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jh confront



Contains adult themes, bondage and sex. Read at your own risk.

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"Confronting Lies"

I'm not a man who makes a lot of close friends.

It's not that I'm hostile; I'm friendly with almost everyone.
It's just that I don't easily get *close* to anyone. Perhaps
because of that, the few that I *do* feel comfortable with as
close as family.

I'm not sure what it takes to make the transition from friendly
coworker to *friend*, but Tod had it. Perhaps it was his quirky
sense of humor. Perhaps it was his outside interests - it's rare
to find someone else who enjoys both reading and working out as
much as I do. It might have been he was the only person who
knows more dirty limericks and bad puns than I do. All I'm
really sure of was that by the time we had been working together
for a couple of months, we felt close enough that when I invited
him to bring his wife over for dinner at our house, his only
question was "When?"


Before inviting them, of course, I'd cleared it with Nita. The
husband who springs unexpected guests on his wife deserves all
the grief that he gets - and if I appreciate friends, I treasure
my wife. Considering all the visible differences we have, it's
amazing that we ever talked long enough to find how much we have
in common. I'm a country boy, raised on a farm; she's a big city
girl. I tend to be a bit of an extrovert - I may not make close
friends easily, but I'll talk with *anyone*; she's much more
reserved. My sense of humor tends to bad puns; she's prone to
straight-faced tall tales. I'm medium-tall; she's *tiny* -
"petite" sounds too big. And I'm white, raised in farm country,
while she's Chinese, Hong Kong born and raised.

The funny thing is, despite all the external differences, we have
far more in common. Our values, our interests, our long term
goals, even little things like our taste in music (well, all
right, I just *tolerate* chinese opera) and restaurants just
*clicked*, somehow. Getting married felt, for both of us, like
regaining our long-lost other half.

Living on the West Coast, interracial marriages are no big thing;
still, you meet enough of the Totally Clueless (like the guy who
asked me if it was true that "oriental pussy goes side to side" -
bleh) that you learn to root that kind of stupidity out of your
own mind. My brother once cracked that our circle of friends
resembles the United Nations - except we get along better.

With this kind of background, I hadn't though to tell Nita
anything other than I had a new friend that I wanted to invite
over. Mentioning that he was black seemed irrelevant.

Tod and Carol showed up right on time. I hadn't met her before,
but I was immediately struck by how *right* the two of them
looked together. It wasn't their physical similarities - though
she was as tall, as broad shouldered, and probably as heavy as he
was. Rather, it was they way they moved; you could tell that
they didn't have to stop and think about what the other would do
- they *knew*. Even before I was introduced, I could tell we
would all get along.

At least, I thought that until I turned around. Normally, Nita
is moving immediately, trying to make guests as comfortable as
she can. I wasn't prepared to find her staring stiffly at our

Of course, Tod seemed equally frozen, but he recovered first.

"Nita?" His voice contained equal measures of pleasure and

"Tod?" Hers seemed a bit more reticent at first, but warmed as
she continued "It *is* Tod! When Dave mentioned a new friend, I
never even asked his name!"

By now, they were both wearing delighted grins. Carol and I
exchanged a bewildered look - apparently, we were equally in the
dark. She asked the question ahead of me. "You two *know* each

"We used to work together-"

"We were friends. He used to flirt with me-"

He laughed. "Flirt! I asked you out! I was *crushed* to learn
you had a boyfriend!"

She gave Carol an approving look. "You seem to have got over it
- she's *lovely*!"

With that kind of icebreaker, the remaining tension melted. By
the time dinner was over, Carol and Nita were ganging up on us as
if *they* were the long lost friends.


Over the next few months, we saw a lot of the other couple. It
turned out that both Tod and Carol enjoy hiking as much as Nita
and I do, so we spent a lot of weekends exploring and picnicing
in the local parks.

Tod and I soon learned, to our sorrow, that our wives had a
*very* similar sense of humor; ganging up to confound their
husbands was not, unfortunately, a one-time thing. Carol was as
likely to call Nita and invite us over as we were to call them;
before long, they made the move from "Dave's friend and his wife"
to "our friends."

Weekends, though, were all the free time any of us had. Our
company had introduced a new product line early in the year, so
that spring, and most of summer, Tod and I were neck-deep in
technical wrinkles to iron out. We got our weekends free - and
not all of them, by any means! - at the expense of countless
evenings at work. We spent far more waking time together in the
lab than either of us did with our wives. It was late summer
before things started to settle out.

This kind of effort doesn't go unnoticed, fortunately. We were
always the first in and the last out. Pretty soon, folks were
calling us the Siamese Twins; after the hours started mounting up
that shifted to the Java Brothers. You *know* you've been
working too hard when your *manager* tells you it's time for a
vacation; I *was* a little surprised that he let both of us go at
once, and with only a couple of weeks notice.


Though the timing was rather sudden, Tod and I had spent a lot of
time talking about what we wanted to do when the dust settled
out. We both agreed that we wanted to get away from the city,
away from people, and away from technology. We had discussed
going backpacking, or fishing, or possibly a river rafting trip -
when the project was done, of course. Being set free unexpectedly
left us somewhat at a loss.

Things seemed determined to work out, though. The day after our
boss proved that, despite rumors to the contrary, he *did* have a
heart, my brother mentioned that a friend of his had a ski cabin
near Lake Tahoe for rent, since he only used it in the winter.

For those of you who don't live in California, the Tahoe area is
one of the most beautiful places in the state - the world's
largest alpine lake, surrounded by high mountains, dense forests,
hiking trails and ski resorts. The eastern part of the lake is
in Nevada, and has a number of casinos, but despite that, most of
the Tahoe basin is lovely. Away from the casinos, it's even
peaceful. And summer is the quiet season.

We jumped on the opportunity. A message relayed through my
brother confirmed that yes, it could accomodate two couples, yes,
it was near hiking trails and fishing streams, and - best of all
- yes, it was a mile or more from the nearest neighbor. The
price was the clincher. We were going to Tahoe.

Two weeks later, I pulled the van off the main road and headed
away from the lake. If Tod hadn't been navigating, I would have
missed it - the road, though paved, seemed about a lane and a
half wide. After a couple of turns, it was easy to forget that
we were only 10 minutes from town - except for the road, this was
the Forest Primeval. The air was clear, the trees were green,
the sun was warm, and I was lost. If there hadn't been a mailbox
by the road, I would have gone on past; I could barely see the
cabin through the trees. I wondered briefly if the owner had his
own snowplow, or just *loved* shoveling out a quarter mile of

The cabin looked to be everything my brother had promised. It
sat in a small clearing in the woods. Like many others we'd seen
it was an "A" Frame chalet, with enough pitch to the roof that
snow would slide off. There was a small, covered porch in front,
and what looked like a small deck in back. If the interior was
as nice as the outside, we would be roughing it in style, as well
as privacy - Howard Hughes' idea of a country hideaway. We got
our bags and headed in.

The interior *was* nice. It was a single story, with the vaulted
ceiling following the pitch of the roof. It had a nice, if
compact kitchen, and a huge stone fireplace in the living room.
Sliding doors led out to the rear deck, with - unexpected bonus!
- a hot tub. The bathroom looked like a showroom display, while
the bedroom boasted a pair of kingsized beds.

Yeah. Bedroom, singular. Except for the bathroom, there wasn't
an interior wall in the place. A little exploring found that the
sofa in the "living room" section could be opened up into a
rather uncomfortable looking double bed, but even if one couple
slept in there we'd have about as much privacy as a goldfish. So
much for an active sex life. I wondered suspiciously if my
brother knew; he'd think this was a *marvelous* joke.

After a bit of groaning, we finished bringing our things in; it
was a little late to change things now. Nita, Carol, and I
unpacked our ice chest into the refrigerator, and stocked the
pantry shelves, while Tod headed out back to fill the hot tub and
get it warming.

By the time all the chores were done, it was getting dark; the
ridge to the west ensured an early sunset. Even though we had
food, we were all too tired to want to cook. We shelved
discussion of who'd sleep where and headed into back into town.

Three hours later, we were feeling considerably more cheerful.
We'd had cocktails and a wonderful dinner. Since I was driving,
I'd had to reluctantly pass on wine with dinner, but Nita, Carol,
and Tod had split a bottle, and looked much more relaxed. Carol
and Tod did, anyway - due to her smaller size the wine had hit
Nita harder and she was *very* relaxed; not drunk, but certainly
feeling it. Since she's normally the sobersides in the group, we
all teased her a bit. She ignored us as haughtily as she could;
she might have even carried it off if she could have kept from

Back at the cabin, Carol announced that the rest of us could do
what we liked, but *she* intended to spend the rest of the
evening out in the hot tub working the travel stiffness out. I
was shocked to see Nita's face crumple up as if she was about to

"Nita? What's wrong, dear?"

"I didn't bring a suit! I meant to get one in town, but I forgot.
You all go ahead without me." She managed to look like an unhappy
twelve year old.

Carol's deep laugh startled her. "Suit? I don't have a suit,
either. Who needs a suit in a hot tub?"

Nita followed us on out to the deck, but kept her back to the
rest of us while she undressed. Though it was hard to tell from
behind, I suspected that she was blushing. When she finally
turned her head, I saw that I was right. She took a look at the
rest of us, blushed harder, and turned away again. She reached
for the pile of clothes she had just removed.

Before she could untangle them, Carol had padded across and put
an arm around her shoulder. "Come on, sweety. It's all right.
Why are you so embarrassed? Do you want me to ask Tod to look

Nita's reply was so low I could barely hear it. "Why don't you
*all* look away? I feel like a little girl standing next to you.
I'm so skinny, and you look so nice . . ."

Carol gave her a sudden hug. "Hon, I'd *kill* to have a figure
like yours. There's times I feel like an oversized cow!"

Nita stared back. Her voice held nothing but honest admiration.
"But you've got a *beautiful* figure!"

Tod's deep laugh cut them off. "Listen to the pair of you! Any
man in his right mind would be happy to take either of you to
bed, and you should know it!"

He was right. They were about as different as two women could
be, but they were both lovely. If anything, their contrasts
enhanced their desirability. I admired the picture the two made

Nita is tiny, with a slender figure. Her long hair hung down far
enough in front to cover most of her breasts. Despite her
protests, though, the only part of her that would ever be
mistaken for a little girl is her face - she usually looks like a
mischievous twelve-year-old. In the dim light her normally
golden skin looked paler, almost bleached out.

Carol almost towered over her; she is nearly a foot taller. This
was the first time I'd ever seen her wearing so little, and I was
surprised by how small her waistline was; her big bones, broad
shoulders and hips had misled me into thinking she was a touch
overweight. She keeps her hair cropped an inch or so from her
scalp, like a dense velvet cap. Combined with her stern features,
she might not have been "pretty" but she was strikingly handsome.
The same light that washed out Nita's skin turned Carol's dark
brown into an almost matte black. Irrelevantly, the thought
crossed my mind that except for her color she'd have been perfect
as one of Wagner's Valkyries.

The tableau held for only a moment before they came to the tub;
the air had turned nippy once the sun was down. As short as
their exposure had been, they were both shivering. As they slid
into the steaming water, Tod and I exchanged a guilty grin; we'd
both been staring at their breasts. Cold *does* have some
interesting effects.

Compared to the night air, the water felt almost uncomfortably
hot for the first few minutes. The tub would have been roomy
enough for twice as many; the four of us made an arc at one end,
gradually sinking deeper into the water as we adjusted to the
heat. At first, we were a little awkward, looking away from one
another to avoid the appearance of staring, but that soon wore
off too; it's downright silly not to look at the person you're
talking to when they're only five feet away. After a while we
were teasing each other as much as we had been in the car.

I was relieved; despite her earlier embarrassment, Nita seemed at
ease. Of course, she was small enough that unless she sat
straight up, the water line was usually above her breasts. She
was comfortable enough that even a couple of mildly risque'
compliments from Carol had her giggling madly rather than
blushing - and responding back in kind.

The teasing shifted from person to person. For a while, Carol
seemed to be the goat; then our wives ganged up on us and
discussed our shortcomings with the language, if not the
disinterest, of an Army draft board. When Nita became the target
again, she was blushing - but laughing out loud, too. I was
surprised when I saw her stiffen slightly.

I ran the conversation back in my mind - it certainly didn't seem
likely to upset her. Tod was teasing her about her figure, but
she had seemed able to handle that gracefully enough by now.

He continued "if I'd known what I cute figure you had that summer
we worked together, I'd have tried a lot harder to get a date.
Too bad you were already going with this big lug."

That seemed odd - Nita and I had started dating in October and
she'd changed jobs a few months later, so he must mean the
previous summer. I wondered idly who she *had* been dating - she
had been free enough when we met. I glanced back at Nita,
intending to tease her about it, but changed my mind when I saw
her face. Suddenly, she was blushing a deep crimson, and looking
profoundly guilty. I decided to ask her about it in private;
perhaps it had been an affair she would prefer to forget.

By now, Tod and Carol had noticed, too. The conversation fell
silent for a moment while we watched her, but before we could ask
her what was wrong she took a deep breath and started to speak.

"Tod? Can you forgive me for something?" Her face reminded me of
a 12 year old who had just broken a window, and she avoided
looking at him directly. "Do you remember when you asked me out?
I, I lied to you. I wasn't going with anyone else, but I didn't
want to hurt your feelings."

He gave a relieved chuckle. "Is *that* all you've been worried
about? I might have been a bit disappointed at the time, but it
was a lot nicer way of letting me down than telling me you
weren't interested. Most girls don't bother with being that

Instead of relieving her, she seemed even more embarrassed. Her
voice was almost a whisper. "But that *would* have been a lie -
I was interested. I thought you were the most attractive man I'd
met in a long time."

He still seemed amused, but curious. "So what *was* the problem?
Did I have terminal body odor?"

We had to strain to hear "You're Black." Her face turned even
redder. "I feel so guilty because I *wanted* to go out with you
and was afraid of what people might say. And I'd only been here
a few months, and you were the first black I'd ever got to know,
and there were these stories the US Navy was in port." She was
twisting a strand of hair in her hand as she went on. She
wouldn't look at either of them. "And now I know you both and I
feel so *stupid*."

Carol slid over and put an arm around her. "Hon, hon, it's all
right now. We know how you feel. I'm not hurt." She grinned,
suddenly. "Regretting you missed your chance at Tod?"

Nita managed a shaky smile. "Maybe a little . . . I felt so
bad saying no when he made me feel so *hot*." She managed an
equally shaky laugh.

Tod tried not to look insufferably smug, and nearly succeeded.
"Hey, no problems now, Nita. Give me a kiss and we'll call it
all square."

He leaned toward her to give her a token peck. Instead, Nita
slid into his lap and turned her face up. After a startled
pause, he wrapped his arms around her and gave her a firm kiss.
She responded eagerly. She's always been a good kisser, and she
gave it her best. They must have been short of breath when they
broke the clinch.

Carol raised an eyebrow. Apparently, Tod *still* made Nita "hot"
- her nipples had erected, and she was blushing again. Of
course, from the uncomfortable way that Tod adjusted his position
it seemed likely he was grateful he had Nita's bottom to figleaf
him. When she slid off his lap, he slipped a little deeper into
the water.

"Did you two enjoy that? That kiss would have *never* passed the
movie censors." Though the words were scolding, Carol's tone was

She turned to me. "Are you feeling as left out as I am?" Before
I had time to reply, she sat down astride my knees, and leaned

Kissing Carol was a memorable experience. She is nearly as tall
and strong as I am, and she hugged hard. I tried to concentrate
on the tongue duel and ignore the pair of large, firm breasts being crushed against my chest. Embarrassingly, I went erect
almost immediately, and I could feel my cock pressing hard
against her belly. I'm not sure whether I was relieved or
reluctant when I felt her grip loosen. She glanced down and gave
me a devilish grin before she slid off my lap. Now it was my turn
to be glad that I had the water for a fig leaf.

Neither one of us was prepared for a round of applause, though.
Tod and Nita were both laughing hard, but he managed to point an
accusing finger at us.

In a mock-stern voice, he asked "Were you two *kissing* or
*fucking* over there? I couldn't tell."

Carol laughed back. "If I hadn't let go, it might of been both!
He seems to . . . appreciate a lady. Want to trade, Neets?"

Nita gave a delighted giggle. "It's tempting . . . No, I
guess I'll keep the one I've got." She emphasized her point by
sliding gracefully into my lap. Carol laughed again, and sat
down beside Tod.

Paradoxically, that intense few minutes took most of the sexual
charge out of the atmosphere. Not entirely, of course - I was
certainly still aware of Carol as a desirable woman - but it was
reduced to a comfortable, background level. We didn't speak
much; the relaxed mood and the warm water had us all half-asleep.
It must have been over an hour later before we finally mustered
enough energy to get out.

To a great degree, the relaxed mood lasted the entire week.
During the days, we often left the cabin to hike, sightsee, or
get supplies, but we still spent the bulk of our time around the

With the warm days, privacy, and the amount we were in and out of
the hot tub, clothes seemed silly unless necessary for
protection. I wish I had a picture of Nita and Carol making
breakfast the first morning - total clothing, a barbeque apron
each. From the front, it was fairly modest, but from the rear...

In a way, the casual nudity combined with the lack of privacy to
keep the tension from building; there was none of the mystery and
concealment that helps build an erotic edge.

A couple of times, Nita or I would hear quiet lovemaking in the
night; then again, we woke both of them once when we got a little
too vocal. Carol's imitation the next morning of Nita in the
throes of orgasm was - *ahem* - screamingly funny. Somehow,
rather than being a strain, it just added to the feeling of
casual closeness. We were all sorry when our week ended.


Back at work, Tod and I were deluged once more, but we gradually
dug our way out. I think both of us were a little relieved that
our working relationship remained unstrained.

Nita and Carol's relationship *has* changed, a little; the two of
them are *much* more likely to plan some sort of deviltry to
spring on their husbands when we all get together. It wouldn't
be so bad if I could tell when they're joking, but Nita has
Carol's deadpan delivery down perfectly these days. Teasing her
these days is *dangerous*.

I've found out *how* dangerous the hard way. A few nights ago, I
made the mistake of teasing her about the time she kissed Tod.

"Is he *that* good a kisser? I halfway expected you to faint when
he let you go. You didn't seem in any hurry to get off his lap."

"He was . . . interested. Enthusiastic. And we're both lucky
he's a gentleman."

"What do you mean?"

"If he hadn't pushed me away I'd have probably raped him then and

I *still* don't know if she was serious.


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