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lolita palaces


Lolita Palaces (ffM+, 1st.time)
© 2000
by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but
fuck off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the
imagination of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on,
please maintain at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you
wanna’ publish this story for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me
what you think at <<>>.]

The tale of two fourteen year olds, one Japanese, the other American, and
what they discover in downtown Tokyo. (If, in my ignorance I offend
anyone’s sense of national pride, I’m sorry.)


There is an interesting phenomenon in Tokyo these days. Middle
School girls, between the ages of ten and fourteen, are spending time in
"burusera" (Lolita) palaces. Here, the timid can sell their underwear (the
more soiled the better) to agents, or directly to the middle-aged male
clientele who sit at a remove from the girls. The more adventurous can
sell much more than their underwear. In fact, the "palaces" have become
amateur sex clubs where very young girls, some of quite good families,
dance, allow themselves to be photographed in the nude, and even engage
directly in various sexual activities, from lesbian shows to orgies with the
older men. The following is a fantasy based on these facts.

Elizabeth stopped in disbelief: "They give you how much? Just
for your underpants? Why, for that you could go and buy twenty more!
Are you sure? And you take them off in private, and just bring them out
and sell them?"
Kamiko giggled, "Yes, Elizabeth, you can take them off in private
if you want to...or you can take them off in front of the men. They will
pay you even more for that..."
"Where is this place, Kamiko? Is it in the slum district?"
"Oh, no, Elizabeth, it is right on the way to school, just there, see,
above the tailor's shop. Do you see the little sign in the second floor
window? It says, <<buru>>."
"But that means "blouse... school blouse."
"Yes, Elizabeth, and the place is called a <<Burusera>> "school
blouse and skirt." It's a code for a schoolgirl or any young girl, what you
would call, in the West, a "Lolita." But it's above a tailor shop, so they
kind of disguise it like that."
"And you have been there, Kamiko?"
"Oh yes, many times. How do you think I had the money to buy
the blue jeans and the other nice things I've bought recently?"
"Well, your family isn't exactly poor, Kamiko..."
"Oh, but my father would never give me enough money for all the
things I want. Soooo..."
"Kamiko, do you think that they would let a Westerner, like me, in
"Oh, I think so, Elizabeth. In fact there are pictures of Westerners
on the walls, and I heard Mr. Fujumura ask specifically if there were any
Westerners who came to the club."
Elizabeth was thinking fast. She dearly wanted some money of her
own. Her father, a career diplomat at the embassy, kept her on a short
leash where money was concerned. Many an afternoon she had watched
with envy as her Japanese friends squandered seeming hundreds of dollars
at the video games in the arcade, or bought themselves western clothing
(which cost four times what it did in the States) in the shops.

That very afternoon she went, with Kamiko, to the Burusera above
the tailor's shop. As they stepped inside the door, a pretty, well dressed
woman of about thirty-five met them. "Ah, Kamiko," she said in Japanese,
"I see that you have brought a friend with you, no?"
Elizabeth, who was fluent in the language, bowed slightly and said,
also in Japanese, "My greetings to you, madam, please, I have come here
with Kamiko for the first time...If you will allow me, I would just like to
watch and see what goes on."
The woman was all smiles, "Yes, of course, little one, you may do
as you like here. This is a social club, and we encourage you to relax and
be friendly." With that she opened the two leather padded doors behind
her and ushered them down a hallway and into a large room on the right.
Elizabeth stared in amazement. The decor was severe, but elegant,
as traditionally Japanese as the most conservative home. Mats and low
tables were scattered around the room, delicate tea services on some,
small plants on others. There were typical, but stylish Japanese prints on
the rice-paper walls, and larger pots with Jade plants or tufted grasses here
and there. Seated on cushions were several groups of two or three middle
aged businessmen, looking very prosperous, and very content.
Also in the room were several young women who were playing at
being geisha, although they were not made up in any way and wore only
kimonos, loosely belted, no obis, sandals, facial makeup or hair trickery.
In fact, they were clearly some of Elizabeth's classmates, who had simply
exchanged their school clothes for kimonos. Their hair was still in school
bangs, and hung either straight or drawn back into soft ponytails. These
thirteen and fourteen year old girls were pouring tea and flirting with the
men. Elizabeth saw one of the men slip his hand into the top of someone's
kimono, while the girl stooped toward him. The girl smiled demurely, as
the man felt her breasts for five or ten seconds. Then she stood slowly and
bowed gracefully and he reached for her belt and put a folded piece of
paper money into it.
As Elizabeth stood there gaping, an older man came up to her and
said, in heavily accented English, "Ah, my pretty young American, would
you like to join me and my friends for tea?" He indicated a table on the
side of the room with two other men seated and smiling at her expectantly.
Elizabeth, in a trance, started to follow him as he led her by the
wrist, but Kamiko caught her by the other hand and said to the man, in
Japanese, "My friend, Elizabeth, is here for the first time today, and I
would like to show her the rest of the club, before she decides what she
wants to do."
The man looked annoyed at Kamiko, but bowed stiffly and said to
her in Japanese, "So, you little cunt, you would steal the American bitch
from us?" He said it smiling, in a tone that sounded like he was saying
something nice.
Elizabeth, who had understood every word, was horrified, and
nearly spat at the man, in perfect Japanese, "Oh, you horrid little monkey
turd! How dare you speak to us in that manner?"
The man was totally taken aback and began to apologize profusely.
Elizabeth took Kamiko by the hand and stalked off.
When the two of them were back in the hallway, they burst out
into a fit of the giggles, until Kamiko finally sobered up and said,
"Elizabeth, that was the Undersecretary for Agriculture, you just called a
monkey turd!" And they both went off in fits of giggles again.

Kamiko led Elizabeth into another room. This one was decorated
much like a school gymnasium, with parallel bars, some pommel horses,
some mini-trampolines, and many tumbling mats. Around the edges, there
were soft leather easy chairs and one or two couches where a dozen
spectators sat. They were all prosperous looking middle-aged
businessmen, casually sipping sake or tea.
In the middle of the room were eight or ten girls of about
Elizabeth's age practicing gymnastics. But they were in all various stages
of undress! One was fully clothed in a leotard, but others were in just
underpants, and one or two were completely nude. They were all
stretching and posing, doing splits, and cartwheels, and generally showing
off. Occasionally one of them would go up to one of the men, have a
whispered conversation, accept some money, put it with her things, and
then perform some particular acrobatic maneuver in front of the
appreciative man.

"Well," said Elizabeth. "I surely didn't know that you could make
money like this!"
Kamiko giggled and said, "Well, this is only the small stuff,
Elizabeth! Wait til we get farther into the club, and you will see that there
are ways to make lots more money than these girls are making!"

Kamiko led Elizabeth out of the gymnasium and across the hall. They
entered a small semi-darkened room, all black leather with red accents. A
woman in her twenties, in a form fitting chinese Mandarin dress, white,
with a high collar, got up from a small desk and approached them. When
she saw Kamiko she smiled, “Ah, Kamiko. It is you. And you have
brought us a friend?”

“Madam, Chandra, this is Elizabeth. She is here for the first time, and
would like to see what goes on here.”

“Very good, Kamiko. Elizabeth, you are most welcome here, but has
Kamiko told you what to expect? I would not want you to leave in shock
and feel compelled to tell the whole world what goes on here.”

Elizabeth wasn’t quite sure what all went on there of course, but she
gamely told Madam Chandra that she was prepared to witness about
anything, and that she certainly knew how to keep her own counsel. If for
no other reason, she would not want to ruin the chances of her friend

Madam Chandra smiled and led them to the next room. Aside to Kamiko
she said, “Kamiko,you know, if Elizabeth is willing to participate here in
the club, you will get a ‘finders fee.’ And since she is a Westerner, I think
that Dom Santoro will be very generous.”

When they arrived in the next room, there were soft white leather chairs
and couches scattered around, some with low coffee tables in front of
them, some with side tables on which sat shaded lamps, glowing dimly.
Seated on the chairs and couches were eight or ten very prosperous
looking Japanese businessmen, in expensive Seville Row western suits.

One at a time, tender early-teenagers would emerge from behind a curtain
in one wall, and stand in the middle of the room. One of the middle aged
men would beckon, and the girl would tamely come to stand before him.
He would reach both hands up her legs to her hips and pull her panties
down to her knees. Then she would either step back and remove the
panties and hand them to him, or she would stay in front of him and allow
him to explore her with his hands up under her skirt. Eventually, he would
remove her panties completely and pocket them. If it happened the first
way, the man merely paid the girl for the panties and she went back
behind the curtain. If it happened the second way, after he had felt her up
for a while, the man would draw the girl closer and they would have a
quiet conversation. After that, either the girl would accept money and go
back behind the curtain, or the man would stand and lead the girl out
another door.

Elizabeth’s imagination began to run wild. “And what do they do, when
they both leave the room together,” she whispered hoarsely to Kamiko.

“I don’t know, Elizabeth. I have never done that.”

“But you can guess, can’t you, Kamiko?”

“Yes, Elizabeth, I can guess. Although I must admit that I do not know
exactly how ‘all that’ works.”

“You mean, sex?”

“Well, of course, I know the mechanics of it…what goes where and all,
but I do not know how to behave, and exactly what to do…”

“Kamiko, do you know how much money they make doing this, if they go
into the other room with the men?”

“Oh, Elizabeth, I think it varies. I think it depends on what sort of bargain
you make with the men, what you are willing to do. But I am sure that it is
hundreds of US dollars.”

“KaMEEEko! Hundreds of US dollars? Really? I wonder what they
would pay for BOTH of us together? One Japanese and one
American…and both virgins too!”

Madam Chandra was still standing nearby, and she now turned to
Elizabeth. “Well, my pretty baby! So that is the way you are thinking!
You know, I think we could do something VERY special for such an
event as that. If you would like, I can speak to Dom Santoro, and we can,
perhaps, arrange a rather exclusive and VERY lucrative party in honor of
such an occasion.”

Both Elizabeth and Kamiko said they would think about it. And so, on
that day, Kamiko and Elizabeth merely went behind the curtain and, when
it was their turn, came out individually and sold their panties. Kamiko
went first and got the equivalent of $40 for hers. She declined to be felt
up. When Elizabeth came out, there was a stir in the room. She was the
first western lolita to make an appearance in the club.

Immediately an impromptu auction was set up, with Madam Chandra
presiding. She let it be known that Elizabeth was ‘undamaged goods,’ so
there would be no fingering. She also hinted that, at some point in the
future, Elizabeth’s virginity would go on the block…along with that of her
friend, Kamiko, together, as a package deal.

For the honor of being the first to take Elizabeth’s panties off her, a slim
and exquisitely dressed man paid her $100. He caressed her hips as he
reached under her school skirt and slid her panties down level with her
pubic bone. Then he grasped the front of the panties in his fist, brushing
the backs of his fingers along Elizabeth’s peach-fuzz as he pulled the
panties down to her knees. The backs of his fingers grazed her slit and his
hand sent thrills deep into her as it slid slowly down between her thighs.
Elizabeth stood, looking down at the man where he sat in front of her. She
felt the first stirrings of lust. He really was a very attractive man, neatly
groomed and smiling. Her knees buckled slightly. The man started to
reach back up under her skirt, when Madam Chandra stepped in.

“No, no, Dom Kawasaki. You must honor your commitment not to
despoil the child.” Then she bent to him and whispered to him more
quietly, “You may, of course, bid for the ultimate pleasure of both of these
young virgins when the time comes.”

Dom Kawasaki bowed where he sat, and Madam Chandra escorted
Elizabeth back behind the curtains. She led them down a narrow corridor
that had windows along one wall, although they turned out not to be
windows but the backs of one way mirrors. Each window looked into a
small room with a chair, a bed, and a small stand.

The first two rooms were empty, but in the third, Elizabeth and Kamiko
stared in amazement when they saw one of their friends, Marasa Lodobo,
bent over a fat and gray haired man lying nude on the bed. She calmly
took his penis in her mouth. Marasa was a plump little fourteen year old,
with sparkling eyes and slightly crooked teeth. Elizabeth had known that
she did not come from a very wealthy family, but, for the past month or
so, she had been showing up at school in very good, very expensive
clothes. Now Elizabeth knew how she afforded them.

Marasa’s head moved up and down rhythmically, and her plump little
hand stroked the man’s penis into her mouth. Kneeling beside the man,
bent over him, Marasa’s fat little stomach was squeezed between her
knees and her small pointy breasts. As the man achieved orgasm, Marasa
pulled her head away and some of his sperm shot across her cheek. The
man reached down and drew Marasa up alongside him. She continued to
stroke his cock while he kissed her face and lips.

Elizabeth, Kamiko, and Madam Chandra moved on to the next window.
There was Mr. Taranaka! Their mathmatics teacher! And he was with
Mariko Kashawa, who always seemed to know the math answers! No
wonder! Both people were completely nude. Mariko was sitting in Mr
Taranaka’s lap, with a chalk board in front of them, solving a math
problem. Except that, Mariko’s feet were on the floor, as she straddled
Mr. Taranaka, and she was raising and lowering her body rhythmically.

Slowly it dawned on Elizabeth that the two were fucking while Mariko
was doing the math problem and Mr. Taranaka was leaning over her
shoulder helping. He was clasping her breasts as she sat on his lap and
when she put a finishing touch on the math problem she dropped the chalk
and reached behind her head to touch his cheek where he was kissing her
neck. Her pale underarms flashed.

Mr. Taranaka grasped Mariko around the waist and stood, with Mariko
still impaled on his cock. She started to flop forward, but then Mr.
Taranaka dropped backward onto the bed, so that Mariko was lying on top
of him, facing away from him, still impaled on his cock. They had turned
so that the view from the mirror was right up their legs, and Elizabeth,
Kamiko, and Madam Chandra watched Mr. Taranaka’s big cock ride in
and out of Mariko’s adolescent cunt. Mariko’s pubic hair was black, but
sparse. At fourteen, she was no more developed than most eleven year
olds. Her small breasts bounced as Mr. Taranaka rammed into her again
and again. Suddenly he rolled both of them over so that Mariko’s legs
hung off the edge of the bed, and he began to pump in and out of her cunt
from behind with more and more vigor. At last he fell on top of her and
they lay still.

Elizabeth and Kamiko were both reeling from the new sights and the
lustful atmosphere. Neither one, of course had her panties, and they were
both rubbing themselves under their skirts. Madam Chandra looked at
them with amusement, “Perhaps, my pretties, we had better have your
party SOON! I think you do not want to wait very long to experience the
full carnal pleasures! In the meantime, take care not to ‘damage your
assets,’ or you will not make nearly as much money as you hope.”

Kamiko smiled at Madam Chandra, “Oh, Madam, I do hope we can
arrange this party VERY soon. I am ready, NOW!”

Madam Chandra gave Kamiko a sly look. “Perhaps I can show you a way
to relieve your tension that will not imperil your virginity?” she said

The End (of part one)

…To be continued (with any encouragement).


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