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Too-Kay's Web

Three Cheese Soufflé and Chips

Having booked an elaborate session at Le Restaurant, Annette was looking
forward to it to such an extent that she was having difficulty in
concentrating on her hob. She'd rung from the office, making full use of
the fact that the 'menu' system Le Restaurant operated made it possible to
talk relatively openly in public. Her tight mini-knickers were rubbing
against her pussy, distracting her, but at the same time preparing her for
her evening out.

Annette arrived at Le Restaurant just before 7.30 and booked in with the
Manageress. She was just going to sit down to wait, when a server came
over and informed her that her suite and order were ready.

Following the young female server, Annette felt the stirrings of pure
lust, enhanced by those same tight knickers that had been such a
distraction during the day. She was relieved when they arrived at the room
allocated to her for the evening and she was left alone. Tugging her
underclothes off, she hurriedly brought herself to a climax, before
undressing completely.

She was brushing her long hair when there was a tap at the door. Three
male servers came into the room. One of them took the brush from her hand
and continued to brush the long dark hair down her back. The bristles
scratched across her back and she shivered with enjoyment. One of the
other men fondled her tits and flicked them into life while the third
fingered her slit. After a few minutes of this foreplay, Annette was
propelled to the bed; one man laid on his back with his head next to her
legs, while Annette felt another position himself behind her. The third
one supported her breasts as she leant forward over the prone man's face.

She felt a tongue flicking her pussy and she lowered herself further
while lifting her buttocks to present her cunt to the man behind her. He
slid into her easily and began thrusting leisurely into her. The man on
the bed found her bud and was teasing it, driving her towards a climax.
She began to cry out.

"Fuck me hard. Please fuck me." The men speeded up their ministrations
and soon she was being driven to a huge climax.

Rather than stopping then, the man at her clit produced a vibrator and
played the end gently over her sensitive bud. This is what she had
ordered, a continuous three-part fuck. She sighed with pleasure as the
sensations washed over her. The man behind her changed places with the one
who had been fondling her breasts and she felt a hard penis enter her

"Fuck me more, fuck me now!" she implored the men.

The prone man continued tormenting her clit with the vibrator and the
man behind her thrust deeply into her. Each thrust felt as if it touched
her vaginal entrance and she screamed her pleasure at the dual stimulation
and torment. This time they ignored her pleas to bring her to climax
quickly and eased her slowly towards a more powerful climax than before.
They did this by stopping and starting, increasing her frustration till she
felt she could bear it no longer.

Then the two men on the bed changed places with each other; the one who
had taken her first lying with his head between her legs. He put down the
vibrator and reached for her now-tender clit with his lips and tongue.
Pulling her lips gently and licking her intensively he lubricated her
again. The man standing behind her continued his slow but penetrating
thrusts into her, but gradually increased the momentum until he was
pounding into her furiously. The man at her clit increased his speed as
well. Soon Annette felt that she was being torn in two by the stimulation.

"Oh God! Fuck me. More, more, more" she moaned. Then she jumped as
she felt the nose of a well-oiled vibrator pressing lightly against her

Before she knew it, she was hurtling towards a massive climax, despite
the unfamiliar sensation against her anus. Again, the man on the bed
continued fondling her pussy as the other two changed places. She had seen
the third server's penis grow as the session progressed but she still
jumped at the feel of him as he slipped into her. The pressure on her anus
very slowly increased and she felt the vibrator being turned on very low.
Her rear entrance slowly relaxed under the pressure and she felt the tip
slid into her hole. She tensed at that, giving the penis inside her a hard
squeeze, and that man responded with some tantalising thrusts deep into

The vibrator was turned up slowly, and she felt the ripples going
through her, giving her unexpected pleasure. Her bud was being teased open
again and that combined with the anal stimulation was driving her crazy.
Her lips were bloated with blood and extremely sensitive so when a vibrator
was run across them, she quivered in ecstasy.

Both vibrators were turned on low to start with, but as the man behind
her pressed himself deep into her moist flesh, they were turned up until
they were nearly at full speed. Annette did not know which sensation to
concentrate on, they were each so pleasurable. So she simply surrendered
her body to the three men who were intent upon driving her towards a
whirlwind of a climax.

The thrusts became longer and deeper and faster. The vibrator was slid
slightly further into her and slammed up to top speed. Jumping at the
increased pressure, Annette found herself impaling herself onto the other
vibrator that was pressed firmly against her bud. The three men worked
independently of each other, each working to his own rhythm that drove her
mad with pure undiluted lust. She felt as if she was being pulled three
ways and thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Fuck me damn you! She gasped in frustration, "Fuck me more than this.
Please. Send me over the edge!"

Suddenly both vibrators were turned down low, the man inside her slowed
down. Her body wailed at the abrupt slowing down, but then as suddenly as
things slowed, they speeded up. Her exhausted senses were swamped with
full-speed, vicious vibrations and rapid thrusts deep into her.

"More! I want more."

She got it. Every orifice was assaulted with more pressure, propelling
her towards the most total climax she had ever had. The whirlwind of her
emotions tore her senses apart as she experienced a tri-part climax, first
from her clit, then her anal canal succumbed to the waves of vibrations and
pressure. Finally the vaginal climax exploded leaving her totally drained.
Or so she thought. As penis and anal vibrator were removed, the man beneath her found her tired bud with his lips and coaxed one last climax
from her.

Annette flopped onto the bed, totally exhausted but equally sated. Her
cunt was so tender that she wondered whether she would be able to wear her
knickers to go home in.

"That was absolutely wonderful," she murmured as the men left, after
tossing a light cover over her.

A long while later, Annette woke up to the sensation of her nipples
being sucked gently. Familiar stirrings fluttered inside her as she turned
onto her back. Opening her eyes, she saw one of the men from earlier
nuzzling her tits.

"Couldn't resist coming back to pleasure you more in my free time.
Strictly against the Rules, of course, but as today is my last day, there's
not much they can do to me. I've got half an hour before my next booking,
chips only, so it won't matter if we fuck." he said quietly as he fondled
her breasts.

Tenderly, he caressed her breasts, tweaking the stirrings into life, and
nibbling at her nipples. She sighed, enjoying the feelings that he was
creating. Without realising it, her legs parted and she lifted her bottom
slightly in invitation. He slid his left hand down over her belly to her
bush. Gently exploring her lips down there, he re-awoke her clit.

"You are 'hungry', aren't you? A three-course meal an hour ago and
still wanting more. What do you want?"

"The Christmas Special, I think. Or should I have Devils on Horseback,
I wonder? Oh, I think I'll go for the Special - if there's time."

"There's time, with you as hot as you are," he replied. "Come on, let
me sit you up." He pulled her into a seated position, then, sitting with
his legs slightly parted, he drew her onto his lap.

Continuing to fondle her breasts with one hand, he touched her vaginal
lips tenderly. Turning her around to face him, he suckled her breasts until they tingled. While he was doing this, she stroked his growing penis
and slid herself towards him. She lifted herself onto his shaft, welcoming
the hardness of him inside her at this different angle.

Beginning to move on him, she took him deep into her as he sucked her
breasts. He slid his legs together beneath her buttocks and she wrapped
her legs round his torso. As he continued to suckle her, one hand wandered
down to her bush and began to caress her bush. Sexual tension built up in
her and she felt her climax starting to form in her cunt.

"Fuck me please!" she implored him.

"I will, sweet lady, I will," he promised her as he gripped her buttocks
and began lifting her up and down onto him.

Within moments she felt the beginning of her climax tear her apart and
she surrendered to it. Once more she lay on the bed, drained, but this
time the man kept his hold on her waist, pressing their bodies together.
Soon, though, he had to leave, and Annette slowly got dressed and went
home. Sated.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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