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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.

Jacks family Saga Volume 2


Jenny and I sat up in bed sharing the cup of coffee
Sue had brought me and talking about what we
were to be doing the rest of the day when there was
a knock on the door, Jenny called come in and
Trish' came in, closed the door behind her. She soon
sat on the bed beside me, threw herself on me
so I fell back on the bed and smothered me with
kisses, eventually sitting up and saying to Jenny,
"Sorry Jenny darling, but I had to say thank you
properly for what he did for Frankie, the trouble
is you're in bed with him so I just kissed him for
now." Allowed to sit up I grinned at Jenny and
said to Trish', "You can thank me properly later on
if you like, just let me get rid of the wife
and kids." Jenny and Trish' laughed and Jenny said
"You don't have to get rid of me you know, I'll
help her thank you and with the greatest of
pleasure you know that Jack darling." "Frankie told
me about what happened at camp, and when I get home
I'm going to make sure I do something about it",
said Trish' as she stood up to go. I grabbed her
hand and pulled her back on to the bed, "If you do
something stupid like that you'll undo any good I
may have done already" I said firmly, "At the
moment Frankie has blotted all the bad bits from
her mind and is feeling superior to those girls
that tried it on, if you want to do something, ask
Frankie if SHE wants you to take it further.
I'll bet she says a definite no." "Yes Jack" was
all Trish' said as she smiled sheepishly, kissed
my cheek, blew a kiss to Jenny and went to find
Frankie. A few minutes later Jenny was kissing me,
having straddled my thighs, put her arms round my
neck and pressed her naked body up against mine,
when Lisa walked into the bedroom saying "Mom...,
Oh, sorry mom I didn't mean to ..", "That's all
right Lisa darling, come on in we're only having a
kiss and a cuddle, nothing for you to want to
help us with", said Jenny, as she turned to grin at
her eldest daughter who blushed pinkly. Lisa
came and sat beside us as we stayed wrapped in each
others arms, Jenny looking at me as she felt
the stirring beneath her as I started to get erect.
"What was it you wanted darling" ask Jenny as
she wriggled her hips on my swelling penis whilst
concentrating on looking at Lisa, "Well I just
wanted to know if we should get some food ready for
a picnic like we talked about last night?" "Yes
please Lisa darling, that would be very helpful of
you, Daddy and I will be down before long just
as we have sorted out one or two things that have
just come up." Lisa grinned and kissed Jenny
lovingly and me sensuously whispering "Don't be too
long Daddy" and ran out of the room closing the
door tight behind her. "That young lady is very
bright" I said as Jenny lifted herself up a
fraction, grasp my erect penis and sat herself down
hard on it, "Ooohh.. and you're very naughty to
get an erection when I said we didn't need her help
Jack darling, would you have liked to have her
join us right now?" I kissed Jenny as I caressed
her back and bottom and she worked her hips back
and forth on my throbbing prick, "You know how much
I enjoy making love to you when you have one of
the girls with us darling, and I know you love to
have them don't you?" "Yes darling, I feel so
young when I know you're treating me the same as a
young girl, especially my girls, it brings us so
much closer together, Ohhhh Jack hurry darling. I'm
going to cum soon, don't hold back fuck me Jack
I'm cumming NOWWWWW" and as Jenny shouted out I
began to pump a stream of semen deep into her as
she slammed her pelvis down hard on to mine and
gripped tight with her vaginal muscles as she tried
to keep it in her for as long as possible, "Oh...
that's so warm inside me Jack darling, I want it
to stay there all day." I sat there and held her
tight for some time, 'til we heard another knock
on the door and Jenny sat up and grinned wickedly
at me as she called "Come in." As Sandi walked
she stopped when she saw how we were sitting, and
Jenny turned round and said, "It's all right Sis,
we just finished, come and see." As Sandi
approached the bed I pulled the sheet over the
junction of our bodies and said "Jenny, stop being
so naughty, you'll embarrass Sandi." "Sorry Sis, I
didn't mean to do that, what can we do for you
lover?" Sandi sat on the bed beside us and said in
a quiet little voice "I just really wanted to come
and talk about what Jack did for me last night Sis,
it's just that I didn't get much sleep and need to
talk to someone." I lifted Jenny off my lap and
caused her to give a yell as she realised that she
was suddenly leaking our mixed cum down her
legs and on to the bed clothes, then I said "If you
two are going to be talking about me I'm
getting into the shower and then going down for my
breakfast, see you later babes" and, putting on
a robe and grabbing my clothes, I made a dash for
the bathroom, showered and went down to the
kitchen to get some food. When I entered the
kitchen five pairs of eyes looked up and five
smiles appeared, the biggest on the faces of
Frankie and her mom who were sat close together
talking quietly together. Kelly stepped up close
and kissed saying "Good morning Uncle Jack, sit
down and I'll dish your breakfast up for you",
"Thank you darling" I replied and went to sit at
the head of the table where I soon had Sue and
Frankie sitting each side of me while Lisa just sat
and smiled as she began to talk to Trish'. "Daddy,
can we go for a walk and show Frankie our special
place in the woods today please", asked Sue, and,
looking up to see what Lisa and Kelly thought, I
saw them smile and nod briefly, "Why, Sue darling,
want to give all our secrets away already" ? I said
softly but with a grin on my face.*

It was a good job I had a large car, with Lisa and
Kelly sitting beside me in the front, Jenny, Sandi
and Trish' on the back seat and Sue and Frankie
sitting in the back among the baskets of food
we only just managed to get us all in, and even
then it was a bit of a squeeze, we just had to hope
we didn't meet an over zealous cop on the way.
Having parked the car and decided to have a walk
before lunch Sue took Frankie's hand and led the
way along the path that led to the secluded
clearing we'd used before. With the occasional
backwards glances that Frankie gave it seemed
certain that Sue was telling her about our previous
exploits, and enjoying doing it at the same
time. Sandi was walking with Jenny and Trish' which
left me to walk along with Lisa and Kelly on my
arms, something I certainly wasn't going to
complain about. As we walked Lisa pressed up close
and said quietly "Daddy, mom told me what you did
for Aunt Sandi last night", "Getting to be quite a
blabber mouth ain't she" I responded grinning at
her. "Well to be honest Daddy it was because I got
pushy about how Aunt Sandi suddenly changed
overnight. We knew what her problem was of course
because Kelly and I both get like that most times,
and we feel really awful" she paused for a
moment as if unsure as to carry on, "And you want
to know if I'll give you the same cure next time
you feel that way, is that it darling?" Lisa looked
down at her feet, then up at me, spots of red
appearing on her cheeks as her embarrassment
showed, and she nodded gently. I put an arm round
her and Kelly, kissed them on the top of their
heads in turn and said softly "Of course darlings,
all you have to do is tell me when you're in
greatest need and we can easily do something about
it, did you talk to Aunt Sandi about it?" Both
girls shook their heads "We didn't want to
embarrass her Uncle Jack" said Kelly, "I don't
think you'll do that, especially if you say that I
suggested you have a chat about how it might have
helped her." As we caught up with Jenny, Sandi and
Trish' Lisa and Kelly took Sandi to one side and I
took Jenny and Trish' on my arms and continued to
walk slowly along the path enjoying the fresh air
and silence of the woods. "Jack darling, Trish' has
told me she'll be staying for a couple of days
more, then she has to go home, she'll take Kelly
and Lisa in the car with her and they can come back
on the bus at the weekend, if that's all right with
you?" "No, it's not Jenny darling, I don't like the
idea of them coming back on the bus so, unless
they object violently I'll go and collect them in
the car and bring them home, that way I know
they'll be safe" I stated firmly. Suddenly we heard
Sue shout up ahead and, looking up saw her and
Frankie disappear into the undergrowth. "It looks
as if they've found what they were looking for"
said Trish', "What's so special about this place?"
As we walked along Jenny told Trish' briefly
what we had been doing on the previous occasions we
had come to this place and she said "WOW, you
certainly do lead very interesting love lives Jenny
darling, it's a wonder this husband of yours
isn't worn out by now." "Trish' darling, believe me
we all take very good care of him, we want him
to last a lifetime" replied Jenny, and Trish'
laughed as she said "I can believe that, especially
after last night, I still can't believe he did what
he did in just one day and one night."

Following Sue and Frankie off the beaten track we
stopped dead at the edge of the clearing, and I
looked behind me and beckoned to Sandi, Lisa and
Kelly to hurry. I had difficulty in stopping Jenny
from bursting out laughing as we stood there and
saw Sue and Frankie bent over the fallen tree we
had used and Sue obviously explaining in detail all
that had happened. Whispering "Wait here" to
Jenny I took the few strides necessary for me to
reach the girls as they lay over the tree and,
flipping up Frankie's skirt I quickly jerked down
her panties and gave her a couple of firm slaps
on her bare bottom. This made her yell and I said
firmly "Stay as you are, both of you, you've been
very naughty displaying yourselves like this and
must be punished for it." I called Trish' over and
told her to spank Frankie as I held her down, "No
Mom, not like this" cried Frankie as Trish'
looked at me in astonishment, then brought her hand
down on her daughters naked bottom. I allowed
Trish' to land five blows, none of which was heavy,
and Frankie stopped yelling when she suddenly
found she was enjoying it, especially when it was
my hand that was landing on her cheeks. After
giving Frankie her first spanking I left her with
her skirt raised and her panties down and turned
my attention to Sue who had been laying bent over
the log all the time, listening to what had been
going on. As I lifted her skirt I could see, as we
all could, the dark damp patch that had formed
in the crotch of her panties as she anticipated
what was to come. drawing her underwear down to
below her buttocks I gave her five firm slaps then
beckoned Jenny over to give her the same. As
soon as Sue felt Jenny land a blow she gave a tiny
cry of "No Mom, not you please" and her bottom
jerked as each of her mothers gentle blows landed.
I then gave her another five spanks and,
standing to hide her body from the rest of the
family quickly slipped a couple of fingers between
her moist swollen pussy lips and getting a quiet
"Thank you Daddy" for doing it. I stood back after
that and said "Right naughty girls, stand up and
dress yourselves please. I want no more nonsense
like that for the rest of the day, understood?" Sue
and Frankie stood there, heads hung and
wriggling to pull their panties up and both said
"Yes daddy-yes Uncle Jack" as they both ran over
to their mothers, then after a quick cuddle Sue
took Frankie's hand and they walked back to the
main path.

"What did you do that for Jack" asked Trish' as we
walked back to the main path behind Sue and
Frankie, "They hadn't done anything wrong so why
punish them." Jenny laughed "Who got punished
Trish' darling?" She asked. "But Jack spanked them
and told them not to be naughty again" responded
Trish' "and I saw the hand marks on their bottoms
so it must have hurt them." I put my arm round
Trish's waist "Trish' darling, did you hear either
of them yell" she shook her head, "Do they look
as if they have been brutally beaten" Trish' looked
ahead at Sue and Frankie as they bounced along
the path ahead of us then turned to look at me, "No
Jack, they look happy enough", "And did they
appear to enjoy the experience at the end when I
made them pull their panties up and spoke firmly
to them?" "Yes, all right Jack darling, I admit
they seem to have enjoyed it, but for one minute
there I thought you were going to take advantage of
their bare pussies." "Trish' darling, if we
hadn't been there watching I think he would have,
just be glad he has a lot of self control" said
Jenny "You should have seen what he did the last
time we came here, he had five of us to satisfy
and almost had to be carried back to the picnic
area." "Do you spank Susan very often Jack, I must
admit she seemed to accept it as being quite
normal" Trish' asked "No, only when she's done
something that warrants it or she's done something
for which she deserves a special reward, the
same goes for Lisa and Kelly, they also enjoy it."
I replied smiling at Jenny. "What he isn't
telling you Trish', is that we all really love to
be spanked by Jack, Lisa and Susan especially so
since they started to call Jack Daddy, and of
course let us not leave out Sandi and I." Trish'
stopped in her tracks "You mean you let Jack spank
you as well" she gasped in astonishment, "Of
course Trish' darling, it makes great foreplay
because Jack always ends up fucking whoever's being
spanked, that being the reason we have to make sure
it's planned properly so he's able to cope with
what's happening, you'll have to try it some time
Trish' darling" said Jenny as she giggled at
Trish's open mouthed look. "If that's an offer, I
think I'll take a rain check Jenny darling, I
don't fancy having a sore butt just yet thanks."
Just then Sue and Frankie came skipping up to us
and Frankie said brightly "Mom, Aunt Jenny, can we
borrow Uncle Jack for a bit please, I want to
ask him something" "Of course you can darling"
said Jenny "Just don't lose him or wear him out
before lunch please" Sue and Frankie giggled as
they pulled me along the path 'til we were out of
earshot of the others. "Uncle Jack, is it true what
Sue told me about what happened in that
clearing when you came there before?" "Probably" I
said "Sue doesn't usually make things like that
up. Why darling?" "Oh, I just wish you'd finished
off like Sue told me you usually do instead of
like you did today", "What with the whole family
watching, is that what you'd like" I asked
quietly. Frankie looked up at me and nodded her
head vigorously. "Frankie darling, are you
beginning to like the idea of having sex, with
boys, with me at the moment as I'm the only man
around?" Frankie looked at the ground then at me
and nodded again "Yes Uncle Jack, I'm getting a
tingly feeling in my pussy just thinking about what
you did to me yesterday and my panties are
already wet like Susan's." "Is it wrong of me to
feel like that?" I hugged her and said "No
darling, it's not wrong but there is one thing you
must learn before you even think about doing it
with anybody and that is to be very, very careful.
You have to be careful you don't get pregnant and
even more careful you don't catch a disease." "Oh I
know about babies and AIDS Uncle Jack, we
learned about that at school. They told us we must
always use protection if we have sex, but you
didn't Uncle Jack, will I get pregnant now." "No" I
said simply "Because I had an operation to stop
me making babies and I also know we have no
diseases so it's safe for us not to use a condom
when we make love. The thing is, with you going
home and somewhere where we don't know what you are
doing, we have to be very sure you'll be careful so
that if you come to us again we know you're
safe to join in with us, do you understand what I'm
saying darling?" "Yes Uncle Jack, and I promise
I'll never do it with a boy without using a condom,
but will you mind if I do have sex with other
boys Uncle Jack, I mean won't it make me a slut if
I do it with boys at home then come down to you
and do it?" "Frankie darling, you'll only be called
a slut if you do it with just any boy you get
your hands on, making love with one special boy, so
long as you're careful, is OK, just make sure
he never makes you do it without protection and
you'll have a great time, believe me." Sue and
Frankie ran on ahead of me again and I slowed down
to allow Sandi to catch up with me and as I put
out an arm she pressed herself to me and hugged me
tight, "Ohhh.. that feels better Jack darling,
I've wanted to be doing this for ages but the
others wouldn't leave you alone, what were you
talking to the girls about for so long?" "Not much
darling, just impressing on Frankie how
important safety is were sex is concerned" I
replied, "How about you, have a nice long chat with
Lisa and Kelly?" Sandi dug me in the ribs as she
said "That was awful of you to send them to ask me
what it was like, I felt so embarrassed, but you
were right, I did feel better for having talked
about it and Lisa and Kelly will feel better if you
do for them what you did for me, even if it's
only when we're feeling at our very worst, which
believe me Jack darling, is really very bad
indeed, and makes life not worth living sometimes."
"I'm just happy to be of service to womankind
darling, now I think it's time for lunch" and
stopping, I called Sue and Frankie back and turned

As we walked back towards the picnic site I noticed
that Sue was walking arm in arm with Lisa and
Frankie and Kelly had their arms round each other
and their heads together in animated discussion.
Jenny and Trish' also walked arm in arm leaving me
with Sandi who was clutching me tight in case I
let her go and disappeared, only when we were
sitting down to eat did she let go and allow me to
sit beside Jenny. As Jenny and Sandi were loading
food on to paper plates for everybody I noticed
Trish' having a chat to Kelly and Frankie,
initially shaking her head then, ending up smiling
and nodding in agreement to whatever it was they
were discussing. They eventually joined us and we
all enjoyed our al fresco meal and I noticed that
Kelly and Frankie seemed a little closer to Trish'
for the rest of the day out together. After we
finished our meal and cleared the area of our
garbage the four girls asked if they could go off
exploring for a little while, they went leaving
we adults alone together for a short time during
which Sandi attached herself to me and Trish' drew
Jenny to one side and talked to her in hushed tones
until I heard Jenny give a tinkle of laughter
and glance my way as she nodded at something Trish'
was asking her. As I sat on the bench leaning
back on the table, Sandi snuggled up tight under my
arm with her head on my chest Jenny came up and
said sweetly "Sis, can I borrow my husband for a
couple of minutes, you can have him back soon?"
Sandi looked up at Jenny and grinned "What if I say
no Sis.", "Easy" replied Jenny, "I just send
you back to live with mom and Dad, I'm sure you'd
love that." "You sure know how to hurt a gal
don't you" Sandi moaned as she sat upright and let
me get up and put my arm round Jenny. "Don't
worry lover, I'll be back soon, I won't abandon
you", and blowing her a kiss I walked off with
Jenny. "What you did for Sandi seems to have made
her feel very close to you Jack darling, is she
beginning to bother you by being so clinging?" "Not
really" I replied, "Does it worry you at all
that she's like it?" "No my love, just so long as
she doesn't get too possessive and begins to push
others out, but I'm sure you won't let that happen
will you?" "Of course not Jenny darling, now
there's something in the wind and I get the
suspicion you're working yourself up to ask me
something out of the ordinary, what is it?" Jenny
squeezed my arm as she sighed deeply, "I can't
fool you can I Jack darling, you're correct of
course I do have something to ask, not for me, but
for Trish' and her girls. It's actually Susan's
fault I suppose, she told Frankie all about the
things we do together, and about what happened the
last time we went to that clearing. That got her
interested in things and she asked Kelly things
then asked Trish' the same things.." "What things
are you talking about Jenny darling, is it the
thing I think you mean, the thing Trish'
experienced the first time I shaved her and so on?"
Jenny stopped and grinned as she look up at me
and nodded "Yes darling, Kelly and Frankie want
Trish' to make you give them a cum shower, and to
be honest Trish' seems to think it's a good idea.
She thinks it'll help her get closer to the
girls, if they know she understands sex the same
way they do, and I think she's right, don't you
darling?" "Maybe, darling, but how do you feel
about me doing it for her, are you happy about it?"
I asked seriously "I'm sorry Jack darling don't you
want to do it, if you don't feel it's right
I'll understand", "Jenny my love, I'd really enjoy
having it happen so long as you're happy to know
what I'm doing, and perhaps help Trish' in what she
will be doing" Jenny turned to face me and held
my hands in hers "Would you really like it to be
that way darling, with me and Trish' making you
cum on Kelly and Frankie's naked bodies?" "Shut up
woman or you'll have me cumming in my pants here
and now, I've had seven gorgeous women hanging on
to me or rubbing up against me all day, now you
start going into detail about something I enjoy and
what can you expect" and I tried to adjust my
stiff prick to try to make it less conspicuous and
more comfortable as we walked back to the picnic
area. When we got back the girls had returned and
Jenny suggested we make our way back home,
whispering something to Trish' as they loaded the
bags into the car. The only difference in the way
we drove home was that Lisa and Kelly swapped
places so they had shared close proximity to me
between them. As we unloaded the bags Trish' put
her arm round me and whispered "Great idea Jack",
that being all the conversation we had on the
subject 'til later that night. Sitting in the Den
and keeping out of the mass of women working in the
kitchen preparing dinner I was reading my paper and
sipping on a can of beer when Sue and Frankie came
creeping in "We're not disturbing you are we
Daddy" asked Sue as they came and sat beside me,
"Of course not darling, what can I do for you?"
Sue snuggled up close and looked at me with great
big appealing eyes, "Well nothing for me, it's
Frankie, you see Daddy she has only a couple of
days to learn lots of things from you and I told
her about how it's better if a boy masturbates a
girl than if she does it herself, would you show
her please Daddy" I looked at Frankie and raised my
eyebrows questioningly and she grinned ruefully
and gave a nod of her head. "Come here and take
your panties off" I said then "No on second
thoughts leave them on, it'll be more realistic"
putting my arm round Frankie's shoulder I placed
my lips on hers and kissed her as sensuously as I
could manage, as I kissed her I searched with my
other hand to find the buttons of her shirt and
quickly undid them placing my hand on her breast
and gently squeezing and caressing her. *

With our lips locked together I felt her sharp
intake of breath at the same time as I felt her
nipples harden as I touched them. I caressed
Frankie's breasts for a few minutes then I moved my
hand down to the hem of her skirt and lifted it up
to her hips' placed my hand between her thighs
and pressed them apart. She willingly opened her
legs for me and very gently I moved my hand up
them to their junction where I was able to lay my
fingers on the crotch of her panties. She'd told
me her panties had got wet when we were out and
they were perhaps even wetter now because I could
also smell her female odour as I rubbed at her
pussy through the cotton of her underwear.
Searching quickly I found the waistband of her
panties and slipped my hand down inside then until
I could press two fingers between her sopping wet
pussy lips and ensure they were well lubricated
with her own juices. I then brought my fingers back
up until they were resting on her clitoris and
began gently rubbing in a circular motion. As I
rubbed at her swelling bud I dropped my head down
so I could take her nipples in turn into my mouth
and suck and nibble them until Frankie suddenly
gave a shout and Sue jumped to place her hand over
Frankie's mouth to stop her making too much noise.
As Frankie thrashed about under the pressure of her
orgasm I continued to rub at her clitty and suck
on her swollen nipples and breasts until she
collapsed against me with a huge sigh. My depraved
stepdaughter pulled my hand from Frankie's panties
placed my fingers on her lips and licked them
clean, then she helped me adjust Frankie's clothing
as she lay on the sofa, eyes closed and
breathing deeply. After a few minutes Frankie
opened her eyes and looked adoringly up at me,
murmuring something I didn't quite catch, "I'm
sorry darling, I can't hear you" I said gently and
helped her to sit upright, "I just said Susan was
right, Uncle Jack, it is better. I hope I can
find someone that's as good as you" she said as she
snuggled up close on one side and Sue did the
same on the other, each of them wriggling round
'til my hands rested on their breasts. We sat there
for some time during which Sue laid her hand on my
pants and as my erection began to show pulled
Frankie's hand over to join hers. Sitting there
with two young girls breasts in my hands and my
stiffening penis under theirs was beginning to get
too much for me and I was about to tell them to
leave when Lisa put her head round the door and
said "Time to get washed up for dinner Daddy, have
you seen Sue and Frankie?" The girls giggled as
they poked their heads above the back of the sofa
and Lisa laughed "I might have known where you were
Susan, come on and get washed or dinner will be
spoiled." As the girls got up I whispered to
Frankie "Change your panties miss or people will be
able to tell what you've been doing" "Really, how"
she gasped "That wonderful aroma of a woman
that's just had sex, many women can smell it across
a crowded room, so don't take any chances" I
said with a smile as I made my way up to the
bathroom to get cleaned up. As I went back to the
kitchen Lisa caught me in the hallway and, putting
her arms round me, whispered "Daddy did you do
something nice for Frankie a little while ago" I
kissed and said softly "Why jealous darling?" She
nodded "Definitely Daddy I'm going to ask mom if I
can have you to myself tonight I'm getting a
little bit aroused", "Not tonight darling, I'm
booked, maybe tomorrow just before you and Kelly go
with Trish' and of course you'll have me to
yourselves on the way back next weekend, unless you
would prefer to come home on the bus." "Would you
really come and collect us Daddy?" I kissed her
tenderly "Darling, I insist on coming for you, I
don't like the idea of you travelling alone on
the bus, and anyway it'll be much more fun
travelling together by road, we can stop anytime we
want." Dinner was a noisy affair, everyone except
Frankie seemed happy, she just seemed to be in a
dream world of her own. Trish' asked her if she was
OK and got a sweet smile and a "Yes Mom."

Trish' looked up at me and I just winked and
grinned at her which made her smile at me then
concentrate on talking to Sandi sitting on her
other side. After dinner Sandi and the girls
offered to do the dishes and Jenny and Trish' came
and sat with me in the Den, Jenny saying they
wanted to make sure I was well and truly aroused
for later on. Having Jenny place my hand inside her
dress and caress her breasts was nice enough but I
then felt Trish' drop to her knees, open my legs
and pull down my pants. She then freed my rigid
penis from my shorts and began to run her tongue
up and down it's length and pressing her mouth over
the head and sucking on it . Jenny soon joined her
and when she realised I was about to cum she
squeezed the base of my prick tight and stopped the
flow before it could really begin. Between them
they brought me to just short of ejaculation five
times before Jenny said softly "I think he's ready
Trish' darling, shall we go." As Jenny took my
hand in hers and led me up the stairs to Trish's
bedroom Trish' called to Kelly and Frankie to come
with her and brought them up to join us. With the
landing in darkness and just a single lamp on in
the bedroom there was just a small circle of light
at the far end of the room. Trish' brought the
girls in and I noticed she left the door half open.
Standing Kelly and Frankie in the pool of light
Jenny said "Jack darling, would you like to undress
these two lovely young girls that are standing
before you." I stepped forward and began to swiftly
remove Kelly and Frankie's clothes one item at
a time until they were standing naked and proud
before me holding hands and smiling happily.*

When Kelly and Frankie were undressed Trish' put
her arms round me and kissed me saying "Jack
darling would you please undress Jenny and I in the
same way please" and I was even quicker in
taking off their clothes, mainly because they
actually had less on. I stood there still fully
clothed surrounded by two naked women and two naked
teenage girls and almost didn't hear Jenny say
"Kelly, Frankie would you please undress Uncle
Jack" seldom have I seen two girls so willing to do
as they were told, as Kelly fumbled with the
buttons of my shirt Frankie was struggling with my
belt 'til Trish' said quietly "Slow down girls,
more haste less speed you know" and very soon
Kelly had my shirt off and Frankie was pulling my
pants down followed by my shorts and releasing
my erection right in front of her face as she knelt
before me. I stepped out of the clothes at my
feet and Frankie threw them to one side and Kelly
joined her kneeling at my feet. With my prick
erect and throbbing in front of her and so close
Kelly leaned forward and quickly slipped her mouth
over it, taking it to the back of her throat until
she gagged, she then removed her mouth from me
and pulled Frankie's head over so she could kiss
it. Kelly whispered something in Frankie's ear and
after looking up at me she opened her mouth and
took me in for a couple of inches. "Enough girls"
said Trish' "Sit back on your heels and wait
please" she then pressed her naked body to my side
and began to masturbate me in front of her two
young daughters. As I stood there I felt Jenny
press her body up against mine and slide herself
round my other side until she could reach my lips
and kiss me passionately. She the placed her lips
close to my ear and whispered "Look at the door
darling" and went back to kissing me. As I glanced
at the bedroom door I could just make out the
shaped of three outline which had to be Sandi, Lisa
and Susan who had crept up to witness what was
going on, that was why Trish' had left the door
open. With Jenny kissing me and Trish' working her
hand up and down my rigid penis, combined with all
the stimulation I had been receiving all day it
wasn't long before I began to murmur that I was
close to cumming through Jenny's kissing lips.
When she heard what I was moaning Jenny slipped one
hand behind and under by buttocks and cupped my
balls in her soft warm hand and gently massaged
them until I groaned "I'm cumming NOWWWWW" and
began to shoot what seemed like gallons of semen
over the two young bodies kneeling at my feet.
Trish' managed to control her aim and ensured that
her girls were covered from nose to navel in my hot
sticky cum, dropping to her knees to take my penis
in her own mouth and collect the last few drops
on her own tongue. As she got hit with my cum
Frankie screamed in surprise but Kelly held her
still so she got well covered. As Kelly and Frankie
knelt back on their heels and Trish' was still
sucking on my penis Jenny turned to the door and
beckoned to Sandi Sue and Lisa to come in. As
they did Sue and Lisa dropped beside Kelly and
Frankie and began to rub my semen into their
breasts and over their bellies, that on their faces
they licked off with their tongues. Jenny took
Sandi in her arms and whispered something to her
that made her drop to her knees and wipe some of
my cum off Kelly and lick her fingers clean.
Leaving the four girls alone Jenny took Trish' and
Sandi by the hand, whispered for me to follow her
and we all went into our bedroom where Jenny had
a bottle of wine waiting for us to refresh
ourselves. "Now then ladies we have to get Jack in
a fit state to manage to satisfy all of us this
evening, any ideas?" Sandi began by stripping down
to her panties and sliding herself up my naked body
from my feet, stopping at my prick to take it
between her breasts and rub them up and down it's
length, them on releasing it taking me into her
mouth and sucking me 'til she felt me begin to
stiffen against her tongue.
This was being caused not so much by Sandi as by
the sight of Jenny in a classic 69 position with
Trish' on top, getting on to my knees I shuffled
to kneel behind Trish' and with Sandi helping I
pressed my penis home, deep into her hot wet vagina
and rammed away at her from the rear until she
cried out as she reached a climax so quickly it
took her by surprise. When Jenny realised I was
erect enough to bring Trish' to an orgasm she was
quick to want to take advantage of it and rolled
over and knelt in front of me, "Take me Jack
darling quick I want to feel you deep inside me,
fuck me hard and fast " so I took myself in my hand
and guided my prick into her waiting cunt, grabbed
her hips and rammed hard into her making her cry
out each time my pelvis hit her buttocks. I rammed
at her so hard she fell forward to lay on her
stomach and I followed her down, not losing our
connection and continued to fuck her as best I
could with her buttocks getting in the way. It was
enough for Jenny, with the stimulation she had been
receiving all evening I was soon laying still on
top of her while she thrashed about as an orgasm
tore through her recumbent body. As I got back up
on to my knees, taking my weight off Jenny I felt
Sandi pull me round to face her, "Jack please take
me, I want to feel you inside me again, will you
fuck me bottom please darling, I'm ready for you"
and she turned her back to me and showed me her
anus, covered in KY. Kissing the bottom of her
spine I touched the tip of my throbbing penis to
her anus and pressed forwards 'til I felt the head
slip into her anal passage. As soon as she felt me
enter her Sandi gave a groan and pressed her body
back to mine, impaling herself fully on my prick
so that her buttocks felt my pubic hair.*

Leaning forward I slipped my hands under her body
and grasped her breasts, holding them tight as I
humped away at her ass. As I had my eyes closed I
didn't see Trish' slide under Sandi but did feel
her when she started to rub Sandi's clit with her
fingertips, I also felt Jenny's hand as once more
she was cupping my balls in her hand in an effort
to make me cum. Before I had a chance Sandi was
screaming out loud as she felt her orgasm tear
through he body and scream again as she felt my cum
burn it's way into her rectal passage. Trish' just
had time to get out of the way as Sandi
collapsed on the bed and pulled me down with her,
such was the grip her rectal muscles had on my
prick. It was some few minutes before she relaxed
and allowed me to slip out of her anus and roll
over to lay between Jenny and Trish' as they took
me in a loving embrace and kissed me as
passionately as I had been kissed all day. Somehow
I was the first to be sitting up and pouring
myself a glass of wine, which, having taken a sip
myself I offered to Sandi then Jenny and finally
Trish' who seemed to be most affected by the recent
experience. Draining the glass I said softly
"I'm getting in the shower anyone ready to join me"
and hearing a dead silence I slipped a robe
over my shoulders and went into the bathroom where
I found Kelly and Frankie just getting under the
shower. "Can I join you ladies please" I said and
Frankie stepped out, grabbed my hand and pulled
me in with her saying "Ooohh yes please Uncle Jack
I'd love to have a shower with you" and put her
arms round me and cuddled me up tight. Kelly leaned
over her sisters head and kissed me sweetly
saying in a quiet voice "Thank you for doing that
Uncle Jack it made mom feel so good to be asked
to do it and when we felt Lisa and Susan next to us
I had an orgasm as soon as Lisa touched my
titties." Frankie looked up at me and said softly
"I had a little on as well Uncle Jack, I never
knew you could have one when no one was touching
your pussy, it felt so tingly when Sue licked your
cum off my titties. Will you do it again for me
please Uncle Jack" I bent down and kissed Frankie,
"Next time you come down darling, if you've been
good like I told you, remember?" "Ooohh yes I
promise Uncle Jack, definitely." Kelly looked at me
and frowned so I whispered "Using a condom" and
she smiled and nodded, "Can I wash you please Uncle
Jack" said Frankie as she soaped up a washcloth
and when I said yes she immediately wrapped it
around my semi erect penis and spent more time with
that than with the rest of my body but eventually
getting it all done to her own satisfaction. When
Frankie had finished with me Kelly asked me to wash
her and I did as she asked, paying special
attention to her still swollen pussy with my bare
hand eventually giving her another small orgasm
to go to bed with. Frankie had stood by watching
what I was doing with her sister and, as Kelly got
out of the shower to get dried off she came up to
me and whispered "Will you do that for me please
Uncle Jack" and stood in front of me, her legs wide
open and her arms round my waist. I couldn't
refuse her she looked so sweet as she offered me
her body and I soon had her trembling as she had
another climax, her third of the day. As she lay
against my body recovering Trish' and Jenny came
into the bathroom and saw us standing there "Are
you still at it young lady, I'd have thought you
would have had enough by now" said Trish' as she
stood naked beside Jenny. "Sorry mom I couldn't
help it, all Uncle Jack had to do was touch me and
I got a tingle in my tummy and my titties and
had a cum" Frankie said softly as she wrapped
herself in a towel and ran to her bedroom leaving
me with her mom and my wife. Trish' pressed her
naked body to mine as she stepped past me to enter
the shower "Thank you Jack darling, not just for me
but for my girls as well" and as Jenny stepped into
my open arms I whispered "That was a wonderful idea
of yours darling, did you have a good time
too?" "The best, and thanks for what you did for
Sandi again", I kissed her, patted her on the
bottom and left them to shower in peace as I made
my way to bed. When I got there I found Sandi was
still laid out, staring at the ceiling. I climbed
in with her and took her in my arms, "Are you
waiting here for me Sandi darling" I whispered and
she turned and smiled "No darling, I just can't
move yet, you certainly took a lot out of me as
well as putting a lot in me" and smiled at her own
joke. I lay down with Sandi in my arms till Trish'
and Jenny came back from the shower and lifted
Sandi to her feet, giggling as she crossed her legs
whispered that she was leaking and waddled out
to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up. "Shall I
go and help her Jenny darling?" I asked as
Jenny and Trish' sat on the edge of the bed "Would
you darling, I think she would appreciate some
assistance" so I went to the bathroom once more
where Sandi was just taking off her panties "Jack,
No.. just a minute please darling" and suddenly
understanding I turned my back to save her
embarrassment. "OK darling" she said after a few
seconds and I turned round and stepped into the
shower with her, leaned her against the wall and
washed her all over from head to toe. Very gently
I lifted her out of the shower and set her down
close to the heater then dried her off and powdered
her glowing body with her favourite Lavender
powder, it was my favourite too, giving her a
moment to replace her tampon I scooped her up in my
arms and carried her to her own bedroom, laid her
on her bed and tucked her in like a little girl .
As I kissed her Sandi locked her arms round my neck
and held me tight until I said "Come on Sandi
darling, I have to say good night to the girls." *

Putting Sandi's light out as I left the room I went
to the girls room and, knocking lightly heard a
quiet "Come in." As I entered I saw that they were
all awake but laying down talking quietly
between themselves, "I just came in to kiss you
good night if you want me to girls" "Ooohh yes
please Daddy" said Sue so I crossed to where she
and Frankie were cuddled up close and tenderly
kissed them both, said a quiet good night, then
tucked them in tight. I then crossed to where
Kelly and Lisa were laying together, as I kissed
Kelly she said softly "Is mom OK Uncle Jack" I
nodded and whispered "She's fine darling, she's
talking to Aunt Jenny just now." My kiss for Lisa
was especially passionate and when it was broken
she whispered "What's happened to Aunt Sandi
Daddy?" "I just put her to bed darling after I gave
her a shower, she'll be OK in the morning." As
I put their light out I said a soft "Good night
girls pleasant dreams, "Always Daddy" said Sue in a
dreamy voice. And I closed the door and made my way
to bed. Back in my own bedroom Jenny and Trish'
were still talking quietly and as I got into bed
Jenny leaned over and said "Jack darling would you
mind if Trish' slept with us tonight please" I
kissed her and said "Of course not so long as you
both want to sleep, you've worn me out between
you." Trish' came round the bed to get in beside me
and snuggled up close "No hanky panky Jack darling,
I just want to feel a strong warm man beside me
when I wake up in the morning and Jenny offered you
to me, do you mind?" "Trish' darling, I never
mind having a naked woman on both sides of me when
I'm in bed, come in and welcome." I snuggled
myself down against Jenny and felt Trish' press up
against my other side and went to sleep feeling
as content as any man has a right to be. The fact
that I slept late the next morning didn't matter
as I was taking a few days vacation, the girls were
on their mid term break and only Sandi had to
go to work so when I slowly became aware of soft
voices I opened my eyes to find a naked Frankie
sitting next to Trish' and on the other side a
naked Sue talking to Jenny. "What have I said about
naked little girls sitting on my bed getting
spanked" I said sternly and Sue gave a little
squeak and dashed out of the room followed by
Frankie, only to come back a couple of minutes
later with bathrobes on. "Sorry Daddy I thought you
were still asleep, would you like me to get you a
cup of tea" Sue said sweetly "Yes please darling, I
would love a cup of tea" and I sat up and the
leaned down to kiss first Jenny then Trish' and
wish them a good morning. Sue came back after a few
minutes with my tea and as I finished it Sandi
bounced into the bedroom and said brightly "Good
morning everyone isn't it a wonderful day?" Sitting
on the bed beside Jenny Sandi kissed her and
gave her a hug "Do you feel OK this morning Sis.",
asked Jenny "I feel wonderful Jenny in fact I
never felt better, I had such a good nights sleep,
after being put to bed like a little girl by
your wonderful husband I woke up to find all the
monsters I still had in my head were gone." "I'll
see you all later darling, I have to go to work,
bye" and blowing us a kiss she was gone from the
room. "Well" said Trish' "Sandi certainly seems
to be happy enough this morning I wonder what the
rest of them are like, if they feel like me they
won't want to leave tomorrow" "You can stay you
know" said Jenny as she sat up and lay against me,
putting her arm round my back. "I'd love to
Jenny but I really must go, I have to collect
Freddie from my sister by tomorrow evening at the
latest and I can't let her down or she may not have
him next time I come down here." Jenny got out
of bed and, as she stood there naked and lovely she
said "Jack darling, as you won't have time in
the morning and no chance tonight to say goodbye
properly to Trish', why don't you do so now before
we go down for breakfast" and put on a robe and
left Trish' and I alone. Resting on one elbow I
leaned over Trish' and kissed her tenderly "Trish'
darling, how do you want me to make love to you,
with you on top or me" I asked a surprised Trish'
and kissed her again while she thought about what
I had said "Would you get on top of me please Jack,
it's so long since I felt a man laying on me"
so I rolled over, forcing her knees apart with mine
and slipped my hands under her shoulder blades
taking my weight on my elbows, "Reach down and
guide me in" I whispered and gasped as Trish' took
hold of me penis in her warm hand and pressed the
tip to her swollen pussy lips. "WOW you are ready
aren't you darling" I said softly and she just
nodded and began to thrust her pelvis at mine
whispering "Fuck me Jack, one last time before I go
home, please fuck me and fill me with you
wonderful cum so I feel it burn it's way deep into
my womb, fuck me hard like you did my baby when
you took her virginity. I wish I'd been there to
watch you Jack darling it would have been so
wonderful to see you make a woman of my little
girl. I wish you'd been the one to be first for me
and feel you burst into my body and make me scream
with that first pain then feel you make it
better with your wonderful semen flooding my body
please do it now Jack I want you to flood my cunt
with your hot sticky cum please Jack hurry I'm going
to cum now Jack hurry Jack hurry I'm cumming
NOOOWWW" and as she screamed I rammed my prick deep
into Trish' and shot an almost never ending
stream of cum into her as she shook with the
intensity of her own orgasm and the reaction of
feeling my hot semen shooting into her body. After
what seemed a long time I rolled off Trish' and
looked straight into Jenny's smiling face "You
can't half give a girl a good time darling, can't
you" she said.*

I was soon showered shaved and dressed ready for
breakfast having left Trish' and Jenny talking in
our bedroom and when at last they did join us the
girls were also dressed and breakfasted. We spent
a good part of the day getting clothes packed for
Kelly and Lisa to take with then for their stay
with Trish' and her family during the vacation
week. I found time during the day to take Lisa and
Kelly individually to one side and make gentle love
to them as they were both so hot after the
previous night. When Lisa was packing I gave her a
small package which when she opened it made her
blush, "But Daddy I won't need these, certainly not
this many" as she saw it was a box full of
little foil packages. "Lisa darling, it's always
best to be well prepared, especially as Frankie
has a twin brother you might like to try your
female wiles on, just make sure you're always safe
if you do, and anyway he might like a gorgeous
woman like you to make love to him", "Daddy what
are you telling me to do" "Nothing baby, but he
might just be a virgin, let's face it Frankie was,
and they are twins" Lisa sat down and looked at me
wide eyed, "You mean I might be able to take a boys
cherry, WOW, that would be great. Thanks Daddy",
and she spent the rest of the day in a dream world
of her own. The rest of the day flashed by and at
dinner we all sat round the table in the dining
room chatting away with Frankie looking a bit sad
at having to leave her new friends and Trish'
openly looking forward to her next visit. Kelly and
Lisa were getting excited about the trip they
were going to take but tried to be very adult and
not show it too much. We finally all went to bed
and I tucked the girls into bed and wished them
good night for the last time for almost a week or
longer in the case of Frankie, who cried as I
kissed her. The next morning came all too soon and
we finally waved them off as they drove out of
sight. The rest of the morning was a bit of an
anticlimax and we just sat together on the sofa in
the Den as we discussed what we would do for the
rest of my time off. "To be honest Jack darling I'd
just like a few days with the four of us
together" said Jenny as she lay her head on my
shoulder, "Me too" said Sandi on my other side as
she leaned against me. Sue slipped off her chair
opposite me and knelt beside my knees, "Can I sit
on your lap please Daddy" and climbed on when I
nodded briefly. We sat there as close together as
we could for an hour or more then Sandi sat up,
offered to get lunch and Sue went with her leaving
Jenny and I to sit wrapped in each others arms,
alone for a change.*
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