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julies new job


This story is fiction, not to be confused with reality in any shape or
form. The characters as depicted here are not real! Also, if this is
illegal in your town or area, or you are underage, don't read this. This
story is by 'curious2c', who dreamed it up and wrote it.

M+/F, inter, gang, fist, Fdom, forced, drug, blackmail, coerced Julie's
new job

Well, where to start. I guess it was my being gone so much for my job.
You see, in my work I am gone for two or three weeks at a time, sometimes
up to six weeks, but, I am then home on time off for one or two weeks or
sometimes up to five weeks. Not including vacation time. Worked well for
my wife and I, or so I thought.

I had been working this schedule at work for over three years. The
money was excellent as were the benefits. When I came home, my wife would
just about eat me alive right there at the airport when she picked me up.
The next two to whatever weeks would be full of "making up for lost time"
(in the bed of course).

My wife Julie is about six years younger than myself, and at thirty-six
years old she still looks beautiful. She was very active in high school
and college sports. She was a cheerleader. Light, long blonde hair, 36 DD
chest, nice tight butt, 30 inch waist, and a very toned body, as she still
works out quite often.

Anyway, as the years went she would get very bored while I was gone,
(she didn't work outside of the home). So one day while we were talking on
the phone she mentioned that Joan (a friend of hers from college) had
called her out of the blue and wondered if she would be interested in going
to work for her. She would be able to have her work scheduled around my
work schedule.

I said that she didn't have to go to work, because we were doing very
well on just my salary. Julie said that she got so bored at home alone,
that it would be good for her to be doing something to occupy her time. I
told her that if she wanted to, to go ahead and tell Joan she would. A few
days later while talking on the phone again (I was in the first of three
weeks on shift) Julie said that she was now gainfully employed. Working
for Joan was great. I was happy for her.

When I got home from that tour, we were like rabbits. Julie was
insatiable. (As usual). A couple of things I noticed though were, she
seemed preoccupied or apprehensive at some point throughout each day, and
she seemed "looser" when we fucked, and last but not least, she seemed to
have lost some more inhibitions. I chalked it up to our schedules and
getting that long-time married couple disease. I vowed to myself to not
let this happen to us so I was trying to find other means of exciting her
in bed. Boy, I had no idea. We talked and made up for lost time.

Julie invited Joan over for a barbeque. I had never met Joan, only knew
what Julie had told me about her. I knew that she would be very outgoing
because of what Julie had told me about her. Also that in college she had
always tried to get Julie to "loosen up" and go to some of the frat parties
and other goings on around school. Julie had never been much on frat
parties and stuff like that from what she had told me.

I had met Julie after she graduated from college when a friend of mine
introduced us. We hit it off and later we married. Julie's little sister,
Mary, (two years younger) had gone to the same college as Julie. I had
never cared for Mary too much as she really acted the slut part down to a
tee. It seems that Joan had talked her into going to some of these frat
parties, and Mary had become very popular with quite a few frats. Julie
wouldn't even talk about her to me because she knew how I felt towards Mary
and didn't want to have to be defending her all of the time to me.

Julie was always energetic and exploratory in sex. She liked to keep me
(as she would put it) in tiptop condition to service her. Service her I
would. We tried quite a few things in bed. Julie liked my 7-inch cock
because she could take it in her pussy or mouth without straining. She
loved all kinds of sex except anal.

She was my wet dream. Sometimes I could not believe that she would have
married me because she could have had any man she wanted. And there were
lots of men who had dated her and all wanted her. Of those she dated only
three ever got beyond third base. The first time we had sex was after
about seven months of dating. While I had had experience with eight other
women, I found Julie to be the absolute best, and most open to trying new
things. Even after being married for eight years we were not bored at all
in bed. My only deep dark fantasy about Julie was to have anal sex and her
to enjoy it, Oh well.

So on with the story... Joan came over for the barbeque, and we met for
the first time. God! Joan was almost as good looking as Julie. That's
saying a lot too! Joan was very friendly and sharp on comebacks. As
dinner progressed Julie and Joan talked shop. Joan was after Julie to take
on a special project for her and Julie was having none of it.

I was brought into the conversation when Joan asked me if I thought it
would be a problem if Julie were gone to LA working on this project, while
I was on tour at my job. She said that she could arrange for Julie to be
home when I was, and that Julie would get about double what she was making
now if she took the project on. I said (innocently not knowing details)
that Julie should think about it. I mean, double the money. WOW!

Eventually Julie caved in but she had real misgivings about this
project. Later that night, after a great round of sex Julie told me that
she wasn't so sure I would like her being in on this project. I calmed her
fears, thinking that she just didn't like the idea of traveling to LA on a
regular basis.

Julie said that I didn't understand exactly what her job would be while
in LA. I told her that it didn't matter, I loved her and thought that if
she wanted to make big bucks that would be cool, and if she really didn't
want to do this she could stay home. If she didn't take this project on
she would probably be let go.

I said we are doing all right now and we were all O.K. before, so if
she felt she would have to quit to go ahead. Julie finally said that she
would try it one time to see, and if she didn't like it would it be all
right if she quit then? I said yes, if you want to try it out I'm fine
with that. I told her that I loved her more than life itself, and whatever
she wanted to do would be ok with me. My first mistake had been made, I
had encouraged her to stay working with Joan.

Anyway a couple of weeks went by (too fast) and I went back to work.
This trip was going to be one of those dreaded six weekers, due to
vacations others were taking and I wasn't looking forward to going this
trip. Julie called me on my second night and said that Joan expected her
to go to LA the next day. I wasn't surprised with that at all, because we
had talked about it at the dinner. Julie said that she would call as soon
as she knew where she would be staying. We gave our love to each other and
I hung up and went to bed.

The next night I waited and waited but no call. I thought that she was
probably really tired and never gave it another thought, until three nights
later, when she FINALLY called. When I answered the phone Julie sounded
distant and winded, like she had gone up to her hotel room by the stairs,
at a dead run. She was breathing hard and very unfocused while we talked.
She apologized for not calling sooner, but as it turned out, she was
putting in marathon hours up to sixteen hours a day.

I asked her how she liked it and she had a catch in her voice that got
me a little curious. Then she said she liked it ok, but didn't like using
her room as the base office. She was distressed about some of the people
she was working with and said that they were very pushy and bragged about
always getting what they wanted when they wanted and how they wanted it.

She said that she was sorry she had taken on the project, and wished she
had never heard from Joan. I was surprised to say the least. I asked her
if she just wanted to leave there now and go home, but she said that she
HAD to stay this trip and finish what she had started, no matter what.
Julie asked me if I loved her still, and I said of course, you never have
to worry about me not loving you honey. Julie said that when we were home
again we would have a long talk; maybe I might change my mind about that.
Now I was worried.

I didn't get to talk to Julie for a week after that. I was very
concerned and worried, so I called Joan's cell number and asked her about
the project. Joan said she couldn't tell me anything about it due to
corporate secrets but said that she would get a hold of LA and see what was
going on.

Two nights later, Julie called. She sounded like she was a little drunk
or high on something, but was very loving over the phone. She cried a
little bit during our talk a said that she missed me so much.

I asked her when she was due home and she said not for another five
weeks. I said ok, we could have a real heart to heart talk then. Julie
told me that she probably wouldn't be calling again until another week or
so had gone because of the workload she had. I said I understood, but why
couldn't she call a little more often. (I always heard voices in the room
with her, in the background, talking about money, contracts, etc.) Julie
told me that having to use her hotel room as the base of operations the
meetings were going so late at night our time schedules wouldn't work out
for her.

I accepted this, as I could kind of understand the situation a little
better now. Julie asked me if I still loved her.

"Of course I love you, I told her, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." She replied.

She wanted to stay on the phone but I could hear someone calling out for
her to get over there now. Julie sobbed a little bit and said, "I love you
Jon, and I hope that you still will love me after we get back together. I
have had some ting s happen in my life since going to work for Joan. Oh, I
have to go, Joan is calling me. Bye lover." I could hear her sobbing a bit
as she finished talking to me. After she hung up I began to think about
this whole thing.

This was very out of character for her and I was extremely worried that
she was going to have a breakdown or something. I called Joan up and
started to chew on her a little bit when she told me to calm down, that
Julie was doing a better job than she thought she was, even better that
Joan or the people in LA thought she would. Joan said that the pressure
would be gone by the time Julie got home again and we would all have a long
talk about Julie's future with Joan's company.

Joan said that Julie was the best person she had at this time and she
couldn't lose her so she would be willing to go a long way to keep her. I
hung up feeling not quite right with Julie's best friends attitude, but
somewhat reassured. It did sound like Julie was very hot stuff and doing
great things for Joan and her company, but, I didn't want Julie to work
herself to death or into the hospital.

I didn't get to talk to Julie again until the day before I was scheduled
home. That night Julie said that the people she was working with needed
her to stay for a couple more days. This was on a Monday, on Saturday
night, when I had been home four nights alone, a car pulled up and a big
black guy carried Julie's bags into the house. Julie came up the walkway
looking lost and used up. I ran to her and gave her a big hug. She burst
out crying.

"God." she said. "I am so happy to see you. I thought I would never
get home again."

I saw that she was extremely tired, so I suggested that she take a
shower and go to bed to rest up. Julie consented to do just that. She was
wearing a long dress coat and scarf, which I thought was unusual since it
was summer, but I thought that being as tired as she was would probably
make one feel chilled. It was a cool night anyway.

I started to take her coat off and Julie stopped me, with a look of fear
I thought, she said that she would just leave it in our room. I said it
wouldn't be a problem so she finally let me have her coat. She was acting
so strange. I took her coat off and noticed that the dress she was wearing
was very, very sexy. I made a comment about how great she looked in it.

It was low cut to the extreme and had a slit up both sides, all the way
past her waist almost to her ribcage. WOW!

She said. "I picked this out with Joan's help. I was thinking of you
when I chose it Jon. I am so sorry that I am too tired to do anything
right now, but maybe if I have a little nap we can do something later."

"Oh baby, it's all right. You just get some sleep and it will all be
better in the morning. I can wait until you are rested and feeling better
before, you know, 'exploring each other'."

Suddenly Julie burst into tears.

"You are too good of a man for me Jon. I don't deserve to have you as
my husband."

I held her while she said, "Oh, you're going to hate me, you'll leave me
and I am just going to die. I have probably lost you forever."

" I love you very much. you are tired and need to rest. Go take a
shower and I will put you to bed.... to sleep." I was worried now that
Julie had gone over the edge.

She relented and went to the bathroom. While she was in the shower
there was a knock on the door. When I opened it there was Joan. I was
kind of angry about the condition my wife was in and lit into her. Joan
heard me out, and then asked me if Julie had said anything about her stay
in LA.

I was dumbfounded at her calmness, especially after I had just been
yelling at her. I said that Julie hadn't said anything but had been crying
at the drop of a hat.

"That was to be expected after the excellent job Julie had done for her
company in LA. " Joan said "Julie had volunteered to go back to LA for
three more weeks after her time off home".

"I doubt that Julie will be going back."

"Julie and I will talk about that right away".

" Julie is taking a shower and she is going to go straight to bed after

Joan then shocked me by saying " Oh Good. Can I join in?".

"What do you mean, join in."

"Well," said Joan," I wouldn't mind having you for a toy tonight, and
Julie has a lot to show you now. "

I told Joan that she should leave before I got real mad and did
something I might regret. I also told her that tomorrow Julie would be in
to pick up her stuff that she was going to quit. Joan was about to respond
to my outburst when I heard Julie come up behind me.

"Julie," said Joan," is that true? You're going to quit?"

"NO. NO. I 'm not quitting Joan."

Julie was about in tears again and I was lost as to what the hell was
going on. Julie grabbed my arm and drug me into the hallway.

"What did you tell her Jon?" She was mad at me.

"I told her you were going to quit Julie, you are aren't you?"

Julie responded, "You don't understand Jon, I can't quit, at least not
until my contract with Joan runs out. You need to understand that I love
you but things are very different now. My job is going to have to be first
on my agenda from now on. I love you and don't want to lose you but I have
to continue with this for now. In for a penny in for a pound. Joan has a
hold on me and I have to do what she wants."

I was stunned. Was Julie crazy? I needed to know what was going on, so
I put the brakes on our conversation.

"Joan, do you have something to say before you leave?"

Joan walked into our living room and sat down.

"Jon, Jon, Jon, YOU have a lot to learn about YOUR new life and Julie's
new job. She might have been able to quit five or six weeks ago, but now
the people in LA liked her so much that I extended her contract."

" Extend her contract? For how long"

"Until they are tired of her", she replied.

"What are you talking about, tired of her?"

I was curious, what had Joan gotten Julie into?

"Well, Julie was so devastatingly good and bent over backwards so well,
the men in LA insisted that Julie be their personal assistant." Joan
replied. "The men in LA have never had anyone take what they had to dish
out, and beg, mind you, beg, for more! I believe that they would kill to
keep her now."

"What do you mean, kill to keep her?" I asked.

"Well, just what I said Jonny boy."

Joan was smiling and it wasn't a very nice smile. Julie on the other
hand was bent over on the couch, head in her arms weeping. I was getting
the feeling that I wasn't going to like the rest of this night, or possibly
any other night for a while. Joan stood up.

"There are some videos that I was dropping off for you in my car, I will
go get them and Julie can begin to explain what her duties are going to be
from now on!" Joan went out.

Julie stopped sobbing after a bit and said, "You are going to hate me in
a little bit, and I don't blame you. I'll understand if you will be asking
me for a divorce. I never, ever, wanted to hurt you, I was tricked into
this nightmare and now I am being forced to continue for at least one year.
Jon, I've been a whore. A slut. For anyone who wanted me, for the last
six weeks. I've done things that I'm ashamed of, but I ended up enjoying
it. Even as I knew this would destroy us, our marriage. I was forced, but
somewhere in the middle, I liked, even loved what happened to me. I would
leave it now if I could, but they have a hold on me that I can't tell you
about. They might harm you. I can't let them hurt you, because I love you
so much."

"Julie," I asked," what on earth has happened? Did they do something to
hurt you? What?"

Joan walked in right at that time. "Jon, Julie has so much to show you.
She needs to show you how she opened up in LA and became what few men ever
see, a true, no holes barred, first class slut! A whore for any man or
woman. MY slut. MY whore. You see Jon, from now on, she is mine any time
that I have her, and when she is home on her time YOU can have the little

I was about to blow up, confused and angry, when Joan turned all sweet
and nice and sat down on our couch. She patted the seat next to her and
said, nicely but with more iron in her voice than I liked to hear.

"Lets watch the movies, shall we? Jon, you sit right here by me while
Julie puts in the first video, and I'll show you what a slut your Julie is.
First though, Julie, take off your clothes and show Jon your new

Julie looked at Joan with fear, then at me. Biting her lip she started
to undo her robe.

"Julie!" Joan said, "Get prepared first, then come back and strip like
you did in LA for the guys."

Julie shrunk away to the bedroom. I got up to follow her when Joan
said, "You better wait right here Jon, now come here and sit down."

"I've had about enough." I said, "this stops here and now Joan. I won't
have you come in here like you own my wife or our lives together. GET OUT,

"Oh dear." Joan said, "I so hoped you would be amendable to your new
situation, however, I can see that this is going to require special
services." With that Joan picked a small device out of her purse and pushed
a button. A minute later, our front door opened up and in came six big
black guys. Very big. Very built. I started to turn to meet them, and
they grabbed me. It didn't take them very long to subdue me I'm ashamed to
say, but there were six of them. It was the last thing in the world that I
ever expected to have happen in my own home. One on each leg and one on
each arm, they then tied me up with about a mile of rope. These men set me
on our couch in the middle; Joan on one side of me and a space was left on
the other.

"Julie will be able to show you her video's and a live show right next
to you. What a treat for you on her first night home."

I realized when Joan laughed, that her laugh really chilled me, to the
bone. I also realized that there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could
do to help Julie or even myself at this point.

The black men had made themselves to home getting some beer out of the
fridge and rounding up some chairs, all around the T.V. and couch, making
a big circle. We have a big screen TV, and before this, I had been very
proud of it. Now I wasn't so sure I wanted such a big screen. These men were joking between themselves and saying things about Julie that
infuriated me. I was helpless to stop them. One of the guys put in a

"Watch this Jon, Julie makes her debut here in her first of many films
to come. We will watch this one tonight, then have our live entertainment,
then I am going to entertain myself.... WITH YOU. Not to worry though
Jon, you won't be just having me, Julie will also be helping me with you,

I was stunned by her words. She sounded so much like she was enjoying
this treatment of my wife. I couldn't understand what was happening yet,
but I had a real sick feeling in my stomach about exactly what I was about
to see.

" You see Jon, Julie is mine and I am going to give you a chance and a
choice. Stay with Julie, Julie THE SLUT. Julie THE WHORE. You can have
some fun now or after tonight, go your own way! But make no mistake about
it Julie stays with ME. Julie is mine for at least the next year, maybe
more depending on how she looks and acts when this year is up."

Joan let me digest her last words for a moment before continuing.

"You know she still loves you enough that some of the men in LA were for
offing you. When she heard them talking about it she went nuts, threatened
to kill herself before doing anything else. She saved your life Jon. The
only reason you're still around is because they knew she would eventually
do what she threatened to do and they really wanted her servicing them more
than I thought they would."

I was crushed, humiliated, angry, confused, so many emotions. If only I
hadn't talked Julie into taking this job. If only I had insisted that she
not go to LA. OH God! Why? Why? Joan had stopped the movie; it really
hadn't shown anything at this point. I dreaded at what I was going to be
seeing on that screen.

"Julie! What is taking you so long? Get your sorry ass out here NOW."

Joan was getting impatient to get the ball rolling now. She had wanted
to get to this point for a while. She had found Jon very attractive, even
if he only had a seven-inch cock. If things worked out like she expected
they would, that smaller cock would be a thing of the past. She knew of
some real good doctors in LA that would be fixing that problem and then
Julie would really have to work her little tight ass off to keep him then.

Julie came out into the living room and stood right in front of Joan.
She looked around at the six big blacks, then back to me. She had a tear
running down her face as she looked into my eyes.

"I'm so sorry Jon. I have to do this, but please remember that I do
love you, only you Jon."

One of the thugs turned on the stereo, music with a driving beat,
sounded like ZZ top. Julie started undulating around in front of me,
undoing buttons on her blouse. It was one that I had never seen before.
It was very sexy looking and very light. You could almost see through it!
Julie soon had that off.

Underneath she had on a tiny strip of cloth, a tube top barely covering
her nipples, showing everything else top and bottom! Her tits looked
different somehow, and I wasn't sure why. Julie then started to slowly
pull the tube top up. Up over her breasts, crossing her arms she snapped
it over her head and really started to move around. The men in the room
around her started to say rude and gross things to her. I couldn't believe
that this was my chaste wife Julie, dancing and starting to look, well,
look like she loved what she was doing.

She had a far-away look in her eyes; with that misting over that I
thought only I would ever see. That look of lust and longing. Julie was
getting into this strip tease now. It was then I realized her nipples were
pierced. Two gold hoops one through each nipple with what looked like
little tags.

Julie danced close to me and offered me a chance to lick her tits. I
could see initials on each tag. RMS on her left nipple tag and JNG on her
right tag. Julie waited for a minute and saw that I wasn't going to lick
or kiss them, so with a little sigh she reluctantly started over to the
first man to my right.

He reached out and grabbed her by one of her nipple rings and started to
pull her into his lap. Julie didn't resist as he mouthed one nipple while
twisting and pinching her other nipple. Then she broke away from him and
went to the next man who fondled her ass and sucked a nipple into his
mouth, hoop and all. Eventually Julie got to each man in the circle and
ended up in front of Joan and me.

Joan asked me, "Don't you want a taste Jon boy? She really would like
you to suck her nipples and twist them! Make her feel a little pain for
being so slutty. Come on Jon, you want to punish her don't you?"

I started to shake. "No. I can't blame her for whatever you have done
to make her do this." I said, "YOU are the ones that need to be punished."

Joan signaled to the six big men to remain seated. They had begun to
get up when I had started to struggle as I spoke.

"Jon you do sound strong right now, that is so-o-o-o sexy."

Julie had gone back to the center of the room still dancing, not even
paying attention to me, it was like she was in her own world.

Joan pointed to her and said," Jon, she is sex, sex for anyone who wants
her. Sex for YOU Jon. Don't you want YOUR OWN wife Jon? Don't you want
to ravish her? Jon you know you want to jump her bones, fuck her hard,
take her back for your own again. Don't you Jon?"

Joan was pushing all of my buttons as I sat there. I was so turned on,
but my feeling of wanting Julie and taking her back for my own were also
mixed up with the situation and the realization that I was powerless and
humiliated, and yes, afraid, afraid that Julie no longer wanted or needed

Julie had started on her skirt, which was a mini skirt. What a skirt,
so short that as she danced around sensuously I could see something
glittering in her crotch. She was bald. Clean-shaven. I could also see
her pussy had been piericed at the top, probably through her clit. When
Julie got the skirt off she took three steps toward me and bent over.

She rubbed her tits in my face and whispered, "I'm doing this only for
you Jon!"

As she moved back just a little I could see Joan.

Joan looked at me and said, "RMS, Jon that stands for Roger, Mark, and
Sam. JNG stands for JJ, Norm, and Greg. Her tits and pussy and asshole,
and mouth all belong to them, while she is in LA, that is. They use her as
they see fit, as a gift to business clients, to employees of the week, or
even the day. As their own hole to fuck anyway they see fit. The group
has used her well Jon, very well. Julie is capable of a great many things,
and a great many things being done to her. You will be amazed at her
capabilities now Jon. Anything goes for Julie, Anything."

Julie was getting into her dance now, moving sexily and dancing just for
me, as far as I could tell. At one point she stopped right in front of me
and grabbed her pussy lips and spread them wide. I saw the gold hoop in
her clit had a tag as well, that said 'J+F'.

Joan looked at me and laughed. "Joan and friends Jon, Joan and

I was uncomfortable being tied up like I was and Julie's dance was
turning me on like nothing ever had before. I was embarrassed and
humiliated because Joan, Julie and the six men around me could see my
erection. I wanted nothing more than to grab Julie and run away where
these monsters could not find us. And I was helpless to do anything.

Pretty soon Julie got a nod from Joan and she reached out to me and
unzipped my pants. Pulling out my rock hard cock. I almost came when
Julie touched it. Joan leaned over in between us and gave my cock a long
slow lick, from bottom to top, and then back down.

"Julie," she then said, "You need to start your movie, then set down
next to your hubby."

Julie cringed, and then did just that. When she sat next to me she
leaned up next to me and was hugging me tightly.

"Please, please forgive me Jon."

I couldn't speak very well but I finally got "I love you Julie, always."
Choking as I said it.

I was thirsty, hot, and horny, even in present circumstances. Joan told
one of the men sitting there to get me something to drink. Then she told
two others to untie my arms and wrists, but to put a loop around my neck
back to the pillar by the staircase.

Joan told me, "You try anything, and you will regret it very much Jon.
It won't change your wife's circumstances other than you will never see her
again. I can make her disappear so well that you could look for your
lifetime, and the cops could look and never even come close. Just be a
good boy and everything will be all right."

I nodded my acceptance of the situation and took a breath as the ropes
went slack. I didn't move and when they were about to put the rope around
my neck Joan changed her mind.

"Why don't we just leave him free, I don't think he will be a problem
for us now that he knows the situation."

I took my wife into my arms and held her tightly.Julie's movie was
starting. She was in a room and it looked like a meeting was going on.
She was dressed in a micro-mini skirt that looked like it had been glued
onto her body. Her top was one of those half tee shirts and it also was
tight on her.

Even in the privacy of our own bedroom Julie would not have worn what
she had on. Now here she was dressed like this in front of about eight
men. Her nipples stood out like little beacons and you could see the
definition of her shoulders. Then Joan walked in, center stage so to

Julie got up from where she was sitting and went over to Joan and was
talking to her quietly. Joan said something and Julie shook her head
violently NO! Joan said something else and Julie put her hands to her face
and her shoulders shook. She was crying. Joan said something else,
sharply, and Julie wiped her face off and looked at the men seated around
her. Joan started some music and Julie shakily started to dance and the
men catcalled her.

"Hey baby. Show us what you got slut."

"Lets see those big tits."

"Hey slut lets get it on."

Julie was starting to take off her top and closed her eyes. She started
to move much more smoothly and sexily.

Julie whispered in my ear, "I dreamed I was doing it for you Jon. Oh
God! I love you so much. Please don't hate me now, not now after all I've
been through."

I was looking at her body. I couldn't believe it. I was getting so
horny. I wanted to take her right there in front of everyone.

Joan slipped next to me and grabbed my cock.

"You are mine first honey! Then Julie can have you if she's able."

Back on screen Julie was down to thong panties. She had unzipped her
mini-skirt and whipped it out in the room. She then stepped up to a big
black guy and he pulled her thong off by just ripping it away. I noticed
that her nipples were not pierced yet, and they were standing way out.
Julie got naked and danced up to each man in turn. Eight men, six of them
black, (not the ones here tonight), and two big white men. They all
fondled and touched Julie, MY WIFE.

Then one man grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. She had her back
to him so that she was facing outwards. He grabbed her legs at the knees
and started to pull them up and out, exposing her pussy. He had her
splayed wide open, almost to the point of breaking her in two. Then the
cameraman shot in close. He must have been almost to shove the camera into
her pussy. I saw that both her pussy and ass were wide open, almost two
inches. She was so wet it was dripping down onto this guy's lap as he held
her. I saw cum running out of both holes, white and thick.

Joan leaned back and said," Julie had already been through a little
opener earlier for a client and his friend when this was shot. You should
remember this, because she was on the phone with you the first time, day
three, and she had just been with my main man and was going on with these
two then down to the main attraction. You should be proud of her Jon; she
did very well once she got going. Matter of fact, there was no stopping
her about ten minutes into the strip for the group."

Julie had dropped her arms from me and was starting to play with
herself. I couldn't believe that she would do that considering what she had
just told me.

Joan chuckled and said, "She wants to fuck all the time now Jon, I
opened up her mind and body and she is unstoppable. Hard to believe that
this is little Julie, that you last saw six weeks ago isn't it Jon? She is
even hornier than the last girl we had in her position. She is a sexual
dynamo. I only wish I could keep up with her, but I do have a business to
tend to, so I could not allow myself to experience her level of....
being...I wouldn't be able to function in normal polite society."

On the tv screen Julie had moved around and sat in each man's lap and
had been fondled by all. Her clothes all gone. Now one of the men unzipped his pants and pulled out a HUGE cock. Big long and BLACK. He
motioned to Julie to come towards him. Julie looked over at Joan. Joan
smiled and nodded towards the man.

"Go on Julie, you know you want to."

Julie slipped over to him and he told her something in a low voice.
Julie shook her head.

"No I can't. My husband. I don't want to work here anymore. I can't
do this Joan."

The man grabbed her arm and pulled her down to her knees.

"Come on bitch! Get on it now!"

Julie's hand came up and grasped his monster cock at the base. Her hand
didn't even fit around it. He put his hands in her hair and on the back of
her head and pulled her face to his crotch.

"Get with it slut, you better perform real good for us, or you may never
see home and hubby again."

Julie shuddered violently and mumbled something and reached her other
hand up and put it on his cock. She started to lick his cock her tongue
started at the base and moved so lightly up the throbbing member to the
head, then back down, tantalizingly slowly. On her sixth or seventh trip
up his cock her lips parted wide, and her mouth enclosed the head of his
cock and started down. With his hands on the back of her head he started
to pull her down.

She started gagging about three-quarters of the way down. Already she
had taken more into her mouth and throat than she ever had with me. He
relented a bit and she came up gasping for air. Then they started down
again. This time he shoved her down so fast that she didn't have a chance
of stopping and her lips went to the base of this monster cock. Julie was
fighting to get away, but he held her there until she almost passed out.
Then he brought her head up and let her breath a couple of deep breathes,
she shuddered a bit then he did it again.

Julie was powerless to stop him. He did this several more times, each
time she struggled less. Pretty soon she was taking his whole cock all the
way with no "help" from him. She moaned around his cock and really started
to bob her head. All the way down, all the way up, almost off of his cock,
then right back down. She looked like she was really enjoying this lewd
act now. His 12-inch cock started to jerk and he was shaking.

He yelled," Here it comes bitch. swallow it all and I will give you a
real treat later."

Julie pushed her head DOWN on his cock almost to the base. I couldn't
believe he was cumming in MY WIFES THROAT. Julie kept her head down until
his shaking subsided, swallowing ALL of his cum, and did not spill very
much at all. He smiled and shoved her off to the next guy. This guy, who
was about the biggest black man I had ever seen felt her up and told her
something. She hesitantly reached out and unbuttoned, then unzipped his

She fought to release his cock for a minute. Then I saw why. I thought
that the first guy had been huge. THIS guy was enormous. It had to be at
least 14 INCH'S long and bigger around than a beer can. Julie started
right off licking and sucking on it and pretty soon, after a few gags and
much lip stretching had him most of the ways down her throat. Her lips
were tightly enclosing his cock. He moaned.

"Your cocksucking mouth is the best I have ever had. No one has ever
been able to take it as far as you are right now. Joan has done a real
fine job of training you slut."

Joan came up close to them.

"She has only been working for me for a little over four weeks, and she
has a ways to go yet. I think she is a natural born fuck slut, and I
intend to keep her busy for quite a while."

Joan put her hand on Julie's head and forced her ALL of the way down on
this monster cock. Julie struggled for a bit then moaned deep in her
throat. Joan let go and Julie came up for air then started right back
down. Pretty quickly she was taking all of this cock on every down stroke.

While the movie was playing, some of the men in the room with us got up
and started stripping off their clothes. Joan turned to me.

"I think that we are going to take an intermission and give you a live
performance of Julie's talent's. She will now show you in person, right
here in front of you, how good she is with big, black, rock hard, COCK'S."

I felt Julie shudder and crowd in close to me. She was watching them
strip and she was still fingering herself with her right hand. One of the
men came over and grabbed her arms and pulled her up onto her feet.

"Slut, get on your knees in front of me."

Julie got down on her knees as he sat down next to me. He looked at me
and smiled (an evil smile!) .

"You never had her throat you have you Jon? Well let's see what you
think now!"

He turned away and Julie slid in between his legs. This guy must have
had ten or eleven inches of very fat cock sticking out from his crotch.
She started licking his cock, just like she had done that guy in the movie,
then all of the sudden she went down further and sucked and licked on his

"Yeah slut, show hubby dear what else you love to do!"

He lifted his legs up and put them on her back. Spreading them out he
rolled his pelvis up. Julie started to tongue all around his balls then
moved down. She licked the crack of his ass then spreading his ass cheeks
plunged her tongue into his asshole. God! I had been numb already, but
this act was so dirty, so filthy, I couldn't believe she could get any

As I was watching she opened her eyes and looked directly at me. I
noticed a tear start in the corner of her eye. She kept tonguing his ass
and then moved back up to his cock. Right when she got her lips over the
massive, fat, head of his cock, He grabbed her and just started to thrust
her head up and down on his cock. I could see the head of his cock move
down her throat, making a bulge as it went. She wasn't even choking.He was
SKULL FUCKING her and she looked like she might even love it.

Joan was talking to me and it took a minute for me to collect my
thoughts and turn to her to hear what she was saying.

"You need to hold her head Jon, help her mouth-fuck him."

I was NOT going to help debase MY wife and told her so.

"Unfortunate choice Jon, now she will now have to pay a price for your
refusal to help her."

She opened up a black case that had been brought in by one of these men.
I hadn't seen when or where it came from. From it she pulled out a dildo.
Only it was a strange looking one. It had a cord, and what appeared to be
a hose coming out of the base of it. Julie saw it from the corner of her
eyes and pulled off of the guy she was sucking and pleaded with Joan to
give me another chance to help.

"Please Joan, Jon didn't know the rules. You can't do this to me just
because Jon isn't aware of what will happen to me if he doesn't comply with
your wishes."

Joan wouldn't listen though. She got up and went around behind Julie.
The man she had been sucking grabbed her head and pulled her back down on
his cock.

"Get with it bitch. You know the drill, punishment first, then second

Julie moaned around his cock. She was very distressed now, but after
all that had happened I thought using a dildo on her was a very small
thing. Not even to be a punishment. More like pleasure. Until I saw what
it did, that is. Joan inserted it right up Julie's ass. A small bit of
lube and shoved it right in.

Julie groaned around the cock in her mouth. She knew what was coming,
and didn't want it. Not here, not in front of her husband. Joan then
plugged it in to a wall outlet and took a remote control unit and turned it
on. It was vibrating and moving back and forward. Julie started to moan.
Then Joan pushed another button and I could hear a pump or something
running. Julie started to move around and tried to get free, but the man held her fast.

" Well Jon this is how it works. You need to do what I say, when I say
to, with NO QUESTIONS. If you don't, this is what happens."

She pulled me up and around to see this device in my wife's ass. IT WAS
GROWING. It got bigger around until Julie groaned and stopped moving
completely. Joan stopped it when it reached about 3 inch's in diameter.

"Now Jon, help your wife mouth fuck him NOW."

I hesitated just for a second, thinking that this was a very bad
nightmare. Only a second. Then Joan started it up again. I quickly
grabbed my wife's head and sobbed.

"Please Stop. I'm doing what you want Joan."

Joan let it run for a minute, until I cried out in anguish.

"PLEASE JOAN. PLEASE STOP IT. I am doing what you want me to do."

Joan stopped it and smiled.

"Jon you have finally made a good choice, not quick enough, but I still
need to remember you are still learning."

By now the dildo in Julie's ass was literally moving her butt all around
as it ran.

"It is now about sixteen inch's long and four inch's around Jon. The
good thing about that is, Julie has had bigger. Not lately, nor all so
quickly though. She is having some discomfort, but she will get over that
real quick."

Julie was moaning and then I saw her start to rotate and rock her hips.
I couldn't believe the direction our lives had gone in such a short time.
Two short months ago Julie had been my almost virginally tight wife.
Laughing, loving, and we were enjoying each other. Now, I was helping her
skull fuck a stranger (to me) and watching her get off on being taken
anally by an evil looking dildo.

Julie was looking like she enjoyed what was happening to her. She was
moaning again and the man she was blowing, was groaning. He suddenly

"Here it comes slut. Take it all."

With that he started to cum. Julie was swallowing and moaning. I was
stunned. I was getting turned on. God! That couldn't be. Why would I
get turned on like this? I was ashamed of my reaction. Joan must have
noticed my reaction in my eyes. She came up behind me and reached around
and grabbed my cock. She started to run her hand up and down on it. She
was jacking me off.

The man in Julie's mouth pulled out and told Julie.

"Mouth fuck hubby, slut. You don't want Joan to do it for you, do you?"
Julie scrambled around and plunged her mouth over my cock and took it
all to the base. Her lips were tight on my shaft. She was doing things
with her tongue that she had never done to me before. It wasn't long
before I just shot off. Julie stayed right on my cock and swallowed it
all. She had grabbed my ass and was pulling me into her face hard. Her
nose buried in my pubic hair. She continued to suck on me. I noticed that
she kept her eyes on mine the whole time, something she hadn't doen with
the other man.

Another of the guy's got in position on the couch and pulled her mouth
to his cock.

"My turn slut!"

Joan had turned off that evil dildo and removed it from Julie's ass with
a tug. It made a sucking pop sound and left her ass gaping.

Joan signaled to a guy and he stepped up behind Julie and plunged his
cock into Julie's pussy. It was very wet, juices running down her legs. I
was defeated now. I just knew that the love of my life was lost to me. I
slumped down to the floor, my head on the couch. I wanted to die. With
the size of cocks she was taking now she would never feel me in any of her
holes. She wouldn't want some average dicked husband to fuck her now.
Those bastard's. Why?

Joan pulled me up on to the couch and cradled my head against her

"Jon, you have to be strong now baby. Julie needs to perform for me and
you have to be here for her so she performs properly. You won't lose her
Jon, if you do what you are ordered to do. What I order you to do. I need
you to perform for me. You see, I think you and I will be a good team.
Together we can keep Julie happy, and healthy. If you are not here for her
she will probably die. Broken-hearted. She really does love you that much
Jon, and I have had to make changes because of that. You must really be
somewhat special, to make anyone feel so strongly for you Jon. I am
extremely jealous of that you know."

By now Julie was getting into high gear. She was plunging up and down
on the cock in her mouth and pushing back for more cock from behind. Joan
reached around her and pulled her asscheeks apart. Her asshole was huge. I
thought that I could have put my hand up it at that point. Little did I
know Joan had some plans to use me just for that purpose.

Joan looked at me and smiled. "She has had very large things up there
Jon, and I know that when you last saw her she had never had anything up
there. She can take cocks, hands, arms, and other large things in any hole now Jon. You have gotten a real deal. From prim and proper, to full scale
take it in any hole, slut. I should be charging you for her services and

The white guy fucking her pussy stopped and lay down, sliding up under
Julie. He reinserted his cock, which was at least ten inches long and
three around, and Julie really started to hop on it. Then another black
guy came over and revealed a big cock. It was all of twelve inches long
and about three inches in diameter. He just moved in between Julie's feet
and pushed his cock in. Into Julie's PUSSY. Right along side of the other
monster cock in there. TWO COCKS' in her poor used and abused pussy.
Julie was going nuts. She would plunge forward then back, again and again.
Her moaning was unbearable to my ears.

The black guy behind her started to finger her asshole. Three fingers
in, then four. He was ramming his fingers in and out in time with her
bobbing head. Julie whimpered, and groaned. Then he started to work in
his thumb. God! I thought, he is sticking his hand up Julie's ass. MY
Julie's ass. OH GOD! My mind was going a thousand miles an hour. The man stopped and asked Joan for some lube. Joan got some out of her case and
handed it to me.

"Jon, be a dear and lube up his hand for him will you?"

I numbly took the tube of lube and squirted some out in my palm. I got
up and went to this big black man, half of the team fucking my wife's once
tight cunt, and started to smear the lube all over his hand.

He smiled at me a said, "Save some for yourself, Jonny boy. Never tried
this, have you? Try it you'll like it, a lot."

I watched as he pushed his hand up into Julie. Julie kept moving back
and forth, even a little more energetically. She LIKED what was happening.
Simon was starting to move up farther into her. Past his wrist, stopping
about two or three inch's farther in. I thought I was beyond any possible
more surprises, but now I was shocked. Julie was ramming herself now.
Grunting and groaning, lost in a fuck slut dream.

I was beyond feeling by this point. Numbly watching what I couldn't
believe was real. I was in a daze.

Joan leaned over to me and took my hand. Standing up she said.

"I think that you need to have some special attention Jon. You stand
there, beside your slut whore bride, and watch her. Watch her being used
like the slut she is Jon, and while you are doing that I am going to get
ready for you. You see Jon, I want you. Julie's faithful, loving,
handsome husband. I'll really get a kick out of having Julie give you to
me Jon. She is going to beg me to let you fuck me Jon."

With that Joan started to strip off her clothes. Slowly, sexily, with
definite experienced practice. Joan was very well built, and I found
myself getting turned on by her strip-act. I was so-o-o-o mixed up. I
wanted to scream at all of them to get out. Even Julie! I was angry with
Julie for enjoying what was being done to her! I was humiliated because
she was into these huge cocks and loving every minute of it. She wouldn't
need or want me anymore. My seven-inch cock was small in comparison to
these guy's, and I felt that she wouldn't even feel me in any hole anymore.

I would never be able satisfy her again. She had been forced, tricked,
and obviously blackmailed into doing all of these sex acts, but I couldn't
help but see Julie loved it. I lost my hard-on. Soft and limp.Joan called
to me, getting my attention again.

"Jon, you need to pay attention to me baby. Look at me. Jon, I'll help
you through all of this. Julie is still your loving and devoted wife. You
need to separate her work from your personal lives. Jon, come here, feel
me, touch my tits, rub your hand over my shaved pussy."

I moved over to Joan in a daze. I wanted to choke the living shit out
of this bitch. I wanted to stomp her into nothingness. I wanted to...
wanted to... I reached out and grabbed Joan's tits. I pulled and pinched
her nipples, and found myself bending down to take them into my mouth. I
was sucking on one and rolling her other nipple. Her hand came up and
grabbed my head. She pulled me back and stopped me.

"Jon, Julie has to give you to me baby. You have to let her give you to

The men with Julie had been pumping into her and were now getting close
to shooting off. The man in her mouth grabbed her head and pulled it off
of his cock and started shooting all over her face. Julie had her mouth
wide open and her tongue out trying to catch all of his cum. When he was
done he took his cock and rubbed it all around her face, gathering all of
his cum and pushing it into her mouth. She then took him back into her
mouth and cleaned him off.

The guy's in her pussy started to shoot off and they pulled out. Julie
turned around quickly so as to catch all of their cum that she could. She
was getting drenched it. These guys were shooting off like garden hoses.
She was covered in cum, running down her face. She wiped it onto her hands
and licked it all up with her tongue. I groaned at the sight of this, half
with desire, half in pain and humiliation. Her asshole and pussy were
gaping wide open.Julie got up and walked over to me.

"Jon, please don't be angry with me. I need you to love me and try to
understand. This is my, no wait, OUR life now. I didn't ask for or choose
it. Please tell me you understand, and still love me Jon. PLEASE."

I stepped back one step and looked at my precious wife, some cum still
running down her body, tears in her eyes, lips red and used looking!

"Julie," I choked out, "I love you still, and it's just that so much has
happened tonight, so fast, I don't know if I will be able to handle all of

Julie jumped to me sobbing! "Jon, it is going to get worse before it
gets any better, I love you so much, and I'm hurting you. This is killing
me Joan, please let us be. Please let me quit."

Joan looked at us and smiled. "Julie, you know I can't do that, and why
I can't. You know about the LA end of things and how far they reach out
and touch, remember? Now Julie, you need to present Jon to me, like we
talked about on the plane."

Her voice had hardened with this last order. Julie turned to me and
took my hands in hers.

"Jon, I Julie, your wife, want you to please and pleasure Joan, my
mistress. I want you to touch her body with your hands, your mouth, your
tongue," Julie sobbed at this point, and with a catch in her voice, "your
cock. I want you to fuck Joan however she wants you to. I NEED you to do
this for me Jon, prove to Joan that you still love me. I NEED to show her
you will do all of these things I ask you to do Jon. Please, for my sake
and yours."

I was torn with wanting to help Julie as much as I could so that she
would understand I still loved her, and with wanting to just drop down and
die. Julie had dropped to her knees and was sucking on my cock bringing me
up to an erection. She was looking into my eyes, no, my very soul. I
looked down at my wife as she sucked on my cock and then over to Joan.

"I love you still Julie." I looked back down at my naked wife. "I still
love you baby."

Julie closed her eyes and really went to work on my cock. I regained my
erection and was almost to shoot off in Julie's mouth when she pulled off
of me and took my cock in her hand and led me closer to Joan.

"Joan, here is my mate, my only love, my husband. Will you let him
pleasure you with his hands, with his mouth, with his tongue, and with his
cock? My husband still loves ME."

Julie said this very proudly and had her head up and looked directly
into Joan's eyes. I thought she had never looked stronger or more
beautiful than at that point. I really did love my wife, and would do
anything necessary to help her through this cloudy future.

"Well Julie. I'm surprised." Joan was smiling as she talked to her.
"Do you want Jon to please me?"

"Yes Joan I want him to show you what a great lover he really is. I
want MY husband to show you how good he really is."

"Well I don't know Julie, and he really hasn't got much in the cock
department. What could he possibly have to show me?"

Julie looked at me and then back to Joan.

"Joan, he is the BEST lover I have ever had, and cock size isn't ever
going to be an issue between Jon and I, and I think you will find him to be
an attentive and erotic lover as you have ever had. His abilities to
please a woman in bed are extremely good!"

I couldn't believe this. Did Julie really want me to go all out like
she was implying? With another woman? I was getting scared and nervous
now. What if Joan wasn't satisfied? What would she do then? I wasn't
sure of Julie's proclamation of my prowess in the sack. What if I failed
miserably in pleasing Joan? What would happen to us then? Joan took all
the decision away with her next orders.

"Julie, I accept Jon as my new lover. If he doesn't please me, YOU will
suffer. I will give you and Jon a little time so that you may prepare him
for me. I want you to take him into YOUR bedroom and when I come in I want
Jon in YOUR marital bed, ready to please me and I want you to be standing
by with these fine gentlemen. Oh, Julie, you do have a KING SIZE bed,

"Yes Joan, we do have a king size bed." Julie looked nervously at me
when she said this

I could tell Julie was having a very hard time with Joan's requests.

"Good! I will want you service our friends here while Jon is servicing

Joan then waved at Julie and Julie took me, by my cock and walked to our
bedroom. On of the men followed us into the room and stood by the door.
When we got in our room Julie tuned to me.

"Jon, you have to really go all out with Joan. I told her quite a while
back, before all of this happened to that you were a fantastic
lover, because you really are a great lover. Just do all of those things
you do with me baby, please."

I held her tightly to myself, "Julie, what if I don't perform up to this

"Shush, Jon, I know you will do real fine. You have no choice really. I
will be right here beside you, if you have to, do what I have been doing
all this time with all of the men who have used me and pretend that Joan is
ME. I have been keeping myself for you by pretending that each of the men who use me is YOU, Jon, MY LOVE. I picture YOU in my arms, in my mouth, in
me, wherever THEY may be at any time. That is the only way I have made it
this far Jon. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH."

Julie then took me and laid me on one side of our bed, then knelt beside
me on the bed and started giving me a very loving blowjob.

Joan came in a minute later. Julie moved away as Joan crawled onto the

"Jon, lets start by you showing me your hand and mouth talents, shall

I rolled to one side as Joan laid down on her back alongside me.

"Come on Jon, show me what you do for Julie!"

I glanced at Julie and then sitting up I turned toward Joan and started
to massage her. My hands started on her shoulders, and traced down, around
the outside of her breasts, along her sides down towards her belly. My
hands were shaking as I did this. Julie was caressing my back, until one
of the other men that had come in with Joan, pulled her over to the other
side of the bed.

I began to kiss and lightly lick around Joan's throat, and then headed
down to her cleavage. I purposely ignored Joan's nipples. My hands were
lightly rubbing around her mounds and then drifting off down her belly over
to her legs. When I reached her knees, I would start then back up, gently,
smoothly, moving up in small circular motions. Brushing by her moist open
pussy, almost but not quite touching her in THAT spot.

Teasing to distraction then moving on. I did know what to do and how to
please a woman. Julie had shown me quite a bit about pleasing her. Joan
started to moan, moving around to position her body where my hands or lips
would touch her hot spots, but I skillfully moved just out of reach each

Julie meanwhile was getting very occupied with three big black men. One
had lay down on his back and pulled her onto his massive twelve-inch cock.
Another had moved in-between her legs and was pistoning in and out of her
asshole. The third was fucking her mouth, just like it was a cunt. They
weren't being gentle at all. They were thrusting in and out of her body
like jackhammers. Julie was moaning and her hands were on the guy fucking
her face. Pulling him into her mouth by gripping his ass cheeks.

I had progressed to licking and sucking on Joan's nipples. She was
starting to moan almost steadily now. I had two fingers rubbing over her
clit and down, starting to go into her pussy like a little cock. My other
hand was caressing her tits and rolling whichever nipple wasn't in my mouth
at the time.

Julie was really starting to get on a roll. She was suking on the man in front of her taking his long hard cock all the way to it's base then
slipping her tongue out to caress his balls. I glanced over at this
spectacle of my wife being a slut and instantly started to get turned on in
a real big way. Joan received the benefit of my state since I started to
get more into it and now had three fingers fucking in and out of her pussy.
I bit down hard on the nipple in my mouth causing Joan to squirm under me
and reach for my raging hard-on.

Joan was just about to cum when I backed off and started to kiss my way
down her soft belly, going for her very moist, hot slit. Joan was running
her fingers through my hair now, urging me down to her burning cauldron.

"Do it. Please Do it Jon. Suck me. I want you to lick me."

Joan was reacting quite unlike the cold bitch she had been earlier. It
almost seemed to me that I was in charge all of the sudden. I had this
power over her for right now, and decided to push a little. Maybe, I
thought, I can get a hold on this bitch that will help Julie and me more.
Then I realized that the person under me would regain all control the
instant they were done with this sex thing. So I regulated my thinking
process to accept whatever was going to happen to my wife and myself,
hoping that this nightmare would soon be over. I told myself to please
this bitch as well as I would Julie. This was very hard for me to do

I moved down between Joan's legs, slipping my arms under her thighs and
brought my hands up to her breasts, rolling both nipples, pinching and
squeezing. Gently but firmly. Just like Julie usually would react the
most to. My tongue had found Joan's clit and hole. I lightly licked
around and over her clit, and then would slip down into her hole as far as
it would go. Back out, then down father, to run around her brown bud, not
quite touching, still teasing, all the way under, then quickly run it up
over her holes and back to her clit. I would do this time and time again.

Once in a while I would "quiver" my tongue side to side really fast on
her clit or little brown bud. Joan was shaking and writhing around trying
to control my head but I would move this way and that until she was on
edge. Finally I began my attack on Joan's pussy in earnest. Soon she was
cumming, and cumming very hard. I caught her juices as they squirted out
of her. I swallowed and kept going, bringing Joan up and over two more

In all of this time, Julie had now satisfied all six men in the room and
they were now getting creative with her. Two got crotch to crotch with
their big cocks sticking up together like one huge pole, while two others
had picked Julie up and were lowering her down onto them. When they had
just started to enter her the two guys holding her up just let go. She
fell down, taking both of those huge long hard cocks right up her cunt all
the way.

She grimaced for a bit then her features softened. She began to rock up
and down, moving more all the time. Her cuntlips were obscenely stretched
around these two huge invaders. cum was running out and around the cocks
in her. They were all moaning when another man crawled up behind her and
started to press his cock into her ass. Three cocks were now pumping into
her. She was looking down at me as I was eating out Joan. She had a
lost-in-lust look, that faraway look of a woman gone from her body and just
in one continuous orgasm. I looked over at her and my head was just inches
away from her crotch and those cocks that were sending here off to
never-never land. I couldn't believe that Julie could take all of that
cock. Three cocks, each over ten inches, probably closer to twelve inches.
My cock was now painfully hard.

I brought Joan up to her fourth orgasm and abruptly moved up and placed
my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I ran it up and down her slit eight
or so times then started to work it into Joan's surprisingly tight pussy.
She responded by putting her legs around my back. I had other plans
though, and pulled out, causing Joan to try to keep me in by rising up her
hips. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up and over, putting her knees
by her shoulders.

She was spread out and started to beg me for my cock. I just kept the
head of my cock at the entrance of her slit. She started to thrash around
and cry out.

"Fuck me Jon. Please Jon, FUCK ME."

I kept teasing, plunging in a little bit then pulling out until just the
head of my cock was in her opening.

"Is this cock going to please you Joan? Do you think you will cum on
this little cock?"

I was intentionally making her answer. I wanted her to beg for it.
Joan was almost crying.

"Please Jon, I want it. YES, it is pleasing me. FUCK ME NOW."

I waited a minute more then plunged in hard and all the way. I wanted
to hurt her. I was ramming my cock in and out as fast and hard as I could.
I was releasing some of my frustration and anger at her, perhaps to get
back that little bit of pride that had been stolen from me earlier this

Joan went nuts. She loved it, and wanted more. She was cumming
constantly at this point. I had done my job very well. She was going to
be very pleased. In a bit I started to cum. I shot a very big load off
into Joan. I rolled off of her and caressed her body while she was still
coming down.

Julie turned to face me and quietly motioned for me to go down on her
some more. I really didn't want to do that for Joan because I wanted to
keep something special for Julie, but she motioned again, so I moved down
and started to lick Joan's pussy. I didn't mind the taste of my cum that
was starting to run out of her pussy, after all Julie would let me cum in
her mouth sometimes, so the experience wasn't that bad.

I had done this very thing with Julie quite often. While I didn't
really care for the taste of my cum, I knew that doing this nasty thing
would really get Julie off. So several times a month when we would make
live I would treat her to oral after fucking and cumming in her. It was
something that I would do for Julie since I loved her so much.

Joan really started to go off. She was pulling my head into her pussy and getting very vocal.

"Oh Yeah. Do that some more Jon baby. I love you. Keep me there
please. I've never had a man do this to me before. Going down on my
freshly fucked pussy and cleaning me up. This is so nasty, so sexy."

I was doing very well tonight. I didn't care for Joan being the
recipient, but it was good sex. Looking up at Julie, still rocking between
three big cocks in her pussy and ass, I saw her blow me kisses and mouth,

I went back to pleasing Joan. My fingers were now running in and out of
her pussy (three of them) then I moved them down and started to run one
then two in and out of her ass. Joan was still cumming in one huge orgasm.
I added another finger to her ass and moved my other hand down to her pussy and started running three fingers in and out of her pussy again, all at the
same time. Then I added another finger to the ones in her pussy. I almost
had my whole hand in her hole and she loved it.

She was rocking her hips pushing to get even more into her slit. I
licked her clit and as she peaked in climax again. I folded my thumb
alongside my fingers and pushed my whole hand into her pussy. I plunged it
in and out until she had my hand up in her past my wrist. My tongue was
still probing around her clit and I put a fourth finger into her ass. Joan
was gone. Babbling and shaking and just cumming her brains out. I backed
out my hands and pulled back completely soon after her big "O". Joan
passed out right there.

Julie, meanwhile had pulled the cum out of her trio of cocks, and was
just lying on her back beside Joan. She smiled at me and opened her arms.
I lay down between her legs and on top of her and kissed her long and hard.
My cock started to get hard again.

Julie whispered.

"I am a little sore down there right now, but I will suck you off if you

I started to pull off of her and was looking at her wide-open holes
between her legs. All of the sudden I leaned down and started to suck and
lick on her pussy and ass. I couldn't help myself. It felt like I could
shove my whole head up into her pussy. Julie, to her credit, tried to stop
me, but I wasn't to be denied.

She was so open, gaping open. I sucked up the cum that was running out
of her pussy and then he started to suck and lick the cum running out of
her ass. I reached in with my fingers, (four), and scooped out more of the
juice and licked it all up. I knew she was sore so I was extremely gentle
as I did it. Julie went off and started to cum and cum hard. After she
came back down I moved up and kissed her and gave her back some of those
juices. I was so happy that somehow I could still please my wife. At
least I had a small chance of keeping my wife happy sexually now.

The other men had left the room and were dressed by the time Joan came

"Well Jon, you really do know how to please this... these, Ladies. I'm
glad we made this change to our plans. It would have been a shame to deny
the world your talents. I think that our mutual goals will be very
pleasant. I'm going to leave now, you two have quite a bit to discuss.
Julie, remember our talk. The rest of this next week you will be Jon's
slut, but on next weekend I will need you. Then we will see what happens
for next week after that."

With that Joan and her group left the house. They left quite a few
videos and an envelope that contained glossy photos. Julie said that she
would explain what had happened to get us into this mess tomorrow. We fell
asleep right after that, not even bothering to shower.

By: curious2c,


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