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joans training 02

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to this story.
If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex, and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me at. . .


Joan’s Training

Part 2

When I came to, I was spread-eagled - on my back on the coffee
table, feet tied, each to a leg, arms held back over my head by
Paula and Jan, and surrounded by the guests. Gloria was slapping
my face.

When I opened my eyes she smiled "She's ready now"

Craig was standing at my feet. His wife ritualistically
unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. She caressed his
penis but it was already throbbing, so he didn't need much help.

When he entered me it was rough. I screamed into the gag
and everyone broke into hysterical laughter. Craig even stopped
and smiled, but not for long. He had intercourse with me more
roughly than I ever imagined possible. Each stroke seemed to
burn itself into my insides. I looked up once into his eyes and
saw a terrible fury there. When he was done He pulled out and
stood up,

He moved to the head of the table and stood over me his
penis dripping into my face. He put one foot on the table next
to my face, and motioned Paula and Jan to pose on either side of
him like a champion race car driver being congratulated after a
victory while his wife took several snapshots.

They also each put a leg up on the table, their nyloned legs
flanking him as Marion took the shots. I tried to cover up, Jan
grabbed an arm and I was jerked back into a helpless position.
After Craig, the other men began taking turns on me. They
blended into one another I was only semi-aware when one was
done and another started.

I blacked out again. I was thinking about Tom and Karen my
14 year old, (and Pete's girlfriend). I imagined myself with
them on the beach during our last vacation. I was warm and
comfortable. In my dream I was warm and comfortable, I thought I
saw my son coming towards me with a cold coke. He threatened
pour it on me.

I awoke with a start to look up into Steve's face as he
rubbed a cold bottle of beer against my crotch. Things were
quieter, the lights had been turned off in this end of the room,
there were several candles lit. I was no longer gagged nor held
down. Steve helped untie my ankles and his wife Marie gently
guided me to a couch. I noticed that most of the guests were
gone, there were several couples sitting at the other end of the
room talking with Gloria and Dave but they paid us no attention.
Marie helped me gather my shoes, panty hose, bra and what
was left of my blouse. My panties were nowhere to be found. I
put on my panty hose and with Marie's help my shoes and skirt.
Steve was still holding my blouse and bra. Gloria noticed
something and walked down to our end of the room. "Steve let me
help you with that stuff, It's not fit for Joan to wear anymore
so let's just chuck it".

With that Steve frowned but handed her the clothing and she
tossed it into the fireplace where it disappeared in a temporary
resurgence of the dying fire.

Marie and Steve both looked a little sympathetic, they sat on
the couch on either side of me. They were both quite gentle, and
after the last hours I clung to that. The room was warm but I
was still shaking uncontrollably. Steve held me to stop my
shaking. For the first time I could remember I stopped sobbing.

I didn't resist when Steve cupped one breast. He was gentle
and I felt a little safer being held. Marie spoke up. "I saved
your wedding ring for you, want it back?

"Listen," Marie continued, "Steve has a fantasy about this,
would you be willing to help him live it? It's a lot easier than
what you've already been through tonight".

I nodded agreement silently. I knew I had no choice and I
was more comfortable here than I would have been if Gloria
noticed me again. And they were so kind, I wanted to preserve
that desperately.

Steve reached for my hand and held it while Marie slipped the
ring on my ring finger. Steve unzipped his pants and motioned
for me to pull his penis out. I hesitated but when Marie started
to move I reached for it. I took it out, It was hard almost

Marie guided me to the floor in front of Steve where I
knelt. She pushed my face down into his crotch and I understood
I was to take him in my mouth. I gagged but did it.

After a few moments she pulled my head back and told me
that if I wanted to I could just use my hand but I would have to
let him come in my face. Dumbly I cooperated. I was in a kind
of shock.

Every time I tried to use my right hand she stopped me, I was
to only use my left. When he came he spurted in my face and on
my hand which went up to protect my eyes. He came a lot, it was
warm and felt smooth against my skin.

Flashbulbs popped. I looked left and there were Paula and
Gloria both recording this moment for posterity. Me topless, on
my knees, Steve's cock in my face and cum dripping off my face
and hand (later I was to learn that it was dripping off my ring,
that was the object of the exercise). When Steve finished
cumming, Marie wiped his cock off with my other hand and
replaced it in his pants. They both got up as if I wasn't even there and
joined the other group.
I heard a long burst of hysterical laughter. Gloria spoke
up as they left. "Get on your feet and bring us some wine, and
see if anyone wants any dessert." I complied, it didn't seem
like there was anything else to do at the time.

It was about 2:00 AM by then. I served dessert and a little
wine to the remaining guests. I was directed to take off my
skirt and kneel on the floor under the lamp where they could all
see me, until I was needed. I complied. I tried not to look
into anyones' eyes, I was sobbing again but afraid of making too
much noise.

At one point Gloria got up and threw my skirt into the fire,
she also grabbed the arm that I was using to cover my breasts and
jerked it away. "Don't you dare cover up". After that they
mostly ignored me in the conversation but would occasionally give
me a look of disgust to insure I was aware of my condition.

For awhile I knelt there, leaning back fully exposing my
breasts to avoid Gloria's wrath. I was thinking back through my
entire relationship with Gloria and Dave. I had never seen
anything remotely comparing to their treatment of me tonight. I
had felt that Gloria was occasionally unnecessarily snippish with
me, even rude, but she had always seemed to be a fairly reliable
friend. I had confided in her about marital problems etc. and
she in me.

Her cruelty shocked me as did her blatant enjoyment of my
subjugation. I thought about Jan. She had always been a good
friend. She was what men call a doll, small, excellent figure,
pretty face, dark complexion, attracted men like flies but seemed
to ignore them.

Tonight she was acting extremely provocative, enjoying egging
the men on, and directing their energies towards me. She also
enjoyed my subjugation. I never even imagined that she could act
like this.

About 3:30 Paula got up to leave and Gloria told me to help
her with her coat. Standing there in the hallway Paula smiled,
and cruelly told me that "I have really enjoyed the evening,
haven't you?"

She laughed and told me that she had made a deal with
Gloria, and I was the deal. I would be hearing from her later in
the week, and if I valued my family I would cooperate.

She pulled my necklace out of her pocket and told me she
would get it fixed. Maybe I could borrow it sometime....with
that she stepped out the door and I was left alone in the

Dave came out and guided me to the basement, he pointed to a
pile of blankets and said Gloria would be down in the morning. I
heard that door shut and the lock click into place. Alone in the
dark, I sobbed myself through the night but didn't sleep. I
relived the experience countless times.

Was it real? Why? Why? Why? How could I face the people I
knew. How could I face Gloria and Dave, and the others I knew I
might see again?

About 12 hours later The door opened and the bright light
caused me to squint in pain. Gloria came down carrying some
clothing which she dumped at my feet. "Get up Joan!! I'm not
going to waste time with unnecessary threats. Suffice to say
that I have affidavits from everyone who was here last night that
you got drunk and made a fool of yourself. You made passes at
every man and when they were done you were begging for more.
I have pictures that would ruin your marriage for ever. And
finally if you don't want me to include Karen in our next Soiree,
you'll do as you are told. I do require you to sign two papers
and then I am going to let you go. I know you won't be stupid
enough to fight this but just in case."

I looked at the papers. One said something to the effect
that I had agreed to "Sell my body" for $65.00." I agreed to
serve as the entertainment at an "adult" party with the
understanding that providing sexual favors would be part of the

She had me write my age, name, and measurements on the form
in my own handwriting. She also had me write that I would gladly
perform fellatio and have intercourse with whosoever desired at
this party. And that I understood that although such an
agreement was illegal it would suffice to prove the
voluntariness of any sexual activity.

I managed to maintain my composure and although I shook, I
wrote what she wanted. After I had written what she had
originally ordered, she smiled and said let's improve this,
"Write that you are married and you know Tom your husband
would die if he knew what you had done, so you asked your husband to
leave you alone for the weekend."

Finally she had me write a note to Tom on the back of the
contract. "Tom I decided to see what the rest of the world was
like. I enjoyed what the 11 guys at that party did to me. Ask
Gloria for some snapshots." I complied. Gloria told me she was
sure that she would never have to use this paper.

The other form was a model release which covered the entire
night. It specifically mentioned that the photos were nude, I had
posed voluntarily and that I assigned to Gloria the rights to do
what she desired with them including publication. The total
helplessness of the situation got to me. I broke into tears.
"Joan if you don't sign this in about 3 seconds you will lose the
chance and I will have to protect myself in a less genteel

I wasn't sure what she meant but decided that I had nothing
to lose by signing the forms. I did and she left.

Strangely she looked at me with almost friendliness in her
eyes and said gently, "Joan things have changed, but you're going
to be all right. If you continue to do what you're told, we will
take care of you." As she climbed the stairs out of the basement
she left the basement door open and opened the back door of her
home. I was looking directly outside.

I stepped out of the light and dressed. She had chosen the
clothes to humiliate me. There was no bra or panties, the
sweater was her daughters, and about 3 sizes too small. The
shoes were mine, the pantyhose mine (it had been washed) but the
skirt was again Chris'. In addition to being too tight it was so
short I was afraid to walk, if I took too long a step I felt I
would be exposing myself to the world. But I did put it on and
stepped out the door to freedom.

Walking down the street to my home I reflected on the
evening. And Gloria's cryptic final remarks, she couldn't think
she could do this to me again? I looked down at what I was
wearing and realized that she might be able to do what she

That was a chilling thought. I knew I could never go to
the police. There was a real possibility that even if they
believed my story, that Gloria could indeed ruin my life and my
families'. I passed by a moving van, people were just moving
into the home. Three guys stood on the steps. I heard a loud
whistle, and another. Realizing they were for me I smiled
involuntarily but stepped up my pace. I felt embarrassed but
flattered. I looked up into the November sky. It was the
deepest blue and the brightest sunlight that I had seen in a long

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