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jh chances



Contains adult themes, consensual sex. Read at your own risk.

Comments and suggestions welcome. Flames cheerfully ignored.

For personal use only - if you repost, please include this header.



This one was written at the request of a very special lady. Besides
the giving me the basic scenario, she wanted me to make it more explicit -
"less talk, more sex."

I found that writing someone else's fantasy is a *lot* harder than writing
up your own; I also found that choreographing an extended sex scene gets
*much* harder as you add people.

Despite the difficulties, I enjoyed writing it. I hope that she, and the
rest of you, enjoy it.



"Taking Chances"

"Tell me a story," she said.

"What sort? Do you have anything in particular in mind."

"N-no - just make it *hot*. I want something to turn me on."

Friends that only know my wife's demure public face wouldn't
recognize the foul-mouthed wanton of our bedroom. The same woman
who blushes at an off-color joke told by a girlfriend critiques
my stories - and her most common complaint is "too much talk -
not enough fucking."

"Mmm. . . How about making love outdoors? Or in the back seat of
the car, like when we were dating? Or you as a stripper? Maybe,
you as a porno actress? I could really get off watching you make
love on screen-"

I dodged as she made mock try to hit me.

"Or maybe having sex in the back of a limo? Do you want me to go

"I want you to come *in*. Right now!"

*Something* I said had excited her - she was wet enough that my
first thrust slid smoothly in. When I felt her ankles lock in
place behind my knees, I fell into her rhythm with the ease of
long practice. I reminded myself how lucky I really am - even
after a few years of marriage, she still excites me more than any
other woman I have known.

After a few minutes, as usual, she managed to gasp "Let me on

Without pulling out, I rolled over till she was firmly seated in
her favorite position. Once she was settled in place, she took
control of the pacing, speeding up slightly. Her face was almost
agonized, pulled into a near-snarl.

A gasp escaped her when I slid a hand up to cup a breast. It
always amazes me how her breasts respond; her nipples are rather
large and erect easily. Right now, they were as large, and hard,
as the first joint of my index finger. She arched her back and
pushed her chest toward me as I gently tugged and squeezed them.
She was aroused as I had ever seen her.

At first, I thought she was just gasping, but I began to make out
chanted words.

"- want to - watch me - fuck another - man, huh? - What would -
you do - if you - found me - *fucking someone*?" Her voice had
risen throughout; the last two words were nearly shrieked.

I was too far gone for thought; my response was nearly automatic.
I cupped her ass firmly in both hands and began thrusting as hard
as I could.

"I'd wait - till he - finished and - jump on - and fuck - you as
- *hard as I could*."

With the last words, I could feel her tense and clench as her
orgasm started. Though I tried to hold back, I was too near the
edge myself; I thrust into her again and held her immobile, hands
digging into her ass, as mine began.

For a few minutes, we lay holding each other, my softening cock
still inside her. When she finally slid off, it was only far
enough to lay beside me with her head on my shoulder. There was a
long, comfortable, silence. I was unsure if she was still awake
till she spoke.

"Thinking about me fucking someone else really turns you on,
doesn't it?" Her tone was both amused and curious.

I thought for a moment before replying.

"Well - yes, I suppose it does."

"Why is that?" She sounded honestly curious now.

This time, I thought a lot longer, trying to make coherent sense
out of something I had always felt more than analyzed. She was
stirring impatiently before I started.

"Do you know how an X rated movie can turn you on?" (She nodded)
"You know how exciting it can be, watching absolute strangers
fucking on the screen? I've always thought you were the sexiest
woman I know - imagine how much it turns me on to think of you
spreading your legs, watching someone else's cock sliding into
your tight little cunt, someone else's mouth sucking one of those
tasty nipples . . ."

I broke off and stared guiltily at her. I was feeling both
embarrassed and more than a little aroused again.

Her return look was slightly mocking. She gave a wry smile and
shook her head.

"You *are* a strange man . . . Most men would be to jealous to
even consider it. Could you really handle it?"

I paused before replying.

"I . . . think so. As long as I knew you still loved me, and
were still coming back to me."

"What *would* make you angry, then?"

I thought carefully.

"Sneaking around. Leaving me. Not taking precautions and
getting some nasty disease."

She laughed. "Pretty easy conditions . . . You *are* strange.
How come I've never heard this before?"

I had to swallow a lump before replying.

"Because I was afraid of losing you. When I've got my fantasy
girl right next to me every night, the woman I most love in the
world . . . do you think I want to louse *that* up?"

Somehow, we were hugging each other tightly by the time I
finished. I let the tightness of her embrace push aside my fear.
Ripping open your soul and exposing your hidden fantasies is
never easy, and I was grateful for her comforting arms around me.

Even a moment this charged eases eventually; as I gradually
relaxed a question of my own formed.

"Why do you always ask for *my* fantasies? You're one of the
sexiest women I've ever known, you enjoy sex stories . . . but
you never tell me what turns *you* on."

She looked away for a moment, then back. Her reply was halting.

"I don't really have any particular fantasies. I just like to
listen to you, or read a story, or watch a movie . . . after a
while, I get hot."

She was blushing faintly by the time she finished.

"Any particular stories or movies? *Nothing* excites you more
than anything else? You never have any daydreams, or thoughts,
or images that really turn you on? I don't think I believe you."

She turned face down till all I could see was the top of her
head. When she spoke, I could barely hear her voice. It sounded
as if she were crying.

"Oh . . . damn you! What turns me on is thinking about you
watching me while I fuck! Satisfied? I think about you watching
from the closet, or maybe two of you together, taking turns . . .
And when you brought that up tonight I was so hot. God, I feel
like such a slut."

Her voice broke at the end. When she raised her face it was
streaked with tears. My comforting kiss was returned cautiously,
then eagerly. I felt myself responding almost immediately as she
began sliding her slick pussy up and down my leg.

This time, there was no subtlety or playfulness in our sex. This
wasn't lovemaking, this was two rutting animals trying to fuck
each other senseless. We had just enough strength left
afterwards to hold each other before sleep took us.


Over the next several days, we had several long talks. We were
both relieved to find that our partner wasn't disgusted; at the
same time, we were both unsure how far we wanted to go.

As a fantasy, it was fine - we had some of our best sex while
discussing it - but the reality was tricky. As hot as it made
us, neither of us thought that going further would be worth it if
it broke us up, or hurt our pair bond. At the same, if it
*wouldn't* break us up we both were willing to try. We finally
ended up making a list of all our concerns and requirements for
going further.

First, we both agreed that long-term commitments were out.
Friends, occasional playmates, yes, but our marriage came first.

Just as importance was safe sex. With all the diseases out
there, only a fool would take chances. Any sex would be with
low-risk partners, and condoms would *always* be used.

And finally, we both felt more comfortable knowing that our
partner was present, or at least nearby. If we couldn't be
together, we didn't want to do it at all. For both of us, a good
deal of the excitement was the voyeuristic charge of performing
for a loving audience.

The hard part was finding playmates.

In stories, it's always easy; swing partners crop up out of
nowhere. In practice, it's never that easy. Consider our
requirements - we needed someone or ones that we could trust, who
were healthy, attractive, available, and *discreet*. If we were
hooked into the swinging lifestyle, it would probably have been
easier, but we didn't know anybody who was; or, possibly, who was
willing to talk about it.

Swinger's contact magazines are out there, and we looked at some
- the variety of advertisers was eye-opening - but neither one of
us felt comfortable with replying to an ad; it seemed too
calculated, and cold. Swinger's party houses, in the same
magazines, were out for the same reason - we both wanted to get
to know a potential bedmate before deciding. We had been
hesitating for months when Rich called to let me know he was
going to be in town. Suddenly, it all fell into place.

Rich was an old college buddy of mine. Since leaving college, we
only see each other occasionally, perhaps once or twice a year,
but we made a point of staying in contact. Best of all, he and
Tam already had a well established flirtation; I'm quite certain
that if Tam and I had not been married he would have long since
have asked her out. Our only problem would be making the

I waited till after dinner, the first night after he had arrived.
A good meal, and a bottle of good wine, had left us all feeling
relaxed. When Tam left the room for a moment, I took advantage
of the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Emily Post never addressed the problem of how to
politely ask "Would you like to join the two of us in our bedroom
and spend the night fucking like bunnies?" Though I tried my
best, I felt *extremely* awkward.

"Are you *serious*? Tam wants me to *make love* with her, while
you *watch*? Are you crazy? Or am I?" Unsurprisingly, he looked
rather stunned.

"Yes, we're serious. Shocked?"

"Yeah. I *was* right - you're both crazy."

"But would you like to do it?"

"Damn straight - think I'll miss a chance like this? Man, I've
been envying you for the last few years!" He was still shaking
his head in disbelief when Tam came back.


It was an odd, hesitant, feeling. We all knew that we were going
to go into the bedroom and make love. No, that's too nice - we
all knew that we were going to go into the bedroom and fuck
ourselves silly.

It was just that until we took that first step we weren't really
*committed* - we could still back out without too many hurt feelings. At the same time, we both wanted to go forward - if the
other was ready. Sensing our indecision, Rich stayed studiously
casual, letting us make the first move.

I glanced at my wife. She looked scared, but also excited. When
I nodded questioningly in the direction of the bedroom, she
hesitated, then bobbed her head firmly. I stood up, and took her
hand. As we walked past, she reached back with her free hand to
pull Rich along.

Once in the bedroom, Tam began unbuttoning her blouse
immediately, as if to prevent second thoughts. Her skirt fell to
join it. She blushed slightly, but unhooked her bra and
discarded just as rapidly. Now she *did* blush, but slid her
panties off without slowing. Still blushing, she squared her
shoulders and gave us an impish grin.

"Like what you see, gentlemen?" Her voice was more nervous than
sultry. Rather than detracting from her appeal, her shyness
added to it.

Except for her doctor, I was the only man who had ever seen her
naked; despite her fantasies, and her happy enthusiasm in
lovemaking, the only man she had ever had. And now, shyness and
all, she was planning on taking another man into her bed - her
body - while I watched. Despite my own last-minute jitters, I
was powerfully aroused.

I looked at her, trying to see her as our guest must. She *was*
lovely. Short, slender, but rounded. Small, firm breasts tipped
with dark, erect nipples. A trimmed pubic patch that neatly
framed her pouting cunt. Even across the room, her labia
appeared puffy and glistening, and the musky smell of an aroused
woman scented the air.

I glanced at Rich. His attention was concentrated enough to
suggest that he was trying to memorize every line, every detail,
of her body. Tam held out her hand towards us, but Rich stood
frozen until she took his hand once more and led him closer to
the bed.

After the first step, he seemed in control of himself once more.
When he reached the side of the bed he gently pulled his hand
from hers, and began to unbutton his shirt. Once he saw how
closely Tam's eyes were following his hands, he slowed, his
movements becoming wider and rather theatrical.

Since they were preoccupied with one another, I began undressing
myself. The sexual tension in the room, and Tam's obvious
arousal, had affected me also; though I hadn't noticed it till
now, my cock was already erect and hard.

Even though he had started first, Rich's deliberate pace had him
just unbuckling his belt as I put my clothes away. Tam seemed to
enjoy the view so far. He gave me a grin as I walked up behind
Tam and hugged her; it widened as she pushed her bare bottom back
against my erect cock and wiggled it.

"Can't wait?"

The question could have been to either of us, but I answered.

"Just giving you some incentive to hurry. Wouldn't you like to
do this?"

As I spoke, I cupped a breast and ran my thumb across the erect
nipple. Tam leaned back against me, allowing my other hand to
cup her mound. She moaned as I ran a finger up her slit; again,
and louder, as I released her and stepped back.

Rich laughed, and abandoned his teasing, sliding his pants and
boxers down together. My laugh joined his Tam gasped.

Though I'm not short of body hair, Rich has a near pelt, and his
dense pubic patch only thinned out slightly before merging with
it. My cock is of average length and thickness, with a slight
upward curve when erect. Unsurprisingly, he was as turned on as
Tam and I, so I could note his was a bit shorter, but it was also
a little thicker, standing almost straight out from his body. It
gave a slight jump when Tam timidly stroked it.

When she stepped closer to him, he met her half way, bending to
kiss her. When her arms went around his neck, he pulled her
close. Despite myself, I felt a pang of jealousy when his hands
gently kneaded her naked ass.

Without letting go, his hands slid lower and cupped her bottom,
pulling her off the ground and carrying her to the bed. For a
moment, I though that he would plunge straight in; instead, he
slid a little lower and began to slowly massage and nurse on her

I lay down on Tam's other side, propping myself up on an elbow to
watch them. I slid my free hand down to cup Tam's wet pussy; she
gave a delighted shudder when I slid a finger inside her. I gave
her a smile before moving a bit further back.

Contrary to my first thought, Rich was in no particular hurry.
After a couple of tip-of-tongue flicks to Tam's nipples (she
giggled), he backed off a little and began running his hands
gently up and down her body. To her frustration, he paid no more
attention to her breasts or cunt than he did the rest; it seemed
that he was intent on memorizing every feature before moving on.

Finally, her patience broke; she took his hand and placed it
firmly on her sex. He gave her an devilish grin, cupped her
mound briefly, and drew her into another lingering kiss.

When he finally released her, she took command; pushing him over
onto his back, she got a condom from the bedside table and opened
the packet. Her crisp efficiency faltered for a moment when she
started to roll it on him; after all, this was only the second
penis she had handled in her life. With a visible effort, she
calmed herself and finished rolling it on.

I had expected her to mount him, but instead she moved between
the two of us, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. The
invitation was unmistakable, and Rich rolled over and kneeled
between her legs. Though her eyes were on him, her hand snaked
over and grasped mine. I gave her a little squeeze of
reassurance and let my attention follow hers.

With one hand, Rich had gently spread her swollen labia; the head
of his latex-sheathed cock was resting on the wet pink of her
inner cunt. After a breathless moment, he began to move it in. A
storm of emotions - envy, a pang of jealousy, sheer lust - went
through me as he began to slide his cock into Tam. Her lips
spread a bit further, then began to stretch until the head was
fully inside; then the rest of his cock began to disappear.
Moments later, his pubic tangle meshed with Tam's neat patch as
he buried his full length in my wife's cunt.

Their faces were a striking contrast; he looked determined,
serious, and somewhat concerned, as if afraid of moving too fast.
Tam appeared to be transported; her eyes were half-closed and her
breathing had speeded up.

"Please . . . faster." I could barely hear her, but Rich speeded
up immediately, his second and third strokes coming faster and
more firmly. From the way he was pounding into her, I doubted
that he'd last long, but it seemed to be what she wanted; she was
matching him thrust for thrust.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen: our friend's thick cock sliding wetly in and out of my wife's tight cunt, plumbing
depths that only I had ever explored before. He surprised me;
rather than coming almost immediately, he managed to keep himself
under control for several minutes, long enough for both of them
to build up a sheen of sweat. But despite his intentions, when
Tam locked her feet behind his butt he couldn't hold back any
longer; he came with a half-triumphant, half- frustrated bellow.

Tam whimpered when he withdrew, but it was needless; almost
before he was out of the way I was on her, thrusting my own cock
into her just-emptied cunt. Though I sometimes dislike them, I
was glad of the condom I was wearing tonight; without it I might
have come at once.

Despite the thorough fucking that Rich had just given her, Tam
hadn't come yet - she seldom does unless she's on top. He had
taken her to the edge, though; only a couple of minutes after I
entered her I felt her body tighten with anticipation. As her
orgasm hit, I relaxed and let mine rise to join with it; I was
dimly aware that we were both screaming with the joy? agony? of

For a while, we all lay in an exhausted heap on the bed. Sooner
than I would have expected, we began to revive.

After the first time, much of the evening passed in a sex-
flavored blur; only a few disjointed images remaining clear.

Image: Tam riding Rich while she and I exchange a passionate

Image: Tam alternating back and forth between our cocks, sucking each in turn.

Image: Fucking Tam doggy-style, pounding in as hard as I could
while she sucked Rich's cock.

Things like order, and how many times each of us came, I don't
know. The only other clear memory of the night was the last time
- Tam living out a scene from one of her favorite tapes.

"You want *what*?" I wasn't sure I had heard correctly.

"I want you in my ass and him in my cunt. Please?"

I looked at her worriedly. "Can you? Not will you, but *can*

"I . . . think I can. I *will*. Please . . ." She let it trail

Despite my doubts, I was ready. With the aid of plenty of
lubricant, I managed to slide my condom-wrapped cock through her
tight anal sphincter, doing my best to ignore her muffled
whimpers. Once the head was in, it was less of a struggle, but I
still took it as gently as I could, pushing slowly in till I was
fully ensheathed.

I gave her a few seconds to adjust to the fullness before slowly
rolling over on my back, taking her with me. I felt her legs
spread, and his knees press down on the bed outside my own. A
moment later, I felt his cock sliding into her.

I let them find their own pace before beginning to thrust; with
both their weights on top of me, I couldn't move too much anyhow.
I could feel his cock sliding back and forth, separated from mine
by only a thin membrane, and feel his balls slapping against
mine. Gradually, I joined in. Without a word being passed, he
and I began to move in unison; each time we thrust I could hear a
little groan/whine escape from Tam's lips. Under my hands, her
nipples were like little pebbles.

This time, it was easier than normal to tell when Tam's orgasm
hit; her sphincter tightened so much that I couldn't move. A
second or so later, Rich's shudder announced that he, too, had
climaxed. I moaned with frustration; I was close myself, but
unable to move. Even when he withdrew, Tam's asshole held me

Soon, though, the tension eased. I rolled her over on her stomach
and began thrusting in earnest. After only a few strokes, I
erupted in my strongest orgasm of the night.

It was also my final orgasm of the night. I was totally spent.
Somehow, I remained conscious enough to pull out, but I was
moving like an automaton as I discarded the condom and cleaned
myself. Tam just lay where she was, barely enough energy left to
roll over onto her back; the lips of her half-open pussy looked
swollen and bruised. Rich bent to give Tam a kiss before
stumbling down the hall in the direction of the guest room. I
barely remember pulling one of the discarded blankets up to cover
us before collapsing.


"Would you do it again?" I asked her.

Tam's reply was slow and thoughtful. "I'm not sure. I . . .
don't think I could take it on a regular basis."

"Sorry we did it?"

"Well . . . No. Never! I worked out most of my fantasies that

"Only most?" I teased.

"Honey, I don't think I'd *survive* a gang-bang!"


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