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joans training 06

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an
adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to
this story. If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it
has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex,
and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me
at. . .


Joan’s Training

Part 6

I sleep very late the on Sunday, and tried not to think about what had
taken place at the mall. When I meet Tom and the kids, we had a quiet ride
back to the house. Tom thought I was mad at him for spending so much
money, but I just didn't feel like talking. After getting home, I took a
hot bath, and went to bed early.

Sunday the phone rang and as I opened my eyes I saw it was almost 11 am.
I never sleep late and Tom had gotten up and fixed the kids breakfast. He
asked if I was feeling OK, as I had slept so late.... and I assured him I
was just a little tired. Then he told me it was Gloria on the phone and
she wanted me to call her back, she said it was important, that she had
something she wanted to show us. At first I wasn't going to call her back,
but I recognized the threat of wanting to show us something, so I dialed
her number.

" Hello?" she said..... I took a deep breath and said..." its me Joan"
Gloria went on....." I just watched your little x-rated video , no too
bad.... but Glen was right, you need to be cleaned up. You have an
appointment tomorrow at 9:30 with Doctor Harrison at the down town plaza.
BE THERE.... and don't be late. Do you understand?" "Yes," I said....and
then she went on...."good....now I want you to tell Tom that your having
problems with your pussy, female problems, you that is why you're going to
see the doctor. Understand? " Again I said yes...... Finally she said
..."too bad, I was looking forward to having Tom and your kids over to
watch you on video......and remember if you don't show up at the doctors
office, I can still show them the tape....." and with that she hung up.

I wondered what the cleaning up would be, and why I had to go to the
doctors. Tom asked what it was the Gloria wanted to show us, and I said it
was nothing.... and then I added that I was having female problems and
would try to see a gynecologist on Monday. Tom agreed that I have been
acting strange the past few weeks, and that maybe t was a good idea. I
spent the rest of the day, in bed.... trying to sleep, and wondering what
was to come.

Monday Morning came, and I got up early, got Tom off to work and the
kids off to school, and then showered, and went in to get dressed.
Remembering what Gloria had said I picked out a business suit with a
mid-knee skirt, white blouse. AT reached in the drawer for some panty hose, and then I remembered what Marie had said, so I got out the tan
stockings, white garter belt, and white high heels. After dressing I
looked in the mirror, and admitted that the heels did show off my legs,
then I called a cab and headed down town.

I found the building , and I found the doctors office. There were
several doctors in one community office with several nurses and
receptionists. I stopped at the first desk, and told the girl I was Mrs.
_________ and had an appointment with Doctor Harrison. She told me to see
the receptionist at the end.

I walked down to the empty desk at the end and waited. After a few
minutes the door opened and a young girl in a white nurses uniform came out
and sat down. She looked at me and said.... " Hi Mrs. __________ we meet
again ! " I looked at her and realized it was Paula, the other girl who
was serving drinks with me at the first party. She had helped the others
when they.... used me. I tried to smile and she said....." go right in
the doctor is waiting for you"

I was really starting to worry now... and Paula pushed a button under
her desk and the door behind her clicked, opened, and I went in.

Doctor Harrison was a kindly looking older gentlemen....he must have
been in his late 50's early 60's. I walked up to his desk, and he motioned
for me to sit down. He was busy writing mad as I looked around the room I
saw it was a usual gynecologists office complete with examining table with
stirrups for ones legs. He finished writing, and looked up at me.

I started to tell him I didn't know why I was there.... when he held
his hand up to stop me.... pressed the intercom and spoke to Paula when
she answered. " Paula...bring me Joan's file" Yes doctor came the
response...out of the box.

I few seconds later, Paula came into the room, and placed the file on
the doctors desk. I thought to my self what file?? I have never been here
before. After Paula laid the folder on his desk, she walked around to the
back of the chair, that I was sitting in and reached around from behind me,
and started to unbutton my blouse.

Startled... I asked her what she was doing..... and the doctor
Shouted..." JOAN...BE QUITE!! You will not talk in here."

I was beginning to understand what was happening.... and I sat back in
the chair and didn't say a word. Paula continued unbuttoning my blouse,
and when it was open she gently reached into my bra, and removed each of my
breasts so that its laying outside of the cup. Next she walked around in
front of me, and knelt down. She told me to raise up off the chair, and in
one motion she pulled my skirt up around my waste and she pulled my panties down off. The she spread my knees apart, so my vagina was exposed. There
I was. Legs spread , breasts out, the doctor still looking in the folder.

He took a sheet out of the folder, and slid it over for me to look at. I
was shocked to see, it was a picture of me, in the back of the lingerie
store, sitting in the chair, legs up, vagina open, and the 2 cocks in each
had, with a big wad of cum on my chin and breasts. I was actually smiling.
If I didn't know that was me, I would have said the girl in that picture was willing posing like that.

Again the doctor spoke.... " Gloria is right, too much hair, you need
to be cleaned up....Paula....take her over to the table." And with that
Paula took my hand and helped me out of the chair. I was guided over to an
examining table, and Paula told be to undress.

I removed my jacket, blouse, bra, and skirt.... and I as I was starting
to undo the garter belt.... Paula whispered...." NO...you always keep the
stockings and heels on.....always.."

I climbed up onto the table and Paula laid my back and took each leg and
gently laid them in the stirrups. Again I was there with my legs open, I
thought of putting a hand over my vagina, but Paula shook her head no....
so I put my hands at my sides. Paula then went over to a counter, and
returned with some times and set them on the tray.

The doctor got up from his desk, and came over to the table. He walked
up to the front of the table where he looked down and started talking.
"Paula is going to shave your pussy. She will also shave your asshole.
You will be completely shaven when you leave here. You will shave
EVERYDAY.....and if you are called ..toy will shave again just before you
leave. Do you understand? " I nodded yes, and he said " good..... now
while Paula is shaving you .... you will entertain me...." I didn't know
what he meant by that, but I felt Paula combing my pubic hair, and then I
felt the snip snip of scissors. Paula spoke and said..." don't worry about
it, Joan, I'm real good with the razor, and I wont cut you......so just
relax and enjoy your self.. I didn't know what there was to enjoy about
this. I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to Tom.
What could I possibly say, when I cam home with no pubic hair. I heard
some movement of clothes and as I turned my head to see what the doctor was
doing, I saw that he had unbuckled his belt, and had dropped his pants.
His large stomach, hung free now, and as he removed his boxer shorts, I
could see that he wasn't nearly as well built as the other men were. As he
stepped forward, I took his small cock in my mouth, and started to suck.
His cock was so small even when my lips were touching his pubic hair, his
cock barely made it to my throat.

I continued to suck and soon I heard the familiar sound of shaving cream
being dispensed form a can. Soon after I felt my vagina being covered with
the smooth warm cream. Then I felt Paula as she pulled my lips this way
and that, as I felt the razor glide along.

The old doctors small cock was hard in my mouth, but he showed no signs
of cummin. I didn't know if I was to catch his cum or swallow it. GOD....
what was happening to me? What am I thinking?

Next I felt Paula running her hands and the shaving cream along my ass.
She rubbed my anus several times, and she actually put her finger in there,
which cause me to jump. Paula said.... " careful now, I don't want to cut
you.... Gloria would like that"

Finally she was finished, and the doctor still had his hard cock in my
mouth. Finally he pulled the cock out of my mouth with a POP and walked
over to his desk. He told me to put my skirt back on... and sit down.
Before I got up off the table Paula produced a mirror and showed my new
vagina...or NEW cunt as she called it. As I looked in to the mirror, I
could see just one line of my outer lips, and not a hair to be found. It
reminded my of my daughter when she was younger. Then Paula told me to
spread my cheeks and she showed me my anus was hairless as well. It was
the first time I had ever seen it. It wasn't too dark just a light brown
spot pulled together by my spincher muscles. Paula helped my up from the
table, and T put my skirt back on. I straightened out my stockings, and
then sat down in the chair. As I was sitting down, I stopped, pulled my
skirt up, and sat with my legs apart. Sitting on the edge of the desk
directly in front of me, with his little cock still pointing straight out,
he handed my some papers.

"Take these to a pharmacy and get these prescriptions filled. They will
help with the itching as your hair starts to grow back. You may tell you
husband that it was required for you to be shaven, and that I'm requiring
you to stay shaved for 30 days. Here is the prescription." and handed me
the papers. "Paula " he said... And she came and stood beside him....with
her hands behind her back. "Now, Joan, I want you to put both legs up and
over the arms of the chairs, just like you did in these pictures...."
pointing to the folder" and play with your pussy.> I want you to open your
pussy wide, ......"

I knew what was going to happen next....and as I opened my smooth lips
wide apart....Paula stepped in front of me, and brought the camera out form
behind her back, and she started taking pictures. I remember thinking to
myself.....does everyone on this perverted group always have a camera? I
was told to smile, cup my breast, pull on my nipples, put 2 fingers in my
pussy...and after a ver brief 5 minutes, she put the camera away. Then she
returned next to him with her hands behind her back.

He started to stroke his cock, and he told me to take my legs off the
arm of the chair, and to slide down in the chair and put both of my high
heels out on the edge of his desk,,,with my pussy open, and I was to keep
on playing with my pussy. I did as he asked, and while he was stroking his
cock, he ran his other hand along my nylon covered legs. He stopped at my
ankles, and said I really did have beautiful legs, and that the high heels
really set them off.

AS he was touching my legs, he began to stroke faster and faster and
then he said "Paula...now..." And as he was about to cum, Paula brought her
hands from around her back, and it was then that I was she had my bra in
her hand. He shot his cum into each bra cup. For such a small cock, he
sure did have a lot of cum. When he had finished there were pools of cum in each of the cups as well as a few drops on Paula's hands. Paula reached
for his cock, shook the last few drops off into the bra, and then he
said,...."OK. That's all you can go now."

I was still amazed at what I had seen, and as I stood up and turned
around to looked for my blouse. Paula took a few steps towards me and told
me to turn around. OH NO..... I thought, she isn't going to make me wear
that?? As I turned around Paula reached around to my front and carefully
placed each of my breasts in each of the bra cups. The cum was cold, wet,
now, and it was a terrible feeling. She closed the clasp in back and then
handed my blouse. She helped my with my blouse, and then I put the jacket
on and we both walked out to the outer office. She looked at me and said I
was to go straight to Gloria's house, NOT to remove the bra, and that she
would see me Friday..... I started to ask her what she meant, but another
lady stepped up to the desk, and I walked out the door.


After I left the office I quickly headed to Gloria's house stopping only
long enough at my house to pick up the diary she had instructed me to
start. As I drove up to her house, I remembered that I was to use that back
door , and entered the house that way.

I passed through the kitchen and entered the living room. Gloria was
there along with Denise, her brothers girl friend, and Jan whom I had met
at the garden club.

Gloria looked up and shouted at me... " WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE DRESSED
LIKE THAT?" I was shocked as I didn't know what I had done wrong. She
continued one...." When you enter this house along, and will use the back
door, go directly down stairs to the basement, and change into your
uniform, or what ever clothes we have laid out for you."... yelling again
she said" DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" ... I said yes.... and as I turned to
leave, Jan and Denise got up and quickly grabbed each arm and lead me to
the basement.

They practically threw me down the stairs, and once in the darkened
basement, they lead me to the same corner, where Dave her husband had taken
my last week. The blanket was till on the wall, and when Jan pulled the
blanket down the wall was covered with even more pictures of me in various
poses. Now there were two large color photos on the center. The one of me
topless, on my knees, with my left hand around an erect penis, no more than
3 inches from my face. cum was dripping off my face and hand. My wedding
ring could be clearly seen underneath. It looked as if I was smiling.
Next to that one there was a shot of me in the back of the store, sitting
in the chair legs spread wide, two cocks in my hand, and cum dripping out
of my mouth... and again it looked like I was smiling.

I thought what if the kids came down here and saw those...but I was too
scared to ask. Next to the pictures, was a corset hanging on a hanger.
Denise told me that I was to change into what ever was there, that day,
before I came upstairs. She also said when I left I would change back into
what ever was there when I left. Jan reached over and violently ripped
open my blouse, as the buttons flew everywhere, and laughing she asked how
I like the old doc's cum in my bra. Both girls started laughing, and they
said, "Don't you dare clean your tits ...we want to she his old dried cum on you when you come up......bitch" And with that, they turned and left
me.....yelling Hurry up as they left.

I started crying again..... quickly got undressed. As I put on the
corset, I noticed it stopped just under my breasts and left them freely
displayed, and even sticking out more than normal. There were a pair of
black stockings and a pair of black high heels, with very high heels.
There were no panties, and the corset did not cover my vagina. I fastened
the stockings to the garters on the corset, dried my eyes the best I could
and walking shakily on the high heels, I went back up stairs.

As I entered the room, none of the ladies even looked at me, and I just
stood there for a few minutes. In the bright day light as I looked down I
could see the old mans cum and dried into white patches on my breasts and
nipples. I wanted to brush the dirty things off of me, yet I was told they
wanted to see them.

After a few minutes, Gloria spoke up and said.... " Joan when you enter
this room, you are to go to your place, and kneel down as you did during
the party. You will stay there say nothing until you are commanded. Now

I went to the corner, and kneeled down and sat back on the high heels.
The heels dug into my buttocks and made it ver uncomfortable. The girls where planning another party for that Friday night. They were laughing and
drinking coffee as any group of women would and I was kneeling in the
corner, with by breast exposed. At least sitting this way, on one could
see my vagina.

After 5 or 10 minutes the door bell rang, and Gloria told me to get up
and answer it. Shocked..... I blurted out.... " Dressed like this?"
Gloria was getting mad, and chocked back her words as she said... " No
dear, no may change clothes and go straight home, and wait for you husband
and kids to come home and see all your pictures, as well as your first
video...its up to you" meekly, shyly I walked towards the door, trying to
cover my self the best I could. Denise, shouted.... " Put your hands
down!!!" I let my hands fall to my sides.

AS I opened the door I tried to stand behind the door as much as I
could. When I opened the door there was a young black man, maybe 20 year
old form the express package delivery service. He had a small package
under his arm, and was looking down at the clip board in his hands. When
he looked up and saw me looking around the door, he must have figured I
didn't have much on., cause he began to smile. He looked down and as my
eyes followed his, I saw that I had on leg out from behind the door, and he
could see my stocking top and well as the garter. He looked back up at me,
and said.... " I have a package here for a Mrs Joan _________" Needless to
say I was shocked, and I said..."I'll take it." Then he smiling even bigger
now, said that I would have to sign for it. God now he knew my name......
and as I reached for the clipboard, I partially came from behind the door,
and he had a full close up view of my breasts. After signing for the
package, he handed me the package and said... " have a nice day..... and
nice tits lady" With that he turned and left as I closed the door.

I was starting to cry again, and Gloria yelled at me to stop crying. I
walked over to the table set down the package and went back to my lace,
kneeling down. I just sat there trying not to cry. Had I come this far,
that I was now exposing my self to delivery boys?

After 3 minutes or so, Gloria spoke up and said for me to come to the
her. As I stood up and walked over to them, I didn't know what to expect.

Gloria told me to sit down on the coffee table facing the girls on the
couch. Jan pushed me backwards till I was laying on the table with me feet
on he floor. Gloria told me to spread my legs, and to open my vagina so
they could inspect it. They prodded and poked and stuck their fingers in
and after a few minutes, they agreed I looked much better shaved. The
Gloria asked me if I had ever been fucked in the ass. " I said " NO" And
Gloria pulled my up so I was sitting on the table again. She reached up
and slipped my across the face. The sting and shock started my crying
again...... and as I tried to hold back the tears, she looked into my eyes
and began talking.

"Joan.... let me explain something to you. Your goody goody two shoes
life is over. Done with. IF you do as your told, you can still go on with
a reasonably good life, but you are now, and will be forever after, branded
a cum sucking slut. You have but one purpose now..... to please men. You
will never say NO to a man. You are only here for a mans pleasure. That
little incident at the door was unacceptable. From now on you will answer
the door by standing out where they can see you, and you will invite them
inside the door. Do you understand....?" I shook my head yes.... and she
slapped my across the face again..... A screamed, then forced back my
tears and said "YES, I understand, I am only here to please men"

Gloria continued on.... " good that's better. Now another thing we
need to change is your talking. When referring to a man...any may you say
SIR...... and when addressing his lady you will address her as Ma 'Ma
'mam. You will stop using all these silly little house wife terms as well.
You have tits, and pussy or cunt, you have an ass and asshole. Do you
understand...Joan?' ..... "yes.... Ma 'mam, I understand"

Gloria said "good..... now have you ever been fucked in the ass? "

"No Ma 'mam....I have never been fucked in the ass" I answered.

Gloria went on...." Have you ever....never mind I know the answer to
that one......have you even had a lesbian affair?

"No Ma 'mam...I have never....... " I hesitated a second, then went
on.. "I have never licked or fucked another women's pussy"

"Good....Joan, now your getting the idea"

"Joan, now I want you to open your package...." Gloria announced, and I
reached for the package I had just set on the table. I fumbled with the
wrapping and finally got it all off. Inside the box was a VCR tape, and a
rubber dildo with to cocks attacked. One cock was large and the other was

"Lets all watch Joan's video, shall we...? Joan you may play the video now....." Gloria said and with that I walked over to the TV, turned it on
and inserted the tape in the VCR machine.

The video was of my actions at the mall. Then had edited the take to
make it look as though I had picked up the man and lead him into the back
room. There was no sound, just music. As I watched the tape I was
reliving the experiences all over again, and at the end when I smiled at
the camera and said how much I liked to suck cock and have them cum in my
mouth..... I placed a had on my vagina....on my pussy it.... it was all
wet. Somehow the sights of me.... Joan....doing that to those two men and
turned me on.

After the video was over.... Gloria asked me what I had thought of
it.... and I sheepishly said that I found it exciting. Good was here only

Jan said she had an idea, but need Paula's approval.... and with that
she picked up the phone, and called Paula.

I heard Jan on the phone telling Paula, that she understood that Joan
was hers...but she wanted to know if she could be the first. Evidently
Paula wanted something and the Jan said...yes, that will be a good
trade....so its OK, then..... it is..OK thanks. And then she hung up.

Jan turned to Gloria and Denise and said ..its OK...she just wants to
see the pictures. More pictures I thought to myself...... they already
have enough pictures, why do the need more. I'm doing everything they tell
me too....I don't understand.

Gloria left the room and returned with a camera and a video camera.

Gloria set up the video camera on the tripod and finally came over to
me. "Joan, one of the men had a request for a video, and while Paula had
the rights to this video for finding you, she has allowed us to go on with
Jan. I will tell you want to say, and what to do. I don't need to remind
you to be convincing......if your not convincing, we might have to shoot
this again with your 14 year old daughter.......understand?'

"Yes, Ma 'mam" I said.

Then Denise grabbed my arm and lifted me off the table and took me into
the bathroom where she redid my make up. She put on too much of everything
and when she finished I looked like a cheap whore.

Coming back into the living room....I was told to kneel in the corner
till they were ready. They were placing the lights and cameras facing the
couch, The table had been removed from in front of the couch and Jan was
still sitting on the couch, so I was beginning to get an idea of what I was
now going to do. Strangely enough I wasn't scared, just curious.....

Finally when they were ready, Jan got up off the couch, and I thought
maybe I had been wrong. I was told to what to do.

Gloria asked if I understood the first part and I said yes.... and she
said good, we're ready then. With that she started the video camera.

I walked from behind the camera to stand in front of the couch. I
turned and looked into the camera, and then I said.... " Hi, it's your
cock sucking, cum loving Joan again....." and then Gloria said.... "STOP!"
And she turned off the camera. "Joan," she said..."do you want use to go
to school and pick up your daughter? Maybe she could be more convincing
then you are. I'll give you 1 more chance, then I'll call Mona to pick you
your daughter.....now lets try it again."

I moved back behind the camera, and took a deep breath... and thought I
have to do this to protect my daughter...... and then waited for
Gloria...... Finally she said. "OK..... start"

I stepped from behind the camera again, walked to the couch and turned
to look into the camera..... I had a big sexy smile on, and I was trying
to be as sexy as I could.

Its show time I thought.....and then I started. " Hi Guys..... its me
Joan again. You know ho much I LOVE sucking cock, and you have seen how
much I LOVE having a big load of cum in my mouth....well I understand some
of you want to see me in action again. I'll do anything to please you
guys.......but first how do you like my new shaved pussy?" I reached down
with one hand one rubbed my hand along it, and as I pulled my hand back I
could feel it stretch my pussy longer..... I kept on talking too afraid to
stop... "I hope you guys like it..... its all smooth and silky. By the
way...how do you like my new outfit? " T slowly turned around, and when my
back was to the camera...I stopped, bent way over forward, sticking my ass
out. I wiggled it back and forth, and then I reached back and spread my
ass cheeks as far as I could. Holding that pose.... I turned my head back
to the camera, and said.... "Does it look good?" then I straightened up
slowly and continued turning showing off the corset form all sides. " I
really think this helps my tits look nicer , don't you...." I asked as I
reached up and caressed my nipples.... " Ohhhhh that feels so good..." and
I found myself thinking it really did feel good.

Then I took a step back towards the couch, and I put on foot up on the
couch, and half turned toward the camera.... " You know this morning I had
someone tell me I had great looking legs, what do you think..? These heels
make my legs look really good , don't they?" And with that I reached down,
allowing my tits to swing free, and smoothed out an imaginary wrinkle out
of my stocking.

Looking at Gloria behind the camera she motioned for me to sit down, and
play with my pussy. I looked back into the camera again, and said....."
But I guess most of you guys are more interested my shaved pussy huh? And
I slowly sat down on the couch. I moved to the very edge of the couch, and
laid back raising both feet off the floor. I grabbed each leg under the
knee, and opened my legs as far as I could..... ": How does this look
guys??" I asked as I leg my hands slide down the thighs and rest on either
side of my pussy. "Wanna see inside " I asked coyly as I knew how....and
with that I opened my pussy lips and put a finger inside my pussy.....
somehow I wasn't surprised that my pussy was all wet..... I played with my
pussy for a few minutes....oh ing and awwwing when I thought I should, and
the Gloria said.."OK... that's enough... you did real good Joan.... just
keep it up"

I put my legs back on the floor, and Jan told me to go comb my hair.

While I was gone, Jan asked Gloria if I was playing along or really
ready, and Gloria told her they'd find out in a minute..

When I returned, Gloria told me that I should return to the couch, and
pick my legs back up as they were. I said "yes, Ma 'mam" and picked up
legs and spread my pussy again..and then waited for Gloria.

She Said.."OK..".and started the video again. I had just inserted 2
fingers into my pussy when Jan walked up to the couch, and started yelling
at me..." JOAN..... you really are a filthy slut aren't you !!?? Well
aren't you??" "Yes, mam" I said...."I'm a filthy slut"

"OK.... slut" Jan went on.." Lets show these guys how filthy you really
are..... get down on your knees, BITCH ! " I was surprised by the sudden
change in her attitude, but I really had no choice but to do as she said. I
put me feet down and got down on my knees in front of her.

Jan started again...." Slut do you like playing with your pussy? " Yes,
mam I answered....."Slut have you ever played with another women's pussy?"
No mam, I answered..... and then Jan said what I knew was coming.... "
well you will now....I want you to lift my skirt up......higher, and now I
want you to hold my skirt up like that and now I want you to lick my pussy,
through my panties..... go on bitch do it..."

While holding her skirt up I moved closer to her panties. I closed my
eyes and stuck out my tongue and licked the bulge where her pussy was. At
first all I could taste was the cotton, but then Jan took her hands and
placed them on my head. He lifted one leg on onto the couch and forcibly
pushed my face and mouth into her pussy. Soon I could begin to taste the
smell her pussy. The combination of my salvia and her wetness began to
make the panties all wet.

This was the first time I have ever tasted another women. It was a
strange humiliating experience, yet it was exciting as well. Soon she
reached her grip on my head, and grabbed my hair to pull me away from her

" Do you like my pussy Joan?" I looked up at her and said " Yes, I like
licking your pussy".....and then Jan spoke again.... " Take my skirt
off........" I let her skirt fall back down, and I reached for the zipper
on the side. Slowly I pulled the zipper down, and guided her skirt past
her legs down to the floor. She just stood there, with the skirt on the
floor, still around her legs. I looked up and noticed that Jan was also
wearing stockings and a garter belt, and I gently picked up her foot to let
it out of the fallen skirt. Then I removed her other foot, and picked up
the skirt and folded it, setting it aside. Then I reached up and started
to remove her panties.... when Jan violently grabbed my hair again,
pulling my back.

" What are you doing Joan.....? Do you want something? You have to ask
if you want something...."

" May I please remove your panties..." I asked Jan then said... " why
Joan, why do you want to remove my panties.." " so I can lick your pussy"
was my reply.

" yes, go on....hurry before I change my mind" Jan said. And with that
I again reached for the waste band of her panties, and slowly pulled them
down to her ankles, again lifting her legs out of them. As I looked up
again, Jan's pussy was only inches from my face. Jan was partial
shaved....she had a small patch of public hair on top of her pussy, yet the
pussy lips them selves here shaved clean. I could smell the aroma of her
pussy, and I could begin to see a hint of moisture.

Jan again lifted 1 leg up onto the couch and reached down to open her
pussy. She garbed my hair and held my head back as she insert two fingers
into her pussy. She was fucking herself with her fingers, and I could her
the sounds of the wetness, as she withdrew her fingers, only to insert them
again. I could smell her pussy stronger and stronger. She pulled her
fingers out, of her pussy, and run her fingers around my lips. I could
taste her now, and I wanted more.

She put her fingers back in her pussy, and took them out again
commanding my to lick them off. I slowly licked and sucked her fingers,
enjoying the taste. Suddenly she told me to get up off the floor, and she
removed her foot from the couch and told me to sit on the edge of the couch
and to lift my legs, and spread my pussy. I did.

Now she inserted her 2 fingers into my pussy.....with hard brutal
thrusts. This was the first time another women had even touched my pussy,
and it excited me. Jan even said how wet I was. Once her fingers were all
gooey from my pussy, she took her finger out, and had me licked and suck
them again. This time the flavor was different. I was tasting my own
sexual juices for the first time.

Jan pushed me around so I was half laying down on the couch, with my
legs still spread. Jan lifted her leg and keeping on leg on the floor, she
kneeled on the couch with 1 knee. This placed her pussy almost directly
over my face.

Jan said.... " OK, Joan now lets see how long you can hold your breath,
while sucking cunt....." and with that she lowered her whole body weight
down on my face. I immediately started to lick and suck on her pussy. My
tongue found her clit, and I began to suck, nibble, and lightly bite her
clit. The whole time Jan was still finger fucking me.

I could feel the wave of pleasure quickly building within me, and
suddenly almost with out warning, I had a tremendous orgasm. My body
tensed, and that momentarily forced Jan's pussy from my mouth. I used that
opportunity to reach up with a hand, and spread her pussy wider.....then I
started to suck and nibble on her clit again. I inserted a finger into her
hole as my teeth gently scraped her clit. Then I sucked her juices off my

I had several orgasm's that way..... and the time seemed to last

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