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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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Jacks family Saga Volume 2

Trish' and the girls made good time getting home
despite having to make a diversion to pick up
Frankie's twin brother. Freddie was glad to see
Trish' and Frankie and gave Kelly a big hug saying
"Hi Sis, how have you been, long time no see."
Kelly told Freddie about life in University and
introduced Lisa to him, both eyeing the other up as
Kelly talked. When they arrived home Trish' and
Lisa went indoors while the others unpacked the car
and brought the bags in. Frankie and Freddie
took Kelly and Lisa to show them the room they'd be
sharing, "Hope you don't mind sharing" said
Freddie, "We only have the one spare room", "No
problem Freddie, we share a room at Aunt Jenny's
because we like it" replied Kelly as they placed
their bags on the pair of beds. Frankie and
Freddie took their own bags to their own rooms
which were next door to each other on the far side
of the one Kelly and Lisa were sharing. After
unpacking their clothes into their dresser Kelly
and Lisa went down to the kitchen where Trish' was
preparing a quick meal, "Can we help Mom" asked
Kelly and Trish' asked then to make a green salad
to go with the frozen lasagne she was defrosting
in the microwave. "I know it's not the meals you
usually get darling, but it has to be quick when
I'm working, I guess Frankie and Freddie don't help
round the house like you do at Aunt Jenny's and
Uncle Jack's, my fault I suppose." Dinner was
quieter than Kelly and Lisa were used to but
Frankie did try to tell her brother some of the
things she'd been doing during her trip. Freddie
showed little interest and as soon as he had
finished eating went up to his room to watch tv
As Kelly and Lisa cleared the table Frankie got up
and hugged Trish' saying "You go and sit down Mom,
I'll do the dishes after I've brought you a cup of
coffee" and Kelly took Trish's arm and dragged
her from the kitchen into the family room, "Leave
her Mom, it'll do her good to feel a little more
adult, it did me" and grinned at Trish'. "I suppose
this is a result of Uncle Jack's influence on
young girls" said Trish' as she sat opposite Kelly
and Lisa, "Well let's just say he's brought
about some wonderful changes in us and Sue, and now
possibly Frankie as well. We certainly can't do
enough for him and I know he asked Frankie to learn
to cook so she could do a meal for him when she
visits next time" said Kelly. "You don't mind do
you Mom, I mean you don't feel he's interfering or
anything?" Trish' smiled sweetly at Kelly and Lisa
who both looked a little worried at her
reaction, "No girls, I'm just so amazed that he's
had so much influence in so short a time." Kelly
went and sat on her mothers lap and hugged her
"Mom, Uncle Jack is probably the nicest man I've
ever met, I'd do anything he asked of me so would
Lisa and Susan, it doesn't surprise me that
Frankie is doing the dishes, because Uncle Jack
asked her to grow up. As far as she's concerned
that means being a little more like me, and she
knows I do cooking as well as the dishes and
things, so don't be surprised if Frankie asks you
to teach her to cook before you visit again."
A little later Freddie got off his bed where he had
been laying since dinner and went to the
bathroom. As he stepped into the hallway her
glanced towards Kelly and Lisa's room and saw Lisa
had just stepped out of her room too, the only
thing was she was only wearing her panties, and the
skimpy ones at that. "Holy shit" said Freddie as he
froze, this made Lisa look up then spin round
to turn her back on Freddie and step back into her
room. Blushing like a fire engine Freddie walked
into the bathroom and once more stood stock still
as he saw Kelly towelling her hair after her
shower as she stood naked in the middle of the
room. "Christ almighty", Kelly heard and looked up
to see her brother so she dropped the towel in her
hand to cover her nudity, "Freddie, do you mind
I'm taking a shower", "Sorry Sis, but the door
wasn't locked, I didn't know you were in here" and
backed out into the hallway but not before Kelly
saw that he had an nice erection hiding in his
underwear. A few minutes later Freddie heard a
knock on his door and Kelly shout "The bathrooms
free Freddie, sorry to be so long", and he dashed
out and locked himself in so he could relieve the
erection he got from seeing two gorgeous young
women almost naked only feet away from him. Not
that he was a stranger to naked women, he'd seen
plenty in the soft porn magazines he got hold of,
and he always made sure he got a good look at the
girls when he went swimming, but to have those
beautiful naked breasts so close really got his
imagination running riot. When Kelly got back to
her room she told Lisa what had happened and they
giggled together when Lisa explained what she had
done. "I guess that brother of yours isn't used to
having women around the house" Lisa said,
"Shall we teach him what it's like?". "What a
wicked idea Lis', I love it, I wonder..." said
Kelly suddenly pausing and cocking her head to one
side as she stared out of the window. "Wonder what
Kel'" asked Lisa and Kelly smiled at her "I was
just wondering if my dear brother was still a
virgin Lisa darling." Lisa grinned wickedly "Kelly
my love I've come prepared for just such a
situation, courtesy of my darling Daddy" and opened
her drawer and pulled out her supply of
condoms, "WOW, how much sex did Uncle Jack expect
you to be having Lis', there's enough for an

"There's certainly enough for the two of us, and
some to leave for Frankie when we go, if you see
what I mean" said Lisa quietly as Kelly sat staring
at her wide eyed. "When?" Asked Kelly simply,
"No time like the present Kel'" replied Lisa and
pulled Kelly close and explained what they should
do that evening. Freddie was laying in bed reading
an old copy of Penthouse when he heard a soft
knock on his door, "Come in Mom" he said, thinking
it was Trish' coming to bitch at him, and he
gasped as Kelly and Lisa walked in, both wearing
pyjamas and as Kelly sat on the edge of his bed
Lisa stood beside her. The one thing Freddie did
notice was that the jackets of the PJ's the girls
were wearing were very tight and showed the outline
of their breasts and the points formed by their
hard erect nipples. The only thing that could
happen was that he got another instant erection,
luckily hidden by his comforter and the magazine he
was holding under cover of it. "What do you
want Sis, I apologised for walking in on you in the
bathroom, what else do you want. I suppose
you're going to tell Mom." "No Freddie, just the
opposite, Lisa and I both want to apologise to you
for disturbing you like we did. I know you're not
used to seeing girls breasts and things, but at
Aunt Jenny's we get so used to walking around with
almost no clothes on we just didn't think this
evening, and we want to say we're sorry and we
won't let it happen again." "Nah.. that's all right
Kel', just so long as mom don't find out or she'll
give me hell for peeking at you, like she did
when I accidentally saw Frankie putting her bra on
one morning, I wasn't peeking I just happened to
pass her door, anyway Sis, I liked looking at you,
it's the first time I've seen a girl naked, even
if you are my sister you looked beautiful" and
Kelly and Lisa giggled as Freddie turned bright red
and looked down at his hands as they lay on his
lap. "OK brother mine, what say we forget it
happened, 'til the next time" and with a sexy
"Goodnight Freddie" from both girls he was left
alone with his dreams. The next morning Frankie and
Freddie were sitting with Trish' at the breakfast
table when Kelly and Lisa came and joined them. As
was their custom at home Lisa and Kelly kissed
Trish' on the lips and wished her a good morning,
then did the same to Frankie, as the approached
Freddie he looked a bit bemused as first Kelly
then Lisa bent over and kissed him on the cheek
and said a soft "Good morning Freddie." Trish'
smiled briefly as she saw her son blush slightly
when kissed by his eldest sister and her friend and
wondered if it was the first time such a thing
had happened to him, suddenly feeling sorry for him
if it was." "Kelly darling" said Trish' "I have
to take Frankie in to town to get her some clothes
would you and Lisa like to come with us", "No
Mom, if you don't mind we just want one quiet day
to relax after doing our mid-terms, you know how
hectic it was at home last week." Trish' smiled "I
must admit you were pretty busy, OK my dear,
have a nice time, we should be back by lunch time,
if not you can fix yourself something I know,
and perhaps you might do something for your brother
at the same time, please" "Leave it to us Mom,
you know we can manage, and I won't let Freddie go
without even if I have to force him to eat what
he's offered." Trish' left Kelly and Lisa to their
own devices reading nothing into her daughters
words other than what she wanted, luckily for
As soon as Trish' had driven out of the driveway
Kelly and Lisa made their way up stairs and
changed some of their clothes. Freddie had already
gone to his room and was watching TV, and was
surprised when Lisa opened his door and slipped
into the room, closing it behind her. Crossing to
sit on Freddies bed close up to his thighs. Lisa
was wearing a thin cotton T-shirt that was a size
too small and showed the roundness of her breasts
and accentuated the hardness of her nipples.
"Freddie, did you mean it when you said you had
never seen a girl in the nude before?" She asked
softly, Freddie nodded and hung his head for a
second or two "I just can't get them interested in
me, mainly because I don't play Football or go to
the Gym., I just like reading and watching TV" he
said quietly, "Haven't you even kissed a girl, or
touched a girls breasts before" Lisa continued
and glanced down to his groin and saw he was
beginning to get erect even through his Jeans.
Freddie shook his head "Never, I never even been
out on a regular date with a girl, only with
Frankie and that doesn't count 'cos she's my
sister." "Freddie would you like to touch me, and
would you like to kiss me as well" Lisa asked and
smiled as Freddie sat up straight. "Could I Lisa, I
mean would you kiss me and let me touch your
titties" he gasped, and Lisa just nodded and leaned
forward to touch her lips to his and put her arm
round his neck to pull him close for his first sexy
Lisa pulled back after a minute or two and Freddie
sat there gasping as she pulled her T-shirt out
of her skirt and lifted her arms as she removed it
to display her naked breasts to him. Lisa gently
took one of Freddies hands in hers and placed the
palm on her right breast, then lifted the other
to her right one pressing them into contact by
placing her hands over his. She gently moved his
hands round and round for a while till he got the
idea of what she wanted and continued with the
motion after she had removed her hand. He was
concentrating so much on what he was doing he did
not realise that she was undoing his jeans and
opening up his zipper.

Only when he felt her cool hand grasp his hot hard
cock did he give a cry of "Ohmygosh Lisa, what
are you doing", gently grasping the base of his
prick Lisa began to move her hand up and down it's
length, pressing her chest forwards on to his hands
as he continued to rub them in circles, until
he suddenly cried out "Ohhh Lissssaaaa I'm going to
cummmmm" and fell back on to his bed thrusting
his loins into her gently grasping hand as he shot
spurt after spurt of sperm all over his belly
and Lisa's arm and hand in his first female induced
orgasm. As he lay there gasping for breath Lisa
looked down and saw that he was still nice and
erect, she jumped up and quickly stripped off
Freddies pants and his underwear then dropped her
skirt to the floor to stand naked. Unseen by
Freddie Lisa turned to the door and caught the foil
package Kelly threw to her, opened it and
rapidly covered Freddies throbbing young virgin
cock with the condom. Quickly Lisa straddled
Freddies hips and slipped a hand between their
bodies, found his prick and guided it into her
waiting pussy. Giving Freddie no time to argue
Lisa started to thrust her hips back and forth on
the young lads penis until she cried out as an
orgasm ripped through her body. Still she pumped at
Freddies body, leaning over him so he could see her
wonderful naked titties waving in front of his
eyes as he felt her pussy gripping his prick that
was being thrust against her vaginal walls until
he groaned out loud, reached up and grabbed Lisa
round her back and pulled her down so her nipples
were pressing into his chest and screamed as he had
another climax, his first time actually fucking
a girl. His first orgasm in a girls was so great
that Freddie kept on groaning for some minutes as
his penis spasmed time after time, shooting sperm
into Lisa's pussy which was luckily protected by
the condom he wore. As Freddie released his hold on
Lisa's back and she was able to sit up she
looked down at him and smiled "Was that all right
Freddie darling", she asked sexily, all he could
do was nod until he heard a noise and turned to see
Kelly standing by the door, "You could at least
say 'Thank you Lisa' brother, and I hope you still
have a little something left for me" as Lisa
lifted herself off Freddies loins and gently
removed the filled condom. As Lisa disposed
temporarily of the used rubber Kelly stepped up
close and examined the condition if Freddies penis
which was still fairly hard. As Kelly reached out
to hold it Freddie cried "Kelly, no, your my
sister for Christ's sake, you can't do this" Kelly
smiled "Brother mine Lisa and I share everything
and I don't see why I shouldn't have as much fun as
you and her" she than opened another foil pack,
put on a fresh condom and quickly mounted her
Kelly was just settling herself on Freddies
penis when Lisa came back into the room and sat
beside Freddie leaned over and kissed him "Come on
Freddie darling, your sister really wants you to
fuck her, she wants to show how much she loves and
misses you so why don't you show her how much you
missed her and make her cum just like you made
me" the strain of trying for a third orgasm was too
much for Freddie and he was unable to reach
another climax even when he saw Lisa rubbing
Kelly's pussy and kissing her breasts in an effort
to bring her to orgasm as she fucked her young
brother for the first time. As she came Kelly
flopped down on to Freddies chest and he put his
arms round her and hugged her tight whispering "I
love you Kelly darling, this is so wonderful of
you, I've dreamed of doing this so often, I never
thought it would ever happen." As Kelly sat upright
Lisa bent over and kissed Freddie, "We must do this
again soon" she said. Kelly climbed off Freddies
body, picked up her clothes as did Lisa and the
pair of them walked out of Freddies room waggling
their naked butts as they went. Freddie just lay
there with his shrinking penis still inside the
rapidly drying condom until her got up and went to
have a shower before his mother returned. Kelly and
Lisa were in the kitchen later when he finally
managed to get dressed again and he decided to push
things slightly by going up to each of them and
kissing them on the lips as sexily as he knew how.
They both accepted his kiss but Kelly said
"Freddie whatever you do you mustn't tell anybody
what we just did, you must also not kiss us too
much in front of mom or she might get suspicious
OK" Freddie nodded "OK Sis, and thanks so much for
what you just did, it was the most wonderful thing
that ever happened to me" "Think nothing of it
Freddie, we enjoyed it more than you believe me,
especially Lisa." Lisa smiled and said softly "I
certainly did Freddie, especially as I knew you
were a virgin, I understand why boys like to be the
first, it's so exciting and sexy and erotic and I
hope Kelly can do it sometime too." "I will Lis',
sooner or later don't worry." When Trish' returned
later she was pleasantly surprised to find the
three of them sitting chatting amicably about what
they might do during the rest of the time that
Kelly and Lisa would be staying. "Have a nice
relaxing time Kelly darling?" Trish' asked as she
sat down exhausted from shopping "We feel wonderful
Mom, really invigorated, why don't you go and relax
and we'll get you some lunch and a cup of coffee
while Freddie helps Frankie to take her things up
stairs." "OK darling, but don't let Frankie and
Freddie start fighting please, I couldn't stand it
just now." "Don't worry Mom" Kelly replied, "Just
leave them to me, I'll make them behave, you just
go and sit down."
Lisa took Trish' a snack and a cup of coffee laid
out on a tray and sat with her while she had her
lunch, chatting about nothing in particular 'til
Lisa took the tray with the empty plate and cup
away leaving Trish' to relax laid out on the couch.
Frankie helped Kelly do the last few dishes and
clear the kitchen up before going up to her room to
change. As the day was not too cold for
November Kelly and Lisa took a blanket out into
the yard and laid it over their legs as they sat
in the fresh air. They were soon joined by Frankie
and Freddie who came to sit with them on the
other deck chairs. As they lay there Kelly and Lisa
could see Freddie was playing with himself
under his blanket as he sat beside his sister and
Kelly started to tease him about what he was
doing. The girls enjoyed teasing Freddie for some
time 'til Trish' called Freddie to make some
drinks for them all. Freddie blushed as he called
"In a minute Mom" and sat scrunched up in the
deck chair as his erection increased at the thought
of showing his condition to the girls sitting
opposite him. Lisa grinned at Kelly and Frankie
then stood up, displaying her superb butt to
Freddie as she did, smiled at Freddie and said
quietly "It's OK Freddie I can see you're in no shape
to move, I'll get the drinks for you", she blew him
a kiss and walked into the kitchen to get the
tray of drinks from Trish' telling her she had to
get up to stretch her legs anyway so she offered
to fetch them for Freddie. Before Lisa could take
the drinks out to the others Trish' placed a hand
on her arm and said in a worried tone "Lisa, will
you be OK tomorrow, I have to go to work and I'm
just worried there might be a problem with Freddie
if he stays around the house, I'd hate to think
he might start to embarrass you in any way, you see
he's not used to having girls around, except
his twin and I'm not sure how he'll behave." Lisa
grinned "Don't worry Aunt Trish' he'll behave
like a lamb, I promise you, we've already reached
an understanding. Look if Kelly and I can handle
Daddy, and believe me we twist him round our little
fingers, we can take care of a youngster like
Freddie, he's a nice boy really, just a bit lonely
I think." Trish' grinned as she recalled how
Kelly, Lisa and Susan all seemed to get all they
wanted out of Jack then said "OK darling, but look
will you please call me Trish', not Aunt, it makes
me feel so old." Lisa kissed Trish' lightly and
said "OK Trish' , I'd be honoured to" then she
walked out into the sunshine and handed round
drinks, ensuring Freddie got a good look down her
wide open cleavage as he took his glass. "Thanks
Lisa I appreciate what you just did" said Freddie
as he stared openly at the shape of Lisa's firm
young breasts as they moved slightly under her top
and wriggled a little as his penis jumped with
the extra arousal. As Lisa sat beside Kelly she
murmured "That poor boy is in a terrible state."
"Great" said Kelly and grinned wickedly "He'll be
all the more prepared for the morning, which
reminds me I must warn him not to waste any on his
hand tonight, do you think he'll get the idea?"
Lisa laughed out loud and Kelly soon joined her as
they went in to see if they could help Trish'
with preparing dinner, only to find that Frankie
was already there preparing vegetables and Trish'
said "Thanks darlings, I do appreciate the offer
but Frankie's helping me just now, you could lay
the table for me if you like though" "OK Trish'"
said Lisa and she and Kelly went into the dining
room and laid the table as requested then went and
watched some tv 'til it was time for dinner.
After a short time Frankie joined them and Kelly
asked her to come and sit beside her. "That was
nice of you to help mom prepare dinner Sis, I know
she appreciated it" Frankie smiled shyly "Well I
did promise Uncle Jack I'd help mom all I could,
because he promised me we could... well, you
know.. er... make love next time I visited, do you
think it's wrong to be doing it for that reason
Kel'?" Kelly smiled at Frankie "No darling, if it
was me I'd do anything if it meant Uncle Jack
would make love to me, why do you think Lisa and I
help so much round the house, doing cooking and
cleaning and things, it's so Uncle Jack knows we're
good girls that deserve to be loved in his
special way." Frankie wriggled with pleasure "It is
wonderful isn't it Sis, Uncle Jack's special
way, I mean. I wish he were here now I really want
to make love to him more than anything just
now." Kelly hugged her sister "I know Sis, just go
to bed tonight and dream about Uncle Jack
tucking you into bed and kissing you goodnight just
like Lisa and I will, that'll make it a bit
better, then we'll see what the morning will bring,
all right." Frankie nodded and smiled her
thanks. *
Dinner was soon ready and the girls laughed as
Freddie made a dash through the house in the hope
that his erection would soon go down and that his
mother wouldn't see it before he could get some
pants on. After dinner Lisa said "Trish' darling,
you go and sit down with Kelly and Frankie,
Freddie and I'll do the dishes, won't we Freddie?"
Freddie nodded enthusiastically "Yeah mom you go
and rest for a bit I can see you're tired, I don't
mind helping Lisa do the dishes." Kelly drew
Trish' out of the dining room and into the family
room, sitting her down and placing her feet up on
a stool. "What on earth has happened to that boy,
he's never offered to do the dishes in his life"
gasped Trish', Kelly laughed "Mother, he never had
a beautiful young woman ask him to help her
before, has he ?." Trish' laughed "Any chance Lisa
can stay here for ever, I'd like that even if
only to see just how much he can be persuaded to do
like that." "Mom, just give us a few days and
he'll be wanting to learn to cook like Frankie
here, right Sis?" Frankie grinned and agreed with
Kelly then snuggled up to Trish' on the couch as
they watched tv for a while. Lisa popped her head
round the door soon after and asked if anyone
wanted tea, Trish' and Kelly said yes and a few
minutes later Freddie brought in a tray which he
placed on the small coffee table in the middle of
the room. "Thank you son" said Trish' as Freddie
handed her a cup of tea, "Did you make this?"
Freddie grinned, "Come on Mom, you know it was
Lisa, I can't make tea, I never tried" and he went
and sat on the arm of Kelly's chair as she leaned
close to him, much to the surprise of their
mother. The evening passed quite pleasantly and
Trish' found she was relaxed by the time she went
to bed and was pleased when Frankie and Freddie
kissed her goodnight as they went to their own
rooms. Kelly and Lisa had been in bed for a few
minutes when there was a soft knock on the door.
Kelly called 'come in' and Freddie slipped in
losing the door behind him. "Lisa, I'm awfully hard
can we do a quick fuck please before I go to bed,
or I'll never sleep." Kelly got out of bed and
Freddie was pleased to see she was naked again,
"Freddie, if you come into this room again and ask
for a fuck it'll be the last time you'll ever do
it. The answer is NO, wait 'til the morning and
see what happens, if that's not good enough for you
then you'll have to go without for ever, now go
back to bed please so Lisa and I can get to sleep
and get up the strength to give you the best day
of your life." "Yes Sis." Freddie said and hung his
head as he walked slowly out of the girls
bedroom and back to his own. Lisa and Kelly woke up
the next morning as Trish' came into their room
dressed ready to go to work. "I'll be home about
five thirty Kelly, I don't suppose you'd be able
to...", "Yes Mom, we'll get dinner ready, it'll
make a nice change for you instead of having to
cook it when you get home, enjoy yourself today mom
and don't worry, we'll be OK." Trish' smiled,
sighed and left for work a little happier than she
had just over a week ago. Kelly and Lisa got up
and put their bathrobes on so they were fairly
respectable to got down to the kitchen for
breakfast. Freddie was already there looking pretty
uncomfortable as he tried to hide his almost
perpetual erection but the girls made him suffer a
little more while they ate their cereal and had
their juice. After doing the few dishes from
breakfast Kelly and Lisa looked at each other then
at Freddie, took his hands in theirs and pulled him
to his feet grinning as his penis slipped out of
the opening in the front of his PJ's and pointed
out in front of him, making him gasp with
embarrassment, "Sorry girls I can't help it just
now" and scrunched himself up as he tried to get
it back out of sight. "Come on Freddie darling,
let's go upstairs and see if we can do something
about that little problem of yours" said Lisa
tenderly and held Freddies hand as they walked up
the stairs into the girls room. As Freddie shut the
door behind him he saw Kelly and Lisa with their
heads together whispering and looking round at him
standing there 'til finally the both nodded and
with a single shrug they both threw off their
bathrobes to stand naked before him. This almost
made him shoot his load where he stood and he had
to grind his thighs together to hold himself in
check. Kelly and Lisa walked over to him and Lisa
said "Freddie darling, we think you'll cum as
soon as we touch you right now, but that if we let
you, you'll end up lasting longer for us. So
what we want you to do is precisely what we tell
you, that way we all get a good deal of enjoyment
out of the day, agreed?" Freddie nodded "Anything
you say Lisa, what do you want me to do?" Lisa
and Kelly took him by the hands and moved him to
stand close to the edge of Kelly's bed and quickly
stripped his PJ's off him. The girls kissed him on
his cheeks and Kelly said softly "When we say go
darling, we want you to Jack yourself off and make
sure you hit the targets you'll have, understand
brother?" Freddie nodded slightly mystified as
Kelly and Lisa knelt on the bed tight up together
with their bottoms just inches away from the head
of his pulsating prick. Kelly looked round, "Come
on Freddie, Jack off and cum all over our naked
butts and hurry brother mine we can't wait either."
Momentarily stunned Freddie soon took his throbbing
penis in his hand and began to jerk off at a
sight he had seen in magazines before but that was
here in the flesh in front of him. Two beautiful
girls, one of them his big sister, were showing him
their butts and their wonderful shaved pussies
and asking, no, demanding that he shoot his hot
sticky cum all over them. *

The thought and the sight were so sexy, the most
erotic thing he'd ever witnessed, that all the
stimulation he had received the previous evening ,
added to the aroma of sexually aroused females
he was catching but not recognising made it
impossible to last more than a few strokes of his
hand. "I'm cumming" he groaned "I can't hold on any
longer Sis, I'm going to cum on your naked butt
NOOOWWW" and cried out loud as he began shooting
streams of sperm loaded semen on the naked
buttocks of his big sister and her friend. As the
last drops hung from the end of his prick Freddie
collapsed on his knees so he was looking up between
the girls slightly open legs and between the
open lips of their warm moist pussies. The sight of
such an erotic vision, his first ever, made his
pelvis jerk and he shot another stream of semen on
to his thighs which ran off on to the carpet.
Kelly and Lisa looked round and saw that Freddie
was finished and shifted their positions so that
they were facing each others butts and began to rub
Freddies semen into each others bottom cheeks
until it had almost disappeared like cold cream.
When they had finished they both sat back on their
heels and held their hands to the others mouths and
proceeded to lick each others fingers clean of
Freddies cum. Kelly put out her hand to Freddie and
he stood up close enough to his sister for her
to be able to kiss him more sexily than he had ever
been kissed before, 'til Lisa kissed him that
was, her kiss was so sensuous that he almost came
once more, his still erect penis certainly gave a
jump as if it had received an electric shock.
"Freddie darling, we now want you to fuck us both,
without you cumming again, can you do that for us"
Kelly said tenderly, Freddie nodded dumbly and
flinched as Lisa touched his prick whilst putting a
condom on. "Do I have to have that thing on
Sis?" He asked petulantly, "I'd feel more if I
went without it", "No you wouldn't Freddie, you
wouldn't feel anything because we wouldn't be here,
simple choice brother, condom and fucking, no
condom, go and jerk off in bed." Freddie grinned
"So, I'm convinced, I wear one whenever you want
me to, darling, wonderful and beautiful sister
mine, same, same for Lisa." "Shut up Freddie and
come here and get yourself on top of Lisa" Freddie
almost threw himself between Lisa's open and
bent up legs and tried to aim his erect penis
directly into her warm moist vaginal opening but
missed by a long way. "Take your time Freddie
there's no rush go slow and enjoy what you're doing
and allow Lisa to do the same." As Freddie found
the right pace for him and Lisa, Kelly sat beside
them and gently caressed his back from knee to
neck, occasionally scraping her fingernails across
his scrotum, a thing that made him flinch first
time then made him groan with pleasure the rest. As
she caressed her brothers body Kelly also bent down
and tenderly touched her lips to Lisa's,
kissing her as Freddie gently fucked her, trying
desperately to take her nipples in his mouth as he
did so but finding it difficult to bend down and
work his hips at the same time. Seeing his
difficulty Kelly lay beside Lisa and pulled
Freddies head over to press his lips against her
own breasts to suck and nibble her nipples while
she worked frantically on her own pussy to try to
achieve an orgasm along with Lisa. Having already
spent one load of cum Freddie was able to keep
going as he pounded steadily at Lisa's hot wet
pussy and it wasn't long before she began to moan
at Freddie to fuck her harder as she got closer to
her climax suddenly wrapping her legs round his
back and her arms round his neck and clinging tight
as she thrust her hips at him crying "YES..
YES.. YES...Fuck me Freddie Fuck me NOOOWWW."
Freddie supported himself for some minutes on his
knees and elbows with Lisa still clinging to him
before finally relaxing so he lay his full weight
on her making her loosen her grip so he could lift
himself up and look down at her sweat covered
body. Lisa looked up at Freddies smiling face and
said softly "You're definitely improving Freddie,
a bit more practice and you'll be as good as...."
"Lisa" Kelly said "Discretion for a little longer
babe", "Sorry Kel', forgot for a minute." Kelly
kissed Freddie and whispered, "My turn brother, lay
back and enjoy" and as Freddie lay full length on
the bed Kelly straddled his chest and, looking
down at him said quietly "Lick me darling, suck me
'til I'm running wet" and lifted Freddies head
so he could reach her pussy with his tongue and
lips. Freddie sucked and licked Kelly for some time
before she lifted herself off him and slid her hot
wet pussy down his body to his hips where she
positioned herself over his still erect penis. As
she was about to lower herself on to Freddies
upstanding prick she felt Lisa's hands opening her
pussy lips and grasping Freddies manhood then
guiding it into her sopping wet vaginal passage. As
soon as she felt the head of Freddies penis
enter her cunt Kelly pressed down hard and buried
it deep into her and immediately began to work
herself back and forth on her younger brother's
stiff young penis. Not to be left out Lisa threw
one leg over Freddies head and lowered her hot
pussy on to his mouth as she leaned forward to take
Kelly in her arms and kiss her passionately as
Freddie licked away at her cum leaking lower lips.
Kelly and Lisa came together and Freddie moaned as
he sucked at Lisa's pussy and found her juices
running down his tongue and into his mouth with a
good deal missing and leaking out over his chin
as Kelly soaking his condom covered prick, his
balls and his bush of curly pubic hair.*

Kelly and Lisa collapsed to one side of Freddie as
he lay on the bed and spent a few minutes
kissing and caressing each other as they came down
from their mutual orgasm; Freddie lifted himself
up on to his elbows watching the two young women
and learning how they caressed each other in case
he had a chance to do the same some time. All three
were brought out of their post orgasmic
euphoria as they heard "KELLY.... YOU ROTTEN BITCH"
and turned round to see Frankie standing in the
doorway. Sitting up Kelly and Lisa looked at
Frankie and grinned "What's the matter Sis." said
Kelly as she wiped some of Lisa's cum off her chin
"Why didn't you tell me you were going to do
this today" cried Frankie as she began to get very
upset at having been left out. "Sorry Frankie, I
guess it was my fault" said Lisa "I'm the one that
started it by taking Freddies virginity last
night, we were going to tell you about it darling,
honestly" and she got up off the bed and took
Frankie in her arms and cuddled her close to her
naked breast. Kelly also got up and put her arms
round her sister, "Stop crying Frankie, there's
still plenty left for you, if Freddie doesn't
object, we were just going to get a taste of his
virgin cum, do you want to try some too?" Frankie
looked up and grinned "Really Sis, has he just cum
in you?" Kelly smiled and shook her head "No
darling, he mustn't do that, you know our standing
rule about protection, it's especially true for
Freddie as he could get us pregnant, but we can
have a little taste of what he has stored up for
us" and Kelly turned to where Lisa was gently
removing the rubber sheath from Freddies softening
penis. As the condom came away from the head of
Freddies prick Lisa ensured that the sperm loaded
semen ran down the full length of his manhood and
lowered her head and ran her tongue from base to
tip collecting as much as she could of his cum.
Kelly did the same and the touch of his big sisters
tongue on his prick made it spring to attention. As
Kelly and Lisa moved to one side Freddie gasped
as his twin sat beside his thighs and smiling
lovingly at her brother lowered her head on to his
now throbbing penis and take the head deep into her
mouth and begin to suck hard. As Frankie sucked
she slowly took more and more of Freddies penis
into her mouth until he felt the tip touch the back
of her throat and her gag slightly. Seeing that
Frankie was doing such a good job on her twin
brothers penis Kelly leaned over and, looking him
lovingly in the eyes lowered her lips to his and
began to kiss him more passionately than he had
ever been kissed before. As both his sisters had
oral contact with him Freddie thought he was in
heaven 'til he felt the touch of a soft moist
tongue on his scrotum and a slim moist finger
slowly entering his virgin anus. This was too much
for the young boy and he would have screamed if his
mouth was free, but all he could do was give a
deep moan of intense pleasure as he had the most
intense orgasm of his young and short sexual life.
Frankie felt her brother cumming as her fingers
rested on his penis but was taken by surprise at
the amount that began to shoot on to the back of
her throat and fill her mouth. Try as she might
she was unable to swallow all of Freddies sperm
loaded semen and had to quickly pull her head back
which got her face and neck covered with the sticky
creamy cum issuing from Freddies penis. "Kelly"
said Lisa urgently and Kelly turned to find her
friend taking her brothers pulsating penis in her
mouth. Lisa held him there for just a few seconds
then pulled off allowing Kelly to replace her and
suck hard at Freddies prick to try to extract the
last drops of cum from him. As Kelly was sucking
at Freddie Lisa whispered to Frankie "Don't swallow
darling, Kelly want's some of it, pass it to
her so Freddie can watch" and Frankie leaned over
Kelly, pulled her off Freddies penis and opened
her mouth a little so Kelly could see she still had
a mouth full of his warm sticky cum covering
her lowered tongue. Kelly gasped as she clamped her
mouth to Frankie's and pushed her tongue
between her sisters lips to try to get as much of
her brothers semen into her own mouth. As Freddie
lay and watched what was going on Lisa saw he was
getting nice and hard again so she opened a
drawer in her dresser and pulled out another
condom. As Kelly and Frankie finally but
reluctantly separated both gave a deep sigh of
pleasure and turned to look at Freddie as he lay
there, smiling lovingly at him. Frankie leaned over
and kissed him passionately and whispered "I love
you Freddie" and lay her head on his chest and
cuddled up close to him. "Freddie" said Kelly
softly, "I think it's time you showed Frankie what
you can do, don't you?" Freddie looked at his
sisters in turn, "You mean you want me to fuck my
twin sister with you watching" he gasped. Kelly
kissed him tenderly "Freddie, I want you to stand
up, kiss your twin tenderly and lovingly, then
gently undress her, caressing her firm young body
as you do, then I want you to make tender
passionate love to her so she has an orgasm, and
all without you cumming again." Freddie looked at
Frankie and said quietly "Twin?" Frankie smiled
beautifully and said very softly "Yes please
Freddie, I'd really love you to fuck me darling."
Freddie gulped, stood up and as Kelly and Lisa went
to sit on the unused bed took Frankie in his arms
and kissed her more tenderly than he had ever
kissed any girl before and slowly began to undress
her. His fumbling at the buttons and clasps of his
sisters clothes made the process take much longer
as he wasn't used to doing this just yet but
eventually he had Frankie standing with just her
panties on and was kissing her hard pointed

As he moved his tongue around Frankie's breasts and
nipples he slip his hand down the front of her
body until he was able to cup his hand over her
cotton covered pussy. Both twins gasped at the new
experience of feeling and being felt by the person
closest to them and Frankie instinctively opened
her legs to allow her brother to get better access
to her body. Lifting his head with her soft warm
hands Frankie kissed Freddie and whispered "Take my
panties off please Freddie and explore me."
Freddie dropped to his knees in front of his sister
and hooking his fingers into the elastic of her
panties pulled them down to her ankles in a single
movement, baring her sex to his view for the
very first time. As Frankie lifted one foot to get
it clear in her underwear she placed it so her
legs were wide open and Freddie could get his mouth
into contact with her swollen pussy lips.
Freddie ran his extended tongue up the full length
of Frankie's lower lips until it touched her
clitoris which made her give a cry of ecstasy which
he mistook for pain. As he pulled his head back
to look up at Frankie she placed her hands on it
and pressed him back in contact with her sopping
wet vagina. Freddie sucked and licked Frankie's
pussy for some minutes until Frankie was almost
ready to climax when Kelly got up and whispered
some instructions in her sisters ear and Frankie
pulled on Freddie head and made him stand up. "Fuck
me Freddie please" said Frankie sexily and
turning to where Lisa was offering her a freshly
opened condom, knelt in front of her brothers hard
throbbing penis and rolled it into position,
Frankie then went to the bed and knelt on the edge
falling forward to take her weight on her elbows
making her butt stretch openly before him. "Like
this please Freddie darling, from the rear so I can
feel you deep inside me." Freddie stepped up to
Frankie's naked bottom and, taking his penis in his
hand guided it into his twin sisters hot wet
and open vaginal passage. As he pressed home
Freddie gave a deep groan and paused feeling his
pubic hair touch Frankie's buttocks as he grasped
her in front of her hips and began to hump at her
bent over body groaning each time he rammed his
prick into her cunt. As Freddie worked hard at
bringing his sister to an orgasm Lisa and Kelly
stepped up to where he was standing and pressed
their naked bodies close to his, each of them bent
down and took a nipple in their mouth and began to
suck and nibble. As Lisa moved her mouth up to
Freddies and kissed him, Kelly slid her hand down
his back and over his buttocks 'til she could get
it between his thighs and cup his balls in her
hand, gently massaging them and touching the lips
of Frankie's pussy each time Freddie drove forward.
Frankie was so aroused by all the foreplay she'd
been the target of that she was soon sounding
little mewls of pleasure each time she felt
Freddies penis rub against the walls of her still
tight vaginal passage and Kelly's fingertips as
they touched her sensitive pussy lips; suddenly she
screamed out as she climaxed causing her brother to
yell as her vaginal muscles suddenly gripped
his penis so tightly he couldn't move for some few
seconds. This gripping of his prick was all that
it took to take Freddie over the brink of his own
orgasm and as soon as Frankie released her
constriction of his penis he shot wad after wad of
semen once more filling the sac at the tip of
the condom he was wearing. Kelly and Lisa held on
tight to Freddie as he supported Frankie with his
grip on her hips until very slowly he allowed her
to collapse in a heap on the bed in front of him,
pulling off his rapidly shrinking penis as she
went. Kelly and Lisa let Freddie go as well and he
lay down beside his sister, putting out an arm to
pull her close to him as he snuggled up tight in
a loving embrace. As Lisa pulled Freddies pelvis
away from Frankie's bottom Kelly removed the
condom from her brothers shrunken prick and
disposed of it while Lisa sat close to the twins
and gently caressed their naked bodies as Frankie
turned over to face Freddie and put her arms round
him then kiss him tenderly. Kelly came back into
the bedroom and gave the twins a gently slap on
the bottoms saying "Come on kids, get into the
shower together and get cleaned up while we get
some lunch" and she and Lisa quickly threw on some
clothes and went down to the kitchen to prepare a
snack for the four of them. Frankie got up and
looked down at her brother putting out one hand to
help him stand up, "Come on Freddie darling, let's
go and have a shower together, I'm getting very
hungry." In the shower Frankie and Freddie stood
under the water jet holding each other tightly and
caressing each others newly found bodies 'til Kelly
came into the bathroom and made them hurry,
standing over them as they washed and dried then
powdered each other. All this touching of his
sisters nakedness got Freddie another erection
which Kelly told him to put away 'til the next
morning as they'd all had enough sex for one day
especially as it was the first time Freddie had
made love to both his sisters. "What we'll have to
do is talk about what can and what cannot be
done brother" said Kelly "Because then we'll all
know where the boundaries are and won't be tempted
to cross them, agreed?" "Yes Sis." Said Freddie as
he went to his room to dress. A few minutes
later and Frankie and Freddie came down hand in
hand to the kitchen and sat close together like a
pair of lovers. "You do realise that you'll have to
be very careful around your mother, don't you
kids" Lisa said as the were eating their lunch,
"Your mom isn't silly and will soon get the right
idea if you're too open about the way you love each
other, so be a bit discrete for a while 'til
she gets used to you not fighting."*

After lunch Kelly and Lisa went up to have a shower
and suggested that Frankie and Freddie came and
talked to them while they got cleaned up. Freddie
was more than willing as he was really enjoying
looking at so much naked female flesh. As they
washed each other Kelly and Lisa pointed out one or
two things Freddie would have to get used to. "The
first one brother is that under no circumstances
are you to even think about having sex without
using a condom" said Kelly forcefully "Apart from
the fact that Lisa Frankie and I don't want to get
pregnant there's also the basic health issue. If
you get in the habit of using protection within the
family you won't be tempted to do without if
you pick up some girl that may not be clean,
understand what I mean Freddie?" "Yeah, OK Sis, we
did all about AIDS and STD in school, all I know is
that I never went with any girl so I can't have
anything like that can I?" Frankie gave her brother
a gentle dig in the ribs "Calm down twin, Kelly
isn't getting at you personally, it's just very
important to us all that we make sure we're
extremely careful, as you may soon find out, just
trust us for now, all right Freddie darling."
Freddie smiled at Frankie as he said "OK twin,
anything you say" and Kelly suddenly thought that
Frankie had made a difficult brother into a virtual
slave in one day. "The second thing you have to
remember Freddie is that you must never force any
of us into sex, it has to be a matter of consent,
even if that consent may include some form of
restraint it has to be mutually agreed, agreed?"
Freddie nodded as Kelly continued, "Under no
circumstances will any form of physical abuse be
used, none of us is into bondage or Sado Masochism,
so no whips, gags, handcuffs or any other kinky
stuff you may have read about. If you try it, all
bets are off with a big O." Freddie grinned as he
muttered "Aw.. shucks.. what a bummer." "The third
thing is, that despite the fact that we are now
and may in the future let you see us naked or even
semi nude, you have to respect our privacy and
never barge into our rooms without knocking and
being asked to come in, OK?" Freddie gave a nod of
his head as Kelly went on "The same goes both ways
we won't abuse your privacy either" and Freddie
grinned at Frankie. "The last thing for now is that
as sex is supposed to be for mutual enjoyment
you've got to learn the things that we get pleasure
from and tell us what gives you pleasure, you
also need to learn how to get us aroused, I think
we already know enough ways of arousing you to
last a long time before you get bored with them.
How does all that sound?" Frankie grinned broadly
at his big sister, "It sounds like a set of club
rules to be honest Sis, but I can understand why
you're telling me now, and I agree to all you said.
There's one thing I want to know, and that is
why Frankie didn't cry when I fucked her, I thought
it always hurt a girl first time." All three
girls burst out laughing as Freddie sat there
totally bemused 'til they stopped. "OK what's the
joke girls" Frankie put her arms round her twin and
kissed him tenderly "I'm sorry Freddie darling,
but as much as I'd have liked you to be the one to
pop my cherry there was someone a little more
special to me just now that did a much better job
of doing it than you could have. I'll tell you
about it very soon darling, I promise." By now
Kelly and Lisa were dried and powdered and Freddie
was taking almost no notice of their nudity as they
left the bathroom to get dressed while Frankie
and Freddie tidied it up between them. As they
worked together making the bathroom presentable
Frankie stopped Freddie and, taking his hands in
hers faced him and said quietly "Freddie would you
do something special for me please darling, I've
made a promise that I'll try to help mom keep
house, and cook and things like that. You know
she's been feeling pretty bad since Dad went. Going
down to see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jack really helps
her a lot because they're so nice to her. Do you
think that we could help her as well, by not
arguing and keeping our rooms clean and doing the
dishes and things like that." Freddie took his
hands from Frankie's and put his arms round her
hugging her close "Frankie darling, after today
I'll do anything you want, and I don't just mean if
you keep on letting me fuck you or anything like
that, but just because I suddenly realised how
much I love you and Kelly." Frankie kissed her twin
and they finished what they were doing and went
to find Kelly and Lisa to tell them what they had
just agreed. Kelly gave Freddie a hug and a kiss
on the cheek, "Thank Freddie, I was going to ask
you the same thing but I don't mind being beaten
to the punch this time. Just take care of mom when
I go back, she needs a lot of support just now
when she isn't with Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny."
"Kelly, what's so special about Aunt Jenny and
Uncle Jack, after all they're not really our Aunt
and Uncle are they, it's just that Uncle Jack was
married to our Mom's sister Meg, but they got
divorced so he's not our Uncle now." "Well Freddie,
when mom asked Uncle Jack if I could stay with him
while I was at University' he had to be my uncle
or people would think I was just living with some
dirty old man. As mom told the University he was
my Uncle Jack, they said OK. That made it cheaper
for me to be at University he also promised mom
he'd look after me and make sure I didn't get into
trouble. Because of all that he did I've not had
any boy trouble, have I Lis'?" Lisa shook her head
and turned to face her dresser to stop Freddie
seeing her laugh at Kelly's description of the way
Uncle Jack had 'looked after' her. *

"When mom was going through the divorce Aunt Jenny
and Uncle Jack were just getting married but
they still agreed to let me live with them despite
the fact that they had Lisa and Susan at home.
When mom went down that first time they were so
kind to her you must have noticed that she was
happier when she came back, even if it was only for
a few weeks." Freddie nodded, "Well that was
the Uncle Jack treatment, honest Freddie, Lisa
Frankie and mom will tell you he's the nicest man
we've ever met, maybe you'll find out yourself one
day and if you get to be a tenth as nice you'll
have all the girls you'll ever want, because
believe me brother, most girls like a considerate
guy." "Not the ones I've seen at school" said
Freddie, "Most of them go out with some real
animals." Frankie giggled "Don't worry brother,
when we go back to school I'll find you a nice
girl. As soon as they know what a good lover you
are you'll have plenty after you, just let me find
a nice one or two to start with." All the girls
giggled at the prospect of Frankie choosing a
girlfriend for her brother, "Just make sure she's
not a slut Sis" said Kelly "We don't want him
spoiled do we?" The four of them spent the rest of
the day close to each other revelling in their
new found closeness, Freddie enjoying being able to
put his arms round a girl and have her enjoy
it. Kelly and Lisa showed Freddie some of the
little things they liked that would help them get
aroused over a period of time, and showed him that
rushing things would often spoil the end result.
When it came time for Kelly to start dinner Frankie
offered to help and Freddie assisted Lisa to
lay the table, getting a few hugs and tender kisses
from her as he did. Lisa missed her Dad more
than she would admit and was ruthlessly using
Freddie as a substitute in an effort to control her
mounting sexual desire. Little though Lisa knew it
but Kelly felt the same and had the same
thoughts about her brother as Lisa. Putting her
homesickness behind her Lisa went into the kitchen
to see if she could help just as Trish' arrived
home from work looking very tired and harassed.
Before Trish' could take off her coat Frankie came
to give her a quick kiss and offer to help her
off with her coat which she then went and hung up
in the closet. "Go and sit down Mom, I'll make
you some tea and call you when dinner's ready" and
as Trish' sat down in her favourite chair
Freddie came in and put a stool under her feet and
took of her shoes. "Shall I give you a foot rub
Mom, you look as if you could do with one" and
proceeded to massage Trish's aching feet with his
strong youthful hands. After a few minutes Frankie
came in with a tray to cups of tea, closely
followed by Kelly and Lisa and they all sat down
together for a few minutes while their meal was
finishing off in the oven. When they'd finished
their tea Kelly and Frankie got up and went out to
the kitchen to get dinner served and on the table
while Lisa and Freddie chatted to Trish' about
their respective days and, although the day
described by Lisa and Freddie bore no resemblance
to what actually happened it satisfied Trish'.
After dinner Lisa said "You go and sit down Trish',
Freddie and I'll clear the table and do the dishes,
you go and relax for a bit." As she sat with
her daughters in the family room Trish' said
sternly "OK you two, what's going on, I've never
seen Freddie so ready to do dishes once in a week
let alone two days running, are you blackmailing
him because he's done something I wouldn't approve
of?" Kelly and Frankie laughed "No Mom, honest"
said Kelly "He's just decided that he should be a
bit more helpful, we're not forcing him to do
anything I promise you." "Weelll... OK, I'll
believe you for now darling, but I just wonder if
it'll continue after you go back to Jenny's or if
he's going to revert back to what he was." "Mom, if
things go as I hope he'll be completely reformed
before we go back home, he'll be a different boy
all together, you see." Lisa and Freddie soon
finished in the kitchen and joined the others,
Freddie going to sit beside Trish' on the couch and
continuing with the foot rub he started earlier
which ended in Trish' falling asleep as she relaxed
completely for the first time for months. As
Freddie sat there continuing to caress his mothers
feet as she slept he looked up and suddenly
realised that doing something nice for his mother
was being appreciated by his sisters and their
sexy friend. He already knew what happened when he
was nice to them, they were very nice to him and
as if to prove what he was thinking Kelly came
over and sat on the arm of the couch next to him,
leaned over and kissed him very sensuously then
whispered "That was so nice of you Freddie, to give
Mom a foot rub, I've never seen her go to sleep so
easily even when she's extra tired.
If you come to my room later I'll say thank you
properly darling" and, kissing him again Kelly went
up to her room to get changed ready for bed. As
soon as Kelly had left the room Lisa did the same,
this time gently placing her hand on Freddies groin
where she had noticed a slight stirring, "Down boy"
she whispered playfully, "Keep it under control
'til tomorrow Freddie darling, we may have a nice
surprise for you if you're good." Frankie just sat
there looking lovingly at her twin finding it
hard to remember how much they used to fight and
try to get each other into trouble. Now all she
wanted to do was make him happy and she knew she
had the means to do that, thanks to Uncle Jack.
She wondered if she should tell her twin about it,
but remembered her vow to Kelly, Uncle Jack, Sue
and Lisa, that she would always keep it secret.
She'd have to ask Kelly what she should do in the

After half an hour Frankie decided she would go
and get into her nightie, if only to tease Freddie
and get him aroused for the morning, so she got up
and, sitting on the arm of the couch gave her
twin a really passionate kiss and hug "I love you
Freddie, more than I ever realised and we have
Lisa to thank for helping us find out. Look after
Mom for a few minutes, I'll come back down soon"
and with a final quick kiss she skipped out of the
room and went up to her room to change. On the
way she met Lisa and Kelly who were returning to
the family room and they whisked open their robed
to show they were naked underneath, "We thought
we'd give Freddie a bit of a show while mom is
asleep" said Kelly wickedly and Frankie giggled
with them as she went to get dressed in similar
manner. Unfortunately when they entered the family
room they found Trish' sitting up with her arm
round Freddie leaning back against the arm of the
couch. Going to kneel in front of Trish' Kelly
said "Have a good sleep Mom, Freddie seems to do a
neat foot rub" Trish' grinned and hugged Freddie
tighter "He certainly does Kelly darling, I never
knew he had such clever hands he must have been
taking lessons from someone." Kelly giggled "Not me
Mom, but if he's that good I might try him
myself one day, how about it brother, you game for
a go?" Freddie blushed as he replied "Any time
you are Sis, just say the word and I'll try to give
you a good time with my hands." Trish' laughed
"Just you mind what you're doing with your hands
son, make sure they don't get out of control and
end up where they're not wanted." "Don't worry Mom,
I'll make sure he only puts them where I want
him to, and then only when I want him to" and
smiled at Trish' and her brother. After sitting
with most of her family for a while Trish' got up
and said "I'm going to have a long soak in a hot
tub before I go to bed, I'll see some of you at
breakfast I hope, good night and please don't argue
before you go to bed." "Good night Mom- Trish' -"
they all said and as Trish' opened the door
Frankie came in and was told not to stay up too
late. Giving Trish' enough time to get into the
bath the girls had Freddie sit in an arm chair and
they ranged them selves along the couch directly
opposite him they then proceeded to sit in a number
of positions that ensured her would get a good
view of their pussies, during this time he
mentioned how much he liked the shaved version to
his fur covered sister. "Remind me Sis" said Kelly
"I'll get that sorted out tomorrow if you like, and
I'll teach Freddie to do it so he can keep you well
trimmed when we go back", "WOW.. said Freddie
"Would you do that Kelly" she nodded and grinned,
"It might come in mighty useful in the future
brother, you just never know" and all the time
Freddie was getting more and more aroused with
looking at what was being displayed in front of his
eyes. After a reasonable time had passed Kelly
crept up stairs and made sure her mother was in the
bath then returned and had a whispered
conference with Lisa and Frankie before saying
"Right brother, it's time you learned to do for a
girl what you do for yourself with you hands, in
other words masturbation female style, come and
watch closely" and Kelly and Lisa leaned back,
opened their legs a few inches and began to work
their fingers in and around their pussy lips, love
hole and clitoris as Freddie knelt before them
with his face just inches from their two wonderful
pussies, taking in the heady aroma being
produced. As the girls worked on themselves Freddie
gently caressed the inside of their open thighs
from knee to crotch 'til Kelly suddenly stopped,
grabbed his hand, inserted one of his fingers into
her sopping wet passage then, holding the knuckle
pressed the tip into her anus whispering "Finger
fuck my ass Freddie please" and continued to work
at her cunt as he moved his finger in and out of
her anus. Looking up at Lisa he decided to try the
same with her and, moistening his finger in her
vaginal passage, which drew a gasp of pleasure from
her then pressed it into her anus and got a mew
of thanks for doing it. Thinking he had suddenly
gone to heaven Freddie finger fucked Lisa and
Kelly's butts as they masturbated so close to his
face, the aroma of their vaginas was driving him
crazy and when his twin put her arms round him and
opened his zipper he came in his shorts.
Frankie tried desperately to get her mouth on
Freddies penis as she felt him cum, ending up
sucking the last few drops from him as he began to
By this time Lisa and Kelly were bucking against
the movement of Freddies fingers and their own and
almost together they cried out as the reached
their separate climaxes. Freddie left his fingers
in the girls rear passages for some minutes as he
watched fascinated while streams of female cum
oozed from the girls cunts on to the backs of his
hands. When he finally removed his fingers he kept
his hands palms down and brought them to his
lips and tasted the emissions from the pair of them
then offering them to his twin. Frankie place
her mouth full on the back of one hand and told
Freddie to do the same with the other then, when
his lips were well and truly soaked with one lot of
cum she kissed him, mixing the two lots in
their mouths. "I never knew two girls could taste
so different from each other, and both taste so
wonderful" he said as he knelt there looking
closely at those two wet cum stained pussies. "Now
Freddie, it's time to see what you have learned, I
want you to masturbate your twin and make her
cum as quickly as possible" Kelly said firmly and
Frankie lay back on the floor, lifted her
nightie, opened her legs and said breathlessly
"Hurry up Freddie I'm so hot." *

Freddie knelt beside his sisters hips and looked
down between her soft smooth thighs at her fur
covered vagina, placed two fingers between the lips
and searched for her opening inserting them in
to the second knuckle to lubricate them as much as
possible. As he moved his fingers up to find her
clit he slipped one finger of his other hand into
her moist love passage and moved it down to her
virgin anus. Freddie paused as he got close to his
twins rear passage, but decided she could only
say no and touched the tip of his finger to
Frankie's tiny puckered rosehole making her gasp in
anticipation as he gently pressed in 'til he felt
his knuckle touch her anal ring. Frankie flinched
as she felt her brothers finger enter her rear
passage for the first time then, as he worked his
other fingers round and round on her sensitive
clitty she automatically relaxed her anal muscles
and allowed him to press his finger in until she
felt his hand touch her buttocks, then she gave a
deep sigh of satisfaction which made him begin to
finger fuck her ass as he masturbated her pussy
and clit. With the double stimulus Frankie came to
a screaming orgasm in just a few minutes,
clamping her rectal muscles of Freddies finger as
it reached deep into her anus. As she gripped him
tight he wickedly wriggled his finger which made
her cum again and relax enough to allow him to
remove it. As Frankie began to recover from her
orgasm she opened her eyes and, seeing her twin
still kneeling over her raised her arms and pulled
him down on to lay full length on her, wrapping
her legs round his and her arms round his back.
Noticing that Freddie was wriggling as he lay
between his sisters open legs Kelly whispered to
Lisa and between them they separated the twins,
Lisa applying a good hard slap to Freddies naked
buttocks. As Freddie jumped up protesting at being
hit so hard Kelly said "We did warn you Freddie
darling, no sex without protection, and you were
getting very close to inserting that weapon of
yours into Frankie's waiting vagina, admit it
brother" Freddie hung his head and gave a little
nod "Sorry Sis, I got carried away, I won't let it
happen again promise" Kelly kissed him and
whispered "OK lover, now for your reward, sit up on
the couch, open you legs and lean back" as Freddie
did as he was told Lisa got Frankie into a kneeling
position between her brothers knees and after
looking into his eyes lowered her head and took his
throbbing penis in her mouth and began to
masturbate him with her small soft warm hand.
Freddie lay there giving gentle thrusts with his
hips and moans of pleasure as his sister sucked at
his pulsating penis 'til he felt cold air on the
wet head as the girl sucking him changed and Kelly
took over for a while. Freddie couldn't believe
what was happening as once more he felt the head of
his prick go cold as Lisa took over, he groaned
louder as she worked her hand even harder and
faster than his sisters who he suddenly discovered
were sitting beside him kissing him as Lisa
sucked hard on his prick and he was suddenly
gasping through his sisters lips that he was
cumming in Lisa's hot sucking mouth, swallowing his
cum as quickly as he was shooting it at the back of
her open throat. Suddenly spent Freddie collapsed
on the couch and Kelly and Frankie slid to the
floor to kneel beside Lisa and offer their open
mouths for her to transfer some of their brothers
sperm loaded semen to their waiting tongues. As
they knelt there heads close together Kelly
whispered "He tastes different to Uncle Jack, I
wonder why." "Maybe it's the sperm that makes the
difference" said Lisa, "After all Uncle Jack only
makes semen."
"What ever it is" said Frankie "I do like it a
lot, I only hope I can still get some after you two
go back." "Frankie darling, I doubt if Freddie
will refuse to let you give him a blow job every so
often, especially if he gets frustrated with
other girls at school, just make sure he never
fucks you with a naked cock, that's all baby"
replied Kelly as they all giggled at the thought.
Getting to their feet Kelly and Frankie leaned
over and kissed Freddie, inserting their cum
covered tongues into his mouth so he got a brief
taste, then Lisa kissed him the same way and he got
a bigger taste, which didn't disgust him as
much as he thought it might. "Good night lover boy"
said Lisa "Don't let Trish' catch you sitting
like that or she'll begin to wonder what you've
been doing to yourself." And with a final smile she
left him alone and went up to get into bed. Lisa
allowed Kelly and Frankie to go to bed but delayed
her move upstairs a little and when she got to the
bathroom she knocked gently and when Trish'
asked who it was she put her head round the door
and said quietly "It's me Trish', can I come in
for a minute?" "Of course Lisa darling, what can I
do for you my dear, not got a problem have you?"
Lisa went and knelt next to Trish's head as she lay
in the warm water of the bathtub and smiled
down at Kelly's mother, "No Trish', I haven't got a
problem as such, I just thought that you might
be missing Daddy as much as I am and wanted to come
and see if I could help?" Trish' turned her
head and Lisa could see tiny tears appear in the
corners of Trish's eyes. "To be honest Lisa
darling, I do miss your Daddy a lot. I know it
might seem strange me admitting to a young woman
that I miss making love to the man her mother
married, but I know you understand because you love
him in the same way as I do." Lisa shrugged off her
bathrobe and passed an arm under Trish's neck
and bent down and kissed her tenderly and lovingly,
"Can I help satisfy some of the urges that are
building up inside you Trish' darling?" asked Lisa
and kissed her again as she laid her free hand
on Trish's breast, caressed it and rolled Trish's
hardening nipples between her finger and thumb.*

Trish' gasped as she realised what Lisa was doing
and tried, half-heartedly to push the young girls
hand off her breast, "No Lisa, please darling, this
isn't right" said Trish' breathlessly as Lisa
quickly moved her hand down to between Trish's
thighs searching for room to cup her hand over
Trish's shaven pussy. "Yes it is Trish' darling, if
daddy was here you'd let him do this for you,
please let me" whispered Lisa as she sought Trish's
lips once more. So much in need of being
touched was Trish' that almost without realising it
her thighs relaxed and her legs opened allowing
Lisa to cup her hand over Trish's pussy and slip
two fingers into her sopping wet vaginal passage.
Lisa finger fucked Trish' as she kissed her and in
just a few minutes Trish' was moaning and
thrashing her hips as Lisa brought her to a
crashing orgasm that would have caused her to slide
beneath the surface of the water in the tub had not
Lisa kept a firm grip of Trish's neck. Lisa
held Trish' for some minutes before saying softly
"Come on Trish', time to go to bed, let me help
you dry off" and like an automaton Trish' allowed
Lisa to help her out of the bathtub, dry her off
with a warm towel, powder her and lead her to her
bed and cover her over. Lisa leaned over Trish'
as she lay in bed, kissed her tenderly and
whispered "Good night Trish', sweet dreams" then
left the room switching the light off as she went.
As Lisa got into her own bed Kelly sat up and asked
what she'd been doing, "Nothing really Kel', just
talking to your mom about how much we both miss
Daddy", "I know babe, it's awful isn't it. I really
miss him too, it's nice to come and see mom and
the twins but I can't wait 'til I see Uncle Jack
again and feel his strong arms round me" replied
Kelly dreamily. "Never mind Kel', only a couple
more days and he'll come and collect us, in the
mean time we still have to finish educating that
brother of yours so Frankie is OK, any ideas?"
Kelly looked at Lisa and grinned, "Got any KY
lover?" She asked, and Lisa stared back and a huge
grin spread over her face as the import of what
Kelly had asked dawned on her "You mean show
them....", Kelly nodded, "I sure do lover, we might
get some as well if we play it right." Lisa lay
back in bed and closed her eyes as she imagined
what might happen the next day and drifted off to
sleep to dream about her Dad and the things he
would soon be doing to her as well.
The next morning Kelly and Lisa were having
breakfast as Trish' was ready to go to work. When
she'd put her coat on Trish' came over to Kelly and
kissed her, saying "I'll see you later darling.
Have a good day." Trish' then bent down and kissed
Lisa a little more passionately than she had Kelly,
"Bye Lisa darling, see you later, and thanks for
last night." "What was that all about, Lis', what
happened last night?" Lisa moved closer to Kelly
and in hushed tones told her what had gone on in
the bathroom before she had come to bed, "Honest
Kel', I didn't plan it, it just sort of happened
because we both missed Daddy so much, it seemed
sort of natural, and you mom did feel better
afterwards." "I have to admit Lis', I do worry
about mom sometimes, only having the twins here and
only seeing Uncle Jack occasionally for a booster
shot, sort of." "What your mother needs Kel' is a
man about the house that is kind to the twins and
good for her sex life, know anyone like that?"
Kelly shook her head then grinned "Only your Dad
and my little brother" she giggled, "One she can't
have and the other she shouldn't." The girls left
the subject as Frankie and Freddie came into the
kitchen wrapped in each others arms, separating
when they went to embrace and kiss Kelly and Lisa,
"I hope you two haven't been up to any hanky panky
this morning already" said Kelly and she put her
arm round her brothers waist and hugged him tight
to her side as she sat at the table. "No Kel',
honest, just a kiss and cuddle to say good morning"
said Frankie as she sat beside her sister and
poured out some cereal for Freddie and herself.
"Good, because I want Freddie to be in tip top
condition after breakfast" and placed her hand on
Freddies crotch, rubbing up the length of his
stiffening prick. "Stop it Sis, you know I cum too
quick if you do things like that, I've already
got three pairs of shorts I have to wash before mom
sees them." "That's all right twin" said
Frankie smiling, "Get them out and I'll do them for
you this morning, after all it's partly my
fault they got that way", Kelly smiled at Lisa
knowingly and got a grin in return, neither could
credit the change that had come over the twins in
the past couple of days and both secretly hoped
they'd stay that way for Trish's sake. After
breakfast Frankie laundered Freddies underwear as
promised while Lisa and Kelly cleared up the
kitchen and did the dishes, Kelly then took
Frankie and Freddie to one side and asked if they
would like some more fun. The twins hugged each
other and nodded vigorously and quickly followed
Kelly and Lisa up to their bedroom. Lisa stood in
front of Freddie and said seriously "Freddie
darling, do you trust me?" Freddie nodded, "OK
lover, now is the time to prove it" and picked up a
scarf and quickly blindfolded him, the used another
one to gently tie his hands behind his back. "We're
not going to hurt you brother" said Kelly gently
and placed a sweet kiss on Freddies lips then
dropped to her knees and removed his pants and
"He's ready" said Lisa softly as they saw his rigid
penis sticking out in front of him, "So am I
Lis'," replied Kelly as she knelt on the edge of
the bed and allowed Lisa to apply the nozzle of a
tube to her anus and give it a squeeze. "What are
you going to...." began Frankie until Lisa placed
a hand over her mouth and say "Quiet, and watch."*
When she had placed some lubrication in Kelly's
anus Lisa opened a condom and put it on Freddies
throbbing penis so he knew he would soon be
entering the body of one of the girls but was
confused when he felt fingers caressing the tip of
his latex covered member. Frankie sat and watched
in amazement as Lisa drew Freddie forward and touch
his penis to her sisters anus and gasped out loud
as she watched as Lisa pressed hard on Freddies
buttocks making him lurch forward thrusting his
prick into Kelly's tight ass. "What the..." gasped
Freddie as he felt the tightest pressure he had
ever felt on his penis and almost came as Lisa
whispered in his ear "Come on Freddie babe, fuck
her, make her cum quickly so Frankie and I can feel
you in us as well" Lisa beckoned to Frankie to
come and touch Freddie and help him to get aroused,
guiding her hand to cup her twins balls as he
thrust himself at Kelly's buttocks 'til she cried
out that she was cumming. As Kelly fell forwards
pulling herself off Freddies still rigid penis Lisa
knelt on the bed and said urgently "Frankie,
put him in me quick, I can't wait" and moving her
brother to behind Lisa Frankie realised she had
already lubricated her own anus and was ready to
receive Freddies rampant prick, Lisa was so
desperate to receive Freddies cock she came after
just a few strokes of his wonderful penis and was
soon laying beside Kelly on the bed, "What about me
Lisa," cried Frankie "You can't leave me like
this" and Lisa smiled as she struggled to her feet,
pumped some KY into Frankie's anus as she
knelt on the edge of the bed and to Kelly's
amazement stripped off the condom Freddie was
wearing and placed a smear of KY on the end of his
naked prick and pressed it to Frankie's waiting
virgin puckered rose hole. As Kelly saw what Lisa
was doing she jumped to her feet and, standing to
one side of Freddie gave him an almighty slap on
the buttocks making him jerk his hips forwards and
drive his penis into his sisters rear passage. The
sudden pain of her twins involuntary assault on
her bottom made Frankie scream with agony,
frightening Freddie until the blindfold was whipped
off his eyes and he looked down and saw he was
buried in his twins ass. Freddie started to ram his
penis in and out of Frankie's bottom, ignoring her
cries of pain as he realised his prick wasn't
covered by a condom and he could shoot his cum into
Frankie's body. Slowly Frankie's cries of pain
turned to mewls of pleasure as the friction caused
by Freddies penis sliding against the inside of
her rear passage became more and more enjoyable
until she suddenly cried "Freddies please hurry
darling, I'm going to cum any minute now, please
Freddie fill me with your hot sticky cum and let
me feel it burning it's way into my body, Aaahhhh
I'mmmm cuummmming NOOOWWW" and Freddie cried out
"YES, YES, YES" as he began to pump spurt after
spurt of sperm into his sisters body so she could
feel the heat of it as it soaked her rectal
passage for the first time. Both twins continued to
thrust at each other long after they had finished
cumming, just enjoying the feeling of a naked
cock in a receptive female body, until both were
completely exhausted and collapsed, still joined
together, on the bed. As they lay together Freddies
cock began to shrink and eventually slipped
from Frankie's sphincter which tightened in an
effort to retain the brotherly sperm that was
inside her. As Freddie began to recover Lisa pulled
him to his feet and whispered for him to go and get
cleaned up quickly. Kelly was rolling Frankie on to
her belly and opening her legs to allow access
to her recently violated bottom. As Frankie lay
there Kelly lay beside her and said softly "Forgive
us baby, it was the best way, making it quick like
that", Frankie turned her head and smiled
sweetly "I never felt anything that hurt that much
Sis, even when Uncle Jack popped my cherry he
didn't hurt as much but it was wonderful once the
pain went away and I felt Freddies naked cock
pumping in and out of me, can he keep doing it like
that, without a condom I mean?" Kelly nodded
"So long as it's only in your bottom darling, never
in your sweet pussy, try to keep that for Uncle
Jack, you know he can't make babies, Freddie can."
Frankie closed her eyes and continued to smile
at the thought of having Freddie cum in her bottom
and Uncle Jack cum in her pussy, wondering what
it would be like to have them both do it at the
same time. Frankie stood up and pulled up her
panties and straightened her dress as did Kelly and
both sat on the bed holding hands 'til Lisa
came in with Freddie. Lisa had also adjusted her
dress and sat beside the sisters. The three girls
looked at Freddie as he stood in front of them and
Kelly and Frankie were wondering what Lisa had
thought of doing next when she said "Was that nice
Freddie?" "The best ever Lisa darling" he
replied "Well, you did it with a good deal of help
from me and Frankie and Kelly, how would you
like to do it again, this time doing all the work
yourself." "What do you mean, doing all the work
myself Lisa?" asked Freddie frowning. "I mean you
must put on a condom, you will then lift our
skirts, take down our panties and gently insert
your stiff penis into our bottoms, making us cum
without having an orgasm yourself." Kelly and
Frankie gasped at what Lisa said but smiled at
Freddie as he stood there open mouthed staring at
the three of them. "Do you mean it, you want me
to butt fuck all three of you again." All three
girls nodded and said "Yes please Freddie." One by
one they stood up and kissed Freddie passionately
whispering "Please make me cum Freddie, I want to
feel your wonderful cock in my bottom." As each one
had kissed Freddie they went and laid face down
on the bed, resting their heads on their arms and
breathing deeply in anticipation.

Once more Freddie removed his pants and shorts,
rolled a condom onto his erect penis and moved to
stand behind Lisa as she lay at one end of the line
of female bodies being offered to him. Slowly
he lifted the hem of her skirt up above her waist
and, hooking his fingers into the elasticated
waistband of her panties slowly and gently drew
then down over the swell of her smooth rounded
buttocks, placing a tender kiss on each of them as
they were denuded. Tenderly Freddie pulled the
brief cotton panties off Lisa's shapely legs and
gently pressed the inside of her thighs to get her
to open her legs to allow him access to her body.
Taking the tube of KY he squeezed some on two
fingers and inserted them into Lisa's tight anus
gently moving them round to arouse her and spread
the gel inside her. Smearing a little more on the
head of his condom covered cock he then presented
it to Lisa's pink ring and pressed firmly at her
rear portal. Lisa resisted for a second or two
then suddenly relaxed her anus and allowed Freddies
prick to surge into her to it's fullest depth
bringing a cry of pure ecstasy from her as she felt
his pubic hair scrape against her buttock
cheeks. The anticipation of what was to come added
to the arousal of being touched so tenderly had
made Lisa so hot she came as soon as Freddie
withdrew his penis to the head and then thrust it
back deep into her passage. Three times he thrust
into her and three times she cried out as she
experienced a tiny orgasm ripple through her body.
Feeling a little light headed Freddie slipped
out of Lisa ignoring her soft cry of "No, please
stay", and moved across to where Kelly had been
looking on as Lisa was well and truly fucked by her
young brother. Lifting Kelly's skirt Freddie
saw that her panties were already halfway down her
bottom and he quickly, if a little more firmly
drew them off her legs, forcing them apart and
pressing his fingers into her sopping wet pussy the
licking them clean before putting some KY into her
anal ring. As his condom was still covered with
lubricant from Lisa he quickly entered his elder
sister and, laying full length on top of her began
to gently fuck her butt whispering endearments into
her ear that only she could catch. After ten
minutes of gently thrusting at his sisters butt
Freddie lifted himself on to his hands and began to
thrust deeper and harder until Kelly cried out that
she was cumming and thrust her hips on to the
bed as the waves of pleasure travelled over her
prone body. Freddie stood up and looked down at the
two naked behinds on the bed, then at his twins
which was still dressed. Quickly he moved to stand
behind Frankie and very slowly, so as to enjoy the
pleasure longer, lifted her skirt, the even more
slowly her drew down her panties, pausing as her
buttocks were uncovered, bending down to kiss his
sisters naked flesh. Gently Freddie removed
Frankie's panties and, when her legs were free he
pressed the inside of her thighs and she opened her
legs as wide as she could. Once more Freddie
inserted his fingers into his sisters vagina and
then sucked the pussy juices off them before
lubricating his eventual goal. As he lay over
Frankie's back he whispered "Guide me in please
darling, I want to know you surrender your bottom
to me and want me to violate your wonderful
body." Frankie moved her hand back to between their
bodies and, grasping him in her fingertips
offered the tip of his hard penis to her anus,
turning her face back and saying softly "Please
take me Freddie darling, put your wonderful penis
in my bottom and make me cum over and over again."
Freddie pressed his pelvis forward and felt himself
enter his sister as she relaxed her anus in
loving acceptance of his member and began to move
her hips in time with the thrusting of Freddies
as he pumped at his twins soft warm bottom. Kelly
and Lisa were so entranced by the spectacle of
the twins as they sat up on the bed watching that
they didn't hear the bedroom door open until
YOUR SISTER." Kelly and Lisa spun round and
Frankie and Freddie looked up then buried their
faces into the bed as they struggled to separate
themselves. Trish' leaped forward and grabbed
Freddie by the hair pulling him off his sisters
back and landing on the floor on his back, his legs
splayed wide open. "KELLY..., HOW COULD YOU LET
NOT CORRUPT THEM" screamed Trish' as she ran
sobbing from the room to her own, slamming the door
behind her.
Lisa jumped up and helped Freddie to his feet,
putting her arms round him as he stood sobbing with
shame at being caught by his mother, fucking his
sister. Kelly was doing the same for Frankie
although she was hysterical and Kelly had to slap
her to stop her screaming. When Kelly and Lisa had
got the twins calmed down Lisa sat Freddie down
beside Kelly so she could put an arm round each of
them and comfort them.
"Clean them both up then take them downstairs and
make some tea Kelly darling, I'll go and see your
Mom and make everything right, I promise." Smiling
thankfully at her friend Kelly lifted the twins to
their feet and told them to go down to the bathroom,
holding tight to them as they passed their mothers
room. When they'd gone Lisa walked into Trish's
room without knocking and, seeing that she was laid
face down on her bed sobbing, went and sat beside
her gently caressing her hair and shoulders. After
a while Trish' stopped crying and rolled over to
look at Lisa, "Lisa how could you do this, I
trusted you and now look what's happened, my
children are committing incest in my own home,
what's going to happen to them when their father
finds out, he'll have them taken from me and I'll
be all alone."*

Lisa placed her hands in Trish's and bent down to
place a tender kiss on her lips, "Trish' darling,
will you let me say something without interrupting
please", Trish' gave a perfunctory nod and lay
there tight-lipped looking up at Lisa. "The first
thing I want to know is, what's the difference
between Kelly and Frankie making love and Kelly and
Freddie or Frankie and Freddie making love. You
accepted that Kelly and Frankie should be close when
you were at home why not here? Secondly if you're
so jealous of the twins sexuality why did you
ask Daddy to take Frankie's virginity? The next
thing is, don't you think it's better the twins
learn about sex in a place where they're safe
rather than where Frankie might get raped or
pregnant, and might contract some awful social
disease, you know what Daddy says about keeping it
in the family, you agree with that don't you?"
Trish' looked hard at Lisa then nodded.
"Look Trish', I know it was a shock, and I
understand if you feel hurt, but Frankie and
Freddie have been very close these last few days
and you've commented on how considerate they've
been towards you, especially Freddie when he gave
you that foot rub. Daddy showed Frankie that sex
wasn't bad or dirty or frightening, you've just
undone all you thanked him for doing last weekend."
Trish' sat up and rested her head on her bent knees
thinking furiously about what Lisa had said. "Why
didn't they ask me to help them Lisa, that hurts
me if nothing else does?" "Trish' darling, I think
your actions when you caught them answer your
own question, you wouldn't have allowed them to
find out. Look darling, they aren't babies you
know, they're sixteen and both capable of having
babies, the thing is they know how to enjoy sex
without doing that." Trish' sat wide eyed "What do
you mean Lisa, how much have they learned?" Lisa
smiled, "As much as Kelly and I have been able to
teach them in three days, and believe me they're
both quick learners, Freddie was just learning to
be gently and considerate when you broke his
concentration, he had already brought Kelly and I
to wonderful orgasms and was almost succeeding
with Frankie." "Trish', Freddie has the makings of
a wonderful lover and I'd really like to introduce
him to my sister before very long, I know I enjoy
making love to him, and I'm quite certain you would
too, if you could open your mind to the idea."
"LISA, how could you suggest such a thing as
having sex with my son" Lisa laughed lightly
"Trish' darling, it's no worse that me having sex
with my mother and father or my aunt, or
my sister. Look darling, what harm can there be
if you take great care to be discrete, keep all of
you protected and love the person you are having
sex with?" "Is Freddie really good?" Trish' asked
shyly "Yes darling, not an expert yet but
considerate and willing to learn, and Trish'
darling, he really does love his twin more now than
he ever has and will do anything to protect her, so
don't be surprised if he's a little upset when you
see him." "Has it made that much difference my
love, that Freddie is prepared to defend his sister
even against me?" Lisa nodded, "Look Trish' I'm
sorry if that upsets you but I think it's as well
that you understand what might happen, those two
kids have changed since we brought Frankie home,
both were frightened of sex, both now have learned
to enjoy it, if you now try to stop them you'll
have more problems than you had when you asked
Daddy to help with Frankie, believe me darling.
Will you please, for the sake of the twins, accept
that they need to discover their sexuality, and
that the best person to help is you. After all
darling what is it that you need most of all in
your life right now?" Trish' looked Lisa full in
the face and blushed as she remembered the previous
night in the bath. "It's difficult to admit,
especially to a young girl like you darling, but I
need a loving man in my life. One like your Dad
would be perfect, but you can't spare him can you?"
Lisa grinned and shook her head. "I suppose if my
son loved me enough he'd be better than most other
men, but have I spoiled things Lisa, will they
forgive me for what I just did?" Trish' began to
sob again as Lisa put her arms round her and hugged
her tightly. "Trish' if I suggest a way to bring
you all close together would you try it, after all
you can't be any worse off than you are now."
Trish' gave a little sniff and smiled weakly "What
do you mean my love?" "Do you remember the very
first time mom and Dad shaved your pussy, and
brought you to an orgasm, in the bathroom" Trish'
grinned at the memory and nodded "What was the
'best bit' that mom promised you as the pair of you
sat together on the floor?" "Your Dad...." Trish'
stopped and sat opened mouthed, "Exactly " said
Lisa firmly, "So far we, that's Kelly and I,
haven't introduced them to it but if we...." and in
the next ten minutes Lisa explained her scheme in
detail while Trish' sat open mouthed at Lisa's
inventiveness. "But what if they won't speak to me
now, none of that will work" "Trust me Trish',
come with me and I'll make things right with the
twins. I really think they're as much upset as
you, and a little ashamed at having you catch them
having sex, if you honestly forgive them what I
suggest will prove it to them and you'll have them
wanting to snuggle up in bed just like Sue does
with Daddy, remember?" Trish' smiled as she
remembered how little Susan loved to climb into bed
with Jack and Jenny just for a cuddle in the
mornings. "All right Lisa, lets go and enter the
lions Den" and the two of them made their way
slowly down to the family room where Kelly had
taken the twins. As Lisa and Trish' entered the
room Freddie got up and stood protectively in front
of his twin with his hands by his sides and fists

Before he could say anything Lisa stepped in front
of him and said "Freddie darling, please be
quiet, relax and listen or I'll be more than a
little upset, understand?" Freddie looked Lisa in
the eyes and then saw the tiny smile appear on her
lips and instantly relaxed his tense posture as
Lisa stepped back to stand beside Trish'. "Freddie"
said Trish' quietly "I want you to know how
sorry I am that I attacked you, and hurt you and I
want you to forgive me." Freddie looked at Lisa
who gave a single nod, "Very well Mom, I forgive
you for hurting me, but not for hurting Frankie
with what you said." Trish' smiled "I know darling,
what I said was unforgivable and I'm so very
sorry I said those words but I was so shocked at
what I saw, I didn't really understand what was
actually going on. Under the circumstances I'd
understand it if you never forgave me for what I
did but I'd like you to try please son." Trish'
held out her arms as tears formed in the corners
of her eyes and Freddie saw Lisa give another nod,
and stepped up close to his mother and hugged
her tight. After a minute Trish' released Freddie
and turned to where Frankie sat, shamefaced
beside Kelly, "Francine darling, will you forgive
me for what I did, and for what I said, and most
of all for stopping your brother making passionate
love to you in the presence of your sister and
her special friend." Frankie looked up and saw her
mother smiling understandingly and with a little
cry of "Oh, Mom" threw herself into her mothers
arms and began to cry. Giving them a minute or two
Lisa then whispered to Trish', "Take her upstairs
and swap notes about Daddy for a bit" and Trish'
looked at Lisa smiled and told Frankie to go with
her to her room. "Where're they going" asked
Freddie belligerently as Lisa sat beside Kelly,
Lisa grinned at Kelly and said quietly "To swap
notes on how my Dad makes love the them both" and
Kelly and Lisa grinned broadly as Freddie flopped
on to a chair totally stunned at the answer he got.
"Do you mean Uncle Jack is the guy that popped
Frankie's cherry, and that he's been fucking mom
when she goes down to stay with you?" Kelly and
Lisa nodded and smiled widely, "I suppose you're
going to tell me he also fucks Kelly, you and your
young sister as well" Freddie continued, "And my
Mom and my Aunt Sandi" Lisa said proudly, "But
why? why do you all let him fuck you when you know
he's also fucking all the rest?" "Freddie,
let's get one thing straight from the beginning,
Uncle Jack doesn't fuck us all, he makes wonderful
love to us, sometimes one at a time, more often two
at a time but on special occasions he's made
love to five of us. Please understand making love
isn't just about fucking and cumming in a pussy
or bottom, it's about the whole act from first
touch to when one or more partners is satisfied,
either with an orgasm or just having made the other
person have an orgasm, why do you think we tried
to make you bring us three to an orgasm without
cumming yourself, to see if you could make love
to us without thinking of you own pleasure?"

Kelly stopped and took a deep breath. "Freddie,
if you want to stay close to mom and me, you'll
have to forgive her without any conditions, pretend
the incident never happened, OK?" Freddie looked at
his sister then grinned ruefully. "OK Sis, I
promise, shall I go and see mom now?" Kelly looked
at Lisa and she nodded "Yes please brother, I
think she'd like that darling." As Freddie left the
room Kelly gave a huge sigh and turned to Lisa,
"What on earth did you say to mom to make her
change her mind so quickly Lis'" "I just pointed
out some simple facts about her and Dad, and me and
Sue and you and Frankie and sex in the big wide
world, 'til she saw my point of view and now we
have to get something organised for this evening."
She quickly explained what she had arranged with
Trish' to show Frankie and Freddie that they were
forgiven for having sex. Kelly's eyes popped wide
open as she realised what was to happen and
jumped up saying "Let's go and get dinner started
quick, I'm starved." Kelly and Lisa had been in
the kitchen for ten minutes when Trish' joined them
with a huge smile on her face, "What have you
done Mom, that makes you look so pleased?" Asked
Kelly, as she prepared vegetables for dinner "I
suppose some people will consider me depraved but I
told my son to finish what he'd started earlier
and make passionate love to his twin sister. It
took me ages to convince them I meant it, but when
I gave them all they needed to make it comfortable
for them both they said they'd love to, I guess
they won't be down for a while." They weren't, in
fact they came down an hour later having also had
a loving shower together. While they all sat and
waited for dinner to cook Frankie and Freddie sat
side by side, holding hands with Kelly and Lisa
sitting on each side of them "Mom, did you really
sleep with Uncle Jack and Aunt Jenny when you went
down there" asked Freddie, "Yes darling, I did,
and it was so wonderful, Uncle Jack is the most
considerate man I know, he's gentle, he's tender
and he's thoughtful. Aunt Jenny is the same and is
so kind, it was her that asked Uncle Jack to
make love to me the first time because I felt so
bad about your father running off, and not having
sex for so long, I suppose you could say Uncle Jack
did me a kind service" and joined in the laughter
started by Kelly and Lisa. Looking at her son
seriously Trish' said "Freddie, my biggest
worry is that you might get carried away and try to
love Frankie without any protection, I'd feel
so much happier if I knew you'd always be careful
about that." Freddie smiled "Mom, Kelly and Lisa
will kill me if I break that promise, or worse
still cut me off in my prime. Honest mom I won't
get Frankie or any other girl pregnant or get some
awful disease, I promise."*

Trish' laughed at Freddies joke but could see that
he was serious and meant what he said, she had
little choice but to accept him at his word and
make a fuss at such time as he may break it. Dinner
was soon ready and Trish' and Lisa went out to dish
up and serve it in the kitchen, when they'd
finished eating Frankie and Freddie offered to do
the dishes while Kelly cleared the table. When
all this was done Kelly said she wanted the twins
up in her bedroom and went to tell Lisa that they
would soon be ready for her. When Frankie and
Freddie were sitting on Kelly's bed she asked
Freddie if he would object to being blindfolded and
having his hands tied behind him again. Remembering
the last time it happened he grinned and said a
resounding no. Lisa came in to the room and Kelly
told her Freddie had agreed to her terms, "OK then
Freddie what I would like you to do first of all,
to ensure are well and truly aroused you must
undress all three of us, then allow us to undress
you", "But what if mom comes in again" he said
looking worried, "I could always ask her to join
in, what do you reckon?" Freddie laughed and said
"Yeah, OK Lis', you do that" and stepped up to his
sisters and began removing their clothes one item
at a time, as he did with Lisa's. When eventually
the girls were naked they quickly stripped Freddie
and Kelly wrapped a scarf over his eyes again while
Lisa tied his hands behind his back, then to his
surprise stood up close to him and asked him if he
could reach her pussy and cup his hand over it. As
Lisa pressed her naked body close to his back
Freddie reached back slightly and his penis jumped
as he touched her shaved pussy lips while
feeling her hard nipples pressing on his shoulder
blades. "Great" said Lisa "Just remember to feel
for me when you think I might be there, now Kelly
and Frankie, I want you to lay down close
together with your bottoms on the edge of the bed
so Freddie can place one leg between each of
yours and have his knees touch your pussies" the
girls did as they were told and Freddie felt his
penis twitch as he imagined them laying there,
their legs apart and moved forwards so he could
feel the gentle wet warmth of his sisters young
pussies on his kneecaps. "Just relax Freddie
darling" said Lisa softly and Freddie felt her hand
caress his throbbing erect penis and begin gently
to masturbate him. Lisa let go of Freddies prick
for a few seconds to caress his back, causing him
to give a soft groan, but soon he felt her hand
back on him, this time holding him a little more
firmly as she moved it up and down the length of
his pulsating young prick. When he felt her soft
naked body touch his back Freddie reached back
slightly and cupped his hand on to her shaven
pussy, slipping two fingers inside her lower lips
and drawing a groan from her like he had never
heard before.
All the time he was trying to finger fuck Lisa she
was expertly masturbating him 'til he began to moan
that he was about to cum. As he said this he felt a
warm hand cup his balls and a hard nipple press
into his ribs, but that was impossible, Kelly and
Frankie were pressed against his knees and had not
moved, Lisa was masturbating him and he had his
fingers in her pussy so the only other nipples
available had to be.. "MOM... " he cried and
blinked momentarily as the blindfold was whipped
off his eyes. Lisa was cupping his balls in her
soft warm hands but it was his mom that was
masturbating him and in who's pussy his fingers
were lodged. As he turned to face his mother she
took his head in her hand and pressed her lips to
his and kissed him passionately all the time
working her hand up and down his rigid manhood.
"Come on Freddie darling, let me see you cover your
sisters in your wonderful cum, I know Kelly likes
it because I've already covered her in Uncle Jack's
twice so hurry up and show me just how much you can
give them." The combination of Lisa caressing his
balls, his mother jacking him off and his sisters
laying naked in front of him was too much for the
young man and he cried out as he began to shoot his
semen out in front of him while his mom directed
the spray over her daughters naked bodies. Seeing
what was happening made Freddie orgasm again
straight away and he stared at the pools of cum
collecting in the little hollows of the girls
bodies and the rivulets running over their rounded
breasts with their hard pointed nipples.
A final few drops hung on to the end of Freddies
prick and he groaned out loud as he felt Trish'
take him into her mouth and suck at it, savouring
the taste of her son for the first time. As Kelly
and Frankie lay still, Frankie unable to believe
what she had just witnessed, Lisa pulled Trish' off
Freddies cock and whispered for him to sit on her
bed and watch, then she bent over Kelly, giving
Freddie a perfect view of her open pussy and anus
as she began to lick his cum off Kelly's face. What
was even more erotic was his mother straddling his
twin in the same way, allowing him to get the same
view of her as of Lisa as Trish' licked her baby
daughter clean of her sons semen. When the two
girls faces were licked as clean of cum as possible
Lisa and Trish' lay their naked bodies down on the
cum soaked bodies beneath them and rubbed up and
down to transfer as much as they could to their own
skin. Lisa and Trish' lifted their now, cum
covered bodies off Kelly and Frankie as threads of
Freddies semen stretched between them, and knelt
between the legs of the girl they had laid on.
Trish', seeing a pool of Freddies cum laying
between the lips of Frankie's pussy pressed her
tongue in and tried to lick it out. The simple act
of her mother touching her clit with her tongue
made Frankie cry out as a tiny orgasm rippled
through her young body.*

Lisa and Trish' stood up and Trish' took Lisa in
her arms and kissed her passionately then
whispered "Lisa darling, thank you so much for what
you've done today, without you I'd have lost my
children, now I think we've a chance of living
happily together." Giving her another kiss Trish'
released Lisa and turned to Freddie, putting her
arms out to him. Shyly Freddie stood up and
hesitated before stepping into Trish's open arms
and feeling his body being pressed against his
mothers naked form. "Freddie darling, Lisa was
right, you are a wonderful lover, will you be mine
please darling" Freddie pulled his head back so he
could look at Trish' to see if she might be
joking, but all he saw was his mother smiling
lovingly at him. "You really mean that Mom, you
want me to make love to you like I have Lisa and
Kelly and Frankie?" Trish' nodded "Yes please
darling, they tell me you're very good, and that's
what I need right now, a good lover I can trust
instead of some guy I may pick up in a singles bar
somewhere." Freddie smiled "OK Mom, sounds a good
proposition to me, but what about Frankie?"
"Freddie darling if you think you can manage two of
us I'm willing to give it a try, what about you
Frankie darling?" Frankie jumped up and hugged her
mother and brother, "Do you mean it Mom, can we all
be lovers like Uncle Jack and Kelly and Lisa ?"
Trish' nodded "Right now though I think we need to
get a shower, would you come in with me
children, we can explore each others bodies as we
get clean, it's a long time since I felt a virile
young man in my arms." As the three of them entered
the bathroom they found Kelly and Lisa already
having a shower and sat down to wait, talking
happily between them. As Kelly got out and began to
dry off she said "Mom, tomorrow we must show
Freddie how to shave Frankie's pussy so he can keep
you both trimmed between your visits to Uncle
Jack", "You two think of everything don't you,
where do you get it from?" Lisa smiled "Daddy of
course, actually Trish', it was him that suggested
Kelly and I did all this, not the detail you
understand, just the general outline, if we thought
it would work out right, did it?" Trish' kissed
Kelly and Lisa "Yes darlings, it worked out very
right indeed, I'll have to thank Jack when I see
him on Saturday." Once clean Trish' and the twins
put on bathrobes and went to the kitchen to make a
bedtime drink. Kelly and Lisa were already there
doing the same. Trish' said "What shall we do
tomorrow children, I'm not working and it's Kelly
and Lisa's last full day, Uncle Jack is coming on
Saturday morning to pick them up, so we have just
one day to do something." The girls all wanted to go
shopping, "The thing is Mom, it's Aunt Jenny's
birthday this weekend and I must get her something
special to say thank you for the last year."
"And me" put in Lisa "Daddy gave me some cash in
case I saw something really nice and feminine for
her." Trish' smiled "I know just the place to go, I
only hope Freddie isn't embarrassed if he comes
too", without actually knowing where they would be
going the girls all agreed to Trish's idea for a
shopping trip in the morning. All five made their
way up to bed and Kelly and Lisa had only just
snuggled down when there was a knock on the door
and Freddie came in when told. "Sorry to but in
Lis', but could I have a few condoms please, 'til I
can buy some of my own" "Of course Freddie
darling" she said and got the box out of her
dresser and gave him a good handful saying that
should last him a couple of days and bringing a
smile to his lips. Freddie had just got into bed
when there was a soft knock on his door and Frankie
came in and whispered, "Come with me Freddie, I want
to get a couple of condoms off Lisa" Freddie
grinned and offered Frankie some from the handful
he just got. Frankie took two and then took him by
the hand, kissed him and whispered "Come with me,
I've got a surprise." Outside his door Freddie went
to turn left to go to Frankie's room but she
turned right and opened the door to their mothers
bedroom, "Mom wants us both to sleep with her
tonight" Frankie said softly as they approached
Trish's bed where she sat naked in the middle of
her king size mattress. "Freddie darling I want to
see what you have learned from Kelly and Lisa, I
want you to make love to me first then to Frankie
then.. well we'll see what happens after you
bring us both to orgasm, if you have the strength."
Freddie climbed on to the bed beside Trish' and
Frankie got in beside him and mother and daughter
laid him back and began kissing him where ever
they could find a new patch of naked flesh. Fairly
early next morning Kelly and Lisa were awakened
by Trish' bringing them tea in bed, looking ten
years younger as she sang a song under her breath
"Good morning girls, don't forget we're going
shopping this morning to find a present for Jenny's
birthday, get dressed, breakfast will be ready very
soon if Frankie and Freddie get organised. Oh
by the way thanks for teaching my son to be such a
wonderful lover, a few rough edges but an awful
lot of potential." "Mom, did you sleep with Freddie
last night?" "Yes Kelly darling, and your sister,
well I needed to see just how good Freddie was,
and how gentle he'd be with his twin, didn't I?"
"And?" asked Kelly. "Wonderful, for me and Frankie,
Freddie was very gentle with us both and I had the
most wonderful orgasm, I reckon only Uncle Jack
could beat Freddie, and it's all thanks to you two
wonderful girls." Frankie and Freddie were sitting
at the breakfast table when Kelly and Lisa got
down to the kitchen and both girls kissed the
twins and said "Good Morning." Freddie whispered
"Thanks" to Lisa as he gave her a hug as well
as a big kiss.

After breakfast they all piled into Trish's car and
drove to the shopping precinct she'd selected
to find Jenny's present. First of all Kelly and
Lisa went and bought themselves a new dress for
them to wear at Jenny's party, then Trish' took
them to a huge lingerie store where there were
dozens of mannequins dressed in underwear of every
shape size cut and colour. Wanting something
special Kelly and Lisa went to where they had items
made of pure silk and poured over the huge
selection of different types and colours. Frankie
and Freddie stayed in the background but Freddie
was teasing Frankie about how she'd look in French
knickers and a sheer lace edged bra that would
just cup her breasts and show her wonderful
nipples. As the twins wandered off Trish', who'd
heard Freddies comments made some purchases of her
own and then returned to help Lisa with hers,
ending up with a pair of silk French knickers and a
lace bra in matching colours. Kelly bought Jenny a
see through nightie and Trish' more silk French
knickers but with high cut legs. "That should keep
Jack happy for months" joked Trish' as they
discussed their purchases on the way home, "I doubt
it Mom" said Kelly "They don't usually wear
anything to go to bed in." "How do you know smarty
pants" jeered Freddie at his sister "If you must
know nosy Parker, because I've been to bed with
them both more than once." This statement shut
Freddie up long enough for them to arrive home in
time for lunch. After they'd eaten and the kitchen
had been cleared Trish' suggested she and the girls
went upstairs to sort out their purchases, she also
whispered to Frankie to go with her and, when
Frankie got to Trish's room she slipped her a
package and said "Go and try these on baby" then
shut herself in her own room for a few minutes.
Kelly and Lisa were putting their presents in their
suitcases when they heard a yell of surprise from
Frankie's room and rushed to see if she was all
right. As they entered Frankie's room they stopped
dead and both said "WOW...that looks great
Frankie!" as they saw the young girl standing there
wearing a pair of skimpy lace edged silk
panties that shimmered in the sunlight, and a lace
bra that just cupped her firm young breasts and
allowed her hard swollen nipples to peep over the
top of the top edge. "Wait 'til Freddie sees that
Kel'" said Lisa softly "It'll drive him nuts" "Is
that all" they heard behind them and turned to
see Trish' dressed in new underwear identical to
Frankie's. "Mom, what are you trying to do, give
the poor boy a heart attack at sixteen, remember
he's not used to seeing sexy women about the
house, shall I go and fetch him for a quick look?"
Frankie said "Please Kelly, would you" and stood
next to Trish' just inside the door until her
brother entered pushed in by Kelly. "Holy shi....",
"FREDERICK, language please" "Sorry mom but what
else can a guy say, I'm speechless you both look
so erotic, I never saw anything sexier in my life"
and moved to take his sister then his mom in his
arms and kiss them passionately on the lips then
their bare nipples as Trish' and Frankie offered
them to him. "Will you wear that stuff next time we
make love please" said Freddie as he struggled
to ease his stiffening penis in his pants, "Of
course Freddie darling" said Trish' and "Ooohh yes"
replied Frankie as she hugged her brother tight
rubbing her crotch against the bulge in his pants.
"Put that boy down Sis.." said Kelly "You'll wear
him out if you keep on like that, which reminds
me Mom, can Lisa and I borrow Freddie for a while
this afternoon, it'll be our last chance to say
goodbye properly." Ten minutes later Kelly and Lisa
were in their room undressing Freddie then
sitting him down on Lisa's bed and handing him a
tiny foil package. Slowly taking off their shirts
the girls then removed their matching white bras to
leave their wonderful breasts open to Freddies
gaze, making his erect penis twitch. The girls then
dropped their short skirts together leaving
themselves dressed in just their skimpy white
panties which were so figure hugging that Freddie
could see every contour of both their shaved
pussies. Turning their backs to Freddie the girls
put their fingers into the waistbands of their
panties and started to push them down 'til the tops
where half way down the swell of their buttocks.
They stopped for a second then bent at the waist
and spread their feet twelve inches apart as they
continued to push their underwear down their
legs. The only reaction the girls noticed was a
soft groan as the lips of their pussies were
uncovered. Stopping the downward movement of their
panties they left them halfway between their
knees and their buttocks presenting a most erotic
vision to Freddies young gaze. Unable to resist
he jumped up and, grabbing Lisa's hips slipped his
rigid condom covered prick deep into her cunt
and pounded away at her until he heard her cry out
as she had a small orgasm. Allowing Lisa to fall
on to the bed Freddie moved to Kelly and did the
same for her allowing her just the one small
orgasm before pulling out of her pussy. "Sorry
girls I got so aroused I couldn't wait, can I do
something more for you?" Kelly lay back on the bed
"Yes brother, come and eat me before I go mad"
and Freddie dropped to his knees and sunk his
tongue into Kelly's sopping wet pussy, ran it up
her slit 'til he found her clit and began to suck
as he pressed two fingers deep into her cunt and
finger fucked her as he ate her pussy. As he
pressed his two fingers into Kelly's cunt he
moistened his thumb and pressed it into her
unresisting anus bringing a cry of pleasure as she
felt it go in. This was enough to take Kelly over
the top and she gave a cry of ecstasy as she
climaxed soaking Freddies chin and hand.*

Freddie got off his knees and looked at Lisa as she
lay beside his sister, then as he went to lay
beside her she rolled him on to his back, mounted
him and began to buck her hips on his hard
throbbing penis "Fuck me Freddie, fill me with your
cream make me cum with the heat of your cum
filling me up please make me cum Freddie fuck me
fuck me fuck me." On and on she droned until she
screamed as her almost self induced orgasm hit her
like an express train making her collapse on his
supine body. Freddie rolled Lisa off and sat up
next to Kelly who had been watching "Well done
Freddie, save your cum for mom and Frankie. Lisa
and I will soon have Uncle Jack with us, now
darling, if you take off that rubber, Lisa and I
will teach you how to shave a young pussy, if
Frankie wants it that is." Freddie quickly dressed
and went to see his twin. Kelly helped Lisa get
dressed and told her what was going to happen and
they went to the bathroom to prepare for
Frankie's pussy shave. Frankie and Freddie came and
joined them and Frankie agreed that she wanted
her fur removed, "Do you want a little patch
leaving like us" asked Lisa but Frankie shook her
head "No, I want to be completely bare, like I was
a little girl of ten or eleven" and glanced out of
the corner of her eyes to see her twin stare open
mouthed when he heard what she said. Kelly and
Lisa both smiled and Kelly said "OK Sis, take off
your panties and sit on the toilet with your
legs wide open." Very gently Kelly used her
scissors to remove the longest of Frankie's wispy
hair then covered it with a hot washcloth, which
made Frankie yell. When Kelly was sure all
Frankie's hair was soft and her skin was warm, she
covered it all with shaving foam. "Freddie you
might as well do this, be very careful and try to
pull the skin tight as if you were shaving your own
face." As Freddies fingers touched Frankie's
sensitive skin he noticed that she was beginning to
ooze lubricating juices from her vaginal passage
and as he ran the razor over Frankie's mons to
remove the last few wisps she gave a little tremor.
Lisa whispered a few words in Freddies ear and as
he ran his fingers over Frankie's pussy lips one
last time he slipped two fingers in her and spread
the juices over her clitty. Once Freddie had wiped
Frankie's pussy clean of foam Kelly told her to
stand up and bend over with open legs. With her
newly shaved pussy on display when Freddie stood up
his erection almost burst through the materiel of
his pants. As a final part of the shaving routine
Freddie poured some warmed baby oil in the palm of
his hand and rubbed it into his twins newly
shaved skin to find that this final act was enough
to send Frankie over the edge and she screamed
as she had an orgasm while his hands was rubbing
her mons. Standing up Freddie looked at Kelly and
Lisa and said in and awed voice "No wonder you like
having Uncle Jack shave your pussies if that
happens every time." Kelly and Lisa just smiled and
left the twins to tidy the bathroom before they
came down stairs. All five of them were too tired
to do much more for the rest of the day, Trish'
wanted to rest after her week at work, Kelly and
Lisa were still not recovered after their final
afternoon session with Freddie and Frankie was
completely overcome after her shaving experience.
Freddie just wanted to be close to his new found
lovers not even bothering to go to his room to
watch tv as he had done for the past year. Dinner
ended up as tv meals from the freezer cabinet and
they'd just cleared it all away and sat down with
coffee when the door bell rang. "I'll go Trish'"
said Lisa who was already standing up and when she
opened the door and saw who was standing there
she screamed "DADDY ....." .*

Continued in chapter 4 of volume 2.
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