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made for each other




This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish
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Made for Each Other Author: Amaranta Fiore

She slides her hands slowly down his back, rubbing and kneading the
tight muscles. He sighs as she concentrates her efforts on a particularly
sore spot just below the waistline of his underwear. Renee continues to
stroke and massage, as she shifts the waistband lower and lower. He
squirms a bit as she tugs at the fabric. As she lovingly swats his bottom,
Andrew raises himself up. Renee slides the underwear free, and the firm
flesh is completely revealed.

Renee coos and firmly grabs his left cheek in her hand, snaking her
right hand around his waist to caress his chest and stomach. Andrew rises
up until he is kneeling in the middle of the bed. She ducks her head under
his arm and he leans down, showering her with kisses. Her hand lazily
caresses its way down his chest, finding the beginnings of a certain patch
of hair. When her hand finds his cock, he sits back on his heels,
encouraging her mouth to follow where her hand has gone.

Renee moves around to kneel in front of her husband, face to face.
Pausing to kiss him full on the lips, she presses her breasts against his
chest. Andrew crushes her to him in a strong hug, as he whispers his
secret desire in her ear. She giggles and hugs him back in an equally
numbing embrace.

She reluctantly releases him from the embrace. She kisses her way down
his belly to his excitingly hard cock, the sight of which brings a jolt of
arousal to her pussy. She greedily locks her mouth onto it, flicking her
tongue over the tip. He moans as her hand strokes downward, pulling the
foreskin out of the way. Her mouth follows the motion of her hand,
enveloping the exposed head in warm pleasure. She plunges her head up and
down in time with her hand, as he sighs with pleasure.

As she pauses for a moment, he thrusts gently, but deeply, into her
mouth. Running his hands through her hair, he thrusts until she places her
hand on his belly, telling him to slow down. Andrew stops, praising her
gifted mouth. Renee laughs and tells him she will show him more, but first
wasn't there something he wanted her to do? He looks bashfully at her,

She smiles back, remembering what he has requested with a whisper in her
ear. She slips off the bed and moves to the closet. Opening the doors,
she rummages around and turns around to find her husband with the bedside
table drawer open, extracting a large dildo and a bottle of lubricant. She
turns back, rummages some more and turns back to him, smiling broadly, with
a thick, black, leather harness. He smiles at her, trying not to feel
embarrassed. She can tell he is having conflicting feelings about this.
He likes the way it feels, but the stigma of a "man" enjoying this activity
with his wife is still somewhat hard to reconcile.

Renee moves to where he is sitting on the edge of the bed. Andrew takes
her in his arms again, drawing her up onto his lap, holding her close to
him. He nuzzles into the crook of her neck, cupping her breast in his
hand. She purrs with pleasure as he nibbles her ear and strokes her erect
nipple between his fingers and thumb. She turns her head and he kisses her
deeply. She sighs in response.

Breaking the kiss, she slides from his lap. Standing at the side of the
bed, she takes the dildo from his hand and slides the large rubber ring
down to its flared base. Holding the harness, she wriggles the four strips
of fabric under the rubber ring and snaps the dildo into place. She steps
into the leg straps, shimmying them into place, cupping the curve of her
ample bottom. As she snaps the wide strap around the fullness of her hips,
he voices a lustful groan.

She smiles, seeing the lust in his eyes. He pulls her to him, grasping
her full breasts. He suckles first her left and then her right breast, and
she moans, thrusting her chest forward. He pushes her gently back and
stands. Renee looks up at her husband Andrew's face, seeing the love and
passion in his eyes.

She moves around him to kneel at the edge of the bed. Her bottom is in
the air in front of him. He grasps hold of the waist strap of the harness
and slides a hand between her legs. She moans as he finds her clitoris,
already profusely slick with lubricant. He rubs her clitoris for a few
moments and she moans loudly, already nearing orgasm. He removes his hand,
leaving her begging to be penetrated.

He trusts his thick cock inside her. She moans and pushes back against
him to get maximum penetration. He trusts into her, plowing deeply. She
moans as he grasps the waist strap of the harness with both hands. His
cock moves in quick but deep strokes, pressing against her G-spot. She
cries out, pressing back against him. She gives in to the orgasm,
clutching the sheets in fistfuls. He is relentless, slamming into her, as
her climax is unending. Finally he slows his pace, leaving her gasping and
mumbling. He strokes his right hand along the length of her back, then
around her waist. He curls the length of his body around her, allowing his
hand to wander down and dance around her clitoris again. She moans as he
hugs her, rubbing her clitoris, her vagina contracting around his cock in
response. His fingers lazily circle her clitoris, flitting and rubbing.

Andrew can feel her orgasm building again, so he slowly withdraws his
hand. His cock slides out as he stands up again. He presses his cock into
her again in a slow, deep penetration. Renee cries out, pleading for him
to fuck her hard. He takes his time, moving slowly in and out. As she
slides her hand down to touch her clitoris, he places that well-lubricated
finger from her pussy at the entrance of her anus. She feigns some protest
as he penetrates her with his finger, but her vagina tightens around his
cock in excitement. He slides his finger and cock in and out of her body
in synchronization. Her fingers press against her clitoris, flying in
quick circles, bringing forth pleasure. He groans as she screams out her
orgasm, thrashing and mewing.

He stops, reluctantly, but knowing that if they are to continue, he must
rest for a moment. He withdraws, and she collapses on the bed, murmuring
her love for him. He sits on the edge of the bed, stroking her back as she

After a few quiet minutes, Renee turns and languidly sits up. She
slides off the bed and stands next to him. She reaches across him to the
bedside table to pick up the bottle of lubricant. He lies down, with his
bottom against the edge of the bed. She kneels between his legs, pushing
them up over her head. The firm flesh at the cleft of this bottom is
pressed together. She sets the lubricant down by her knee and pulls these
hemispheres of flesh apart, revealing his small radiating pucker. She
leans forward and gently kisses his testicles. Nibbling downward, she
comes to the rosy pucker, and her tongue flicks out and licks. He makes a
low, nondescript sound as her tongue relentlessly dances around the

She reaches for the bottle of lubricant and applies a small dab to the
tip of her finger. Her darting tongue withdraws and she presses the pad of
her finger slowly into the opening. The tight pucker of flesh gives way to
her gently probing. Her finger slides in fully, and he moans as she
presses against his prostate. Andrew shivers with pleasure as her finger
slides back and forth.

She removes her finger and stands. Picking up the bottle again, she
applies more lubricant, this time pressing two fingers into the opening.
He smiles as the tight muscle gives way under her gentle pressure. She
slowly fucks him with her fingers, sliding her other hand up to fondle his

As she takes his cock in her hand, he moans and opens his eyes. Her
hand travels the length of the shaft, her movements timed with the rhythm
of her probing fingers. The muscle at his opening has relaxed, and she
withdraws her fingers. Releasing his cock, she applies lubricant to the
shaft of the thick dildo she is wearing. Poised at the opening, she begins
to slowly penetrate him, placing the palms of her hands against the back of
his thighs, rolling him back to achieve a better angle. She moves her hips
in very small, methodical movements, pressing slowly deeper. The opening
blossoms outward, allowing the entire length of the dildo to enter him.
She is finally able to press her belly against his bottom, the dildo buried

Andrew moans as she withdraws and penetrates anew. Firmly grasping his
thighs in her hands, she swings her hips into a firm rhythm. Fondling her
breast in his hand, he looks into her eyes. She increases the speed of her
rhythm, quite deeply penetrating him. He slides his hand down her side to
her hip and holds onto a leg strap of the harness. He guides her rhythm,
and she is now slamming into him. With each stroke, her belly slaps
against his bottom, burying the dildo deep inside.

He moans, pulling on the strap at her leg, urging her to fuck him
harder, faster. Renee releases her hold on his right thigh, slowing for
only a second. She increases her speed again as she grasps his cock in her
hand. Pumping along the length of his incredibly hard shaft, she matches
the rhythm of her hand to the movement of her hips. She increases her
tempo, and he cries out in pleasure.

She is bringing him to brink of orgasm, but slows her pace just enough
to allow him to savor the pleasure. She releases her hold on his cock, and
renews her thrusts. He cries out, telling her how good it feels.

Andrew's orgasm is building again. He begs her not to stop, as she
takes his cock in her hand for the final time, this time increasing the
rhythm of her hips with no intention of slowing down. The coordinated
efforts of her hand and the dildo push him toward a stunning climax. He
cries out as the first splash hits his belly. Her hips keep up the
relentless rhythm throughout his orgasm. His cries and groans of pleasure
make her smile. The climax seems to go on and on. Finally, the thrashing
of his head stops, and she slows and finally stops.

He takes her hand in his and squeezes. She moves her hips away from
him, allowing the dildo to slip from his body. She releases the clasp at
the back of the harness, and it slides down her body and falls to the
floor. Looking into her eyes, Andrew tells Renee what a lucky man he is to
have found her. She climbs up beside him and kisses him, knowing they were
truly made for one another.


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