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Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story was written with the assistance of Jennifer. She
provided the settings and characters, and I wrote the story around
them. She can be reached at

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Mallstore I

Jenny was just about to lock the door, when another girl ran up,
and asked to be let in. "Well, so much for closing early" she thought
to herself as she opened the door.

Jenny looked down at the short girl as she went past her, and
into the back of the store. Jenny stood 5'6", but was amazed at how
short the other girl was. No more than 5' tall, she had long, light
blonde hair that hung all the way down to her ass. In addition, her
blue eyes made her look even prettier.

Jenny was looking forward to tonight, but sighed, knowing it was
wasted now. Her mom came up, asking if she could close the shop by
herself, and she thought that the only customer was fairly harmless
looking, so agreed. Her mom left, waiting for the security guard to
walk he to the bank to deposit the nights earnings.

This was the first time Jenny had closed the store by herself.
Normally her mom did it, but her parents were going out to dinner, and
she did not want to ruin 2 evenings. She called Mark on the phone, and
explained that she had to close up tonight. Mark was pissed, but that
could not be helped. She had worn her hottest outfit tonight, just for
him. "Oh well," she thought as she walked to the back of the store.
"I will have to save it for another night."

She walked to the back of the store, and saw that the other girl
was still picking through some lingerie, a black low-cut teddy and
garters in her hand.

Jenny watched from around a corner as the girl walked back to the
dressing room, and closed the door. She walked over, wanting to make
sure that she did not steal any of the clothes she had selected. Other
than some shoplifting, the mall was a fairly quiet one, and they her
family had never had a bad theft problem in it.

Jenny looked on in wonder as she noticed the door did not fully
close. She watched the other girl (18 or 19, no more) pull off her
jeans and sweater, then remove her panties. She was not wearing a bra,
and her breasts looked huge on her tiny frame.

"She is easily a 36D" Jenny thought to herself, appraising her
body with an experts eye. She looked down at her own 34C, and sighed.
But she knew that even though they were small, they gave her a large
amount of pleasure when Mark sucked on them during their heavy petting

She pressed her mound gently against the counter she was standing
behind, moaning quietly as she felt the tingles. She was shocked out
of her fantasy of her and her BF as the other girl called out if it was
OK if she came out, to use the full-sized mirror.

Jenny thought for a moment, then agreed. "We are alone, and the
store is locked up. Nobody else will see you" she called back.

"Only you" the other girl said, then giggled.

She stepped out, and walked to the cluster of mirrors. Dressed
only in the teddy, she looked hot. She was carrying just a little
extra weight, maybe 15 pounds or so. But that gave her a lush, full
look. Turning one way, then the other, she admired herself before
going back to the changing room.

Jenny's thoughts turned to daydreams again as the girl changed
outfits again. She had been looking forward to her date tonight. She
was wearing her favorite dress, and her sexiest underclothes. A
matching blue bra and panty set, with garter belt and stockings. She
was looking forward to seeing Mark's reaction when he lifted her dress,
and saw them.

Even though she was still a virgin, she had spent many happy
moments with Mark, in the back of his car. Necking for hours, she had
recently started letting him rub her crotch through her pants.
Tonight, she had worn the dress with the idea that he would remove her
panties, letting her feel another person's touch there for the first

She brought her mind back to the present as the girl came back
out, this time only wearing a set of red bra and panties. The bra was
only single panel silk, and she could see the other girl's nipples
through it. She saw the other girl adjusting the garter belt around
her waist.

"If you want miss, we have some stocking you can try those with"
Jenny offered, and the other girls face lit up, and she politely
accepted. Getting out the stocking they kept for customer use, she
brought them over, and handed them to her. The girl sat on a bench,
and rolled them up her legs. After getting them on, she stood back up,
then started to fasten the garters to the tops.

"Wait a minute. You have never worn those before, have you?"
Jenny asked.

Blushing prettily, the other girl said "Well, no. This was the
first time. My lover and I are going out tomorrow night, and I wanted
something sexy to wear."

Putting on her professional face, jenny said "You will have to
take your panties off first, fasten them, then put the panties on over
them. Otherwise, it will be hard when you go to the bathroom."

"Ahhhh, yes. I can see that now. Thanks."

Jenny felt her mouth fall open, because instead of going back to
the dressing room to do it, she just pulled her panties down in front
of her, and fastened the garter in place. Once fastened, she pulled
the panties back up, and looked at herself in the mirror. It was
obvious that this girl was a real blonde, as her pubic hair was only
slightly darker than the hair on her head.

After admiring herself for a moment, she turned to Jenny and
asked "What do you think?"

She told her they looked great, and another smile covered her
face. She took some of her long hair, and pulled it in front of her,
covering her boobs, and the ends just covering the bottom of her
crotch. Jenny had to admit to herself that she looked really good.
She had seen girls naked, and in panties and bra before in gym, but
none looking sexy like this short blonde did.

"The only thing is, is that nobody actually dresses like this"
the blonde said, looking in the mirror at herself.

"Sure they do" Jenny said, out of reflex.

"Really? Who? I have never seen another girl in things like
this, outside of a movie or catalog."

Before she realized it, Jenny spoke "Well, I do."

The girl ran her eyes up and down Jenny's lithe body, and smiled
when she asked "Now?"

Blushing, all she could do was nod. She saw the blonde walk
closer, still clad only in the underwear as she quietly asked "Can I
see, please? I have never seen them on another girl before."

Numbly, Jenny found herself raising the hem of her dress,
flushing as she raised it enough to show her garter straps and the tops
of her stockings. The blonde let out a low breath, gazing at her legs.

"And your panties. Are they on the outside, like you said I
should wear them?"

Jenny watched, as from another body as she watched the blonde
reach out, and raise the hem of her dress higher, revealing her blue
panties, ten raising it higher to show off the matching blue garter
belt.. She could not even blush as she felt her eyes running over her.
She felt the blonde's hand running up the strap to her stocking
lightly, running up it until it passed under her panties.

"Lovely" the blonde girl whispered, as she ran her fingers up the
blue silk, tracing the strap under it. She continued to lightly run
her fingers up until it reached the garter belt around her waist.
Jenny slightly trembled, unable to believe what was happening as she
felt the fingers caress her belly through the belt. She felt her legs
go weak, but was unable to pull away, as if she was immersed in amber.

"And I love those panties. Silk, it's so sexy and erotic, don't
you think?"

All Jenny could do was nod her head. The blonde looked away from
her crotch, gazing into her eyes as she nodded, unable to talk, feeling
both confusion and arousal running through her body. She had the
occasional fantasy of making love to another girl, that was fairly
normal from what she had heard and been told. But she had never
thought that she would REALLY want to do it.

"Do you think your boyfriend would really like to see you in
something like this?" Jenny whispered, feeling the tension growing.
She had to get her mind onto something else before she exploded. She
already knew that as soon as this customer left, she would be going
into the back to play with herself. Otherwise, she would go crazy
before she made it home.

At this, the other girl chuckled, and said "Whatever gave you the
idea it was for my boyfriend?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jennifer said. "You are so young, I did not
think that you were married."

The blonde stepped closer, looking into her eyes, blue meeting
sensuously with brown. She moved her face to within inches of Jenny's,
and said "I'm not married, either. These are for my girlfriend."

Jenny was stunned, and did not pull back any further, still
unable to move. She felt the hand move from her garters, and slowly
trail down her hip, running down her smooth skin. She looked down, and
watched the hand move along her leg, then back up again, fingers
curving under the strap, the back of the blonde's knuckles caressing
her leg.

"Do you like this?"

Her mind saying no, she still was unable to respond coherently,
other than a low gasp from her lips. Then she realized that her face
was even closer, and then they were kissing. Jenny felt her passion
overcoming her, and kissed this lovely lady back, not caring what it
meant, just knowing that she was about to go insane with desire for

Jenny felt a tongue slide against her lips, and opened them.
She wrapped her arms around the girl, as her arms went around her.
Holding each other tight, they kissed, both now lost in passion. After
several minutes of this, the blonde broke away, and started to kiss her
way down Jenny's neck. Jenny felt fireworks at that, nobody ever
giving her such pleasure just by kissing her.

She felt their breasts pressed against each other, and moaned at
the unexpected pleasure of having her breasts against another pair of
breasts. So much different then the flat chests of the guys she had
done this with. She felt a pair of hands on the front of her dress,
and did nothing to stop them as the slowly unbuttoned her dress, and
pulled the front open. Soft, gentle hands caressed over her breasts,
and she moved her own hands down, caressing the softly rounded bottom
she felt. The red satin panties felt wonderful under her hands, and
the soft roundness was so much more full than her own.

Suddenly, she realized that her front bra clasp had been opened,
and now her breasts were being lovingly fondled and caressed. Unable
to hold her passion back anymore, she tossed her head back as her hands
slipped under the waistband of the panties, caressing the blondes ass.
She knew there was no turning back as she felt lips gently nibbling
down her chest, not stopping until they enveloped her right breast,
sucking on her hard nipple.

Delicate hands pulled her dress off of her shoulders, then down
her torso. Then her bra was gently removed, and dropped onto the
floor. The mouth was setting her on fire, and she felt the dress
falling to the floor around her ankles. Moving from one breast to the
other, she moaned, holding the girl's head to her tightly as she felt
hands caressing her bottom.

"Oh lord, I can not believe this" she thought, as she simply gave
in, and let what happens happen.

* * *

Sam was making his normal after-closing rounds in the mall.
After walking Barbara to the bank, he walked back over to her clothing
store, since he promised to look in at her daughter, to make sure she
was OK.

"Oh man, that Barbara has a great ass" he thought. "And titties
that were made to be sucked. To bad she is married, or I would try to
get some of that off of her."

He got to the boutique, and saw that the lights were still on,
but appeared to be empty. He looked in closer, and was shocked at what
he saw.

Jennifer, that hot looking daughter of Barbara was making out
with another girl! She was standing there, in nothing but garters and
panties, as another girl sucked on her titties and felt her ass.

Sam watched, enraptured as the girl expertly sucked on those tits
that he longed to get his own hands and mouth on. He watched them in a
mirror, since they were hidden from his direct gaze by a rack of
clothes. He watched as the blonde reached up, and slowly pulled
Jennifer's panties over her hips, then down her legs.

His cock was now hard, and pressing uncomfortably against his
shorts. Only intending to rearrange himself, he reached in to move to
a better location. But his hand stopped as he watched the blonde drop
lower, and press her face into Jennifer's groin, and the dark haired
girl toss her head back in pleasure.

* * *

Jennifer could not believe this! She was standing there, and a
total stranger was licking her clit!

But she could not stop herself, or the girl. Waves of pleasure
shot through her as the girl licked and sucked at her clit, much better
than she ever thought it could feel. This wicked, forbidden act was
making her shake, and she knew she could not help but cum.

Sensing this, the blonde pulled her face away for a moment, and
guided her to the floor, spreading her legs, and going back to lick her
again. This time, she stuck out her tongue, and slipped it into her
wet pussy.

Jennifer moaned loudly, feeling something other than her finger
inside of her for the first time. "Oh god" she thought, "I can't take
much more of this."

Moaning loudly, she bucked as her orgasm overcame her, only a few
minutes after the expert cunnilingus had started.

The blonde girl moaned and swallowed the precious fluid that came
from her pussy. There was nothing she loved more than eating the pussy
of such a sweet young girl. Granted, pussy in general was great, as
well as an occasional cock. But it was sweet, innocent girls like this
that she craved. After all, she had been much the same only a couple
of years ago.

* * *

Sam watched them sink to the floor, and moved until he could see
them from another mirror. "My, that Jenny is a real hot slut" he saw,
watching her writhe and buck on the floor, her pussy still glued to the
mouth of the other gal. This was hotter than any porn he had ever

Obviously spent, he watched them cuddle together, and the blonde
took Jennifer's hand, and guided it down to her crotch. He could not
hear what they were saying, but could imagine it.

Soon, the blonde was laying back, and Jennifer had her stripped
nude. Her fingers were sliding in and out of her pussy, the blonde
pubes already damp and wet. Her clit looked swollen, and he wished he
could join them, and suck it himself.

He gave in to temptation, and pulled his cock out, slowly
stroking it as he watched them. He saw the younger girl hesitantly
bend over, and lick, then suck the other girls large breasts. The
blonde bucked a few times, holding tight to you younger brunette. He
knew that she had cum, and cum well by the look on her face.

* * *

Jennifer could not believe what had happened so far tonight. She
could still feel her fingers being squeezed by the wonderful pussy she
was inside of. Her head was resting on a pair of lovely breasts,
nipples hard and wet with her saliva against her face. But never had
she felt so alive.

She was rolled onto her back, and the blonde started to kiss her
way down again. "Oh no, not again" she thought. "I will die from

This time, the blonde pivoted her body, and laid facing downwards
instead of slipping between her legs as she did before. Jennifer knew
what was expected, and reached over to caress her hips, pulling them
closer to her.

She looked up as the legs straddled her face, seeing and smelling
the damp pussy above her. She felt lips and tongue on her own, and
reached up to caress the blonde girls hips, back, and ass.

"I don't know what to do," she moaned. "I have never done this
before. I don't want to do anything wrong."

"Relax," came a muffled reply, the mouth pulled away for a
moment. "Just do whatever you want. Trust me, I will enjoy it."

She lifted her head, and gently licked along the wet lips,
feeling her quiver under her tongue. Gently probing, she slipped it
between her lips, tasting the wet inner flesh. She was rewarded by a
low moan, she heard and felt at the same time, waves of pleasure
flowing through her own pussy at the same time.

She moved up, licking around, finding the entrance to her lover's
vagina. Pushing her face in tighter, she slid her tongue inside,
feeling the walls close around it. She could feel the juices covering
her face, and just held tight, licking and swallowing what she could.

The blonde was doing the same to her, and she knew that she would
be cumming again soon. She was determined to make this lovely girl cum
as well, wanting to give as much pleasure as she was receiving.

The blonde girl could not believe how good this young thing was.
She was sweet tasting, and licking her like a pro. Even though she was
an obvious virgin, she seemed to know just what to do. Obviously, this
had been something she had thought about in the past.

As she felt Jennifer's lips sucking on her clit, she knew that
she was going to cum soon, and cum hard. Pressing her breasts tighter
against the girl, she started to suck harder, wanting them to cum at
the same time.

* * *

Sam watched, fascinated at the lesbian 69 he was seeing. He was
stroking his cock even faster, watching these 2 young sluts going at
it. He could see that they were getting close, and could sometimes
hear a gasp or moan from inside the store.

He watched the blonde on top hunch her hips and press back, and
he knew she was cumming. He could imagine her wet pussy pulsing, and
flowing with juices onto the face of the young teenage girl under her.

This was all he could take, and he blasted off, his sperm hitting
the glass window in front of him, them onto the tile floor. He did not
care, watching as Jenny was obviously cumming herself, back arching up
enough to lift both girls up and moaning like a banshee.

He pulled out a napkin from his pocket, and wiped off his wilting
cock, then the window and floor before quietly going to his office to

* * *

Jenny felt exhausted. She was drenched at both ends, her pussy
soaked with her own juices and saliva, and her own face the same.
Slowly, the two girls parted, then moved to share a wet sloppy kiss.
Their faces slid sensuously, their combined juices allowing them to
slide easily.

Finally, they both realized it was getting late. They helped
each other to their feet, then Jenny took her back to the bathroom,
where they cleaned themselves up, washing off faces and drying their

Finally, after all their clothes were back in order, they
returned to the front of the store. The girl insisted on paying for
the lingerie, even though Jenny tried to make it a gift.

When she asked if she would be back, the blonde smiled, and
assured her that she would. "Who knows, I might even stop by in time
to take you to lunch or something sometime."

The way she said "something" brought a delicious shiver to her.
The two of them lightly kissed, then left, locking up the store and
going to their cars for the drive home.

Neither one knew that Sam was watching them leave on the closed
circuit TV. He watched their fabulous asses as they walked through the
lit parking lot, and recalled the memory of seeing them in the flesh.

Getting up, he prepared to make another set of rounds, telling
himself that he had to spend more time looking into the stores. You
never know what you might see in there.


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