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married life




This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish
to read this type of literature, or you are under age Eighteen, PLEASE


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married Life Author: Amaranta Fiore

Water is lovely. I love how water and soap make me feel, especially as
a prelude to sex. Fresh from the shower, with my hair still wet, all of me
smelling of Ivory soap, just all natural and edible. I towel off my hair
as I find my husband waiting from me in bed. His cock is lolling on his
belly, semi-erect. "Ohh, really?" I laugh, "I see you're waiting for me."

He moves to sit on the edge of the bed, drawing me to him. I gingerly
lower myself to sit on his lap. "I'm so lucky to have a girl like you" he
murmurs in my ear, between kisses. Ticklishly nibbling my ear and neck, he
cups my breast in his right hand. I squeak in protest, as I'm having
trouble sitting still under such ticklish torture.

He releases me and I lie on my stomach on our Queen size bed with my
legs spread apart. I know he loves this view of my body. He has told me
many times that he loves the way the female bottom looks, the curve of the
hips, the gentle separation of the cheeks. I am anxious with anticipation,
because I know he is looking but hasn't touched me yet. I love it when he
strokes the small of my back, and then works his way down, caressing his
way along the cleft. He loves to excite me by nibbling the tender flesh
just around my anus. I feel a surge of excitement that resonates in my
clitoris as he circles his tongue around the little pucker of flesh, and
probes gently into the opening. I squirm with pleasure when he does this.
My arousal is sweetened when he kisses his way up my back to my neck. I
turn my head and kiss him, knowing where his lips have just been feasting.
His kiss makes me feel warm all over. He whispers to me, "There is nothing
in the world that tastes better than clean, kissable girl."

He begins to run his hands from my shoulders to the widest part of my
hips and back up again. Every time his hand sweeps out to start back up
again the pressure of his hands draws the cleft of my ass apart. He likes
to peek, as the cleft separates, at the little pucker of flesh hidden there. He makes a low murmuring sound, "Mmmm", like tasting a really great
dessert, when he finally sees it. I know he won't be able to resist
flicking his tongue along the little pleats of skin for long, and this
makes me want it all the more.

When I least expect it his tongue dives into the cleft and ravenously
licks and kisses the opening. I squirm with pleasure. His tongue is
unrelenting, probing a most taboo and intimate spot. With a final
flourish, he licks a wide swath from the perineum to the little dimple at
the top of my cleft. "Uhh", is all I can say. He is sated for the moment,
but I am all the more aroused. I want more. To tempt him to further
attentions, I slowly move until I am on my knees with my head still on the
bed. He loves this, he can see it all spread open. Unable to contain
himself, he unleashes a storm of kisses there again.

Continuing his kisses, his left hand lightly brushes the hair on my
labia. Gently stroking me, but not enough. I must have his fingers find
their way inside the labia. I moan, and he understands what I want. His
index finger gently parts the cleft of my labia, finding wetness there.
Sliding his finger up the cleft, I gasp as he finally finds the spot that
causes me so much pleasure. The finger lazily circles the clitoris and I
can't stop myself from moving my hips with the caress. He brings his right
hand up and inserts a finger into my vagina. My muscles contract in
response and feeling this, his finger circling my clitoris exerts more
pressure. He leans his head down and lazily begins to flick his tongue on
the opening to my ass. My breathing speeds up as the mingling of the
sensations is so perfect.

He slowly draws the finger out of my vagina. It is glistening with
wetness. The finger begins to lovingly circle the puckered opening. The
rhythmic clenching of my vaginal muscles makes the flesh of the opening
draw inward and blossom outward in time. His finger gently probes the
opening and begins to enter. I moan in response to this pleasurable
intrusion. The finger slides slowly home, the opening widening to
accommodate it. He draws the finger partially out and probes inward again.
As he continues, I reach across the bed to the table, where I had placed
some toys. I hand him a bottle of lubricant and a beautifully iridescent
bronze colored butt-plug. He opens the lubricant and I smell the
strawberry scent of it. He massages a bit of the lube into the opening.
He leans forward and kisses me as the butt-plug slides into my body. I
murmur encouraging phrases and he asks me to turn onto my back.

His hand holds the butt-plug in as I roll onto my back. He kisses me
very fervently and he tells me to hold it inside. His fingers once again
circle my clitoris. He is kneeling beside me. I grasp his penis and slide
my hand up and down its growing length. He looks at me longingly. I smile
and he hovers closer. I turn toward him a bit. He caresses my clitoris a
bit more fervently as I take his cock into my mouth. I take nearly all of
it, rubbing the exposed head against the roof of my mouth. I draw it in
and out rapidly, as I purse my lips to heighten the sensation for him. He
sighs, "You are so good at that." I release my hold on him reluctantly as
his hand leaves my mound to caress my breasts in wide brushes of his hand.

Bending over me, he takes a nipple into his mouth. It is the nipple of
the bigger of my breasts. I laugh and tell him "You have to stand by the
bigger breast." This is a loving joke from when we were engaged, and he
couldn't remember which side of me he had to stand on at the altar. "I
love the bigger breast", he says, "and, this one too." "I love them both",
he mumbles as he crushes them both together and licks both nipples at once.
He is able to suck both into his mouth at once. The sensation is so

He kisses my mouth once more and then down my neck. Down to the mound
of my belly and over to the second mound, this one decorated with dark
hair. He parts my legs a bit more to accommodate his torso. Gently
spreading apart the labia he dips his tongue into the nectar, running the
tip of his tongue from the opening of my vagina to the clitoris. Flicking
gently, too gently over the swollen clitoris, pushing itself away from my
body, straining toward his tongue. I roll my hips toward him, begging for
more pressure. His tongue pushes harder in response, no longer just the
tip caressing me, but the whole. My hips thrust toward him begging for
more. He takes my clitoris into his mouth rolling it between his hard
palate and tongue. Rhythmically sucking, he stretches his hand to my
breast. Finding the nipple he begins to rub it firmly in time with his
tongue. He stops for a moment, teasing me. I groan for him to continue.
He slides up my body, kissing me full on the lips. The wetness on his
face, from my arousal heightens the sweetness of his kiss. His tongue
probing my mouth as it had my clitoris. "You taste really good."

Leaving me wanting more, he returns to my clitoris with a loving
abandon. With his free hand he moves the butt-plug slowly out of my body. I
cry out as he quickly slides it in again. The sensation is delicious as
the bulb slides in and out of my body. I can't hold back, my hips begin to
move with his rhythm as this added sensation sends me to climax. He is
unrelenting. He continues to lick firmly throughout my orgasm and more
gently as I come to myself again.

"Another?" he asks. "Hmmmm, no, that was wonderful." "Well, then I
think you need something bigger for your bottom." "What do you think?"
"Uh-huh", is all I can say from my orgasm-induced stupor. "Do you want to
do it, or should I?" he said. "I want to do it while you watch me."

I turn on my side, cradling my head in left hand. He reaches over and
pulls the butt-plug out. I open the lubricant, smelling again the sweet
scent of artificial strawberry. I put a blob of thick lube on the end of
my finger. I gently massage it into the opening. The finger slides in
smoothly. He gasps as he watches it disappear inside. He takes a large
blue dildo from the table and spreads the lubricant over it as I slide my
finger in and out of my ass. He cannot take his eyes off me as I slide my
finger into the little pucker of skin.

He hands me the dildo. I position it and begin to gently push the dildo
against the resistant opening. The muscle relaxes slowly allowing me to
insert more of it in. Slowly, I rock it back and forth, breaking down the
resistance of my pink pucker. He rubs my back, thighs and butt as he
watches me. The head of the dildo is bigger than the shaft and my body
slowly begins to give entrance to it. I sigh as the head finally enters me
completely. I thrust it in and out slowly, relaxing and feeling the
fullness. He leans forward kissing me fervently. "You are so hot", he
says. "I want you so much." I relinquish my hold on the dildo as he takes
up the probing I began. Fondling my breast as he thrusts the dildo into
me. In and out, I sigh as the sensations overwhelm me. He squeezes my
nipple, rubbing it between his finger and thumb. I turn my head toward him
begging with my eyes to be kissed.

He says, "I think you need to be fucked?" "I do", I reply. I climb to
my feet at the side of the bed, the dildo still filling me. I press my
breasts against his chest as he hugs me to him, nuzzling my neck. He lifts
his head and kisses me.

We separate. I kneel in the middle of the bed, very conscious of the
dildo, bright blue against the white of my skin. He kneels behind me
caressing my prominent bottom. He guides his penis to my vagina. The
sensation of his penis and the dildo filling me is explosive. He slowly
withdraws and then plunges into me again. His hand on the dildo he begins
to fuck me with it at the same time as he enters me. The sensation of this
slow invasion of both openings is so intense I feel lightheaded.

He holds the base of the dildo to his belly, making it a second penis.
Fucking me completely, he plunges the dildo and his penis into me at the
same time. In and out, filling me. I cry out. It is like a fantasy I've
had of being fucked by two men at once, but this is better. The man I
love, the man I married is fucking me so completely that I am overcome with
emotion. "I love you!" I call to him.

He stops moving the dildo and fucks my vagina. I'm so wet with
excitement. He glides in and out, murmuring to me how good I feel. I
begin to rhythmically squeeze the vaginal muscles, in pompoir. The
squeezing tightens my ass around the dildo heightening my pleasure. The
undulating length of my vagina caresses his penis, and he moans. With the
excitement of the sensation of pompoir, he begins to thrust the dildo
again. The tightened openings of my ass and vagina contract in abandon. He
buries his penis deep inside me with each thrust, the head rubbing against
my g-spot, the ecstasy of his penetration driving me to orgasm. I cry out
as I can feel the dildo and his penis rubbing together through the thin
membrane separating them. I cling to the bed sheets in fistfuls as I come.
He slows his thrusting to allow me to recover. He withdraws the dildo
and his penis. I gasp as they leave my body. He adds more lubricant to my
asshole as I gather some pillows to lean on. Stroking my back he uses his
other hand to guide his penis to my pucker. It slides in slowly. The
sensation is intense, as he is bigger than the dildo. My ass must adjust
to the size of him. He moves slowly at first, stroking my back his hand
slides around to fondle my breast. I moan with pleasure as he begins to
move more quickly. I tighten my vaginal muscles which causes my pucker to
tighten. He moans in response to this. I cry out "Now, this is fucking",
as he thrusts into me. His tempo speeds up as he knows I am enjoying him.
"I love you so much", he cries, huskily. I clench the opening in response
to his devotion.

His penetration is stimulating someplace deep inside me. I can't
identify exactly where it is. Maybe it is the other side of my g-spot.
His thrusting intensifies as I cry in pleasure. I begin to stroke my
clitoris and I'm immediately engulfed in waves of orgasm. He cries out in
response to the clenching of my pucker. His rhythm changes, it is faster
and harder. I can't help crying out in pleasure as the sensation
intensifies. My orgasm seems to go on forever. "Oh, I love you", he moans
in climax. The sharp thrusting of his hips slows. He leans forward for a
moment, nuzzling the back of my neck. I sigh as the warmth of his breath
makes me shiver. He kisses my cheek as he withdraws slowly. The void
leaves me feeling sated.

We walk to the bathroom, where he watches me have another quick shower.
We laugh about how worn out we are. I dry off, slide into my nightgown and
curl up beside him. My head on his chest, he strokes my hair as I fall
asleep, happy.


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