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Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story was written with the assistance of Jennifer. She
provided the settings and characters, and I wrote the story around
them. She can be reached at

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.
Mallstore II

Sam was spending another lonely night, making the rounds at the
outdoor mall that he worked at. He was 45, and after retiring from the
Army, this seemed like the best kind of job he could get. And he had
no complaints about it at all. He worked by himself, could work pretty
much whatever shift he wanted, and the pay in addition to his
retirement pay was pretty good.

The fringe benefits were not bad either. During the hours the
mall was open, there were always hot looking chicks to look at and
drool over. With the mini-skirt coming back, he often got great looks
at big titties packed into tight fitting blouses, and firm asses poking
out under the skirts. "Oh, if I were 20 years younger again" he often

Tonight, he had walked the girl that manages the chinese Food
place to the bank, then to her car. She was only 24, but was a great
looking little piece of ass. Small, with hard looking little tits and
an ass he would love to bite into. But he knew that she would think
him to old, so was happy to just talk to her, and watch her delicious
little walk and childlike giggle.

He was just about to go back to his office when Barbara came out
of her store, and asked if he could walk her to her car. Sam agreed,
and tried to look official as she locked up and set the alarm on her
place, then started to walk her to the parking lot.

Barbara had been the subject of several of his fantasies, and he
had long wished that he could get into her panties. She was just a few
years younger than he was, and only her husband kept him from even
trying. If he was caught screwing a married tenant, he would kiss the
job goodbye.

Her daughter, Jenny was another hot little slut. It was only a
few weeks ago that he had caught her and another hot looking little
slut having a lesbian suck-fest in her store after-hours. Many times
afterwards, he would jack off, reliving the images of her and that
short blonde chick eating each other out.

It was hard afterwards keeping a straight face whenever he saw
the teenage mink, but he kept his cool. After all, if he played it
right, he might even see them at it again someday.

When he got Barbara to her car, he waited for her to start it,
then headed back into the mall, deciding to make another set of rounds
before going to his office for a few hours.

* * *

Barbara started her car, and waited for the engine to heat up.
She turned the radio to her favorite station, and was surprised to hear
the song "Always A Woman" by Billy Joel come on the radio.

When she was dating her first real boyfriend, this was "their
song". Often, they would spend evenings making out while it played in
the background in his 1972 Toyota. She shivered as the memory came
forward of the first time she let him unbutton her blouse and remove
her bra. It had taken Luke several tries to get it unhooked, and he
made her moan as she felt his hands gently reach forward and grasp her

Without even thinking about it, she felt her own hands cupping
her own breasts, squeezing them through her blouse and bra. Memories
came forward of the many times they did this, feeling his eager young
mouth sucking her breasts, and a month later when she let him slide his
hand into her panties for the first time.

Remembering these scenes from her youth, she wondered if her
Jenny had done these things with her boyfriend Mark yet. Jenny looked
a lot like her at that age, with firm breasts, and she could tell that
many of the guys would watch her as she walked through the mall. She
hoped that at least she was waiting a bit longer, since she was only 16
herself when she gave her cherry to Luke.

It had been a night like this, early spring with a bit of chill
in the air. They had driven to the hilltop on the south side of town,
and started to make out. Within 10 minutes, her blouse was open and
she had neglected to wear a bra that night. Feeling his hands
squeezing her nipples was driving her crazy, and she caressed his chest
in return.

Soon, she felt Luke's hand moving up her leg, caressing her the
way he knew she liked. Barbara spread her legs, and shivered as she
felt his hand sliding up under her skirt, and caress her mound through
her panties. She was already growing damp as he did that, and she
returned his caress, feeling the hard bulge in his pants.

Until that night, the farthest they had gone was some real heavy
petting. On 4 different times, they had both removed or opened their
bottoms, and played with each others genitals. She would open his
pants and remove his cock as he fingered her wet cunt. The last 2
times, she had actually played with him until he had an orgasm, feeling
his sperm shoot all over her hands.

He had not made her cum yet, but it still felt good to feel his
fingers around and inside of her. So much better than her own felt.
The first time he slid a finger into her, she moaned and he stopped,
afraid that he was hurting her. When she stopped kissing him long
enough to tell him that it was a moan of pleasure, he went back to his
new toy with enthusiasm.

Barbara slowly regained her senses as the song ended, and
realized that while one had was still squeezing her breasts, the other
was slowly stroking her mound through her dress and panties. To far
gone to want to stop, she raised her dress, and started to caress
herself through the panties, feeling the smooth satin under her fingers
growing damp. "Oh Luke, how I wish you were here with me now" she

It had been almost 2 months since her and her husband had made
love. He was having a problem with impotence, and was refusing to see
a doctor about it. Typical male pride was the only thing keeping him
from pleasing her. "Shit," she thought. "He still has fingers and a
mouth, I just wish he would use them on me occasionally."

Barbara gently reached down, and pulled her dress up to her
waist, making a quick look around the deserted parking lot to make sure
nobody else was around. Satisfied, she slipped her hand into her
panties, now caressing her wet flesh and feeling those delicious
feelings that she had not enjoyed recently.

That night so long ago, Luke had done the same thing. After
caressing her through her panties, he slipped his hand inside,
caressing her wet pussy and making her moan with pleasure. After
several minutes of play, he gently started to work her panties off, so
he could have easier access to her wet and swollen pussy.

After raising her ass to make it easier for him, Barbara felt
them slide down her legs and off of her feet. She gently opened his
pants, and reached inside to grip his hard cock. It still amazed her
to think that this was built to go inside of her. Still a virgin, the
mechanics of sex fascinated her. Stroking up and down slowly, she
heard him moan as she was doing this, stroking his cock and feeling the
pre-cum ooze from the head.

She slipped her middle finger inside of her at that time,
remembering the feeling of her first lover's cock in her hand. Barbara
gently rolled a nipple between her fingers, her middle finger inside of
her and her thumb now caressing her clit, knowing that she would soon
be having a wonderful orgasm.

Taking a momentary pause, she reached down and lowered the back
of her seat so she was almost laying down flat. The then removed her
panties, giving herself easier access to her rising need. After
dropping them in her purse, she took one more look around, then started
to caress her wet pussy.

* * *

Sam finished his rounds, and returned to his office, getting a
cup of coffee and making his log into the record book. "At least there
is not as much paperwork here as in the Army" he mused, quickly
finishing this mundane administrative task and settling down to drink
his coffee and read the newspaper.

He took a quick glimpse at the bank of closed-circuit tv
monitors. The mall had recently done a major upgrade to the system,
and he was pleased with the results. Now there were 20 cameras
scattered throughout the mall, with a VCR hooked up to record from
them. Some of the cameras were even moveable, with a joystick being
used to guide and zoom the camera to look at the target item.

"Hmmm, that's strange" he thought, seeing Barbara's car still in
the parking lot. There was still smoke rising from the exhaust, so it
could not be engine trouble. He switched the closest camera to the
large monitor, and used the joystick to move and zoom it in for a
better look.

It seemed like she was lying back, but the inside was hard to
see. This camera was mounted on a light about 10 feet from the car.
This caused the reflection to obscure most of what was going on inside.

Thinking that he might have caught her being carjacked, he hit
the switch to turn off that light. Since lights go on and off fairly
often, he knew that this would be largely over-looked. In fact, it
would probably make a potential criminal more confident, thinking that
he would not be seen.

Now that the glare was gone, he flipped the switch to turn the
camera to low-light mode, and zoomed it in. Inside, he could se
Barbara lying down in the front seat, looking around the lot. "Hmmm,
maybe she is sick" he thought, seeing nobody else inside.

That thought quickly vanished as he watched her lie back down,
and lift the hem of her dress to reveal her pussy.

"Holy shit!" he said, realizing that she was starting to play
with herself again. Quickly hitting the record button on the VCR, he
knew this would be something well worth keeping.

* * *

Barbara was startled as the light next to her went off. She
lifted her head to look around, wondering what was going on. "Damned
parking lot lights, always going out" she said to herself, relaxing and
lying back down again.

She lifted her skirt again, and slid her hand back down to her
aching pussy. Sliding her middle finger down the now slippery groove,
she shivered in delight as she caressed her clit and started to caress
her outer lips.

Memories of that first night returned, remembering stroking
Luke's hard cock, and feeling him gently sliding a second finger into
her cunt.

She had decided to make that night "the night", and had come
prepared. Asking him if they could move to the back seat, they slipped
back, Luke caressing her bare ass as she moved in front of him. By the
time he got back there, Barbara had removed her blouse, and was
starting to slide her skirt off.

Seeing this, Luke wasted no time, removing his shirt, shoes,
pants and underwear in record time. Opening her arms and lying back,
he slid himself against her, feeling her bare breasts pressing against
his chest, and his hard cock against her course pubic hairs.

She moved her hands down, grabbing and squeezing his ass, feeling
the fine coat of hairs on them against her fingers. Kissing deeply
again, she also realized that his chest hairs were brushing against her
nipples, making them poke out even more. And yes, she moaned as she
realized that his cock was pressing against her pubes, making her want
him even more.

Luke moaned as she reached down, grasping his prick in her hand,
again stroking it up and down, loving the feeling of his smooth flesh
in her hand. He was larger than she had ever felt him before, and she
also had never been so wet.

"Luke, I want you to make love to me tonight" she whispered into
his ear.

"What? You mean that, now?" he gasped, hardly able to believe
what he had heard. "Are you sure about this Babbs?"

"Oh yes, very sure. I want to feel you in me. I have wanted
this for a while, but tonight I do not want to wait any more."

Reaching for her purse, she removed a package of condoms that she
had bought the day before. Her lover silently took them, his hand
shaking slightly, either from nerves or passion she was not sure.

"Please, let's do it. I want to feel you inside of me"

Ripping open the package, he removed the latex condom from the
foil wrapper, and placed it on the end of his cock. With a faint
crinkling sound, she heard and watched him roll it down over himself.

Barbara stroked her clit harder, now sliding 2 fingers of her
other hand into herself as she remembered his fumbling attempt to slide
into her. They were kissing deeply, their tongues caressing each other
as he tried to aim himself into her wet hole.

After several attempts, it was obvious to her that he was having
problems finding her slit. It would either mash against her clit
(which brought delicious thrills to her), or almost slide down to her
asshole. She reached down, and took him in her hand.

The rubber felt slippery, being one of the lubricated kinds. She
took him, and gently moved back and forth a few times, spreading her
labia with his head. Pressing him gently, she felt the head starting
to part her, starting to slide into her hot cunt.

They both moaned, feeling his slow slide into her depths. It was
a delicious feeling, realizing that for the first time, she was feeling
a man inside of her body.

That changed slightly as she gasped, feeling a burning-stretching
feeling as more of him slid into her. It was now painful. Not enough
to want him to stop, but she needed to get used to this. She whispered
for him to hold off a second, and she heard a groan as Luke did as she

Barbara slid her fingers in and out faster, remembering when she
felt the pain ease slightly, and pulled his ass tighter, silently
telling him to resume his slide into her cunt. Pulling out slightly,
he pressed in again, filling her up even deeper and causing another
wave of pain to run through her body. But it was not as bad this time,
and she was able to close her eyes and simply moan as she felt the
combination of pain and pleasure run it's course.

Her fingers were now soaked, and a small trail of fluids were
running down along the crack of her ass. She caressed her clit harder,
not wanting these feelings to ever end.

* * *

Sam could hardly believe his eyes! Barbara was really going at
it. She had both hands at her groin, one hand pushing 2, then 3
fingers into her cunt. The other hand was bust stroking her clittie
like there was no tomorrow. It was obvious that she was working on a
cum, and it would be a good one.

Going to lock his door, he returned and opened his fly, removing
his now rock hard cock. First the daughter, now the mother! This was
a dream come true.

He watched her alternate from stroking her clit to pulling on it,
getting hotter by the moment. It was obvious that she was going to
cum, and he wanted to share that with her. Stroking his cock, he
watched avidly, jerking himself in time with her hand motions.

He saw her repeatedly slide her fingers in and out of herself,
fucking herself with them. He imagined the sound and smell that must
be filling the car, that lovely smell of hot pussy. He stroked himself
harder and faster, seeing that she was doing the same. He only wish
that he would be able to last long enough to cum with her.

* * *

After several minutes, the pain had decreased. It was no longer
feeling like she had a telephone pole shoved inside of her. Now, it
was more like a baseball bat. But it still felt good, feeling Luke's
hard cock sliding in and out of her body.

They were still kissing, and would break occasionally to moan how
they felt. Luke was moaning how hot, tight and wet she was. She would
then moan how big he felt, and that she had never felt this full or
good before.

The two horny teens were quickly working themselves to a fever
pitch. Barbara knew that he would be cumming before she did, but did
not care. She had never felt so good, as she was now with his hard
prick filling and emptying her wet and clinging pussy.

Stroking herself faster, she knew it would only be a few moments
until she came. She brought back those memories, wishing that there
was no need for the rubber, so she could feel his hot cum filling her
pussy. She felt then that juices oozing down her ass, just as she did
now. Tilting her pelvis, to feel him slide in deeper. His moans and
grunts as he pumped her faster, working on his own impending orgasm.

Barbara arched her back and moaned out loud, feeling her cunt
squeezing her fingers as she went over the edge. Her pussy milked her
3 probing fingers as her clit throbbed against the index finger of her
other hand. Oh god, it was so strong!

She pumped herself up a few times, pressing her cunt and clit
harder against her hands, feeling the orgasm overtake her. She
remembered back to that night that she lost her virginity, feeling Luke
push in hard 2 or 3 final times, then the throbbing inside of her as he
came, pressing hard against her clit as he filled the rubber inside of
her with his cum.

For the first time, Barbara had a small orgasm with him. The
pressing on her clit was enough, and she kissed him deeply as she felt
herself squeezing him, making his own cum stronger.

Finally, he collapsed on top of her, pushing her back into the
vinyl seat. Barbara caressed his back, both of them sweating in the
chilly air. They kissed deeply, professing their love for each other.

Barbara smiled at that memory, slowly giving herself a few more
gentle strokes before removing her fingers from her wet and satisfied
pussy. This had been long overdue she thought, but happy that she had
taken the time to please herself.

* * *

Sam held back long enough to see Barbara arch her back, and he
knew she was cumming. With only 2 or 3 more strokes, he started to cum
himself, quickly covering the head of his cock with a napkin that had
been sitting on the desk.

Moaning softly, he filled it with his cum, feeling his cock throb
in his hand as he released several strong blasts. Then he practically
collapsed into his chair, still holding his cock as he watched her
remove her fingers from her cunt. God, how he would love to fuck her!

He watched as she took some napkins and started to dry herself,
then slide her panties back on. She carefully slid her dress back down
over her lap, and tilted the seat back up.

Knowing the show was over, he hit the eject button on the VCR,
removing the tape and dropping it into his lunch box. He already knew
that this would be good for many many more jack-off sessions in the

Fastening up his pants, he thought to himself again how this job
really was good. He started to wonder what sights he would see next,
and if they could possibly top this one.

* * *

After finally regaining her breath, Barbara took some napkins
from the small pocket in the door and wiped herself up. She was still
far to wet to be able to get herself dry, but she made a good attempt.

"God, it smells like wet pussy" she thought to herself, then
giggled. After all, that is exactly what the smell was. After making
herself as dry as possible, she pulled her panties back on, and
straightened out her skirt. Taking one last look around, she raised
her seat back to it's upright position.

Shifting the car, she turned on the lights and started the drive
home. She was already making up her mind that tonight, she would try
her hardest to get her husband to make love to her tonight.

She thought a nice long bath, then wearing that long white silk
nightie would be the perfect thing. Even if he could still not get it
up, she would try to at least get him to kiss and feel her up. After
all, no reason for both of them to suffer. And another strong orgasm
with the man she loved would be the perfect ending to a night like


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