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The Take-away

Suzy decided to treat herself on the last day of her holiday at home and
ordered a take-away from Le Restaurant. She couldn't really have one at
work because of the special nature of these take-away snacks, and though it
was an expensive pleasure, she thought she deserved it. So she rang Le
Restaurant and ordered a ham sandwich with chips for 12:30, paying for it
with her credit card.

A little before the delivery was due, Suzy went upstairs to have a
shower and change. Resisting the temptation to finger herself, she
showered and put on a short, tight dress with no underwear. When she bent
over to pick up her sandals her bare bottom showed beneath the dress and
Suzy smiled. She was ready for her snack.

The door-bell rang. Suzy ran downstairs and opened the door to a
handsome man who carried a small bag.

“From Le Restaurant, ma'am. Your ham sandwich and chips,” the man said
as he stepped through the door.

“Come in. I'll have it in the sitting room.” Suzy showed him through to
her small sitting room. Mercifully it was at the back of the property, so
there was no need to draw the curtains for privacy. She sat down on the
sofa, allowing her dress to ride up. The man stood waiting for

“I'll have you first, then the chips, I think. Come here.”

She spread her legs, allowing sight of her cunt. The man pulled her up
to her feet and felt her cunt. It was damp in anticipation. He pulled
down his trousers and his cock jumped out. It was a thick cock – just
right for a ham sandwich, Suzy thought – and he began to rub himself
against her. She moaned in anticipation.

“Push into me. Fuck me quickly,” she murmured; “I have been waiting all
morning for you,”

The man obliged. He pushed himself into the damp cunt. Because there
was no foreplay, Suzy's cunt was tight and it felt as if she was being torn
apart by the fat cock.

“Oh-hhh. Yes. Yessss. Fuck me, man, fuck me. I want to be torn apart
by your wonderful cock. More. More!”

He rammed himself up into her, holding her upright against him. She was
tight but he knew she wanted it slightly rough. He thrust himself deep
into her, holding tight to her now bare buttocks. His hands eased the
cheeks apart and slipped a thumb between them. He pressed gently against
her slit, and she responded.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes. I want you to tear me apart!”

He reached down for one of the vibrators from his bag and slid it in
where his thumb had been. Turning it on, he felt the vibrations come
through to his cock, driving her wild. She bucked against him, eagerly
opening herself to undiluted pleasure.

He laid her on the sofa and stood over her. She was begging him to
pleasure her.

“Fuck me, damn you. I want you to finish me. Fuck me!”

“I will, but first, a little chip or two to really get you going.”

With that, he slid a big vibrator deep into her cunt and held a second,
much smaller one, over her clit. Using his expertise, he soon had her body
singing a song to him. She climaxed twice in quick succession.

“Yes! Oh my God. Yesss-ssssssssssss! More. More! Fuck me now!” she

He kept her going, moving round so he was sitting behind her. This
meant he could put a different sort of pressure on her cunt, stimulating
her even more. Once he was satisfied that she was ready for the final part
of his services, he turned her over and pulled her to her knees. Taking
the large vibrator out of her, he re-inserted his cock, but he kept the
small vibrator to hand to stir her juices more.

Sliding his cock deep into her wet cunt, he pleasured her, listening to
her moans.

“Oh yesssss-ssss. Oh. Oh. Yessss. More, more.”

She bucked against him as she climaxed again. He allowed her one more
climax before he let himself release his seed into the compulsory condom.

Breathing heavily, Suzy said

“Thank you very much. I have rarely had a ham sandwich like that!”

The man left soon afterwards.

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Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
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