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The Meeting Part 4
by Looney
(MF mm/F Voy Hum group)

2000 pentl@yahoo.com -- Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

Well. a few minutes later I heard a slight knock. I waited and
soon heard another more insistent knock. I rose and walked to the
door and heard voices. Shit, voices. I peered out of the security
pinhole and saw Nancy, turned sideways, pushing someone's arm
away. I immediately opened the door and she rushed inside.

Standing there were the two teens from the pool. I had huge grin
on my face and the guys had a terrified one.

"Mind explaining this?" I said.

"Umm. we were. well. We remembered the room number she
was. you were in, and. we were walking by hoping to hear you
inside. We had just gotten off the elevator and you're. that hot
girl you are with, she just walked by. We tried to stop her and talk,
but she ran to the door and banged to get in. Honest, that's all we

"Hmmm.. What exactly were you going to ask her?"

"Umm. we. we were going to ask to see her. her tits again."

"Well. I guess since she did tease you down at the pool. I'm sure
it would be ok if she showed you. Come on in and you can get
your LAST look."

We all walked in the room and Nancy was sitting nervously on the
bed. I am sure she did not hear what we talked about outside, so I
told the boys to ask her.

"Can we see your tits again. They were really nice looking."

She blushed furiously, and looked right at me. She still had not
said a word.

"You need to do whatever these young gentleman ask, dear."

Both boys looked at each other and grinned when I said this.

Nancy looked unsure, but after a second, she lifted her shirt and
showed them her boobs. It was cold in the air-conditioned room so
her nipples were rock hard.

"Do they look nice? I asked."

"Yes, yes they do. We have not seen very many, just our
girlfriends tits, but her boobs are better than any of those."

I waited a minute or two, no one saying anything. The tension was
incredible. Nancy just sat there, holding her shirt up, a pillar of
sexual strength.

"Would you like to touch them? I asked."

Everyone looked right at me when I said that.

"Go on. You can touch them if you would like. I seem to be in a
generous mood, so take advantage of it."

The oldest looking of the two guys just reached right out and
gently rubbed her right boob. She just sat there, not knowing what
to do and when his hand touched her; she seemed to melt right into
it. The other boy reached out and cupped her other tit and rolled
her nipple in between his fingers. She moaned lightly and soon
both of them had both hands on her.

"You can lean down a taste them if you want. They are really quite
soft and fluffy."

No one even looked at me this time. Nancy had her eyes closed
and when the first lips hit her nipple, her head rolled back and her
shirt dropped.

"NANCY!" I exclaimed. "REmove your shirt. How rude, to offer
your body to yet another stranger and then block their access. Lie
back and let both boys get a good taste, and make sure you show
them a good time, or there will be hell to pay."

She glanced over with a look of pure humiliation. Both of the guys
had their eyes glued to her body. She removed her shirt and
glanced back at me again. I mouthed to her that everything was ok,
and she was going to have a good time. Just relax, I said silently.

She loosened up and leaned back into the pillows. It was quite a
sight. the two boys with a nipple in each mouth, sucking away
like madmen. The older one moved his hand up to her pussy and
rubbed the outside of her shorts. She opened her legs and
"ooohhed" each time he moved.

I leaned down next to her head and whispered. "What a sight you
are. You look so beautiful. You smell like a slut in heat and your
body is begging for more. Your hips are pushing up to feel the
groping hands of a teenager. A boy! You must surely want his
young, hard, cock" I teased, "And his friend, another stranger. He
looks like his long, thin dick will fuck forever. The young ones do,
you know. They never get soft, they just keep fucking and fucking
and you keep cumming and cumming."

By now, both boys had her shorts off and were both sliding fingers
up into her pussy. They looked fascinated and were pulling her lips
and playing with her clit. While they did that, I gently rolled her
nipples between my fingers.

"Wow. you are getting me really hot. I never dreamed you would
turn out to be such a nasty little girl. You must go crazy when you
don't get any sex. Well you are getting it now. I am watching ten
fingers pushing in and out of your hot, wet pussy. Oh, my. It
looks like you are going to cum. Go ahead. yeah!. go ahead.
cum for me. let the boys see how a slut has an orgasm!"

Man! She just exploded. I watched her body tense up. She was not
even breathing. One of the guys leaned over and started licking her
clit and she just started shaking. Her thighs clamped together and
their hands were locked in place.

"Wiggle your fingers," I said.

When they did that, she let out a big scream and started gasping in
big, huge gulps. I think it scared both of them because they jerked
their hands away.

"It is ok. She is ok, guys. Enjoy this, because it is not a sight you
will get to see again until you are much older and more

Nancy was just starting to calm down as I leaned down and gently
kissed her. I sucked on her lips and tongue and said, "spread your

She let her legs fall to the side and I asked each boy to hold one
around the knee so she could not move. I started spanking her
pussy with my open hand. Slowly, harder and harder, until I was
forcefully hitting her cunt right on top of her clit. I stopped
suddenly and slid my finger into her wet hole and rubbed her G
spot and she squirted and came like a dam had broken.

The guys were struggling to hold her legs as I wiggled my finger
back and forth over the inside of her pussy. She squirted two or
three more times and finally could not take any more so I let her
calm down.

I wiped my hand off using her hair and sat in the chair next to the

"Guess what guys? Guess what a true slut likes next. Nancy, what
is it that you like about now?"

Long pause.

"Nancy, what did you write to me and specifically say a true slut
always wants?"

"Oh god! I... Umm."

Breathing hard still, I pushed her on. "Ask the boys, slut. Ask them
for your deepest desire."

"Cu. cum on me. Please, jack off and cum on my face, on my
tits, cum ON ME!"

Both boys had their cocks out and were beating them furiously.
She reached out and cupped them both under the balls and that
made them shoot big gobs of sperm all over her head. She was
licking it off her face and pulling it out of her hair with her fingers.
She licked a big string of it dangling down her tits and she came
again without anyone touching her.

The guys still had a shocked look on their faces, but they were
smiling. I had them clean up and swore them to secrecy.

"We will be gone in a few hours. Just let it be an experience you
will never forget, and don't tell anyone, not that anyone would
believe you, haha. Have a good one!" I said as the door shut.
The room was a mess and smelled of hot sex. Suprisingly, Nancy
was up and ran to me and kissed me.

"Thank you. Master. That was a dream come true."

She walked into the bathroom with a skip in her beat.

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