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joans training 08

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an
adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to
this story. If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it
has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex,
and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me
at. . .


Joan’s Training

Part 8

Friday was a nervous day for me. I was actually excited and looking
forward to the party tonight. For some reason I hadn't even thought about
Tom , or the kids. All I could think about was the party. What would they
have me too? What was that strange table for?

I went to the beauty pallor and got my hair done. As the time to leave
was approaching, I was trying to decide on what jewelry to wear. But I
remembered what had happened the first time, and decided not to wear any at

I dressed in a black skirt, and put on a black garter belt with black
stockings. I wore the black heels, and a white blouse. As I was getting
dressed I remembered to shave my pussy, just before I was ready to leave.

I left the house, and as I walked down the drive way, I stopped and
turned to look at the house. I wondered if I'd ever see it again. Or if
my life would ever bee the same. I turned and continued on my way to

I entered Gloria's from the rear again, and went down stairs to change.
There was a table set up down there, and There were stacks of Christmas
cards on the table. There were several stacks. One stack was of the
original family photo we had taken. On stack showed me in topless in heels
and panty hose. One stack showed me in a blouse but no skirt or panty hose
just in heels. And the last stack was the shot that Dave had taken of me,
laying down on the floor, legs spread, pussy open, with my finger in my
pussy, and my wedding ring just sticking out . There was a note saying
that I was to sign them all , Love Joan, and they would be mailed out for
me. As I signed them I knew my life in this town was finished. My
marriage was most likely on the rocks, and yet I was still looking forward
to the party tonight.

After I had signed them all, I pulled back the blanket to see that a new
picture had been added. It was a large color photo of my sucking the young black cock. I looked at what I was to wear, and I was surprised to see
that the same clothes were hanging there as from the first party. A short
read and black checkered skirt, white blouse, red scarf and black high
heels. There was even suntan panty hose. I changed into the closes and
went up stairs. As I was heading towards my place in the corner, Denise
and Jan came up to me and asked how I was, how the kids were, and it seemed
as though things were back to the way they were before that other party
night last month. Then I saw her kids siting on the couch and I realized
this was all for there benefit. About half an hour later, the kids said
they were leaving, and closed the door behind them.

The Paula showed up and she was again dressed like me, and we were to
both serve drinks and take care of the guests. The guests started arriving
a short time later.... and Paula and I were busy pouring drinks and
setting up the buffet. Except for an occasional hand on my keg, or up my
skirt, nothing strange happened. Some of the people there I recognized
from the first party, some were new. Some I recognized from around town.
The loan officer from our back was there, as were others I had met in the
community. All the ladies were wearing skirts or dresses, and once in a
while as they could cross their legs I would see that they had on
Stockings...not panty hose. I had noticed that even Paula was wearing
stockings, and that I was the only one there with panty hose on.

Around 9:30, Gloria announced it was time, and again the chairs were
placed in a semi circle around the fireplace with the coffee table in the
center. As every one sat down I knew it was my time. I was nervous and
yet anxious at the same time.

Gloria stood up on the table....and spoke again." Some of you who were
here last time remember Joan...our good two shoes, who we broke in last
time...... and t\for those of you who were not here let me tell you a
little bit about her. Joan, stand up here next to me." I climbed up onto
the table, as Dave and Phil. helped my step up. Gloria continued.

" Joan was a snotty bitch who always looked own on others. She has two
snotty kids and a husband that our fair Mona is working on." I looked
around and could not find Mona anywhere. Gloria continued on...."well we
have made some changes in Joan's life, and tonight you'll be able to see
how far we have gotten. NOW I want to say that Joan will be available here
all weekend.... so you can come back as many times as you like. Now I
hope you all have your cameras with you cause this should be a fun weekend.
When you came in the men were all given a number, and that number will be
your starting place. All except for Harry and Diane over there. You all
know what they are going to want, so they will go last.... " and with that
the couples all laughed out loud" The first numbers will be for solo
displays, ant eh second group will be for two's etc. So lets get the show
on the rode...... OK Joan?' I looked at the couples gather in front of me
and said "yes mam" "Before we start" Gloria said, I'd like to remind Joan
she is free to leave any time she wants. No one will hold you down this
time. You may leave when ever you choose, and of course we will be forced
to show your family how you've been spending your time these past
weeks....: again the people laughed out loud.

Gloria said "OK.... who has number 1? " A couple close to the front
that I didn't recognize , rased there hands . " Its your call.... Gloria

AS I looked at the couple I saw that they were in their late 40's and
that she had her and inside his pants and was taking his cock out. She
began to stroke it as he told me to come over to him. When I got closer he
said to bend down and he gave me a big deep kiss, and as I was
straightening up and ripped open the front of my blouse, and told me to
take the blouse off. I quickly pulled off the blouse and threw it into the
fire place.

Number 2 Gloria said, and a younger couple in the back said..... off
with the skirt !! I stood back up on the table...and I turned around so my
ass was to the group. I started to wiggle out of the skirt, stopped,
looked over my shoulder, and then walked back to where he and other lady
were sitting. He had his hands under her skirt, and when I got close to
him, I turned around and let him pull my skirt down and over my legs. I
picked it up off the floor and walked back to the table and stepping back
up, I through the skirt into the fire place. This went on until all I was
wearing were the high heels.

Then the next couple had me lay on my back, on the table, and spread my
legs and pussy so everyone could see what a slut I had become.

While on my back I hod to pull my knees up to my tits, I had to insert
two fingers from each hand into my pussy and stretch it wide open. Then I
had to get on my hands and knees while I reached back to spread my ass
cheeks so everyone could see what an asshole I was.

When Gloria called out the next number, she announced that I could not
perform form them. Then next number as Phil, and he wanted me to change
into something whorish as he put it, and I was ordered down stairs to
change clothes. Down there I found the evening dress I had on the day
before, and again I put it on backwards so my tits were being squeezed out
through the long slit...(which was normally the back) and I looked like I
had the tits of a 16 year old. I changed into the back stockings , garter
belt, and the black VERY tall high heels. When I returned, the chairs
which were in semi circle around the table were moved, and just the table
sat in the middle of the room.

Then Phil asked for everyone's attention. Once it was quite he
spoke.... " You all have seen Joan's video of her sucking two cocks and
taking the cum in her mouth, and you all have seen Steve's cum on her face
from the last party. Now I think every man here should get a blow job, and
she should feel what its like to have 23 guys cum on her face in her
mouth.. Joan you are to suck each mans cock here...till he cums. I want
you to take this glass, and scrape off the cum from your face, and what you
don't swallow, I want you to let it dribble out into this glass...do you
understand Joan? " Yes, Sir" I said. Again Phil spoke, " now Joan will be
sitting here to suck you off, or will kneel in from of you, what every you
men want juts have Joan do.....OK.....since mine was the last number, I'll
go first" With that he commanded me to sit on the edge of the table, to
pull the dress up to my waist, and play with my pussy. He told me he did
not want my hands to touch his cock, that he would fuck my face till he
came. I lifted my ass off the table and pulled the dress up as high as I
could. Then I sat down and spread my legs... and began to ply with my
pussy. At the first touch, I realized how wet my pussy had become. I
thought for a second that I was about to allow 23 men to cum on my mouth or
on my face. Even the thought excited me.... and I opened my mouth to take
Phil on first.

Denise , Phil's girl friend, pulled his cock out, and stroked it a few
times, and then she guided it into my mouth. I clamped my lips tightly
around his shaft and I began to suck. Denise stood up and began kissing
Phil and his hands were squeezing her tits, all the time his hips were
thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, I sucked harder and harder. I
glanced up and looked around the room. Some couples were watching us, some
were kissing, some ladies where playing with there husbands cocks, and some
small groups were engaged in normal conversation.

He fucked my mouth and I sucked and sucked till he moaned and Denise
took his cock out of my mouth....I opened wide, as she finished pumping his
cock, it spurt his cum over my face and into my mouth.

Dave, his brother had set up the camera on a tripod , so everyone could
have their trophy shot of cumming in the my mouth. Phil put his foot up on
the table, and Denise forced his cock back in between my cum covered lips.
Someone said , just a second...and a few minute later a small chalk board
appeared with the words, BLOW JOB # 1 on it. With Phil's cock still
dripping cum onto my face, I held up the sign, ans smiled as Dave took
another picture.

Before the next man stepped up, Gloria took the empty champagne glass,
and told to me to spit out his cum and scrape off any cum from my face that
I could, and keep it all in the glass.

That is how the marathon blow job began. I sucked so many cocks there
after a while I had to look at the chalk board to see where I was. I also
learned how different men react to blow jobs.....


One man just stood there and didn't move. He didn't look at me, he just
walked up in front of me, I took out his cocked, I sucked and stroked his
cock till he came in my mouth and on my face, then had his picture taken in
the usual pose, with his cock dripping cum on to my face as I smiled for
the camera.

One man had me lay down on the table, and he got into a 69 position, and
had me put two fingers from each hand in my pussy. He was fucking my
mouth, just like he would fuck a pussy. His wife stepped up into the
table, and took both of my legs by the ankles, and held my legs up and
spread while I finger fucked my self. She pulled her skirt up, and I could
see she was partially shaved, and her husband began licking her pussy while
he was fucking my mouth. When he came he jammed his cock so far down my
throat I couldn't help but swallow all his cum. He pulled his cock out and
we had that picture taken that way, an inch or so from my open mouth, when
him and his wife smiling into the camera, as she kept her skirt up and
showed off her pussy.

One couple came up when I was sitting back on the edge of the coffee
table, and his wife said that his cock was too good for me, so she got down
on her knees and sucked his cock. When he came she took him all the way in
her mouth, and then she stood up, and leaned over my face. With his cock a
few inches from my face, she opened her mouth, and let his cum dribble from
her mouth into mine. That made A very sexy picture I'm sure.

By number 8 or 9 the top of my dress, my tits, my eyes, and my hair was
were wet from cum. The champagne glass was getting filled with more and
more cum as I spit out and scraped off the cum from my face and tits.

By numbers 18 my jaw was getting sore, and my head and hair were hurting
as well. Some of the men were kind and gentle, some were rough and crude.

When number 19 stepped up, their wives had an idea, and numbers 19, 20,
21, 22, and 23, all came forward. The took me off the table and had my
sit/kneel on the floor. All 5 men gathered around me, and with five cocks
just inches away from my face I was told to suck each one, as the others
stroked them selves. I twisted and turned my head every which way as I
sucked each cock. They picked up my hands, and I was jacking a cock off
with each hand while I was sucking another one. At one point the two guys shoved their cocks into my mouth at the same time. A third tried to get
his cock in as well, but it just wouldn't fit inside my already stretched

All five men came with in 20 seconds of each other. I was told to lean
my head way back and to open my mouth. The cum just started shooting all
over my face and mouth. When those five were finished, I had cum in my
eyes, in my hair, up my nose, on my chin, and of course in my mouth. They
all had there pictures taken together, with my cum covered face in the
middle of the group.

With the final men finished, I gathered up the rest of the cum from my
face and body, and spit it out into the glass. The small champagne glass
was now almost full of the cum from all of the men at the party. Dave had
me stand back up on the coffee table, and then I was to raise the glass and
show everyone how full it was, then I was handed a card. I read the card,
and it had what I was to say, and what I was to do. I put the card down,
raised the glass in the air, and said... " I am only here to serve men,
and to add to their pleasure." and then I took the glass and raised it to
my lips. I opened my mouth, and raised the glass a few inches above my
mouth, and SLOWLY..(As the card had said) began pouring all of their cum into my mouth. It cam out in long goody strings, and I let it all go into
my mouth, I ran my tongue around in the cum, and then ran my tongue around
my lips, then I swallowed the cum. I stretched the small glass full into 3
such displays. The whole time, the people were chanting, " cum slut...Cum
Slut.... cum SLUT !!! " Louder and louder till I had emptied the glass. I
almost threw up once, but I caught the gag reflex in time, and it all
stayed down

Gloria came and pulled me down from the table, and took a scarf and
blind folded me with it. My arms were placed behind me, and tied with a
scarf as well. I offered no resistance. I heard the sliding glass door,
being opened and felt the cold December night air as I was guided out side.
I was forced to kneel down on a cushion, and I could hear the others as
well. Some were saying...hurry up its cold out here..... and then Dave
spoke again. " We are about to close the opening ceremonies with Slave
Joan, with the wetting down. I hope you all have been drinking up." and
everyone laughed at that. I was beginning to shiver from the cold, yet was
eager to find out what would be happening next. " As usual my Gloria,
Denise, Marie and you other ladies have down a wonderful job in preparing
our new slave. I understand that Paula will be starting things off tonight
as she allowed her other position of honor to go to Denise. Paula when
ever your ready.."

I heard the click of High Heels, and someone, Paula, walked up to me. I
heard a lawn chair being dragged over and felt it as it was placed next to
me. Then I felt Paula's pussy rubbing up against my cum spattered face.
The cum had dried or frozen out in the cold night air, and as I opened my
mouth to lick Paula's pussy I could feel the film of cum on my face
cracking as my mouth moved. I tasted Paula's pussy and it was very
wet.....she was very excited. Then As I was sucking on her clit..... she
did something I didn't think or know at the time that 1 person could do to
another. She Pissed in my mouth. At first I didn't know what the warm
liquid was, but quickly the smell told me. I shut my mouth but it was too
late. I already had taken in a large amount. I felt some jerk my head
back by my hair, and a clamp of some type was placed over my nose so I had
to breath through my mouth. When I shut my mouth she kept right on pissing on my face, in my hair on down my tits. I have never been so humiliated in
my life. As I turned my head away from her stream of piss, and I felt a
new stream of piss from the left side, from the right side...and some one
was even pissing on my head from the back. With the nose clamp in place, I
soon had to open my mouth to breath, and more piss entered my mouth.
Someone reached down, and forced my mouth open. As soon as 1 stream of
piss would bend, and other one would begin. I tried to spit out the piss but with so many many people pissing on me, I ended up swallowing some. As
soon as the piss hit my stomach, I threw up. I guess everyone was waiting
because they all had backed away. They all cheered as I was emptying the
contents of my stomach all over my dress. I gaged, tried to breath, to
catch my breath, and then they stepped up ab began pissing on me again.
Again my mouth and face caught the onslaught....and again I couldn't help
but swallowing some. Surprisingly I didn't throw up this time.

Strangely all the warm piss, was warming me up. There was a lull in the
pissing, and I tried to catch my breath. I heard Phil's deep voice
say...... something I didn't quite catch..and then the scarf was removed
from my eyes. The scarf was soaked in piss...I was soaked in piss, and I
smelled like piss. I was so ashamed.

Dave stepped up in front of me, took out his cock, and aimed it at my
face. " Open your mouth he commanded..... " I hesitated... and he
screamed "NOW" I jumped, the other laughed, and I opened my mouth. He put
his cock in my mouth....and told me to suck....I started to suck, and he
pulled his cock out of my mouth with a pop. He aimed it at my mouth and
started to piss. As soon as the piss hit my mouth, my mouth shut. Phil
squeezed down on his cock, and stopped pissing. " He waited..... I opened
my mouth again, and he started to piss again. This time I forced myself to
keep my mouth open. His piss quickly filled my mouth, and I didn't
swallowing it, and as soon as my mouth was full it ran out of my mouth and
down my chin , onto the dress, and my tits. The smell was sicking, and I
had to hold back the urge to throw up.

He moved his cock and changed the stream of piss to my eyes which I had
to close, all round my face, to my hair, and then back into my mouth again.
When he finished pissing, he looked down and told me to lick the last drops
off of my cock. I put his cock into my mouth and sucked the last few drops
of piss out of his cock.

Phil then reached round and untied my arms. Dave walked up in front of
me, and commanded me to take his cock in my hand and direct his piss into
my mouth. I took his cock in my hand.... and waited. Everyone was
calling out names to him, urging him on. Finally the piss started to flow
from his cock, I lifted his cock till the stream was flowing into my mouth.
As soon as my mouth was full and starting to over flow, he stopped pissing.
He looked down at me, and said..." swallow it" I closed my mouth and
swallowed it. This time I did not try to throw up. Again I opened my
mouth, and again she started to piss. When my mouth was full, I let it run
out... and this time he did not stop. When he was finished pissing I had
swallowed three mouths full.

As it was getting cold outside, everyone gathered around me and they all
started pissing at once. The women as well as men. Some of the women
could aim their piss my opening their pussies wide and turning their
body's. This was my first "GOLDEN SHOWER" As they were finishing up,
uncontrollable I started to piss my self. One lady empty her glass, and
bent down to capture some of my piss in her glass. She handed my the
glass, and I drank my own piss out of a glass. At the end, I must admit, I
was no loner repulsed by the smell or taste. I didn't like drinking piss.
But it didn't make me sick anymore.

I was shivering, now, and they picked my up, and took my back inside.
Once we were inside, Gloria announced there would be a break in the
entertainment, and the food buffet was ready. I was told to go shower,
then to go change clothes, and with that I left the room.

As I leaned against the wall in the shower, my mind tried to take
everything that had happened in. My jaw and mouth were sore. I had just
sucked the cocks of 23 guys... and then as I felt the queasiness in my
stomach I thought about the last part. I had been forced to drink other
peoples piss. Well I had been forced at first, and then I had continued on
my own. What depths of perversion had I slumped to? Was there no limit to
what these people, would make me do?... ro that I was willing to do?

I didn't really see anyone using a camera but I was sure they all had
taken pictures on my drinking their piss, and being piss on. I made up my
mind that on Monday or when ever I could get away from here I was going to
leave town. Leave my husband and kids. It would be better fr them to
think I had run off and left them , then for them to find out what I had
become. But first I had to get through this weekend.

I stepped out of the shower, and started to dry my hair. It was then I
noticed that there were two men watching me As I reapplied my makeup, one
of them stepped inside the bathroom, and grabbed my ass. He started
rubbing and fondling my ass and said he couldn't wait for the next part of
"their" entertainment. I said Yes Sir, and went down to the basement to
change clothes.

When I got to the basement, I saw that some of the Polaroids of me
sucking cocks were already on the wall. On a hanger was the black corset
that I had worn earlier in the week. I put it on, and lifted my tits out
of the top so they were supported by the top of the corset. There were
another pair of Black Stockings, red high heels, with very tall heels
again, and there was a red velvet choker for around my neck. There were
also some fake diamond earrings, and a fake necklace for me to wear. As I
looked into the mirror I could see that I was really very pretty and sexy
looking... in fact if I saw myself upstairs, I'd want to lick and suck on
my pussy. The corset stooped well short of my shaved pussy, and with the
black stockings it really emphasized my pussy and my wedding ring in my

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