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joans training 07

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an
adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to
this story. If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it
has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex,
and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me
at. . .


Joan’s Training

Part 7

Jan too must have had several orgasms as her pussy was drenched with her
juices. When she pulled her pussy off of my face, I could feel here
wetness, and smell her all over my wet face. Jan then picked up her
panties, and walked back to Gloria, out of the cameras view.

When Gloria, said... " OK that's enough...." I was genuinely
disappointed. I wanted to continue, I wanted feel Jan's mouth on my pussy,
but as I was learning, it wasn't what I wanted that counted.

Gloria then had my sit up, And then had me repeat what she said....and
follow her instructions.

Once she started the video again, I did as I was directed. I slid down
to the edge of the couch again, and opened my legs wide. I stuck two
fingers in my pussy....fucked my self for a few seconds, and then took my
fingers out, and put them in my mouth, licking them clean. Then I smiled
at the camera and said...." I am a slut aren't I? I suck cocks, I eat cum,
I suck pussy..... I'll be here at the party this weekend, so why not come
by and see what I'll do next. I'll be here to give you ALL pleasure. Till
then...Your Slave , Joan"

With that Gloria turned off the camera, and Denise started gathering it
up. Gloria told me to go sit in my place, and NOT to clean off my face.
As I got up and walked to the corner, I could still smell Jan's juices ,
now starting to dry on my face.

After a few minutes, Gloria , Jan, and Denise came over to me, and
Gloria started talking.

" Joan, there will be a party here this weekend. You will be here. The
party will last the whole weekend, and you will stay here the whole
weekend. We have arranged with Tom's boss, to have Tom sent out of town on
business from Thursday till Tuesday, so you will be free. You will send
your kids home to their grandmothers. By the way..... you owe Tom's boss
a blow job, for having him send Tom out of town." The other girls though
that was funny and started to laugh. Gloria continued.." Tomorrow you will
return to Doctor Harrison's, you have another appointment at 10:30. Did
you bring your Christmas pictures as you were told?" "Yes, mam" I

Gloria said " Good. leave them downstairs when you leave. After you
leave the doctors, you will be score, but you will then go the GYM and
start the exercises. You will find all the instructions down stairs when
you change to leave. Thursday, you will come back here at 6 PM. Do you
understand? " I was wondering about what she had said.... I would be
score after I left the doctors, office, but I didn't dare ask, so I said...
"yes, mam"

"OK....Joan, you may now go down and change clothes, and leave. You
will go straight home, you will walk, you will leave your car here. We'll
bring it to your house later.....you may go now." and with that Gloria
dismissed me.

As I went down stairs, I was wondering what I would find to wear. There
must have been a reason why she wanted me to walk home. To my surprise, my
blouse, jacket and skirt were still there. My panties and bra were gone. I
undressed, and hung the corset, and stockings, where I had found them, and
replaced them with the tan colored stockings, and garter belt. After I had
dressed, I went up the stairs and out the back door. I tried to cover the
light blouse with the small jacket, but the cold wind still went straight
through. I found my nipples getting hard, and I didn't know if it was from
the cold, or from thinking about what had just taken place.

I had just had a lesbian affair....and I was ashamed to admit it, but I
had enjoyed it. As I was walking along, I passed the same construction
site where before I got whistled at. But last time they made me wear my
daughters sweater and very short skirt. This time I had my knee length
skirt, and they didn't even look at me. For reasons, I still don't
understand, I stopped in front of the site, and I lifted my skirt and tried
to remove an imaginary wrinkle in my stockings. Once the saw an ample show
of leg, they again began to whistle and holler out their fantasies. I
smiled, and lowered my skirt, and quickly moved on.

When I got home, the kids where just getting home from school. This was
their last day of school before their Christmas vacation. I asked them if
they would like to go to there grand parents for the holidays....and they
both thought it was a very good idea.

When Tom got home that evening, I tried to act as normal. When we went
to bed, that night, he looked strangely at me, as I removed my skirt. "
Joan ? " he asked.... " when did you start wearing stockings?" I had
forgotten about that...and I quickly replied. " well remember I told you I
was going to the female doctor today? Well he said I had a yeast
infection, and that panty Hose, or even pants would irritate the condition.
And..... he even shaved my hair away . I was very embarrassed..." I said,
which was the truth. Then as an after thought, I added..." By the way,
Tom, would you stop on the way home and get these tow prescriptions filled
for me, from the doctor? Or are would you be embarrassed to get a
prescription filled for female problems." I knew that he wouldn't do it.
He would even buy me tampons or panty shields on his weekly shopping. "He
said he had to work late tomorrow and maybe I should do it. Then he
said.... " Joan I'm afraid I have some bad news. This close to Christmas,
my boss wants me go to the main office. I have to leave on Thursday and
won't be back till next Tuesday. I'm sorry honey" So they really did it I
thought.....damn do these people have all that much power?

"Its OK...honey, I already promised the kids they could go to mom's this
weekend, and well Gloria is having another party so maybe I'll see if I can
work there again, and make a few dollars."

"Gee, Joan....I don't know if I want you sleeping in this house all by
yourself....." Tom said. I told him, maybe I'd ask Gloria if I could sleep
over a few nights. That seemed to satisfy him, and we finally turned off
the lights and went to sleep.

The next day...I was again at the doctors office at the appointed time,
and Paula ushered me right in. As I sat down in front of the old doctor, I
undid my blouse, and freed my tits form their cups, s they again where
laying on the bar, fully exposed. I also removed my panties, and then
pulled my skirt up and spread my legs.

Paula reached down and inspected my pussy to see she if I had shaved
before coming there..... I had. Then she reached over and pulled off my
wedding ring. She said I'd be getting it back, and giggled , like there
was a joke to the statement. She placed my weeding ring on the doctors
desk, in front of me, and she also placed the Diamond pendent that had been
ripped off my neck that first night..... many weeks ago. I remembered she
had taken it with her that night.

She left the room, and the doctor didn't even look up. After 10 minutes
the intercom rang and I heard Paula's voice say... 'the man from the
jewelers is here." The doctor said...send him in..and my hands twitched to
cover my self, but I quickly forced them back where they were. The Jeweler
was a young man in his mid 20's and walked into the doctors office, shook
hands with the doctor, and placed an large tool box on the desk. He didn't
even give me or my nakedness a second glance. He picked up the ring, and
the pendant, put one of those eye pieces into his eye, examined both items,
and said...." Fine quality, there should be no problem.

The doctor said good.....the for the first time since I came in looked
at me and told me to undress....COMPLETELY and lay on the table. I got up
and took everything off, then sat on the table and swung my legs up into
the stirrups. I noticed that this time there were straps on the stirrups,
and straps on the table as well. I kept remembering Gloria's words.....
that I would be score when I left the doctor's...and I was starting to get
scared. Paula came in, and tightened a strap around each leg, and strapped
down both of my arms as well. I could not move..... Then Paula reached
under her skirt and pulled down her panties..... stepping out of them.
She then wadded then up and forced then into my mouth. Now I was really
scared. Paula spoke.." Joan there is no easy way to do this. I wont lie
to you it will hurt but only for a second or two. If we were to give you a
local shot it would just hurt twice, so just grin and bear it, it will be
over soon. " Then she walked over to the table and brought several
instruments over to where I was laying. Next she walked over to a cabinet
and took out a small spray can..and set it next to the table where I lay.
Some where in the room I heard a torch being light, and I could smell the
smell of hot metal. I really freaked out now, and thought they were going
to brand me. Panic set in my eyes, and I tried to scream, but couldn't.
Paula sensing my fears, assumed me no one was going to burn anyone. I
Didn't really believe her, but I tried to calm down.

When the doctor approached the table , Paula took the aerosol can and
sprayed it on my left breast...nipple to be exact. It was very very cold.
My nibble immediately got stiff and erect. Paula began to rub my nibble
between her thumb in forefinger. Then she sprayed the cold spray on it
gain. It was very erect now. The doctor said good, and picked up a chrome
medical instrument of some type. He placed it over my erect nipple and
pushed the button. I screamed as I felt a sharp pain tear through my
nipple. I very small trickle of blood appeared, and Paula quickly wiped it
away. No more blood appeared. The pain was already subsiding, and the
doctor stepped back. Paula placed a towel over my head, and as I tried to
shake it off....she screamed " STOP IT.... IT..... or you'll hurt your
self. " I felt the doctor remove the device, and then I felt a nibble
going into my nipple. Suddenly , quickly there was some heat around my
breast and nipple but it quickly went away. My nipple was throbbing and
there was some pain, not much.

Next I felt the doctors hands on my pussy, He opened my pussy wide, and
seemed to be examining the inner lips of my pussy. Then suddenly I felt
the sharp pain that I had just felt in mu nipple. It was much more severe
as my pussy lips are much more sensitive. I screamed a loud long scream
into the gag in my mouth. Then again I felt the needle type thing in the
same area where the pain was, and again a few minutes later I felt a very
intense hot heat. This stayed longer, and I thought he was trying to brand
or burn my pussy. Then it cooled off.

I heard the doctor thank the other man, and I heard him say that I would
pay him off at the party this weekend. The towel was still over my head,
and I again felt the cool spray being applied to m nipple and to my pussy.

After a few minutes, Paula removed the towel and I tried to adjust my
eyes to the light. She undid the straps, and as I sat up I looked down at
my nipple. The diamond pendent was now in my nipple. They had pierced my
nipple and inserted the pendent, and the jeweler had some how, soldered or
welded the pendent back into one piece. The only way I could remove it was
to teart the skin of my nipple. I was trying to think of how I was going
to explain this to Tom. I knew I could never again appear naked in front
of my own husband. I knew my marriage was over. Then I looked down at my

OH MY GOD !!! They had pierced my inner lips, and had inserted MY
WEDDING RING and again had welded the ring into a whole piece. My wedding
ring was dangling from my pussy !!!! I started to cry. What would I tell
Tom? He would of course notice I wasn't wearing my ring..... what was I
going to tell him. I thought about just getting on a plane and leaving him
and the kids. How could I ever face him. My life was over.

Paula told me to get dressed, and reminded me that I had to be at the
gym for my work out and exercises. I was still in shock, as I dressed and
walked out of the office. What had they done to me?

I went to the gym that day, and started the exercise program I had been
given. I expected one of the men at the gyn to made demands of me, yet no
one bothered. That night, at home I made sure that I didn't get close
enough to TOM so he could see the ring was missing.

The rest of the week was terrible for TOM. I wouldn't let him near
me.... and I told him it was due to my female problems. Thursday morning
as he left for his business trip, as I kissed him at the door, he said we
would have to talk when he got back next week. Again I seriously thought
about leaving home, and just running away. I took the kids to the airport
and put them on a plane to their grandparents, and then returned to our
empty home. I again went to the gym, and I started to get into the

When I got back home, I took a shower and for the millionth time looked
at the pendent in my nipple and the ring in my pussy. What was I going to
tell TOM ?? Well I decided to put that out of my mind and started to worry
about what they would have me doing this weekend..... or was I looking for
ward to this weekend. I just didn't know anymore.


The phone rang at 1:30 and when I answered, it was Dave, Gloria's
husband. " Joan there have a change of plans, come on ver here now,...walk
over, don't drive" and with that he hung up.

I went up stairs, and picked pout a plain blue skirt what a few weeks
ago I would have thought was too short, tan stockings, black pumps, and a
light blue blouse. As I was running a comb through my hair, I realized I
hadn't seen Dave or his brother Phil in over a week.

I left the house and hurried on over to Gloria's and as I again pasted
the construction site, I again got plenty of whistles and cat calls. I
figured I must have been looking pretty good.

I entered Gloria's house from the rear, and went down to the basement.
When I took down the blanket there were new pictures on ,me on the wall,
this time there were shots of my licking and sucking on Jan's, pussy, while
she was finger fucking me. Next to the photos was a black tight evening
dress. There were holes in the back as the fabric cris crossed in the
back, and there was a note that I was to put the dress on backwards. I
stopped out of my skirt and took off my panties. There were not stockings or shoes laid out, so I kept what I was wearing on. I removed my blouse
and bra, and struggled to get into the dress. It was several sizes too
small. Once I had it on, I squeezed my tits out through the wholes that
were normally in the back. The tight spaces and the small size of the
dress, made my tits stand almost straight out.

As I turned to leave, Dave was suddenly standing there. He grabbed my
arm and pulled me over to a table I guess you could call it. It was about
waste high, and at the end there were two legs with leather clamps at the
bottom. He pushed me towards the end on the strange table.... and then
pushed my so I was bending over the table. He reached down and spread my
legs so each leg was in a leather clamp. He buckled the clamps shut...
and I could no longer move my legs.

Next he walked around the side of the table....and turned my head so it
was looking at his fly. " take my cock out, and suck it" he commanded. I
reached over and unzipped his fly then took out his cock. I put my lips
around it and started to suck. In a few seconds his cock was hard, and
then he stepped away from my mouth, and walked behind me. He raised the
tight skirt up to my waste, and then violently stuck his cock in my pussy.
I lunged forward. He pumped a few times, then said " OK..... Gloria is
waiting for you upstairs. " He withdrew his cock, and bent down and
unbuckled the straps around my ankles. As I turned to go, he grabbed my
hair and pulled me back, and forced my down on my knees. " Aren't you
forgetting something, bitch?" and I reached up and put his cock back into
his pants and zipped up his fly. "OK... he said, now go see Gloria"

I went upstairs and as I entered the living room, Gloria, Mona and
Marie, were sitting on the couch. I went over to my corner and as I tried
to kneel down the skirt was just too tight, so I ended up pulling the dress
up to my waste. I was waiting for them to come over or to call me over to
them so they could inspect my nipple and pussy rings. But they completely
ignored me.

After about 30 minutes, the door bell rang, and Gloria told me to answer
the door. I stood up, and as I started to pull my dress back down, Gloria
said.... " NO.... just answer the door" I must have been a sight, As I
walked over to the door. I had Black high heels, tan stockings, white
garter belt, a way too tight dress, pulled up to my waste, showing my
completely shaved pussy, and my tits were being squeezed through a large
horizontal slit in the front of the dress. Again I stood behind the door
as I opened it. It was the same young black man from the delivery service.
He had another package for Mrs Joan ________ This time I walked out from
behind the door ans stood directly in front of him.... tits out, dress up,
shaved pussy all for him to see. He just looked at me with his eyes going
up and down my body. Finally I spoke... " DO I have to sign for that?" I
asked...... he mumbled yes.... and I took the clip board away from him
and signed the paper. As I handed the clipboard back to him, he looked at
me, and said..... "Lady, can I feel that? " I looked at him and
remembered that I was never to say know to a man, I said... "Sure" He
stuck out his hand and ran it along my shaved pussy. He stopped for a
second and looked at the wedding ring, and said, "That's a hell of a place
to wear your weeding ring" As I was closing the door, Gloria hollered
out.... " Joan, why don't you give the nice young man a tip?"

I pulled him inside the door way, and slightly off to the side, so the
whole world couldn't see into the house, but I left the door open. I got
down on my knees, and reached up and undid his belt, and open his pants.
His cock was getting stiffer by the minute, and as I reached into his
underwear, to pull it out, it almost sprang out on its own.

I put the tip of his cock into my mouth and started to suck. I was a
little too tall for him ,even on my kneels and several time his cock popped
out of my mouth. Finally I sat back on my heels, tilted my mouth upwards
and let him do all the work. He was fucking my face faster and faster, and
as I looked up to his face, I could see he wasn't quite sure what was going
on. After a very short time, he grabbed my head and forced his cock as far
down my throat as it would go, and then he started cumming I had no chance
to catch his cum in my mouth he just shot it all directly down my throat.
After he had finished, it pulled his cock out of my mouth and almost ran
out of the house.

Again I was hoping that my actions would have pleased Gloria and she
said nothing and I returned to my place in the corner. Marie, said she
thought I was ready, but Gloria said this weekend would finally tell.
After sitting on the floor for 30 min thinking about the young black man's
cum in my stomach, Gloria said I could go home, but to be back at 6 PM
tomorrow, to help get ready for the party.

I got up went down stairs, and was expecting to see Dave down there
again, but no one was there. I changed back into the clothes I had worn
over..... and as I went to put the bra on, I noticed that some one
...presumably Dave, had cum into the cups. I put the bra on anyway, and
dressed, and walked home. The construction site was closed when I walked
past, so I had no one to appreciate me.

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