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Too-Kay's Web

Details of Le Restaurant
Staff and Accomodation

+ Staff called 'servers'

+ Male staff use condoms whenever penetrating

+ Each course, except Snacks, 20 duration, with 5 min between courses

+ Snacks 10 min max, with minimal break between two or more choices

+ Possibility of spicing the main course choice up, i.e. with bondage or whip

+ Rooms are soundproofed, and the suites contain: bedroom (large double bed and large easy chair) and bath/shower room. thick carpet in bedroom, tiles in shower-room

+ All rooms monitored by security cameras and have panic chords

Main courses

† Bangers and chips - male-on-woman with vibrator(s)

† Beef/chicken pie with rough puff-pastry - slight rough play prior to sex (m or f)

† Beef olive in gravy - fuck by a male server after all-over stimulation in bath

† Boeuf Bourguignon - all-over fondle-massage leading to a long penetration

† Chicken and chips - woman-on-woman with vibrator(s)

† Chicken breasts - woman-to-woman encounter

† Chicken curry - woman-on-woman with caning, various degrees of 'hotness'

† Chicken en croϋte - woman dressed up before copulation

† Cottage pie - standard, straight sex

† Rump steak - rear-entry penetration

† Stuffed quail wrapped in vine leaves and bacon - bondage, fuck

† Tagliatelle - an encounter with light bondage

† Three cheese soufflι‚ and chips - bum, cunt, clit &/or tits + vibrator(s)

† Toad-in-the-hole - anal intercourse

† Unplucked chicken - female sex with whips, bondage


* Chip(s) - vibrator(s)

* 'Dumb Waiter' - customer gagged; any combination of menus can be included

* Feather - whip

* Side salad - additional foreplay/fondling of body


§ Baked Alaska - ice-cubes inside, shower (Hot or Cold water)

§ Battenburg ice cream - three men simultaneously, bondage, rough, ice-cubes

§ Ice-cream - ice play with sex

§ Roly-Poly and cream - a good, old-fashioned fuck with dairy cream

Snacks (and take-away)

ƒ Hot dog - 'quickie', clothed, penetration

ƒ Sandwiches - 'quickie'; choice of chicken thigh or breast, beef, ham

ƒ cheese and biscuits - reviving shower with a server of customer's choice, sex-wise.

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