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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Elder Firechild, I have been conversing
with an elementary school teacher who has a rather interesting after school
tutoring program. She has been recounting to me a most interesting story.
You see, it turns out that there are a lot of students who benefit from her
special brand of private tutoring. It begins in her life sciences class
that she teaches twice a day. This is the story as it was told to me………

To begin with, her name has been changed for she is still a teacher and
her students still enjoy her lessons; however, we will call her Cindi
Mariah. She is a beautiful woman, standing 5’4” tall and weighing just 100
pounds. She has a beautiful head of dark brown hair, and to this day I
haven’t seen a woman with prettier eyes than the ones that reside on the
face of Cindi-Mariah. One day she walks into her office and makes a phone
call. She proceeds to tell a very intriguing story about her mixed class
of students. This how it all started……..

Part 1. The confession It had been building up for an entire year.
Cindi had been a teacher at her school since she received her masters
degree in teaching at the age of twenty-four. Her life sciences class is
right after gym, and Cindi’s students are all boys (the only three girls in
the class were pulled out of her sex education class by their parents) and
since it was the last period before the end of the day, they often wore
their gym uniforms to class. Cindi (mrs. Mariah to the rest of the class)
would stare at the boys as they sat in the old wooden desks. Their
underwear visible through the large openings of the short legs. Often she
would notice some of her older students getting involuntary erections while
she talked about the parts of the anatomy. Some of the boys’ bodies didn’t
fill out the briefs their parents bought them and she would notice a couple
of reddish white foreskin covered penises sticking out of their cartoon clad refuge. Once in a while she would even throw caution to the wind and
not wear any panties under her skirts that only came to mid calf and sat on
top of her desk. During the last month of school before summer vacation,
just the thought of those little 4, 5, and 6yr olds looking at her bare
pussy lips, made her wet. She could feel the eyes of her entire front row
as they peered effortlessly into the soft folds of her vagina and feasted
their eyes upon the flawless complexion of their very sexy instructors‘
thighs. Eventually all of Cindi’s quiet seduction paid off. It was during
detention, that one of her problem students did something that changed
everything. The boys’ name was Alex, a cute little blonde haired boy of
four and a half. He told Cindi something that made her nipples stand
strait up in the confines of her lacey blue bra. She finally found out why
her last period class had the highest g.p.a of any class in the school.
All of the boys in that class in particular were in love with her. This
revelation caused Cindi to rethink the end-of-year field trip to the
mountain camp(she gives this trip every year to her best students). She
couldn’t imagine being alone for an entire day with 17horney pre-pubescent
boys(there were 15 girls going as well) that were all thinking of being her
next boyfriend;however,explaining the sudden cancellation to the students
parents would prove far too much trouble than it was worth, and so she
decided to go ahead with the trip as scheduled. Everything changed when it
came time for her nightly tutoring session with the twins. As it turned
out Alex played on the same football team with them, and had told them to
see if Cindi would be interested in younger guys or not. It was Friday,
and the boys wanted to look inconspicuous so they didn’t change their
clothes from school. They wore the loose fitting gym shorts that the
school gave them, and a tank top. They got to Cindi’s house at 6pm., it
was hot so she offered them a glass of lemonade. The twins decided to put
their plan into action immediately. Deciding to stage a fight over who
looked the most handsome, they began the argument which led to a little
wrestling on the floor. Cindi walked back into the living room and stood
there for a minute watching them as they rolled around on the carpet. She
watched them give each other wedgies. Their tight little butts being
parted by the seem of the gym shorts, showing off how firm they were. At
that moment she decided to interrupt. asking them what the argument was
about. With a smile they asked her to settle the argument for them, she
didn’t see the harm and agreed. They then removed their tank tops and
asked,” which one of us looks better?” she looked at them with an open
gaze. She started at the top of their heads, coming over the short thick red hair that covered it, and moved down to look at their pretty green
eyes, then on to the pale skin of their naked hairless chests. Their pink
nipples look as if they had become erect as the cool gust of wind from the
fan hit them. Cindi’s glance went further down to where the loose fitting
gym shorts had fallen to expose some of their pubic mound. She could see
the top of their underwear(she could tell they were Disney, but not what
particular genre) after handing the lemonade to them Cindi replied that
since they were identical twins, they looked exactly alike. “Nuh uuuhh!”
“see, look” with that they proceeded to remove their gym shorts. As they
did so Cindi could feel her heart begin to skip beats. Her mouth became
dry, and she could feel her nipples harden at the sight of the twin
preteens as they discarded their now loose garments like balled up sheets
of notebook paper. By this time Cindi was visibly flushed with excitement,
beads of perspiration forming at the top of her forehead, chest heaving as
she stared intently at the very unembarrassed look on their faces as the
6yr olds stared back at her expectantly with innocent eyes. She looked at
their young pale bodies, slowly allowing her gaze to center around the
small bulge of flaccid cock inside of those Winnie the pooh underwear they
were wearing(one had on Piglet, and the other was wearing Tigger) when they
turned around in a small circle to show off their still indistinguishable
differences, she saw the way their tight, round, soft asses wiggled back
and forth inside of the comfortably fitted briefs. She couldn’t believe
that all of this was happening, and in her living room! Cindi’s gaze
continued to rove along the soft, but firm curves of the preteens’ bodies.
She slowly wrapped her sight around the full shape of their soft thighs
partially hidden by the bottom seam of their undies. She looked at the way
their lil scrotums almost protruded out of the loose edges of their briefs.
It was obvious to even the two inexperienced 6yr olds, that their mrs.
Mariah was enjoying the display that was put before her now visibly shaking
body. Cindi’s breath became shorter, as she tried to speak with her best
teachers’ voice, “I think you two should put your clothes on so we can
finish your lesson”. “but you didn’t tell us who looked better yet” came
the disappointed reply. Cindi, believing that she would most certainly win
an argument over appearance with identical twins replied, “the two of you
are identical and there is nothing different that would make one of you
more handsome than the other” (famous last words) with that the now
slightly annoyed twins told her, “you didn’t look close enough” seeing as
how they were no more than four feet away they simply went over to where
she was sitting and jumped on the couch. Standing on the soft leather
sofa, they were less than a foot from her face. The air from their swift
assention to the cushions of the couch allowed a gust of wind to flow past
her head, which allowed her to get a whiff of the undies they had been
wearing all day. She could feel the heat emanating from their crotches as
they began to thrust forward. Completely oblivious to the effect their
wiggling and gyrating were having on their favorite life sciences teacher.
“you shouldn’t do that guys” came the almost half hearted attempt to regain
her lost composure, “but we really ARE different mrs. Mariah” came the
response. Then the inevitable happened, as one of the twins lost his
footing on the plush cushion material which put his crotch on her soft
cheek. She felt his flaccid little baby cock brush against her face for
what seemed like minutes, but was only a few seconds, as she raised her
hand to remove him from such a close proximity, she ended up with a hand
full of preteen ass cheeks. They felt soft, and round, yet they were also
firm and warm. Cindi’s body reacted on its own as her hand began to
unconsciously squeeze his cute little bottom. The sensation of his
favorite teacher holding his butt in her hand gave him an instant erection.
This did not go unnoticed when he attempted to stand up and bumped into her
now blushing face. Inside Cindi was at the end of her rope as the 6yr
olds’ erection made contact with her face, her pussy was so wet it had
began to seep through her delicate silk panties, and it was making a wet
spot on the back of her dress as it began to moisten the spot where she was
sitting. In a final attempt to curb her rapidly growing lust, she tells
the boys that there is nothing different about them except for the way they
think. Frustrated, the twins jumped off the couch and began to pull their
Disney briefs off with a bit of force and simply stepped out of them.
Cindi could feel her heart drop as their now erect penises bounced into
full view. At this point it was obvious that the boys were definitely not
Identical. The first twins’ penis came to view, and it seemed to be
painfully erect, it pointed strait out in front of him. The head of is
prepubescent wiener appeared to have a reddish purple shading to it,
although he was uncircumcised and the skin covered some of the head, it
appeared to be throbbing. His testes were kind of low underneath his half
inch thick shaft. His hairless pubic area was shapely and the way he stood
with his back arched to look at his belly appeared to be offering his hard
preteen phallus to her with a smile. His brothers’ cock on the other hand,
was pointed at an 80 degree angle. Its head was all red and the shaft was
a little bit thicker. His pubic mound was meatier than his brothers’ and
it appeared to be almost feminine. Poor Cindi had all but given in to her
desires. “now can you tell we aren’t ident…idd.. alike?” at this point
all she could do was nod, she was afraid that if she opened her mouth, one
of those little cocks would fly into it. The boys, noticing how her
nipples had shown through the material of her blouse, decided to touch one
of them. “what’s this mrs. Mariah?” with that he touched her nipple and
her body responded on its own, exhaling satisfactorily as they began to
play with her now very sensitive nipples. Cindi had given no resistance to
this as she was still dressed, but then she felt the tugging as the now
very horny 6yr olds, went to work unbuttoning her blouse. Cindi gave some
token resistance, but didn’t really do anything to stop the impending
pleasure she was about to receive. Removing her bra, they saw her rather
shapely breasts, and immediately began to kiss the sensitive nipples. The
sensation of the twins’ mouths on her nipples sent jolts electricity
through her body as her pussy seemed to have been connected to the
surprisingly expert ministrations of the horney preteens. All Cindi could
do was sit there with her head tilted back and her mouth open as the warm
almost hot feeling of those little mouths engulfed her. The feel of their
soft but firm tongues as they licked around the areola, and sucked the
nipple into their mouths as if they were sucking a thumb. By now Cindi was
going to pass out if she didn’t get some relief, “lets go to your room
Cindi” the bold use of her first name, and the and the suggestion that
sounded like an order from the mouth of the 6yr old made her entire body
warm and began to tingle. So she carried them up stairs and laid down on
her bed. Flanked by either twin, she just laid there as they removed the
rest of her clothes. “hey! Cindi went pee pee, and it feels sticky”
chimed one of the twins when he got to Cindi’s panties, “no honey, this is
what happens to a woman when she feels really good” “so its not pee?” came
the confused response, “no its not” Cindi replied with a smile. Cindi’s
entire body went rigid when she felt him begin to play with her pubic
hairs, and rubbing the soft insides of her now very wet vagina. He played
with her labia, every now and then licking his fingers as they become too
slippery with Cindi’s juices to rub without slipping, she felt the sharp
jolts of pleasure when his little thumb and forefinger would pinch her very
sensitive clitoris. The other was gently sucking on her erect nipples, and
rubbing his hard cock on her thigh as he did so.. This proved almost too
much for Cindi as she felt herself about to cum. After a few short minutes
she felt her muscles contract around the little boys four fingers which
were moving effortlessly in and out of her tight hole “mmmmm, this tastes
yummy, you gotta try this!!!” exclaimed the child as he tasted the first
wave of pre orgasmic cum pouring from her pussy. The sound of his voice
combined with the sucking sound he began making as he began to drink her
pussy juices with serious enthusiasm put Cindi over the edge. She came so
hard that she nearly suffocated the poor child as she lost control of her
legs and arms. “this is fun!” exclaimed the 6yr old as he plunged his
entire closed hand into her still spasming cunt. The feel of his hand
stretching her open, squeezing its way deeper and deeper into her tight
pussy. His brother added to the sensation as he too began to lick and suck
on her now throbbing clitoris. Her pussy was making slashing sounds as she
started moaning and gasping at the impossibly expert ministrations of her
preteen lovers’ hands. AAAAAAAAAAA…YESSSSSS MOOORREE!!!! Cindi could no
longer control herself “OH MY GOOOD YESSSS IT FEELS SO GOOOOD“, she had to
have them inside her, but the little boy had his hand inside of her pussy up to his elbow, and the sheer feeling of it as it hit her womb had given
her another orgasm. Cindi was beside herself with pleasure and was about
to feel the first twin enter her vagina. He put it in and she could feel
it just touching her walls, and as it went in and out it made loud
splashing sounds, and the sound made her feel tingly and her pussy began to
grip his little cock as she felt yet another orgasm begin to build. It
wasn’t over yet though, she felt two fingers enter her puckered rectum and
upon penetration, she had began to writhe on the bed and thrash her head
from side to side as she had another strong orgasm. Cindi could also feel
her 6yr old lover pounding her swollen reddened vulva, simultaneously
rubbing her clit with his stomach as it stuck out to allow him to breath
heavily. Suddenly he began to thrust in and out of her with purposeful
strokes, as his young hairless body stiffened as he achieve his orgasm this
was accompanied by the feeling of him ejaculating his sperm into her well
used vagina screaming her name as he passed out on top of her. Cindi had
not noticed the way his brother had positioned his cock at the opening to
her anus, and was slowly stroking it in and out until he came as well with
considerable force. Cindi had fell for their prank hook line and sinker,
and now that they knew she would participate, the school fieldtrip to the
camp would never be the same after they went this time. Well, that’s what
happened in a nut shell. Cindi will be calling me after she returns from
the year end fieldtrip, and if what happened before is any indication, she
should have the time of her life….so until then,

x-rated dreams, The Elder…..


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