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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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Jacks family Saga Volume 2


In Vol. 1 I described in detail how I found my
family, fell in love with and married my wife,
helped her youngest daughter recover from a recent
attack by a group of youths, and her younger
sister from a similar incident some years earlier.
My wife had asked me to help my 'sister in law'
get over a distressing period and was now
considered to be a sometime part of the family
group. I now find that my wife has agreed that my
ex-wife's sister can come and stay for a while,
bringing her youngest daughter with her. The reason,
Jenny tells me, is that Frankie has a bit of an
attitude where boys are concerned and they want me
to see if I can help her get over her problem.
All my protestations of not being a 'shrink' fall
on deaf ears, my success with Sue and Sandi
being quoted as proof of my aptitude. -- Read on:-

Jacks family Saga Volume 2


With the coming weekend being a mid-term break
Kelly and Lisa were due to finish classes early
today and had asked me to pick them up at the Mall
as they had some shopping to do on their way
home. Having parked the car I walked into the
atrium and sat on one of the benches and began to
read my paper, occasionally looking round to see if
I could spot them only to have them creep up
behind me and kiss me on both cheeks, "Hello Daddy,
thanks for picking us up" said Lisa as I folded
my paper, stood up and allowed them to take an arm
each as we walked back to the car. "Won't it do
your image no good to be seen with an old man like
me" I asked them as we walked, "I thought you
girls needed to be seen with young hunks to have
any credibility these days" Kelly laughed "You're
way off Uncle Jack, boys don't interest us, and,
because we don't accept dates from the ones that
are free we get called lesbians so they leave us
alone", "The thing is Daddy" put in Lisa "When
they see us with you they get confused and think we
prefer older men, which of course we do, one
older man that is, and they still leave us alone."
"But don't you want to go out with people of
your own age girls, I mean it can't be too much fun
staying at home all the time when you could be
out enjoying yourselves" I responded as we reached
the car. When we were sitting in the car Kelly
leaned on the back of my seat, "Uncle Jack, if we
went out it would be a case of a movie with some
guy that has out of control hormones trying to get
into our panties, probably scrunched up in the
back of a car, so he can boast about how good he
was; we can watch a movie on tv at home, and have
you get into our panties and then we can boast
about how good you were, and know we won't get
hurt." "Besides" put in Lisa "We need to work hard
to get the best result we can before we finish
University, then we can make time for men, if we
can find someone suitable." "OK girls you've
convinced me, just don't let yourselves get bored
so you lose interest in life as a teenager, you
don't have much time left." Lisa kissed me on the
cheek as I drove along "Daddy, if being a
teenager is what I see in some of the kids in
class, I don't want it. If they're not drinking too
much they're trying drugs, some are on 'coke'
already. Honest darling, we don't want it, do we
Kel'?" Kelly giggled "Why want that when we have
you Uncle Jack" she said and Lisa joined her
giggling as they sat back in their seats.
After dinner Jenny and Sandi were doing the dishes
and I asked the girls to join me in the Den
where I sat on the sofa and put my arms out to
them. Lisa and Kelly sat each side of me and Sue
sat on my lap straddling my legs as she rubbed her
breasts against my chest. I gave her a firm slap on
the bottom which made her yell, and told her to
behave for a few minutes, "Can I misbehave with you
later please Daddy" she said as she grinned
wickedly. "No" I said "just listen to what I have
to say please", "Yes Daddy" she said as she hung
her head to hide her grin, "Now then girls, you
know Kelly's mom is coming down tomorrow with
Kelly's sister Frankie" they all nodded, "Well,
because I don't want Frankie to be embarrassed, or
frightened, at least until we can find out what's
wrong, I want you to promise to be on your best
behaviour for a couple of days. That means no sexy
talk, no climbing into bed with me, no walking
about naked, in other words try to be like normal
young ladies for a little while, OK?" They all said
yes then Sue asked "But Daddy if we're not normal
young ladies, what are we, freaks?" "You, my
darling Susan are the three most sexy and erotic
young women I know. I want to be able to make love
to you all as much as I can without upsetting my
darling wife, your mother, and that's why we have
to be very careful about what we let other people,
even relatives, know about the way we live and the
things we do. Do you understand what I mean?"
"Yes Daddy- yes Uncle Jack" they said together
then Sue piped up "Do you really think we're sexy
and erotic Daddy, even me?" "Sue darling I really
do, and there are men who'd give one of their
testicles for the chance of being in the position
I'm in, especially right now with three of you
pressing your firm young bodies up tight to mine.
"WOW, Sis, Kel', you should feel what I'm sitting
on" and Sue lifted herself up giggling to show
Lisa and Kelly the very obvious erection bulging
in my pants. Lisa put her lips to my ear and
whispered very quietly "So what Daddy, you should
feel the state of my panties, they're soaked"
and kissed me as she got up smiling lovingly at me.

"Kel', shall we go and sort out our new things
to show Daddy later, I guess we won't have a
chance over the weekend" Kelly grinned, saying
"Will he be able to take it do you think?"
and winked at me as she and Lisa made to leave the
room, "Can I come please Sis" said Sue as she slid
off my lap, bringing a groan from me as she rubbed
her pussy along my throbbing penis in the process.
Lisa looked at Kelly and when she nodded said "Come
on then but keep quiet OK" and smiled at me as they
went up to their bedroom. A few minutes after the
girls had gone Jenny and Sandi came and joined me
and as they sat down each side of me on the sofa
and I had my arms round them and was cuddling them
up close I said to Jenny, "Do you know what Kelly
and Lisa are planning darling?"
Jenny turned to look at me and grinned "Yes" she
said and placed her head on my shoulder. "Is that
it?" I asked "A simple yes." "Jack darling, you
asked me if I knew what they were doing, I do know
and I told you I know. You didn't ask me to tell
you what they're up to and even if you did I
wouldn't tell you, so please don't ask."*

I sat there still intrigued but knowing that I'd
find out what was going on sooner or later, and
anyway I was quite happy to stay where I was with
two sexy women in my arms, just holding each
other close as we sat on my comfy old leather sofa.
"Jack darling how would you like two loving
women in bed with you tonight?" Jenny asked me as
she stroked her hand across the bulge in my pants.
"Who did you have in mind darling, anyone I know?"
I responded and got a fist in the ribs from both
sides for saying it, "Saying things like that
could get you a lonely night my dear" said
Jenny as she squeezed my stiffening penis through
the material of my pants, "And being too rough
with that will get you a lot of lonely nights my
darling, so please be careful or I'll need nursing
through the night rather than what you seem to have
in mind" I said as Jenny held on tight to my
swelling manhood. "Careful Sis we don't want to
damage those goods now do we" said Sandi in a mock
panic, "I think he needs convincing that he doesn't
need anyone but us, don't you?" "That's our problem
Sandi darling, I have at least six friends who are
so jealous of me that Jack could have any one of
them just by telling them the night to come round,
and three of them are married." I sat upright
"You never told me that darling, who are
they, more important where are they, and do I know
them?" I asked with a wicked grin on my face. "Jack
darling, I'll willingly accept you making love
to my sister, I'll also accept you making love to
my daughters and their friend, singly or in
groups, I'll even accept you making love to Kelly's
mother, all of this I accept because I love
them as much as I love you, and for what you've
done for them, for us all. BUT my darling, if I so
much as catch you with your wonderfully talented
hands in the panties of any of my friends, without
my approval, I'll be using your testes as ben-wa
balls, do I make myself quite clear, my dearest
darling husband?"
I turned to look at Sandi who was trying hard not
to laugh, winked and said in a hushed voice "Do
you think she means it Sandi?" Biting her lip Sandi
nodded. "I thought so, damn, I thought I was on
to a good thing for a minute, Ah well, I suppose
I'd better be grateful for small mercies and be
satisfied with five gorgeous sensual women and keep
the family jewels intact", and sat back with a
huge sigh of mock resignation. Sandi got up and
offered to make a cup of coffee on her way back
from the bathroom and as Jenny and I were alone she
said very quietly "Jack darling you wouldn't
really make a play for those women I told you about
would you?" I gently pulled her round to sit on
my lap and spent a few minutes kissing her, "Jenny
darling since we have been married how many
women have I made love to beside you and Kelly,
Lisa and Susan?" "Two darling, Sandi and Trish'"
she replied. "OK, and how many of those did you ask
me to make love to", "Both of them, all of them",
"Does that give you an idea of the circumstances
under which I might be prepared to make love to,
or just have sex with, any other women."

Jenny sat upright on my lap, "Would you like to
have sex with another woman if I asked you
to Jack darling, really." "No, I wouldn't like it
because I'm more than happy, in fact I'm ecstatic,
with the wonderful girls and women I'm loving
right now and wouldn't like to make life
complicated by getting involved with any more.
Why do you ask, thinking of hiring me out as a stud
or a therapy?" Jenny smiled lovingly and shook her
head "No darling, but there are a lot of very
unhappy women out there, and a lot of very
frightened young girls, and all they need is a
gentle understanding man to make them happy."
"I know darling" I replied "And there are a lot
of good guys out there that can give the frightened
and lonely girls and women all the love they need.
The trouble is the women and girls in most need are
the ones that ignore the dull nice guys and pick
the exciting bad guys, then wonder why they get

Jenny smiled ruefully "Go on say it, I was one of
them, but you have to admit I got it right second
time around" I grinned, "Did you?" I asked and
found my self being kissed as passionately as I
could want. "Yes darling, I did, and you know it.
I'm just so glad that Lisa and Susan have got a
man to love first time round, even if they can't
marry you they have someone their eventual choice
has to measure up to, if they can ever find one."
"Careful Jenny darling, you'll be making me blush
if you carry on like this" I said as I hugged her
close. We sat there holding each other tightly
'til Sandi came in with our coffee and Jenny
slipped off my lap so I could drink mine without
spilling it. Just as I was putting my empty cup
down Sue came into the room and said "Daddy could
you come upstairs for a moment please Lisa needs
your help with something." "Can't she bring it
down here baby?" I asked and Jenny gave me a dig in
the ribs "Don't be an old grouch Jack, don't
you think she'd have done that if she could, go and
see what it is she wants. And please make sure
Sue knows it's past her bedtime when you're done."
I followed Sue up to the girls bedroom, knocking
on the closed door and being asked to come in by
Kelly. Kelly and Lisa were sitting on Lisa's bed
dressed in their dressing gowns, seemingly ready
for bed. I sat on one of the chairs by their
dressing table, and took a good deep breath as
I savoured the scent of lavender that always
reminded me of young girls bedrooms. "Susan said
you needed help with something darling, what's
the problem?" "Daddy, you know what we talked about
on the way home, I mean about getting guys to be
interested in us and things?" I nodded "Yes, why,
have you changed your minds about going and
finding one?" *

"Not exactly Uncle Jack" said Kelly, "We were just
wondering about the sorts of ways to held
convince a guy we're worth going out with." Kelly
and Lisa stood up and Lisa asked "Daddy, do you
think this would help" and with perfect timing they
both opened their dressing gowns and threw them
behind them on to the bed. I almost fell off the
chair I was sitting on when I saw what they were
wearing, well actually not wearing. All they had on
was a bra made of so sheer a material I could
hardly make out the seams, it was so fine I could
see every contour of their wonderful breasts, and
every tiny wrinkle of their hard pointed nipples.
The fact that they were dressed identically
showed that they'd put a lot of thought into what
they were doing. They were obviously aroused by
their own display, I could see the way their
breasts were slightly swollen and flushed, almost
glowing. Hard as it was to take my eyes off their
wonderful breasts I looked down and saw that they
were wearing the sexiest underwear I had ever seen.
Cut high on the hip very sheer and edged in the
finest lace the panties covered the whole of their
pussy including the tiny patch of fur I had left
when shaving them, and yet I could see every
contour of their wonderful bodies. Sitting where I
was I just gasped "Darling, if you failed to
interest a guy dressed like that he's dead, or gay,
and even then he might swing back." This made them
both giggle as they came up to me and sat one on
each knee, putting their arms round me and pressing
a breast on to each cheek. "Do you think it
suits us Uncle Jack" asked Kelly as she moved her
breast against my cheek. I turned my head and
kissed her nipple "I certainly do darling" and,
turning my head the other way caught Lisa's nipple
in my teeth and nibbled it for a moment. "Well
Daddy, if this suits us big girls what about that"
and she pointed to the door where Sue was coming
"SUSAN" I said in a shocked voice, "What are you
trying to do to your poor old Daddy?" Sue stood
there wearing a pure white bra that just cupped her
perfect breasts, showing her nipples and the
full swell of her deep cleavage, which was being
enhanced by the action of the bra pressing her
breasts together, her panties were also pure white
and almost as sheer as those worn by Lisa and
Kelly again covering the whole of her pussy yet
displaying every curve and depression. Having
placed her hand on my groin Lisa said "Daddy
whatever it was she was trying to do I think she's
succeeded, it certainly feels like it." Sue walked
sexily over to stand as close to me as she
could, with Lisa and Kelly on my lap "Is it sexy
Daddy" Sue said in a hushed voice, "Very sexy
darling, just be careful how you use ammunition
like that all of you, you might just drive some
poor sap out of his mind, especially if you say no
just at the wrong time, do you understand what
I'm saying?" Kelly and Lisa nodded and Sue said
quietly "I think so Daddy, but you didn't lose your
mind when I said no, did you?" "Susan darling,
I'm not a teenage boy, I have a little more self
control, not much more but enough." "Now my
darlings, it's time for Sue at least to go to bed,
we've all got a big day tomorrow, Trish' is coming
with Frankie and we have to get rooms ready, so
bed please." Lisa and Kelly got off my lap but Sue
stood where she was looking a little sheepish,
"Yes darling, what's the problem" I asked as I put
my arms out to her. "Daddy would you think me a
silly little girl if I asked you to help me get
ready for bed. I mean undress me and put my nightie
on for me?" I drew her to me and held her for a
moment "Do you really want me to do that for you my
darling, would you like to be treated like a little
girl sometimes?" "I know it's silly but I never
had a real Daddy that loved me like you do and did
things that Daddy's do for their daughters, like
get them ready for bed sometimes, and tuck them in
when they kiss them good night, and now I've got
one I want you to do all those things for me."
I hugged her and whispered quietly "But you're the
big girl that makes her Daddy happy by making
love to him, do you really want to be my little
girl as well?" Sue nodded "Yes please Daddy, I
asked mom and she said it was OK." "If mom said it
was OK get your nightie and I'll get you ready
for bed darling, but hurry before the girls get
done in the bathroom" Sue skipped across the
bedroom and fetched her short nightie and I laid it
across my knee. Putting my hands round her back
I unclasped her bra and pulled it off her arms,
whistling softly as I uncovered her wonderful
breasts, I then went to put her nightie over her
head but she stopped me saying "I still have my
panties on Daddy, I can't sleep in them can I?" I
looked deep into her eyes and realised that she
was wanting me to undress her as if she was a ten
year old and almost sexless. I gave a little nod
"OK darling, panties off to go to bed" and, hooking
my fingers into the elasticated waistband of
her sexy panties, I gently pushed them down to her
knees then allowed her to lift her legs from
them, laying them across my knee with her bra.
Standing there completely naked Sue was smiling so
sweetly and as I raised her nightie she lifted her
hands above her head causing her breasts to move
and nearly making me lose control; I dropped the
garment over her arms and down to cover most of
her body. Most but not all because the hem only
just reached the tiny patch of fur covering her
mons. Getting up was difficult because of the huge
erection I had but Sue was playing her game to
the full and ignored my condition as she pretended
to be a little girl. I did stand up, I went over
to her bed and pulled back the covers to allow her
to get in, I was presented with a view of her
pussy as she opened her legs getting in to bed,
then laid herself down so I could tuck her in and
kiss her good night.*

As I knelt beside her bed to kiss her I whispered
"Young ladies that tease their Daddy sometimes
get punished in ways they don't like" Sue looked at
me and whispered "Thank you Daddy, I wish you'd
been my daddy when I was a baby, I'm sorry if I was
naughty but I wanted to see what it was like."
I kissed her again tenderly "Good night you sexy
little girl, I love you very much" and Sue smiled
once more and turned over and snuggled down to go
to sleep. As I stood up and turned to leave the
room I saw Jenny standing in the passage, she'd
obviously been watching what had happened and as I
closed the door to she stepped up close and put her
arms round me as whispered "Thank you so much
darling, that was so wonderful to watch, I don't
know anyone else that could have resisted touching
her when she was making herself so vulnerable it
was almost as if she were ten years old, not a
well developed and sensual teenage girl. How on
earth did you manage to control yourself?" I
grinned ruefully "I have no idea darling, I
thought that, if I had touched her I would have
destroyed her dream, made me feel like a pig and
made me cum in my pants I was so aroused. I tell
you Jenny darling, Sue is going to be a heart
breaker and will have to learn to control the power
she'll have over men, and boys for that matter."
Jenny took my hand and led me to our bedroom,
closed the door and standing me by the bed quickly
undressed me, stripping her own clothes off as I
got under the covers. "What about Lisa and Kelly
and their new outfits, they told me they wanted to
show them to you, they said they'd bought Sue hers.
She was so thrilled to have sexy underwear she
wanted to try it out on you."
"Jenny darling I still can't understand why Lisa
and Kelly aren't out there every night with boys
queuing up trying to make out with them. They're so
sexy they could get any boy they wanted just by
snapping their fingers......" Jenny placed her
fingers on my lips to stop me talking, "Jack
darling you still don't get it do you, they're not
interested in any male, man or boy, other than you.
I've tried to get them to go out but they're
adamant they don't want to. Lisa told me that even
if they could only make love to you once a month
they'd still be satisfied to stay with you. Sandi
feels the same, and Sue would sleep with you every
night if I allowed it.
I thank my lucky stars that I can because I had the
sense to marry you, now come here and use some of
that passion my baby aroused in you and have at
least one of your lovers, and do it now because you
make me so hot for you." Jenny pulled me over to
lay between her wide open legs and, grasping my hot
rigid penis guided it into her sopping wet pussy
and allowed me to press it deep into her 'til my
pelvis was pressed against hers and I could feel
her vaginal muscles gripping me as I began to move
in and out of her. "Jenny darling I'm not going to
last very long, that baby of yours got me so
aroused, I'm going to cum any minute, I'm going to
cum NOOOOWWWW" and unable to control myself I shot
a stream of hot thick semen deep into Jenny's
cervix and flooding her womb.
The feel of my cum shooting into her was enough to
send Jenny over the edge and she also cried out
as her climax hit her like a battering ram. After
laying on her for a minute or two I made to roll
off her but she stopped me saying "Stay in me
darling, lay beside me but stay deep in me for as
long as you can" and she moved her legs to grip me
and helped me roll on to my side facing her as
she wound her upper leg over my hip and pulled me
close to her, her vaginal muscles gripped me
Slowly we drifted off to sleep wrapped in each
others arms and I woke in the morning with the
familiar feel of Susan's soft warm body pressed
close up to mine. I lay there for some time
listening to the soft breathing coming from in
front and behind my body, then as I saw Jenny open
her eyes I kissed her tenderly and said softly "We
have a visitor again, do you mind?" Jenny smiled
and shook her head "No darling, I don't mind, not
after last night" and closed her eyes and
snuggled up close into my arms as I turned on to my
back and drew Susan's sleeping body close to
me. The feel of my arm round her stirred her and
she wriggled close to me and murmured something I
couldn't understand. Jenny pressed herself up close
and passed her upper arm over my body to lay
her hand on her daughters back and caressed her for
a few moments. I turned my head and Jenny
looked up to press her lips to mine in a long
passionate kiss. "Can I kiss Daddy please Mom" we
heard Sue whisper and Jenny almost burst out
laughing as she said "Of course darling, but not
while I am, please wait your turn" and to make her
point kissed me again. As I was kissing Jenny I
felt Sue grab my hand and move it down her back
'til it rested on her bottom, holding it there 'til
I was able to turn my head and allow Sue to kiss
me. As her lips came close she whispered very
quietly "Hold my bottom please Daddy, I think I've
had another dream" and she kissed me almost as
passionately as Jenny had, this was one sensuous
little girl I had beside me. As we lay there Sue
opened her legs and pressed her pussy on my thigh
and I could feel the moisture of her nocturnal
emission ooze over my skin "What were you thinking
about this time baby" I asked quietly "Being
undressed for bed by my Daddy" she whispered "It
was wonderful Daddy darling, will you do it again
please." "Yes but not tonight, and not when Lisa
and Kelly might go to bed early and see you acting
like a little girl, OK." "Don't be silly Daddy,
they already know and Lisa wanted to know what it
felt like, cos she never did it when she was a
little girl either, and I think Kelly wants to try
it as well."*

With Trish' due to arrive during the afternoon Lisa
and Kelly would have to wait for this new treat
they wanted, Sue pouted when I told her there would
be none of it while we had guests until Jenny
lifted her head and said sleepily "Susan if Daddy
say no, please don't argue darling" "Yes Mom,
sorry Daddy, just being a silly girl again I guess"
and kissed me sweetly then climbed over me to
kiss Jenny, making that simple act as erotic as
possible by rubbing her breasts over every inch of
my skin she could manage. Jenny saw this and when
Sue had left us alone said "That young lady is
getting more sexy every day, she's insatiable"
"That could be a problem when she finds her wings
and flies the nest" I said, "Not yet darling, she
seems too mad for just one person, you. I've
asked her about other boys she knows at school but
she just says they're sissy and just want her to
suck their cock and let them feel her breasts. At
least she's being noticed and isn't frightened of
the fact" Jenny replied. "Don't worry darling" I
said softly "She'll soon find a guy and when she
brings him home you'll start to worry even more,
but at least you're certain she knows what sex is
all about and with a bit of luck will learn to
handle herself in the back seat of a car."
Jenny, assisted by Kelly and Lisa spent the morning
getting Trish's room ready, Frankie was going to be
sharing Kelly's bed for the weekend so Sue made
some space in her dressing table for Frankie's
clothes etc. We'd just finished our lunch when
Trish's car turned into the driveway and Kelly ran
out to welcome them, whilst Jenny and I stood at
the front door and Sandi, Lisa and Susan sat in
the family room so we weren't all crowded in the
hallway. Kelly brought Frankie in first and
introduced us, then Trish' came in and hugged
Jenny, kissing her on the lips, which made Frankie
raise her eyebrows, then Trish' came up to me and
kissed me more passionately than I think Frankie
had seen anyone kiss let alone her mother and a
strange man. "Mom" said Frankie in a hushed voice,
"What's the matter Frankie darling, can't I kiss
your Uncle Jack", and smiled at Jenny, then
continued "Kelly would you take your sister up and
show her where to unpack her clothes please."
"Sure Mom, come on Sis, let's get Lisa and Susan
and go and talk." The girls disappeared in a flash
leaving Trish' to sit with Jenny Sandi and I and
have a cup of coffee that Sandi had made earlier.
Trish' sat beside Jenny and hugged her, "I've
missed you all so much Jenny darling, and what with
Frankie being so down I just haven't known where to
turn. I'm so grateful to you for saying you'll
help out, when will you start Jack, tonight?"
Taking Trish's hand Jenny said "It's already
started Trish' darling, Kelly, Lisa and Susan are
hopefully breaking down Frankie's defenses at this
very moment, although she won't know it, then later
Jack will get her to relax and maybe even talk. A
little later we'll just have to wait and see how
thing go, whatever happens Trish' darling, don't
push too hard, let things take their natural course
and see what the weekend brings. If we don't
succeed this week we can try again later." Trish'
hugged Jenny and kissed her "I'm sorry Jenny, I
guess I do trust you, especially after all you've
done for me, I'm just so worried about Frankie."
Jenny looked at me over Trish's shoulder and,
giving a little nod of my head pulled Trish' from
Jenny's arms and took her in mine, Jenny and Sandi
then left me alone with her for a few moments.
Hugging Trish' to me I whispered "Now come on
Trish' darling, why don't you tell me what else is
troubling you, I can see it's not just Frankie,
there's something else on your mind isn't there."
Trish' looked up at me, her head resting on by
shoulder, "How did you know Jack darling, I thought
I was keeping it from you?" Grinning I said "Who
knows, perhaps I'm a witch doctor, now what's the
problem?" "Frankie's twin brother Freddie, he only
goes out with his male friends, never with
girls, unless they're in a crowd. I also caught
him masturbating over a pornographic magazine the
other night, although I didn't let on I'd seen
him." I couldn't help laughing, until Trish' sat up
and, looking very hurt, cried "Jack it's no
laughing matter, he's sixteen for gods sake, he
should be going out with girls not jerking off
while looking at that sort of picture." "Sorry
Trish', I couldn't help it. Darling, if that's all
your problem is, stop worrying, I think you'll find
it'll go away very soon, now let's forget Freddie,
and concentrate on that baby daughter of yours,
what I want to know is do you trust me to do what I
think is best for her, and I mean really trust me
completely?" Trish' threw her arms round my neck
and kissed me lovingly "Jack darling, I trusted
you with my big girl, and she's turned out to be
all I'd have wanted her to be, so what can I do
but do the same with my baby, if a sixteen year old
can be called a baby." Grinning knowingly at
Trish' I said "Believe me Trish' darling, there are
some sixteen year olds who still need to be
treated like they were ten years younger, and I
suspect some eighteen year old girls may be the
In the girls bedroom Kelly, Lisa and Susan were
sitting on their beds as Frankie unpacked her bag,
putting her clothes into the drawers emptied by
Sue, the talk was general girl talk until Frankie
asked what it was like to have a step father after
their real father had left, "Wonderful!" said
Sue loudly, and threw herself to lay on her back on
her bed, "I've never been happier Frankie, I'd
do anything Daddy asked me, so long as I can hug
him and kiss him at least once a day, he made
things better for me after I was attacked by some
boys then married my mom so we could all live
together and he ......" "Sue" said Lisa, looking at
her sister sternly. "Sorry Sis." Sue replied
and fell silent.*

Sitting beside her sister Frankie clasped her hands
in her lap and said quietly "What happened to
you Sue, don't tell me if you don't want to, I mean
if you don't like talking about it, I'll
understand?" "No, that's OK Frankie, I told you,
Daddy made it so it doesn't matter now. Well, I
was walking home from a friends house where we'd
been doing some homework together, and two boys
grabbed me, pulled me into a bunch of trees and
bushes and pushed me to the ground. They held me
down and one of them ripped off my tights and
panties. I managed to scream and some people
passing by came and saw what was happening and
scared the boys off, then called the police. They
took me home to mom then a couple of days later
asked me if I knew the boys, and could I describe
them." Sue took a deep breath and Lisa moved over
and put her arm round her sister and held her
tight, Sue smiled and continued, "Well, I couldn't
go out for ages, I got scared when I got near men
and mom had to go with me everywhere.

Then Uncle Jack, Daddy, came along and in one day
made all my horrid dreams go away, and now I have
the best dreams..." "SUE" said Lisa even more
firmly, and Sue put her hand to her mouth and said
"Sorry Sis, but I thought..." Lisa shook her head
as Kelly looked at Frankie and said gently
"Frankie, do you remember how we kept each others
secrets?" Frankie nodded and placed two fingers to
her lips and then on to Kelly's lips then back to
her own again, Kelly did the same saying to Lisa
and Susan "When we used to do this we were
promising never to tell anyone the secret we were
sharing, right Sis.?" "Honest Kel', I've never
told, not even when Dad beat me for not telling
something you'd done." "Great Dad" said Lisa under
her breath, "Frankie will you do the same for Lisa
and Susan, and me. This secret is so important I'd
die if anything happened to Uncle Jack because you
told." Lisa and Susan frowned at Kelly who gave a
gently shake of her head. "The sign Sis, for all of
us" Kelly stated and pressed her fingers to her
lips then to those of Frankie, Lisa and Susan.
Frankie did the same and so did Lisa and Sue, Kelly
them said "Sis, before Uncle Jack married Aunt
Jenny, I tricked him into going to bed with me and
having sex." Frankie gasped "Kelly, what made you
do that for Cripes sake. He's so old, and he's our
uncle, that's incest, you could go to prison for
that." Kelly laughed "Uncle Jack's not old Sis,
for crying out loud he's only thirty-five, and he
is NOT our uncle, he's our aunts ex-husband and
not related to us in any way, you ask Mom, so it
wasn't incest, it was just the greatest thing I
ever experienced and if I ever have a problem I
know I can go to him just like Lisa and Susan and
he'll know what to do, right guy's?" Lisa and Susan
nodded vigorously and Lisa said "Frankie our
new Dad is the best thing that ever happened to us,
he's so gentle and understanding, we all love
him and he loves us and will do anything for us,
even trying to help you if we ask him." Sue moved
over to sit next to Frankie and said softly "Can
you tell us what happened, honest Frankie, you'll
feel much better if you can tell your secret to
someone, and we've all promised to keep it secret,
and believe me we know how to do that" Frankie
looked at Sue and said "You promise you won't laugh
at me", "Why should we laugh at something that is
worrying you Sis.." put in Kelly, "If it's
serious we'll try to help, you're not pregnant or
anything like that are you?" This made Frankie
force a laugh, "No Sis, nothing like that" she said
and took a deep breath as she blurted out "I
was raped at camp, on the last night before we came
home, but not by some boys, it was three girls
that had a big plastic 'thing' they were going to
use on me. A counsellor heard me screaming and
stopped them using 'it' then let me sleep in her
cabin 'til the morning." "But why didn't you tell
Mom so she could call the police and have the girls
charged" asked Lisa. Frankie bowed her head "I
was so ashamed that they were doing it because I
was the only virgin in our dorm, all the others
said they had their cherries popped when they were
twelve or thirteen. I didn't want it to be like
that, I hate the thought of a thing like they had
getting inside me, it'd kill me." Kelly put her
arms round her sister and hugged her tight then
said softly "Frankie, I think the best thing you
can do is to tell Uncle Jack what you just told
us.." Frankie shook her head and whispered "No
Kel', I couldn't." Kelly continued "Frankie
believe me when I say there's no one better
qualified to sort this out, look if you want I'll
come and stay with you, or how about if Sue goes,
she had the same sort of thing happen to her and
Uncle Jack will do anything for her."
Frankie looked at Sue and then Kelly, then back to
Sue again, "Would you do that Sue, I mean come with
me while I try to tell him what happened." "Of
course I will, and if he asks me to help I think I
know how I can."
"Susan, what are you up to" said Lisa as she saw
the look on her sisters face, "You're planning
something I don't think Dad or mom would approve
of, what is it." "Trust me Sis, honest it's
nothing naughty, and Dad will have to agree first
so I'm not being wicked or horrid." "I hope not
young lady, I'm keeping my eye on you, so behave or
you'll know all about it, OK?" Lisa stated
firmly, "OK Lis', but honestly I'm being good, in
fact I hope I'll be very good." Sue replied as
she got up, "Shall I go and ask Daddy if he'll talk
to Frankie after dinner?" "Would you please
Sue" said Kelly, "That reminds me guys, we're
supposed to be doing dinner tonight, we better get
started or mom will be on our necks." Frankie stood
up next to her sister "You cook the dinner, on
your own?" She said in amazement, the girls all
laughed "More often than not Frankie, and we love
doing it to give mom and Aunt Sandi a break and so
Dad doesn't have to do it" said Lisa. *

"Sis, if we can do anything to help Aunt Jenny or
Uncle Jack, we just do it, we don't argue about
who's turn it is or what we're going to get for
doing it, Uncle Jack tells us he's training us to
be great wives for whoever we end up married to, I
think he just wants three white slaves myself.
Mind you I don't tell him that" and Kelly, Lisa and
Susan giggled together which made Frankie smile
for the first time since she'd arrived. Sue left
the others to go to the kitchen and went into the
family room where the adults were sitting. Smiling
at her mother, her Aunt Sandi and Trish', Sue
came up to me sat herself on my lap and snuggled
up close. "Daddy, could you have a talk with
Frankie and me after dinner please" she said in her
sweetest voice "I think you might be able to
help her get rid of some monsters, like you did me
and Lis'." I gave her a gently hug "Of course
darling, will you bring her in to the Den when you
bring me a cup of coffee after dinner." "Yes
Daddy, of course I will, now I must go and help
Lisa and Kelly with dinner." She kissed me jumped
off my lap and bounced out of the room to the
kitchen. "What was that about monsters Jack" said
Trish' when Sue had left us alone. "Just her way of
describing her problems" I said, "She seems to
have accepted what happened as a forgotten part of
her past. I think she still remembers it, but it
doesn't bother her now" I said. "It was same
when my first husband left us" put in Jenny
"Lisa and Susan both felt it deeply but kept it
bottled up inside them. Jack helped Lisa to come
out of herself and then sorted Sue out and now they
both insist on calling him Daddy and treating
him as if he were their father. They can't do
enough for him, or me for that matter, in fact I've
been in their good books since I married Jack, they
think it's the best thing I ever did. And I
agree with them." Jenny got up and went out to the
kitchen to see if dinner was proceeding
according to plan, then came back saying "I don't
know why I bother, they have it all under control
with no problems and it will be ready in half an
hour." "Is Kelly doing any of the cooking Jenny"
asked Trish'. "Certainly, she makes great pastry,
and bakes a mean chocolate cake, we have to make
sure she doesn't do it too often otherwise Jack'd
be like a barrel. Errr... why do you ask Trish'?"
Trish' shook her head as she smiled "I tried to
get her interested in cooking for years and
always failed. You do it in a few months, it almost
makes me feel inadequate." "Not me Trish'" said
Jenny "It was Jack that got them all cooking, doing
the dishes as well as cleaning and even the
laundry. All with no fighting and no complaints
about who's turn it is." I stood up and, as Jenny
looked at me questioningly I smiled and said "I'm
getting out of here before I get embarrassed, I
can't stand all these compliments" and left them to
go to the kitchen and get a beer to take into
the Den and drink it in peace. As I walked into the
kitchen I walked into Kelly who kissed me
briefly and said "Your getting in the way darling,
what are you looking for?" I patted her on the
bottom as I passed her "Just a beer my love, do you
mind?" "I do" said Lisa, "If you have that now
it'll spoil you dinner, after all our hard work,
can't you wait 'til after please Daddy" and began
pushing me out of the kitchen. "If you want to be
useful Daddy, you could help Sue and Frankie lay
the table in the dining room, there's not enough
room for us all to eat in the kitchen." As I
backed out of the kitchen I caught Frankie's eye
and winked as she stared at what she had seen. As
Frankie went with Sue to lay the table for dinner
she was thinking about what she had seen, "Sue,
is Uncle Jack always like that, I mean... do Lisa
and Kelly boss him around all the time?" "We all
do it, Frankie, it's a sort of game we play, to be
honest Daddy's a big pussy cat, he never gets
angry with us, even if we do something stupid, he
has his own way of punishing us that's much worse
than being shouted at or beaten. But if we need him
we can go to him at any time and he'll always
help us. I told you how he made things right for
me, he did the same for Aunt Sandi, and she was
worse than me, that's why she lives with us now.
Honest Frankie, Daddy will get rid of your
monster, all you have to do is to trust him because
I promise he won't hurt you, I won't let him."
Frankie smiled weakly at Sue, "I don't know Sue, I
mean he's not my Dad, he's not even my uncle
really, why would he want to help me?" "Frankie,
why don't you go and ask your mom if you can trust
my Dad, whisper it to her so no one else can hear."
A few minutes later Frankie was sitting next to
Trish' and whispering "Mom, do you think I can
trust Uncle Jack?" Trish' whispered back "You can
trust him more than any other person I know
darling, why?" Frankie shook her head "Nothing Mom,
it's OK, just something Sue said earlier." A little
while later we were all sitting down to dinner,
a wonderful Lasagne and green salad that everyone
enjoyed and made Trish' say "Kelly darling, I
think you'd better come back home to live, you can
do all the cooking if this is an example of what
you can do." "Not on your life Mom, I like it here
too much, I'll come home for a few days to visit
if you like, if Lisa can come too." Trish' smiled
"Of course you can darling, and Lisa's welcome
too, it'll be nice for your brother to see you
again too." "Can I go too please " piped up Sue
and before Trish' could agree I said a firm "No
Sue, Trish' will have more than enough to cope with
having two extra people in the house, leave it 'til
next time please darling." Sue looked at me
pouted briefly then said very quietly "Yes Daddy"
and dropped the subject. Trish' glanced at Jenny
and they smiled at each other and I noticed that
Frankie was looking amazed at what had happened.*

After dinner Kelly and Susan, helped by Frankie,
cleared the table and we adults chatted while Lisa
made a pot of coffee. I soon made my way to the Den
opened my paper and began to read it until Sue
and Frankie came in with my cup of coffee. As I put
my paper down Frankie handed me my drink "Thank
you Frankie, I appreciate that, won't you come and
sit beside me" as Frankie sat on my left side
Sue took my coffee from me and placed it on the
side table next to her. "What did you do that for
Sue darling" I asked "So I can sit on you lap and
kiss you Daddy, I haven't had a chance all day to
tell you I love you" and she jumped on to my lap,
pressed her lips sensuously to mine and made a
production for Frankie's benefit, of kissing me in
a most un-daughterly manner. After a moment or
two I pulled Sue off my lips and said quietly "Now
then Susan, please don't embarrass our guest,
I'm quite sure she isn't used to that sort of
thing, are you Frankie?" Frankie shook her head
briefly "I wish I had a Dad I could kiss like that
though" she said ruefully as she glanced at me
out of the corner of her eyes. "Daddy, Frankie has
a monster and I promised you would get rid of it
for her, will you please?" Said Sue firmly, wanting
to get on with what she came for. I turned to
face Frankie with a friendly smile and said "OK
Frankie, what's this monster Sue tells me you have"
and I held my arm out for her to come in to. Seeing
her hesitate Sue scooped up my other arm and
wrapped herself in close to me, giving a deep sigh
as she made a show of snuggling up close to my
body. Frankie took the hint and sat close to me and
allowed my arm to rest across her shoulders and
my hand to touch hers. Very slowly and hesitantly
Frankie repeated what she had told the girls
earlier, hanging her head and speaking in a hushed
voice. She seemed reluctant to admit she was
still a virgin and that that was the reason the
girls had been doing what they had done. I sat
there for a couple of moments then said "Frankie,
will you come and sit on my lap, just like Sue
did a few minutes ago, I can speak to you better
like that." Frankie looked up at me then across at
Sue, who nodded and whispered "Go on Frankie, it
feels great honest." Hesitantly Frankie climbed on
to my lap and I put both arms round her body and
held her close. "Now Frankie, if I ask you a
question will you answer me honestly. No one else
will know, just us three and you trust Sue don't
you?" Frankie gave a nod of her head and smiled at
Sue. "Right what I want you to tell me is what
was it that frightened you about the plastic
phallus those girls had. Was it that it was so
large, or that it wasn't real?" "It was so HUGE, it
looked three feet long and thicker than an arm,
that's why I screamed."
"Was it also that you were being forced, or that it
was girls that were doing it?" I asked "I didn't
like being held down so hard, they were hurting me
with their hands and knees" Frankie replied. As she
sat on my lap with her head now laying on my chest
I gently stroked her hair as I held her close with
my other hand. "Had you been making out with boys
before those girls did that to you" I asked her
and she gave a single nod, "Did you let them to
touch your breasts, or between your legs" I asked
"NO" she said firmly, "Well only once and he broke
the clip on my bra and tore my panties he was so
rough, I never went out with him again."
"Now Frankie, this is a very personal question but
I want you to tell me, do you ever touch yourself
between the legs to make yourself feel good?"
Frankie looked at me open mouthed and was about to
say something when Sue touched two fingers to her
lips then to Frankie's, then to mine.
"Daddy will you do that please, it means you
promise never to tell, and always keep the secret."
I did as Sue asked and Frankie did the same,
Frankie took a deep breath "Yes Uncle Jack, I have
sometimes." "Did it feel better than a boy touching
you?" Frankie nodded "Only after he got rough, when
he first put his hand on me it felt nice." "Do you
like to feel someone touch your breasts now?" I
asked her. Frankie nodded "But not boys" I
continued and she gave a little shake of her head.
"Frankie have you let any of your girls friends
touch you." Frankie blushed as she nodded "Yes
Uncle Jack, in the showers after Gym, and when I
had a sleepover at one girlfriends house, there
were three of us and we were showing each other
our... well our breasts and our Poochy's" "You mean
you pussy" I asked and she blushed again as she
nodded. "Frankie, tell me darling, did you enjoy
having your girlfriends touch you more than the
boy, is that what you're worried about?" Frankie
looked at me and nodded, "Is it that you think you
might by a lesbian" she nodded once more. "Are you
just frightened to let a boy put his thing, as you
call it, inside you, is that why you let your
girlfriends touch you, but not boys." "How did you
know Uncle Jack, I never let anyone know about it
before, not even Frederick, I was too ashamed of
being like that to tell him. The thing is Uncle
Jack, I always feel sort of 'dirty' after I do it
with Traci, she's my girlfriend, because I know
she's not a virgin and often goes with boys. I
know because she tells me about it when we're
playing with each other, she says it makes it more
sexy for her and says she can tell I really like it
as well." I sat there with Frankie on my lap, one
arm round her young body with the hand resting on
her ribs, and my other hand laid on her thigh,
gently caressing up and down it's length from knee
to hip, and feeling her begin to relax a little.
Suddenly I felt Frankie's body begin to tremble and
heard her give a sob as she started to cry very
quietly. Gently I lifted up her face and kissed
away her tears, the I kissed her briefly on her
"What you need Frankie my dear is to really learn
the difference between sex with a girl and sex
with a boy, the first one you want to ask Kelly to
help you with tonight. If you do as I say you'll
really enjoy it in a way you've never known before,
will you do that?" Frankie gave an almost
reluctant nod as she blushed slightly again.
Looking at the clock I could see that it was almost
time for the girls to go to bed. "Frankie, Sue, why
don't you go and say goodnight to your mothers
and Aunt Sandi, then it'll be time for bed. I'll go
and see if Kelly and Lisa are ready as well." I
knocked on the girls bedroom door and Lisa called
'come in', I entered to find them both sitting in
bra and panties, looking extremely sexy, "What a
pity I can't take advantage of you two being
dressed like that" I said as they stood up and
stepped into my arms and cuddled me close.
"Now come on girls, let's be serious for a minute
or two. The problem Frankie has is that she thinks
she's a lesbian because she's frightened to have
sex with a guy, and enjoys touching her girlfriend.
What I'd like you to do is see if she really does
like making love to girls, although I don't think
she's actually had an orgasm. The first thing is to
show her how open we are, get dressed in your
nighties and I'll come and tuck you in, you can do
the same as you did the other evening when you
tried to get me aroused, remember?" Kelly and Lisa
giggled "We certainly do Daddy" Lisa said "And
it worked, didn't it Kel'?" "And how, I still
remember the state he was in when he went out of
here." "Yes, all right you sexpots I admit you can
arouse me any time you like just by being close,
now, I'll be back in about twenty minutes, OK?"
Kelly and Lisa pressed their near naked bodies up
close to mine and kissed me deeply, I could do
nothing but respond, and ended up with an erection
that I had to adjust in my pants as I walked down
to join Jenny and the others. I passed Sue and
Frankie on the way and said I'd be up soon to say
good night, giving Sue a pat on the bottom as I
passed her. As I entered the family room Jenny and
Trish' parted slightly to allow me space to sit
between them adjusting my erect penis as I did. "I
see Jack has been speaking to the girls again"
said Sandi as she spotted the cause of my
discomfort, "He's so transparent sometimes, isn't
he" responded Jenny and the both started laughing
while Trish' looked bemused. "The thing is Trish',
when Jack gets close to Lisa and Kelly and
sometimes Sue, they go out of their way to try to
get him aroused, usually without any trouble."
"Doesn't that worry you Jenny, it would me."
"Trish' darling I'm just the opposite, let's face
it with Jack aroused like that it certainly makes
for a very interesting sex life, I have it made
easy for me and have to do almost nothing to get
him going." "Yes, all right, don't talk about me as
if I wasn't here, all I did was have a quick word
with them and they took unfair advantage of me." We
all ended up laughing 'til I said "I must go and
say good night to the girls, I'll be back shortly"
and walked slowly up to the girls bedroom
where I knocked and was told to come in. As I
opened the door I heard Frankie cry "No I'm not
yet" and saw her dive under the covers, giving me a
quick flash of her bare bottom. Kelly, Lisa and
Susan were all standing there in their night wear,
actually just normal cotton T-shirts that
stopped half way down their hips. The fact that
they seemed unconcerned at having their pussies
uncovered seemed to affect Frankie as she sat in
bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. "Come
on girls let's have you in bed please, we have a
busy day tomorrow" and the three of them climbed
into their respective beds, openly displaying
themselves to the seeming discomfort of Frankie.
Once they were in I went over to where Kelly and
Frankie were sleeping and tucked them in together
then leaned over and kissed Kelly very passionately.
"Goodnight darling" Kelly said in a soft sexy
voice. "Goodnight my love" I responded then hovered
over Frankie and said gently "Would you like a
goodnight kiss Frankie?" She looked at her sister
who was smiling at her then back at me and gave a
gentle nod "Yes please Uncle Jack" and lifted her
face to mine as I gave her a soft warm kiss and
whispered "Goodnight sexy", making her grin widely.
I moved over to the bed Lisa and Susan were
sharing and after tucking in the bedclothes leaned
over to kiss Lisa, giving her as passionate a
kiss as I had Kelly and whispering "Good night
darling" and getting a firm "Good night Daddy
darling" from her. As I was hovering over Sue she
put her arms round my neck, pulled me down on to
her lips and kissed me long deep and sensuously
finally allowing me to wish her good night. She
responded with a "good night darling Daddy, I'll
dream of you all night." After I had gone Frankie
said to Kelly in a hushed voice "Sis, have you ever
made love to another girl, you know doing
everything with her" Kelly grinned and said quietly
"Yes Sis, I have and it was great, I'd do it
again but I do prefer to make love to men, well one
man in particular actually. Why ?" Well it's
just that Uncle Jack said you'd show me what it's
like to..... to have sex with a woman, then I
could compare what it's like when I have sex with
a guy." Kelly sat up and put her light on "Come
on then Sis, there's no time like the present, sit
up and let's get naked" "But Lisa and Susan are
here, can't we be somewhere private" Frankie said
faintly "Don't be silly darling, who do you think
is the girl I made love to, Lisa of course, and Sue
knows about it, we have no secrets between us"
Kelly stated. "Lisa, got a minute lover, Frankie
wants to see how we can make love to her"*

Kelly sat up and pulled at Frankie's arm 'til she
was sitting beside her then pulled the hem of
Frankie's night-dress up her body and over her
arms, she then did the same with her own. As they
sat there naked Frankie and Kelly watched as Lisa
walked across the bedroom to stand beside the
bed, where she stripped off her nightie and stood
there naked as well. Lisa leaned over and gently
placed her lips on Frankie's in a tender kiss that
the young girl did not resist. As Lisa sat back
Kelly kissed her sister in the same manner, as Lisa
reached out and touched Frankie's nipples with
her fingertips. This made Frankie jump and recoil
enough to end up laying on her back. Kelly leaned
over her sister and whispered "Relax Sis, we're not
going to hurt you" and once more kissed Frankie,
this time a little more sensuously. Lisa again
placed her fingertips on Frankie's breasts,
this time moving them around the contours and over
the aureoles 'til finally rolling the nipples
between finger and thumb. Frankie started to gasp
as the sensuous pleasure she suddenly felt in her
loins began to flow up her torso and peak in the
tips of her engorged nipples. As Lisa was
caressing Frankie's breasts she felt them swelling
and warming as they began to glow and without
warning placed her lips on Frankie's nipple and
sucked. Seeing what Lisa was doing Kelly placed her
lips on Frankie's other breast and began sucking as
well until Frankie moaned and her head began
thrashing from side to side. Briefly Lisa looked
across at her sister and beckoned her over,
pointing to Frankie's pussy. Sue slipped out of bed
and, stripping of her T-shirt nightie leapt
across the room, threw back the covers of Kelly's
bed and dived between Frankie's wide open legs to
press her lips to their new young friends swollen
and wet pussy lips. "Nooo.." wailed Frankie as
she felt the pressure on her pussy, and she pressed
her legs together as she tried to stop that
part of the assault on her virginal young body, but
her instincts overwhelmed her and the
combination of Kelly and Lisa sucking on her
breasts and Sue sucking and licking at her pussy
and clitoris where more than she could stand and
she screamed out loud as she had her first real
full blown orgasm. Frankie screamed so loud that by
the time Kelly, Lisa and Susan were sitting, still
naked, looking down at Frankie as she lay gasping
for breath, Trish' and Jenny came into the room
to see what was the trouble. "No trouble Mom" said
Kelly smiling "Just getting rid of one of
Frankie's monsters."
Jenny pulled a reluctant Trish' out of the girls
room and stood beside her on the landing, "Trish'
darling, leave it 'til the morning please, I've an
idea this is something Jack organised, let's go and
tell him what happened." Hand in hand Jenny and
Trish' went down stairs and Trish' told Jack what
seemed to happen, "You're going to turn her into a
lesbian if you let that happen" she said. "Don't be
so silly Trish', a little sexual experimenting with
her sister will do her the world of good, it
certainly won't do her any harm. If Frankie is
already leaning that way there's little you can do
but understand her problem, if she's just reluctant
to let boys near her she may just be frightened,
and I think that's what her problem is."
Back in the girls room Kelly and Lisa were looking
down at Frankie and smiling, Sue tenderly
stroked her inner thighs and her clit as Frankie
gently moved her hips in time with the movement of
Sue's hand. "Was that so awful Sis." Asked Kelly
quietly, Frankie gave a shake of her head as she
blushed slightly "No Sis, it was great, I never
felt anything like it even when I ....." "Even when
you did it yourself?" Said Lisa grinning. Frankie
nodded shyly and Sue pressed her palm on
Frankie's mons saying "Don't worry Frankie darling,
we all do it when we can't..", "Sue, will you
please hold your tongue." Sue put her hand to her
mouth and murmured "Sorry Lis''." "When you
can't, what" asked Frankie as she sat up beside
Kelly, ignoring the fact that she was still naked,
"What's so secret that you can't tell me ?" Kelly
kissed her sister tenderly and took her in her
arms "Frankie, let's see what happens in the
morning, if things are all right we'll see if we
can let you into our greatest secret of all"
Frankie looked up at Kelly and hesitantly put her
hand up to touch Kelly's breast, and press her
fingertip on the nipple, "Does that feel nice
Kel'?" She asked, "Do you like me to touch you like
that" "I sure do Frankie darling, it feels
wonderful to be touched there any time, but best of
all when a special guy does it, and it's even
better when he kisses me there" Frankie lifted her
head and placed her lips where her fingers had just
been and gently applied a little suction to the
nipple making Kelly take a deep breath and press
her sisters head closer to her own breast. As
Frankie was suckling on Kelly breast, Sue took
Frankie's nipple in her mouth and sucked hard while
Lisa opened Frankie's legs wide and placed her lips
of the soft warm place presented to her. Frankie
looked around at the three friends that were
kissing and caressing her and the sensuous spell
was suddenly broken when she shouted "But... you've
all shaved your pussies, why did you do that?"
"What never seen a shaved pussy before sister mine,
why not come and have a good look, have a feel
while you're about it" and Kelly, Lisa and Susan
all sat on the edge of the bed as Frankie knelt in
front of them, eyes open wide in wonderment.
Frankie put out her hand and gingerly touched her
sisters shaved pussy, stroking the wet puffy lips
and stroking the tiny patch of fur left on her
mons. "Frankie, will you kiss it for me please
darling" Kelly said and, after glancing up at Kelly
appealing eyes placed her pursed lips on Kelly's
vagina and put out the tip of her tongue."*

As Frankie breathed in her sisters scent she heard
a voice in her ear saying "Put your tongue in
further and move it to the top and find her clit,
Frankie, then suck it deep into your mouth."
Doing as she was told, unable to think of not
obeying the instructions Frankie moved her tongue
to the top of Kelly's slit and, finding a throbbing
bud under her lips took it into her mouth and
sucked it hard, finding that suddenly her head was
trapped between her sisters gripping thighs and
her chin was being soaked as Kelly had an orgasm.
As Kelly released her grip on her head Frankie
found it being pushed down to where she could feel
a warm fluid covering her lips and seeping into
her mouth, she put out her tongue to see what it
tasted like and then started lapping at it as she
found she was enjoying it. After a few minutes
Frankie found herself dragged over to get between
Lisa's legs and being told to do the same thing
again. Almost without thinking about what she was
doing Frankie did as she was told and in a short
time found she was tasting Lisa's cum as she
brought a second girl to orgasm on her first night
of sex. Sue was next and by this time Frankie
knew what she was doing and was able to enjoy the
act of bringing her new friend to a crashing
orgasm and then sit in the arms of her big sister
and her sisters best friend. A few minutes later
the girls were all back in bed and Frankie was
wrapped in Kelly's loving embrace. "Kelly" said
Frankie softly "That was wonderful, I wish I'd done
it ages ago, but I didn't know how", "All you
need" said Kelly, "Is a good teacher the same as we
had, it makes all the difference." "But I
thought you had a boy friend you loved Kel'?"
Kelly giggled softly "I do darling, and I make love
to him every time I can, he's the guy that showed
me how wonderful making love can be, he's so
gently and loving I wish I could have him all to
myself." Kelly paused for a moment "Frankie, if I
asked him would you like him to teach you the same
as he taught me?" "Nooo.. Kelly, I couldn't let
a boy touch me like you did just now, I'd die of
shame if I had to let him see me undressed." "All
right Sis, but what if I promised that it would be
a hundred times better than what we just did,
and if Lisa and Susan agreed with me, after all you
trusted me tonight didn't you?" Frankie
murmured "Yes", "Well then why can't you trust me
on this. Look I tell you what, if you like,
either me, Lisa or Susan will stay with you to make
sure you don't get hurt. We'll promise to
protect you, in fact if you want we'll all stay
with you, that way together, we'll be stronger than
him, how does that sound?" "Kelly, it sounds awful,
what you're asking me to do is to let some boy
pop my cherry in front of an audience, I suppose
you want to make a video of it." Kelly sat up and
called across the room "Hey Lisa, Frankie's just
suggested we make a video of her having you know
who popping her cherry" Lisa sat up and cheered
"What a great idea, I wish I'd thought of that when
he did mine." "NO.. I didn't say that" cried
Frankie, "It still sounds like a great idea though,
I wonder if he'll go for it" mused Kelly snuggling
down and hugging her sister as she drifted off to
sleep. In the morning Frankie woke to find Lisa
leaning over her kissing Kelly wishing her a good
morning, "Did you have a good time last night
Frankie" she asked as she placed a tender little
peck on Frankie's cheek. Frankie nodded and
grinned, "I never had a better time Lisa but Kelly
now wants me to let her boy friend do things to
me... you know... pop my cherry, she says it's a
hundred time better with a boy than with a girl."
Lisa took Frankie's hand in her "Frankie darling,
if you can get Kelly's 'boy friend', her lover, to
pop your cherry and then show you how to enjoy
making love, take my advice and say yes. He's a
very special guy, and the very best and most tender
lover you'll ever meet, but I think you'll find
that Kelly will have a job convincing him to do it.
Do you want to stay a virgin Frankie, is that why
you're hesitating about it?" Frankie shook her head
"No Lis', I'm just scared it'll hurt like Traci
told me it hurt her when she first did it. And I
just wish there was someone I knew that could do it
for me." Kelly sat up, looked at Frankie then at
Lisa. "Lis', do you think Frankie should talk to
Uncle Jack and see what he says." "I think that
would be a good idea Kel', Daddy's the kindest man
we know, isn't he. I'm sure he'll help Frankie
out if she wants him to, how about it Frankie, will
you try?" Frankie looked at her sister and
friend as they sat smiling at her laying naked
beside her. "Do you think he'd help me, I know he
was nice when he cuddled me last night, it felt all
nice and warm and safe when he put his arms
round me when I sat on his lap" and Frankie gave a
little shiver of pleasure as she remembered how
it felt to be in Lisa's dads arms. Lisa stood up
and, still wearing just her short nightie said,
"I'll go and ask him now " and began to walk to the
door. "Lisa, you can't go to see your Dad
dressed like that, you've got no panties on" cried
Frankie. "I know, great isn't it" she said and
bounced out of their bedroom and in to her parents.
Five minutes later she came back, a big smile
on her face and holding her reddened bottom cheeks.
"What happened Lisa?" Frankie asked. "He said
yes, then spanked me for walking round with no
panties on, what a great start to the day." "Let me
see Sis." cried Sue as she sat up in bed, and
Frankie was astounded as she saw Lisa turn her
bottom to her sister so she could see the hand
prints put there by her Dad. "I wonder if..."
started Sue, "No, there isn't time, remember Daddy
promised to take us down to the Mall this morning,
we don't want to wear him out before we go, do we?"
Sue jumped out of bed and stepped across to
Kelly's, putting her hand out to Frankie, "Come and
have a shower" she said.*

As Frankie got out of bed she gasped at Sue, "You
mean together?" "Of course I mean together, it's
great, it also save lots of time, unless we want to
do something sexy, then it takes simply ages,
and Daddy gets mad if we take too long because
there's the rest of the family, so we usually just
have a plain old shower in a morning. It's just
nice to share it with a friend." By this time the
two of them were in the bathroom and Sue was taking
off her T-shirt and turning on the water jet,
but Frankie was a little reluctant, "Come on
Frankie, don't be shy, the rest of us aren't, and
you'll get to like it, we do." Frankie took off the
robe she'd put on in the bedroom, stepped in
the shower with Sue and began to wash her lithe
young body as Sue did the same, "Sue, why did you
and Lisa let your Dad see you almost naked like
last night, I mean without panties, the same as
Lisa did this morning when she got spanked for it?"
"Frankie darling, Lisa and I know Daddy would
never hurt us, and going without panties like that
is our way to show him we trust him, he only
spanked Lisa this morning because he already told
us not to do it because we had visitors. Anyway,
Lisa likes to be spanked by Dad, the same as me."
"WHAT" cried Frankie "You liked to be spanked by
your Dad, that's weird." Sue hugged Frankie's
naked body to her own "It's not weird, it's very
sexy to feel a strong hand on your bottom, you want
to try it some time, certainly before you knock
it, ask Kelly." At that moment Kelly and Lisa
walked in and Sue and Frankie were almost bodily
thrown from the bathroom being told that others
need it. Later when they went down to breakfast Sue
hugged me tight, kissed me sexily and said "Good
morning Daddy darling" while Frankie gave me a
tender little kiss on the lips and whispered "Good
morning Uncle Jack." Lisa and Kelly soon joined
us and they also made much of kissing me and
wishing me a good morning, "Right then" I said "You
girls are being so nice to me this morning I'm
beginning to wonder what you have in store for me,
what are you plotting between you?" A wave of
protest swept across the table, then Sue said "But
Daddy you promised to take us all down to the Mall
this morning." "When" I asked and I saw Sue
whispering in Frankie's ear, "Daddy you know you
promised it last week" said Lisa as she watched
Frankie get up and step over to me and sit on my
lap, wrap her arms round my neck and kiss me hard
on the lips. "Uncle Jack, would you please take me
down to the Mall with you so I can meet some of
Susan's friends." Kelly and Lisa were astounded and
Sue just grinned, then Trish' and Jenny walked
in and Trish' said jokingly "Frankie what are you
doing sitting on that mans lap", "Enjoying myself
Mom, why want to swap places?" Trish' blushed and
said "No thank you, not just now darling, maybe
later when you're finished with him" and grinned at
Jenny who stood there laughing lightly. After
breakfast I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the Den
when Jenny came in and sat beside me, "Jack
would you take Sandi with you please, she needs to
be close to you because of the state she is in."
"What's wrong with her darling, I noticed she was
very quiet last night, and that she hasn't come
down yet this morning, she isn't sick is she?"
Jenny grinned "No darling, it's just her periods,
the trouble is just recently she has been getting
extremely high sexual feelings whenever they
start, and I thought if she went out with you, she
might feel better." I kissed her saying "Jenny,
you know I'll do anything for you, and almost as
much for you children and your sister, if I can
help her I will, and I think I know how, just leave
it to me." Shortly after this I was getting the
car loaded with female bodies and driving them into
the centre of town, parking the car and walking
to the main part of the Mall. I had Sandi on one
arm and Kelly on the other as we entered the main
atrium, then Sue and Frankie dragged Sandi away to
do some window shopping, leaving me with Kelly
and Lisa each of whom grabbed an arm and cuddled up
close. "What's the matter girls, afraid I might
run off and leave you if you don't hold on tight."
I joked, "No Daddy, afraid you might forget how
we like to make love if we don't try to find time
to practice in the next few days" Lisa whispered
as we slowly walked along, "Some hopes" I replied
and got my arms wrestled by the girls. After
wandering around for half an hour or so Sandi found
us and she, Sue and Frankie suggested we go for
a coffee, Lisa and Kelly said the wanted to have a
look around on their own and Sue dragged Frankie
over and they took their places on my arms for a
short while. I soon convinced the girls to go and
do some more window shopping whilst I put my arm
round Sandi and hugged her tight, "You OK lover?"
I asked tenderly, she look up and smiled weakly
"I'll survive Jack darling, but I do feel a bit
low, I just have to get used to the changes in the
way my body is operating now, you certainly
awoke a monster in me." "Sandi darling, would you
trust me if I said you'd be OK tonight?" "I
don't understand Jack, what do you mean?" "I mean
darling, that if you do just as I say I'll make
you better when we get home, just hang on 'til
then." A cup of coffee and a cake and we were ready
to go home, Sue had shown me off to her friends and
introduced Frankie, who was beginning to relax
in the company of someone her own age. Lisa and
Kelly got bored when they found none of their
friends around and soon came back to sit with Sandi
and me. When we got home and found Jenny and
Trish' were just starting to get lunch ready I
whispered to Jenny "Would you try to keep the girls
down here for a while darling, I want to try to get
Sandi in a better frame of mind with an idea
I've had."*

A quick nod from Jenny and I walked in and found
Sandi, whispering to her "Upstairs now, quickly",
and swiftly went up to wait on the landing for
Sandi. She joined me in a couple of minutes and I
quickly pulled her into the bathroom where I locked
the door from the inside and turned on the
shower. Turning to Sandi I began to undress her
until she grabbed hold of my wrists as I was about
to remove her shirt. "What are you doing Jack?"
"I'm sorry Sandi darling I thought it was obvious,
I was undressing you so we could take a shower
together and I could ease that awful ache you have
inside you", all the time I was stripping off my
own clothes and now stood naked. "Come along
darling, you said you'd trust me, now prove it" and
continued to undress her. I had her down to her
panties, very nice and skimpy they were too, when
she stopped me "Please Jack, I can't" "Why not
darling, got something wrong with you?" I said
smiling at her. "Yes, it's so embarrassing, but I
just can't do it right now, surely you understand
Jack." "The only thing I understand my darling,
is that you have a very urgent need to have sex and
I am here to have sex with you. Now, if you
have to do something personal I'll turn my back for
the count of twenty. I'll then turn round again,
pick you up and carry you to the shower where I
will proceed to make mad passionate love to you
without causing you any discomfort but giving you a
whole lot of pleasure. One, two...." I turned my
back on Sandi and by the time I had reached ten she
was pressing her naked body up against my back and
caressing my chest with her soft warm hands. As I
turned round and scooped her up in my arms I saw
she was crying, and as I deposited her under the
jet of water I kissed away her tears and began to
gently soap her body ensuring I kept my hands away
from her pussy where I knew she would be a little
reluctant to have me touch her initially. Gradually
I felt that she was getting more and more aroused
and I soon pulled her to me and whispered "Ready
for me darling?" And lifted her to face the wall,
bent her over and placed the head of my erect penis
to her pussy lips. Sandi looked round over her
shoulder and said "Jack darling, do you really want
to do this for me" and I replied "Sandi darling, if
you want to say no, I'll get dressed but I'll
consider you to be a very silly young lady, now are
you ready for me?" Sandi gave me a little grin and
a single nod of her head and I pressed forward,
driving my prick deep into her soft warm body. As I
plunged to the fullest depth I heard Sandi give a
long drawn out moan of pleasure as she felt me
inside her and immediately began to ram herself
back on to me as I pressed forwards. I was soon
having to hold tight to her hips as she almost
pulled off of me a number of times then, without
warning she was screaming out as her orgasm hit her
like an express train, and I had to lean forwards
and clamp a hand over her mouth to try to silence
her. Sandi stood there for a moment or two then
pulled herself off me, spun round and, grabbing the
base of my prick lifted herself up and impaled
herself on it again as she faced me and wrapped her
arms round my neck and her legs round my waist.
I instantly grabbed her buttocks to support her
weight before it pulled me over and some how she
managed to begin fucking me as I stood there. I was
having to concentrate so hard on simply standing
and not falling that there was no chance I was now
going to cum so I just concentrated on ensuring
that Sandi was going to get the most out of the
experience. I was so happy when a few minutes later
she was screaming out once more as a second orgasm
tore through her. I stood there, one hand under her
buttocks and one caressing her back in an effort to
calm her down and whispering in her ear, "How was
that for a new experience darling, do it again some
time?" Sandi pulled her face back and looked me in
the eye "Would you do that again for me if I asked,
Jack darling" ? I nodded and smiled "Of course my
love why not?" Sandi turned pink, "It just seemed
so dirty for you to enter me when I'm like this, I
was so embarrassed I nearly said no. The trouble is
I was so horny my hormones took over and made me
say yes, thank goodness." Sandi lifted herself off
my still rigid cock and slid down my body to the
floor, hugging me tight as her feet touched the
"Now" I said firmly "Let me finish you off by
washing you all over" and I got a wash cloth
covered with soap and began to wash her body in as
sensual a manner as I could. When I tried to place
my wash cloth covered hand between her legs Sandi
caught hold of my wrist and whispered "No Jack
please let me..." I looked up at her and said
softly "Don't be so silly, let me finish please"
and she released my hand and I finished washing her
then rinsed her off finishing off by kissing her
freshly washed pussy lips. As we were getting dried
off, powdered and dressed Sandi suddenly put
her arms round my neck and said "Why did you do
that Jack darling, I mean there doesn't seem any
logic to you making love to a woman having her
periods when you have five others who haven't?"
"First of all Sandi, I love you and when I knew you
were having so much trouble I just wanted to
help, secondly Jenny asked me to take care of you
because you had the problem, thirdly I just
wanted to see if it made any difference to you in
case one of the others is in the same state and
it might be a way of making a bad time easier. The
question is, has it made a difference?"
"Indescribably" is all she said as she turned me
round so I didn't embarrass her while she inserted
another tampon. "OK Jack" she whispered and I
turned back to find she had put her sexy panties
back on, sat down on a chair and pulled her to sit
on my lap.*

I spent quite some time kissing Sandi and fondling
her wonderful breasts and she just sat there
returning my kisses and accepting the feel of my
hands on her body. When I finally stopped she
whispered "Carry on Jack, I'm enjoying giving
myself to you, I want you to take all of me that
you can and use me as you will." With a final and
almost reluctant kiss on her rigid nipples I gently
pushed Sandi off my lap and stood up. My state of
arousal was very obvious and when Sandi dropped
to her knees and I lifted her up saying softly "Not
now darling, we have to go" she got very close
to tears. Once fully dressed I gave Sandi one last
kiss, unlocked the door and walked out on to
the landing. "I must go and fix my face," Sandi
said softly and so I left her and made my way down
to the family room where the rest of the household
were gathered. Luckily my erection had subsided
by the time I got there and I didn't have to hide
behind the couch. When I was sat down in my chair
Frankie came and sat on my lap, Trish' looked very
surprised when she did, and said quietly "Uncle
Jack, could I have a talk with you please, in
private?" "Of course my love, shall we go to my Den
now?" Frankie nodded briefly and stood up to allow
me to do the same, then took my hand as we
walked out of the room, Frankie pausing at the door
to say "Sue." Sue jumped up and stepped up close to
Frankie, "Will you come too please" Frankie said
and Sue smiled and nodded as she held Frankie's
other hand and we walked together across the
hallway to the Den where Sue closed the door
tight. I sat on the sofa and held out a hand to
Frankie, but she sat herself on my lap and laid her
head on my shoulder. "Well darling, what's the
problem now, did the girls help you get your other
one sorted out" Frankie grinned broadly and nodded
her head vigorously "Yes thanks Uncle Jack, I
had the best time ever, once I saw how silly I'd
been. I never knew a girl could make another girl
feel so good." "So what's bothering you now" I
asked again as she lay against me. "Well Kelly and
Lisa said I should let Kelly's boyfriend show me
how it is with a guy, but I'm frightened he'll
hurt me. Kelly said you were the best one to talk
to about it, so I am, after all she was right
about the other thing." I sat her up and looked her
in the eyes and said softly "Well I'm a bit
biased Frankie, you see..." "Daddy hang on" said
Sue and she looked at Frankie and placed two
fingers to her lips in Kelly's special sign and did
it to Frankie and me. "Do it Frankie, this is
our very special secret no one must know, ever."
Frankie sealed her lips looking very serious as
she did, then Sue looked at me and said "Shall I
Daddy?" I grinned and nodded, allowing her to
achieve her hearts desire and tell someone her most
precious secret. "Frankie, our secret, Kelly's
Lisa's and mine, is that our special boy friend,
our one lover is Daddy." Frankie gave a squeal of
"What you mean you have sex with your father." Sue
laughed, "Don't be stupid, of course I don't,
that's incest and could land us in prison, Daddy
isn't my father, he's my mothers second husband
and not related to us in any way. The same as he's
not related to Kelly." Frankie sat there for a
moment then gasped "That means he's not related to
me either." "That's right Frankie, he's not
related to you so....." "So he could....." "That's
right Frankie, if you want he could make your
last monster go away and show you what it's like to
have a gentle loving sweet man make love to you
for the very first time, like he did me." "YOU"
gasped Frankie again, Sue nodded "Yes lover, ME,
and believe me Frankie it was wonderful, it was the
best experience I ever had, though we've had
some better ones since haven't we Daddy darling?" I
leaned over and kissed Sue "We certainly have,
the thing is Frankie, you have to make the
decision, I won't force you at any time. If you'd
like to see me make love to Sue first, I'm sure
she'd be only too happy to show you, if you have
any questions we'll answer them. If you'd like to
take an active part in our lovemaking we'll show
you what to do, all you have to do is say the
word." By this time Frankie was blushing bright red
and looking from Sue to me as she sought to see if
we were joking "Are you serious Uncle Jack, would
you do that for me, I mean let me see you and Sue
first?" Sue jumped up and, putting her hands
under her dress slipped down her sexy blue panties
"I did want you to do that Daddy but we don't
have time" then she pulled Frankie off my lap and
began to undo the clasp of my pants and pull down
my zipper. "You ready Frankie" she said and Frankie
just nodded dumbly as Sue pulled my pants down
to my ankles in a single stroke, she was getting
quite proficient at that, Sue turned to Frankie
and whispered "This is the very best bit Frankie
believe me" and as I lifted my hips Sue gently
pulled down my shorts to reveal my erect and
throbbing penis. Frankie gave a loud gasp of "WOW,
it's huge" which made Sue laugh "No, it's just
perfect, for all of us" and kneeling between my
knees grasped the base of my prick in her hand and
kissed the head, then slid it into her mouth and
sucked it for a few seconds. Sue looked across to
Frankie and said quietly, "Want to try that,
it's so sexy and doesn't taste nasty, Daddy just
had a shower." Frankie knelt down beside Sue and
placed her fingertips on the tip of my manhood,
then held it in her hand as she bent her head and,
putting out her tongue touched me. "Move your
tongue around it" Sue whispered and smiled at me as
Frankie did as she was told, Sue was enjoying this
more than I was so far. Frankie then opened her
mouth and lowered her head to allow my prick to
pass over her tongue to the back of her throat "Not
too far Frankie, just on your tongue is best." And
Frankie sucked.*

"Sue" I said the one word and Sue knew she had to
stop Frankie from making me cum so she lifted
Frankie's head and whispered "Not too much, or
he'll cum and be no good for ages after, we have to
have our bit first now watch" and standing up,
tucking her skirt up under her waist band she
placed her half naked body over my hips and grasped
the base of my throbbing penis. Sue lowered her
body into me and pressed herself right down to my
pelvis in a single stroke. Her pussy lips and
vaginal passage was so wet, she must have been
driven almost insane with lust during the last few
As she struck bottom Sue gave a soft cry of
pleasure which made Frankie ask "Is he hurting you
Sue?" Susan shook her head and groaned "No Frankie,
it's just so wonderful to feel my Daddy's cock
deep in my body" and she bent down slightly and
began to pound away on my prick till in just a few
minutes she was crying out loud as she reached her
climax. Once more I had to clamp my hand over a
female mouth to stop the whole world knowing what
was happening to her and I also sat half up and
pressed her young body close to mine to stop her
trembling as her orgasm continued for some few
minutes. Eventually Sue calmed down and lay on of
my body as Frankie caressed her back and
shoulders through her dress. As she looked at me
over Susan's naked buttocks Frankie said in a
hushed voice "Is it always like that Uncle Jack, I
mean when Sue has sex with you." I smiled and
shook my head "No darling, only sometimes, on
special occasions, like today trying to help you
understand that making love doesn't hurt, that it's
a wonderful experience to share with someone
you love. The question is, did it frighten or
excite you?" "It was exciting Uncle Jack, I can
feel my panties getting wet." "Would you like to
show me Frankie" I asked tenderly as I felt Sue
begin to stir. Sue sat up and slipped off my
softening penis which Frankie looked at wide eyed.
"Don't worry Frankie I know how to make it hard
again, although you might just manage it on your
own." "How" asked Frankie in a hushed voice. "Show
Daddy your wet panties, then let him see you take
them off" whispered Sue in Frankie's ear, and
Frankie sat on the edge of an easy chair, leaned
back and pulled up her skirt to above her waist.
She was wearing pink lace edged panties that had a
dark patch where her pussy lips must have been.
Before Frankie could begin to pull them down Sue
stood beside her and said softly "Let me do that
Frankie" and kissed her as she put her fingers in
the elasticated waistband of Frankie's underwear.
As Sue slowly pulled the panties down I could see
Frankie's soft sparse furry bush appear then her
almost naked pussy lips all puffed up and
glistening with her virgin emissions. When her
panties were off her feet Sue gently pressed on
Frankie's knees and opened her legs wide so I could
get a better view. Moving for the first time I
fell to my knees and shuffled over to get between
Frankie's open thighs and lowered my head to
press my lips to her pussy. I pressed my tongue
between her lower lips and into her vaginal
passage making her gasp out loud. I then moved
upwards kissing and sucking as I searched for her
clit. When I touched her swollen little bud with my
tongue Frankie gave a yell which Sue quelled
with a kiss on the lips. As I began to suck on her
throbbing bud Frankie very quickly gripped my
head between her thighs and rammed her pelvis on to
my mouth as she felt an orgasm, her first male
induced orgasm, ripple through her young virgin
body. When sure that Frankie was no longer liable
to make a lot of noise Sue removed her lips and sat
grinning at me, "WOW Daddy, did we do that?" I
nodded "Can I have a taste please Daddy" and dived
between Frankie's legs when I gave a nod. When
Sue surfaced she turned to me and shuffled up close
to press her cum soaked lips to mine and kissed
me, wiping her tongue round my mouth to get as much
taste as she could. By now my erection had
returned and I sat back on my sofa while Sue pulled
Frankie up and stood her in front of me. "Now
or never Frankie darling." Sue said softly "Come on
I'll help you, just open your legs and sit on
his lap." Frankie did as Sue told her and I took
her hands in mine and placed them on my shoulders
as Sue shuffled her forward so her sopping wet
pussy lips were over my throbbing penis. "Now
slowly sit down" Sue whispered and as Frankie felt
the touch of me on her virgin lips she flinched,
but Sue was holding her hips steady and whispered
again "Now, press down a bit more babe" and Frankie
lowered herself 'til I could feel the tip of my
prick touching her maidenhead. "It's so tight"
gasped Frankie, tears in her eyes, as Sue put her
arms round the frightened young girl. "It's all
right Frankie nearly there darling, one more push
on three OK." Frankie bit her lip, and gave a nod
as Sue whispered "One, two, three, Press" and as
Frankie pressed down I gave a sharp little heave
of my hips and drove my prick deep into her virgin
passage. Knowing what to expect Sue placed a
hand over Frankie's mouth and her cry of pain was
stemmed as I began to slowly move my penis in and
out of Frankie's newly breached portal. As I rammed
my prick into Frankie's cunt Sue was using her
fingers to good effect on her clit and in just a
few minutes Frankie was crying out as she
experienced her first penis induced orgasm. As Sue
worked on Frankie's clitty to keep her orgasm
going she suddenly realised I was actually close to
mine and so the little darling knelt down and
reached under Frankie to cup my balls in her hand
and gently massage them until I gave a loud groan
as I shot load after load of semen into Frankie's
ravaged vagina bringing her to yet another orgasm
in the process.*

Frankie collapsed on my body, her only movement was
that of her vaginal muscles as they tensed and
relaxed on my still throbbing prick. After a few
minutes Sue whispered to Frankie that it was time
to get off and get cleaned up. Moving very
carefully Frankie lifted herself from my semi rigid
penis and stood up. "Quick Frankie put your panties
on and pull them up tight" Sue whispered
urgently and helped Frankie to do it just I time to
stem a flood of blood flecked cum leaking all
over the floor. Frankie looked down at my penis and
saw a few tiny flecks of blood and gasped "Did
I hurt you Uncle Jack?" Sue pressed her lips to
Frankie's ear and whispered in it and I saw Frankie
blush and then grin at me saying "Silly me."
Quickly Sue took her panties and kneeling in front
of me gently used them to wipe my penis clean of
semen. "We won't be wasting any more will we Daddy"
she said as she grinned at me and I shook my head.
"What we must do is go and have a shower before
we take our new woman to see the others. "Do I have
to Uncle Jack, I'll be so embarrassed knowing
that they'll know what we've been doing, can't I go
straight to bed" "Yes" said Sue "And I'll go
with her, Kelly and Lisa can sleep together
tonight, I'm sleeping with Frankie." Frankie's first
shower with a male was an education as well, she
lay back against the tiles as I washed her,
enjoying the feel of my hands on her body and her
most intimate parts. The touch of my hand on her
pussy lips brought her to a mini climax as she held
it there with her own for some seconds.
Eventually we were done and I dried her off and
powdered her the same as I did Susan, then with a
final kiss I tucked them in bed together, put out
the light and closed the door. Returning to the
family room I sat down and poured myself the beer I
had collected on my way. I had sipped my way
through half of it when Jenny said "WELL?" I looked
round at five pairs of eyes all looking at me
expectantly. "Well what darling?" I asked "Where
are the girls?" "Oh.. sorry my love, I've just
tucked them up in bed together, Lisa, Kelly, you
will have to share Kelly's bed tonight, OK" Lisa
and Kelly just nodded but Jenny said "Jack Bowman ,
if you don't tell me what happened I'll not be
responsible for my actions." "Oh is that all, well
I suppose the simplest thing to say is there are
no more monsters to haunt Frankie's dreams." Lisa
stood up "I'm going to bed Mom, all right?" "And
me" said Kelly, and they both kissed me briefly and
walked to the door. "Will you come and tuck us
in later please Daddy" said Lisa and when I nodded
they went out and closed the door behind them.
"Where's Sandi" I asked suddenly noticing she
wasn't in the room. "She went to bed early darling"
said Jenny. "She said she'd tell me all about it in
the morning, what did you say to her up stairs,
she seemed so happy and relaxed when she came
down." "Ask her in the morning" I said and took a
sip of my beer. "Jack is Frankie all right, I mean
she's not hurt is she, that's not why she can't
come down is it?" "Trish' darling I promised not to
hurt your baby daughter, don't you trust me to
keep my promise?" "Sorry Jack, I'm just so worried
about her that's all." "Trish' darling, please
believe me when I say you will be amazed at the
change in Frankie in the morning, leave her to
sleep now and she'll be fine, now I need to get
some sleep myself, shall we go to bed?" Jenny and I
got up and Jenny offered her hand to Trish' and
helped her to stand up. "Jack did you..." Trish'
began, "Did I what?" I responded "I was just
wondering if...", "Trish' darling, ask Frankie in
the morning I think she'll tell you all about it."
When we were in bed I told Jenny what had happened
with Frankie and explained how Sue had enjoyed
helping out. "You know Jenny darling, Sue was so
tender and gently with Frankie, if she hadn't been
there I think Frankie would have chickened out at
the last minute, Susan is a very mature young
lady, if a little over sexed at times." "What was
it you did for Sandi though Jack darling, I never
seen her like she was when she came down, almost as
if she was floating on air." Very slowly I
explained what had taken place in the shower and
for a moment Jenny was silent. "You did that for
her darling, just because I asked you to help her?"
I smiled and nodded, "Why not, it wasn't
difficult, and she felt incredibly sexy, you must
try it next time." "Would you Jack, just for my
sake?" I kissed her "It's not a problem for someone
you love" I said and took her in my arms and
kissed her then closed my eyes to try to sleep. I
did sleep and quite well considering I had a
naked woman in my arms all night. I woke the next
morning to the aroma of coffee assailing my
nostrils and opened my eyes to find Sue sitting
beside me and Frankie standing behind her. Sue
leaned over and kissed me, said good morning Daddy,
then stretched over me and did the same for
Jenny. Sue then got up and gave Frankie access to
the bed and I saw that instead of the knee length
nightie she had worn the night she arrived she was
wearing one of Susan's T-shirts that stopped at
her hips and was proudly displaying her pussy, if
not to the world at least to those close to her.
Frankie sat beside me in such a manner as to allow
me to see her fur covered vagina and leaned over
to kiss me sensuously and say "Thank you so much
Uncle Jack, last night was wonderful, can I go and
tell Mom?" "I think you really must do that
darling" I said, "I know she's been worried about
Frankie leaned over me to kiss Jenny and say good
morning then "Thanks Aunt Jenny, thanks for
everything." "What have you to thank me for Frankie
darling?" Jenny asked "For having such a
marvellous husband and for allowing him to do such
a wonderful thing for me last night."*
Continued in chapter 3 of volume 1.

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