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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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Jacks family Saga Volume 2


The drive to Trish's took almost 7 hours, mainly
because it was so long since I had driven a long
distance I kept my speed to a legal-ish limit. I
also made a couple of wrong turns close in because
it was some years since I had last been there and
had difficulty remembering exactly where she
lived. I found it at last and thankfully turned
into her driveway, parked the car and sat for a
couple of minutes to unwind. Having let most of the
tension drain from me I got out and locked up
the car then rang the bell and waited for someone
to answer. Inside I heard someone call "I'll go
Trish'" the door opened and I saw Lisa standing
there screaming "DADDY ....." Lisa threw
herself into my open arms and covered him with
kisses, wrapping her legs round my waist as she
clung to me like a baby. The noise brought Trish'
and the rest of the family out to the hall way to
see what was going on and as I unravelled Lisa's
legs from my waist and made her stand up I put a
free hand out to Kelly hugged her and kissed her
passionately saying softly "Hello darling, how
have you been?" "Missing you darling, the same as
Lisa, but you noticed that didn't you" and she
smiled as Lisa finally let go of me and allowed me
to kiss Trish' and Frankie as they put their
arms round him and welcomed me. As the girls stood
aside I noticed Freddie standing in the
background "Uncle Jack" said Kelly, "This is my
young brother and Frankie's twin Freddie, Freddie
this is Uncle Jack that we've all told you so much
about." I smiled and held out my hand for
Freddie to take and shake as I said "Hello
Freddie, I'm very glad to meet you, I hope these
young minx's haven't said anything to put you off
me." Freddie smiled "They've nothing but praise
Uncle Jack." I shook his head "Just Jack Freddie,
I'm not your uncle, Kelly only does it because it
sounds better at University and help preserve her
reputation." "OK Jack, thanks, would you like a
cup of coffee or something?" "That would be great,
thanks" but as Freddie was about to go to the
kitchen Lisa said "It's OK Freddie, I'll get Daddy
his drink, you go and chat to him for a few
minutes" and she skipped to the kitchen and made
her Daddy a cup of coffee. As I sat drinking my
coffee Trish' was thinking about how they would be
able to arrange the sleeping now I had arrived
unexpectedly. She took Freddie to one side and
whispered "Freddie darling, you won't be jealous if
I ask Jack to sleep with me tonight will you?"
Freddie grinned at Trish' and shook his head "No
Mom, I'll be sleeping with Frankie tonight, but I
think Kelly and Lisa want to sleep with Jack
I sat on the couch having finished my coffee, with
Kelly and Lisa sitting each side of me and
pressed up real tight, one arm round my back and
holding each others hand resting them on my lap
covering my stiffening penis. As Lisa and Kelly
moved their clasped hands around over my pants I
whispered "Behaved your selves please girls" and
gave them both a friendly pat on their bottoms.
This made them snuggle closer to me and Trish'
smile at the exhibition they were putting on.
Frankie and Freddie, who were sitting together in
an armchair declared that they were going to bed
as they were tired and kissed Trish' good night.
Frankie came over and kissed me lovingly saying
quietly "Thanks Uncle Jack, for everything" and
walking out of the room hand in hand with her twin.
Trish' smiled as I watched them go, "You've made a
big difference to those two Jack darling, not
just with what you did for Frankie, but what you
asked Lisa and Kelly to do for Freddie as well,
he's turning into a wonderful lover, isn't he
girls?" Kelly and Lisa both nodded against my chest
as I lay against the back of the couch and Lisa put
her lips to my ear and whispered "I had his
virginity Daddy, it was ever so exciting when I
found out." As we sat there close together Kelly
and Lisa relaxed almost to the point of sleeping as
they lay against my chest Trish' got up and
came and knelt against my knees placing her hands
on my thighs, "Girls, we have a tiny problem
about sleeping, I've no spare bed for Jack..."
"That's OK Trish'" said Lisa "He can get in with me"
"No Mom, I'll make room for him" said Kelly as they
both say up suddenly wide awake. "I was going to
ask if you'd be too disappointed if he shared my bed
to night, with each of you coming in and giving him
a cuddle before you go to bed, after all you'll
have him to yourselves on the trip home and I won't
see him for months after you've all gone."
Kelly and Lisa look up at me pleadingly, "I
think I'm too tired to get into either of your
beds tonight girls, Trish's suggestion sounds like
the perfect compromise, you both get to say
goodnight I get a good nights sleep and Trish'
gets to say goodbye nicely. I also get to say thank
you to her for putting up with you two for the past
week." Kelly and Lisa grinned weakly and hugged me
to indicate they accepted what I said and after
helping Trish' to her feet I got up and said "I
think it's time for bed, for me anyway" and Kelly
and Lisa jumped up and we all went up stairs. As
Trish' held me back as we reached her bedroom I
looked at Kelly and Lisa and asked "Do you want to
come in for a cuddle when I'm in bed, or would
you like to be tucked up like good little girls as
I kiss you goodnight?" A quick whispered
conference and Kelly said softly "A cuddle please
Uncle Jack" and Lisa nodded her agreement. I
smiled and saying "Go and toss to see who's first
then give me five minutes and come and get in" I
took Trish' by the arm and closed the bedroom door
behind us. "You don't mind if they get into bed
with us do you Trish'" I asked as I began to
undress. *

I turned and saw she was standing naked on the
other side of the bed and suddenly felt myself
becoming erect, "You better get under the covers
Jack darling, before those girls get the right
idea" she said smiling. "Don't worry darling" I
replied "As soon as they get in they'll know about
it, that'll be their first target, you see." I
slipped under the covers, rolled over and took her
in my arms kissing her passionately 'til we were
disturbed by the bedroom door being opened. Lisa
slipped into the room and ran across to the side of
the bed wearing her T-shirt nightie and, as I
lifted the edge of the covers she jumped in beside
me and snuggled up close somehow managing to
roll the hem of her night-dress up to her armpits
in the process. Putting her upper arm over my
body and pulling herself up close so her naked
breasts were pressed on to my chest she wriggled
her lower arm down between us 'til she could gently
grasp my hard erect penis. "WOW, is that me did
that Daddy" she gasped "I didn't even touch you"
and proceeded to try to masturbate me as she
kissed me. "Behave miss" I said sternly, as I
caressed her naked back and bottom, pressing her
close to me so I could feel the soft warmth of her
firm young body, "Did you miss me darling" I
asked between kisses "Every day Daddy" she replied
as she laid her head on my chest and sighed.
After a few minutes I gave her a tap on the bottom,
"Come on baby, time to give Kelly a chance, say
good night to Trish', I'll see you bright and early
in the morning", a final kiss and Lisa slid out
of bed and scampered from the room. Kelly soon
replaced Lisa laying beside me this time she came
to me naked getting a "Kelly, where's your nightie?"
from Trish'. "Sorry Mom, I just thought it'd save
time" she giggled as she pressed her naked body to
mine and, looking over my shoulder continued,
"Where's your nightie Mom, or were you saving time
too?" Trish' laughed, "OK smarty pants, I'm
sorry, all right?" Kelly spent her time with me
kissing and caressing me, paying attention to my
erect and throbbing penis and when she sat up to go
said softly "There you are Mom, he's nice and
hard for you, don't waste it, if you're not going
to make use of his erection, I'll take him with
me and Lisa and I will. OK?" "Go away you depraved
child, let me manage my sex life myself" said
Trish' as she put her arm round to my groin and
pressed her naked body up close to my back. Blowing
us a kiss Kelly said "Good night Mom, good night
Uncle Jack, pleasant dreams" and skipped out no
doubt to tell Lisa she had left me about to fuck
her mother. Which I did, slowly gently and
lovingly I made love to Trish' until she cried out
as her orgasm hit her and she collapsed on top
of me as tremors of pleasure rippled through her
As we lay in each others arms in our post orgasmic
euphoria Trish' began to relate what had been
happening during the time the girls had been
staying with her. "Am I wrong to be getting
involved with my son like this Jack" she asked in a
very worried tone, "Do you love him" I asked
simply, "Yes, and not just as a son, it's more than
that, a deeper love more like I feel for you, but
still different, if you understand what I mean." I
hugged her, "Yes darling, I'm the same with Lisa, I
love Jenny more than I've ever loved anyone, I love
Kelly and Sue, as I would any lover, but with
Lisa it's both rolled into one. With Jenny I don't
have to be having sex, neither do I with Lisa, I
just want to be close to them all the time. Lisa
and Kelly said they missed me, I really missed
both of them more than I'd admit to anyone else."
"Trish', if you love Frankie and Freddie, and
they feel right making love to each other, and you
and they feel right making love to you, there's
nothing wrong. All you have to do is be discrete,
as Jenny and I have, and make sure you take care
that young stud of yours is always safe." Trish'
kissed me and whispered, "Lisa taught him about
bottoms Jack darling, for those times we need to
feel that little bit of extra heat." "Well, being
careful could have it's advantages, Jenny asked me
to suggest you bring Frankie and Freddie next
time you come. If Freddie's exercised some control,
I'm quite sure Sue would be happy to make him
welcome, especially if Kelly and Lisa tell her what
they've been doing this week." "I'll keep my
eye on him Jack darling, and I'm sure Frankie will
as well, she enjoys sleeping with him and will
keep him from straying."
The next morning, after half a good nights sleep
I'd packed my overnight bag and was just
finishing breakfast alone in the kitchen when
Freddie came in, "Good morning unc.. Jack, can
I have a quick word please?" "Of course Freddie,
what's the problem." He grinned, "No problem
actually, it's just that mom says Frankie and
I can come down with her next time and I was
wondering if she was just messing about like,
you know, with what else she said about Sue and
all?" I shook my head briefly, "No, but there's one
stipulation I did make Freddie. What you must
understand son is that Jenny and I and the girls
have sex between us, in the same way you're going
to be doing here. We're very careful, almost
paranoid, about our personal health. We're not
worried about pregnancy as I had a vasectomy years
ago, but there are too many people out in the wide
world that don't care about the spread of AIDS and
other diseases, so we keep away from them. As we'll
keep away from you, Frankie and your mom if we
suspect there might be any danger. Do you
understand what I am saying?" Freddie looked
shocked at my openness, "But I've never been with
another girl so I can't have anything can I Jack."
"Not the point I'm making Freddie, we have to trust
the people we love. If you can't control yourself
enough always to use a condom when you have sex,
you don't have enough respect for those you say you
love. I'm not saying you shouldn't go with other
girls, that's for you to decide. But never, ever do
it without protection."*

"Apart from anything else" I continued " you don't
want to knock up a casual acquaintance let
alone your sister do you?" Freddie grinned and
shook his head. "And as for what else Lisa and
Kelly taught you this week, consider how AIDS
spread through one sector of society like
wildfire." "Gays?" said Freddie and I gave a nod.
"Don't worry son, just be careful and considerate
and you'll enjoy sex far more than most guys at
school, believe me, I know." Our goodbye's were
prolonged as Trish' seemed almost reluctant for
Kelly to leave her and she wanted me to stay for
one more night.
"Sorry Trish' darling, I have to get back, it's
Jenny's birthday and we're going out to dinner, all
six of us" I said as I got behind the wheel and
closed the door. Trish' put her head through the
window and kissed me for the last time, "I'll find
a weekend when we can all come down Jack
darling, very soon" and stood back to wave as I
slowly drove down the street. When we were out on
the open road I stopped at the first opportunity to
fill up and returned to the car to find the
girls had moved to the front seat. "What's this
then" I asked with mock severity, "We want to sit
beside you on the way home Uncle Jack" said Kelly
as she pressed her thigh up to mine as I pulled
away, "Do that young lady and we'll find ourselves
wrapped round a tree or under a truck, how do
you expect me to concentrate with you doing things
like that.?" Leaning over to kiss me as she
fondled my groin Kelly whispered "You could always
let Lisa drive for a while and get in the back
with me, then change over after a respectable
period of time darling." Fighting hard not to smile
I briefly looked across to Lisa and said "Well
Lisa, what do you say?" She turned to face me and
smiled warmly "Sounds like a good idea to me Daddy,
just don't wear yourself out before I get my
hands on you please." I pulled over at the first
possible place and as Lisa slid into the drivers
seat and buckled up Kelly and I got into the back
just like a couple of teenagers on a hot date.
Giving myself a couple of minutes to make sure Lisa
could handle such a large vehicle I soon relaxed
and pulled Kelly to me and began to kiss her
tenderly, then passionately as I caressed her
breasts outside her shirt. Kelly quickly pulled the
hem of her shirt from the waistband of her
skirt and almost ripped the buttons off in her
haste to bare herself. The little minx had already
removed her bra, probably when I was paying for the
gas, and I was able to place my hand on her
naked flesh immediately. As soon as I touched her
skin her nipples stiffened like cropped bolts and
she gave a huge sigh.

As I kissed Kelly I gently pressed my tongue
between her lips and she began to suck it and try
to wrap hers around it as I stroked and caressed
her breasts and pinched and rolled her nipples
between my thumb and forefinger. All the time I was
concentrating on her upper half Kelly was
struggling to lift her skirt and push down her
panties, "Let me help darling" I said softly and
released my hold on the firm rounded titties and
put my hands in the waistband of her panties
pulling them down to her knees in a single
movement. Kelly spun round to lean against the door
and bent her knees allowing me to remove them
completely. As I lifted her feet up and took them
off her Kelly opened her legs wide showing me her
hot, sopping wet pussy and as I glanced up at her
face I could see the pleading look on her face so I
lowered my head and placed my lips on her cunt. As
soon as she felt me touch her pussy Kelly gave an
almighty sigh and clamped her thighs against my
head whilst I moved my flicking tongue up and down
her pulsating wet vagina. When my tongue touched
her clitty she threw her legs apart and thrust her
hips at my mouth pressing on the back of my head
with her hands and when I pressed two fingers deep
into her oozing pussy she screamed with ecstasy.
Leaving her for a moment I sat up and as I removed
my pants and shorts I looked at Lisa in the
mirror and said softly "You all right Lisa
darling?" She nodded and smiled "Yes Daddy, but I'm
getting awful wet here listening to the noise
Kelly's making." "Patience darling," I said "It's a
virtue and makes some thing worth the wait" and
then turned my attention back to Kelly. "Kelly
darling, come and sit on my lap would you please"
and quick as a flash she was straddling my thighs
and sitting down hard on my throbbing penis,
"Oooohhhh, Uncle Jack, it's soooo.. nice to feel
you inside me" and she slowly wriggled her pelvis
round and round as if she was trying to screw
herself down on to me.
Kelly put out her hands to hold mine as she began
to gently work her hips back and forth on my
manhood, lifting herself up a few inches every so
often as she enjoyed the feeling of me travelling
into her vaginal passage. After a few minutes she
groaned "Hold me Uncle Jack, put your arms round me
and hold me tight" and as I did she put her arms
round my neck and pulled my face between her firm
rounded breasts. As I gently kissed the valley
between Kelly's wonderful breasts I slid one hand
down to her buttocks and slid two fingers along the
crack between the bottom cheeks until I was passing
over her anus. As soon as I touched it Kelly gave
an extra thrust of her pelvis and, after moistening
them with her pussy juices I moved my fingers back
up and pressed them through her tight little ring
and in as far as I could manage. I wriggled them
about while she began to buck, thrust and scream as
she orgasmed over and over again, her cum soaking
my penis and running out to cover my pubic hair and
run down over my balls on to the seat cover. As I
lay back on the seat Kelly collapsed on my chest
and it was quite some time before she was able to
take notice of what was going on around her.*

While she was recovering I pulled her skirt down
to cover her as I laid her out on the seat with
her head on my lap, after pulling my pants up to
cover my sticky but still erect penis. While she
lay there I was stroking her hair with one hand and
caressing her breasts and smooth, firm belly
with the other, enjoying every minute of it. When
Kelly opened her eyes at last I looked down at
her and smiled, "You seem to have enjoyed that my
darling, it was almost as if you'd been celibate
for the last week." Kelly looked up at me and said
"Uncle Jack, it was nice making love to Freddie,
it was very erotic to think I was having sex with
my young brother, but it's so much better making
love to you, even if not so naughty, it's much....
nicer" and stretched her hand up to pull my head
down and kiss me tenderly on the lips. Kelly sat up
and leaned forward to say to Lisa as she drove
along "Can you hold on for a little longer lover,
I'm still exhausted, I'll be OK in a few minutes?"
"Surely Kel', no problem, just so long as it's
before we get home." A couple of miles further on I
spotted a road side diner and, telling Kelly to
make herself presentable asked Lisa to pull over so
I could get us a cup of coffee and a burger while
we allow Kelly to recover. Leaving the girls to
gossip in the car I went and fetched some
refreshments, getting a funny look from the
young woman that served me, I wondered if she could
smell sex and smiled at the thought of what she
might be thinking. Back in the car the girls had
changed over and I sat in the back with Lisa as we
ate our snack and drank our coffee. As Lisa sat
leaning up against me she and Kelly told me what
happened when Trish' found them showing their butts
and Freddie well into fucking Frankie's. Kelly
grinned "I never saw an erection go down so fast as
Freddies did then, it was almost like popping a
balloon, I really felt sorry for the poor boy, he
was getting on so well and I'm sure he would have
made Frankie cum well before he did himself."
Kelly sighed "She came round eventually thanks to
Lisa, and later she gave Frankie and I a wonderful
cum shower and Freddie a really nice sucking to
show she really approved of what we were doing." "I
must admit girls, Trish' was telling me how
happy she felt and she really appreciated what you
two had done for her and the twins, I'm really
proud of you, not just for teaching them about sex
but for the way you handled the problems and
helped Trish' understand that she wasn't doing
anything really wicked. You deserve a little reward
and I'll get you one next time we go out, just
between the three of us, OK my darlings?"
On the road a few minutes later and Kelly was
driving steadily as Lisa and I sat together in the
back kissing tenderly and lovingly "I missed you so
much Daddy" Lisa said softly "I couldn't sleep
properly at night, I just wanted to feel your
strong arms round me and press my naked body close
to yours as you caress my breasts and kiss my
nipples making them burn with passion as they get
harder and harder 'til they almost hurt with the
fire burning in them." As she spoke I slipped my
hand under her T-shirt and rubbed the palm of my
hand over her rigid nipples and cupped her breasts
in my hand gently squeezing and giving them a
little twist making her gasp at my treatment as she
felt a twinge of pain.
Pulling the hem of her T-shirt to above her firm
pointed breasts I lowered my mouth on to her
nipples in turn and sucked them hard as I flicked
them with the tip of my tongue. As I worked on
Lisa's sensitive breasts I moved my hand down to
under her skirt and found she'd removed her
panties. As I looked at her and grinned she said
"They were too wet to wear any longer Daddy, I had
to take them off" and smiled at me winningly as I
caressed the inside of her firm smooth thighs.
Gently forcing her legs apart so I could reach her
warm wet oozing pussy and insert two fingers deep
into her, I twisted them round as I sought her G
spot. Lisa gave a cry of pleasure as I touched the
sensitive spot in her vaginal passage and slid down
on to her back as she opened her legs wider
inviting me to enter her.
I shook my head gently and pulled her up to a
sitting position, "Sit on me and face the front
darling" I said quietly and as she obeyed me I put
my arms round her and grasped her breasts pulling
her to lean back on me as she started to work
herself back and forth on my hard rigid prick. As
she worked her hips I slid one hand down until I
could take her clitoris between the middle fingers
of my hand and rub it in a circular motion in time
with the movement of her pelvis. As she thrust
herself on my prick and against the movement of my
hand I moved my other hand between us 'til I could
slip one finger under her bottom to lubricate it
with the juices that were leaking out of her pussy
and press it full length onto her relaxed anus
and begin to finger fuck her ass as I masturbated
her while she was fucking herself on my pulsating
prick. When I heard her begin to groan as her
climax got near I removed my finger from her bottom
and cupped her breasts in that hand and pulled her
close to my body, holding her tight as she began
to buck and thrash 'til she cried out at the waves
of pleasure wafting over her trembling young
frame. Once more I was soaked with female cum as
the angle of entry of my penis in her vagina left
a slight gap for it to escape. Lisa fell forward to
lay her head on her arms that she rested on the
seat in front of her, allowing me to gently caress
her back, sides and front, concentrating on her
swollen glowing breasts and their rigid nipples.
Each time I gently pinched those hard points Lisa
gave a little twitch of her hips and a gentle
squeeze of her vaginal muscles on my slowly
softening prick as it still nestled inside her warm
moist body, unable to escape because of her still
pressing down on my loins. *

After a few miles I saw Lisa look at me under her
arm and thought I detected a smile as she covered
her breasts by pulling her T-shirt down, tucking it
into the waistband of her skirt then without
warning lifting herself straight up and pausing as
my penis slipped from her pussy. Not just my
penis, a whole load of our juices followed it as
she relaxed her pussy lips and allowed it to soak
my groin even more, running all over my shorts and
the front of my pants where I had partially
pulled them up as she was recovering. As Lisa sat
down again beside me I looked at her and saw she
was grinning widely at what she'd done so I gently
put my arm round her as if to kiss her then
forced her across my lap, threw up her skirt and
landed three firm slaps on her naked bottom,
holding her down a little longer than necessary to
caress her, showing her I wasn't actually angry
and getting a good deal of enjoyment at the same
time. Kelly looked back in the mirror as she heard
the sound of spanking and said "What was that for
Uncle Jack?" Lisa giggled as I released her
and leaned forward to whisper in Kelly's ear
telling what she had done. This set Kelly of
laughing until we came to the outskirts of the town
and she had to concentrate on her driving,
especially as it was beginning to get close to
dusk. I was glad of the dim light as we pulled up
at home as it would hide my wet pants and as Lisa
and I got the bags out Kelly offered to put the car
away in the garage saying she'd follow us in
shortly. Sue had been on the lookout for our
arrival and as we stepped on the porch she opened
the door and threw herself into my arms, kissed me
then hurled herself at Lisa telling her how much
she'd missed her.

As Lisa put Sue down Kelly came in and Sue went to
her and hugged her "I've missed you too Kel', it's
been awful all on my own" a simple act that made
Kelly smile lovingly at Susan as she hugged the
young girl. Jenny and Sandi were a little more
restrained in their initial welcome, Jenny kissing
me passionately and giving me a strange look as she
noticed the state of my pants and Sandi, after
kissing me passionately, telling me how much she'd
missed me and, on being reminded that I'd only been
gone a day and a half, blushing slightly, said "You
smell like a bordello Jack, what have you been
doing?" Jenny slapped her sister on the bottom,
"That's not a nice thing to say Sis, I smell it as
well, and I can see he's wet himself like a little
boy, goodness knows what he's been up to" and Kelly
and Lisa burst out laughing as they took Jenny away
to tell her what happened on the way home.
I joined the rest of the family half an hour later
after having a good long shower and a change of
clothes, as I walked into the family room Jenny and
Sandi made a space between them for me to sit
and, as I put my arms around them Sue came and sat
on my lap, laying her head on my chest and
giving a series of gentle sighs as she hugged me
tight. Kelly and Lisa sat together in one of the
big armchairs opposite us and smiled, Kelly said
"If you're missed that much after a day and a
half, Uncle Jack what would happen if you went away
for a month?" "I don't suppose you two missed
him at all did you" responded Jenny with a big grin
on her face and then laughed as the girls shook
their heads. "And I bet you didn't give Trish' any
hassle about who's bed he was to sleep in last
night did you?" Once more they shook their heads,
"Of course not Mom, Daddy told us what to do so
we did it, didn't we Daddy?" "Don't bring me into
your story telling girls, but can you remember
what Alexander Graham Bell invented?" Kelly and
Lisa looked at each other and suddenly it dawned on
them. "Mom called you didn't she Aunt Jenny?" Kelly
said and Jenny grinned as she nodded, "And did
she tell you all that had been going on?" Lisa
asked, "Not all, but enough for me to know she was
very glad to have you stay with her for those few
days." Kelly and Lisa glanced at me then looked
at Jenny, "I guess we'd better tell you all about
it hadn't we Mom" Lisa continued "But not until
the morning, and then not too early please" I said
and struggled to get to my feet with a sleeping
Sue in my arms. "I'll put this young lady to bed
and then get in myself, all that driving's tired
me out" "Me too" said Kelly and Lisa together.
I carried Susan up to her bed, laid her down and
undressed her, covering her up and tucking her in
tight then placing a tender kiss on her soft warm
lips wishing her good night and leaving her to her
dreams. Jenny soon joined me in bed amused at
Lisa's antics "How long has it been since you made
out with a girl on the back seat of a car Jack?"
I grinned "Too long darling, but never before when
it's been moving, and never in broad daylight,
it was a good job the road was clear of traffic or
some drivers would have been running off the
edge." Jenny gave me a hug "What the girls
described made me think you might take me and Sandi
out for a drive like that one day, how about it
darling?" I turned on to my back and drew her to
lay half on me as I curled my arm round her and
pulled her close to me "I think that would be a
wonderful idea my love, just tell me when and we'll
see what we can arrange." With that Jenny
hoisted her self up on to me and placed her legs
each side of my thighs wriggling herself down until
she felt the head of my semi-erect penis touch her

"Jack darling, please fuck me just like you did
those two girls in your car. Make me cum all over
your hard throbbing cock like my big girl did for
you then fill me with your hot sticky semen so I
can let it run out over you like hers did, making
you smell of female sex juices like you did when
you got home" her talking and her actions on my
supine body as she wriggled against my groin made
me hard quickly and she put one hand between us to
guide me into her vagina as she slid down my
body. Wrapping my legs round hers I spread them
wide and started to hump my hips at her trapped
body stroking and caressing her buttocks with my
hands and squeezing them in my fingers as I pulled
her cheeks apart and helped her move her pelvis in
time with the thrusting of my own, 'til at last
she gave a muffled yell as her climax hit her and
waves of pleasure flowed over her naked body as
it lay trapped close to mine. As Jenny relaxed
slightly I released my grip on her buttocks and
began to slide my fingers up and down the crack
between them pressing as they passed over the base
of her spine and moving in circles as they rested
on her anus. After a few passes of my hand I ran
my fingers a little further until I could moisten
them with her juices that were leaking from
around my thrusting prick then inserted my long
middle finger through her tight anal ring, driving
it in 'til I felt it rubbing against the underside
of my penis through the thin membrane that
separated her two passages. The feeling of being
fucked back and front was more than enough to take
Jenny over the top for a second time and she began
to orgasm again just as I gave a long groan of
pleasure and began to shoot wads of semen into her
hot wet pussy. We lay there for some time, Jenny
stretched out on top of me and me with my arms
wrapped round her shoulders and hips, holding her
close as she stayed connected to me by my shrunken
prick, with her head laid on my chest and her
hands holding my head between them.
"Damn" said Jenny softly as she pushed herself up
on to her hands, "What's the matter darling?" I
asked concernedly as she rolled her soft warm body
off mine, "I have to go to the bathroom, and I was
so comfortable laying there I almost went to sleep.
Don't go away darling, I'll be back in a minute"
and she jumped naked from our bed and scampered
along the landing to the bathroom, returning after
a few moments to settle down in my arms to go to
sleep. The morning brought me to full wakefulness
with Sandi leading the girls into our bedroom
singing 'Happy Birthday' to a still sleep bemused
Jenny. I sat up and asked Lisa to pass her mother
the shirt I had taken off the previous evening so
that she wasn't sitting there half naked, or
rather that she was only half naked, and that
beneath the bedclothes.
Sandi sat beside Jenny on the bed, Sue cuddled up
close to me and Kelly and Lisa sat cross legged
at the foot of the bed facing the pair of us as one
by one we handed Jenny our gifts. Sandi gave
her a pearl brooch that she could wear with her new
'posh frock', Sue had bought her a silk shawl,
and we all gave a big WOW as she opened the soft
squidgey packages Kelly and Lisa handed her. This
of course was the sexy underwear they'd purchased
while at Trish's, and Lisa murmured "We thought
it might pep up your love life Mom" as she and
Kelly blushed pinkly when it was shown to the rest
of us. Kelly also handed Jenny the package from her
mother and passed on her birthday greetings and
they all giggled as Jenny got more sexy underwear.
I finally got to hand Jenny my small hard package
which Sandi had had nicely gift wrapped in the
place she bought it. Jenny was trembling slightly
as she tore off the paper wrapping and opened the
small shagreen lined container to display the
pearl necklace it contained. Another WOW rippled
around the bed as Jenny put her arms round me
and kissed me and murmured her thanks. After a
few minutes Sandi got up and said "Come on girls,
let's get showered and dressed and prepare your
Mothers breakfast" and all three got up and
followed her out leaving Jenny and I to sit back
and have a little time on our own. As we sat
there, Jenny leaning back on my chest and me with
my arms over her shoulders and my hands laying on
her slightly rounded stomach we said nothing, just
enjoying each others company and the warm
feeling of laying close to each other, I asked her
what she wanted to do between now and when we
were going out to dinner later, "Oh, nothing
special Jack darling, maybe just a walk in the
sunshine, sort of round the block or something",
"That's fine with me lover, shall we get the
others to come as well, I know Sue would like it,
especially if she can be on my other arm to you"
I said grinning. "Yes, I've noticed that she's very
much closer to you than she ever was to her father,
does it bother you my love" I kissed her ear, the
only place I could get to easily, "Not really
darling, just so long as she doesn't start to get
too possessive and tries to push you out, I've
already had words with her about it, and I think
she's taken it to heart." Jenny turned her head
and tried to look at me saying "She takes more
notice of you than me darling. I've noticed
a single word from you can make her do something
I'd have to rant about for ages" I laughed lightly
"You know why, it's because I threaten severe
retribution such as no tucking in and no morning
cuddle if she upsets me" I said, and continued "You
don't mind me giving her the little girl treatment
do you darling, like tucking her in and allowing
her to slip into our bed in the morning, after
all she is almost seventeen, and a quite mature
seventeen at that?"*

Jenny sat up, twisted round and lay on her back on
my lap, looking up at me, "Jack darling, would
you be considered quite sane if you refused to have
a half naked seventeen year old girl get into
bed with you every morning. Especially as your wife
has no objections, and I have no objections
darling. You've made such a difference to Susan's
life as well as mine. I understand how she feels
and all we have to do is try to instil a little
more discretion in her before she let's something
slip." We were still kissing a few minutes later
when the subject of our discussion popped her head
round the door and reminded us it was time to get
up. We showered together once more and as I
shaved Jenny dressed and was dressing her hair as I
dressed. We went down together to join the
rest of the family for breakfast. When we'd
finished and Jenny and I were sitting on the sofa
in the Den Kelly came in with cups of coffee for
us and Jenny said "Sit down please Kelly, I have
something to say" and as Kelly sat beside her,
looking a little worried Jenny smiled and took her
hand, "Don't look so worried darling, all I wanted
to say was that I think you're old enough to
call me Jenny, after all I'm not your Aunt, I'm not
even married to your Uncle, technically at
least, and to be honest my dear it does make me
feel old some times." Kelly giggled then replied,
"I'd like that Jenny, but... must I call Uncle Jack
just Jack, or can I carry on like before",
Jenny glanced at me out of the corner of her eye
and smiled at Kelly "I don't think it matters if
Uncle Jack feels old, do you, I know it gives his
ego a boost and besides it still gives you a bit
of a thrill when you make love doesn't it" Kelly
nodded as she looked down at her hands as they lay
clasped in her lap, then looked up at Jenny "Yes,
it still makes me tingle as if it was the first
time he touched me all those months ago, all I have
to do is think 'Uncle Jack' and I start to get
hot and tingly" and as Jenny gently squeezed her
hand Kelly gave a tiny shiver and a quiet little
sigh. "Jenny darling, I think a certain young lady
should go and find something to do before she
starts having an orgasm just thinking about me, and
embarrassing me at the same time" and I smiled
as Kelly got up and blushed when she suddenly
remembered I'd been sitting there all the time
she'd been talking to Jenny. As she quickly began
to regain her composure Kelly looked at me and
said, smiling "Beast" and walked out of the room.
"You are a beast Jack, to embarrass the poor girl
like that" and gave me a loving dig in the ribs as
I pulled her close and kissed her. "I have to keep
some of the women I'm surrounded by in their places
my dear, or I'll be little more than a slave in
Penile Servitude" and smiled wickedly 'til she
suddenly realised what I'd said and began to giggle.

With the kitchen tidied and the dishes done Sandi
came and asked what Jenny had got planned for the
rest of the day and went to get the girls organised
when a walk was proposed. As I predicted Sue
was quick to latch on to my free arm as I walked
beside Jenny and clung to me like a limpet 'til I
whispered that she might like to give someone else
a chance and was pleased to see her drop back
and suggest to Lisa that she might like to walk
with Jenny and I for a bit. "Thanks Sis" Lisa said
"I'd love to do that" and skipped forward to put
her arm in mine as she leaned forward and ask
Jenny if it was OK. "Of course it is darling, it
would be nice if Kelly had a chance as well as
Aunt Sandi" she replied as she gave my arm a
squeeze. As we walked seemingly aimlessly Sandi and
the girls changed places and all got a number of
turns at walking with Jenny and I until we arrived
at the small piece of open ground close to the
centre of town everyone call 'The Green', a
favourite hang out for the older teenage kids, as
the Mall was for the younger ones. Doing a
circuit we came to a kiosk selling ice-cream and we
joined the girls in ordering monster cones that
we ate as we walked, Kelly and Lisa exchanging
greetings with those of their University' friends
they met. Once or twice they both wandered off to
spend a few minutes with their heads together
with other girls of their own age but always
gravitating back to us as we got some distance
ahead, keeping in mind they were out with their
parents, as a party, not on their own. It was also
nice to see Sandi chat to a couple of guys she knew
when we happened to bump into them, Jenny making
the comment that she seemed to be cured of her 'man
thing'. Our walk home was just as slow and pleasant
as the walk out with much of it spent walking as
pairs with Lisa and Kelly and Sandi and Sue
pairing off, allowing Jenny and I to almost forget
the others were with us. When we got home Jenny
and the girls went and spread out in the family
room whilst Sandi and I busied ourselves rustling
up a light buffet lunch that we served on trays and
ate with our fingers. Kelly, Lisa and Susan
offered to clear up after lunch and then went up to
their own room to watch tv while Jenny and
Sandi chatted and I read my paper for most of the
afternoon. As the afternoon passed Lisa came down
and offered to make tea if we wanted it which we
did, I then reminded them that it might be an idea
if someone started to get ready to go out to
dinner, as we all needed to change. Three hours
later, I was still only just finishing shaving
having waited for the girls to go first yet I still
managed to be dressed in my Tux and sat waiting and
ready to go before any of them came down stairs.
I soon saw the reason, they'd decided to make a
grand entrance, Sandi came down first dressed to
kill in a tight sheath that showed she wore no
panties, and as deep a cleavage as any guy would
want to go out with.*

Sandi was followed by Sue in the sort of dress a
teenage girl went to a Prom in, it showed off her
figure without being sexy and she looked really
lovely, but when Lisa and Kelly came down they were
dressed to kill like Sandi, both wore a little
black dress with a skirt that came down to the knee
and was almost as tight as Sandi's but only above
the waist because I couldn't see any sign of the
suspender belts they wore to hold up their
stockings I knew they had on because I got a flash
of white thigh as they came down the stairs. I
suddenly thought it was a good thing there were no
steps in the restaurant we were going to. When
Jenny came down I wasn't surprised at her dress as
I'd helped her choose it, but I had to admit she
looked far better in it now than when she tried it
on first time. It was obvious that she'd spent a
lot of time and effort getting ready and she
looked absolutely stunning as she walked slowly
down to where I stood at the bottom of the stairs
with my hands held out to her. As she stepped up
close I whispered "Wonderful" and leaned forward
to kiss her as she stepped into my arms and hugged
me, "I feel it" she said softly as she stepped
back and I saw that getting her the pearls was one
of my better ideas and they were complemented by
Sandi's brooch. Jenny put her arm through mine and
we looked at the others as I said "If I'm not
the envy of all the other men in the place tonight
they're either Monks or dead, come on you
beauties, lets go and have a great time." And we
certainly did, as we were guided to our extended
table I couldn't help noticing the number of eyes
that followed the girls and some of the looks I
got came near to dropping me dead when it was
realised I was a lone male surrounded by five
gorgeous women. The meal was superb and the wine
foreign, Sue had her first taste and enjoyed it to
the extent of having two glasses before I put a
damper on her enthusiasm and only relenting when I
asked for the Champagne to be opened. I poured a
glass for every one including Sue and we drank a
toast to Jenny as the birthday girl after which I
poured more for the others, but refusing myself
as I had to drive home. Kelly, Lisa and Susan all
ended up over indulging and would have fuzzy
heads in the morning if they weren't careful but
every one enjoyed themselves and a little thing
like that was going to be worth it. Being the only
really sober one when we got home I parked Jenny
and Sandi in the Den with a cup of coffee and
shepherded the girls first to the kitchen where I
made them drink a couple of glasses of water, then
took them up to their room where I helped them
all to get undressed, taking care to hang their new
dresses up as I enjoyed the way they all
paraded themselves in their underwear before almost
clinically removing it and putting them to bed
in their night-dresses, tucking them in and kissing
them good night.
When I returned to the Den Jenny and Sandi were
sleeping soundly and I was able to pick Sandi up
and carry her to her bed without waking her, until
I was actually removing her panties, the last
item of clothing, prior to putting her nightie on.
As she opened her eyes she mumbled something
about me getting in with her and doing the job
properly when she tried to hang on to me as I
kissed her tenderly and wished her good night.
Jenny was awake when I went down for her and made
it up to bed with a minimum of help but accepted my
assistance in removing her clothes, actually, just
her dress as it happened and as I placed it on a
hanger she collapsed on the bed which enabled me to
cover her up and get in beside her without any
trouble. Sunday morning was fun, for me at least, I
was the first one up and turned out to be unpopular
when I took first Sandi then the girls a nice
hot cup of fairly strong coffee to help with waking
themselves up. Sandi sat up and took the cup I
offered her then looked around and said "Ooooh
Jack, I don't even remember getting undressed last
night let alone putting my dress away". "That my
dear is because you didn't, I did, in fact I
undressed five beautiful women and never got to
make love to any of them last night, must be some
kind of a record." "I'm sorry Jack, I tell you
what, let me get rid of this hangover and I'll make
it up to you this afternoon with an hour of
passionate love making." I smiled and murmured
"We'll see what happens darling" and went to take
the girls their coffee. "Good morning girls, did
you sleep well" I asked brightly as I entered after
knocking on their door, Sue sat up and said "Yes
thank you Daddy, but it was a bit much getting to
go to the bathroom three times in the night, did
I drink a lot of water or something?" "Daddy made
us drink lots before we came to bed Sis, that's
why we all had to go so much" said Lisa as she sat
up. "Ah.. " I said "But you girls don't have
hangovers this morning, do you" I stated, "Aunt
Sandi has, a real snorter, and I'll be surprised of
your mother gets away with anything less, I'm just
going to take her a cup of coffee and find out."
As I placed Jenny's coffee beside her and got back
into bed she turned over and opened her eyes for
a second "What did I drink last night Jack darling,
I feel awful" I leaned over and kissed her "Drink
your coffee and stop complaining, you just enjoyed
yourself that's all. A cup of coffee and a good
breakfast and you'll be right as rain, come on
lover, time to get up" and gave her a friendly pat
on the butt as I rolled her over and helped her
sit up. An hour later and we were driving out
to our favourite country park, Kelly and Susan
sitting in the front with me and Lisa sitting
between Jenny and Sandi who were still
recovering from their hangovers, the food for
our lunch had been put together by Kelly and Lisa
with Sue helping, while Jenny and Sandi were still
getting showered and dressed. *
Despite it being Sunday there were few people about
and as we walked along the track we usually
seemed to use Kelly, Lisa and Susan ran ahead for a
bit then came running back to pull Jenny to one
side leaving me to walk with Sandi on my arm. After
a short while Jenny came back and, taking my
arm whispered "Jack darling, would you feel like
taking the girls into that clearing and playing
games with them for a while?" I looked at her and
said with a frown "What about you lover, aren't
you going to join us, and what about Sandi too?"
Sandi squeezed my arm "Not me Jack, I'm still not
recovered from last night, I can't understand how
the girls got away without heads like ours".
Murmuring 'Water', I turned to Jenny and said "Are
you the same darling?" She nodded and said softly
"You go, darling enjoy it with my blessing, I know
the girls will given the chance. Sandi and I will
just carry on with our walk and see you back at
the site for lunch." So it was that I was walking
through undergrowth into the secluded little
clearing where I had first had fun with Kelly
and Lisa, seemingly so long ago. As soon as they
knew I was agreeable the girls had dashed ahead to
make sure that the clearing was in fact clear, of
people that is. By the time I joined them they
were more than ready for me having taken off their
jackets and piled them up by a tree and also removed
their panties as well. As I stepped into the area
Kelly came up to me and took me by the hand "I'm
first Uncle Jack, will you just take me quickly
as I bend over the fallen tree, I'm so hot for you,
feel me" and she drew my hand to between her legs
where I felt her hot swollen pussy was dripping
in anticipation of me making love to her as she
had been fantasising about.

Pulling me by the hand she went over to where the
fallen tree was just below waist height and, lifting her skirt so it was above
her waist laid
herself down so her body was draped over the log
and her toes just touched the ground as she placed
them as wide apart as she could. As I approached
her I heard Kelly murmuring words she must use in
her fantasy, "No not here please not like this I'm
only a little girl you're too big for me please
don't do this to me it's naughty for me to let you
do this thing my Daddy's the only one that can do
this to me please not you..." So realistic did she
sound that I was about to step back when Lisa
came up and whispered "Daddy this is her fantasy
to be forced to take her lover, just go on and do
it darling." So, nothing loth I stepped up behind
my lovely Kelly and pressed my rampant cock to
her waiting pussy lips and pressed it very slowly
into her waiting cunny until I felt my pelvis touch
her waiting buttocks. I then leaned forward and
placed my hands onto her shoulders, pressing her
down on to the log so she couldn't escape and
began to thrust my penis in and out of her
grasping vagina.

All too soon Kelly was beginning to give out gasps
of pleasure each time I entered her young body
and before I had a chance to bring myself to
anywhere near a climax she was crying out with the
pleasure of her orgasm as I stepped back leaving
her still bent over the tree. Her body was still
making small tremors as she climaxed over and over
again, caught in the memories of her fantasy.
Lisa stepped up to Kelly and helped her to get up
off the tree, pulling her skirt down as she did
but not before I noticed that the front of her
legs were very scratched from the bark rubbing her
is I fucked her from the rear. I was going to go to
her but Lisa said "Leave her Daddy, she'll be
OK 'til we get home." drawing me away from Kelly
Lisa took me over to where Sue was sitting on a
soft mossy bank waiting for us, and asked me to sit
down while they explained their little fantasy
to me. A few minutes later I was kneeling with my
knees either side of Lisa's head as she lay on
her back with Sue kneeling in front of me beginning
to suck at her big sisters sopping wet pussy
and feeling Lisa guide my throbbing rigid prick
into her young sisters cunt and then caress her
titties as I fucked her doggie style. As Lisa also
occasionally stretched up to lick my pendulous
balls I was rapidly getting closer to cumming when
I heard Lisa begin to moan that she was going to
cum and for Sue to hurry. I felt Sue gripping my
prick harder and harder as I rammed it and out
of her, and suddenly felt Lisa grab my scrotum in
her hand and squeeze a little harder than I would
normally want. I began to shoot streams of hot sticky
cum deep into Sue's waiting body almost missing her
cry of ecstasy as she began to shake, her orgasm
tearing through her soft young body, continuing as
she collapsed on top of her big sister.

What a sight it was for Jenny and Sandi as they
stepped into the clearing. Kelly was laid out
against the fallen tree, her legs all scratched, me
kneeling with my cum soaked shrinking penis in
Lisa's mouth as she first sucked me, then when I
was clean, pressing her mouth to her little
sisters cum oozing pussy and sucking like a vacuum
cleaner, as she tried to get all of my semen and
Sue's own cum. "Looks like we missed something here
Sis" said Sandi as she stood arm in arm with
Jenny. "It certainly does my dear, I wonder if we
can get some of the same this evening." I turned
round and grinned "Not if I can't get my strength
back in time ladies" and stood up, pulled up my
pants and underwear and looked down at the two
young girls laying at my feet. *
"They do have some nice ideas sometimes darling" I
said as I went to stand beside Jenny and take
her in my arms. "Don't you think you should go and
help them get up Jack?" she said, "After all it
was you that put them down like that, wasn't it?"
So, collecting the girls panties from where they
had placed them, I went over to Kelly and, after
standing her up put her panties on over her feet
and slowly and sexily drew them up her legs and
settled them around her bottom. I also caressed
her soft smooth rounded buttocks and her inner
thighs as I made sure they were on properly.
Giving Jenny and Sandi a broad grin I then went to
where Sue was still laying on top of Lisa and,
rolling on to her back lifted her skirt and took
my time pulling her white cotton panties up her legs.
I also got a wonderful view of her swollen cum
stained pussy as I covered her bottom with her
underwear. By this time I was getting another
erection which Lisa saw as she became aware of what
had been happening to Kelly and Susan because she
opened her legs and bent her knees giving me the
most wonderful view of her smooth shaven and cum
oozing pussy I had seen for a long time.

As I pulled her panties up to her hips I whispered
"If your mother and Aunt Sandi weren't watching I'd
jump on you right now you little minx. Now close your
legs please I want to get up." Lisa smiled and
turning her head called "Mom, could you and Aunt
Sandi turn round please, Daddy wants to make love
to me, in private."
All I could do was grin like a naughty schoolboy
caught red handed doing something wrong, then I
turned Lisa over and gave her a good hard slap on
her panty covered bottom, got up and walk over to
Jenny and Sandi. "What was all that about darling"
Jenny asked as we stood there waiting for the girls
to recover enough to join us. "I just mentioned that
Lisa looked so wonderful as I was putting her
panties on, and I had been aroused so much doing
the same for Kelly and Susan that I'd have mounted
her and made passionate love to her had you two not
been standing watching, that's all." Jenny and
Sandi laughed and Sandi said softly "I didn't know
you were that shy Jack darling, having an audience
hasn't stopped you before." "I know" I replied, "I
just thought it might have been much nicer for Lisa
if it had been just the two of us." Jenny gave me a
hug, "That was very thoughtful of you Jack darling,
I know I enjoy having you to my self and I know
Sandi does as well, despite what she might say, in
fact I think it's high time we all had at least
one night when you could make gentle and passionate
love to each and every one of us, where there
will be no interruptions from the time we come to
you, 'til next morning when the rest of us pounce
to find out what it was like" and she laughed with
Sandi at the last part of what she said. Jenny
and Sandi and I then went over and helped the girls
to get to their feet, Jenny and Sandi helping
Lisa and Susan to straighten their clothes and tidy
their hair while I held Kelly up and helped her
to do the same.
When we all looked fairly respectable we made our
way back to the picnic area, got out the food and
sat round a table and benches chatting away like
the happy family we were.
As we sat there eating, Kelly and Lisa tight up
beside me and Sue sitting opposite staring at me
like a moon struck calf Jenny and Sandi were
speaking in lowered tones so we couldn't hear them
until Jenny spoke up, "Are you on for what I
suggested earlier Jack darling?" I looked at her
poker faced "If you're serious about it, I think it
might be a reasonable idea, if some rules were to
be agreed to" I replied, trying to be as mysterious
as possible. "That's what Sandi and I were just
talking about and we think we've come up with
something reasonable, simple and fair, we'll
discuss it on the way home." Sue sat up, her
curiosity aroused "What's that Mom, something we're
going to be doing, or somewhere we're going one
day. Is it something nice?" Jenny and Sandi laughed
as I hid my face by kissing first Kelly then Lisa
very tenderly as they rested against my chest with
my arms round them as they sat recovering from
their lovemaking session in the woods. Gently
lifting Kelly's skirt I looked at her thighs that
were still looking very raw, "Are you OK darling, I
honestly didn't realise I was doing that to you,
otherwise I'd have stopped, I do feel very bad
about this you know darling" Kelly pushed her skirt
down and took my hand away "Uncle Jack, stop it
someone might see you looking up my skirt. But
honest darling, I didn't know it was happening
until after, and it doesn't hurt, cross my heart
darling. If you feel so bad about it I'll let you
bathe it for me when we get home, will that make
you feel better?" I gave her a gentle kiss on the
cheek "If it means I can get my hands up your skirt
Kelly darling, how could I refuse" and hugged her
as she started giggling. When we'd finished eating
Jenny asked the girls to pack the remnants back in
the baskets and dispose of the garbage so we could
make our way home, as we were getting in the car
I suggested that we leave our discussion 'til we
got home as it would be more comfortable and also
a little more intimate than driving down the
highway. "That's not what you said when you brought
us home from our visit to Mom" said Kelly, "I doubt
if ANYONE could have been more intimate than we
were, and for what seemed like hour after hour" and
she and Lisa put their heads together and
giggled at the memory of what we did on that trip
home. Sue looked round and pouted like a spoilt
little girl "Why don't I know what happened, no
body tells me anything, you all treat me like I'm a
baby". "Ha.. some baby you were an hour ago young
lady" said Lisa "I know some very big girls that
don't do what you were doing VERY well in that
clearing, so stop complaining miss."*

Sue smiled at Lisa "Do you really know bigger
girls that don't do that" she said and Lisa smiled
"Let's face it Susan darling, there are loads of
girls I know that would love to be able to enjoy
the sort of sex life Kelly you and me have. Christ
I don't know any that ever sleep with their step
dads, most of them have horrid ones anyway, as for
making love with their sisters helping, it's
almost never heard of kid, believe me, what do you
say Kel'?" Kelly gave a very self satisfied
grin, "Susan darling, I think I am the luckiest
girl alive, at eighteen I can have the safest sex,
with the dishiest guy in the world, and his wife
says it's OK. He loves my Mom, and told me how to
make my brother make love to me and my sister and
my best friend. He looks after me better than my
own Dad ever did and I wish I could spend the rest
of my life as his mistress or even his slave, if
I could do it without upsetting his wonderful wife.
And your his step daughter for gods sake, just
make sure you learn to appreciate him very, very
quickly, just in case you lose him." Suddenly
realising she was sitting beside Jenny and just
behind me Kelly blushed bright red and hid her face
in her hands as Jenny put an arm round her and
pulled her to her chest stroking her hair to
comfort her in her embarrassment. Sue went quite
pale and looked around at everyone, "What did I
say?" She asked and Lisa and Sandi laughed "Nothing
darling" said Sandi "Kelly got a bit emotional,
that's all, I guess your Daddy has that effect on
people occasionally" and she laid a hand on my
thigh and gave me a comforting pat as I saw Lisa in
the driving mirror take Sue and begin whispering in
her ear. All I heard was an occasional gasp and
"WHAT" and "NEVER" as she obviously got the rundown
on our special trip back from Trish's. As we got
out of the car, Kelly and Lisa unloading the
baskets, and me putting it in the garage, Sue was
waiting for me to lock it and start into the house
"Daddy could you take me out in the car next time
you go, it sounded so wonderful what you did with
Lisa and Kelly, and can I learned to drive soon as
well. I can start at school when we go back."
"Ulterior motive baby" I asked smiling at her
earnest appeal and was gratified to see her give a
vigorous nod, "Of course Daddy darling, haven't I
always got one, somewhere" and smiled so prettily
I gave her a hug and agreed that she could start to
learn to drive as soon as she qualified. When
we went indoors it was to find the rest of the
family in the family room except Sandi who was
making coffee which she soon brought in and served,
then sat down beside me, as was Jenny with the
girls in arm chairs opposite us. "Girls, Sandi and
I left you three to the tender mercies of Daddy,
and I think you all ended up enjoying what happened,
or so it seemed to us when we came in just at the

A comment Lisa made, jokingly I believe, made me
think about something that had been going through
my mind for some time" she paused for a moment to
sip her coffee, "I'm the only one that has spent
a night with my darling husband, undisturbed by
anyone else. I appreciated it very much on the
nights it happened, but today I thought it was
about time each of you had the same chance."
Kelly, Lisa and Susan all sat upright as they
realised what Jenny was saying and it was Kelly
that put some of their thoughts into words "Jenny,
do you mean that each of us gets to spend all
night with Uncle Jack, alone to just sleep next to
or make love to, or anything and nobody will come
into our room 'til we come out?" Jenny nodded "Yes
Kelly my dear, that's what I mean, almost, it's not
a case or 'or anything', yes you won't be disturbed
or interrupted, yes you can just lay beside him
and sleep if that's what you decide to do, but just
anything will not be the order of the day. You,
and me because I'm included in the rota, we have to
be safe from even our own actions so there will
be NO extreme kinky stuff, like whips and belts and
so on, understand?" And Kelly, Lisa and Susan
joined Sandi in laughing at the thought, Jenny
joined in as she suddenly remembered the night she
Sue and Sandi had me tied to the bed. "Yes well,
that proves my point, anyway, the final point is
that it must take place here at home where we know
we're safe, any comments?" The girls shook their
heads gently but I spoke up, "Can I suggest that
the night can be what you all want, or what I want
to make it, but, and this may not be to the liking
of a certain party, you must not tell what
happened until all of you have had a turn, that way
surprises will remain surprises to the end."
Jenny grinned as Sandi said "That sounds good to me
Jack darling, I'll take the surprise." "When do
we start Mom" said Sue all eager to be first, "When
Daddy says he's ready, and I don't think it
will be tonight, in fact I know it won't because
Aunt Sandi and I have plans for him this evening,
so be warned." I told them it would take a day or
two preparing for the surprises I had in mind, in
the mean time Kelly, Lisa and Susan offered to cook
dinner and give Jenny and Sandi and I a little
time together while we waited. After a few minutes
Sue came in and said "Sorry to disturb you but
Lisa want's to know if you would like a cold beer
Daddy, and mom and Aunt Sandi of course". I said a
smiling yes please as Jenny and Sandi refused and
Sue ran out to the kitchen to get it for me then
scuttled back as I opened it. As I sat there, Sandi
under my left arm, close against the arm of the
sofa, and Jenny laying on her back, her head
resting on my lap, I was drinking my beer when
Jenny said "Jack darling, is Sue getting to be a
problem?" I looked down at her thinking that Jenny
looked so lovely as she lay on my lap, "No love, I
do think she has a little problem that makes her
need to be kept in line, by me I'm afraid as a
father figure, while at the same time knowing that
I love her better than her own father did, or at
least showed her he did, that's what she needs and
that, I hope is what I'm giving her."*

Jenny smiled as she looked at me "I was hoping
you'd say something like that darling" and seemed
to drop the subject as we relaxed and chatted
whilst waiting for dinner to be finished. I had
actually dozed off for a while when I got a nudge
in the ribs from Sandi as she said softly "Come on
Jack darling, it's time for dinner, the girls are
waiting" and Jenny and Sandi took my hands and
pulled me to my feet, took my arms and escorted me
to the dining room. As we sat down Kelly and Lisa
brought the food in ably assisted by Sue, Kelly sat
down and said "Sorry it's boring Lasagne and
green salad again folks but it's something we don't
get wrong and we like it anyway." "Don't worry
Kelly darling, we like it too, and I'll soon teach
you other things you can do just as well with a
little practice, we can start next weekend, all we
have to do is think of what we'd like to have so
give it some thought in the next couple of days.
Meanwhile let's enjoy what you have cooked."
Dinner over Jenny and Sandi did the dishes while
Sue cleared the table as Kelly and Lisa joined me
in the Den 'til we were ready for bed. "Daddy,
will you do anything for us when we have a night
alone with you?" "Lisa darling, you heard what your
mother said, that goes for me as well. Anyway
you might want my surprise, rather than your
fantasy, of which I've seen at least one today"

Lisa giggled "And what about Kelly's legs Daddy, you
haven't bathed them yet have you." Annoyed at
having forgotten all about my promise I jumped up
and took Kelly by the hand and almost dragged her
up to the bathroom where I sat her on a chair and
gently lifted her shirt up 'til the hem rested at
the top of her thighs, getting a wad of cotton from
the first aid box I dipped it in warm water and
gently bathed Kelly's scratched thighs, then
applied some soothing antiseptic cream rubbing it
in as she sat back and relaxed. Kelly allowed her
legs to fall further apart giving me a glimpse of
her cotton panty covered pussy lips which I
couldn't resist stroking briefly as she offered her
soft warm young body to me. I looked up into her
eyes and saw her pleading look, then, in a fit of
madness I reached behind her and pulled her panties
down her legs and off her feet, spread her legs
wide apart and buried my face between her smooth
strong thighs and mashing my face on her hot wet
pouting pussy lips. As I sucked Kelly's clit
between my pursed lips she threw her legs over my
shoulder and pressed the back of my head with her
hands giving a small scream of delight as I
pressed a finger deep into her twitching anus and
twisted it round and round 'til she cried out as
she flooded my face with her sweet tasting cum.
Unravelling her legs from round my back I stood up
and picked up Kelly's panties using them to wipe my
face clean of her emissions as she lay back on
the chair smiling up at me, "I can't wear them now
Uncle Jack, guess I'll have to go without for
the rest of the evening" and stood up, adjusted her
skirt and kissed me as she took my hand to go

Going back into the Den we were given a very funny
look by Lisa and Susan as they made room for me to sit between them on the sofa,
Kelly going to sit
on a chair opposite. "How are your legs now
Kelly darling" said Lisa with a wicked grin of her
Face. "Oh, much better now Uncle Jack's given me
his treatment my dear, want to see them and check"
Kelly replied grinning, "Yes please Kelly dear,
I wouldn't miss this for the world" said Lisa as
she dropped to her knees in front of Kelly's
chair, closely followed by Sue. Very slowly Kelly
lifted her skirt 'til she was showing the still
slightly greasy patches where I had rubbed cream on
to Kelly's abrasions then, winking at me she
flipped the hem up a little higher giving her
friends a quick glimpse of her naked loins. "You
didn't" gasped Lisa as she quickly looked round at
me then back to Kelly who smiled sweetly and
showed the tip of her moist pink tongue between her
soft rose tinted lips making Lisa and Susan
break out into fits of laughter as they returned to
sit each side of me and hug me tight. They were
still laughing when Jenny and Sandi came into the
room and just gave a "Nothing special Mom" when
Jenny demanded to know what caused them to be so
happy. Leaning on the back of the sofa Jenny said
"Well girls, whatever it is that's making you so
happy I'm going to reducing it somewhat by taking
Daddy away. Aunt Sandi and I need him a little more
than you tonight, don't stay up too long, remember
you all have to go to school tomorrow and need to be
up bright and early so set your alarms, and
please pretend there's a 'do not disturb' sign
on our bedroom door tonight, OK Susan?"
Sue grinned sheepishly and nodded briefly "Yes Mom,
I'll be good" and just before getting up I kissed
her gently and whispered "I know you are darling,
I just hope you'll be careful as well", then I
blew them all a kiss and walked out hand in hand
with Jenny. As we got up on to the landing I saw
the bathroom door was slightly open and wasn't too
surprised when Jenny took me in and closed the
door behind us to join Sandi who was already there
but still dressed.

"Now then Jack darling, we're all going to shower,
one at a time, starting with you, don't be too
long" and she sat beside Sandi and watched as I
began to undress then get under the water jet,
slowly turning round to wet myself all over before
taking the soap and getting up a lather covering
the whole of my torso from neck to knees. I then
turned to face the girls and stepped under the
shower allowing the water to cascade down my face
and chest, washing the lather away slowly but
surely down the full length of my body finally
uncovering my semi rigid penis that was beginning
to gently throb as it filled with blood at the
thought of what was to come. When I was finally
clear of suds I stepped out from under the shower
jet and took a warm bath towel beginning to rub
myself dry, then I looked up and smiled "Who's

That was all I said and Jenny stood up, kissed me
gently and began a slow sensuous striptease. Her
shirt buttons were already undone and all she had
to do to get rid of it was to lift it from the
waistband of her skirt and shrug it off her
shoulders leaving her breasts covered by a lace
edged sheer nylon bra that showed her nipples and
aureoles dark against the light tan of her skin.
Undoing the front closure of her bra Jenny allowed
the straps to fall from her shoulder and then
dropped one cup after another to display her
wonderfully firm rounded breasts, I forced myself
to sit still rather then reach out to pull her to
me and press my lips over her nipples. She was
pulling down the zipper at the side of her skirt
and, turning her back to us, she bent over and
slowly drew it down her legs displaying her panty
covered bottom, 'til it reached her knees when
she dropped it, stood up and stepped clear of it,
kicking it to one side of the room with her shirt
and bra. Jenny turned back to face us again as she
put her thumbs in the elasticated waistband of
her panties and pushed them down 'til they were
displaying the tuft of hair covering her mons then
she turned again and pushed them down a little
further showing us her smooth rounded bottom and a
brief glimpse of her pussy lips peeking back
between her slightly open thighs. When her panties
were at her knees Jenny stood up and lifted her
legs one at a time to free them from her underwear
which she kicked towards me as I sat spellbound at
the display she'd just given us. Catching her
panties I lifted them to my face and breathed in
deeply to catch as much of her musky scent as
possible, seeing her smile as I felt my erection
give a twitch when I reacted to her aroma. Jenny
then got into the shower and lathered her self all
over paying special attention to her breasts,
her bottom which she displayed as she washed it,
and her groin which she showed us she was taking
special care to scrub clean. After soaping herself
all over Jenny washed the soap suds off and
stepped out into a towel held up by Sandi, then
came to sit on my lap as I helped her get dry while
Sandi undressed. Sandi took less time to undress
but still managed to display her firm pointed
breasts with their hard erect nipples then pushed
down her jeans to her knees, followed by her
bikini panties which she took down slowly over her
bottom displaying her puckered anus and her hot
wet swollen pussy which she fingered from between
her legs before pushing her clothes off her feet
and standing up to offer me her fragrant fingers to
smell and lick before getting into the shower.
Once in Sandi gave me as erotic a display of female
sexuality as I had seen before washing her self
as assiduously as Jenny had and then stepping out
into a towel held up by me, which I used to dry
her off as I had Jenny.
When both girls were dry I helped to powder them,
getting quite a lot on myself in the process.
Jenny then offered me my pyjama pants and she and
Sandi put on one of my PJ jackets each then
preceded me into the bedroom allowing me to watch
their wonderful bottoms as they wiggled from side
to side just below the edge of their one garment.
This made my erection return with a vengeance and
by the time Jenny had got into bed and patted the
place next to her it was beginning to slip out of
the gap in front of my pants. As I sat beside Jenny,
Sandi got in and sandwiched me between them nice
and tightly, pulling me to lay down beside them and
put my arm under each of their necks. They both
rolled over to lean their breasts on my chest and,
while Sandi caressed my chest and nipples,
Jenny was running her hand over my throbbing prick
and cupping my scrotum in her soft cool hand as
she tried, very successfully, to increase my state
of arousal. "Jack darling, please feel Sandi to
see if she's ready to accept you into her soft warm
body and have a most wonderful orgasm" whispered
Jenny as she lifted her head and drew my arm from
under it. This allowed me to half roll over and
place my hand between Sandi's open thighs and rest
it on her so obviously ready cunt. As I touched her
lower lips with my fingertips Sandi gave a deep
moan of pleasure and opened her thighs a little
more, thrusting her pelvis forward slightly to make
them enter her waiting body. Very slowly I pressed
two fingers deep into her sopping pussy until
my knuckles were touching her bottom then
I brought them out and up to my lips, licking
them before offering them to Jenny to taste.

"Yes, I think she's ready, now mount her
please darling, I want to hear her scream with
passion as she cums on your wonderfully hard
throbbing cock". Resting on my elbows I rolled
my body over to between Sandi's wide open legs and
almost came as I felt Jenny's fingers grasp my
prick and guide it into her sisters waiting cunt.
As I began to thrust myself in and out of Sandi's
wet warm and grasping pussy I felt Jenny crawl
between our bodies; I looked down to see her lay on
Sandi's chest and began to kiss her and work her
tongue in Sandi's open and receptive mouth,
playing with her hard pointed titties as I pounded
hard at her, feeling her pelvis striking mine as
she responded to my rhythm 'til I saw Jenny press
her lips harder to Sandi's as she screamed out a
muffled "NOW, NOWWWW." I felt the gush of her
fluids as she came over and over again while I
continued to pound away at her pulsating cunt.
Jenny pulled herself from between Sandi and I to
lay beside her sister and hold her hand as I
lowered my weight gently on top of the lover I was
coupled with. Slowly I pushed my hands beneath
Sandi's shoulders and slid my body up slightly so I
could kiss her tenderly on the lips, "Another one
darling" I whispered as I gently moved my hips
against hers, and even as she shook her head I
could feel her vaginal muscled tighten against my
moving penis as it rubbed along her tight canal and
gently touched her cervix at its deepest point. *

Slowly but surely Sandi took up my movements until
she cried out as a second orgasm rippled through
her making her tremble as I held her half naked
body tight against mine and kissed her lovingly as
she murmured muffled words on to my lips. I allowed
her to come down from the heights of her passion
slowly and gently before rolling off her into my
wife's arms. "That was so wonderful of you Jack
darling, your such a tender lover, please come
and love me like that too" and she pulled me over to
mount her as she lay with her arms and legs spread
wide inviting me to invade her firm willing
wonderful body with my hard pulsating member.
By now I'd regained control of myself and was able
to kneel between Jenny's legs and slide her bottom
up on to my thighs as I passed her knees round my
hips and guided her body on to my waiting penis.

While not entering her to it's fullest extent it
did allow me to reach her hard clitoral bud and
rub it gently with one hand as I leaned forward
to caress her breasts with the other, all the time
looking lovingly into her eyes and smiling sweetly
as I watched her expressions change with her
building passion. Suddenly she opened her lips
and gave gasp after gasp of intense pleasure,
her orgasm rolling over her firm smooth perspiring
body. While Jenny was still gasping from her
orgasm I slipped out of her to lay beside her then
picked her up and bodily drew her to lay on top of
me, pushing her down with one hand and with the
other guiding her on to my still erect prick.

I then took tight hold of her hips and pushed her
up and down on my manhood, rubbing her body against
mine, her nipples scraping against the coarse hairs
on my chest. Wrapping my legs round hers and
spreading them as wide as I could without hurting
her I felt her second orgasm begin. I wrapped my
arms round her and hugged her tight to my sweating
body and placed one hand on her buttocks to hold
her pelvis tight to mine.
Very slowly I slackened my grip on Jenny's body as
she relaxed in my arms until I felt my soft cock
slip from her still grasping vaginal muscles
and hearing her give a soft moan "Ohhh.. No Jack,
stay hard for me darling, I want to feel you inside
me still." Kissing her tenderly I relaxed my hold
on her and allowed her to roll off me on to the bed
so I was once more sandwiched between her and Sandi.

As I lay with Jenny and Sandi I felt them move
slightly so my hands were able to cup their breasts
so I began to caress what was offered and also play
with the hard pointed nipples I found under my
fingertips. I began to feel another stirring in my
loins, partially caused by the two hands sharing
the duties of caressing my cock and balls until it
was sufficiently erect to make it worthwhile
them moving down to it. I felt one take the head
into her mouth and the other lick up and down the
shaft, changing places occasionally and sharing
each action between them as fairly as I could ever
want. After a while both sets of lips removed
themselves and I heard low murmuring above my
throbbing erect prick as it pointed towards the
ceiling being held in two soft warm hands. Looking
down towards my feet I saw Jenny and Sandi kiss
briefly and then Sandi lay beside me on her back
with her arms straight down my her side as Jenny
stroked her body up mine a little as she knelt up
to remove my pyjama pants completely. Once I was
naked Jenny came and lay beside me and say softly
"Roll on to your side please darling, I want to
give Sandi a warm shower" and kissed me as she
lifted my shoulder to make me lay facing Sandi who
smiled like a little girl being given a special
present for her birthday. As Jenny pulled back my
upper leg I leaned forward slightly and placed my
lips on Sandi's, kissing her tenderly, gasping as
Jenny began to masturbate me and trace a line of
kisses down my shoulder and upper arm and back to
my neck where she began to whisper in my ear "Cum
Jack darling, cum all over my darling Sandi so I
can rub it into the soft smooth skin of her
titties and over her soft belly and into the hot
wet lips of her pussy, shoot your wonderful cream
all over her for me darling, show me how much you
love us and cover my little sister with your hot
sticky semen and let me rub in like moisturiser and
make her soft skin softer to your touch as you
fuck her in our bed with me holding your full balls
and squeezing them dry as you cum deep in her
womb filling her with your seed.." on and on she
whispered, all the time rubbing her soft warm hand
up and down my throbbing prick 'til I could hold
back no longer and I groaned "I'm cumming Jenny
darling, I'm shooting my cum all over your sister
like you asked me to watch it as it hits her
titties." Jenny leaned over my side and watched as
she aimed the spurts from my pulsating prick up
the length of Sandi's heaving chest to land on and
between her firm pointed breasts and form little
pools in the hollows of her body and streaks down
her ribs and over the tuft of hair on her mons to
trickle down between her swollen and puffy pussy
lips. Again and again I spurted my semen over
Sandi's naked body as she lay beside me 'til Jenny
had to let go of me and crawl over to straddle
her sister and begin spreading the pools of cum
over her skin, occasionally lifting her hands to
lick them clean before getting them covered again
as she rubbed some on another part of Sandi's
body. Eventually there was no more to spread out
and Jenny offered a final clean up of her hands
and fingers to Sandi who licked then all clean and
then pulled Jenny down to lay on top of her and
try to spread some cum on to her clean skin.*
After a few minutes Jenny rolled off Sandi and
climbed over my body to snuggle up close to me
wrapped in one arm while Sandi did the same on the
other side. We lay there in total silence and
the girls went quite quickly to sleep leaving me to
my thoughts and dreams as I eventually drifted
off myself. How long I slept I don't know but I was
awakened by the feeling of my prick being attacked
by a vacuum cleaner and when I tried to pull it
off I grasped a hand full of soft hair which I
soon identified as Sandi's, who had my prick in
her mouth as she tried to get some life out of it.
I pulled her up to where I could kiss her and
whispered "What are you trying to do Sandi darling?"
She smiled up at me "I want you to fuck me again
please Jack, slowly lovingly and passionately,
just you and me darling, no help from Jenny or one
of the girls."
Very gently I kissed and caressed her lips then
her breasts gently stroking my fingertips round
the swelling of her mounds up to her nipples
and down again on the other side, taking them in
the whole of my hand and gently squeezing them
with her nipples between my fingers then pulling
her nipples 'til they seemed to be inches long
then pressing them back into the aureoles so they
disappeared for a second only to pop out into
view again. I licked and suck her as I moved my
hand down to cover her pussy with my flattened
hand, pressing my middle finger between her lips
so the base of it was touching her swollen clit,
then pressing three fingers into her open moist
vaginal passage, spreading her lubricating juices
all over her puffy lips.
When sure she was oiled up properly I hoisted myself
on top of her and between her spreading thighs and
touched the head of my rapidly swelling penis to
her opening then pressed gently forcing myself into
her waiting love canal. As I entered her Sandi
gripped me with her strong muscles which made my
penis throb and stiffen a little more making her
groan with delight. Then she began to thrust her
hips at mine and we soon built up a rhythm which
made her give tiny grunts as she forced herself to
counter my motion with her own 'til she gave a
loud cry of ecstasy as she climaxed, her body
thrashing about so much, despite being held down by
being under mine, that her flailing limbs hit Jenny
and woke her just as Sandi began to come down
from her orgasm and collapse with a long groan of
spent passion.
As I lay over Sandi resting on my knees and elbows
like the gentleman I am, I glanced across to
where Jenny lay as I felt her stirring, then I
looked her straight in the eyes with a broad grin
on my face as she suddenly began to laugh silently
to herself. I watched her for some minutes before
curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what
had amused her, "I was just thinking what I
would say if I tried to divorce you on grounds of
infidelity, 'Well your honour I caught the swine
screwing my sister in my bed two hours after we'd
had a threesome and with me laying next to them
watching', it'd go down like a lead balloon." I
eased myself off of Sandi and lay down facing Jenny
as I pulled her to me ignoring the fact that my
still erect penis was coated with her sisters cum,
and after kissing Jenny as passionately as I could,
I looked in the eyes and said quietly "Jenny
darling, if at any time you want me to stop making
love to your sister, your daughters or their
very sexy friend, all you have to do is say the
word and I will." She put her arms round me and
said just as softly "Jack darling, I know you
would, no matter how much it may hurt you but there
are a number of reasons I'd never ask you to do
that. The first is that I love you too much, the
second is that I love to make love to you with
younger women as it makes me feel so young. The
third reason is that if I made you give up all
women other than me my life would be in mortal
danger from six vengeful females, my baby sister,
my two sexy daughters and their equally sexy
friend plus now, that friends mother and baby
sister. I don't like those odds darling so I guess
I'll just have to put up with it all and lay back
and enjoy it." As she was speaking I could see
Jenny was close to laughing and suddenly understood
why when I heard Sandi make a noise behind me.
Turning quickly saw her making faces at Jenny. I
quickly turned over and with a bit of a struggle
turned Sandi on her front and gave her a couple of
firm slaps on her naked bottom then said sternly
"I want you to go to sleep now so I can make love
to my wife alone and in private young lady,
understand me" and Sandi looked over her shoulder
and said softly "Of course Jack darling it's only
fair" and turned to face away from Jenny and I. I
turned back to take Jenny in my arms again and
kiss her passionately as she caressed my body and I
hers in an effort to regain my lost stiffness.
Seeing I was struggling Jenny whispered very softly
so only I could hear "Jack darling, remember
the first time Susan allowed you to undress her and
Lisa held her hand as you entered her virgin
body for the very first time, it was so wonderful
to stand in the shadows and watch you make a
woman of her, you were so tender she felt almost no
pain as you broke through her maiden barrier,
will you take me like that now darling like it was
my first time and you're my very first lover
making a full woman of me.." and Jenny then pulled
me over to lay between her wide spread thigh and
guided my now hard erect and throbbing penis to her
tight clenched pussy lips that, though they
were nicely moist I had to force hard to spread so
I could penetrate her welcoming vagina and ram
hard as I felt myself slipping inside her then
hearing a sharp cry of "Nooo." as she pretended I
had broken her hymen. *

Firmly but gently I fucked Jenny taking slightly
longer strokes in and out as I gradually worked my
way deeper and deeper into her tight clenched
passage and all the time Jenny was giving tiny
mewls of "No, No," each time I forced myself into
her 'til suddenly I was touching her cervix and
knew I was at full depth and she suddenly began to
cry "YES, YES, YES," as I stroked in and out of her
now loose and willing vaginal canal and she gave a
cry of ecstasy as her orgasm tore through her body
making her tremble in my arms and wrap her arms and
legs round me holding me tighter and tighter as
she experienced climax after climax all the time
crying out that one word over and over again. Very
gently I lay on my side pulling Jenny with me as I
struggled to remove her leg from underneath mine
so she wasn't hurt, then I spent some time just
stroking her back and tenderly kissing her ear and
shoulder, the only two bits I could get to for a
while, 'til she finally relaxed and fell on to her
back between Sandi and I. As she lay there I gently
caressed her whole body as far down as I could
reach until she finally opened her eyes and looked
up at me smiling. "I wish you'd been my first
darling" she said softly, "You made it so wonderful
when I just pretended, it would have been so
much better if I had been a virgin for you, I'm
really jealous of my sister and my daughters but so
proud for them all that you were the first man to
enter their young bodies" there was a stirring
next to Jenny and we looked to see Sandi turning
over to face us and saw there were tears in her
eyes, "Are you really jealous Sis." she said " I
mean jealous that Jack was the first man to make
love to me?" Jenny turned and hugged Sandi close
"Yes darling, I am but I'm also so glad he was the
first for you, it's almost as good as if he was my
first too." Sandi looked at Jenny when she could
and said in a quiet voice "You're not frightened of
losing Jack to me are you Sis?" Jenny smiled at
her "Sandi darling, if you take Jack off me it's
because I've screwed up somehow and driven him
away, so you'll deserve him, just don't try too
hard OK baby" Sandi grinned and shook her head as
she lay down beside her sister and closed her eyes.
Very soon we were all facing the same way like
spoons in a drawer, I had one arm under Jenny's
neck and holding her breasts and the other I had
laid across both bodies and curled over Sandi's
resting on her breasts too, and that's how we woke
up in the morning to the sound on the alarm.*
continued in chapter 6 of volume 2.
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