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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
Check out my archive at
JACKS family SAGA Volume 1

We sat there for a few wonderful minutes just
resting in each others arms occasionally kissing
lightly until Jenny looked at the clock and
whispered "I think it's time you sorted your
daughter and her friend out darling, try to save a
bit for me for later on". Kissing me sweetly Jenny
walked to the door and opened it just as Kelly and
Lisa were about to come in. "Sorry Mom" said Lisa I
thought..." Jenny smiled and said softly "That's OK
baby, Daddy's waiting for you" and kissed both
girls as they brushed past her and came into the
room. Once Jenny had closed the door behind her
Kelly said quietly "Should I lock the door Uncle
Jack"? I looked round and grinned as I replied "If
you're ashamed of what you're doing and don't trust
the rest of the family to respect your privacy".
"No need to be horrid darling" she responded, "I
just didn't want us to be disturbed" I put my arms
out and they both came and sat beside me and
cuddled up close. We sat there for some time with
the girls just hugging and kissing me until I
noticed Kelly give a tiny nod to Lisa who lifted
her lips to my ear and whispered "Daddy would you
undress me please, I want you to take all my
clothes off, then do the same for my new cousin
Kelly". I turned and kissed her tenderly "Would you
really like your Daddy to undress you two beautiful
young girls"? I said and Kelly and Lisa said
together "Ohhh please Daddy --Uncle Jack --"
freeing my arms from round their shoulders I stood
up and held out my hands, pulling them to their
feet to stand in front of me. Very slowly I began
to remove their outer garments, one from each turn
and turn about until they were both standing in
just their bra and panties. Stepping close to Kelly
I kissed the swell of her breasts pushed up by her
bra, sliding my hands round her back I found the
clasp and undid the hooks. I grasped the ends and
drew them to the front of her body, pulling the
shoulder straps off as I did so. Slowly I eased the
flimsy garment down to uncover her sweet young
breasts with their hard rigid nipples and placed my
soft warm lips on them in turn to give a single
suckle which made Kelly gasp in pleasure. Turning
to Lisa I kissed her tenderly on the lips and
placed my fingertips between the mounds of her
breasts to find the front closure of her bra. As I
touched her breasts through the lace, Lisa gave a
gasp and I saw the skin of her chest begin to turn
pink as a flush spread over her upper body. I undid
the clasp and pushed the skimpy garment over her
arms and allowed it to fall to the floor as I bent
my head to kiss and suck her breasts as I had
Kelly's. As soon as my lips touched her naked flesh
Lisa gave a loud gasp and put her arms round my
head to hold my lips in contact with her nipple,
all the time trembling as she had a series of tiny
orgasms ripple through her young body. "Ooohh..
Daddy that was wonderful" she groaned as she slowly
released her grip on my head and wrapped her arms
round my body to hug me tight. As we stood there
she took my hand and pressed it to the crotch of
her panties saying "Feel that Daddy, you did that
just touching me". Kelly stepped up close and took
my hand from Lisa's groin and pressed it to hers
saying in a hushed voice "You think that was good
Lis', feel this, and your Daddy wasn't even
touching me", Kelly was even wetter than Lisa and,
it seemed just as ready to accept me as Lisa's
father and enjoy the erotic thoughts that came to
them. Standing there with my hand pressed to a pair
of panties covering a hot wet pussy was more than
enough to make my already erect penis throb in my
pants and Lisa, as she was pressed up close to my
body felt it and stepped back saying "Kel', I think
Daddy needs to be undressed, want to help me"?
Between them they removed my shirt, then knelt down
and took of my shoes and socks then pulled down my
joggers, easing them over my feet to throw them to
one side out of the way. As this left me with just
my shorts holding in my throbbing prick Lisa
slipped her fingers into the waistband and slowly
drew them down to my knees, pausing for a moment so
take hold of my manhood in her fingertips and kiss
the tip, then pull her head back and offer it to
Kelly who did the same. Between them the girls
removed my shorts and put them with the rest of the
clothes. When I was naked Lisa came and pressed her
warm naked young body tight to my chest and
wriggled it sensuously against me. I could feel
Kelly doing the same at my back. Very slowly they
began to work their way round my body until they
had changed places and Kelly was in front and Lisa
behind. As Lisa hugged me from the rear Kelly
placed her hands on my pulsating prick and
whispered "Your daughter wants to feel this
wonderful thing deep in her soft young body, and I
want to taste her when you have made her cum, would
you do that for us please Uncle Jack" I kissed her
and made my penis jump with a quick tensing of my
muscles. "Of course darling lead me to her".*
Kelly stepped back and I saw Lisa kneeling on the
edge of my favourite old leather sofa, with her
knees slightly apart and her head resting on her
arms which were laid on the back of the sofa. Kelly
went to stand beside Lisa and very slowly hooked
her thumbs in the waistband of Lisa's panties and
drew them over the swell of her bottom until they
were just below the level of her pussy lips. It was
such an erotic sight I don't know how I managed to
stop my self shooting my load as I stood there. I
did manage it by telling myself better things were
to come and at the same time thinking of a
difficult project I had on at work. Thinking I was
hesitant about touching my daughter Kelly beckoned
me over to where they were on the sofa and as I
stepped up to stand behind Lisa's buttocks Kelly
smiled and pulled gently on my prick and guided it
in to Lisa's vaginal passage. This girl of mine was
so hot and moist I slid into her as easy as
anything, but when she felt my coarse pubic hair
touch her bottom she clamped her vaginal muscles
and held me tight making the friction she was
applying to me as I moved in and out of her hot wet
passage tighter than I have ever felt before. Lisa
was so hot that after just a few strokes of my
penis in her she was beginning to moan "Fuck me
Daddy... please fuck me Daddy I want to feel you
deep inside me as you fuck me, please Daddy fuck me
now make me cum on your wonderful cock I want to
cover it with my cum please Daddy fuck me hard I'm
cumming NOOWW" and she gave a shout loud enough to
wake the whole house as she began to thrust her
bottom back to meet my ramming of my prick into her
gripping pussy lips. I stood for a few moments,
holding her trembling hips close to mine as I felt
her internal muscles spasm on my still rigid penis
buried deep inside her. As she began to relax
slightly I gently pushed her off me and laid her on
her back on the sofa where she gave a little moan
of "Nooo... I want you to stay inside me Daddy
please". With a little laugh I murmured "I have
something better for you darling" and knelt beside
her as I pressed my lips to her oozing pussy lips
and began to suck and lick until she cried out
again as another orgasm hit her. As I was sucking
on Lisa Kelly had dropped to the floor and was
sucking and licking on my cum soaked prick until I
pushed her head away saying "Whoa... young lady, do
that and I'll be no good for you, now how about you
bend over for me as well and I'll see what I can do
for you". Kelly scrambled to her feet, kissed me
and whispered "Thanks Uncle Jack. You're a
darling", she then knelt on the edge of the sofa
the same as Lisa had done, rested her forehead on
the back and slid her panties down to display her
smooth puffy pussy lips that were as wet as I'd
ever seen them. I stepped up close and placed my
hand on her lower lips and pressed firmly as I
leaned over her back and whispered in her ear "Are
you ready for me darling". "Uncle Jack darling I've
been ready all day, my panties have been soaked
since I got home the same as Lisa's. Please don't
make me wait darling Uncle Jack, fuck me now like
you did for your daughter, make me cum like her,
please fuck me 'til I pass out like Lisa, FUCK ME
FUCK ME FUCK ME Uncle Jack, Fuck me hard now I'm
cuummmming, cuummmming, cuummmming NOOOOWWWW". As
Kelly rammed her bottom on to my hips I slipped my
hand under her body and placed them on her breasts
to hold her as her orgasm tore through her firm
young body. When she relaxed I allowed her to lay
back on the sofa next to Lisa and pressed my lips
to her still spasming vagina, once more kissing and
licking her to another climax. As I stood there
looking down as Kelly and Lisa as they lay eyes
closed and breathing deeply rather than gasping for
breath I was just about to begin jacking off to
give them a cum shower when Sue popped her head
round the door. "Sorry Daddy I heard the screams
and just wondered if everything was OK". I smiled
and said "Of course darling, now, come here I've an
idea." As Sue came round to the front of the sofa
she gasped "WOW... did you do that", I nodded and
said "Get undressed quickly you can come and help
me make the night a little better for them, get the
idea" Sue grinned and nodded "Ooohh... yes please
Daddy that would be wonderful for me too, I just
hope Lis' isn't mad after I do it" and as soon as
she was naked she pressed her warm young body up
close to my right buttock, passed her soft smooth
hand round to my front and grasped my throbbing
penis to begin masturbating me. As Sue was moving
her hand up and down my hard throbbing prick she
used her free hand to caress my body, back and
front with occasional cupping of my swollen balls.
The long foreplay I'd experienced added to the
feeling of Susan's gently manipulation of my
manhood soon brought me close to a climax and just
before I began to tell them I was about to cum Lisa
opened her eyes and leaned over to shake Kelly
awake saying "Look Kel'". *
As Lisa spoke she moved up close to Kelly who
opened her eyes to see Susan peeking round my body
to look at Kelly and Lisa as she worked away at
bringing me to an orgasm. Sue knew I was ready to
cum because she suddenly said "Ready Sis? here it
comes" and began to move her hand a little faster
as she tried to aim the semen that was beginning to
shoot from my pulsating prick at her sisters and
her friends faces and breasts. Kelly and Lisa
placed their heads together cheek to cheek and
opened their mouths wide in an effort to catch as
much of my semen as they could, then lay back to
allow Susan to cover their bodies with the rest.
The girls, as much as I, were amazed at the length
of time I kept shooting cum at them, but I'd been
so aroused during the preceding couple of hours I'd
almost developed 'lovers balls' and Susan's
handiwork was all that was needed to relieve the
pressure. As I allowed myself to gently collapse
back into a convenient arm chair I sat there and
watched Sue lay across Kelly and kiss her sister
saying "You didn't mind me helping at the end there
did you Sis? I just loved the thought of making
Daddy cum on your naked body I almost came myself,
but I don't want to cos it's your night and I had
him last night, but can I lick your titties clean
please Sis?" Lisa smiled at her little sister "I'm
not mad Sis. It was so sexy to open my eyes and see
you there helping Dad cum on us, just don't lick up
too much off my titties I want some left for
myself" and she closed her eyes and lay back as Sue
put out her tongue and gently wiped it over Lisa
and Kelly's swollen breasts and their hard pointed
nipples. As Kelly and Lisa lay there eyes closed,
gently rubbing my semen into their soft warm bodies
Sue came over to me, sat on my lap and whispered
"Daddy would you touch my pussy and kiss me please"
and as I complied she gave a tiny shudder, clamped
her legs on my hand and, with a tiny tear in her
eye whispered "Thanks Daddy I needed that, you're
wonderful at sex". Sue quickly got dressed and
crept out of the room leaving me sitting there
looking at two wonderful and beautiful young girls
laying naked on my comfortable old leather sofa.
Unable to resist I moved across to kneel between
Kelly's open legs and began to kiss and suck on her
swollen clit as I gently inserted two fingers into
her vaginal passage, working them in and out until
she groaned out that she was cumming again. Leaving
her on a high I shuffled over to do the same for
Lisa and smiling to myself as she cried out "Yes
Daddy make me cum" as her climax hit her, it would
seem that even in the throes of an orgasm she still
called me Daddy, she must really want to do that.
Slipping on my joggers and shirt and putting my
shorts and socks in my pocket I bent over Kelly
and Lisa, pulled up their panties and helped them
to sit up side by side on the sofa, "How about a
shower and then bed darlings, or would you rather
go to bed like you are"? I asked with a grin on my
face "I want to stay like this when I go to class
in the morning" Kelly said quietly "That way the
girls in my class will be green with jealousy and I
can be as smug as I want when some of the sluts
there make fun of me", "WOW, what a great idea
Kel', I think I'll do the same". I laughed at the
thought of these two walking around campus smelling
of sex all day, "I don't think you'll be very nice
to be with by the end of the day girls, even your
best friends would be reluctant to stand too close
to you, especially if you got warm and began to
perspire". This brought a rueful smile from them
both and a "I guess your right Daddy" from Lisa and
a "Will you come and have a shower with us please
Uncle Jack"? I pulled them to their feet as they
held out their hands to me, "I was going to have
one anyway so I'm nice and clean when I go to bed
to make mad passionate love to my darling wife" I
said smiling at them. "Need any help with Mom,
Daddy. I'll volunteer if you like" stated Lisa with
a big grin on her face. "No thank you darling, I do
believe I can manage on my own, if I need help I'll
ask your Aunt Sandi, you girls have had more than
enough today, whether you like it or not, Jeez...
what have I turned you into, a pair of raving
nymphomaniacs"? Kelly and Lisa kissed me lightly as
Kelly said softly "You love it Uncle Jack, and so
do we, I don't know about Lis' but I always feel so
safe making love to you, that's why I can't get
enough", "dead right Kel'. I feel the same,
specially now he's my Dad, it's soooo sexy, I get
close to cumming every time I think about my Daddy
fucking me, touch me now Daddy please I'm ready for
another" as she spoke she pulled my hand to her
panty covered pussy, pressed it on her sopping wet
underwear and jerked her hips as she gave a tiny
moan as she had a quick orgasm. "WOW" was all Kelly
could say as she put her arms round her friend and
held her close. Lisa looked at Kelly and smiled
weakly "Sorry about that Kel', it just sort of
happens, I can't stop it". Kelly kissed her and
said softly "I'm soooo jealous, I just wish I could
do it that quick, let's go and get cleaned up and
you can tell me how it happens"? Together the three
of us slowly made our way to the bathroom where
Sandi was just coming out, undressed ready for bed,
she kissed the girls good night and I heard her
whisper to Lisa "Was it good darling"? Lisa nodded
and whispered back "We'll tell you about it
tomorrow after class, there won't be time in the
morning"? This made Sandi raise her eyebrows and
murmur "That good Eh" and Kelly just smiled smugly
and nodded as she went into the bathroom. Being the
last Sandi held me back and whispered "What have
you been up to with them tonight Jack darling" I
grinned "Let them tell you, it might sound
Our shower was a gentle sexless one for a change,
the girls were too tired and I wanted to conserve
what strength I had for Jenny, so we just helped
each other wash and then I dried them both and
powdered their glowing bodies, which helped me to
get some feeling back into my equipment. Kelly and
Lisa stood there and watched me dry and powder
myself then Lisa snuggled up to me and whispered
"Daddy will you come and tuck us in and kiss us
goodnight please". I slipped on a robe and, patting
them on their bottoms said softly "I think you're a
bit too old for this, but I'll get a good deal of
enjoyment so I'll say yes please" and put my arms
round them as I took them to bed and, getting a
flash of their pussies as they got into bed, tucked
them in tight and kissed them good night telling
them both that I loved them as I did. As I left the
girls bedroom I noticed that Sue was not in hers
and, when I climbed in beside Jenny, I discovered
why, she was snuggled up to her mother. My getting
into bed disturbed her and, giving her a pat on the
bottom I whispered "Come on young lady, you've
helped me out quite enough tonight, I want to be
alone with your mother". Sue kissed me and I felt
her smile as she held her cheek close to mine "Are
you sure I can't help Daddy, I'll do whatever you
say"? I slapped her bottom again saying quietly
"Depraved child, if you don't go soon I will
enforce a two week ban on sex and refuse to allow
you to shave your soft young pussy as a punishment,
now GO" and I kissed her as she said "Yes Daddy,
good night, please be good to Mom", and she finally
left Jenny and me alone.
When I was pressed up tight to Jenny with my arms
round her she said softly "What was that all about,
how did she help you, and doing what"? So I briefly
explained what had happened in the Den and when Sue
had sat on my lap. "It seems they're really
enjoying having a father again" Jenny said quietly
"Do you know Jack I believe they'd do anything in
the world for you, they love you so much". I kissed
her tenderly saying "What about you darling, do you
think I love them more than you, are you feeling
jealous of their love for me"? As I spoke I took
hold of her and rolled on to my back pulling her
to lay on top of me, as she looked down into my
eyes I could see her smile as she said "Of course
not darling, I know it's really puppy love for them
and I'm just so glad that their first lover is so
good and sweet and kind and gentle and married to
me so they can't steal him away with their luscious
young bodies, with those lithe smooth limbs that
give you an erection whenever you lay your hands on
their thighs and between their legs". Jenny was
kissing me as she was speaking and I used my knees
to open her thighs and, slipping a hand between us
I guided my erect penis into her wet warm pussy,
pressing down on her hips to get as much
penetration as I could. Grasping her buttocks I
whispered "Shut up and fuck me Jenny darling, I
want to shoot my cum in you as you soak my prick
with yours" and she started a gently rocking motion
on my erection as she whispered erotic thoughts
into my ears and kissed me sensuously as she took
breaths between words. "Quick Jack darling fill me
with your hot sticky cum and I'll cum too, I'm so
ready Jack please, cum now don't wait please Jack
NOW" and as she cried out I gripped her buttocks,
pulled her down hard on my thrusting hips and began
shooting a small load of semen deep into her body as
she cried out "YES, YES, YES" as her orgasm ripped
through her body leaving her trembling as she lay
in my arms on top of me. We must have laid there
for half an hour before Jenny lifted her head,
kissed me passionately and rolled off my to lay in
my arms and murmuring something I could not
understand, fell into a deep sleep, followed very
shortly by me.
In the morning I was awakened by Sue shaking and
kissing me as she said "Come on Daddy, it's time to
get up" and as I put out my hand to push her off my
chest she said "No Daddy there's no time for that
sort of thing" and I opened my eyes to find I was
holding her breast. "Sorry darling" I murmured, "I
didn't mean to hold you like that" and as I removed
my hand she leaned close and whispered "You know
you can do it any time you want to Daddy darling, I
love to feel your big strong hands holding me, now,
Mom told me to tell you breakfast is ready and will
you hurry or you'll be late for work". Sue climbed
off the bed and held my robe up for me and, as I
threw back the bedclothes she murmured "Wow, what a
pity we haven't got time for that" as she spotted
my erection, "Did I do that Daddy" she asked in a
hushed voice "I mean, just a little kiss and cuddle
like that"? When I'd tied my robe I took her in my
arms and kissed her "Susan darling you are a very
sexy young lady that has that sort of effect on me
every time I'm close to you, you have a power you
must learn to use carefully, ask your mom about it
some time, now you said something about breakfast"?

I got through my mornings work almost on auto pilot
and it wasn't until after lunch that I managed to
push the thought of Sue to the back of my mind and
concentrate on what I was doing until it was time
to finish for the day. As I walked to the car a
colleague walked with me and said "Who are those
two beauties standing by your car"? I looked and
smiled as I spotted Kelly and Lisa "Just my
daughter and my niece, bumming a lift again by the
looks of it". He laughed "Tell me about it, I feel
like a cab driver some times" and said good night
as Lisa waved and called "Hi Daddy, can we get a
lift home please", kissing me lovingly as I got
close enough. Kelly also kissed me on the cheek
saying "Hi Uncle Jack, sorry about this".*
"That's all right lover" I replied, "I don't mind,
just so long as this young lady behaves herself in
public" and I patted Lisa on the bottom as she got
into the back of the car. "But I did behave myself,
I think I was very restrained when I kissed you
then, wasn't I Kel'"? "Lisa darling, did you think
that Kelly might have wanted to kiss me like that
as well, don't you think it a bit unfair on her to
be throwing yourself at me like that when she
can't". Lisa gasped as she saw Kelly blush, then
she threw her arms round her friend saying "Oh,
Kel', I'm so sorry, I didn't realise, I've been so
happy about having a father again I didn't think
about you being left out, I've been a selfish cow
and deserve to be spanked HARD, what do you think
Daddy"? "What about it Kelly, does she deserve to
be punished for being selfish" I look in my driving
mirror and saw Kelly nod her head briefly and blush
at the thought of a spanking. "OK, but I think it
should be a private one, not in front of the family
Lisa, just your mother, me and Kelly, in your
bedroom one hour before bed time, agreed"? It was
Lisa's turn to blush as she said "Yes Daddy" in a
subdued voice. "Right then, when we get home you'll
tell your mother what's happening and we'll slip
away at eight o'clock when you'll be standing in
just your dressing gown ready for us, understood"?
Once more Lisa just said "Yes Daddy" and sat back
in silence for the rest of the drive home.
After dinner comfortable for the evening I went
down to my Den to have a beer and a look at my paper
before it was time to eat. It seemed as though
Lisa had managed to get Jenny on her own for long
enough to tell her what had happened because
Jenny came in to sit beside me saying, "What on
earth did you say to Lisa Jack, she seems all
excited about getting a spanking for being
selfish"? I grinned at her "Jenny darling I have
an idea it's all part of this 'Daddy' thing,
if I spank her tonight it'll be the first time
she has been spanked by Daddy won't it"?
Jenny nodded "Of course, her father never spanked
her, or Sue for that matter, I never allowed him to
when they were young and later on he wasn't around,
you won't be too hard on her will you darling". I
hugged Jenny close and whispered "I'll want you
there so Lisa knows I mean it but it'll be quite
gentle and I'll then leave her and Kelly alone to
make up, do they have their 'special presents'
still working"? Jenny gasped "Why you...." I
laughed "What? shocked my darling, that I should
suggest your daughter should make love to another
girl, it won't hurt her will it"? Jenny burst out
laughing "Oh Jack darling I do wish I'd had a
father like you, Lisa and Susan are so lucky we all
found you when we did. I panic sometimes when I
think what might have happened if Kelly hadn't
tempted you so you couldn't resist her". As we sat
there with Jenny in my arms she suddenly sat up and
said "I knew there was something I had to say,
Sandi and I need a trim tonight, and the girls will
need one before the weekend, will you do that for
us please darling"? I gave a nod as Jenny continued
"Oh and by the way Sandi is feeling neglected too
so I'll go first and you can give her your full
attention, all right"? I sat there for a minute
shaking my head 'til Jenny, frowning said quietly
"Don't you want to do it Jack, help Sandi I mean"?
"It's not that my love, I was just wondering how
many guys are asked by their wife to shave their
daughters pussy hair and in the same breath almost
ask them to make love to their young sister before
getting into bed and making love most of the night"
I looked at Jenny and laughed "Do you know there
are hundreds of guys would pay a fortune to do half
of that just once, let alone do it on a regular
basis, Jenny darling, if you think you're lucky to
have me, I'm far more fortunate to have a wife like
you, and a family like ours" and kissing her
passionately I got up and said "Shall we go and
give your daughter the punishment she asked for"?
On the way to the girls bedroom we met Kelly and
Jenny held her back for a moment and whispered
something to her that made her gasp then giggle and
say "Yes, I'll get it out". As we entered the room
Lisa was standing up dressed in her bathrobe and I
told her to go to the bathroom to make sure she was
going to be comfortable during her spanking. "Yes
Daddy" she said as she left the room, giving Kelly
a chance to find their 'special present' and ensure
it was working properly. Lisa came back and stood
beside me saying "I'm ready now Daddy" and dropped
her bathrobe on the floor and stand naked, with her
head high and her hands behind her back. "Why do
you need to be punished Lisa"? I asked firmly
"Because I was selfish and made my best friend feel
sad because I was so happy to be able to call you
Daddy", "And have you apologised to her " I asked,
"No Daddy, but I will" and she turned to where
Kelly was sitting with her hands clasped over her
folded skirt and said softly "Kelly I am so sorry I
was selfish will you forgive me please" Kelly
looked up at Lisa and smiled saying "Of course I
forgive you Lisa darling, I understand how you must
be feeling and I'm glad it's happened to you". Lisa
turned back to me and with tears forming in the
corner of her eyes said "Daddy, Kelly has forgiven
me but will you please spank me now please for what
I did"? I put my hand up and drew her to stand
close to my thigh and supported her as she bent
over my lap, hung her head down one side and placed
her feet a couple of foot apart as I placed my
right hand on her naked bottom and my left on her
As my palm fleetingly touched her swollen pussy
lips I felt how very wet she was and glanced over
to where Jenny and Kelly were sitting as I smiled
and licked the spot of moisture from my hand. This
made them both gasp silently and Jenny smile as I
lifted my hand and brought it down of Lisa's bottom
with a loud slapping sound. Although Lisa jumped
the slap was noisy rather than hard and so were the
next nine, which is where I stopped and asked Kelly
to administer the next five. The spanks Kelly gave
were more loving than punishing as were the final
five I gave, after which I sat caressing Lisa's
bottom making quite sure that I felt her pussy lips
as I moved my hand over her glowing skin. After a
few minutes caressing her I placed my left hand
under Lisa's chest with my thumb just touching her
breast and helped her stand up, allowing her to
place her hands on her bottom and give it a little
rub. Lisa turned to me and, stepping up close put
her hands on my shoulders and kissed me tenderly
whispering "Thank you Daddy, I love you" and once
more I saw a tear forming which I kissed away as I
said gently "Why don't you spend a little time
showing Kelly how much you appreciate her forgiving
you, I think you'll both enjoy it".
Jenny and I left Kelly and Lisa alone and went down
to join Sandi and Sue as they watched TV, Jenny
going to the kitchen to make us a cup of coffee,
"Where's Kelly and Lisa Daddy"? Asked Sue as I sat
beside her on the sofa, "They're upstairs doing
something special and I'd like you to leave them to
it for a little while please darling, all right"
Sue cuddled me and said sweetly "Of course Daddy,
I'd rather be sitting here cuddling you anyway,
leave them to their silly old games" and promptly
put her arm round me, snuggled up close and heaved
a huge sigh of contentment, something that made
Sandi put her hand on my arm and give it a squeeze
and me a huge smile as I turned to look at her. I
put my free arm round Sandi and pulled her to me so
she could kiss me and as she did I whispered very
quietly "Barbers tonight, you're second on the list
after Jenny, all right lover"? "Please Jack darling
I'm so desperate I'm almost eating my pillows at
night longing for your hand in my panties" after a
couple of seconds she whispered "If I'm second,
who's first" "Jenny" I said quietly, "I'm doing the
girls through the week so you're all fresh and
smooth for the weekend". Sandi lay her head on my
shoulder and sighed gently not moving 'til Jenny
came in with the coffee she'd made, and then she
got up so Jenny could sit next to me. As she put
the tray down Jenny looked at how Sue was snuggled
up close to me and a tiny smile touched her lips as
Sandi said quietly "Doesn't she look sweet snuggled
up to Jack like that, she never did that with 'you
know who' did she"? Jenny sat beside Sandi and said
quietly "I know Sis, he's a wonder isn't he, has
he mentioned about tonight"? Sandi placed a hand on
her sisters as she looked up into her eyes, "Yes
Sis, I think it's wonderful of you to let him...."
Jenny kissed Sandi tenderly and whispered "It's
because I love you and all the girls, Jack has so
much love I just want to share it with all of you
just so long as he's willing to share it. Now shut
up before you have me crying like a little girl".
Sitting next to Sandi watching me cuddle Sue kept
Jenny busy for some time, until that is that Sandi
asked her where Kelly and Lisa were. Jenny bent
down and whispered very quietly for a minute or two
during which time Sandi's eyes were getting wider
and wider and she kept looking at me and grinning.
It seems that Jenny was telling Sandi all that had
happened with Kelly and Lisa from when I'd picked
them up in the car to when Jenny and I had left
them in their bedroom. I had to smile as Sandi
opened her knees a fraction and placed her hand
between her legs for a moment or two, closing her
eyes as she lay back in the corner of the chair.
When she opened her eyes again it was to see me
shaking my head in disapproval at her actions.
"Don't waste it" I mouthed and Sandi broke into a
fit of giggles which made Sue sit up and say
sleepily "What's Aunt Sandi laughing at Daddy" I
kissed the top of her head and said quietly
"Nothing really darling I just pulled a funny face
and she giggled, that's all". As Sue snuggled down
again Jenny said "Don't get too comfortable Sue
darling, it's time you went to bed, you have school
in the morning." Heaving a deep sigh Sue said "Yes
Mom" then turned to me and said sweetly "Daddy will
you carry me to bed and tuck me in please"? I
looked as Jenny questioningly "They're in ours" she
said softly so Sue wouldn't hear so I scooped Sue
up in my arms and whispered "Come on then baby let
Daddy put you to bed and tuck you in like a little
Girl." I carried her up to her bedroom and,
placing her on her bed covered her up, tucked her
in tightly and tenderly kissed her good night.
Closing the door quietly I stepped over to our
bedroom and peeked in to see Kelly and Lisa wrapped
in each others arms apparently sleeping so I crept
in, sat on the edge of the bed and gently placed a
hand on Lisa naked side. The feel of my gentle
touch made Lisa open her eyes and, seeing me
looking down at her she turned to face me,
displaying her wonderful naked body and put her
arms round my neck and pulled me down so I was laid
across her body and she could kiss me. I lay across
her, supporting my weight on one elbow and
caressing her hair and face with my free hand,
until she took my hand and placed it on her right
breast and pressed it with her own hand. "Happy
darling" I said softly and she whispered back
"Wonderfully happy Daddy darling, I've never been
so happy in my life". As she lay there looking up
at me I asked her "Did you enjoy your 'special
present'", she grinned and, sitting up supported by
the pillows piled up behind her said "We'd
forgotten all about them Daddy, it seems so long
ago we got them".*
I was concentrating so much on talking to Lisa I
was taken by surprise as Kelly pulled me down to
lay on her naked breasts and be kissed very long
and passionately, until Lisa said firmly "Hands of
my Dad Kel', mom needs him alive and working" which
made Kelly laugh as she sat up. I lay across the bed
and looked at the two of them as they sat with
their arms wrapped round their bent knees giving me
a wonderful glimpse of their soft warm pussies.
"Dad!!" cried Lisa as she saw where I was looking,
"Yes darling, is there something wrong" I responded
"Yes Dad, your looking up our skirts" she said. "No
I'm not my love you're sitting here naked, showing
me your lovely bodies, am I supposed to look away?"
I grinning broadly and they both launched
themselves at me and started to wrestle with me,
something which allowed me to hold their breasts
and land a couple of kisses on their pussies. I was
still buried beneath them when Jenny came into the
bedroom to discover where I had got to. "What on
earth is going on here" she said sternly, "You
girls should be in bed and Jack, you have a job to
do before you do the same" and she came over and
landed a couple of loving slaps on the girls
bottoms as I held them close to my body. Lisa and
Kelly got up and, giving me one last passionate
kiss and Jenny a loving one, walked arm in arm to
their bed, Kelly asking over her shoulder "Can
Uncle Jack tuck us in please Aunt Jenny?" Jenny
grinned "Of course darling, just don't keep him too
long please I need him". Ten minutes later, after a
passionate kiss and hug from Lisa and Kelly I was
back down with Jenny and Sandi explaining what had
kept me for so long, "Oh by the way that was a good
idea suggesting that Lisa and Kelly used our bed,
they seem to have enjoyed themselves" I said and
continued "Now how about we enjoy ourselves
upstairs, anyone for the Barber"? Jenny and Sandi
stood up and we made our way to the bathroom where
Jenny immediately dropped her skirt to the floor
and allowed Sandi to remover her panties as I got a
wash cloth warmed up, some foam whipped up and a
fresh blade in my razor. As Jenny sat on the vanity
unit and spread her legs I couldn't resist the urge
to kiss her pussy and give a gently suck on her
swelling clit. "Stop that Jack darling there isn't
time right now" she said,so I warmed her skin up,
applied the foam and very gently removed the
stubble that would soon be making her sore. When I
was finished and had rubbed a little warm baby oil
on the freshly shaven area Jenny kissed me and
Sandi and whispered "Enjoy darling" as she left us
alone. "Jack... I don't feel right having Jenny
leave us like this, it's almost as if I'm using you
as a stud" I took her in my arms and kissed her
"Sandi darling Jenny wants us both to enjoy what we
both want, now shall I be masterful or do you want
to offer yourself to me so I can make love to you
sweetly and gently after I have spent some time
caressing your wonderful pussy". Sandi kissed me
and whispered "Sweet and gentle please Jack
darling, and please HURRY, before I go mad" and she
lifted her naked body up on to the vanity unit and
opened her legs so I could touch her most intimate
parts. Quickly but carefully I removed Sandi's
stubble and as I rubbed in the warm baby oil I
fleetingly touched her clit and she trapped my hand
between her legs and trembled as a tiny orgasm
rippled through her. Jumping off the vanity unit
Sandi quickly turned round, placed her arms on the
unit, laid her forehead on her arms and offered
her body to me. Pushing my joggers to my knees I
stepped up to Sandi's bottom and, touching the head
of my hard throbbing cock between her hot wet
pussy lips began to slowly press home only to find
myself suddenly buried deep inside her, I leaned
forward and cupped her mons in my hand, flicking
her clit with my thumb as I gently worked the full
length of my prick in and out of her slippery
grasping vagina. Within minutes of my entry Sandi
was crying out as the first of a series of orgasms
tore one by one through her trembling body. Very
gently I lowered Sandi to the floor and turned her
on to her back, spreading her legs wide and, laying
between her legs I inserted my still rigid cock
back into her open and waiting vaginal passage. As
I settled part of my weight on her body ,
supporting the rest on my elbows, Sandi wrapped her
legs across my back and her arms round my neck and
I began to gently fuck her again, kissing her
passionately and tenderly alternately until she
began to cry out that she was cumming and I had to
lock my lips to hers so she didn't wake the girls
with her screams of passion. We lay together for
some time until I felt Sandi give a little shiver
and pulling myself free of her grasping limbs I
stood up, offered her my hand and, after pulling
her to her feet, picked her up by the waist and
carried her the short distance to the shower where
I spent a sensuous few minutes washing her all
over, leaning her against the wall as I did the
same for myself. I then dried and powdered us both
and picking her up in my arms carried her to her
own bed, covered her up and tucked her in with a
final tender kiss and a soft "Good night darling".
As I made my way to our bedroom I decided to look
in on the girls and smiled as I saw all three
laying on their back with their naked breasts
showing over the top edge of the bedclothes and I
thought it was a good job I didn't have a camera.
Opening our bedroom door as quietly as possible in
case she was asleep I crept in and having stripped
off my robe I slid careful into bed and snuggled
up close to Jenny to find her awake and responsive
to my touch. "Are the girls all right darling?" she
said softly, "I heard you go into their room" and
she laughed lightly as I told her what I had seen
and thought.*
"Would you really like to take photo's of the girls
when they were naked darling" Jenny asked as we lay
there close together. "No darling" I replied, "I
was only joking when I said that, let's face it
photo's are taken to share with others, right. I'm
getting very protective of those three young ladies
and I wouldn't consider for one moment exposing
them to the sort of salacious comments most men
make when they see a photo of a naked woman. Let's
face it I've done it myself in the past so I know
what I'm talking about." I paused and Jenny hugged
me as I continued "Jenny darling I'd think twice
before I allowed a beach photo in the sort of
bikini's they wore on our honeymoon, you know how
erotic I found them". "Yes Jack darling, but you
found the girls erotic no matter what they were
wearing didn't you, all they had to do was touch
you as they walked past and you had an erection as
hard as the one I feel between us now". Suddenly
turning over so she had her back to me Jenny looked
over her shoulder and said "Jack please take me
from behind like you did my sister, I want to feel
you thrusting into me as you place your hot cum
deep in my womb as you fill me with your seed". I
made long slow gentle love to Jenny that night and
she had a number of small orgasms before I finally
released a load of semen into her waiting body
bringing her to a final climax and making her body
spasm sufficiently to pull her off my shrinking
penis. Feeling me fall out of her Jenny turned to
face me and wrapped herself in my arms as I heard
her giving little sobs and felt tears running on to
my chest. Pulling back a little I asked "Why the
tears darling"? She looked up at me giving me a
chance to kiss them away as she said softly "I'm
just so happy Jack, I can't help crying for joy
sometimes, especially when I'm in your arms and
feel so safe and secure" I kissed her eyes once
more and hugged her close as I rocked her gently in
my arms 'til we both dropped of to sleep.
Once again I was awakened by a nubile young body
close to me as Lisa gently roused me from my deep
sleep. "Come on Daddy" she said softly "Time to get
up, Kel' has breakfast ready and mom is down there
waiting for you". As I sat up Lisa wrapped her arms
round me and pressed her naked breasts to my bare
chest, "I love you for being my Daddy" and she
kissed me passionately, "And I love you for being
my lover, I wish I could have your baby, It's a
pity you had the 'op', can't they undo it these
days"? She asked plaintively. "Go away you depraved
child, or I'll tell your mother what you want" I
said as I grinned at the idea of her carrying my
child, "Take my advice my dear and hold off
pregnancy for a few more years, marry him first so
he can't get away, now would you leave me so I can
dress in peace without being distracted by your
naked body". Lisa kissed me briefly and said "Yes
Daddy" and she skipped out of the bedroom leaving
me to shower shave and dress before going down to
the kitchen. I walked in to the kitchen to find
four women of various ages all wanting to kiss me,
tenderly, lovingly or passionately, depending on
their point of view, and before I'd sat down to the
table. I had to grin as I saw where they were all
sitting and I realised they had worked out some
sort of agreement as to who would be sitting each
side of me, which seemed to be the reason they
wanted me down so quickly, Ah well, it was a
terrific way to be woken up in a morning. That
evening when I finished work Lisa and Kelly were
waiting for me once more, they both seemed to be
getting good deal of enjoyment at being with me
whenever they could and I noticed that Lisa was a
little more restrained when she greeted me, just a
loving kiss and a hug and a firm "Hello Daddy". The
only difference between her greeting and Kelly's is
that Lisa kissed me on the lips and Kelly kissed me
on the cheek, both were as loving as the other, it
was just that the conventions were being observed
in public. I had already received some comments
about being kissed by two gorgeous young women and
had managed to refrain from blushing when I said in
an offhand manner that one was my daughter and the
other my niece and that we were a close family.
The drive home was quieter than usual with Lisa and
Kelly talking quietly between themselves as if I
wasn't there, "Are you girls all right" I asked,
"You're not usually this quiet, is something wrong"
"No Uncle Jack" said Kelly, "We're just planning
things between ourselves, you know.. girl secrets
and things that we can't tell even you darling".
Which brought on a fit of giggling just as I drew
into the driveway. As they were getting out of the
car I said "I guess I'll have to resort to torture
to find out what you're planning then" Lisa kissed
me and smiled "Daddy darling, nothing you can do
would make us reveal these secrets" she said "How
about... No sex for a month and being locked into a
chastity belt" I grinned "Not even that Daddy, you
can flog us ravish us (please) do what you will,
but we will never tell, right Kel'"? "Hang on Lis',
I don't like that No sex for a month bit, does he
mean it"? Kelly replied as she grinned at our
repartee, I laughed and said "Go on you sexy pair,
get indoors while I put the car away", and was soon
following them into the kitchen where I found Sandi
and Sue laying the table. It seemed to be getting
to be a habit recently to eat in the kitchen rather
than the dining room, but I had to admit it was
more convenient for whoever was doing the cooking.
When Sue saw me she threw herself into my arms
saying "Hello Daddy" and kissed me like a little
girl. Sandi said softly "Hello Jack darling" and
kissed me far more tenderly.*
"Is everything all right Sandi darling"? I asked as
I held her tight to me while Sue continued to lay
the table, Sandi smiled and whispered "Yes, I'm
just so glad to see you home again, I miss you so
when you're not here", I kissed her again and said
softly "I'm not going anywhere my love, so don't
get worried". As I made my way to the bathroom to
get cleaned up before changing for dinner I was
subjected to a kiss and a hug from Lisa and Kelly
who were on their way down the stairs, and as I
entered our bedroom after having a quick shower I
walked into Jenny's arms and spent some time saying
hello to her before I was allowed to get some
clothes on. As I was dressing Jenny sat on the bed
and watched then, as I finished, got up and said
"Jack darling, will you do all the girls, shave
them I mean, this evening, or split them over three
nights"? I kissed and hugged her as I replied "I
think it would be better if I did one a night, more
restful for me at least, unless you insist on a
business like approach"? And I grinned as she stood
there pretending to think, after all I hadn't yet
been able to shave the pussy on any of them without
it ending in a session, however brief, of love
making, which, I'm beginning to think, is why they
all like me to shave them. As we walked arm in arm
down the stairs I asked who was in most need to be
first, "To be shaved or made love to darling"?
Jenny responded, "Shaved of course, they're always
desperate to have me make love to them, you'd think
they were deprived or something". Jenny grinned and
hugged me tight as she said quietly "No way" As
we sat at the table eating dinner I was smiling at
Sue who was sitting next to me and closer than
usual as she had her hand under the table caressing
my leg, when Jenny spoke "Susan take your hand of
Daddy's leg please", Sue blushed and said "Mom" as
Jenny smiled at her and poked the tip of her tongue
out at her youngest daughter who started to giggle.
"Tell me, do any of you feel you are deprived of
sex" she the asked. "Yes" said Kelly, Lisa and
Susan together and all three giggled as Sandi
looked at me and then turned to Jenny and said
quietly "Not me Sis, I'm just a late starter" as
she smiled lovingly at Jenny. After dinner I
offered to help with the dishes but Jenny asked
Sandi to take me away and let her have a word with
the girls. Sandi and I went into the Den and sat
side by side on the sofa where she cuddled up close
and pulled my head down so she could kiss me,
"Jack, you won't ever leave us will you. I don't
think I could bear not having you around, even if I
have to share you with Jenny, I still want to be
with you always". She sniffed as she tried to quell
the tears that were beginning to swell in her eyes
and I lifted her face and tenderly kissed them
away. "Sorry Jack darling, I'm just being a silly
girl again, it's your fault you know, doing what
you did last night, then carrying me to bed and
tucking me in as if you were my father". "Yes...
well I'm doing a lot more of that now than I ever
did in the past, and I'm loving every minute of it"
I replied with a big grin on my face. "So do the
girls, in fact Lisa and Susan are always talking
about their Daddy, although they call Jenny's Ex
their father he seems to mean nothing to them, but
their new Daddy is better than any one else in the
world, and I agree with them" I gave her a gently
slap on the leg, "Stop it or you'll have me
blushing with all these compliments flying about,
I'm only a normal guy that got lucky with his new
family. After all how many guys get the chance to
make love to five gorgeous women at any time day or
night and not have them fighting each other?" Sandi
smiled and gave a little shake of her head, "Sorry
Jack, you can't fool me, you don't do this just for
sex, otherwise you'd not have put me to bed, tucked
me in and then went and made passionate love to
your wife, most men would have left me on the
bathroom floor and gone to bed. Oh, bye the way I
told Jenny what you did for me, and that I wanted
you all to myself for ever. Do you know what she
said, No way. What a rotten sister she is to me"
and laughed lightly as I kissed her and whispered
"I promise if I get fed up with Jenny I'll give
you a call, unless you've found a husband of your
own, how does that sound"? Sandi sighed deeply, "If
that's the best offer I'm going to get I guess I'd
be a fool to turn it down, so I'll accept it".
"Accept what Sis." Said Jenny as she came into the
Den just as Sandi was finished, "Jack has promised
me that I'll be first on his list when he gets fed
up with you , unless I have a husband, so as that's
the best deal I'm likely to get I'd be a fool not
to take it. I guess I'm still sharing Sis, if you
don't mind that is?" "Sandi darling, of course we
can share, Jack has enough love for all of us" and
she sat herself on my lap and put her arms round my
neck and kissed me sweetly. As Jenny kissed me I
put my arm round her waist and leaned back into the
corner of the sofa and began a tender petting
session with my wife as her sister sat beside us
looking as if she was eager to join in. As I kissed
Jenny's neck and ear I whispered "Who's first" and
she replied just as quietly "Sue, she says she's
scratching herself red raw" and grinned, "I think
she might be regretting starting it, maybe she need
to trim more frequently" Jenny continued. I grinned
back "Or maybe she wants my attention more often",
Jenny pressed he lips to mine for a long time then
whispered "I can't blame her for that darling, so
would I at her age" and laying her head on my
shoulder sighed and closed her eyes rocking herself
against my body. After a few minutes of sitting on
my lap Jenny sat up and asked me to move over a
little so she could sit between me and the arm of
the sofa. As I did this Jenny looked at Sandi put
out her hand and smiled an invitation to join her
cuddling up to me.*
As Jenny sat beside me Sandi shifted herself along
and pressed herself to my other thigh, putting her
arm round me and whispering "Thanks Sis" as a tear
formed in her eye and Jenny leaned over to wipe it
away with her fingertip, "My pleasure Sandi
darling" she replied, "Nope, MY pleasure" I put in,
"After all what else would it be having my arms
wrapped round two sexy women both of whom love me
and want to share me with the rest of their
family". We sat there for ages and my hand drifted
up Jenny's body to rest on her breast where it
gently caressed what was under it. I don't know if
Sandi could see what was happening on the other
side of me but she took hold of my hand and moved
it to rest on her breast, pressing it to increase
the contact it was making, so I began to move it
over her body in time with the one holding Jenny.
We must have drifted off because I suddenly felt a
warm wind in my ear and, looking round I saw Lisa
with her head close to mine, "Daddy, Sue's tired
and wants to know if you're ready for her yet" I
leaned back and offered my lips to her which she
kissed tenderly and then said "I'll be with her in
just a minute my love". Very carefully I eased my
arms from round Jenny and Sandi, allowing them to
lay back on the sofa, crept out quietly closing the
door behind me and made my way up to the bathroom
where Sue was waiting. "Sorry my darling, I fell
asleep with mom and Aunt Sandi in my arms, 'til
Lisa came and reminded me you were waiting, are you
ready my love" Sue nodded, slipped of her belt,
allowing her skirt to fall to the floor and showing
me that she was naked under it. Turning round Sue
bent down and picked up her skirt deliberately
showing me her bottom and pussy lips. Having folded
her skirt neatly she dropped on the toilet seat and
turned and kissed me, "This will be the first time
my Daddy has shaved me you know" she said with a
wide grin on her face, "I feel so sexy" ,and then
jumped up on to the vanity unit and spread her legs
wide. Tenderly and carefully I removed all the
stubble from Sue's pussy and trimmed round the tiny
patch I had left on her mons, then I cleaned her of
stray foam and dried her off with a towel. As I
helped her down to stand before me she slid her
arms round me and kissed me passionately "Thank you
Daddy, will you put some baby oil on me please" as
I said I would Sue put her hands in the waistband
of my joggers and pushed them down as far as she
could reach whilst still standing, taking my
underwear with them. She then grasped my hard
throbbing penis in her soft warm hand and looking
up at me pleaded "Daddy please make love to me, I
want you to fuck my bottom please it's so long
since you did it for me, please Daddy do it
tonight" I looked at her and said softly "Really my
love, are you sure you're relaxed enough so it
won't hurt you" Sue just smiled, picked up the baby
oil bottle and put some on her hands then rubbed
them the full length of my pulsating prick. "All
ready Daddy" she smiled and turned round rested her
head on the vanity, pushed out her bottom and said
softly, "NOW... Daddy I'm ready for you, please". I
stepped up close to Sue and, running my fingers up
her swollen pussy I covered them with the love
juices that were oozing from her pussy lips and
used them to moisten her tiny puckered anus before
I pressed the oiled tip of my manhood to her rectal
ring and pressed it hard against her until I felt
it enter her anal passage and Sue give a deep sigh.

Very gently I pressed myself as deep as I could and
then drew back until I was almost drawing the head
of my penis out of her and I heard her little cry
of "No Daddy don't take it out yet". Slowly I began
to up the pace of my thrusting until I felt her
start to move her hips in time with mine, when I
slipped my hand under her belly and between her
legs 'til I could touch her clit with the tips of
my fingers. As I touched her Sue gave a cry of
pleasure and pressed her pelvis on to my hands as
she tried to thrust back to meet my forward motion
and then suddenly she gave a huge gasp and an
almighty groan as she collapsed on to my arm at the
instant I began to shoot wad after wad of semen
deep into her body. Sue was still conscious because
as I began cumming she cried out again as another
orgasm hit her while she hung from the support of
my arms and penis. Slowly allowing her to fall to
the floor on her hands and knees I slipped my penis
from her and knelt beside her, putting my arm
around her and whispering "Are you all right
darling"? Sue turned her head and smiled as she
gasped "And How!" I stood up and helped her to
stand, supporting her with my arms round her body
which was pressed close to me, and with her head
resting on my chest. I bent my head and kissed the
top of hers, "How about a shower"? I asked and Sue,
stepped back and wriggled her bottom as she placed
her hand between her buttocks saying "And soon
Daddy, I'm leaking on the floor, HELP ME..." I
picked her up, placed her under the shower and
turned the water on as she leaned against the wall,
opened her legs and allowed a stream of my semen to
run from her bottom. "WOW... did you do all that
Daddy, I wish you'd done it on my titties so I
could rub it in, will you do that for me please,
with Aunt Sandi there as well"? I kissed her
tenderly and said "OK, but for now shall we get
cleaned up and think about bed, you have school in
the morning" she hung her head, smiled cheekily and
said meekly "Yes Daddy". When I returned to the Den
Lisa and Kelly were sitting with Jenny and Sandi,
Lisa smiled and said "That was a long trim Daddy,
Sue must really have needed it badly". I grinned
wickedly "She certainly did, almost as much as you
will tomorrow I guess". Lisa grinned broadly and
just nodded her head.*
That night Jenny and I lay in each others arms not
speaking and drifted off to sleep which was not
broken until about five o'clock when I felt a body
creep under the covers and press up close to me.
Jenny was also disturbed and getting up on to one
elbow looked over me and said softly "And what do
you think you're doing young lady", "Can I come and
have a cuddle with Daddy please Mom" I heard Sue
say. "But darling your almost seventeen, not a
little girl now you know". "I know mom but....".
Jenny smiled and whispered to me "Jack darling,
there is a little girl wants to get into bed with
Mom and Dad, shall we let her"? I grinned so only
she could see, "Well, I suppose, just this once and
so long as she doesn't wriggle about and keep me
awake..". "Oh.. thank you Daddy" and Jenny lay on
one arm as I lay on my back and allowed Sue snuggle
up close wrapped in the other one, wriggling
herself as close as she could before settling down
to sleep. I woke up to the feel of Jenny kissing me
and whispering in my ear. When I finally realised
what she was saying I turned to where Susan was
still wrapped in my arm, her arms over my chest and
her legs wrapped round mine, her groin pressed hard
on my thigh. "Jenny darling, do you know what I
think I feel on my leg" I whispered Jenny grinned
like the Cheshire cat and I could see she was
trying not to laugh as I gently moved my damp thigh
from between Susan's gripping legs. "I think she's
had a wet dream as she laid against you in the
night darling, Cripes, even I've never done that.
You are having an effect on my girls aren't you my
love". As I was in the bathroom having a shower and
shave before breakfast Sue woke up and Jenny told
her what we had found. As I returned to the bedroom
Sue covered her face in embarrassment as I sat on
the bed beside her and took her in my arms. "Don't
worry about it darling, I think it must be the
greatest compliment paid to any man, to have a
young girl have an orgasm just because she's laying
in his arms asleep, I must admit I never heard of
it happening before". As I released her Sue turned
to hug her mother and I heard her say softly "Isn't
he wonderful Mom", she then went to get ready for
school with a new spring in her step. "She's right
you know Jack, you are wonderful, especially to
Lisa and Susan, and the way you treat Sandi I just
can't believe she's the same person. I guess I'll
have a serious rival there if I don't watch my
step" I reached over the bed and grabbed her then
pulled her to me, pinning her down to the bed and
kissing her as passionately as I had ever done.
"There's no one to rival you my love, whatever I
say to Sandi I say it because I don't want to hurt
her and I don't want her to get jealous, I love her
because she's your sister and because she's very
good to make love to, especially when you're there
with us, but it's you that I love most and if I
were to be forced to make a choice I'd always
choose you". Quickly letting her up, I spun her on
to her front and gave her a firm pat on the bottom,
then I kissed her on each cheek saying "It's time
for breakfast lover" and I left her and went down
to the kitchen. It was obvious that Sue had told
Lisa and Kelly at least, about what had happened
because she sat there eating her breakfast with
such a smug look on her face and Kelly, who was
standing at the sink, looked at me, grinned and
mouthed "WOW", while Lisa sat beside me and
whispered "Can I try that please Daddy, it sounds
really cool". "Lisa darling if I thought you could
lay beside me in bed without moving for half the
night, I'd say yes, but you're such a sexy young
thing I doubt if we could keep our hands off each
other, ask your mother, and the same goes for
Kelly, before anyone asks." Lisa pouted and said
"Rotter" under her breath but the smile on her lips
took any sting out of the word so I leaned over and
kissed her tenderly saying "Good morning Lisa
darling". Having finished her breakfast Sue asked
to be excused, "I want to see Aunt Sandi before I
go to school" she said with a good deal of aplomb
and kissed me on her way out saying "Bye Daddy,
I'll see you tonight" and bounced out of the
kitchen to go and tell Sandi what had happened to
her. Just as Jenny came into the kitchen I was
putting my coat on and I kissed her sweetly as I
went out to the car to go to work. It seems that
just after I had left for work Sandi came down and
joined Jenny for breakfast and shortly after Sue
came into the kitchen and kissed them both goodbye
as she skipped out of the house singing as she
walked down the drive. "Did she tell you...." said
Jenny as she poured Sandi a cup of coffee, "She
certainly did, I've never seen her so proud of
having done anything, have you" Jenny shook her
head "She was so embarrassed when I told her what
had happened I thought she was going to cry, then
two minutes with Jack and she was like the cat that
got the cream. She couldn't wait to tell Lisa and
Kelly, when I'd have expected her to keep it a
secret." Sandi gave a tiny smile and looked down at
her hands for a moment, "Jen, I'm not coming
between you and Jack am I, I mean... I feel I'm
getting a bit possessive some times and hate to
have anyone else hold him, I think I'm a bit
jealous of the girls sometimes, they're so young
and beautiful and SO VERY sexy, sometimes I could
almost cry when Jack kisses any of them". Jenny
grinned at Sandi's discomfort, "Sis, I feel just
the same when I know he's making love to one of the
girls, or Trish, or you, for that matter but then
I stop and think of what he's done for Sue, and for
you, and how much I love him. I then tell myself
that when he makes love to you or Sue, it's because
I asked him to in the first place, so I can't blame
him for doing it now, especially as he offered to
give up all of you when we got married".*
Sandi gasped "You mean you said NO, when he asked
if you wanted him to stop making love to Kelly,
Lisa and Susan?" "I certainly did darling" replied
Jenny. "But why, most women wouldn't want their new
husbands making it with a group of teenage beauties
like those three, why did you let him carry on?"
"Well Sis, I looked at it like this, I knew Jack
loved me because he could have just ignored me and
carried on his affair with Lisa and Kelly. He
didn't, he asked me to marry him. It was because of
his love for Kelly and Lisa that I actually met him
in the first place so how could I ask him to give
them up while he loved me so much". Jenny took a
deep breath, "Then when I was so desperate over
Sue, he put himself at risk of a very long term in
prison to try to help her get over almost being
raped, no questions, no 'ifs or buts', he just
worked out a way to do it and went ahead. Do you
think he succeeded, Sis?" "I should say so Jen,
and before you say anything I understand why you
asked him to do the same for me. To be honest Sis
I nearly ran out that first evening, I was so
frightened of being alone with him, but he seemed
so.... well so safe to be with I just gritted my
teeth and let him hold my hand. All I could do
after that was surrender and do just as he said,
and I'm so glad I did, I'm also so thankful to you
for making it happen. I just want you to know I'll
never do anything to harm your marriage Jen, I
promise, and I promise to try not to be jealous of
Trish and the girls", "By the way darling, how did
Trish sort of happen?" "By accident really, she
came to see us, very embarrassed at having to ask
if Kelly could stay with us for a while so she
could sort out her divorce, her husband ran off
with some bimbo from work, she and I got chatting
about men and sex, you know how things crop up,
well then she broke down and cried her heart out
and told me her husband had been too tired for over
a year to make love to her, because of the bimbo as
it so happened, and she was so desperate she almost
started to go bar crawling. Having been there
myself I felt sorry for her and I asked Jack if he
would do her a service, well you know what I mean.
When Trish saw I had a shaved pussy she asked for
the same and you know what that leads to, Trish
had an orgasm, so did I, then Jack gave us the best
bit as we sat beside each other on the bathroom
floor, talk about being taken by surprise, Trish
had seen nothing like it before but I think she
has since, and enjoyed her daughters assistance as
well. Jack has that effect on people, at least on

Kelly and Lisa met me as usual by the car, Lisa
giving me a big kiss and a hug, Kelly a loving kiss
on the cheek and a huge hug, and the drive home was
almost completely silent until Lisa said "Daddy,
are you still going to shave me this evening"? "Of
course darling, unless you've changed your mind"?
"No Daddy, I was just wondering how you would want
to do it"? "Do you mean on your own or with a
friend" I said knowingly "Daddy how did you guess,
the thing is darling, Kelly and I want to do
everything together, and it's your fault for giving
me that spanking, and Mom's for leaving Kelly our
special present. To be honest Daddy, we like that
almost as much as doing it with you, don't we
Kel'?" "That's right Uncle Jack, we're not lesbians
are we, I'd hate to think we were especially as we
love you so much". "Don't worry girls, so long as
you can kiss me like you did this morning, and
allow me to touch you in your most intimate places,
you're not lesbians, you might call yourselves bi-
sexual with a good deal of honesty, seeing as you
like to make love in a threesome, but there's
nothing to worry about, just enjoy what you are,
and yes Lisa, Kelly can come and hold your hand
tonight, and anything else that's available". That
last sally got them both laughing 'til I drew into
the drive. As I took my coat off ready to go and
change Sandi came up to me and hugged me so tight
then kissed me long and deep "I love you so much
Jack, it hurts some times", then left me and went
into the kitchen to start dinner. As I passed the
dining room I heard a little voice and as I peeked
round the door I saw Sue sitting at the table
writing away and singing under her breath. I
stepped up behind her and kissed her neck, "Hello
darling, what's this homework"? "Oh hello Daddy,
yes, I usually do it in our free period but I
didn't have time today so I'm doing it now, want to
help me, it's only math". I grinned "If you get
stuck come and ask me, but not until then OK, if
you cheat like that it's only yourself you're
cheating, always remember that my dear" and kissing
her I left her alone and went up stairs to change.
Being caught by Jenny coming out of the shower
seemed to amuse her and, after she had kissed me
she said "This makes a change, me in the bathroom
with you darling, it's usually Sandi or one of the
girls you spend time with in here isn't it"? As I
rubbed my hair dry I peeped through the towel and
said in a serious voice "Jenny darling, if you want
me to stop..." her kiss prevented me from saying
more for a while then I didn't get a chance, "Jack
darling, of course I don't, but thank you so much
for making the offer, I know how much it cost you
to make it". "Jenny my love I'll admit that it
would be the hardest thing in the world to give up
making love to four of the most wonderful women I
know, but if you ask it of me I will, without
question". "Thank you darling" she said and went
down to the kitchen to help Sandi prepare dinner.
When I was dressed I decided to ask Lisa what time
we should start later and I opened their bedroom
door and peeped in to see Lisa and Kelly standing
naked in the middle of the room, dressing.*
"OH I'm so sorry girls" I said closed the door and
was about to walk along the landing when Kelly
opened it and said "Uncle Jack, please come in,
we're only getting dressed" and stepping out of the
room grabbed my arm and pulled me into their
bedroom. "I'm so sorry Lisa darling, it was rude of
me not to knock and wait to be invited into your
bedroom, I was so embarrassed to catch you in the
nude like that" I said as they stood in front of me
wearing only a smile. "Don't be silly Daddy, I tell
you what, why don't you sit there and watch Kelly
and I get dressed, it'll make a change from us
getting undressed in front of you" and they both
laughed loud and long. I found it almost as erotic
watching Kelly and Lisa put their clothes on as I
did watching them undress and when they held out
their hands to me to help me stand up my erection
was very obvious. "WOW Kel', look at that, we can
even get him aroused putting our clothes ON" and I
spent a moment or two adjusting myself before
walking with them down to the kitchen for dinner,
still with no time set for Lisa's trim. After
dinner I sat with Sue and Sandi in the family room
watching TV, well listening to it as I was reading
my paper and Sandi was reading a book while Sue was
laying face down on the floor, knees bent up her
ankles crossed and with her arms supporting her
raised chin as she watched what ever was on. Lisa
and Kelly were helping Jenny clear up the kitchen
and do the dishes, no doubt telling her what had
occurred in their bedroom earlier, I guess I could
expect a bit of a ribbing later. Sandi suddenly
shut her book, saying "Jack darling would you like
a drink, I fancy a beer, how about you?" I told
her yes and she got up and went to the kitchen to
get some, leaving me alone with Sue who, as soon as
Sandi had left the room jumped up off the floor and
came and sat on my lap. "Daddy, If I promise not to
do that 'dream' thing again can I come into your
bed again tonight please", "Sue darling, you can do
that 'dream' thing as you call it as often as you
like, as for coming into bed with us, don't you
think Lisa will begin to feel left out if you do it
too often. If you do it, it'll only be fair if Lisa
is allowed to do it, then we'll have to include
Kelly and before you know it your mother and I will
never sleep on our own". Sue grimaced "If you put
it like that Daddy, you're right, it would be
unfair, it's a bit of a bummer though" and lay her
head on my shoulder and cuddled up 'til Sandi
brought our drinks. As Sandi handed me my beer Sue
returned to the floor and the tv as Sandi snuggled
up to me pulling my arm over her shoulder to rest
on her breast without actually caressing it to any
great extent. When Kelly and Lisa and Jenny came in
to join us Sandi got up and made way for Jenny to
sit beside me only to find that Lisa was quicker
and got in first replacing Sandi and getting into
the same position she had been. As Lisa lay there I
whispered in her ear "Darling, would you get upset,
or think it unfair if Sue was to come into bed with
your mother and me, like she did this morning, you
know just for a cuddle?" Moving up a little Lisa
said very quietly "No Daddy, I know she felt so
very happy when she got up this morning she seemed
like a different girl, and when she told me about
her 'dream' thing I thought how lucky she was. But
I don't mind Daddy honest, I'm just so glad to see
her so unafraid". I kissed her tenderly saying
"Thanks darling, I appreciate you taking such a
mature attitude, and thinking of your little sister
like that." Whilst I was cuddling Lisa Jenny came
and sat on the arm of the sofa and put her arm
round me, stroking Lisa's hair as she did so. Lisa
looked up and said "Do you want to sit here next to
Daddy Mom, I don't mind moving if you do"? "No
darling, I'm just fine where I am, I can keep an
eye on him much better from here" replied Jenny
grinning at her daughters' look of relief at being
allowed to stay where she was. I leaned my head
against Jenny's hip as she lay her soft warm hand
on my cheek and temple caressing them with slow
circular motions that would have sent me to sleep
if Kelly hadn't given Lisa a nudge and Lisa hadn't
shook me to remind me of what we had planned.
A few minutes later Kelly and Lisa were in the
bathroom helping each other off with their panties
ready to have their pussy shaved clean of the
stubble that had grown over the last couple of
weeks. As Lisa placed herself into our favoured
position I gently stroked my hand over her delicate
skin and said firmly "You know darling, you really
must do this a little more often, otherwise you'll
begin to get a rash, and that'll mean no more
shaving" I placed a tender kiss on her mons and
looked up into her smiling eyes "All you have
to do is ask my love, you know I'll do this for
you at anytime" Lisa smiled and nodded "OK Daddy
I'll remember for next time".

Tenderly and I think, now quite expertly, I
removed the short fur that was showing on Lisa's
pussy from anus to clit, leaving just the triangle
shaped patch on her mons that I left for
identification purposes. A final wipe down with a
damp washcloth and I was drying her with a fresh
towel. As I went to rub in some warm baby oil Lisa
stopped me and whispered, "Will you do Kelly now
Daddy, then you can oil us both together". I kissed
her briefly and turned to Kelly, holding out my
hand "Your turn now them darling," and got a very
sweet smile and a kiss as I helped her to get into
position on the vanity unit. Kelly had almost the
same amount to remove as Lisa but I soon had her
dried and was helping her down, but not before I
had managed to get a taste of the juices that were
beginning to leak from her wonderfully swollen
pussy lips and getting a "Hurry Daddy please, I'm
getting so hot I want feel you inside me, please
Daddy" from Lisa as she stood beside me.*
Lisa knelt on the floor of the bathroom and stuck
out her bottom as she rested on he forearms and
knees and, dropping to kneel behind her I slipped
my hard erect penis deep into her vaginal passage
in a single stroke, feeling her muscles tighten on
me as my pubic hair touched her buttocks. As I
began stroking my prick in and out of Lisa's hot
wet pussy I was aware of Kelly moving down to our
level beside me, and of Lisa lifting her upper
body as she allowed Kelly to slide her body under
Lisa's. Immediately I felt the gentle touch of
Kelly's fingers on my balls and on the base of my
cock as she began caressing the junction of Lisa's
body and mine, it was obvious that Kelly was also
touching Lisa's clit because of the movements of
her body. I could also see Lisa's head bobbing up
and down between Kelly's thighs as she worked on
her clit and pussy entrance. Long before I had a
chance to get close to an orgasm both Kelly and
Lisa were thrashing and moaning as they both
reached a climax, then Lisa collapsed on top of
Kelly, pulling herself off of my still rigid prick.

As they lay there I leaned forward and passed my
hand over Lisa's naked bottom, gently inserting a
couple of fingers into her cum soaked pussy,
offering one finger to Kelly which she licked as
soon as it touched her lips and the other I licked
clean myself, relishing the sweet taste of Lisa's
juices. After a few minutes I rolled Lisa off Kelly
and helped Kelly to the same position Lisa was in
earlier and gently but firmly inserted my throbbing
prick into her already cum soaked pussy. Despite
already having had an orgasm with the aid of Lisa's
tongue and lips Kelly was soon beginning to moan as
she got closer and closer to another and as I
concentrated on reaching a climax myself I almost
missed the tiny cry of pleasure she gave as she
reached her own. As she knelt there impaled on my
pulsating penis, her pussy spasming as she came I
groaned out that I was doing the same and, allowing
a couple of spurts of semen to shoot into Kelly's
pussy I withdrew it sufficiently to allow it to
drop down and place the rest of it on Lisa's chin
and chest, causing her to grasp me in her hand and
place the head of my prick in her mouth as she
tried to catch the last remaining drops on her
tongue. We stayed like this, Lisa on her back being
straddled by Kelly who was being supported by my
hands under her hips, for a few minutes until I
allowed Kelly to lay full length on Lisa, and Lisa
to move her head to where she could get her tongue
to Kelly's cum oozing pussy lips. As Lisa licked
and sucked, Kelly writhed and moaned until she gave
a shudder as another tiny orgasm rippled through
her young naked body. I stood up and started the
shower, adjusting the temperature to a nice
comfortable warm then scooped Kelly in my arms and
stood her against the wall under the water jet, I
then did the same for Lisa, and getting in between
them began to soap them down one at a time, taking
a lot longer between their legs than necessary, but
then we were here to enjoy ourselves weren't we?

After finishing their fronts I turned them both
round to press them to the cold tiles which, as
soon as their breasts touched them, made them both
wake up to what was happening. I then allowed them to
enjoy fully my ministrations to the rest of their
bodies. By the time I'd finished with both the
girls they were awake enough to be able to do the
same for me, and I had the undoubted pleasure of
having two gorgeous young women caressing my body
with their soft smooth hands. Getting dried and
powdered took almost as long as the shower itself
and was just as enjoyable, ending with a tender if
extended hugging session where they both made a
great deal of pressing their naked bodies against
mine and moving them about getting the most out of
our close physical contact as they took it in turns
to be constantly kissing me in the most sensuous
manner possible. As this inevitably caused me to
have another erection Lisa whispered "Would you
like us to take care of that for you Daddy" as she
held it in her hand. I shook my head saying "No
darling, I want to save it for you mother" and
laughed softly as she blushed in embarrassment,
"I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to sound selfish, I
just thought as we were here and you seemed so..."
I kissed her tenderly "I know, and thank you for
the thought darling, I do appreciate it, and if
ever I get desperate I'll call on you, even if it
is out of turn, so to speak, and you know that you
can do the same, don't you"? Lisa and Kelly both
hugged me tight and kissed me over and over gain
until I said firmly that it was time for bed. "Will
you tuck us in again please Uncle Jack" asked
Kelly, "Yes please Daddy, and kiss us goodnight as
well". I laughed as I put my arms round them both
and said "OK, two little girls want to be tucked up
by Daddy so they know they're safe from monsters,
do they"? And five minutes later, after tucking in
and kissing Kelly goodnight I was kneeling beside
Lisa's bed doing the same as she whispered "Daddy,
I'm so glad you understand about me wanting to be
tucked into bed, because you have driven all my
monsters away, and I know Sue feels the same". I
kissed her tenderly and, as I saw a tear forming
in the corner of her eye I licked that away with
the tip of my tongue as I whispered goodnight,
getting up and quietly leaving the room closing the
door behind me. I made my way to the family room
where Jenny and Sandi were sitting chatting and, as
I went to sit at one end of the sofa, they shifted
apart and invited me to sit between them cuddling
up close to me as I did. "All settled down and
sleeping darling"? Asked Jenny as I put my arm
around her, "Yep, and all the monsters seem to have
gone as well, did you know about them"? Jenny
nodded "I'll tell you about them later darling" she
As we lay in bed later I asked Jenny about the
'monsters' Lisa referred to, "It was my Ex" she
said, "He used to scare the girls into staying in
bed by telling them there were monsters under their
beds that ate little girls that wandered about in
the dark". "What sort of fucking idiot was this
husband of yours" I said angrily, "Just that Jack
darling, that's why I was glad to get rid of him, I
just hope his latest conquest gets the same
treatment I did, she'll certainly deserve it".
Jenny snuggled up close to me and wriggled her soft
warm body against mine, "Jack darling, can we not
talk about him, it's so depressing to think of what
happened before I found you". I kissed her lightly
on the top of her head, the only bit I could reach
just then "OK darling, sounds good to me" and laid
my head on hers as we lay there in silence wrapped
in each other arms. After a few minutes Jenny drew
her head back a little so she could look at me with
a frown creasing her forehead, "What did Lisa say
about monsters anyway darling, it's been ages since
she ever mentioned them I'd almost forgotten the
problem ever existed". "Well, the girls asked me to
tuck them in and kiss them goodnight after we'd
showered, as I kissed Lisa and was saying goodnight
to her she said that me tucking them in had driven
all the monsters away for her and Susan". Jenny
gave a little shake of her head "She kept this to
herself all this time, Susan too, why didn't they
tell me they were worried, damn him". "Don't worry
about it darling" I said softly, "It's all sorted
now, if Lisa can tell me the monsters are gone she
must have found something better to think about
which will help her forget the past, now let's go
to sleep, or are you awake enough for me to make
passionate love to you first". Jenny rolled me on
to my back and slid her slender body on top of
mine, "Just lay there for me please darling, let me
make love to you, nice and slow and tender and
loving while you fondle me and caress me with your
strong hands". Half an hour later we were laying in
each others arms once more gasping for breath after
having a mutual orgasm that made us both make more
noise than we usually did. It didn't take us long
to fall asleep and neither of us felt Sue climb
into bed with us and snuggle up to my back as I lay
with my arms round Jenny. As I slowly woke up I
could feel Jenny's soft warm body as she lay in my
arms and I was also conscious of another one
pressing at my back which, as I turned over, moved
to allow me to lay on my back. Sue then shifted
herself to lay half on my chest so that her firm
young breasts were laying on my ribcage and her
legs were wrapped around my thigh. My movement
caused Jenny to wake and, as she looked at what was
on my other side grinned at me as she whispered
"What a girl, do I get you aroused like this"? As
she placed her hand on my erect penis. "What do you
expect a guy to do when he wakes up to find a naked
teenage girl wrapped round him, I'm not a Trappist
Monk you know, just a normal human male". At this
moment Sue opened her eyes and said sleepily "Good
morning Daddy, good morning Mom, you don't mind me
getting in with you for a little while do you"? She
said in her sweetest voice, "No darling, but
considering the state you get Dad into, would you
please try to wear a nightie if you do it again".
Sue lifted the bed clothes and peeked down to where
Jenny was holding me, put her hand to her mouth and
giggled, "Did I do that" she said, and, putting her
arms round me, pressing her hard nipples into my
chest kissed me and said "Sorry Daddy, I'll wear
a nightie or PJ's next time, promise". I hugged her
close and whispered "OK baby, just remember I'm
only human and you're a gorgeous young woman that
can get me aroused very quickly, just like your
mother, now how about you let us have a cuddle
before we have to get up and go to work" and I gave
her a pat on her naked bottom as she leapt out of
our bed and walked across the room wiggling her
butt as she went. As she was closing the bedroom
door she stepped back and bent over to wiggle her
bottom one last time before she finally left us
alone. "Jenny darling you're going to have to have
a serious talk with that young lady and make sure
she understands just what an effect she'll be
making on males very soon" I said as I lay back
down with her. "It's your fault you know Jack, you
taught her to be sexy, but I see your point about
arousing male passions, although I hope she doesn't
get into the situation she was in this morning when
she aroused you, my love, that would be worrying".
We lay there for some time, just holding each other
close and caressing each others naked bodies until
Lisa popped her head round the door and said "The
bathroom's free Mom, shall I start cooking
breakfast"? Jenny sat up and smiled saying "Yes
please darling, that would be nice, we'll be down
shortly" and as Lisa closed the door Jenny got out
of bed put on a robe then put out her hand to me
saying "Come and join me in the shower please
darling, it'll save time". I jumped out of bed and
scooped her up in my arms, "Are you quite sure
about that" I said as I carried her into the
bathroom and set her down in the shower, "I'm
certain Jack darling, because I want no hanky
panky, there isn't time just now, so concentrate on
what you're doing and hurry or breakfast will be
spoiled". We made it to the kitchen without too much
delay and sat down to a well prepared breakfast of
bacon and eggs that Kelly was serving up as Lisa
finished cooking. These two were going to make a
couple of lucky men super wives some day, not only
were they beautiful and very sexy, they were
turning into very good cooks and even showed a
willingness to do housework such as cleaning and
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