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jh nightmov



Contains adult themes, sex, and possible violence. Read at your own

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Night Moves

By the time she was awake, I had her immobilized.

It was dark in the bedroom, enough that I was working by feel as much as
by sight. That was fine, for now - I'd seen her in the light before;
that was why I was here in her bedroom tonight.

I'd taken the usual precautions, of course. I knew that nobody else was
going to arrive, and that any sounds in the bedroom wouldn't even make
it down the hall, much less next door; still, I had quietly locked the
bedroom door before undressing.

She was a light sleeper - when I stripped the covers back, she started
to stir. I moved fast; by the time she her eyes had opened I had both
her arms stretched tightly above her head, and had forced her knees far
apart with my own. She took the situation in almost immediately; after
a single convulsive surge of her body left me unmoved, she tried to

I wasn't in the mood to listen, though. I grabbed her throat and told
her her to be still. She was intelligent enough to do what I said.

She started to fight again, though, when I moved my free hand from her
throat to her body. Time to lay out the facts.

"Be *still*, woman. I'm bigger, stronger, and there's nothing you can
do to stop me. Do what I say, and you'll enjoy this a *lot* more.
Tonight, your body is *mine*. Your cunt; your mouth; your ass if I feel
like it. Fighting won't change that - it just turns me on more, and
means that you get it harder. Nod if you understand."

After a few seconds, I saw her head bob.

Now that I had her forced cooperation, I moved my free hand down her
body again. She was wearing an oversized t shirt as a nightgown, with
nothing underneath. I wadded the shirt up in my fist, and pulled it up.
She tried to keep her butt on the bed, but I was able to get it above
her waist; once I had the back free of her hips, it was easy to slide it
up over her head. A moment later, I had it twisted firmly around her

I paused a moment to look at my prize. My eyes had adjusted to the
dark enough that I could dimly see her. She was my idea of what a
woman should be; slender, fit, with a small firm breasts. Her long hair
lay spread out wildly. Her nude body looked almost like I had imagined
the first time I saw her, except for a *very* nice suprise. She must
wear industrial strength bras all the time - I never would have
suspected such oversized nipples on those A-cup tits. Definitely have
to think of something to do with those.

It was hard to be sure in the dark, but I thought I could see her

She jerked when I slid my free hand between her legs, and I was certain
now; she *was* blushing.

I held my face impassive, and started to rub my fingers up and down her
pussy. It might have been against her will, but her body started
to warm. When I slid my middle finger into her cunt and hooked it, her
body jerked. I flicked her clit lightly, and it jerked again. She was
wet enough now, and I was tempted to take her without any more

When I forced her legs further apart, I could feel her clenching her
body. Pointless, really. She was wet enough that I could push my cock
in easily, no matter what she did. Instead, though, moved my head down
and sucked in one of those tasty-looking nipples.

Despite her resistance, her body had been responding - the nipple was
almost painfully erect, thumb-sized and nearly an inch long.

"Painfully" may have been the word, too, by the way she bucked. No,
"ticklish" was it, I decided, as I started to pull and twist the other
nipple. Light touches brought a more violent response than pinches or
nips. I spent several minutes just exploring my toy's reactions.

When I switched my mouth from one spike to the other, I felt her pussy again. It was *extremely* wet - I was able to slide a finger in easily.
I brought it up to taste - delicious. If I had thought to bring
something to fasten her hands out of the way, I would have loved to eat
her cunt, to force her to come despite herself. Oh, well.

Instead, I went back to her first nipple, biting it lightly and pulling
my head back till her was stretched to its maximum length. While she was
still convulsing, I buried my cock to the hilt in her pussy.

God! If she hadn't been so lubricated it would have been hard to get it
in. Her bucking just made it tighter. I tightened my grip on her
wrists to make sure she didn't escape, and matched my thrusting to her
thrashing. Whenever she showed signs of slowing, I would tweek her
nipple or her clit.

I smiled sardonically when I felt her bucks turn into matching thrusts.
I'm sure that she hated herself for starting to respond - her body was a
great deal sluttier than she would like to admit. I made sure that I
rubbed her clit as hard as I could with each stroke.

Her strangled groan came as a suprise; she clenched her teeth and nearly
threw me off as her orgasm started. Instead, I started pounding her as
hard as I could - her coming was such a turn-on that I erupted myself
before her orgasm was finished.

It was several minutes before either of us tried to move.

"Are you done now?" she asked in a hoarse whisper.

Rather than answering, I grabbed a handful of hair and moved my cock up
to her mouth. She just stared at it.

"Clean it!"

"No, I don't . . ."

"Tonight, you do. You want me happy, and I don't want a lady - I want a
slut. And you are one, aren't you?"

Her mouth may not have been expert, but once she started she did her best
to please; her reluctance made her efforts all the more stimulating.
Soon, I was hard again.

This time, I put a pillow on the bed and put her belly-down on top of
it. Her butt stuck up in the air quite nicely. I kept one hand on the
nape of her neck to hold her still and knelt behind her.

Her slit was still wet, and I slid the fingers of my free hand up and
down, getting them nice and wet. Perhaps the forced cocksucking had
turned her on a little, or maybe she was still excited from being fucked
earlier, but I could feel her pressing back slightly every time I slid
my fingers past her clit. To be sure, I slid my thumb into her cunt while I cupped her mound. Yes, a definite response - she was pushing as
hard as I was. Certainly not a lady in bed, no matter what she liked to

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit to get it well lubricated, sliding
up into the cleft between her cheeks as well. She tensed when it slid
past her asshole. I was tempted, and lingered a moment longer to scare
her, but I had other plans tonight. I moved forward, and pushed into
her cunt from the rear, instead. As I'd expected, from this angle she
was even tighter. It felt marvelous, and I grabbed her hips with both
hands to allow me to push harder.

Once again, I could feel her response. I moved one hand around
underneath her and started playing with her clit, rubbing and pinching
it lightly as I thrust. Her motions grew even more frantic, and I felt
her own hand push in to take over. She needed to finish, and at this
moment who I was didn't matter - for the moment, I was just means to an

Whatever her reasons, her responses were lifting me up, too - she was a
fantastic fuck. I *did* feel a little bit superfluous, though. I wanted
her attention on *me*. To get her attention, I slid my well-lubricated
thumb into her asshole. It got her attention, all right - she came,
hard. It took all my strength to stay on when she started to buck, and
I had to grab her hips with both hands again. The feeling of her
bucking her hips back sent me over the edge - I thrust into as hard as I
could, and came so hard I almost collapsed.

I was too tired to get up right away, but I forced myself to roll off
her and pulled her into my arms. At first, she just lay there quietly
shaking. Finally, though, she must have sensed that I was through with
her, and she tried to speak. Her voice was so hoarse that she had to
start over a couple of times before I could understand her.

"You *bastard*! Are you satisfied now?"

"Yes - and so are you. Don't try to tell me you didn't enjoy yourself."

"I didn't . . . I don't . . . All right, I did. But so did you. And
that was more than I could handle every day."

"We'll save it for special occasions."

"*Very* special occasions. Have I told you how much I love you?"

"You showed me. Good night, darling."


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