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The Letters: man in BlackBy: Imma Scared( A story based on actual e-mail of a man telling me what he’d like to do to me in a real life rape situation!)Do you remember? I hope so, I’d hate to think you blocked it out. as I have heard some rape victims do.....It was a cold winter night and you slept cozy and warm beneath the heavy quilt on your bed, the wind whistled harshly outside the fogged bedroom window, where I stood silently, catching the outline of your form, your head on your pillow fast asleep, sleeping the sleep of the innocent, unaware of my plans for you this night. I hadn’t thought of anything but you for days now. Watching you. Seeing your face and your body into my mind and imagination. Your slender legs. The way your hips sway when you walk. The full breasts you can’t disguise. Your long silky hair and your haunting dark eyes. I didn’t want to make love to you. O didn't just want to fuck you. I wanted to rape you. I was consumed with the desire, no, the need to rape you. And I knew you needed to be raped. I’d be doing a “good” thing, a “right” thing by raping you.I was just passing through this town when I noticed you. I followed you into the department store. Strolled behind you as you went to the cafe. I calmly waited outside for you. I intently watched you get in your car, then discretely followed as you drove to this country house. You were special, the first time I saw a woman I knew it was my duty to rape. I’d watched you come and go for three days and I have to say it was hard just watching for three days. I should have been headed back home. A thousand miles away I live, a thousand miles to another life with a wife and kids and friends and colleagues. A professional man. A model citizen. Only my wife suspected my dark-side. She hates the rape videos I buy (and unknown to her, make now thanks to you...) , the rape games I have brow-beaten her into playing. I convinced her this was only fantasy. I convinced her I’d never do anything like what was on the videos, or what we role-played for real. ....And I know she thought, she believed I meant it....But even now, keep replaying the glorious, wonderful event in my mind, re-living it again and again....the evemt that showed me what fools men are who refuse to give in to their dark side....Here I am with a raging hard-on in my pants standing outside your window, feverish with excitement at the thought of taking you tonight. A beautiful stranger who has set my blood on fire. Who will never, I hope, know who I really am, but who will know my desire. What the fuck, right? It was easy, even then, for me to justify what I am about to do: “Shes alone, from what I see, shes probably dying for a good fuck. Why shouldnt I take whats there? No one even knows I'm in this fucking place. Christ, I havent wanted a woman so much in my life. Im going to have her, I’m going to have her tonight, now. Now or never. “It wasn’t hard to trip open the sliding glass door to the kitchen. It opened silently, smoothly. The wind is louder than any noise I make tonight. I slipped in. The only sound was a ticking clock.“It’s time, baby” , I think. “Time for you to get the best fucking of your life. Time for me to experience what it means to be a true man.”My eyes adjusted to the dark house and I made my way quietly down the hall, careful not to bump the pictures hanging there. The door to your room was ajar. I pushed it open slightly, then more. The moonlight streaming in thru the windows was so bright, I could see you on the bed sleeping soundly. I stepped into the bedroom slowly and approached the bed. I gazed down at your lovely face, the soft lips slightly parted as if waiting for a kiss. I carefully removed my overcoat and took out several pairs of nylon hose I had picked up and unwrapped earlier in the day. I pulled one over my head to disguise my face, the eye holes already having been cut out so I could see. The fact that I have shaved all the hair from my head makes the stocking cling like real skin...Now…now… the pressure in my groin is intolerable, my cock is trying to escape my pants. Now…In one swift movement I’m upon you, my hand clamps down hard on your mouth as my legs straddle your body, your eyes pop wide wide open in alarm and stare in disbelief, your mouth cries but the sound is mufŖed by my hand. “Don’t fight me, don’t scream”, I whisper. “let me do what I came for, and I won’t hurt you..” I lie. You just lay there, still, trembling. I removed my hand, and you didn’t make a sound.I take one nylon and quickly tie your hand to the bedpost, then I tie the other. With a third I blindfold your eyes so that I may remove my mask. I wish I could let you see me, but my face, and my bald head would be too hard for you to forget. You can’t report me to the police if you can’t describe me. I want you to see me, I don't want to have to kill you, I just want to rape you…..slam fuck you....rip your pussy to shreds....“I’m going to rape you”, I say calmly. You look startled. I guess you thought I was a burglar. You open your mouth and you scream.Damn, I can't believe how much the sound of your terror turns me on. “It’s no use screaming, no one can hear you” I tell you, and it’s true, the wind is too loud and the house too far away from people. Now I throw off the quilt and sheets that cover you and look down on your beautiful body in your blue nightgown. I take another perive of nylon and gag you, just to humilate you a bit more.You struggle against your bonds but you can’t move your hands. To render you completely helpless I now tie both of your feet to the opposing bedposts, leaving your legs spread, slightly elevated.You are so pretty. Your pussy looks incredibly small. I wonder if my dick will be to big for you. Oh my God, I sure hope so. I do want my cock to really hurt you, give you pain mingled with pleasure...I wish you could see it, see what is that's about to violate you....that's about to impale you....turn you into a real woman for the first time in your life......I imagine your pleading that your eyes would make if I didn't have to leave you blindfolded, and find that the whimpering that comes thu the gag is almost as satisfying. All my concentration is on your body and feeling it and seeing it and having it, mine all mine, mine alone to do anything I want with. My hand runs from your foot up your leg, along your thigh, I rub your stomach and blissfully cup your sweet breast.I bend down to kiss your tear-stained cheek, to put my hot breath on your ears, my teeth gently bite your neck. Savagely, now I rip the length of your gown and it tears like paper down to your panties. Your naked breasts are exposed to me, heaving from your fearful breathing. I feel the large nipple, moving it between my řngers. I put my mouth upon it and suck until I feel it harden. I do the same to your other nipple and massage both wonderous tits in my hands. “Oh baby, I’m gonna give you what you truly need. Do you know that? I’m here to rape you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I get up long enough to pull off my shirt and pants, my cock sticking straight out, almost vibrating with longing. I grab some lotion off your dresser, jerk it in my hands a few times to lubricate it a bit. Your panties tear apart easily and my hand rests full upon your open pussy. You try to resist but it only excites me more. Your pussy radiates heat, and my cock twitches in anticipation. But I must explore your body some more.I start again at your toes, sucking them, licking them, exciting them with my mouth and tongue. Both feet. Then the calves and up the thigh. My tongue covers the length of your entire legs, now teasing the inner thigh.I kiss and blow on your stomach and begin again on your nipples which seem even harder. Now my hand returns to your pussy and I feel some wetness, your body is responding to me even as you try to resist. You did need me, or if not me, some other male man enough to take what you will not give....I wish I had thought to bring a camera.....I untie your feet and gather your legs up in my arms and pull myself down over you. You can’t see me but you know what is coming and you squirm and try to resist me and your hips only rub against my the head of my cock and set me on řre to possess you.With one long deep driving slow thrust I press the full length of my cock into your pussy, and it is agonizingly wonderful with heat and tightness. I press myself through you, against your resistance, my hardness, thickness and length taking your breath away. My lips suck on your tit as I begin to thrust hard and deep. There is a great deal of pain for you, for which I am glad, but I can feel your body surrender to me as I fuck you long and deep and suddenly the wetness pours out of you and my cock is enveloped in the sweet liquid oil and now glides almost without effort in and out of you. I rip off the gag and I put my mouth on yours and my tongue explores your mouth and your tongue reaches to mine. You are moaning and sobbing and your back is arching and I can feel the low groaning as you tense and shake with the climax. This is far better than any fantasy, far better than role-play!!!I put my hands on your outstreched arms and begin to fuck you for all I am worth, I begin to brutally fuck you with everything I have or ever will have. Your tits are bouncing and shaking and Ŗopping and exciting me even more than I ever imagined possible. I’m fucking you like a piston, pounding your cunt with my dick, I watch it…bam bam bam…I’m out of mind, I bite your lips, your neck, your face, your nipples, your hair…I pound your pussy with powerfuk piston-like plunges of my my lust powered prick....pound...your pussy spams around my fuck-pole....pound... the walls of your cunt bake my cock to a new degree of hardness ...pound...till I begin to cum and it is endless, pumping it into you, my cum pouring out of your poor battered cunt.“Thank you”, you whisper. I didnt know this is what I needed, what my spirit longed for!” It is good to hear you confirm what I had first thought, that you are a woman who can needs to be raped. That in fact all women need to be raped. So want to reward you, let you see my face, the one who gave you the best fucking of your life. But I dare not take the chance.But of course you really didn't respond that way, did you?Too bad....it would be better in a way if you had.....It is řnished. I untie your hands and turn you over on your stomach to remove the blindfold. As swiftly as I entered I am out the door with my coat, out of the house, down the block to where my car is hidden.And I drive off…..I will return, soon. I promise. You must be given what you need. But before them, theres something you need to know....Soon you will řnd yourself stalked by big bald headed men, each of whom is going to rape you, alone, in pairs, in groups. They wont hurt you, other than the pain that comes when huge cocks slam into your resisting pussy. When your lovely ass is violated at last. Or when a man gets over enthusiastic when he fucks your throat. That will be the only “harm” you will suffer.You’ll be safe. Unless you tell someone, tell the police……. then’ll you’ll die, horribly, painfull, slowly...They promised me. Youll only be raped. Weekly for sure...Perhaps daily.... You’ll have to guess which rapists is me. I wonder if you will?

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