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Karina's Night

by Dave437

Hi, My name is Dave.

I've met a delightful gal whose name is Karina. Well, we actually
hadn't met in person until just recently when we set a rendezvous in a
nearby town. I live in Melbourne and we met in, a pretty small country
town in Australia, to be away from "prying eyes". Karina arranged for us
to met at a very pleasant, but simple hotel there, arranging for two rooms
for the sake of propriety.

Never again will I complain about Mondays. Karina has made my Monday
nights worth the stress of the day.........

I have been having a problem with constant traveling on assignment and I
was really getting tired of it. After a few years it gets to be a little
old. A friend has mentioned a new job that won't require as much travel
and I plan to interview for it next week. Maybe I can have more quality
time to spend with Karina..............

We met in the bar first, and I knew right away who she was. Her full
breasts, sparkling emerald eyes, and her cheerful demeanor was a dead
tip-off. Her smile looked fifty miles wide! I took us out to dinner, and
we chatted and discussed some of the things we have been saying to each
other over the Internet. I had been a little tired earlier from all the
traveling, but now I was wide awake and eager for a pleasant evening. I
hardly noticed anything other than the beautiful woman who sat with me.
Even the waiter had to get my attention in order to take our orders. We
ate quickly and took a long stroll back to the hotel in the cool of the
evening. We walked hand in hand as we talked as if we were already lovers,
which in a way we were.......

We got to the hotel and went to our separate rooms, and shortly
afterwards I heard a soft knock on my door. Karina stood there in a long
raincoat and quickly came into the room smiling. Then she dropped the coat
and I stared at the lovely sight that met my eyes. She was wearing a VERY
sexy black teddy and nothing else. She smiled up at me with her bright
emerald eyes and threw me a kiss. I was too stunned to say anything but I
liked what I saw. Her full breasts barely contained in the lingerie, she
was lovely!

She had brought a nice wine for us and went to get the glasses out of
the in room bar's upper cupboard, My cock did a little twitch as I watched
her reach up for the glasses, and then I noticed her left breast popped out
of the demi-bra. (I do so love her breasts) She started to adjust it and I
told her with a smile to leave it there, Sweetness, I might like to look at
it again..........She laughed and then quit trying to put it back.

We sat on the couch together. I was weary and Karina took charge by
massaging my stiff shoulders and neck. "Thanks, Sweetheart," I said, "That
feels wonderful!" She asked me if I would like a real massage, and I nodded
heartily "Yes, my love". She smiled, knowing what I really wanted, and
undressed me as we retired to the bed.

She took a moment to look over my body carefully, Her soft hands
exploring my broad shoulders and muscular chest, and looking deep into my
hazel eyes, she silently reached down and gently caressed my hardening cock
and heavy balls.

Then she began rubbing me down with a honey and almond creme. And I
interrupted her by telling her to get comfortable too. My eyes were
treated with the pleasure of watching her strip down to her garter and
hose. I took one of her beautiful nipples in my mouth and suckled on it for
a moment. I took off her hose and garter belt and looked at her with
pleasure. Her pussy was absolutely beautiful! A nude woman is the most
beautiful sight there is...........

I wanted this vision of joy........ and I wanted her happy.

We kissed deeply, our tongues playing with each other furiously! I
caressed her lovely breasts with my large rough hands, tweaking her nipples
until they stood up like little cocks. She fondled my balls and stroked my
cock gently, but insistently. I couldn't wait any longer......

And the most tasty thing in the world is Karina's pussy. Her juices
actually do turn me on. Her legs parted as my tongue probed into her
wetness. But she then pushed me back and made me lay down on my stomach,
as she resumed my rubdown. She rubbed up and down my legs, gradually
seeking the inner part of my thighs as I opened my legs for her. She would
lightly brush against my balls as her hands would slip up between my legs
and I would automatically lift my butt to give her better access. My cock
was now getting rock hard under her ministrations.

Then she rubbed the creme deep into my butt itself, then rubbed her
pretty breasts all over them. The sensation was delightful.

Karina took my large tightened balls into her warm mouth, stretching to
fit them both in. (Since I have fairly large balls, that was difficult,
but she managed it.) Her mouth was driving me crazy! I kept lifting my
hips hoping for more as she played with my hard cock.

She continued up my back, rubbing me with both her hands and breasts,
driving me nuts. She whispered in my ear, "Time to turn over......" and I
complied eagerly, finding one of her breasts dangling invitingly in my
face. I took her breast into my mouth and suckled until I could feel her
nipple really harden. She begins to massage me, and I interrupt her with
kisses and a hug. But she is determined and she rubs the creme into my
chest and makes my nipples hard with her fingers and then her mouth..

She continues down to my stomach, and finally to my brown pubic hair.
She rubs the creme into my hair and balls as she gently strokes my now
raging hard cock. She then caresses my cock with her soft breasts,
heightening my pleasure. I want her now! She slowly teases my cock, a
kiss on the tip, a light licking, and finally she plunges down, taking my
cock deep into her warm mouth. She sucks me deeply and tightly, milking
me. I want to make this last, but the pleasure is too much.

Then she suddenly lifts her wonderful mouth off me and smiles up at me
coyly. She continues my massage, occasionally kissing my balls or cock.

I inform her that the massage is not complete as I gather her in my
arms. I kiss her deeply and settle her over my raging hard-on. Her soft
pussy lips slowly spread open to accommodate me, and my cock slips deep
inside her, finally coming to rest against the back wall of her vagina.
Slowly, deliberately, I stroke up and down inside her with Karina matching
my upward thrusts with her own downward thrusts, burying me deeply inside
her sweet womanhood. My thrusts quicken until I plunge deep into her with
a last thrust and stay buried as my balls empty my thick cum into her over
and over again. She cries out as her vagina spasms, clenching my cock
tightly as she reaches her own climax.

My cock remains hard as I rest buried inside her. I pull out, my cock
glistening with her sweet juices. I want to make love again, so I turn us
upside down, with her under me. Continuing to slowly stoke in and out of
her, I lift her legs to rest on my shoulders and plunge myself deep inside
her. I look into her eyes as she gasps, "Ooh, Oh, Ohhh my Love!" over and
over again. She reaches under us to play with my balls as I release
another torrent of cum deep inside of her. Her eyes widen and she cries
out in pleasure as I fill her full again, my cum literally boiling over and
out of her, dripping on the bed below us.

I collapse exhausted and she hovers over me, kissing me with little
kisses and smiles at me lovingly. Her soft hands play with my cock and
balls gently as we kiss. She then whispers to me, "Not quite finished yet,
honey........" as she lowers her head to my cock, where she licks up our
spendings on my cock and balls. I pull her pussy over above my head and as
she pulls my cock into her mouth, I begin to lavish her sweet pussy with my
tongue. I can taste my own cum mixed with her sweet juices and it turns me
on. Karina's talented mouth works on my cock as though it was sweet candy,
sucking me, milking me. I thrust up into her mouth a final time and begin
spurting my cum, coating her tonsils and tongue with my thick man milk. I
keep cumming until I finally feel as if my whole insides have been sucked out. At the same time her pussy grinds down on my mouth and I feel her
muscles spasm in her own climax.

She swallows and then we turn around to kiss deeply, and her sweet
juices mix with my salty cum as we exchange
tongues............................And I enjoy the mixed flavors.

We fall asleep gathered in each other's arms and the night comes to a
close, at least for now.....


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