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Battenburg Ice-cream

Rebecca sighed as she went into Le Restaurant - she was looking forward
to some Battenburg ice-cream. It was a luxury she only allowed herself
occasionally, but, as she had been having a long spell of pressures at
work, she had decided that she would treat herself today. Greeting some of
the servers as she moved through the foyer to the Manageress' desk, Rebecca
began to remove her lightweight jacket, revealing a sleeveless sun-dress
that hugged her body. The Manageress acknowledged her booking and informed
her that she was in suite 34 on the top floor.

Finding her way up to the top floor, Rebecca wondered which servers she
would have this time. The last time she had had three older men serve her
- very well too, she remembered, beginning to get moist between her legs.
She reached the room allocated to her for the afternoon, and quickly
stripped out of her dress and briefs. Moving to the bathroom, she took a
quick shower, resolutely avoiding the temptation to fondle her cunt. It
would have plenty of exercise with the activities to come!

As she was drying herself the first server tapped on the outer door and
let himself in. He was a new man to Rebecca, blonde, heavily built but
with no fat on him.

"Hi." Rebecca said as she sat down on the king-size bed, inviting him to
sit beside her. He did so, and gently removed the towel from her hands.
Throwing it on the floor, he started to kiss her still damp skin.

She writhed with enjoyment. This was what Le Restaurant was all about;
men giving women the pleasures they wanted, in a safe environment.

He began to fondle her torso, fingers probing and gently squeezing, as
they slid across her belly down to her bush. There they found her warm
moist slit, and he agitated her clitoris till she was halfway to orgasm.
Bending his head to her mouth to stifle her whimper of frustration, he
withdrew his fingers and sought out one nipple. Rolling the dark red flesh
between his fingers he rapidly stimulated it to the point where she thrust
his mouth onto it to suckle her. This he did with enjoyment, and she felt
his hands roam her torso, keeping it awake.

Rebecca sensed a second man join them and join the fondling process. He
took her other tit and soon had it as afire with sensation as its mate.
Then he knelt between her legs and licked her impatient lips. His tongue
darted in and out against her clitoris, driving her wild with suppressed
desire, but he did not satisfy that lust. Yet.

Returning to her tit, he suckled it in a completely different motion to
the first man, so that Rebecca felt herself being pulled apart in opposite
directions by sheer pleasure. Gasping out her longing to be fucked hard
and that instant, she heard the third server reply,

"With pleasure, ma'am" as he slipped his erect shaft into her. She
bucked with pleasure at feeling his hardness enter her.

He began thrusting deep into her eager cunt, each inward thrust went
deeper, till he was touching the neck of her womb with each thrust. One of
the other men was fingering her clitoris at the same time so sensations
were pulling her in four directions. Surrendering herself to the waves of
pleasure that were swamping her, Rebecca allowed the three men to drive her
body wild.

Even though she had had this "dish" before, it was as if it was the
first time for her body. The two men suckling her breasts were reducing
them to a mass of quiveringly sensitive flesh, responsive to the slightest
touch. The third man was making her feel as if her whole cunt was turning
inside out with his persuasive attentions. At last he let her climax, and
stood still while she washed his member with her juices.

Once she had stopped ejaculating, Rebecca felt him change places with
the first server. Kneeling down, this man gently kissed the hot and red lips before inserting a finger into her vagina. He used the ball of his
thumb to rub her clitoris bud and fairly quickly Rebecca was panting
heavily as her cunt woke up again. Standing up, the man pushed his own
hard penis into her and took her swiftly and energetically.

Changing places with the second man, the first man joined in fondling
and suckling her breasts again. Rebecca felt the other man begin to suck
her juices and lick the now tender flesh of clitoris and cunt. It was
relaxing and soothing, but at the same time stimulating because she was
aware of tendrils of responses linking together again to propel her to a
third climax in an hour.

Tenderly the man explored her vagina with his fingers, coaxing her back
to life. He kissed the now open bud repeatedly, and soon had his reward in
her involuntarily parting of her thighs in invitation. He delayed taking
her up on her unspoken invitation, as he wanted to suck her to near climax
first. His tongue flicked the girl's clitoris to life and Rebecca felt the
now-familiar sensation of being turned inside out as her body responded not
just to the attention down below but to the stimulation her tits were

Finally he stood and slipped inside her. He was huge, even her engorged
vagina stretched to accommodate him and Rebecca gasped as he slowly pushed
further into her. This was going to be as if it was the first fuck of the
session, not the last, she realised as he persuaded her vagina to accept
him. He moved at a leisurely pace at first, allowing one of the other men to coax her clitoris to flower again. Then, once that had opened
completely he increased his speed and plunged his penis deep into her.
Time and again he did this, each time surprising Rebecca with the

She felt as if he was going to come up her throat, his penetration was
so deep, but she didn't want him to come. She wanted this to go on for
ever. Gradually, though, her climax built as his did, and they began to
race each other to the finish. He allowed her to climax powerfully once
before pushing her to a second one as he came.

Totally drained, Rebecca just lay on the bed among the three men. This
had been one hell of a Battenburg!

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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