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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you
do not like this then delete the file and go away.
If you are under the age of consent where you live,
or it is against any law or statute where you
reside, to read or obtain such materiel, then
delete the file and do not read any further.
Otherwise read and enjoy this long, multi-part
davidb234 author.
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Jacks family Saga Volume 2


Wanting to get to the shower first I leaped
straight out of bed as soon as I'd silenced the
alarm, put on a robe and made my way to the
bathroom where I found Lisa in the shower and Kelly
waiting, "What's the matter girls, getting too shy
to share a shower, or is that only for fun these
days?" Kelly giggled and said softly "I didn't
trust myself to get in with Lisa this morning I'm
so horny, maybe if we got in together..." "Not a
chance young lady I have to go to work early this
morning so I'll have a shower with you but that'll
be all, for now that is" and gave her a tender pat
on the bottom then caressed the place I had
slapped. "Daddy can't you keep your hands of any
half naked woman when you get close?" asked Lisa
with mock severity. "No Lisa darling, and to prove
it come here and let me kiss you good morning" and
as she fell into my open arms I caressed her firm
rounded bottom while I was kissing her, "See what I
mean, now excuse me but I must get in the
shower with this sex pot and get cleaned up before
Shaking her head in despair Lisa grinned broadly
as she left Kelly and I in the shower where we both
concentrated on getting clean with only the minimum
amount of touching and stroking between us. As we
both got out and stood drying off, Jenny came in
and threw her hands up in mock horror, "Husband can
you not keep away from naked girls, even after a
night of passion with me, unhand that wanton and
allow me to deal with her as she deserves." I left
Jenny and Kelly chatting in the bathroom as Kelly
dried herself and Jenny got under the shower,
seeing them next at breakfast where Lisa had laid
the table and begun to cook me bacon and egg. As
she placed it before me I put one arm round her
bottom and the other round her neck and pulled her
down on to my lap where I spent a few minutes
kissing her and thanking her for doing my breakfast
so nicely. "Gosh Daddy if I can expect this every
time I'll do breakfast again" she said as she
forced herself out of my grip and back to the
stove. Sue was next down and she came straight up
to me and put her arms round my neck kissing me
sweetly "Daddy will you please tuck me in tonight,
I missed it so much last night." "Of course I will
darling, provided you're a good girl today" and
gave her a pat on the butt as she went to sit to
the table. Kelly Jenny and Sandi all came in
together and all kissed me like old times as they
came into the kitchen to get their breakfast.
"Uncle Jack, could you drop Lisa and I off on your
way in to work please we have some things to do
before we go to class" asked Kelly as I poured a
last cup of coffee. "Surely, so long as you're
ready in five minutes" Lisa came over and kissed me
"Seven please Daddy, I'm not quite ready 'cos I
cooked breakfast" I smiled "OK baby seven minutes"
and settled down again to wait for my two young
lovers. On the way to work Lisa leaned over the
back of my seat and said in her sweetest voice
"Daddy darling, could I ask a big favour" I
chuckled "You can ask all you want my love, just
don't expect too much, what's the favour?" Lisa
kissed my ear "Daddy darling, could Kelly and I
borrow the car tonight please, you see we have a
dance to go to and don't want to drag you out
twice." "Lisa sweetheart, if you would like me to
take you and then collect you later I'll do so very
happily. If however you want the car for other
reasons I'll understand and allow you to have it."
I heard Kelly giggle and Lisa just said "Other
reasons Daddy, perhaps." "OK darling, of course you
can have the car, just don't smash it up, I need it
for work in the morning."
So it was that after bringing them home and getting
changed with only a quick snack for dinner Lisa and
Kelly took my car and went out on the first social
function either had attended for almost a year. I
have to admit to a good deal of worry during the
evening as did Jenny, and we both sat up 'til the
girls arrived home leaving the car on the drive as
they crept into the house so as not to wake us.
Seeing we were waiting for them Kelly and Lisa came
into the Den and Lisa said "Sorry were so late Mom"
"That's all right darling, we didn't set a time
limit for you so your not late, the point is did
you have a good time?" Kelly and Lisa sat down with
us and Kelly said "Not really Jenny, we danced a
lot but there weren't any unattached boys worth
bothering with so we just talked to some of our
friends and had a coke or two, we didn't even get
propositioned once not even by the town stud".
Lisa chuckled "It was a real bummer Mom, I don't
think we'll try again for a while, not 'til we
find a couple of guys worth having." With that the
girls kissed us both good night and went up to bed
where I followed them. As they undressed I knelt
by Sue's bed and kissed her good night and tucked
her in, then, turning to catch Lisa with her arms
over her head slipping her T-shirt over her naked
body and Kelly taking off her panties to stand
naked before me I smiled and said "Would you two
disappointed young ladies like to be tucked in and
kissed good night by an old man while I'm here?"
Lisa nodded "I would please Daddy, at least I
know you love me" and I stood by her bed as she got
in, tucked her in and kissed her tenderly. I then
turned to Kelly who stepped up to me and pressed
her firm young body close to mine, kissed me and
said softly "I'd love to have you tuck me in Uncle
Jack, and I know you love me too, you're much
better than those silly boys that don't know just
what they missed tonight." With a twist of her
hips she dived into bed and I tucked her in tight
and wished them all sweet dreams as I left the

Jenny soon joined me in bed and, as she snuggled up
close said "How are they darling, they seemed
really disappointed not to have been picked up,
especially as they wanted to be." "I think the
problem is that they've been so close to us, and
each other, for the past year they haven't been
seen as part of the available stock of young women,
so to speak. They did tell me some time ago that
there was talk of them being lesbians because they
didn't go out with boys. At the time it seemed a
good thing because they didn't want to be bothered
with them. Now it's backfiring on them; I'll have to
try to think of a way out of it for them I guess."
I then pulled Jenny into my arms and settled
down to sleep. Next morning I awoke as usual to
find a half naked Susan snuggled up to my back
and with her arm wrapped round my chest as she
clung tight to me. As I turned over on to my back
she shifted herself so her uppermost leg was
placed over mine and she pressed her moist pussy
to my thigh. Placing my arm round her shoulders
I kissed Sue and whispered in her ear "You're not
going to have another wet dream on my leg are you
darling?" And she pulled her head back and blushed
as she said "Daddy, that's an awful thing to say,
as if I did it on purpose" and then smiled broadly
as she said softly "But is was rather nice" and
started to giggle just as Jenny came in with
some early morning tea for me.

Jenny joined in Sue's amusement when Sue told her
what I'd said and sat with us a I drank my tea,
during which time Sue began to gently rub herself
on my thigh as she lay cuddled up to me under the
bedclothes. "If you don't behave your self Susan
I'll have to ban you from our bed" Jenny said
firmly as she noticed what was going on. "I'll also
have to take extreme measures with Daddy for
enjoying what you're doing, do you understand?" Sue
look up sheepishly and, smiling said "Yes Mom, I'm
sorry, I couldn't help it, it felt so nice touching
Daddy like that, I'll be good, honest." Sue then sat
up, pulled her nightie down and with a quick kiss
for me jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.
"Sex mad" said Jenny smiling as Sue closed the door
behind her, "Better she's like that than frightened
and ashamed when sex is mentioned, don't you think
darling" I replied. Jenny smiled a little wider as
she nodded and t hen kissed me "You're right of,
course I'm still a little jealous that she enjoys
it so much more than I did at her age." Having put
down my empty cup I pulled her into my arms and
lay down with her for a final few minutes before
getting up to get ready for work.

The next few weeks saw a settling down of the
family routine. I did nothing positive about the
special nights Jenny had said they were all going
to have with me. This was mainly because we got
so involved with planning Christmas and New Years.
I was also very busy at work and had to put a
lot of extra time in to sort out a number of
problems caused by the head of our department. It
turned out he was a complete incompetent,
transferred to us from another division where he
had a good deal of influence. My boss Ted asked me
to clean up the mess as best I could as soon as the
coast was clear and the department head had gone.
As the extra work was on top of my normal days
work I ended up working evenings and weekends so
had to leave the girls to their own devices for a
Christmas and New Year came and went, I'd cleared
up all the mess at work and received a nice
little bonus from Ted on top of my usual overtime
payments. I was now back to something like a
civilised work schedule, and near normal working
hours. One Monday morning in mid January, as I sat
down to breakfast Kelly and Lisa came in and kissed
me as sweetly as they usually did before sitting
down beside me. "Daddy could we get a lift in with
you this morning please, and a lift home when you
finish work" said Lisa in her sweetest tones.
"Of course my dear" I replied "If you'll be ready
to go in about fifteen minutes" and left them
finishing their breakfast as I went to look for,
Sandi whom I found in her room just getting dressed.
"Sandi darling, have you had any thoughts about
your birthday next week, about the sort of party
you might want" she turned to me and grinned.
"Why Jack darling, are you offering to pay for
something special?" I grinned back, "Well... as
Kelly and Lisa have theirs in the next ten days
I just thought it might be nice if you were to
have a joint party and invite some of yours and the
girls friends to give a good mix of ages and make
it a nice big party rather than three little family
ones, would you think about it today and we can
discuss it more this evening."

Sandi stood up and hugged me "You really mean it
Jack?" she asked and kissed me as I nodded before
leaving her to continue dressing. Later in the
day as I finished work Kelly and Lisa were standing
by the car and gave me their usual kiss and
cuddle before we got in and I drove away, "Had any
more thoughts about getting boys you two?" I
asked as they sat in the back chatting quietly,
"Not really Uncle Jack" replied Kelly, "I guess
we're just not their type or something." "Rubbish"
I responded, "I think it's that they don't
actually realise you're available, as it were, you
are available aren't you?" I asked with a grin
as I looked back at them in the driving mirror.
"Well, I guess we are, sort of, Daddy" said Lisa
slowly sounding very embarrassed. "That's OK then"
I said "I'd hate to think you'd get bored with
only having me available and missing out on all the
young studs out there in the wide world." This
brought a storm of protest from them both that
lasted 'til we got home and I'd put the car away.*

I walked into the kitchen and was met by a kiss
from Jenny and Sue before taking off my coat and
going to wash up before dinner, bumping into Sandi
as I came out of the bathroom and going back
downstairs. "Can we have a chat after dinner please
Jack, I've thought about what you said and think
it's a great idea." A little later as the girls were
doing the dishes Jenny, Sandi and I sat in the Den
and I outlined my idea about the coming birthday
party. "I don't want to spoil it for you Sandi
darling, and if you want it to be a private, family
party I'll understand. I just thought it might be
a good opportunity to get you and all the girls
thinking about having a wider social life.
Making it a triple party we can have a wide range
of guests, and ages if we ask Sue to invite
a couple of her friends as well. This might also
help Kelly and Lisa after their let down when they
went out the other night, imagine two beautiful
young women not able to get picked up."
Sandi grinned, "I know how I'd feel if it was me,
I'd be mad as hell with men in general" she said.
"I tell you what Jack darling, how about if we all
invite three friends each, including Susan you and
Jenny?" I smiled and leaned over to kiss her
tenderly "That sounds like a wonderful idea Sandi
darling, will you tell the girls, I think they'll
appreciate it a little more than if it seemed I
was organising it?" Sandi smiled and nodded as she
got up to go and find Kelly, Lisa and Susan.
A little while later Sue came and sat with me, just
so she could have a cuddle and was curled up in
my arms when Kelly and Lisa came in. "Sue, have you
seen Aunt Sandi, she wants to have a word with
you quickly" said Lisa and Sue reluctantly dragged
herself up and out to find her aunt while Kelly
and Lisa sat beside me. "Uncle Jack, who should we
invite to the party, we've no boy friends to
speak of and most of the girls we know we wouldn't
want to invite anyway?" said Kelly as I took
them in my arms and they lay their heads on my
shoulders. "Do you know any reasonably presentable
unattached guys?" I asked. They both nodded "One or
two" replied Lisa "But it's a matter of getting
to them with invitations." "Where are you likely to
find them of an evening" I responded, "At the
Disco Club I suppose" said Kelly "But we know what
happened last time we went there" she continued
despondently. I smiled and gave her a hug, "Look
darlings, how about you invite one unattached girl
and two guys each, I'm sure you know that many at
least, if you like I'll take you down to the club
so you can find those you want. I also think you'll
have more luck if you go singly and not mob
handed, want to try that?" Kelly and Lisa looked at
each other then at me and nodded. "Right first
of all why not telephone the girls you want to
invite, then tomorrow I'll take one of you out,
drop you at the club then pick you up later, then
the following night the other one goes, OK?"

The following evening I drove Kelly into town and
dropped her off outside the Disco Club, making a
big deal of giving her a kiss and a wave as I drove
off. I returned at eleven thirty and parked in
front of the entrance 'til she came out accompanied
by a small group of young men all jockeying to open
the car door for her to climb in beside me. As she
got in, and with her coterie watching Kelly gave me
a kiss and said "Oh thanks for collecting me Uncle
Jack" then turned to wave as we drove off.
After a few seconds sitting beside me Kelly gave a
huge sigh and, turning to me said "You're a genius
Uncle Jack, on my own I had guys all over me and
received two very indecent proposals as well as a
number of requests for dates now they know I'm not
a lesbian. Lisa will have a wonderful time when she
goes because I told them she may be there tomorrow."
She then laid her head on my shoulder during the
ten minute drive home. When we got indoors Kelly
gave me a quick kiss and said "Will you come and
tuck me in tonight please Uncle Jack?" I gave
her a hug and a quiet "Of course darling" as I went
into the family room to find Jenny and Sandi. "Did
Kelly have a good time darling?" asked Jenny as I
sat between her and Sandi. "She didn't actually
say, but from the way she acted I reckon she did,
anyway I'll try to find out in a little while as
she wants me to go and tuck her in shortly" I
replied. "It was certainly different to the last
time she went, there were at least four guys
jostling to open the car door for her and they
almost came to blows as they tried" and Jenny and
Sandi smiled at the thought.
After a few minutes I got up and went to the girls
bedroom where I gave a soft knock and was told to
"Come in Daddy" by Lisa and heard a hushed "Not yet
Lis'" from Kelly as I walked into the room to find
Kelly sitting naked on Lisa's bed, jumping up as I
closed the door behind me, "I'm sorry darling" I
said, "I'll come back in a few minutes when your
dressed" "Don't be silly Uncle Jack, come in
please, I was just being silly."
While Kelly got into her nightie I went to Sue's
bed, bent over her to kiss her tenderly and ask
very quietly "Do you want a cuddle and for me to
tuck you in baby?" Sue gave me a sweet smile and
said softly "Yes please Daddy" and put her arms
round my neck pulling me down to kiss her, then I
tucked her in whispering "Sweet dreams baby." I
then turned to where Lisa and Kelly were still
sitting up in bed chatting in whispers so as not to
disturb Susan. *

I went to sit on Lisa's bed and said "Well Kelly
darling, did you have a nice time tonight, I
assumed you did with all those guys fighting for
your attention" and gave her a huge grin. "It was
wonderful Uncle Jack, you were right, with the two
of us they were all intimidated, on my own they
were all over me, and when I said that Lisa would
be there another night they seemed really pleased.
I've got a couple of them I might invite when I've
compared notes with Lisa so we don't pick the same
ones and we've got two girls that are not dating
at present so there'll be plenty to go around"
and Kelly and Lisa gave a very girlish giggle at
the thought of so many boys in the house.
"Will I be able to go tomorrow night Daddy, we don't
want to leave it too late with the invites do we?"
I nodded, "Just clear it with your mom in the
morning will you darling" and Lisa nodded as she
lay down and I tucked her in and gave her a kiss
and cuddle then went over to Kelly and did the same.
"Thanks so much Uncle Jack, I had a great time, it
seems so long since I got drunk, but I've really
enjoyed it all." I paused t the door to wish a
them sweet dreams as I closed the door behind me.

Later as I lay in bed with Jenny I told her
briefly what Kelly had told me. "I was going to take
Lisa down tomorrow night darling, hopefully the
poor boys won't feel so intimidated if she's on her
own and she might end up with a date as well as a
couple to invite to Sandi's party, by the way who
are we going to ask, had any thoughts?"
Jenny rattled off a couple of neighbors names, ones
that had teenage sons at least old enough for Susan
to take an interest in. She chuckled and said
"Getting to be a right old matchmaker, aren't you
Jack darling, but you might end up without your
girls to keep you warm if you're not careful."

Putting my arm round Jenny I said softly "In that
case my darling, I'll have to rely on my love to
keep me warm, won't I?" and hugged her close as I
kissed her passionately, turned on my back and
pulled her to lay her head on my chest which is how
we went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to
feel Susan pressed up against me as usual and heard
her chatting very softly to Jenny as they both
lay their heads on my chest and each had a hand
close to or on my suddenly stiffening penis,
"Daddy's awake Mom" said Sue softly and I knew it
was her hand on me. "And what a way for a guy to
wake up, a pair of gorgeous women laying on his
chest and a soft warm hand saying good morning to
his manhood" I said quietly, "Susan, what are you
doing to the poor man, let go of him this instant
there isn't time for that sort of thing this
morning" Jenny replied and Sue gave a gentle tinkle
of laughter as she said "But Mom, I was only resting
my hand on it, it was the most comfortable place
I could find." "Susan darling, if you want to be
that comfortable with Daddy you better come and be
comfortable all night after Daddy has picked up
your sister from her dance, just don't go shouting
about it darling, be discrete please." Sue sat up
then leaned across me, brushing her hard nipples
across my chest as she tried to hug her mother,
"Really Mom, can I, Ooohh.. thanks Mom, Daddy,
I'll be good, I promise!" and as she hugged and
kissed me I whispered "I know you will darling, you
always are." Giving her a loving pat on the bottom
as she climbed off me to go and have a shower she
said cheekily "And I'll try to be even better if
Mom will help teach me." "I'll have to think about
that young lady, I can't see the sense in training
a rival for Daddy's affections, can you?" said
Jenny with a big grin. Her baby daughter walked
across the bedroom swaying her wonderful firm
slim young hips as she went and, turning at the
door said "What, me, competition for you, I don't
think so mother, I'm just a plaything, you're his
wife, I don't stand a chance" and blew Jenny a
kiss as she closed the door behind her.

"What a bright child" I said laughing as I got
up to start my day. "And beautiful with it, I can
see where she gets it from as well" and kissed
Jenny lovingly as I put on my robe to get a shower.
My day started well and finished well too as I
walked to the car I saw Kelly and Lisa waiting for
me, both of them putting their arms round me and
kissing me before we got in the car and drove off.
As the girls sat down in the back they had to move
a bag of items I had gone out to buy during my lunch
break "What's this lot Uncle Jack" asked Kelly.
"None of your business young lady, keep out please
it's private for now", "It certainly smells rather
nice Daddy" put in Lisa as she lifted the bag to
her nose, then seeing the stern look on my face
placed it beside her and ignored it for the rest
of the way home. Later on, after dinner I took
Lisa out and dropped her outside the Disco Club.
I kissed her as she got out of the car and waved
as she said "Bye Daddy see you later" and walked
through the door swaying her hips as she went.
When I picked her up some hours later she had
as big a crowd of young men around her as Kelly
had had the previous evening. But this time one of
them that was unable to get close to her as she
got in the car said "Hello Daddy" and kissed me
lightly, stood by my window and said a soft "Good
night sir" waving to Lisa as I drew away.*

"Who was that" I asked as Lisa snuggled up to me
and explained what had happened, "Oh, that's
Danny, I want to invite him to the party, so does
Kelly, so he's definitely on the list to come, and
you were right Daddy, I was swamped with boys, some
wanting to get in my pants, others that have given
me a sore butt with their pinching and a couple that
want to take me out on a date, but..." "But what
darling" I asked gently. "I don't know Daddy, it
seems funny talking about going out with boys and
thinking what happens if they want sex and what
happens when I want you to love me. I just think
I'll feel sort of dirty coming to you after maybe
going with one of them..." "Lisa darling, just
wait 'til it happens, then come and talk to me
about it, in private if you like, just remember what
your mother and I have always told you, be very
careful at all times, let your head rule your heart
and your hormones, and you won't go wrong." At that
point I pulled up outside the house and allowed
her to get out while I garaged the car.

Lisa waited for me to lock up and walked into the
house holding my hand and after we had taken off our
coats put her arm round me and accompanied me into
the family room to be with the rest of the family.
As we sat down I noticed that Susan was absent and
Jenny whispered that she had gone to bed just
after I had left to collect Lisa. "I'll go up to
her darling, join us fairly soon won't you."
I whispered, and got up, wished the girls a fond
good night for which I received tender kisses from
them both, did the same for Sandi and left them
chatting about the party as I made my way up to my
bed. As I came to the girls bedroom I popped my
head in to see if Susan was there, only to find
her bed empty and decided, correctly, that she
was waiting in mine. Entering my bedroom I left
the main light off and approached the bed to switch
one of the small lamps on and looked down at Susans
beautiful face peering at me over the edge of the
sheet. I sat on the edge of the bed and bent over
to kiss her "Hello Susan darling, I'm sorry I'm a
little late but I had to extract your big sister
from a ravening horde of male hormones before she
got devoured. But I'm here now and you'll have my
undivided attention for most of the rest of the
night. Now sit up and show me your wonderfully firm
young breasts while I undress."

Susan giggled at my joke then she did as I asked
and sat upright showing me that she was naked
above the waist at least and displaying her
wonderful breasts with their dark aureoles and firm
erect nipples. As she watched me remove my clothes
she leaned back on her elbows, pushing her chest
out and accentuating the shape of her perfect
titties, gasping softly as she saw my erect penis
come into view as I pushed down my pants and
shorts, stepping out of them and kicking them into
a corner of the room. I crossed the few feet to the
bed slowly so she could feast her eyes on my
manhood for as long as possible before I finally
knelt on the edge of the bed, threw the covers
back and climbed in to lay beside her. I took her
in my arms giving a tiny shiver of pleasure as I
smelt her bathed and lavender powdered body with
the tiny hint of sexual odour that was beginning
to issue from her aroused young body. As I gently
hugged her Susan put her arms round me and pulled
me tight to her saying very softly "Ooohh, hold me
Daddy please, hold me very tight, let me feel
your strong body so close to mine, it makes me feel
so safe and warm to be in your arms like this I
never want to let go." I held her close to me as I
rolled over on to my back, bringing her part way
so she was half on my chest and half on the bed
with her cheek laying just above my heart so she
could feel it beating. As she lay with me I
caressed her upper cheek with one hand and her back
and butt with the other. We were still laying like
this an hour later when Jenny joined us and as
she undressed slowly and sexily looking at me as I
lay with her baby daughter in my arms. I couldn't
help the beginning of an erection which Sue felt
as she lay with her hand resting on my manhood.
Without opening her eyes Sue said softly "Are you
trying to tell me something Daddy, like that you're
getting aroused by something?" Jenny chuckled then
said "Yes baby, Daddy's getting aroused because
I've just done a strip tease for him, but what
have you done to him to put him to sleep so soon
young lady, not worn him out I hope?"

Sue turned over to look at her mother "No Mom,
I've just been laying in his arms, listening to his
heartbeat feeling wonderfully safe and warm
like I do when I come to you in the mornings."
Jenny lay down beside Sue and put an arm round her
"Do you really feel like that when you lay down
with Daddy, darling?" asked Jenny seriously, and
Sue nodded "Yes Mom, more than I did with... my
father" she replied softly, "And I love Daddy much
more than I ever did 'him'" she added forcefully
and buried her face in my chest. Jenny clambered
over our two bodies to my other side, lifted Susans
face and said softly "In that case my darling
baby daughter I think you should try to learn how
to make the man you love so much, loved so much
more, don't you?" and Sue looked up at her mother,
smiled and said softly "Yes please Mom, if you'd
show me how please I'd love to learn."
For the next three hours Jenny used my very naked
body to show Sue how to get and keep me aroused,
where my erogenous zones were and how to use touch
of lips tongue and fingers to stimulate me, how to
build up my arousal and then depress it. "Like
pinching his nipples Mom, that stops him" and Sue
giggled at the memory. Finally Jenny said softly
"Now Susan darling, I want you to mount Daddy as he
lays on his back and try to make him cum without
moving too much, while I kiss and caress him at
the other end."*

Jenny laid her head on my shoulder and watched with
me as Sue knelt by my hips, lifted one leg over
and held herself over my erect and pulsating penis
for a few seconds before grasping it in her hand
and guiding it between her wet swollen pussy lips,
then press down very slowly so as to feel me
entering her for as long was possible. When she'd
settled on my pelvis she began a gently swaying
of her hips as she grasped and released my penis
with her vaginal muscles alternately. As Jenny saw
Sue begin to try to masturbate me with her vaginal
passage she began to whisper in my ear as she
caressed my chest and abdomen with feather light
touches of her fingertips. "Can you feel her my
darling, as she caresses your hard throbbing cock
with her soft warm passage, I want you to fill
her up with your hot sticky cum my love, make her
cum when she feels you shooting a stream of
burning semen deep into my baby's soft warm body,
make her feel like a grown woman with your seed
filling her." Then Jenny began to kiss me as
tenderly and as passionately as she had ever kissed
me, on my lips and my cheek, down my collar bone
and over my chest, sucking on my nipples and
nibbling them between her teeth making me give tiny
cries of pain and a jerk of my hips. This made
Susan gasp as I drove a little deeper into her
until I felt her begin to move her hips a little
more decisively as she got closer and closer to her
own climax and began to cry "Hurry Daddy, please cum
first I want to feel you shooting it deep into my
tummy first, please Daddy hurry I'm going to cum
soon, Daddy cum quick I'm cumming NOOOOWWWW" and
she gave a loud cry of ecstasy as her orgasm rushed
over her young body. I cried out "YES, YES, YES"
as I began to shoot a stream of cum into her,
making her cry out "YES, YES, Daddy, cum, keep on
cumming in me Daddy cum, cum, cum" finally
collapsing forward onto my chest gasping for
breath as her hips continued to thrust gently
against my pelvis and her vagina gripped my slowly
softening prick in an attempt to keep me inside
her. Jenny whispered for me to lift my hips up as
far as I could, then moved Sue's legs round so she
was laying full stretch on me instead of with her
knees bent then lay her head on my chest with
After a few minutes Jenny said softly "You know
Jack darling, it's a jolly good thing you had that
vasectomy otherwise I think you'd soon be a proud
father after a performance like that, and I never
knew I had such a talented daughter". "Only because
I had such a good teacher" put in Sue softly,
"That was really wonderful Mom, I never knew I
could make Daddy cum just sitting still, well
almost. And when I started to cum I never thought I
was going to stop, I just kept on and on for
ever" and she closed her eyes and wriggled her hips
on mine as she recalled her orgasm over again.
After resting for a while Sue gave a sudden shiver
of pleasure and lifted herself up on her elbows,
looked at Jenny and said in a soft tender voice
"Mom, can I get Daddy aroused so you can have a cum
with him?" and Jenny smiled sweetly as she replied
"Would you like to do that for me darling, I'll
help because I think you drained him so much with
your lovely soft young body it'll take quite a
lot to get him aroused again." Susan giggled at her
mothers words and leaned over to kiss her
tenderly "Thanks Mom, you know I must be the
luckiest girl in the world to have my mother help
teach me to make love to my new Daddy, I wish I
could tell some of the girls at school about it"
and she gave a wistful sigh as she sat up opposite
Jenny and held out a hand to her. Jenny took
Sue's hand and gave it a gently squeeze then leaned
over and whispered some quiet instructions in
her ear which made Susan grin broadly and nod her
head vigorously. When their heads parted Jenny
gave me a quick smile and bent down over my soft
sticky penis and began to lick it clean of mine
and Sue mixed cum.
Sue glanced at her mother, smiled and bent over my
face and placed a tender kiss on my lips with her
wonderfully soft moist warm lips, gently pushing
the tip of her tongue into my mouth and search for
mine. As she kissed me Sue placed her soft warm
hands on my cheeks and held my head still as she
transferred her lips to cover my eyes and face with
soft tender kisses, interspersing them with tender
words of love as she pressed her cheeks to mine.
"Please Daddy make love to mom like you did me,
make her as happy as I was when you filled me with
your wonderful hot cum, let her feel your hard
throbbing penis fill her hot wet pussy and show her
you love her like you did for me." The combined
effect of young Susan kissing and whispering to me
and the feeling of Jenny as she kissed and sucked
my prick to full standing once more was enough to
allow Jenny to throw a leg over my body and give a
huge sigh as she lowered herself on to my hard
erect prick.
Sue heard her mothers reaction to the feel of me
entering her and sat up to watch, then as
Jenny began to fuck me as I lay beneath her Sue
shuffled on her knees to straddle my thighs and
press her firm young body up against Jenny's back
and pass her hands round Jenny's ribcage to place
her hands full on Jenny's breasts. Jenny gave a
gasp as she felt her breasts being caressed and
passed her hands behind her to place them on Sue's
bottom as Sue squeezed and stroked Jenny's
swollen titties and pinched her hard erect

Unwilling to be completely passive I gently slid
my hands up over Jenny's knees and caressed her
inner thighs then touched my finger tips on her
labia and caressed her clitoris making her give
little mewls of pleasure and little jerks of her
hips as she worked herself off on my pulsating
penis buried deep in her warm receptive body. As
Jenny thrust herself at me and Sue caressed her
breasts and I rubbed at her clit I heard Susan
softly whispering in Jenny's ear. "Fuck Daddy Mom,
please cum on daddy's hard penis like I did, it was
so wonderful to feel him inside me hard and
throbbing, filling my young body with his wonderful
hot cum you made him shoot in me, make him do
the same for you please mom so I can feel you have
a good cum as well" and Sue pressed her body
close to Jenny's and kissed her on the shoulder as
she caressed Jenny's breasts. All of a sudden
Jenny lifted herself up and then rammed her body
down hard on my pelvis as she gave a loud groan
and began thrashing about in her daughters arms and
began giving cries of "YES, YES, NOW IMMMM
cuuuummmmiiinnnggg NOWWWW." I sat up as best I
could and threw my arms round Jenny and Sue as I
tried to stop her throwing herself off my lap and,
as she calmed down a little I lay back, drawing
her with me and out of Sue's caressing grasp as I
lifted my hips and moved her knees round as I had
with Susan earlier. Sue lay down beside us and
placed her head on my shoulder close to Jenny's,
and her arm across our two bodies, lifting slightly
to allow me to pass my arm under her and draw her
close to my naked body. Jenny gave a huge sigh
after a few minutes and as she opened her eyes to
look straight into Sue's she smiled and said softly
"Did that sound as good as it felt baby?" and
Sue grinned "I certainly hope so Mom, it sounded
like I'd want it to feel anyway."

Susan then snuggled herself deeper into my arm and
said in a quiet voice "Isn't Daddy wonderful Mom,
he makes me feel so... loved and warm and safe" "I
know baby, I feel the same" replied Jenny giving a
little wriggle against my body as she lay full
length on top of me before gently sliding off to
lay half on the bed and half on me the same as
Susan was doing on the other side of my recumbent
body. The next thing either of us knew was when we
were woken by Sandi bringing in early morning tea,
sitting on the edge of the bed and saying, with a
big grin on her face "I thought I better bring this
in because with all the noise you three were making
last night I knew you wouldn't hear the alarm and
might over sleep and be late for school and work."
"Thanks Sandi darling, I really do appreciate the
thought" said Jenny as she sat up to take the
tray of cups from her and giving me a dig in the
ribs telling me to sit up. As I did Sue snuggled
down against my hip, laying her head on my lap with
just the top edge of the sheet between our
flesh, and murmured "No tea for me thanks Aunt
Sandi, I just want to stay here all day" and closed
her eyes and gave a big sigh of contentment giving
a little wiggle of her hips as she pressed her
pussy against my leg. After Jenny and I had
finished our tea we made for the bathroom and had a
shower together then went back to the bedroom to
dress for work. I bent over Susan and whispered
"Susan my darling, if you are not out of this bed
in five seconds you'll be having a cold shower in
ten, one -- two -- three-" "OK Daddy I'm gone" she
shouted as she scrabbled from beneath the covers
and dashed across the room showing me her cute
little bottom, "Darling, it would be a good idea to
put something on before you dash out of here" said
Jenny in mock severity as Sue put her hand on
the door handle, giving a squeak of embarrassment
as she turned to where I was holding her robe up
for her so she could slip her arms in and then pull
it round her young naked body. As I eased the
robe over her shoulders I leaned over and kissed
her on the back of the neck as I gave her a pat on
the bottom, "Go and get a shower, then get down for
breakfast quickly" I said softly and she turned
and said sweetly "Yes Daddy" blew me a kiss and
slipped out of the room. As Jenny and I sat in the
kitchen having breakfast Kelly came in and, giving
Jenny a tender kiss and a "Good morning Jenny"
came to me and kissed me passionately saying "You
seemed to enjoy yourselves last night Uncle Jack"
I grinned at Jenny and just said "Yes" and
continued with breakfast.
Until that is Lisa joined us and she kissed Jenny
lovingly said "Good morning Mom, sleep well?" Jenny
replied "Yes thank you darling" as Lisa came and
sat on my lap, kissed me long and hard and said
softly "It sounded as if mom and Sue really enjoyed
it last night Daddy, did you?" I kissed her back
and said "Yes darling, but you know I don't discuss
such things so stop trying to pump me please" and
lifted her from my knee as I went back to my
breakfast once more. Sue eventually joined us and
when we were all sitting round the table I called
for their attention and said "From today the spare
bedroom is out of bounds to all but me and, this
evening at any rate, my darling wife who it seems
got No.1 spot on the lucky dip, every one
understand?" tThey all nodded seriously as Jenny
smiled across the table at me then round the table
at the rest of the family. As I ran Kelly and Lisa
to campus that morning Lisa leaned over the back of
my seat had whispered "Daddy, what have you got
planned for the surprise for us?" I chuckled and
replied "If you ask me that again my love you won't
find out, all you'll have is a surprise spanking
instead, OK?" Lisa giggled "How do you know that's
not what I'll want anyway Daddy" she said, "In that
case my dear I'll give you nothing, just tie you to
the bed and go to sleep, just be patient please and
try to enjoy the anticipation."*

That evening Kelly and Lisa were waiting in the car
for me, I had got a couple of spare sets of
keys so they didn't have to get wet if it was
raining before I could let them in. Both kissed me
as I settled my self behind the wheel and began the
drive home with Lisa and Kelly chatting about
the boys they'd invited to Sandi's party the
following evening. "I hope you're getting in plenty
of booze Daddy" said Lisa as she leaned on the back
of my seat, "With all the people coming we're
going to need gallons of it, as well as lots of pop
for Sue's friends and anyone that doesn't drink".
"Oh, I think we'll have enough to last, if not the
boys can drink water, they might be of more use
later if they don't suffer from 'brewers droop'"
"What's that Uncle Jack, I never heard of a disease
like that before." I laughed long and loud before
explaining to them the effect of too much booze
on the male sex organ, "If ever you don't want
to be bothered by a horny guy get him drunk, but
make sure he's paying" I said with a chuckle as
I parked the car in the driveway to let the girls
out. A couple of hours later, after dinner and the
dishes were done Lisa came into the family room
with a six pack in her hand, "Can I interest you
in a drink before you go to bed Daddy" and turned
round quickly and scooted back to the kitchen
before I could get up to chase her. When Jenny
enquired what was going on I explained what I had
told the girls on the way home and she chuckled
until Lisa came back in with a big grin on her
lovely face. "Lisa darling, could I have a quick
word" said Jenny as Lisa was about to sit down.
When Lisa was standing in front of where Jenny
was sitting Jenny said in a quiet voice, "My
darling daughter, I'm not usually vindictive am
I?" and when Lisa shook her head Jenny continued
"Would you then be upset if I was to ground you
for a month?" "MOM" said Lisa in a loud moan, "Why,
what have I done to deserve that?" Jenny smiled
wickedly "Offered to give Daddy brewers droop my
dear, and possibly spoil whatever nice surprise he
may have planned for me this evening. I'll tell you
what, instead of a month how about you don't
attend the party tomorrow, and you miss out on
Daddy's special evening, will that sound a little
better?" Suddenly Lisa was so close to tears I
could see them welling up in her eyes as she shook
her head and said in a hushed voice "Do you really
mean it Mom, I was only joking honest I didn't
mean to upset you like that Mom, I promise." I
pulled Lisa to sit on my lap as I brushed away her
tears and Jenny leaned close and whispered "Yes I
was joking darling, but please think in future."
Lisa collapsed on my shoulder with a huge sigh of
relief as Jenny smiled at her and I whispered
"There are some jokes that are not very funny my
darling, don't you agree" and Lisa gave a little
nod and whispered back "Sorry Daddy it was
thoughtless of me and I deserved what mom did" then
she went and sat next to Jenny and apologised to
her as well. I looked at the clock and saw that it
was eight PM, the time I had set for Jenny and I to
go upstairs so I stood up and put out a hand to her
which she took in both hers as I helped her stand
I then put my arm round her waist and we walked
from the room with Jenny blushing pinkly at the
thought of the rest of the family knowing she was
going with me to have sex of some sort. "Not
embarrassed my love?" I asked as I closed the door
behind us and walked beside her up the stairs. She
turned to look at me and smiled shyly as she
nodded "Yes darling I was for just a minute as we
got to the door, I actually felt like a young
girl being taken somewhere by a boy to make out for
the first time, and having all my friends
watching and knowing what would happen" and she
rested her head on my shoulder as I hugged her
close with my one arm. The hand of my other arm was
actually opening the bathroom door which, after
we were inside, I closed and locked as I began to
undress first Jenny then myself and pulling her
under the shower where we spent a delicious ten
minutes washing each other followed by the same
time getting dried. "No powder" I said as Jenny
reached for the box of my favourite dusting powder,
and held up her bathrobe for her, putting my own on
as she tied hers up. I then led her to the
spare bedroom which I'd laid out earlier and told
her to shuck the robe and lay on the bed face
down as I went round and lit the candles I'd placed
all round the bed, turning off the lights once
they were all shedding their soft warm glow across
the bed. As Jenny lay there I reached for her
robe and covered her bottom and legs, then pulled
her arms from under her body laying them beside
her and started to caress her back and shoulders to
relax her.
After a few minutes I got up and put a CD on to
play soft music as I sat down beside her again and
poured some of the massage oil from the small brown
bottle on to the palm of my hand then, after
spreading it over both hands began to rub it into
Jenny's back and shoulders with a gently but firm
circular motion. As I caressed her I moved my hands
up the full length of her spine and across her
shoulders then, gently taking her closest arm in my
hands rubbed the oil into the skin from shoulder to
wrist, leaving her palms clear so I could spend a
little time placing soft warm tender kisses all
over it and also up each finger to the very tips
which I gently sucked in turn. When I'd finished
with the first arm I went round the other side of
the bed and did the same with the other, ending up
sucking her fingertips as before.*

Coming back to where I started I turned to face the
other way and shoved the bathrobe off her
buttocks, poured a pool of oil over the base of her
spine and proceeded to spread it out over her
soft smooth rounded bottom cheeks and round her
gently curving hips. As I slid my hands inwards
over her bottom I ran my thumbs into the crack of
her butt pulling the cheeks apart as I moved my
hands back allowing myself a quick glimpse of her
puckered anus. Once more I ran my hands over her
buttocks and once more I opened her cheeks, this
time she moved her legs apart slightly. When I
came back again I ran my oily hands down the inside
of her thighs, pressing outwards to get her to
open them a little more. This she did and, shifting
my position a little further down, I began to
massage her legs, starting at her thighs, working
my way down her calves to her feet which I
treated the same as I did her hands, kissing the
soles and sucking each toe, one by one. I moved
round the bed once more to treat her other leg in
the same manner, returning to sit by her ribcage
I bent down and kissed her on the cheek and
whispered "Turn over my love, I want to do your
As Jenny lay looking up at me I bent down once more
and placed a tender loving kiss on her lips
then picked up the bottle of oil and poured a tiny
puddle on her chest between her breasts and
dribbled a track over her rigid nipples and down
the outside of her swollen titties. Placing the
palms of my hands on her breasts I spread the oil
all over them and massaged it into her skin
before dipping my fingers into the pool on her
chest and starting to rub it into her chest and
abdomen and down as far as her waistline. Once
almost all traces of the oil had disappeared from
her torso I moved down and poured a little on my
hand before rubbing them together and applying
them to the inside of the front of Jenny's thighs,
gently forcing them open as I worked my hands up
to her wet swollen pussy lips. I was concentrating
so much on what I had been doing I hadn't
noticed that Jenny was beginning to take short
gasps of breath as my hands caressed her skin. As
soon as my oiled fingers touched her lower lips she
gave a loud gasp of pleasure and opened her
legs as wide as she could, pressing the soles of
her feet together as she spread her knees apart.
Tenderly I began to caress her hot wet pussy lips,
placing two oily fingers on her clit and gently
rubbed them in a circular motion as I slipped two
fingers of my other hand into her sopping wet
vaginal passage and getting a low scream of ecstasy
as she felt her first orgasm of the night rush
through he body. Pressing my palm on her mons I
moved it round and round as I finger fucked her
until I saw she was relaxing after her climax.
Bending over her hips I placed my mouth on her
pussy and began to work my tongue in and out of her
moist lips. Moving my lips up slightly I found her
clitoris and sucked it into my mouth where I
flicked it with my tongue and nibbled it with my
All this time I was pushing my two fingers in and
out of her cunt until once more she cried out as
another orgasm tore through her, making her mash
her sex against my lips and hand. Shucking off my
robe I got on to the bed beside her and, lifting
the leg closest to me over my hip moved round so I
could take her other leg between mine. I then moved
round so that my body was at right angles to hers
and I could slip my hard erect penis into her hot
wet pussy. I lifted her upper leg over my shoulder
and reach round to caress her breasts as I
pounded away at her as I slipped my free hand under
her bottom and pressed my middle finger on her
anus, getting it wet with the juices leaking from
her cunt and then pressing it in as far as I could.

As she felt my finger in her ass and my prick in
her cunt Jenny gave a scream and came time
after time, putting her own fingers on her clitty
and masturbating herself as I fucked her back and
front. Removing my finger from her anus I placed a
hand over hers as it pressed against her clit
and almost forced her to come down from her climax
with my pressing and caressing. I then removed
my penis from her pussy and got up and moved round
to straddle her head as I placed my head between
her legs once more. Kneeling as I was my erect cock
hung obscenely over her face and as I looked
back I could see tiny drops of Jenny's cum drip off
the tip on to her face. Placing my mouth once
more over Jenny's sopping wet pussy, as I felt her
take my cum soaked prick into her soft warm
mouth. I began to tongue fuck her and once more
inserted my long middle finger into her waiting
anus this time moving it in and out in a fucking
motion. As I felt the suction on my cock I
pressed my tongue by turns into her cunt and onto
her clit until she once more went over the top
and climaxed as I sucked at the juices pouring from
her vaginal passage. By now my balls were
beginning to ache and, pulling my prick from
Jenny's mouth I moved round to straddle her chest
and place it between her slightly oily breasts,
where she trapped it by pushing them together from
the sides and, looking me in the eyes said very
softly "Please Jack darling, fuck my titties, shoot
your cum into my mouth and on to my face darling
please do it for me now" and as I started to move
my hips I felt the most wonderful friction on my
penis as it moved between the tightly held mounds
of flesh until I had to groan "Now my love I'm
cumming NOOOWWW, and shot a stream of hot creamy
cum into her open mouth and over her chin with the
final drips leaking out on to her chest between her
titties where I rested my pulsating prick until it
shrank to insignificance. *

Leaving go of her tits Jenny rubbed her hands over
her face and chest collecting all the cum she
could and transferring it to her tongue as she
cleaned herself as best she could. Smiling wickedly
she said in a hushed voice "I need Sandi here to
clean me off darling, I can't see it all" and so I
used my own fingers to scoop up what she'd missed
and offered them to her to suck dry. When she'd
finished I lay myself on top of her, taking my
weight on my knees and elbows, and lowered my lips
on to hers and kissed her, pressing my tongue
between her lips and getting a taste of my own
semen from the inside of her warm wet mouth. Jenny
put her arms round my back and pulled herself tight
to my body as we kissed then she pulled me down and
across so I rolled off her to lay beside her and
take her in my arms, holding her tight to me. As we
lay there, not speaking just kissing tenderly,
I felt my erection returning. I knew I'd have
nothing to give for some time but I could still put
it to good use so, rolling Jenny over on to her
front I pushed a pillow under her hips and, forcing
open her knees entered her from behind, leaning
forward to cup her breasts in my hands as I rested
on my elbows once more, then began to fuck her
again, pounding hard into her and massaging her
tits until I heard her give a cry of pleasure as
she had another orgasm. As I rolled off her back
and removed the pillow from under her Jenny turned
over to me and whispered "No more Jack darling, I
really couldn't do it again tonight, I'm so sore"
and chuckled as she continued "And it's a long
time since I was this sore my love, you must be red
raw by now."
I kissed her lovingly and said softly "It doesn't
matter darling, so long as you're happy" and I got
up, blew out the candles and pulled the covers over
us as we settled down to sleep, both of us
completely spent. In the early hours I woke briefly
to the feel of Jenny's cool hand wrapped around my
stiff throbbing penis as she lay with her head
resting on my chest and her upper leg wrapped over
my thigh. Trying to ignore my erection I slid my
hand down her back until I was cupping it around
her firm rounded bottom and gently squeezing her
buttocks one by one until I dropped off to sleep
once more. Eventually I was awoken by the scream of
the alarm, it being Friday and a working day for me
at least. I tried to sit up but was hampered by
Jenny's body laying half on mine and had to
struggle to get out from under without waking her
while I went for a shower.
As I walked into the bathroom through the already
slightly open door I gaze on Susan's firm young and
very naked body just stepping out of the shower. As
she looked up and saw who'd walked in her eyes
opened wide and her face lit up like a light,
"Daddy" she cried and threw herself into my arms
and kissed me as if I'd been gone for months, "Oh
Daddy, I did miss not snuggling up to you this
morning" and, looking up at me with a wicked grin
said "Can I help you with your shower please
"No" I said firmly "I have to get ready for work
and anyway, if I had time for that sort of thing
your mother has first claim on me, so please get
dried and dressed while I get a shower" and,
giving her a gentle pat on the bottom I shrugged
off my robe and stepped under the jet of hot water
and soaped myself all over. As I showered I was
unable to resist an occasional glance at my lovely
young step daughter as she dried herself off and
then, standing as close to the shower as she could
made a mess as she powdered herself from the box of
dusting powder all the girls used. As always, I
got the beginnings of an erection as soon as I
caught the lavender scent, and Sue knew it because
as she put on her robe she turned and grinned,
"Have a wonderful day Daddy, and think of me, won't
you", she opened the door and bumped into Lisa,
grabbing her and whispering to her before skipping
back to her room. Lisa came in and I saw a huge
grin on her face "Susan certainly is a tease some
times isn't she Daddy" said Lisa softly and dropped
her robe on a chair and stepped in with me,
putting her arms round me and kissing me tenderly
"I love you so much Daddy" she said quietly
"You'll never leave us will you." I gave her a hug,
feeling her wriggle her hips on my, now full,
erection and said softly "If I do my love, I'll
take you with me, and I think I'll have to take
Kelly and Susan as well or risk life and limb."
Lisa chuckled and leaned back to look me in the
eyes, "Do you have time to make love to me now
Daddy darling?" I kissed her and shook my head
"Sorry, I just refused Sue and it would be unfair
if I said yes to you now, wouldn't it?" Lisa
gave a nod and kissed me "At least I got a cuddle
of your naked body while she didn't" she said
with a grin as I finished rinsing off and stepped
out to dry myself.
As I was just finishing with the towel Jenny walked
into the bathroom and kissed me softly "Good
morning darling, had a nice shower?" I smiled as I
shook my head "No I didn't, I've been molested by
two sexy young women and almost ravished by one"
and I gave Lisa a glance and a wink as she smiled
at her mother, "Not me Mom, I just offered him my
body to use as he will and all he did was kiss me
like a little girl and get out of the shower."
Jenny gave a short laugh "That doesn't surprise me
darling, not after last night" and took off her
robe and stepped into the shower with her eldest
daughter and began to soap herself all over. As I
walked out of the bathroom I heard Lisa say, "Well,
come on Mom, tell me all about it, it was obviously
good, but what happened?" and I closed the door
before I could hear Jenny's answer. *

A while later I was at the kitchen table eating
breakfast when Kelly walked in dressed and ready
for class, she came up to me and kissed me tenderly
"Good morning Uncle Jack, did you sleep well?"
she said softly. I grinned as I kissed her back
"Yes darling, we did, eventually" and continued
eating as if nothing had been said. Sandi soon
joined us and she gave me her usual soft warm and
tender good morning kiss, "Good morning Jack
darling" she said as she sat beside me, "You had a
good night last night!" and I just nodded, trying
to keep my face as blank as possible as I grunted
"Nuh" and continued with my breakfast. Jenny, Lisa
and Susan soon joined us and as I poured myself
a cup of coffee Lisa turned to me, "Daddy darling,
would you be able to pick Kelly and I up from
the Mall this evening please, we have some shopping
to do for tomorrow." I nodded and looked around
the table "Any more pickup's required for anywhere,
I'll be finished work a little early today and
will be in town from about four o'clock." Getting
no replies I arranged for Kelly and Lisa to find
me in one of the cafe's in the Mall and said "Are
you girls ready to go?" and got up to put my coat
on as they collected their books and other things
to join me in the car. As we drove into town I
said quietly "Do you remember what we were doing
about a year ago girls?"
They looked at each other blankly for a little
while then Kelly gave a loud gasp. "Seduction Lis',
we started to make love just about one year ago
after the night we got drunk." "WOW" said Lisa "I
guess we'll have to celebrate that fact at the
party, I wonder if mom realises?" I finished a
good days work by three and was talking to a couple
of guys as I was getting ready to leave when my
boss called me into his office, "Doing anything
this weekend Jack?" he asked as I sat down, "Yep,
got a birthday party for my sister-in-law and step
daughters that will probably go on most of Saturday
night, and then Sunday to recover, why?" he smiled
"I was going to ask you to come over to my place
tomorrow evening for a talk about your job", I
smiled "Ted, if you're going to fire me or
something why not come over tomorrow evening and we
can find a quiet corner somewhere, bring the wife
as well if you like, just remember it's mainly
kids, not a lot of booze."
Ted looked at me for a moment then picked up the
phone and dialled, "Hon, cancel dinner tomorrow,
we're going over to Jack's for a birthday party,
...Yeah, I know but plans can be changed and
this is important,... OK see you later darling",
he looked at me again and smiled "We'd love to
come, see you about Seven?" I nodded and got up and
left, intrigued but feeling happy enough, after all
if he was going to fire me he could have done it a
lot better there and then. By the time Kelly and
Lisa were sitting beside me having a soda while I
finished my coffee I'd almost forgotten about Ted
and was listening intently to Kelly and Lisa as
they chatted away about what they'd bought,
dropping hints about a surprise to come, until I
got up, put my arms round their waists and walked
out of the cafe.
As we walked, the girls nestling in my arms, I
chatted away with them glancing up occasionally as
they waved to some of their friends and called out
to others, "You do seem to be quite popular now my
darlings" I said quietly "Are you quite sure you
want to be seen walking around like this with an
old man's arms round you?" Lisa and Kelly both
chuckled, "Most definitely Daddy" Lisa said, "You'd
be surprised the difference it makes for some of
the guys at school to know we've someone to look
out for us, keeps wolves at bay darling."
"Yeah, well I hope the guys you invited to the
party aren't wolves, I don't have the strength to
fight off too many of your admirers, just try to
keep your own guests happy" the girls both laughed
and Kelly said quietly, "Uncle Jack, I don't think
there's a guy in this town could prise Jenny away
from you, besides, Lisa, Susan and I wouldn't
allow it to happen, and I know Sandi feels the
same." I couldn't help a little flush of pleasure
at her words suffuse my cheeks and smiled as Lisa
said "Whoops.. you've embarrassed Daddy Kel', he's
blushing" and both of them sat back and chuckled.

A little later as I was in the bathroom getting
washed up for dinner I saw Sandi pass the
door and called to her, "Sandi darling, I hope you
don't mind but I asked my boss to come tomorrow. He
wanted me to go to his place for dinner tomorrow
evening, to talk about my job but I told him I
couldn't, then said if it was important to come to
the party. I guess it's not to be fired just
yet, he could have done that on the spot." Sandi
kissed my wet cheek, "Of course not Jack darling,
it sounds important, I hope it's not bad news."
Before she left I took her in my arms and kissed
her tenderly "Sandi darling, I know you're second
on the list, do you want it to be tonight or wait
'til after your party?" Sandi blushed and looked
down at my chest, "Would tonight be OK Jack, I
mean you're not worn out from last night or
anything?" I hugged her close "Not too tired for
you my love, but if you want to wait I will." Sandi
looked me in the eyes "Tonight please Jack, if you
would" she said, kissed me and almost ran down to
the kitchen to finish dinner.
Through dinner there was a lot of chatting about
the party and about who was coming, it was where I
told Jenny about Ted and his wife coming, "Do you
want me to get more drink in Jack?" she said, I
shook my head "No love, I told him there wouldn't
be a lot of booze as it's a party for the
children." This brought a howl of protest from
Sandi and the girls which I ignored as I sat
smiling at Jenny.*

"I didn't mention that we had to keep this lot
away from hard liquor to make sure they don't end
up raping the men around them" I said looking at
Kelly and Lisa as they closed their mouths and
blushed bright red. "That's NOT fair Daddy" said
Lisa firmly "It only happened once and Kelly
wasn't even properly drunk, only pretending" and
blushed once more a she and Kelly realised that it
was the first time they had admitted to anyone but
me that they had planned the whole thing. This
made the rest of us howl with laughter and Jenny
leaned over to Lisa and whispered "I forgive you
both and thank goodness that you did plan it
darling." As I sat in the Den after dinner Jenny
joined me and came and sat on my lap, putting her
arms round my neck and pulling my face on to her
"Jack darling, Sandi tells me she's going up with
you tonight", I look up at her and said "Yes."
Jenny smiled down at me "She just wanted to know if
she could have a fantasy evening and asked me to
tell you about it", I nodded as Jenny slipped off
my lap and cuddled up close so she could whisper
in my ear what Sandi's fantasy was, and smiled as
she felt my erection when she had finished. "I'll
ask Kelly and Lisa if they'll assist, if not Sue
and I'll do it" Jenny said as she sat back to see
my reaction. "Are you sure it's a good idea my
love" I asked, "After all it's fairly close to what
actually happened to her when she was attacked."
Jenny shook her head "No it isn't Jack, don't be so
silly, this is something she WANTS to happen, the
other was being forced on her, that's the big
difference." "OK" I said, "Ask Kelly and Lisa and
set it up please, I'll be ready about eight."
Jenny gave me a big kiss and before she bounced
out of the room I said "Do you realise it's also
about a year since Kelly and Lisa started to seduce
me darling?" Jenny stopped and turned to stare at
me open mouthed. "Good heavens Jack darling, I
didn't realise it was so short a time. So much has
happened since then that I've simply lost track of
time. Have you reminded Kelly and Lisa about it?"
I smiled and nodded "They say they're going to
celebrate that anniversary this weekend. I think we
should all four drink a private toast at some time
during the evening, how about you my love?"
Jenny nodded enthusiastically as she left the room
to be replaced a few minutes later by Kelly and
Lisa who came and sat beside me.

"You know what's happening tonight girls, Sandi
wants you there to play a role, not get involved"
they nodded as they snuggled up close and started
to ask questions about what to do and when. I
explained as much as I could and after a while they
left to get into the parts they were to play.

At about eight o'clock I made my way up to our
bedroom and stripped off then put on a silk
dressing gown before making my way to the spare
bedroom which was almost in total darkness with
just a few candles spreading their soft warm glow
around the bed. Sandi stood in the middle of the
room fully dressed with Kelly and Lisa standing
beside her, looking down at their feet and
completely naked, both glancing up at me as I went
to sit in an arm chair at the side of the room.
As I sat down Sandi gave a silent signal for the
girls to start and they looked up at her and Kelly
lifted a silk scarf from the bed and tied it round
Sandi's eyes as a blindfold. Kelly and Lisa then
proceeded to slowly undress Sandi taking a lot of
time over each garment and caressing her body
with their soft warm fingers as they took each item
off. As Sandi's bra came off the girls each
took a nipple in their mouth and began to suck
until they were standing as rigid as cropped bolts
and her breasts were flushed and swollen. The girls
then fell to their knees and removed Sandi's
lower garments taking their time in pulling down
her French knickers and uncovering her shaved
It was obvious that Sandi was beginning to get
aroused because I could see from where I was
sitting that her pussy lips were puffy and moist
and got even wetter as Kelly and Lisa each
inserted a finger into Sandi's cunt as she opened
her legs wide to allow them better access. As
Sandi stood there naked and blindfolded Kelly and
Lisa picked up a small bottle each and poured the
contents on to their hands then started to rub the
scented oil over Sandi's skin from neck to knees
and I could smell that it was scented with
As they oiled Sandi Kelly and Lisa kept glancing
over to where I sat watching and saw my erection
poking out from the front of my dressing gown and
smiled at each other as they worked. Eventually
they finished and stood up to take Sandi by the
arms and lead her to the bed where they laid her
down on her back and proceeded to tie her hands and
feet to the corner posts of the bed so she was
spread out in an 'X'. When the girls were satisfied
Sandi couldn't move too far they walked over to
me and pulled me to my feet, guiding me to stand
beside the bed and removed my only garment. It was
then that the first words of the evening were
spoken, "Your slave awaits you master" said Kelly
in a hushed voice and I slowly climbed between
Sandi's wide spread legs and lay my weight on her
slippery body for a few seconds as I positioned
myself so that the head of my throbbing penis was
touching the sopping wet lips of her swollen pussy.
As I pressed slightly to place the tip of my
prick between Sandi's lower lips I felt cool
fingers take it and guide it as a voice whispered
loudly "Take her master she's yours to do with as
you will" and I thrust hard and buried myself
deep into Sandi's cunt, feeling my balls hit gently
on her buttocks as I hit bottom.*

Sandi gave a cry as I drove into her and began
thrusting her hips at my pelvis as I thrust in and
out of her soft warm scented body until she
screamed out as her orgasm tore though her body
taking me by surprise at the speed with which she
had cum. As I continued to thrust at Sandi's
thrashing body in an effort to cum myself I felt
Kelly and Lisa pulling at me to get off her,
"Straddle her chest master" said Kelly as my still
rigid penis slipped out of Sandi's gripping cunt,
and as I did Kelly and Lisa climbed on to the bed
each side of me and began to caress my body and
masturbate me turn and turn about until I groaned
out softly "I'm going to cum any minute girls, I'm
cumming, NOOOWWW.." and both of them wrapped a hand
round the shaft of my penis and co-ordinated their
actions as they jacked me off so shoot a stream of
hot creamy cum over Sandi's tits.
I also covered her chest and face, some even
entered her wide open mouth as the girls tried to
control their aim. As I finished spurting Kelly
leaned down to suck the last few drops of semen
from my shrinking prick and then lifted her head to
share it with Lisa as they continued to caress my
body with their soft warm and slightly oily hands
as I slowly came down from my climax. As I gave a
final sigh of pleasure Kelly and Lisa left me
alone, knelt beside Sandi and began to slowly rub
my semen into her skin.
Over her breasts, her chest and her face and neck
they spread it, during which time she was
breathing deeply and sighing as the girls hands
caressed her body. After a while I noticed that
Sandi was beginning to move her hips round and
round and, leaning back I untied her feet, lifted
her legs up on to my shoulders and shuffled up
close enough to touch her cum oozing pussy lips
with the head of my pulsating prick. Kelly and Lisa
looked back at me and both nodded so I moved
forward a little more thrusting myself deep into
Sandi's cunt and pulling her pelvis down tight on
mine as she jerked her hips up and down while Kelly
and Lisa caressed her upper body.
Once more Sandi's orgasm took us all by surprise
and once more she screamed out loud as she came,
this time the girls held her shoulders down to the
bed, an action which seemed to increase Sandi's
pleasure many times over if the actions of her body
were anything to go by. Eventually Sandi did calm
down and she was soon laying on the bed, my penis
still lodged in the entrance to her pussy, her
hands tied to the bed head and her sobbing softly.
It was here that Kelly and Lisa untied Sandi's
hands and laid them at her side as they came up to
me one by one.
"Our duties are over for this night master" said
Kelly huskily and she kissed me passionately as she
stood to one side, "We are your slaves too
master" said Lisa as she kissed me, giving me the
strangest look as she took Kelly's hand and they
walked out of the bedroom together. They left me
with Sandi who was laying, still blindfold, on the
bed giving tiny gasps as she tried to stop her
gentle sobs of delight. I leaned forward and gently
removed the scarf from her eyes and looked down at
her lovingly as she smiled and reached up to put
her arms round my neck and pull me down to lay full
length on her soft warm and slightly slippery
body. After a few minutes I could feel she was
beginning to gasp for breath so I rolled off her
and pulled the towel from under our bodies then
pulled the covers over us so we didn't get chilled
as we lay still.
Turning to Sandi I pulled her close and placed my
lips on her soft warm sweet mouth and kissed her as
tenderly as I could then lay on my back pulling her
to lay half on my chest, where she wrapped her
upper leg over my thigh and her arm across my
chest. "Thank you Jack darling, that was so
wonderful, I'm so grateful to Kelly and Lisa for
helping me like that. I never had such a huge
orgasm before, not since you first made love to me,
and that was the one I remember most of all." I
leaned down and kissed her lovingly, "Where on
earth did you get such an idea darling, I'm sure I
never did?" Sandi smiled up at me "I honestly don't
know darling, I just had this dream night after
night that I was a slave girl being given to a new
master and I always got so horny I had a few wet
dreams, so I wrote it down bit by bit as I
remembered it when I woke up' till I had the whole
thing done. Then I told Jenny, and she asked Kelly
and Lisa to help, it felt so erotic to be prepared
as a sacrifice by two beautiful young girls I
almost came as I stood there being undressed" I
squeezed her tight "So did I " I said softly, "I
almost couldn't wait for what might happen next."*

Sandi gave a huge sigh of contentment as she
wriggled up close to my side, "Have you got a
little more for me Jack darling?" she asked as she
placed her soft warm hand on my penis, and lifted
her head to look me in the eye. "I do so want you
to take me in the bottom darling, it's been so long
since you did, can you manage it tonight please
Jack darling?" I grinned at her as her eyes began
to open in astonishment as she felt the rapid
hardening of my prick in her hand, "WOW!!.. I never
saw it get stiff that quick before, what happened?"
"You" I said softly, "Your offer to give me
your bottom so freely, now turn over on to your
other side and put your right knee up to your
wonderful titties" I continued and, as she complied
I reached over for the tube of KY I had ready
and squirted some on to the throbbing head of my
penis and some into her tiny anal pucker. Putting
the tube behind me I gently inserted the tip of one
finger into her tight anus and spread the gel
round her inside before forming three fingers into
a cone and pressing them all together through
her sphincter, hearing her deep sigh of pleasure
and feeling the total relaxation of her anal ring
as I entered her. "Please Jack, hurry, I want to
feel your huge hard manhood in me, not your
fingers, fuck my butt Jack darling, please, hurry,
fill me with your hot thick cum so I feel it
burning me as it shoots into my body."
As I pressed the tip of my prick to her anal
pucker she pressed back on to me and was so relaxed
I entered her with no trouble at all. "Oooohhhh..
yes Jack darling, that's it, deeper please let me
feel your hair scratch my ass cheeks darling, fuck
me hard please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,
pleaaaasssseeee darling, fill me with your semen,
let me feel it burning into me hurry darling, I'm
cummmiiinnnng NOWWWW" and she gave a scream as she
thrashed about in my caressing arms. She started to
come down from her climax only to cry out again as
I said calmly "Ready darling, I'm going to cum in
your butt NOOWW" and thrust hard and deep, pulling
her hips to my pelvis as I shot wad after wad of
sticky cum deep into her anal passage.
Holding myself close to her back I caressed her
breasts and tummy as she continued to thrash about
for some time after her second orgasm hit her hard.
Eventually Sandi calmed down and I lay there with
her in my arms, her back pressed against my chest
and my softening penis still lodged in her tight
gripping anus. Her skin glistened with her
perspiration that was tinged with the scent of
lavender that had been rubbed into her earlier.
After a while I whispered "Could you let me go
please darling, I have to go to the bathroom?" and
Sandi turned her head and grinned "What if I say no
and hold on to you my love" she said wickedly,
"Then I'm afraid you'll be sleeping in a wet bed on
your own for the rest of the night my dear, your
choice" and grinned as I felt her anal muscles
relax and her hips move slightly to allow me to
slip out of her anus and dash to the bathroom where
I started to empty my very full bladder.
I was about finished when Sandi joined me and stood
entranced as she watched me peeing "I never saw a
guy do that before" she said with a gasp and put
her hand out to grasp my prick as the last drops
spurted from me, she than looked at me as I took
her hand in mine and between us gave it a shake to
rid it of the drips. This made her giggle and,
as I was about to turn to the door and leave her
alone she caught my hand and said in a low husky
voice "No Jack darling, please wait for a minute"
and, sitting herself down on the seat held my
hands and looked me in the eyes as she emptied her
When she was finished she took a wad of toilet
tissue, held it out to me and with a pleading look
in her eyes whispered "Please Jack darling, do this
for me" and I tenderly wiped her wet swollen pussy
for her, feeling a tremor ripple through her, then
flushed the toilet as she stood up and fell into my
arms trembling slightly. As she seemed incapable of
movement for a moment I scooped Sandi up into my
arms and carried her back to our bed, where I lay
her down and climbed in beside her, taking her in
my arms as I pulled the covers back over us. After
quite a long time of just laying in each others
arms Sandi looked up at me and I could see tears in
her eyes which I bent down and kissed away.
"Jack darling, I know we're supposed to keep secret
what happens here but can I tell Jenny and perhaps
the others what we just did in the bathroom please,
it is important." I looked at her and frowned,
"What's so important about what happened my love,
it's only the sort of thing some nurses have to
do every day, it's nothing special." "Jack, you're
just so wrong about it not being important, I
actually came as you touched me, it was so intimate
an act, it was the most erotic thing I ever
imagined, to sit there with you watching me do
something so personal, then to touch me so
intimately doing such a simple thing, I had an
orgasm in the time it took for you to move the
paper along my pussy, I must tell Jenny.
Oh Jack I'm getting SO horny just thinking about
it I need you to fuck me again now please darling."
Reaching out to grasp my stiffening prick (I just
couldn't help getting another erection as she
described her feelings) she scrabbled herself to
straddle my hips and pressed her hot wet pussy down
on my half erect member, gasping as she felt me
harden whilst inside her. Giving me no chance to
think about cumming Sandi rammed herself on my
manhood until she was crying out in ecstasy as she
came time after time until she lost all control of
her body and collapsed on to my chest gasping for
breath her body twitching and trembling as she
gradually came down from her climax. *

For the rest of the night we slept, held tight in
each others arms until I was roused by the sound
of the rest of the family moving about. I managed
to extricate myself from Sandi's tight hold to
sit on the edge of the bed and slip on my dressing
gown. As I stood up I heard "Please don't leave
me Jack darling, come back to me quickly I want to
have you in my arms all day" I bent over her and
kissed her oh so tenderly, then threw the bed
clothes back exposing her naked body as I said
softly "No my darling, it's your birthday and you
have to face the family, then help get ready for
tonight, by the way, Happy Birthday Darling."
Sandi smiled sweetly as she sat up, proudly
displaying her wonderful firm body, "Thank you Jack
darling, and thank you for your wonderful early
present, I'll never have a better one than last
night." I put out a hand to Sandi and as she took
it she half turned her body towards me and moved
one leg right out to place it on the floor,
opening her thighs so wide I had the most wonderful
view of her soft warm pussy as she gave a soft
laugh and brought her other leg round and stood up
in front of me, "I'm sorry I did that Jack
darling, it was unfair of me" "That's all right
Sandi darling, just ask Kelly, Lisa and Susan what
happened when they teased me near the end of our
honeymoon, then consider what action I should take
before coming and telling me, OK?" Sandi nodded but
looked mystified as we walked in each others
arms to the bathroom. As we opened the bathroom
door we saw Jenny just about to step under the
shower, "Jenny, could you hold on for a bit and let
Jack have his first please darling, I need to
talk to you, urgently" and as Jenny stepped back to
allow me first go she sat beside Sandi and they
chatted quietly until I took a towel and rubbed my
hair as I said "OK, girls, I'll leave you to
your gossip, just be careful what promises you
break" and smiled as I walked back to Jenny's and
my bedroom to dress.
A little later as I was finishing my breakfast
Kelly, Lisa and Susan came to join me, giving me
their usual good morning kisses and hugs, "Don't
forget it's Aunt Sandi's birthday girls, and don't
forget we have lots to do to get ready for tonight.
Is there anything we've forgotten, that we need to
get this morning?" Jenny and Sandi soon joined us
and the girls were all over their aunt as they
wished her happy birthday and we all produced our
gifts. The girls and Jenny had all bought Sandi
sexy silk underwear and I'd got her a pearl necklet
similar to Jenny's, we all got hugs and thanks,
mine a little more passionate that the others.
Kelly and Lisa got a special thank you for helping
out with her fantasy the previous evening and both
blushed when Sandi said quietly "Girls, you made it
such a wonderful night for me, you want to try one
of your own fantasies."
After breakfast Jenny came up to me in the Den and
wrapped herself round me as I sat on the sofa "Jack
darling, you're a constant source of amazement to
me my love, Sandi told me what happened in the
bathroom, how did you feel when she asked you to
wipe her clean?" "Wonderfully intimate" I said
softly, "After all that's almost the most intimate
think a woman can ask a man to do for her, almost
but not quite, and I felt so privileged to be asked
to do it for her, I didn't think twice, just sort
of did it", Jenny hugged me "Is there anything you
wouldn't do for her darling" she asked "Not just
her darling, you know I'd do just the same for you
if you asked me to, that was just a thing of that
moment, a sudden idea Sandi had after being curious
about me peeing, sort of returning the compliment I
suppose" Jenny moved to sit on my lap and take my
face in her hands, "No darling, not just that, it
was the most wonderful, intimate thing anyone ever
did for her, I just wish it had happened to me."
I pulled Jenny to me, suddenly worried I had made
her jealous for the first time since we met, "Jenny
darling, I'm so sorry, if I knew you'd be so upset
I'd never have done anything like that, and I
promise not to do anything like it again, I just
hate to see you so unhappy." Jenny sat up and I
could see tears forming in the corners of her eyes,
then jumped as she gave me a really hard thump on
my arm, "I'm not unhappy you great lug" she said
forceful, "I'm so green with envy I could hide out
on the lawn, but I'm not unhappy in the least. I
guess I just never had the imagination Sandi has,
and I think I'll have to tell the girls about
this new way to have an orgasm, so don't be
surprised if they ask you to try it with them,
you're definitely going to have to try it with me
my love." I sat back rubbing my arm as she spoke
and eventually said "Well can I just point out it
won't be just a matter of me following them onto
the bathroom and doing it cold, it has to be a very
tender, close and very intimate moment as it was
for Sandi and me or I'm certain it won't work.
Talk it over with Sandi and the girls if you like,
but I think you may get disappointed if you rush
into it."
After a short time when we had a nice intimate
cuddle Jenny and I got up and went to find the
girls to start getting ready for the party. We
found them in the family room where they were
sitting with Sandi who stood up and came over to us
as we stood by the door, she took us in her arms
and kissed us tenderly "Jenny darling, I don't know
if you approve but I just asked Lisa and Susan to
stop calling me 'Aunt' because it makes me feel
old, I want them to call me by my name, Kelly as
well" Jenny frowned as she looked at me, winking
with the eye furthest from the girls, "Do you think
these children are old enough for this Jack?" I
frowned too and said seriously "Nope, but I suppose
it's better than the things they call some people,
so they better do it the way Sandi wants."*

Kelly and Lisa sat back and smiled gratefully at
Jenny and I but Sue jumped to her feet and threw
herself into my arms, "Thanks so much Daddy, I
thought you'd say I was too young. It makes me feel
a bit more grown up now" and after thanking me in
her own special way did the same to Jenny after
I whispered that she should have thanked her mother
first. The rest of the morning was frantic as
we got the rooms changed round ready for the party,
all the girls were busy in the kitchen
preparing so much food I thought we were going to
have enough to feed an army but by three o'clock
everything was ready and I slipped away for a
shower and to change first in an effort to give the
women a clear run at the bathroom. One by one they
disappeared and I sent Jenny up as I put on an
apron and finished clearing the last few dishes
away in the kitchen, slightly surprised that none
of the girls had finished changing after so long.
Satisfied that the kitchen was done I got myself
a cool beer and took it into the family room while
I waited for the first guests to arrive,
looking out over the back yard and thinking about
getting some garden furniture out when I heard a
soft sound behind me. I turned round and almost
dropped my beer.
I certainly dropped my jaw as I saw what was before
me, five of the most gorgeous looking women I had
ever seen, all dressed in the same style dresses
but in different colours, all with deep necklines
that showed the shape of their breasts without
actually showing more than was decorous, soft
flowing skirts that stopped just at the knee, and
allowed free movement for walking, as they turned
round I could see the back dipped so far down it
was impossible for any of them to be wearing a bra
and I could see as they walked that they were not
wearing suspender belts so they must have hold-up
Stockings on. I was absolutely speechless and had
to sit down quickly because I suddenly felt light
headed with shock, I must have also gone a little
pale because Susan ran over to me and said in a
panicky voice "Are you all right Daddy, you went
quite pale for a minute." I hugged her for a second
while I got my breath back, "Yes thanks darling,
I'm fine, it was just such a shock to see you all
looking so beautiful together, I suddenly wanted to
cancel the party and have you all to myself, I
don't want to share you with anyone else."
Lisa walked over to help me stand up "Too late
Daddy, they'll be here soon, just remember you'll
have us all to yourself in the morning, promise."
Taking a deep breath I walked over to where Jenny
and Sandi stood grinning like loons and took both
by a gentle grip on their soft smooth throats, "Who
planned this little show then?" I asked sternly, "I
think it was a try at getting at my insurance
policy by giving me a heart attack", Jenny smiled
and shook her head gently "Not me darling, I'm
completely innocent" "Me too Jack darling" said
Sandi as she also smiled sweetly, "Then who was it"
I asked as I removed my hands and turned round to
face Kelly, Lisa and Susan. Kelly and Lisa just
smiled and stepped to one side leaving Susan
standing on her own blushing madly as she looked at
me and smiled. "It was me Daddy, at least I
suggested it to mom and Aunt... er.. Sandi to thank
you for being so wonderful to us all" and I scooped
her into my arms and kissed away the tiny tears
starting to form in her eyes. "Thank you darling, it
was really wonderful of you to think of this, and I
love you very much for being so thoughtful."
Sue threw her arms round my neck and buried her
face into my shoulder as I kissed her hair, the
only bit I could reach. I put her down whispered
for her to go and fix her face before people came
in. The first to arrive were our neighbors Fran and
Joe with their 15 year old son Andy, and Sue came
down just as they walked into the hall, Andy staring
open mouthed at the girls as they stood side by
side, only coming to his senses when his Dad nudged
him in the ribs.
Before they could say anything the bell went again
and Sue's guests arrived, Sarah, a girl of her own
age and two boys from school John and Paul who,
once all the introductions were made, vanished as
Sue offered to get them a drink. "I guess we won't
see him for a while" said Joe as he watched Andy
follow Sue and the others into the family room,
"That's the idea" I said with a grin, "We can
pretend they're not here unless it gets too rowdy"
and we all had a good laugh as Joe asked Fran "Did
you ever see him dumbstruck before hon?" Just then
Sandi opened the door to let in Kelly and Lisa's
guests, all singles, in that none had steady boy or
girl friends that being the criteria the girls had
used when choosing who to invite.
"All right to go Daddy" said Lisa softly when she
had introduced us all and I nodded as I smiled at
the glow on her face as she went off with her
friends. The three similar people Sandi had invited
were next to arrive and they all came together
being friends from where Sandi worked. As Sandi
took them into the family room Jenny opened the
door to the


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