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just getting started


This is a work of fiction. Don't read this if you
aren't s'posed to. Feedback is welcome, flames will be
ignored. This is the first story I've ever posted;
hope you'll be gentle. If you'd like to post this
story elsewhere (what a compliment!) please only post
to non-pay sites.
Just Getting Started (MF, Rom)

Celia turned to Adam as they stood on her front porch,
the light shining down harshly on them. She felt as
though all her neighbors were watching as she invited
this man she hardly knew, this almost perfect
stranger, into her home.

Oh, man was he perfect, too. thick black hair. A
slight evening stubble shading his strong jawline.
Eminently kissable lips, and liquid dark eyes that had
been sending messages to her all night. "I want to
fuck you," those eyes said. She knew her eyes must be
sending back the same message.

Adam held out his hand for the keys. With a soft,
surrendering sigh, Celia handed them over. She
watched as he inserted them in the lock with none of
the shakiness she could feel in her own hands. A
thrill of anticipation shot straight down to her
pelvic bone as Celia stepped in, turned around, and
waited for Adam to come in.

He entered the house, looking around as if memorizing
the layout. He smiled, and held out his arms. Celia
stepped forward, and his arms, strong and warm,
wrapped around her.

"Don't be nervous. I'll stop if you say the word.
This is about pleasure, for you and for me. We won't
do anything you don't want to. Although you might
find that you like a whole lot more than you

Celia snuggled against Adam's chest for a moment,
feeling the steady beat of his heart. Then she tipped
her head back, glossy hair cascading down her back,
and admitted to Adam, "It's been a year since I,
well..." her voice died away. His left eyebrow arched
slightly, and his arms clenched tighter for an
instant. He bent his head closer to her left ear,
nuzzled his nose against her earlobe, and gently
licked her neck. That was so wonderful, Celia thought
in ecstasy, how had he known that she was so sensitive
there! Then his mouth moved up to the shell of her
ear, and while shivers still rippled through her,
breathed into her ear, "Does that mean that your pussy is going to be really tight around my cock?" The
words shot straight down to her pelvis, and on a
shocked gasp, Celia's hips involuntarily wiggled
against him. Without waiting for any other answer,
Adam again breathed into her ear, "Oh good, I love
tight hot pussies. You won't be so tight when I'm
done with you, though," he promised.

While Celia tried to recover without melting into a
puddle on the floor, he suddenly swept her up into his
arms. "Which door is your bedroom?"

Celia closed her eyes for a moment. This was it, the
crucial moment. They were apparently going to get
right to it. Her thighs rubbed against each other at
the thought that he would soon find out just how tight
her pussy was. And how wet!

"First door on the right," she half-whispered, then
cleared her throat. "You can put me down, you know.
My legs may feel like jelly, but I'm sure I can walk."
Adam dipped his head down and brushed a kiss against
the end of her nose, but continued holding her until
he reached her bedroom. He set Celia down, holding
her steady with one hand while the other opened the
door and steered her in. He turned around, closed the
door, and then abruptly backed Celia up against the
door. Both hands speared into her hair, holding her
startled face up to his. His voracious mouth came
down on hers, devouring her lips, tongue immediately
thrusting into her mouth. His full weight settled
against her as she leaned back into the door,
completely caught up in the heat and desire in his

His pelvis thrust into hers, the hard bulge of his
cock pressing into Celia's delta. The ache in her
pelvis became more focused on the spot between her
thighs, as he bent slightly to get a better angle and
fit himself into her crotch. His hips began a
thrusting rhythm, keeping pace with his tongue in her
mouth. Celia became aware that she was making
moaning, whimpering noises. Never had she been turned
on so quickly!

Adam released one of his hands from her hair and slid
it down to her ass, squeezing one cheek in rhythm with
his thrusting hips.

"Oh, oh," Celia whimpered. His hand pulled her ass
cheeks slightly apart, and the feeling was sharply
erotic. His other hand slid down her back and also
cupped her ass. Both hands began massaging the
cheeks, rotating them in opposite directions, as his
cock nestled even deeper between her thighs. It felt
as though he was trying to get inside her, through her
clothes. At the same time, his massaging hands made
Celia feel so open, exposed even though she was still
fully clothed. She'd never considered her ass as an
erotic zone before, but she just wanted to melt right
into his hands. Then one of those hands slid further
down her thigh, and slid underneath her dress.

Celia gasped again when she felt his hand on her thigh
through her silky stocking. His fingers burned and
left tingles behind wherever they touched. His hand
slid up, past the top of her thigh-high stockings, and
around to her bottom. Adam slid his palm over the
material of her silk panties, and wedged between her
bottom cheeks. His hand followed the seam of her
crotch down to her pussy. As his fingers brushed
against the wet gusset of her silk panties, the
pleasurable sensation almost brought tears to Celia's
eyes. They both gasped this time.

"Jesus, Celia, you're drenched! I can't wait to feel
your wet pussy around my cock," Adam moaned. Pressed
against his chest still, Celia could feel the
thundering of his heart. Then his fingers began
edging under the panties, and all thoughts blew right
out of her mind.

Celia almost came from that initial touch on her bare
skin. The gentle tugging motion on her pussy hair as
Adam moved the panties aside sent more liquid sliding
down to add to the already plentiful cream. Adam's
finger slid into her wetness. He rested the entire
length of his finger along her channel and pressed
upwards slightly. Celia cried out sharply, head
falling back against the door, legs refusing to
support her for a moment. She felt the cords in
Adam's arms stand out as he supported her full weight
for a moment. He shifted them to a slightly different
position, beginning to rub his finger back and forth
in the channel between her cunt lips as he supported
more of her weight against his outthrust hips. He
lifted his head once more from Celia's mouth and
watched her face as the tip of his long finger bumped
up against the kernel of her clit, and wiggled

"Oh my God, oh, oh." Celia chanted breathlessly.
"Oh, that feels so good," her voice trailed into a
moan as Adam applied more pressure to her clitoris,
sliding his finger forward to cover it completely and
then pressing upwards hard. Celia jerked, and moaned
again. His fingers were quickly drenched. Adam
withdrew his hand from under her skirt to a whimpering
moan of loss from Celia.

He held his hand up between them, and in the dim light
of the bedside lamp they both saw how it glistened
with her moisture. Lifting his finger up to his nose,
he smelled her juices. Celia blushed with shock and
arousal, feeling a rush of pleasure through her cunt at the lewd action. Then her mouth dropped open when
he inserted his finger into his mouth, and began
sucking all the juices off. As he withdrew it at last
from his mouth, he smiled down at her and said,
"Delicious." Just that one word, growled in a deep,
throaty voice.

Adam stepped back slightly, unsnapped his pants, and
pulled the zipper down. The rasping sound sent more
shivers up Celia's sensitive back.

"Take off your clothes. Leave the shoes and stockings on. I love fucking a woman who's wearing nothing but
stockings and high heels." This new, dominant Adam
was so thrilling.

She began fumblingly to unzip her dress, all thumbs
after the explosive passion of the last few minutes.
Adam also undressed, stripping his shirt off, bending
down with pants unzipped to take off his shoes, then
pulling his pants down both legs and kicking them
away. Meanwhile, Celia finally got the dress off, and
revealed to Adam the matching slip and bra in peach
silk and lace. The shadow of black stockings showed
through her slip.

"Keep going," he growled. Celia slid the slip down
her hips, kicking it away as Adam had done. Then she
reached behind her to unhook the bra. At that moment,
while her back was slightly arched and her generous
breasts were thrusting forward, Adam reached out with
both hands and rubbed rough thumbs against the silk
bra over her aching nipples. The sensation shot all
the way down to her center, and Celia arched even
more, pushing her breasts into Adam's hands. Her
nipples immediately erected, and Adam enclosed them
between his thumb and forefinger, pinching slightly
and then twisting her captive nipples. Celia's moans
were loud in the quiet room. Their breathing had
grown deep and hurried with arousal.

Adam slid his underwear down his thighs, bent over
slightly, and stepped out of them. When he
straightened up and Celia got a good look at his cock,
she gasped again. He was longer and thicker than her
ex-husband, his cock quivering slightly against his
stomach with each pulse of blood. Adam smiled at the
sound and stepped towards her, as she sagged against
the door on suddenly weak knees. Celia looked over
Adam's shoulder at the bed, and then back at Adam,
quickly. He caught her look.

Adam's teeth flashed whitely in the dim light as he
smiled. "Oh, we'll get to the bed. Eventually. But
this first time, we are going to fuck right here,
standing up against the door. I can brace you against
the door for a really deep fuck, you'll feel me right
at the entrance to your womb. Before you get my cock,
though, I'd like another taste of that sweet pussy."

The tone, as much as the words, sent sharp shafts of
desire that were almost painful deep into her cunny.
She felt as though she could come right now just from
his voice. Had he commanded it, she would have melted
into an orgasmic heap on the floor. Man, she was ripe
as a peach. How could she possibly have stayed
celibate so long? Oh yeah, because no one had made
her wet with just a look until she met Adam, that was

Adam knelt in front of her, positioning himself for a
long, hot, wet session. He used his hands to position
her pelvis, massaging her ass cheeks in slow circles.
Then he leaned forward, bracing himself with his hands
on her ass, and then...just...smelled her...for a few

A few deep breaths, then..."MMMMmmmm. I love the smell
of hot, fresh honey," he said in an almost teasing

Celia thought about dying with embarrassment, for
about 5 seconds. This man was so uninhibited compared
to any guy she had ever dated! But it really turned
her on, the way that Adam told her what he would do to
her, and how it made him feel. She never would have
believed that this kind of conversation could turn her
on so much.

These and all other thoughts were driven out of her
mind when Adam leaned forward, pulled her thighs open
and took a long lick up the juncture of her pussy.
Celia moaned, whimpered, and generally made a lot of
noise at the sudden jolt of pleasure. Then, when she
quieted down a bit, he did it again, slower, more
deeply, pressing his tongue into the slit to scoop up
her cream.

"Mmm, darling, you taste soooo good. Gotta have more
of that sweet girlcream." And he went back to licking
her. Celia was, by this point, panting. Only his
hands spreading her open held her up, as her legs had
long since lost all strength. Adam was completely
engrossed in the wet heat between her thighs, feasting
on her arousal.

Then he added a new twist to the sexual torment.
Stiffening the support of one hand, he moved the other
between her thighs, using two fingers to hold the lips
of her tightly closed cunt open. A rush of heat and
openness swept Celia as she felt the lips parting.
Her exquisitely sensitive clitoris was exposed, and
Adam immediately took it into his mouth, suckling it,
slipping his tongue around it like a piece of candy he
could melt in his mouth. Two fingers from the hand
holding her labia open dipped inside, then slid
slowly, deeply into her pussy, stopping only when they
reached his palm. Adam then turned and twisted the
fingers, wriggling them inside her to create more room
in her tightly clasping sheath. He experimented a
little, pushing open his fingers, trying to widen her.
Celia didn't know exactly what he was doing inside
her, but she knew she was going to orgasm quickly if
he kept on doing it. Adam recognized the signs, and
not wanting her to cum yet, he eased his fingers out
and rubbed them gently up and down the groove of her
slit for a moment. He stopped sucking on her clit,
instead blowing on it softly. Celia's breathing
slowly evened out, although she stayed on the edge,
waiting for that one touch to push her over into
orgasm. Her empty sheath fluttered and dripped

After a few seconds, Adam began licking up the juices
which had trickled out onto Celia's thighs. Then he
edged his tongue back into her slit, licking from just
below her clit as far back as he could reach in this
position. His hands were again holding her ass cheeks
open. Celia was learning to love the feeling of
erotic vulnerability when he held her open.

Finally, finally, Adam took her clitoris gently into
his mouth, biting down very, very softly and then
suckling it. Almost before she realized his hand had
moved, fingers slid back inside her. This time he
used three fingers, and she was so wet, they slid in
just as smoothly as two. Celia and Adam both heard
the liquid sounds of her flesh opening to receive his
deep caress.

Adam whispered, "I love that slippery sound of wet
cunt. I always spurt a little jizz when I hear that
sound, knowing my lady is turned on enough to be so
juicy. You like it, too, I can tell by the way your
cunt tightened around my fingers. You just drenched
my fingers. Let's spread you open a little more, so I
can taste some more honey."

He spread his fingers in that impossibly cramped
space, listening to her moans and whimpers of
pleasure. Then Adam began to lick and suck the cream
out of her, licking his fingers inside of her cunt,
licking the juice that trickled down his wrist.
Finally, when he sensed she was absolutely on the edge
of a giant orgasm, he stopped everything, pulled back,
and just held her thighs open. He gazed hotly into
her pussy, watching the way the pink folds fluttered
opened and closed, looking for something to fill the
void his fingers had left behind.

"Oh please, don't stop, don't stop. I can't stand it,
you're killing me," Celia moaned softly.

"I'm not stopping, Celia honey, just moving us to a
new level." Adam stood up and steadied her against
the door, stretching slightly to relieve knees made
stiff by kneeling for so long. He quickly slid his
tongue across and then into her lips, suckling her
tongue for a moment.

Celia realized the tangy scent and taste on his tongue
was her cream. She had never tasted herself before.
If Adam could drink from her, though, the least she
could do was kiss him back. Once she got over the
initial shock, she decided it wasn't too bad. A
little salty. She wondered if he tasted the same...

Then she glanced down at his cock as he pulled her
hips slightly away from the door, angling her for
penetration. He caught the look, and as he had
already done several times that night, answered her
thoughts. "We'll fit. You're going to be deliciously
tight, I know. But we'll fit. Eventually."

The promise of relentless patience sent a further gush
of pussy juice sliding down Celia's cunt. By this
point, she had been so wet for so long that her juices
had wet the inside of her thighs, lubricating and
making her thighs slip wetly against each other. The
decadent feeling added to Celia's sense of complete
sexual abandon.

Celia felt the first brush of Adam's hard, hot cock
against her pussy hairs. At some point he had put on a
condom. Thank God! After a year of celibacy, Celia was
not on the pill. And she was so hot and horny, she
wouldn't have had the will-power to stop him just now.
She just wanted that hard, thick cock filling the
emptiness inside her! Although, after what Penny had
told her about Adam's voracious appetites, Celia had
stocked up on condoms...just in case.

He slid his sheathed cock through the crease between
her thighs, pushing insistently against her. Both
hands were again grasping her ass cheeks, holding them
apart, opening her to provide better access to his
seeking cock. His cock found the mouth to her pussy.
He began the long slide inwards. Adam tensed his
thigh muscles in preparation for that first push into
her cunt. Then he thrust upwards, imbedding the first
two inches of his throbbing cock into her pussy.

Celia's cry was a small scream. Adam bent his head
and captured her mouth, thrusting his tongue almost
down her throat as he pushed in another inch. Celia
welcomed the carnal kisses, which mimicked the
movements he'd soon be making with his cock. As Adam
rotated his hips slightly, his cock pushed once again
upwards. Another inch. Several more to go. Adam let
his head fall back for a moment, as he tried to get
his breathing under control. Her tight, hot pussy was
clenching and rippling around the portion of his cock
already embedded, and he could feel the heat of her
juices bathing the helmeted head of his cock. He knew
it would get even hotter the further in he pushed.

Drawing a deep breath, he again bent his head toward
Celia's enraptured face. Instead of kissing her
mouth, though, he breathed hotly into her ear. He'd
already discovered how sensitive she was there. As he
had hoped, her cunt first spasmed, then loosened
around his cock. He used the momentary loosening to
shove another two inches in. Celia's continuous moans
rose to a small shriek. Her cunt clasped tight around

"Oh God, oh Adam, that feels so good, ohhh!" she cried

His next comment caused her abdomen to clench with a
thrilling pain. "I've got more cock for your hot, wet
cunt, Celia. Are you ready? I'm going all the way
in." Celia panted, momentarily unable to speak. In
the next instant, the slick, muscled back tightened
under her hands, and he thrust upwards, holding her
ass cheeks open wider than ever. Celia actually
screamed, feeling an instant of pain mixed with
pleasure. Her internal muscles stretched, struggling
to accommodate his bulk. Her hands slid down to his
hips, whether to push him away or pull him closer, she
didn't know. It didn't matter, anyway. He was in
control of this. He angled her for better and deeper
penetration, touching spots inside her that made her
see stars. Adam began slowly withdrawing the length
of his cock, until all but the head remained inside
her, then thrusting it slowly back in, to his balls.
One of his hands slid up from her ass cheeks and
supported her back. The other hand angled her head
for his voracious kisses.

Adam held her against the door. The wood felt smooth
and cold against her naked back, his large hand warm
in the small of her back as he supported her and
strained her closer. She moaned as he lifted her leg
up around his waist. It pushed his cock to a
different angle inside her pussy, and she almost came
right then and there. Celia's head fell back against
the door, her throat exposed to his hungry gaze. Adam
bent forward, keeping a steady thrusting rhythm into
her wet, tight cunt, and licked his way from the
sensitive base of Celia's throat, up to the underside
of her jaw. His hot tongue slid around to her left
ear, to the sensitive spot under her earlobe. His
lips fastened on that small section of skin and began
suckling. The sensation shot straight down to Celia's
groin muscles, an exquisite shaft of agony.

Adam pushed into her at that exact instant. "I can
feel your cunt tightening around me. You like that,
don't you? How about this?" His hot breath whispered
the words into her left ear. Chills chased their way
up Celia's back, up her neck. She was so close to
orgasm, and his words almost triggered it. She gasped
as Adam canted his hips slightly, again changing the
angle of his penetration.

"Oh God!" she moaned. "I'm so close, oh God!"

She felt his lips smile against her neck, then the
delicate touch of his teeth on her earlobe, then not
so delicate, increasing the pressure, nipping her,
worrying the small bit of flesh. He soothed the small
sting with his tongue. "Go ahead, come," he told her.
"We've got all night. I intend to be inside you when
the sun comes up." Then he formed a seal between his
mouth and the delicate shell of her ear. The roaring
of her blood through her veins drowned out all other
noise. Adam lightly breathed in and out. His free
hand reached between their sweating bodies and slid
down into her delta. He spread his hand, pushed it
into the dip just above her pelvic bone. Adam
withdrew almost the entire length of his cock,
positioned his fingers so that his spread hand spanned
between her hipbones, the tips of his long middle
finger centered over her clitoris. Suddenly, he shoved
his cock all the way inside her, while pushing in with
the hand in front and pulling her closer with the hand
at her back. Celia's clitoris pressed directly into
his cock on in the inward glide, skin and delicate
nerves rubbing together. Celia screamed and came
suddenly, unexpectedly, muscles clamped tight around
his cock, back arched, face taut as the spasms swept
through her again and again. Slowly, slowly, Celia
drifted back to earth. Her legs felt so weak and limp.
Then she became aware that Adam was still hard inside

" didn't come?" She barely recognized her
own voice, it was so breathy, almost kittenish.

"No, it was more fun to watch you come. To feel you
come." His deep, smooth voice sent renewed shivers
down her spine. He smiled, feeling the dwindling
spasms as her sheath rippled around his aching cock.
"I told you, we have all night. We're just getting

"Oh God, you don't really intend to go all night?"
Celia didn't know whether to be horrified or aroused.
Or both. One orgasm, and she was already worn out,
slightly achey from the unaccustomed activity. Adam
had already lived up to his reputation as a skilled
lover. She didn't know how much more sensation she
could handle.

Adam lifted both her legs securely around his waist,
muscles bulging in his well-defined arms as he held
her securely and stepped away from the door. The
movement caused his deeply embedded cock to push
against a different part of her sheath. She gasped,
and immediately felt a pre-orgasmic ripple in her

"Wha...? What are you doing?" she gasped. Adam
continued moving, walking towards the bed a few feet
away. His cock shifted in her with each step. Celia
could barely concentrate on his response as her
tender, sensitive cunt spasmed repeatedly around the
thick cock inside her.

"I'm going to get into something more comfortable," he
winked at her. Keeping their bodies connected, Adam
slowly lowered Celia to the edge of the bed. Then he
lifted both her legs and placed them further up his
hips, almost around his back, as he leaned into the
vee of her pelvis.

"I'm just going to get more comfortable," he repeated.
Then he lifted his upper body on both arms, rising
above Celia's limp form, and began small thrusting
movements with his hips. Celia threw her head back
and looked up blindly at the ceiling, sinking
immediately back into an erotic daze.

This time, Adam was driving them both towards orgasm.
He pressed inside her in short thrusts, twisting his
hips in small circles to create thrilling pressure
against the walls of Celia's sheath. His eyes were
focused intently on her face, watching the expressions
as she climbed back up the orgasmic hill. Within
seconds, Celia was moaning and panting, her voice
rising as she approached the peak. Adam pulled his
cock all the way out, and watched Celia's eyes pop
open. "No! Put it back! You can't stop now!"
Adam waited another moment, letting the tension build
between them, then he thrust all the way forward,
until the hair at his groin mingled with hers. Celia
moved her hips, thrusting her hips upwards as he
reached the bottom of her cunt, pulling her hips back
as he withdrew. His cock was throbbing with hot
blood, ready to spill his own juices. Pre-cum slicked
the inside of the condom.

Celia experimented by clenching her pussy around his
cock. Adam inhaled sharply at the sudden pressure.
It felt as though a fist had tightened around him!
Celia could feel every vein on the surface of his
cock. The friction against the walls of her cunt drove her mad.

Then Adam took charge, as was his nature. He used the
hands under her ass to tilt her pelvis upwards, and
began thrusting directly against the front of her
sheath. On one of his thrusts, he found her g-spot.
Celia felt an extremely sharp pang of pleasure, paired
with the need to urinate, and made a small noise of
protest. Adam's face was contorted with the effort of
holding back, he head thrown back and eyes closed as
he concentrated, but when she protested the initial
discomfort, he opened his eyes.

"Celia, oh, Jesus, uhn, you feel so tight around me.
Oh, honey, don't worry, just relax. That's your
g-spot, and you are going to have the biggest cum of
your life. Ahhhh!" his head went back, eyes closed,
tendons straining in his throat as he held on a few
more seconds, working his cock against that tender
spot inside her pussy. Celia no longer felt the need
to urinate. Instead, she had a specific and urgent
need to come. It was a sharp, immediate pleasure that
froze the voice in her throat. Celia threw her head
back, her entire body convulsed soundlessly, and her
pussy began milking the tip of Adam's cock.

The spasms of her climax went on and on. Finally,
after almost a minute, her body relaxed boneless on
the bed, although her pussy continued to ripple around
Adam's cock. Celia slowly opened her eyes. Her
eyelids felt as though they weighed a ton, but she had
to see what Adam was doing.

He was poised above her, waiting for her eyes to open.
His own face was red, a small pulse beating in his
temple. But his eyes held hers intently.

"That was amazing. Watching you come, feeling it,
hearing it, smelling it. Jesus, Celia, you are one
hot lady. Now, I want you to watch me." He began
moving, slowly gathering speed until he was almost
punching in and out of her sheath.

"Watch me," he panted. "I want you to see how much I
love this, how good your tight pussy feels,!" he at last broke eye contact, as
his head snapped back and he held himself still,
embedded deeply in her cunt, jetting his cum into the
condom. His orgasm, too, went on and on. Finally, he
collapsed onto her, managing to hold some of his
weight off her with his arms. Celia relished his
weight lying on her chest and hips, feeling more sated
and tired than she could ever remember feeling in her
life. She could feel herself drifting into an
exhausted sleep, and cuddled into his arms.

Adam had other ideas. It would take at least two more
rounds before he was ready to stop for a while. His
cock, which had stayed half-hard even after such an
extravagant orgasm, began to stir. His hips moved
slightly, experimentally, to test her reaction.

Celia's first reaction was alarm. Not again! She had
just come twice in rapid succession, both hard,
draining orgasms. Her pussy was swollen and tender.
But hard on the heels of this reaction came arousal.
As his cock swelled, it pushed on sensitive nerves,
erotically massaging them. Even as she protested,
fresh pussy cream was bathing his cock in heat. "Oh,
Adam, I can't do this again so soon. I am so tired.
And" she forced the word out, "my pussy is
really sore."

"Shhh, shhh, it's ok. I know you aren't used to so
much sex, honey. But it's your fault I'm so hot and
horny." He kissed her mouth, the tip of her nose, and
each eyelid. "That tight pussy of yours is sucking on
my cock so good, baby. I'll be gentle, Celia. Trust
me." He pushed slowly forward, using the gentle
movement to show her that he could be trusted. Then
he removed his cock and took off the used condom. His
fingers took the place of his cock, gently massaging
the sore tissues at the entrance to her pussy, sliding
easily up and down her slit. Fresh juice oozed out to
meet his fingers.

"Honey love, do you have another condom for us to
use?" He briefly slid one finger deeply inside her
pussy, twisting it slightly, and Celia's eyes
fluttered closed to concentrate on the delicious

"Top drawer, nightstand." Celia gasped out, moaning as
his finger slid out of her to tear open the package
and resheath his cock. Then he spread open her pussy with the index finger and middle finger from each
hand, holding her open for a moment as he looked down
at the entrance, pulsing and gleaming with moisture.

"That is such a beautiful pussy," he whispered
reverently. "Celia, honey, we are just getting
started. I'm going to fuck this sweet pussy until
neither one of us can move." And he slid back into her
in one long, slow, inexorable slide. Her eyes drifted
closed, a smile formed on her face. She might be
unable to walk for a week, but who cared? Some
pleasures were worth paying for.


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