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joans training 04


I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to this story.
If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex, and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me at. . .

Joanfs Training

Part 4

I numbly reached for the door handle, I was going to just
leave, nothing could be worse than staying. Gloria was standing
right outside the door. She smiled and told me that she thought
I might try and leave, but it would be easier if I stayed. If I
left she and Mona would have to show Tom what a "slut he had

After she and Mona finished talking to Tom I could never go
home again. If I continued to cooperate I would only suffer
momentary embarrassment. I was repulsed at what she considered
"momentary embarrassment" but knew that I had no choice. We
went inside. Most everyone was in the living room. Tom was
there with Mona. He looked up at me. "How are you feeling?"
"Better I lied".

Gloria told Tom that she wanted to show me her new crafts
room. He laughed and told me to have fun. Gloria guided me up
the stairs. We went up into what had been the attic. It had
been remodeled for her to use for her hobbies. (I was soon to
learn that I was a hobby). Once there Denise soon joined us.
Phil was right behind her. "Shall we get started?" Gloria asked
sarcastically. Phil grabbed my arms while Gloria and Denise
pulled my sweater off. As soon as my arms slipped through the
sleeves Phil grabbed them again. They removed my skirt and slip
and then, strangely, Gloria asked Phil and Denise to leave the

"Joan, don't talk, just and absorb what I have to say. Go
ahead, sit down on the bed. Obviously you realized earlier that
you have more to gain by going along with us than by fighting.
What I have in mind for you isn't too bad. You are going to
have to learn to cooperate. If you do, your life will go on
pretty much as it always has. If not, well, I have some
alternate plans. For the rest of today, relax and try to have
fun. I promise you will not be hurt."

I thought about what she had said. All through my life,
from high school, college, and marriage I had been a "good
girl", a "good wife" and generally had conformed to what a
"nice" girl should do. Tom had been my "first". I fantasized
about other men on occasion but had never so much as expressed
the thought. I always dressed modestly. The night they raped
me I was terrified, humiliated, degraded to the point of being
sick, but when I thought back about it, I started to feel warm
down around my vagina. I knew, and she knew that I was going to
cooperate. She knew how I felt, degraded but excited.

Dave came in the room. Gloria commanded that I kneel on the
floor. I did. Phil and Denise came back in. Denise picked up
a tape measure and proceeded to take my measurements. After
she measured my bust I was allowed to replace my bra. She recorded
the measurements on a bulletin board. I noticed that there
were blanks there so the succeeding measurements could be
compared to the previous ones.

Dave looked down the stairs and into the hallway. He
reported that the coast was clear Gloria led me down stairs to
the bathroom. I was directed to step on the scale. We started
back into the attic but Gloria guided me to her bedroom. She
pushed my head down into what had been an old heating grate, but
was now slightly open into her living room. I saw Tom and Mona
on the couch, Mona had her hand on his arm and it was obvious
they were engrossed in conversation. Her skirt had slipped
partially off her thigh. He was enjoying her company. It was
also obvious that she was offering him more than a platonic
relationship. Before I could react Gloria guided me back
upstairs. I was directed to kneel on the floor again while the
others discussed my body. I learned that they thought it was
good, but that I would be sent to the "Workout World" to improve

During the afternoon, I stayed there, not ignored but not
harassed either. Phil wrote out an exercise schedule and told
me that I would be using it soon. Dave and Phil spent most of
the time downstairs.

I could hear the kids in another room but they stayed well
out of the way most of the afternoon. I was terrified that one
of them would come in and see me like this. Denise mentioned
something to Gloria about Tom coming up, but Gloria laughed
and assured her that Mona was not going to let him out of her sight.

Late in the afternoon Denise told me to dress and come on
downstairs. She took me into the bathroom and helped rearrange
my make-up. When I came downstairs Tom had the kids in the
living room and they were preparing to leave. Gloria asked me
to stay. "Tom you don't mind if Joan stays awhile do you?" He
said it was up to me.

They both looked at me, but before I could speak Gloria
spoke up, "great, it's settled, Joan promised me she would help
me bake tonight". With that Tom told me not to stay too late,
kissed me, and left with the kids.
Gloria brought me into the living room. Mona brought out
the bag of clothing she had taken from my home earlier. Dave and
Phil seemed to be arranging some photographic lights and shades
around the Christmas tree. Dave had several cameras two on
tripods, and one with a strange looking lens that he was holding
in his hand. As soon as they finished arranging things they
looked at me, expectantly, "Well come on, step up here."

I came forward and Dave "posed me" in front of the tree.
"Turn slightly sideways, bend forward slightly, now with your
right hand, grab a handful of skirt and raise it a little."
"Damn it smile!" I was sobbing by now, Dave roughly wiped my
face, and pushed me into the position he wanted. For several
minutes we went on like this. Finally, Gloria who had been
watching silently suggested theat we were going about this all
wrong. "Strip her!!" she commanded, Denise and Mona
proceeded to undress me.

They weren't rough, they weren't gentle, they were just
cold and efficient. After I was undressed Dave lay me down on
the floor, on my side and photographed me in front of the tree.
Then he moved me so that I was on my back, feet towards the
camera, legs spread, and my left hand (wedding ring) covering my
vagina. I was made to pose this way for a while. Then wearing just
the black high heels, I was made to bend my legs at the knees, and using
both hands, I was told to open my vagina. They put a pillow behind my
head, and there I was, laying spread eagled, on the floor, in front of the
Christmas, tree.... With my vagina opened wide, offering myself,... and
I was looking into the camera.

Eventually I was allowed to put on some clothing, and I was
photographed for the next couple hours in various stages of
dress and undress. I tried on all the pairs of panty hose Mona
had brought, Dave and Phil selected the shades they liked.

One skirt, my longest, had been slit to the waist, another
had been hemmed up during the afternoon so that it was much too
short. They tried every combination of clothing and pose
imaginable. No blouse, then no skirt, change shoes, bra on, bra
off, panty hose on, panty hose off, change skirts, remove skirt

I wasn't enjoying this at all but I wasn't as scared as I
had been originally. I was still scared and maybe a little angry
(although my fear overruled my anger) but it wasn't as hard to
go along with them as it had been in the beginning. I realized
what Gloria had done. By making me pose nude at first, I knew
the worst was over and that things had to get better. It
worked. Both Dave and Phil became quite solicitous, as long as
I cooperated they were gentle.

About 9:30 Dave told Gloria he was done. Mona piped up, "I
have one more idea." I was directed to put on some suntan panty hose, my black heels, and my daughters White sweater, but no
skirt. The sweater was quite long and actually partially
covered my thighs. Gloria brought me to the kitchen, bent me
over the sink and soaked the sweater with water. She brought me
dripping into the living room. Mona had collected 3 hair dryers
and they began heating the sweater to dry it, while I was still
in it.

It took about an hour. When they finished they repeated
the process. Finally they did it again. This time before it
was totally dry Mona suggested they try some shots. By now the
sweater had shrunk. It was form fitting. It had stretched
around my breasts and was tight on my stomach. It still covered
a little thigh.

Dave posed me in front of the tree again. This time he took
several rolls of film of just this outfit. I knelt, I bent
over, I was twisted, and even took one shot looking straight at
the camera, hands underneath my chest as if I was offering my
breasts. This shot took awhile to get right because they
insisted I smile.

It wasn't easy but Gloria's threats and the promise that
they would keep it up until I got it right scared me into trying.
The resultant grimace wasn't great but Dave said it would do.
Finally Gloria suggested the men pose with me.

I knelt in front of them, Dave unzipped his fly and placed
my hand around his penis. I began to perform as he wished.
Putting his penis in my mouth, and sucking on it. When he was done
he did not put his penis back into his pants, he stood next to me
while I was forced to suck Phil. Then each man, was standing on either
side of my, with their penises pointed at my face. I was told to grab
each one, and to try and place them both in my mouth. During this whole
time Gloria took numerous shots. After a few minutes of this, both
men grabbed their penises and started, masturbating. Both men, started
shooting their cum into my face at almost the same time. When they had
stopped cumming, Gloria told me to lick them clean. I wanted to reach up
and wipe their cum from my face, eyes and mouth, but I knew that
would only bring a harsh response. So I just did as I was told.
Finally they were done.

I was told to kneel in the corner for a while. Mona asked
me about the family photo that we had taken several weeks
earlier. "Tom told me that you are going to send cards this year
with that photo on them". I nodded agreement. Dave looked at
Gloria and they both smiled. "Bring us some of them!" "When
will you pick them up?" I replied that they should be ready on

Gloria ordered me to bring them to her immediately after I
got them. The phone rang, Dave answered it. "Everything is fine,
she should be finished in a little. Joan, it's Tom." He handed
me the phone and I took it. "He sounded a little irritated.
It's well passed midnight hon, when will you be home? I didn't
think you would stay this long, I wish you would have called, is
everything all right?"

As he was speaking Phil had reached over and was
absentmindedly fondling my thigh. Denise tried to smother a
giggle but failed. I told Tom I was all right and would be home
soon. He sounded a little relieved, I told him not to wait up,
He said he would try but in any case to wake him when I got in.
I promised and we hung up. I asked Gloria if I could leave.

She told me that they weren't done with me yet. She wanted
to get a few more shots of me with my ring finger wrapped around
Dave's penis. I was posed again, and again. Finally they were
through. Gloria told me to dress, as I had been dressed when I
arrived. I did but Mona stopped me when I started to put the
skirt on. Gloria told me that I was through for the weekend but
that I had better be back Monday at 1:30 with the family
Christmas cards.

"Do you hear me?" "Yes, I heard." "Than you better be
here." Gloria took me into the kitchen where we were joined by
Mona. "Joan, I have a few instructions for you; first you will
no longer wear pantsuits or jeans, you will wear skirts and
dresses ALWAYS, second you will no longer say no to a man,
and third you will use the back door when you are at my home." Do
you understand? I nodded.

She sounded gentle so I asked her why.....Before The words
were out of my mouth I was told to "Shut UP!!! In due time you
will learn, for now, just cooperate and you will be allowed to
continue your way of life. Mona got up to leave. I gathered my
skirt in my hand, looked for my slip with no success, found my
purse and headed for the door. "Wrong door bitch" with that
Gloria pointed at the back door. I walked out and found Mona
waiting out front. She motioned for me to get into her car. I

She drove to my house, once in front I started to put my
skirt on. She stopped me. "Get out of the car." "I'm not
dressed." She reached over and pushed me out, I was to scared
to fight. Once out of her car I stood there, she had stopped
under a street light, and put my skirt on. I walked into the

On the kitchen counter was a yellow manila envelope. Joan,
read me, it said in large red letters. I opened it and gasped.
It contained a blank diary, but also about twenty pictures taken
two weeks earlier. The photographs formed a chronological
record of my gang-rape.

There was a note. "Joan use this diary to record what
happened to you during the last two weeks. Be detailed, be
specific, record your thoughts and your feelings. Bring this
with you when you come over Monday. You may keep the
snapshots. So far you are the only one in your family who has seen them. If
you continue to cooperate, we may be able to keep it this way.
Sweet Dreams............. Gloria, Mona, and Denise."

I stuffed the photo's back into the manilla envelope and
shoved it into a cabinet full of junk that no one ever looked
into, and stumbled upstairs sobbing quietly. Tom was sound
asleep when I got there. For some reason I looked on his
dresser. There was one of his business cards with some writing
on it, I took it into the bathroom to read. It was a women's
handwriting, it had a phone number, and address, and it was
signed Mona...........

Not knowing what could come next, I crawled off to bed. I
thought about the day, Tom's possible relationship with Mona,
čand Gloria's final orders. I drifted off to sleep.


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