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joans training 05

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to this story.
If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex, and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me at. . .


Joan’s Training
Part 5

As I awoke the next day, I was wondering if I hadn't had a bad
dream. Did yesterday really happen? I woke early, and went done to
the kitchen without waking Tom, and went to the cabinet of junk
where I had hidden the envelope last night. It was still there, and I
knew yesterday was not a dream. I looked at the diary and read the
note again. "Joan use this diary to record what
happened to you during the last two weeks. Be detailed, be
specific, record your thoughts and your feelings. Bring this
with you when you come over Monday." Dare I show up on
Monday without the diary? As crazy as the Gloria was, I knew that I
had no choice.

Tom woke and wanted to know what I was doing so long over
Gloria's house. I assumed him it was girl stuff, and I quickly make
breakfast. After breakfast Tom wanted to go to the Mal and do
some shopping. As I went to the closet to find something to wear, I
remembered Gloria's words..... " you will no longer wear
pantsuits or jeans, you will wear skirts and dresses ALWAYS"
At first I was determined not to let her run my life, but then as I
realized what would happen if she or anyone else who was in on this
saw me...so I put on a cotton sundress, which came down past my
knees. We all piled in the car, and headed off to the mall.

Once there, the kids went off in one direction, Tom went off in
another And I was walking along, trying to look as through I was
window shopping. But I couldn't get the experiences of the past 2
weeks out of my mind. Suddenly, and hand tapped me on the
shoulder, and I heard a voice say..... " Joan you have such wonderful
sexy legs, why do you want to cover them with such a long dress?"

As I turned around I saw it was Marie and & Steve from the party 2
weeks ago. I was suddenly taken back, as I remembered my kneeling
in front of him with his cum on my face and hair. I wanted to scream
out loud and tell everyone that these people had done to me..... but I
tried to quickly walk away. Marie grabbed my arm, and from the
pressure she applied I know I was to stay. I turned to face them.

Marie spoke...." You know Joan we where sowing the pictures on
you sucking Steve's cock to some of our friends...." and she reached
into her purse and pulled out three of the photos. " and this one...
here.." showing me the large color photo of me, topless,
on my knees, with my left hand around an erect penis, no more
than 3 inches from my face. cum was dripping off my face and
hand." Well Joan everyone who saw it said you have very nice legs,
and it would have been a much better picture, if you would have had
on stockings and a garter belt , with the short skirt and heels."

With that Steve began to speak. " Joan, I want you to go upstairs to
the lingerie shop and buy several pairs or stockings, with and
without seams, in black, tan, and flesh color, and well as matching
garter belts. Do you understand Joan? "

I lowered my eyes and said "yes"...remembering that Gloria told me
to never say no to a man again..

Good" Marie said, I think I'll come with you just to make sure you
get the correct ones." She kissed Steve on the cheek and said,
"we'll meet you upstairs darling, later on" I didn't like the sound of
the later on..... and as I started to tell Marie that my family was here
waiting for me, she announced.... "Good. Maybe I'll show them this
picture and see if they think you'd look better in stockings as well."

I muttered "NO PLEASE...... I'll come with you..." and Marie lead
the way to the upper level of the mall.

As we entered the lingerie shop a toll older gentlemen came up to
Marie and asked her if he could help. He looked vaguely familiar,
but I just wanted to make the purchase and leave as quickly as
possible. Marie turned to him..... and said..." Yes, mike, Joan here
needs some stockings are garter belts...something real sexy" I was
slightly embarrassed at her frankness, until I heard him say... " yes, I
too thought she would have been much more sexy at the party
wearing those instead of the pantyhose."

MY god !! I thought was he at the party was well? Had he watched
me do those terrible things?? Had he been part of the gang rape? I
started to shake at the thought. Marie took me by the arm and we
went to the stockings were she picked out what I was to buy, then
she picked out the garter belts as well.
As I held the items in my hand..... the older man said....." You know
Marie, she does have nice legs, but these tiny heels she had on didn't
do her justice. I think some nice HIGH heel pumps, with a 3 or 4
inch heel would go nice with those stockings." Marie looked at me,
and asked? " what do you think Joan?..." I blurted out.... : But I
can't walk on those" when Marie shouted "SHUT UP" I looked
around to see if anyone was looking, but no one seemed to be
paying attention. Marie continued on.." You don't get it do you?
You do as your told!! You never ....never say NO to a man. Do
you understand? " "Yes" I said...... Marie looked at the man and
said.... " maybe we'll just forget about all this stuff.... I'll go find her
family and ask then if she looks sexy enough in this picture" Again
she pulled out the large color picture of me, on my knees"

"NO" I shouted.. " No.... I'll wear the high heels......" The man was
still looking at the picture.....and then looked at me again. I heard
my self saying..." I'd Love to wear those high heels"

Marie pushed my into a chair as the man disappeared into the back.
After a few minutes he came back with several boxes of shoes. As he
sat down in front of me he took out a pair of plane back pumps.. But
with a very high heel. He reached down and took one of me feet,
and looked up at me..... and just waited. I looked at Marie, and then
suddenly I knew what he was waiting for.

I reached down and pulled my skirt up past my knees, half way up
my thighs. Then I slowly opened my legs so the man could see my
panties, my crotch. As he slipped my foot into the shoe he ran his
hand up my leg. and stuck his finger inside the leg bad of my panties.
I jumped as I felt his finger on my pubic hair. I quickly looked
round to see if anyone was noticing, and saw the store was
practically empty. As he slid his hand back down my leg, he reached
for the other foot and slipped the shoe on and again letting his hand
run along my thighs to my crotch. This time I didn't jump as I felt
him finger my mound.

Marie spoke and said.... "stand up and walk...." I stood up and was a
little shaky but managed to take a few steps. Then I turned around
and stood there. I saw the look of anger on Marie's face, then I
reached down and pulled my skirt up till it was half way up my
thighs. AS I looked down, I thought to my self, You do have great
legs Joan.... then I quickly forced that thought out of my mind. I
returned to the chair sat down and took off the pumps.

Marie said, we'll take a pair in black, red and white. As we walked
to the cash register, the man spoke again...... " you know Marie, the
other night, when it was my turn to fuck her, she was pretty much
out of it. It was almost like fucking a dead person."

I was immediately filled with anger. He was one of the low life's
who gang raped me, and now he was compiling that he didn't like it.

He went on..... "That picture you showed me for her sucking your
husbands cock, so looked inviting. DO you think I could get a blow
job as sort of you know, compensation? "

Fear started growing inside of me.... NO.... they wouldn't make me
do that would they? Marie looked at me, and said.... " I don't
know...why don't you ask her?" NO I screamed, inside my head.
Then I remember what Gloria had said, what Marie had said...I was
never to say no to a man. The man looked my in the eyes, and
said... " would you suck my cock, and let me cum on your face??"

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run. I wanted to run out of
the mal, get in the car, and run home. I wanted to run to find Tom,
and tell him what this man had done to me, and was now asking me
to do to him. I wanted to do all those things...... but I quietly said...

Marie said..."come with us" and she lead the way into the back of
the store, into the storage area. There were rows and rows of boxes,
yet no real privacy. Anyone could walk back here. Marie handed me
the things we had just bought, and told me to put them on. I stood
there looking at her, and she shouted "STRIP" or we'll do to for
you" Remembering how I was made to go home with my skirt on...
and not wanting to risk this dress being torn, I quickly stepped out
of the dress. I reached behind and took the bra off, and then Marie
shouted.... "the panties too OFF with them" I reached down and
took off my panties, and kicked off my shoes. The bare concert was
cold on me feet.

Marie, took out a pair of black stockings, that we had just bought,
and a black garter belt with red bows on the garters. I quickly
stepped into the stockings, pulling each one up and fastening it to
the garter belt. Then with out being told, I reached in the bag and
took out the red high heels and put them on. For some reason I
reached down and smoothed out the wrinkles from the stockings.

"Not bad, looking" I heard the man say..... turn around. And pose a
little for me." I slowly turned around and placed my hands on my
hips. Marie...spoke and said.. " he said pose. Just like you did your
Christmas pictures, under the Christmas tree."
I thought ...how did she know about that? She wasn't there then?
AS if she could read my mind..... "yes.... we have all seem them.
We're still trying to figure out which ones to send out as your
Christmas cards?" She seem them? They all have seen them? Who
where they going to send those cars too? Again Marie spoke...
"Joan he said POSE! Do you want me to get TOM and ask him to
have to pose? " "No".... I pleaded .... "I'll do it"

I was still facing him , so I cupped each breast and bent over
forward as if offering my breasts to him. As I felt each breast I
realized that my nipples were getting very hard. It must have been
form the cold, back here.... it must have been. Still bent over I
licked my lips and stuck out my tongue.... "Gloria , Mona and
Denise, must have taught you well, you almost look sexy", Marie

I turned around so my back was to him, and I bent over to stick out
me rear. I moved it around a little....when I heard him say.... "grad
your ass cheeks and spread em.... I want to see your asshole" I
reached back and spread my buttocks as far as a I could, when
suddenly I felt Marie's hands spreading me even further. "When he
says spread em he means spread em"..... Marie hollered. I felt
totally exposed, and helpless.

" too much hair" the man said..... Marie says..."we haven't started
grooming her yet....." As if I knew what was coming next, I
straightened up and turned around and with both hands I reached for
my vagina and opened it was wide as I could. I could feel the cool
air inside of me. " Now she's learning"....I heard another voice say.
It was Steve, Marie's husband. He had just come back and saw me
standing here, with my vagina stretched open. Suddenly my knees felt
week, and what ever strength and bravery I was feeling , was
drained from my body.

The man looked at Steve, and said..... "Joan has said she's give me a
blow job, just like the one you got....isn't that right Joan.??"

I removed may hands from my vagina and looked down and said....

Steve , walked closer over to me..... and took each nipple between
his fingers, and pinched down hard......" Yes, what?" he asked. I
choked back a cream and said.... "yes, I'm going to suck his...penis
like I did yours" Steve pinched down even harder, and said.... "
Penis??" Forcing back the tears, I looked up and said.... "COCK,
I'm going to suck his cock, like I did yours" Steve let go of my
nipples, and I felt my body sag. " OK... Steve said...." With that the
man told me to get down on my knees...... and as I stated to
kneel....Marie spoke out...." you better not ruin those new
stockings..... Phil and Dave are going to want to see you in them." I
looked around for smooth to kneel on and there was nothing there
but my dress, that I had been forced to remove. I placed the dress on
the ground and kneeled down. The man walked up to me, and As I
waited, Marie asked me what I was waiting for? I reached up undid
his belt, pulled down his fly and took out his cock. It was getting
pretty stiff from the little show I had put on....and as I wrapped my
hand around it, I could feel its stiffness. As I started to put him into
my mouth, I could smell the old urine still around his cock. The smell
was sicking, and I had to force down the gag reflex..

He grabbed my head and forced his cock deep into my mouth... as I
tired to suck it. I tired to use my hand around his cock to stop it
from going so far in. Marie must have seen what I was trying to do,
because suddenly she said.... " Joan, I want you to let go of his
cock, and take one hand and play with your nipples, and with the
other hand I want you to finger fuck yourself...." I hesitated, and
suddenly my head was jerked back as I thought my hair was going
to pulled out. The cock was pulled out of my mouth...and as I
looked up at Steve, he had this evil look on his face, and as he
pulled back harder on my hair, he said.... "NOW"

As he released my hair, and I released the cock. I started to rub my
breast with my right hand, and I stuck a finger from my left hand in
to my vagina. As I looked up the hard cock was inches from my
face, and the man said..... " Open your mouth bitch...... I'm going
to fuck your mouth" I opened my mouth, and with both hands
elsewhere I could do nothing as he jammed his cock into my mouth.
His hips began to thrust forward, until his pubic hair was also in
my mouth. Then he began thrusting his cock in and out
of my mouth. Soon.... for reasons I don't understand, I was
matching the thrusts of his cock into my mouth, with the thrusts of
my fingers into my vagina.

Suddenly flash bulbs were going off again, as Marie had a camera out and was taking more pictures. Being humiliated as I was, the
thought that passed through my mind was.... Do these damn people
take their cameras everywhere?

"Joan"...Marie said...." turn your head this way, look into the
camera" As I turned my head, the man was withdrawing his cock
from my moth, and then suddenly thrust it forward again. With my
head turned away form the direction of his thrust, his cock could
not go down my throat so, it jammed itself between my jaw and
cheek, forcing my cheek outward. Marie.... looked ta the man, and
said.." leave your cock in her mouth...for a second..." and She took
several shots of me, playing with my vagina, and breast, with this
big penis forcing my cheek out. Marie....said to me..." SMILE,
Joan....." I tired to smile the best I could with that...thing in my
mouth....as Marie took more shots.

Then I felt my hair being gently pushed back.... and a warm flesh
was rubbing against the outside of my bloated cheek. It was
Steve's cock. He had taken his cock out and was rubbing it against
the outline of the other mans cock in my mouth. Marie was clicking
away with the camera...... and as she looked up she said.... " Joan
does look like a very sexy bitch, with the black stockings, garters,
high heels, and your two cocks."

Steve rubbed his stiff penis against my face, and along my jaw line
until it was up against me ear. The he pushed his cock against me
ear.... and told Mare to take a shot of that. He said he could call it,
can she hear me cummin. These people were sick.

Marie told the man to go on and dirty her up.... and with that he
forced my head towards his penis again, and resumed hi
thrusts into my mouth.

I could feel hi penis stiffening and I knew he was getting ready to
climax, and that is when Marie spoke again.... " Joan listen to me.
He is going to take his cock out and he is going jack off till he
cums. I want you to catch all of his cum in your mouth. YOU
You will keep it in your mouth. Any cum that is on your face, you
will scrape off with your fingers, and put in your mouth..... DO
YOU UNDERSTAND , Joan.?? " I nodded yes..... anything to get
this over with. I just wanted to get out of here, and away from these
horrible people.

He pulled his penis from my mouth, and started to stroke it....
Marie told he to tilt my head back..... open my mouth and stick out
my tongue. But she added..... " remember Joan, don't swallow it....
or we'll bring Tom in here to show him what a slut you've

I tilted my head back, opened my mouth and I waited. As the man began to moan, he placed his penis on the tip of my tongue and
began to climax. His cum came shooting out, and the first stream
landed on my nose, and the next on my upper lip, but all the rest I
did manage to catch with my mouth. When he was finished coming
he just laid the tip of his penis, on my out stretched tongue.

Marie came over, and took several close up pictures, of his cum on
my face and in mouth.

Marie then said.... " he didn't cum enough I don't think its going to
show up will on film.....Steve, how about adding yours too?"

Steve stepped forward, and said.." you don't have to ask me
twice..." and took his cock..... MY GOD...did I think COCK. I
never used words like that.... but yes, he took his cock and started
to stroke it as he stepped in front of my face.... As I was waiting
form him to cum, I realized that I was till finger fucking myself. My
vagina was all wet..... and I could feel the slim running down my
fingers and hand. Had all this excited me? Why was my vagina all

Before I could think about that again.... Steve, said " get the camera ready....... here I cum..." and with that Marie moved closer and
began taking shots as Steve's cock erupted and sent his cum again
on my nose, and into my mouth. He squeezed the last drops of his cum into my mouth as I was forced to kneel there with my mouth open.

Marie moved in and took several pictures of the cum on mu nose and lips and had me even open my mouth wider as she took pictures of both of their cum in my mouth. Then she spoke.... " now Joan, remember DO NOT swallow OR SPIT OUT THEIR CUM..... but take you fingers out of your pussy, and use your wet fingers to scape the cum off you face and then lick it off your fingers. Smile... and look into the camera as you do it..... NOW"

Again I did as I was told. I slowly removed my 2 fingers, and brought them up to my face. I smiled as I took the edge of my finger and tried to collect all the cum that was on my upper lip. I could smell my own sexuality, on my fingers. I had never smelled myself before, and in a strange way it was reassuring. After I had some cum on my fingers, I put the finger in my mouth and licked all the cum off. It Tasted sweeter, mixed with my own juices. The I did the same with the cum on mu nose.
I didn't noticed the men leave, I was just smiling and looking into the camera. Funny.... I hadn't even noticed Marie change film.

When the men returned they were pushing a standard business swivel chair on rollers. It tilted back on a spring and had tow arms on either side.

Marie, said I must be getting tired , being on my knees so long and she told me to sit down in the chair, warning my not to swallow or spill a drop of the cum in my mouth. I slowly got up and sat down in the chair as she demanded.

Steve and the other man, then moved closer to the chair one of either side. I then noticed that each had removed their pants, and were naked from the waste down. Each still had his cock semi erect...... and they each reached down and picked up one of my legs. then lifted my legs so that each on was draped over an arm on the chair..... forcing my legs apart and exposing my vagina.

Marie commanded that I reach down and open my vagina wide so they could see my cunt...as she called it. I did, and each man moved n closer till his cock was against my face.

Again she began to take pictures as I was sitting in that chair, legs spread wide apart, my vagina wide open, tow semi erect cocks against my cheeks and their cum still in mu mouth. I remember thinking that this was about as degrading as a person could get... I was to find out later that I was wrong. There was more to come, later on...much more.

Finally Marie spoke again. "OK Joan, we're almost finished here.... this is the last thing you have to do...so pay close attention. If you don't get this right, or if your not convincing, I'll get two strangers, bring them back here, and we'll do it all over again..... do you understand?" I nodded yes.... and Marie continued.

" OK... I want you take each cock in a hand..... LEAVE YOUR LEGS UP THERE"..... She shouted as I lifted one leg off the chair arm....."I didn't tell you to move your legs. Leave your cunt open so we can all see that your nothing but a cum loving slut.... Now take each cock in your hands.... And I want you to look straight at my and smile. As you smile I want you to tilt you head down, and let the cum run out of your mouth, and down your chin. DON'T spit it out, let it run out on its on....let it run down your chin to your tits. After most of it is out, I want you open your mouth to the camera......run your tongue around the remaining cum, and say... out laud..... that you just love to suck cum out of cocks, and that you love the feel of cum in your mouth. Remember if your not convincing, I'll get 2 strangers from the mall and we'll do this all over again......do you understand what your to do?" I nodded yes.... And then Marie put the camera to her eye and said "OK do it now....."

I reached up and grabbed each cock in my hand. As I did each man leaned forward so it looked like I was rubbing their cocks around on my cheeks......then smiling I opened my mouth slightly and as I started to look down, I could feel the slimy cum running out my mouth. I was still smiling as best I could, as the cum was running down my chin and onto my breast. Finally I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around my lips and then I repeated what she had told me to say. After that I was just looking at Marie and smiling....

Steve spoke up.... very quietly and said.... " reach down and take the string of cum hanging from your chin, and put it back in your mouth as you would do a long piece of spaghetti..... and I let go of the other cock, and tried to grab the slippery string of cum. It was hard to get a hold of, and finally when I did I lifted it up over my face, and one of the men pulled my hair so my head tilted back, and I moved the cum over to my mouth, and then let it drop inside....

I looked at Marie.....and she said.... "swallow it...." So I did
Then she said to kiss the tip of each cock, and lick off any remaining drops of cum on the cocks. SO I did. Finally she said that's it.

The men let go of the chair and I was almost throw out of it as it snapped forward. Steve looked down at me and said.... "get dressed..... quickly"..... I started to look for something to clean my face with and I was handed my panties. So I used my panties to wipe away their cum form my face and my breasts. By the time I was finished, my panties were ver wet with their cum. I started to remove the stockings and garter belt.....and then another man came forward. I had seen this man at the party....

As he walked closer...I was that he had a video camera in his hands. Marie asked him if he got it all, and he smiled and said he had the whole thing captured on tape. " With a little editing this will be a very popular stag video that we can pass around."

I almost fell as the strength was sapped from my legs. They had been filming the whole disgusting scene. My getting undressed, my sucking his cock. His cummin in my mouth, Steve cummin in my mouth, and the little perverted performance at the end. BUT WAIT...then it must surly also show that I was forced to do those terrible things...... Then I remembered what he had said..... a little editing I think he had said..... God what am I going to do.

They paid no more attention to me. Marie said I was free to go.... and that I would ALWAYS wear the very high heels, stockings and garter belt when I am called to go Gloria's.... and with that they all left, as I was left alone to go dress. I started to go cry and I gather up my dress, and put the things they had made me buy , back into the bags..... What was I going to go do??

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