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lunch time affair

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"Lunch Time Affair" (MF, cons, oral)<BR> <BR>
WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real event
is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR> <BR>

"Lunch Time Affair"<BR> <BR>

Copyright 2000 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> My name is Terry. I'm 28 years
old, been married for six years, and live in an apartment San Francisco.
My husband, Bob, works for a computer company downtown and I work at a
bookstore within walking distance of our building. I started having an
affair with my next-door neighbor several months ago. I had met James one
day in the elevator after he moved in and we struck up a conversation. I
invited him into my apartment and we chatted some more. The following day
I introduced him to by husband and we had dinner together. After that we
became friends, although I spent more time with James then my husband did.
We had a lot in common and could talk about anything.<BR> <BR> James worked
as a bartender at a restaurant on the next block. His shift didn't start
until three in the afternoon so when I'd come home for lunch we'd eat
together. Everyday at 12:30 we'd make ourselves lunch and eat at either
one of our apartments. I don't think Bob ever really knew about this and I
never really discussed my lunch hours with him. <BR> <BR> One day James
and I were having a couple sandwiches at my kitchen table. Then all of a
sudden he leaned over and kissed me! I was shocked, to say the least, but
I found myself kissing him back. Our hands were everywhere, rubbing,
groping, squeezing, fondling each other. Soon our clothes were coming off
and I found myself being lowered to the floor. He pulled off my pants and
underwear and positioned himself next to me. He parted my legs and slowly
licked my pussy lips. Then he spread them apart with his fingers and
licked my clit. It had been ages since Bob had even touched me like this!
I never realized how much I missed. He'd give it a long, sensuous licks
and then flick his tongue at it. I was in heaven! I started to buck my
hips and shake all over. It wasn't long before I started to cum all over
my neighbor's face.<BR> <BR> I laid there a moment, totally naked on the
cool kitchen floor. James stood up and removed what few pieces of clothing
he had on. He tugged off his underwear and I sat bolt upright. His cock
was a good eight inches long with large, heavy balls. I kneeled in front
of him and wrapped my hand around his thick shaft. I couldn't get my
fingers completely around it. I gently stroked it, getting a good feel for
it. His cock stood straight up and started to grow purple. I tilted my
head forward and slid it into my mouth. It tasted so good! I could only
get about half of it in my mouth. I licked and sucked it like a lollipop.
I had no idea how I would get this thing inside my cunt but I knew I wanted
badly. Then I moved down to his balls, flicking my tongue at them before
taking one into my mouth. I sucked on it gently and then moved onto the
next. Then I started licking my way back up.<BR> <BR> James lifted me up
and placed me on the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he
slid that monster inside my waiting pussy. I gasped at how big it felt.
Inch by inch his cock slipped inside me. I thought it would never end!
Finally I felt his balls pressed up against me. He pulled himself almost
all the way out and then slammed it back inside me. Then he did it again
and again and again until it was just a blur of flesh. He held my ass
firmly with his large hands as he pounded his cock into me. I started to
cry out but James covered my mouth with his and only a few muffled screams
escaped. He slid his hands passed my thighs and around to my knees. He
spread my legs as far apart as possible. My cunt never felt so stretched
before. Soon I was cumming again. <BR> <BR> Shortly after, James let go
of my legs and slid his hard tool out of me. I was still on the counter
with my legs wide apart. He told me to get down on the floor on my knees
and hold up my breasts. I scrambled down to the ground and lifted up my
tits for him. He moved in front of me and placed his dick between my tits.
My juices made is cock really slick. I pressed my cleavage around him to
make a tight little tunnel. He pumped away at my tits until he started to
cum. My face and chest with his semen. I licked it off my lips and
massaged it into my tits. James got on the floor beside and kissed me
deeply, his tongue exploring every inch of my mouth.<BR> <BR> After that we
became steady lovers. Everyday I would go into James' apartment and fuck
my brains out. James didn't mind being exclusive. Having sex everyday for
half an hour to forty minutes kind of stops a guy from looking for other
girls. My husband still has no idea what goes on during my lunch hour.
But my coworkers are starting to get suspicious. After all, I do come back
to work recently showered and with a big smile on my face. When they ask
how my lunch went I just grin and say, "Fantastic."<BR> <BR> THE

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