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Archived Sex Stories

kathy learns



This is a copyrighted work and the intellectual
property of the author. Any reposting or
reproduction is strictly prohibited without the
express written permission of the author.
,2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any
similarity to persons alive or dead is purely

This story contains descriptions of sex, including
sex between family members. It is intended for
adults only. If you are offended by material of
this nature, are under the legal age
in your location to read this material, or it is
illegal for you to possess this material, go no

The author may be contacted at

"Kathy Learns" (mf, ff, ffm, oral, mast, con, inc)
Mandy sat on her bed watching her sister get dressed
for the junior prom.

Kathy had just returned from her bath, wearing her
robe. She sat down at her dressing table to put on
her make-up. She carefully applied her lipstick and
eyeliner. Kathy really didn't really need too much
make-up, she was very pretty with out it.

Kathy had gone to the beauty shop early that
afternoon, school had let out at noon this Friday.
She had her long blonde hair put up, it was full of
hairpins and hair spray. Most of the time she just
wore it down or in a ponytail, but tonight was
special. Tonight Eddy, her boyfriend of six months,
was taking her to the dance.

Eddy is a year older than Kathy. At sixteen, he had
his driver's license and his parents were letting him
use the family car. Kathy's parents would not allow
her to date unless it was a double date. Tonight was
no different, her best friend Megan and her boyfriend
Phil were going with them.

She had just finished with the make-up when her
mother came into the bedroom she shared with Mandy.
"How are you doing sweetheart?" Her mother asked.

"Just fine."

Kathy's mom was carrying a bag from Victoria's
Secret. She reached into the bag, handed Kathy a new
bra and matching panties, and said, "I picked these up
for you at the mall today, I hope you like them."

Kathy took the new items from her mother. The bra
and panties were mint green to match her new dress.
She held the bra up and examined it. It was a lightly
padded, strapless, wonder bra. The matching panties were silky, not at all like the cotton underwear she
was use to wearing.

Kathy quickly removed her robe and stepped into the
panties. They were high cut with only about a half-
inch of fabric at her sides. She turned and looked at
herself in the mirror, admiring how the new garment
fit. They made her legs look longer than they were.
She put the bra on, clipping the fastener in the front
and again looked into the mirror. The bra pushed her
breasts together and up, creating more cleavage than
her 32b chest normally displayed.

"Oh mom, I love them, thank you so much." Kathy said.

"You look so grown up in them." Her mother replied.

"You look great." Mandy added. "Can I borrow them

"Sure sis as soon as you grow boobs."

"My boobs are almost as big as yours." Mandy shot
back, pushing her chest out.

Their mother told them to calm down and behave.

Kathy took out the thigh high stockings she selected
for her outfit. She pulled them up her legs, being
careful not to run them and making sure they were
straight. Looking at herself in the mirror she
thought, how sexy, she looked so grown-up. Kathy's
mother brought out the new dress to help her daughter finish dressing. She stepped into the dress and pulled
it up, slipping her arms into the thin shoulder
straps. Her mom zipped up the dress. She stepped
back and looked at her daughter. The dress was tight
on top accenting her thin 20-inch waist, and then
flaring out over her 32-inch hips, stopping just above
her knees.

"Wow Kathy" Mandy chirped, "You are so hot." Mandy
couldn't believe how good her sister looked.

Kathy finished getting ready and went down to the
living room. Her dad let out a low whistle and
commented about how nice she looked. Her older brother just looked up from his magazine for a moment
then returned to his reading. Her dad took out the
video camera and pointed it at Kathy, she smiled and
turned around for him.

The doorbell rang and her dad opened it for Eddy.
Eddy was dressed in a tuxedo and carried a small box
with flowers for Kathy. Her father continued taping
the two as Eddy slipped the corsage onto Kathy's wrist.

After some last minute instructions Kathy and Eddy
left to pickup Megan and Phil.

Eddy pulled away, turned the corner and stopped. He
leaned over and kissed Kathy. "You are so beautiful."
He said, "You are going to be the best looking girl there tonight."

Kathy thanked him for the complement by sliding
closer and kissing him deeply. As they kissed, their
tongues met probing each other's mouth.

Kathy pulled away and said, "Lets go and pickup Megan
and Phil." Eddy gave her one more quick kiss and
pulled away.

At Megan's, they went into the house and met her
parents. Phil was there, having gotten a ride from
his older brother.

Megan wore a light blue strapless dress a little
shorter than Kathy's. The two girls chatted for a few
minutes and then Kathy asked Megan to follower her
into her bedroom.

Once in side, Kathy said, "You have to see what my
mom bought me, I almost died when I saw it." As she
was talking, Kathy unzipped her dress and displayed
the new bra. Then She lifted the bottom of her dress
and showed Megan the panties. "Can you believe it?"
she asked.

Megan looked at the new items and said, "They are so
pretty, Kathy, you are real lucky your mom understands."

The two girls came out of the room, had their
pictures taken as a group, then left.

The dance went well, Kathy and Eddy danced to almost
every song.

The dance ended at ten so the four teens left to get
something to eat. The boys had selected a restaurant
on the north side of town. It was very fancy, with
waiters and linen napkins. After dinner they left and
drove out to a place where the kids in town went to

Eddy pulled the car into a spot away from the other
cars, shut off the engine and turned the radio down.

The boys got out of the car and went to water the

Megan said, "Guys sure have it made, they can go

"I know," said Kathy. "Megan," Kathy turned and
looked over the seat, "How far have you and Phil

"Not too far Kathy, he has felt me up and I rubbed
him through his pants once." Megan answered.

"How about you and Eddy?" She asked in return.

"Just kissing so far." Kathy replied. "I am a little
scared." She added.

The girls continued to talk until the two boys came
back. Once in the car, Eddy slid over to Kathy and
put his arm around her. He took her chin in his hand
and gently pulled her lips to his. Eddy kissed her
long and deep, exploring her mouth with his tongue.
Kathy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him

Eddy kissed her neck and her ear, licking her ear
lobe and sucking on it gently. His hand rubbed her
side as he returned to her mouth with his. Kathy felt
his thumb brush the side of her breast. The touch was
brief and gentle, sending chills through her body.
Eddy continued kissing and rubbing, each time he
touched her breast, he would linger a little longer.
Soon his hand was rubbing the side of her breast,
applying more pressure.

Kathy peered over the seat to see Phil with his hand
firmly on Megan's breast, she was moaning into his

Kathy turned so that Eddy's hand covered her breast and leaned into it. She whispered into his ear,
"please be gentle."

Eddy massaged her breast through the material of her
dress and bra. With his other hand, Eddy slowly began
to lower the zipper of her dress.

Kathy once again looked into the back seat. Megan's
dress was open to her waist and her bra was down
exposing her breasts. Phil was rubbing one and
kissing the nipple of the other. Megan held his head
to her. She saw Kathy looking and gave her a quick
wink before closing her eyes again.

Kathy could feel the cool air on her back as Eddy
pulled the zipper all the way down. Kathy removed her
arms from his neck and pushed him away. Eddy was
about to protest when she crossed her arms and pulled
the front of the dress down, revealing the new bra she
was wearing. She then gripped the clasp and unhooked
it freeing her breasts.

Eddy reached out and touched the bare skin of her
breast. He ran his fingers over each one lightly. He
took the hard little nipples between his thumb and
forefinger and rolled them firmly. Kathy could feel
herself getting wet. Wave after wave of pleasure ran
from her nipples, through her body, down to the heat
of her sex between her legs.

Eddy bent forward and kissed each nipple, then
started to suckle one then the other. He took her
hand and placed it on his leg half way between his
knee and his hip. Kathy rubbed his leg, slowly moving
higher on each stroke. As her hand approached his
manhood, he pushed his hips forward and sucked her
nipples harder.

Kathy pushed her hand forward and felt the hard
throbbing object in his pants. She ran her fingers
over it feeling it jump as she moved up to the end.
Kathy had never seen a hard penis, let alone touched
one. The feeling of Eddy sucking and rubbing her
breasts was more than she could stand. She had
decided earlier that she would let Eddy touch her
pussy tonight and she would touch his bare penis.

Eddy put his hand on Kathy's leg at the knee. She
felt him rub the inside of her leg moving closer to
the point where they met. Kathy wrapped her hand
around Eddy's penis and rubbed up and down its length.
Eddy matched her rhythm, thrusting his hips into her

Again Kathy looked at her friend in the backseat.
Her dress was up around her waist and her pantyhose
were down to her ankles. Phil's hand was down the
front of her dark blue panties rubbing at a steady
pace. As she watched, she saw Megan unzip Phil's
pants and remove his long hard penis. She wrapped her
hand around it and began stroking up and down. Kathy
could see the purple head and the firm skin of the
shaft as Megan started to speed up her assault.

She noticed that Kathy was watching her every move
and gave her a smile. Then Megan did something that
Kathy was just not ready for. She bent forward and
licked the head of Phil's penis. She opened her mouth
and let the hard throbbing member pass her lips and
enter her mouth. Slowly, Megan bobbed her head up and
down, taking in a little more each time. Phil's hips
pushed the thing into her mouth as he matched her

Kathy turned her attention back to her own petting.

She felt Eddy's hand slip past the top of her thigh
high stocking. She squeezed his penis as he rubbed
the bare flesh just bellow her pubic area. Kathy
moved her knees apart allowing him access to her most
private part. Eddy pushed his fingers against the
fabric that covered her. He could feel the moist heat
coming from her vagina. He rubbed his hand up and
down over the silky material of her panties.

Kathy increased the speed and pressure on Eddy's
penis. All of a sudden he threw his head back and
sped up the thrusting. His body stiffened and she
could feel the hard penis jump and throb. Soon the
pulsing stopped and Eddy fell back into the seat,
leaving Kathy sitting topless and wanting the feeling
that she had only provided to herself.

She glanced at the clock on the dash and saw it was
12:30. Her dad had told her to be home by one. She
quickly fastened her bra and zipped her dress up.
"Eddy" she said, "We have to go right now, if I'm late
my parents will ground me for a month!"

Kathy looked back over the seat to see what Megan was
up to. She could see her removing her mouth from
Phil's penis and a white goo around her mouth. Kathy
knew what it was, Megan had sucked Phil until he came.
Kathy had never seen a boy's cum before. Megan
started to fix her dress and Phil put his now soft
penis back in his pants.

The drive home was quiet, Kathy talked to Megan about
school and other things just to pass the time. Eddy
pulled into Megan's drive and she and Phil got out.
Eddy and Kathy waited as Phil walked Megan to the door.

"Let's go," Phil said as he climbed into the back seat.

Eddy pulled away from the curb and drove to Kathy's
house. He jumped out of the car, ran around to the
passenger door and opened it for Kathy. She got put
ant the two walked to her porch.

Eddy wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. He
kissed her on the lips, pushing his tongue into her
mouth. Kathy returned his kiss, gently sucking his
tongue. She broke the connection and said, "Eddy, I
have to go. Thanks for taking me to the dance and for
dinner. I will see you at school on Monday."

"Ok Kathy, see you later."

Kathy opened her front door and stepped inside. She
watched as Eddy trotted down the walk, got into the
car and drove away. She looked around the dark living
room, lit only by the television. Her dad was asleep
in his recliner. She gently shook his shoulder,
waking him.

"Hi dad, I'm home. Are you going to bed?"

"Hi honey, how was your dance? Did you have a good

"It was very nice dad, I had a wonderful time."

Kathy's dad stood up and turned off the television.
He gave his daughter a hug and said, "Well, I have to
work tomorrow so I'm going to go to bed." He glanced
at the clock on the VCR and noted that she had come
home on time.

Kathy went upstairs to her room and slowly removed
her dress. She unfastened her new bra and put it into
her dresser drawer. She rolled her stockings down her
legs and removed the mint green panties. Searching
through her drawers, she found a short silky
nightshirt and put it on.

Turning down her bed, she thought about the evening
and parking with Eddy. She felt flustered, having
made her boyfriend cum, but she was left without the
gratifying sensation she desired. She climbed into
her bed and pulled the covers over her. Her hand
trailed down her tummy and pulled her nightshirt up,
exposing her vagina to her fingers.

Slowly she rubbed the thin soft pubic hair that
covered her mound. She traced lower and rubbed the
puffy lips of her pussy. Gently, she parted the moist
flesh and probed her slit, running her fingers up and
down its length. When she touched her clit, she let
out a soft moan.

Kathy curled her middle finger and pressed it into
her wet hole. She slid it in and out slowly, rubbing
against her clit as she probed herself. Her other
hand went to her breast and rubbed it firmly. She
circled her hard nipple with her fingertip and pulled
at the small protrusion.

As she neared her climax, Kathy began to moan louder.
She tried to be quiet, but the electrifying sensation
was overcoming her. Just as she was about to go over
the top, she heard a noise from across the room. She
stopped her assault and listened carefully. Glancing
towards her sister's bed, she saw Mandy sitting up
watching her.

"He didn't get you off tonight did he?" The younger
girl said.

"What did you say?"

"Eddy, he didn't make you cum did he. guys are such

Kathy slowly removed her hand from her heated crotch
and rolled to face her little sister. "What do you
know about it," she asked.

Mandy got out of her bed and walked over to Kathy's.
She sat down and folded her legs Indian style, facing
her older sister.

Kathy looked at her, noticing how cute she looked in
her cotton nightgown, covered with colorful cartoon caricatures. Her neckline dipped low, exposing her
chest, just above her small breasts.

"I know a lot about it," Mandy said proudly.

"Yeah right, you're just a thirteen year old kid. I
bet you haven't ever even kissed a boy yet."

Mandy was becoming upset with her sister. She said,
"I have to kissed a boy. I even saw a boy's thing."

Kathy sat up and looked at the young girl. She
studied her face and said, "Sure you have Mandy. What
boy have you seen?"

"Mike," she said quietly.

"Our brother? When did you see him?"

"I came home from school early a few weeks ago and
walked into the bathroom. Mike was in there jacking

"Doing what?"

"Jacking off, that's what guys call it when they play
with themselves. He was standing in front of the
toilet rubbing his cock with his hand."

Kathy knew what a cock was, she and her girlfriends
had used the term often. She was getting curious
about just what her sister had witnessed, so she kept
asking questions.

"What did he do when you caught him?"

"He yelled at me to get out, but I told him that I
wanted to watch and I would tell mom if he didn't let

"Did Mike do it in front of you?"

"Yup, he made me pull up my shirt so he could see my
boobs and he rubbed it until he squirted his stuff
into the toilet."

Kathy was getting excited listening to Mandy describe
her brother's activities. She squirmed around on the
bed, rubbing her crotch against her foot.

"Tell me what happened with Eddy," Mandy said.

"Not much."

"Did you let him touch your boobs?"


"Your kitty?"

"My what?"

"You know, there." Mandy pointed at her sister's

"Kind of, but only for a minute."

"Did you touch his thing?"

"Just through his pants."

"Did he squirt?"

"I think so, I'm not really sure."

"Then what happened?"

"It was late so we had to get home."

"Did your girlfriend and her boyfriend do anything?"

"Yes, they did."


"I saw her put his thing in her mouth."

"Cool, she gave him a blow job. Did he squirt in her

"I think so."

"Blow jobs are so cool."

"How do you know?"

"Because I have done it." Mandy was all puffed up,
knowing that she had more sexual experience than her
sister. She smiled proudly as she admitted she had
had oral sex.

"To who?"

"Mike and Suzie's brother. Suzie and I both did

"What was it like?

"The first couple of times made me sick, but you kind
of get use to it."

"Did you let them cum in your mouth?"

"Yup, and I swallowed it."

Kathy was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe the
things Mandy was telling her. She thought about
seeing Megan in the backseat with Phil's penis in her
mouth and then visualized her little sister doing the
same thing.

Many scooted closer to Kathy, put her hands on her
knees and looked into her eyes.

"I can make you feel good, if you want."

Kathy looked at the girl and said, "What are you
talking about?"

"If you want me to, I can make you feel real good.
Suzie and I do it all the time."

"Do what all the time? What are you talking about?"

Mandy giggled and slowly slid her hands along Kathy's
legs, under her nightshirt. She hooked her thumbs on
the hem and pushed the silky material up to her waist.
She took one hand and pushed the older girl so she was
lying on her back. Slow, Mandy moved her hand over
Kathy's mound and rubbed her pubic hair gently.

"What are you doing Mandy?"

"Just lay back and enjoy it, I won't hurt you."

The younger girl ran her fingertips along Kathy's
slit, probing at the puffy lips. Kathy's legs parted,
giving Mandy better access to her sex.

"That feel nice when you touch me, I have never had
anyone do that before, not against bare skin anyway."

Mandy continued to rub her, slipping her fingertips
between her soft folds. She extended her finger and
penetrated her, slowly pumping the digit in and out.
Mandy reached up and put her free hand on Kathy's
breast, massaging it through her nightshirt.

"It would be better with out any clothes on," Mandy


The girls stopped for a moment and Kathy pulled her
nightshirt over her head. Mandy also removed her
nightgown and wiggled out of her white cotton panties.
She lay back down next to Kathy, her head near her
crotch. She put her finger back into the hot moist
cavern and resumed her motion.

Kathy moaned as Mandy pushed her thumb against her
hard clit and rubbed it firmly.

"You can touch me," Mandy said. "I like to feel good

Tentatively, Kathy moved her hand along Mandy's leg
until she touched her almost hairless vagina. She
could feel the moisture that had escaped the young girl making her slick. She probed around until her
finger slid into her tight pussy, causing Mandy to

Kathy moved her free hand to her sister's small
pointy boobs and rubbed the soft flesh. She could
feel her nipples harden against her fingertips as she
slowly stroked them. She was not prepared for what
happened next.

Mandy moved her head between Kathy's spread legs and
covered her pussy with her mouth. She felt the young girl's tongue press into her and lick her clit. Kathy
began to thrash around as Mandy continued her oral

Kathy was beside herself with lust. Her body was
quivering and her stomach muscles began to contract.
When Mandy threw her leg over her head, Kathy
automatically began to lick and suck her sister's

The two girls clung to each other moving against the
face of the other. Kathy felt her orgasm build and
she went over the top, flooding Mandy's mouth with her
secretions Mandy sucked the sweet fluid into her mouth
and swallowed quickly. She too was beginning to cum and her juices flowed into Kathy's mouth.

Kathy grabbed her butt and pulled her tight as she
sucked and swallowed the nectar. Mandy pulled her
face from between Kathy's legs and ground herself into
the probing tongue that impaled her.

Finally, Mandy's orgasm subsided and she rolled off
her sister. The girls lay next to each other
speechless, both lost in the moment.

Kathy said, "Where did you ever learn to do that
Mandy. That was the most wonderful feeling I have
ever had."

Mandy turned around and lay next to Kathy, facing
her. She smiled and said, "You liked it huh."

"Oh yes, that is much better than when I do myself.
Please tell me how you learned about it."

"Suzie and I saw pictures of two girls doing it in a
dirty magazine that her brother has. One day we were
messing around and decided to try it. We have been
doing it ever since."

'Mandy, have you ever let a boy put his thing in you?"

"Not my kitty, but Tommy wanted to. I wouldn't let

"That's good, you don't want to get pregnant."

Mandy got out of Kathy's bed and put her panties and
nightgown back on. She walked to her bed and climbed
in. "We better go to sleep now, it's after two

Kathy sat up and pulled her nightshirt over her head
and said, "Thanks Mandy, that was great. I hope we
can do it again sometime. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Kathy, and we can do it anytime you want

The two girls drifted off to sleep, each thinking
about their experience together.

The next morning, Kath woke up and looked across the
room at her sister's bed. Mandy was still sound
asleep, her covers pulled tightly around her neck.
Kathy lay quietly reflecting on the things that had
happened the day before. She thought about her date
with Eddy and how he had seemingly ignored her
feelings and desires. She remembered seeing Megan in
the backseat with Phil and the things they did.

Kathy couldn't get the image of Phil's penis sliding
in and out of her best friends mouth. She also though
about the things that Mandy had done to her, and how
it made her feel. Kathy couldn't believe that she had
put her mouth on her sister's pussy or that she really
enjoyed it.

As she pondered her thoughts, Mandy began to wake up.
She watched her roll around, kicking her covers off
her body. She saw that her nightgown had bunched
around her waist, revealing her white panties. Mandy
reached down and scratched herself between her

"What's the mater, didn't you get enough last night?"
Kathy said.

Mandy continued to rub her crotch and said, "I can
never get enough. How about you?"

Kathy giggled at her and said, "I had enough for now.
I'm going to take a shower."

Kathy climbed out of bed and sat at her dressing
table. Carefully she began to remove the hairpins
from her hair, piling them on the table. Mandy walked
up behind her and helped her pull the pins out,
fluffing her hair with her fingers.

"They must have used a whole can of hairspray on
this," she said. "It feels sticky and stiff."

"They used a lot, I really hate the way it makes my
hair feel."

After the two girls removed all the pins, Kathy stood
up and headed to the bathroom. Mandy followed her
into the small room and quickly sat on the toilet.

"Just what do you think you are doing Mandy?"

"Sorry, I really had to pee. I'll be done in a

Kathy started the shower and stepped into the tub.
She stood with her back to the spray, letting the
water soak her hair. Mandy flushed and the water
turned hot, causing Kathy to jump away from it.

"What are you trying to do, cook me?"

"Sorry, I forgot. Can I shower with you this
morning? I'll wash your back."

Kathy thought about her sister's request and said,
"If you want to."

Mandy stripped and joined Kathy in the shower. The
two girls switched between the warm spray and the end
of the tub. Kathy poured shampoo onto her head and
massaged it into her hair. She moved her head under
the spray and rinsed the foamy soap away, and then
repeated the process. Mandy put her hands on Kathy's
head and helped massage the shampoo into her hair.
While Kathy rinsed the second application out of her
hair, Mandy picked up the bar of soap and began to rub
it over her sister's body.

Kathy stood still and savored the feeling of the
young girls hands as they coated her body with soap.
Mandy set the soap down and used her hands to rub
Kathy from head to toe, lingering at her crotch and
breasts. When she was finished, Kathy rinsed the soap

Mandy handed the soap to Kathy and said, "My turn."

Kathy giggled and began to wash her sister. She
covered her with suds and then used her hands to rub
her body. She spent an extra few minutes on the young girls breasts, noting their shape and texture. She
rubbed her small nipples until they stuck out. Kathy
washed her pussy, sneaking a finger into her.

"Mmm, that feels nice. You keep it up and I will cum."

Kathy removed her hand and finished her task. She
turned off the water, pulled the curtain back and
grabbed a towel from the rack. After drying herself
almost completely, she stepped out of the tub and
finished standing on the small bathroom rug.

Mandy also grabbed a towel and dried herself. The
girls wrapped towels around their wet hair and brushed
their teeth.

Kathy pulled her nightshirt back over her head and
opened the door. Mandy covered herself with a towel
and they went back to their bedroom.

"What are you going to do today Kathy?" Mandy asked
as she pulled on a clean pair of flowered panties.
She pulled a tee shirt over her head and put on a pair
of shorts.

"I don't know. I will have to see what mom has
planned for me today. Probably cleaning the house,
that's what we do every Saturday."

Kathy slipped a short robe over her nightshirt and
headed for the door. She went downstairs into the
kitchen and found her mom.

"How was the dance Kathy? I didn't hear you come in
last night."

"It was fun mom. We went to a real nice restaurant
after the dance for dinner."

"Well, I am glad you guys had fun. Did Eddy behave

"Yes, he was a real gentleman last night."

"Your father had to work today, he has a big project
and won't be home until late tonight. I'm going
shopping and then to your grandmother's house. I
would like you and your sister to straighten the house
up for me."

Just as she finished her statement, Mandy walked into
the kitchen. "Can I go over to Suzie's today?"

"I don't know Mandy, after you guys get the house
work done you can call me at your grandmother's and
talk to me about it."

"Ok mom."

"I don't want you two fighting with your brother today," their mother said.

"We won't mom," Kathy said. "Where is he anyway?"

"My guess he is still in bed. He always sleeps late
on Saturday. I left him a note listing the things I
want him to do today. It is on the desk. Please make
sure he sees it."

"Ok mom, we will," Kathy said.

The girls took a box of cereal from the cupboard and
put it on the table. Mandy got the milk and Kathy got
bowls and spoons.
"Bye kids, I have to go now. I will be home about
six or so."

"Bye mom," Mandy said.

Kathy waved at her mother as she went out the back

Mandy took a banana from the counter and pealed the
skin back. She was just about to cut it up in her
cereal when she stopped and giggled. "What does this
remind you of Kathy?"

Mandy took the fruit and put it into her mouth,
sliding about four inches in. She closed her lips
around it and sucked it gently. Slowly, she pushed
another two inches in and looked at her sister.

"You look like Megan did last night."

Kathy also got a banana and pealed it. She opened
her mouth and took it in, trying to mimic her sister.
She started to gag and cough, so she pulled it out.

"How can you do that without gagging Mandy?"

Mandy said, "You have to practice. The first time I
did it I thought I was going to throw up. When you
feel yourself start to gag, just stop and relax."

Kathy put the long fruit back into her mouth and
pushed it in slowly. When the end touched the back of
her throat, she again began to gag. This time she
just held it still and let the reflex subside.

"If you don't think about it, you'll be able to put
it right down your throat."

Kathy was relentless. She kept moving the banana in
and out until she could put over half of it in her
mouth. She closed her lips around it and sucked it

"You see," Mandy said, "You can do it. Just keep
trying. The banana is a lot softer than a thing, it
is easier with a boy."

Kathy still couldn't believe her sister's sexual
experience. She found it hard to think about the
thirteen year old having oral sex with a boy, let
alone their brother.

Mandy jumped up and went to the refrigerator. She
opened the door and took a hotdog from an open
package. "Here, try it with this, is isn't as thick and it is firmer."

Kathy took the hotdog from her sister and put it in
her mouth. Soon she was pushing it all the way in,
feeling it enter her throat.

"I know someplace I could put this," Kathy said.


Kathy lifted her nightshirt, spread her legs and
pushed the hotdog against her vagina.

"Go ahead and do it," Mandy said, egging her on.

Kathy moved the cold meat around until she found her
opening and pushed it into her. She moved it in and
out, letting a little more enter each time. When she
had about two thirds in her, she felt it bump against
a barrier. Her face grimaced in pain as the hotdog
pressed against her hymen.

"What's wrong Kathy, does it hurt?"

"Yes, it hurts when it hits my cherry. I'm still

"Let me try it."

Kathy gave the hotdog to her sister and watched as
she pulled her shorts and panties down. She spread
her legs and tried to put the object into her vagina.
After searching for a moment, the hotdog began to
disappear into her crotch. She moved it in and out
until she too contacted her membrane and stopped.

"You're right, it does hurt. It must hurt when you
have sex with a boy too."

"Only the first time Mandy. Once your cherry is
broken it is supposed to be ok, at least that is what
we learned in sex-ed."

Mandy removed the object, threw it into the trash and
cut her banana up into her bowl of cereal.

After the girls finished their breakfast and cleaned
up the dishes, Kathy said, "Let's get started on the
house, I don't want to be at it all day."

The two girls set about their tasks, dusting and
vacuuming. They finished the main floor and went
upstairs. Together they cleaned the bathroom and the
hallway. They didn't have to clean their parents or
brother's rooms.

Once they were done, they went downstairs to watch

They were sitting on the floor watching the music
channel when Mike came downstairs. He flopped onto
the couch and said "good morning."

The girls said good morning and told him about the
note their mom had left for him. He got up, went to
the desk and read his list of things to do.

Mike was dressed in a pair of nylon running shorts
and a tee shirt. Kathy watched his as he crossed the
room back to the couch. She could see the outline of
his penis in the thin material as he walked. He
stretched out on the couch and watched the music
videos with his sisters.

The girls were lying on their stomachs, facing away
from the couch. Mike glanced at the two butts that
were sticking up before him. He could look into the
leg opening of Mandy's shorts and see her panties. He
looked at Kathy and tried to see up her nightshirt,
but it was pulled down too far.

Mandy sat up and turned around, folding her legs
under her. She looked up at her brother and said,
"Mike, Kathy wants to see your thing."

Mike said, "What did you say?"

Kathy spun around and smacked her sister on her arm.
"Shut-up Mandy, I do not."

"Sure you do Kathy, you said you have never seen one."

Kathy's face was red with embarrassment. She looked
away form her sixteen-year-old brother, trying to hide
her red face.

"Do you really want to see my cock Kathy? I'll show
it to you if you do."

Kathy turned around and faced Mike. She pulled
herself up and crossed her legs Indian style, pulling
her nightshirt over her knees. Avoiding eye contact
with her brother, she slowly shook her head yes.

"Ok, I will show you, but you have to show me your
titties," Mike said, as he sat up on the couch.

"I'll show you my boobs," Mandy said, and pulled her
tee shirt over her head.

"I have already seen yours, I want to see Kathy's"

Mike was becoming aroused. His penis began to
stiffen forming a bulge in his shorts.

Kathy was also becoming turned on. She could feel a
tingling in her vagina and her nipples harden against
the silky fabric of her nightshirt. Cautiously, she
leaned forward and pulled her nightshirt away from her

Mike looked into the opening and smiled. "Those are
real nice, but I can't really see them."

"You have to show her something now," Mandy said,
"it's only fair."

Mike pulled the leg opening of his shorts away from
his leg and said, "There, can you see it?"

Kathy looked into the gap but was unable to see much.
She could see his balls and the base of his penis, but
that was all.

"Not really, I can only see your round things."

"My balls, they are my balls. You show me more and I
will take the shorts off for you."

Mandy, sitting next to her sister topless, was
giggling. She knew that Kathy wasn't wearing any

"Come on sis, show him your boobs. I want to see his
cock too."

The younger girl stood up, shucked her shorts and sat
back down in just her panties.

Kathy unfolded her legs and crossed them in an
attempt to conceal her panty less crotch. She worked
her nightshirt from under her butt and slowly lifted
it up over her boobs. She held it for a moment and
then dropped it, covering herself.

"There, I showed you my boobs. Now let me see it."

Mike stood up and pushed the shorts down his legs,
letting them gather at his feet. He put his hands on
his hips and said, "There you go Kathy."

Kathy stared up at her brother's bare penis. She
studied the purple head and the hard shaft that stuck
up away from his hairy crotch. She looked at his
balls hanging between his legs, watching them sway as
he moved.

"Show her how you jack off Mike. Rub your thing for
us." Mandy said, shifting around on the carpeted

Mike sat on the edge of the couch, wrapped his hand
around his cock and began to slide it up and down the
length of his shaft. Kathy watched, her mouth wide
open, as he moved the flesh up over the head and back
down. She saw the slit in the very end and assumed
that is where his cum came out.

"Do you want to touch it Kathy?" he asked her, "You
can if you want to."

Mandy sprang forward and reached for him. "I'll do
it Mike. I like to touch it."

Mike removed his hand and Kathy watched as her little
sister wrapped hers around it. She mimicked her
brother's action, pumping her hand up and down his
hard cock.

"It feels hard and soft at the same time Kathy, you
really have to try it. If you don't hurry he will
squirt though and it takes awhile for him to get hard

Mike leaned back on the couch and enjoyed his little
sister's activity. He closed his eyes and tried to
think of anything other than what was happening to him.

Kathy scooted forward and reached out for his penis.
She touched the head with her fingertip, feeling its
spongy texture. She touched the small slit in the
end, causing Mike to jump. When he did, she quickly
pulled her hand away.

"It's ok, it is just real sensitive right there,"
Mike groaned.

Kathy reached between his legs and cupped his balls
in her hand. She felt their weight and rolled them in
her fingers. She never took her eyes off Mandy's hand
as it slid up and down over him. She saw a small drop
of liquid form at the tip and touched it with her
finger. Kathy rubbed the moisture over the velvety
head, watching it glisten. She took her fingertip and
touched it to her tongue, tasting the salty fluid.

Mandy was staring to increase the speed of her hand.
Mike was moaning and raising his hips to meet her.
She could feel him begin to swell in her tight fist as
she moved faster.

"Keep watching Kathy, he is almost ready to shoot."

Kathy stared at Mike's penis, unsure of what to
expect. All of a sudden, he groaned and a long rope
of thick white cum shot from the end of his penis into
the air, landing on his chest. She watched as spurt after spurt come out of his penis and landed on his
tee shirt. As the squirting began to diminish, his
hot cum rolled down his cock and onto Mandy's hand.
She slowed her motion and waited for her brother to
tell her to stop.

Finally, Mike took her wrist and removed her hand.
He fell back on the couch and breathed hard through
his mouth. Kathy watched as his penis began to shrink
and flop onto his leg.

Mike had his eyes closed tightly. He mumbled, "That
was awesome Mandy, you are getting real good at
jacking me off."

Mandy glowed with pride, she felt so proud that her
big brother liked what she did for him.

Kathy sat quietly, absorbing what she had just
watched. She remembered Eddy the night before and how
he had reacted much the same way Mike just did. She
was sure that her date had cum in his pants from her
rubbing him.

"Mike," Kathy said softly, "Do you think I could do
that to you sometime?"

Her brother opened his eyes and smiled down at his
sister as she sat on the floor at his feet. "Sure you
can Kathy, I would really like that."

Mandy, not wanting to lose her brother's favor said,
"Maybe I can show her how to give you a blow job.
I'll bet she would like to see that too."

"Would you like to see Mandy give me a blow job
Kathy, or maybe even try it yourself? I bet you'd
like to have my cock in your mouth and suck my cum out
of it." Mike closed his eyes again.

Mandy offered her cum covered hand to Kathy. "Taste
it," she whispered. "It is really kind of good, once
you get use to it."

Kathy took her hand, extended her tongue and touched
it to the sticky substance. She licked a little off
Mandy's hand and pulled it into her mouth. She
savored the bittersweet flavor, finding it acceptable.
Again she opened her mouth and swiped her tongue
across her sister's hand, gathering a larger amount of
his cum, before taking it into her mouth.

Mike said, "Can I see your tits again Kathy. I
really didn't get a very good look last time."

"I'm not wearing any panties Mike, let me go and put
some on first."

"Ok, if you want to, but I would like to see your
pussy too. You had it all covered up last time."

Slowly Kathy got up and stood in front of him. She
reached down and grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and
pulled it up under her chin. She stood motionless as
her brother stared at her breasts. She watched as his
eyes traveled down her tummy coming to rest at her
slightly spread legs.

Kathy noticed his penis begin to twitch as he took in
her nude body. He looked up into her eyes and said,
"Can I touch your tits?"

Kathy nodded and Mike reached up with both hands and
gently covered her breasts. He squeezed and released
them several times, noting how firm they were. He ran
his fingertips over her nipples, causing her to
shudder. Slowly, he used one hand to trace down her
stomach, coming to rest on her pubic mound. He ran
his fingers through her soft curly pubic hair and then
slid it between her legs.

As he rubbed her pussy, Kathy watched his penis grow.
Soon it was sticking strait out again.

"What makes it hard?" she asked.

"I guess it fills with blood."

Kathy moved closer and reached down into his lap.
She wrapped her hand around his shaft like she saw her
sister do. Slowly, she moved her hand up and down
over the hard flesh, watching the skin move in her
hand. Becoming tired of holding her nightshirt up,
she removed her hand from his penis and flipped the
garment over her head and onto the floor. She sat
next to him on the couch and took his penis back in
her hand.

Mike instructed her on how to rub him and how much
pressure to use. As he spoke, his fingers were busy
between her legs, probing at her pussy. Kathy spread
her legs and allowed him to insert a finger into her.
She noticed how much bigger his finger was compared to
hers or her sisters.

Mandy scurried between her brother's legs and watched
as her sister jacked Mike off. She looked between
Kathy's legs and watched Mikes finger slide in and out
of the moist hole. Mandy looked up at Kathy, and
said, "Watch me."

Kathy watched her little sister lean forward, open
her mouth and cover the end of Mike's cock. Kathy
moved her hand and stared as the young girl lowered
her head onto his shaft, taking half of it into her
mouth. Slowly she bobbed her head up and down over
his cock, coating it with her saliva. She continued
to suck him until all but about two or three inches of
his cock was exposed.

Mandy pulled off and used her tongue to lick the
helmet like head. She flattened her tongue and licked
him from his balls to the tip and back again.

"You try Kathy," she said.

The older girl got off the couch and knelt between
her brother's legs. She wrapped her hand around him
and lowered her mouth, letting the swollen cock past
her lips. She held still for a moment, enjoying the
feeling of the purple head lying on her tongue.

Mike put his hands on the side of her head and guided
her mouth up and down the tool. She kept her hand
wrapped around him to control how much she would allow

"Move your tongue," he moaned.

Kathy swirled her tongue around the head as she moved
her head up and down. She slid her hand a little
lower, letting more of him into her mouth. When his
cock touched the back of her of her throat, she felt
her gag reflex kick in. Rather than pull off, she
held still until the feeling went away.

Mike was trying to push his hips up and drive more of
him into her mouth. She pulled off and said, "Please
take it easy, I'm doing the best that I can."

Kathy replaced her mouth and picked up where she left
off. She was getting comfortable with his cock in her
mouth and could feel the familiar tingle start in her
crotch. She sped up her oral movement and began to
suck as she moved her head over him. Just as she was
getting a good rhythm going, she felt something
between her legs.

Mandy was lying on her back, her head between Kathy's
legs. She was licking at her and pushing her tongue
into her pussy. Kathy moaned around her brother's
cock and sucked harder. When Mandy's tongue touched
her clit, Kathy pushed her hips and head down at the
same time.

When her head went down, she felt Mike's cock push
past the tight opening and into her throat. She tried
to breath through her nose and fight the gagging that
began. Her sister pulled her down to her face and
sucked on her clit and Kathy felt like she was going
to pass out. She pulled her head up and removed half
of the cock from her mouth.

Mike bounced his hips up and down, sliding his hard
penis in and out of his sister's sucking mouth. "I'm
going to cum!" He shouted.

Kathy increased her efforts and felt the first gob of
hot cum hit her back of her mouth. She sucked and
swallowed rapidly, trying to capture every drop of her
brother's discharge. She felt her own orgasm begin
deep in her belly and explode to the surface. She
rocked her crotch against her sister's face and sucked on her brother.

Mike stopped shooting his cum into her mouth and she
let his cock slip out. She rose up, clutched her
breasts and yelled out. "Oh Mandy, I'm coming. Suck
my pussy Mandy!"

Mandy felt Kathy's discharge coat her face. She
covered her pussy with her mouth and sucked the sweet
fluid out of the overheated girl. Unable to take any
more, Kathy rolled off her sister and lay on the
floor. She looked up at her brother and saw him
staring at the two girls, unable to believe what he
had just seen.

After about fifteen minutes, the three siblings began
to stir. Mandy sat up, still dressed in only her
panties. Kathy stood and pulled her nightshirt over
her nude body. Mike pulled his shorts back on and sat
back on the couch.

Kathy sat next to him and rested her head on his
shoulder. "How long before you can do it again?" she

Mike shook his head and watched Mandy scamper up the
stairs to go the bathroom.

"I don't know, that last one was the biggest I have
ever had," he said.

"I want to try that again, I really like the way you

Mike looked down at her and said, "I would like to
put it in you, and you know screw."

"Mike, I don't what to get pregnant. If we do that I
might you know!"

"I could get some rubbers, that way you wouldn't get
knocked up."

Kathy thought for a moment and said, "Where would you
get them?"

"At the gas station, they will sell them to anyone."

"Why don't you get them and if I decide I want to do
it we'll be prepared."

Mandy came back into the room and sat on the floor.
"Mike it is my turn to give you a blow job, are you
ready yet?"

"No Mandy, I'm not ready. Besides, I still have to
do my chores before mom and dad get home."

"That's not fair. Both of you have got off but I

"You're right Mandy, it isn't fair. Come and sit on
the couch." Mike patted the spot on the opposite side
of him.

The young girl jumped onto the couch and reached for
his crotch. He jumped out of her reach and knelt on
the floor between her legs. He reached up, grabbed
the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her

Kathy watched as he pulled her legs up and apart. He
buried his face between her outstretched legs and
licked her crotch. Mandy squealed with delight as her
brother licked and sucked her pussy.

Kathy pulled the young girl's shirt up and covered
her breast with her mouth. She sucked almost all of
her small breast into her mouth and ran her tongue
over her nipple. She released her breast and took the
hard little nipple between her teeth and bit it

Mike pushed a finger into her tight pussy and poked
at her clit with his tongue. Mandy began to moan and
move her head from side to side. She put one hand
behind her sister's head and the other on her
brother's. Her hips bounced off the couch into Mike's
mouth as he drilled her with his finger and tongue.

Kathy sucked one breast and massaged the other,
switching between the two. In a mater of minutes,
Mandy was screaming.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," she yelled.

Mike felt her pussy grip his finger as she reached
her climax. Finally, she pushed the two away and
collapsed on the couch.

Kathy ran her fingers through her hair and Mike
gently rubbed her legs.

"There," he said, "Now everyone has had a turn."

Mandy shook her head yes and closed her eyes. The
two older kids watched as their sister fell asleep.

"Take her up to her room Mike, she can't sleep down
here like that."

Mike scooped the young girl into his arms. He put
his hands under her nude bottom and carried her
upstairs, followed by Kathy. Once in the bedroom,
Kathy turned down Mandy's bed and he laid her down.
Kathy pulled the covers over her sister and they left
the room.

Mike went to his room and changed his tee shirt.
Kathy stood in the doorway and watched as her brother pulled the cum stained shirt over his head, and
slipped into another one.

"Do you want me to wash that for you Mike?"

"Thanks, that would be great." He tossed the shirt to Kathy and the two went downstairs.

Mike grabbed a snack and sat at the table eating it.
Kathy sat in a chair next to him and watched as he
ate. She was mesmerized by the older boy. She had
never really gotten along with her brother, always
thinking of him as a pain. Things were different now,
she saw him in a completely way.

Without thinking, Kathy put her feet up on her chair
and wrapped her arms around her knees. Mike glanced
at her and noticed her crotch. He could see her pussy and the soft hair that covered it. She caught his
eyes and knew what he was staring at, but made no
attempt to conceal herself. She was enjoying the
attention, even if it was sexual.

"I'm going to go and cut the grass," Mike said. "Dad
wants me to clean the garage too."

When he stood up, Kathy could see that his cock was
hard again. She smiled and thought about sucking him
again, but decided against it.

"Ok Mike, I'm going to hang around in here for
awhile, I'll catch you later."

Mike went out the backdoor and into the garage. She
watched as he came out of the garage on his bike and
rode away.

Kathy went to her room and sat on her bed. Mandy was
still asleep, curled under her blanket. She walked
around the room and thought about what she would wear
today. Glancing at her dressing table, she noticed
the bag, from Victoria's Secret, her mom had left in
the room. She picked it up to throw it away and
noticed it wasn't empty.

Kathy sat on her bed and opened the bag, looking into
it. She saw more new underwear and poured the
contents out onto the bed. Sorting through the pile,
she matched three new satin, bra and panty sets.
There was one set of black, one red, and one white.
The bras were lacy and had front hooks. She quickly
pulled her nightshirt off and tried on each set.

Kathy stood in front of her mirror, admiring how she
looked in the red lingerie. The bra had soft cups,
trimmed in lace, the panties were bikini cut, also
trimmed in lace. She turned and looked at her butt in
the mirror, noting how the shinny fabric clung tightly
to her.

Kathy decided she would wear the new red underwear
today. She went to the closet and searched for
something that would make her look and feel sexy. She
pulled a black mini skirt off its hanger and pulled it
on. The short skirt was pleated and flared out when
she spun around. She selected a red tank top and
pulled it over her head, tucking it into the waistband
of the skirt.

Sitting at her dressing table, she brushed her hair
and pulled it into a ponytail. Satisfied with her
appearance, she went downstairs. Kathy turned on the
television and sat on the couch. While she was
surfing through the channels, she heard the lawnmower

Kathy turned off the television and went outside to
watch her brother cut the lawn. It was a typical
Florida spring morning. The sun had already warmed
the air and it was getting humid.

Kathy sat on the picnic table, her feet on the long
bench seat. She watched as Mike pushed the noisy
power mower back and forth across the grass, stopping
to empty the clippings.

When he saw her sitting there, Mike turned off the
mower and walked over to the table.

"You look really nice Kathy. Are you going out or

"No, I just felt like getting dressed up a little.
Do you like it?" she asked, as she jumped off the
table and quickly spun around, causing the skirt to
flair out.

"Yeah, I like it a lot. You really look hot. I'm
going to finish the lawn and then clean the garage."

Mike got up, pulled his tee shirt off and went back
to the mower. She watched his muscles flex as pulled
on the cord, starting the machine. He continued to
cut the lawn, going out front when he had finished the

Kathy went into the house and took two cans of Coke
from the refrigerator. She walked into the living
room on her way to the front door. Mandy was up and
talking on the phone. She hung up and said, "That was
mom. She said I could play with Suzie for a while.
She is taking grandma to the doctors and will be home
in a few hours."

"Ok Mandy. Did you have a nice nap?"

"Yes, but how did I get upstairs?"

"Mike carried you up and we put you into your bed."

Mandy was dressed in her panties and tee shirt. She
went to the couch and pulled her shorts from under it.
She pulled them on and headed for the front door.

Kathy followed her out of the house as sat on the
porch. She waved at Mike and held up a can of Coke.
He turned off the mower, came over to her and took the
cold soda, drinking half of it.

"Thanks, that tastes good."

"Your welcome. How much longer do you have before
you finish the lawn?"

"I'm almost done, I only have the strip between the
sidewalk and the street to do."

The two sat for a couple of minutes, then Mike
returned to the lawn. Kathy picked up his empty can
and took it into the house. She waited in the kitchen
until she heard the mower stop and went back into the

Kathy again sat on the picnic table and watched as
her brother carried things out of the garage and piled
them on the drive. She sat quietly as he made trip
after trip into the garage, returning with his arms
full each time.

"I'm going to go and find Mandy," she said, "I'll be
right back."

Mike nodded and set a stack of boards on the drive.

Kathy went across the street to Suzie's house. She
walked into the back yard trying to find her sister.
She heard giggling coming from the garage and walked
over to investigate. The overhead door was closed so
she walked around the side and looked into the window.
She gasped at what she saw in side the building.
Suzie and her brother Tommy were stretched out on an
old couch, both of them nude. She saw Mandy, also
nude standing and watching the two.

Suzie was on her back, her brother lying on top of
her with his head between her legs. He was sucking and licking the young girls pussy. Suzie had Tommy's
penis in her mouth and he was pumping it in and out.

Kathy watched for a few minutes, and then Tommy and
Suzie got up. Mandy lay down on the couch and the boy resumed his position. She watched as he drove his
hard cock in and out of her sister's throat. Suzie
sat on the couch between Mandy's legs and pushed a
finger into her pussy. From her vantage point, Kathy
could see clearly between her sister's legs.

As Suzie fingered her, Mandy continued to let Tommy
pump his cock into her mouth. Kathy reached under her
skirt and into her panties. She began to rub herself
as she watched the three kids carry on. She gasped
when she saw Suzie remove her finger from Mandy's
pussy and push it into her ass. Mandy bounced her
hips into her finger as Suzie pushed it in and out.

Tommy said something that Kathy couldn't hear. He
climbed off Mandy and she sat up next to Suzie. Tommy
grabbed his cock and began to rub it rapidly. The two
girls sat close together and watched as his fist flew
over the length of his cock. All of a sudden he began
to ejaculate, sending ropes of sticky cum over the two
girls naked breasts. When he was done, the girls used
their tongues to clean the cum off of each other.

Kathy removed her hand from her wet crotch and left
before being discovered. She was excited by what she
had seen, but wanted to get away before the kids came
out of the garage. She ran across the street and into
the front door of her house.

Sitting on the couch, Kathy caught her breath. She
heard the telephone ring and got up to answer it. Her
mom was on the phone. She told Kathy that her grandma
was going to the hospital for some tests and may have
to spend the night. She told her daughter that she
was going to stay and Kathy's dad was going to meet
her when he was done working. Her mom went on to tell
her that there was money in her dresser and they could
order pizza for dinner.

Kathy hung up and went to her parent's room to find
the money. She opened her mom's dresser drawer and
looked for the envelope she had told her about. She
looked through her mother's underwear, noting the
different kinds she had. Kathy picked up a pair of
thong panties and studied them. She thought for a
moment and reached under her skirt and removed her red panties, replacing them with the pair she had found.
She held her skirt up and looked at herself in the
mirror, noting how the thin band of material in back
disappeared into the crack of her butt. She quickly
took them off, folded them and put them back where she
found them.

Becoming curious, she searched through each of the
drawers. In a bottom drawer, under a stack of
sweaters, she found a videotape. She looked at the
box and them opened it. There were no markings on the
tape or the black box it was stored in. She went to
the window and looked outside. Mike was sorting
through the pile of junk he had spread out on the

Kathy put the tape into the VCR on her dad's dresser
and turned it on. She sat on the bed and watched as
the movie started. There was a girl with very large
breasts sitting on a bed wearing a sweater and skirt.
She saw a tall man come into the room and begin
kissing her. The man pulled the sweater over the
girl's head and took off her bra. He began to rub and
suck on the girl's boobs and put his hand under her

The girl in the movie unzipped the man's pants and
pulled them down, revealing a large cock. Kathy saw
that his penis was soft, but still twice the size of
her brother's. The girl picked up the soft meat and
put it into her mouth. She rubbed and sucked on it
until it began to grow.

Kathy began to rub herself as she watched the man's
cock grow and become hard. The girl took the huge
cock down her throat, pushing her nose into the man's
pubic hair. When she pulled it out of her mouth,
Kathy could see that it was as long as her arm and
almost as big around. She pushed a finger into her
pussy and moved it as she watched the girl take him
into her mouth again. She could see the girl's throat
bulge as the long cock went down it.

After sucking on the man for a while, she stood up
and took off her skirt. She lay on the bed, pulled
her legs open and the man put his cock into her pussy.
Kathy watched as the hard shaft slid in and out of the
girl's stretched hole. She could see his balls slap
into her ass as he pumped her.

Kathy stood up and removed her panties and sat on the
floor. She put her finger back into her own pussy,
adding a second one. The man in the movie pulled out
of the girl and she got on her hands and knees. He
again pushed his cock into her, this time from behind.

Over the next fifteen minutes, the couple changed
positions several times. Kathy watched one, noting
how they were coupled. At one point the man was on
his back and the girl knelt over him and lowered
herself onto the long shaft. She bounced up and down
on him, squeezing her own breasts.

The man sat on the bed and the girl sat on his cock,
facing him. She got off and turned around and
inserted it back into her, this time facing away while
the man grabbed her boobs. Kathy was very close to
her own orgasm when the man pulled out of the girl,
grabbed his cock and jacked off, pointing it at her

Kathy came as the man sent a long thick rope of cum onto the girls face. She opened her mouth and he shot
stream after stream of the thick liquid into her mouth
and onto her face. Kathy got up and rewound the tape.
She put it back into the box and hid it under the
sweaters where she had found it. She picked up her
panties and went into the bathroom.

After wetting a washcloth, Kathy cleaned her wet
crotch. She put her new red panties back on and went
back to her parent's room to get the money she had
originally gone in there for. She took a twenty-
dollar bill from the envelope and went downstairs.

Kathy took two Cokes and went out to the garage. She
handed one to her brother and watched him drink it.
She could see the sweat covering his body and the lump
in his thin shorts. She told him about the phone call
from their mom and about having pizza for dinner.

Mike put his can on a workbench and continued
carrying things back into the garage. He would pick
up several boards, carry them up a ladder, and put
them in the attic of the garage. Kathy watched as he
went up the steps, his leg muscles flexing. She
studied his firm ass on the way up and his crotch on
the way down.

"Can I see what is up there?" she asked.

"I don't care, just be careful, the ladder isn't all
that sturdy."

Kathy put her foot on the bottom step and started up
the ladder. When it began to wobble, she said, "Will
you hold it for me?"

Mike grabbed the ladder and watched as she climbed
the steps. He looked up and saw her red panties under
her short skirt. He began to giggle as she stood with
her head through the opening.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing Kathy, it's just a nice view from down here."

Kathy looked down and saw him looking up her skirt.
She smiled and said, "Like my new panties?"

"They're real cute sis. Where did you get them?"

"Mom bought them for me. I even have a matching
bra." She turned around and pulled her top up,
showing him her lacy red bra.

"Very nice."

Kathy started down the ladder and Mike stepped back.
She froze and said, "Please hold it Mike, I don't want
to fall."

Mike stepped back and held the ladder and she slowly
came down. When her crotch was even with his face,
she pulled up her skirt and said, "Want a better look?"

The boy smiled, leaned forward and kissed her mound.
She pushed herself into his face and wiggled against
his mouth.

"Get down, I have to finish this."

Kathy stepped down, rubbing against her brother as
she did. She quickly reached down and rubbed his
crotch, feeling his hard penis.

"I guess you liked my little show."

"Yes I did, but I really have to get back to work."

"Is there something I can do to help you?"

"No, not dressed like that."

"I will go and change if you want me too. It is
almost four and we are going to have to order the
pizza soon."

"If you want to, it would make things go faster."

Kathy ran into the house and to her room, she
stripped off her outfit and new underwear. She
grabbed an old pair of shorts and a tee shirt and
pulled them on over her nude body.

Back in the garage, Mike was still hauling boards.

"Do you want me to hand them to you? That way you
won't have to keep climbing the ladder."

'Sure, I am working on that pile."

Kathy began picking up the lumber and handing it up
to her brother. They worked together for about an
hour, finishing the job. The two stood on the drive
and looked into the garage.

"Thanks Kathy, you were a big help. I would have
been out here all night. By the way, where is Mandy?"

She is across the street messing around with Suzie
and Tommy.

"What do you mean messing around?"

Kathy walked over to the picnic table and sat down.
She told Mike what she had seen earlier that afternoon
in Suzie's garage. Mike sat next to her and listened
to the details of his little sister's activities.
Kathy glanced into his lap and noticed his penis was
getting hard and the head was peaking out the leg
opening of his shorts.

"Does that turn you on?" she said. She ran her
fingertips over his exposed flesh.

"Yeah, kind of. We had better keep our eyes on her,
or she will end up pregnant," Mike said. He moved
slightly, causing more of his penis to stick out along
his leg.

Kathy wrapped her hand around it and stroked his
gently. She ran her thumb over the head, making it
jump. She looked around to be sure no one was
watching them, sat on the bench between his legs and
licked his hard cock. She tried to suck it into her
mouth, but his shorts were too tight. She bathed the
head several more times and move away. She sat back
on the table next to him, resting her hand on his leg.

"You taste all sweaty, you need a shower."

Mike slid his hand into the leg opening of her shorts
and up to her panty less crotch. He rubbed her and
said, "So do you."

The two laughed and went into the house. Mike went
up stairs and Kathy went out the front door to look
for her sister. She crossed the street and went into
Suzie's backyard. Suzie and Mandy were sitting on the
patio, listening to music.

"You have to come home in an hour Mandy. mom and
dad are at the hospital with grandma and we are going
to order pizza."

"Ok Kathy, I'll be there."

Kathy went back to her house, ran upstairs and
listened at the bathroom door. She could hear the
shower and her brother singing. She reached down and
tried the doorknob. Seeing that it was unlocked, she
stripped off her clothes, walked in and joined her
brother in the shower.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked.

"Just trying to save water," she giggled. "Want me
to wash your back?"

Mike shook his head and handed her the soap. She
rubbed it over his back, put down the bar and ran her
hands over his skin. She grabbed the soap again,
knelt down and began to wash his legs. She slid her
hands up the inside and soaped his cock and balls.

"Turn around."

Mike turned around and faced the kneeling girl. She
used both hands to rub his penis and hanging balls.
She moved him so the water rinsed away the suds,
rubbing him to be sure. She took his clean cock into
her mouth and sucked it gently.

Mike began to thrust his hips, sliding his cock in
and out of her mouth. Kathy took her hand away from
his penis and gripped his ass. She pulled him to
her, driving his cock deep into her throat. She
fought off the urge to gag and moaned around the hard
intruder. Mike reached down and grabbed her wet hair,
holding her head tight to his crotch.

Kathy could feel his pubic hair against her nose and
thought about the girl in the video she had watched
earlier. She let him slip out of her mouth and licked
his dangling balls. She gently sucked one into her
mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. She
pulled away and looked up at him.

"Tell me when you're going to cum."

Mike nodded and she took him back into her mouth.
She sucked and let him fuck her face, feeling his hair
on her nose and his balls on her chin every time he
drove his hard cock into her.

"Kathy, I'm going to cum," he grunted.

Kathy pulled back, wrapped her hand around him and
pumped his cock. She felt him swell in her hand and
pointed his cock at her face as he let go. The first
spurt hit her on the nose and she adjusted her aim.
The next streams hit her lips and in her mouth. She
extended her tongue and captured as much of his spunk as she could. When he stopped coming, she stood up,
opened her mouth and showed him the pool of cum on her
curled tongue.

Kathy pushed the rest of his cum from her face into
her mouth with her finger and swallowed it. She
licked her lips and savored his taste.

Mike leaned against the wall of the shower,
exhausted. He let the warm water cascade over his
body as his sister leaned against him. She picked up
the soap and quickly washed herself as her brother watched.

"That was good," she said, "I'm starting to love the
taste of cum."

"You are going to kill me if you keep it up, I have
never cum so hard or so many times."

Kathy turned off the water and grabbed two towels.
She handed one to her brother and dried herself with
the other. The two stepped out of the shower and
finished drying off.

"How many times a day do you jack off?"

"Sometimes three or four."

"What is the most you have ever done it in one day?"

"Six I think, I really don't remember."

The two finished in the bathroom and went to their
rooms. Kathy put her red bra and panties back on and
pulled on her skirt. She took a short crop top from
her closet and buttoned it up. She brushed her damp
hair, leaving it down. As she was finishing, Mandy
came into their room.

"Why did you take another shower?"

"I helped Mike clean the garage and I was all sweaty.
Did you have fun at Suzie's house?"

"Yeah, we had a great time."

Kathy sat on her bed and said, "Mandy, you had better
slow down with all this sex stuff. If you aren't
careful, you are going to end up pregnant."

"What are you talking about? I'm not having sex, not
like that."

"I know, but you might get carried away one of these
times and not be able to stop. You are still young and you sure don't want to have a baby."

"I will be careful, but you better be careful too.
You can get pregnant just as easy as I can."

"I know, but I'm a little older and it might be
easier for me to stop before things get out of hand.
You know, I saw you with Tommy and Suzie today. You
were really going at it with them."

"You were spying on me!"

"No, I went over to Suzie's house to find you and saw
you guys in the garage. You really seemed to like it
when Tommy was stuffing his cock into your mouth and
when Suzie put her finger in your butt."

Mandy giggled, "Yeah, I like it when she does that,
it feels so weird. Tommy's cock isn't as big as
Mike's and it is easy to take it all. You should come
over sometime and mess around with us, you would have

"Maybe someday. We need to go and order the pizza,
it's getting late."

The two girls went downstairs, into the living room.
Mike was on the couch watching television, dressed in
a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt.

Kathy asked them what they wanted on their pizza and
called in the order. The three sat quietly and waited
for the pizza to come.

While they were relaxing, the phone rang. Mike
answered it and talked to his dad. After a few
minutes, he hung up.

"Dad said that grandma is real sick and he and mom are going to stay at the hospital tonight. He said we
should go to bed early and not to fight."

"What's wrong with grandma?" Kathy asked.

"He said they aren't sure yet. They have to run
tests tonight and he will call us in the morning."

Kathy thought about being home alone all night with
just her brother and sister. She remembered the video and the man shoving his hard cock into the girl. She
wondered what it would be like to have a cock in her

Kathy went into the kitchen and looked through the
cupboards. She spotted a bottle of Rum in the back of
the top cupboard and thought about fixing drinks for
her and her siblings.

"Mike, come here for a minute." She called.

Her brother joined her in the kitchen and saw her
standing on a chair. She pulled the bottle from the
cabinet and held it up for him to see.

"What do you think Mike. Want to have a drink with

Mike looked at the bottle and saw it was almost full.
He thought for a moment and said, "Well, maybe one.
Mom and dad would kill us if they find out."

"I know, but I feel like being bad tonight. They
won't find out if we don't drink too much."

"How about Mandy?"

"I guess it won't hurt for her to have one too."

Kathy handed the bottle down to her brother and
jumped off the chair. She took it and put it into
another cabinet. The two walked back into the living
room and the doorbell rang. Kathy took the money and
went to the door. She paid the deliveryman and
carried the pizza into the kitchen.

Mandy set up snack trays so they could watch
television while they ate.

"Mandy, Mike and I are going to have a drink with our
pizza. Would you like one too?"

"Do you mean like booze?"

"Yes, we are going to have a rum and Coke."

"Yeah, I want one too. What does rum taste like? I
had vodka and orange juice at Suzie's once, it was
pretty good."

"I don't know what it tastes like, I have never had
it before." Kathy told her.

Mike put slices of pizza onto plates and Mandy got
napkins for all of them. Kathy took three glasses out
and put ice into them. She took the bottle of rum
from the cabinet and poured a small amount into each
glass. She thought for a moment and then poured more
into one of the glasses, filling them with Coke. She
carried the three drinks into the living room and gave
one to Mike and the one with the extra rum to Mandy.
She took hers to her seat and began to eat her food.

"Here's to sex," Mandy said, raising her glass. Mike
and Kathy chuckled and raised their drinks. Kathy
watched as Mandy took a big drink from her glass,
downing almost half of it. The three kids sat eating
their pizza and drinking the rum and Cokes. When they
were done with dinner, Kathy cleaned up the dishes and
put the remaining pizza into the refrigerator. She
returned to the living room and sat with her sister on
the couch.

"Can I have more?" Mandy asked, holding out her
empty glass.

"No, you have had enough. mom and dad will miss the
rum if we take anymore."

Mandy went into the kitchen and poured more Coke into
her glass. She returned and sat quietly on the couch.
Mike was stretched out in his dad's recliner, watching
the program on television.

Mandy began to get a little giddy. She was giggling
for no apparent reason. She crawled across the couch,
on her hands and knees, and peaked under her sister's

"Where did you get the red panties?" she asked, "I
have never seen them before."

"Mom got them for me, now get away."

They watched television for about an hour. Kathy
looked at the time and told Mandy to go and get her
nightgown on.

"Ok," the young girl said, "I'll be right back."

She stood up and wobbled, the drink having an obvious
affect on her. She staggered to the stairs and slowly
climbed them, taking her top off as she went.

"How much rum did you give her?" Mike asked.

"Just about the same as I gave you and I," she lied.

"Well it seems to have made her a little drunk."

"Maybe I better go and check on her, I'll be right

Kathy got up and went to her room. Mandy was nude
and stretched out on her bed.

"Are you ok Mandy?"

"I'm fine," she slurred, "I just feel a little funny."

"Get your nightgown on, you can't sleep like that."

Mandy tried to sit up, but was having trouble. Kathy
took a clean nightgown from her drawer and helped her
into it. She helped Mandy get under the covers and
told her goodnight.

Kathy turned off the lights and sat on her bed for a
few minutes. Soon, she heard the deep breathing that
indicated Mandy had fallen asleep. Quietly, she left
the room and pulled the door closed behind her. She
went back to the living room and sat back in her spot
on the couch.

"She is sound asleep," she said.

Mike nodded and continued to watch the movie that had
started while Kathy was up stairs. Kathy stretched
out on the couch, her feet pointing towards her
brother. She watched the movie and Mike. She made it
a point to lie so he could see under her skirt if he
looked. She put her arms over her head, causing the
crop top she wore to rise up and expose the bottom of
her lacy red bra.

Glancing from the television to her brother, she
finally caught him looking at her. She smiled at him
as he took in the display she was putting on. She
watched as he divided his attention between the movie and her.

"Why don't you just come over here and sit with me."

Mike folded the recliner and went to the couch. She
sat up and he sat next to her, putting his arm around
her shoulders. Kathy put her head on his chest and
snuggled up to him. She put one hand on his leg and
together they watched the movie.

Kathy moved and his arm went behind her back, his
hand rested on her bottom. Slowly he began to massage
her butt, hiking her skirt as he did. Soon his hand
was on her panties, rubbing the slippery material.
She was really enjoying the feeling of his hand on her
butt. She slowly rolled over and looked into his
eyes. With out saying anything, she pulled her mouth
to his and kissed him for the first time.

Mike slid down and lay next to her, kissing her back.
They opened their mouths and probed each other with
their tongues. He put his hand on her tummy and
rubbed her bare flesh, widening his strokes. Soon,
his hand found her bra covered breasts and he began to
rub them. She moaned into his mouth as she felt him
massage the firm flesh.

"Mike," she whispered into his ear, "Lets go upstairs
where we can be more comfortable."

The two untangled themselves and turned off the
television. Hand in hand they walked upstairs. Kathy
quietly opened her bedroom door and checked on her

"She's still sound asleep," she whispered.

They went to Mike's room and stepped inside. Mike
turned off the overhead light and turned on the small
lamp on his nightstand. They pulled his covers back,
laid down on his bed and resumed their kissing. Mike
put his hand back under her top and began to rub her
breasts again.

Kathy unbuttoned her top and unhooked her bra, giving
him access to her bare flesh. He kissed down her neck
to her breasts. He sucked gently on her nipples,
moving back and forth between the firm globes. She
held the back of his head and moaned softly. She
moved him, slipped the top and bra off, and lay back

Mike massaged one breast and sucked on the other. He
lifted his head and said, "You have great boobs Kathy,
I love how they feel and taste."

Kathy moaned and moved her hand between them,
slipping it into his sweat pants. She wrapped her
fingers around him and slowly stroked him. He put his
hand between her legs, pulled up her skirt and rubbed
her crotch. She spread her legs and moved her hips
into his hand.

Mike put his fingers under the elastic waistband of
her panties and tried to work them down. She removed
her hand from his pants and helped him slip the
panties over her butt and down her legs. She pulled
her skirt off and helped Mike out of his shirt and

The two naked teens pressed their bodies against one
another and ran their hands over the other's flesh.
They kissed each other and sucked on their tongues.

Mike slowly kissed and licked his way down to her
breasts. He ran his tongue over her hard nipples and
sucked each one into his mouth. He moved lower,
kissing her tummy and pausing at her navel. He pushed
his tongue into the small depression and caused her to
giggle. He kissed her pubic mound and gently pulled
at her soft hair with his lips.

When she felt his tongue lick between the folds of
her pussy, she spread her legs as wide as she could.
He licked and sucked her puffy lips, parting them with
the tip of his tongue. When he licked her clit, she
grabbed his head and pulled it into her crotch.

"Turn around Mike," she panted.

Her brother spun around and lay next to her,
returning his mouth to her pussy. She grabbed his
hips, pulled him on top of her and guided his cock
into her open mouth. She licked and sucked him as he
did the same to her. She put her hands on his hips
and guided him in and out of her mouth, taking him
deeper and deeper.

Kathy groaned around his cock when she felt him push
two fingers into her tight hole. He sucked her clit
and pumped his fingers in and out of her, matching the
pace of his cock in her throat. She decided she
didn't want him to cum in her mouth, at least not
right now. She used her hands to push him up,
dislodging his cock from her mouth. She pulled him
back down, his cock lying against the side of her face.

Mike continued to eat her and finger her pussy. She
squirmed out from under him and put her mouth on his.
They kissed, tasting each other's secretions.

"Mike," she panted into his ear, "Did you get the

"Yes," he grunted.

"Get them, I want to feel you in me."

Mike reached over to his nightstand and pulled open
the drawer. He reached inside, brought out a package
of condoms and opened the box. He removed one and
ripped open the foil wrapper. Carefully, he rolled
the latex over his cock, remembering the instructions
he had read earlier. With the condom securely in
place he climbed onto his sister and attempted to put
his cock into her.

Kathy realized he was unable to locate her opening so
she reached between them and tried to guide him in.
She felt him slip into her tight pussy and gasped as
he stretched her. As soon as he had about two or
three inches in her, he began to thrust.

"Go slow Mike," she said, "You are going to hurt me."
She held his hips and tried to slow the excited boy down.

Mike slowed his movements, pushing in and pulling
back slowly. Each time he pressed his hard cock into
her pussy, he went a little deeper. When he came in
contact with her hymen, Kathy screamed in pain.

"Stop Mike, you're hurting me."

"What's the matter?"

"I am virgin and you are against my cherry. It is
going to hurt when you break it."

Mike slowly backed out and pressed forward, being
careful not to go too deep. He slid his cock in and
out of her a couple more times and said, "What do you
want to do Kathy? I'm going to cum if I keep this up.
Do you want me to stop?"

Kathy thought about the video she watched earlier and
remembered the girl on top of the guy.

"Get up for a minute Mike, I want to try something."

Mike pulled out of her and lay next to her. She
pushed him on his back and climbed on top. She rose
up and used her hand to guide his penis back into her
wet hole and slowly lowered herself in it.

Kathy was getting use to having Mike's cock in her
and began to move down on it. When she felt him bump
into her membrane, she let out a small yelp. She held
still for a second and then pressed down slowly.

Realizing that it was just going to hurt and there
was nothing she could do about it, she rose up until
only the head of his cock was in her. She leaned
forward and put her head on his chest and hugged him
tightly. Slowly rocking her hips, she dropped down,
driving Mike's cock through her hymen.

Kathy yelled into his chest and tears filled her
eyes. She held still and felt her vagina throb around
the thick shaft that impaled her.

"Are you ok?" Mike asked.

"I'm alright, it just hurts. Hold still and I will
be ok."

Mike lay motionless as she tried to become accustom
to being filled. His penis began to twitch and he
felt his cum churning in his balls. When Kathy began
to move around a little, he fought the urge to cum.

Kathy rose up and slid back down on him. The sharp
pain had changed to a dull throb and was not as
uncomfortable as it was only moments earlier. She
again moved her hips up, letting almost all of her
brother's cock slid out, and pushed back down.

Slowly she began to move up and down on him, picking
up speed as she did. Mike began to thrust his hips up
to meet her and soon they were screwing in earnest.

Mike began to groan and pushed up into her, grabbed
her hips and held himself deep inside. She felt him
swell in her as the throbs of his ejaculation began.
He moaned loudly as he filled the condom with his cum.
When he was empty, his body relaxed under Kathy. He
reached between them, gripped the condom and his cock
and told her to get off.

Kathy slowly rose up, feeling his cock slide out of
her pussy. She glanced down and looked at the blood-
covered condom, realizing the blood was hers. The
young girl got out of her brother's bed and ran to the

Once she was sure she wasn't leaking any more blood,
she returned to Mike's room. She sat on the edge of
the bed and looked down on him. He was on his back,
his flaccid penis still encased in the condom.

"Are you ok Kathy?" he asked her.

"I think so. It just wasn't what I expected. It
seems like it was over too fast "

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold out any longer."

"That's ok Mike, I guess we just need practice," she
said with a smile, "I'm sure it will be better next

Kathy reached over and pulled the condom off his
penis. She held it out and asked, "What do you do
with it?"

"Flush it down the toilet I guess."

Kathy went to the bathroom dropped the condom into
the bowl and flushed the toilet. She watched as it
disappeared and went back to Mike's room. She bent
over him and took his cum covered penis into her mouth
and sucked him clean. As she washed the soft flesh
with her mouth and tongue, she felt it begin to stir.

Mike moaned as she increased her efforts, sucking firmly on the hardening penis. She reached between
his legs and massaged his balls as she bobbed her head
up and down over his hard cock. When he was fully
erect again, she removed her mouth and lay next to his.

"Don't you dare cum in me," she said, as she pulled
him on top of her. "I want to feel it in me without
the condom on it."

Mike pushed his cock against her pussy, trying to
find her hole. He kept missing and in frustration,
Kathy reached down and guided him into her. He
pushed, sinking all the way in to her. He slowly
began to pump in and out of her pussy with long steady

Kathy wrapped her legs around him and pushed back.
She liked the way she felt, filled by her brother's
cock. His hard shaft rubbed against her clit and she
felt her orgasm begin to build. She bucked up to meet
his thrusts and rotated her hips to improve the
contact with her hard nub. Grabbing her nipples, she
pulled them and rolled them between her finger and

Grunting loudly, she felt her pussy contract and grip
Mike's cock. She let out a muffled scream as she
climaxed with her brother's cock stroking the inner
walls of her pussy. Just as she reached the summit of
her intense orgasm, Mike pulled out of her and sprayed
his cum over her belly. He pressed his cock into the
sticky discharge and rubbed against her.

The two siblings lay against each other, breathing
hard. Kathy wrapped her arms around her brother and
held him tight.

"I just knew it would be better," she panted. "It's
so much better with out that thing on your cock."

"That was great Kathy, even if I didn't get to cum inside you."

Mike rolled off her and snuggled up close to her
naked body. He rubbed his hand over her stomach,
smearing his cum around. Kathy turned and kissed his
cheek and said, "Thanks for being my first Mike, it
really mean a lot."

"It means a lot to me too Kathy."

The two rested in each other's arms for about an
hour. Kathy got up, gathered her clothing, and kissed
Mike on the mouth. "I am going to go clean up and go
to bed. If we fall asleep together and mom or dad
finds us they will kill us."

"Ok Kathy, goodnight, and thanks."

Kathy smiled and left his room. She went to the
bathroom and cleaned the cum off her body with a
washcloth. She went to her room, put on a pair of
short pajamas and climbed into her bed. As she
attempted to fall asleep, she thought back over the
last twenty-four hours. Last night she was scared and
making out in the front seat of Eddy's car and tonight
she had lost her virginity, sucked cock, eaten her
sister's pussy and been eaten by her sister and

I have learned so much today, she thought, maybe I
don't really need Eddy as a boyfriend. Maybe I can
have more fun right here at home.

Kathy drifted off to sleep, her mind racing with the
wonderful events of the day.


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