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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
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Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

The next morning we all over slept despite the fact
that being Monday, it meant school or work for all
of us. Sandi would be the last one to leave as she
was still only working part time. I forced myself
to concentrate on the job in hand and got through
the day quite comfortably. Even after the length of
time I had been married I was still the butt of
many jokes about having taken on an adult family
and being surrounded by so many females. "It must
be murder when you want to get to the bathroom in a
morning" one co-worker said, not for the first
time, as we sat having lunch "Not really" I
replied, with a wicked grin on my face "All I do is
take off the lock on the door then I can get in
anytime I want, if one of the women is in there I
just ignore them and do what I have to do". I
grinned even wider as I continued "It does get a
bit crowded in the shower sometimes, have you tried
to have a shower at the same time as a teenage
girl, believe me it's murder, all that smelly stuff
they throw around getting in your hair. It's a
wonder I don't come in smelling of a powder room
some times". All I get when I say this is "Yeah,
tell us about it" and "I can't believe that, your
wife would kill you, I know mine would". "Ah, well,
it's nice to dream anyway fellers, you can't blame
me for that can you". It just goes to show telling
the truth is always best, I usually end up with
them sympathising with me and my plight.
The week flew by. I don't know if it was because of
Trish' coming, I rather think not because to be
honest I'd forgotten about it until Friday evening
when Kelly asked "Do you want me to stay up 'til
Mom gets here tonight Aunt Jenny, she'll be very
late won't she"? "I don't think so darling, unless
you specially wanted to" Kelly shook her head and
as she did I thought she looked a little worried.
"Kelly" I said as she turned to go up to her room,
"Kelly darling is there something wrong, you look
worried about something". She turned back and said
quietly "No Uncle Jack, not really it's just..." I
put my arms round her and hugged her tight "Is it
something you can talk about to Aunt Jenny, or is
it something I can help with, I can go if you want
to talk to Aunt Jenny alone". Kelly kissed me
lightly and looked across to Jenny, "Can I ask you
something, both of you" Jenny pulled her down to
sit between us. "Now Kelly darling if there's
something you can't talk to us about then you have
a problem, now what is it you're worried about".
Kelly took a deep breath "Well, it's Mom, when she
gets me on our own in the morning I just know
she'll ask me if I took her advice about asking
Uncle Jack about, you know about BOYS. I don't want
to have to lie to her, I'm just afraid that if she
finds out the things we do she'll make me go home
with her and then get Uncle Jack put in prison for
rape or something, and you know I wouldn't want her
to do that Aunt Jenny, I'm so frightened of what
she'll do". As Jenny put her arms round Kelly she
burst into tears and lay there sobbing for some
time. When she eventually stopped sobbing Jenny
lifted her up and sat her back against the cushions
of the sofa. I turned to look at her, then Jenny
and then back to Kelly where I leaned forward and
tenderly kissed away all the tears that were still
on her cheeks. "It's very sweet of you to be
worried for my sake darling, and I know Aunt Jenny
will feel the same, but as you're over the age of
eighteen I won't be in that much trouble, except
that your mom might claim I was acting as your
guardian and as such would have breached the trust
she placed in me" I stopped for a moment as I
glanced over at Jenny. "There's also the fact that
she as good as told you to get me to have sex with
you if you could. I think that'll stop her if she
gets upset" Kelly sat there eyes wide open and a
smile appearing on her face. She turned to Jenny
who just smiled and nodded, then back to me and I
did the same, at which she threw her arms round my
neck and kissed me over and over again, eventually
turning to Jenny and gasping "Sorry Aunt Jenny, I
couldn't resist kissing him, he's wonderful isn't
he"? Jenny laughed as she responded "Yes Kelly I
know he is, and I have you to thank for it, so
don't apologise for kissing him when he's done
something nice for you, like last Sunday for
example". "WOW" gasped Kelly "Did you see what
happened Aunt Jenny" Jenny nodded "I sure did
darling, he did the same for me and Sandi after
you'd gone to bed, why do you think we slept in
late next morning". Kelly kissed Jenny and then me
once more and wished us a good night as she made
her way up to bed leaving Jenny and I together "You
tell the most wonderful stories darling, do you
think Trish' will accept what's been happening?".
"Sorry Jenny darling I just wanted to make her feel
better and stop worrying about what Trish' will say
when she finds out. Can you think of a good way to
tell her". Jenny nodded "I think I might just have
an idea" she said quietly.*
It was almost eleven when Trish' finally arrived,
and she was all apologies as Jenny and I helped her
in with her overnight bag. As I turned to close
and lock the front door Trish' hugged Jenny and
kissed her, she then turned and kissed me too.
Whilst I took Trish' into the den Jenny went to the
kitchen and poured us all some coffee which she
brought in on a tray. When we were sat down with
our drinks Trish' asked Jenny how Kelly had been.
"Kelly has been just wonderful Trish', we almost
don't know she's about, she does a lot of cooking,
Jack and I often get home from work and find that
Kelly and Lisa have cooked our evening meal, she
does the dishes with Lisa or Sue, and sometimes
with Sandi, my sister who's living with us now".
Jenny paused and grinned at the look on Trish's
face. "As for the way she treats Jack, you'd think
he was a magician the way he can get her to do
anything for him, Trish', you have a wonderful
daughter there which is why Jack and I don't mind
having her living with us as part of the family, we
both really mean that, don't we Jack"? All I could
do was nod my agreement as I sipped my coffee.
Trish' took a drink of coffee and looked up at
Jenny "Has she said anything about any trouble with
boys, I know she hasn't mentioned it to me when she
phones, I just thought she might have said
something to Lisa or you about who her boyfriend
might be, does she bring him home"? "Trish', why
don't you ask her in the morning, just go to bed
knowing that she has no problems on that side of
her life, if she had I'd make sure I tried to help
her and also that she speak to you". Giving a deep
sigh of relief Trish' finished her drink and went
with Jenny up to her room to go to bed. The next
morning Kelly came down to breakfast to find her
mother already at the table. "Hello Mom, have a
good trip down, did you sleep well"? She said as
she kissed Trish'. "Yes thank you darling but I was
ready for bed when I got here and had a good nights
sleep thank you very much, now darling we must have
a talk later please, what are you planning to do
this morning"? "Just going out for a while with
Lis' then coming back for lunch unless Aunt Jenny
has made plans to go out all together". Jenny shook
her head and smiled "OK Mom, I guess I'll see you
later, you ready Lis'"? And she bounced out of the
kitchen with Lisa and disappeared down the drive.
As we sat at the breakfast table I noticed that
Trish' appeared to be a bit uncomfortable and when
I asked her if she was OK she blushed and said
"Fine". After breakfast I took a cup of coffee into
the den to give Sandi and Sue a chance to clear the
table and do the dishes when Jenny came in and,
leaning over the back of my chair kissed my ear and
whispered "Could you do Trish' a favour please Jack
darling, it seems she's not had the courage to
shave her pussy since she was here last and she is
getting more sore every day as her fur grows, would
you do the honours please". I tilted my head back
and looked up at my lovely wife, "Of course
darling, will you be there as a chaperone"? Jenny
kissed me lovingly "Jack darling I'm quite sure
that I'd only get in the way of your shaving hand,
and I'm sure you don't need my assistance to help
Trish' get rid of the awful itch she also needs
scratching, in other words my love please feel free
to help Trish' out in any way she needs, you know
I'll not be in the least bit jealous".
Ten minutes later I was sitting on a small stool in
the bathroom with Trish' perched on the vanity
unit, her legs spread wide and here skirt up round
her waist. Having warmed her skin up with a hot
washcloth I gently applied a good coating of foam
with my brush and then slowly began to draw my
razor over her tender skin. When I'd finished with
her on the vanity I told her to stand with her arms
on the surface and her head laid on her arms. I
lifted her skirt up to lay across her back and
finished off removing what hair there was around
her puckered little rosehole. Once I'd finished
shaving her I wiped off all the excess shaving foam
and stood up saying "Hold on a second and I'll get
the baby oil, to finish the job properly" and I
planted a wet sloppy kiss on both her bottom
cheeks. Pouring a little warm baby oil into the
palm of my hand I stood with my hips just in front
of hers and faced her bottom, then I laid my oil
covered hands on her skin and slowly rubbed them
all over her buttocks. Gradually making the circles
I was drawing with my hands larger I began to
fleetingly touch Trish's wet swollen pussy lips
until I finally placed my right hand to cover her
cunt completely. Shifting my position so that I was
directly behind her I started to move my hand down
until my fingers were rubbing her clit. I then
placed the index finger of my other hand on her
rosehole, gently pressing it through the tight ring
of her anus until it slipped in past the second
knuckle. This made her gasp then give a moan of
pleasure as I bent over her back and whisper "Do
you want me to fuck you Trish''"? "Please Jack,
I've waited so long, please fuck me if Jenny won't
be upset".*
Giving her a gentle pat on the bottom I said
softly, "just hold still for a moment my love" and
I stood up and quickly tore open a foil wrapper and
slipped a condom on my erect and pulsating penis.
As I turned back to Trish' I said "How do you want
this Trish' darling, in your hot pussy or your
tight little bottom"? Trish' turned her head round
to look at me "Jack could you manage both please,
but my pussy first ". Placing a kiss on the base of
her spine I stood up and guided the head of my
prick to her dripping pussy lips. My condom covered
prick slid deep into her vagina and as she felt the
head touch her inside she began to work her bottom
back and forth in time with the motions of my own
hips. As she slammed back at me each time I pressed
forward I tried to get a hold of her clit so that I
could massage it while I was fucking her but I
couldn't because of her own movements. It didn't
matter anyway as within minutes of me entering her
she was screaming as she had an orgasm that tore
through her body like a tornado. As she stood there
bent over I had to put my arm under her body to
prevent her falling to her feet. As I grasped her
under her hips I pulled back a little so my penis
slipped from her cunt and grasping it with my left
hand placed the head at her anus and pressed hard
to drive deep it into her. As she felt my prick
enter her anus Trish' gave a scream partly of
surprise but also I think of a little pain as I
hadn't allowed her to relax before entering her.
Holding her tightly by the hips I pounded my rigid
prick in as deep as I could then pulled it out till
the head almost slipped free of her grasping rectal
muscles. On and on I drove until she once more
screamed, this time as a second orgasm ripped
through her body. I held her up with my arms round
her bent over body for a few moments then I allowed
her to slide to the bathroom floor and sit, leaning
against the vanity unit while I stripped myself of
my pants and shorts. As I stood there stripping off
the condom I'd worn I turned to the door which had
silently opened to allow Kelly to step in. Putting
her fingers to her lips she stepped up to me and
whispered "Will you let me finish you off please
Uncle Jack, I want to make you cum on my mom like
you did last time, Jenny told me you'd be doing
this when she sent me up just now" I smiled and
nodded as I looked down to where Trish' was leaning
on the cupboard door, her eyes closed and breathing
deeply. Very gently but firmly Kelly began to
masturbate me as I stood over her mother with my
throbbing penis aimed obscenely at the woman
collapsed on the floor at my feet. As she worked
her hand up and down the length of my pulsating
penis Kelly was kissing my back and whispering to
me so her mom couldn't hear "Come on Uncle Jack,
let me see you shoot your wonderful cum all over my
Mom like you do to me and Lisa when Sue is jerking
you off. Let me see it hit her on the face and her
titties, then I can go and lick her clean just like
Lisa does for me". As she whispered she passed her
free hand round my buttocks and cupped my balls in
her soft warn hands gently squeezing the in time
with the motion of her hands. Kelly was getting to
know my body so well that she knew I was close to a
climax and as she felt my semen begin to pulse
through my penis she said aloud "Are you ready Mom,
Uncle Jack is going to cum on you just as you like
it, it's cumming now Mom". As she heard the voice
Trish' took a second or so to realise who was
talking and as she opened her eyes she opened her
mouth as well and Kelly's aim was perfect because
the first glob of semen hit Trish' full in the
mouth, the rest falling on her chin and gradually
getting lower until finally Kelly had to kneel in
front of me and, taking my softening penis in her
mouth sucked the last few drops on to her tongue.
"KELLY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Trish' screamed as she
struggled to get up off the floor. "Jack what are
you doing to my daughter, you mustn't do that it's
not right, she's only a young girl she's not old
enough for a man yet, leave her alone or I'll tell
Jenny what you're doing". Very calmly Kelly got to
her feet, handed me my pants, adjusted her own
dress and took her mother by the hand saying "Uncle
Jack will you come into my bedroom when you've put
you pants on please, I want to explain to mom
what's happening". Two minutes later I was sitting
on Lisa's bed opposite Trish' and Kelly who were
sat on Kelly's bed. I could tell that Trish' was
upset, she was almost as angry as she was
embarrassed. "Now mom what was it you were saying
in the bathroom about what Uncle Jack had done to
me"? "Kelly darling I don't think it's a good idea
to be talking like this with Jack sitting there".
Said Trish' in a hushed voice. "I think you should
get your bags packed and we'll go home now and
never come back, I can't have you being forced to
do that sort of thing with your uncle, it's illegal
as well as obscene". *
Kelly gave a loud laugh as she stood up in front of
Trish'. "How can you say a thing like that mother,
it's so hypocritical of you. Just try to remember
what you were doing a few minutes before I came in"
she took a deep breath and continued "Not only had
you asked Uncle Jack to shave you in a very
intimate area, where by the way he shaves all of us
because like you we prefer to have a naked pussy,
you also asked him to have intercourse with you,
not just in the natural place but in an un-natural
place, again something he does for me because like
you mom I also enjoy having him cum in my bottom.
You also lay on the floor at his feet in as obscene
a position as I could imagine while your eldest
daughter masturbated him until he shot his semen
all over your body. And that mother dear is
something else we have in common because I really
love him to do the same, especially when I have my
special friend rub Uncle Jack's semen into my
breasts because it makes them feel so wonderful
afterwards. Have you tried that Mom, I think you
should". Trish' just sat there astounded at her
daughters outburst. "Another thing Mom, didn't you
say to me before you went home last time that I
should get Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny to help me if
I had any problems with boys" Trish' nodded dumbly
"Well mom let me tell you, neither Lisa nor I have
ANY problems with boys, we don't go out with boys,
we have nothing to do with boys. As soon as we
found out that all they wanted to do was get into
our panties and screw us we agreed that having
Uncle Jack love us was far better than some spotty
faced youth with his hormones out of control
getting one or other of us pregnant or suffering
from some nasty or even deadly disease. At least
Uncle Jack has never hurt us, except for when he
popped our anal cherries, and that was very
enjoyable the way he did it". Trish' looked at me
in surprise "Jack, just how long have you been
having sex with my daughter, and may I remind you,
your niece". "Hold on Mom, I'm NOT Uncle Jack's
niece, I'm aunt Meg's niece, you know, your sister
who divorced Uncle Jack after running away with
another guy with more money but less brains, I'm
not related to Uncle Jack in any way and all us
girls call him Uncle Jack so people don't get the
wrong idea about our relationship. It's worked all
this time please don't spoil it now mom because if
you do I'll never speak to you again, and I really
do mean that Mom". The way Trish' looked at Kelly
appeared to me that she was feeling proud at the
way her daughter was standing up to the problem she
was dealing with, I just sat there waiting to deal
with anything Kelly couldn't. "If you want to know
the truth mom it was me that tricked Uncle Jack
into making love to me the first time, I pretended
to be drunk and practically raped him in my bedroom
in his old house. The time he convinced you to
allow me to stay during the vacation was when we
started our affair in earnest". Before Trish' could
interrupt Kelly continued "I suppose I should also
tell you that it wasn't just me, it was Lisa as
well, we had a really hot threesome going for
months before Lisa slipped up and Aunt Jenny found
out. She came storming round to Uncle Jack's house
dragging Lisa behind her and threatening to set the
police on Uncle Jack". "The best part mom was that
two days later Aunt Jenny was in bed with Uncle
Jack, for the same reason he made love to you last
time you came, you remember when he shaved you and
you and Aunt Jenny enjoyed yourselves". Trish' had
the good grace to blush bright red as she was
reminded of that first session we had together. She
looked over to me and returned the smile she saw on
my face. "The thing is mom it was soon after that
meeting that Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny got married
but not before he'd helped Sue get over an
horrendous time". Kelly went on to describe in
detail how I had helped Sue enjoy sex and so on
ending up with "Not only that but when Aunt Jenny
asked him to do the same for Aunt Sandi and for the
same reason he did it. I suppose he enjoyed it, I
know he enjoys making love to Lisa, Susan and me,
but we also enjoy making love to him". "Don't
forget about why he made love to you tonight Mom,
because you needed it and he was willing to do as
Aunt Jenny asked him just because he's a wonderful
man and Aunt Jenny is a wonderful person as well.
If you spoil things for us all you'll not only ruin
your life but the lives of five other people, and
that doesn't include Uncle Jack who'll probably end
up in prison for a very long time". Taking a deep
breath Kelly came and sat down beside me, putting
her arms round me and kissing me, then sat up
demurely beside me and waited for her mothers
response to her tirade.
As I sat there with as blank a look on my face as
possible Trish' looked at me and said "Well Jack,
have you got anything to add to what Kelly's told
me, it seems you've got involved with five women
all of whom seem to be very deeply in love with
you, I must admit I feel the same myself but didn't
say anything in case I upset Jenny, it seems I was
wasting my time".*
"Kelly darling the first thing I must say is that
I'm sorry for shouting at you in the bathroom, if
I'd thought about it I'd have realised just how
erotic it could have been having you do what you
did, it was nice enough when I had Jenny with me
the first time, and if I'm lucky enough to have it
happen again, that is if am forgiven for what I
did, then I'd like you to be with me when I make
love to your Uncle Jack, all right". Kelly grinned
and nodded her head "It is great isn't it Mom, Lisa
and I love it". "Yes well, the second thing is,
Jack I must apologise to you for accusing you of
rape, that was totally uncalled for and I deserve
to be severely punished for saying it". Before she
could continue 'Trish was interrupted again by
Kelly. "Well we can do that too Mom, Uncle Jack is
an expert at spanking, what makes it so good is
that whoever is being punished always gets rewarded
afterwards be being allowed to make love to Uncle
Jack, you can't imagine how wonderful it is to make
love with your bottom burning from just having been
spanked with Uncle Jack's hand". Kelly gave a
little wriggle as she described this to her mother.
'Trish stood up, unconcerned that she was covered
with the stains where my semen had landed on her
face and upper body, including her blouse. "It
seems to me that I'm a good deal behind the times
when it comes to teaching my daughter about the
facts of life, Kelly is there anything that you
haven't learned about since you have been living
here". Kelly smiled "No Mom, I don't think so, the
thing is Mom, I haven't just learned about sex, I
could have read a book and found out about the
mechanics of intercourse and so on. What Uncle Jack
has taught me.. well us because Lisa and Sue are
included, he's taught us about something more
important and that is about love and how to see the
difference between love and sex. That's why Lisa
and I don't go out with boys yet because we haven't
found one that we can love. That's why we stick to
Uncle Jack, we love him and he loves us, and Aunt
Jenny knows and approves of it all, you ask her".
"Kelly would you mind if I had a word with Uncle
Jack alone please, I won't be long".
I stood up and spoke for almost the first time
during the session "Look Trish' why don't you come
and have a shower and I'll talk to you at the same
time, unless you're too shy to be naked in the
shower with me looking on" "Good idea Mom, then I
can go and help Aunt Jenny get lunch ready." As
Trish' undressed and stepped under the shower I
stood up close and asked "What is it you want to
say Trish' darling, not that you're still mad,
after the dressing down Kelly just gave you. I'm
surprised you're not on your knees begging her
forgiveness, she'd make a great attorney wouldn't
she?" "Jack, I'm so sorry for the things I said in
there, I was just so shocked at what had happened I
didn't know where to hide my face when I saw Kelly
holding your penis and aiming it at my face, and
the fact that you were enjoying it so much made me
so mad. And yes, Kelly would make a great debater
and I would love her to go and study law but I must
speak to Jenny before I do anything else, could you
pass me a towel please Jack so I can get dried and
dressed". I handed her a fresh towel and, as she
stepped out of the shower I took her in my arms and
kissed her as sensuously as I could. "Next time I
make love to you I want Kelly to make it three, all
right"? Trish' kissed me back and whispered "Yes
Jack, I'd love that to happen, but I'd also like to
make love to you and Jenny first to say thank you
for what you've done for Kelly, she's so mature I
can't believe what I see, I could never have done
it on my own, I hope Frankie turns out half as
Trish' got dressed in clean clothes and followed on
behind me to sit down and eat lunch with the rest
of the family. As I had some shopping to do I asked
if anyone wanted to come with me and Sandi and Sue
said they'd join me. As we drove to the centre of
town Sandi asked me if everything was OK, as I'd
been upstairs with Kelly and Trish' for so long
"Not a problem lover, Kelly made a great job of
convincing Trish' that she shouldn't call the
police and have me arrested for rape, mainly
because I'd just made love to 'Trish, twice, and
she'd lain on the floor while Kelly jerked me off
all over her naked, or at least half naked, mother.
Seeing the position she was in the lady conceded
defeat and asked to join our little menage at some
time in the future. In short, Trish' now agrees
with what we've been doing and wants a piece of the
action, at least I think that's what she'll be
asking Jenny this afternoon which is why I decided
to get out of the way and let the boss sort things
out". This made Sandi and Sue laugh with me as
they saw I was joking about a serious subject. "The
main thing is Trish' won't be taking Kelly out of
university and back home" I said as I pulled into a
parking space and shut off the engine.*
The walk from the car to the Mall only took a few
minutes during which Sandi and Sue slipped their
arms through mine and pressed their bodies close as
we walked along. It was the same all the time we
were out, unless either of them were actually
spending money or sitting on a chair, like when we
stopped for coffee, they hung on tight to me. It
was obvious that they'd worked out a plan of action
before we left home because I was never on my own,
if Sandi went into a store, Sue would stand outside
with her arm round me, and the same if Sue left for
any reason Sandi would be hugging me tight. Now,
I'm a pretty observant sort of guy and I soon
noticed I was getting some strange looks from some
of the guys passing by, especially when Sandi was
holding on tight to me. When Sue was with me it was
some of the teenage boys that noticed us, could it
be they were jealous, and was this the reason Sue
had talked Sandi into getting me to escort them in
the first place, I'd have to think about asking
some very pointed questions before long. As it was,
I do have to admit to a distinct feeling of
superiority, and not a little pride at being seen
out in the company of a beautiful young woman and
an equally beautiful teenage girl. The fact that
they were both regular bedfellows made me feel even
better, if only some of the male onlookers knew.
The thoughts that were working their way through my
mind were beginning to give me an erection,
something that Sandi noticed as she walked towards
the place Sue and I were standing waiting for her
to come out of a store. As she stood there close to
Sue and I Sandi whispered "Sue darling, I think we
better get Uncle Jack home as soon as possible,
something is getting aroused, haven't you noticed"?
Sue glanced down at my groin and giggled, "No Aunt
Sandi I suppose I've been standing too close to see
that growing, what brought that on Uncle Jack, was
it Aunt Sandi walking away and then towards you, or
was it me touching you"? Not wanting to boost their
ego's too much I muttered "Neither, I was just
thinking about Trish', that's all, why, are you
jealous now"? Sue pressed her breast on to the arm
she was holding and, looking up into my eyes said
softly "No Uncle Jack, I'm not jealous of Kelly's
Mom, I'm not jealous of any woman you might have
sex with to be honest, I know you love me and you
know I love you and you've taught Kelly Lisa and
me that there is a difference". I bent and placed a
quick kiss on the top of her head as we walked
along through the Mall window shopping, as I did so
I felt Sandi give my other arm a squeeze. I turned
to face her and saw her smiling sweetly at me, but
with a strange look in her eyes. "Are you OK
Sandi"? I asked softly, she nodded her head and,
putting her arm round my waist leaned close and
kissed me on the cheek. "Yes Jack, I'm OK thanks, I
was just thinking about what you've done to Sue".
"What have I done" I asked, "Nothing bad I hope, do
you think I've corrupted her or something"? Sandi
gave me a non too gentle thump in the ribs with her
spare fist, "Don't be an ass, Jack, you know what I
mean, I know dozens of mothers who'd be glad to
have a sixteen your old daughter who was as well
adjusted as Sue, especially when you consider.." I
gave her a nudge with my elbow. "Yes, all right no
need to go into details, I didn't do all that
much". Sue pressed up close to me "Yes you did
Uncle Jack, stop being modest and please don't talk
about me as if I'm not here, it makes me blush".
"Well it's true" hissed Sandi to Sue in a forced
whisper, "I know" hissed Sue in reply "But he
doesn't like me to talk about it or even thank him,
why do you think I want to keep making...." here I
nudged Sue quite firmly as I stopped dead, drew
them both close and whispered "What are you trying
to do, talking like this in public, get me arrested
and jailed, please be a little more discrete girls,
or I won't come out with you again". "Sorry Uncle
Jack" "Sorry Jack" they said in unison, and giving
their arms a gently squeeze to show I forgave them
continued on our stroll around the Mall. When we
got to the main atrium Sue spotted some of her
school friends sitting with paper cups of coke,
chatting nineteen to the dozen as young girls will
do when in a crowd. "Can I go and get a coke and
see my friends please Uncle Jack, I won't be too
long", I dipped my hand in my pocket to pull out
some change and handed it to her saying "OK,
darling, Aunt Sandi and I will be in the coffee
shop yonder". In the coffee shop we found a booth
that face the front so we could see what was going
on outside. It wasn't long before Sue was sitting
with her head down amongst the rest of the girls.
Noticing how some of the girls would occasionally
look up to where we were sitting Sandi said quietly
"I reckon you're the topic of discussion over there
Jack". I smiled at her and replied "I sincerely
hope Sue will be discrete and not let the cat out
of the bag" Sandi leaned close and gave me a gentle
kiss on the cheek "I don't think you need worry
Jack darling, I told you earlier Sue is the most
responsible young girl I know".*
I looked at Sandi and smiled "Yeah, I know darling
but I do worry sometimes that something might slip
out, inadvertently like. Not for myself, you
understand, I'm more worried what it would do to
Jenny and the rest of you". I took a breath "It
would be devastating for Sue to be know to be the
victim of a family abuser, which is what I'd be
classed as by the law. The thing is, I don't want
her to have the same worry each time we come close
or get intimate, that would be more devastating to
her state of mind, especially after what happened
earlier". "Just shows you what an ass the law is"
said Sandi, "You cured her and could go to jail for
the same offence those bastards that attacked her,
yet they almost destroyed her life and you rebuilt
it, GOD, it makes me so mad when I think how bad I
felt all those years, almost blaming myself for
what those animals did to me. I'm just so glad
Kelly and Lisa found you". I leaned close and
kissed her lightly on the cheek, just as I noticed
Susan's friends were all looking up, "Come on
lover, don't get maudlin on me, you'll be crying
before long if you keep that up and think what that
will do to my rep." Sandi looked over to where Sue
was sitting with her friends, "It looks to me like
you're getting one Jack darling, I reckon your
step-daughter is telling them who we are, I think
the time has come to take that young lady home
before she starts bragging about what a hunk you
are, as well as what a stud". We were still
laughing lightly as we came out into the open and
Sandi called over to Sue that we had to leave. As
Sue got up to come over to us so did some of her
girl friends, giggling whilst they approached us.
As they got closer I heard one girl say quietly
"Gee Sue, I wish I had a step-father like that, can
we swap for a week or two"? "No way"! Replied Sue
"He's much too good to let you have your hands on
him" and she and her friend blushed as they saw I'd
overheard them. As Sue came close and put her arm
in mine I said "I hope you're not gossiping about
me too much Susan, I don't want all my secrets
known, do I"? Sue giggled "No Uncle Jack, I was
just telling my friends how great it is to have a
step-father like you, instead of one like some of
our friends have". I frowned sagely and nodded
wisely then replied, "But have you told them about
all the times I beat you and make you work like a
slave in the kitchen, and send you to bed with no
supper when you're naughty", all of which was of
course true in the literal sense but luckily Sue
realised I was playing to the audience as she
replied, "No Uncle Jack, I was too ashamed to admit
my mom married a wife and child beater, you know I
always try to hide my bruises and black-eyes when I
go to school, especially when we have gym". Since
all of her school friends knew she never missed gym
classes or games, these being two of her favourite
subjects, and the fact that she was wearing clothes
that could not possibly hide such injuries they all
started to laugh with us, with Sue shaking at my
arm and saying "You are an awful fibber Uncle Jack,
you never treated me or Lisa like that" and turning
to her friends said aloud "Honest, guys, he really
is a great step-father, isn't her Aunt Sandi"?
Sandi smiled at the crowd of girls round us and
said gently "He sure is Sue, and he's a great
brother-in-law as well, but if we don't get him
home soon your mom will kill us for missing lunch,
so say g'bye to your friends and let's go home".
Giving them a wave Sue said goodbye to her girl
friends and we made our way back to the car and
headed for home. On the way Sandi turned to Sue as
she sat in the back and said "What were you saying
about Uncle Jack to your friends Sue darling,
nothing too revealing I hope". Sue smiled "No
honest Aunt Sandi, one of them asked who you were
and I told them, then Jane told me her step-father
was awful to her brother and her sometimes, and she
said she hated him, she's the one that asked if we
could swap" she replied with a giggle, "Mind you,
they all said that he looks nice and comfy, and
that they would love to be able to sit on his lap
when they felt down". Sandi and Sue laughed at the
thought of a teenage girl sitting on my lap and Sue
said quietly "I don't think I'd trust any of them
to keep their hands off him Aunt Sandi, and I'm
sure Uncle Jack wouldn't be able to keep his hands
off them when he found they were willing for you
know what". "Just you remember that young lady" I
interrupted, "I have enough to cope with without
you bringing any of your horny school friends into
the house, and I don't think your mother would
approve of this conversation so let's not mention
it again shall we". Sandi looked at me, then winked
at Sue and said "Yes master, we will obey" in her
best 'Jeannie' impersonation, making Sue laugh as
she leaned forward to kiss me on the back of my
neck and said "OK Uncle Jack, I promise, so long as
I can make love to you tonight with Aunt Sandi" I
gave a short sharp laugh myself "All that's likely
to get you is another spanking young lady, you know
my opinion of blackmail". "Ooohh.. please" Sue
whispered as I turned into the driveway.*
Allowing Sandi and Sue to get out of the car I put
it away in the garage as I wasn't intending to use
it again that evening, I then made my way to the
bathroom to wash up before I sat down to have
lunch. As I came out Jenny called to me from the
bedroom. As I entered I saw Trish' sitting on the
bed with her, they had obviously been have a good
old heart to heart. I kissed Jenny passionately
and Trish' friendly as I pulled up a chair and sat
facing them. "OK, girls what's the problem, I can
see there is one so let's not beat about the bush,
I'm hungry"? "See why I married him Trish'" said
Jenny, "Yeah, I often wish I'd found him before
Meg". "I don't" I responded, bringing a gasp of
astonishment from Jenny and Trish', "What can you
mean Jack"? Said Jenny as I sat there looking at
the pair of them. "If you want me to be honest.."
they nodded. "Kelly" I said simply and they both
burst out laughing as the full meaning of what I
had implied in that single word hit them. "The
thing is Jack..." began Trish', Jenny put a hand on
Trish's arm to silence her "Jack, if I asked you to
do something a little bit outrageous, would you do
it for me"? She said quietly as she looked at me
seriously. "What, like go and stand naked in the
middle of main street" I joked. "No darling, it's
something much more serious than that, it's
something you've done before for me, that I swore
to myself I wouldn't ask you to do again unless it
was really necessary". Although I was looking at
Jenny while she was speaking I could see that
Trish' was wriggling uncomfortably and I glanced at
her out of the corner of my eye and saw she was
blushing. "Jenny.. " she began to say. Jenny
squeezed her arm and smiled at her "It's OK
Trish'". "The thing is Jack darling Trish' has a
problem with Kelly's younger sister". I looked at
Trish' and said gently "What sort of problem Trish'
darling, lot's of boy trouble, missing panties and
stained clothing" I said jokingly. This made Trish'
smile "I wish it was that Jack, but it's just the
opposite, she doesn't go out with boys, or girls
for that matter, she never goes to parties and just
sits at home in her room, or in front of the tv in
the lounge. She never talks to me, no matter what I
try. The thing is Jack I don't want to have to send
her to a psychiatrist if I don't need to". Trish'
took a deep breath but Jenny interrupted and said
"Darling I was wondering if we could try the Uncle
Jack therapy before anything else". I sat there for
a couple of minutes, thinking furiously. "Trish' as
Kelly is just past eighteen, can I assume her
younger sister is perhaps just past sixteen, or is
she even younger"? "Almost seventeen Jack" admitted
Trish'. "She's the same age, to within a week, as
Sue" put in Jenny as I sat there in wonder at what
was being proposed. I stood up and replaced the
chair against the wall, then turned back to Jenny
and Trish', "Look, let me think about something
over lunch, I won't say NO, I just want to think
out an idea I have had, and we'll have another
chat after we have eaten, OK"? They both stood up
and put their arms round me and kissed me. "Thank
you Jack" said Trish' as she walked out of the
bedroom, Jenny kissed me lovingly "I'm sorry to ask
it of you Jack darling, but Trish' was so worried,
she broke down just after you went out with Sandi
and Sue". I kissed her once more, "OK my love let's
go and have lunch".
The general silence over lunch was unusual but
didn't stop Sue and Sandi telling Kelly and Lisa
about me being embarrassed by Susan's friends in
the Mall. "You didn't tell them..." whispered Lisa,
Sue shook her head vigorously, "No Sis., what do
you think I am, I don't want Uncle Jack to go to
prison for being naughty with me, 'though why
people say it's naughty when it's really SO nice I
can never understand" and Kelly, Lisa and Susan
broke out in a fit of the giggles. The way they
talked so openly about sex was making Trish' feel
uncomfortable so I looked at her and Jenny and said
softly "I do it my way, OK"? Trish' smiled and
nodded, as did Jenny. As I got up from the table I
whispered to Kelly that I wanted to see her in the
den as soon as she was finished at the table. I'd
only been sitting there, still working out what I
was going to do about Kelly's sister when she came
in and sat beside me on the sofa. Trish' followed
close behind her and as she came to stand beside me
she whispered loudly "Jack, what are you doing"? I
stood up, took her in my arms and kissed her
tenderly, "Trish' darling you asked for my help,
will you now trust me to do it my way"? Trish'
looked down at her daughter sitting on the sofa and
then back at me and nodded briefly and, giving me a
passionate kiss smiled at Kelly and left us alone.
I sat on the sofa making myself comfortable in the
corner formed by the arm and the back, and padded
with soft cushions. I put my arm out to Kelly and
said "Come here darling I have something to ask you
that is difficult because it might get you in
trouble, which is something you know I try very
hard to avoid. The thing is darling I think I
really do need your help". *
As Kelly came and snuggled up close to me she said,
into my chest "What's the matter Uncle Jack, is mom
in trouble or something"? I kissed the top of her
head, "No darling at least not directly. Look Kelly
you know all about what happened to Sue, and you
know how we managed to get her to forget what
happened" I paused as Kelly lifted her face to look
up at me and pay attention to what I was saying. I
looked down at her and continued, "I have an awful
feeling something similar has happened to your
sister". "What, to Frankie?" She cried out,
"When?" I shook my head "I don't know, all I know
is what your mom told me that she's been withdrawn
for some time, doesn't go out with friends, boy or
girl, and just sits around at home watching TV.
Now, I don't know if that's normal for her, I know
it's not normal for most sixteen year olds, that's
why I'm asking your advice before I do anything".
Kelly looked at me, having sat upright, and I could
see she was looking serious. "But Frankie was
always going out, she got grounded time after time
for staying out late with loads of boys, I'd have
thought mom would have had a problem with that
rather than anything else". Kelly frowned for a
moment or two "Uncle Jack, if Frankie is like you
say I think there is something wrong". I took her
hand and squeezed it reassuringly "Look darling
don't worry about it, what I'm going to suggest is
that your mom brings Frankie down for a long
weekend next week. What I want you to do is to have
a good old sister to sister chat to see if you can
find out what's wrong. Would you do that"?
Kelly shifted herself over to sit on my lap and,
putting her arms round me kissed me passionately
"Of course I will Uncle Jack, I hate to think that
Frankie would be frightened of making out because
of some rough teenagers". "Don't jump to
conclusions my dear, it may not be that, it may be
something simple, or something far more serious,
we'll have to see". As Kelly got off my lap she
stood in front of me and said "Can I talk to Lisa
and Sue about it Uncle Jack, I mean they know how
you made Sue get better"? I nodded "OK, but don't
tell your mom you're going to do that just yet, not
unless she asks, OK"? A little later Jenny and
Trish' joined me in the den, bringing a much needed
cup of coffee with them. As I sat sipping my drink
Trish' asked what I had talked to Kelly about "The
thing is Jack, I didn't want to upset Kelly by
telling her that her sister wasn't well". "Trish'
darling the last thing I'd ever do is tell you how
to bring up your children, but I would suggest you
treat Kelly as a young woman, not as a school girl.
After all, do you know of a grown woman that would
be able to handle the complicated relationship we
have in this family, without screwing up (no pun
intended darling, honest) in the worst possible
way"? "He's got you there Trish' baby" laughed
Jenny, and Trish' put up her hands in surrender.
"Look, what I've asked Kelly to do is to see if she
can get Frankie to talk to her when you bring her
down next weekend, if that's all right with Jenny!?
I said questioningly at my wife. "Sounds like a
good idea to me" she agreed. "OK, what I suggest is
that we put Frankie to sleep in the same bed as
Kelly, and Sue can sleep with Lisa, that way with a
bit of luck Frankie will relax enough to talk about
her problems, how does that sound"? Trish' laughed
"Why didn't I think of that, it's so simple". "Just
wait girls, we don't know if it'll work yet, let's
wait 'til next weekend, now what's the next problem
to be sorted out"? Jenny sat on my lap and, kissing
me most sensuously whispered "Trish' is so tense
darling do you think you could help her out please,
as a special favour to me, you know something
gentle but different from the norm"? "Will you join
us my love"? I whispered back. Jenny put her lips
very close to my ear, "No but I might send Kelly
when you're half way through, how does that sound"?
"You really do like Trish' don't you" I said
quietly and Jenny nodded "Yes darling I do, that's
why I can ask you to help her over this difficult
period, just be very loving towards her please
Jack, I think she needs that more than anything
else just now". When Jenny had vacated her seat on
my lap I got up and put my hand out to Trish',
"Come with me Trish' dear, I want to have a quiet
talk about some details while they're fresh in my
mind". Trish' took my hand and pulled herself up,
falling into my arms as she did so "Thank you Jack"
she said and kissed me, then turned to Jenny and
said softly "Sorry Jenny I couldn't resist kissing
him, you don't mind do you, under the
circumstances". Jenny laughed "Trish' darling under
the circumstances, of course not, kiss him and
thank him all you want, I'll not be in the least
bit concerned, now go up stairs and see what he
wants to talk about". Trish' and I made our way up
to mine and Jenny's bedroom and I made a point of
closing the door firmly as I took Trish' in my arms
and said lovingly "Now ,come here to me, you're so
tense, I really must do something to relax you".*
Switching off the main light I turned on two small
table lamps that gave a soft glow to the room.
Taking Trish' in my arms I kissed her sensuously as
I gently walked her backwards across the room until
she we standing in front of the long dressing
mirror fixed to the wall. Here I turned her to face
the mirror and stood up close behind her; tenderly
pushing her long hair off the back of her neck I
began to place soft, gentle kisses on her skin,
moving from where her neck joined her shoulder on
one side, up her neck and down the other side. As I
was kissing her neck I moved my hands round her
body to start undoing the buttons on her dress. As
I reached her waist I unclasped her belt, allowing
it to fall to the floor. Returning my hands up her
body I pushed her dress off her shoulders, down her
arms and over her hands so it was only held up by
the sensuous sweep of her hips. As she stood there
with just her bra covering her upper body I laid a
trail of soft tender kisses across each uncovered
shoulder and part way down her upper arms, glancing
in the long mirror as I did so. I could see her
standing there, breasts heaving, eyes closed tight
and her sweet lips wide apart as she took short
sharp breaths. I quickly unclasped her bra and slid
it off her arms and on to the floor. Placing my
hands under her elbows I lifted her arms so her
hands were resting on her head and I could get my
hands all over her naked torso without hindrance.
Gently placing my hands on her ribs I ran them
firmly down to her waist and then round to the
front and up 'til I was cupping her breasts and was
able to flick at her nipples with my thumbs, making
them stand out like pencil erasers, stiff and hard.
I continued to caress and press her breasts until I
could hear that she was getting close to an orgasm,
when I stopped dead, removed my hands from her body
and moved round to kneel in front of her, just off
to one side so she could still watch herself in the
looking glass. With a single firm tug I pulled her
dress over her hips and down to the floor, and
leaned forward slightly pressing my lips to her
panty covered pubis. As I placed my fingertips
inside the waistband of Trish's panties I kissed
the inside of her thighs and ran the tip of my
tongue up and down a few times. I gave her panties
one tug, and they were around her ankles with her
lifting her feet to allow me to pull them to one
side. As she lifted her feet I placed them a little
wider apart than they had been so that I could have
access, with my tongue, to her pussy lips and her
clit. For some minutes I knelt there kissing her
mons and clit while I caressed her pussy and anus
with both hands, suddenly she grabbed my hair and
pressed her hips forward to mash her cunt on to my
mouth, she gave a scream as an orgasm ripped
through her body then slowly collapsed on to the
floor in front of me.
Laying Trish' out on her back and spreading her
legs wide open I lay on top of her and slipped my
erect and throbbing penis into her soft, warm and
very wet vagina. I lay there not moving until I
felt Trish' began to stir and then I began to
thrust my prick in and out of her cunt until she
screamed once more, wrapping her arms and feet
round my body and holding me tight to her. Trish'
held me so tight that I was unable to move enough
to get myself to a point where I could cum myself
and as she relaxed I got upright on to my knees and
pointed my still throbbing and very rigid penis at
her face. "What am I supposed to do with this now
Trish' darling, there's no way you can use it is
there"? Trish' looked up at me and gave me a dirty
grin, "It's a pity Kelly's not here I'm sure she
could have used it to good effect". I bent down and
kissed her tenderly "Does that mean you have
forgiven me for making love to her, and forgiven
her for jacking me off over you the yesterday".
Trish' smiled and nodded her pretty head "Of course
I have Jack, in fact I realised just how sexy a
girl she is and how erotic it was to share 'her'
man with her".
Just the thought of having Kelly with us now made
my erection pulsate and then we both turn quickly
as we heard the door open and Trish' gasp as Kelly
came in. "Would you really like me to join you Mom,
because I'd love to make love to Uncle Jack and
know you approved and were with me". Trish' got up
off the floor ignoring her nakedness, and stepped
over to where Kelly was standing close by my
shoulder. Putting her arms round her daughter
Trish' kissed Kelly and hugged her tight. "Darling,
if you lay down on that bed now I'll come and
guide Jack's wonderfully erect penis into that soft
young and very special place you keep for him,
would you like that"? Despite the fact that Kelly
only had four feet to go to get to the bed, she was
stripped naked by the time she was climbing on it
and laying herself in the middle, her arms reaching
up to me and her legs wide open and knees bent up
ready to receive my body within hers. Very slowly I
crawled up Kelly's naked body, kissing all those
special parts I love so much as I got higher until
I was placing soft gentle kisses on her warm lips.*
I lay there taking my weight on my knees and
elbows, just allowing my chest to touch her flushed
breasts and with my penis dangling obscenely at her
pussy lips. I felt Trish' as she rubbed her naked
body over my back and pass one hand down over my
buttocks, slide gently over my balls and then grasp
the base of my manhood and guide it to her
daughters vaginal opening. "Press home Jack" she
said in a hushed voice and, as I lowered my hips
Trish' looked over my shoulder into her daughters
eyes and smiled sweetly at her. Kelly held out a
hand for her mother to hold and as Trish' took it I
heard her say "Is that nice darling, does Uncle
Jack treat you gently and like a lover". "Oh yes
Mom, you know how he treats us all, he's so gentle
and loving, he'd never hurt us and I love to feel
him fill me with his wonderful semen like he will
do soon". For a moment Kelly concentrated on her
own climax 'til she gasped urgently "Mom, touch
Uncle Jack's testes and my bottom please I'm going
to cum in a second and I want to feel you touching
us both, Oh Fuck I'm cumming now Mom, touch me
touch me I'm cumming.. I'm cuuuuummmmming". As I
felt Trish's hand touch my sac I jumped and started
to shoot wad after wad of semen into Kelly's hot
wet pussy as she collapsed under my supported body.
Very slowly I eased my softening prick from Kelly's
cum oozing cunt and sat beside her, leaning back on
my hands. Trish' knelt beside me and kissed me
passionately, "Jack, that was wonderful the way you
treated Kelly, so sweet and tender and considerate,
only one thing, I want to taste the pair of you,
lay back" and as I did she took my cock into her
mouth and licked and sucked me clean. Not getting
full satisfaction Trish' then lay down between
Kelly's wide spread legs and began to suck at the
combined juices that were oozing out on to the bed
clothes. Unaware of who was licking and sucking at
her Kelly was soon crying out as another orgasm
rippled through her young body, taking Trish' by
surprise and making her lift her head to look at
her daughter. Kelly looked down at the same time
and squealed as she saw it was her mother that had
just brought her to her climax "Mom....". was all
she could say before Trish' was laying beside her
and kissing her with cum soaked lips.
"I never knew mother and daughter could have so
much fun sharing things" Trish' said as she hugged
Kelly, "You didn't mind sharing Uncle Jack with me
did you darling, I promise I won't try to take him
away from you" she continued, Kelly smiled
knowingly, "I'm not worried about that Mom, after
all I've got almost twenty years head start, and
almost a years possession on my side, and so long
as Aunt Jenny and the girls have no objections I
can live with sharing him with you once or twice",
looking round at me she smiled at her mother "Mind
you I don't know if the old man will be able to
keep up with six women, three of them teenagers". I
looked open mouthed at them, turned my gaze to the
ceiling and flopped back on to the bed, "May the
lord give me strength" I moaned and closed my eyes
and hands in an attitude of supplication. Some
time later I was still laying on the bed with
Trish' and Kelly in my arms and both of them with a
hand on my semi rigid prick when Sue knocked on the
door and poked her head round to see what was
happening. I opened my eyes just as she called
softly "Mom, come and look at this for a sight" and
when Jenny looked at we three on the bed and smiled
Sue asked "WOW Mom, can we do that some time, I'd
love to go to sleep with you and I holding Uncle
Jack's cock like that" Jenny kissed Sue lightly on
the top of the head, "Maybe darling but not
tonight, Uncle Jack looks as if he's had enough for
one day, let's get aunt Trish' and Kelly to their
own beds shall we". As Jenny walked over to the bed
I scrambled from between Trish' and Kelly and stood
up just in time to take her in my arms and kiss
her. "Was it your idea to send Kelly in just then"
I asked softly and when she grinned and gave a nod
of her head I said "Your timing was absolutely
perfect, you might almost have been listening to
what was going on". Jenny threw up her hands in
mock horror and gave an overloud gasp "What me sir,
no sir I wasn't listening honest injun, I never
heard Trish' say she wished Kelly was there with
you and that she'd forgiven her for getting to you
first" and broke into a fit of the giggles until I
gave her a pat on the bottom and said softly "Shall
we get these two to bed, you fix the beds and I'll
carry them in, OK"? Ten minutes later I was laying
in bed waiting for Jenny to join me, when she did
she snuggled up to me and whispered "Can we have
Sue join us tonight, I don't think she's all that
interested in sex, she just wants to be held". I
kissed her and said softly "Of course darling, if
that's what you want, and by the way if you want to
make use of me you can so long as you don't expect
to too much out of me, if you see what you mean".
"Sue" called Jenny "Come in darling" and Jenny's
youngest daughter got into bed with us.*
Susan got into bed beside me and, putting her arms
round me, hugged me and kissed me saying "You don't
mind me being here do you Uncle Jack, I mean I'm
not going to be in the way or anything am I "? I
kissed her tenderly and said softly "I don't mind
at all darling, just so long as you don't wake up
when your mom starts to scream as she has an
orgasm". Sue just smiled and said sleepily "That's
OK Daddy I just want to cuddle up to you and Mom".
I froze! Jenny who had just been half listening and
smiling at Sue's blasť attitude to being in bed
with her step father, jumped to a sitting position
and said "Did she just..." I placed a finger on her
lips to silence her and nodded gently, I then
pressed her to lay back against the pillows and
touched my lips to hers for a moment to stop her
saying anything. "Yes Jenny darling, she did,
although I think she was half asleep when she said
it so don't get upset". Jenny put her arms round me
and kissed me hard and passionately for a long
time, pressing her body up close and running her
hands all over my back and buttocks. When she
relaxed for a moment I drew back my head so I could
look her in the eyes and saw that she was crying
silently. I bent down and kissed her tears away and
whispered "What's troubling you darling, I didn't
say something to hurt you did I"? Jenny shook her
head vigorously, "No darling, it was just Sue
calling you Daddy, she never did that before, and
the last time she got into bed with me and her
father she was only about three, he never liked it,
said it spoiled kids to do things like that.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if she called you that all
the time"? I kissed Jenny and hugged her "Darling
if you want it and if she wants it then I'd be
wonderfully proud for her to accept me as her
father, not just her mothers husband she calls
Uncle Jack".
Jenny hugged me and kissed me once more "Love me
please Jack, I don't care if we wake Sue with my
screams of pleasure, I don't care if we wake the
whole household, I'm so happy". Very slowly and
gently I made passionate love to my wife, who was
so aroused by her baby daughter calling my Daddy
that she did actually wake her up with her cries of
pleasure as she had a series of orgasms. Sue must
have been half awake because she came over to where
we lay on the far side of the bed and smuggled up
to Jenny and said "Is Daddy being nice to you mom "
Jenny turned to Sue and said gently "Sue darling
are you awake"? Sue opened her eyes and looked at
where I was still laying on top of Jenny, and
blushed like a fire engine, "OH, I'm sorry Mom, I
didn't mean to interrupt or anything, I can't think
what I was doing" and made a move to the far side
of the bed.
Jenny put her hand out to stop Sue moving away
"It's all right darling I'm sorry I woke you up,
but you were warned". Sue smiled and nodded. "The
thing is baby you said something twice and it made
me wonder if you like calling Jack, Uncle Jack, or
if you want to call him Dad or Daddy instead". Sue
blushed again. I laid my cheek against jenny's
and said gently "The thing is Sue darling, you said
it twice in the last few minutes when you were half
asleep, and we did wonder..." Sue looked at us and
I could see tears forming in the corners of her
eyes. I rolled off Jenny and lay between them,
taking Sue in my arms and kissing her tears away as
I held her tight. I rolled on to my back, pulling
Sue on top of me so she could look down at Jenny
and I as we lay close together. "Sue darling" said
Jenny quietly "If you want to accept Jack as your
father and call him Dad, I would be so happy, not
just for him but for you too". Sue pushed herself
up against my chest and was suddenly a little girl
being given a special treat "Can I Mom, do you
really mean it". Jenny smiled beautifully and said
"I really mean it darling". "WOW" cried Sue and
wriggled her half naked body against mine, feeling
my stiffening penis between her legs which made
open her eyes wide and say "Now Daddy". I smiled
and shook my head sadly, "No sorry my darling, it
was all right for me to make love to you when I was
only your Uncle Jack, but now I am you Daddy, I am
afraid our lovemaking must stop, immediately". To
say that Susan's face dropped would be to
understate the matter, but after a few seconds she
sat up. Straddled my groin and, lifting her young
body up on her knees grasped my pulsating penis and
impaled herself on it. "Sorry Mom, much as I'd have
loved to have a Daddy, I prefer an Uncle I can make
love to, to a Daddy I can't, so Uncle Jack will you
please make me scream as loud as my mother did a
few moments ago". I turned to Jenny laying beside
me and smiled "I guess she knows what she wants, do
you think she should have both"? Jenny sat up and,
leaning on one elbow said very sternly "Are you
suggesting that this little girl should be allowed
to ask her Daddy to FUCK her". "Mom please..."
cried Sue as she was pounding herself on my prick.
"Please let me fuck my new Daddy, just like you let
me fuck my Uncle Jack". Jenny kissed me and
whispered "I guess there's no actual difference is
As soon as she realised Jenny was saying 'Yes' Sue
placed her elbows each side of my head and began to
kiss me, alternating her kisses with the words she
was softly uttering "Fuck me Daddy, please fill
your little girl with your cum, make me cum on you
hard prick like you made mom cum just now...
Ooooohhhh.. I'm cuuuummmmiiing Mom, Daddy's making
me cum just like you" and she collapsed on top of
me as Jenny bent down kissed me and said "WOW, she
certainly enjoyed that, was it the Daddy that did
it I wonder"? "Do you mind if it was darling, I'm
prepared to stick by what I said about not having
sex if she calls me Daddy, I may not enjoy it but
I'll do it if that's what you want". Jenny kissed
me and said "Jack darling I honestly don't mind, if
Sue wants to call you Daddy I'll be very proud of
you to be honest, let's face it how many teenage
stepdaughters call their mothers husbands Daddy by
choice. I wonder what Lisa will think about it". As
she lay there Sue had been listening and she said
quietly "Does that mean I get to make love to my
Daddy after all"? "I guess so ..." and was unable
to say more due to the soft responsive teenage
lips pressed to mine. "Thanks Mom, I'm so happy
I've wanted to do it for so long, I thought it
would hurt you if I asked so I never did". Jenny
kissed her tenderly and said quietly "OK darling
now, how about if you stop strangling your Daddy
and let's all get some sleep". Sue rolled off me,
kissing me one last time as she did and I drifted
off to sleep between Jenny and Sue.
I woke up the next morning as the alarm went off.
Jenny and Sue woke as well, Sue sitting up and
shouting "Yeee-aaah". Jenny sat up and said
sleepily "What on earth are you shouting about
Susan, and so early in the morning"? Sue leaned
across me and kissed her mother good morning,
"I woke up with you and me holding Daddy's penis
just like I wanted to" and she leapt from the bed
and dashed out saying "I'm first in the shower". I
turned over and put my arms around Jenny, kissing
her tenderly "Happy darling, I mean about Sue
calling me Daddy and so on"? Jenny smiled "Darling
you just don't know how happy I am about it, it
means she's accepted you, not as my new husband,
but as someone very special in her life, I can see
her shouting about it at school and wanting to show
you off to her friends before long". "Not the Mall
again" I said with a gasp of horror, "Did Sandi
tell you about the last time when I got mobbed by
school girls, it was horrendous". Jenny laughed as
she got up and put on a robe, "You may yet have
another problem my love, remember I have two
daughters, the other one is likely to be a very
different prospect. Do you want me to talk to her"?
I got up and joined her dressing in a bathrobe
prior to having a shower, "I guess I'd be a coward
if I said yes, wouldn't I". Jenny smiled and shook
her head "No" she said. "It's OK Jenny darling I'll
handle it, I think I know what the outcome will be"
Jenny hugged me and whispered "So do I darling,
come and let's have a shower, I'm starving". A
little later after I had dressed I was walking out
of our bedroom when I met Lisa who was looking a
bit low. "Anything wrong lover" I said softly she
hung her head and said "No" in a hushed voice, I
put my arms round her and whispered in her ear
"Have you spoken to Sue this morning" Lisa nodded
and I could hear that she was crying very quietly.
I lifted her chin and kissed her tears away, looked
her in the eyes and was about to speak when she
burst out in a hushed voice "Can I ......."? I
kissed her tenderly on the lips and whispered "Do
you want to call me Dad as well darling, because if
you do, your mother will be so happy, and I'll be
so proud". Lisa threw her arms round my neck and
kissed me more passionately than ever before, then
hugged me saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" in between
her quiet little sobs. We walked down to the
kitchen together and as I was about to open the
door Lisa said quietly "Can I do something please
Daddy, just wait here for the count of thirty after
I go in to the kitchen, please". As Lisa went up to
Jenny in the kitchen she'd left the door open a
fraction so I could hear her say "Mom, Daddy will
be here in a minute, can I get his breakfast ready"
and walked into Jenny's open arms. The look I got
from Sandi and Trish' when I walked into the
kitchen a few seconds after Lisa made me feel like
the cat that got in the cream jug. I tried to be
nonchalant about it all but I have to admit to
feeling more than a little smug. As I sat and ate
my breakfast I saw that Kelly was looking a little
pensive and, before I left for work I called her to
the den to ask her what the problem was. "Nothing
really Uncle Jack, I guess that's it really now I'm
the only one calling you Uncle Jack, that makes it
seem very ordinary when we're making love". I
kissed her and said quietly, "Won't it be a little
more exciting to make love to your friends Dad,
with her to help you, think about it before you get
jealous Kelly my love". Kelly looked at me for a
moment and just said "WOW".*
After a pause for a seconds thought Kelly said
breathlessly "Uncle Jack, you have the most
wonderful ideas sometimes, just wait 'til I ask
Lisa if I can go to bed with her Dad, I'd go nuts
if it was me, I'm getting wet just thinking about
it, sorry Uncle Jack, I must go and change my
panties before I go to class" without a shred of
embarrassment she whipped off her panties, gave me
a quick look at the damp patch, kissed me and
dashed upstairs to get a fresh pair. As I walked
into the hallway to put my coat on Jenny came up to
me and asked "Did I just see Kelly with her panties
in her hand, what were you two doing in there. I
smiled and told her, making her laugh out loud as
she kissed me goodbye. "I must make sure she tells
Lisa about it, I guess that means they'll want to
try their new experience before long" kissing me
once more Jenny said in a quieter voice "Shall I
set it up for this evening darling, will you be fit
for it after last night"? "So long as I'm fit for
you afterwards my love, I'd love to give Kelly and
Lisa a new thrill, just goes to show sex is more in
the mind than in the body, bye lover I'll see you
this evening" and I drove off to my office.
For some reason I was so relaxed at work the day
just seemed to fly by. I caught up with a lot that
had been piling up and even had a lunch break that
I didn't work through. Five PM saw me finished and
I left the office and almost ran down to where I
had parked the car. As I walked towards it I saw
Kelly and Lisa standing there, they had obviously
been into town after class and decided to wait for
me rather than get a bus home. As I got close Lisa
walked towards me and shouted "Hi Dad, can we get a
lift home please". (Talk about an ulterior motive).
The best part though was having her come right up
to me and kiss me passionately on the lips, the
first time she had done it in such a public place.
As she hugged me she whispered "Now I can kiss you
anywhere because you are my Daddy, and a girl can
kiss her Daddy any time she likes". Poor old Kelly
came up and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek
saying mutedly "Hi Uncle Jack, damn I wish I could
kiss you like that" I hugged her back and whispered
"save it for later darling I'll appreciate it
better then, I'm not used to this Dad bit yet, by
the way did you tell Lisa about what we spoke of
this morning"? She gave a little gasp, "Blast I
knew there was something I forgot" and called to
Lisa, who was talking to a friend who worked for
the same company as me, to get in the car. With
Kelly and Lisa in the back seat of the car I was
able to concentrate on driving, hearing the
occasional gasp and giggle and 'wow' as they talked
in whispers. As I pulled into the driveway and
stopped to allow the girls out before I put it in
the garage for the night Lisa kissed me on the
cheek from behind and whispered "Kelly told me you
made her almost cum in her panties this morning,
was it because you said it would be exciting to got
to bed with her and your daughter"? I half turned
to her and said quietly "Lisa darling I'd find it
extremely erotic to go to bed and make love to a
girl who called me Daddy, and her best friend both
of whom are very beautiful and extremely sexy young
ladies that I love very much indeed". "Damn" said
Lisa "Now your making me wet my panties talking
like that", Lisa turned to Kelly "I guess that's
why we love him so much hey Kel'"? "Definitely"
Kelly responded, "But can we go and change before
your mom thinks we've been having sex on the way
home, my panties are soaking wet again". The girls
jumped out of the car and rushed into the house as
I locked the car up and made my way into the
kitchen to find Jenny. As I entered the kitchen
from the garden door Sandi and Trish' were standing
talking to Jenny and walking over to them I gave
Jenny a passionate kiss and whispered "I want to
tell you something in a minute, in the den". I then
kissed Trish' and Sandi almost as lovingly as I had
Jenny then, beckoning Jenny to follow I went into
the den. As she closed the door behind her I took
Jenny in my arms and kissed her long hard and deep,
and told her how much I had missed her all day,
then once I'd got that out of my system for the day
I told her what had happened when I went to get the
car after work, and what had been said when we'd
been sitting on the drive, "I'd hate for them to
think I had been telling tales out of school, but I
couldn't keep that one to myself darling" I said
when I'd stopped laughing, "You won't let on I
told you will you"? Jenny smiled and said "No Jack
darling but it seems they've discovered a way to
get more out of sex than I could ever have taught
them" she paused for a minute "Do you know Jack, I
do believe that I am actually jealous of my own
daughter because of the sexual experiences she is
having that I would never have thought about. Going
to bed with her Dad, and having a friend to help
her as well, what depravity, Sandi will be green
with envy. I must go and tell her".*
Leaving Jenny with Sandi and Trish' I went upstairs
to wash up before dinner, as I came out of the
bathroom to go and change into something casual for
dinner I heard "Daddy, can I talk to you for a
minute please", it was Susan and I said "Of course
you can darling, come in whilst I get changed." As
Sue followed me into my bedroom I heard Lisa shout
"Keep your hands off Daddy young lady he's mine
tonight." Sue turned at the door and stuck her
tongue out at her sister then said in a stage
whisper "Yah, I had Daddy first" and smiled at Lisa
as she shut the door. As I changed into a pair of
joggers Sue sat there completely without
embarrassment and waited for me to finish, when I
sat down she came to sit beside me on the bed and
put her arm round me and laid her head on my
shoulder. "OK baby, what's the problem, you fallen
in love with a teacher and don't know what to do,
or is it something serious" I said jokingly, "Well
it might be serious Daddy, it's just that in school
we've been told that if a girl has sex with her Dad
it's incest and you shouldn't do it because it's
against the bible and things". As she paused I
pulled her up to sit on my lap, put my arms around
her and hugged her tight then kissed her lightly on
the lips, "Susan darling I wonder how many of your
friends would be able to ask their fathers that
question. The thing is my love that what you were
told is perfectly true. What you must also remember
is the answer to the question 'who is my father'.
If the answer is 'the man married to my mom that I
call Daddy' then you have a problem. If however the
answer is 'the man that ran away and left my mother
alone', and can also say 'the man married to my
mother that I call Daddy is fair game for my female
sexual wiles, so long as I can get him before my
sister', then all you have to remember is that what
you do with that man must remain a secret for a
long time and you have the answer to your problem".
Sue sat up, looked at me and said "You mean it's OK
for me to love you and call you Daddy as well"? I
nodded and smiled as she jumped up, straddled my
lap and wrapped her arms round my neck sobbing
"Thank you Daddy, thank you Daddy, thank you Daddy"
which is how Jenny found us a few minutes later.
When she saw her mom come into the bedroom Sue
jumped off my lap, hugged Jenny saying "It's OK
Mom, it's OK" and bounced out of the room leaving
me to say to Jenny, "Incest with Daddy", which made
her smile and put her arms round me. "You're so
wonderful to my girls Jack darling, the best thing
I ever did was to allow you to be seduced over and
over again by the eldest, then get you to ravish
the youngest, when she was still well underage.
God... life is so complicated, I'm so glad I have
you to help me make sense of it, come here and kiss
me you darling man". Some time later there was a
knock on the bedroom door and Lisa called out "Mom,
dinner's ready, are you coming.. Oooopps, sorry
Mom, I mean are you ready to eat". I opened the
door as Lisa stood there looking a little
embarrassed at having disturbed us. "It's all right
darling we were only having a kiss and a cuddle,
because Jack, er... Dad missed me so much during
the day", Lisa smiled sweetly "Mom, you don't mind
me and Sue calling him Dad do you, I mean your not
reminded about our real father or anything"? Jenny
hugged Lisa and whispered "Darling I'm really happy
for you to call him Dad so long as you don't get
them mixed up in you minds, remember your real
father was an asshole that abandoned us, this
Daddy you can love with all your heart as I do,
think how erotic it would be to know you were
having sex with your Daddy" Lisa blushed bright red
and said "Mom!!" then smiled sexily as her blush
faded and she said quietly "I know, Kelly told me
and we had wet panties when we got home thinking
about it, wasn't that wicked" Jenny laughed and
said out loud "Come on Jack darling time for
dinner" and we walked down to the kitchen arm in
arm as much as we could. Jenny and I sat at
opposite ends of the table and there was a little
friendly jostling for the seats on each side of
mine until I put my foot down and stated that there
would have to be a rotation of bottoms on the seats
around the table so they all got to sit beside me
in turn. I saw Sandi glance at Jenny and Trish' and
wink as she said in her best schoolgirl voice "Does
that include me Uncle Jack, can I take a turn
sitting next to you please the same as Kelly, Lisa
and Susan"? This brought howls of protest from the
girls, and of laughter from Jenny, Trish' and
Sandi, "And why not" I said firmly, "It's only
fair, after all Sandi is also a part of the
family", "But what about Mom, will she be able to
sit beside you too" said Sue smiling at Jenny as
she spoke. "Definitely not" I said, again howls of
protest from the girls until I held up my hand,
"You want to know why I want your mother to sit
where she is sitting now, I'll tell you, because I
would rather be able to look at her beautiful
countenance across the table than have her touch me
up, which is what I think you lot want to be able
to do".*
There was silence at the table as Jenny blushed
becomingly the girls looked at each other opened
mouthed Sandi blew me a kiss and Trish' said
quietly "WOW, that told you lot didn't it". Trish'
turned to Jenny, next to whom she was sitting and
said softly "Jenny I've said it before but I'll say
it again, I wish to god I had a husband one tenth
as wonderful as Jack". Jenny sat there and lay her
chin in her cupped hands with he elbows on the
table and looked at Trish', saying "I know Trish'
darling, I just don't know what I've done to
deserve him". After dinner Trish' had to leave to
go back home but she would be coming back the
following weekend and bringing Kelly's sister with
her. Jenny and I said our goodbyes in the den, our
kisses being more passionate than we really wanted
to display in public, and loud but more
conventional on the doorstep. As I went into the
kitchen to get myself a beer I saw Sue and Sandi
doing the dishes while Kelly was clearing up the
rest of the kitchen. "Where's Aunt Jenny" I asked
Kelly as she was the closest to me, "I think she's
in the den with Lis'" she replied, I think Lis'
wanted to tell her what happened today when you
picked us up and gave us a lift home". I smiled and
whispered softly "She already told her that you
both had wet panties in the car thinking about
making love to Daddy". "What did Aunt Jenny say?"
whispered Kelly as she blushed slightly. "I think
she's a little bit jealous of the pair of you,
having a chance of making love in so erotic a way"
I replied, "But please don't tell her I told you
so". I went into the den and found Jenny and Lisa
sitting head to head on the sofa, "Not interrupting
anything am I darlings"? Lisa jumped up, hugged me,
kissed me lovingly and said softly "No daddy, mom
was just explaining about how you want us to try to
help Kelly's sister when she comes down next
weekend, what do you think is wrong Daddy". I
kissed her whispering "I'll kiss you every time you
call me Daddy like that, so beware miss" aloud I
said "Well, there's a chance she has been hurt by a
boy or boys, we'll have to wait to find out, no
sense in worrying about it just yet".

Lisa went out to find Kelly and Sue, leaving me
with Jenny next to whom I sat and kissed as I
caressed her arms and back. Jenny pushed me back
and told me to behave for a few minutes while we
talked seriously. I sat with my hands in my lap and
head hanging down "Yes miss, I'm listening miss"
and got a slap on the arm for being silly, "OK
lover, seriously, what's the problem, I assume
there is one". "Not a real problem, just logistics,
how are we going to fit every body in next weekend,
Lisa and Susan can sleep in one bed, I assume Kelly
and Frankie will sleep in the other one in the
girls room, I suppose it would be a bit off to have
Trish' and Sandi sleeping together, at least until
Frankie is aware of things" Jenny replied and
continued "It looks as if it might end up a weekend
of celibacy for most of us if Frankie is in any way
doubtful, how are you going to tell darling"? I
raised my eyebrows and grimaced, "I was banking on
Kelly being mature enough to make a reasonable
assessment of her sisters frame of mind when she
tries to find out what is troubling her. Would you
be happy for Lisa to help Kelly, I've hesitated to
ask because Trish' isn't really part of your
family". Jenny kissed me sweetly, placed her hand
on my semi-erect penis, raised her eyebrows and
said "Darling husband of mine, Trish' has used
this thing of yours so many times it would be a
crime if she couldn't call herself part of my
family, and before you say anything, I approved
each time she made use of you, and loved you for
doing it even though I knew you didn't want to do
it the first time". Taking a deep breath Jenny sat
up and said "Now darling the next thing is that
Lisa was a bit worried that she went over the top
in the parking lot this afternoon when she called
you Daddy and kissed you, well... passionately.. is
the way she described it, especially as there were
quite a lot of people about". I grinned "Well, I
suppose it was just as little bit over the top,
since it was the first time she has been able to
do it she really made sure she enjoyed it, not just
calling me Daddy, I think it was more her being
able to kiss me in public that did it for her, I
don't think she'll be so boisterous next time". It
was jenny's turn to grin "Do you know what that
young lady's just told me, that she wanted to call
you Daddy the day we got married, and so did Sue,
it took a sleepy baby to blow the gaff and really
make their week for them. It seems that Sue is
boring all her friends with constant references to
her 'Daddy' and how wonderful he is". Jenny paused
for a few seconds "Jack darling would you think it
a terrible bore if you took her to the Mall on
Saturday, perhaps Kelly and Frankie might go with
you". I put my fingertip in my mouth as I thought
over her request, got a poke in the ribs for my
trouble and replied "Well I suppose I might as well
make it a full house and let Lisa show me off to
her friends as well, or didn't she ask for me to do
that"? Jenny grinned and nodded her head in


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