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In Captivity?

Fiona paused in the making of her bed. The four metal bedsteads had
triggered a fantasy for her; lying spread-eagled on such a bed while men fucked her freshly shaved pussy repeatedly. She sat down and began to
weave the story in her head. . .


She had phoned Le Restaurant that morning to book the special order, and
she was looking forward to her treat. The treat would only last a quarter
of an hour and would be infinitely more expensive than the usual fare, but
she felt that she deserved something. It was a year since her lover had
ditched her, and she had decided to indulge in a long-held fantasy to mark
the occasion. She entered the foyer of the woman's club and went
confidently to the desk. Giving her name to the Manageress, she went to
sit down.

Ten minutes later, a female server approached her and informed her that
everything was ready for her double order of stuffed quail wrapped in vine
leaves and bacon.

"Come with me, I will see you to your suite." They left the sitting-room
and entered one of the second floor rooms. Like all the other suites, it
had a small bathroom attached to it and plush, soft carpets on the floor.

"Do you require preparing?" the server asked.

"Yes please."

"Undress then. I will be back shortly to prepare you." With that, the
employee left the other woman alone.

Quickly removing her dress coat, the woman hung it behind the door,
leaving a small case beside it, then sat to remove the few items of clothes
she wore beneath it. Succumbing to temptation, she was slowly massaging
her bush when the server returned. The woman commented,

"You must be eager! Now come here and let me fit the gag before you lie
down." This looked like a medieval scold's gag, and though she could not
speak, she could make noises to inform others of her desires.

Once gagged, the server laid the other woman on the raised four-poster
bed and proceeded to tie her wrists and knees to straps attached to the
bed-posts. Pulling the straps reasonably taut, the server stood back to
survey the effect.

"All this hair will have to come off," she remarked, producing a shaver
and foam.

Shaving first the imprisoned woman's arm-pits, she then began to shave
her bush. Very tenderly, the server shaved the bulk of the pubic hair off
with the electric shaver before switching to an old-fashioned blade. Her
willing victim quivered at the touch of the second blade, then at the
sensual delight of the woman's careful attention to her body. Within five
minutes where she had hair was bare, and in the case of her pubic area, a
little cold.

"Our recipe states that the 'duck' needs to be left for five minutes
once prepared," the server informed her companion. "Firstly, though, I'll
make sure you have been prepared for 'cooking'." As she finished speaking,
the bound woman felt something being inserted into her vagina. It moved in
and out of her, rapidly, stimulating her juices. Then abruptly the server
withdrew it and left without speaking again.


Fiona sighed, it would be so nice to have such a club to turn to when
sexually frustrated. She returned to her fantasy, this time, fondling her
own bush through her silk French knickers.


The woman lay strapped to the bed, unable to see the door, but knowing
it was ajar. She could feel the cool air from the passageway on her newly
exposed skin. The minutes slowly passed; the woman wondering what the
server had used on her and wishing that it had lasted longer. She also
thought about what was going to happen, in total silence, and longed to be
able to touch herself.

Just as she thought the five minutes would never end, she heard the door
open and close tight. Still unable to see the man, she sensed him approach
and stand between her splayed legs. She felt him finger her briefly, then
slip his erect penis into her. Lifting her head slightly, she saw one of
the younger male servers ready to serve her as a stallion would a mare.

As he began to thrust into her at an amazing rate, she felt her vagina expand to take him into her in his entirety and she wanted to cry out
"More, more!" but the gag wouldn't let her. Instead, she moved the little
she could, encouraging him to push her to a brutally quick climax. He
obliged and within two minutes of him coming into the room he had pushed
her to the first of many climaxes. When she had climaxed, the man thrust
into her again, as savagely as before. He pounded into her time after time
until she became exhausted by the repeated climaxes.

Deftly removing his still hard penis, he unfastened the ties holding her
legs. Pushing her upwards so that her bottom was high over her shoulders,
he re-tied her legs in that position. He then left the room. Now totally
unable to move, she was truly vulnerable, and although she was eagerly
waiting for the other server to come, she was also a little scared. Within
a minute the second server let himself into the room, and clambered onto
the bed.

Standing across her, he fingered her vagina and back towards her anus.
Then, producing a bamboo cane, he stroked her tender skin, lightly at first
then more aggressively as he prepared to enter her. Finally he plunged
himself into her, standing facing the door so that his penis rubbed
viciously against the wall of her vagina. He fingered her lips at the same
time, making them tender as he rammed himself into her. She climaxed
repeatedly, mouth totally dry as she panted in her excitement and lustful

Suddenly it was over. He stepped off the bed, and unfastened the ties
holding her in that awkward position; he left the room, with a still erect
member as she tumbled into a heap on the bed to recover. She felt battered
and extremely tender, but sated all the same. That somewhat brutal sexual
encounter had purged her of the latent lust she still felt for her former

After a few minutes, she levered herself off the bed and went to soak in
a bath. Somewhat revived, she dried herself and extracted a pair of French
knickers and matching bra from the bag she had brought with her. Reaching
for the jersey dress she had worn under her coat, she put it on, then,
picking up the rest of her belongings, she went downstairs to pay.


Stretching, Fiona came to and finished masturbating herself to a
powerful climax before looking with horror at the time. It was 8.45 and
she was due at work in ten minutes. Promising herself not to let her
imagination carry her away again in the mornings, she scrambled for her
coat and made a dash for it.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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