenny and assisted her in rising. I walked
round the sofa and said softly "Would you like me
to carry you up to bed darling" Jenny smiled and
shook her head "No thanks my love I'll be OK once I
can get my balance, you knocked me for six there, I
didn't know where I was for a while, what happened"?

Putting one arm round her shoulders and my other
around her sisters I said to Jenny "I think it's
been the fact that every one has been waiting for
so long today for all that happened to actually
start we've all experienced a much better time than
usual. It just goes to show some things are
definitely worth waiting for". I gave her a gentle
squeeze "I think that's why Sue was so quick to
reach her climax, she'd been waiting for her
spanking most of the afternoon and evening, she
knew that once she'd been spanked she'd be making
love and as soon as she felt me inside her she was
almost there, it only took a kiss and a few strokes
and she was over the top". I hugged her again and
gave Sandi a squeeze too, "I think the same thing
happened to you, you'd been waiting all day, you
saw Sue, then Kelly and Lisa all have orgasms and
when it was your turn you went over the top as
quick as the others". "Hey" cried Sandi "What is
this, a psychology lesson, let's get to bed and
talk". Jenny laughed quietly as we reached the
landing. I kissed her gently and whispered "You get
into bed darling, I just want to see that Susan's
OK, I've been a little worried since she seems to
have passed out". Jenny smiled warmly and just
Very quietly I went into the girls room and, by the
light showing through the crack of the door crept
over to Susan's bed. As I bent over to see if she
was OK Sue opened her eyes and look at me as she
smiled very warmly. I gently sat on the edge of the
bed and whispered "Are you OK darling, I was
worried when you fainted" Sue put out her arms and
I bent down to allow her to hug me "No, Uncle Jack
there's nothing wrong, except I'm the luckiest girl
in the world to have a step father like you. I wish
I could tell the girls in school that make horrid
joke about wicked step fathers, they'd be SO
jealous, can I.... " I kissed lips to stop her in
mid sentence "Of course you can darling, if you
want me to go to prison for a very long time, all
you have to do is tell your best friend at school,
she'll tell hers and she'll tell her Mom, and
she'll tell...., get the idea my love" Sue smiled
resignedly "OK Uncle Jack, I get the idea, and I
promise I'll never tell anyone no matter what". I
kissed her tenderly and said "Thanks lover, now
kiss me good night, I want to get into bed with
your mother and get some sleep". A final tender
kiss and I closed the door very quietly and made my
way to bed. Seeing that Jenny and Sandi were
already sleeping I slipped under the covers next to
Jenny, put my arms round her and drifted off to


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