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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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Jacks family Saga Volume 2



As Trish' drove away I went back into the house
with Sue wrapped in my arm followed by Jenny and
Sandi and we all went into the Den and sat down,
Jenny and Sandi each side of me on the sofa and
Sue in an arm chair opposite. The rest of the
morning was a bit of an anticlimax and we just sat
together on the sofa in the Den as we discussed
what we'd do for the rest of my time off. "To be
honest Jack darling I'd just like a few days with
the four of us together" said Jenny as she lay
her head on my shoulder, "Me too" said Sandi on my
other side as she leaned against me. Sue slipped
off her chair opposite me and knelt beside my
knees, "Can I sit on your lap please Daddy" and
climbed on when I nodded briefly. We sat there as
close together as we could for an hour or more
then Sandi sat up, offered to get lunch and Sue
went with her leaving Jenny and I to sit wrapped in
each others arms. As Sandi and Sue prepared lunch I
asked Jenny what we would do with the rest of
the day, "We could go for a drive, or a walk in the
Country Park" then grinned "Perhaps not, that
gets you too tired darling", "Or we could just sit
around the house and have an orgy between the
four of us." "So long as it's well orgy-nised
darling" I joked "I'd hate for one of you to be
disappointed", "I think I better speak to Sandi and
Sue before we make a decision on that subject,
don't you?" "We could always give them a couple of
bucks for a movie and spend the whole day in bed
together" I suggested, "I suppose we could do that
any way, Sandi and Sue might like to join us"
Jenny replied "Even if most of the time was spent
sleeping, we might have some fun together." I
hugged Jenny to me and kissed her tenderly "Jenny
darling, if you want us to go to bed with your
sister and your baby daughter and have a day of
passionate lovemaking, just say so, I'll do
anything you ask just so long as you're happy."
Just then Sue popped her head round the door "Lunch
is ready, come and get it", so we went to the
kitchen and sat at the table and ate the sandwiches
etc. that Sandi and Sue had prepared. Now, I had
the idea that Jenny had been joking about the
discussion we had had in the Den, until she said
"Susan darling, Daddy and I are going to bed to
have hours of love making and he was wondering if
you and Aunt Sandi would like to join us?" Sandi
stared at her sister and Sue just said "Oh Mom,
don't mess about, what are we really going to do?"
Sandi leaned over to her niece and whispered
something, Sue then also stared at Jenny, "You're
serious aren't you Mom, but do you really want Aunt
Sandi and me to come as well, we won't get in
the way will we?" Jenny shook her head "No darling,
not with what I've got planned." Sandi and Sue
looked at each other and nodded the Sandi turned to
Jenny and said "Yes please Sis, we'd love to
join you." Jenny turned to me, "Jack darling, would
you get things moving by having a quick shower
then getting into bed, we'll join you soon." Just
nodding briefly I got up and went up to the
bathroom where I had a quick shower as instructed
and lay in bed waiting. Jenny Sandi and Sue
followed me into the bathroom and also had showers
during which Jenny gave certain instructions and
sketched out certain actions she wanted to happen.
Once Sandi and Sue understood what they were to
do the three of them came and joined me, all of
them wearing their normal clothes. Jenny rummaged
about in her dresser and brought out some nylon
scarves then came and sat beside me trying one over
my eyes so I could see nothing. As I felt Susan's
young body press to my chest and her lips touch
mine I relaxed a little and suddenly found my
wrists grasped and tied to the head of the bed. I
then felt my PJ's pulled down and my ankles also
tied, ending up stretched out in a big 'X'. Sue
took off my blindfold and whispered "Got you now
Daddy" and went and stood next to Jenny and Sandi,
Very slowly they began to remove their clothes,
first Jenny took an item off, followed by Sandi
then Sue, until all they had on were their
panties. Jenny pushed the top of hers down 'til the
elastic just showed the top of her tiny patch of
fur I left when I shaved her, Sandi did the same,
and then Sue. Turning her back Jenny pushed down a
little more 'til her panties rested just below
the swell of her lovely rounded bottom. Sandi did
the same but a little slower as her bottom was
just a little more rounded than Jenny's. When Sue
began to turn she winked and smiled wickedly then
pushed her panties down to show me her bottom
cheeks, in a single movement accompanied by a tiny
wiggle of her hips. By now I had the makings of an
enormous erection and no means of hiding it but
what happened next I could almost have predicted as
Jenny bent at the waist, followed by Sandi and
Sue, they each placed their feet a foot or so
apart and locked their knees as they pushed their
panties down as far as they could reach then slide
their hands up the back of their legs and pull
open their buttocks displaying their wonderful
shaven pussies and their puckered pink roseholes. I
almost came as I lay there tied to the bed but the
three of them soon stood up and, lifting their
knees, removed their panties completely then very
slowly approached the bed and climbed on to sit
all around me, Jenny and Sandi at my sides and Sue
sitting cross legged at my feet. As I looked
down the length of my body I could see Sue smiling
up at me as Jenny and Sandi caressed my rigid
penis as it sat waving lewdly between them,
twitching involuntarily each time I felt their cool
fingers touch my sensitive skin.*

Sue moved on to her knees and slowly crawled up my
legs until her head was level with my throbbing
prick, Jenny held it still and Sue gently lowered
her head and opened her mouth to allow my penis
to slide over her moist warm tongue. Sandi leaned
close to my face and whispered "Don't cum yet
Jack darling, hold on tight" then moved down to
replace Jenny's hand with hers and when Sue lifted
her head Jenny's mouth replaced it. After a few
seconds that seemed like hours Jenny's mouth was
replaced by Sandi's and then they all sat back
licking their lips and smiling. The girls left me
laying there for some few minutes just chatting so
quietly between themselves that I couldn't hear
what they were saying, allowing my erection to
partially subside, 'til Sue moved up to my chest
and took one of my nipples in her mouth for a
second then moved up to gently place her lips on
mine and kiss me tenderly. As Sue lifted her head I
saw that Jenny was passing one leg over my hips and
holding her open pussy over my suddenly stiffening
penis and, as it reached full erection Sandi
guided it into Jenny's descending vagina. I almost
came as Jenny's lower lips touched Sandi's hand
then lift a fraction only to drop to take up what
Sandi suddenly released and begin to move up and
down as Jenny worked herself on my erection trying
to reach an orgasm. She was helped by Sandi
stroking her clit with one hand and her anus with
the other, the triple stimulus bringing her close
as I began to groan as I felt my own climax coming
closer. "Don't cum Daddy" Sue said softly and I
suddenly gave a cry of pain as I felt my nipples
being pinched, distracting me from my orgasm if
not my erection. As Sue was the only one close
enough to have pinched my nipples I looked into her
face and saw a tear forming in her eye as she
whispered "Please don't cum yet Daddy" just as
Jenny gave a loud cry of pleasure, rammed herself
hard on to my pelvis and rocked her hips against my
prick as she reached her climax. As I felt Jenny
lift herself off me Sue kissed me again then moved
down to join Sandi who was busy cleaning my cum
soaked penis, sharing the job between them as Jenny
lay beside me getting her breath back. After a few
minutes during which Sue lay her head on my
chest and gently caressed my nipples and Sandi sat
beside my hips and stroked my scrotum with her
fingertips I felt Jenny stir, then sit up on her
heels and give a huge sigh of contentment as she
turned to look at me and smile sweetly. She turned
to Sandi and put out her hand to help her young
sister straddle my hips this time facing me. Jenny
used one hand to open Sandi's pussy lips and the
other to guide my manhood into the correct place to
allow Sandi to lower herself and take the full
length of my prick into her love tunnel. As Sandi
raised and lowered her firm young body on my
throbbing penis I watched as Jenny began to caress
Sandi's firm young rounded breasts then run her
hand down over the soft slightly rounded tummy to
rest monetarily on the tiny patch of fur growing
on Sandi's mons. I watched two fingers disappear
between her swollen pussy lips and move down until
they touched my penis as it moved in and out of
Sandi cunt. This touch made me groan again as I got
closer to orgasm and once more I heard Sue whisper,
this time more urgently "Please Daddy, please
don't cum yet" and again I felt her touch my
nipples with her fingernails, this time a little
less firmly but enough of a reminder to cause me to
lose a little bit of my urge to cum. Once more
I looked into Susan's eyes and saw the start of a
tear as she lowered her lips to mine in a tender
loving kiss. Once more Sue was kissing me as Sandi,
this time, came with a crashing orgasm, causing
her to fall forward on to my chest almost crushing
Sue as she landed. Very gently Jenny rolled
Sandi off my supine body and allowed her to lay
curled up beside me as she and Sue once more
cleaned my penis of the cum it was coated with.
This time they both came up and kissed me and gave
me a taste from their tongues of Sandi's warm musky
emission. Again Sue caressed my nipples as she
lay her head on my chest while Jenny caressed my
penis and balls. When Sandi had been allowed to
recover Jenny softly called Sue to come and take
her place straddling my hips, once more turned to
face me so I could watch her as she worked to
achieve an orgasm. This time she leaned forward and
rested her hand flat on my chest so her face was
just a few inches from mine and began to thrust
her slim young hips at my now throbbing penis as I
began to get more and more aroused. For a third
time I groaned as I got close to an orgasm as I
watched Jenny and Sandi caressing Susan's
breasts and stroke her bottom occasionally touching
my prick as it travelled between her soft young
hairless pussy lips. Once more Sue touched my
nipples and whispered "Please Daddy, please don't
cum yet, please hold on don't cum in me Daddy mom
says no you mustn't cum in me today it's not right
Daddy don't cum in me Daddy I'm cuummmming
NOOOOWWWW" and she grasped my nipples in her fists
as she cried out in ecstasy as she was hit by a
tidal wave of orgasm. Jenny and Sandi allowed
her to collapse on to my spread-eagled body where I
felt her give little sobs of emotion as her soft
young body trembled with passion. For the first
time since we started I struggled to free myself
from the scarves that secured me to the bed but
before I could free myself Jenny leaned over and
kissed me saying "Relax darling, she'll be OK in a
minute I'll look after her, trust me" and sat there
caressing my face as I slowly calmed down and
relaxed. After a few minutes Sue gave a huge sigh
and a few tiny sobs then raised her head, looked up
and smiled lovingly at me.*

Slowly crawling up my body Sue reached my lips and
kissed me tenderly as Jenny and Sandi began
their routine of cleaning me with their mouths then
coming up to give me a taste of Sue's
wonderfully sweet cum from their tongues. "Now
Daddy it's your turn to cum" and she sat up, spun
round to straddle my chest as I felt Jenny and
Sandi straddle a leg each and then all three
pressed their sticky pussy lips to the part of my
body they were in contact with. Jenny and Sandi
began to caress my inner thighs while Sue slipped
her mouth over my throbbing penis and began to
gently masturbate me with her soft warm hands
After a minute or two I felt a change of hands as
Jenny or Sandi took over then another change and
then another as they kept changing the hands that
were moving up and down my penis and the ones that
caressed my swollen and aching balls until with a
loud groan of "NOW" I shot load after load of hot
creamy white semen high into the air to land on
face chin breasts and belly of all three of my
loves. As I stopped grunting with each spasm Jenny
and Sandi sat back on their heels and allowed Sue
to take my softening penis in her mouth and
extract the final few drops for herself. They
turned to me so I could watch as they wiped the
streaks of cum off their faces and chins and lick
their fingers clean then stroke their hands over
their breasts and bellies rubbing my semen into
their skin like moisturiser. When Sue had finished
sucking my soft penis dry she turned to face me and
followed the example of her mother and aunt by
licking her fingers clean of the cum on her face
then rubbing the rest into her body. She finished
by licking the palms of her hands clean. When Sue
was finished she came and lay on top of me while
Jenny and Sandi got off the bed and left the room
to return a few minutes later bringing a bowl of
water, washcloth and towel. A word from Jenny and
Sue lay beside me as Jenny and Sandi gave me a
very sexy bed bath and Sue dried and powdered me
then all three went and had a shower. When they
returned clean and smelling of lavender Jenny and
Sandi untied my arms and Sue my feet then sat
there stroking the marks left on my skin when I
tried to free myself. As I lowered my aching arms
Sue came up and lay half on my chest so one breast
was against my ribs and the other touching my
nipple. "Daddy, I'm so sorry I hurt you when I
stopped you from having an orgasm, I didn't want to
but mom said I must so you had a better cum. If you
want to punish me for hurting you I'll understand
and accept anything you tell me I must."

I lifted her face I saw she was crying, I looked
her in the eyes and said sternly "You did hurt me
young lady and I'm going to punish you most
severely, your punishment is not to be allowed in
bed with me for one day, starting in three years
time, make a note in your diary miss." Jenny
gave me a friendly tap on my thigh as Sue threw
herself at me and began to kiss me all over as she
tried to cry and call "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" at
the same time. As Sue snuggled her naked body up to
mine Jenny said "Is anybody hungry" we all
shouted yes, "I don't feel like cooking now, how
about if I phone for Pizza's and we have a picnic
in the house" when it was agreed what was wanted
Jenny got up to go to the phone, "Darling, you
will put some clothes on when you answer the door
won't you" I said and Sue laughed at the thought
of her mother answering the door in the nude. "Do
you want me to invite the delivery boy in to join
us" Jenny said grinning, "It might be a delivery
girl" I said. "In that case lets' forget that idea"
Jenny replied and walked out of the bedroom
wiggling her sexy butt. Sandi slipped on a dressing
gown and followed Jenny leaving me with Sue who
rolled on to her back and pulled me over saying
"Daddy please touch me, make my titties tingle with
your fingers" and, unable to refuse my little
darling anything I gently stroked my fingertips
over her body from navel to throat making tiny
circles over her firm smooth rounded breasts and
pressing her nipples back into her aureoles then
allowing them to pop out as I flicked my fingers to
one side. Each time I touched Sue's nipples she
gave a tiny groan then as I took one between finger
and thumb and began to twirl it gently she let
out a cry and bucked her hips as she clamped her
thighs together and lifted her knees almost to her
chest. As I moved my lips to hers she gave another
little moan and thrust her legs out straight and
lay as rigid as a post for a few seconds before
very slowly relaxing. Allowing Sue to lay as she
was I sat up and reached for a book to read while
waiting for the Pizzas to come only to find that
Jenny and Sandi brought them in almost immediately,
I hadn't realised I had been working on Sue for
so long, almost forty-five minutes. As Jenny and
Sandi came close to the bed they looked down at
Sue and Jenny said "What on earth is the matter
with Sue, she looks as if she's worn out". "I've
no idea Jenny darling, she just suddenly went all
funny and that's how you see her now." Jenny was
just going to say something when Sue said quietly,
eyes still closed "Daddy don't tell such awful
porkies" and opening her eyes she looked up at
Jenny and said softly "Sorry Mom, I asked Daddy if
he'd touch me to make my titties tingle and he made
me cum by doing it, he didn't even get near my
pussy and I still had a cum." As Jenny served the
Pizza Sandi looked at me and said "You really
must show me how you do that one day Jack darling,
I'm sure Jenny would like to know as well" "I
sure would Sis" Jenny responded as she handed me a
plate loaded with slices of my favourite Pizza
and a can of beer. As Sue sat up beside me I said
"Would you please cover your breasts Sue darling,
put a shirt on or something"*

"But Daddy I thought you liked to see my breasts"
Sue cried out as Jenny handed her one of my
shirts, "I do darling they're wonderful to look at
marvellous to touch and heaven to kiss but they
do distract me when I'm trying to eat a meal." Sue
giggled as she tied the tails of my shirt in a
knot under her breasts hiding almost nothing from
the angle at which I could see from the corner of
my eye. I smiled and said "Thank you darling" and
had to turn my face so she wouldn't see me
smiling at the look Jenny gave me. When we had
finished eating Jenny asked Sue to take what
remained down to the kitchen and make us all some
tea. As she got out of bed and went to go down
stairs Sue was stopped by Jenny who whispered a few
words in her ear making her untie the knot in
my shirt and allow it to drop to it's full length
and cover her bottom. As Sue went through the
door she turned and grinned cheekily at me. When
she saw the expression on my face Jenny said to
Sandi, as if I wasn't in the room "That young lady
can twist Jack round her little finger" "I know"
replied Sandi "So can Lisa, have you seen them
sometimes, talk about putty, he's more like butter
in their hands." "Thank you ladies, I can hear you,
you know, and I have to admit your right, I've
noticed it myself a number of times and keep trying
to prevent it, without much success." Jenny
moved up to sit beside me, "Don't worry darling, I
don't mind, sooner that than having to fight you
all the time, now how would you like me to do some
moulding tonight?" "Are you propositioning me" I
said, and Jenny laid her head on my lap and looked
up into my eyes, "I certainly am, why, do you
object darling?" I shook my head and grinned down
at her as I gently lifted her head and moved
myself to one side then laid her head on the bed.
"No my darling, and to prove it I'm going to
escort your sister to her own bed, inform your
daughter she's to go straight to her own bed when
she's finished in the kitchen, then come back to
put my self in your hands." I stood up and slipped
on a dressing gown, scooped Sandi up in my arms and
carried her to her own bed where I dropped her,
then bent down and kissed her tenderly whispering
"You understand don't you Sandi darling" and
getting a sweet smile and a brief nod. As I closed
Sandi's door behind me Sue stood at the top of
the stairs and walked towards me giving a cry of
surprise as I picked her up in my arms and carried
her to her own bed. As I lay her down and covered
her over I said softly "Susan darling, your
mother and I would like to spend a night together
without interruptions please" and she put her
arms round me as she kissed me. "All right Daddy so
long as you tuck me in now please and kiss me
good night properly" I did as she asked but
whispered "Don't push your luck too far young lady,
people are beginning to notice things, ask your
Aunt Sandi in the morning."
When I returned to our bedroom Jenny was standing
beside the bed just finishing buttoning up one of
my pyjama jackets and I saw the bottoms were laid
out on the bed. Taking the hint I slipped them on
and threw off my dressing gown stepping up to her
and taking her in my arms. Jenny lifted her arms
and put them round my neck and as I looked over her
shoulder I saw in the mirror of her dressing table,
that the hem lifted up over her bottom displaying
her soft rounded cheeks which I was unable to
resist placing my hands on and caressing. Each time
my hand touched the underside of her cheeks Jenny
gave a tiny forward thrust of her pelvis and when I
placed one hand to cover the crack between her
buttocks and move my middle finger down it to press
on the end of her spine she stopped thrusting
and kept up a constant pressure on my stiffening
penis. Moving my finger down a little further I
finally touched her anus and she opened her thighs
a little and, arching her back she thrust her
bottom at my questing digit, trying to get me to
press harder and penetrate her tight puckered
rosehole. Jenny was so relaxed that my finger
slipped in quite easily and she clenched her
muscles on it had held it tight as she whispered "I
want more than that darling, please come to bed and
fill me with that wonderful hard weapon I can feel
standing between us right now." Slipping my free
arm round her back and spreading out the fingers of
the hand held tight on her bottom I lifted
Jenny up and carried her to the bed and laid her
down. As I tried to remove my trapped finger I
said softly "Let me get something to lubricate you
with my darling" but Jenny looked at me intently
and gave a tiny shake of her head "No Jack, just
like this, just my own natural lubrication please
darling" and she suddenly relaxed her grip and
moved over to the centre of the bed putting out a
hand to pull me down beside her. As I lay down
Jenny pulled the covers over us, turned her back to
me and stretched back to pull me tight to her.
Looking over her shoulder Jenny said softly "Jack
darling, please take me, don't hurt me but please
be hard and strong as you use my body, please
darling, don't be tender tonight be firm" and with
some reluctance I opened my PJ's, presented the
head of my cock to her hot wet pussy and pressed
it in firmly to moisten it before I pressed the
lubricated tip to her anus and pressed it home with
a single stroke. The passage of my slightly
moist penis through her very dry portal must have
been a little rough because she gave a muffled
cry of pain as I drove deep into her rectal passage
until I felt my pelvis hit her tight buttocks.
I began to thrust hard at my darling wife's tight
but receptive bottom leaning forward to gently
grasp her swollen sensitive breasts only to find
her hand covering mine and her fingers squeezing
on mine, forcing them hard onto the tender flesh
and bringing another tiny cry of pain.*

As I continued to pump my hard throbbing prick into
Jenny's butt I began to feel her relax and then
respond to my motions and slowly but surely she was
thrusting back at my forward thrusts as she
tried to increase the intensity of feeling as I
fucked her without the usual tender caresses I
normally used when making love to her. Wanting to
at least make her orgasm something to be
remembered I moved my free hand down her body to
cup her pussy and rub my fingers on the hard
swollen bud of her clit to find once more that her
insistent hand was making me be firm as she
pressed my fingers hard on to her sex. Whatever it
was that drove her to having me almost abuse her
soft warm body it certainly made her orgasm. She
buried her face in the pillow as she screamed over
and over again as her hips jerked back and forth
almost tearing herself off my penetrating prick.
When her body had stopped moving I gently pulled
out of her and rolled her over to lay in my arms
with her face buried in my chest. As she lay there
gasping slightly I moved my hand down to her
bottom and began gently stroking it 'til she
whispered "No Jack darling please. I'm so sore"
and then looking up at me continued "But it was
worth it darling, I never felt like that before."
I just lay there and said nothing for some time
before getting up and going to the bathroom where I
had to examine my poor sore manhood, next time, I
thought I'd make sure I wore a condom, it'd be
much easier on me. Having bathed my sore and
battered prick I dried it off and went back to bed,
Jenny rolling into my arms as soon as I had laid
down and we both went to sleep. I woke up in the
morning with the familiar feeling of a soft warm
naked female body pressed up close to mine, back
and front, and I turned over to find Sue snuggled
up close and sleeping like a baby. Turning over
again I put my arms round Jenny stroked her back as
I kissed her tenderly finally resting my hand
on her soft warm bottom, feeling her flinch
slightly as I pressed her lower body closer to
mine. "Still sore darling" I whispered and she
nodded into my chest murmuring "Mmmm.. how about
you darling" "I won't be wanting to use it too much
today I can tell you that my love" I said softly
"Even if you three tied me up again." Jenny giggled
and raised herself up on one elbow "Did you
enjoy that darling" she asked and when I nodded
she continued "Even when Sue stopped you cumming?"
"That bit, no, I'm not into pain darling you should
know that, I didn't really enjoy last night too
much either because I don't like hurting the people
I love" "But you enjoy spanking us Jack, what's the
difference?" "Jenny darling, if any of you told me
I was hurting you when I spank you, I'd stop doing
it. I try very hard to have the spanking make you
tingle, definitely not to inflict pain, that's the
difference". A tiny voice from behind me said
"It makes me tingle Daddy, but did I really hurt
you yesterday?" I caught a hint of worry in her
question as I turned over to hug her to me. "No
darling, not really it was more surprising than
painful, don't worry about it, I'll be ready for
you next time you get me tied to the bed" and
relaxed as she giggled at the memory of what we had
done. Sue lay against me for a while before
getting up saying "Time for breakfast Daddy, shall
I make it for you?" "Just cereal, toast and
coffee for me please Sue darling, but mom and Aunt
Sandi might want something else." Sue leaned over
me, brushing her breasts across my bare arm as she
asked Jenny what she wanted for breakfast and
getting the same answer as I gave. "Don't be too
long then mom it'll get cold" and giggled as she
wiggled her way out of the room to get dressed and
go to the kitchen. After breakfast Sandi got up
and dressed in her outdoor clothes as she had to go
to work leaving Jenny Sue and I sitting round
the kitchen table drinking a final cup of coffee.
"OK folks, what are we going to do today, we
can't just sit around the house all day missing all
that wonderful fresh air, let's go out
somewhere and get some of it." Sue came and sat on
my lap and put her arms round my neck and as I
looked over her shoulder I caught Jenny's knowing
grin. "Can we go for a picnic please Daddy, you
know to our favourite place" I glanced over to
Jenny and raised my eyebrows then, when I saw her
nod said to Sue "OK darling, but you must help your
Mom get the food ready" which brought a cry of
"Ooooh great" and she slid off my lap and stood by
the table saying "I'm ready Mom, what shall I
do?" Jenny and Sue soon had the food ready and in
no time at all we were parking up by the picnic
area we usually used. "Let's walk first" said Jenny
and as we strolled arm in arm along the forest
tracks we had travelled a number of times before I
noticed that Sue was unusually quiet and
occasionally held her hand to her stomach. "You OK
baby" I asked quietly and she looked up at me
and smiled "Yes Daddy, I'm fine honest" and
continued to walk beside me holding tight to my
arm. After a good long walk we turned back and
started the return journey, when we got to the
place I knew led to the clearing we had found I
said to Jenny "This makes a change darling, I'm
usually being dragged into the undergrowth just
about here, what's the matter all too tired?"
"Something like that darling" said Jenny and walked
on without further comment. When we reached the
picnic area Sue made her way to the toilet block
while Jenny unpacked the food bags giving me one or
two funny looks as we chatted about nothing in
particular. When Sue returned and sat down I
offered her some food but she just said "No thanks
Daddy, not just now", "Are you sure you're all
right Sue darling" I asked again and she smiled and
said "Yes Daddy I've just got a bit of a tummy
ache, it'll soon go."

We spent most of the day in the fresh air and when
we had to make our way back home Sue lay on the
back seat of the car as Jenny and I sat in the
front. "Is Sue really OK Jenny darling" I asked
quietly "Yes my love, she'll be OK in the morning,
promise" so reluctantly I dropped the subject.
When we got home we found Sandi there already
getting dinner prepared, stopping long enough to
kiss Jenny and I lovingly and putting her arms
round Sue as they whispered something to each
other. After dinner as we sat in the family room
Sue was curled up in one of the arm chairs instead
of next to me, leaving that to Jenny and Sandi to
enjoy. It wasn't until the next morning that I
realised what was happening when I woke up and Sue
was missing from the bed beside me. I turned to
Jenny and said "There is definitely something wrong
with Sue darling, she's normally wrapped around
me when I wake up" "Jack darling, you really are
being very dense aren't you, can't you tell what's
troubling her, even all this time with so many
females round you?" "Damn" I said "The trouble is
darling, I've never noticed Sue have this much of a
problem before." Jenny smiled "She's been very
good at hiding it from you, besides you've had
others to take your attention away from her for the
few days she's affected, it's just that now she
stands out a bit more. I do know she gets very
upset and needs a good deal of TLC darling"
"Should I take care of her tonight, the same as I
did Sandi" I asked Jenny quietly, "Do you think it
would help?" Jenny nodded "Yes darling, I think it
would, I also think you might need to take care of
me tomorrow because I started today as well." I
looked down at Jenny and smiled lovingly "Jenny
darling, the pleasure will be all mine, how about
this morning" Jenny shook her head "No darling,
tomorrow will be fine, I'll need it more then, the
same as Sandi did after a couple of days, now let
me go and see if Sue is OK" I sat up "Shall I go
darling, I'd like to see if I can make her feel a
little better by letting her know I understand."
Given the nod by Jenny I slipped on a dressing gown
and made my way to Sue's room, tapped on the
door and went in when she called out. Sue sat up as
I walked over to the bed, sat beside her and
put my arm round her saying "I'm sorry darling, I
was being a bit thick not realising what was
wrong, let me come and give you a cuddle to see if
I can make the nasty pain go away" and I lay
down beside her and took her in my arms as she
placed the covers over me so I was actually in her
bed with her. As she lay down beside me she gave a
huge sigh and wriggled her nightie covered body
up close to me. After a few minutes I pressed her
to lay on her back, lifted the hem of her T-
shirt and placed my hand on her lower abdomen, just
touching her panties. As I slipped my fingers
under the waistband of her cotton underwear she
placed her hand on mine and whispered "No Daddy.
Please don't" "Take your hand off darling", I said
"I'm not going to embarrass you, just give you a
gentle tummy rub" and began to gently move my hand
in circles over her body from her mons, which I
just barely touched, to just below her ribs where I
used a little more pressure, moving from hip to
hip across her torso, all the time holding my other
hand just resting on her swollen and sensitive
breast. After about half an hour of this Jenny came
in to see what was keeping me and, sitting
close to her baby daughter she said gently "Are you
OK darling, is Daddy helping it get better?"
Sue opened her eyes, looked up at Jenny and said
"Have you tried this Mom, it's wonderful, I don't
want him to stop" and Jenny lifted the covers to
see what it was I was doing with my moving hands.
"If it's that good baby, I think we'd better start
taking bookings from the rest of us for when we
feel this bad, do you feel like getting up darling,
Aunt Sandi is just getting breakfast ready" Sue
sat up "Yes Mom, I feel much better" and she turned
to me and kissed me so tenderly and hugged me
tight whispering "Thank you so much Daddy I feel
loads better now, will you come and do me tomorrow
morning please" I got up out of her bed and said
gently "Let's see if you feel the same in the
morning darling" and rolled her over and gave her a
gentle tap on her panty covered bottom. By the
time I got to the kitchen Jenny had told Sandi what
I had done for Sue, and she said "Can I make a
booking for three weeks time Jack, to be followed
by your water treatment". I poured myself a cup
of coffee and said "I'll make a note in my diary my
dear, what time do you want" and joined her and
Jenny's laughter which lasted 'til Sue joined us.
Once more Sandi had to work, she was also looking
for a full time job now she felt more comfortable
around people so again Jenny Sue and I would be
left to our own devices. Failing any positive ideas
as to what we were going to do I said that we
should take a trip into town and just walk around
and do some window shopping. We arranged to meet
Sandi after she finished work at lunch time and
then go for a meal before returning home during the
afternoon "Can we go to a movie this afternoon
Daddy" asked Sue and getting a nod from Jenny I
said yes and left her to look at what was showing
as a matinee while Jenny and I arranged where we
were to meet Sandi. During a few minutes when Jenny
was out of the room I called Sue over and said
softly "Look Sue darling, Sunday is your mothers
birthday, while we're in town have a look for a
gift for her and we'll see if I can distract her
for long enough for you to buy it, if not I'll get
Aunt Sandi to take you shopping tomorrow, OK?"
Getting a nod I sent her to get her coat on so we
were ready to leave as soon as Jenny came back down

Our trip to the Mall was partially successful, I
found out what Jenny would like for her birthday,
Sue also found something she would like to get her
Mom but was unable to get it without Jenny
knowing so when we did meet Sandi I asked her if
she would take Sue out the next day and help her,
as well as getting the very specific item I wanted.
Our lunch date was enjoyed by all if only as a
change from eating at home and Sue enjoyed the
movie while Jenny and Sandi sat each side of me in
the dark and acted like teenage girls on a heavy
date. When we got home I went and sat in the Den
to read my paper whilst Jenny and Sandi began to
get dinner ready with Sue helping where she could.
After a few minutes Sue came in and brought me a
cup of coffee, sat beside me and said "Daddy, mom
told me to come and ask you if you would give me
another tummy rub to try to make some of my pains
go away" I smiled and said "Come on then darling,
lay down with your head on my lap." Quick as a
flash Sue was laying on the sofa her head and
shoulders resting on a cushion I placed under her
neck and lifting her bottom as I moved the
waistband of her skirt round so I could undo the
clasp and zipper. When I had finally managed to
undo her skirt I pushed it down slightly to expose
her tummy and the top of her panties, then I lifted
her shirt up to her breasts. As I placed my hand
under the elastic of her panties I smiled at her
and said "OK darling, same as this morning" and
began stroking her as she closed her eyes and gave
a quick nod. As I stroked Sue's aching tummy I
allowed my hand to wander a little higher than I
need and occasionally stroked it across her
breasts and down to just touch her tiny bud beneath
her fur covered mons. This of course gave me
the beginnings of an erection and as Sue felt it
twitch under her shoulders she opened her eyes and
looked up at me, "Daddy, it's my tummy you're
supposed to be making better, not my titties" she
said sternly and I bent down, placed a tender kiss
on her soft warm lips and whispered "But your
titties are so nice to touch darling, you know
that" and I gave her a gentle squeeze as I kissed
her again. This was just the moment that Sandi came
in, peered over the back of the sofa and said
"That's a funny place to find a tummy to rub Jack,
will you do the same for me next time please."
Sue looked at her aunt and said "It certainly
works Aunt Sandi, I feel so much better, and
Daddy was just having a little reward by touching
my titties" and she grinned widely as she sat up,
pulled her shirt down the stood up and fastened her
skirt. "Thanks so much Daddy" and bounced out
of the Den. Sandi leaned over the back of the sofa
again and as I looked up she kissed me saying
"Putty in her hands Jack" and I gave her a playful
pull over my shoulder to land on my lap where I
kissed her ruthlessly. "Can you remember when I
last refused you anything my dear" I said, "Don't I
try my best to treat you all the same, apart from
Jenny, who's special anyway?" Sandi said a quiet
'Yes' as I continued "Have I done anything to make
you feel left out or jealous of the girls?"
Sandi shook her head and grinned "Then tell me, in
whose hands am I putty?" Sandi reached up and
put her arms round my neck pulling me down so she
could kiss me properly "All of us Jack darling,
that's why we all love you and why we're never
jealous of each other." I spent the next fifteen
minutes kissing Sandi gently, tenderly and
passionately by turn 'til Sue came in and said
"Dinner's ready Daddy hurry." Sandi jumped off my
lap and as I stood up Sue came and put her arm
round my waist pressing her hip to mine as we
walked together to the kitchen where we found
dinner laid out and Jenny sitting waiting. "Here he
is Mom. He was just showing Aunt Sandi how he gave
me a tummy rub, I think she liked it" and Jenny and
Sandi burst out laughing while I concentrated on
eating the food in front of me. After dinner we
lingered over coffee and I said I'd do the dishes
if Sue would help me, "Yes Mom, you and Aunt Sandi
go and sit and watch TV, Daddy and I'll soon get
them done" said Sue and got up and had the table
cleared before Jenny and Sandi had left it.
Sue and I got the dishes done quickly and I noticed
that she screwed her body up occasionally as she
felt twinges of pain, "Are you OK darling, the pain
very bad" she smiled weakly at me "Sometimes
Daddy, but it goes off quite quick and only lasts
for a few days, mom says it gets easier as a girl
grows older, mostly. I think boys are so lucky not
to get the curse." As I finished putting the
last of the dishes away I took Sue in my arms and
said very softly "Would you like me to help make
the pain go away for a bit darling" Sue laid her
head on my chest and murmured "Yes please Daddy,
like you did this morning?" "No, something a little
different, but you must do as I say". Sue looked at
me and nodded her head so I took her hand and took
her up to the bathroom where I turned on the shower
and began to undress her. When I had her down to
her panties she was reluctant to let me go further
so I stripped my self then said "Take off your
panties and remove your tampon darling, I'll turn
round so I don't embarrass you" and I stepped
into the shower stall and kept my back to her
'til I felt her touch me with her fingertips.

Turning to face her I took her hand and drew
her under the water jet with me and began to
wash her tenderly and as erotically as I could,
gently caressing her pussy lips and rubbing her
clit as I felt her getting aroused. All this time
Sue was holding on to my hand and penis as it
slowly hardened in her fingers, "Turn and lean your
hands against the wall darling" I said and as she
did I touched the tip of my throbbing prick to
her moist pussy lips, "No Daddy" she said, "You
can't do that just now." *

"Of course I can darling" and for the first time
ever I penetrated my darling Susan against her
wishes and began what I suppose was technically, to
rape her. After an initial cry of surprise that
I could be entering her when she was in the
condition she was in, Sue began to realised how
wonderful it felt to have my hard erect cock
fucking her specially sensitive pussy. She was soon
working her hips back on to my thrusting prick
until she gave a scream as she came time after time
while I held her breasts in my hand and began to
pump what seemed like gallons of semen deep into
her body. Sue made so much noise Jenny and Sandi
came running into the bathroom to see what was
happening just as I stood still, holding Sue up by
her hips as she pressed her hands on the tiles
and hung her head down gasping for breath. As she
heard a noise Sue turned and saw her mom and aunt
standing watching her and suddenly blushed. "Errr..
Mom, Daddy told me this would help the pain go
away" she said as I lifted her upright by her
breasts. "And has it" asked Jenny, Sue nodded "But
it seems sort of dirty for Daddy, you know with the
blood and everything, it didn't seem right at the
start." "Susan darling, if you feel you've made
Daddy dirty, you'll have to wash him and make him
clean again, but please remember my love nothing
Daddy does when he loves you is really dirty, is
It?" Sue grinned as she stood up, allowing me to
slip out of her, "No Mom, it's always wonderful"
and reached for a washcloth and the soap so she
could wash me after being inside her body. After
Sue had washed my blood stained penis I took the
washcloth and washed her pussy as she opened her
legs wide to allow me access to her at this
intimate time. "Come on darling, lets get dried and
powdered, and we might as well get ready for bed
rather than dress again." As I put on my bathrobe
Sue opened a drawer and pulled out a small package,
"Turn round please Daddy, this is embarrassing"
and I turned as she made herself comfortable again.
As she slipped on her panties she hugged me,
"Thanks for being so understanding Daddy, some
things are really private for girls you know" and
hand in hand we went down to the family room to
join the others. As I sat on the couch beside Jenny
Sue sat on her lap and told her how wonderful it
felt after the shock of what I was doing went off.
"I bet Kelly and Lisa would like it too you know
Mom, especially when they have a lot of cramps
like me, shall I tell them when they get home?" "Of
course darling, if Daddy says it's OK , but
leave it 'til the morning, it's time for bed, if
you want daddy to tuck you in" Sue stood up and
held out her hand "Put me to bed please Daddy" so I
got up and held her hand as we went up to her
room and I tucked her in like a little girl. "Don't
you think you're getting a bit big for this
sort of thing my darling" I said as I knelt beside
her bed ready to kiss her good night. Sue shook
her head vigorously, "No Daddy, I tell you what,
lots of my friends are so jealous of me when I
tell them you tuck me in at night then kiss me good
night, their daddies don't come near their
bedrooms at night, I feel so sorry for them." When
I returned to the family room Jenny and Sandi
had their heads together and as I sat beside Jenny
she put her arm round me. "Jack darling, Sandi
wants to do some shopping in the morning and has
suggested she takes Sue with her, would you run
them in and then pick them up later please?" I
agreed, winking at Sandi so Jenny couldn't see me
then said "I'm for bed darling, you coming?" I
got up and held out my hand to Jenny, who, as she
stood up placed her lips close to my ear and
whispered "Can Sandi join us darling?" I looked at
Sandi and smiling held out a hand of invitation to
her which she took as she stood up beside me and
kissed me on the cheek. A few minutes later we were
laying in bed Jenny and Sandi each side of me
with their naked breasts against my chest and sides
and their heads resting on my shoulder as I
wrapped my arms round their backs. Together we
slept the night through just revelling in the close
proximity of each others warm bodies. Come morning,
Sue came in to find her place taken by her aunt
who she awoke as she leaned over her to get close
enough to me to kiss me and say "Good morning Daddy"
then go round the bed to do the same for her mother.
"How about your Aunt Sandi" I said as Sue sat
beside Jenny "Aren't you going to say good morning
to her as well, or is there a green eyed monster
in the room." Grinning sheepishly Sue went round
to kiss Sandi and say a sweet good morning as
she apologised for being rude.

As I was finishing my shower a little later
Sue knocked on the bathroom door and came in to say
she was sorry for what happened, "Just try not
to get jealous darling" I said kindly "If you do
I'll have to be strict and punish you" "What, a
spanking?" said Sue brightly "Something worse than
that, how about a weeks ban on getting into bed
with us in the morning, or two weeks of me not
tucking you in and kissing you good night, that
sounds quite reasonable to me." Sue grinned "OK
Daddy, I'll be good, now Daddy darling, could you
let me have some cash so I can get mom her birthday
gift please, I don't quite have enough", "How
much" I asked as she put her arms round me "Fifty
ought to be enough daddy", "Cents?" I said trying
to sound surprised at the amount she was asking
for, "If that's all you can afford Daddy, I'll try
to make it do, you old meanie" and so I took her
into the bedroom and hauled out the cash she
wanted so Jenny wouldn't see what we were doing. A
little later on the way to drop Sandi and Sue on
their shopping trip I explained to Sandi just what
I wanted her to get for me to give to Jenny at
the end of the week.*

Jenny and I spent most of the day together, we took
a walk round the neighbourhood passing the time
of day with some of our friends, we sat out in the
back yard for a short time, always in each
others company and revelling in it. Earlier in the
week I'd made a reservation for dinner for the
family on Saturday to celebrate Jenny's birthday at
one of the best places in town so on Thursday I
told her to go and get a new outfit the next day
when I would be going to collect Kelly and Lisa
from Trish's. "You could take Sue with you and get
her a posh frock as well so she won't feel left
out" I added. "What about Kelly and Lisa, when are
they going to be able to get something Jack
darling, you won't be home in time to take them
shopping and Saturday will be too late" "I
shouldn't worry darling, I think they'll be able to
make do with what they already have, if not
it's their own fault, you just concentrate on
buying something really nice for yourself my love."
Jenny jumped up "Jack it's only three o'clock, lets
go now and you can help me choose and still
have time to pick up Sandi and Sue." So I found
myself sitting in one dress shop after another
while Jenny tried on at least twenty frocks (as I
called them) before finally she chose one of the
first ones she looked at, a low cut backless long
black number that would show every stitch she
wore under it but that looked so gorgeous on her I
couldn't say no. "But it's too expensive
darling" Jenny said as she changed into her own
clothes again "Don't worry darling, I'll just send
you out to work to help pay for it" I said as I
paid the bill I was presented with. We picked up
Sandi and Sue at the pre-arranged spot and drove
home to get dinner and have an early night as I
had a long drive ahead of me next day. Early to bed
actually meant that I was going to get Jenny in
the shower a little earlier than I'd originally
planned. At least she wasn't quite so reluctant as
Sandi and Sue had been their first time and as I
had done before I stepped into the shower having
turned my back to save Jenny's blushes. When I had
the water at the right temperature Jenny stepped
under the jet and into my waiting arms. For some
time we just held each other close under the
water, allowing it to run down the valley caused by
me pressing against her breasts 'til I turned
her round and pressed my chest to her back, cupping
her firm breasts in my strong hands and gently
flicking her stiffening nipples with my fingertips.
Jenny laid her head back on my chest as I
caressed her belly and stroked my hands over her
fur covered mons, just touching between her pussy
lips and gently rubbing her swollen bud as it lay
hidden between the folds of skin at the apex of
her vagina. Turning Jenny round to face me I lifted
one leg at the knee and spread her thighs as
far apart as I could get them without hurting her
then, bending my knees I nudged the tip of my
stiff throbbing penis at the entrance to her
vaginal passage and urged it inside her, pulling
her bottom towards me as I straightened my legs,
lifting her off the floor of the shower as I cupped
her buttocks in my two hands. Jenny grasped me
round my neck and wrapped her legs round my waist
crossing her ankles behind me and pivoting on my
hips as I began a lift/drop motion working her up
and down on my rampant prick. Soon Jenny was
helping me by urgent movements of her pelvis as the
friction caused by the dryness of her love passage
was reduced as she started to produce her own
fragrant moisture as she got more and more aroused
by what we were doing. Before long Jenny was
chanting under her breath "Yes, Yes, Yes" as she
thrust herself at my body until she gave a loud
groan as she reached a strong shuddering climax
which stopped her movements and made her cling to
me with hands and legs as tight as she could. Very
carefully I leaned against the tiles until Jenny
relaxed enough to be able to stand by herself when
I allowed her to lift off my semi hard prick,
unwrap her legs and slide down my body and stand
leaning against me for a couple of minutes. When I
could get her to let go of me I leaned Jenny up
against the wall, soaped up a washcloth and began
to wash her tired body, paying special attention to
her tender pussy lips. When we were both washed
I picked Jenny up and lifted her in to a position
where I could dry her off and powder her with her
lavender dusting powder then, after drying myself I
allowed her a moment to replace her tampon
before scooping her up in my arms and carrying her
to bed where I lay down beside her covered us
both, took her in my arms and went to sleep. I
awoke the next morning to find myself being cuddled
by Sue and was disappointed to find Jenny was not
in bed with me. Turning to the beautiful young
thing laying in my arms I asked "Where's your
mother Susan darling?" "Gone to make you some tea
Daddy, can I come with you when you fetch Lisa and
Kelly please." Recognising the tone I was
determined not to submit to her blandishments this
morning and said gently, "No darling and, if you
keep on asking me I'll get very annoyed my dear so
please be a good girl and accept it." Sue wiggled
her half naked body against mine as she moved
herself a little higher against me to enable her
to reach my lips which she kissed as sensuously
as she could "You're a rotten Daddy to me when
you say no and I won't let you kiss me good night
for one whole day." I kissed her and whispered
"And I won't allow you to get into bed with me in
the morning either so there" and hugged her close
allowing her to make the most of my presence for a
couple of days, well a day and a half at any
rate. After breakfast I threw a few things in an
overnight bag, said goodbye to the girls and began
my long drive to Trish's home.*


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