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lr makebelieve


Too-Kay's Web


Wishing that she was a man so that she had the opportunity of visiting a
brothel, Fiona paused in her fingering of her vibrator. Yes, it would give
her some release but what she really needed was a man to fuck her. She had
not had that for nearly a year, not since she got dumped by her lover of
many years.

Shrugging, Fiona put away the vibrator, unused, and went to get a drink
instead. Later, as she leafed through a cook-book in a futile search for
inspiration for that evening's meal, her mind started to create an
imaginary "Menu" for a female brothel.

Rump steak could be rear-entry penetration; chicken breasts could be a
woman-to-woman encounter; tagliatelle could be an encounter with light
bondage; while - what could she use for standard, straight sex? Ah,
cottage pie - that was nice and simple. Toad-in-the-hole could be anal
intercourse. Chicken en croûte could be where the woman dressed up before
copulation started, and the beef variant could be for the man.

Extras like vibrators could be side salads, and the staff known as
servers. She sat back in her chair and allowed her mind to build a


The entrance foyer to Le Restaurant was very like that of a gentleman's
club; plush, subdued lighting and heavy furniture. Behind the desk was the
Manageress, a woman dressed severely in a very stylish suit of a dark
colour. She greeted the newcomer who had nervously entered her
Establishment, and was peering about, uncertain of what happened next.

"Welcome to Le Restaurant. I am the Manageress of this club. Do you
know what you are wanting, or would you like to see our menu?"

"Beyond a good fuck, no" the other woman said candidly. "It's been ages
since I had a man, and using vibrators and masturbation isn't enough any
more." She paused then continued, "This is a birthday present to me from
some friends." The Manageress smiled as she passed a thick menu folder to

"Go and sit down in one of our chairs and browse through this, then.
The menu explains all our 'courses', and you can have any combination you
fancy. Each 'course' lasts 20 minutes unless otherwise stated, and it is a
house rule that all our servers wear protective garments at all times.
Health considerations, you know. Enjoy browsing and come back here when
you have chosen your selection."

The young girl, she was hardly more than 23, the Manageress thought,
took the book and curled up in one of the huge wing-backed chairs and
started turning the pages. Along with the descriptions, there were
snap-shots of some of the servers who provided each 'course'. Sweet and
savoury 'courses' were listed in the heavy book, along with snacks like
sandwiches and cheese and biscuits. There were also a variety of entrées
listed as well as apres-meal items.

The girl pored over the book for a long time, savouring some
descriptions and skipping over others. Eventually she made her mind up and
came back to the desk.

"I think I'll have two portions of cottage pie, the second with a small
side salad then a beef pie with rough puff-pastry" she said shyly.

"A different server brings each 'course', you do realise that, don't
you? There will also be an average of a five minute delay between servings
as the servers are all busy at this time of evening."

"Yes, that will be fine. Where do I go?" the girl enquired.

"Up the stairs to suite 41. Your first 'course' will be along shortly."

Suite 41 turned out to be a large bedroom, principally occupied by a
huge king-size bed. There was a small en suite bathroom to one side of the
bed, and a couple of small arm chairs placed in opposite corners of the
room. The carpet was deep and soft underfoot, and she took off her coat
and hooked it across the back of one chair while she waited for her first
'course'. A tap at the door halted her musings, and she called


A young man slipped into the room, clad in extremely tight jeans and
nothing else. He had a very nice looking bum, she thought as she caught
sight of that part of his anatomy. Maybe she'd enjoy this more than she'd
expected to.

"What do I do? This is my first visit you see." she asked, awkward now
that the moment had arrived. He said

"Let me undress you, and take care of you, then." As he spoke, he lifted
his hands to her waist, untucking her blouse. Before he undid any buttons,
he slid his hands underneath her cotton blouse and gently fondled her warm
skin, kissing her at the same time. She leant towards him, eager for the
physical contact.

"I want you to fuck me,” she said in protest, as he slid his hands up
her back to undo her bra.

"I will, don't worry, this is the starter" he murmured as his hands slid
her blouse off and allowed it to fall on the floor. He then slid the zip
down and deftly unclipped the hook-and-eye fastener on her skirt. He
pushed it down, taking care to include her tights and skimpy pants. Very
quickly then, she was naked apart from her feet, and she bent down to slide
her shoes off before stepping out of the tangle of clothing around her

"Stay like that while I take these jeans off" he instructed. "I want to
admire your pussy from the back before exploring it from the front." She
heard him step out of the jeans and then jumped as he touched her lips with
questing fingers.

The fingers then ran all over her buttocks, teasing them apart and
sliding his fingers down her crease towards her clitoris. She sighed with
anticipation, but also frustration. Nearly ten minutes had elapsed and
there were only ten left - and she was still standing. Realising her
impatience, he told her to get onto the bed.

Opening the wrapper of his condom, he came towards the bed.

"Open your legs a little, sweeting, let me see your glory-hole."

Slipping the sheath on expertly, he came to sit beside her knees. He
leant forward and blew across her expectant lips, before planting a
lingering kiss on them. Her body quivered with excitement, never had
anyone done that and it was - most pleasant, she thought coyly.

His fingers took over the exploration, as he proceeded to cover her face
and neck with kisses. She moved impatiently, parting her thighs even more,
as she thrust her now wet cunt at his hand.

Finally he moved and knelt between her legs and suddenly impaled her.
She gasped in surprise, she'd been expecting a slower entrance than that,
and he was so big. He lifted her thighs up a little and his knees came to
support them.

He moved in a rocking motion until he could tell she had relaxed from
her surprise, and then lifted her ankles over his shoulders and leant
forward to kiss her. His shaft pushed its way into her and she cried out -
but then looked worried.

"Don't worry, all the suites are sound-proof. You can bellow as loud as
you like and not disturb any other diners."

With this assurance, she relaxed and held him by his buttocks, ensuring
that the delightful pressure continued. He re-positioned his legs and
began to thrust powerfully in and out of her.

"Oh my God! That is wonderful. Fuck me hard. Fuck me NOW."

The exclamations came fast now as he pounded away, rapidly increasing
speed until he felt her shudder as her climax rushed on them. Then, and
only then, did he let himself ejaculate into her.

Carefully withdrawing himself and his condom, he lay down beside the
girl for the few remaining minutes of his 'course' allocation. He then
kissed her gently on the face and, collecting his jeans, slipped out of the
room as quietly as he had come in.

The girl stretched, thinking that it had been the best birthday present
her girl-friends could have given her. She wondered whether Le Restaurant
catered for groups, because it might be fun sometime to come with her
friends. She'd ask the next server, she decided as she quickly used the
toilet before he came in.

She was just closing the bathroom door when she heard a knock on the
bedroom door. She called out

"Come in!"

She turned to see an older man than the last come in, carrying a small
box. She wasn't too sure about the apparent age difference. Still it was
only twenty minutes. Smiling uncertainly, she sat on the edge of the bed
while he put the box down on the bedside cabinet. He then came to sit next
to her, and touched her cheek.

"You haven't had anyone who is older than you, have you?" he said,
"Don't worry, I'm told that I'm much more experienced at making sensations
last. Besides which, I'm not really old, only 32." He grinned at her and
she found herself smiling back.

"Does Le Restaurant cater for groups? I mean, I was thinking, my
friends and I might - " Her voice died away in confusion.

"Yes we do 'cater for groups' as you quaintly put it. We've got a
slightly different menu for those, ask when you go downstairs. In the
meantime, I'm here for you" and with that, she felt his warm hand begin to
fondle her tits. She abandoned her attempts at conversation and lay back
on the bed, lifting her arms above her head to free her breasts completely.
Feeling his hands close around her nipples and rub them tenderly, she
murmured that she was all his. He bent down to kiss her lingeringly on the
mouth before taking a nipple in his mouth.

He began to suck and she felt a wonderful tingling sensation build up.
Turning his attention next to the other breast, he murmured

"One way to avoid a lonely nipple is to ask for a double order of any
meal. In fact, that can give you a lot more pleasure than a single ever
can. Remember that, next time."

He paused in his attentions to reach for the box he had brought in.
Opening it, he showed her a small, penis-shaped vibrator that he ran around
the circumference of each breast in turn. Although he had yet to turn it
on, the sensations were very enjoyable to the girl. He ran it over her
belly, tickling her belly-button and then over her thighs and finally he
brought it to rest nestling in her long, bushy hair between her legs.

sucking one tit, he turned the little vibrator on and suddenly she felt
her cunt ooze with wetness in response to the nuzzling tip's vibrations.

"Oh my God! Fuck me, fuck me, please! Oh my God! Now, now, NOW." her
voice became more demanding and louder as he tickled her outer, fleshy
lips, and worked the vibrating tool in to find the bud of her clitoris.

Finding it, he shifted the angle and she felt the side of the dildo
vibrate against her, coaxing her bud to blossom. As it did so, he began to
move the dildo back and forth across her bud at the same time as increasing
the speed. She was moaning and tossed her body about on the bed in her

He inserted a finger gently into her vagina, paused while she jumped in
surprise, then began rotating it against the walls of the entrance; slowly
at first, then faster and faster. As her muscles opened he slid a second
finger in as well. "Fuck me damn you. I want to feel you in me, not just
your fucking finger" she screamed at him then. Instead of doing
immediately as she asked, he turned the vibrator off and slowly inserted
the tip into her vagina. Breathing heavily now, she reached down and
snatched the dildo out of his hand and threw it up above her head.

"I want you. Now" she demanded, slightly pettishly.

"Wait a moment, then" and she heard him tear open a condom packet and
slip it on. He stood at the edge of the bed, kneed her legs further apart
and very slowly entered her. She was hot and wet, even through the condom
he could feel it. He paced himself - there was nearly 10 minutes to go and
he had a few more tricks up his sleeve for her - and listened to her moan
with pleasure.

Rocking back and forth, he asked her whether she wanted a complimentary
portion of cheese and biscuits after her third 'course'. Looking confused,
she asked what that was. He replied,

"It's a shower with a server of your choice, sex-wise. The server will
gently wash you, dry you and, if you want it, will help you dress. Many of
our diners enjoy it, as it is free from any actual sexual activity, though
it doesn't mean it isn't pleasurable!" She thought about it for a while,
enjoying the feel of his penis teasing her, then accepted, choosing a
female server. He nodded.

Increasing speed for a short while, he then took her mind off what was
to come. Leaning across her to retrieve the discarded vibrator his penis
found her G-spot and pressed hard against it. She responded by arching her
back and buttocks upwards while throwing her head back and breathing
heavily. Smiling at her response, he gathered her up in his arms and
lifted her up onto his knees. Gasping with enjoyment at the sudden change
of mode, she hung on to him, trying to push herself further onto him.

She was unable to do this until he had carried her to one of the arm
chairs and sat down with her straddling him. Then she tentatively reached
down to touch his balls.

"That's all right. Go ahead." he reassured her, "Its not a one-way
system, you know." Confident now, she gathered his balls in her hand and
very slightly squeezed the sac.

He sucked in his breath sharply as he felt her roll his balls around in
her palm. It found him growing even more inside her and by way of
returning the compliment he fingered her warm clitoris with one hand while
the other reached down to fondle her lower lips. She reacted as if she had
been subject to an electric shock, opening her legs even wider to give him
better access.

Lifting her off his penis, he put her back onto the bed, this time right
in the middle. Turning her onto her side, he lay behind her, to prevent
her from distracting him further and reached under her top leg and gently
flicked her lips. He asked

"Care for a surprise?"

She nodded, and seemingly out of nowhere he produced a little leather
wand, rather like a quill in appearance. With the blunt end, he "fingered"
her outer lips, allowing the feathery part to tickle her buttocks.

"This is called a 'chip'," he explained. She turned towards him,
inviting him to probe further. He did so and soon he was driving her mad
by the tormenting tickle against her cunt.

"Fuck me PLEASE! Oh my God! Fuck me, fuck me" she demanded between
screams of delight.

Carefully opening her lips, he entered her again and proceeded to fuck
her vigorously. She thrust herself against him, feeling his balls touch
her briefly as he pushed into her.

Too soon for her, she climaxed, with a gasp of pleasure, her entire body
being torn apart from her cunt upwards by the sensations. As she began to
fall back to earth she felt him pump his release into her. This took her
back to the skies for a while, and they lay, exhausted together.

"I've got to go now," he whispered as he withdrew, taking his condom out
carefully. "Hope you enjoyed me."

"I did. Thanks for the chip, too" She lay there on the bed as he left
her legs asunder, and arms flung outwards on the silky-soft sheets. She
wondered if she had been too hungry in ordering three 'courses', but then
remembered the cheese and biscuits. That would revive her, and besides, it
had been ages since she'd had a fuck at all; and all she was doing was
making up for all those lost months.

A knock took her by surprise, and she called out

"Door's not locked".

Looking over her shoulder she saw a young man, though not the same one
as before, enter the room. He was wearing a short sarong fastened near the
front. As he walked towards her, she caught glimpses of a soft penis
nestling against a very large sac. Immediately getting interested by this
seemingly accidental display, she sat up to look at him properly. Unlike
the other two servers, he was black-haired and boyish-looking.

"Worn out yet?" he asked as he sat on the corner of the bed, sarong
riding up as he did so to expose his bare buttocks.

"A little," she admitted ruefully.

"Don't worry. Why don't I tell you what I want to do for you while you
recover a bit? Do you like dirty talking?" Nodding shyly, she waited for
him to continue.

"Well, let me see. First I will tell you what I saw when I came in and
what I see now, hey? Then we'll see whether it's talking or doing that you
want next."

"I saw a very fulfilled little lady spread-eagled on the bed. Her lips
were wanting to be kissed, so were her eyes and throat." He suited the
actions to the words, leaving her face tingling. "Her skin looked - and is
- delightfully soft, soft enough for me to nibble like an expensive
chocolate.Her titties peeked up above the curves of her boobs, shy, like
their owner, but wanting to have fun." He cupped her breasts in his hands
and thumbed her nipples awake. Then he fondled her breasts, rolling them
over in his hands, pulling gently at the nipples to rouse them further.
She sighed,

"What do you see now then?" Leaning forward to pull her to the edge of
the bed he replied,

"I see a sex-starved woman, whose titties are crying out for my mouth.
Hang on while I quieten them down."

With that he bent and suckled first one tit then the other. He took
such a long time over this that she thought the talking had ended when,
lifting his head, he said,

"There, they are quiet for a little. Now I can continue. I want to
explore your body like this" he began demonstrating, "and to see if those
lovely buttocks are as good to the touch as they look. Shall I tell you
what they remind me of?" he asked.

Nodding, too engrossed in watching his hands probe her belly and thighs
to speak, she indicated that she wanted him to continue.

"They reminded me of those little soft bread rolls you find in some
restaurants. You know the ones I mean? The ones you can pull apart
easily, and then pull little bits of the inside into mini balls. Can I
turn you over so that I can find out?" She rolled onto her belly,
stretching luxuriantly, and felt his palms on her buttocks. It was nice
and she did not object when he put a pillow under her hips.

He kneaded her buttocks, gently at first, then more roughly, pulling
them up and apart to look between them. Catching her breath, she felt him
lick her between her cheeks, and then push her thighs apart in order to get
his tongue to her tender, but responsive lips. She tried to move away, to
turn over, but he stopped her.

"Not yet, love, I want to play with you back here first. Oh and your
boobs, so - up on your hands and knees." Knowing that this was part of the
description of this 'course' she complied.

He picked up the vibrator his predecessor had left behind, he turned it
on and ran it down between the cheeks of her buttocks till he reached the
opening to her vagina. Holding it against the root of his penis and her
buttocks, he turned it up to maximum speed and reached underneath her for
her breasts.

As she moaned in response to the sudden attack on her vagina, she felt
him pulling on her nipples as if they were cows' udders. The double attack
on her body took her by surprise and she bucked violently. The response
she got was to feel him tug harder on her breasts and push his balls and
the vibrator harder against her opening hole. Soon though, she found
herself being rolled over, and, after watching as he put on the regulation
condom, he rocked her in his arms.

He slid himself into her with a groan, she was so hot that he doubted
that he could wait for her to climax. He pounded into her, frantically
trying to bring her to climax first. She writhed with delight as she felt
the aggressive movement in her; he fingered her clitoris desperately, but
nature took its course, and he climaxed first. Apologising profusely, he
held her as his body pulsated.

"You'd better finish mine off now" she commented as he removed the

Slowly, he swung his body around and knelt at her head. He leant
forward and began to finger her gently.

"Faster damn you, faster!"

He obliged, but still she demanded more. As way of a hint, she reached
up and pulled him down to her face. His penis tasted of rubber, but she
licked it and then moved to his balls. Incredibly gently, she licked the
sac until she felt the merest glimmer of life. Finally, he got the message
and his mouth bore down on her eager cunt.

He nibbled her outer lips, then, using his tongue, began exploring her
wetness. He cupped his hands around her buttocks, and as he licked, deeper
and deeper, he pilled her buttocks apart so she felt cool air touch her
hotness before his mouth found her again. This went on and on, he licking,
nibbling, gently pulling, caressing her cunt. Her bud ripened to a
quivering knob that he tormented with his lips, teasing her to climax.
Eventually it came, and descended on her like a gut-wrenching avalanche.

While she lay beneath him, recovering from her latest climax, she heard
the door open and someone go into the bathroom. She heard the shower
turned on and then a young woman in a bikini came back into the bedroom.
The man carefully got off the bed, smiled at her and left her to enjoy her
cheese and biscuits.

The bikini-clad woman sat by the prone one, stroked her hair back from
her face and said,

"Just come, have you? I'll hold you while you recover." After a few
minutes, she said,

"That shower should be just right now. Come on, lets get you washed"

The naked girl found herself being guided to the bathroom and into the
shower. The warm water was gentle on her tired body and she stood passive
while the other woman lightly soaped her all over. First her shoulders and
breasts, then down her back and belly, and finally down to her satiated
cunt and her thighs. The rest of her legs followed. She did this without
the slightest sexual overtone; it was calming and yet reviving. She felt
her senses come back 'on-line' and she began to take a more active part in
the shower.

As she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in the towel the
other handed her, she sighed with enjoyment.

"Shall I dry you, or do you want to do that while I sort out your
clothes?" The diner said that she could manage. The bikini-clad girl went
out to the bedroom while the other dried herself. Wandering out of the
bedroom later, naked, she found her clothes placed ready for her to step
into. Turning to thank her, she saw that the other sprawled in one of the
chairs. Her bikini bottoms were down round her knees and she was expertly
manipulating the vibrator to masturbate herself quickly.

"Oh, sorry. Couldn't resist the temptation. Shouldn't do it really,
though, its against the rules."

"Consider it a tip for reviving me, then." She began to dress, but the
other stopped what she was doing and asked if she wanted any help.

"No. Why don't you finish yourself off while I dress? I'd like to
watch, if you don't mind."

The words surprised her, obviously this evening had got rid of many of
her inhibitions. The girl on the chair smiled her thanks and lost herself
in her own search for pleasure. As the replete diner reached for her coat,
the other girl suddenly splayed her legs and climaxed with a quiet moan.

After a few minutes, she turned the vibrator off, stood up, pulling up
her bottoms and the two went downstairs. The Manageress was still at the
desk opposite the door.

"Had a good evening? Silly question. I can see you have. However, the
real question is. Will you be coming back to us?"

"Oh yes, definitely!" the visitor replied as she signed the cheque to
pay for the evening's delights.


Fiona finally roused herself from the semi-comatose state she had sunk
into to realise it was pitch dark. Ah well, one can dream, can't one, she
thought ruefully.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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