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lr doubletrouble


Too-Kay Web

Double trouble?

"I want to be fucked. All night. By lots of men. Till I'm knackered!"
Sarah announced to her friend Rebecca. "Only thing is, I don't know lots
of men I'd want to be fucked by!"

"Sounds as if you might like my club then. Its an all-female club,
called Le Restaurant and I go there when I'm feeling frustrated. In fact,
I'm going tonight; I could sign you in as a guest and you could get all
that frustration relieved in a safe environment."

"What d'you mean, 'go there when you are frustrated'? You aren't
telling me that it's a sex-club?"

Rebecca nodded as she grinned at her friend.

"Got it in one! It is set up as a Restaurant where you order what you
want. They've got male and female 'servers' - and believe me, they DO
serve you well! Are you game?"

Sarah found herself agreeing and arranging a time when they would meet
up, absolutely intrigued by the notion of being able to pay men to do what
she wanted.

The two women met up at 7.30 outside a plush-looking private club.

"I'd recommend that you don't go for more than three courses, no matter
how hungry you feel. Its your first time and you don't know how satisfying
their courses are" advised Rebecca as they pushed open the heavy door.

"I'm going for a good hot chicken curry - that'll take care of the urges
I have tonight, what will you try?"

"I don't know. Something beef - that's men, isn't it - but I don't know

"The Manageress will come up with something. Let her suggest a few
ideas, eh?" They walked up to the high desk, behind which the Manageress
sat. Rebecca introduced Sarah and explained that her friend was unsure
what to have. The other lady suggested,

"Why not try our toad-in-the-hole, or perhaps our hot dogs. We do very
'hot' hot dogs. Or perhaps a Boeuf Bourguignon? Or beef olives in gravy?"

"Umm, well, I'll have a beef thingy and then two beef olives, I think,"
Sarah decided after some thought. Ordering her 'meal' Rebecca steered
Sarah to the waiting area.

"I'm already wet," Rebecca said quietly, "that's good, because I'll get
more slaps on my cunt. You are supposed to be bone dry when you go in for
a curry - no-one ever is, though, that's why we have it after all!"

"You mean, they'll spank you too? Wow, that's marvellous!"

"More than just spank you, they will cane you quite fiercely too -
remind me to tell you later." She broke off as two servers approached. The
woman beckoned to Rebecca while the man introduced himself to Sarah.

"I'll see you later. Enjoy yourself," and with that Rebecca left with
the female server.

Sarah sat there, unsure of what to do. The man spoke,

"My name is Tim. I'm your first course. Would you like to follow me to
your suite?" Sarah nodded and followed him upstairs to a luxurious bedroom.


Meanwhile, Rebecca was already being undressed by her server. On
discovering that Rebecca was indeed wet between the legs, the server said,

"Punishment time! Lie across that stool," she pointed to a hip-high
stool-cum-bench "And spread your legs! Wide!"

"I won't! Persuade me!" retaliated Rebecca, knowing that this would be
the start of her pleasure-filled evening. The server slapped her hard
across her breasts and Rebecca went to the stool.

"Because you are soaking wet, you'll get the very hottest curry sauce we

The server reached for a very pliable switch and lightly traced the
outline of a heart on Rebecca's buttocks before flicking her wrist, making
the tip of the switch bite into pale flesh. Rebecca jumped.

Again the server lightly flicked her wrist before starting to apply more
force. The switch left pink lines on Rebecca's bottom that started to
sting. Soon Rebecca's bottom was flaming red and she was dripping wet
between her legs.

"Handle me, please! I need preparation tonight!" she begged. The
server did not reply. Instead she applied six more strokes to the
up-turned flesh before asking Rebecca to sit up on the stool.


In the upstairs suite to which Sarah had been taken, she was discovering
what a pleasure it is to have a man undress her and fondle her. Boeuf
Bourguignon proved to be an all-over fondle-massage leading to a long

She enjoyed the feel of him sucking her tits, pulling them out to
increase the sensation; enjoyed it too, when he started actually biting her
nipples. Arching her back so that she was pushing her soft breasts into
his face, Sarah sighed with enjoyment.

Soon her tits were responding as if he was an electric current whenever
they were touched. Smiling, but not talking, the server moved down to her
belly and her mound. Very quickly, Sarah was moaning,

"Fuck me, fuck me please! I need you in me!" as he finger-fucked her
close to a climax. Stopping before she came, he bent down and licked her
thighs and fleshy lips. Sarah quivered with excitement. His tongue found
its way into her and slowly caressed her insides while searching for her
trigger. A gasp told him he'd found it, and he licked it into arousal.

Soon Sarah was thrashing around on the bed in ecstasy. This was what
she'd come here for! She was being coaxed beyond her known limits and
shown how much more her body was able to take. Tim nibbled at her and
sucked her juices and probed deep into her cunt with his tongue, always
holding back from allowing her release.

Sarah was moaning,

"Fuck me please. Come into me. I want you."

"The 'cooking time' is almost over, you'll have me soon," he reassured
her as he came up for air. His fingers took over from his tongue as he
sucked her tits, re-awakening them.

Then suddenly, he slid round so that he could enter her and Sarah was
filled by the hard cock that she'd been glimpsing throughout the session.
He slid in quickly and easily, up to the hilt, and then pulled back before
thrusting himself deep into her. Tim was holding her legs apart and
pressing himself deep into her as she tried to press up against him for
even more pleasure. Her muscles began to contract as she felt herself
explode in a massive climax. Tim hadn't come yet, and he rode her again,
building her up to another peak when he shot his bolt into the regulation

Exhausted, Sarah lay there, grinning from ear to ear. Now, if the beef
olives were anything like as fulfilling, she'd be more than happy.


"Bare your tits!" the server commanded. Rebecca did so, and the server
softly caressed them into life. Soon Rebecca's small nipples were standing
erect and firm, ready for suckling. The other woman, whose name Rebecca
knew from previous encounters to be Anne, began suckling, pulling on the
teats as if she was actually getting milk from Rebecca. This produced the
sensation of her womb being directly attached to her breasts and Rebecca
lay back across the stool and enjoyed it.

She knew that it would not be long before Anne would tickle her tits with the switch. That in turn would lead to her mound being the centre of
attention. Sure enough, within a few minutes, Anne was flicking the tip of
that flexible cane across Rebecca's tits, watching her jump with every
stinging contact. When she was satisfied with the resulting pinkness, Anne
turned her attention to the other woman's mound.

"Too much hair. I'm going to have to shave you." Reaching for a shaver,
Anne began to remove the fuzz from Rebecca's body.

Carefully inserting her finger-tips between the folds of skin, Anne both
shaved and stimulated Rebecca at the same time. Soon all that was left was
some stubble, which Anne licked till it was soaked before removing it. The
server knelt to nibble at the customer's bare mound, prying open her lips
and tickling the flesh hidden beneath. Rebecca moaned with enjoyment; she
loved being eaten by a man or woman. The probing fingers had long since
found Rebecca's G-spot and had been rubbing it till she was close to
coming. Anne stopped, and, reaching for the switch again, said,

"More sauce, I think."

"Not yet. Make me come first," pleaded Rebecca. Pressing her finger
hard against Rebecca's mound, Anne rubbed the engorged clit repeatedly and
Rebecca thrashed around as she came closer to orgasm. Jamming two fingers
into the woman's cunt, Anne drove her to a dramatic climax before

"More sauce now, I think."


Sarah lay on the bed, waiting for her next course. She was tender,
exhausted but pleasantly sated. The door opened and two men came in.

"The Manageress suggested we double up, as you are so hungry" one of
them said. "Dave, go and fill the deep bath, while I talk to our lady."
The other went through to the bathroom and Sarah heard the bath filling up.

"I'm Matt, and Dave and I are your next two courses. As you told the
Boss that you were starving, we've agreed that we'll not fuck you till you
are really pleading with us. That way, we can completely satisfy your
hunger-pangs before giving you the final parts of the meal. Is that OK by

Sarah nodded, anticipating a lot of pleasure from this arrangement.

"The bath's ready!" Dave called. Sarah followed Matt into the bathroom.
As well as the shower area, there was a high, deep bath, big enough for
three or four people. Climbing up the steps to reach the edge of the bath,
Sarah noticed that both men already had erections. Dave got into the bath
and helped Sarah in. She found herself lying against his torso, his hard
penis pressing into the small of her back. Matt got in and squatted
between her legs.

Dave began soaping her top, starting with her shoulders and gradually
moving downwards. Matt started at her belly-button and moved downwards as
well. At no time did their hands overlap, and Sarah felt herself drifting
into a pleasant half-awake state, enjoying the tender attentions of soapy
hands on her body. Dave then concentrated on rousing her breasts from
their slumber and soon Sarah felt the throb of lust connect those breasts with her tender clit. She gasped with pleasure, and wriggled to give him
better access to those beloved nipples.


Rebecca leaped at the first touch of the switch on her just-shaved skin.
It hurt but it also gave pleasure, especially when Anne slipped her finger
into Rebecca's slit and rubbed her from the inside. Once more Anne swept
the cane across her skin, lightly, but still with enough force to make
Rebecca catch her breath.

"I'm going to stroke the cane between your lips, rub it hard against
your clit, and then I'm going to turn you over and give you a final
thrashing before I eat you into submission." Anne murmured as she slipped
the cane into the hot, wet slit. She sawed the cane against Rebecca,
roughly stimulating her, and Rebecca moaned,

"Don't stop, Anne. More, lots, lots more. Make me come like this first
- please. Then you have more to punish me for." Deciding that she meant
it, Anne continued with her rough stimulation until Rebecca shuddered with


Now the two men began working Sarah in tandem. Matt nuzzled at one
breast, his hard penis pressing lightly on her pussy, while Dave fondled
the other breast. Exchanging sides, they roused Sarah to fever-pitch
within moments, and she began moaning her frustration and need.

"Fuck me - now! I want you to fill me with your hard cocks now!

"Not yet, my pretty," Dave murmured, "You aren't ready for us yet. The
pleasure has only just started." As he spoke, Matt slid one hand down to
her pussy, and slid into her folds, searching for her clit. Finding it,
Matt stroked it while continuing to suck her tit, and Sarah opened her
thighs in blatant invitation. Accepting the invitation, Matt pushed his
fore-finger into her slit while using his thumb to stimulate her clit. She
reached for his cock, but he moved out of her reach. Cursing madly now,
Sarah was racing towards a climax and yet she wanted, needed, the man's
cock in her.

"Oh God! Fuck me Matt, please, I beg you." Shaking his head, Matt
propelled her to a climax.


Turning Rebecca's limp body over, Anne stood up and stretched before
arranging Rebecca's bottom correctly. She then exchanged the lightweight
cane for a slightly thicker, two-part one and stroked it over the tensed
buttocks. Rebecca knew it would hurt, but she knew that her tormentor
would not go too far.

Thwack! The cane landed on her buttocks. Rebecca yelped.




Three more times it landed. Each time crossing the previous track.
Each time Rebecca yelped but offered herself up for more. Anne slid her
empty hand beneath Rebecca, searching for the top of her cunt. Finding it,
she rubbed the woman's bud before applying four more strokes of the cane to
her buttocks. Rebecca arched her torso to give Anne freer hand movement as
she was coaxed to another climax. This was a marvellous evening, she only
hoped Sarah was enjoying her choices as much.

"Two more. Where do you want them, Rebecca?"

"May I have four? Please? Two hard on my bum, and the last two on my
pussy. I want to REALLY feel you eat me."

"Are you sure? You know how it hurts." Anne warned her.

"Yes, damn it. I am sure!"

Anne brought the split-cane down twice more on the inflamed cheeks.
Rebecca yelled in exquisite agony as the cane ate her flesh, and Anne
squeezed her bud tightly. Then Rebecca slowly turned over, and, spreading
her legs wide, waited for the last two strikes. Thwack! Rebecca yelled in
pain-ecstasy. Thwack! Again she yelled but spread her thighs even wider.
Anne sank to her knees and closed her mouth on the hurting pussy.


"Fuck me Matt. Please!" Sarah repeated as she convulsed with orgasm.
Matt just smiled down at her, then got to his feet and fisted his already
hard shaft. Sarah watched in amazement as it grew even fatter. She longed
to impale her pussy on that stick and stay there for ever! Dave was
caressing her bush, just keeping her 'ticking over' while Matt slid the
condom on.

Then, lifting her out of the water, Matt sat her on the edge of the bath
and kissed her cunt before pushing his thickness into her. He was big,
almost too big and Sarah struggled to open enough, but somehow that turned
her on more. She had to take him all into her, she needed him in her. Far
more quickly than he'd intended, Matt felt Sarah begin the climb to orgasm.
He quickened his pace to push her over the edge quickly before he came. It
worked, and with a scream, Sarah came all over Matt's rock-hard shaft.
Pulling himself out of her, he helped her slide back into the lukewarm
water and watched her recover.


A long while later, Rebecca and Sarah emerged from their suites,
physically sated and, in Rebecca's case, very sore.

“Well what d'you think of this place? I know how you FEEL, its written
all over your face!”

“Its absolutely wonderful, I'm going to find out how to be a member!”
with that, Sarah walked over to the Manageress' desk. Rebecca smiled. It
had been a very good night.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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