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Disclaimer and such:

1) If it is illegal for whatever reason for your to read/view adult/sex
related material, stop reading now!

2) If you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, stop
reading now!

3) This story may be posted anywhere, as long as it appears with all
info (disclaimer, e-mail info, author name, etc, intact)....However if it
is appears on a commerical site, please have the courtesy of ³paying ³ me
with acess to the site.

I can be contacted for this purpose at:

This story is based on my own nightmares and fantasies. I do not
advocate or condone any actions in this story.

If you are offended by strong language, scenes of violence, depictions
of sex, despictions of rape, stop reading now.

Readers should be aware that rape is not only a crime, it is immoral and

Learning my Place By Imma Scared

I thought I was being smart, doing my laundry at 2:00 a.m.

I had reasoned, that no one else in the building would be doing their
laundry then, so I wouldnıt have to worry about waiting got machines, or
being a few minures late in getting my stuff out the dryer.

Anf for over 6 months, that is what I did, every Saturday, at 2:00 a.m.
I did my laundry, Regular thinking that there might have been someone,
anyonewatching me.....

One Saturday night I was watching a really good movie, so I was a little
late on my ³schedule². I thought briefly of not doing my laundry, perhaps
puting it off for nother week.....My first mistake.

I had just opened the door to the Laundry Room, just a bit uneasy to
find that the door was unlocked, it shouldnıt have been. And if I had the
least bit of sense, I would have recognized the danger right then, but I
didnıt. My second mistake.

I didnıt realize anything was wrong until I heard a cough.

The man who coughed had to be at least 6 feet seven if not taller, , his
skin a very odd bloddless-white, his body was huge and thick, one almost
would have thought him obese, yet it was rippling with muscles, his shaved
head gleaming, he was a truly frightening sight. He seemed like the type
of tman who could easily enforce ³his right to do as he pleased².

He grinned at me. ³Welcome to the party Dawn, we wuz beginin to think
we wuz gonna hafta come get ya... my nameıs Snake, and Iım yer host for
this little bash..²

Then I realized there were two other men in the room!!! Both of whom
were stark naked.

The man at the door pointed to a huge, muscular monster of a man standing 6ı 6 and weighing 280 lbs. with a barrel-like muscular chest, a
slight beer-belly and the huge glistening angry-red prick that had to be a
foot long. ³Thatıs Maddog²

Then he pointed to the third man, who was a truly grightening sight, his
gross huge body covered with thick coarse black hair, his huge semi-erect
cock, every bit as long as Maddogıs sticking out threateningly from the
middle of all that hair, like a veined purple thick baseball bat. It was
all shiny, looking as if it was covered in grease. ³Thatıs Bear. He just
got out prison for rape, and heıs horny as hell.²

I turned to run, but strong hands grabbed me and yanked me back, as the
first guy slammed the door.

Two of them held mywrists from behind. Bear moved close to me, I tried
to pull away from him but the two holding my arms behind me held me
preventing me from pulling back. He came close and put his hands on my
waist, pushing against me he slid his hands around my behind , running them
over me buttocks and grasping them pulling my buttocks towards him, forcing
my body against him.

Snake whispered in my ear, ³Bear aint had no pussy fer months, so we
gonna let him get first helping with ya. And with him the biggest of us,
he gonna open the way a bit for us.²

Bear rubbed himself up against me, pushing his face into mine, nuzzling
and kissing my neck and feeling my buttocks and the crack between them. I
fought and struggled to pull away from him but my hands and arms were held
as in a vice.

I grunted as I felt him rigid and hard against me, he pushed himself
between my legs, pushing my knees apart with his knee, rubbing his hard
ham-like hand against my pussy through my panties.

Stupidly, I kept saying, over and over, "Stop it!" "Let me go!" "don't".
They just laughed at my peading struggles as Bear pushed and rubbed
against me , foul breath in my face, his hand mauling my pussy.

He stepped back, he reached out and literally ripped my dress off my
body "lie her down!" he ordered.

"No No please don't" I begged "stop now and Iıll never tell a soul .
Please let me go".

I fought desperately to stay on my feet but my struggles, helped rather
than hinder them, as tripped, forced me down onto my back on the floor,I
tried to escape, to kick them, bite them, they were too strong and I was
forced onto my back on the hard concrete floor.

Snake now grabbed both my arms and forced them above my head pinning
them down as I twisted and struggled to free them.

³Please,² I begged, ³I give you money. Iıll take all money out of the
bank and give it to you if youıll just let me go.²

But they just laughed.

Maddog let go one of my arms, and crawled towards my legs.. He tried to
grab my ankles, but I tired to stop him as kicked out with desperate wild
kicks. But of course that was totally useless, as he avoided the kicks and
grasped my ankles, with a grunt he forced and wrenched her legs wide apart.
He laughed with pleasure as I cried out when he roughly pinned my ankles to
the floor.

I was spread on her back, arms held above her head, legs held apart,
pinned down and struggling, helpless in their grasp. Bear started pulling
my t-shirt, trying to rip it off my body....the shirt tore as I twisted
away from him.

" Aint she, cute, thinking she can stop us" he giggled. Maddog and
Smake laughed in apparent agreement as they pulled and stretched my limbs
out further, pinning me harder, causing me to cry out in pain.

Bear pulled again, and my t-shit shreeded like paper in his paws, and my
small breasts were revealed to them encased in only a flimsy brief bra.
They stopped for a moment gazing at her breasts.

"Ohh wow" he said, " look at those little girl tits, lets get the bra

"No No " I cried, "please let me go, Stop it, please don't".

Bear forced his hands under my back, reaching behind her, his beastial
face close to mine. Insanely, I tried to bite at his face, distract him,
stop it, this rape, from happening.

But Bear had no problems in avoiding bites and seemed pleased by my
struggles!!! . He gave a satisfied grunt and I felt my bra come undone, my
breasts suddenly felt unrestrained and free. Sitting back he pulled the
front of her bra jerking hard, ripping the flimsy straps, she cried out at
the pain hurting her arms. Their sudden intake of breath combined with her
moans of despair as my tanned small breasts, were suddenly naked and
revealed to their fascinated gaze.

All three of them were still, staring fascinated at my breasts, their
mouths open, eyes staring and glazed with desire.

" Please don't, Please stop now, Please let me go, I don't want this"
she pleaded.

³Well of course ya donıt, ³ Maddog spoke for the first time, ³We
wouldnıt be doing this if yawanted it. Wouldnıt be rape if ya wanted it.
And we wants ta be rapin².

I knew I was lost. These men were only interested in using me for their
pleasure. Bear literally drooled as reached and cupped one of my naked
breasts in each hand, squeezing, rubbing and feeling them as she moaned and
struggled to escape his sickening attack. ³Her skin so soft, so hot², He

He was squeezing my nipples, running his palms fully over my nakedness,
enjoying the feel of my panting breath, enjoying my helpless struggles. I
was powerless, held down, forced to suffer the humiliation of submission to
these men, forced to suffer these strangers gazing and leering at me.

Bear stopped feeling my breasts," Lets see the rest of her" the Snake
said.. ³And letıs get to getting our dicks in her.²

Yeah, Yeah...a dick in each hole², Maddog barked. ³Mine in her mouth,
yours in her ass, Bearıs in her cunt..yeah..yeah²

³No!! Please!!², I cried.

Bear started undoing the buttons of my skirt, then he pulled down the
zipper opening the waistband, and pulling and tugging he worked the skirt
down over my hips. Again I tried to kick at him but my legs were still
being firmly held by Maddog.

Bear methodically worked my skirt down my legs and around my ankles,
Maddog released my ankles one at a time. Before I could kick him he pulled
my skirt off, then again grabbed my ankles wrenched them apart and pinned
them down again.

I wasnıt wearing any panties, or pantyhose, for they were all to be
washed. ³well aint that nice, ³ Bear snickered as he ran his hand down my
quivering body, starting at my shoulders, over each breast, pausing briefly
for a feel, then down over my stomach. pausing for a few seconds to play
with my pubic hair and down each of my naked legs, his hands stopped at my

³Tell the truth,² Bear said, ³Ya like this donıt ya?²

I shuddered with a strange mixture of fear, pleasure and revulsion, as
he bought his hand slowly up the inside of my legs until he reached my
crotch. I cried out as he slid one hand onto my pussy. Bear began to hiss
and moan with pleasure started feeling and rubbing me.

I went berserk at this touch, this horrible violation. I fought
frantically, struggling to break the grip holding me, throwing my body from
side to side. But it was useless, I knew that even as I continued to
struggle. I could not break the grip of those holding my legs and arms, I
was pinned, helpless to resist.

³Keep fighting, little one, ³ Smake whispered. ³Bear gets mad when they
lay back and act like they like it.²

Bear continued to rub and feel between my legs as Snake moved so he was
pinning one of my arms by laying his weight on it and holding the other, he
now had a free hand.

My cunt was being abused by Bear and Snake used his free hand feel my
naked breasts, first one was felt, rubbed and squeezed, then the other, he
pinched and felt my nipples, I was moaning and squealing now at each
movement of the audacious and violating hands.

Leaning overme Snake tried to kissme , I turned her head from side to
side trying to avoid his mouth but he persisted until he trapped my head
against his knee and pushing his mouth onto mine he forced his tongue into
my mouth, running it around inside her mouth as she gagged and struggled.

Never had I been ³kisssed² like this. Oddly I found myself wanting to
know how this could possiblu give a man pleasure?

I was enveloped, surrounded, immersed on all sides by humiliation and
horror, pinned naked and helpless while six pairs of hands were violating
me, rubbing and mauling and mashing my pussy, feeling and squeezing my
breasts and now invading my throat and mouth. I was lost in a sea of
horrific nightmarish sensations, bewildered, confused, and......

All that could be heard in the laundry room was the sound of my moans
and whimpers and the grunts of pleasure of my violators. The mouth and
tongue on mine prevented me from really crying out and all I managed was a
hoarse groan as the violating hands of Bear continued rubbing my naked

Now Bear began frantically feeling for my pussyıs opening. My body
spasmed as without warning something entered me, thrusting hard into me.
Bear pushed three of his thick fingers deep into my tight, dry unresponsive

I again fought to get away from the intrusion but was spread, held,
helpless, groaning and grunting as fingers thrust and felt into me, other
hands were moving and feeling all over my body, my breasts still being
mauled and now someone was feeling the opening to my ass.

A moment of blessed relief as the hands stopped their mauling and Bearıs
fingers withdrew. Suddenlly Bear changed his postion, so that now was
lying on me , lying between my legs, wriggling and pushing himself between
her spread thighs, rubbing his gross hairy body against me, and bear began
kissing me.

With a sudden shock I felt his hard naked greasy cock poking between her
legs, pushing at her opening, parting my pussyıs lips painfully with his
huge plumb-like cockhead..

I twisted and bucked, trying to dislodge the tip, trying to prevent his
entry, I fought to avoid the inevitable rape, the final violation. After
her initial resistance he moved to pin my bucking hips with his weight.

Are ya tight baby², Bear said, ³Are ya too tight for me? Os my nice
cock gonna have to do sme damage?²

The rwo men laughed,

I was once again subjected to Bearıs horrible cock probing forpusing
hard, demandingly at my pussyıs opening and this time I was pinned and
unable to avoid him. With a determined thrust a fraction his cock moved
passed my defenses between my pussyıs lips and lodged ifirmly inside.

My thighs and legs quivered with the effort I was making to escape him,
to hold him out,even though I knew it was hopeless. But she could not give
up. Not leat because of what Snake had said: ³Bear gets mad when they lay
back and act like they like it.²

I was close to panic as he paused for a second with that fraction of
that inhuman cock lodged in the entranceto my pussy...somehow I knew the
worst was now on its way....then I screamed as Bear made his impaling,
punishing entry, pushing his rigid steel hard, greasy deformed cock
brutally deep into me, forcing her tense and resisting muscles to give way
or be torn apart, , thrusting ever deeper into me.

Putting his head down and sucking my breasts he began to slowly, but
with great force to fuck me. His cock pumping in and out of me like a
piston as I writhed and groaned with pain and disgust, helpless to stop him
as he fucked me totally.

The incrediblybrutal and painful attack seemed to go on forever, my arms
and legs pinned, a tongue back in my mouth...a convicted rapists cock using
me for its ownerıs pleasure, pushing and pulling, stretching my pussy in a
lustful naked nipples sucked and bitten.

Suddenly Bear gave several frantic final pumps and finished with a
groan, thrusting into me Bear writhed and wiggled his gross body against
me, as his cock spurted and jerked, filling my private parts with his
disgusting, polluting, sperm. His weight came off her, as Snake started
rubbing and feeling my breasts again.

Bear stood up, and looked down at me, "Boy that was good" he said.
³Yuse a damn good fuck². He was stoking his half-linp cock, and watched in
disbelief and horror as it grew hard before my eyes.

³Please,² I whimpered "let me go".

"Hell no" he laughed, " The boys want a turn too".

Maddog let go of my legs, and crawled up between them towards me as
Smake grabbed my legs before she could kick out and I was pinned again. In
horror, I realized that enormous veined member of Maddog was only a little
less thick than Bearıs. His rape of me would be no less painful!!!

He reached down and explored me with his fingers, feeling abd rubbing my
clitoris and shoving his fingers into her pussy , and it seemed as he
gloated, his was cock becoming even bigger. I closed my eyes and moaned
then he lay between my legs, working himself fully between them, forcing my
sore thighs apart.

The tip of his cock was pushing and probing at me as she summonedmy last
strength to avoid his hungry cock..But once again, my struggles were
futile. Gleefully Maddog thrust his rorck kard cock in my opening and with
a cry of triumph rammed the entire lenth to the hilt into me, taking total
ownership of my body as I was brutally raped for the second time.

Akk three rapists were using my whole body again, kissing me, feeling
and kissing my breasts as Maddog rammed into me with brutal force again and
again. Maddog raped me hard and long as I lay struggling helpless and
spread beneath him.

I huess I was lucky that I was slippery with Bear;s sweat and cum, for
now and Maddog slid in and out of me a little easier than Bear had, tho the
pain was every bit as bad. Maddog was in a frenzy, pushing in and out,
rubbing himself against my body, trying to see how far and how hard he
could thrust his maasive cock into me. At last he finished, grinding
himself into me, squirting intome , in his orgasm.

They didn't need to hold me as hard now, she was exhausted from my
frantic struggles and totally resigned to my fate now. I knew the Snake
would rape me. It seemed he was the leader somehow. I could only hope
they would get it over with and maybe they would leave me alone. Maybe
they wouldnıt kill me.

Snake complained, as he lay on me , poking his cock at her, "Aww, come
on sweetheart", lets see a little spirit".

When she I couldnıt brig myself to respond, he reached down between my
legs and punched her clitoris cruelly, I screamed with the pain and writhed
under him.

" That's better, I just need to know you still feeling it all. " he
said laughing enjoying her movement against his tip held in her opening,
then he impatiently rammed his cock into me.

I cried out, moaning with the pain,, prayed for it to end, just get this
last one finished and leave me alone, I prayed. But Snake was enjoying
himself, taking his time, each time I thought he was finishing he would
stop, collect himself and start again, thrusting long and slow, prolonging
my suffering.

Laughing at me, Snake began sticking his finger up into my ass, using
the pain to force me to rise to meet his punishing plunging thrusts, making
me aid him in getting himself as deep inside me. My pussy stretched
painfully and my pubic moundgrew sore from his unwelcome rubbing against
it. At last with a final thrust of his finger, some frenzied thrusting and
a grinding of his hips and a groan of pleasure, he orgasmed, lying on me
panting until his convulsions and squirtings finished.

He rolled off me, no one was holding her now but I could not move, she
was spent, exhausted, used, humiliated, there were no tears, only despair
as I lay there listening to their heavy breathing and comment about me,
"great pussy", "like fuckin a kid", it just rolled over me,I was just
praying that they would now leave. let me live, Then somehow I would find
the strenth to tend my hurts and try to wash the filth off herself.

I looked up and Bear was laying next to me, looking at me, almost

. "I really ned to fuck that pretty pussy again" he said.

"Ohh god no,: she begged, ³let mego, not again Please No!".

He started casually feeling my breasts, I tried feebly to stop him but I
simply was too weak. Ignoring my feeble struggles and protests h e felt
and rubbed my nipples, then moved his hand between my legs, pushing my
thighs apart.

He rolled on on me, he spread my legs and entered me almost casually,
forcing my legs wide, using slow steady thrusts, in and out , flesh
slapping on flesh, my body limp and and unmoving under him.

He was fucking me differently than he had when he raped me the first
time. Now Bear was using moving slower, than faster, faster, than slow,
rubbing against my clitoris, stroking my breasts. Running his hands over

He lifted ,y ass so that my pusy moved to meet to his thrusts, pushing
deeper into me. To my horror and shame I felt my body starting to respond,
and I tried to suppress it.

Bear was raping me for the second time, his friends, partners, brothers
had raped me and were now watching grinning, and my body was betraying me.
I tried to stay limp under him. My hips moved as if they had a mind of
their own, aginst my will I lifted to meet his thrusts. I groaned, I
couldn't make my body stop reposnding to waht this beast was doing to me.

Bear looked down at her, " got you you bitch" he grinned. "Hey guys she
likes it" he called to the watchers.

³Guess ya wonıt mind if we jus moves in and fucks ya ta deth?², be a
shame to jus slit your throat likes I nomally do.²

"Ohh god no" I moaned and then, in spite of my self, she climaxed. I
writhed under him, crying out as her orgasm washed over her and through it
she felt him come inside her for the second time.

³Yep², Smake said, ³would be shame to kill a cunt that finally learned
her place.²


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