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joans training 09

I found the first two chapters of this story posted by Anonymous, on an
adult BBS before the days of the Internet. I have added 8 more chapters to
this story. If you think you've read this before, keep on reading as it
has grown and grown.

This story contains ,Forced Sex, Oral sex, interracial sex, lesbian sex,
and pee sex.

DO NOT continue if you are not of legal age in your area ~!

If you wish to contact me with a comment, good or bad, you may email me
at. . .


Joan’s Training


When I returned upstairs, the coffee table and chairs were removed from
the center of the room. It its place was a long buffet table with all
kinds of food. Gloria told me to serve drinks and of course do as I was
told. As I walked around hands were on my ass, fingers in my pussy hands
on my tits, but everyone was generally busy eating and talking. As I
walked over to the couch, two ladies were seated there, one was an elderly
lady in her 50's I'd guess. I asked then if they wished anything to drink,
and she said, " no deary, but I would like to look at your wedding ring. "
I set the drinks down on the end table and moved closer to her. She told
me to put one foot up on the couch, and I did, she reached up and fingered
the ring. Then she ran her hand under my pussy, cupped it in her hand and
said that I had a beautiful pussy, and that my husband must be very proud
of it. I didn't ell her, he hadn't seen it this way, I just said yes mam.

She then slipped I finger inside my pussy, and said that I felt very
smooth and wet, not like her old dried up pussy. Then she said, please
help me get my pussy all wet again.... and with that she lifter her dress,
and exposed her shaved pussy to me. It was rather an ugly looking pussy I
thought, here inner lips were hanging way past her outer lips, and she
motioned for me to kneel down. As I did , the lady next to her, reached
over and opened her pussy wide, as I stuck my tongue deep inside her. I
tried to find her clit to nibble on, but I wasn't having any success.
Still I licked and sucked till she asked me to stop, she thanked me, and
then went on talking to the lady next to her.

After everyone had finished eating, the table was cleared off, and
supporting the table was the strange table that I had tried out before down
stairs. The one with the clamps in the ends where my ankles were clamped

Gloria called the room to quite, and told me to step forward. I meekly
did as I was told. As I was standing next to Gloria she spoke.. " Well
ladies and gentlemen its now time for the final entertainment of this
evening. The deflowering of this virgin " Everyone laughed, and after all
that I had been through I could not understand how I could be called a
virgin. Gloria then asked for two guys to come up and help me get
positioned. I was lead towards the end of the table, and my legs were
spread wide as each ankle was strapped into place. I could feel may pussy and ass being exposed, but there was nothing I could do about it. The
table was short enough that my tits were on the edge, yet my head was free.
One of the men who had helped "position" me stepped around in front of me,
and when I looked up I all I could see was the front of his pants. Without
waiting to be told, I reached up and unzipped his pants, pulled out his
cock, and started to suck on it. With its head being sucked inside my
mouth, I took my hand and began to jack him off. I wanted to feel his cock
grow in my mouth... I wanted his cock. I realized that being in this
position I was going to get fucked, and I wished it would hurry up and
begin. Yes, I WANTED to have a cock in my pussy, and a cock in my mouth.

I heard Gloria say something about the Lucky winner being Mr X and that
he would have the privilege of being the first. The cock in my mouth was
getting bigger, and it tasted so good.

Then Gloria asked tow ladies from the group to come up and help me get
prepared. I was enjoying the cock in my mouth too much to see who they
were. Just as I felt a pair of hands on my ass cheeks, the man standing in
front of me, grabbed my head with his hands, and started to fuck my mouth,
faster and deeper. I was surprised that I didn't gag, and that I could
take the whole thing. Then I was aware that the hands on my ass cheeks
were spreading my ass wide, and then I felt a finger go into my ass hole. I
wasn't prepared for this, yet it was a pleasant feeling. Other than a
rectal thermometer it was the first thing ever in my ass. The finger
smeared a slippery liquid in and around my ass, and I suddenly realized
that I was going to get fucked in the ass. YES... I wanted to be fucked
in the ass. The finger that was in my ass was pulled out, and then
replaced by 2 fingers. I tried to shove my ass backwards, against the
fingers, to match the thrusts of the cock in my mouth.

Suddenly I heard a loud applause and laughter and I tried to turn my
head to see what had happened, but the man in front of me, kept a strong
grasp on my head. Then I felt the fingers leaving my ass, and I felt a
soft warm thing rub against my ass. I KNEW it was a man's cock. He
stopped at my ass hole, and begin to push his cock in. It hurt a little,
till he with drew it, and then he pushed it deeper inside of me. I tired
to let out a muffled yell, but the cock in my mouth made it impossible.
Suddenly I could feel the cock all the way in. HE had pushed his cock ALL
the way into my ass. He withdrew his cock again, till just the head was in
my ass, and then pushed forward, and I pushed my ass BACK to help engulf
his cock. This time it hardly hurt at all. YES... I like having a cock
in my ass...I actually liked getting my ass fucked.

Soon the man in front and the man in the rear had matched their thrusts
and I was getting fucked from both ends. I climaxed right away....as my
whole body shook. Yet I still wanted more. I reached up with 1 hand and
started to massage the balls I\of the guy in front of me, and laying my
whole body on the table I reached back with my other hand to try and feel
the balls of the guy fucking my ass.

Flash bulbs went off, and I knew I was being photographed again.
Suddenly the room got a lot brighter, and I could feel the warmth on my
ass. Then the light and warmth started around me, and when it got to the
front I could see someone with a video camera. They stopped and the man in
front of me, took his hands off my head, and with one hand pulled his cock
out of my mouth. I took my hand away from his balls, and grabbed his cock.
I started jacking him off, and smiled as I looked into the camera. The man behind the camera, said... " Joan is getting her first ass fucking.....how
does it feel Joan?" Holding the head of this mans cock just an inch from my
mouth, I licked the tip..... I string of his pre cum dangled from his cock
to my tongue, and I said " I just LOVE it. I can't wait to have you ALL
fuck my ass..." With that everyone yelled screamed and applauded!! Then
feeling the cock in my hand stiffen, I added..... " get all the cameras
ready and get a good close up of this....." Then I sued my hand to turn the
guy in front of me around. From the rear now, I reached between his legs,
and grabbed his cock, to continue jacking him off. Bringing my other hand
back around, I tried to gently push the man in front of me, over at the
waist. With his big hairy ass sticking in my face, I tried to stick my
tongue out. The tip of my tongue just touched the crack of his ass. I let
go of his cock, and with one hand I pulled him closer to me. Then I lifted
my head as far as I could used both hands to spread his ass cheeks, and
then I started to lick his asshole. The flash bulbs went off like crazy !!
Someone asked him how I was doing, and he said that I had my tongue deep
into his ass. He sat backwards , sat down directly on my face...and I just
kept licking and sucking. It seemed like everyone in the room was
shouting, laughing applauding. Suddenly I had this strange thought, I
wanted to see those photos, here I was, sucking a mans ass, while another
man was fucking me in the ass.....and the thing was, suddenly I realized
that I loved this. I loved being told to service all these men. For the
first time in my life, I really loved SEX. I knew from now on, there would
be no stopping me. Anytime, anyplace...anyway. It saddened me to realize
that I just lost my husband and family . I didn't know how long I could go
on with this secrete....I was sure Tom would find out sooner or later. But
I was so happy now....sex is all I wanted. To please men was all I wanted.

The man who's ass I was licking turned around and stuck his cock back
into my mouth. It was so hard and stiff, that I knew he was about to cum.
I guess the man with the video camera knew it too, cause he quickly came in
for a close up shot. Suddenly the man pulled his cock from my lips, and
started to jack off right in front of me. I opened my mouth wide, and told
him I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted him to shoot his cum into my
mouth....I really did want him to. As the cum began to spurt out of his
cock, I reached out with my tongue. Some of it splashed on my lips, some
even went into my eye, but I did manage to catch most of it in my mouth.
It was a little salty, yet very warm, and creamy. I turned my head towards
the camera...opened my mouth to show all the good gooey cum inside, then
let just a very little bit run out of my mouth. I quickly sucked it all
back into my mouth, and then swallowed it.

The whole time, this other cock had being pounding my ass. Sometimes
slowly and gently, sometimes quickly and rough. I was beginning to wonder
if I would be able to feel his cum shoot inside there. Then he pulled his
cock out of my ass.

I felt someone unbuckle the straps around my ankles. I was then told to
lay on the table, on my back. As I laid back, my head hung down , not
being supported by the table. I was told to left my legs, and spread my
ass. As I reached under my keens to lift my legs, some shoved his cock all
the way down my throat. With my head tilted back he had a straight shot
in, and quickly drove his cock into my mouth, all the way up to his balls.
As I was again being fucked in the mouth, I opened my ass wide. I slipped
two fingers in my ass one from each hand on pulled my ass hole wide. Then
I felt a cock glide deep into my ass. Again I was suddenly very very
happy. I was getting fucked at both ends...and I was loving every minute of
it. Here I was, flat on my back, holding my legs up in the air, and
getting reamed by two cocks. As I was just getting into enjoying this, I
felt a vibrator rubbing my clit. I could barley hear the Bzzzzzz but I
could feel it up against my pussy. Then someone quickly shoved it deep
inside my pussy. I cock in my ass, a vibrator in my pussy, and a cock
fucking my mouth......god I was in heaven !!

Then I heard the man who was fucking my ass, say he was going to
cum.....his voice sounded strangely familiar. The man with the cock in my
mouth said he too was going to cum...... and the guy in my ass, told the
guy in my mouth to wait, and they would both cum in my face. As soon as he
pulled his cock out of my ass, it was replaced by another, a much bigger
cock. He just shoved it right into my ass...hurting a little at first but
only for a few seconds. The guy who was fucking my ass, walked towards my
head, and the guy with the cock in my mouth pulled it out. I reached up
with both hands and started to jack both cocks off, into my face. They
weren't quite ready to cum so I tired to fit both cocks in my mouth at the
same time. They were just too big, so I would suck on one, then the other.
Suddenly they both started shooting cum into my face, my eyes, my nose,
everywhere. I got quite a cum bath...... I tired to open my eyes, but
they were so full of cum that I couldn't get one opened, and could hardly
see out of the other.

I could feel the warm light of the video camera on my face again, and as
I asked for another cock to suck. Gloria, spoke up and told everyone to be
quite. "What do you want Joan?" she asked..... and I said.. " another
cock to suck" Gloria then said.... " OK Joan, you will get more cocks to
suck, and you will have every cock here in your ass, but first sit up and
look around" I thought they all wanted more pictures....and I tried to sit
up. The big cock was still fucking my ass, and Gloria told him to stop for
a second. I sat up and some gave me a towel to wipe my eyes clean. As I
focused I saw a line of three guys waiting to fuck my ass, or cunt....and
then when I looked around the room, I saw everyone was undressed, and
seemed to be fucking sucking kissing someone else. Then when I turned to
looked at the head of the table to see who's cum I just took in the face,
there were..... OH MY GOD it was TOM, my husband and his boss !!!!
Everyone started laughing as I realized it was my husband there. He had a
big smile on his face, and he hugged my and said..."Joan its OK......" For
a few seconds I was embarrassed, and then it dawned on me. Tom had set
this whole thing up. He had been the one who wanted to move here. This
was all his idea. Wiping the cum from my lips, I asked him if he was angry
with me.... he told me no. I told him that I had turned into a sex slave,
and he just smiled an said, "yes, but your my sex salve" I started to get
off the table, when tom said.... " Where are you going? You still have to
let all of these guys fuck you in the ass, and I am going to go and fuck
Mona." Nothing has changed... Gloria will still continue train you for a
while longer. Joan you do want these guys to fuck your ass don't you? "
"Yes", I said...."oh yes" I was crying now......it suddenly came to me that
I would not lose my husband or family and yet I would still live this new
life style....yes, I was a very happy housewife !!!

I laid back down on the table raised my legs as the big cock of Dave's
went back into my ass. I sucked, fucked and ass fucked all those who
wanted me that night I found out that I could feel when a man shot his cum into my ass. Yes, I can honestly say that I liked, no I LOVED having my
ass fucked. Several times I looked around and found Tom with different
women. Once I saw Mona the 5th grade teacher of my kids, on her knees
sucking Tom's cock as he was kissing Gloria and playing with her naked
tits. I actually had an orgasm just watching my husband with those two
beautiful women.

After I was gang fucked, I went down to my place in the basement, to
shower, and clean up. I was in the shower, leaning against the wall, and
just enjoying the warm water cascading down my body. I had my eyes closed,
and was trying to let the fact that Tom, knew and even condoned what I had
been through. Just then the door opened, and Gloria and Phil were standing
there. I stepped out of the shower, and took up my kneeling position in
front of them. Gloria spoke first.. "OK, Joan I will now explain what is
going on. Several years ago, some of the men in this town started a club.
They were not happy with their new modern wives. They felt that a women
should always please her man, and that her career should come 2nd only to
him, and the family. The club started out small with only 4 couples. The
original 4 women were all very submissive my nature, and when others wanted
to join, there had to be a way to insure that all other women who would
join would be equally submissive. That was when we moved to this city.
You see I had run a very elite call girl ring in California, and we
specialized in Submissiveness. We were asked if we were interested in
moving her to help train the new club members."

Phil. took up talking next.... " Tom found out about our club on a
business trip , and wanted to join. But he knew you would never approve.
Do you know why Tom wanted to join in the first place Joan?" he asked......
" No sir" I answered. Phil. went on, " Tom was getting board with your
lack of interest in sex, in your housewife ways. So we agreed to help
train you. Besides Gloria always enjoys breaking a snotty goody two shoes
like you were. Anyway this club has a few very basic rules. Any married man can join...and by doing so he is free to sue, or take advantage of any
women who's husband is in the club. But in return he gives up his wife to
every other member. You see Joan, all the women upstairs belong to Tom,
and you belong to all the men. How do you feel about that Joan?" he asked.
Still looking down I spoke.." I am here to make all the men happy. If Tom
wants me to be used by all others, then that is the way it will be." Gloria
spoke next... " Joan, Do you enjoy sex??" A little too quickly I answered
" Yes, I do now" "Fine" Gloria said, " Just fine. Now you will still be
undergoing weekly training sessions here, and soon you will be promoted out
of your slave status." I guess I got a sad look on my face as she continued
" Don't worry Joan you will always be submissive to the members of this
club, its just your promotion will mean you no longer have to kneel when
around others...and if your good, I'll even let you help me train our
newest member next month. Now Joan I want you to take Phil's cock in your
mouth....." I edged forward still on my knees and to took his cock in my
mouth...." Gloria spoke again..." Up to now you have just been sucking cocks, and getting fucked. Now we will start to teach you little tricks to
help you give added pleasure to the men you are servicing. As you suck on
Phil's cock, I want you to reach behind him and spread his ass
cheeks.......now I want you to GENTLY insert a finger in his ass
hole.....that's it." I could feel Phil's cock grow quickly in my mouth as
soon as my finger entered his ass. " match the movement of his cock in and
out of your mouth, with the movement of your finger, in and out of his
ass.....that's it.....good girl. You will find that most men really enjoy
that added touch. Now finish washing, and then I want you to fix your hair
UP in a burn this time. Put the clothes on here, and meet us back
upstairs...." and with that Phil pulled his cock out of my mouth. I
frowned, and Phil said.... " Don't worry, you have more cocks to suck
upstairs " and with that they both turned and left me alone. I fixed my
hair as I was instructed to, and then fixed my makeup. As I went to get
dressed, I was surprised to see what I was to change into. My daughters
shrunken sweater was there, and there was either a very short skirt, or a
very wide belt. I really wasn't sure. Of course there were also the black
garter belt, black stockings, and red high heels. As I struggled to put on
shrunken sweater, I noticed that it had been cut off at the bottom. Once I
had it on, it only came down to the bottom of my tits. You could see the
bottom portion of my tits as well as my exposed midsection. The "skirt"
barely came down to cover my pussy, and in NO WAY even coved the tops of my
stockings. I checked myself once more in the mirror, nodded in approval
and headed back upstairs. Once there, everyone was more or less in some
form of dress.....even if it was just a robe.

Gloria instructed me to get drinks for everyone, and as I served drinks,
occasionally a hand would feel my ass..or squeeze my tits, but mostly I was
left alone. I did notice how ever that Tom was standing with his arm
around a very young, pretty tall blonde girl. She was wearing a teddy and
black high heels. She was very pretty.

After about 30 minutes of serving drinks, the door bell rang, and Gloria
told me to answer it. Dressed as I was, with the bottom of my tits peaking
out from under my sweater, and with the bottom of my pussy peaking out from
under my skirt, I opened the door wide, and stood directly in it. There
were 2 HUGE black police men standing there. They looked like they could
have been professional football players. I could see their eyes wander
down my body, stopping for a second at my pussy, and then on down my legs.
When their eyes finally made it back up to my face, I asked.... " yes,
officers, is there anything wrong?" One of them spoke up...." ahhh yes
ma'am" he said over emphasizing the word Ma'am......." we have a report of
a loud party here, with possible drugs in use" Just then Gloria came around
to the door, and she too asked what the problem was. The 2 police officers
again repeated that they were here at the report of a loud party, and
possible drug use. Gloria assured them that it was just a Christmas party,
and that there were NO drugs, but they were welcome to come in and look
around. They took off their hats, and stepped into the house. They
entered into the living room, excused them selves for having to check out
the party, and took a quick walk around the room.

One of the officers turned and said to the other, ... "It looks OK, so
folks please go on with your party, but try and keep the noise down, OK? I
guess there are no drugs here.....lets go Kenny" and they turned to leave.
Suddenly I heard Tom speak up.... " Ah Officers?" they stopped and turned
around..... tom went on " I don't know if they were drugs or not, but our
waitress there, tried to hide something up under her skirt a few minutes
ago. " The officers look quickly at me, and I looked quickly at Tom. Then
one of the police men spoke..." Well sir, I don't think she could be hiding
much of ANYTHING under that skirt." Tom spoke again, "Still wouldn't you
like to check it out and see? " he said. Suddenly I was beginning to get
the picture..... and I walked over to the closest guy, and pulled up my
skirt, and showed him my pussy. The 2 police men smiled at each other, and
agreed they should search me, just to be on the safe side. The put down
their hats, and instructed me to move over to the wall. I was to put my
hands on the wall, above my head, lean forward, and spread my legs.

I did as I was told. They both began to run their hands over my body. I
shuddered as 4 big black hands caressed my tits, squeezed my ass, felt my
pussy, and ran down my legs. Then one of them, Kenny I think said " It
doesn't look like she is hiding anything, but maybe we should do a full
body cavity search. Miss, do you consent to a full body cavity search?"
they asked..... "Oh YES, officers" I answered back. With that I was moved
back from the wall, and made to bend over a table. The officer in back,
spread may ass cheeks wide, and inserted a finger into my ass. At the same
time, the office in front of me, said he would have to check inside my
mouth. He told me to open my mouth, wide...and I did. Then he said he
couldn't see inside, and would have to feel around inside there. Then he
unbuckled his gun belt, unzipped his pants and took out a HUGE , BLACK
cock. That thing was the biggest cock I had ever seen...bigger than any
mans here at the party. I tired to put the cock in my mouth. But I could
only get the head inside my mouth. I stoked, licked, and sucked that
beautiful black cock, trying to get more and more of it inside of me. Then
I heard the cop behind me say, he couldn't feel any drugs in her ass, but
he couldn't get his finger in far enough. I heard another gun belt hit the
floor, and another zipper going down. Then I felt a warm spongy thing
pushing against my asshole. As it tired to enter my ass, I felt sharp
strong pains. I tired to scream out, but with that monster cock in my
mouth, I couldn't make a sound. GOD that thing was killing me back there.
It felt as though he was trying to stick a baseball bat up my ass. He told
me to relax, and soon the pain would turn into pleasure. Well it did hurt,
but finally he got his cock all the way in my ass...and yes after a few
minutes, the pain turned into waves of pleasure.

With one big black cock fucking my ass, and another big black cock
fucking my mouth, I just tired to relax and enjoy the sensation. I reached
up to office fucking my mouth, and slipped a finger into his ass. His
cocked seemed to get even bigger in my mouth. He moaned in pleasure as my
finger matched his thrusts. The man with his cock in my ass, reached
around my waist and slowed pulled my down as he sat on the floor. The
whole time he kept his cock in my ass. Finally he was laying on the floor,
and I was sitting, straddled his cock, as it dug itself deep in my ass. I
leaned back by putting my hands on the floor, and used my hands and feet to
control the raise and fall of my ass around his cock. The other officer,
who until a minute ago, had his cock in my mouth, kneeled down between my
legs, and he lifted my legs up, by grabbing my legs under my knees. Then
he guided his cock into my pussy. He entered me slowly at first, but then
with one big thrust he buried his cock deep in my pussy. As both men began
to fuck me, I could feel both cocks, rubbing against each other, inside of
me. I was getting fucked by both men , at the same time..... one in my
pussy and one in my ass. GOD....I had never felt such pleasure before. I
must have climaxed 10 times..... Then someone stepped over me, and
straddled my chest, and stuck his cock into my empty mouth. Here I was,
Joan , who until a month ago, had never even had another man besides her
husband, was now servicing three men at once. I could hardly move, I was
pinned in between the two cocks fucking me, and the one in my mouth. I
took a second and tried to look around the room. Some people were taking
pictures of me, one man had a small video camera, and others were busy
fucking and sucking each other. I tried to locate Tom, I wanted him to see
me, to be proud of me. When I finally located him, he was standing his
eyes fixed on me, as his cock was pounding in and out of the young blonde girls mouth, who was on her knees in front of him. He winked at me, and I
winked back at him. Suddenly I was brought back to reality when the black
officer with his cock in my pussy said he was going to cum..... The man with his cock in my mouth quickly pulled out, and traded places with the
black cock that was in my pussy. With the black cock which was about to
erupt now in my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could wanted to taste his
black cum..... but he quickly grabbed my head, and forced his cock ALL the
way down my throat. I gaged as he started to shoot his cum . Between his
cock deep in my throat, and his cum shooting down my throat, I gaged, and
spit up a little of his cum. He told me just to relax, and he continued to
shot his cum as he held his cock down my throat. The cock that was in my
pussy was pumping faster and faster, and I knew it too was about to
cum.........and then I felt the hot cum shoot inside of me. After spurting
twice, he pulled out and moved to shoot the last spurts on my face. I
still had the black cock in my mouth, as he shot his cum into my eyes.
Then the black cock slowly pulled out of my moth, and I licked both cocks
clean of their cum. All this time I still had that monster cock in my
ass.... in and out..in and out. Then he told me to get off, as he was
about to cum. I climbed off his cock, and laid down next to him, taking
his cock in my hand. This was the first time I had seen that monster, and
it was hard to believe that this thing had been in my ass. I stroked his
cock, and tried to put my mouth around its head...... He told me to open
my mouth, and pushed my head down against his stomach. He took my hand in
his, and together we stoked his cock, till he started to cum. He shot what
must have been a pint of cum, all over my face, and into my open mouth. I
tired to catch as much as I could in my mouth, as I felt the rest shoot all
over my face. I had never seen so much cum come from one cock.

Then As I looked up, I saw Tom taking the hand of the young blonde on
her knees in front of him, and she rose to walk over to where I was laying
with my head still on the black cops stomach. With Tom's guidance, she
knelt down, and took the big black cock, still wet with his cum, and put it
in her mouth. I moved my head closer to his cock, and soon we were both
licking his cock clean. Once I would take his cock in my mouth, and she
would lick his balls, then I would lick his balls, and she would suck his
cock. I notice that her whole body was jumping forward, and when I looked
at Tom, I saw that he was fucking her doggy style as we were sharing this
monster cock. As I laid my head down again on his stomach, with just the
tip of his head in my mouth, see started running her tongue around his
balls, slowly she inched her way up his cock, her tongue running along his
shaft, till her tongue was in my mouth. She begin to lick all the cum off
my face. I could feel her lips sucking the wet goo from my eyes, from my
nose and cheeks. The I lifted my head up and let his cock pop out of my
mouth....and I took her tongue deep into my mouth. I still had a lot of
his cum in my mouth, and as our tongues danced with each other, we shared
his cum between us. We kissed ns explored each others mouth for what must
have ben 10 minutes. She was kind, gentle, and I knew we would be lovers.
I could feel her body jerking more rapidly, and I knew Tom was on the verge
of cumming. He looked at me, and said... "Joan, do you want so more cum??
" "YES" I whispered, "please give me your cum" I rose to my hands and
knees, and he laughed and said " Its not going to be that easy Joan.......
" and with that he thrust several time deep into her pussy...and I knew he
was cumin. "Lay down on your back" he said....and then he told the blonde girl to get up, and to clean his cock off. She stood up, walked around to
where I was laying, and kneeled down so her pussy was right over my face. "
Joan, clean out her pussy while she cleans off my cock" Tom said. With
that he stepped up to her, and he pushed his cock in her mouth, and she
began to lick and suck. She took both hands, and reached down to her
shaved hairless pussy, and open her pussy lips wide, and then lowered her
pussy down over my mouth. I could taste Tom's cum.... I could taste her
pussy..as I licked, sucked lapped and tried to eat out all of his cum. The
mixture of all the juices was the best cocktail ( no pun intended) was the
best I had ever had. I sucked so hard that she had an orgasm....and at one
point she lifted off of my mouth, and reached behind her to spread her ass,
and lowered her ass onto my mouth. I tired to push my tongue as far up her
ass as I could....and then she slid down so her pussy was again over my
face. After a while she got up, and her and tom walked off to another
party of the living room, a I was left to just lay on the floor. I took a
mental inventory....My ass was just a little sore.... my pussy was just a
little sore.......and I felt WONDERFUL. After about 5 minutes, I got up,
walked over to the mirror, and looked that the damage. Not too bad. Hair
a little messed up, just a very little cum beginning to dry on my face.
Stockings still in tact, no runs. I straighten out the stockings, pulling
each one up, I adjusted the garters on the garter belt. And then I went
and got more drinks to pass out to everyone. Except for an occasion finger
in my pussy or ass, or a hand or two on my tits, they left me alone for the
next half hour or so.

Then one of the older men there...who I would guess was in his middle
sixties, came up to me and said he had to go to the bathroom, and would I
help him get there. He had removed his coat and tie, but still had his
shirt, pants on. I don't know if he had participated in the fun or not.
Anyway I put my arm around him, and off we went. As we got to the bath
room.... he stood in front of the toilet. I kneeled down next to him,
unzipped his pants, and took out his little cock, and aimed it at the
toilet. When noting happened, he looked down at me, and said " I can never
pee in a toilet when there is such a pretty mouth available." Then I knew
what was required of me. I crawled between his legs, and turned around so
the back of my head was over the bowl when I tilted my head back. I took
his cock in my hand and aimed it at my face, and waited....and waited, and
waited. Then finally came a little stream of pee. I aimed it at my open
mouth, and I could smell the sweet aroma of his pee as it trickled into my
mouth. My mouth began slowly to fill with his yellow nectar as he called
it, and when my mouth could not hold anymore, it ran out of my mouth, down
my neck and into the toilet bowl. Gradually the trickle turn into a steady
stream. Unlike the first time hours ago, I had no desire to gag.....in
fact like most things I had experienced this evening, I grew to like the
sickly sweet smell and taste. When he had finished I brought my mouth up
to his cock, and stuck his cock in my mouth...sucking licking it until it
was clean...then I put it back in his pants and zipped them up. After
drying my face, and repairing my makeup, I went back to the living room, a
continued to serve drinks and to service those who wanted me.

After an hour or so, Gloria came to me and said I could go down stairs,
and sleep for a while...but I was not to leave the house. I noticed that a
lot of the people who were there, and gone or at least were no longer in
the living room. I went back down to the basement, kicked off my high
heels, and fell into a heap on the mattress that was there for me, and with
in two minute I was a sleep. I had the most pleasant nights sleep I have
had in a long long time. I was content, with my new role ...I was content
that Tom knew all about what I was doing, that I would not lose my family or Tom...yes, I slept very well.

Hours later I was woken by a warm hand between my legs,, and a wet mouth
on my tit. It was Paula, the young girl who had helped drag me into this,
that very first party so many weeks ago. "Good morning sleepy head" she
said...... I yawned, stretched, and looked in to her eyes........
"Morning..." I answered. Paula continued on, "get up, take a shower, get
dressed, and be upstairs in 30 min....." she said. And then Pinching my
nipple till I said "OUCH" she left. In the shower, I found a razor, and I
shaved my legs, underarms, and of course pussy.

I stepped out of the shower, dried off, did my hair, makeup and went to
dress. I was a little surprised to find that there was a white blouse, and
a skirt. The skirt was shorter than I would have worn a few weeks ago, but
now I seemded to be overdressed as I put it on. There were black
stockimgs, garter belt, and high heels. No panties, No bra.

As I went upstairs and enterd the dinning room, most of the peopel from
last night were dressed, and just sitting down to a big breakfast, which of
course I served them. I was allowed , by Gloria , to eat in the kitchen. I
didn't realized how hungry I was still I started eating. I can't remember
when I had consumed such a large breakfast....I guess sex gives you an

After brealfast, most of the couples attending the party were getting
read to leave. Phi had set up the camera, facing the Christmas tree, and
there was a large chair next to it. It looked just the setting for the
picture taken with Santa at the mall. Gloria reminded everyone to stop by
and have their Cheistmas picture taken WITH ME before they left. I was
given a red Santa's hat, trimmed with white fur, and with a bell on the
top. I was posed with every couple there. Most wanted my to open my blose,
or lift up my skirt. Sometime I sat in the "Santa's" chair, with my skirt
pulled up, my legs spread wide showing off my shaved pussy, as the couple
sat on either side of my, on the arms of the chair. Some wanted my to knel
and suck the guys cock, of lift the ladies dress as she prentended moch
horror. One couple even wanted me to tongue her pussy as she kissed her
husband. Needless to sy this time I DID NOT have to told to smile.... I
was enjoying this !!!

After they had all left, Gloria asked me how I had enjoyed the party. I
wanted to scream out the I Loved it...that I wanted more, but instead I
just lowered my head, and said.... " I hope my performance pleased
everyone there" Gloria asid she had received a few complints, but over all
I had done very well. Then she told me that I could go back down stairs,
and sleep or I could go with her shopping to get ready for tonights party.
She siad that tonight I would have a chance to break a record of sorts, a
record that had stood of a long time. TONIGHTS PARTY she siad.....god what
means I would get to satisfy myslef and all the others all over again.

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