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The Meeting
Part - 3
by Looney
(MF light B/D Voy Hum)

(c) 2000 -- Commercial use prohibited without
author's consent.

It must have been several hours that we slept. You did not even
roll over. I snuggled into your chest and latched my mouth onto a
nipple. Gently sucking and licking soon had you squirming and
grinding your pussy onto my leg. Putting as much of your breast
into my mouth as possible and sucking while I ran the rough part
of my tongue over your nipple finally made you cum. You had a
sharp intake of breath and when you opened your eyes and saw me,
you grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tight.

"Bite them, Bite them please!"

As I tugged on your nipples with my teeth you started to cum again
and somewhere in the passion, I bit each one of them. This caused
you to go over the edge as your legs clamped over mine and you
slammed your pussy up and down my thigh.

"OK, Ok... Calm down..."

"I'm sorry, sorry. I just... I have never had an orgasm from just
my nipples. I never knew they were so sensitive."

"It is just one of many things you will experience."

I was still quite shocked to be lying in bed with this beauty. I
was at work one day and received an email. It addressed to my
responsibility group, "mastr," from someone inside the company. It
was from a Nancy, apparently intended for someone else, because it
had nothing to do with my project. I read the memo with my mouth
on the floor.

This seemed to be a letter replying to some sort of a sex ad, like
a dating service. There were several questions filled out with
answers about her. The first was a simple checkbox, which was
checked. "I, of my own free will, desire to be trained."

Now, this was getting interesting!!! I read the email further and
the second answer was a doosy.

"What will you do to accomplish this?"

"I promise to obey and follow any command from a master. I promise
to accept any punishment due to not following a command."

"Why do you wish this training?"

"I enjoy someone dominating me."

I had to sit back and let this digest. I must have re-read the
email a hundred times and still could not believe it. She must
have been replying to someone in my company with the address
"master", and she typed it in wrong. My group produced a monthly
report, Math and Science Training Report, to let the instructors
for national school districts know which math and science theories
were currently used to teach.

I was stuck now. I searched the company database and found her.
She was an employee in the Washington D.C. office. This was
frustrating. I could get no information about her. I thought on
this thought the next day and decided to email her back. I hit the
reply button and here is what I said...

"Your training begins now. I will need the following additional
information filled out. You will begin by going to the ladies room
and removing any undergarments. You will wear no panties or bras.
You will only wear only garters and will wear no pantyhose. You
will only wear middle length to short skirts. You are to arrive at
work 30 minutes early each day. You will be required to email each
day with a written confirmation. This is to be sent to me 15
minutes before your workday. Additional instructions will follow."

This was the reply I received less than 20 minutes after I sent

"Age: 38 Ouch!
Birth date: April 10
Education: Some college
Occupation: Team Lead, Software development
Describe how you look: I think I look average. Been told I am cute
and sexy
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: blue
Bust: 36C
Hair Color: dark blonde but I highlight it to look lighter
How old do you really look: People say 35, even younger sometimes
Any Piercing /Tattoos: Ears are pierced, two sets of holes
Characteristics about yourself: Kind, compassionate, non-
judgmental, helpful, good sense of humor, loyal, and always horny.

I removed my panties and bra. I will change from wearing pantyhose
and also wear a skirt tomorrow. I am thankful you chose to accept
me from the many requests you must have gotten.


I was truly intrigued now. I might try and see if one of the
computer system guys would tell me who the owner of the "master"
email is. Go figure, it might be the president of the company for
all I know, haha. I emailed her right before lunch...

"Please understand, and do not take this lightly! I demand
complete submission. I expect a certain amount of resistance
considering that you are new to this lifestyle, but that will soon
disappear. I must be assured again that you are serious, there is
no turning back now.

You will sit at your desk and touch your pussy. It should be
filled with moisture at this point. You will get two fingers very
wet and wipe them on a napkin. Leave the napkin on your seat and
go to lunch. Someone will come by and smell the napkin to make
sure you did as instructed. Do not return before 12:30 PM."

I had no way of actually doing this, but we will see how far I can
take this. A few minutes later, I received a short email...

"I used a Kleenex to wipe my fingers off with. I am going to lunch

I just did not believe this. I decided to leave it alone for the
rest of the day. I of course could not sleep that night and must
have masturbated a million times. The next morning at work I
received my first daily report right on time.

"Good Morning, I have no undergarments on, only garter stockings,
and a short skirt (I had to buy a few more). No one took my
Kleenex? Did you come by? Nancy."

I decided to take a chance and looked up her number in the
directory. I picked up the phone and called her...

"Are you wet?" I said. There was no answer...

"ARE you wet, slave?"



"Yes Sir, yes I am. How did yo..."

"LISTEN! Do not question me. No one removed the Kleenex. It did
smell good, like nice fresh pussy. I might have smelled it, or one
of my friends, or even a janitor, who might be keeping an eye on
things. You will do everything you are told to do with no
hesitation. You can always take the chance that I will not check
up on you, then one day you will never hear from me again. Do you
want that to happen?"

"No, no master." (That was the first time she used that word)

"Are you listening closely?"

"Yes sir."

"Please write this down as I say it... 1) I will not touch myself
or in any way cause myself to orgasm, without express permission
from my master. 2) I will have sex with no one, including myself,
without express permission from my master. 3) I will earn my first
orgasm by being a good little girl. Do you have any questions?"

"Yes sir, when will I get to see you?"

"Soon, soon you will. You must prove you are worthy to earn my
touch. Now, get to work and have a nice day."

"Thank you"

Whew, this certainly took some planning, but was well worth it.
Looking down at her laying on the bed, I was one lucky guy. I have
read a ton of books about the master/slave, dom/sub relationship,
trying to quickly learn how to act. It all seemed very intense,
demanding. I hope I am doing this correctly, making it up as I go,
haha. God this is fun.

I pushed her with my foot, waking her up.

"Get up, my little slave. Your first few orgasms were overdue, now
the real excitement begins."

I had her put on running shorts and a jogging bra. I would not
allow her to clean herself up and rushed her out the door. We got
into the elevator and pushed the down button. A few floors later
the car stopped. A couple of men got on and we proceeded down to
the lobby. About half way there, I reached behind Nancy and slid
my hand down the back of her shorts. I reached in with my fingers
and rubbed her pussy.

I watched her bite her lip, trying not to make noise. When I hit
her clit, she had a tiny intake of breath and one of the men
turned and asked if she was ok.

"Yes sir, just got a cold chill."

She blushed as he looked down at her nipples, which were hard,
proving she was cold, haha. We got to the lobby and proceeded to
the pool. The poor people getting onto the elevator we just left,
it probably smelling like sex.

There were a few other people around the poolside, and a few in
the water. We sat down and I told her I wanted to watch her swim.

"I don't have a suit. Am I supposed to swim in this?"


She looked hesitant, so I glared at her and said "swim!"

She reluctantly got into the water and swam some laps. Only 2 of
the people at the pool were males, and they were no more than 16
or 17 years old. They were having the time of their lives watching
Nancy. I was almost having more fun watching them, watch her.

I told her to get out of the pool and enjoyed the sight before me.
Her nipples were rock hard. The sports bra she had on was a light
yellow, and perfectly see-thru when wet. It showed her large,
dark, areola and the nipples poked right thru the fabric. Her
shorts were clinging to her ass and it was an erotic dream
watching the water roll off her body.

I went into the little side room and I turned on the bubbles for
the hot tub. I pulled my shorts off and eased myself in the water.

"Remove your clothes and get in."

She hesitated and started looking around to see who might be

"COME HERE! Turn around" I said as I twirled her ass to face me.
SMACK, I hit her ass hard. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled
her down to me. "I am getting tired of having to repeat myself.
Waiting to see if you want to do something is not acceptable. If
you are not going to obey let me know now. I have many ways to
improve your attitude!"

"SSSoorry, sorry Master. I just... please..."

"Please... please what? Only treat you like you want? This is what
you wanted. This is what you needed. Someone to bring out the slut
inside. Someone to push your limits.
(Staring into her eyes), One more time, and I walk."

She stayed bent over and removed her top and bottoms. She was
magnificent looking. I felt like I was still in a dream. We sat in
the hot tub for a while and I watched her. Her tits would float,
or try to float, on the top of the water. I made her put her arms
and hands on the side of the tub, to keep her from covering her
chest up.

"Here, sit here, across from me. Spread your legs. Wider. Good,
good. Now I have all the access I need."

I sat across from her, with her facing the view into the pool. I
slid my foot up and started rubbing her pussy with my toes. My big
toe would fit right up into her cunt. She sat there with her eyes
closed, just enjoying this.

"Feel good?"

"Yes. The bubbles in the water are tickling me and you are driving
me crazy."

I kneeled down in front of her on my knees, my head just above the
waterline. I touched her tits, rubbing and twisting them. Softly
and then really rough. I pulled her nipples and twisted them back
and forth. I sat her up so I could kiss each of her nipples. It
was cold outside the water and her tits and nipples got harder
than a little diamond. I reached down and fingered her pussy and
brought her right to the edge of an orgasm.

I suddenly stopped and sat back. She opened her eyes and watched
me. Breathing hard, and with a red face, she just sat there.

"Scoot forward and sit on my dick"

She pushed herself over to me and started to sit atop of me. She
was nervously looking around and I grabbed her chin and forced her
eyes to look into mine. I took her hips and slid my dick inside
her pussy in one smooth stroke. A low "grrrr" sound come from her
throat and she ground her pelvis against mine. I took my arms and
rested them up on the edge of the tub.

"Fuck me! Ride my cock and make me cum. Man, You are a good little

She was rising up and letting my dick get right to the end and
then pushing back down. It felt heavenly.

"Your pussy is hotter that the water. You must really want it.
Look at these, (as I fondled her boobs that were splashing the top
of the water), these tits are great!"

One hand played with a nipple and the other hand I slid into her
mouth to suck on my fingers. I turned her head so I could see her
face. "Do you want this. Are you a cheap, little whore slut?"

"Yes, yes I want this!" she said through her rapid breaths.

I lifted myself up so she was a good ways out of the water. I
could not see if anyone was watching and she had her eyes closed
most of the time. She was riding me like a bunny rabbit in heat.

"That's it. Fuck me. Come on. If you are such a slut, wanting to
have your pussy filled, you are not doing such a good job. Fuck me

She must have liked the talking, calling her names. Every time I
make her feel used and worthless, she squeezed my dick a little
tighter. She was basically weightless, so I pulled her feet up
against me so she was in a perfect "V" shape. I felt my dick
pushing against her cervix. When she was about to cum, I pulled
her close and kissed her. I sucked on her lips and tongue and held
her head tight. She squeezed her legs tight and I could feel her
pussy contracting.

I pulled out of her and we rested, just sitting there. Actually,
about 5 minutes later, the door opened. It was the two teenage
boys, coming to get into the hot tub. Nancy had a terrified look
on her face, being naked and all. As the boys climbed into the
water, they did not seem to notice, due to the bubbles. We chatted
for a few minutes, Nancy scooting as close to me as she could. I
leaned into her ear and whispered, "Be proud, you are very
beautiful!" Then, loudly...

"Nancy, please get my towel. It is time to go back up to our room.
512 is the correct one, right?"

"Yes, that is the room, but... "

She looked as white as a sheep. "Get a towel for me, please!"

She paused, and stood up to get out of the tub. She was
magnificent looking and the two boys were wide-eyed and
incoherent. She climbed out of the water and stood up straight,
walking over to get the towel. Her ass was red, from the water and
when she bent over to pick it up, you could see her perfectly
shaped pussy lips. Her whole cunt was puffy and red, from being

"Thank you" I said as I stood to get out. The boys were still not
looking at me. She just stood there, naked, waiting for me to put
my shorts on.

"Nancy, put your clothes on. You cannot go around the hotel
without them."

She pulled her wet shorts up and tried to put her top back on. It
had shrunken from the water and would not cover but half of her
tits. I turned to her and said "Say goodbye to the young men
enjoying your luscious body. Be sure to tell them you are in room

She glared at me, but turned and said goodbye to the boys and
found our room card and said "Yup, 512 it is."

We turned and left the pool area headed towards the elevator. It
was a joy watching Nancy walk through the checkout area. It was
freezing cold, and you could see the goosebumps all over her,
especially her nipples. We made it to the elevator and when she
turned to address me, I kissed her again. I pulled her into me so
her back was to the door. I slid my hand down to her pussy, and
slid my fingers inside. It was very hot and wet. There was no
resistance as she melted into my arms and kissed with a passion I
have never felt.

Just before the door closed an older gentleman stepped in. I
glanced at him, but was busy pushing my fingers in and out of her
cunt. He could not see this, focusing on our kissing. Her shorts
were baggy and she was really into it. He tried not to stare, but
it was kind of hard not to.

I stopped kissing her and let her go. She hugged against me and
then turned around. He was not staring at that point, but she was
shocked to see him standing there. Her sports bra barely covered
her nipples and when he noticed this, he had a definite grin on
his face.

As we were stopping at our floor, I spoke and apologized for her
behavior. "She just can't get enough, it seems."

"That is ok," he said with a grin, "I wish I had it so good."

As the doors opened, I held the button.

"If you would like to touch her breasts, please, feel free. It is
perfectly ok."

He hesitated, Nancy just standing there, terrified. He looked at

"Is this ok with you?"

She lowered her head and said, "Yes. Please touch them. I am sorry
if I caused you any embarrassment."

"Well then, I think I will take advantage of this. (Laughing) It
does not happen too often,"

He reached out and slid his hand along her chest. Running his
fingers over her top.

"Raise your shirt Nancy," I said.

She did and he felt her tits, rubbing his fingers over each
nipple. Nancy just about had her eyes closed, head leaning back,
when she nearly jumped out of her skin when the door buzzer

"Sounds like we must be going. Again, sorry for any

"No, no problem. You can inconvenience me any time."

I pulled her by the arm and let us into the room. About two steps
inside she exploded. She was ranting and raving about being put on
display. She wanted to be dominated in the bedroom, not in public.
I quietly explained...

"You wanted to have a master, to be submissive. That is a
lifestyle, not a thing to happen when you feel it convenient. If
you cannot handle this, or do not like it, don't let the door hit
you in the ass. Are you wet? Touch yourself, NOW!"

"Your pussy is dripping, right?"

"Yes master."

I grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed, yanking her shorts

"Get up on your knees! This, SWAT, is exactly what you asked for.
If you can, SWAT, tell me, SMACK, without a doubt, SMACK, SWAT,
that you did not like that, showing off for two young boys, SMACK,
SMACK, letting a old man, a stranger, SWAT, grope you in an

I was spanking her ass and the back of her legs. I started to hit
a little harder, making her backside very red.

"You liked it right? You liked, SMACK, SWAT, being a slut. You
must have since your pussy is dripping. SMACK, your nipples are
hard, SWAT, SWAT, you are breathing hard. Are you a slut?

"ANSWER me, are you a slut, SMACK, getting off on other people
looking and touching you, wanting you, SMACK, desiring your body.
Are you a sex crazed SLUT?



"Yes, I am a slut, I want sex, I need sex. Ouuushhghhhhh"

I smacked her ass a few more times and then immediately crammed my
hand over her pussy. Two fingers inside, two rubbing her clit. She
exploded. Cumming over and over. Her hips and crotch were pushing
back against my hand as hard as she could, trying to suck my
fingers inside further.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "A what, you are a what?"

"Oh god, a slut. I am a slut. I... oougghhh... fuck me... please
fuck me..."

I dropped my shorts and lined up behind her. Her ass was pointing
up in the air, so I rubbed my wet and gooey hand all over it. I
slicked up my dick and put it right against her asshole. I paused
for a second, and then pushed it right it. OH God it was tight. At
first, she yelped, and clenched up, but when she unfroze a second
later, I slid my cock the rest of the way into her ass.

I grabbed the back of her hair, yanking her head back. "This is
what you want, to be fucked from behind, in the ass? Man, what a
fucking whore you are."

I slid my dick out of her ass. It made a sharp popping sound. I
waited two seconds and pushed it back in. In and out, this was
wonderful. I was not going to last much longer. I pulled all the
way out again. I could see her asshole, all red and angry,
contracting and wanting more. I spit on her ass, to lube it up,
and shoved my dick back into her cunt.

I rammed myself into her ass as fast and hard as I could. She was
moaning and yelping, trying to hang on. I was pulling her hair and
shoving her in the other direction. I let go and shoved in one
last time. She started to cum and all I had to do was hang on. She
was shaking and quivering like a vibrator. I pulled out and turned
her face around and let my sperm fly all over it. It hit her right
below the nose and the next two spurts went into her mouth.

She swallowed it like a champ. Licking her fingers as she wiped it
off her face. I walked over to the bar and handed her the ice

"Go to the machine and fill this. Now, so we can have ice. Go,
looking like the slut you just proved yourself to be. Your red
ass, your hard nipples. Do not run, but hurry back. I am not done
with you!

She pulled her shorts up gently, over her sore ass. I heard the
door close as she walked down the hall. I glanced over and saw the

"Hmm, I wonder how she will get back in the room?"


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