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The Meeting
Part 2
By: Looney
(MF light B/D Voy Hum)

c 2000 -- Commercial use prohibited without
author's consent.

Watching your glow, seeing your relaxed, limp body, whoohooo. I am
having a blast. I still can't believe this is happening to me,
such a pretty girl. Willing to let me have my way and to be in
control. I smile and kiss you again. It seems that we have been
kissing for quite a while now. While you are in the restroom, I
call room service and order something to replenish us.

"Hey, quite a time you are having?"

"Yes. I am all warm and lightheaded."

"Good. Come here and let me show you what REALLY feels good."

You bounce on the bed and land on top of me. I flip you over and
lay between your legs kissing your tits. They are still red and
very sensitive. I can tell this from the moaning and noise that
has been increasing in volume.

I slide down and spread your legs. Kissing your legs and thighs.
Licking your pussy lips as soft as possible. Down one leg, up the
other. Blowing hot air, then licking and blowing cold air. You
shiver and grab my head again. I let you hold on to my hair and
lead my tongue wherever you want.

BAM BAM... Room Service.

You look at me confused.

"Here, put this on" I said as I handed you my button-up shirt. I
stood and took some money out of my wallet and tucked it into the
front pocket.

"Answer the door and get the food."

"No, not like this."

KNOCK KNOCK. "Just a second please" I said.

"ANSWER the door. Take the tray and offer the person their tip.
Let them get it out of your pocket."


"Answer it, or there will be hell to pay."

Slowly, slowly, you get up and walk to the door. Nervous as hell,
but you look great. The shirt covers your ass, but is not buttoned
up. You open the door and I can see you blushing from behind.

"He.. Hello mam. Here is the food you ordered."

"Thank you. Oh, please grab your tip since my hands are full."

The door closes and you look pissed. You set the tray down and
just glare at me.

"How could you make me do that?"

"Come here!"

"Why did I have to do that?"

"Turn around and bend over, NOW!"

I pull your shirt aside and spank your ass hard.


"You should not have made me repeat myself. You do exactly what
you are told to do. Now count each swat. Each time you forget, we
start over!"

Swat "One"

Swat "Two"

SWAT "Tthhreee"



I gently rub your ass with both hands. "OK, now lets try and not
do this again."

I stand up and kiss you deeply.

"Was it a guy?"


"Did he enjoy his view?"

"I guess so."

"Did he have to struggle to get the money?"

"Yes, the shirt was open and flimsy."

"Did it make you hot?"

"Umm, yea, I guess."

Reaching down to feel your pussy, my fingers just slid right
inside of you.

"Apparently it did make you hot. Now turn around and see what he

You uncovered the tray and it was filled with strawberries,
chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream.

"Oh goodie!"

"WAIT, wait." I said as I pulled you back.

You stood there as I removed your shirt. I took a generous helping
of whipped cream and smeared it all over your pussy.

"Oh, OH god that's cold!"

I led you to the bed and put you on your knees facing the wall.
You were holding onto the headboard to keep your balance. I
climbed under you and placed my face right under your pussy.

"Now, keep your knees still. Don't move, and hang on!"

I lifted my head and ran my tongue along the outline of your pussy
lips. I gentle touched everywhere I could with it. I suddenly
licked right up your pussy and stopped at your clit. You tensed
up, but did not move. I flicked your clit with my tongue once,
twice, and the third time I grabbed your thighs with both arms and
buried my face in your pussy.

"AAUnnnnggghh," were the muffled sounds I heard as your legs gave
way and your whole weight fell on
me. I held onto you and kept licking like mad. I grabbed your clit
with my lips and sucked it in my mouth and moved my tongue back
and forth.

That seemed to do it because your hips started going crazy. "This
is great," I thought as I tightened my arms. You tasted
incredible. Your musky pussy and the sweet cream was heaven.

After I quit licking, you slowly calmed down. I had to take a big
breath, since there was no air down here. You climbed off of me
and started kissing my face and licking the whipped cream all up.
You kept moaning and kissing and your pussy was clamped onto my
leg rubbing up and down. You opened your eyes, looking straight
into mine, and gave me a hell of a kiss. WhooBoy, you were hooked.

"Thank you, thank you," as you collapsed on top of me.

"For what?" I asked, we have a whole tray of food left. "Get some
strawberries and feed us."

You grabbed both bowls and alternated one in each mouth.

"Here, take this one, put it in your pussy and then let me eat

You took the strawberry and rubbed it in the mess between your
legs and dangled it over my mouth.

I took small bites and asked for more pussy. After each bite, you
rubbed it in your wet hole again.

"Man, I am having a good time. I am sure glad you took a chance on

I looked in your eyes and "Can I ask something of you?"

"Yes," you said.

"Please, make love to me. Climb on top and just fuck me silly. You
are in charge for the next little while."

Your face broke into a very pretty smile. I moved into the center
of the other bed. The one we were in was very wet. You started to
clean yourself and I asked you not to. "Just like you are. You are
incredible! Please, you are making me a very happy man."

You grinned and crawled on top of me. You were slow and
methodical, taking your time. You rubbed your tits all over my
face and chest and then all over my dick. The little hard nipples
were hot and felt like little erasers.

You then started kissing me from head to toe, sucking and licking
each area. Mostly it tickled, but man was I about to cum. You
pulled yourself up and placed the slit of your pussy along the
length of my dick. It was hot and really wet. You crunched over
and started licking and biting my nipples. My hips were thrusting
up, trying, trying.

You were just playing with me because you raised up and slid my
whole cock inside your pussy in one long stroke. It was soooo
tight I almost came on the spot. I gritted my teeth and grabbed
your hips. You grabbed my hands and held them behind my head. You
grabbed my hair and shoved your tits and nipples into my mouth.

As soon as I sucked on the first one, your hips started going up
and down. You were grunting and started slamming your pelvis into
mine. There was a sharp spanking sound as we slapped together. I
would bite one nipple and blow air on the other and you would ride
me faster. You stopped and ground your pussy on me and started
sliding back and forth. It was so wet, kind of like a slip and
slide game.

You were not worried about my hands so I grabbed both tits and
shoved your nipples together and grabbed both of them in each side
of my mouth. I sucked them in and bit them both and when I
squeezed down with my teeth your pussy had a spasm that felt like
a baseball glove was grabbing my dick. You sighed loudly and then
pushed down and you squirted all over me. You started pounding my
cock into your pussy as hard as you could and every time I pinched
your nipples, you would squirt. My back was arched and you were
riding me like a horse and your cum was running down my chest.

I sat up and it made my dick push up against the inside of your
cervix and you screamed and pushed so hard that my dick popped
out. You squirted so hard it splashed all over both of us. You
grabbed my dick and I shot cum into the air all over your chest.
You started rubbing it all over yourself.

You pushed my dick back in and fell on top of me. I was rubbing
your head and you were just lying there purring.



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